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4. 1909.
Everyone 8cipi to Have Something
Planned for Sunday or Monday.
OyealasT o( Happy Hollow's Diarlnf
r.rlU.a, ..frday, EI.M A,. ,
iraft Hmlif r ol D)Dr .
. ' ' v Parlies. , . .-
' .'' , ,.. -. -
iu- ' ?: ,,.
The--oar on (n Foarlh.
I am going ar away ' ""' J ' ' ,
Toda. ' " ' ' " '
Whira I won't hear any noise
Of boy
Calibrating in a vein
An event that I have heard
Soma f'w paltry year ago,
Or bo!
Why the dickens they Inveet
Their nest
Of minutely hoarded aah
Id trash, .,-.....
Whlsh can only end In Imoke,
Is a Joke - -That
I really fall t seal -
Ah, me! ...
There were times In nay (oh hy
When I
Used to play tha rery same
.Fool game, '
Bot-aee there! Why, that Is great!
And wait
Thera'e another rocket shoo!
Now who
Calls me a traitor, eh? t
Ttt, say,
I'm a stanch old patriot yet.
Ton bet! '
La Tourhe Hancock.
eclal Calender,
MONrAT Table d'hote, dinner and danoa
at liappy Houow, Country and Held
clubs: Children's day at Field club; lun
dee Woman's club annual frarrien party
at the home or Mrs. J. o. Yeleer.
TUESDAY Creche auto plonlo at Mr. A.
P. Brandels' country place; Mrs. W. A.
nmitn. bridge luncneon at neid ciuo
Mrs. W. E. Palmatier, Tuesday Bridge
club: Ladles' day at Happy Hollow and
Field eluhs, and first mid-week dance at
Happy Hollow,
WEDNESDAY-Ladle' day at Country
Club, and mid-week dance at Country and
sieia oiud.
THURSDAY Table d'hote dinner and
dance at Rod-and Gun club; Mine Elisa
beth Williams, luncheon at Happy Hoi
low; Mrs. W. K. Swlehor. Cosmos club.
FRIDA Y Junior Brtriee elnb.
SATURDAY MIo Marraret Outhrte and
Miss Katherlne Powel. mornlna bridge
party at the home of Miss Outhrle; week
end table and danoe at Happy Hollow,
Field and Country clubs.
Everybody has planned something "for the
Fourth that Is, everybody has planned
soma sort of celebration that, for the moitt
part , will-take place Monday and Monday
evening. No program has been arranged at
the country oluba aside from the special ta
ble d'hote dinner Monday evening and the
- dance to follow It. Of course golf and
tennis will claim many - enthusiasts for
the day and many of these will remain for
the evening. Many picnic parties have
been arranged also. Several little sets In
Omaha-have oelebrated tha Fourth with a
plonio for yeara and these will fly off to
the country aa usual to spend the day.
The opening of the new dancing pavilion
and bowling alley at Happy Hollow Sat
urday occasioned a record breaking number-of
dinner parties. About 300 reserva
tions were made and several parties of
arte were given. The gaiety at the clubs
will oontlnue through Monday- and a spe
cial table d'hote dinner will be served at
all of them fo'r the benefit of those who
wish to escape from town for the day.
v At Happy Hollow.
Largest among the dinner parties at
Happy Hotlowlaat evening was. that given
by Mrs John O. reiser, Mrs. Charles O.
Trimble and Mrs. John Hart for the mem
ber of the Bound Dosen club. The round
table "was decorated with garden flowery
and places were laid for Mrs. W. L. Selby,
Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Noah Perry,, Mrs. R. C.
Peters, Mrs. Plndell, Mrs. Sylvester Ruth,
Mrs. E. E. Thomas, Mrs. E. A. Benson,
Mrs. Frank Carmichael, Mrs. Henry Van
Oieaon, Mrs. P. J. Barr, Mrs. James Ham
ilton, Mrs. E. H. Wright of Kansas City,
Mrs. C. A. Skeen, Mrs. John Ross, Jr., Mrs,
Domain Ledwlch, Miss Georgia Trimble,
Mrs. Cullen, Mrs. T. L. Combs, Mrs. Col
lins, Mrs. Yelser, Mrs. Trimble and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel West had as their
guest Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hall, Mr. and
Mrs. Clark Colt, Mr. and Mrs. George C.
West, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph West and Miss
Alio West - '
Mr. and Mr. F. P. Wead had as their
guests at dihner Mr. and Mrs. C. Trbxetl,
Mis Ona Troxell, Mtsa Alloa Troxell, Mrs,
Meare, Mr. Cyrus Bowman and Mr. David
Dining with Mr. and Mr. E, H. Roblson
were Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Preston, Mr. and
Mr. Ray C;' Wagner and Mr. and Mr.
C. H. Beckett
In compliment to Mr. ' and Mrs. W. 8.
Cowglll of Lincoln, who are their guests
over Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Lane
gave a dinner party, cover being placed
for Mr. and Mrs. Cowglll, Misses Elisabeth
and Margaret Lane and Mr. and Mrs. Lane.
Mr. Henry P. Leavltt gave one of the
dinner parties, Miss Alice Howe of Wor
cester, Mass., being the honor guest.
Covers were placed for Miss Howe, Mrs.
Frank Crawford, Mrs. Laura Knox, Dr.
Robert Holllater, Mr. Thomas S. Kelly
and Mr. Leavltt
Dining with Mr. W. N. Spence were:
Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Bllsh, Mis Helen
Bllsh. Ml Jessie Spence, Mn Morris
Bllsh and Mr. John Brain.
Amoog those who gave dinner parties
Saturday evening at the Happy Hollow
lab were! Messrs. W. H. Gates, who had
U guests; Miss dates, six; W. H. Wy
maa. four; R. f. Arthur, four; H. D.
Foster, flVe; Charlea H. Wright, three; M.
O. Haywerd, six; B. O.'Royce, two; J. H.
Parents, four; John T. Howard, five; J. J.
Dodds, lx; E. H. Bruenlng, two; "Thorn a J
A. Fry, twelve; M. F. Funkhoueer, seven;
F. L. Loveland, l.; M. N. Robertson, four;
F. A. pearles, seven; C. C. Belden, six;
Pwlght Williams, four; H. B. Iavltt, ilx;
Howard Kennedy,, . four; C M. Powers,
three.Mt J. Dinning and C. E. Johannes,
eight; Dr. A. W. Nason. five; A. J. Creigh,
two; F. R. Balrd. four: T. W. Blackburn,
two; H. E. Burnam, two; J. W. Talmer,
two; B. II. Roblson. eight; Dr. A. II. Hip
pie, four; Dr. A. aV. Somers, five; A. C.
Busk, four; C. O. Talinage, four; J. M.
Olllan, three; E. W. Ounther, four. "
. At the Field Clab.
. Mr and Mrs. W. L. Tetter had as their
dinner jruest at the Field club last even-
In; Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Wilcox of Counoil
Bluffs, JMr. and Mrs. Frank Walters, Lieu
tenant , and Mrs. Dungan, Mr. and Mrs.
R. L. Chumlea. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mil
ler. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rosewater, Mr,
and Mrs. Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. John
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Martin gavs one of
the larger dinner parties complimentary to
Mrs. M. E. Herat of Colorado Springs,
Colo. Covers were placed for: Mr. and
Mrs. M. E. Serat Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
Dundey, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Culver, Mr.
and Mrs. R. "B.' Zackary and Mr. and Mre.
Martin'. " '
Dining with Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Penfold
were: Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Bryson, Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Penfold and Mies Katherlne
Dining together at another table were:
Mr. and Mrs. IX V. Sholes, Mr. and Mrs.
R.. D. Pollard, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Ewlng,
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Dinning, Mr. and Mrs,
J. F. Dale and Mr. and Mis. A. W. Scrib-
Mr. Hal Yates will entertain at dinner
Monday evening at the Country club for
Miss Dorothy Morgan.
Mrs. Milton T. Barlow will give a dinner
Monday evening at the Country club for
Miss Brock of Portlar.d, Ore.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Rahm will entertain
at dinner Monday evening at the Field
club for Mrs. Stacy of New York.
Mrs. W. E. Palmatier will be hostess
Tuesday of next week at the meeting of
the Tuesday Bridge club. Mrs. Stacy of
New York will be honor guest.
Among those who will entertain at din
ner Monday evening at the Country club
are: Mrs. D. M. Vlnsonhaler, who will
have a party of twelve to meet her house
guest, Mlts Ellison of Maryvllle, Mo. Mr,
and Mrs. T. L. Davis will have a party
of ten; Messrs. W. J. Connell, twelve;
H. P. Whitmnre, twelve; C. F. McOrew
seven; . L. Hammer, three; J. E. Baum
fourteen; II. W. Yates, Jr., fourteen.
The Omikron club has Issued cards to
the members for their large midsummer
dancing party, which will be given
Happpy Hollow Friday evening, July 16,
at 8:34 o'clock. This will be one of the
largest parties given this summer and
the members and friends of the club are
anticipating an Interesting party.
Dining with Captain and Mrs. John
Loonard Mines were General and Mrs.
Charles Morton. Captain and Mrs. Horn-
brook, Colonel and Mrs. Bannister, Colonel
Stlever and Major McCarthy.
with Mr. and Mr. J. E. Rowlands were
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Reynolds, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Purdy, Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Otto
Bauman and Mr. Harry Cockrell.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Howland'a guests
were Mr. and Mr. Charles Gibson and
Mr. and Mrs. G. Durkee of South Omaha.
Mr. and Mra. C. C. VanRuran and Mis
Blanch VanKuran.
Among others entertaining at dinner
were Mr. and Mr. Charles Van Court.
who entertained a party of eighteen to
meet Mra. Blanche Van Court Schneider
of Chicago. Messrs. C. J. Morton had a
party of four; E. P. 8mith, twelve; W. E
Palmatier, eight; E. M. Burton, ten; H
M. Howe, six; T, C. Hyson, threei J. H
Stors, six; L. D. Willis, four; C. C. Rose
water, three; H. C. Kohn. four; T. C. Van
Kuran, seven; E. C. Twamley, four; L. W,
Kennard, four.
was won byVlss Wlley lnd" ine eecctfld tf
Mrs. S. P. Swinney.
Mrs. William Kellorg of K7T South Twen
ty-fourth street gave a card party Wednes
day evenlhg for the women of the South
Omaha Swastika club, at which five table
re used. Those present were: Mra
Harry Lynch, Mrs. Orover Harsh, Mrs.
ra Mewa, Mrs. Shields, Mrs. Frank Al-
vord and Miss Florence Long.
Miss Grace Putnam entertained Friday
evening at cards at her home for Miss
Bessie Blake of Atkinson, Neb. Those
present were: Misses Sara Ayres. Nancy
Haso, Elisabeth Flndley, Bernlce Thomas,
Porothy WengsJl, Grace Putnam; -Maseru.
John Lovgren, Frank Pi all. Chandler
Trimble, Russell Lockwood, Robert Find
ley, Joe McCaffrey and George Richard.
Mrs. "William A. Glassford was hostess
at a delightful afternoon bridge party Sat
urday at her home In Fort Omaha, comflll.
mentary to Mrs. Otto Nesmith, who leaves
shortly for California to reside. Garden
flowers and plants decorated the rooms
and veranda and the guests were Mrs.
Nesmith, Mrs. Oury, Mrs. Gibbs, Mrs. W.
N. Haskell and Miss Nesmith, all of Fort
Omaha; Mrs. Clifton and Miss Clifton of
Washington, D. C.; Mrs. Cornelius Gar
dener o'Fort Crook, Miss Mary Davis of
Las Vegas, N. M.; Mrs. ' C. B. Tyler of
Council Bluffs, Mr. T. X Mackay, Mr
C. D. Armstrong, Mrs. W. J. Connell, Mrs,
C. E. Johannes, Miss Valentine, Miss Gil-
more and the hostess.
At the Country dab.
Numerous dinner parties were given
Saturday evening at the Country club,
One of the larger ones was given by fh
members of the PI Upsllon Kappa fra
tsrnlty. The host and their guest In
eluded Misses Elisabeth Davis, Katherlne
Beeson, Elisabeth Bruce, Mellora Davis,
Ruth Hammer, Mildred Butler; Messrs.
John Daugherty, Harold Prltchett Don
aid McWhorter. Hal Brady, Robert
Mackay, Lloyd Lomax, Mr. and Mra. T.
L. Davl and Mr. and Mrs. Olen C,
Miss Helen Davis gave a dinner party
Saturday evening at the Country club
for-Miss Hubbard ' of Wheeling, W. Va,
guest of Miss Elisabeth Congdon. Covers
were laid for twelve guests.
Mrs. C. H. Pickens and Mr. Elisabeth
Pickens entertained at dinner at the
club In honor of Miss Mllbank. The guest
present were Misses Bess Baum, Dorothy
Morgan, Alice Carey McOrew, Caroline
Congdon, Gladys Peters, Louise Peck
Miriam Patterson, Carmelite Chase,
Francea Nash; Messrs. Ben Gallagher,
Frank Keogh, Dennis Tllson, Culbert Pot
ter, Herbert French, Denlse Barkalow,
Jack Baum, Ware Hall, Paul Gallagher,
Ben Wood, Richard Baum and W 11 lard
Mr, and Mrs. Frank . Johnson enter
tained Mr. and Mr. Louis Reed, Mr. and
Mrs. James Chadwlck and Mr. and Mra,
W. T. Gurley. s
Mr. and Mra. D. A. Baum entertained at
dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Hacket of Easton,
Pa. Covere were placed for twelve.
Other dinner partlee were given by M
Denlse Barkalow, who had eleven cuesla
Mr. and Mr. C. W. Hull, five; Mr. H, W,
Yates, Jr., five; Mr. G. L. Hammer, five.
Fleaaarea Past.
Mrs. Ella Wiley Thomas entertained the
Golden Rod club Thursday evening at
high five. The guest present were: Mr.
S. P. Swinney, H. Olton, L. A. Lambs mes-
ser, L. Hall, C. O. Holt. H. T. DeBolt,
Mra. Emma Tldd and the visiting women
present were Miss Mamie Wiley, Mr. W,
O. Miller and Mra James Appleton Ma
gulr of San Francisco, The first prise
Hot Weather Drugs
at ihe Rexall Drug Stores
Tuesday morning. July. tth. we hall plaoe on sale many items that mar be
,terined ei Drugs," The duality of each item offered the best Thrice!
Colgate Tooth Paste lOo and ZOc
(Violet Be Salt bottle
'Mule Team ttorax. to
'Jap Bottles Toilet Lotion
Good Talcum Powder,', one dosen.
. . .loc
iJSe Rexall Violet Talcum
i-lb. bar Castile Soap
0o bottle Verona Violet or Carnation
I Toilet Water He
Meeo,uito Lotion, bottle 24c
Flea Killer, kills any kind ol a flea any
i where, big bottle Its
20c to 8.1c
Joss Btiois Keeps away mosquitoes, 19c
a bunch, three for ... , tSc
Ulngvr Al Pints and quart, sev
eral brand at low prices.
43 kinds of Malt Extracts, two for....I5c
Per dosen $1X6 to SI. SO
f aUaerai Waters, by bottle or case. Ask for everything you need
la the drug line. W undoubtedly have It
Sherman 1 McConnell Driuj Co.
Corner lOth and Dodge.
Corner lOth and Harney,
. . Personal Gossip.
Miss Harriet Swesy Is , spending the
summer In Chicago. ;
Miss Laura Goets leaves Monday, for
islt in Cincinnati, O. .
Mrs. E. E. Kimberly and children left
this week for Chicago.
Mrs. Irving Baxter ha left for Syracuse,
N. Y., to spend the summer.
Miss Enza Zeller of St. Paul Is the guest
of MIhs Charlotte Tompkins.
Mr. Lyman McConnell has returned from
a stay of several weeks lrthe west.
Mrs. Patricia Lee of York, Va., spent
Wednesday the guest of Omaha friends.
Miss Irma Thorman of Cleveland, O., Is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. .TiHrus Drwlfuss,
Mrs. John W. Battln left Saturday for a
visit with relatives in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Dodds returned
home yesterday from their wedding trip
Mrs. D. C. Patterson and family will
spend the summer at their Okobojl cot
tage. "
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Copley and daughter
Harriet have gone to Denver for a short
MIrs Mary Munchhoff will leave Sunday
for the east and will sail July 8 for Ger
Mrs. Aleck Johnston of Chicago Is visit
Ing Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Skankey, 2628 Dodge
Mrs. Irene Honsaker of Fredonla, Kan.,
Is visiting Mrs. C. L. Vance, 3858 Call
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Blakely left Friday to
spend the week end in Minneapolis and
St Paul.
Miss Maude E. Wright of Pomona, Cel.,
arrived Saturday to visit Miss Isabel
Miss Delia Hogan leaves today for Fort
Sheridan, 111. From there she will go to
Toledo, O.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dickson of Sioux
City are visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Miss Mary Davl of La Vegas, N. M.
Is the guest of Colonel and Mrs. William
A. Glassford.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Cudahy and family
left Friday evening for their summer home
at Macklnao.
Mr. William Bauermelster left Tuesday
lor a six weeks' visit in California and
Seattle, Wash.
Mra. Lowrie Childs leaves Tuesday for
a visit of several months with relatives
in New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur" Draper Smith have
gone for a three weeks' trip through Ye!
lowstone park.
Miss Mabel Balcombe has given up her
apartments at the Hamilton and is at the
Madison hotel. ' .
Mrs. A. J. Love left Tuesday for pine
Lake, Wis., for a visit of a couple of weeks
with her sister.
Mrs. Charles Oxford and daughter. Miss
Valesca, have gone for a. month' visit
In Gregory, S. D.
Miss Molly Achtenberg of St. Joseph
Mo., will arrive Sunday to be the guest of
Miss Pearl Glllnsky. ,
Claude Long will Jeave the latter part of
next week for the south, where he will
Visit friends and relative.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlea Van Court will
leave Monday for the northern lake to
spend the summer months.
Mrs. Charles T. Stewart of Council Bluffs
returned Friday from a week's stay at her
ranch In western Nebraska.
Mrs. A. Lb Noyes of Til ton, N. H., haa
arrived to be the guest of Mrs. Thomas
L. Kimball and Miss Kimball.
Mr. Robert Shlverick haa returned from
Cornell to spend the summer months with
his mother, Mrs. Charlea Shlverick.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Douglaa, after
a visit of a month with their parents In
this city, have returned to Chicago.
Miss Ida Pearoe of San Diego, Cel., who
has been visiting Mrs. George W. Plat
ner, left Wednesday evening for her home.
Miss Helen Rlnehart, who waa operated
on for appendicitis at the Wise Memorial
hospital, la now at her home at the Hamll
Mr. Fred Lowrey of Sioux City, who has
been visiting his mother, Mrs. S. Carson
Lowrey, Is now visiting friends in Butt.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Korn of New
York City arrived Saturday to be the
guest of her parent, Mr. and Mr. Morris
Mr. H. J. McCarthy, 4S Davenport
Street, has gone to Chicago to spend th
Fourth of July. He will spend the rest
of the week at tOtawa beach, a Michigan
Mr. J. L Adams left Thursday for
fishing trip In the streama of the Bl
Horn mountains. He will be gone about
two weeks.
Mrs. Frank I.. loveland and Miss Hasel
Loveland will leave soon to visit In south
ern California and Seattle. They will be
gone several weeks.
Mrs. Clifton and Miss Clifton of Wash
Ington, D. C, mother and sister of Cap:
tain Clifton of Fort Omaha, are recent
arrivals at the post
Mrs. H. 8. Kidder of Chicago, who 1
visiting her sister, Mrs. S. C. Morgan,
1417 South Tenth street, will leave nex
Thursday for her home.
Mrs. Blanchs Van Court Schneider of
Chicago, who has been visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Van Court,
will leave Sunday for her home.
Mr. and Mrs. O. D. KIpMnger and family
leave shortly for Chicago and Bear Ijike,
Wis., where they will 'Join Mr. and Mrs.
George P. Moore of Chicago, formerly of
Miss Harriet Sweesy, sponsor of Company
F, high school battalion, and one of this
year' graduates from (he high school, left
Thursday morning for an extended visit
with her sister In Chicago.
Mrs. Vernon, who spent the winter In
Omaha with her daughter, Mr. W. P.
Evan, wife of Colonel Kvana. ha been
visiting Mr. M. C. Peter the last week.
This sreek Mr. Vernon was th guest of
Mra Everett Preston before going t Louls-
llle, Ky.. to make her home, while Colonel
and Mrs. Evans are In Manila.
Mr. Howard Baldrlge haa returned from
tha east where he ha made a brief stay.
Mr. Malcom Baldrtge, who accompanied
him, remained In Pennsylvania where he
will spend some time with relatives.
Mre. Alfred Millard, accompanied by her
sons, Hugh and Ted Millard, and Victor
Caldwell, jr., left Tuesday evening for
Beau Markla, Ontario, - Canada, where, on
the Shores of Lake Muskoka, Mr. and Mrs.
Millard have a summer cot'tage. Mr. Mil
lard SHU probably Join them- later. .
Mrs. C. M. Wllhelm leaves next week
for Rockford. III., and. will spend the sum
mer in a cottage adjoining the residence
of Mr. Wllhelm's niece, which Is located
on the 'Rock river, about five miles from
the town. MY. Wllhelm will go over for a
couple , of weeks the last part of this
month. -
Mrs. Harry B. Davis and daughter.
Ethel,, accompanied by Mrs. H. I. Plumb,
leave Monday for an extended trip to
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Catallne Is
land and the Seattle, expoeltlon. where
then .will meet a party of friends who will
accompany . them to Alaska - and British
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Burn, Jr., are
enjoying an eastern trip and are expected
home the latter part of the week. Mra.
Burns is now visiting relatives In New
Bedford and Mr. Burns Is taking an. auto
mobile trip with some former college
friends from Dartmouth. .
Mr.' and Mrs'; If.' Jr-sse Psyne and daugh
ter, Miss- Hasel Payne, who have been
visiting In Denver, spent the week-end
as the guests of Mrs. Payne's -sister. Mr,
Arthur Pinto and Mr. Pinto' Miss Payne
has -many . college friends In Omaha and
was a member of this year's graduating
class at Smith college.
Mrs. William H. Gould, Jr., left Friday
afternoon for a ' short sojourn at Hot
Springs, S. D., and vicinity. While there
she will meet her son, Harry, who I spend
ing- his vacation at the Lawrence Johnson
ranch south of Edgemont. Mrs. Gould will
return in two weeks, but Master Harry
will not be home until the first of Septem
Miss Susan and Miss Leeta Holdrege,
who have been visiting In the east elnce
the graduation of Miss Lecta Holdrege,
will arrive home about July 15 and will
be accompanied by several school friends
of Miss Holdrege, who will be her guests
for some time. These young people will be
In Omaha but a short time before leaving
to visit ranches at Madrid, Neb,, and Sher
idan, Wyo.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Kountte and fm-
ily will leave Tuesday for a visit with Mr.
and Mrs. Charles T. Kountse at their
summer home at Mackinac. From there
they will go to New London for a visit
with Mr. and Mrs. Harkness. Mr. Hark-
ness and Mr. Kountze were classmates at
Yale and close friendship exist between
the families. At the close of the visit
at New London they will go to Westhamp
ton, Long Island, where they will be the
guest of Mr. Kountse' sister, Mrs. John
T. Stewart and family, who are spend
ing the summer there. From there they
will go to Katonah, N. Y., where they,
will visit at the country home of Mr. and
Mrs. Augustus Kountse--Wharettnwvlhi
month from their wedding Journey,
Wedding; Bella.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Koa)njnv announce
the engagement of their ''daughter, Miss
Aurora Wllhelmlne, tor Mr." Roland H.
Springer. The weddlna will tak Pjace
in the autumn. ' . . . ,'
Mr. and Mrs. John 'Mi- Rose Have an
nounced the engagement of their daughter
Miss Anna KUzabeth Rose, to Mr. Clyde
Thomas Hays of Lincoln. The weddlfif
will take place early In the autumn. ,
Cards have been received In Omaha from
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Albert Gregory of In
dianapolis announcing the marriage of
their sister, Mrs. Martha Adell Williams,
to Mr. Frank Jame Fitzgerald, both of
Omaha. The .ceremony took place at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald will take the St
Lawrence trig and be at home to their
ftrlends after October 1 at 1314 South Thir
tieth avenue In Omaha,
A quiet home wedding toolt plfce Fri
day afternoon at t o'clock at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. II. B. Spalder, 117 William
street, when their daughter, Florence, be
came the bride of Mr. Miles A. Colby of
McHenry, III. Only relative were present
and Rev. Mr. Collar of the Church of the
Good Shepherd officiated. Mr. and Mrs,
Colby left Immediately for their new home
In McHenry, III.
The marriage of Miss Elizabeth Jane
Macrae, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.- R
Macrae of Council Bluffs, to Mr. Lesslle
LeRoy Rood of Kansas City, formerly of
Omaha, took place Wednesday evening at
the home of the bride's parents, 311 Park
avenue. In the presence of about thirty-
five guests. An Informal reception fol
lowed the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Rood
will make their home In Kansas City upon
their return from their wedding trip.
The marriage of Miss Elisabeth Sharp
less, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. 8. F,
Sharpless of Fergus Falls, Minn., to Mr,
Meredith Daniel, son of Mrs. N. A. Daniel
of Omaha, was celebrated Wednesday even
ing at t o'clock at the home of the bride's
parents. The bride waa attended by Miss
Parsons of Fergus Falls and little Miss
Virginia Moore of Omaha, niece of the
groom, was the ring bearer. Mr. Herbert
Daniel, brother of the groom, was best
man. The ceremony wa performed by
Rer. Mr. Sharpless, the bride' father,
assisted by Rev. Mr. Chlttle. About 300
guests were present at the wedding recep
tion. The guest from Omaha were Mr.
N. A. Daniel, Mr. John Allen Moore,
Little Miss Virginia Moore and Mr. Herbert
Daniel. The young people will reside In
Manson, la., where Mr. Daniel has recently
gone Into buslnesa.
A wedding, with the bridegroom and hi
attendant in full dress uniform of th
United States army, waa celebrated
Wednesday evening at Cleveland, O., when
Miss Mayine L. Morganthaler was married
to Major Harry L. Gilchrist, medical corps,
United States army, now stationed at Fort
Omaha. It was a home wedding, cele
brated at the residence of the bride's
brother, Mr. Harry W. Morganthaler,
1000U Euclid avenue. The awning,
reaching from the street to en
trance to the home, was hung with
American flags and In the drawing room
finished ' In gold and white, and decked
with foliage and white flower aa a set
ting ' for the ceremony, a magnificent
American flag and the flag of the Cleve
land Grays, of which Msjor Gilchrist and
Mr. Hurry W. Morganthaler are both mem
bers. were arranged to form a background
for tlie altar, with satin kneeling stool and
white altar rail flanked by standards of
cathedral randies. With the first notes of
the wedding march. Rev. Wilson R. Stearly
and his assistant, Rev. Edward Owen of
Fmmanuel Episcopal church, advanced to
the altar, and were followed by Major Gil
christ. He was attended by Major Fred
erick M. Hartsook. United States army,
of Fort Wayne. Ind., as beet man, and
Lieutenant Bruce Cotton and Lieutenant
Lasalle Rockwell of Columbus, were
ushers. ' The bridesmaids, Mtase Vesta
and Luclle Schumacher of Masslllon. O..
cousin of 'the bride, followed, wearing
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gowns of white embroidered batiste, with
Duch necks and elbow eleuves, and carry
IPs' bouquets 'of white sweet peas. The
maid of honor, Miss Elisabeth Rank of
Los Angeles, entered next, her nown being
of white messallne satin and her bouquet
of lilies of the valley and white sweet
peas. Little Helen Church of Chicago,
d rased n white and carrying a basket of
white sweet pes, acted aa flower girl,
and wa accompanied by a small nephew
of the bride, Paul Morganthaler, who wore
a black velvet ult and carried the wed
ding ring In a large rose. The bride
walked alone. Her gown was of white
satin, fashioned very simply, and trimmed
with Maltese and ducheese laoe. The tulle
veil which fell to the hem of th full court
train, waa worn away from the face, and
caught beneath a half crown of real
orange blossoms sent from California. She
carried a bouquet of bride roses and lilies
of the valley, and wore Major Gilchrist's
gift, a brooch of diamonds set in plati
num. Dinner, which followed, was served
to the guests who were seated at small
tables In the dining room. The bride's
table In the center was decked with candles
shaded In red, white and blue, and with
tiny flags as favors, the centerpiece for
the table being of white peonies. At I
o'clock a reception for about 900 guests
was held. Major J. R. McQuigg announced
the guests as they arrived, and the Cleve
land Gray attended In uniform. The re
ception room waa decorated with foliage
and ' vases of deep red ' peonies. Refresh
ments were served In an enclosed garden,
the walla of which were hung with Amer
ican flags, and throughout the evening
Johnson's orchestra played military selec
tions. Major and Mrs. Gilchrist will spend
their honeymoon on the Maine coat. They
will be at home after August 1 at Fort
Omaha, Neb., where the major Is stationed.
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