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909 JULY
ri SAT
12 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
II 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 2324
25262728 293031
Hoot rtut It.
eSadolpa . awoboaa. Public Accountant.
SUnahart, photographer, JHh rarnam.
. photo, removed to 16th at Howard.
B. B. Comas, sxpert optician, 1510 Doug.
qulteble Ufa policies, stht draft at
maturity. . 1. Neely. manager. Omaha.
Oeorg. K. Moor ia now with the
Lnlon Outfitting Co., Iil5-17-1 Parnam 8t.
fot Wift-Einvirt tne monthly recar.
ment plan of hum loans la surest, cheap. !
t, quickest. Nebraska Bavings and Lota
Association, llvt Karnam .treat.
Blda (or Tfcfee-atory Brlok Blda will
oon be opened for Ui erection of a new
tlireo-story bflo building at lis North
8ltenUi street, neat to the Masonic tem
ple. It Is to be erected by the Novelty
Kklrt company and will be 70x90 feot. The
work of excavation has been Completed.
uiolde, Bays Coroaaa. Jnry The In
quest Into the cause of death of Harry
Novick, the young peddler, was .held
Wednesday morning and resulted In a
vmdlct of death by sclf-lnfliuied angu
lation. Novick was burled In the South
Omaha Jewish cemetery Wednesday after
noon. smtop ia xislag The river
nas ruen three-ienthe of a foot sine Tues
day morning at this point, giving It a
present stage of seventeen and six-tenths
fseL A rise of halt a foot Is reported at
oioux city ana three-tenths of a foot at
Mair. Reports Indicate that the river li
falling at Blxmarek and all points north
ward of Sioux City.
rather and GUI gjnapeot Incendiary
Asserting mat somebody has twice tried to
ut fire to their home, Samuel Rock and
his daughter Mary, living at 1234 Bouth
Nineteenth street, have appealed to the
police. The daughter communicated with
Tollce Captain Mostyn Wednesday morn
ing and asked that the matter be Inves
tigated by a detective, as she and her
father feared that the house might be
burned over their heads sometime. She
says that somebody set fire to the place
The Palace Says
"$10 and You Take
Your Choice."
Omaha's Best Liked Clothiers
Offer a Clothes Sen
sation. The. Palace Clothing Co., at 14th and
Douglas streets, promises to Introduce
something different something decidedly
unconventional In the way of a clothes
ale, and will advertise the event broad
ly In all papers next Friday evening, the
selling. to tfke place, the day following.
"Walk right through our took," says
the management, "and choose any suit
at $10. "We will have no strings tied to
any garment the same little $10 goes
whether your fancy lights upon a flS,
$10, or oven a 25 or I0 suit."
An offer like this Is certainly out of
the ordinary when one considers that
such famed sartorial productions as
Etrouse 4k Bros., Baltimore Clothes; Mil
ler make. Franklin System and Sopho
more clothes are included.
The event will prove as timely as thor
ough, for, in buying apparel on Saturday
next one will bo able to wear the clothes
on th "4th of July."
The Palace la determined to make ita
"Inexpensive corner" a favored resort for
the masses of clothes buyers, and haa lit
upon the "any suit for $10" Idea to do so.
If you have one, several or even a half
dosen suits .you cannot very well afford
to overlook "something worth up to $10
for a, mere $10," can you?
with an extra pair of trouaera of sams
or atiiped material.
We recently made a moat generous
purchase ot handsome .
We bought than, right and tbla
special offer will serve to keep our
tailors active.
Let's measure you up today.
Oftv-11 South inth St.
la i
I oft a poison.
The only chnmloaJIj pare water la
Delivered any where in bottles I
ia i. ,i.
. xoa a ooxjb srromAsa coS
1M east muwti 4a, . I
Juna M and again Tuesday night. A white
ihsn seen in Ilia faeighborhood tt the time
in euepvciea.
Fines for aTorthweetera Through con
fessions of Judgment In two violations of
the safety appliance act. the Chicago A
Northwestern Railway company was as
sessed In fines by Judge W. II. Mun-
ger In United Pis tee diwtrlct court. For
Imllar confessions of judgment in two
cases -for violation of the twcnty-elght-hour
act, fines amounting to were as
sessed against the same company.
Bo Bounty ea Oopher Claws An en
velope containing two small, bloody claws
has been received by the county clerk In
the following letter; "Thee gopher claws
Uent for bounty by Carl Runge, Millard,
r'b. The small boy who sent In the
claim probably will be disappointed, how
ever, as ail the money appropriated by
the legislature for wolf bounty has been
expended and there Is no other fund to
draw from.
eversl Of floes for Captain Gisbs Cap
tain ueorge 8. Olbbs of the signal corps
succeeds to a number of offices at Fort
Omaha that seem sufficient to occupy the
time of that officer rather fully. He suc
ceeds Captain Ott A. Nesmlth, about to
be retired, as summary court, ordnance
and survey officer, and Captain Charles F.
Chandler, transferred to Washington, as
Post quartermaster, constructing: uuorttr-
master, commissary and fire marshal.
C A, Kelping- Boya to Swim
'Learn to swim,'' say the Younir Man's
Christian association directors to Omaha
boys, and to help thera they have rn
nounced a special summer membership for
the lads hereby for a small fee boys
may join the association for the rest of
the summer and receive attention and in
struction in the swimming pool. The fee for
boys' memberships at the association out
ing park on Cut-Off lake has also been
cut so that almost every boy can now af
ford to learn to swim and enjoy the out
door summer sports to his heart's content
In the right surroundings and without
Ben Dlvirce Bait Dismissed The di
vorce suit of Mrs. Jacob Neu, whose mar
riage was found to be Illegal after she had
been living with her husband for several
years and grown tired of the bond, ns
been dismissed by Judge Estelle. Mrs.
Neu and her husband had never supposed
that their marriage wta anything but reg
ular, but an Investigation of the divorce
decree granted Jacob Neu In 11XM proved
that his former wife had never been com
pletely separated" from him and he had
not the right to re-marry. 8o. Mrt. Neu,
anxious to cease being Mrs. Neu, has been
legally Informed that she never was Mrs.
Neu and need worry no mora about It
Monthly Dinner
of the Ad Club
Copysmiths Listen to Address By
William Thompson of Kala
mazoo, Mien.
"Here's to the best lellows in the best
town on earth. Will plant Ad club on
tallest totem pole In Alaska." -
So telegraphed President It. E. Sunder
land of the Omaha Ad club from Missoula,
Mont., to the club members assembled Tues
day night at the Rome for their monthly
dinner and meeting. And ao the ad men had
a distant reason for feeling good, as well
as several local ones, although It rained
so hard during the meeting that William
Thompson, the Kalamasoo Stove com
pany's advertiser of "Kalamasoo Direct
to You" fame, had to stop talking for a
minute while the local ad scribes rescued
their new straws from breety batha on the
window sills.
"Omaha for the Ad men in 1910" will
be the slogan of the eight delegates from
the club, who will represent Omaha at
the national convention 'of advertisers at
Louisville next August. It was announced
that the octette of business fetching writ
ers would soon be chosen. The people
will probably be asked to raise a fund to
boost the Gate city as next year' con
vening point for the ad men.
"Kalamasoo" Thompson, the only
speaker of the evening, who i Intro
duced by Vice President T. B. Coleman
of the club, made a rather lengthy talk
of especial Interest to advertisers, cell
ing ot hla experiences and of methods and
Incidents In his firm's advertising depart
ment. "Successful advertising." he said, "1j
having as many people as possible talk
about you as nicely as possible. It id
the man who makes the noise who wins.
Be on the square, deliver the goods, han
dle only good goods and don't forget the
human element and personal touch In ad
vertising. - The best value In advertising
is in the good will It brings to the dealti
from those who patronise him."
Body of Shelhan
Found in River
Corpse of South Omaha Han Drowned
. Twelve -Days A?o is Re
covered. The body of Stanislaus Phelhan, S3 years
of age. the South Omaha man who was
drowned In the river near Sioux City June
It, has been recovered at Blair, according
to Information communicated to the police
at South Omaha.
The body was found floating In the water
and Identified from the description sent
out at the time Shelhan was drowned. It
will be brought to South Omaha.
Shelhan's home was at 227 Z street
South Omaha. He and his brother, Frank
Shelhan, sailed up ths river about two
months ago on their annual fishing trip.
They ' were out in oanoes catching drift
logs and selling them to a mill. Stanislaus
was returning from a spurt down the
liver after a log, when he rounded a bend
and was knocked out of his canoe by a
quantity of earth that rolled down the bank
onto him.
Workmen discovered the body finally
under the lower bridge at Blair.
Shelhan U survived by his father, mother
and three sisters, besides his brother. They
live together at their home.
To Disaolvo the Isles
of stomach, liver and kidney troubles and
cure biliousness and malaria, take Electric
Bitters. Guaranteed. aOc For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
If you or come member of your family
were taken suddenly to-night with Diar
rhoea. Dysentry, Flux, Cholera Morbus,
or Cholera Infantum, would you be pre
pared to check It?
Every home should have a supply of
Blackberry Balsam
The moat reliable remedy for all loose con
ditions ot Ute bowels. All druggists sU It
Somt Hew Ordinances Offered at
Last Night's Met-ting.
rhroeder Offers Meaeare to Pat Tax
oat the Stan Boards After
Dralaaaln Method of
Ordinances were Introduced at Tueslsy
night's meeting of the city council to regu
late cutting of street pavements, erection
of billboards and peddllne; and rntlecMT
of .innk. All were rend twice and referred
to the proper committees.
The ordinance regulating rutting of pave
ments, introduced by Councilman McOov
ern, requires Issuance of a permit before
any pavement or sidewalk can be disturbed
In any manner for construction, reconstruc
tion or repnlr work. When appllrstlon for
a permit Is mmle the city engineer shall
make an estimate cf the cost of replacing
the pavement nr Klilewalk and this sum
Shall b deposited by the applicant with the
city treasurer before the pavement or side
walk Is disturbed. The ordinance also
orders water and gas companies to turn off
the water or nan Immediately upon notice
being given thRt a pipe Is leaking.
Resolution on Dlllboarda.
Councilman Schroeder of the Seventh
w-ard Introduced the billboard ordinance.
This assesses a tnx of 20 cents per running
foot on all billboards and requires listing
with the city clerk of all land occupied by
billboards. So billboard can be built with
out a permit from the building Inspector
and all shall be removed from the sidewalks
a distance of twice the board's height and
a space of five feet shall be left beneath
each billboard.
The peddler, or junk dealer ordinance.
was Introduced by Councilman Berka at
the request of Assistant License Inspector
Mathlesen, who drew up the measure. This
provides thkt those Junk dealers who oper
ate with a wagon shall pay a license the
same as Junk dealers with a stated place of
business, the same rule governing reports
to the police department to maintain.
The ordinance prohibiting free lunches In
saloons or in rooms adjacent thereto, was
passed without a dissenting vote.
The mayor vetoed the concurrent resolu
tion Instructing the city engineer to pre
pare plans for creosote block pavement,
but It was passed over the veto. Council-
men Bridges. Brucker and McQovern alone
voted to sustain the mayor.
After Definite Information.
A resolution by' Councilman Berka was
passed, requesting all public service cor
porations In the city to furnish the council
without delay statements showing their
gross receipts, net earnings, operating ex
penses and taxes. The information Is
wsnted in connection with the pending
occupation tax ordinances.
Mr. Berka also Introduced a resolution
requiring the appointment of an assistant
veterinarian and slaughter house Inspector
at a salary, of $25 a month. The new of
ficer Is demanded by the health commis
sioner, who stated that It is his belief that
considerable meat is told In the city which
is unfit for consumption. This condition
would not exist, he said. If all meat was
Inspected before being placed on sale.
Dogs will be denied rides In the city hall
elevators In the future under the provisions
of a resolution Introduced by Councilman
McOovern and passed.
Library Board Appointees.
The council confirmed the mayor's ap
pointees to the Library hoard to serve
until July 1, 11)12. Three men were ap
pointed: Theodore L. Wlngwalt and Louis
J. TePool, to succeed themselves, and Aus
tin J- Collett to succeed George Rogers.
Mr. Collett Is the mayor's son-in-law, and
members of the board say he has ben of
much assistance to them In selecting for
the library works of a technical nature,
lie Is an electrical engineer In the Union
Pacific shops.
Only one bid was received for grading
the Burt street hill on Twenty-fourth
street, and on advice from the city engi
neer It was ordered returned unopened.
The city clerk was Instructed to readver
tlse for bids.
The city engineer reported the concrete
retaining wall, built west of the Sixteenth
street viaduct and south of Leavenworth
street, to be In a safe condition, and In
no danger of damaging the viaduct. He
also advised postponement for three months
action on the proposed foot viaduct over
Nlreteenth street, south of Leavenworth
street, for the reason that by that time the
affairs of the Chicago Great Western Rail
way company, over whose tracks the via
duct would be built, will -probably be ad
Justed. At his request the city engineer was In
structed to place additional storm water
Intakes on Twenty-fourth street between
Patrick avenue and Burdette street.
The Invitation of the Eagles to attend
an open session of the lodge Thursday
evening was accepted.
Corporations Save Twenty-Two Thus
sand Dollars on Elimination of
Doable Assessment.
Over $12,000 will be saved by railroad
companies operating In Omaha through cor
rections ordered In the books of the as
sessor and the city treasurer. '
The errors were In both personal and real
estate, or terminal taxation, and the cor
rections were ordered "for the reason that
double assessment was made upon the land
I an(j jot, belonging to the railroads outsldi
of their right-of-way within the corporate
limits of the city of Omaha and on the
personal tax books."
The corrections ordered, lower the ter
minal taxes of the railroads as follows:
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis A Omaha,
from 14.811.46 to
Chicago. Hurllngton A Qutncy, from $14,
274.62 to IU.9S8.1I.
Mason City 4k Fort Dodge, from S4.S49.S4
to S2.S3S.71 '
Missouri Pacific, from $6,151.71 to St.TSil4.
Omaha Bridge and Terminal, from 12.633.23
to S1.213.6I.
Union Pacific, from 160.674.99 to $64,927.67
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific, from
$494.40 to $00.
South Omaha ft Western, from $13S.M to
The corrections ordered, lower the per
sonal taxes of the railroads as follows:
fnion Pacific, from S12.017.S7 to S2.S3i3.f0,
Chicago, Burlington A Qulncy, from S1IS2.16
to $39 62.
Chicago & North-Western, from $34 SS to
$8 40.
Omaha Bridge at Terminal, from $172 to
Itul.tiMil Report of Mrbraska Sav.
tnsys aud Loan Asaula
The Nebraska Savings and Loan asso
ciation of Omaha closes the first six
months, as well as the fiscal year, with
a satisfactory report. Assets s mount to
$240,900, a gain of $40,000. Rwelpts aggre
gated HI 47. Out of the earnings a divi
dend of S per cent for the half year was
declared, the reserve fund increased by
the legal percentage and fTTl credited to
the undivided profit account. With the
exception of one month In the six the
demand for home loans equaled the supply
of money.
The annual meeting of the shareholders
will be held July 7 at the association of
fice. Board of Trade building. Three di
rectors are to be elected.
Omaha Man Will
Have Important
Traffic Places
McVann and Guild Are to Receive
Official Recognition at
When the National Industrial Traffic
league meets In Charlevoix. Mich., next
Tuesday, and considers a plan of reorgan
ization, which will be suggested by Presi
dent J. C. Lincoln, both J. M. Guild, com
missioner of the Omaha Commercial club,
and K. J. McVann. manager of the club's
traffic bureau, are slated to head Important
Mr. McVann Is now head of the commit
tee on the uniform bill of lnding and a
member of the legislative committee. Mr.
Guild Is a member of the classification
committee of the league.
President Lincoln propose to reorganize
the league in a way that the executive
committee might have the powers or most
of them the directors now have, then each
member of the executive committee will
head a subcommittee. That one of the
Omsha men will be a mender of the ex
ecutive committee Is a part of the plan,
and both Omah.a men may become members
ss well as heads of the Important commit
tees. The legislative committee has the follow
ing subjects on the docket for the Charle
voix meeting:
Giving the Interstate Commerce commis
sion, in Its discretion, the power to pro
hibit the taking effect of advances in ex
isting rates.
Giving to shipper the right to route
Erroneous quotations.
Insertion of rates in bills of lading.
Right of contract under existing statutes.
Railway agreements veewus pools.
Penalty clause in classification.
The bill of lading committee has these
subjects to consider:
Uniform bill of lading recommended by
Interstate Commerce commission.
Standard bill of lading adopted by south
ern lines.
Order bill of lading as recommended by
American Bankers' association.
Uniform bill of lading as recommended
by American Bar association.
Uniform ocean bill of lading.
Rain Breaks Up
Outdoor Theater
Severe Shower Fats Sudden End to
"Twelfth Night" in the Sec
ond Act.
The presentation of Shakespeare's
"Twelfth Night" under Miss Fitch's direc
tion, at Manscom park, proved a bad night
for 600 people who were gathered on the
broad expanse of lawn near the northwest
corner of the park last evening and who
were sent scurrying to shelter by a driving
rain that descended upon the out-of-door
playhouse and Its audience during the sec
ond act of the comedy.
Borne of the spectators found protection
on porches ofbouses In the vicinity of the
park when the rain drove down, but most
of them, seeking dry spots under trees,
were drenched to the skin by the sheets of
rain foroed underneath bushes and trees.
The actors, more fortunate than their
patrons, were afforded a dry place in a
dressing tent and they escaped the wetting
that fell to the lot of the large crowd.
The play was proceeding nicely when It
was broken up In the second act. It had
gone far enough, however, to please the
spectators and to make them wish to see
tt continued to the close of the final act.
By the hastened ending the play Miss
Bern Ice Beverly In th role of Olivia was
denied an opportunity to display her ability.
She had been on the stage of grass but
once, and that at a time when she spoke
but a few words In a scene with Viola,
who was pleading as a lover. Miss Julia
Nagl as Viola was not surpassed by any
of the other female characters, although
Miss Stella Beslln as Maria, a maid, really
divided honors with her for the best work.
Miss Beslln was more at ease and spoke
with less consciousness of her task than
the rest of the players.
Victor Kerney as Sir Andrew Aguecheek
and Wilbur Smith as Sir Toby Bllch were
funny, as their parts meant them to be.
Others had no chance because the storm
broke up the play. During the intermission
between the first and second acts a spring
dance was given by a company of young
girls. Music for this dance was furnished
by the Sixteenth Infantry Military band.
The band played a concert program before
the play was started.
The matinee performance of "Much Ado
About Nothing," advertised for this after
noon, has been abandoned. Rain drenched
the costumes and scenery, and rendered
them unfit for use, ao the proposed per
formance cannot be given today. It may
be put on at some future time.
Legal Character of City Savings Is
Formally Changed by- Order
of Government.
The City National Bank of Omaha haa
fM-mally sucoeeded the City Bavings bank.
With the receipt of a telegram from the
comptroller of the currency Wednesday
morning the legal nature of the bank was
changed and business was begun as a na
tional bank. The charter number of the
new bank Is S.46S.
It will be a year probably before the City
National bank moves from Its present
quarters at Sixteenth and Douglaa streets,
its future home Is to be In a fifteen-story
building at Sixteenth and Harney, the deal
for which Is practically consummated. It
was said at the bank Wednesday that an
announoement regarding the new building
would be forthcoming Thursday.
This statement is Issued regarding the
change from a state to a national bank:
"The officers of the City Bavings bank
are the officers of the City National bank.
The comptroller will grant the bank the
privilege of Increasing tis capital stock to
SUlO.OuO with 000.000 surplus upon the ex
piration of thirty days' notice to the stock
holders. The bank will continue Its busi
ness for the present In the Brown block
at Sixteenth and Douglas streets.
"The savings business will continue as
"Upon the completion of the increase of
the capital seven nior directors will be
added, and It la expected more officers will
be added before that lime who will be men
of experience In banking lines."
BlB8-r. Better, Busier That's what ad
vertising la Tus Be Oua tor your bust
Clearings for Six Months Increase
$66,683,449 Over Last Year.
Advance is All the More Creditable
Brcaame This City Did Kot
Go Bark wlta Others Two
Years Ago.
By leaps and bounds the business of the
Omaha banks haa Increased until they now
occupy the center of the financial stage.
A prosperous six months has closed for
the Omaha banks with June 30. The result
shows the business which hss passed
through the Omaha Clearing House asso
ciation under the management of W. B.
Hughes, has Increased SS6.6H5.449 oxer the
corresponding six months lsst year, an In
crease of over 22 per cent.
March showed the biggest gain of any
one month and broke all records for
bank clearings In Omaha. March of this
year was 171.769,302 and March of last year
was tr-fl.T-T.MA, an increase tor one month
of $i5.4zais.
Omnha's gains are all the more creditable
because Omaha did not take a backward
step during the financial troubles of 1V07,
While most of the cities did not show
much of a gain last year over the, year
before, Omaha made substantial gains and
the Increases shown by Omaha this year
are over and above the gains of last year.
Here Is a comparative statement of the
bank clearings by months for this year and
1908. 1908.
January I 61.17.t.ft 1 67,l'iS,7S
February 41.s11.S03 47.972.78!
March M.7?7.2r.4 71.769.S02
April 48.160.09S 60.8J9.296
Mav 48.S12.7R7 61.381W2
June 4K.44K.813 62,146,U2
Totals $294,634,656 S36L318,Wu
Increase over the corresponding six
months last year, $'. 6X3,449.
Committees Are Appointed to Help
Swell Attendance at Yank
ton Congress.
Following vigorous addresses In behalf
of the Missouri River Navigation congress,
the Joint meeting of the Omaha branch
of the congress and the Real Estate ex
change appointed committees to arrange
for securing a large delegation at Tank
ton July 7. These committees were elected
as follows:
Executive F. D. Wead, E. J. McVann,
William Stull.
Delegation John A. Scott. C. D. Bea
ton, George Gillespie, J. P. Kraus, W. D.
Williams, Byron R. Hastings, E. H. Jam-'S,
Harry Christie, C. L. Saunders, II. T,
Convention W. W. Slabaugh, Q. W.
Wattles, Mayor James C. Dahlman, Mayor
Frank Koutsky, Victor Roseweter, A. W.
Social H. B. Psyne, Alfred Crelgh, W
T. Graham, John Steel, J. E. George, Tom
I.. Davis, W. E. Rhodes. Q. W. Noble,
Tom Kelly.
The addresses were made by Mayor
Dahlman, F. D. Wead and W. W. Sla
Bigger, Better, Busier That's what ad
vertising In The Bee does for your busi
While tha
There's one so
grab your hook and. line
Among the
Northern Pacific
Thouranda of beautiful lakes
abounding In game fish easily
reached by convenient train
Those who get their requests
In before the books are all gone
will receive a copy of "Minne
sota Lakes" a work of art to
make the angler's mouth water.
Well illustrated, with oover
in handsome colors, it desoribes
the various outing spots, lakes,
hotels and rates, how reached,
kinds of fish. eto. Address
A. M. rrr.-RT.ATjn, Gn. Pass. Agent
Northern Paolfio Railway, St. Paul.
Mian., or
District Passenger Agent
ilt Century Bide Des Molnea
Millions Say So
When millions of peopl tisa for
years a medicine it proves Its merit.
People who know CASC4-RETS'
value buy over a million boxes a
month. It's the bigeest teller be
cause it Is the best bowel and liver
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what you're using-, hut try CAS
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trsatmeot. ail Snirt t. Blgtrctl teller
ia Us warld. Millii. bm a oaoaia.
V Lakes
on the
t-a-teaf . T- t. , .
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Celebrating the Fourth
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Personally conducted Park camping tours, via Cody and the scenic entrance,
over Sylvan pass. An eighteen-day tour inviting the highest class of travel,
from Cody , $72.00
Cody, Wyo. Diverging point for Park camping tours and hunting
confy ... ..$30.75
Sheridan, Wyo. For Big Horn Mountain resorts and Eaton Bros.' Vacation
Rancn $25.75
Hot Springs, S. 1). Delightful health resort and location of the million donsi
government Army Sanitarium $15.75
Scenic Colorado Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. i. ; .'-.V. I''. . -$17.50
Est-s Park, Colo. Scenic recreation region at the foot of Long's Peak. New
Stanley Hotel and Casino Denver's aristocratic resort. Stanley automo
biles from Lyons.
Denver and California From Omaha at 4:10 p. m. and 11:50 p. m. All
classes of high grade equipment, through standard and tourist sleepers.
Northwest and Puget Sound Via Billings and Northern Pacific, 4:10 p.
m.; via Billings and Great Northern, 11:60 p. m. Through standard and
tourist sleepers. These are the only through trains Nebraska to Seattle.
J. B. Reynolds,
1502 Faroam
Lowest Rate
$10.50 fo St. Paul or Minneapolis
and Return via
Tickets on Bale July, 5, 6 and 7. Good to return until
July 31. Tickets are good oh the Qreat Western Limited,
the finest and most comfortable train between these points;
also on another daily train. Full information from ,
1512 Farnam Street. Omaha, Nebraska.
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This L-and of Kncbantmsot" la reached only tr the ,
Canadian Pacific Railway
Throuah train, to Beattla from St. Paul dally at 10;S a m.
Xw SuiniM rare, from all plaoea to Seattle and all Pue4
bound cities and return.
Alaska and return from Vancouver t6t, by Can. Paotfla'
eteama. Tickets for sale by events ot all rallwaya
bend for literature and Information.
A. C. Ohaw, General Agent, Chicago.
Tho Elegant Lake Steamships
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City Passenger Agent,
Street, Omaha, Nebraska.
of the Year
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