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Business Men,
Here's Couple Good Ones
- $5,000
th sml California streets, on Harney
line, 3 block to another, 7-roiMns, i trior
could .be finished In sttlr. quartered oak
finish and on f Irs-Sfflnor. hard p'ne
on aecond. hot water Heat, combination
figrure. lirg haem"nt. nlre lot 5x1'K'.
raved strerr. cement walks, private drive
way, good barn, clone to schools and
An Unusual Bargain. Terms.
? $5,750
(Continued.) (Continued )
' Mnroln ' Blvd , near 3Mh, Vt blocks to
ir. besutluil surroundings, s room. nur
red oak and hard nine finish, furnace
eat, combination fixtures, full basement,
r merit walks, terraced lot WrxllT, Shruh-
bc-ry. only 2 years old, convenient to pa
rochial, public schools nu cnurcnes.
TVe Have Others.
Real Estate
Paxton Block.
rtione Douglas 2K9
i 20
Two fifty-foot Iota, aouth front on Ham
ilton St.. Just east of 33d. running througn
to Charles- St.,. giving liiO feet frontage on
either atreet. Will sell separate If desired
Price 2.9n0 for both loU. or $1,400 for west
lot and SU&iO for east lot. Tha ground Is
level and -on a nice terrace, ready for
Payne, Bostwick&Co., :
Sola Agents, N. Y. Ufa fllrtg. !
(19119(1 19
r :
VMust Be Sold, $3,200
" aMUM a . am i i v ..
sro -n- vsjiii iimjffr, v jirmiw inn, uuiu if.v
tha owner for home, all modern, reception
hall, parlor, dining room and kitchen first
floor; S bedrooms and bath second floor!
fine ccmentid cellar under whole house,
good, furnace.' paved street, all paid for;
high and sightly location; good car line.
Bee ua about this at once if you want a
bargain. .... ,
10 Acres
In Florence Heights, most lightly loca
tion on hill, -located on county road, with 6
acres level-and I acres rolling) has house,
barn, chicken house and other buildings,
lota of frultt It'a fenced and cross-fenced;
Pon t let this slip by. Price. C.SOO.
Birkett & Tebbens,
, 423 Bee Bldg. ' 'Phonos; Doug. 4764; A-i754.
I (19.1204 19
Snake River Valley- Twin Falls Country
Engineering and Construction Work by
J. G. White & Company, Incorporated.
50,000 Acres Will Be Opened by Drawing
Under the Supervision of the Idaho
State Land Board
JUNE 8, 1909
Registration Will Open June 1st,
v Closes June 7, 1909
leavs. Arrive.
Denver and California.. 4 I pm a I 4 pm
Northwest Bneclal a 4 10 pm a I 46 pm
lug building material for one power plant mark Hills ...a 4.10 pm a Sio pm
at United fttatea military prisen. Fort Northwest Express al2 16 am a OS am
Leavenworth, Kansas. Plans and speclfl- Nebraska points a 1.46 am a S:lrt pm
cations will be furnished by thla office tincoln Fast Mall bl:Mpm aU 11 pm
upon aetwsu oi . which smmiiii win Nebraska Express a 9. 15 am a hi pm
master. U. 8. Military Prison, t ort v-esv-
nworih. Kinm Mav IT. 1 Sealed pro-
Dosala. In triplicate, win De receives at mis
ortlce until 10 a. m.. central time, mesuny,
June 1 ll. and then opened, for furnlsn-
Ing and Installing machinery and itirmsn-
retunoeo wnen pians ann iprriin-iui pit lancoln Ucal b :oa am
returned, or they may be seen at toe rd- , .nroi Local a 160 cm
r?m.ha. NebC',:DeDIotiur?;rm..,;er",8r KM f.t.mouthT.b i pm bio 3. U
tln. Envelopes
should be Indorsed
H. SLAVENR. Constructing Quartermss-I Chicago Flyer.
ter, T:. B. Military rnson. rort ieaven- I Iowa Ixcal.
worth Kan. Mavli-18 l-20Junel2-14 Bt. louls Kxpress ...
containing proposals Denver Limited
-Proposals for Power Chicago Fpeclal....
and addressed to MAJOR THOMAS Chicago Kxpreea..
..a 4 10 pm a 7:06 am
.a 7 24 am all 46 pm
.a 4 iO pm a I 66 pm
.a :S0 pm a :3o am
.a 9 1 am sli m am
.a 4 40 pm all 30 am
K ! niv A Bt. Joe..alO-46 nm a 6 30 am
OFFICE OF THE CON3TRI CTINtJ I Kansas City & Bt. Joe. .a :16 am a 10 pm
Quartermaster, ron iimana. iNenrssaa, Kannaa City & Bt. Joe.. .a 4:40 pm
Ai.rll SO. le. Sealed proposals. In trlpll- .
cate. suMect to the usual conditions, will I WEBSTRR gTA IBTH A WEBSTER
be received at this office until u o clock
m.. central iiiu . j " thi,.... a,, pi.i. M I .! i a
ana men uwitcu i. i' .. .....
n niacins in nosltlnn three sheet steel I
,ininr on roof of bulloon house at Fort I Leave. Arrive.
neh. Kohrsaka. Full Information fur- Town City Passenger. .b :& am b t 3fi pm
ntehrd on application, t . reserves tne i hioux i iiy rRMjrr.,. ;m rm on no m
ttaht to reje t any or all bids. Envelopes Sioux City Local c 46 am c : pm
fntinlna oronosals to be marked pro- Emerson Loc.O b 6 pm t) am
(nr ventllatora." and addressed to Mlaaowrl faelfie
constructing Auburn Icai pm oii:au am
a Dally, b I'aiiy except eunaay. o Bun-
day only, a Dally except Saturday,
CantaJn Oeorke 8. Glbbs,
Quartermaster, ron uir.sjia, irnrum.
" C. B. HURTT,
Mgr. Land Sales Dept :. '
t2 MAio-,1 Tx
posals will be received at ma orrice oi
the County Auditor or Minnenana .oimty
In the City of Slonx Falls. South Dakota.
until two oclocK F. M., June , ijw-. ior
the construction of Drainage Ditch No. 2.
md appurtenances or items tnereoi. as con
ainaul in the SDecIf icatlons. Involving about
Koftoon ciihlo varria of excavation. The work
Is located north of Sioux raiis ana exienan
to a point west of Baltic. u.
Uneclflnatlnns mav ne ootaineo irom ana
una mav be lnsoected at tha Office of I k.i. Wm. D. Or.. Mar A Kronprlns Wm. ..Juns I
the County Auditor, ioux rans, ooum
Dakota; the office of J .n ttaies. anor-
ney. Sioux Falla. South Dakota; tna of
fir. rt flamuel H. Lea. State Engineer,
Pierre, South Dakota, and specifications
mav be examined at tha office of the
periodical In which thla notice la pub
Each bid must be accompanied by a
certified check for 10. payable to tha
tux 132. adjoining Y. W. C. A., three amall
cottages thrown -In; -vacant property in
th heart of the city getting scarce. Look
Into thla.
m Brandel lildg., Omaha, Neb.
(1 M:"24 30
Near Hanscom Park
On h x-room house and one three-room
h'imse, full lot, fine ahada and lota tf fruit;
our-half blink to car, south tront. .We can
avll this proptrty for tl.9(0. Here's a bar-
ire1! OWI.IT-.,,, t. X. u ,u .11. Ul.u
hnuea and rent the. other.
Payne, Bostwick&Co.,
Malu Floor, N. Y. Ufa BlriR.
tia)-2no 19
J3 ) per acre; 640 acres Banner County,
Neb.. 27-1763: fl.2i6.ta) caah. balance 8 years,
1160.00 eah year, per cent interest. J. O.
in INC 3l Slnit,-art mag., counru biuiib.
Bell i-honta 814-813. () M714 2U .
SEND for lorn? list. Farms $6 to $100
per acre. BEMIS, iirandels Bldg.
. . t2ivrMssi il
. (Continued.
$500 to fc'Ou.oiiO at current rates.
W: H. THOMAS. 60S Ftrat Nat l Bank Bldg,
T (22) 328
Eastern hetis olHlgea. to- sell .4.210 acres
near Minamre, Scott's Rlnf .cojnty, Ne
braaka; 8.6(l acres tlllabla; About J.000
acres very fine, smooth taole ino; i
acres under irrlftatiDn; ftf) cres - can . do
placed under Irrigation,' 1.000. acres In
Pumpkin Creek valley; W0 acres 6f alfalfa,
runnlnK water nil Improved,. 50 miles fence.
Price li per acre. Call, evrite or wire. at
SX-i Neville Bldg, Omaha.
MM6 li
Nortb Dakota.
FOR SALE 50,000 acres best whest and
flax land In the northwest; for further
Information rail or write John J. Doyle,
Wlshek. N. D (20)-MSl J13x
OreaTOB. .
soil, abundant rainfall, mild climate; , auk
(or. map of .northwest. Ooo. il. Ueed,
Orangvvilla. Idaho. , U Mill Jei
OREGON farms. "city and suburban homes,
parties coming to Oregon might get some
Information that will be sr help to them
In selecting a home. Thirty years of
continual residnce. In the Willamette
valley might enable us te glVe you some
Information that would save you some
money. Direct your letters Iq Evjirett &
"Metflond, .Room ZDb Bothchlld BUlg..
Portland, Ore. .(i0) M4t JelO
$500 TO tt.ono In homes In Omaha. O'Keefa
Real F.ttata Co., lwi is. z. Lire. imug.
of A-2162. it2)-t3
; . ' to loan on
Omnha Bualnee Property.
" Rodnt t New York Life Bldg
- r IK
(22) Sll
LOWEST RATES BemTS, Brandels Bldg.
100 TO JlO.OOO made promptly. F. D. Wead,
Wead Bldg., 18th and arnam. im wo
MONEY TO LOAJiI Payne Investment Ca
VVE'HAVFJ BUYERS for a 6-room house, a
6-room house ana a eoupie oi vacani
Suit 624 N. Y. Ufa Bldg., Omaha.
Phone Red 1999. . Open Evening
YVe want largu loans on Wi-U located,
first cla city p operiy.
'tVa can place laic amounts at low ratee,
Peters Trust Company,
New York Ufa Building.
a 106 Maya
Jill Charles Bt , 7 ruoin!, city wntjer, gas
and sower, nice yard, paved street; price,
11,860; terms. -
First Floor New York Lite Building.
Tal. Douxlas ITsi or A 1188. iuk mui 20
THREE building lots In Fort Dodgt-, la.;
clear; value ; to exchange lor 1
four-cylinder automobile In good condi
tion. J. R. Mulroney, Fort Dodge, la.
' (19)-M18 20
Brand New Cottage
4) Southeast corner of iDth and Ames Ave.,
just completed, with five rooms and bath;
Bice plumbing, hot and cold water, good
cellar, on (South Omaha car line. Price
U,tf60: easy .terms.
Payne, Bostwick & Co.,
Sola Agents. Main Floor, N. Y. Life Bldg.
- U) Ml W
Acres, $760
Florence In ulevaiu. thla side Mil'.-r ruirk
Very sightly , building sites. Number
Harrison & Morton,
soata Dakota.
FINE farm lands In Hand and adjoining
countlcsj South uaKotu. Hustling agenta
wanted. Jay P. Moirill. 612 Pflace Bldg.,
Minneapolis. Altnn. tao) M747 J15x
V Texas.
WHAT California could give you twenty
years ago, Texas Southern Ouir Coast
offers you now. Two-year-old S&tsuma
Orange Groves are now being developed.
60 per acie. Vegetables between row
give Immediate Income. You hold title.
We do all work always, giving you cash
ahare crops Deo., 1910. mi, 1912, 850 acre
yeaily; U13. 1914, 1915, 75 acre yearly; 1914,
1917, 1918, lluo acre yearly; 1919 to 19-J8,
H) ner acre yearly; thereafter halt
profits annually. Yeik can buy one acre
or upwards. No finer Investment plan la
existence. Only limited amount for aala.
Come quick if you wunt your inure.
Stirling Improvement Co.. Duluth. Minn.
120) Mh37 20X
NEW furnaces;' hot water and hot air com
bination heating, tt and 4-hole laundry
hot water heaters, mantle grates, gaa
stoves repaired, water fronts and flower
vases. Omaha Stove Repair Worka, 1206
1208 Douglas St. 'Phones Ind. A-8621, Bell
Douglas K0.
BEST price paid for secondhand furniture,
carpets; clothea and shoes. Tel. Doug. S97L
BEST price rald for 2d-hand furniture,
carpets, stoves, clothing, shoes. Tel. Doug.
6401. ca u
STANDARD upright pianos. Prune Web
ster 3,i. () UW
BEST prices paid for Id-hand furniture.
ciotnea. snoea, etc. tel. uougiaa m.
(2E)-1 May 23
HOUSES and vacant lots. Western Real
Estate Co., Room 411 Karbach Blk. Red
IW, A -8645. ) CM 3UX
WE are getting inqulriea for well located
housea. Must have aole agency. Nowata
Land A Lot Co.. .suite 624 N. Y. Life
Bid. 'Phone Red 1999. Omaha, Neb.
Open evenings. (M) M71
FOIl SALE Land, 18.440 ' acres; every
square foot fine level prairie farming
land; 10ft-per cent: agricultural; located
In the Midland c'oantry, on the southern
plains of west- Texss; 6K GO per acre, 3.50
per acre cash payment, the balance 8 an
nual payments. 6 per cent Interest. Write
us for full description. W. J. MArnn &
Co., Midland. Texas. (2 M121 2'x
(i9) -.
SEVEN-Rt HIM house, two lots, fruit trees,
at a barti4ia. Apply JfT-U Fort St. Mrs.
Fannie L. Edea. tl9) 20o-2ox
city property, (arms, ranch lands or mr
cbanoisa tu tall i.r uade, ni tnem with uia,
ll coala )'uu Homing unloas 1 elfecl a aala.
W. W. Miicluil, tiourd of iiatie BMg.
(19) Ji
BOULEVARD HOUSt.. north 19th St..
rooms, mudern, unly tXauu. 'ihoinai
. Breiinan. Rooiu 1 N ior a Lifa bidg.
STRICTLY rnolern ti-room house, steam
heat, large barn, 63 feet eust front, lot.
For V'Ia nd terns Tel. beu. in bx.
tl9)-M.'27 23
FUR SALE Very choice lot nn X'd Ave..
Hanscom park, dlairlit. Jem Li, paed
street, peiinunent walk, alley, thade
treea, sodded; price. l.u. if sold at
once. Call owner, 'phone Douglaa t.3
(Ut M210 2-)
60 acres Jolniog towaslte, i waive miles
from Denvvr; trull and vegetable land;
Ilea beautifully; fine via of the nieun
talua, Ideal for Dome or tnveitmenL Ta'it
wtil be auid at aoe-balf Ita aeaui value
it at once
UK BrauaWla Bldg- Omaha, Nab.
Acres of Land
Now Open to Entry
under the Carey Act' at Wheatland.' Wyo,
Write us for full Information, how to
get some f these, lands. We will locate
you and look after your Interests care
fully. Thla Is a splendid section, the soil
Is rich; It is a great "'Tfs. wneat. oats,
barley, sugar beet and potato country.
Fruit does well. The land la ready to
filow. Building materials are cheap, fuel
s abundant. We have railroad, school
and church facllltlea and the beat of
neighbors This la a dairy country. You
can get rich farming here. We want you
to have our full descriptive Illustrated
circular at once, fre for the aaking.
Write- we want to hear' from you. In
quire of J. R Mason. Immigration Agt.,
Wheatland. Wyo. (20)
W A NTKD Furnished house for summer,
Best references given. Phone after 8 p,
m., Douglas 5tlf. Ind. A-4080.
' ' ' (26) M230 20x
FAMILY washing wanted; all work guar
anteed. Call w. 44iS. (iii) miuji
EXPERIENCED clerk of ten years In gen
, eral store, destrea position; references
reasonable wages; a worker. Box Auo,
PUger, Neb. (27) M170 zox
Nothing sure but Irrigated
Land. We . have U Colorado,
, . western Nebraska. Wyoming.
Take your choice. See our Hand
at Denver's door; one of the
great Irrigated tracts. Special
rates every day'. Write us.
001-4 N. Y- Ufa Bldg. Omaha Neb.
(2o) M7 23
t'tlcoRN and alfalfa land In Dickinson Co.
v Kan. Write for prices. James Sneeran,
1 SKiiomon. Kan. tJo Ml ttx
A'HEN you write to advertiser, remain
' bar tbaf it takes but an fxtra stroke or
two f tha pen to menttoa the fact that
gwa saw tha ad ia Tha Baa.
WANTED City loana Peters Trust Co.
. (221823
SECOND MORTGAGE loana negotiated.
Apply Room 417-18 First Nat l Bank Bldg.
Bell 'phone Douglas 2318. (22 824
North German IJoyd
Larue, Fast and Luxurious Twin-Screw
F.xpresa and Fasnger Steamships
tsslaaed wltk Wireless and taksMrlM Slfails
Riprra Stlllni. TutdTi it in A. 94.
Vm. D. Or.. Uar -t Kronprlm Wm. ...
Kalmr Wm. II., ..Juna lirecllle June IS
Tln-8craw Salllnai Thurlilara at 10 A M.
Prlnans Allca Mar 971 Prim Fried. Wm.. J una )
Bremen Juna rj Prledrlch D. Or., June IT
Oeorre Washington Bails July 147, TO tona.
Nnreat and lareit uurman Rhls afloat. Erary In-
noatlon known to tha ah Ipnullaer art.
taaiHiarraaaan ftaiiinaa Satureavs at 11 A. M
K. Luiae Mar U K. Albert June J
order Of the Chairman cf the Board of I prinia Irene ....Juna JlBarlln (naw) Juna 14
County Commissioner ' of Minnenana I Ooanaotioaa Bnolrollng tha Olobe
r as,,, rv.Lni aa a anarantv that I ra' Chpeks a-riotl all over the world
u. wiV.. in it aiinaaafiil. nromntlv ex- I Annlv OBI.laIOI B CO.. Oeneral Agenta,
ecute a satisfactory contract and furnish 1 B Broadway Hiw Yorko X. Olausseaiua B
Ordinance! Afectinu Street Railway
Art Voted Down.
Oertjwatlo) Taa aag Other Measures
Lal Orer p Releeted by the
Majority Wkea Forced
la Vote.
a bond in the sum of to per cent of the
estimated contract price for the faithful
Derformance of the contract. The right
Is reserved to reject any or all bids. Dated
Sioux Falla, Bouth Dakota. May i. ii.
Chairman County Commissioners
Attest: HENRY HOWE. County Auditor.
(Seal.) ii-is-i
Co., B Dearborn t, Ohtoago, III.
BVanV niniiiu, anil wife to W. J. Wi
ley, lot la, block 7. Benita Park......! a,7
Haatlnga at Heyden to William Hey-
aen, lot , diock i, naaungs cs n
den s add
M. Y. Greeley to H. P. Greeley, lot
21, block 3. Clarendon
Edward Keater to May D. King, lot
"4. block 1. South Omaha View
John A. Creiglilon Heal Estate and
Trust company to r . t Bnomaaer,
lot 28. block 8. Crelahton's Ut
Charles G. Larson and wife to Frank
Dewey, lots 8, 9, 10, ll, block 6, Lake-view
S. L. Winters to J. J. and J. F. Mur
phy, lot 16. block . Llpton Place...
Margaret A. Mattlngly and huaband
Uemberi of Club Fleece Themselves
at Auction of Boxes.
William t'ourtlelgh Para 91, 109 for
No. 13 Will lain Colliers Gets No.
,23 for 850 Society Matrons :
la Charity Ballet.
NEW YORK, May 19.-A representative
crowd of spring "lamba" met In the Gaiety
2.8O0 1 theater In Broadway this afternoon and
fleeced themselves and others for more
than $20,000. The occasion was the auction
L. Winters, same ................ 200 gale of ,eaU Ior tne Lambs club all star
John A. Bmith to Lltzle Smith, e31
reel lot 7, i roup s suooiv
Mary H. Upjohn and husband to R. J.
uentieman. iw feet of wtrt feet lot a,
block 842. Omaha
Daniel Llnahan et al. to J. A. Ll na
ns n', trustee, undivided four-fifths
lot 8. and e22 feet lot 4, K block 193,
. W. Pace to Thomas Rocnford. lot
A.'Rosenbery and wife to' wliuani R.
r-aui. lot 10. block N, Lowe's
Margaret Jones to John Oeohirer, M0
reet rot it and sao reet lot 17. block ,
Bhull's 2d '.'.rV..
Swan Johnson to. H. B Boles, lot 7.
uioi-K , miiBine rMO. x
F. P. Doolittle and wife to feter Nel-
n, ioi o. oiock i, isaac HeMen
Charles W. Haller and wlf to'a
Sick, lot 14. block 10. Bhull's Jd 1,100
....... .. v "niwi ..r . . . 4. V.UIR1H inn
wife. iW lot I. block 42. Benson
Cora A. Rood to Midway Investment
romljn,v. ioi IB, DIOCK 1, Potter ft
Cobb's 2d
H. A. Van Kirk and wife to NettU
Rock, lots IB. 16 and 17, block 1, C.
E .favn'a 1af
George Brooks and wife' to' 'w.' ' w!
lm " ana 18 block 4
C. E. Mavne's 1st
George R. Lnahury to Marv J. " Haal
kins, lot t. Olenwood Heights
P- nd wife to Jennie Oaks!
n.,cV, P itterson.' trustee, and Wife to
H. C. Fox. same
The Prairie Trust companv to Richard
T,. Kent, lot 10. block S. Prairie Park t
' vn Aernam and wife to
naries L. Thomas, lot M, block 8.
The Payer that frodaeea Resnlta fu
i'nlon Pact fie
Is lieieny given inai seaiea oias win oa
reoeived by the Board of Commissioners
or ihe South Dakota State Soldiers' Home
at Hot Springs. South Dakota, at the offico
of the commandant of said home on or
before the tlrat day ot June. . lyuw.
! o'clock In the afternoon, for the erection
nt a atone and oricK smoaestacK ror tna
State Soldiers' Home, to plans
and spuclflcationa prepurea oy Joseph
Swans, arciutect, etoux van, a. u,
For the furnishings and settings of three
new botiers and high pressure work for
the Bouth Dakota State Soldiers' Horn at
Hot Kurinaa. South Dakota. According to
plans anu xpet if Rations prepared by Ben
Cowler, cliltt engineer. Bids will be re
ceived for steel siark according to specifi
cations separately. Bids can le made In
lump sum for the whole amount of tha
work except for the bilck or steel smoke
stack, which must be a separate bid. All
bids must be accompanied by a certified
check eqal to 10 per cent of the amount
of the bid. The board reserves te right
to reject any and all bids. PUis and
specifications can be seen and examined
at tins office of the commandant or at
the of i Ice of The Omaha Bee, Omaha,
Neb.; Sioux City Journal, Sioux City, la.;
Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Sioux Falla,
S D. Dated this 7th day of May, UuB, by
order of the Board of Commissioners. J.
B. GEDD1R, Commandant.- MUdlat
Overland Limited...,
Colorado Expreae
Altantic Exrress
Oregon Express..
Los Angeles Limited
Fast Mall
China and Japan Mail. .a 4:00 pm a I 41
numi r-iaue uocai a 8:10 am a 4:46
Leave. Arrive.
a 8:66 am a 9:40 pm
.a 8:60 pm a 6:00 pm
a 8.20 am
.a 4:10 pm a 6:dt pm
.al2:66 pm a 8.60 pm
a i.ri am a 6:46 ran
WANTED City loana and warrants. W.
Farnain Smith 6 Co.. iXM Faroam Bt.
t21 42
PRIVATE money to loan,-. J. H. Sherwood,
1 Brandels Bldg. (22 A
private money, tauO ta 6,0u0; low rate.
REAL estate purchase money, mortgages
and coutracta bouahl. AotakMev.lnv. Co.,
Old Boa;ou Store Bldg. ' . -..4-a
t&od TO 2l.t on ImrroverT property; no
delay. GARVIN BUoS.. lut'4 Fsrnam 8u
sion of time has been granted for
slon of time has ben granted for
the opening of bids on the 'allowing work.
Notice Is hereby given tha? the secretary
of the Board of Education of the school
district of the city of North Platte, will
receive btda up to and Including the hour
of (:0 p-. m., of tha 27th day of May. 1,
for the erection, completion and c. instruc
tion of one eight room achool building In
the aecond ward of block 1M and the
erection and .completion of one eight room
school building in the third ward on block
62. all In the city of North Platte, Lincoln
county, Nebraska, all labor to be done
and material furnished by the contractor.
The aucceasful bidder to give bond in
tha sum of 815.000 for the faithful perform
ance of hla contract.
Each bidder to accompany his bid with a
certified check in the sum of 610 to assure
ttiavt he will enter Into a contract, should
his bid be accepted.
All work to be don and material to be
furnished in accordance with the plana
and specifications now on file in the office
of the secretary of said board and at the
office of the architect. J. H. Craddock,
Wead bldg.. Omaha, Neb., and such plans
and specifications ' to form a part of the
contract. ' .
The- Board, reserves the right to reject
any and all btda '
E. T. TRAMP. 8-oretarv.
M-aOd 8t
Colo. Chicago Special... ,al2:10 am a T:uJ am
uratnee at Htromaburg
..'"l , bll: pm b 1:40 pm
Valley Local (motor via
Lane Cut-Offi alO OO am a 2:45 pm
Valley Lotal tmotor)....a 6:30 pm a :00 am
"local passengers not carried on trains
Nos. 1 and 2.
Chicago ft North weatvra
Chicago Daylight a 7:26 am all:4 pm
1 win city Expreaa a 7:46 am al0 20 pm
Chicago Local all 80 am 1:28 pm
Sioux City Local a 8:46 pm all :00 am
Chicago Local a 4 30 pm a 8 23 am
Chicago Special a 8:02 pm a 8.23' am
Mlnnecota-Dakota Ex... a :46 nm a :0 am
Fast Mail... , 3:36 pm
Twin City Limited a 9:00 pm a 8 00 am
Los Angeles Limited. ...a :10 pm al2 36 um
Overland Limited all BOpm a i:16 am
Nebraska and Wyoming Division
Norfolk-Boneateel a 7:40 am a 6 JO pm
l.lncoln-lxing Pine a 7:40 am alr: am
Deadwood-Llncoln a 3:00 pm a 8 20 pm
Caaper-Lander a 3:00 pm a 8 30 pm
Fremont-Albion b t:80 pm b I K pm
Hastings-Superior b 3:00 nm b (.20 pm
I'hlrasto, Rock lata ad ft Paelflo
Chlcaao Limited a 3 00 am all 05 pm
Locl--.. t: am a 4 30 pm
Rocky Mountain Ltd. ...a :00 am all:06 pm
De Mo nee ft Eastern. .a 7:00 am a 4 30 pm
pes Moines Passenger.. a 4:00 pm all 30 pm
Iowa Loca ...... bU:00am b I 66 prn
Ch cago (Eastern Ex)...a 4 40 pm a 1 10 pm
Chicago Flyer. . . . : a 8:08 pm a I 36 am
Rocky Mountain Ltd...aU:13 pm a 3 80 pm
.ra1' Express... a 1:20 pm a 4 80 pm
Okl. ft Texaa Express. . a 4.40 pm a 1:00 pm
llllauls t'eatral
Chicago Express a 7.15 am a 8 46 pm
Chicago Limited a 6:00 pm a 8 .30 am
Mlnn.-St. Paul Exp b 7:15 am
Mlnn.-Bt. Paul Ltd a 3:60 pm a 8 80 am
Omaha-Fl. D'dge Local. a 4:15 pm all:30 am
Chirac Great Westera
wt. Faul-Mlnneapolis 8:30 pm 8 15 am
Bt . Paul-Mlnneapolla 7 80 am 8 20 pm
inicago i-imltd 8 10 pm 3:16 am
atlaaoarl Pari fie
K C. ft Bt. L. Exp a 3:00 am a 7:00 a
. mp au:w pm a :M pm
r il V? a 8 30 pm a 8 26 am
Bt. Louis Local (from
Council Bluffs) a 8:00 am aU;16 pm
Sianberry Local (from '
Council Bluffs) b t.OO pm bl0:18 am
Chlraco, Milwaukee ft Bt. Pa at .
i nicago eoio. Bp l... a 7:26 am. aU Mpm
Cal. ft Oregon Exp a 6.00 pm a 3 35 pm
Overland Umlted a b pm a I 7 .
Ptrry Local b 0 pm bu . am
gambol to be given at the Metropolitan
opera house on Monday night. May 24, and
later in other cities. Among the well
known "lambs," who acted as auctioneers
and announced that they would positively
appear on the bill Monday night, were
Augustus Thomas, De Wolf Hopper, Wilton
2,450 Lachaye, William Collier, Robert HUllard,
1 ore Jefferson De Angells, Raymond Hitchcock,
William Hodge, inomai a. wise, uougiaa
S-.lrh.nUa and Maclvn Arbuckle." The
amount mentioned above was realised from
l.ono tha sale of boxes and orchestra Beats alone.
Mr. Thomas, the first man up at the
1.300 auction block, knocked down parterre bo
No. 13, the first choice, for 51.100, to Wil
liam Courtlelgh, the actor. Mr. Thomas
bid In the aecond choice himself at 360U,
Other parterre boxes aold for prices rang'
lng from 8600 to $150. The grand tier boxes
old mostly at a $50 premium and orchestra
eats went at 326.
De Wolf Hopper followed Augustus
Thomaa as auctioneer and knocked down
several boxee at 3300. , When thing began
to get quiet he called William Collier, the
comedian, to his assistance, who began oy
taking box No. 22 at 1260 for himself.
Society Matrons la Ballet.
The ballet from "The Bartered Bride
with some of the most prominent young
society matrons of New York acting as
ballerinas, wai the chief feature of
garden fete given here today for the bene'
fit of "Hope farm," a protectory for
Protestant chlldien situated at Verbs nk
N. Y. The vacant plot of ground fronting
upon Madison avenue from Seventieth to
seventy-first street had been transformed
for the occasion Into a Roman garden with
pergolas, fountain and winding paths
hedged with bay tree,
Chief among those who participated In
the ballet were Mr. Austin Grey, Mrs
Arthur B. Burden, Mrs. J. B. Eustls, Mrs.
Arthur Iselln, Mrs. J. Gordon Douglaa,
Mr. Lydlg Hoyt and Mrs. Thomaa Clarke,
Aside from the costume dances, visitor
were entertained at various fortune tellers,
tiny millinery and flower booth In charge
of well known oclety women,
The feU Will bo continued tomorrow and
No announcement was made of the
amount realised on the flrat night of tha
fete, but the hope of collecting $160,000 dur
lng the three day ha been expressed.
Naval Y. M. C, A. Opened.
The addition to the naval branch Young
Men Christian association building near
the Brooklyn navy yards. Mrs. Rui
Sage's $5(10,000 gift to the men of the navy
was opened today with appropriate cere
monies. Mrs. Sage was unable to be pre
ent, but she wa represented, by a brother
and nephew. The gueat of honor at the
ceremonies was Miss Helen Gould donor
of the original building, which wa opened
seven year agoi Other present were
Loyall Farragut, son of Admiral Farragtit,
Rear Admiral W. 8. Cowle and Rear Ad
mlral Beaton Schrlder. Letter from Preel
dent Taft, Secretary of the Navy Myer
and Admiral Dewey were read.
The new gymnasium, on of the finest
in the United Slates, wa formally opened
In the evening with a vaudeville show
and gymnastic exhibition, which more tha
1,000 naval employe and Jackie attended,
Mr. Aaals la Vaadevllle.
The stage of the sensational murder trial
which has come to be familiar tha vaude
ville stage, was reached In tha Halna-Annl
tragedy today when tha announcement
was-made that Mra. William F. Annia, wife
of tha man for whoa death Peter C. Hains
began serving a Sing Sing sentence thla
morning, had signed a contract with the
United Booking Office to play piano ac
companiments In a sketch.
Mra Annls Is quoted a saying that since
he ha been thrown on her own resources
It waa neceaaary for her to adopt some
mean of a livelihood.
Refusing to pas the occupstlon tax ordi
nance drawn by tha democratic city legal
department, the democratic city council
last night alio refused to have anything to
do with resolution looking towards th
collection of money due from the Omaha
ft Council Bluff Street Railway company
for use of the viaduct and to compel the
company to pavs and repair pavement ad
jacent to it track..
Tha resolutions and ordinances were In
troduced by Councilman Zlmman. In the
vote taken on the various report, reso
lution and amendment the councilman so
tangled themselves up that om of them
voted for amendment to lay a motion on
tha table, and then turned around and
vote1 tor the passage of the original mo
tion. The first fight was brought about when
President Johnon. chairman ot the com
mittee on Judiciary, which has held the oc
cupation tax ordinances since January
(while the charter provide that a commit
tee can hold a document only thirty days),
reported adversely to their pasaage. The
original report said that the ordinance
wers not Introduced in good faith. Mr.
Zlmman objected to this clause, said that
they were In conformity with law, were
drawn up by tha city' own legal depart
ment and that the principle had been up
held hy the tate supreme court. Council
man Funkhouier then dated that he had
signed the report against his wishes and
moved that the objectionable clause be
stricken out, and the motion carried. '
Report a Rejected.
Thl left the report In the following con
dition which explains the committee' ac
During the period your committee has
held these ordinances It haa made diligent
Inquiry and found that although similar
taxea are levied In other citlea that the
ordinance now In our hands do not con
form to the conditions existing in our city
and that In their present form are neither
Justly nor equitably drawn, particularly
insomuch a tne several steam railway
corporations which occupy the streets
and alleva wltn tracks were not taaen
Into" conMderatlon. for taxation for such
pacific use.
The report closed 'with the recommenda
tion that the ordinance be referred to the
Incoming council.
Councilman Zlmmafe asked for a roll call
on the adoption of the, report, but tt wa
lost, by the votes cast by himself and
Councllmen Rrldges, Davis, Hansen, Jack
son and McGovern.
Mr. Zlmman then moved that the ordi
nances ba placed on their third reading,
but Councllmen Hansen and Bridges alone
voted with him. He then mads a motion
that' they be recommitted to the committee
on Judiciary with Instruction that the com
mittee report favorably. On this he gained
the votes of Hansen and Johnson, who
voted adversely before. This motion being
lost, a motion prevailed that the ordinances
be recommitted to the committee without
Rent for the Viaducts.
Upon the disposition of this matter.
Councilman Zlmman Introduced a resolu
tion directing the city attorney to prepare
an ordinance to compel the Omaha ft
Council Bluff Street Railway company to
pay annual rental for the use of the vari
ous viaducts In the city In accordance with
the . franchises and ordinances by which
the company agrees to ry annually for
tha use of the viaducts a certain amount.
to be fixed by the council, but which ltv
has not paid since 1887.
Councilman Brucker moved to refer the
resolution to the committee of the whole,
but it was tost by the adverse votes of
Councllmen Bridges, Davis, Hansen. John
son and Zlmman. The original motion on
tha adoption of the resolution was then
put, but Councilman Davis changed his
mind In tha meantime and voted against It.
The other resolution, which tended to put
the democrats on record, was one intro
duced by Councilman Zlmman directing the
city attorney to prepare an ordinance com
pelling tha traction company to lay and
maintain pavement two feet outside alt Its
tracks on paved streets. Councilman
tracks on paved streets. Councllmen
with him on this, but It lacked one vote
of carrying.
Overloading; Bridges.
City Engineer Aycrlgg reported on. the
strength of the viaducts and the notice
from the Union Paelflo and Burlington
railroads that the companies would not
repair the viaducts in case of accident
caused by overloading on the part of the
Omaha ft Council Bluffs Street Railway
company. The city engineer reported that
the viaducts were built to withstand a
pressure of 100 pounds to a iqunre foot
and that the floor beams were intended to
maintain a fifteen-ton road roller. The
street railway company Is using a twenty
ton moter, but, according to the city engi
neer, the strain from a fifteen-ton road
roller Is greater than from a twenty-ton
motor and therefore, there is no danger
of the viaducts breaking under fie strain.
However, he advised the council that the
street car company be prohibited from
loading Its cars with a weight In excess of
twenty-five tons.
In an opinion given tha council last No
vember, City Attorney Burnam advised
that the railroad companlea could not re
fuse to maintain the viaducts. The via
duots whloh the two companies claim are
being overloaded are those over Sixteenth
and Twenty-fourth streets.
City Comptroller Lobeck was voted $100
expense money to attend the national con
vention of city comptrollers and account
ants to ba held in Detroit June 8, 1, and S.
that tha attendance will reach ISO before
the close pf thesconventlon.
The mornlna clon i devoted to the
reception of delegates and general conven
tion arrangements. ,
Papeis were read In the elet-tro-thera-peutUs
e tlon hy- It Ahhey V Holmes
of Omaha on "The Field of li t'llnnt Ught."
by Dr. l.lna M. Hoel of Lincoln on "High
Fieiiueni v Current ' arid Their Therapeutic
Ues," and by Dr. F.. N. fnke of Fremont
on "Clinical Cases."
In the bureau of gynecology paper were
read by Dr. D A. Foote Of Omaha. Dr. A.
P. Hanrhett cf Council lUurfs and Dr. May
L. Flanagan of Lincoln. ,
In the bureau of npthnlmnlngy, otology
and rhynology, papers were read by Dr.
E. R Woodward of Lincoln. W. K. Foot
of Omaha ami Dr. F. A. Marsh of Seward.
The afternoon sension was devoted to tha
bureaus of mntcru medica, clinical medi
cine and pathology and pcdiatilcs.
Last evening a banquet wsa given the
attending physicians at the Rome hotel.
The sessions will resume .at 9 o'clock
Thursday, with ".Mental and Nervous Dis
eases." "Surgery and Obstetrics" as the
topics fur miscellaneous paper.
The election of officers -will lake plsce
at the close of the meeting Thursday afternoon.
Promises This tn Rrr. J. II. Schwar
of German I'rmbyterlan for
the nailrilug,
Rev. C. M. Pfcfln. pr sldent of the Ger
man Presbyterian Theological sernlnary ol
Dubuque, 1., was n visitor In Orrwha
Tuesday, being the special guest of Rev.
Julius H. Schwartx of, the German Presby
terian church. .
Dr. Steffin Is on his way to the Presby
terian geneinl assembly," which convene
In Denver Thursday. - He wa much im
pressed with the work of. Rev. -J. H.
Schwatti In the election of the new $18.0fK)
German rresbyterlnn church at Twentieth
street and Willis avenue, and gratified Rev.
Mr. Schwarti tvlth the promise 'of a fur
nace for the new church. Dr. Bteffln was
visited by a number of the Presbyterian
clergy of Omaha while In the city.
The Presbyterian general assembly excur
sion train from Cincinnati, Chicago and
other eastern points arrived in Omaha over
the Northwestern at" 1:30 o'clock Wednes
day afternoon, and was met at Union sta
tion by a large number of the Nebraska
presbytery. The train remained ' at the
station about an hour. The atay was tod
brief for the Visitors to be enabled to
visit any 'part 'of the rity, but their wel
come by the Omaha pastors was none the'
less cordial ffoni that fact. "The delegation
of eastern Presbyterian 'ministers, and oom
m!sslonrn numbered about 200, with their
families. The party Is-enroute to the Pres
byttrlau genera f assembly at Denver.
Hev. M. V. Hlgbee, He v. Jesse C. Wilson
of Benson, J. J. Dodda of Omaha and
President II. B. Lowrla of the Omaha
Theological seminary left Tuesday evening
for the Presbyterian general assembly at
Denver. Rev. D. E. Jenkins, D. D., and
Rev. Nathaniel McGiffln, D., D., also will
attend the assembly.,
The Burlington had a special train filled
with people from Chicago and' points to
the east. The Rock Island had a- special
train from Pittsburg and points around
that city. The Rock Island also had a
special car .Wednesday., filled with Presby
terian from Minneapolis . and southern
Minnesota. "
Bigger, Better. Busier Tligfs what sd
vertlslng In The - Bee does for your
business. 1 ' v .
(Katabllahed 187)
Aa Inhalation for
Whooping-cough, Croup,
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh,
Bronchitis, Diphtheria
C resole ne Is a oon to Aathmalles.
Dnea It But aeaBi mora aSai-itTa to braatha lu a
ramadr for dlaaawa of tha breathing orgaaa laaa
to taka tha remedy Into tba lomwk?
(..resolene cures becanae cne air, maeraa
trongij antierptlo, is cajrleo orsr th 4laeaad
urfaoe with rrry breath, (i'tof BroluDgra ana
oonetaat treatment. It is lnTaluabl to mother
with mail children.
Tor irritated throat
there If nuiliina- better
man rreuitne Antueptlo
Throat Tablata.
8eni go In postage
tor aauiple toiilc.
ALL DRUaailTft.
Kend Doetal lor aai
atsrlptlri. Sookiet,
V BBo-Creeoi ens Ca
itw r uitun Htraat,
K.'W Vora.
Myriads of lfleroscopio Animals Zafesl
the Skin of ths Sufferer.
Jap Strikers Losing; Groaad.
HONOLULU. May 19 1 he strike rf the
Japaneae plantation laborers la apparently
losing ground. More strike-breakers than
could be used at the plantations offered
themselves today and ths employers have
decided to order the strikers either to re
turn to work or to leave the Honolulu ami
Oahua plantations. At the Ewa plantation
three-fourths of the Japanese crew is still
at work, awaiting tba answer to demands
for mors pay,
Several Promlneat Members of the
Profesatoa from Other titles
Arc Attradlag.
The thirty-fifth annual meeting of the
Nebraska State Homeopathic Medical so
ciety convened at -the Rome hotel Wed
nesday morning for a two days' session.
Among the out of the state visitors at
tending the meeting are Dr. W. D. Foater
of Kansas City, president of the National
Homeopathic association; Dr. W, E. Cra
mer of Kansas City, desn of ths Hanne-
man Medical college of the University of
Kansaa, and Dr. Lynne B. Greene of Kan
sas City, general secretary of the Mis
souri Homeopathic Medlcsl society.
About fifty members and delegates are
present at the meeting, and it Is expected
When the akin of an eczema sufferer
Itches and burna In untold agony, do you
know what Is going on within ths pores
of that skin? -. . '
Myriads of microgoplo .animals art
gnawing at the flesh, breaking down the
fine cells and causing festers, thick Scales
and that terlrle Itch, The germ multiply
faster than Nature can throw them off.
Now, there la only pne way to get . rid
of theae germs they muat ba killed in
their lodging places. Dosing the stomach
or trying to cure tho blood will- not, of
course, kill the germs, and that is why
all the blood remediea fail in ecxema;
that Is also why salves which do not
penetrate can do no permanent good.
Ordinary oil of wlntergreen properly
compounded in liquid form will penatrat
the pore of the skin and kill the ecsems
germs If properly mixed with thymol,
glycerine and other ingredients (as In
D. D. D. Prescription), This wailt will
build up the tissues of the akin and pro
mote Its healthy growth, giving Nature
a chance, while killing the germs faster
than they can multiply.
Sherman ft McConntUl Drug Co., lth and
Harney, and Owl Drug Co., 18th and
Dodge recommend D.- D. D. Prescription,
also D. V. D. soap.
Have your eyes tested and glasses
made to fit you by
W urn A life-long
fcxuerlnced optician
Wurn Optical Co.
right on the B. W.
corner Blxteentn ana
Fa mam. Tel. Deug.
-A rJ.a''
TT 1 sn 111 g
Ayers Hair Vigor Is compoted of sulphur, glycerin, qulnln, sodium chlortd, apL
cum, sage, alcohol, water, and perfume. Not a single injurious ingredient In this
list. Ask your doctor if this is not so. Follow his advice. A hair food, a hah- tonic,
a hafar dressing. Promptly checks falling hair. Completely destroys all dandruff.
jt C Ta Comp(t tr.w-11 Mm