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Reports Show Decided Decrease ia
World". Visible Supply.
rVheat aa Strong;, hnt Holdera of
Leag Rfaae4 All Bids
orn la Decidedly In
active. , t . .OMAHA, May 17. 19"9.
Yheat was- strong and higher aiir an
r.-tsler ' npnln, The market waa hare of
ffferinga from the aiart. Every holder of
long atuff stood pat and refuted all fold a
ns prices advanced. Light cath offerings
and a decWId decrease 1n the wet k.y
world's visible upply became the day a
Corn la decidedly Inactive. The eVuntry
movement la vpry alack and with no active
demand values ruled very narrow.
Wheat advanced after the first offerings
were absorbed at the opening. With no
cash wheat for aale and a d-clded decrease
In the visible aupply price gained strengtn
Kieadlly during the day. Mav wheat opened
at tl.i.H and cloaed at $1.2V
Corn waa Unchanged and ruled dull, with
nu action. Receipts are not increasing and
the demand la alnck. Cash corn waa lower,
offerings being alow May corn opened at
71c and cloaed at Vic.
Primary wheat receipts' were tftS.OiM
bushels and shipments were 445.01 bufhela.
against receipts last year of K'l.iO) buflhuls
and ahlpnienia of 1.174. i0 bushels.
Corn rerelpta were 84.0"O bushels and
shipments' were H44.0O0 bushels, against re
ceipts last year of StiJ.fW) bushels and ship
ments of fTO.oriM bushels.
Clearance of wheal and flour, were ritual
to 176.ij bushels.. .t- '
Liver mol rinsed "id higher to VI lower
on wheat anl unchanged on corn.
Loral range of opltone;
Article, Open. Hlgh!. Iotv
; Close. 1 Eat y.
V heat I ' I-
Mai . I
1 27V,
1 07
1 & "
l m,
1 07
July... I 107 i o
I ,.tn
Ju y...!
71 ..
M l
rV 1
4" IV,
Oman rash Prices.
WHEAT No. 2 hmd, 1. 27H 1.30; No. 3
hard. $1.25fl 1.5;' No. 4 liBrd, fl.175jl.23; No.
3 spring. $1 3iH.'M.
CoKN-No. 2. 7eVf70c.; No. 3. 7VHc; No.
4. ii'Jc, .No; 2 yellow. ,g'Vs it. i ; No. 3 yel
low. 7iiic; No. -i white. ;1'U'1'1 No. 3
White. 7IV.M
iiATS-Nu. 3 mixed, 6iVefciac; No. 3 yel
low. IMftWtr; No. 8 wirrt.-; onHilwtsc; No.
4 white, 64fe64c.
H T hi No. .'. 7.H ,flc; Nn. 3. 76-l77c.
Carlo! Receipts.
Wheat. Corn. Oat
Chicago ,.... 7S 19b
Minneapolis 175
Omaha 7 t2 6
luluth i 7
Feat area of the Trading and Closing
Prices oit Hoard of Trinle.
CHICAGO. May 17. Wheat prices made
an txpuctcd advance toda despite bearish
statistics, the market closing strong at net
g.t.ns ol MfSC to lH'hle. Coin and oats
ciosid easy and provisions steady.
The tendency of wheat prices today was
a great aurprww many pit traders, a
number of whom mild short on the previous
Htttstoii on tloi theory unit the weenly sta
tistics would be of it bearish nature. Th
toncHst on the week htmlstics proved
c-tilect, but tne niarnel failed, except al
the lmmcd.itj tirnilng. to foe affected by
libetnl Worm tnlpments and a decrease
in i.ii.l,H fou lit amount ol bieadKtulf on
ocean (aeSuKc Stiio eakueas was luan-llc-tv.d
at ti. start and Initial guotal.ons
k m a niiadti higher to Sac lower than
S ituiuay s close, but In tue tirst fewmln
u.l of the loss was retained and
pi. era advanced to a point le above the
l.nal flKure of- the previous sVrMton. July
manlfeaieil the gteatest buoyunry and was
In active demand. The butng was based
In pan on crop damage reports from the
southwest. During the day the July option
tanked 'between (1.12V4 ' Trie market
closed strung, with Juiy at i 14'- '" ' by commission nouses based on
p;opee,a of Increased reclpts caused a
hejvy tune In the corn murket nearly all
day. . Tha bulge In wheat had a tendency
to check tle sc. ling. The July d-llverj
dlsplayfd active firninaKs and orost d at a
gain of ic compared with Saturday's
ciose. but the other options were Vi'tSc
lower than the pieVHius close.
Oats . w.'re to heavy selling
pleasure all day. Tl.e. close was weak,
with prices unchanged to Vc lower than
Katuruay s close. July ranged 5oCjc and 51V
tj-tlV and close. at 5ii'o.
Provisions were ratlmr weak at the start,
owing to ilneral receipts of live hogs, hut
became firmer on covering by shoria Trude
was ouiet nearly all day. At the close
piice were 2V"7Vjc higher..
CKiklnu guotdiiotis were as follows;
Ariiclis. j Open. High. I lyiw. Close. Bafy.
July Dec.
May July
t )at
May July
' May
It lbs
Mo - .
i Km
l UNii
1 04?
i a
1 U4
1 tMi
1 S7 1 2'-".
1 12-i 1 14',
1 C4".l
J 0S 1 U4i
1 -7
I' 12fl I,
1 t'4H
1 01
72 72-Si
13 Ji4
18 40
1H 474
liTVoVil 67T'
I WSi fiO i8 I 6v
I 43 4m.fH42Ttj-43 43M'
I43H 43'si iJVsl ti
I 18 474' Id 47V!
! 18 1 ih 5.' I
! 1 42W! IS n5
IS 4741 18 4741
l-i 374 IK S-4
18 4-Vsi 1 I
; 1
IS 50
10 70
10 70
10 824
I in S7V1 10
I to 7ft 10 7S
10 2s! ID 7fi
10 U4I 10 75
10 75 I 10 85
I W SO 10
in 10 10 7lj!
f 10 10 10 IS i
I 19 i5 10 21' V
Hi C74!
10 OS I
10 124!
10 16 :
10 2241
lo 10
10 10
10 17U
C.-h quotations were as follows:
FOL'R Btrong; winter patents, fti.?
C.mi; winter straights, fl spring pat-
iita. f6.iV5 .hi; spring straights. U 7tw6 90;
Lakers. 13. 4ufp 6.00
RYK No. 2 s?(8Sc.
BAftUY--reed or mixing. 7t?j'71c; fair
to choice malting. Wfyilc.
6KKD3 Klaa, No- 1 south weatern. $1.62;
No. I n rthwestarn. $1.73. Timothy. f3 no.
Clover. f9 Vi.
PROVISIONS Meat pork, p.T bM . llS.Mf
M.4W. Ird. per 100 lb, fia.724. Short rl)
sldfs (loose), fin.Htfcio 20. Bhort clear sides
(nosed 1. rt).374810.50.
HITTER Steady; creameries, 20424c;
dairies. 18f7t3c.
EOJ9 Steady; . at mark, cases Included.
19'ti. . firsts. c; prime firsts. 21c.
CHEESE-Firm; daisies 1-,T154c: twins,
l41il4Vi Yt.ung- Americas, 144'al4c; long
horns. 14411440.
POTATOES Weak ; choice to fancy. 2)S
3c; fair to gicd. 7L.tttic.
POILTRT -Steady; turkeys, 15c; chick
ens. IV; springs, lftc
VEAl Steady; Hi to -Ib. weights, R'dc;
0 to tt-lb. weights. 7jf84c; 85 to 110-lb.
weiajhta, 4i4c.
Total cleaiances of wheat and fe ur were
eoual t 178.tW bu. Primary receipts were
36. bu.. compared with 71,i bu. the
corresponding day a year ago. The visible
supply of wheat In the I'nlted Htates de
creased S.4S7.000 bu. for the week. Ths
hirount of breadstuff on rcen passage in
crea,sed l.V0,0U0 bu.
Estimated reci lpts for tomorrow; Wheat.
cers; corn, 125 ears; cats. 227 cars; hogs,
16,on head.
St. Loots nraeral Market.
8T. DOlIfl. May 17. - WH EAT-hitures.
h gher; cash, dull; track, No. 2 rd, eah.
:2jk.n; No i hard, tl S8.-a1.3: Mav,
flo2. July, fl ll)"4J'l.lft; September, fl 06
t'ORX Eutuies. weak; cash, lower;
track. No. I cash. 754c; No. t white, 744U
7i4c; Julv, aS.c; September, Sac.
OATft Steadv; track. No. J cash 57c;
No. wbitt. 6N4''gt!n.'; July, 4!c; geptem
tier 42e.
RTE-Nominal. Me
KDOl'R Steady : red winter patents W 50
4V7.ri; extra fan. y and straight, f5 7o4u
h.ird wtntei clears. f4 5,'S4.
PFFTV-Tlmothv, f 2. 2'n 1 .15.
CiRNMFt 50.
BRAN Firm; sacked east track, fl M
m .
I4A Y- ''n hana-ed; timothy. $12 501100;
prairie. flv4jll
'f W I N K !2c.
PROVISION?-! ard. l her; prime steam.
fVS.yil' L(! Kylt Wr.l, lll't .l. lU Jil) ,
extra shorts, fil l; clear rib. Ill i. short
clirs. tU.r.4. Hacon, steady;
rxtis sf-orta. lu (i; clear rll. tl2.oi; shott
clenrs. $;2.124
P I' 9. T K V-yulet; chickens liijr; 2Si:i.c; turkevt. 13'ql.V; ducks, lor;
gers-, 4c.
MI'TTEIt Rt-adv; creamerv. 21flCV.
IXKiS Steady,' ic tae count.
Receipts Phlpments.
Flour, lifola 6m 4,n)
Vhat. bu .oi 25nnii
Corn, bu l.TO.O'io 7o.ftf
Oats, bu M.OUo i7,iO.
Qaotations nt the Dar nn Varloos
NEW YORK. May 17 - Fl jOCR-Recelpts.
10.4i bbls.' exports. I.S01 bbls.j market qulctj
firm: Minnesota patents, in .jmu.Sn; winter
straights. Minnesota bakers. 4.8il
1i5 3e; w inter extras. S4 46i In; winter pst
ents. fiioTi 4"; winter low grades, ft 9
500; Kansas straights. fiM U 1.9i. Rye fioui.
firm; fair to good, f., O1416..W.
CORN M EA L Steady ; floe white and yel
low, f 1.6.-U I.711; coarse,"j4.53; kiln dried.
13 j.
KTKDull; No. 2 western, 'M nominal,
f. o. b.. New Yoik.
RAH LEY Steady; feeding. 7c. c. I. f.,
New York.
W'H EAT Receipt a, ioXM) bushels; exports,
KX.iik) bushels, spot market firm: No. 2 red,
fl.4lMl.4a. nominal, elevator; tl 44rftl.4fi. nom
inal, f. o. b., aflont; No. 1 northern Duluth.
fl 33i4, f. o. h., afloat; No. 2 hard winter,
II f. o. b.. afloat. Lied by May. wheat
Jumped 240 on the otienlng to new high
levels and remained strong and active all
day on offerings "of July, firm rabies, a
strong cash situation, recovering nf shorts
and a heavy visible supply decrease. May
closed 240 net higher and othr months
lc to IV higher. May. fl.371iT.38, closed.
II ,; Julv closed, tl.il1.; September closed,
I1.1UV.; la'ceniher closed. 11.11 7-lfi.
CORN Receipts, 1.100 bushels; spot mar
ket steady; o. 2, 84c elevator and 814c,
f. o. b.. afloat; No. 2 white. M40 ind No.
2 yellow, 8:!4, f. o. b.. afloat. fptlon mar
ket was without transaction, closing; party
V lower. May closed. R44c; July cloned,
7t ; geptemlier closed. 734c.
OATS Receipts, Bfi.tjfiO bushels; snot mar
ket steady; mixed oats. 2fi and 32 pounds,
o4VHc: ralural white, 2 and 32 pounds, 61'a'
iVl3.! ; clipped white. 32 and 40 ounds, 61
a 1 t7c
HAY Quiet; No. 3, d'TOc; good to
choice. S,Vfiii
Hol'S Steady; state, common to choice,
::. 1 1 op. PKoUi ; 1 crop. 31(.6c: Pacific
const, im cr p. Millc; lsto-, crop, JCfidc.
HinilS Film: Ropota, :14224:; Central
America, '.
l.t-lATHER Steadv; acid. 2d2!V.
PROVISIONS-Heef. easy; famllv. I13.50W
ll-'; mess. tln.5olil.(K; beef hams. tJ4.00
K!6.0n; packet, fl2.omiil2.Si): city, extra India
mesa, fl .t" 'tj Cut meats, steady; pickled
bellies, fll.Kpfill.2fi: pickled hams. til. 00.
lard, firm; western. Sll.Anfrll.lfl; refined,
linn; continent, tll.on; South America,
tl2.: compound. 17. f51f8.124. Pork, firm;
family. l!t. 2,r.4i fsi ; short clear. tl.5n5j.21.50;
mess. flv7.V(i 19.26.
TAl.KOW-Dull; city U pr pks 54c;
country tpkgs. ftree'K 4H,1ifTsc.
RICK Steady: domestic, fair to extra.
tiiiS4e; J.ipan, non inal.
lil'TTER The market was steady,
creamery specials. L'tili-Jt4c; official price,
2c; extras, 25 4c; thirds to firsts. .11'
..: state dairy, common to finest.
;Hr2f4c; process, common to special, 171
2;:V; western factory, firsts, 2iV-; western
imitation creamery, firsts, 21 iff 22c
CHEESE Steady; new state full cream
specials. I.'mi34c; new state full cream
small, colored or white, fancy. 124c; new
state full cream farge, colored, fancy, 124c;
new stale full cream common to fair,
ftaillc; skims, full to special, 21illc
Bins- Steady, stnte, Pennsylvania and
nearby fancy, .selected white. 261jC54c;
slate. Pennsylvania arid nearby fair to
choice, ;co244c; brown mid mixed, fanoy,
234'rTj4o; brown and mixed, fair to choice,
2-"o::;c; western storage packed, 224T('224c;
western firsts. 211j22i'; seconds, 20vj2u4c;
southern best. 2li4iUilo; seconds, 2iX'.
PoCLTRY Alive, dull; chickens, broilers.
L."li.T0c; fowls, 17il74'; dressed, easv;
chickens, lile; . fowls, 154lS4c; turkeys,
fri'xin. Ii'?i2jc.
Kbonera Tuesday, with a I.lttle More
( That nellHhtfol Cooluess.
OMAHA, NeU. May 17. 1909.
A barometric. ucLo'cssion has deveioi4
over the mniiiie aim lower districts of the
Rocky Mo j mains, with its greatest depres
sion overiymg the iVxaa paniiandle. An
meu. of hign pressure is moving in over
Jiie western Canadian proviiicea' and north,
-ac.tic coast, add' une tied weatHeV pre
vails thtvujtuoui.xile noiihwc'St. Kalna are
falling in .North Dakota, Montuna, and
IC.'Nt tn th,, Puiifk.i i'iiuii u.ilh Bnr..a In
the provinces. . Cool weattitr prevajled In'1
me upper Aiissisaippi and Missouri valleys
during Sunday, ana freeg.nsl temperatures
occurred lit tne extreme. Upper valleys Sat
urday night.' It is s.jmewnat warmer in
Hie upper valleys this morning but- cooler
weather prevails In the mountains and
frosts are reported In Colorado, Wyoming,
I'tah, and Idaho. The Indications are for
showers In this vicinity tonight and pos
sibly Tuesday, with slightly cooler tonight
and cooler Tuesday.
Record of temperature and precipitation
compared with trie corresponding day of
the past three years.
. W9 1908 1907 19H6
Minimum temperature ....W do 5H 62
ITeclpttatinn 0 4H '01 T
Normal temperature for today, 3 degrees.
Excess deficiency In precipitation since
March 1st, 2.49 Inches.
Excess deficiency corresponding period
in llKlS. l.fio Inches.
Excess deficiency corresponding period In
1907, 4. inches. .......
U A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Com and wheat region buHetin for
Omaha. Neb., for the twenty-four hours
ending at N a. in., 71th marldlan. tiroe,
Monday, May 17, 1S09:
Temp Rain
Stations. Max. Mln fall. Sky.
Ashland. Ne b 73 06 - T Cloudy
Auburn. Neb 77 . 41 . ..00 Cloudy
Broken Bcw. Nub. 77 5o .00 ' Clear
Columbus, Neb... 7t 62 .01 . Pt. cloudy
Culbertaon. Neb.. M 62 .v .' Clear
Fairbury. Neh.. 7 -66 .02 Cloudy
Fairmont. Neb... 74 61. ,0i 1 . Cloudy
Or. Island, Neb.. 7- M . Cloudy
Hartlngton. Neb. 74 62 Pt. cloudy
Hastings, Neb 76 64 .0 Cloudv
Hnldroge, Nc-b.... 81 63 . .00 Clear'
(Kikdale. Neb 70 6: ' M Clear
Omaha. Neb 73 SI .0c'1 Cloudy
Tekamah, Neb... 73 53 . 00 . floudy
Alta. la W ' 50 T Cloudy
Carroll, la 70 45' .00 Clear
Clarinda. Ia 76 JjO .00 Pt. cloudy
Sibley. In W ' 43 .11 Cloudv
Sioux City. la... 70 , 64 ;no Cloudy
Minimum temperature for twelve-hour
period ending at 8 a. m.
No: of Temp. Rain.
Central. Btdti ns. Max. Mln. Inches.
Chicago, 111 2H 64 ' 44 .10
Columbus, O It! 70 ' 44 .00
lies Moines. Ia ... 14 68 '48 .00
Indianapolis. Ind.. 13 72 .1K1
Kansas City. Mo.. 2. " 7S 62 T
Minneapolis. Minn. 28 64 44 .08
Omaha. Neb 19 74 . 60 .01
St. Uiuls, Mo 12 76 ' 50 .lu
Very light showers were scattered
throughout the extreme western portion of
the coin and wheal region within the last
twenty-four lo urs. The temperature la
slightly hier-er In the western and slightly
lower In tiie eastern portion.
Local Forecaster. Weather bureau.
Kaasaa City (.rata aael ProTisanas.
changed; No. 2 hard, f1o1.3S; No. 1 hard,
tl il M; No. 2 red, tl 4.'4jla6; No. t red.
CiJUN I'nchanged to 4 higher; No. I
mixed 74.!tr?.-c; No. I mixed. 744fl74c;
No. 2 white, 7rx-; No. 3 while, 74i(c
OATS rnchaiiged; No. "2 w hite, 570c;
No. 2 mix d. aJjC6c.
11 AY I'nchanged; choice timothy. $1276fJ
13 25; choice piaiiiB, fll.usjill ; choke al
falfa. 116 7V(j 17.7 j.
Hl'TTEK-Creaniery. iac; firsts, 23c; sec
onds. 2ic; lacking slock. 17c.
EOOS Extras. 214c. current receipts. 19c;
seconds and dirties. 174c.
..ecelpis Shlj'menta
Wheat, bu 22 1 u (u.O'4
Coi n, b , 2s. om .
Oats, bu lo.Ouu 3a.0uo
Option at Kansas City:
July ,
1 December ,
December .
I Open. I High. I Ixw. 1 Close
1 064 1 OiA
"i l 4i
7 H'4j
14 3B
1 i4! 1 7
ti 1 tH.
994A I :s
6 I
A arked. H bid
Klala Bailer Market.
EIIV 111 . Mav 17 - tl'TTER Firm;
2( , aaltk fut 1. 1 i.iu,; tii,tuj j-euue.
Trading it Dull to the Point of Stagnation.
alaes Are Taraed Downward To
ward the (lose by Isrresst 1st
Kastaatesaeals of Uold for
tslpmest Abroad.
NEW TORE, May 17 The stock market
gave signal evidence today that the large
operations which have caused the show of
animation for some time past has been dis
continued. The trading was dull to the
point of lethargy and the movement of
prices sluggish to the point of stagnation.
Persons of authority and Influence In
finance continued to be quoted In confi
dent opinions of the prospect tor renewal
of prosperity and there was a marked
unanimity in looking for active revival
with the completion of the tariff legisla
tion. The price level of stocks gives
abundant testimony that speculation has
not waited on the passage of the tariff
legislation to see Ita advantage coming
from the revival. The stress laid on the
crop prospects In the hopeful views ex
pressed by the trade Improvements keep
the Speculative sentiment sensitive to the
crop news. That from the southwest to
osy counteracted the beneficial effect of
the reports of the rains last week. Not
only winter wheat, but cotton comes within
the calculation.
News of Industrial conditions was favor
able. Reports of heavy orders for railroad
eiiulpment and supplies had an effect on
the electrical Industrials, hut not so much
on the steel group. An advance In wire
prices also waa without much Influence on
that group. The engagement of fJ.ono.OnO
gold for export and prospects of future
outgo to South America revealed the con
tinued demand of the New York supply
for foreign markets. Th was
known to be destined for Europe, but the
proportion for Paris and that for Holland
was not stated, lxindon's gold supply In
the open market was taken for Austria.
The gold outgo is clearly called for by the
state of the International exchanges, the
recent small excess in value of our mer
chandise exports over Imports being more
than overbalanced by the persistent llnul
dation of foreign holdings of American
securities. The relative state of the money
markets here and abroad, however, wuulil
prompt the retention of funds here, since
Interest rates obtainable In New York are
somewhat better than those abroad. Bor
rowing abroad has been going on, as a
matter of fact, to a considerable extent
and has restricted the gold export In pro
portion. That foreigners should continue to
aell American securities without the pres
sure of any money exigency to push them
makes an effective impression of the Idea
held abroad of our price level for securities
as excessive. The free selling of this sort
coming from Holland is of special effect on
sentiment owing to the reinvestment Judg
ment of the Dutch. The Increased gold
shipments from 2.0ii0,0oo In the morning to
f3,isi0,000 th the afternoon was the deter
mining factor In turning prices downward
to the closing.
' Bonds were steady. Total sales, H.016,000.
I'nited tSatee 4s, coupons, advanced 4 per
cent on call.
Number of sales and leading quotations
on stocks were as follows:
Siln High. Lnw. ('Inns.
Allls-ChalmerN pfd
Amalgamated Copper
American Agricultural ....
Am. Beet Sugar
Am. Can pfd ..
Am. r. A F
Am. Cotton Oil
Am. H. ft L. pfd
Am Ire gerurllles
American Linseed
American Lneomuttvs
Am. 8. A R
Am. g. ti R.. pfd
Am. fumr Refining
Am. Sugar Refining
Am. T T
Am. Toba.'ro pfd
American Woolen
Anaconda Mining Co
Atchiaon .-. ..
Atchlaon pfd
Atlantic Coaat Line
Bnlilmore Onto
nl Ohio pfd
Retolehem 8leei
Brooklyn Rapid Tr
Canadian Pacific,
Central Leather
Central Leather pfd
Central of New Jerae
Chesapeake a Ohio
Chicago Alton
Chicago fit. W
Chicago A N. W
C, M. a 8t. P
C C. c. st. L
Colorado F. A I
Colorado it So
Colo. So. lt pfd
Colo, tk So. 2d pfd
Conaolldated Gas
Corn Producta
Ieiarare Hudson
Denver 6 Rln Grande
D. R. ). pfd
Dlatlllera' Sscurltlea
Erie lit pfd
Krle 2d pld '.
General Electric
Oreat Northern pfd
Great Northern Ors etfa. ..
Illinois Central
Interborough Met
Int. Met. pfd
International Harveeter ...
International Marine pfd..
International Paper
International Pump
Iowa Central
Kansas City 80
K. C. So. pfd
Louiavllle A N
Minn. A St. L
M.. St. P. A S. i. at
Missouri Pacific
.. K. A T
M . K. A T. pfd
National Biscuit
N. R. R. of M let pfd
New York Central
N. Y.. O. A W
Norfolk A w
North American
Northern Pacific
Pacific Mail .,...
People's Gaa
P . C, C A St. L
Preeied 8teel Car
Pullman Palace Car
Rallwajr Steel Spring
Republic Steel
Republic gteel pfd
Rock liland Co
Rock I. land Co. pfd
St. L. 8 K 14 pfd
St. Louie 8 W
St. L. S. W pfd
8loee-8heffleld 9 A I
Southern Pacific
So. Pacific ptd
Southern Rallwar
So. Hallway pfd
Tenneaeee Copper
Teiaa A Paclllr
T , St. L. A W
T , St. L. A W. pfd
I'nloa Pacific
laion Pacific pfd
I S. Really
I'. S Rubber
C S. Steel
I S. Steel pfd
flak Copper
Va -Carolina Chemical ....
Wabaah pfd
Weatern Maryland
W'Mtitighouae Electric
Weetern I nlon
W heeling A L. T.
b2 il 61',
u m
194. SI Ill's
81 S! '.'
56 t.(S
w ti
t SUV,
U'l 'S'
; ms
9:0, 1.2
Pi', 10s l"'t
im 13.11, u3,
U 1S 1J'.)
l"li Ml p.
Mil f0 !,
M9S l'W ltfl
1"44 l4t 104k
127 127 121
113 1144 111),
r7 n i
7 7fc'i
leOH ISO 173",
30S n 29
liM'e 103 T, tuats
.. ...... 2tk
7V 7S4. PH,
70 ' 69 I9
I ' 41 t
IS ' 12 lS2-ti
161 IM lnll'4,
74 "4 Vi
41V 4'S 4U
64 64 lti
M 14
14's 145 H5"
-3T 234 111,
m 1M
f'"n 4K i
R71 17 tfit)
3' J9 In
34 3, Tt '4
SIS ..', KK
42 41 4' V
HIH 110 lo
144. US Its
72S 71S .1
147 144 14
II1 I04
4.'V . 44 44
eUH 10 'i
4'"'S 40 ' 40
2 32 12
47 1 4S 4S
7S'4, 7:S 7JS
131 13 13
f4ii .mi
13S lea 134
74V, 73
42' 42", 42t
3t4j 73H 73
131 V HO14 1304
41 41 41
111 It 91
l. Mi ins
14.1 H 14474 44
lS.. list 2W
134S 134 134
lli 114 114V,
14 14 VI
4."4 41S 4114
1S8 its in;
43 14 41 43
U7'a lht
26 . 24
M M Mi,
33V. 12 12V,
TIC, ' 704 ' 7uv,
4iV4 4t 4.i"4
ti 2.1 24
14 61V, fii
"S 10(4 f'S
122V, 1:11, 111 14
? 1K4I4
J"', SO 14 M
19V, 61 V,
43', 4i 4-v,
144 14 V. 114-4
61V, 61 6"V, !
S l"4 44k
14 l"7- 1M
II 17
Mv, a", t4
II S104 rs
S74 lv, tv,
iiv, 5" VS
6'", 4HV, 41-
Ii"4 )' ilv,
' 49V, 4W
2(, ,:,
15V, i tl
74 76V, 7k
ft4 M elo, j
10. WO
40. 3b
1.4 fl
1.4' 10
1 0
I. too
400 '
11. IK
il 2'"i0
Wlaronain Central
I. 'too
Total sales fur the dar. e,w ahante.
I.ondoa lleck Market.
LONDOiN. Mty 17. American aecurita
were heavy and Inclined lo sell off during
the esrly trading today. At noun todav the
market was quiet and from Va1 lower I
than Saturday s New York closing. j
London closing stocks:
Cnnaola. money .15 7-U Mo . Kan A Te its: '
da actount aiv, New York Central .134 ,
Anaconda l4,4a Norfolk A Weetern.. 14,
Auhleon 111T4 do pfd jo
do pfd i"I Ontario A Weatern.. lov,
Baltimore A Ohio 11 'S Penntylvanis . .. 4v
Canadian Pacific .. 1144 fund Miuca t
C heaapeake A Oklo . twv, Reading m-
Chl. Oreat Weatern . I Bo ul hern Railway . . 31 w
Chi. Mil. A St. P.. 144 do pfd 71
re Beers li4 Southern Pacific ... 124T,
PenTor A Rio O kt t'nlon Pacific 1:. ,v,
do pfd i04 do pfd sev, 4S l' 8. Steel i,
do let ptd 12V, do pfd l' V,
do :d ptd 42.4Wabe.l1 '. .v, Trunk lit do pfd y
llllnoia Central lovSfaniao 4e m
Loulivllle A Naah .. IMS Anal Cosptr ti
SILVER Bar. quiet at US er ounce.
MONEY- per cent
The rate of discount In the open market
for ahort and three months' bills Is 1 6-16
per cent.
New Turk Mlalag Harks.
NEW YORK. May 17 Closing quotations
on mining stocks:
Alice . hat Lead rl lie Can 4
tu unstick Cob I Little Chief ,
Cost Tunsel stock .. . V7 S'ikii 74
da bonds li Ontario 426
Cos. Cal A Vs 4 tipk.r w
Horn Silver Stat.dard ;
Iron l0 V.liow Jacket 4;
Treatari lialesaest.
WtHIflTiiX. May 17.-T..4aVs sttte
ment ul i.'i lisasury fcalunces in the ten-
ersl fund, exclusive of the llSn.flonnm gold
reserve, shows: Oold bullion. f-W.OHA ,;2S;
gold certlflt ates. f.1.W.7Jo; available cash
bull nee. fl2o.9Ka.z4R.
iew Vsrk Money Market.
NEW YORK. Msy lT.MONEY-On call,
easv, ltij ( r cent; ruling rate. 1: rsr
cent; closing! md, 1 per cent; offered at 1
per cent: time loans, easier: sixty days.
.vft.,L per cent; ninety days, 2WS" per
cent; six months. StiS'a per cent.
I'itlMK MEKCA.VIlL.cC PAPKR-w4jfl4
per rent.
61 LV KR Bar, 5.V: Mexican dollars. 44c.
8TERUNC4 EXCHANGE Steady, with
actual business In bankers' bills at f4 Mti
4 for sixty-day bills and at 4 R71S for
demand: commercial bills, M W1!-
HONK8 Government, firm; railroad,
Clok'.ni quotation on bonds were as fob
C S. ref Is. reg ....lH Japan 4a
do coupon tH4a do 4Sa 1141
V. 8 Sr ret li7e do Id eertee M
do rsMpon lul L. 8. deb. le l41 ... T
I'. 8. 4a. reg Ill L. A 8. unl. 4a ... 1"14
do coupon 121 M . K A T. lei 4a .. K
Allis-CHal. let be 7 do let A ref. 4s....
Am. Ag 6e 1""" do gen. 4va II1
Am. T A T ct. 4a. 1"3'4 Mo. Pacific 4e ...'... U4
Am. Tobacco 4a W N. T C g v,a '4
do a U24 do deh 4e IS
Atchlaon gen. 4a Ifll N. Y Cite 4141 oew 11!'4
do 8. L. let 4a J'H fj. Y , N. H. A H.
do c 4s l'H e. as IM'4
do n. nt ...111S4N A W. let t. 4a . . .
Atlantic t L. let 4a.. 17 ds con 4a "4
Bal. A Ohio 4a I'll No Pacific 4s.
do l'- I44 do la "14
do S. W. v,a II r 8 U rfdg. 4e .... nr. '4
Rrk. T. R c,. 4a.... Mv, Penn. re. I4S 1015... TH
Can. 80 lit la 1MV, ds eon. 4a Ita
Cen or Ge. Se lit Reading gen. 4i St)1
Central Leather Is.. s'4 84. L. A S P. fg 4s. 7'4
C. nf N. J g ee UK tt. L. 8 W e. 4s. .. TIC,
Chee. A Ohio 4V,. ...K4 egg ln enld 4s W
Chlram A A. IVs.. 14, Seaboard A. L. 4s ... ?',
C. B. A Q. 1. 4s ... K'4 So. Psctne eel. 4s ... 1'
C M. A 8. P. g l4S. 1144 do 1st ref. 44 MI4
C. R. I. A P. e. 4s.. M tta. Railway ts lll'4
do col 6e I3S do gen. 4a 2H
do rfdg 4a :S fnlon sclflcP 4a im
CCC. A St. L. j. 4s. I7V do ct. 4a 1074
Colo. Ind. la 77 do let A ret. 4s.... n
Colo Mid. 4e M'4 r. I. Rubber e 1044,
C. A 8 r. A e. 4Le . 99V. C Steel Id Is 10' 4
D. A H. CT. 4a ltt Vs Cam. Cheat. Is.. T
do let ref. 4e 103"4 Waba.h let 8a lltv
r A R. O. 4a 17 do let A ex. 4a 7
Plstlllera' 6t 77V, Weetern Md. 4a Il
Erie p. I. 4a SI Went. Elec. ct. It ... S414
do gen. 4a 7v, W la. Central 4a
do ct. aerlce A 84 C, B. A Q. g. 4s 100V4
do aerlea B 76 C. A O. ref. lie ctfa lnjv.
Gen. Klrr. cr. le 142V, D A R. G. ref. le. ... 94',
111. Cen. lit ref. 4s..lwH N. R. R. of M 4V,a . H
Int. Met 4W ' SI L S. F. g. 6a. 1
!nt. M. M. 44 .344 80. pacific ct. ctfe...lOU
K. C. 80 1t .". 744,
Hid. "Offeted.
Boston tock Qnotatlons.
BOSTON, May 17. Money, ca'l loans. Ivj
34 per cent; time loans, 365 per cent.
Official closing:
Atchlaon sdj 4t 13 Butte Coalition 2644
do 4a VK Cal. A Arlaons 14
Atchlaon R. R W Centennial 10
do pfd 1 04 4 copper Range wo,
Boston A Albany M0 Pair West IV,
Hmton A Maine 144 Franklin II
FltrhUffig rfd 131 Oranhr lot
t'nlon Pacific i87v,oreene Cananea. I'll,
Am Arge. Chem 31 lile Rnrala !7
do ptd Mie Mining 14 v,
Am. Pneu. Tubs I Michigan il4
Amer. Sugar 133 Mohawk
do pfd 12" Mont: C. A C Il
Am. T. A T lSMkNereda 114
Amer. Woolen 64 Old thimlnlos v. 64 '4
do pfd 1064Oaeeola 114
Dominion I. A 8 34-4 Parrot 11414
Edleon Blec. Ills 241 Qulnry S0V,
Mats. Klectrtc U'i Shannon
do pfd "ov. Tamarack CI
Maes Gaa 44 Trinity )t,
fnlied Fruit 1S74 t'nlted Copper .'. 124
I'nlted S. M 57'4 V. 8 Mining 4744
do pfd I" V. 8. Oil Il4
f. S. Steel Mvk t'tah 41
do pld 1IS4 Victoria 1 14
Adventure Winona IV,
Allouei 40 Wolverine 144
Amalgamated I'4 North Butts II
Arlaons Com. 42Va
Local Securities.
Quotations furnished by Samuel Burns,
jr., 614 New York Life Building:
Bid. Asked.
Beatrice Creamery Common Stock 14 kt
Cnlumbua. Neb.. Electric Light Is 1131.. 94 "4 H
City of Omaha Benda. 44s IIS Ids 144
City of Omaha la 1111 101 .02 VJ
Douglas County 4a 1138 lOtVa I0244
Gate City Malt Co. per cent too
Oerman Firs Ina Co lot
Ind. Tel. ia 1137 (SO per ct pfd bonua) 41
Kanaaa City Ry. A L. la llil nv, eg
Nebraaka Telephone Hiock per cant.... HV s
Omaha Gaa Is 1117 17 II
Omahk Elec. L I P. s 1131 100 101
Omaha A C. B. St. Ry. is 1914 n joi
Omaha A C. B. 81, Rr. ia it'll SI 100
Omaha A C. B. St. Ry. pU i per cent. . Sty, II
Omaha A C. B. St. Ry Com. 4 per coot. 47
On. A c. B St. Ry. A B. Bid 4 per ee. 44 v, j
Omaha Water Co. is 1I4 .4214 ss
Omaha Water Co. 1st pfd.....'.....'. tl u
Omaha Dd. of T B. Co. pfd per cent., 100 !!
Pacific Tel. A Tel.' Co Is 1 ;...'; 17V, M
Sheridan Coal la 1121..; '.-.,.. n 100
South Omaha Sswer 4V, a 1924 loov, lut
Sloui City s. V. ptd f per cent. .. M ss
Topeks St. Ry. is '.. M JOS
Union Stock Tarda Co. Omahs I per can. Si slv,
Forrlarn Flaanela.
LONDON. May 17. Money Is plentiful,
but In small demand, on 'the market today,
and discount!. Were stead,'. Austria secured
the bulk "of the ff.600,000 in sold offered on
the open market. The week on the stock
market opened quiet, speculators were not
disposed materially to Increase the large
bull account already built up. and the
prices of Kaffirs and copper shares occa
sionally were easier. But gilt-edged securi
ties continued firm and foreigners Improted
on continental buying. American securities
were neglected In the forenoon. Values
rarely exceeded parity and ruled lifeless
until the New York opening waa received,
when Canadian Pacific, 1'nlon Pacific and
I'nlted States Steel hardened fractionally.
The market closed quietly steady.
bank Clrartaars.
OMAHA. May 17. Bank clearings fpr to
day were f 2,640.718. 42 and for the corres
ponding date laat year fl.(6,087.88.
Metal Market.
NEW YORK. May 17. M67TALS The
Lor don tin market wag lower today, with
spot quoted at 13 Is 8d and futures at
132 7s d. Locally tin was weak, with spot
fct tX.Tb&M.fO. Copper was 3s lower in
London, with spot at 45 Rs 9d and futures
at 80 2s 6d. Locally cxipper was steady
and unchanged, with lake at ii.Y2Wir3.21',t,
electrolytic at fl2.7Bifiiia.00 and casting at
12."v;12'CH. -Lead was a shade higher
at 13 ts 6d In London, while Iccally the
natket was steady and unchanged. Spelter
waa unchanged at 12 17s M In the London
market, while locally It was steRdy and
unchanged at fS.n&uo. 10. The English Iron
market was lower, with standard foundry
quoted at 47s d. Lot ally th iron market
was unchanged, with No. 1' northern
foundry quoted at flfS.26 and No 1 southern
and No. 1 southern s ft at tlS 7591f.25.
ST. I.ori3, May 17 M ETAL& Leal,
easier. f4.274i. Spelter, higher, li
Cottoa Market.
NEW YORK. May 17.-COTTON-Mar-ket
for futures opened steady; May sold
11 JiVtjll.JOc; July, lO.Wtc: September. 10.72c;
October. 10.74c; December, 10.78c; January,
10.75c; March. 10 7&c.
Spot cotton closed quiet to 30 points
higher: middling uplsnds. 1186c; middling
gulf. 11.90c. Sales. 4.M bales.
Futures closed steady: May. 11.30c; June.
1098c: July, lO.&oc; August, lO.ftOr; Septem
ber, 1084c; October, lOMc; November, 10.7c;
liecember, 10.87c, January, 10.83c; March,
OALVE8TON. May 17.-COTTON-8teady
at nii-ihc
. ST. LOI'IS. May 17.-COTTON-Flrm ;
middling. 10c. Sales. 1.264 bales: receipts.
411 bales; shipments, 524 bales; stock, io.7
Visible gapply of Grain.
NEW YORK. May 17.-The visible supply
t t grain In the I niled States on Saturdav,
May la. as complied by the New York
1 "reduce exchange, waa as follows: Wheat,
I4.1'.'i bu.. decreased 47,000 bu. Corn.
1 .H8.k4i bu , decreased in '(A bu. Oats, 7.
373.f bu.. decreased 624.W bu. RVe. ItlStrtfi
bu.. decreased 43(i0 bu. Barley. l.kul.OiC bu.,
decressed S2.i)0 bu. The visible Supply of
wheat In Canada Saturday, May 15, was
S.itw.OnO bu., a decrease of 3.757.0 bu.
Philadelphia Prod ace Market.
and weak: extra western 4?reamery,
J7c; extra nearby prints. 2ac.
KGOS Firm; Pennsylvania and other
iiearby firsts, free cases. 2c at mark;
Pennesylvania and other nearby current re
ceipts, returnable cases. 21V- at -mark:
weatern firsts, free cases. 22c at mark;
western current receipts, free cases, 2J4J
21V at mark.
lagar aa4 Molasses.
firm; fair refining, 1.42c; centrifugal. M
test. SS.r; molasses sugar. J.17o. Refined.
stcaJy; N i. 7. 4.4h?; Nn s. 4 2tc; No. . 41c ,
No. 10, 4 25c; No. 11. 4 20c; No. 12. 4.15c; No.
13. 4 10c: confectioners' A, 4.75c; mould A,
iJir: cut loaf. 6.75c: crushed, ftfcc; pow
dered, f 'ec; granulated. 4.7ac.
MOLA8B E8 -Stead) ; New Or!ear. epen
kettle, gKxJ to choice, 28'rr42c.
Mlllasvakea lirala Market.
northern. 11 J2V91 J3; No. I nortbera, fl.30
til 31; July. fl.l44 bid.
OATS Standi-id. fceH-wtT'O.
UAKLt V banii'le. ss-tfUi'v'
Week Start! with a Moderate Ban of
Bayer Biol Five to Tea Tenia Lower,
hot lalrisiea A re Slow to Aceesjt
It hees aad Laatba
SOUTH, OMAHA, May 17. 99.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Estimate Mondav !.( 6.aJ 2.0
Same dav last week 4.127 6 415 S T.o
Same ilav 2 weeks ago.. f.f9 5.01 f.1
Same lav 1 weeks ago.. 3-13 6 T-4 !.:"!(
Same day 4 weeks ago.. 1 .7t 4i7l 4..1
Same day last year 2:443 4.24S s,'6
The following table shows the receipts
Of cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha
for the year to date, compared with last
year: ims. lOnS. Inc. Dec.
Cattle 361.714 JS9.249 13,4no
Hogs 1.037 62 l.lo5.74 W4.152
Sheep 6Mi,H7S 659,3 17,313
The following table shows the average
price of hogs at South Omaha for the last
several days, with comparisons:
Date. 190. lM.lOT.lfi.lM.l.le.
My t. ...
May T....
May I ...
May ....
May 10...
May 11...
May 12...
May 13...
Mav 14...
May 15...
May 1...
May 17...
t 371 141 I 6 281 4 (Ml
( M
I 63
6 34 17 16 14 6
6 84 ( 361 ( 211 I 171
. 5 41) i
( 261 til 6 151 4
6 19, 4 48
3K 6 29,
5 271 4 041 S M
5 26; 4 5 47
7 00t4jl 6 42 30,
7 04 5 35; 6 35! i
7 08 6 24 101 6 31'
7 l'"j I 22' tt 24' 6 0
i 5 241 6 li 8 29
7 OTV, 6 21! S 331
6 Mi
4 e t VI
4 7
6 3i
6 ln
6 2
6 2Ki
4 Hi;
4 631
The official number of cars of stock
brought In today by each road was:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.ll'r'e.
C , M. & St. P.
Wabash 1
fnlon Pacific 35 17 1
C. & N. W., east 2 1
C. A N. V.. west 68 82 1
C, St. P., M. & O.... 17 3
C. P. & U , east ... 3 1
C, It. A Q . west.. 39 23 3
C, R. I. ft P., east.. 1 .. .. ..
C , R. I. P.. west 2 1
Illinois Central 3 3
Chicago Gt. Weetern 2
Total receipts 159 t?4 11 1
The disposition of the day's receipts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing the
number of head Indicated:
Cattle. Hons. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co 75 7S2 8"
Swift and Company 94 1.374 424
Cudahy Packing Co 6f4 1.KS9 1.344
Armour & Co 791 1.69ft 650
Cudahy. from Ft. Worth 1SS
S. & 8 19
Vansant ft Co 20
Catey & Benton 4
Lohman & Rothchlld.... Ill
W. I. Stephen 2
Hill & Son 3fi
F. P. Lewis 117
J. B. Ro. t & Co U3
J. H Bulla 1
L. Wolf 1
McCreary A Carey 7
F. O. Inghram r. 7
Sullivan Bros 29
fnlon Dressed Beef Co.. 49
Evansville 2S2
Rothchlld 12
Other buyers 19S .... 1
Totals 1.939 6.931 2.tM
CATTLE The week starts out wlih a
rather moderate run and about the best
quality that has been seen here this year.
Advices from eastern markets were not
ery bullish owing to liberal receipts, and
neither local dreesed beef men nor eastern
shippers seemed to be particularly anxious
to take hold. Bids we.e generally steady
with the close of iast week on the light
and handy weight cattle, but the
tendency was to bid lower on tho heavier
beeves and the general market was alow
from start to finish.- It was well along
toward lUe middle of the forenoon before
much trading had been done and prices
ranged from very nearly steady to aa mucn
as lic lower In some cases.
Supplies of cows and heifers were very
moderate, only about thirty loads, and with
both local packers and outs de butchers
taking hold freely It did not take long to
clean up the offerings at prices that com
pared very favorably with the close of last
week. As usual the light grades were the
best sellers and 'brought the tup figures,
while common ami Inferior grades were
slow sale at bottom price.
Supplies of stock. rs and feeders were not
yery extensive. Buyers, wanted the offer
ings, and everything sold in good season
at prices a shade stronger than last week.
The volume of business, however, was not
vefy large, and It did not take a great
many cattle to meet the requirements of,
the trade.
Quotations on cattle: Good to choice
cornfed steers. fS.&Kfl 90; fair to good corn
fed steers, f80i2j415O; common to fair corn
fed steers, to.U&OO; good to choice cows
and heifers, 16 .504fi.25; fair to good cows
and heifers, f4.60((j.50; common to fair
cows and heifers, I2.5inB4.5iI; good lu choice
stockers and feeders, t4.KKg6.b4; fair to
good stockers and feeders, J4.0tyf4 3i; com
mon to fair stockers and feeders, f3.(J4 W;
stock heifers, f3.25ft-4.40, veal calves, MOO
7.00; bulls, stags, etc, !3.2i!j0..
HOGS Buyers and sellers were wide
apart In their Ideas this morning and as a
result the trade was very slow nt the open
ing. Shippers and order buyers picked up
a few selected loads on the early market
that looked to be about steady with Satur
day, but the amount of trading done on
this basis was of little consequence. Buy
ers for packers started out bidding 6fil'ie
lower. Salesmen were backward In allow
ing any conression and tt was well along
In the morning before they could get to
gether on a trading basis. The bulk of the
earlier sales showed a decline of about a
nickel. In a few instances the break ap
peared to be as great as a dime, but the
extent of the decline on the bulk was not
that great. A big nickel would, perhaps, j
cover the decline on moat of. the sales.
The receipts were fairly liberal, totaling
right around 6,400.
1 he situation did not improve any, as
the morning advanced and the trade con
tinued slow throughout. Tne bulk moved
around f6.9m&7.:H). with the best hogs sell
ing at, a dime below Saturday's top.
SHEEP Sheep and lambs commanded
about ateady prices this morning, although
in spots the feeling seemed to be a shude
easier. Receipts were comparatively light,
consisting mostly of clipped lamhs. The
trade was reasonably activo and everything
was weighed up In good season.
There was nothing extra cnolce among
clippers to test tops, five loads of the best
lambs selling at fe. One double deck of
clipped ewes moved at 16 (m.
There were hardly enough supplies In the
wooed department to make much of a
market. Two loads of lamhs headed to
day s price llBt at 19 00. There were no
wuoled ewes or wethers of any oonsequence
on sale.
One of the noticeable features of the
market lately is the partiality of the pack
ers for clipped supplies. Gent-rally, If
valuea are on the decline, the break has
been less apparent nn shorn stuff. This, of
course, is only logical with live mutton
values at their present levels. The mutton
eater has become more fickle In his habita
and retail demand as a result Is of a
ingniy nniuii'. i ne nerase pm'Htr realizes
this and does not care to tie up any more
money than he ran help In snet-p, espe
cially at current va;uea of wuoled stork.
Quotations on clipped sneep and lambs:
Good to choice lamhs, f7.7iyj.a; Fair to
nod lambs. S7.ullc2i 7.70: Ootid t,. ,l,in I'ui.r
ylgs. i 6jji 76; Good to choice heavy ylgs, !
fS. 7&4j 6. 26 ; Good to choice wethers, to Soti I
o.4; Fair to gpod wethers, f6.6rvii6.9n; Good
to choice ewes, f6 7f5j6.UA; Fair to good
ewes. t5 2566.75; Culls and bucks, t - Oo'rrC 00.
Quotations on wnold lamlis: Good to
choirs lamhs f8619.10; Fair to good
lambs. t.0u4js0.
. t
( allle Steady Hogs l.o er Sheep
Measly lo Lower.
CHICAGO. May !7 4'ATTl.E-H eipis. head, steady to strong; steers, fi tfi
7. Hi; cows, ft i-ii4 27V4 . heifers. t3.tnotv76;
lulls, fa.76: caltva, t(7.oiU; sttxkt-rs and
feeders. f3.30i6
HOGS-Kt-ctlpis. 44 .0U I head; market V
luwer; choic e heavy shipping f7 4i&7.oO:
butchers. f7.4'tl7 f; light, t7.uf7.15; light
mixed. f71"4i7 .16, packers. F VWM); pigs.
fn.XfiH Ki; bulk of sales. t7.J.Va7.i.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Hecelpts. 14
heed; steady to PV P aer; sheep, fs 6(ii6i.75;
lambs, to. 5 ""p 6 lei, ye-rlings. 9 64i7 40.
Kaasaa City l ive Hark Market.
ceipts. 16!0 head. Including " southerns.
Market steady to I0r lower Choice export
and dressed beef steers, mg Sat ; fair to
good. fS otfj .3ft; western eterrs. f4 S5ati.l;
Blockers snd feeders. ' t4 0vSi5 fl ; eouthern
steers, H b'u-i.UJ. southern cows, f3 4oai.o0;
To secure the absolute safety of
every dollar entrusted to our care.
To anticipate the requirements of
our depositors and give them prompt,
faithful, and obliging service.
To develop resources and assist our
clients in every way consistent with
sound and prudent banking.
In vast Tour Savings In a
f per cent Certificate of Deposit.
Economy is the Road to Wealth"
tlevv Daylight Train to Denver
"Th Overland Llmitcdr'
Leaves Omaha, at
Arrives Denver at
For full information call on or address,
'Phones: Bell, Douglas 1828, and Independent, A-3231.
1 iff llV-MfjrrMlViSV ISA
expresses' in a limited degree only, the magnificence of tba , .
scenery in the Canadian Rockies viewed, enroute to the
Stopover without extra charge at the famous resorts:
Banff Lake Xtoulss risld Olaolsr.
This "Land of Enchantment" is reached only by- the , ,
Canadian Pacific Railway
Throuah unlna to s-eattie. from Kl. Paul daily at HJ;fO a m.
Low Bxouraloo Fares from all places to Seattle and all Puget
Sound cities ami return.
Alaska and return from Vancouver ts. by Can. Pacific
steamers. Tickets for sale l.y scents of all railways ,
Hend for "Challenge of the Mountains" and Alaska folder.
A. C. Shaw, General Agent, Chicago.
native cows, 63.2600.76; native heifers. $1.00
41. 40; bulls, f3.6vao.. calves. f4..-.0'fi ,.2a.
HOGS Receipts. 13.0m head. Market 6c
to loo lower. Top. f7.40; bulk of mica. ffi.So
7.3i; heavy, $7.26'&'7.40; packers and but 'li
ers, f7.tO(7.35; Ught. tA.7i7.16; pigs, f5.1S
SHEKP AND LAMBS-Recclpls, lS.oon
head. Market for- best steady, others 10c
tt, 27tc lower. Lambs, fH.IViru9.oii; yearlings,
fo.75t'i,7.76. wethers, ti.6iiBt.i: ewes, f4.7f'o
5.00, stockers and feeders, 13 -,r( 5. Si; Texas
muttons, f4.75 .00.
t. Louis l.lve Stork Market.
ST. L017IS. Mty 17.-CATTLK Receipts.
3.200 hQad. including 1,'JOO Texans. Mirket
steady. Native shipping and export steers,
f64ofn7.15; dressed beef and butcher steers.
t5.60iij.$D steers under 1,000 lbs., f4 SiK-afi.oO;
stockers and feeders, $4.5015 26; rows and
heifers, $4 2"'n.!o; canners, t2.2M73.25; bulls.
14.5i'o6.76; calves, fS.0nfa7.25. Texas and
Indian steers, f, cows and heifers,
HOGS Receipts. 5.ti0 head. Market 6c
lower Pigs and lights. f4.6i7.2'.; packers.
t7.o:.g'7.; butchers and best heavy, $7.30
SHEEP AND LAMBS Hecelpts. J.2"0
head. Market steady. Native muttons,
ft rVifiH.261 lam lis, ft.6'tiF.75; ulls and bucks,
$3.&08nuo; stockers. t3.W'(4 0o.
Rt. 'Joseph Live Htork Market.
ST. JtiSEPH. Mo.. May 17.-CATTLE
Receipts. l.S head; market steady
to weak : st. i-rs. St.&tegtc fiS; cows and
heifers. 42 5tfcfi.00; calves. f3
HOGS Rectlpis. 5.&00 head, market 6c to
10t- lower; top, t7.36; bulk of sales, $ t..1fj
SHEEP Receipts. 2.WD head; market
slow; lambs, tT6v&9 00.
loaa Clljr Uti Stock Market.
SIOl'X CITY. May 17-tBpeclal Tele
gram. ) HOGS Receipt, !. head; market
weak; range of prices, t6.70i7.26; bulk of
sales. KOtyfM 06.
CATTLE Receipts, 1.610 head; market
slow and weak; beeea, f6.aii47.o0; fat enws
and heifers. f4 OWHi.Qn; feeders, t4.tf6.00;
yearlings, ft 00454.76. , ,
Mtork la slgbl.
Receipts of live tiikk at the six principal
western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
SouthOmaha 3 ttm .2r) j.fcm
Floux City l,6oti 2.2HO
St. Joseph l.KO' 6.600 2,'i
KansRs City .....18.(n0 130t .Oyi
St. Louis Sit . .MM 3.2'l
Chicago 44,'i 14 (
.4S.3HO 77.700 24. sun
Mlaaepolla Grata Market.
fl.:K4; July. tl.iMH W4; Hepiember. fi.(M,.
cash, No. 1 hard, t! &V1-3H; No. 1 north
ern, tl 29Ul.3o1,; No. 2 northern, ti.ZI
12',; No. t northern. $1.26 Vfrl.S7V '
FLA X tl 17tj.
PKAN In hulK. f24((f24 60.
FLOL'R First, ft. li9 .30; second
patents, f.jit W; ' first clears. $4.7S4.9o.
second clears, eS.J63.W. -
Llrerpanl Grain Market.
LIVERPOOL, May 17. Closing: WHEAT
Spot; No. 1 red western, winter, nom
inal; futures, steady; July, 6s.. 11V1 ; Sep
tember, ts., 44d ; recember, ss., 2'd.
CORN Spot strong, new American
mixed, via Galveston, s., fd.; futures,
steady: May, nominal; July, 6a. IHd
FLOI'R Winter patents, strong, Sea.
PEAS CanaJlan. firm, 7a., 9d.
Coffee Market.
NEW YORK. May 17-COFFEE-Fut ires
closed sttadv, net unchanged to 6 points
higher. Sales were reported of S,1'm bags,
im lulling ly Sl t $7 iu . io ; Jun-'.. $.'?,-;
July, thw'l September. f6 10; Tecemher. 66 so.
Spot quiet; Rio No. 7. etc; No. t Pantos. !
tic. Mild, dull; Cordova, 12c.
Wool Market.
IiGNDOJC, Mav T?. WOOLe-AI the wool
sslt-s today 11 4rt bules were brought f.r
ward. Tbe eoleetton waa fine and in spite
.........7:30 A. M.
9:30 P. M.
of the heacv offerinsa huvera wttre keen
comi etilors and iwi.l full rates for all de
scriptions. Americans bought fine cross
breds at Is Vjuuls id, and Merlnoa ei 7Wd
At the close the tone was firm.
1 " ':jV.f''tv4'
Staple and Fancy Prodncr Prices Pm
nlshed by Bayers and Wholesalers.
BUTTER Creamery, No. 1, delivered to
the retail trade In 1-lb. cartons, 28c: No. 1
In 0-lb. tubs. 274c; No, 2j,ln 1-lb, dartons,
25c; in 60-lb. tubs. Uc; packing Mack, le";
faincy dairy, tuba. Waunc common roll,
fresh made, lie. Market change every
EGGS Fresh selling - atockv cgndled, JOo.
No storage stock in Omaha market.
CI1EESE Finest Wisconsin full cream,
twins, 16c: young Americas. 4 in hoop, lntc;
favorite, 8 In hoop, ltir; daisies. 20 In hoop,
lsVtc; cream brick., full case, 16c; block
Swiss, 16c: full cream llmburger, ltG.
POULTRY Broilers. ic; alive, spring.
13t;c; hens, lihc; corks, 6c; ducks, 11c;
geese, 10c; turkeys, 19c; pigeons, per dox..
fete; guinea fowls. er dos.,$2.60; squabs,
per dux., 12. Dressed hens,. 11c; Springs.
Kiil'-tV-; cocks, Vsc; ducks,' He; geese, 11c;
tui keys. 2lc. ,
FISH Fresh caught; . almost all. are
dressed: Halibut, 6c; buffalo, tc; "trout,
12c; bullheads, 14c; catfish. )7c; crapples.
sunflsh, 6c 10 9c; black bass, 26c; white
fish, 13c, pike, 12c. ; ealmosi, 14c; pickerel,
10c; frog legs. 36c. . Fresh t rosea.; White
fish. No. 1, 10c; -round,. 9q; 'plCkerel,
dressed and headless, 7c; round, 6c; pike,
dressed, 10c; round, tc;" red snapper, 12c;
Spanish mackerel, 18c: native mackerel, 3oo
BEEF CUTS iRibg: No. 1. 16Hc; No. 2,
13c; .n. 3. 12c. I)ln: No. 1 17c;. No. 2,
14c; No. t, 13c. Chuck: Nn 1, 7 Vic; No. 2,
7',4c; No. t, 7hic. Round: No. 1, 9'4c; No. 2.
9c; No. 8, 8tsc. Plut; No.- i, bvi No. 2,
6Hc; No. $, 5V.C A
FRESH FRVIT8 Apples, western bo
apples, 62 002 60. Bananas, 6-bunch lota.
Vo per lb. Oranges, t2.sOJJ3.26.- Lmon, fl 60
ti-l.OO. Grspe fruit, 14.60. Grapes, Malagas,
17.60 pet keg. Florid pineapple, per erits,
18.00. - ; .' h .-
VEGETABLES Ksnssr sweat pottvlees,
$2.76 per bbl. California celery, large, 90c;
amatler. 0t. New York Holland seed cab
bage, i'ic per lb. Vlsconsln Red Ghjbe
onions. 2c per lb. California ' cauliflower.
$3.00 per crate. Tomatoes, Florida, e-baeket
crate, 12 uo; Cuba, fr-basket crate, " $'..
Lettuce, per dos., 40c. old vegetables, par
snips, turnips, carrots. $2.26 per tibl. F,or
Ida new beets, carrots, parsnips, lumipa,
etc.. ctr dns., 76c. . -
STRA WiERKIES-fS 0663 26.
U1LES No. I green, ac; No. 1 cured. 9a.
Ilalath lirain Market.
Dl'LI'TH, Minn. May U-WilF-AT-Muy,
ll.Jtt'. July, tl.ifcV St-pieniber,!;
No. 1 northern, $1.1; No. 2 northern.
1 2V . .
I eorla Market.
PEORIA. Ill . May 17. -CORN Lower :
! Nn 2 yellow. 741.r'! Nn. 3 yetlow, 74c; No,
j 4. 73!c; r,f grstle. (jtic
OAT8-Iull; No. 4 wh.te. S7V.
I Bloa Uttlelal Killed by Miner.
CLAKKSVILLE. Ark.. Mn 16.-Tnm
'urr, president of the Mine Workers'
union Nn. 23, who recently move' here
from Illinois, was shot and Inatamly
killed today by a n iner. The men are said
to have tjuarrch-1 over a new contract.
Qukk Action for Your Money Toil et
that by using The Bee advertising cojumns.
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Uerber! E Gooch 'Cd
Brokers and Dealers ' s
OBaVZV, rB.OTlTOtfg. . BTOCbS.
Omaha Of fleet tl at. T. iaf BUg.
ell Telephone. Doagtaa 4MI. '.
Xadepeadeat, A-1191 aad A-SltX.
Oldest and Largeat atouaai lav (ha tatv