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CpU Pong. HI 1QT1 riOMl
White Serge Suits Are
Very Fashionable Now
We are showing, the rery newest style. Beautiful Plajn Tailored
garmepts with the long, straight lines are very desirable.
Prices for handsome styles $25.00, $36.00 and $37.60.
All Alterations A,tade Free of Charge.
The Finest Hair Goods Department
, - "1 rin 'the City of Omaha.
-. ..." . -'
Is not? -located.' on our third floor. We have exclusive sale for Omaha
of the- famous' "Yvette" goods. An expert hair dresser la here from
New York. -mbq wilt select any hair goods you may wish so that they
will bTr-nd perfect1"and naturally with your hair. Many remarkable
value are being offered this week as an inducement for you to visit
thisv beautiful third floor department -Come Wednesday.
Remnant Square. Basement, Wednesday
Remnants of 10c and 16c Zephyr Ginghams on sale Wednesday, yd. 5c
Remaants of tfOc Woven Madras, 32 Inches wide, per yard lie
Remnant's of 25c Poplin, washed at the mill, per yard 12 He
Fee 4 - 20
Boy Kills His
.4 Baby Brother
'hooti Two'Year-01d Lad Through
Heart While Trying to
Kill Heifer.
Z CARING, la... April S0.-t8eclal.) "Tell
papa-end -mama good-bye I am dying."
ansped little Ernst Heard, who Uvea near
bearing, to his brother Harry, aged I
tears, who bad accidentally shot him;
then he Cicd. The father and mother were
sway from home at the time. The father
hud intended to hill a heifer which had
uecn badly frotcn, and the boys, getting a
K-callber rifle from Hie house thought they
would , av.e thtlr. father the trouble 'and
relieve the-suffering nulmal of lis torture.
The elder son- plared a cartridge In the
gun and' Wnsert 'the breach. In doing so he
xplond Vlhfr shell, 1 ho -'bullet striking his
!-yar.-old brother in the heart
Yande'ltle Actor ,1s Charged with
Killing gnonse 'with Flatlron
- mnt ratting; Is Body.
CAM BR TOO B,' Mass., ;Aprll 20.-Chester
8. Jordan of 8omerv'll)e, .a vaudeville actor,
waa placed' on (trial today at East Cam
bridge for the murder t)f "his wife, Honora
Jordan, a"t Som'nrville oft September i last.
It Is alleged that during a quarrel Jordan
killed his wife at ,-tneir home In Bomer
vlllcT by 'striking her on the head , with a
flatlfdn "and afterwards .dismembering the
body to . conceal the crime.
Portion of the body were found In a
trurlk'at a lodging house In' Boston. Tha
woman's hea,d was discovered later In tha
furnace at her home and other parta of the
body ware round fn at' wash-tub. The pifllr-e
claim Jorflar Tnafed the crime. The
Introduction of the alleged confession In
court la expected to form the basis of a
protracted legal battle. The prisoner Is a
brother-in-law- of Jess I I.lvermore, the
well known New York cotton operator,
and It, Is understood tha l.lvermora wealth
is aiding In his defense.- .
Vessel nealajned by Kavananajh May
Make Waterways Important
Avenues of Trade. '
ST. 131:18, April 20.-A new-style of rlv
boat, designed by W. K. KavanSugh, pres
ident of the Lakcs-to-the-Oulf Deep Wat
erway association. Is bclievi-d by river traf
fic advocates to make possible an extensive
competition between the river and the rail
roads. A conference will be called In a few
day to discuss financing a freight line be
twocn St. Louis and New Orleans and co
operating with Kansas City in the equip
ment of a line between St. Louis and that
city. It V diydrij!';t) "biln, perhaps .000,
Oiia for tb" imriwee, Mf," Kavanaugh'e boat
Is designed- to- carry heavy loads with .
light draft. 4ml Is suitable, for navigation
In eight faeWt water.
nurauilafoar Proof r Ae'ta Favorably
Oa vlieaiaest of Western
j .. Prudaeer.
CHICAGO, jAPill JO.-Interstale Commerce
Commissioner Prouty today at tlve request
of several, creameries of , the" inKldlo west,
Informally 'directed express companies, to
Institute Jdlnt rates for handling creamery
products, f Judge Prouly aatd If the express
companies did not follow his suggestion he
would Issue' a' formal' order. '."
Jadge Prohibits Clay trnfer, Kan.;
from nantavlaar Property of
J ' Meat Plaat. ,
TOPEKi, kan ," April 30.-JUdgs Pollock
today granted r temporary Injunction for
bidding fi' officers of the city of Clay
Balance of tha-two carload LWhase-recently made by Brandels.
Positively the beet bargains everoff,ered the people of Omaha. Come
early Wednesday."".;
The test selection1 of-dark aud
light colorlDgs regular -6c
and Sc papers, at, -.
roll.'.;', V, . . . rtV. . ..... ." C
Half indr store .papers, '200 combi
nations to select from.' This pa-
per sells everywhere at 8c and
10c roll -our price.' p
per roll . T . ... -JC '
Vernlfh jold papers, the . newest
abades and - patterns our com
petitors ask 10c a roll. n
Braadets price, roll ...... IUC
HC AI.U Dim lad. A-1S41 f '
- - 09.
Center, Kan., from cutting' down the polea
or Interfering with the operation of the
electric light plant at that place. The In
junction was granted on the application of
the Merrlmac River Saving, bank of New
Hampshire. Clay Center, which -owns its
own lighting plant, refused to renew the
franchise of the corporation, which has
been operating the old plant and attempted
to cut down the poles and remove the wires
from the streets.
Court Frees Girl
Who Pleads Guilty
Miss Koten, Who Killed Ber Be
trayer, Placed in Custody of
Jewish Women.
NEW YORK. April 20 -Miss Koten, who
killed Dr. Martin W. Ausplta in this city
last summer and recently pleaded guilty to
manslaughter, was today, through the de
cision of supreme court Justice Blanchard,
spared the prison penalty. When the
woman, with tab? In aims, was broujht b
fore the Justice he announced that lie
would suspend sentence and place Miss
Koten in the custody rf the council of
Jewish women. This society, the Justice
said, would find her a suitable home where
ahe could change her name and rear her
child In Ignorance Of the crime lta mother
bad committed.
Woman Offers (lilOO to Methodlat
('oaf resstlos Tkat Will Fir.
Blah Her a Haaband.
CHICAGO, April 20. Any Methodist
church of Chicago which will furnish
good .lusband .for. "Comely widow" wjll
receive a reward of $300 from the lady in
the case. This announcement- waa made
today by Rev. Dr. James Row, secretary
of the City Missionary association of the
Methodist church.
"Recently,'.' said Dr. . Rowe, "I raised
several thousand dollars for a church. A
lady, after services, came to me and said
'Dr. Howe, you are ao successful In rais
ing money for churches maybe you can
help me find a husband. I II give you
tm for the church If you do.'
biio assured me that the offer waa
bona fide. Her name for the present must
be kept secret"
ev. D. D. Vaughan, pastor of the Hal-
ated Street Industrial church, will act
as go-between, receiving the petitions of
The fair aeeker for a mate Is aaid to
reside In an aristocratic aection of the
north" side of the city.
Arrest Follows Aetloa of Saaneets la
Paying BBO for shave and 10
far Beer.'
. PHILADEXPHIA. April . Showing
large rolls of money, giving a barber M
tor a ahava and a bartender 110 for two
glasses of beer, two colored youths laat
night . arouaed the suspicion of the polloe
that they might have been Implicated in
the robbery of Rhoda Lovell, the 80-year
old "gypsy queen," who lost $10,000 while
she lay sick In her tent at Bryn Mawr near
this city grid .thy were taken into custody
The old gypsy was robbed on Sunday. The
boys, each about 18 years old, have ad
mitted their connection with the robbery
the polloe say. tXirlng the night the police
took tha boys In- an automobile, to the home
pf an of the gutpect wisre it la said
they found ta.0M) In the. cellar of the house,
The police are looking for another boy who
la said to have gone to New York.
. Mrs., Ivnallan Dies,
Yankton. 8. D.. April 20,-Speclal Tele
gram.) Mrs. A. M. English, burned by a
bonfire Monday, died nevt dty. The de
ceased . was a, widow or farmer mayor,
leaves two sons and five, daughters and
wa es years out. ..
100 patterns ot two-tone papers
all the best shades and patterns,
! former price JOo roll. -a p
this, aale, roll IJC
Handsome dining; room effects, In
the upper and lower third style
floral and fruit patterns with
matched lowers tots paper
worth 40c and BOc roll,
specially priced, at. roll .
Wall Burlap, the beat grade, regu
lar price 45c yard, in brown, red
. ana green, at,
square. yard
Ben Tillman Calls
on President Taft
"I Waited Until a Gentleman Got
Here," He Sayi, Explaining Long
Abienoe from White Home.
WASHINGTON. April 2 -Senator Till
man of South Carolina paid his first visit
to tha White House In seven years and re
ceived a cordial greeting from President
Taft. His appearance today In the eaecu
tlve offices created a sensation. The sen
ator walked to the White House unaccom
panied, but left with Senator Beverldge of
Indiana, riding to the capitol with the lat
ter In his automobile. Booker T. Washing
ton was waiting to sea the president when
Senator Tillman an-IVed. The South Caro
llnan was Immediate)-- shown Into Mr.
Taft'e office. The call was purely of a
social nature, it waa declared.
I came," said Senator Tillman, "to sea
If the office seekers had fried any fat oft
the president, but they have not fried a
Asked why he had .never' visited the
White House In the past Senator Tillman
"I waited until a gentleman got here."
"It's not necessary to make m nine days-
wonder out of my visit to President Taft,"
said Mr. Tillman after his return to the
capltnt. "We have always been good
friends. . Whether he haa Inherited his office
from Roosevelt or been elected by the peo
ple there Is no reason for anyone to sup
pose ha has Inherited Roosevelt's mean
ness." Mr. Tillman said he merely went to the
White. House to say' good morning to the
president and to express his "gratification
pon having a gentleman there."
I have no favors to ask of the president
nd no advice to offer," said Mr. Tillman.
Or t would have gone to see him sooner."
While at the White House Senator Till
man saw Booker T. Washington (or tne
first time.
I was curious to see him," said Mr. Till
man, "because It enabled me to draw my
own conclusion! as to the percentage of
white blood there is In him. It Is over
Asked what Impression he formed of
Washington, Mr. Tillman replied:
Booker Washington Is considered a great
negro and he haa great Intellectual powers.
He has a Jesuitical face. If he had not
been engaged I should have gone up to
him and chatted with him. I would like
to discuss the race question with Booker
Negro Boy Feeds
Babe to Hogs
When Mother Whips Him He Seizes
Axe and Attacks Two Other
. Children.
NEW ORLEANS, La., April . incensed
because his stepmother had la ft him at
home near Opelousus, I.a.. In charge of his
young stepbrothers and sisters for the day,
Tom Godfrey, a 12-year-old negro boy, fed
the youngest of his charges to the hogs
and later with an axe Inflicted what prob
ably will prove fatal wounds on the heada
of the other children.
Three ' children were Injured. The step
mother reported the triple crime to tha
parish authorities and Tom was placed In
Jail at Opelousus. She says she found the
baby in the pen. with the hogs when she
returned home late yesterday. Its handa
and feet had been eaten off, but it was
still alive.
She straightway whipped Tom and when
she went for a doctor to attend the baby
Tom seised an axe and attacked his -year-old-
stepbrother. Inflicting several d?ep
wounds. His young stepsister Interfered
and he crushed her skull with the axe.
Tha girl Is dying and the other two chil
dren have little chance for recovery.
(Continued from First Page.)
amendment requiring actual residence by
the applicant from a state, which waa
stricken out by the conferees.
Senator Qalllnger said It waa notorious
that whole families are employed In the
government service and that the law of
apportionment Is a mere farce.
Senator Lodge supported Mr. McCumber's
"Perjury and false certlflcatea are given
by applicants for the government service,"
said -Senator Carter. "The Civil Service
commission seems to me to be accountable
for permitting this condition to exist."
Defending the conference report Senator
LaFolIette declared 'one-third of the civil
service employes In this city had been
covered by executive order and were not
subject to the law of apportionment. , .
Advocating a limited tenure of service
of ten years in the departmental service
In this city, Senator Heyburn said:
"While I. have great respect for gray
hairs, yet If you look down some of the
a!sles In some of your departments you
will see a snow drift In reapect to age,
espeotablllty and former competency.".
He hoped some day he said, to have the
civil service question - squsrely before the
senate for consideration.
(Continued from First Page.)
deep test gas well. License carried by
and tha well aprpopriation by over 100.
Little Interest at Stnrgea.
STURGI8. Neb.. April 20. (Special.)
Telegram.) At the city election held to
day H. D. Borger. John Kelly. H. K.
Perkins, republicans, were elected alder
men. Only one ticket was In tha field and
a small vote waa polled. On the question,
"Shall Intoxicating liquors be sold at re
tall." yea received 11 votes and no 4-t. For
aldermen two .hundred votea were cast,
license 235. - The small vote was caused on
account of one ticket in tha field.
Mllbank. S. V., April 20.( Special Tele
gram. Mllbank went dry by M majority
The result waa a big surprise. There waa
a heavy fight on all. day.
ro-aaeratlv Coanaay at Boaeateel
SIOI-'X FALLS. 8. D. April . (Special.)
So far as the amount ofcapital Involved
la concerned, one of the greatest co-opera
tive concerns ever organised by farmers In
South Dakota baa Just been organised by
a number of the leading farmer a living in
the vicinity of BonesteeL Tha company has
been organised under the name of tha
Farmers' Co-Cperative Drain, Stock and
Lumber cosnpany. Aa the name implies.
the company will engage In the purchasing
and shipping; of grain and live stork and
the handling of lumbar at retail. 8tock lu
the new company te tha amount of about
lJO.000 already has been subscribed fur. At
a meeting of the stockholder W. N. Red
mon was elected president and. Quy Her
bal gh secretary-treasurer.
- Fletcher Kleeted Seaater.
TAI.LAHA4SSE, Kta.. April .-Dunran
V. Fletcher- of Jacksonville was today
etected I'niled Stales senator by the leg
Missouri Wets
See Hope Ahead
Adrerse Committee Report on Prohi
bition Said to Reflect Senate
presentation to the senate today of an ad
verse report on proposed changes In the
local option laws encouraged opponents of
statewide prohibition. They asserted that
the committee on criminal Jurisprudence
had shown Itself opposed to modifications
In the existing system of handling the
saloon question In Missouri and declared
that this attitude reflects the thought of
the upper branch of the general assembly.
Tha report today condemned the house bill,
which provided unit county option with
exemptions for cities of 10,000 population.
Tha senate committee on constitutional
amendments will hear arguments on the
statewide measure on Wednesday evening.
Representatives of the commercial, finan
cial and manufacturing organizations of all
the larger citiea ot the state are expected
to be present to argue against tha submis
sion of tha amendment to popular vote.
Several petitions . expressing sentiments
adverse to the statewide movement were
filed in the aenate. The principal one came
from the State Federation of Labor.
(Continued from First Page.).
household and the foreign diplomatic rep
resentatives.' "His sublime msjesty," Tewf'.k Tasha
said today, "la" awaiting benevolently the
arrival of the constitutional army. His
sublimity Is In favor of the constitution,
ot which he Is the supreme guardian."
altaa Forbids Shooting.
The sultan has Issued, orders that not a
ahot shall be fired by his household troopa
or the Constantinople garrison against the
forces that have surrounded the city in the
Interest of -the committee of union and
progress that threaten to occupy Constan
tinople within twenty-four hours.
All the forts surrounding Constantinople
from the Sea of Marmora to the Black Sea
are now occupied by 'the constitutional
troops and soldiers aupporting the Young
Turks are advancing upon the capital. No
definite Information ss to when they will
enter Constantinople la had.
Two proclamations, signed by Husnl
Pasha, commanding the army of invest
ment, addressed respectively to the cltl
sens of Constantinople and the local gar
rison, were scattered broadcast through
the capital today. They explain the ob
jects of the advancing army and give as
surances that the lives and property of
the people of the -capital will be respected
Hoases Are Seen In Flames from
'Streets at 'Aleaandrrtta.
BEIRUT. Syria. April 20 Moslem fanati
cism haa broken out In the immediate vlcin
itey of Alexandretta and great excitement
prevails In that district. Houses in flames
can be seen from the streets of Alexan
CONSTANTINOPLE. April 20.-No fewer
than 5,000 persons lost their lives In the
massacres that have been going on In the
vilayet of Adana during the last eight days
ss a result of the 'outbreak of Moslem
fanaticism.' Of-thTs' total 2.0(0 were killed
In the'tlty of Adanhjl'more than 200 of the
victims being -Moslems." This Information
was received In ' Constantinople this morn
lng through consular channels
Adana at present Is quiet, but there have
been renewed attacks on Christians at Ma
rash in the vilayet ef Aleppo, about eighty
miles northeast of Alexandretta. The con
sular advices describe the situation as ex
tremely precarious. The excitement at the
port of Alexandretta is intense, although
the presence of the British cruiser Diana
at that port la expected to have a tran
quillxlng effect.
Disturbances are reported from Hadjtn
in the northern extremity of the Adana
vilayet, wbere a large Armenian community
la counted upon to defend Itself vigorously.
Americana at Merslna Safe.
NEW YORK, April 30.-Amerlcan mis
sionaries at Merslna are aafe. according to
cable dispatch received early today by
W. T. Miller, treasurer of the board of
foreign missions of tha Reformed Presby
terian church. The dispatch waa from
Larnaca, Syria, and read merely: "Merslna
safe," but this is regarded aa satisfac
tory by Mr. Miller.
The missionaries of the Reformed Pres
byterian church at that point were Rev,
C. C. Dodd and wife, Rev. C. E. Wilson
and wife of Morning Sun, la.; the physi
cian. Dr. John Peoples, and Misa Klraa
French of Winchester, Kan.
Lard Beresford Says People Do Wot
ReaJlae Condition of
British Navy.
LONDON, April 20. "If the country knew
the truth regarding. the present condition
of the navy there would be a panic,"
the striking sentence In a' letter from Ad
mlral Lord Charles Beresford, read at
meeting of the Navy league, held at
Bournemouth last night. To this Lord
Charles added:
"I wish you every luck in trying to
arouse the people to the grave danger
arising from our unpreparednesa for war."
Xndloate Improper Slat, Usually due to
One of the common symptoms of coffee
poisoning Is the bad dreama that spoil
what should be restful sleep. A man who
found the reason aaya:
"Formerly 1 waa a slave to coffee,
waa like a morphine fiend, could not sleep
at night, would roll and toss In my bed
and when I did get to sleep waa disturbed
by dreama and hobgoblins, would wake up
with headaches and feel bad all day, so
nervous I could not attend to business.
My writing looked like bird tracks. I had
indigestion, heartburn and palpitation o
the heart, constipation, Irregularity of the
kidneys, etc.
"Indeed 1 began to feel 1 had all the
troublca that human fish could suff
but when a friend advUed me to leave off
coffee I felt aa If he had iusulted me. I
could not bear the idea, it had such a hold
on me and I refused to believe it th
"I finally consented to try Postum and
with th going of -coffee and the coming
of Poatum all my troubles'have gone and
health haa returned.
"I t and sleep well now, nerves stead
led down and 1 writ a fair hand (as yo
can see,) can attend to business again and
rejoice that I am free froth the monster
Ten daya trial of Poatum in place o
eoff will bring sound, restful, refresh
lng sleep. "There's a Reason."
lxok in pkgs. for the famous little book.
"The Road to Wi-llvllle."
Bver read tha aaev Uttart A aw aa
appears from im to Mm. They ars gsa
nia., tra, aad foil of ham as later.
Diplomas for
Graduates in
Seventy-One Student Will Receive
Diplomat from State Agri
cultural School Friday.
(From a 8taf Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, April . (Special.! -Seventy-
one member of the graduating class of the
tate agricultural school will receive their
-sheepskin" Friday evening at tha eon-
luslon of the commencement address by
Chancellor AveTy at Memorial hall. All but
hrce are residents of this state, one com
ing from Iowa, one from Missouri and one
from Louisiana.
Lasl night the reception tendered the class
by the literary societies at the farm was
argely attended.
Commencement week will be a heavy one
for the seniors. Tuesday night the seniors
will be tendered the annual reception by
the faculty. Wednesdsy night the Juniors
will pull off a few stunts for the edifica
tion and amusement of the fourth year men.
Thursday night the grades will meet for
their last class party.
A complete list of the stuuenis wno win
receive diplomas Friday night follows:
John Albert, Jr., Wahoo
Kphream David Allen, Clay Center.
Dclmar Henry Ankeny, Laurel.
Bdgar Trlbble Anthony, Lincoln.
Bernhardt Herman Aaendorf, Craig. Mo.
Alexander Henry Reckhoff, Fairmont.
Otto Richard Bellows, Fairmont.
Earl Wiswell Boydston, Holdrege.
William Tarbell Brown, Scrlbner.
Ray Herbert Camp, Republican City.
William Lawrence Capron, Belmont.
Felix Stephen Carpenter, Poole.
John Filing Carse, Council Bluffs, la.
Martin Frederick Chrlstensen, Superior.
John Charles Coupland, Elgin.
Warren Andrew Doolittle. North Platte.
Herbert Rtiscoe Dopp, Hickman.
Porter William Dysart, Egle.
Albion Brenton Elder, Rlverton.
David Robert Ellis. Crelghton.
Estella May Ellison, University Place.
Iawrence Edwin Emlgh, Dawson.
Dennis Cleveland Fowler. North Platte.
Halite Clarence French, Arlington.
Frederick Trumbull Gates. Ft. Crook.
Woodson Graham, Gibbon.
Phil Is Hall. Lincoln. 1315 C.
Jules Luther Haumont, Elton.
ftmerson Walter Helm. Dawson.
Marie Dorothea Hennles, Adams.
Ernest Herman Herminghaus, Lincoln,
80 Bouth Tenth.
Frans Hofmeyer. Republican City.
Paul Crary Hunter, Raymond.
Charles Webster Hutchlns, Weeping Wa
Agnes Anna Isham. Buffalo Gap, B. D.
Harry Herbert Johnson. Lyons.
Max Wallace Junkln, Lincoln, 1946 C.
Russell Joseph Junkln, Lincoln, 1946 C.
Jra Nelson Klndig, Hoimesvllle.
Alfred Frank William Kraxberger, Goth
enburg, i
Joseph Benjamin Kuska. Ohlowa.
Albert Lee Lamp, Inland.
Charles William Lawson. Santee.
Otto Hugo Liebers, Mlnden.
Rudolph Henry Luebs, Wood River.
I-eroy Phillip McArdle. Washington.
Achie Donaldson Mlddleton, Gothenburg.
Thomas Wesley Moseley. IJncoln, 19a6 F.
Clarence James Nelson, Pilger.
William Mathlaa Ollis, Ord.
Ray Allen Parmenter, Keneaaw.
Oren Malcolm Pollard, Nehawka.
John Lyman Pray. Ixiup City.
Robert Delafield Rands, Logan.
Noel Nicholson Rhodng, Creighton.
Charles Reen Richey, Omaha, 4701 North
George Edgar Ritchie, Risrng City.
Ijren Cleveland Robertson, lota, La,
Ray Rosenbaum. Kennard.
Ralph Stanley Saul. Superior.
William Charles Scliulte. Elgin.
Oscar Warner SJtigren, Funk.
John Pryse Thompson. Grand Island.
Claude Jones Tipton, Seward.
John Vansklver. Davenport. ,
Lisle Ijoren Wait. Coleridge.
George Allen White. St. Paul.
Walter Edward Wilcox, Arborville.
Robert Ixiring Williams. I'nlverslty Place.
Oscar Raymond Yeakle, Falrbury.
Irving Snell Young, Havelock.. ,. ,.
' Stolen Horse Recovered. "
FHKMONT. Neb., April !0 (Special.)
R. L. Cramer has recovered the three
horses which disappeared last weeH
while In charge of hls"farm hand, Krum,
near Schuyler. Two wereXound yester
day at Schuyler and one at Rogers, wltii
parties who got them from a man an
swering Krum's description. He did not
realize one half the value of the horses,
and after going on a Mj spree disap
peared without leaving any clue to his
Furious Contest
to Lead D. A. R.
Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Story Have Their
lieutenants at Work Early
in Session.
WASHINGTON, April 20. Having con,
eluded the preliminaries of their eighteenth
congress, the Daughters of the American
Revolution today entered upon th real
work of their meeting. Almost the entlr
day was taken up with the reading of th
reports of the standing committees.
As on yesterday, the attendance was
large. The candidatea for the office of
president general, Mr. Scott and Mrs.
Story were on th ground sarly and their
lieutenant were actively at work in their
behalf. The contest for the other offices,
while npt so furious as that for president
general, are nevertheless being waged with
an earnestness that leaves the outcome un
Training Sqaadroa of Two C'ralsera
aad 10 Cadet Will Attend
Opealag; Festivities.
WASHINGTON. April 30.-Japan will be
represented at the opening of the Alaska-Yukon-Paclflo
exposition on June 1 by a
training squadron of two cruisers com
manded by Admiral IJIchl. The aquadron
will arrive on the Pacific coast April 26
and remain until June 10. This training
squadron Is composed of the armored
cruiser Aso and the protected -cruiser
Soya. On board are 180 cadets of the Jap
anese, navy.
Admiral IJIchl's squadron at present Is
On its way from Hllo. Hawaiian Islands,
to Ban Pedro, Cal., and Ban Diego, where
It will arrive April 9.
Mia Almyra Breckearldgre Favorite
la Cellege Cak Opera at
Eastern School.
NORTHAMPTON, Mass., April Jn.-(8pe.
cial Telegram.) Mis Almyra M. Brack
enrldge, a pretty Omaha atudent at Smith
college, scored a pleasing success In the
comic opera presented by the "Cap and
Bells" ociety. Arrayed In pleasing eoa
tume the girl Bang th original song
with many local gibe and Joke. Miss
Breckenrii'ge wa on of th leader of the
chorus and was called upon repeatedly for
encore. Th show I entitled "O My
Land." Misa Breckenrtdge 1 the daughter
of Mr. and Mr. Ralph W. Brckenrldg of
Aaaannee He Will Give Faltafal mt
That Connlry Fall
ROME, April . Monslgnor Tourhet, th
bishop of Orleans, haa announced that h
Our New
Will give M faellitle te eare mere rad ly for ear '
laeresamt ha alee. X .'
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3 x;?ai3ailaax
t f ;"
We have new the Largest and Best Equipped Show
Rtomt for PHYSICIANS' SUPPLIES in the West.
Surgical and Hospital Supplies
1410-1413 Harney Street ;t it tt OMAHA, NEB.
At the "New Kind" of
100 stunning Spring Style Suits, in two and tWee-piece mod
els of Panamas, Serges, Worsteds, plain or fancy colorings,
arrived too late for Easter business, are now on sale here.
Orders by Malt Must Be Accompanied by tTiet k or Money Order. ! ,
Princess; Cloak & Suit Parlor
Management of the Goodyear Raincoat Company,
Corner 16th'and Davenport Streets.
has the papal authorisation to give the
faithful of France the apoBtollc benediction
with full indulgence. The pope today re
ceived the French bishop In private audi
ence. The fete In honor of Joan d'Arc are
being held today at the church of San
Lmlgl De Frances. The French pilgrims
defiled before the statue of the Maid of
Orleans erected oh the altar.
Wife ef Vice Tresldent Sherman aad
rrlead ISnrrowly Escape
WASHINGTON, April 20.-Mrs. Sher
man, wife of the vice president, and . Mrs.
Wood, a friend, narrowly escaped Injury
today when a runaway horse tried to
Jump over the front end of the Sherman
motor car. The machine was slightly
Wa often wonder how any person can tx
persuaded Into taking anything but Foley's
Honey and Tar for coughs, colds and lung
trouble. Do not be fooled Into accepting
"own maka" or other substitutes. Th
genuln contain no harmful drug and I
In a yellow package. Bold by all druggists.
Port. Arn. Bsllea.
MW YORK ThtmlMorln..
rXlVER ,
. t-'i)ri(-n
. Mauritania....
.. arpaikl. .. ,.
, Mongolian
. K. P. P. P. Wlihelm.
Nltuw ABMriia
. ..Prealdant Lincoln.
.. Orosaor Kurfurat.
The delicacies of the season
at a price
within the reach of all,
is the purpose of
Hanson's Cafe
Take lunch there today.
Curos the Grip
Howell's Anti-Grip
Is the Only Specific
Our remedy has been on the mar
ket for yeare. We bare been flooded
with letters - from grateful people
who hae bee-si cured.
These letters are the bast recom
mendation we can offer. We are
mailing the remedy to all parts of
the United States. It Is In capsules
and convenient to take 25c.
(.'all or Write.
Howell's Drug 8toro
Omaha, Neb. U. 8. A.
Harney St.
t a
a Women's Suit Store
At 50 Less Than
Standard Prices
t - ' t
To the woman who haj nor as yet bought her
spring suit this sale should prove of great
One hundred of the very latest spring models
In a variety, of new shades and colorings which
should have been here ten day ago, have just
been received. '' ......
And for thla reason, have placed the beau-
tiful suits on sale at s reduced price which price
Is Just half of what the retailers sell at. .
Ordinarily our prices are J3Vs to 40 less
than others, for the reason that "WJ im AT .
THE MAEBM' PBXCSS" the nilflilhnen's profit
are your savings when you buy here and at these
$20.00 Spring Suits on sale at $10.00
$25.00 Spring Suits on sale at $12.50
$30.00 Spring Suits on sale at $15.00
$35.00 Spring Suits on sale at $17.50
$40.00 Spring Suits on sale at $20.00
KU.-I H. i
When yon bnr Oold Medal Flans 1
be sore It I Wasabnrn-Croshy'a Hold
Medal Flonr. .Thla la Important.
Thla Afternoon, Tnltfht, Thursday, rrlday
and Saturday Dally Matinees
rhotographio ateproduotlon' of
Ksaryweight Championship Motion llct-iu-es.
rovular nice. ,
Sunday, Monday, Tussday. Wednesday
Wednesday MatiuA
The Family
A Flay la ronr Acta By Sober Dart.
of tut, . ,
U.S.KERR 'v;. '
Assisted by Ony Bevies Williams, rtaalsU
rirst Congregational Church ,
apbxzi aa, isoe .
Tioksts oa al at Clark's drug store
prlo 76 cents.-
April 10 to 24. Afliracon & EvenlQf
unarsd of Attractions, ma Beery
Mia at. Masts All th Tim,
admission 10 Coats. ,r
Dally Matin
as SU5. Bvsry Bight-giia r
Trurli. Kraok felotf.A ,Co., j
InKtng foUeeiis, Tli-Mtrs
ine (saned i
Mas Wilt's lr
IM Feye, Jrannqite Aai-r. uiay ana Ura- ;
liaiti. The Tlir6 boliniilaiua . Klaodrom. '
Price 10c. 25o and sue. ' I.
. .
Phone: Uoug. iou; Ind . A-l0t
r, Tun.. TAur.' and i.l '
Tho Vlay with WnMro Atmosphora. ,.j
y Clyd Fitch. Bst. "OLD HSIDBt..
B15a." ftb Manaflalg varaloal. Sllra.
Ma XI ' Mxa. ruaa, -BaJraUB BaU