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    un-day' Bee.
The Omaha
Trimmed Hats Beautiful and Inexpensive
Aunm 'in ii ii 1 1
15 New Styles Lingerie Waists at $1.25
'It's a representative showing of the cleverest Ideas of new waist faeh
lona. Among these styles are value clearly equal to moat f J.00 lines.
We Illustrate two of the models. There are other dainty, lacy effects,
and charming embroidery trimmed garments. Then tl.are are tailored
atylea with linen collar, pretty tucked novelties, also dotted Swiss
garments. Included are square and Dutch neck effects. Beauties
at UM
Uafferla 'Waists of very fine ma- 1 Slack Lawn Waists, three styles.
lucKea inn pieatea: some are
lacs trimmed, exrellent values
.91.60 r at 91 .as
terlals and trimmed with more
than usual (rood taste..
Tailored and
Lingerie Waists
We how a variety of
rare beauties In waists
that rival many coating
a dollar or ao more.
Materials are fine and
sheer, the laces and
embroideries are very
dainty. Buy a supply
FREK- Any 15c I,adlcV Home Journal Pat- I
tern, with the Summer Style Book at 20 J
We announce for tomorrow a new and extenalve showlnc of popular
price hats. The Bennett store again leads the procession with the
most attractive styles. Table after table showing clever new creations
In the smartest shapes and In all the best spring shades
trimmed with fruits, flowers, foliage, velvet ribbon orna
ments, etc. Values from $15.00, $10.00, $8.50 tor
$10.00, $7.60 and
We have other attrac
tive lingerie waists at
$2.26, $2.75,'$3, $10
Tailored waists, the
amous Ooodstock line,
all linen.. $3 83.50
Monday brings 1U regular fall qnota of splendid
money saving Inducements to purchasers of summer
dreaa stuffs. Half price and less on new, clean, de
sirable merchandise. Think of It.
60c Linen Suitings yard wide, In all the new greens,
blues, pink, lavender, tan, brown shades, also white
- with neat patterns, 50c quality for 25
Double Fold Madras 65 pieces, fine 35c fabrics, 34
inch goods, - new styles ' for street dresses, waists,
shirtings, etc., wonderful values 15
FfjHfit 23c Scotch Ginghams Very best of patterns
and colors, all spring styles, suitable tor women's and
children's wear,. Monday, yard 10
Serpentine Crepes New patterns, goods worth 18c a
yard, Monday v , . . . . 5
Our Entire Stock of 1,500 Sets Dinner Ware in a Great Sale Tomorrow
Close Out
We have 5 dln
nerware patterns
that will be dis
continued and
are now marked
for quick clear
ance. Everything
from a cup to a
platter at Vi
Bennett's Dinnerware sales famed
throughout Omaha in former
years all bow to the overshadowing
force of this year's sale.
and boullon
cups and saucers,
very exquisite
designs and dec
orations. Great
variety decorated
or gold patterns
at , special low
Plans have been liad for the biggest and most intensely interesting event that this great china store has ever held. Over
1,500 fine dinner sets, including our own importation of fine French, German, Austrian and English china, will be shown. We
bought direct and in big quantities to obtain every possible price advantage.
No Western Store Has Ever Offered the Remarkable Values that Bennett's hold Out to You Tomorrow.
Our entire line, without a single exception, regular open stock patterns included now priced at a quarter, a third and a
half actual retail value. Surely you cannot afford to let so favorable an opportunity to buy cheaply go unheeded.
100-plece Old Abbey French China
Dinner Sets in dainty For-Get-Me-Not
Decorations and heavy
gold tracing, excellent $40 value,
at 825.00
100-piece high grade French
' China Dinner Sets in violet and
rose decoration, $25 values
at ........818.50
100-plece Austrian China Dinner
Sets in fancy rose decoration, 3
styles, all $20 values. -812.50
OPEN STOCK PATTERNS Here's a splendid chance if you own any of our open stock goods
We offer our entire line, including American, Eng-' lish, French and Austrian ware at
100-plece English Dinner Sets in
assorted decorations, 4 styles
$16 and $18 sets 810.00
100-piece American Dinnerware,
in beautiful fancy scroll decora-
tion, all new patterns and regu
lar $15 sets, your choice. 80.98
100-plece English Dinnerware,
pretty rose decoration, new
shapes, all just opened, regular
$10 values 35
Children's Hats
No store makes
the elaborate dis
play as Bennett's
dainty milan;
panama and
manila braids,
trimmed with
sashes, bows,
flowers, etc.
25c (o $2.59
20 per cent off
Another Phenomenal Monday
Bargain Event
Crowds at our Monday sales grow bigger
as the news gets noised about. Tomorrow we
will have 10,000 yards direct from St. Gall,
Switzerland, bought through our New York
24, 27 and 45-inch flounclngs and skirtings, worth up
to $1.50 a yard. Also Included are elaborate shirt
waist frontings, allovers, etc. Nothing like these val
ues ever In any Omaha embroidery sale before.
There will be enough for all. Extra
saleswomen to see that you get prompt
service. Buy tomorrow. $1. $1.25
and $1.50 embroideries for
Monday's Notable Sale
There's a treat in store for every lover of rare- and beautiful
laces, at Bennett's tomorrow. We have just unpacked a big shipment of
$3,000 worth of
Genuine Hand - Made, Pure Linen
Irish Laces, Bed Spreads, Table Covers,
Centre Pieces; Stand Covers & Doilies
direct from the convents and rural districts of Ireland. The designs are
. simply gorgeous. No finer hand-made laces are produced in the world.
It's the first time to our knowledge such beautiful and high-grade
work was ever sold for so little. We bought up an entire import order
that was refused by the consignee on account of long delays in ship-ping--on
sale MONDAY.
Irish Hand-Made Laces $1.50 to $10.00 69c
2,000 yards exquisite laces In a hundred patterns suitable for dresses, for dutch col
lars, for curtains and for Innumerable purposes, widths 4 to 9 Inches
w16e all pure linen nd hand made at , 69
Irish Hand-Made Lace Bed Spreads
Magnificent full sine lace spreads, 2Vi yards square, actual value $50: real.
hand-made and pure linen. Our price. at $18.00
Other lots a little smaller in sise. worth i
$35.00, for f 15.00 I 25 00 kind 912.00
Irish Hand-Made Lace Table Covers
About 54-lnches square, worth $10 to $15
special S5.00
$5.00 Stand Covert for $2.00
$4.00 Stand Covers, round or square
shape 91.50
Irish Hand-Made Lace Doylies and Centres
$1.50 Centers, rouna saspe, uuij..ou
$1.00 Centers, round shape, only.. 35
76c Doylies for 25
$3.00 Centers, round or square comei.
at .'. tfl.OO
$3.00 Centers, round shape, only. . .75?
Monday special attractions tha aU wlU do a
Liberty Faint. I1.2& per gallon, for So
Liberty Paint. 70c par H gallon, for
Liberty Faint. 40c par allon. for . ...o
Beady Mixed Paints highest quality, usually
1 1.6 per gallon, for 1-30
Double stamps on all palnta.
laws Mowers, up from $30O
20c Oalvanlsed Water Palls for lo
0c Galvanised Water Palls, for
64c Galvanized Water Palls for Mo
40e Steel Uwn Rakes, for ........... . ."So
Ho Shovels and Spades, long handle. ..4o
11 to bee. It's mosey la your pocket for yon.
I 7Jc Bread Boxes, special, for o
Bite r tour -ans. special lor
46c Clothes Lines, 100 feet. for...
Absarene Wall Paper Cleaner, for
Wliard Carpet Cleaner, for
and 10 stamps
Spading Forks
ana v siampB
Steel Rakes, each 3 So, 40o aad 44o
and 20 stamps.
Str&naky Enamel ware, bis lot ...H OT
..10 aad 86e
i II mrmffilimiM
if Wef:
,f "It rr ';f.r,45 P
I A. .,,3- jii,vi i J
i S 2
To satisfy the unprecedented demand
and to enable the many who were unable to
take advantage of the offer last Monday
We Again
With Every Purchase of
0 a Tailored Suit at $19.50
" " or More.
Thi is the most liberal proposition we
ever made to suit buyers.
Over 1,000 very handsome women's
and misses' TAILORED SUITS, made to
our own order by Hymen Cohn, 67 East 8th
St., New York every suit worth from $10
to $15 more than we ask. Every suit is ab
solutely new and superbly tailored. We
shall show many styles that had not arrived
for last week's sale. Complete size range
in every style and shade. It's no job lot
purchase, no miscellaneous stock of odds
and ends. It's an array of correct suit
fashions stronger in variety and style than
any showing made here this season. Ma
terials are high class worsteds that we
bought at a great reduction from makers
who had them left on their hands for de
lay in filling orders.
Suits worth $30.00, in greens, grays,
blues, taupes, blacks, includ- A 50
ing finest $5 silk petticoat ..... JL
Suits worth $40.00, fancy weaves and
solid colors, worsteds, all best colors;
sizes to 46, and best $5.00 $
silk petticoat
79c yard for Fine White Serge Suiting
The great popularity of white serge for tailored suits has created a scarcity that is
apt to send prices soaring. In anticipation of this possibility we have stocked up
liberally and now are able to offer good grades at bottom prices. Monday we shall
have on special sale strictly pure wool white serge with a herring- aurx
bone weave that Is very effecMve when made Into a amart tailor . iJn
maaes. its really fl value, at, yard
Checked Wash Silks
Ten pieces of them. Just the best kind
for pretty, cool summer frocks. They
are 32 Inches wide and come In neat,
broken, checked styles variety of col
oringse; launder like linen, TQ,
11.00 value JJC
Black Silk Voiles
For all who wear black this offering Is
certainly most attractive. Silk voiles
df the most delicate, filmy kind, rich
and beautiful in finish, ideal goods for
summer. Splendid widths, (43 Inches)
and actually worth $1.50 a
yard, special
.orth $1.60 a
About the Sale of Parlor Suites
It's been a wonderful week'up here in the furniture. Our big pur
chase of sample parlor suites in Chicago struck a popular chord this
week. - .
Think of buying parlor suits for less than we ordinarily are obliged to pay. Here's
one for instance, that is easily big value at $35.00, either with Bilk plush or genuine
leather cushions for $24.00. Over there is another 3-plece suite in mahogany finish
with loose cushion at $11.25, clearly worth a third to a half more. There are others
selling at $38.00, $52.50. $70.00 to $130.00 that show Bavlngs simply immense.
Our word for It you or we never bought parlor suits cheaper before. Wouldn't a $10
to $25 saving appeal to you at this time?
Bennett's Grocery
Serves You Best
Bennett's Golden Coffee, pound 26c and
30 green stamps.
Bennett's Teas, assorted kinds, pound 48c
and 40 green stamps.
Bennett's Tea Sittings, pound 15c and 10
green stamps.
Cooking Ralilna, 10c
quality 6o
Toasted Rice Biscuit,
pkg 100
And 6 Stamp.
Mar t'h a Washington
Toasted Flakes . .100
And K Stamps.
Armour's Corned Beef,
No. 1, can le
And 10 Stamps.
Armour's Veal, Beef
and Ham Loaf....lOo
And 6 Stamps.
Migoneit Peaa, S cans
for 6o
Fox Tomatoes, No. 2,
can To
Pure H o n y, Mason
pint Jar B5o
And 20 Stamps.
New South Syrup, per
can sac
And 10 Stamps.
Poppy Condensed Milk.
large lOo
And 10 Stamps.
Chocolatlna, tin lOo
And 10 6tamps.
Capitol Extracts, bot
tle ISO
And SO Stamps.
Jap Rice, 10c quality,
4 pounds 860
Ego-OSes. S pkgs.aOe
' And 10 Stamp.
Safety Matches, 12
boxes So
Minute Gelatine, flav
ored. I for ...... .35o
And 10 Stamps.
Ellen Sardines. can.lOo
And 10 Stamps.
Kamo Catsup. bot..a3o
And 10 Stamps.
Chicken Feed, lb.... So
Bone Meal for chickens,
pound SViO
Will please
the most
Attituds. on Insurance to Bring
About Safer Method.
Berks to Cfceok It Before tootloa
( farther " Haehl Corns-
Acts from
Aotaal Barloeo.
(From a Correspondent )
LINCOLN. April 17. - (Special.) - StaU
K. Issuea a statement de
fining hi. poalUon regarding tbo fraternal
and .mutual Insurance corai. v.
brka, a follow e:
. k- ... .,n,i.i having recently ap
j , .u. i.,n of the dally preaa
relative to life Insurance companleo, and
. . . . i, ih. attitude of
being requested u iuuuu
the department for tho Inapootlon of the
public, wo Ul treat, hi this article, only
moH reieupg to iriww
... . . . . Mmnrlra VlV
I aeaire lo preiac) vw
stating that eight years of my Hfo have
been devotee to the upbuilding of one of
... i. . . . . k-;n, member
miSO 9mil IM uw.
In good standing of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen, Modern Woodmen of
America, Tribe of Ben llur. The Fraternal
Aid, Degree of Honor. Improved Order of
Red Men and Independent Order of Odd
Fellows, this fact should satisfy the most
critical that I am friendly to these organ
izations and am a firm believer In the
roar Mao's laaoraaee.
"I do believe in fraternal organisations
and fraternal beneficiary organisations and
believe in them to such a degree that I do
not deaire to see them perish from the
earth. This class of Insurance la commonly
clashed "poor man's Insurance," and quite
properly so, for It offers to families protec
tion that could not otherwise be secured;
and In the early days these societies were
organised for the sole benefit of their
members and not In the Interests of a
coterie of officers. True, they were or
ganised In a crude fashion but. like the
old wooden plow, they served their purpose
and while the work was crude the organ
isations. In every sense of the word, were
"These organisations have prospered and
developed until today nearly. If not quite,
ore-half of the families of our country are
under their protection and are of so much
public Interest In their operation that It Is
perfectly proper that they should bave the
search light of truth turned on the manage
ment and. If weak places are found. It Is
for duty of the Individual or officer making
the discovery to at once attempt to have
the defects corrected.
Rate Uoestlom Important.
"A man Is a moral coward who, after re
ceiving his livelihood and sometime a
large competency by his position, and who,
by virtue of his position learns beyond
question of a doubt that there are serious
defects In a system and falls to give his
employer the benefit of his knowledge; we
know that truths are sometimes not popu
lar, but we think honesty pays.
"The rate question, to fraternal bene
ficiary societies, Is of the utmost Im
portance. Executive bodies make rate,
but death Is the ultimatum and fixes the
cost. When men die, honest organisations
must pay or quit business, and If the rates,
as written, are not sufficient other and
higher rates must be made. And this cru
cial time will come to many of our frater
nal societies, but, knowing; by Intimate as
sociation, the class of men that compose
these bodies, we feel confident that they
will have the brain and nerve to meet th3
emergency and correct the def-cta.
"We believe that these societies should be
permitted to work out their owq plan and
that tha law, so long as It has permitted
these companies freedom for years In tha
exercise of their government and rate mak
ing, should not force them by legislative
acta to change to any certain schedule of
rates, for cne positive rate would not more
fit all these societies than one slued hat
would fit all men, unless the rate was so
abnormally high that it would leave mar
gins in the more favorable companies.
Extravagant Methods.
"In scrutinising the reports that come
Into this office from the various com
panies, we find a marked difference In the
percentage of cost of producing business,
or. In other words. In ge-neral fund ex
penditures; we are dissecting these mat
ters in the Interest of the Insured. We
find also in some of the examinations made
that extravagant methods in management
are quite noticeable, and on referring to
the statutes of Nebraska, we find that
these organisations are not to be run for
profit, and we believe tha law good and
shall enforce the same. We want you to
know that If, In the seal of this depart
ment to correct extravagance or graft, we
should place In the lime light your so
ciety, that to purge an organisation f
dishonest officers or management, nuku
It doubly stronger, and that you owe th
detriment your good wishes rathrr than
censure, for you csn rest assured that no
accusations will be made unless the same
can be substantiated by record.
Move Attracts Net Ire.
"Since the article appeared in the press
Stating that we were Insisting on certain
organisations adjusting themselves to a
representative form of government, we have
had many inquiries from other organisa
tions relative to the subject, which Im
pressed on our mind the truth of the
scripture, which says: "The wicked flee
when no man pursueth."
"We want you to know that we think; In
the main, aelf-sacrlficlng men with big
hoarts and love for mankind, are back of
these organizations, and these men and
their organizations will receive from this
department all the aid that can be ex
tended; our sword is solely for the grafter.'
Dismal Cries of Ghostly Owl No
Longer Annoys Haral Coiuo
The mystery of the dismal cries heard
ut night by realdents along the Fos
river, north of Geneva, ill., has been
cleared up, and the giod farmer folk now
retire in the evening without fear of
having their sleep disturbed by "ghosts."
The unearthly walling began on the
night of March 1, and from toe fact that
the soundt emanated from a point near
the cemetery the residents along the river
valley were strengthened In their belief
that the "ghosts were walking." Two
boys while rambling through the woods
near the graveyard a few days ago, saw
a large white object hanging on a fence.
Going up to It they found It was a bird
fastened by both wings to the bsrbs of
the wire.
After considerable trouble ( the boys
loosened the bird and brought It to a taxi
dermist In Geneva. The taxidermist pro
nounced the bird an arctic, or snowy owl,
the largest he had seen In forty years of
collecting. By the discovery the "mystery
of the ghosts of Fox river hollow" was
The owl evidently had become entangled
In the barbed wire while chasing a rabbit
or a field rodent and remained hanging
there until It starved to death. It being a
nocturnal bird, the wounded and trapped
owl uttered cries of pain and hunger at
night. From the cries many persons com
ing home late at night and having to pass
the cemetery were led to believe that the
"spirits of the departed" were uttering
warnings of an Impending calamity.
Each evening after sunset the meanings
began and generally continued at short In
tervals until midnight, wnen they ceased.
It was not until after the cries had ceased
each night that the residents felt they
oould go to sleep with any degree of
safety. Peoria Journal.
Kllltasj ftabhlta la Aastralla.
Rabbits are the greatest pest that the
Australian pastorallal hs to contend
against. If these rodents are at all nu
merous on a station property they do
enormous damage to the grass. In sum
mer, when any water that might have
been lying about haa become dried up by
evaporation and the grass has become
(try, rsbbits swarm toward the tanks,
dams or other water boles thafTiave been
sunk. Kvery evening, after the cattle
have taken their last drink, a strip of
wire netting Is run around the tank or
dam. Outside this netting fence, holes
are dug in the ground and filled with
poisoned water, and these In turn are
Inclosed by another strand of nettlna
pegged down to within a few Inches of
"-'" nwi)-iraor, dui allow
ing plenty of room of room tnr r.hkn. .
8-t under. The rabbits make for the
am, but aa their wav la tr.i . h..
drink at the poisoned holes with, to' them.
. - 1 " " s are 1(1
b een hundreds end thousands of deaO
.inrri miiiui me surrounding
country. Chicago News.
Poaae of Farmers Fight Attempt to
Drive Texas Cattle Into
BARTLF-SVlLLE. Okl., April 17.-A posse
of farmers of Osage county, living Jmt
north of the quarantine line, made an
attempt to drive a large drove of Texas
cattle, owned by William Little of Ramona,
bark across the line today, and when the
cowboys res lied With drawn revolvers, a
fience fli-ht ensued. A number of shots were
fired and a cowboy named Pugh Is sfd
to have been dangerously Injured. The right
waged for- aome time, but the farmers
finally desisted and permitted the cattle
to remain on the range.
The Oklahomans fear the moving of
herds Into this state from Texas will spread
dkaeats and tick,