Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 18, 1909, HALF-TONE, Page 4, Image 20

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    High Grade Wash Goods Dept.
In this department we carry the strictly
up-to-date fine wash goods. Let us show
them to you.
Printed Flaxon at, a yard 18c
Poplins, in all colors, at, a yard 39c
Handloom silk, looks just like Rajah, in all
colors, at, a yard 49c
A new cotton sateen for kimonos and wrap
pers, at, a yard t 25c
Silk and mercerized novelties on sale at, per
yard 49c, 39c and 25c
Anderson's Scotch Ginghams 18c
Anderson's Scotch Zephyrs 25c
Louisine tissues, ai.... 19c and 25c
Serpentine Crepe, in all colors, at, yard, 15c
19c French Percales 120
Anderson's Imperial madras, 39c and 25c
Fancy silk striped crepe, in all colors, at 49c
High Grade White Goods Dept.
A complete line of wash chiffon, French
lawns, opera batiste, mercerized batiste and
other fine white goods for graduating and
confirmation dresses on sale at
yard 98c, 85c, G5c, 49c and 39c
St. Gall embroidered Swisses and batiste, in
all the newest patterns on sale at
yard 98C, 79c, 69c and 49c
Persian Lawns and India Linons, 32 inches
wide, at, yard, 39c, 25c, 15c and 12l2C
Flaxon, 32 inches wide, on sale at
yard. .30c, 25c and 19c
Mercerized batiste, in checks and stripes, at,
yard 39c, 29c and 25c
Plain white madras, jacquards and fancy
waistings, for tailored waists, on sale at, per
yard 39c, 25c and 19c
Auto Cloth, Touring Cloth, Indian Head, for
suitings, at, a yard. .15c, 12 and 10c
Dress linens, in all colors, in plain and stripes,
at, a yard 39c, 25c and 19c
IW Matchless Values in High Class Silks Monday
Here it's only a question of what you want, your preference alone ruling your selection
from our most comprehensive collection of newsprint UkJ. There ' always a saving in our
prices, tOO. n -r. ,i.J
Haydens Are Admitted Leaders in BiacK uk vaiue uiving. iyu cuu t mimu to miss mvra
Most Complete Assortments and Pleasing Values in all Classes of Special Money Savers In our
Muslin and Knit Underwear High Grade Linen
ever brought to Omaha No matter what you
want you'll find it here at less.
Three Rousing Hour Sales
8:30 to 9:30 A. M. Gowns, Corset Cov
ers and Drawers, values up to 75c, at,
choice 25c
9:30 to 10:30 A. M. Gowns, Chemises
and Combination Suits, worth up to
$1.50; choice ......... ... .69c
10:30 to 11:30 A. M. Ladies' Knit
Vests, taped arms and neck; regular
19c values, choice 10c
Omaha selling agents for the Fownes
and Kayser silk and fabric gloves, all
Real Hand Made Brussels Curtains
Imported Lace Curtains, Irish Point, Duches and Brus
sels curtains from St. Gall, Switzerland; curtains in white
or Arabian, from France; Scotch lace curtains 16 to 18 point,
in filet patterns all the new effects in fin curtains. Ex
amine the stock.
Hand-made Princess Curtains
at S27.50
Saxony Brussels Curtains, pair
at $25.00
Imported Filet Curtains, pair
at $20.00
Brussel Net Curtains, pair
at S15.00
Two-tone Duchess Curtains, pair
at $12.50
Cluny Lace Curtains, per pair
at $10.00
Brussel Net Curtains, per pair
at $8.50
Cable Net Curtains, per pair
at $6.50
Cluny Lace Curtains, per pair
at $5.00
Barnett Lace Curtains, per pair
at $3.S
This 35c Shoe Polishing
Outfit 25c
Heavy Cable Net Curtains, per pair
at $2.98
Extra heavy Nottingham Curtains,
60-lnches wide, worth 92.98. go
Monday, at, pair $1.08
Cable Net Curtains, the weave that
wears well, special, pr.$1.40
Cable Net Curtains, in white or
cream, Vt yards long and 48-In.
wide, at. pair $1.25
60-inch Couch Covers in Bagdad
stripes,, Monday, at, each.$2.98
Portieres, one or two pair of a
kind, tapestry border or silk
edge. Portieres selling every
where, at $9.00, 9.60. $10. the
entire lot Monday, at, per
pair : $5.98
Everything new in yard goods.
10c Box Shinola, 25c liauber and
Shoe Polisher 25
Shinola Is the best article on the
market for Its purpose. A water
proof polish that oils, polishes
and preserves the leather; pro
duces a patent leather finish that
won't rub off. Polisher and
Dauber are made of lambs wool,
regular price of set with 10c Box
Shinola is 35c. To introduce
them, we're selling them for a
limited time at a special price
at 25
94 3-50
Correct Style
Lightness and
At Hayden s Shoe
Department .
0-lba. Best Pure Cane Granulated
Sugar 1.00
T-lba. Best Rolled Buckwheat bat
meal 20c
-lbs. Choice Japan Rice 25c
Malta Vita Corn Flakes, pkg.7H
10 Bars Diamond C or Beat-'Em-
All Soap 25o
Cllletfa Washing Crystal, per pkg.
I 10c pkgs. Up-to-Date Washing
Powder loc
4- lb. pkg. Pyramid Washing Pow
der, at 15o
1-lb. Sifted Top Can of Scouring
Soap. For all ktuds of work
per can, special 5c
84-lb. Back Best Rye Flour.. 75c
5- lb. cans Golden Pumpkin, Hom
iny. Sauerkraut or Baked Beans,
at OHc
The Beet Soda or Oyster Crackers,
per poucd Oo
For Monday's Selling
Ten pieces Imported Mercerized Da
mask and German Silver Bleached
Table Linen, good vale at 79c yd.,
special Monday, yard 49
Twenty dozens Dinner Napkins, full
bleached, Irish manufacture, warran
ted pure linen, never sold less than
$2.50 dozen, Monday, 6 for. . . .69
Fifty unhemmed pattern table cloths,
72 inches square, strictly pure linen,
full grass bleached, regular $2.75
values, Monday, each $1.50
One hundred center pieces and scarfs,
hemstitched with open work, good ...
values, at 60c, Monday, each.29 Our WaCIOnS UellVertO
Fifty pieces toweling, a mixed assort- m,
ment of Barnsley's and glass values,
worth up to 12V4c yard, special Mou-
day, yard 7.-
Fifty dozens hemmed huck towels
splendid assortment of values, rang
ing up to 20c, in one lot, Monday
each -M
Out-of-town patrons should Bend a
trial order through our mall order
Wheat is $129 a Bushel '
This means that It costs the miller $1.61 K per sack to make. It takes
' 5 bushels of wheat to make 4 sacks of flour. We boughtlO carloads
before the last advance and will give the people of Omaha the benefit
of this purchase. For Monday's sale we will sel 48-Ib. Sacks, Highest
Patent Flour, per sack $1.55
There is every indication ol Flour going to iz.uu per sack.
The Best Crisp Pretaels, or. Ginger
Snaps, per lb .6c
Choice No. 1 Dairy Table Butter,
pound 20c
Fancy No. 1 Country Creamery
Butter, pound 26c
Fancy Full Cream Brick or Llm-
burger Cheese, lb 15c
2-ib. rolls good No. 1 Butterlne,
at 25c
ajrdea's, the OntUrt Market Ul
oniahk (or riMh vtriubiM, r raits. gptnacti, per peck 80s
Kreh beta. Carrots, Turnips or
Onions, per bunch o
Froah Wax or Green Beana, lb... .SOo
fresh Green Peas, per quart. ... ISWe
I. arse Cucumber, each M
Fancy Kip Tomatoea, per lb....TH
i large bunches fresh Radishes. . . .&o
S heads fresh Hothouse Lettuce. . . .So
Lara Head Lettuce, head. So and TVe
Fresh New Cabbage, per lb 4o
SOo els Highland N'avela, doen..40o
(Oo sis Highland Navela, dose n.. SOo
0o als Highland Navela, dosen..84o
lOo sis Highland Navela. dusen..SO
Rugsl Ruqs!
Second shipment of our great
mill purchase Just received.
Six Big Specials Monday
$32.50 Body Brussels Rugs
9x12 size, 21 patterns to se
lect from, choice $25.00
$40.00 Wiltone Rugs, oriental
patterns, 9x12 size, great
snap, choice $27.50
$30.00 Extra Axminster Rugs,
Sanford's or Smith's, 9x12
size, 25 patterns to select
from, choice $19.98
$35.00 Wilton Velvet Rugs
Seamless, 9x12 size, 15 pat
terns for selection.. .$22.50
$8.50 Kashmir Rugs, fast col
ors, reversible, 6x9 size, on
8ale. t $5.49
$5.00 Axminster Rugs, 36x72,
big line of patterns for selec
tion, choice . .$2.98
Many Other Big Specials
splendid Monday offerings:
$1.00 and $1.25 Silks, Monday 49c and 69c
Satin directoire foulards, shower-proof foul
ards, v rough shantung pongees, jacquards,
satin and plain messalincs, etc., in magnificent
assortment. The second big shipment of
Arnold, Constable Silks All manufactured
for this season's selling, all new, clean spring
stock, at 49c and 69c
$1.25 La Tossa Silks, Yard, 89c La Tossa is
exactly the type of rough silk demanded by
the spring season's styles; is very lustrous, of
$1.35 Black Peau de Soie
Medium weight and soft fin
ish, 36-in. wide; big snap at,
yard 98c
$1.50 Black Mess aline Beau
tiful quality, specially adapt
ed for coats and 3-piece cos
tumes, 36-in. wide, yd., 95 C
mm wh...iwii a.' muMuwm i Ltm m 'tut,
firm weavo and has a rich, silky touch, un
doubtedly the queen of rough silks. La Tossa
retails everywhere regularly at $1.25; Monday
you can buy full 27-inch la Tossa at, per
yard 89c
$2.00 Black Pcau de Soie Double faced, heavy
glove finish, full 36-in. wide; special Monday,
per yard $1.50
$1.85 Black Messaline A pure Italian silk,
rich, lustrous finish, full 36 inches wide; spec
ial Monday, yard $1.25
36-in. Black Satin Luminant
Duller finish than messaline,
unequaled for strength and
rich appearance; very special
at, yard 89c
Sheets and Pillow
at less than manufacturers'
cost, in our high grade Linen
department for Monday's
Central part of cl'ty. . Four times
All $1.25 Sheets, size 81x90
All 11.10 Sheets, sice 81x90
each 75o
All tl-00 Sheets, size 81x90
each 69o
All 86o Sheets, size 81x90
each 59o
All 65c Sheets, size 81x90
each 490
All $1.00 Sheets, size 72x90
each 75o
All 90c Sheets, size 72x90
each 6 So
All 85c Sheets, size 72x90
each 89o
All 79c Sheets, size 72x90
each . . . . B5o
All 60c Sheets, size 72x90
each 39o
All 14c Pillow Cases, size 42x36
each los
All 14c Pillow Cases, size 45x36
eacn .... Ho
each day. twice a day In West Farnam All 20c Pillow Cases, Vize'42x36
and Hanscom Park districts. Once each
day to every part of Omaha, Benson and
Iu n dee.
Gibson and Co"ncil Bluffs, Mondays,
Wednesdays, Fridays; South Omaha,
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Florence and East Omaha on Wednes
days and Saturdays; Albrigrht, Tuesdays
and Fridays; Avery, Ft. Crook and Bell
vue and Ollmoro, Fridays.
each l4o
All 20c Pillow Cases, size 46x36
each l4o
Grand assortment high grade Im
ported Marseilles Bed Spreads, full
size, knotted fringe, with cut corn
ers, $6.00 values; special Monday,
each 93.98
One case Crochet Bed Spreads, pro
nounced patterns, full size, frlniccd.
$3.00 values; Monday, each ... .$1.79
All Mall Orders filled with care.
35c Embroideries Monday 15c
A magnificent line of 18-in. flouncinga,
secured at a great sacrifice from
one of the largest New York embroid
ery houses; striking new patterns in
fine Swiss and cambric, well worth
35c; Monday 15 C
iOc and I5c Embroideries 5c
A big purchase of loom strips, 4txz to 6
yard lengths, in edges and insertings,
all regular 10c ancTlSc qualities, Mon
day at just half price, 7C and 5c
Lace Bargains Monday
A grand cleaning up of our immense
stock of dainty Net Top Laces, up to
12 inches wide; values to 25c a yard,
Monday 10c
Vals. and Linen Laces See the re
markable values in pure linen Torch-
on, Point do Paris, Vals, Zion City, and Elyria laces, greatest
offered anywhere, Monday, yard . :' .5c
" S ank
Ready-to-Wear (jarmenf Bargains of Surpassing Interest
Our cloak and suit buyer has just returned from New York
and over 3,000 tailor suits, gowns, skirts and jackets, which he
secured at about 50c on the dollar, are now here and will be
placed-on sale for the first time Monday. Values that will make
business boom for the next 30 days. Watch our windows, our
ads. See these offerings.
Beautiful Gowns, in
fine xnessalines,
satins, foulards,
eta, values to $40,
winningly original
designs, all the new
shades for spring
$12.50, $18.50
French Voile Dress
Skirts, plain tailor
ed effects or trim
med with bands
and folds, garments
made to sell to $10,
in Monday's sale,
at $4.95
Several charming
new designs, im
mense assortment
of colorings and
fabrics, choice of
all Crown Jewel Tailor Suits.
AVe want you to see them, they
lead all others at 25.00
$12.50 Silk Coats at $7.95, in the
long loose styles so much in
vogue ; values we do not believe
you can equal at this low price.
Jap Silk Waists, made to sell at
$4.00, shown Monday at, your
choice S1.98
A full line of the celebrated
"Maternity Skirts." See them,
$7.50, $10, $12.50, $15
White Serge Suits, all the rage
this season, a splendid assort
ment of superior values for se
lection, on sale at prices rang
ing from $19.90 to $29.75
Silk and Satin Rubberized Auto
and Rain Coats All colors
actual values to $30.00; special
at $14.90
$1.50 Lingerie Waists 69c All
new designs, embroidery and
lace trimmed, the bost values
ever at ; . . . ,. . . .G9c
Tailor Suits, $30.00
and $35.00 values;
most clever new de
signs, best color
ings and fabrics
for spring wear
splendid bargains
Monday at our sale
price $19.90
Tailor Suits, worth
to $20.00; choice
new styles, all sizes
and colors, big as
sortment at, choice,
Monday ..$10.00
White jackets . and
Coats, a big ship
ment just received,
all sizes for women
and misses, at $5,
$7.50, $10, $12
$1.50 Black Sateen Underskirts,
Monday 69c
New Princess Slips, for dresses,
silks, satins and lingerie, beau
tiful assortment, in prices up
from $2.98, $3.98, $5.00
and $7.50
$1.50 House Dresses 98c
$7.50 Long Silk Kimonos, Mon
day, at $3.95
$2.00 long Challie Kimonos, on
sale Monday at 98c
Sheei'gs, Muslins, Sheets, Pillow Cases
In Our Famous Domestic Room
9-4 Lockwood. .22c
Hope, genuine arti
cle 7140
Fruit of Loom 8c
Lonsdale 8c
101 bleached Mus
lin 5c
Product LL 4c
10c Percales. ..6V2C
81-90 Sheets, No.
645, worth 55c, at,
each 39c
42-36 Pillow Cases,
worth 12yc, each,
at 8c
25c White Waist
ings 10c
12Mc fine Percales,
at 80
Blue Prints, worth
7120, at, yd.. 4Vc
Best shirting prints
at 5c
Merc. Sateens. .10c
15c Towels 10c
25c Towels 18c
15c Organdies. .10c
15c Batiste lOo
15c India Linon 10c
This telegram' re
ceived from our
piece-goods buyer,
Mr. Nash, Tuesday,
Is self-explanatory.
Ills letter claims
gret things for his
purchase and we ex.
pect to be able to
offer 70a some un
usual bargains In
very short time.
Watch papers.
r 1 tnmMimd rt.c iTt ttnm mt 'Mil rtM4 m Ul it li Hat,
' O TM.fc tMU. MJH1 S. WUDLi. lit tm Clinl lt
Jl eA he collect nit 9J4
Hew Yerk. Apr 12 09
hsyden Bros., Omajts, Nebr.
"out hi ntlre surplus spring stock fro best rectory
In America for spot cash. Won't sllow use. of naae.
Lsrceet best end cheepest purchase over atsds.
flMt ess Use shipped to day. Have Britten.
v M Hatlt
Several other
buyers are now
in eastern mar
ket centers and
reports point to
ward sale values
in the near fu
ture that will set
a new mark in
bargain giving
in Omaha.
1.3 1
The Home Furnisher is assured of these things in buy
ing furniture at Hayden's: A tremendous assortment of
newest styles, dependable quality in all lines and the lowest
prices consistent with honest merchandise.
Three-llece Tarlor Suite, well
worth $30, birch or mahogany
frame, genuine leather upholster
ed, fine polish finish. Snap Mon
day 821.50
flO.BO Library Table, solid oak
mission finish, one large drawer,
28x42 top, a splendid bargain
at $7.25
SmHLSlJUiaiSS mu.y-l.JS ISMJ1J
Get Busy in the Garden
$10.50 Solid Oak Dresser with 3
large, deep drawers, plate glass
mirror, well raade and finished.
On sale $7.95
We Open Go-Tart Season with the
greatest line of carts a"nd car
riages ever shown. See our spe
cial collapsible cart with hood
on sale Monday, at $5.50
12-tooth steel Garden Hake,
Monday at 15c
4V2-foot steel Garden Hoe,
Monday at 15c
24-tooth steel Lawn Itake
worth COc at 25c
Vt'o are sole agents in Om
aha for the double galvanized
Poultry Wire, guaranteed to
last twice as long as any
other kind. We have a sam
ple of the other kind. You
ought to roe the difference.
Price by the roll c, cut Monday,
at 94 c
f 1 spading or potato forks,. Mon
day at 60c
76c round pointed shovels for gar
den work, at ...,.30c
12-qt. AU WlUte Enameled Cham
ber Tails $1.25
12 gal. galvanized garbage can
only 0c
$1.25 decorated 50 pound flour
can, at 70c
The old-reliable western washer.
Monday $2.75
20c scrub brushes, tamplco or rice
root "
Extra quality parlor broom, Mon
day, at 25c
25c Heavy Wire Carpet Deaters
woven IS
12-qt. galvanized water pails, ,10c
Large, new willow clothes baskets,
at 75c
C-foot braced step ladders, extra
strong 05c
Cliildren's 3-piere (Jartlcn Nets
et 10c
$1.25 roller skates, extra quality,
at ,08e
$3.50 wooden coaster wagons
at $2.40
$2 steel coaster wagons, only, ,08c