Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 04, 1909, EDITORIAL, Page 2, Image 10

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Waul llttU mrn 11mIi mak( ru msrt itrlia
In sttractl?
Wimlil 10 or to pounds mnr mak im octtar
,trM with jror partrenal appwranct
Wqql1 ymir ona look Setter and (Ihm o
and o'hfm mors If iu rs a lltlla aloutai !
If W do you fcflleva anjrnfls uan gt you tftla
ddltifnal llaah that trim Saatrs? ,
If u trlit m 1o4r I v 1 11 anrt you promptly
ufftlnt tr. Whlmay Nr and Firth BiHIder
In provs that It will flv you a uprh fltura ub
bvautlfst arms, ahapoly rtwk and ahould-ra, f uli
round unat, and wall dnvalopcd limbs, not for th.
tima Minn, put prmnntlr.
Thar will not bo a pannr of rhand for tnia
my riotiimr prnraa that I can wall afford Is tab
II rfep rl.s In provlnp what thta Treatment will do
TM la a puplf TtUhla ooaipsunS and cannot
pnuibly d you any hann but la always of irnt
bfnafjt to tka ssnarsl hoalth.
lit -will pltlvly .nlarz. lha bunt from t to
(it'haa and lv a healthy tint to tha cumpleilen;
tl Ttm Trial Trnsujiant provaa thl..
Don't dalay. writs today to th C. L. JDNHI
ro , HtJ D. frland Bias , Clmlra. N. T. hsrsua if
thla fenarnua offsr ovarcrowda ua It will hv to
ks withdrawn.
Far- ante In Omaha by .ihchnan A Mc
Connell Pruc Co., and uw lrug Co.
Vl .
;.. astern B; f.
Easier Gills
Cv B. Brown Ce. has prepared th
fjnoet line of Easter gifts-in all
tint's new. Our lines .are excep
tionally flnn and of rare; beauty;
Women's hand hagit targe kU)
SjiJivcr t-ArdVniirs: z-iiirVx
Silver and ioltl Mettiand Ba&n -llandy
Pine anil Veil Pins -
I, (new and exceptionally fine) '
Shirt Walut Rings . - "
Waist Heta - 's '
three Minis and ruff Links for
Tailored Suita
f 'onin in iind Takt a look
C. B. Brown Co.
1th & 1'ariiiHii Kl.i.
A ' reliable . jnwelry store where
goods are sold at reasonable prices
QllflCTV Tft KtrD nniYWTFl M'- MIM M. Tabblns
JUUU1 t IV 11 L. Li I llUbl MLLS 1 And Minn I
n jewelry U worth all it
costs, but be sure you get
all you pay for. The man
gets less who shops nround
with only price in his
' mind. Some one ia always
ready to sell an inferior ar
ticle at an inferior price.
This store ives you all
that ia in possible in quality
at a price that is no more
thun such quality is worth.
, Albert Edholm
j. J 6th and Harney.
The entiro stock of jowelry
which was bought by the
American Jewelry Co., of M.
Carleton, IGO'.H Farnam St.,
will be closed out in the next
30 days at &0e on the dollar.
- - This ftock eonfcUt of
Diamonds, Solid Gold and
Gld Filled Watches, Ri gs,
Bracelets, Chains, Cut Glass
Everything will be sold, as
we must vacate this store.
: K e m e wh e r, every thing
must go. -
Fixture for 'wile ajso, ,'
' Come in and be 'onviuced.
Jcwolry Co.
.. Farnam St.
Engagement Book. . for Next . Seven
Dayi Hare Motvly Blank Paget.
Post l.r-nfm I alrndnr ut l-Uiitrclnllr
rmlalna of Important RvMts.
-lliaaaai Irainn to I. Heir
I ntll tha C ! .
To Itlon 'ft W'rrdi.
Utr 's lo wi.lowe of twenty,
The srdiiT of our l.ven,
For. Imvlnft of weeds a-pli-ntv.
Hy puttlns; them i she thrlvti.
Mortal Calendar.
Tt'KSIJAY Dr. an.l Mrs. Ilrnry lmere.
evt nine brldne: Mr. E. B. UmlitTK. Ken
alnalnn club; Mrs. K. M. Hlater, hosiery
ahower for Miss Mllrov.
WKUNKSIIAY-Mrt. I. I.. Ri ynpr. dinner
for 'K. K." this; Look-Flnliiyaon. wl-tllna.
FRIPAY-Mr. and Mia. Hsrry Pllfrlm,
Tha 11 H. C. club.
Holy week and th calendar looks It.
For the first time since Lent began SO-
tioty seema to have tak-n coifnlitanre of
tha fact that It Is a panetentlal aeaunn and
the coming seven dnys will be more quint
than any the fashionable" hnve known
sine they sot home from thnir summer's
outings laal autumn. No announcement
has bfen made of anything; of sice and even
soma of tha bridge clubs have culled off
their meetings.
The poat-Lrnlen calendar as yet sched
ules nothing that promises to be con
spicuous, though Indications are that the
season will he reasonably gay until the
last. People seem to have learned how to
enjoy themselves In a modest way of late
with tha rtsult of no end of small clubs
and small Informal gatherings. However,
the last winter has been one of the gayest
Omaha has known and will be remem
bered: as such. For much of the variation
and many of the most attractive affairs
society la Indebted to the army set.
The opening of the Country club on May
1 was one of the welcome announcements
of last week. The other two clubs will
also open In the near future and with this
aeccmpllHhed the winter teuton Is at an
end. Bocluty Js Impatient to get out ol
dixit s. as It'has already shown, and every
pleasant riny sees tile gaiters and the
motorists out In numbers. . ,
Ob Dollar a Vein.
Pleasure Past.-, ; , '
Mrs. 8. gkllllng cnterta!ned tho'jv. K.K.
club at her homo yVednesdiiy , afternoon.
. Mr", and Mrs. Charles T. Kouhtsa enter
tained .at dinner Friday . evening; In 'honor
of Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge B. Trlni.
A pleasant surpriMe party was given for
Mr. 1. W. Reynolds". Jr., Friday evening.
Tho gueslH were entertained .with games
and inttHic. About twenty younj people were
present. . . ' '
The Junior Bridge club was entertained
Friday afternoon by Mrs. Ocnrse Itedlck.
The guests of the club worn s. Airs. Will
ttedlck, Miss Wlrabeth Morttfirad ,apd Miss
Lucy, Ppdiko. . ''. . '. .. ". : .
Mr, and , Mrs. W. T. Heyderi an
original entertainment on Friday evening.
The guests were requested to come In cos
tume and plsy bridge. The entertainment
was called "a funny party."
Mrs. Arthur Allen gave an Orpheum box
party Fr'Jay evening for her daughter.
Mabel Allen. The eunsts were: Misses,
Margaret Weaver, Beatrice, Oowling, Mabel
Allen, Mrs, Fey Porter, Jik Bliertnan and
Rawson White.
Major and Mrs. laughter gave a dinner
at the Rome Tuesday evening. The guput
pf tionor was Colonel Stevens of Fort
Moado, wlin will be on duty here for two
or three weeks. Thoao present were:
Colonel anil Mrn, Evans, Captain snd Mrs.
Ilarrix, Major and Mrs. Erwln, Mr. W. J.
Summers, Mrs. Gilmore.
A new pleasure club, to be cairVd the
Billikln club, was organized Thursday. The
Clmrter members are Miss Ella Bridges,
president; Miss Florence Hoys, ..treasurer;.
Miss Mamie Muufeon, secretary; Miss KHa
KlebHrth, Miss Minnie Coufal, Miss l-uura
Itann. 'l"he next meeting will be Ht tho
home of Miss Coufal April 16.
The New Bridge lub was entertained
Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. lye Kennard. The members present
were M. snd Mrs. Belwyne Doherty, Mr.
and Mrs. Gaylord Martin, Mr. and Mrs.
Austin Collet, Mr. and Mrs. George West.
Mr. and Mrs. Coe Campbell, Mr. and Mrs.
George Hicks and Mr. and Mrs. Kennard.
The Foppleton Avenue Card club m- .
Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. H. J. 1
Penfold at their home In the Harpllt ::i
apartment. Those present were Mr, ami I
Mrs. J. B. Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs. J;hn
R. Manchester, Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Biy
son, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Vlerllng, Mrs. II.
L. Korty, Mrs. C. B. Horton and Mr. and
Mrs. Pnnfuld.
Mrs. C. Loftnisn gave a Jolly'April Fool's
party Thursday afternoon. The rooms were
prettily decorated wlih American beauties
and tarnations. Those present were Mes
damea A. J. Sinclair, II. J. Mclenilhon.
John Larson, A. J. Biervall. J. R. Caldwell.
El narlght. C fHustroni. M. J. Ford, J.
Norberg, F- Nelson, J, Wahlgren. K. Ed
nulst, A. Ohman, E. Slmddock, Q. W.
Ieken und Miss Helen Ohmnn.
Mrs. Charles F. Davie entertained at
luncheon Saturday at liar home In com
pliment tn Miss Mary Hall of Chicago, who
Is her guest. The table had a deooratlon
of American Beauty roses and covers were
laid for: Miss Hall, Mrs. Q. O. Msrtln of
Grand Islnnd, Mrs, C. J. Bturdevant, Mrs.
Joe Wright, Mrs. George Paddock, Mrs.
W A. Gordon, Mrs. Julia Thompson, Mrs.
Frank Anderson and the hostess.
Mrs. I R. Hush entertained it children's
party Saturday afternoon In celebration
of her small daughter Augnllne's birthday.
Luncheon was served at 1 o'clock. A: cen
terpiece of lavender and whlt sweet peas,
tl'iy tvuikcts of candy, unci wee, small
chickens marking the plseea, carried out
!...i feiinUr ld-a. During the iiftnrn.)on tha
cii'.'.lreti played aameji. Those present were
Khrne Glss. Virginia Pixler, Alics
Klmberley, Corlee Brown, Llla. Miller,
Father Westerfleld. Jcnnatte Jaeger. Ara
bella Jaeger, Dorothy Belt, Helen Molan
and Anarrllne Rush.
Mrs. Reynolds entertained informally Fri
day afternrion. Km h. guest was given a
skeluton story to fill the blanks with the
name of norm flower. The first prise
was on by Mrs. It- W. Raft and the eon
solalU-n by Mil. V. Wli. Lum'beon was
served lu'e in the afternoon. Roaes snd
Jotuiuils curriod out the floater contest
Idea. Thosr present were Meadames C.
WinquUt. W. H. Karl. J. M. Ilelilch, W
lft ft, S Fnilth. William Kuff- n James
ttuait. .1. W. Rapp. W. W'lzs, B. M. Wo.k1s,
.wsm!S Ivelley, R. W. Powers, J. W. Hitch,
i. Ayrts and II. W. Reynolds.
," hndny evening a surprise lwrty wss
sf tne residence or sir. nj Mrs.
Htirrster i fiouth Twenty-eighth
Street, in relebralkm of Mr. Harpsler s
fiirl -iitnth blrlliday. The ritonu er de.-
oraird with rarnstions snd ferns, and the
evening us spent with mulo and games,
Those eaent were Mrs. snd Mrs. kslteier
Mr. and Mrs. Felrnnan. Mr. and Mrs. Nel
son, Mr. and Mrs I.kner. Mr. and Mrs
1'r I'lifl.u. Mrs. Wood. Mrs. Austin. Mrs
Gwyniif, .Mr, ('. Harpster, Mr. J Funk.
Mr. fc MiUci, Mr. luj JUristei. mM B.
ss F. Harpster.
The mem hers ff the Han fcVwiele club were
pleasantly entertained Friday erenVng at
thn home of Hw Htelrs SHoni' Card was
the game of the evening, at which Miss
Bertha Plxton and Miss Charlotte Iter
son won hlgti scores and Miss R. Anrlrce
sen the consolation. The hostess was given
a hHnd-palnted plate. Those present were:
Misses" Km ma Tyler, Ruth Coolldge. "Whel
Corey. Maude Wilcox, Jennie Nelson. Ber
tha Plxton, June Corey, Flora. Rtetnm,
Stella Olson, Jessie Corey. Chenotts Peter
son and R. Antlrresen. , The club will be
entertained Monday evening. April 12, by
; Misses Bertha Pixlon and Flora Stemm at
'. the home of, the latter.
I Largest among Saturday's social affairs
snd a pretty closing of s quiet week wss
the tea given between 4 snd B o'clock by
Mrs. Warren 8wltslr at her home on St.
Mary's avenue In compliment to Iter guest.
Mrs. rjianhsm of Columbia. Me. Spring
flowers were used In profusion through
the moms' In the reception room.' where
Mrs. Swltsler and her guest ajiri Miss
Bwltsler received Jonquils, carried out an
effective color scheme of yellow.; Sweet
peas were used In the library snd popples
In-the dining room. Mrs. Swltsler 'wss ss.
slsfed through the rooms by Mrs. W. H,
Guiley, Mrs W. D. McHugh. Mrs. W. T.
Robinson, Mrs. Judson Chapman. Mrs.
Claire Balrd. Mrs. Charles Both well. Mrs.
Fred Ryner, Mrs. Samuel E. Howell and,
Mrs. F. K. Townsend. About guests
called during the afternoon.
Miss lrma Springer entertained at cards
"vVednesday evening. The rooms were dejenr
ated with Faster lilies and pink tarnations.
Gilded t uts tied with pina ribbons were
attractively hung from the chandeliers and
ware used as plsce cards for the game.
Prises were won by Mlsees Irene Tet
ard, Bestrlce Cole and . Caroline .Curtis snd
Metsra. George Rasmussen. 8. Robertson
and Carl Koenmesser. The oolor scheme of
pink was also carried out In the refresh
ments and table decorations. Those pres
ent mere Mr. snd Mrs. W. II. Tndoe, Mr.
and Mrs. O. P. Frig, Mr. snd Mrs. Paul
Sprlnirer, Mrs. C. Rasmussen. Misses Caro
lina Curtis, Inns Bloom. Irene Tetard, Helga
Rasmusaen, Beatrice Cole, Aurora Kort
lang. Mamie Munson, Trma Springer.
Messrs. 8. Robertson. Alvln Bloom, (Carl
Kocnmesser, H. Fadden, A. H. Rasmussen,
Rnlnnd Springer, Waller Samuelson anil
George RHsmuss'n.
Personal Gossip.
Mrs. Selma B. Meikle is the guest of her
sister, Mrs. Lewis Reed.
Mrs. Kdward Porter reck will leave for
the south Sunday morning.
Miss Marjorle Benson returns todsy to
St. .Mary's school, Knoxvllle, 111. '
The I'nlvcrslty of Nrbrsska will close
for Faster vacation on Wednesday.
Messrs. Reed Peters ' Frank 8elby nnd
Ctiit l return to Amherst today.
Miss Miriam Patterson left Saturday for
a six weeks' visit in Philadelphia and tha
VlfS Joe Sanford will be ' the guest of
MIfs Bessie Gould during the Easter noli
6ey e.
Mr. Warren M. Rogers Is the guest of
Judge and. Mrs. Rrdlek for the coming
week. '
'Mr. Robert SHtslfr will arrive Wednes
day to spend the Faster holldays-wlth his
Miss Elisabeth Mahoney " lesves Omsha
next Monday for the south to spend a short
Miss Ileleh Best has returned from a
ifk's vacation spent with friends In Js'e
!igh. Neb. - . . . , : ' -V '
Mrs. Kdward Crane of. Kansas City Is the
guest of her parents, 'Sir, and Mrs. A. C.
, serluili
valescllig. .:..'
Mrs. William Gunlock of Detroit, Mich.,'
Is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew Murphy.
Mrs, Frederick Lake,' who has been
dangerously ill at her home for some time.
Is now recovering.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor . Caldwell returned
Thursday morning from a month's visit in
-southern California. - ".. -.--
Mr. and Mrs.. I ..J. Haicy have had as
their guests Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Black
burn of Edmonton, Canada.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Keellne, who have
been abroad for the last few months, are
enpe'ted home about the middle of April.
Mrs. Frances Ferns of Chleago ia the
guest of her sister, Mrs. E. H. Bprague, at
the hums of the latter, near the Country
Miss Helen Harper, daughter of Mr. and
Mr?. I.. S. Harper of Des Molnee, formerly
of On-.Hha, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. B.
Mr. Richard Ware Hall, who is a student
at Yale, arrived Friday to spnnd the Easter
!i!'!l')nys with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
R.. 8. Hall.
Mr. Frank M. Zanner leaves this evening
fur Chicago, where he takes a position with
the American Telephone and Telegraph
Miss Ieta Holdrrge, who Is in school at
Wilton, Masx, rut In part of her vacation
vlsiiliig some student friends st Bryn
Mwr college.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur B. Emerson have
given tip their apartment at tha Hamilton
and have taken a house on Georgia avenue
rear Poppleton avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Lrhnier will occupy
Mrs. Monnull's home st 3530 Harney street
durirur the letter's stay In Europe. She
will leave about May 1.
Mrs. Harlsy O. Moorhead and small son.
Harley a. Moorhead. Jr.. have gone to
Grand Rapids, Mich., to visit Mrs. Moor
head mothor. Mrs. Wallln.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Black, who have
been In California tho last two months,
left there last week. Mr- Slack arrived In
rVwia-or Nik
- CWrta,- v
54Mn. kmc a
Attrartlve, net?
Walking .Skirt,
i.. John . , DrmDslar. who1, has boenJ
siy Hp ' ftr. evti a Viejts, . is eon-rf
Monday and all the week this exclusive Women's Ready-toAVear
Store presents all that is new and fashionable in the realm of style!
Beautiful Suits
at S45 to $95
. II 11 It .. 'J 09K no
T!L" li Rl J. h I psj..w.
liMIs .1. !'
mm. mm
We present for your inspection beautiful two and
three-piece suits, representing the highest standard of
tailoring and workmanship, molded of the finest mater
ials procurable. These suits are cut after the very lat
est dictates of Dame Fashion all of them fresh and
crisp from Fifth Avenue tailors; moderately priced at
$45.00 to $05.00.
Tailored Suits
at $25 and $35
For days we have scoured the New York market,
gathering and choosing a collection of tailored suits
and all the time having but one aim in view, that of
showing the finest tailored suits in Oxnaha at $25.00
and $35.00. Every suit is a garment cut and tailored
by exports and made of. mannish worsteds, French
serges, eoleil cloth and other beautiful soft clinging
materials shown in many greys, different tones of
blue, green, tan, rose and all the prevailing spring
shades. These suits have no equals at $25.00 and
Crisp New Waists!
45. $1.95. $2.50. $3.50. $5 r,ip
We show an , especially large
assortment of tailored linens;
French lingeries, madras and
,X .-' " - ' " . . 'ft1 . ?'. .
pongee waists; an specially
A priced,
' " snr'" I
fv4' if
Oil I :::
P l)'-;';;':':':
' i ' Jjji '
I givru
j. K.
(Continued r-n Third Page.)
Don't you like to
deal with people
who want your
trade? Particularly
It is certainly exasperating
to have anything to do with
people who act as if they don't
care whether you have them
make your clothes or not.
There are quite a few up-to-date
dress makers who want
your patronage and tell you
so on the want ad page, under
head of "Dress Makers."
They waut you to copje to tbani
tli ay will ba glad, to you and
will take good care to picas you
if thsy go to tha aipaasa of adver
tising to Bt jour first order. That
sounds sensible, doesn't it? Have
pu rad tba want ad yt to-
Wm. R. Matthews
Invitation Cards and Announcements for
This Is a reminder to bring the order In to us soon so
that we can give U the careful attention it deserves
7 assayjassasas esea jeeet
121 So. 19th Streat
Phoat Douglas 1144
Socks Darned Free
Think of it you men and women with holes in your
hose, absolutely free.
We Sew
The first and only laundry in the west to make this
unusual offer. The daintiest lingerie or the classiest cus
tom made shirt laundried beautifully.
"The Laundry
of Quality"
Doualaa 1813
' -4 ;
Never Before
Today was there any such demand as now obtaius
for variously colored
Gowns for women are so extraordinarily 'vnr
ied in tint and texture that the fashionably clad
requires that rightly colored shoes shall lw sup
plied to match a score or more of costumes which
for daintiness have never been surpassed.
Staple styles $3.50 and $4.00 as always. Custom
made, to match gowns, $5.00 and upwards.
Sorosis Shoe Store
Frank Wilcox. 203 South lSlb St.
nrs onr swuro uAQvm ro rwa ion
Tbere are three things that tho Nw Domestic will do which no
other one sewtng wachlna in tho world can do, tad tha "cheap"
machine can do hod of then.
1 Tte Chain and Lock Stitch two machine la on
and you can change from one to tb other without run
or trouble.
2 A Vibrating Preaser, 10 useful lo sewing cheer and
gauzy tuffa. for darning, braiding and embroidery
work, Alao an advantage In paaatng thick seam a and
sewing thick goods.
3 A fine-Stitch Ruffler which gives a plait at every
fifth stitch, also gathering, puffing, rucbtng, pcallop
plaiting, erf pa trimming, aa well as plain ruffling.
U aura ta see th Domestic before buying.
Gusteifson (Si Hondrtckson
Corasr ltta an OaplWl Avaane,
Vhoasi Ponglas IS74 a4. A-3SSSV
aTatol Xrfys4 9aUdU,
Bee Want lids Boost Your Business
Announce tht arrival of French model for
spring and aummr Each gown is an art
of it$elf. W will copy them at moderate
price Inspection, invited. . '
J. Jawitz
High Cass Ladies' Tailor
jStk and yirtsama iftree't
M'eciii liuildinq
Diamond SaleS
it Bna
His buTfalns In all tlis iliu.nunils and
diamond Jwlr- left to us for secorlty ara
alauced Oil ssU fur HIT TIS DAYS.
Ws will savs 'oij abuut 4u uf nsulr H
Ina piles.
Brodkey's Jewelry snd Loan Co,
vemsaitsi tae Jfwassr, 1401 OoagU Strssl