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Both Houses Take a Recett Out of
Helped t LaUl Warden Beemer.
Ink Masey, for Fifteen Ynn
fieera t tfce Peel teatlary, la
Fomn Dra la His Bed
C ornea frwaa Beatrice.
(From a Htaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, March 30. (Special.) The
ante aenate adjourned at noon Tueedsy to
ailernl the funeral of Warden A. D.
Beemer. The upper house suspended all
legislative work from noon until t:30 o'clock
tn pay homage to the man who waa for
eight year warden of the Nebraska state
The aenate committee offered the follow
ing resolutions on the death of Mr. Beemer
and they were accepted unanimously by
tlie upper houae:
Whereas, The state senate has received
the news of the death of Allen I). Beemer,
warden of the state penitentiary; and,
Whereas, 'A. D. Beemer waa one of.Ne
braska's moat distinguished cltisena and
ploneera, and senred the atate aa loyal
official for several yeare, and had endeared
Mmsalf tn those who knew him by his
kind-heartednens and good business judg
ment; therefore, be It
Resolved, That the senate extend to the
Deleaved family their heartfelt aympathy
In thla. their hour of bereavement, and our
appreciation for he service that have
rendered the atate by Allen W.
The house also look a recess and the
members attended the funeral.
Osard Fo.ia Dead la Bed.
John Rusey, 68 years old, and who has
been a guard at the state penitentiary the
last fifteen years, was found dead on the
floor of his room at the penitentiary thla
morning. The cause of the demise la un
Coroner Matthews waa called to the instl-
lutlon this morning and it is thought he
will hold an autopsy over the body.
Mr. Busey's family resides at Beatrloe.
He leaves a wife, twd sons and three
daughters. A daughter. Mrs. Moore, a son,
John, and the mother of the deceased
tame to Lincoln rrom Beatrice thla morn
'ng In response to a message sent ahortly
after the discovery of the body.
Another Arrested oa Char ef Satlra
Itlaa; Away a Witness.
BKATR1CE, Neb., March . (8peolal
Telegram.) At hla preliminary hearing to
day Ira Rigsby was bound over to the dis
trict court on the charge of criminally as
saulting Mabel Myers, U years old. In de
fault of I ft BOO ball ha waa remanded to the
county jail. . When tha case waa called for
trial It developed that Miss Myers was
missing and Jesse Smylia waa arrested on
the charge of spiriting her away. On the
witness stand Bmylle teatifled that ahe
aas taken away from ..home at the re
juest of her parents, but Mr. Myers denied
;hla statement when he was called. A com.
taint' will be filed against Smylle tomor
row by County Attorney McOlrr. charging
him with spiriting away one of the state'a
witnesses. ' .
Mystery la formal Fire.
KEARNEY, Neb., March 30. Special. )
Mystery surrounds the origin of the flrr
at the Normal J.nat . Saturday .mprnlng
There; was no'lre Within alx hundred fee
nf the building, the .heating plant beini.
operated on an adjoining lot, and as tit
wiring was all Intaot after the fire I
could not have been a defeetive wlrt
Nothing combustible wss around the rooi
and It had just been thoroughly cleaned o
waste paper. The clock had been stopp
by tha heat at 11 p.. m., and when th
firemen entered the building at 7 in th.
morning the floor was in a charred con
dition as it fell through. There la a gen
eral belief that the fire was of an Incen
diary origin. k.--i4l i
A woman who is sick and suffering, and won't at least
try a medicine which has the record of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, is to blame for her own wretched
There are literally hundreds of thousands of women in
the United States who have been benefited by this famous
old remedy, which was produced from roots and herbs over
thirty years ago by a woman to relieve woman's suffering.
Read what these women say :
Camden. V. J. it Is with pleasure that I send my testimo
nl&l for Lydia JB. Pink ham's Vegetable Compound, hoping- It
may Induce) other suffering women to avail themselves of the
benefit of this valuable remedy.
"I suffered from pains in ray back and side, sick headaches,
no appetite, was tired and nervous all the time, and so weak I
could bardly stand. Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
mad me a well woman and this valuable medicine shall
always have my praise." Mrs. W. P. Valentine, 902 Lincoln
Ave Camden, N. J.
Erie, Pa. M I suffered for five years from female troubles, and
at last was almost helpless. I tried three doctors but they did
me no rood. My sister advised me to try Lydia K. Pinkham's
Vegetable Cora pound, and it has made me well and strong. 1
hop) all suffering women will Just gie Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound a trial, for it is worth Its weight In gold."
Mrs. J. P. Kndlich, K. F. D. 7, Erie, Pa.
Since we guarantee that all testimonials which we pub
lish are genuine, is it not fair to suppose that if Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound had the virtue to help
these women it will help any other woman who is suffer
ing from the same trouble.
For SO years Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has been the standard remedy for
female ills. No sick woman does Justice to
herself who will not try this famous medicine.
Made exclusively from roots and herbs, and
haa thousands of cures to Its credit.
I If the slightest trouble appears which
t-s you do not understand, write to Mrs.
Pinkham at Lynn, Mass fcr her advice ilia
free and always helpful.
Kills Parents of
Wife and Hacks
Bodies to Pieces
Brutal Crime Committed by Dick Bar
ton at Proroit, S. D. Latter it
Arretted at Edjemont.
ALLIANCB. Neb.. March l.-(8peclal
Telegram. )-Word waa received here thla
morning from Provo., B. D., Juat over the
Nebraska state line of the murder last
night of Mr. and Mrs. Tucker, ranchers
near that place, by their son-in-law, Dick
Barton. Barton, It is asaerted, killed the
old couple with an axe, after which he
cut up the bodies In a flendlah manner.
Barton formerly ran out of here aa flag
man on tha through passenger trains.
After the murder Barton unmercifully
beat his wife and exacted a promise that
she would not report him until he had a
chance to get away. Upon his departure,
however, she notified a neighbor and pur
suit was begun and he waa located in
Bdgemont. where he endeavored to dle
poae of his team and tried to get his bag
gage checked to Crawford. Neb., where he
probably intended to decamp for Wyoming.
While there la no positively known reason
for the ghastly deed, his domestic affairs
have been such as to warrant those who
are acquainted with the particulars to be
lieve that these furnished the motive for
his act. v
Before his arrest at Bdgemont a neigh
boring rancher met him in the cuatody of
the sheriff and made every effort to mur
der him on the snot, but. after being over
powered, he desisted, and to avoid any fur
ther outbreak he, too, was placed In Jail.
The feeling in Bdgemont is rather high
and It would not be surprising that sum
mary Justice be dealt out to Barton by his
enraged neighbors beore night.
Mews from Para Ifaraaal.
PERL'. Neb., March JO. Superintendent
R. V. Clark of Harvard visited in Peru
today. He delivered an address at con
vocation thla morning on the subject.
"Teaching ths Grandest Profession on
Earth." During the course of his address
he brought out with effective Illustrations
the close relation of the Influence of the
teacher upon the future of the child.
The Ciceronian Debating club elected offi
cers for the spring term, aa follows, at
their meeting last Saturday evening: Edi
son Fettlt, president; Oren. Lincoln, vine
president; A. C. Kuennlng, secretary; W.
E. Burrelle, treasurer; ,1. W. Klrach, ser-geant-at-arma.
The society Is planning an
open aeaelon program to be given in the
near future.
Nebraska, Mews Note.
FALL! CITT A carload of egge waa
fct Ipped to the eaat from here Saturday.
YORK Automobile dealera of York re
port a large number of sales of automobiles
to York county farmers.
BEATRICE The Burllnarton railroad will
toon commence the construction of a 100,000
iHiMJn liner iuir i TTmort.
MCOOK-John. P. Notley of this city
and Mrs. Isabella C. Wlnoer of Omaha
were united in marriage here March 27.
YORK E. S. Clark has purchased the
stock or lumber and coal or the Rogers
i.umDer company ana nas tanenposseaaJon
P LA TTBMOTTTH Right Rev. Arthur U
Wllllama of Omaha confirmed a class of
welve in St. Luke's Episcopal church In
.nis city Hunaay evening.
BBATRICB-Mre. A. H. Brink ley died
esterday afternoon at. her home at Piek-
11. aged eft years. She Is survived by
m nujnina ana one aaugnter.
ORD While out huntlnar Bundav in n.,t
Vlllllgan ahot off the great toe on his right
oot. The weapon waa discharged acoi-
leniauy wnne ne waa attempting to cock it.
M UWK-Jolin N. Gaarde. lata f
.'Mret National bank of thla -cit a Hnb.
;eeper, has been ohoaen deputy postmaster
" ciiy oy me postmaster-to-be, Lon
EDGAR Although the weather has been
cool the past week, farmers have been him
plowing and sowing oats, as well aa doing
iwi m wurn. r nraf ana rrui Im
I unusually promising this spring, and
farmers entertain strong hopes ef a big
BRATJC1CID Mrs Mary Hackett. an old
resident of the Pickrell neighborhood, died
Sunday after a brief illness. Pie was 7
years of age and leaves no family except
her husband.
MOOOK Rev. William J. Kirwin, O. M
I., of St. Patrick's Catho'tc church of thla
city, la In Rome on business of the Oblate
brothere of whom ha is chief In this sec
tion of Nebraska.
AN8I.ET It la stated that Frof. H. R. H
Williams dors r.ot want the prtnclpalahlp
of the biari sol. ool for another veer. On
April 11 the school board will meet to elect
a principal for the con tng year.
Q EN EVA Geneva is to have a town
clock, to be placed In trie court house
tower. A fire alarm whistle Is also being
placed at the water works office. The
wster is now pumped by electricity.
M'COOK St. John eommandery. No. IS.
Knights Templsr, of this city, which em
braces members from all over tms section
of the state, will observe Buster Sunday
In the Christian church of this clt.
ORD J. W. Catkoaki naa bought the
whole Interest in the burn which he for
merly owned in pertnershlp with Dr.
Clsson. The doctor will now give his en
tire attention to his veterinary work.
BEATRICE The Beatrloe Lawn Tennia
club hell a meeting yesterday and elected
these orriners: . B. Raynor. president;
A. M. Strunk secretary treasurer. Arrange
ments were made to hold a tournament
here in August.
STROM 8BI RQ The fsmllies of Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Green and Mr. and Mrs. Oust
Erickson. who left Polk county about a
year ago for Foreat Grove, Ore., have now
returned and bought back the old nome m
the eastern part of thia city.
FALT.8 CITT Word haa been received
here that Jule Bchoenhelt had died at a
hospital in Kansas City Monday morning.
He had suffered severely from rheumatism
inct- early last October, me ooay wss
br eight here Monday evening.
BEATRJCB-Three Auburn merv-hants.
Walter Qllmore. Arthur Allen and Charles
Ruatla. were in the city yesterday In
vestigating the oo-operatlve delivery sys
tem among Beatrice merchants. Wymore
merchants established the system several
montha ago.
FILJKY Fllley is to hsvs a base ball
team the coming aeaaon. and has or
ganised by electing the following officera:
C. W. Hagerman, manager: G. M. Clark,
captain: w. i. Feed, treaaurer: j.
Martin, official umpire: Omer Philllpa. of
ficial storekeeper.
8TROMSBURG Two caaea of smallpox
are reported in this county, one of the
victims being Mrs. W. T. Seymour, living
about six miles southwest nf this city, and
the other the oldest daughter of A. W.
Runqulst living nine miles west. Both fam
ilies are quarantined.
PLATT8MOUTH Miss Mary E. Foster,
oounty superintendent; Superintendent J.
W. Gamble and a large number of teachers
and pupils In the schools here will attend
the East Central Nebraska Declamatory
contest in the high school building in South
Omaha Wednesday evening.
BEATRICE The ministers of the city
delivered addresses on the temperance
question at their churches last Sunday. A
mass meeting of men wss held at the
Congregational church on Sunday after
noon. Every effort possible Is being made
by the prohibitionists to keep Beatrice
"dry" this spring.,
BEATRICE-Mre. Marie von Riessen died
yeaterday morning at her home in thla
city. She was born at Marienberg. Weat
Prussia, December 26. 1831, and had been
a resident of this oity and oounty since
UTTs. She la survived by a son and three
daughters, her husband having riassed
away a few years ago.
YORK The Cdd Fellows ef Nebraska
will employ a civil engineer and survey and
plat grounds here for laying out of walks,
drives, orchards, location of the new mod
en buildings and make arrangements for
making the Odd Fellows' Home at York
one of the best, most modern, complete
and beautiful homes in the United States.
ORD A big meeting Is planned for next
Sunday at the Toung Men Christian aaao
datlon rooms, when Mr. Simons, state sec
retary of the Toung Men's Christian associ
ation college work, will be here. The ob
ject of the meeting will be to get our busi
ness men interested In securing a new
building for the organization in thla city.
FALLS CITY A 14-year-old runaway was
found with a crowd of bum at the Bur
lington yards Friday. After close ques
tioning he stated thst he ran awry from
a good home In Chicago, where he had
everything he wlahed, as he was an only
child. The chief of police telephoned to
his father in Chicago, who immediately
sent a ticket for him to return home.
EDGAR Edgar has two tickets in the
field for the spring elections. One is called
the antl-llcenss ticket, the other the citi
zens'. Both have good men for the vari
ous offices and the candidates for mayor
and councllmen have made a published
statement, under oath, thst in case of their
election they will not, under any circum
stances, grsnt license for a saloon. The
issue, therefore, is only of men.
BHATBjTOTD Rlev. Charles Reign Sco
vllla, the evangelist who haa been conduct
ing meetlnga at Dee Moines, la., the last
few weeka, addreaeed a large audience last
evening in the Chrtatlan church on the
subject of temperance. Preceding the meet
ing Mr. Bcoville was given a reception by
the men of the church. He left lest even
ing in an automobile for Lincoln, where
he Intended to take a train for Dts Moines.
ST. PAUL During the paat week revival
meetings have been in progress every day
and evening at the Methodist church. The
meetings are held under the joint auspices
ef the P. sbyterlan and Methodist churches,
the preaching being done by Mr. Hamil
ton, a noted evangelist from Kanaaa, as
sisted by Mr. Underwood, the gospel alnger
from Mlnneaota. Intereat In theae meel
lnga la steadily growing, and the audi
ences are Increaaing in numbera.
KEARNEY Jake Oomellua. a boarder at
Intervals at the cltjr jail, was locked up
Saturday night for drunkenness. Monday
morning tha Jailer visited hla cell to find
that he had to dig through a two-foot brick
wall trying to make his escape. The sott
brick wall of the city Jail gave way tu
the crude tools the prisoner had, but when
he struck the concrete wall or a butiamg
that sets close to the jail his efforts were
fruitless. Judge Rellly gsve him thirty
PLATTSMOUTH-Mlss Mary E. Foster,
county superintendent, prealded during the
Case County Teachers' association meeting
in the high school building In Louisville.
About 300 teachers and a large number or
the patrons of the Louisville schools were
present during the interesting session Sat
urday. A very intereatlng program was
uoceaaruiiy earned out. Arter tne exer
cises a reception waa given and a dainty
luncheon served by the senior pupils of
BEATRICE The annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Pickrell Farmers State
bank was held yesterday and a handsome
dividend declared. J. D. White, who re
moved to Ofelanoma some time ago has
eold hla Interests In the bank to W. V.
Lancaater and Z. C. Brlcker. The old
directors were re-elected, and at a meeting
held by them, theae officers were elected;
Edward Bauman, president; Chria Suilker
and J. H. Penner, vice presidents; F. I
Pothaat. cashier.
YORK Dr. O. M. Moore, at the reouest
of the business men, invited a representa
tive o the government to vcme here and
meet wtlh the York Commercial clurb to
d'.kiuaa the beat meana of scouring expert
services to assist In building good rosds.
The county commissioners voted to not
Invite a government expert to come here
nd assist In the building of a few miles
of good roads to be built out of York, and
also voted to distribute pro rata the fund
of nearly 13.000 paid in by Inheritance lax
over the entire county of York. It waa
then the Commercial club got busy.
Cemsaala la a Serloaa Ceadittoa
Wkea Feaad.
GENEVA. Neb.. March 0. Two prison
ers, confined in the county jail here,
atarted a fire sometime during last night,
supposedly by accident, and one waa found
dead today from suffocation and the other
la a serious condition. The Identity of the
men has not been teamed. They arrived
yesterday and were arrested for drunken,
Foley's Kidney Remc will ture aay
rase of kidney or bladder trouble that Is
not beyond the reach of medicine. Cure
backache and Irregularities that U neg.
lected might result la Brlght's disease er
diabetea. For ' " druggists.
Quick Action for Tour Money Tou get
that by uilcg The Bee advertising columns.
Peculiar and Sad Caie Developed in
Pawnee County.
Reroute lanbaed vlth Idea Tkey
Owaed Farns They Heated aad
Give O S1eers Lively Ttsse
Arrestlasj Them.
PAWNEE CITY. Neb., March SO.-tSpe-
cial Telegram.) William Havel and wife
were both adjudged insane by the Insanity
board of Pawner county today.
These people have been tenants on a
farm near Table Rock belonging te the
eatate nf D. K. Miller, but claiming to be
owners of the land a short time ago, forced
Mrs. Miller and her son off the property,
threatening to shoot them should they re
turn. A writ of ejectment was procured in
district court and Sheriff Fuller served
the writ thla morning, accompanied by a
posse. Mr. and Mrs. Havel showed fight,
having two large butcher knives, a shot
gun and a hammer ready on a table, but
were overpowered before they could reach
the weapons, but not until Charles Mc
Courtney waa severely . bitten in the hand
by the Infuriated woman and Abe Forney
and others of the posse badly scratched
about the hands and face. It was neces
sary to handcuff ths woman and tie the
man, they fought so desperately. They
have been a menace to the community for
some time and were feared by tha neigh
bors. They have considerable personal
This evening, while being guarded In the
court house, becoming excited because her
son was out of her sight, the woman
dashed her manacled hands thorugh a win
dow and cut herself about the wrists and
arms badly.
Proposal to t tills) Water Power for
Ita Oaeratloa.
VALENTINE, Neb., March S0.-(Speclal.)
C. H. Cornell, who owns the franchise of
a water power on the Niobrara river near
here, returned from Chicago accompanied
by Mr. Collins, an engineer, who on view
ing the power site started across country
with Mr. Cornell looking for a feasible
route over paying territory for an Inter
urban railroad, with Valentine as Initial
point. They visited Sparks, Norden, Spring
view, Burton, Mills, Jimmison, Naper and
Butte, near which place It is proposed
forming a Junction with the Northwestern
railroad. Mr. Cornell returned home last
night via Norfolk. Mr. Collins proceeded
on to Chicago. They found a large and
productive territory to draw from, the peo
ple hungry for a road, and Mr. Collins feels
sanguine a third rait lnterurban water
power electric road can be made profitable.
In all probaballty a company will be formed
shortly for that purpose.
Conference of Colleaje Y, M. C. A.
CENTRAXi CITT. Neb.. March .-Ope-clal.)
The fourth annual atate co-ference
of presidents and committeemen of the
colltge department of the Young Men'a
Christian association was held In this city
Friday, Saturday and Sunday and repre
sentstlves were hare from nearly every
college, academy and high school in the
state. The sessions cf the convention were
held at Nebraska Central college. The
atate secretary of college work, Mr. Simons
of University Place, was here and also
many prominent association workers from
all parts of the stste. Sunday was Young
Men's Christian aaaociation day In the city,
the pulpits of several of the churches being
occupied by visiting association men. Sat
urday evening President A. O. Thomas of
the Kearney normal lectured at Friends
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Sims of Tennessee and Clark of Missouri,
Mr. Vreeland said the independent com
panies for whom he was pleading Infin
itely prsferred a straight ad valorem or
specific duty to the countervailing duty,
because then tne people would know ex
actly where they stood.
KHehln Opposes Bill.
"Ths democratic platform was right in
demanding free lumber," said Mr. Kitchln
of North Carolina, "in opposing the bill."
Mr. Kitchin's remarks led him into a
spirited triangular discussion with Messrs.
Dies, (Tx.), and Graham and Burke, (Pa.).
The Texas member accused him of being
a free trader, which brought the retort
that thoae democrats who were asking pro
tection for their sections on the plea, that
it waa for revenue only, should coma for
ward and admit that the republican party
had been right and the democratic party
Mr. Kitchin said that under Cleveland's
free trade policy there were shipped to the
United States but SO.000.OCO more fett of
lumber than came In under the McKinley
'They did not have the money to buy
it," Interjected Mr. Graham.
Democratic met the reply of Mr. Kitchln
that only a year ago even bankers and
trust companies hsd no money.
Miller tor Free La saber.
Mr. Miller, (rip. Kan.), announced him
self as intending to vote for free lumber.
This led to a colloquy between the two
during which Mr. Miller said he would not
.vote for a rule shutting out amendments.
Taking up the question of oriental labor
employed in the lumber mills Mr. Kitchln
insisted that despite the contentions to the
contrary, of Mr. Humphrey of Washington,
there were more orientals employed In the
lumber irdustry in Washington state than
in British Columbia and that the wages
In the latter country were about aa high
as In Washington.
Mr. Kitchin spoke for thrte and one
half hours.
Son of Fetaader of Bis Peebles; Firm
la Seat to Private Saal-
CHICAGO. March .-Herbert U Swift,
3S yeajs old, son of the Iste Gustavus F.
Swift, founder of the packing firm of Swift
and Company, has been adjudged insane
by a commission of physicians and has
been an inmate of the Kenllworth sanitar
ium since March t. by order of the county
court. This became public here today. The
petition waa filed March I Louis F. Swift,
a brother, testified that' Mr. Swift had
threatened to kill himself and members of
the family. Excessive use of alcohol was
given as the cause. Mr. Swift is married,
but has no children. He has an annuity
of M.OX) from his father's estate. At the
end of fourteen years will receive tl,.
j 000,000. conservator will be appointed.
It Years ld
if s f
Mm. Ablgal Morrill, Aged 100.
Duffy's Pure I'JhlsEtoif
If you wish to keep young, strong and vigorous and have on your cheeks the glow of perfect health, take Duffy a
Pure Malt Whiskey regularly, according to directions. It tones snd strengthens the heart action and purifies the
entire system. It is recognized as a family medicine everywhere. It is invaluable for overworked men, delicate
women and sickly children. It Is a promoter of health and longevity; makes the old feel young and keeps the
young strong.
CAUTION Whon you ask your druggist, grocer or dealer for Daffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, be sure yoa get the
genuine. It's the only absolutely pore medicinal malt whiskey and Is sold in sealed bottles only; never In balk.
Price $ l.OO. Look for the trade-mark, the "Old Chemist," on the label, and make sure the aeal over the eork la
unbroken. Write Consulting Physician, Duffy Malt Whiskey Co Rochester, N. V., for free Illustrated medical
booklet and free advice.
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gross, relapsed into brutish savagery since
the civil war, living a nomadic life and of
Intelligence scarcely above that of the cattle
they steal. Even the Creeks look down
upon them, although admitting them to
live In camp and even Intermarrying with
them. But the redmen have sacred dances
and rites to which no negro Is admitted.
Reinforcements Called In.
When it was established definitely
through the scouts that it really waa the
Snake himself In the belesgured company,
couriers were aent at breakneck speed to
Camp Hickory with the news to the militia
commander. From that moment the night
became one of concentrated activity.
Fighters, under both civilian and military
rule, were rushed to the scene, mounted
and afoot. . Ammunition and aupply
wagons, already loaded for emergencies,
soon were rumbling on their wsy to the
Various posses out rounding up bad In
dians were reached as far as possible and
ordered to a position in the line around
the chief and his aides. Qun fighters from
the ranches took their places in the circle.
Farmers, in order that the protection of
their homes might be made doubly sure
came armed with runs of various patterns
and made the line stronger by their pres
ence. It was an uprising of the whites
against the reds and lawless blacks. This
motley but grim and efficient body pre
sented a determined front and insisted on
having a finality of the thing then and
there. Craiy Snake waa cornered at last.
But while the moat difficult task waa an-
compllahed, one fraught with infinitely
more danger loomed up just ahead the
fight which seemed imminent.
Whites Flee from Homes.
Whlls this was In progress scores of
frightened white fsmllies had fled from
their homes, fearing outrages by tha law
1 K JSi JL
1 Mi IrfETf k
1 irSSe- iBBt i"2"h ilk
mmn.AB.i Ess. iB-rt: r
Hotel St. Francis
ThA C4fd4r tnUrtainment in th city that enltr tains
I Francisco next October will center in Union Square,
1 . V, nlu tmi'mm thai Rt Francis in tha heart of
the city, siiirounded by the fashionable clubs, shops
and tbeators. Around this park tbe feast of flowers,
ths processions of cavaliers and bull fighters, the crowds of
girls with flowers in their hair and men with sombreros, the
gorgeous Japanese and Chinese Illuminations st night, com
bine with countless other features to create tbe most brillliant
spectacle to be seen in the New World.
The tbrte-wlnged Hotel St. Francis represents the largest
hotel Investment in the West and ths farthest ad fence of
science in hotel service. Upon completion of the Post Street
snnex, it will become the largest hotel in the world.
Under the Manafiement of James Wood
less elements. Throughout the night they 1
went to Henryetta, Pierce, and some even
to Checotah. Their apprehension was not
without cause, for to the south and east
of Pierce scattered 8nake bands were hid
den tn the hills, while still others had gone
to the northeast retreats, making Pierce
the center of the district buffeted by the
uprising. With these desperate ones near,
and with the attention of the authorities
very, naturally diverted for the moment to
Crazy Snake and the chances for his cap
ture, the farms would have been an easy
prey for sliders. For hours many a
farmer fearfully waited for the coming of
redskins who might burn his buildings and
perhaps kill him, but so far as the military
could learn up ts 7 o'clock this morning
no such outrages bad been committed, al
though there were instances of people hav
ing been frightened by the threats of rov
ing war parties.
Thrills were sdded to the situation
shortly after midnight by the urgent call of
Colonel Hoffman for reinforcements. Cap
tain Frank King ef the engineering corps
hurried with his men from Guthrie on
orders from the adjutant general. He ex
pected to reach Henryetta at T o'clock thla
morning and meet a detachment of the sig
nal corps from Blackwell. These he wss
to lead to the Indians' wooded valley and
to Join In the general forward march. The
busy, bustling prcparatlona of the militia
men left but little doubt that with the In
dian leader bottled up in the faatness of
the forest, today would bring forth some
definite developments.
Mrs. Fa any Sachs.
Mra. Fsnny riachs, 69 years old and for
twenty-seven years a resident of Omaha,
died of liesrt trouble early Tuesdsy morn
ing at her home, 1524 North Seventeenth
street. Hor husband. Morlta Sachs, and
four eons Theodore, Martin, Gabriel and
Dr. Adolph Sacha survlvs her. She was a
member of the Eastern Star and Ruth R
bekah lodges and an active worker In the
Ladles Aid society of Temple Israel. Born
in Bohemia, ahe lived in Omaha at one
1 FTF.Srra tn h h1t tn Ran
Mn, Abigail Morrill of New
buryport, M&sb., who is on
hundred yo&n old, tike
Duffy's Pure Msit Whiskey
regularly & a tonic. Mrs.
Morrill says that her health
and vigor is due to this, and
is grateful that she can obtain
such an excellent tonic stim
ulant in her old age.
In sn interview Mrs. Morrill says:
"I have been using Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey for the last two years with
good results, sod I am atlll ugiog It
every day as a tonic. My health is an
good aa can be expected at my advanc
ed age. I am one hundred years old
today, March Slat. I thank, you for
preparing so good a medicine for the
Every testimonial is guaranteed gen
uine and is publiahed la good faith
with full conaent.
Mra. Morrill's experience is similar
to that of thousands of other men sua
women who have been kept strong and
vigorous in their old age by ths use of
Duffy's Pure Malt Wbiekey.
time for seven years and twenty years ago
returned after an absanea and has lived
here ever since. The funeral will be held
Wednesday afternoon at t 'deck at the
home. Burial Is to be in Pleasant Hill
Mrs. James Sally.
Mrs. James Sally, 71 years old. died Mon
day night at her home, 1443 South Sixteenth
street. She wss a widow and haa severai'
grown children living In Omaha. The fu
neral is to be held Wednesday morning at
o'clock at St. Patrick's church. Interment
being tn St. Mary s cemetery. South Omaha.
Wa have the exclusive sste for the
Hoosler lawn fence, ornamental and dur
able. Price, 14c, llo and 10c a foot. P. C.
DeVoI Hardware Co.. 'Phones 17. .
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tot. S3. Sight, F-1WI.
The world's famous black face comedy,
singing and dancing. Harvey and Laval.
Diamond theater, Sunday, Monday, Tues
day and Wednesday,
The Weather
VICINITY Increasing cloudiness, with
possible rsin or snow Wednesday; not
much change in temperature.
FOR NEBRASKA Wednesday rain or
FOR IOWA Partly cloudy In east por
tion, possibly rain or snow In west portion
Temperature at Omaha yeaterday:
i .
a. m
id a. m
U a. m
li m
p. m
p. m
p. m
4 p. m
i p. m
p. m
T p. m ,
f P. m
p. m....
Boston's New Hole!
Bids yea sad yeur frieade s h tasty
welcome. No paiai will be aparad
to aaake your eat rust a bageraae.
Excellent cbsbV-o with service the
beat, ansid sarToundaai ftarsneusly
appointed. Eesrythiaf aew, actraa.
bra sad cosy, 'nh prices mesoaaUs
The Brewster
Cer. BoyUtea giuj Wsshiajlea Sts.
' TiV. 41440 OxrO0. ftj
Diaaet parties befete sad altar Ate
theatre will eaceiea eur special at-1
teatioa. Ladies wSea anipan
will and it asoat caaveniaat Is kare
luacheoa here with very kaswa
comfort aad
Araslie & Grabow Cempaxy,
Hetols Lmm, TniUriM Eseafae.
New Oeeaa Ham a, tWaasaweett
Hassl TkckfUU, Jassalea, W. L
-Milt a Block freaa Kerala t "
it est
Oa the SiMk
5th Ave. &B 'way tw
Offers select accommodations te dis
criminating people.
afiorua every facility fer tne c art
fort of guesia. Situated la th very
heart of the city, lu a very aalet
neighborhood, convenleat to all sur
face. Subway and elevated railway
lines, and In the midst the shea
slog and theater district
Rooms W ith BaU 2 aud tp.
Speclai rates by the month or r mi.
Rostauraot a la Carte.
SBTaT x. MOttnWT, BS,
Voranerly of
New Havea House, hew Itaveav Ceeva.