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'7jjc QTY fiUiS
riM r.
sssglag U'sw Edhnlm, Jeweler.
''. ", 'a. 1 tl A rarnara.
tagala la Th Bmw Tim."
"."aSl If folk:lo, sight draft at
tiitorltj. H D. Steely. ivsr. Omaha,
ta Hs-asaM-kan eat faiianaale
tarwisV repaid monthly. Xebraab gavtagv
nil tVtas AwiKlmoiv IMS Far-am street.
Cwrnt UH
eo. rut mta Rbbt coh
Will, address tha sTrPCInley K-ige. In depend
ent OMir B'aat Brtth, at Continental hall
undajr afternoon an "The Ghetto.'
Tow aaoae ad TaX-aMa In a
af depaait bag lav Hi AarVaa gate
Dopoatt Taulta la the B building; 11
rent a box. r. C. Huitr, fraaloaat.
Tiautsasiil CXua Tha Walnut
Hill Improvement club- will glv a smoker
to- tftg poooerty owner of that district I" ri
dgy reo&g at lf Cumins street. All In
trstnT ar Invited,.
AAds-a. a Baal aleta Xacaaac
Edwed A. Haleey of Chicago executive
secretary of Uia National Real Estate
worladov will iiMm tfia Baal Batata
excnang vVedneada ait "To national Or
ganisation." A. M. mtaaa, Wat National Sana
' buildlna; ta maing nml aatata laaaa wttlw
out delay ut aa tern vary favorable
Jeaa BaMar SaateaV TTta funeral ef
John flutter, wait died Sunday, waa bald)
at Lb Hoffman undertaking parlor Tnea
r ftemraw at o'clock. Th Swiss so
ciety bad charge of tha aarvlca and burial
waa ta Choral. Hill aantatary.
AOaawa BiaaHai fro-a Anar-rrana
Gearry. an alleged deserter- from tha till tad
State army ae frt E. A. Russell, Wya,
waa arraatad Tuesday aftamooa as tha Sa
braaka lodging House by Orflcsr Haltaraiaa.
Ho will be turn ail ever to tha army authori
ty . Tle government now pay a SW for tha
arrest rrt each deserter from tha army.
Vagyo Aaaya vTai tela For annoy
ing telephone girls near tha btlrph-rt build
ing at Eighteenth and Dauglas street flat
onlay avanlng, William Johnson, a Council
Bluffs negro baa bran sent ta Jail for
thirty day a Ha waa sentenced In police
aourt Tuesday morning by Judge Craw
ford: War aa Saw Vax-ft ta'cama Vy Tha
regular monthly moating of tlia Board nt
ack Cammlastawara wilt ba bald Frldsy.
Mombara f tha board My it la pro ban!
that anma action will b takan at thia mat
ing n,lHtlva' to tha nraflmlnary worn ta
ba dnno thia anrlng In Improving tha naw
Lrvt Cartar park.
AJXagaC "gtlca-trr Kaa FTaada On tha
aharffa of aaaaulting and robbing Albart
Andaraoa an Uta night of February IS,
Charlra JF. Wilson waa arraigned In potics
court Ttmaday morning. Ha pleadad not
guilty and tha caaa waa set for hearing
Tlluraday. Four dollar and a pockat
bnifa waa tha extent of Wilaon'a allaged
raaaaal at WUUaai lf William fltar.
ta raaidpnt of Omaha who dlad flun
day, waa buried Tuaaday aftraonn in Tnr
aat Lawn aemrtery. Tha funaral aerrtnc
waa held at the hunt. 19 South. Elgh
tc-nth etret. and many ftienda and mem
bers of AaoiiRt Order of Cnltad Workmen,
Tnion FUclflu No. IT. of which Mr. fltar
la n member, attenUad.
&asy Kaa aa ba War Sixty days In
Ja-I was tha eentanra given GNr Floto,
Hr.I Burt atraatv when- ha racad tha police
jucltf Toaeday morning. Flota wax sharged
with vagrancy and It la allagmt that ha bad
been .aupportad by hla mutllar fnr aaverat
mou tha, although abia to work. Ela family
rcqueted that tha ludga do aomethlhg to
atraighien him out, and Judgn Crawford
dtciiled tliat Jail work and board would b
the beat ramady.
OAarlsy valaa to lefaa Camblaa Tha
eraoiid jnmllng of the Associated rharttlea
and afniliUiKl rganlaationa wilt ba held
In tha council uhamber In tha elty hall on
the afternoon of Mann 12. Tha report
of tha committee appointed to draft article
governing tha co-operation of tha varioua
organixatlona will ba received, and Miss
Junta, aecretary of tha Associated Charttiee,
will dollver'an addreaa on "How May tha
Fubilu Become Better Acquainted with
Chant able aadc Fhilanttiropia Work In tha
Tha above la tha aama of German
chanxioaV whka la ana mt tha aiaay vaiua
bla ingredient f Foley'a Kidney Remedy.
Hesantathylsaatarramina la racognlaad by
edtcal text bcoks and authorltia aa 4
arte acid sulvent and anUaapUn tor tha
arlna. Tax Foley' Kidney Remady aa
aoo aa you, notice any irregularities,, aad
a-retaT a sarloua aioiady. floid by all 4rua
ag laitaa Ilhntnind la
G. . WatUea, president sf tha au-aet
railway eompany. delivered tha saaund ef
bla Ulunimtad lectansa an bla raeant trip
around tha world at All Saintarehtirea last
maht t a gaUtartng aa apprasiauv aa
waa tha aa which heard tha first laotur.
Thia aaeoad addreaa deala wttk tha Phil
tppuiea, China, aad Coraa, and. a waa tha
To This Offer
That ta an simply ask. aad w will
buy you a -atria ta try. Use it aad
loam what It aoaa That la batter la
It sot? than for aa t argue about tt.
Tea wha ara 111 wt&x a germ treubl
tftia apgeal ta ta fw. Aa agpae. b
fair wttk yoursaif. TS time la past tor
treating germ disease ta th aid way;
for- mill tuna bav laaraad, la tha peat
sevaa year, taat Lluouida doaa what
they failed ta accamaiioa. I It But wtaa,
if yaa seed thia hala, t teea-a wbat they
knew about tt?
What Liquocide Is
Uejuacld la a tanta garmltdd. th tr
tuea ef wblck ar derived aaieiy rront
alda gaawa. Ka aleabo. aa nor cot 's,
as thing but gaa enter lata is. Tba pra-
mt sisklag taqalraa large aapararua
aad aansusaaa 14 day tlaa Tha abject I
ta aa eaeabua tba gaaaa win IktuM aa
carry tbaag virtue fat tb ay-tata.
Tba raaalt ta a garmleida aw cart-la
that wa aaiauaa. with awary battla aa affar
( 1 a dtaaaa garaa that f-Utaw-dd
caaaet kill. It aaatr-y thata aa
aua iereia ar mt vtgataAi origin. But
ta tba bady Uquacida ta exhilarating, vt
taltalag. gurlfytag.
Tbat ta Ua aioia dtatlaet-ia. Cummua
ganalrldea ara sataaaa wbaa, taxaa nv-
taraaUy. They ar tmo thi. for they
d -stray tba tiaaoaa aa wail aa th gertaa
Tbat b wby saadlclaa grovaa keipiaea
la gealtng with gersa gluea, Uquacida,
It b cf the
First Importance
That yoor fclood hoI4 b
nornvaJ in red and whits
blood corpuscle and all
other constitnent, whenerer
there ia ezpocare to infec
tious and contagious diseases.
Too biool ia ant normaJ if you haw
acrrjrolav, eruption,, cxtxrrb. rhenma
tiara. annrnia, mmmmmnm, that tirad
feaiinf;, (nag f appetite), ar general
Ton aboald txkiv Hood' StrwmparUla,
and you aboald bcin UJtiaf it at anew.
Hood" Saraaparllla tftecta Its won
derful cure, nat simply because It
contxlna aarsaparllla out beraiwa It
com bin ea tha utmost remedia vaiaes
oT mar thaa in different IngrMlentx,
eac.a greaxiy atrengthened and en
riched by tnlg peculiar combinatlnn.
The Ingredient are the yery reme
dia that umeaaftil physician pre
aenbe; for tha am dlaaaaea and ail
mentx. Thera ta no real substituta tar
Hood' Saraapartlla. If arged ta buy
any preparation a!d ta be) "fust a
good" yan may ba aura it ta Inferior,
coata lam to rnaxx and ylelil.f tha
aaajar a larger profit.
Bee Hoed Saraanarnia today, tn aaaal
Dqnid ar aablwai eallad SarwAaba, IDtdoaea .
flrat, 1 enhanced by aumerou Hluatratlona
and many moving picture, which bring
tha Ufa of tha orient near to tha audlenca.
InelaiiMi a
Following the laad of seven other Im
provement cluba. tha Dupnnt Improvement
stub. In the Second ward, laal night paaaed
resolution approving of tha proposed occu
aatloa tax ordinance now pending In thn
city touneff. The club which previously
emiorsad tha ordinances are the New South,
west. Rlvervlew, Fontanelle. Southweet,
Twelfth Ward. Druid Hill, and Newport
The endorsement followed tha" delivery
sf an addreaa by Councilman Harry B. Zlm
maa explaining tha purpose of tha pro
paaed ardlnances and the hope of reducing
general taxes by com palling tha public ser
vice corporations to pay a tax. The coun
cilman quoted from official statistics of
other attiea. showing that taxes varying
from a small per cent to aa much xa 10 per
cent on tha gross receipt are paid, and de
clared that tha eorporatlona In Omaha are
receiving a sufficient revenue to afford tn
pay into the city treasury a tax for tha use
of tha streets.
Ceunciiman Lee Bridge, who also ad
dressed tha club, seconded Mr. Zlmmaa tn
tha request that a demand be made upon
the councilmen to vote for tha paaaaga of
tha proposed ordinance.
9am. K. Greenleaf. who has filed for tha
republican aomlnatloa tor city clerk, spoke
, briefly, asking bla hearer for their support
ac tha primaries; and L P. A. Bruechert
apoke In behalf of William A. Chapman,
who baa Sled for tha republican nomination
for councilman from, the Twelfth, ward. A.
tnda presided at tha meeting.
A VrteJfctfat Hxpartewee
with btllouaneaa, malaria and constipation
la .oulckly overcome by taking Dr. King's
BTear Ufa Fllla Sc. For sale by Beaton
Drug Co.
Assistant United States District Attorner
A. W. Uuw of Lincoln waa a visitor at
Cedar XI haadituartar Tuesday.
a. T. Wails of Casper. Mr. and Mr. A.
EL Lenst of Fairfax and R. Haaton of
Kansaa City are sc the Millard.
Oaorga H. Mead of H.isiinaa, C. A. Ander
son R. W. Richer of Berirand and C. W.
Malcolm of Kansas City ar at tha Hen
shj.w. H. R. Lewi. A. H. Koun of Lincoln. C
T. Brown of Buffalo and Mr. and Mrs. J.
William of Talisman are at tha Her
J. T. Edmund of Rushvllle. C. K. Cull
ef Oakland, W. W. Rutlatrom of Huldrega
and M. T. Nagle of at. Paul are at the
Hotel Loyal.
J. O. Freaton of Onford. Mrs. Mary Flta
gsrald, Mlsa Fltagnrald of Lincoln; O. t
Hewitt of Tfailgtl and H. L. Stewart of
Lexington are at the Rome.
E. C. Engia of Denver. D, V. Martlndale
of Cheyenne. N.. L. BlaJce ef Central City.
Fred Orlglawar of Shuhert. A. Dixon of
Panama and A. Leish of Xebraaka City are
at the Schlita.
X. Lansdale Doup. J. Q. Swarhnut of
Winnipeg, C. B. Harrla of Daadwnod. Ban
B. Beiser of Oakdale. Emma Bsnxa of
Tyndall and Dr. F. ilmua of Oakland
ara at tha Paxton.
Peter Duhamel of Rapid City, S. D., who
"punched" oners with Mayor Dahlman In
tha early dava ia In tne city for the pur
pose of looking after business Interests and
visiting witti tha mayor. Mr. Duhinui
ewna a Xu-acre farm between South Omaha
and Fort Crook.
Oeorg Arkwrtght of Beatrice, president
of tha Mebraatta Jewelers' asenclatlon ta
a guest at tha Millard. Ha la her u meet
and confer with tha offlcera and executive
enmmtttea of the association reiarlve to the
meeting of the ei are aaeortauoa. which
convenes la Omaha Wednesday.
Brigadier Oensral Morton, commanding
tha Department of tha Missouri. Lieuten
ant Colonel W. P. Evana. chief of staff,
and Major D. E. McCarthy left for De
Moines Tuaaday afternoua to look over the
ground for tne proposed milltarv tourna
saenc to ba held sear 'hat city .a Septem
ber. ay ires
and Sea What Liquocide
aa th contrary,
Oft as a remarkable
We Paid $100,000
For the right to Liquudde, after thou
sands af tset bod been made with It.
After It power bad bean demonstrated
for mora than two years tn the moat
difficult germ dine. Condition which
had real -ted medicine for year yielded
at enca ta It, and dlaeaaea cuoaidered la
c urabie war cured .
That wa aaa yaar ago. Sine then
million af aeopi ta every par of the
wurtd bav snared tn, tha benefit af
tal lnventloa. Nearly every hamlet,
every aeighbarbaad, haa living example
of tt power. Now we ask eu to let It
da for you what tt aid for them .
Germ Diseases
Moat mt aug aicxae-a aa, ia tat years,
beea traced la germ attack. Soma gwrm
a In skin trouble dlraetly attack th ,
tlaeuea Sam ereata toxin, eaaatag sues
troubles aa Rnanmatlam. Blood Pataua, I
Kidaey Dlaeaa aad nerve weaxneaa Some .
dowtray tt-l rgaaa. aa ta Caaouraptioa.
Some like tba germ at Catarra ra I
taflammatiaa; soma causa tadlgeatioa. Ia 1
ana mt ttxmmm way, aearly every aeriou
ailment la a germ reeuiL
Suatb uaditlaaa call for a germii.lla.
aot for eotnjBoa drugs, lUuocula ana
vbat atner siaana caoaut a-cvuuplian. And
Toaaiatiott Broad tni SlrtiTij aaoli
far Grestcst cf Istious.
aadvs seas y mt Him gitrtai " la
rirtiaar Xumt by Rli ,
Bkalita ef Cataaaaa aael
Sf b e e Sawiavbaaw
Rav. Frank L. Love land and Prof. Nathan
Bernstein dellverM the principal addresses
Mmdxy night at the Washington birthday
enaervanre at the T.mng Men Chtia
tlan association under the auspices of the
high school.
The sloppy condition of the streets
waa no bar to a large attendance. The
large hall was prettily draped with flags,
with a large picture of Washington suit
ably draped over the speaker" wand, the
decorxtlone being the work of the Girl'
Booeter club.
The program opened with two selections
by tha Omaha High school cadet hand.
Vocal wiloa were rendered by Ed Parrott
and Win Prenticai
The chairman of the evening waa Tlce
Principal Woolery of tha high school, who
Introduced Rev. Frank L. Loveland and
Prof. Nathan Bernateln as tha peakHr of
tha avanlng.
Wntlsalsa Staade ta Idea.
"Waahingtion. tha Incarnation of an Idea,"
was tha subject sf Dr. Lovs'.asii'a addreaa
Ha held that Oorga Waaningwn was the
veritable personification of the Idea of ub'
arty. With tha great man of former age
they were more particularly tha exponent
ef great Idea, tha thought of which '
owned by other. But with Washington
existed the idea of perfect liberty and
democracy, he not being merely Its In
carnation, but It exponent aa wen. wr.
Loveland drew a picture of the American
situation when Washington took command
of tha army. Tha Briuah with their scarlet
uniforms, splendid equipment of rm and
banners, with the record of twelva con
quered nation to their credit, were mdeed
a formidable host to confront the embattled
farmer of taxlngton and Concord. But
undaunted by splendor nd panoply of war.
tha farmer .battallona of America. Inspired
by tb ptnt af Washington, drove tha
Briton from American shorts and built a
nation whose equal the world ha never
known. "And here, after over Wt years,
v ar again celebrating the birthday of
the great character of that struggle for
liberty, whose patriotism ia tha inspiration
af the agea and whose renown shall con
tinue with increasing glory so long as there
breathe th pir1t of liberty.-
Maay 9 Idea af Cbaaatae
Professor Xxthan Bernstein address
treated of tha "Many aide of the Life and
Character of Washington." He held that
I there waa nothing new In the celebration
of Waehington's birthday In this year or
1801. "W have been celebrating his birth
day for over a century, but hla many-elded
life ha given the stimulus not merely for
thia century of celebrations, but will be
the Inspiration of celebratlona for eenturiee
ta come. Hia life la encoinpoaaed In tha
Ufa of the nation far which he wrought so
much. He was not appreciated by tha peo
ple of bla lime, because of hi vision and
philosophy being broader. Then there wax
a population of scarcely 6.0M.(j6. He was
great then, but bis greatne has kept a
steady and unvarying pace with the In
creasing population and national growth,
now reaching 8O.08t.0Ht of people, and his
aolusaal character measures up to the pres
ent era of America's greatness, and will
eonUnua increasing with th growth e&tha
nation for all ages to come. Hla Ufa la the
Inspiration of the young not merely of
America but of all lands and nationa. Hla
domes tic life ia the Inspiration of every
home hearth. He la the highest model of
the politician and statesman tha world has
ever known. He waa Infinitely broad,
democratic, annservatlve, and, above all.
tnflniteiy fair. Me recognised no church or
creed a being a part of tha political gov
ernment to be built, and it waa hia mighty
tnfluence that kept creed out of the Amer
ican constitution. For bla broad oonserva
tlveness In such matters, while personally
a communicant of the church of hla choice
and a conalstent member of it, ha waa be
loved by the devotee of every creed, and
for his efforts tn securing the broadest ex
ercise of unrestrained religious liberty, bo
received commendatory letters from the
prelates of every church of every religious
denomination and belief. Ha believed and
practiced the principles of the brotherhood
of man and stantl today as ha will for alt
time, tha beet exponent of th statesman,
politician, leader, soldier and cttlaen that
tha modern world baa produced."
tassal Dtaaaw Kaigbta mt Tslaaibw
Tha annual dinner of tha Knighta of
Columbus was given at the Matropotltoa
club Monday avanlng commemorative of
Washington a birthday and wax aa elabor
ate social event. Tha guesta were ta full
evening dress, tha member of tha order
wearing tha ribbon and Insignia of the or
ganisation. Fifty-two couples, comprising many of
tha beat known people of Omaha, socially,
and la a business sense, sat around tha
banquet board, Tha knight and their wlvaa
aad woman mends first assembled In tha
reception parlora of the club and promptly
at t:30 began the grand promenade to th
banquet hall above, to tha strains of
Soosa's grand march, "Stars and Stripe
Tha hall waa appropriately decorated for
Means to Ytu
It 1 wrong t cling to aid ways when
million ef people know a way that la
50c Bottle Free
' If yu wish to know what Liquocide
doe pleas ssad ua this coupon. Wa
will men mail you aa arder an a local
druggist for a full sis bottle, and will
pay th arugglat ouraelve fur it- Thia la
ur free gift, mada ta convlnua you; to
let tha product itself ahow you what It
eaa do. Ia JuaUce to yourself, p leaa ac
cept It today- for It place you under aa
obligation whatever.
Liquovtda aaaix too aad tl
Fill It aut and mall it to th Liqituanna
Compaay, lv EL kCinai SL, CbLago.
My dlaeoau la
I have never tried tha new Liquocide.
ir vou, win supply at wu.i a sue
ia irea, 1
SJT Giv full addreaa write piaialy.
Liquoeide ta th perfected form of th
praduct wnich. ta lta erlginai form, wo
u .lea, Liiuaaa
Aay phyeir'aa er hoapltal aot yet ualng
Liuuociu alii b i-adi aupuu-o. fur a
tb erraainn and the menu wa in f ill
keeping with the el i nova ; a evnt.
C. J. Smyth wta toaetmaetr. Th pm-
ornuig remarka of Mr. Smyta. An addrea,
"The Catholic Paul).' was responded to
by Mr. Rush, after which the "9ir I
Singled Banner" waa rendered. Mr
honey r-imomted to the eentiment. "Pmvl- 1
denre ." Brother Raohaet, O. 3. F. snake
anon "Onr Schmla." The closing response
wa M "Our (uesta. The Ladles." by Rev.
P. A. Mdjovern. Musical numhera, "(Jod
of Might." "Annie Laurie' and "Auld Lang
Syne." were mingled with the program,
whlrh closed with the grind patriotic
choroa of "America' the entire ansnnhlage I
Tha reception enmmirtea consisted of Mr.
snd Mrs. flrbmldt. Mr. and Mrs. Redmond.
Mr. and Mr-. O' Hern. Mr. and Mrs. SmytS
and Mr. and Mrs. Crowley.
Our Letter Box
Contrlbutlnna on UmeTy topics invited.
Write leg:bly on one side of the pep-r
only, with name and address appended.
Unused contributions will nut be re
turned. Lettera exceeding 3" worde will
be subject to being cut down at the
discretion af the editor. Publication ef
vlewa of enrreepnnden rs does not conx-
it Tha Bee to their endorsement.
OMAHA. Fen. 22. To th Editor of
The Bee: Referring to an article on tn
first page of your Saturday evening's Is
sue of The Bee. under the caption,
"Elmer Colls it Resigning," w wish you
would. In faimeee to Mr. Thomas, make
a correction. A a matter of fact. Mr.
Thorn aa waa re-elected president of the
Douglas County Antl-SaJoon league last
Deasmber against his expressed wish.
At least two or three time- since his re
election he ha given notice of hia resig
nation, but not until tit last meeting of
the league on February ill, last, waa his
resignation acrapted. Rev. B. F. Fellman
wa elected to flit the vacancy The rec
ord ef the league will bear out these
statement. HARRT A. 3TONK,
secretary Louglas County Anti-Saloon
L ague.
Colonel deright is safe
Callaat W arrive te 4 Me te allay
Aastaty mt Htm Reekes.
taw Frtaad.
The riot at South Omaha haa brought the
colonels on the staff of Governor Shullen
berger into the limelight and their fame is
spreading broadcast all over tha land. Now
that the governor has seen rt to call out
the militia to guard the peace of the com
munity, friends of the "fighting" colonels
all over the country are becoming solicitous.
From the far east comes a messago of
fear lest Colonel Deright might have be.en
Injured In the recent conflict. t M. Antia-
del. editor of the Rochester Herald, wlrvd
to hi bunting companion. Frank L. Camp-
bell to learn. If thHlr mutual friend hud
bean injured. Thi message was received
by Mr. Campbell late Monday night:
ROCHESTER. N. T.. Feb. 2. Mr. Frank
L. Campbell. 113 New Tork Life Building.
Omana: Waa Colonel Delight's command
engaged in the battle of South Omaha.' If
so. was he Injured, and where. News dis
patcher here apeak of him aa a "battle
scarred veteran." We Interpret thia to
mean "bottle scarred veteran."
OMAHA. Feb. 3. Mr. L. M. Antlsdel,
Rochester Herald, Rochester. N. T.: I beg
leave to report that the gallant fighting
colonel escaped injury; that hia command,
anmpoaed of several hundred of the rlow-r
of Governor ghaiiennerger'a staff, in full
dree uniform, made a Hunk attack on th
enemy, drove them Into a saloon and com
manded oil to ta-u a drink,, after wiilch. on
armistice was uoncludeii.
Mr. Antlsdel somas lout to Omaha and
Joins Messrs. Campbell and Daright In hunt
ing expeditions ov.&s Nebraska and over
lamnus reservations.
Keaamt fa Xm 9plS la fnraaaw
aa tm Olvere Plea riled my
eay foe Jt ra. L alleey-
Mrs. Theresa S. Cilery wishes to know
Just how she can be accused of "nagging
and harassing her husband," and how her
treatment of him "ha largely Impaired his
earning capacity," and "how it has inter
fered with his advancement" Cilery mode
these statements In a petition for divorce
filed tha other day. and Mrs. Cilery,
through her attorney, comes bock with a
'request that plaintiff be compelled to malm
hia allegations more specific on these
Jury trials hung fire Tuesday tn dis
trict court because of lawyers delays, but
the divorce mill grinds on. though not
"merrily," perhaps. . Clara Walker la
granted a divorce from Frank Walker on
tha ground of non-supnort and Effle
Vaughn 1 likewise now legally separated
from Thomas Vaughn. Mrs. Pauline Doll
soul time ago sued Michael Doll for di
vorce. The husband now asks that a Jury
rule a to whether he locked hia wife out
of the house and whether he failed to sup
port her properly. Abandonment la tha
plea of John K. Muckley, who- charge
that . Grace Muckley fled from him two,
months after tha wedding bells hod rung.
J. M. Wall. Kssataya of gtmad A
C. Areatd aw a gaavseiaaa
Cbaraatev by Pel-x.
A recent robbery of money and check
from the office of Stroud & Co.. Commer
cial avenue and Belt line, has resulted In
the arrest of the bookkeeper, J. B. Wal
lace, who ta held by tha police a a aus
picious character. He waa found by Offi
cer La Hey Monday night in a saloon at
Twelfth and Douglas streets, trying to
pass a SZS check. A charge of forgery will
probably ba filed igrunst him.
One of the members of the Stroud firm
reported tha los to the police a w days
ago and Wallace's arrest resulted. He bad
a number of blank checks in his posses
ston. hut the signed checks belonging ta
tha company snd stolen from them were
not found.
John Stewart, a room mate and acquaint
ance of Wallace, has also been arrested,
as it Is thought that though he hud noth
ing to da with tha theft, ho may shad soma
light on the matter Captain davage inrk.d
him up Tuesday morning. Both be and
Wallace live at Norrh geventeenuh
Willi, ma Ifcaluf mm
Wdaday at Flrat at Mid-Day
Keatiaoni at CatbedraJ.
I Tile Episcopal church, will observe Lent
: a usual throughout Cmaha, pariahea
i noonday services wtll be held at Trinity
I cathedral. Eighteenth street and. Cauitoi
: avenue, fur the eoxxaiciu ef bus inea
i people, beginning Aon. Wednewf y. rb
' ruary 3L when Right Rav. Arthur Wll
I llama, butbop af brakA wll be the
l speaker.
Tha service ara to be s un t, loauig eni.y
from 1. U ta C M a e!o k. They :il ba
held daily thrqug.huuc LanC anui.tu.. a
eepted. Th apeaor tot tha ba.aaca ef
thi wis. Tbur . Fniixv .". t Sacuct-iy.
will ba Tn ... v A. St viler, jaaii at
tha a h,lra .
Tells OmsJu Cult PtwiJent Sroujit
AaaaaJ Disss rlaga
ww a Jwtly
Caaagaay aad Wfealsg 9s
ssaa aael Will Hay ward
Address Is.
"Roosevelt brought till rr-mtry hack
nearer to the ten commandments than tt
has been for fifty y-ars." fa id Joseph
K. Carey, former senator from Wyoming
and the man who drew tip the Carey act
nnder which thcnwtnd of scr of arid
nd semi-arid lands of the west are being
made to blossom like a rose through Irri
gation. Hla toast at the annual Washing
ton birthday bampiet of the Omaha elub
was "Roosevelt, tha Retiring President.'
and he Mid of tha many re forma which
have hren wrought during the year- Theo
dore Rmeeve't has been president of th
United States.
Mr. Carey told of the transformation of
tha arid waste Into fertile flelda since ha
flrvt crossed the Miseourl fiver Into Omaha
with the Intention of making thia hia home.
He said he had a letter of Introduction ta
General Charles V.' Manderson and also
krew the father of William Hayward. tha
other sneaker of tha evening, who la now
secretary of th republican national com
mittee. "Today the world celebrate tha memory
of one who waa great In council. In ec
and wt, and who dedicated hi life ta th
outraged colonies.' said Mr. Carey.
Theodora Roosevelt la cf no class and
there is only one of such In a century.
Taken under all condition you may say
he ia a many-aided man. but every aids
be has presented ta the people has been
for the benefit of the people. He Ba been
a friend of th home and a friend at the
country. He Is th greatest warrior tn thi
country and yet the greatest peacemaker,
radical and yet conservative. Hia chief aim
has caui ta bring reforms, nat against th
wealthy or th railroad-, but for tha rail
roads and their employes in favor of ail
manner of men in this auuntry.
Mr. Roosevelt 1 alive today mora tha
ne haa ever been. Ia two week he give
up tha executive ohair, willingly, ta go into
retirement of private life. Ha will still, as
a private citlaen, be one of the most In
fluential men in this republic;. No pnesident
ever retired from office so young. Hi
record ba been so positive and certain that
no man can claim to ba responsible for hi
administration, although you have a reai
dent of Nebraaka who claim to be th
author af Roosevelt's policies. He ha been
hated and detested and yet i one af aur
! best beloved president,
I "Not until he was elected president on
his own account did he get away from th
! policies of the peaceful president whu pre-
ceiled him. He stood for the beat ideals
of aur system of government."
"Little did Jefferson know what h bad
bought when ha took over thia section of
the country," said William Hayward of
Nebraska City, in responding to the toast
af "Jefferson Bargain." Experts who bad
been sent our to thia country reported that
It wo no good, because no tree would
grow, but Uiay. did not have a J. Sterling
Morton then to show the value of placing
aappllng all over those western plain.
Mr. Hayward drew a forceful picture by
comparing the purchase ta a sleeping giant
which was Just beginning to awake and to
shew th stuff of which, ha wo mada.
Ha said there were five time aa many
scuool teacher on what wa th L-ulaian
purchase a there' were soldiers In Wash
ington's army. "Jefferson s bargain 1 now
bearing Interest at the rata ef 19.(X) per
cent per annum from tha resource of tha
farm a alone.
"While we are oil proud of our stare, we
are more proud of thia nation of Ours and
the American peaplo- see in a strong na
tional government but a reflection of them
selves." M. L. Learned, president of the Omaha
club, waa toast master and about too mem
bers of the club gathered around the board
to celebrate the memory of Washington
and to hear tha distinguished speakers.
The guests were seated in groups at small
tallies and the banquet room waa deco
rated with flowers and flags.
Btggor, Better. Buster That's what ad
vertising In Th Bea due for jour
Terrible Red Patches en Face and
Arms Made Victim Ashamed ta be
Seen Suffered Intensely far Ten
Months Expert Treatment Gave
N. Relief Two Sets of the
"Abrmt two veara 040 I onntractad.
cema ami suffered intensely for about
ten month. AC tuna I thought; I
would scratch myself b piacea. Mr
faca and arms were covered wiui lax 3a
red patches, so that I wa ahamod U
go out. I wa advised to go ba a doctor
who waa a specialise in skin diseases,
but I receive! very little renef. I cried
everv known r metiy, with tha same
results. I thought 1 would never get
betur until a fritmd of mi a told me ta
try th CuciL'uro. Eatnedie. 80 I tried
tnem a the latt mwum?. and I am very
glad that I aid, far after four or five
applu-atione of t.uticura, OintmacC t wa
relieved cf my unbearable iu-hing. (
neei t a set of tha Curifurg Bemedia.
iSuapi Ointment and Pills), and I ara
complet'Clv cured. I aiway recom
mend Cuticura to any ana that is suf
fering and in every eaae it seems to eur.
Mios Bare ara Krai, fl'J'l Mt. Pleaeant
A 78., Hiatiianiiuiwn, Ml. Jtux. 9, 'Ua."
Fretful Babies
Suflarina; from Skin humors.
Soothed ta Shtf try
A warm bath with Cutirura Soap and
g gent-a amiincmg wu.1l Cuticura Otnb-
msnt.t puree aad
weeteet of etnotli
"nra. aiTord bnmetfiata
relief in tha most dia
' treastng forma of ttcn-
ing, burning, scaly mom.
I cruatad humor, wis
moo. rashe. infliwnmar
boo . urntot-ona and
rbanga'? a-fancrand
'eniii-ir.iMHi. permit read
oca mio aad. poma a
a o tv aur wen o-L
char s ntuiitm ft.-. utr !itwe;
htH:y c-iw aut atar z wn- ? .. :.a
Vr a-
-4 v,iVr
Goody oral r Ralneoaitsj Rw'art Suprvm"
V .1 iou ieea tne naincoai,
1 " 3 TIT TT Tt
II I v
t . - (i V 1
it' ! . .. '
' 1 . ' .
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Rambler Automobile Company
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Let ug exslain.
Omaha Loan & Building Ass'n.
3. E. Cor. 16th und Dodi Streets
GEa Vr.LQOJCIS, 'J. JC yATTtJ'ilS. .IT-in
asu S2.zs?.ooaao
K Bee Want Ad
vzill rent ihzi T-tcnt riui,
fill thci v-cnt r:rr,s, cr
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