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President of National League Given
Indefinite Leave of Absence.
All Evidence la Hands of Leagae la
Tiriifl Over National Cnw
. mission for Ita Coaald
, . emtlon.
CHICAGO, PVb. la-Facticma! strife in
the National league was relieved at the
closing arairion of tha magnates yesterday
when President Hurry C. Pulttam waa
grant d an Indefinite leave of absence at
Ma own request that" ha may recover from
tha nervous atraln to which h haa been
subjected for aome time past. John A.
Heydler, secretary and treasurer, will act
aa president during Pulllam'a absence.
Tha disagreement of President Pulllam
wMh certain National league magnates pro
vldod material for moat of tha discussion
during the cloning hour and while tha
league president lived up to the propoaed
intention of remaining away from the meet
ing because he was wearied of the con
fHet, the league rr presents I vee spoke of
him aa an efficient executive and voted
Unanimously to grant Mm an Indefinite
leave of absence.
Harmony All A.rnann'.
In order to leave nothing lacking in the
way of good feeling which marked tha last
day of the big meeting President Charles
W. Murphy of the Chicago National league
club apologised In open meeting to PreaV
dent Ban Johnaoa of thn American league,
who waa pi escnt at the session on Invita
tion for the purpose of telling what he
knew of the attempted orlblng of Umpires
Klem and Johnstone during the - closing
aerlea In Chicago between tha home
team and the Ictrolt Americana. The
entire bribery problem proved to be ao
difficult of handling that tt was decided
that the statements of the umplrea and ail
evidence in tha hands of the special com
mittees be turned over to tha national com
mission fur auch action aa It may de
termine. Chairman Hermann of tha commission
may call a meeting of the commanding
powers of base ball tomorrow to get to
the bottom of the scandal, but he expreased
himself aa undecided.
The Information presented by Ban John
ton to the National league magnate waa
kept secret for the time being, the matter
being of such' vital Importance In tha af
(alra of tha "National game that It waa con
sidered desirable to withhold rumors and
allegations until ' the National commission
M ready to report.
It waa after Mr. Johnson had addressed
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THt COLONIAL. Nassaa, Banana Ula.
J w l',H soul o Miami,
baa km hiaaa aa klaal Ashing
amp. with avary comfort.
1 IT Hll.( MIAMI. CUB.
Tha new mil line along t lorida kurs is
aomvUiad to K nu h u K v.eoniwct iua wita
ainnhnia fur iiaana and JkeyUest.
For htfonuatloa relative to tickets,
hotel r mhuh. alanm ai n-rU.r
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ST. . saia nrtt evg.
CHtcase ma vesa
a . awauanat. sta.
I jT CLorniNfi compaai
pouch ..
the National leaani magnate that Presl-
dent Murphy apologised for whatever ha
had aald In tha past oonoernlng tha Amer
kan league exscutlva.
While tha formality of handshaking waa
dispensed trtth Johnson bowed hla acknowl
edgements and ha waa voted tha thanka of
tha nmgnatea for his efforts rn behalf of
tha national game.
Ticket Confutation l.
Tha ticket complication during tha cham
pionship aeries In Chicago between trie
home team and New Tork waa con Into
at soma lentth and It waa decided that tha
matter bo Investigated mora fully by Presi
dent Murphy and tha chairman of tha Na
tlonal commission.
In handling tha problem of ticketa the
magnates brought woo t tha players by
adopting a rule that no paasea be Issued to
tha latter either to tha borne grounda or
while they are at other cities. Provision
will be made for the lasuaxioa of paaaea to
tha wives of players, but hereafter tha
choaen frlonda of tha diamond stars will
be obliged to dlapensa with free admls1
alone. Tha directors alao decided to do
away wtlh the practice of giving "free
ladles' days" in any of tha National league
National Agreeaaeat Amended.
The propoaed amendment to the national
agreement was ratified by the league.
Cluba will be limited In the major leagues
to twenty-five players between May 16
and Auguat 30 and thirty-five ptayera after
the latter data mentioned. Tha claaa A
leaguea will be limited to aixteen and
twenty-five In the same arrangement aa
regards dates. After considerable discussion
it waa deolded that the dates of poatponed
gamea a hall be fixed by the home team
on tha day of postponement. When "double
headers" are arranged according to thia
plan tha umpires must be notified by the
home cluba in order that they may be on
hand without delay of being assigned by
the headquarters of the league.
In the resolution granting President Pul
llam a leave of absence the magnates ex
preaaed the hope that he would return to
hla duties fully restored in health.
"During his absence," the resolution aet
forth, "ha will be relieved of all respon
sibility and John A. Heydler. now aecre-
tary and treaaurer, la hereby appointed
acting president withfull authority In the
office which carries representation on the
national commission." In tha atatement
issued by President Pulllam before the
meeting ha expreased tha hope that baae
ball would not meet the fate which has
overtaken horse r&clns throughout the
country and announced that name at the
magnates "were inclined to kill tha goose
that laid the golden egg."
It was when this atatement waa made
publlo and President Pulllam failed to ap
pear that a conference waa held and the
president asked that he be granted a leave
of absence. It la probable that he will go
to California Monday next.
Kiraky'i Premtaed Boaaja.
The National commission . at Its next
meeting will act on tha requeat of Pres
ident Murphy to be permitted to pay a
$10,000 bonus to his players, as per the
promise made before the cloae of laat
season' a championship aeries.
President Murphy eays ha sent a letter
to the National commlaalon laat Tueaday
asking permission to make good his prom
ise, but up to tha present time no action
haa been taken. Chairman Herman de
clined to dlscusa 'the matter; and Presi
dent Murphy Instate ha is willing to pay
over the money providing ha la given
official sanction.
The American league officials, aa well
as the executives of tha cluba rapreaented
In the American association and Western
league, were not in evidence during the
closing hours of tha National league
meeting and trading waa not active.
President Comlskey announced that Fred
Parent, tha Chicago American league short
stop, had signed a contract for the season
of 1901 and plana are almost completed for
tha California training trip.
The Chicago National league olub tonight
traded Pitcher Durbln and Third Baseman
Downey to Cincinnati for Outfielder Kane.
PalUasa la St. Laala.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Feb, 19. Harry Pulllam,
president of the National League of Baae
Ball clubs, arrived In St. Louis this morn
ing, accompanied by Stanley Roblaon, prea
Idtnt of the St Louie club,
Mr. Pulllam arrived without baggage, and
the attempt of hla fellow magnates of tha
National league to keep him In Chicago
was confirmed by friends, who cams down
on tha aame train.
Pulllam refused to dlacuse tha Indefinite
leave of absence granted him by tha league,
of which ha is the titular head.
"I'm hare for my health," said Pulllam.
"I'm going to Cincinnati thia afternoon or
"I'm not going to realgn. I'll stick to
the last ditch. They can fire me, but I
won't realgn. That'a all I have got to say.
I'm tired and my nerves are a wreck, and,
besides, I'm through talking."
Taat la tha Dove at the San ok Hemea
ava4 Other H oases.
There Is a growing belief at the Smoke
houae and In other sporting quarters of
Omaha that Bill Schlpke will play third
base for Minneapolis thia season.
Mike Cantlllon, manager of the Millers,
lias let Lee Qulllln go to Dea Moines; Joe
Cantlllon, manager of Washington, has
Hooght Wld Omroy from the Highlanders;
Hohipke played a great third for tha Sen
ators last year, but lacked in batting,
hanca tha conclusion that Skipper BUI will
be replaced In Washington by Conroy and
Qulllln In Minneapolis by Schipke.
Incidentally Qulllln will play in tha out
field at Dos Molnea, according to present
plana Qulllln is one of the disappointments
of base ball. No young player promises mora
than he, but whan ha went to the White
Sox ha eeemed unable to keep his head and
conaequeot'y soon became worthless to
Comiitkey, who promptly slid him on to
Minneapolis and now Minneapolis is
through vlth him.
Oonroy's sale to Washington Is taken by
aome good authorltiee to mean that Kid
Hlberfteld will, after all, be retained by
Kt&lllnga aa regular third baseman for
New York Americana and Ward will play
short. If thia dope provea correct and un
less tha rantankeroua Kid takes a wonder
ful brace In himself, things look better
than ever for Jimmy Austin. If he can't
put a tuck or too In El ber field at this third
corner It will be a surprise to many fan a
Kvldently Stalllnga meana to hang onto
Austin. He wouldn't dare talk of letting
him go- Not a team would waive on him.
Ha would be grabbed up tha moment Naw
York raised Ita finger.
Kama Tkreatrsa ta Bares Taylea
Tamaa Thia Seasea.
Devoteea of Cy Young In Boston threaten
to boycott tha Boston American league
team because President Taylor has sold
old Cy Young, their Idol, to Cleveland.
Young could draw a larger crowd than all
the rest of the team put together, and
ha won lila share of gamea, too, and would
have won many more had he. a team of
hla caliber back at him. Soma of the
alrongest baae ball nten in Boston are up
In arms and decsara that they will show
Taylor before this season ia over that ha
made the error of hla Ufa la letting out
the Grand Old Man.
When Lou Crlger, Young's old-time pal
and catcher, waa ald to tit. Louis It be
came evident that Taylor might let Young
go, too. But Young and Crlger both hoped
they might be aold to tha aame team, ao
that they could continue their association
of a score ot yeara.
Kicks and protests sre pouring in like an
avalanche upon President Taylor, who per
hapa is unable now to undo whet be has
Jimmy McAleer, manager of tha Browns,
and bia chief. President Hedges, still are
wondering how they oama to lose out on
Cy Young. When Lou Crlger was traded
to St. Louis, Young expreased his dissatis
faction with the dl. He waa aoeuatomed
to have Loula catch him and said ha would
not know how to act with any one else be
hind the bet.
Knowing this. MnAleer and Hedjree ma1n
overturea to rresldnt Taylor for Young's
relrasn. Taylor told McAlrer ha would
trade Toung for Rube WaddHI J
naturally balked at this. Inasmuch aa the
ttiiDe la quite aa good a drawing card aa
Cy and la not aa old.
Taylor thin asked MoAleer for an offor.
Jimmy made him one and John I. aald he
would ronalder it and let him know in the
morning. Jimmy would not eay what
ptayera he offered In exchange for the
veteran, but volunteered the Information
after the Cleveland rtal had been made
that the athletes the Browns had promised
to provide outclassed tha ones the Napa
turned over.
And the Cleveland exchange came off a
few minutes after McAleer and Taylor had
their talk.
"We wanted Young." aald Preaident
Hedgea yesterday, "and thought we would
be given the call, aa Cy wanted to Join
Crlgvr. But you never can tell."
Players Are Y.ataerlna; Fast and Cen
tral West Toaraey la la
Whist players from all over the middle
weat have arrived to participate in the
fifteenth annual meeting of the Centra!
Whlat association. The towns already
represented at the tournament which is held
at the Rome today and Saturday are;
Harlan, Sioux City. Elk Point. St. Joaenh.
York, Grand Island, Bloux Falla. Pleasant
valley, Omaha and Council Bluffs, and J.
J. She from Oklahoma City.
The whist players took possession of the
banquet roam at tha Roma as soon as the
hardward men gave way and a business
meeting waa started at 1:30 p. m. with
regular play acheduled for 2 o'clock.
Tha program:
X TV fn Vfrat nlau fnaa , V, T, I V .
Challenge Trophy, for teams, of four. Only
1 1 win viiu diud eiigioie.
J p. m. First play of the pair contest
for the Hp. Milfnoa Tmnhv In uklnk " .
number of pairs from any club may enter.
( p. m. Second play for . the Richards
Challenge Trophy.
X r m. Apnnnii nlatr fn. i,m. Ti-
11 a. m. Business meeting.
3 n. m ThtrA anil final nlair - IV. .
Richards Challenge Trophy.
1 n. m Thlrri MnA final nlau n T-
- " - a" - J v waa wa
Molnea Trophy.
8 p.- m. -Free-for-all pair contest for
Bcfrmelser Trophy, under the Mitchell Pro
gressive system. Pairs many be arranged
without regard to club membership.
Presentation of trophies and prises. .
Oregons Defeat Prra Normal.
PERU, Neb., Feb. 19. (Special.) The
Normal boys' basket ball team met the
Oregon team here last evening In a gam
of ball which resulted In a store of 31 to
11 In favor of the Oregon team. The game
was by far the hardest fought of any ever
played in the. Normal gymnasium.- It
started out at a lively pace, neither side
gaining any advantage for aome minutes.
Peru gained three points before the Ore
gonlane acored. Here the game turned and
the opposing team began a steady, but
slow gain which lasted more or less
evenly throughout the entire game. The
score at the end of the first half waa 19 to
8 In favor of the Oregons. The manager
of the 'Oregon team praised the teachers
very highly. Baying that in many respects
they were equal to any team against which
they had ever played. The lineup was as
L, F...
. . . Tan
.K. akaw
. Morton
Bark ...
Lm ....
C. Shaw
Referee: Rice. I'mnlre? C w. Knr.ll
The Oregon team is Just finishing a
transcontinental tour in which they have
played many of the strongest teams of
the country. Out of the sixty gamea played
thus far by they they have been de
feated In but five.
The sophomores defeated the seniors in
sn Indoor game of base ball yeatnrday by
acore of 3 to 1. This was the game for
the pennant among the classes and gives
tha pennant to the aophoroorea for this
- a
' Jfs Mors Oolf for Egaa.
CHICAGO.- Feb. 19.-H. Chandler Efcan,
winner of tht national amateur golf cham
pionship in 04 and 1906. and four-times
winner of the western championship, an
nounces his permanent retirement from
Spring Fabrics
Are On Display
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We want you to know and feel that
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If you want to be absolutely sure of
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fitting of the proper trimmings of
the general workmanship see that
NicoU's name Is In your coat. It Is a
guarantee for full and complete satis
faction. Troujin 56 to:i2. Suits $25 tt $50
200-11 Boath IStb 81
as to tho
Daklng Powder,
RMairaa KlfWt AswJ
WerU's Par Fees E.sesitiss
Cskag. 1M7.
1 Wlnfrm roorfesMaJ by nflworti
catch e-ery stain and look hopelessly
dirty. If and Saps Ho removes not only
Che dirt, trat alas the looasasd, lajur-4
carkia, and (aslam tbe tlag
t ihrtr mmtmni bmty. ,
t!irnsmnt pley In a letter from lioiils
vle, made nubile bv his father. V. C
Kaan, today. Prrtmure of business la given
ine reason.
Professionals Rest Amateara til
Rlghta Defeat Soathaawa.
A ehootina? carnival wsa held at the Town
send (hin park Thursday afternoon In the
face of a hard north wind, whli'h would
make the targeta shoot for the ground or
else dart thirty feet In the air, and which
mane, gooo scores out or the question.
The main ahoot wsa among the profes
aionaia and the amateurs and was won by
the representatives of the big houses by
mr-i i-vrgeis. Anoiner snoot or consld
ore Me Interest was that between the ln.
handed shooters and the right-handed boys
"r in- iirire oi a supper, i ne rignts won
Townsend break Ina 54 and Hartlv 2.1 whii.
the southpaws. Barber and farter, broke 2i
aim a, respectively, in. scores:
Barber ,
A mateura
. 14 !4 4A
. 18 21-39
. 21 23-44
, XI 1R-J9
23 21-44
S 2141
'S iW 43
20 i2-
a 2144
Hooker ..,
19 1938
Practice) Shoot
Carter 24 19 22 19-M
riurs.ner m 33 19 1881
naroer 11 2a ai w
Jwls 21 21 18 20 HO
1-.1K ni y:i :ri tb aa
Townsend 22 2 a 22 R9
Cunningham 23 23 19 21 KH
Hardy 21 23 23 23-9.)
ross 14 1 5 20 2170
nooKer i: g 19
Kerr 20 22 2
Nordstrom 1 is ,.
Mitchell 16 19 ..
Sharp 20 .. .,
Oiauomlni 18 13 ..
Hooker 17 .. ..
Beat the Coaaell BlatTa Team la See
oad of Series.
The Omaha rifle shots won the second of
a series of matches which Is being shot
with the boys from Council Bluffs when
they hit 2,407 bulls-eyes Thursday night
10 lor ine council Miuns shooters.
The third and deciding contest will be
shot next Thursday night at Council
uiuirs. ine acore:
Bowman at
Boyle 239
j ay lor 241
Burns 239
Williams 246
Yost ass
Llmbert 246
Townsend JH5
LeBron 244
Total 2,407
Peterson 239
Clarke 237
S... Hardin , 232
Bryant ., 233
nianspurger 242
Hardin 341
Davis 238
Crlppln ; . 244
Hardy 1, 240
mm 244
Ttt ...-t .2388
The Chancellors won two gamea from
the Triumphs last night. Walena had high
single game and West high total. Tonight
the On i mods will play tha Gold Tops.
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
.. 172 1R3 1 77 532
. . 204 172 127 603
.. 106 132 166 . 463
.. 178 1) 172 540
.. 182 167 , 152 481
Frltcher ,
Zimmerman ....
C. J. Francisco
Anderson ,
Totals 881 844
74 2,509
1st. Jd.
Jd. Total.
West :
, 14
Coughlin ...
SOO 86S 537 X.655
In tha Association league last night the
Swifts took two games from the Signal
Corpa and lost the laat by one pin. The
new man, Kuncl. rolled the high total,
averaging 192, and tied up with Booth for
high single game. This Is an excellent
showing, as thia la hla first league game.
Tonight the Malonya play the Cudahya.
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Strldrr 117 167 161 4i
I'erklna 1M 137 141 444
Bcoth 12 154 ZA M
448 530 1,447
Id. Total.
176 613
193 676
180 618
Fagan ,
Kuncl .
Totala..... 477 601 629 1,607
The Grain Brokera slipped a cog last
night by letting the Borshelra Jewelera win
two gamea from them. Bpetman had high
total, with 490, and Latey high alngle game,
with SOD. Score:
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Weeka 161 13 131 45
Wldsturp 117 163 150 420
Kerr 15 135 143 443
Totals 443
4S1 424
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Latey ...
Totals.... 461 416 (45 l,42o
The Omaha Bicycle Company took three
games from the Chabot Shoe Companys last
night on the Metropolitan alleys. The Bikes
are getting bark In form again. Battling
Nelson waav again high man for the Shoe
Company, with &2 total, and Lahecka had
high alngle game for the aame team, with
193. Hull was high man for the Bikes,
with 697 total, and Sam Boord a cloae aec
ond with 696. Tonight the L,uxua and Hus
sle's Acorns will kill a few pins. Score:
1st. Zd. d. Total.
Boord 230 170 206 695
Hlnrlcha 171 173 154 498
Palmer 167 1W 16 &5
Gllhreath 203 170 158 Ml
Hull 196 176 2-'S &)?
Totala 57
866 933
1st. 2d. Id. Total.
Grotte 164 196 174 i24
Sutton lti 19 179 616
Nelson 1S5 174 174 tJ9
Lahecka 147 1M 133 491
Prenieau, C 128 143 111 HI
Totala S2 Uo M 2,606
The Borshelms won two gamea from the
Bungalowa on the basement alleys last
night. All three gamea were close and ex
citing and the Bungalows almost took tho
aeries. Ward waa high on total, with 473,
while Gwynne had high alngle game of 19.
Latey had high total for the Borshelms,
with 601, while Spetman had high game of
196. Score:
1st. Id. Id. Total.
Gwynne 124 m m 463
Sohaeffer iss i7 17, 4;.
Ward io3 174 144 ;3
Totala 410 63 4&2 1,401
. 1st. 2d.
Latey 153 kj
Smith 122 I67
Spetman 13 i;
Id. Total.
16 1 601
14 V 476
1S 497
427 616 640 1,471
Meutsa Opeats May ss4 E.ast Gaasee
Take rimes teptesaber X.
ROCK ISLAND. Keb. 19.-The Three-1
leaarue schedule of base ball gamea for the
coming eeaeon waa made publlo today by
M. H. Sexton, president of tha league. The
aoason all! be opened Msy 6. with
the Dubuque team at lHverixrt, Kock Isl
and at Cedar Rapids, Peoria at Biooiiilng
ton and Decatur at Springfield. Final
gamea Will P played September 26.
Pes-awra a4 C4taspbll.
Tsddy Peppers of Kansas City an4
Teainir Campbell will sMtle old boot as this
evening ia South Omaha vrhea thay meet
in a tea-round bout at fcartos a ball.
Twentieth and Q streets. These lads mot
in Omaha two years ago and the resultant
nraw wsa not aHtlsrarturv to all comwrrvaad
and they have been anxious for a return
match ever since. The preliminary go Is
oeiwren i aany McMillan and Kid Wick.
ilia Private Wiaa Derby Trial at
Emeryville from Tom llayvrara
OAKlaAND. Cel., FVh. 19.-A good card
waa offered at Kmeryvllle todsy, with the
'""'T irisi, at a nine and a sixteenth, as
in- ipaiunp. High i'rlvate and Fanatic,
from the For v the stshlfs. miaul fivnrliM
After Lighthouse and Madman tired. High
Private drew away and won from Tom
Hayward, whllo Fanatic was third. Fine
weather favored the raring, but the track
waa sloppy owing the rain of the early
morning. Favorites and well plaved horsea
nu i i-nniui. Dumniarics:
First rare, three and a half fnrinna
purse: Jack lenncr1en (112, 8-ovI!!p. 7 to 1)
iig imick un, Mctarthv. 11 to 2)
rrd' A,,,l'r u,rh m- Taplin. 7 to 1)
h,r'- Time: 0.44. Judg. Henderson.
Father kugene, Matrliem. Clan, Sixteen.
Orahame and Bay Streak finished aa
Becond race, six furlongs, selling: Argo
naut (10R, Mentry. 2 to 1) won. Osorlnn (101.
Hark, 9 to 2) second, Doscotnneta (107. Ke
ogh, to 1) third. Time: 1:17V Algness
B-renad-. Mttle Jane. Matrhtulla. Charles
Siaf' Ij18"' '"i1 8k,r" ni Nun
finished aa named.
.JT.,.llrd L"r' one m"' an1 twenty yards.
S-?,;rF,Jil.UJ VI' T8plln' won
?.t.n,,tr-C:,"r." V 51 ond. Nebnlo:
, " owrfj, n lo li tmrd. Time: 1-47V
Import and Hunky finished as named,
h mirth race, one mile and a sixteenth.
Queen and Madam finish a. 1j
!r?rlr.I,?la0",ml, p''ln': Painty Bell.
002, Taplin. 9 to 1 won, Dollle Dollars (in.
Keogh. 16 to 61 sonnnri T i.
hert. 9 to H third. Tlrne: 1:4 Mhi Pe
Sr,P"S C Km "nd K"5' Priceless
named Blancha C and hara ffnlshed as
Sixth mCP- fttv fnrlnrttrs. T-,.J.ts im
U .eeLW,"'t.Mliy A2ell '". Gilbert g to
Sammarles at I.oa Aaaelea
LOS ANGELEB. Feb 10 ' . ...
ummarlee: Anua
aviTLr; ",e,i'nf' fur,": Milpltas
P.e vre"' 2 to 5 "on. Third Rail (101
. ' l) third. Time: 1:1:'. pllon Henrv
. .! Ught Comldy. ArenTn'
Saint Kilda also ran,
Second race, sellina- nu . i .
a ho- ,,.,::. a-jra.-umj, inree ana
i w . S ' oepuiveaa (107, fch lling, 9
-.....a. o. jnao, noward, 4 to 1) third
?imv:ps;tTir1 BrinK Llf'' Fred Stone;
I.ady Paret, G. A. R., Mary a Lamb, Mary
Van Buren and El Perfertn .i-r, IV.' Mary
Third race, selling, five and a half fur
longs: Lady Irma HikS ki,iik-. a
"n. Diiiy uooemer (104H. HowHrd, 9 to 11
. , , , . ' . n, a iv ivi
7k i '!,B dwiii tnet Kennedy, 4 to 1)
third. Time: 1:kSt ...i di
Alone, Uncle Jim, Free Knight the Bear
and Bemproni also ran.
,f.ou, race' ,lllnS. fve furlongs: Calves
(109. Powers. 4 tn 11 wnn li.n i
itr,?,' . V cona- K,"S of th Mist (HO.
Shilling, 10 to 1) third. Time: 1:28. Kerry
Entre Nous, Skyo, Financier and Charley
Paine also ran.
Fifth race, mile' Plnta nun Bi,nnn. ,
10 lu, MPuee, to 1) aecond,
Otilo (109, Goldstein, 11 to 2) third. Time;
1:39H. Donatus, Nasmerito and Barton also
Sixth race, seven furlonirs: Prnn-reaa nra
Aubuchon, 6 to 2) won, Rey Del Mundo
Uira, Hutwell. 10 to 11 aecond Ten Hoo.h
(101, Page, 6 to 1) third. Time: l:2b. Sad-
lr. 1)RV Star Jnmim. V Hrlfla-nK U....nA a
Korosilanly, Bye Bye II, Friar of Elgin and
nniljmv hiso ran.
Seventh race, selling, five and a half fur
longs: Creston (110. Shllllns. 8 to 4) wnn
Inclement (1I6. McGee. 4 to 1) second. Garter
iixiit (no, iiowara, it, to l) third. Time:
1:06. Semuroelle, Carasco. Senator Rarree
Charles Rosaemore, Jane Laurel and Ben
Stone also ran.
Snmnarlea at Tampa'.
TAMPA, Fla..- Feb. 19.-Summariee:
First race, six furlonars and alrtv vnr-Ha-
Roaeboro (109, Burton, 4 to 1) won. Malvlna
(102. Crowley, 8 to 6 second, Rexall (104,
Callahan, 12 to 1) tliird. Time: 1:21. Rulloha,
Mlsa Perigord.' Battleax. Mv Lanv. nriiHu
and French also ran. ,
Second race,! five furlongs: Kiamessa II.
(111. Pendergaet, 4 to 5) won, Anna Smith
(110, McCarthy, 2 to 1) second. Dew of
Dawn (106, Hannan, 15 to 1) third. Time:
1:04. Katie Gleason, Clolsteress, Maaks and
Facea and Emily Almanac also ran.
Third race, five furlongs: Momentum 004,
Lovell, 5 to 1) won, Ray Thompson (111.
Pendergast, 8 to 6) aecond. Roseburs- II.
(104, Hannan, 5 to 1) third. Time: V.0S.
Dolly Bullman. gunfire, Sally Preston and
Grlfton alao ran.
Fourth race, seven furlongs: Merlse (102,
Brannon, 8 to J) won, Elyeium (107. Smith,
6 to 1) aecond, Plmpante (97, Crowley, 6 to
2 third. Time: l:36Vi. Rose Arkle, Maleoon,
She Wolf. Hawk a Flight, M. L. Dawson
and Camel also ran.
Fifth race, five furlongs: Aunt Tabitha
(106, Redd. 10 to 6) won. Bird Slayer (108,
Brannon, 6 to 4) second. Dverv r. Irwin.
20 to 1) third. Time: lr041i. Amador. W. G.
wiuiama, miss rudrten, Kate Carney,
Tomlchle and Carrie Elder also ran.
Sixth race, aix furlongs and sixty yards:
Carraugh (106. Smith, 6 to 1) won, Minne-
nana (lui, itannan, lo tl second. Airship
(109. 11 to 6) third. Time: 1:30. Precedence.
Miss Topsy, Calabash. Charley Ijislr
Clifton and Forge alao ran.
Liberal Subscriptions Toward Pro.
Jected Improvements.
Bright DrosDCcts for an un-tn-date an4
thoroughly wide-awake outdoor and lake-
tiae club were reccinted and given a big
boost at the annual meeting of the Rod
and Gun club Thiirf.i'nv nls-ht at Prelirhinn
Institute hall. Subscriptlrns making a total
of 7.210 were pledged toward the purchase
of grounds and the building of the pro-
poaea new club buildings upon and near
ne present site of the club, and the Initia
tion feea and membershlD dues were dou
bled to help pay for the extensive outlay
pli rt.ed ftr.
Electing officers and dlrectora for the
riming year was an in.porU.nt item of
busir.-"s, the results being aa follows;
Present offlcera re-elected for another
term: John A. Scott, prcaldent; W. 8.
Sheldon, vice president ; A. F. Hloom,
secretary: A. P. Whltmore, treasurer;
Dlrectora: K. T Goodrich, T. H. Weirlck.
J. C. Younga, 8. W. Smith, J. E. Prentiss,
F. B. Holbrook and J. J. Davey.
Annual reports from the secretary and
treaaurer were read and showed most en
couraging conditions in the organisation.
President Scott made a lengthy address,
which summed up the work of the. club
since It was Incorporated last April and
told of the Improvements that are being
planned and will be realised If sufficient
money is forthcoming.
Among the things that are proposed are
additional grounds, a carload of steel
boats, large c lull, boat and bath houses,
pretentious sanitary and water systeme, a
catering department and exlenslona and
additions in the list of tporls, both on
land and water, for the members.
Washington t'alrrraltr Gives Them
a Hard Pall.
COLUMBIA, Mo.. Feb. 19 (Special Tele
gram.) Missouri ended ita 1909 banket ball
season tonight by again defeating Washing
ton univeralty of St. I-ouls. 2 to 21.
The game waa harder for the Ylgera to
win than the one last night, and the first
half waa even most of the time, ending 19
to 15 In favor of Missouri. Washington he
roically tried to even up matters in the last
five minutes of play, but could not over
come the big lead Missouri had gained early
In the half.
Skaer was the Plkeway star, acorlng
twelve of their points, while Captain Ris
ti ne checked up aixteen for the Tigers, and
wound hla Missouri basket ball career up
trllllantly. The lineup:
Misaoi'Rl M. I
RIMIss r. P.
Cohan P. P
Hanlaf ,. C. 0
Uardnar , O O
Jtamat 0. O
Referee: Barnea of Kansas City,
Bell of Illinois university
... Hanger
... MadSoi
. Builngar
Race In from Florence Feat are of
V. M. C. A.'a Celebration.
The Young Men's Christian aajoelatlon
has prepared an elaborate program for
Washington birthday, which will Include
athhrtlo and patriotic events. A 10 in the
morning the long distance runners will go
to the end of the Florence car line and
then run back. They will try to beat ttut
record of forty-twe minutea made Janu
ary 1 by J. Fred Balthaser.
A mass meetlig will be held at I r. m.
in the Young Men'a Christian association
auditorium, whaa Pr. F. I laovelaaa will
ru.'rm,: "'Si Private (118. Ie. u to 20)
won, Tom Hayward (lit!. Gilbert. 9 to 1 sec
ond. Fanatic (105. McCarthy. 11 to 20) tlilrd
Time: 1:50U Palo Aim t " A "'
Only Seven
ping Days oi Our Grffil
February Clearing $ale
Every day from now on till its close we wif offer &t ill
greater inducements throughout the store tXu
Furniture. Carpets, Rugs, Lino
leum, Lace Curtains, Snowflake
Curtains, Portieres, Draperies,
Window Shades, Shirt Waist Boxes
In fact our entire stock of houscfurrfishings will be still
greater reduced to insure a positive clearance.
We offer some extra specials for Saturday Only.
We are offering one of the best quality Cocoa Torch Poor
Mats, size 10x27, regular $1.10 quality ftCft
Saturday only, each .' Out
Here is a very useful article at a bargain, 25c rug 4 A -beaters,
like cut, Saturday only, each.- llli
$12.50 Mattress," made up in fine quality of colored art tick
ing, guaranteed to be of better value than the $15 A A
Ostermoor mattress, on sale Saturday only, each.. VvUv
$25.00 Mahogany Finished Divan, fitted with fine quality
silk plush, loose cushions, with silk tassels and Cf 1 CA
cord; only 12 of these left; Saturday only, each. . VlsWVl
Miller, Stewart & Beaton
413-15-17 South 16th StntL ;
lecture on "Tho Father of Our Country.
The Omaha High school band will play a
concert tn frrmt of the Young Men's Chris
tian association building at 7:30 and hvter
will play In the lecture room. The Omaha
High School Glee club will sing patriotlo
songs and the umaha ltlgn school ttooaters
club will turn out en masse, A general In
vita Ion Is extended.
Game m Decidedly Rough Affair All
IOWA CITY,' Li., Feb. 19IBpeclal Tele
gram.) Iowa State university defeated
Minnesota here tonight In basket ball by
the decisive score of 37 to 18. The Hawk-
eyes gained a lead at the start and were
never headed. Captain Perry of Iowa was
the star of the game, making ten basketa.
The score at the end of the first half was
20 to 8. iowa easily excelled the Oophera
in team work. The game waa rough. Brown
of Iowa making- five fouls. lie was ruled
out. Thomaa taking his place. Mencke, by
roughing HVland, caused such a demonstra
tion from the crowd that Manager catnn
stopped the game and quieted the students
Hansen waa hit in the eye and cook re
moved him. The lineup:
Rrdsn H. r.
gtawsrt L. F.
Hyisnd C.
Brows, Thotbu U O.
R. r Pttterson
L. r... Hanson. Krltchflsld
O Manrks
L O Qulton. Walkor,
Psrrlns R. G. R. G Anderson
Goals from field: Rlden, 4: ' Stewart. Z;
Hyland, 1; Pcrrine, 10;- Hansen, 1: Mencke,
Anderson, l. ree throws: Hansen, s;
iHydcn, 3; Anderson, 1. Umpire: Finger of
Maaretanla Makes New Record.
NEW YORK. Feb. 18. The steamer
Mauretanla, which arrived off the Am
brose channel lightship last night, having
established a new Trans-Atlantic record
over the long course, reached quarantine
station at 7:16 a. iu. today.
Wasrm Waits a Match.
BHATKICK, Neb., Feb. 19. (Special.)
Oscar Wasem, the wreatler, la located at
Belleville. Kan., and writes to a friend
in this city thu.t he Is anxious to meet
some good man.
Brief (4 port y Talk.
One Dusty Miller has signed with the
Outlaws at Stockton, And he's lucky at
that. '
What does Downs' going to the White
Sox mean? Isbell haa signed up. Where's
Cleveland with Cy Young added to the
staff ia being picked to win the American
league, penart this year.
Danny Dreamer Durbln haa refused" to
sign a Cub contract because of mistreat
ment on and oif the field laat acason.
Breanahan evidently Is thinking of some
It la a generally recoffiiked truth that medicines made from vegetable
Inpedienteareaffreatdeal letter adapted to the delicate human system, and
safer in every way, than those composed of strong mineral mixtures and
compounds.. Mercury, potash, arsenic, etc.,-which are used In the manuiac
tare of most blood medicines, are too. violent in their action, and frequently
derange the system by disturbing the "stomach and digestion, affecting
the Dowels and when used for a prolonged period often cause Rheumatism,
b. S. b. is the only blood medicine guaranteed absolutely and purely vreta-
i Vt 7 " "
ing and healing qualiUes. 8. S. a
Ulcers. Sr-rrfii1 Cr.ntatrir..,a Tllt
, ----- , --e, - au.suu, can it omer Diooa diseases.
because it cleanses and purifies the blood, and at the same time builds up
the enure system by its fine vegetable tonic effects. S. S. S. may Ibe taken
by young and old with absolute safety, and with the assurance that it will
vuiv ui5 .uu uisuruers aue loan impure and poisoned blood supnlv
even reaching down and removms- hereditary Uinta. Book on the blood and
any medical advice free to all who write.
Dr. fiearle. U Searles, 119 & lith,
More Shop
aSSssa- aaSSsassaaaa. -Sr m
radical changes with those Cardinals, for
thus far only himself and First Basoman
Konetchy are sure of their Jobs.
Dick Cooley Is quoted by the Wltchlta
Beienn aa saying that Topeka la too good
a ball town to play In Pueblo, Lincoln and
Dee Moines. Richard, did you say that?
Foxey Jimmy McAloer let slow old Cleve
land get Cy Young from under his very
nose, or snoot, If you please. My, that
must make Cy and Ixm Crlger feei good.
Pulllam says Chsnce told him Murphy
called the Peerless Deader a fat head when
Chance asked for more than 17,600 a acason
for salary. Geo, don't you wish you Wer
a fat bead? Hav. kaa vaaaa mm. In. 4.
PAbs left ovair Which he wnlllat lllca tn
swap for some good, fence lumber. He and
Pa are going to put the whole team at
work rebuilding that fence tho storm blew
, Manager Otllan of the Auditorium haa
aworne off on handicaps. Bo has ' Jops
Westergaard. If Gillian can't Induce the
Turk to come to Omaha and meet Woster-ei
gaaxd he will got Charley Ilaon of Chi
cago, one of the beat. ''
Prominent lew Physician Coaricted
on Testimony of Vtiag
Womaa Patient.
OSCEOLA, la.. Feb. ll-Dr. F. W. Sella,
leading physician and surgeon Iq southern
Iowa and president of the Osceola hospital,
was convicted here by a Jury today in the
district court of assault upon Miss Stella
Hortman, aged 23, a patient. Mies Hort
man testified that she was drugged and
chloroformed while In one of the rooms of
tho hospital on July L 1908. Sentence will
be pronounced on Saturday.
Slaraaand Grabenhelmer Expires Sod
dealr In New York of Heart
NEW YORK, Feb. 18. Slgmund Graben
helmer, treasurer of the firm of Sohwars
child & Bulshcrger, and well known in the
beef trade, fell dead In the arms of his
brother, Nathan, tonight, while walking
near, the Grand Central station. Heart
disease was the cause.
Bigger, Better, Busier That's what ad
vertising In The Bee does for your
au oarKs, seiectea lor their purify,
cures Rheumatism. Catarrh. Snr -H
r.; j .'" .w"c
By the Old Reliable Dr. Searles & Searles.
fi!!;h,1 ,n m5 Vrs. The many thous--dr;u.cykUO
,U" "h" "-.W--
We Cure You, Then You Pay Us 'Our Fee.
We make no misleading Jor false statements or offer
you cheap, worthless trsutment. Our repuiation and
fains are too favorably knowu; every ess. T trHt
, eputauon I. at sl.ka. vour ''J tf? hllln "i
lebUlty, Blooa folson, k.niaeaaig i 5m ail m,Vi'
Oor. 11th and Douglas, Omahv