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are withheld from publication tin
nil after
the caucus has acted.
oner with a Striae
The majority submitted a generous propo
altlon to the minority this morning, though
It had a cracker to it- The minority wta
offered a clerkship, provided the, majority
could select. the clerk.
"That would be nice," remarked a mem
ber of the minority party, "to permit a
clerk selected by the democrats to get Into
our meeting! and make a record of every
thing we do to carry back to their caucua."
Aa a matter of fact the high handel
methods adopted by the Douglas delega
tion in the senate, and the Burlington an 4
Mr. Bryan and the brewers In the house,
are going to make the republican minority
of soma ' influence in the legislature, pro
vided, of course, the loud talk of some
or the democrats does not end In roars.
On every hand there ere signs of disocn
lent and when tha committees com up
"for endorsement only the hand of Mr,
. Bryan can aava a mighty big scrap, with
a possible permanent split.
One thing the loaders of the' party have
- given' out and that is that Lincoln and
Omaha will not use up much legislative
time on their charter scraps. These lead-
re, or selt-constltuted leaders, insist that
the charters of the two cities will go
thrcugh the' Itglslature in any form tha
Douglas aad Lancaster delegations say. In
tf her words, they t.ave given it out cold
that whatever arguments there are to be
made must be made before the delegations
. from the two counties and there the mat
Here Fashion
Reigns Supremo
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tomorrow ". '
ter must be settled.
Captain Evans, sergeant-at-arma of the
house, will shortly be transferred to
somo other Job and Captain Lew Beltzer
of Osceola will succeed him. That has
been decided upon. Captain QelUer was
defeated in the caucus by the Douglas
delegation, which la charged ' up with
Brans. , Member Shoemaker received a
letter from Evans in which there was
outlined a mighty good war record for
the captain. This won Shoematier, who
is sc mew hat of a warrior In his own way,
so be proposed the name of Evans to the
caucus, even though Evans Is from Rich
ardson county. The Shoemaker speech
carried the caucus by storm and Evans
was eleoted. Incidentally this action on
the part of Shoemaker knocked some
good democrat from Omaha out of a Job,
for the Job are divided up equally be
tween the members, Evans Is charged
up to Douglas county.
See ares Certificate Abstract of
, Aaniaiit Vote.
1 (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. (Special.) After the
aaoretary of state had refused his offer of
half a doaen clerks to assist In making a
certified copy of the votes caat on the con
stitutional amendments, Frank Ransom, In
his effort ta oust tha present supreme court,
took another tack this afternoon.
The Omaha senator asked and secured
from Mr. Junkln a certification of the ab
stract of the vote, as printed on the sheets
distributed to the members of the legisla
ture. This certificate reads as follows:
I, George C. Junkln, secretary of atste,
certify that the attached copy of the ab
stract of the votea cast at the last general
election ta practically a true copy of tha
"" rp4""7 tt-?
votes as canvassed by the State Board of
Canvassers, composed of George L. Sheldon,
governor; L. G. Brian, Mate treasurer; E.
M. Bearle, Ja., state auditor; H. M. Eaton,
land commissioner, and George C. Junkln,
secretary of state.
Attached to the certlflcatlonwas the
printed abstract of the vote.
Mr. Ransom was accompanied on his call
upon the secretary of atate by Senator
Tanner and Secretary Smith of the senate.
His first demand waa that the secretary
should at once get out the certified copy
of the vote.
"Why don't you make a demand for the
original abstraots." said Mr. Junkln, "and
let the courts settle the matter."
"Well, we want to canvass the vote be
fore the case reaches the courts," replied
Ransom. ,-
From the attest moves the Omaha sen
ator has made It Is Inferred that he plans
to have the legislature canvass the certi
fied copy of the abstracts of the vote and
then put It' up to Governor Bhallenberger
to appoint four Judges to take the place of
those appointed by Governor Sheldon.
Should this be done then an Invitation
would be extended to the three old Judges
to sit with the four ne wones. Upon a
refusal then it Is supposed Ransom con
templates the appointees of Governor Bhal
lenberger to be the supreme court.
There are some stumbling blocks In the
way of this, however. For instance Judge
Reese is chief Justice of the supreme court
by virtue of a paragraph in the constitu
tion and there Is no law provided for the
selection of a chief Justice save the provi
sion in the constitution.
Ransom's acUon haa led to considerable
speculation about Just what he Intends to
do and tha posalbllttiea are unlimited. For
Instance hia new court could appoint a new
Open Evenings
Until 9 P. M.
clerk and office force. Then it would be
up to the new clerk to get II. C. Lindsay
out by mandamus or otherwise. The case
would be brought naturally In the new
court. Then would come the order ousting
Lindsay and following that would come the
National Guard to support the order.
But before all of this, however, Mr. Ran
som must whip W. J. Taylor of Custer
county and Mr. Bryan wll have to ait Idly
by and aee his legislature do the stunt.
Ransom'a new atunt waa brought about
because he feared Mr. Junkln might be
about sixty days In making up tha certi
fied copy of the vote. So that Is why he
first asked for the copy In double quick
time, and upon being Informed that the
office force waa limited, he offered to sup
ply a halt dozen clerks to do tho work.
Lawyers say It will be legal for the sec
retary of state to collect a fee for doing the
work at the request of the senate. This
fee will have to be paid either by a direct
appropriation or out of the private funds
of those Interested in making the court
Nothing Done Except to Read
Mlnatea of Previous Session.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. g.-(Speclal.) The senate
held a flfteen-mlnute aesslon today be
cause of an oversight yesterday In not
noting the hour to which the house ad
journed. Members were obliged to stay In
the city for the session, though there was
nothing to do except to hear the journal
read. They soon tired of this and an ad
journment was taken to Monday at 2:30
p. m.
The secretary's record shows that Sen
ator Henry of Colfax county yesterday on
Senator Ransom's motion to appeal from
the decision of the chair voted to sustain
the chair.
Closing; Honrs et Administration Were
Made Itreaaasa by Friends.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. . (Special.) Pale and
somewhat haggard from the rush of work
Incidental to his relinquishment of the
executive office. Governor George L. Shel
don, dressed in his evening clothes, wrote
the final sentences in his farewell message
to the legislature at 4:30 o'clock Thursday
During the evening the governor had been
torn from his work by admiring friends
who took him to the executive mansion to
become the host at a surprise party.
Shortly after midnight the governor re
turned to his office and left It again his
work done, just as the office lights were
dimmed by the break of day.
'I may revise the whole message when
I come back," remarked the executive as
he left for home to get some sleep before
being called upon to participate In the In
augural ceremonies.
Governor Sheldon and Mrs. Sheldon have
been much in evidence at social functions
during their two years In ths executive
mansion and no executive family in Ne
braska ever entertained more generously.
For this reason Governor Sheldon found
much of his time taken up during the last
week of his administration by his obliga
tion to society. Many receptions and enter
tainments were given In honor of Mr. and
Mrs. Sheldon and they In turn gave sev
eral receptions to friends who had been
kind to them. During the day the governor
was besieged wKh belated applications for
executive clauieoc; by awUcauU tor posi
tions; by Interruptions from well wishing
friends. This left him the early hours of
the morning and the late hours of the
night to write his message.
At noon today the governor and Mrs.
Sheldon moved Into quarters at the Lln
dell hotel, und their children went to
Nehawka. In a short time the family will
go to Mississippi, where the balance of
the winter will be spent upon the planta
tion of the governor.
Happenings Oat of Session Which Are
of Interest.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 8. (Special.) Before Gov
ernor Shallenberger appoints any members
of the Omaha Board of Fire and Police
Commissioners It will be up to John L.
Kennedy snd Robert Cowell to again re
sign. Upon their resignation filed with
Governor Sheldon there Is the word "Ra
uaed," written across the back. This will
make It necessary for the two members to
again resign to Governor Shallenberger.
Should nothing happen to prevent, the gov
ernor might be able to reach this order of
business by the first of the week, when he
will officially announce his other appointees
who have been named from time to time.
Ex-Governor Sheldon suggested today that
the legislature should appropriate 100 or
J.ViO to pay the expenses of the next Inaugu
ration and h e the ceremonies In charge of
a joint commlt'ee of the house and senate.
Several of the members of the legislature,
aa well as state officers, will appreciate the
suggostlon; the former because they In aev.
eral Instances were unable to get Into the
ceremonies, while the expensej of the In
augural ceremonies are paid by the Incom
ing state officers. Having raid the ex
penses, naturally the atate officers expert
some consideration at the hands of the
management, while the legislators have an
Idea they, too, should receive at least suf
ficient consideration to be able to get In on
the ground floor on such an occasion.
While It will he Impossible to Veep track
of all the mistakes the Lincoln papers
make In the legislative proceedings, nut of
respect to Nebraska's new governor. A.
C. Shallenhege r, this correction Is offered.
The IJncoln Journal this morning an
nounced that when Governor-elect Shal
lenberger arose to take the oath of office
he handed to Chief Justice Reese his cer
tificate of election but that Judge Reese
refused to take it. Here la what really
happened. Governor-elect Shallenberger
gave to Chief Justice Reese hia official
bond about a week ago. The bond waa ap
proved by the chief justice but until yes
terday he had no opportunity to return it
to the governor, ao that It could be filed.
So when the two men met In front of the
Joint session Judge Reese handed the bond
to the governor and the governor placed It
in his pocket.
Secretary Whlttea of the Commercial
club has sent the following letter to
members of the legislature:
For a numbe rof years past It haa been
cubtomary to extend the privileges of
our club to members of the legislature
during eacn session. Therefore It ar
fordd me pleasure to enclose herewith
conn llmenUry ticket, good until March
II. 10.
The club room aare located In the Fra
ternity building at the corner of N and
Thirteenth streets, where you will find
on file In the reading room curren mag
azine, and daily newspapers of the prin
cipal cities. We serve regular lunchnon,
except Kundaya, from 18 noon to 1:10 p.
in. at a cost of ti cents. We have a
large billiard room, where a charge of k
ceuls fttf VUS bar hour la nit t
ber and visitors to whom the privileges
of tho club are extended. We have a
number of committee rooms that are
available for meeting places, if ao de
sired. We trust you will avail yourself of the
opportunity presented to meet our mem
bers and Incidentally to provide yourself
with a convenient and well-equipped club
room for business and social purposes.
Senator Miller of Incaster was watch
ing the employes of the senate pile up the
desks to get them out cf the way for the
Inaugural ball ahd reception. He spoke
about their antiquated design, and re
marked, "Let us hope they break them."
Senator 13. L. Myera of Rock county ia
an advocate of the establishment of ex
perimental farms In the northern part of
Nebraska. He recently bought nine planta
tions In Virginia In the vicinity of Appo
mattox, where he says the experimental
farms have resulted in an Increase of the
yield of corn from eight bushels to an
acre to as high aa clgh'.y-nlne in some in
stances. Northern Nebraska Is In especial
need of experimentation, he thinks, because
the farmers are not in a position to do It
themselves and the ad! Is of a character
that should be worked right or loss will
ensue. At present Nebruska has ono farm
at Lincoln and one at North Platte. Thy
latter, Mr. Myers saya, has proved In
valuable to the people of the western part
of the atate.
Becomes Pauper, Though He Msd
Properly and Relatives to
fare for Hlin.
CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis., Jan. .-"
Rev. Reuben Powell, 78 years of age, for
40 years milliliter In the United Biethern
church In various cities of Wisconsin, Il
linois and Iowa, died at the poor house
here today. He left the ministry several
years ago on account of hia age.
There waa no need of Ida becoming a
pauper because he had property and rel
atives who were anxloua to tike care of
After Gauie They Spend Seme Tine
t'oasultlnar oa Cabinet
Apnoiut uiente.
AUGUSTA. Ga., Jan. s.-The president
elect, with his secretary of state, Mr.
Knox, played a game of golf, and spent
the remainder of the day In conference
on the make-up of the Taft cabinet No
political callers came today.
Justified In Killing Stepfather.
ANN1STON, Ala.. Jan. 8. The case of
Claude riebsely, aited 11 yesra, who yes
terday shot and killed his stepfather, Dave
Christopher, for bea'lng tlie boy's moihoi,
today resulted in ' "Nlin by the coroner
of Justifiable homoclde. , it.
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