Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 07, 1908, EDITORIAL SECTION, Image 9

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Pcrjes 9 to 16.
The Omaha Daily
A Ppr for th Hem
Best & West
Rare Corset Bargains
You still have another chance Saturday to buy corsets
of well known tl.00. $1.60 and $2.00 quality, such
an R. & O., Kabo., W. B.. V. C. C.
Thompson and C. B.f etc., all sizes
and best styles, choice
tOO pieces fins all silk plain
taffeta ribbons. 4 Inches
wide, In white, black,
light blue, pink, red, navy
: and brown, every yard
great, 26a value, on sale
Saturday, at, 121
per yard IIC
Fancy mesh In white, black,
navy, brown and green
worth to 26c, for ....ISO
VICKWIAK Manufacture
er'a lot of odds and ends,
many styles. Including en
tire eaniplf Ine .regular
26o neck (..ces Bo
Box Paper Sale
Holiday boxes, very beautiful
designs, from recent big pur
chase. More lines added. 60
and 76c boxes for
25c; $1.50 and $2
boxes for
Aler Books for boys, all titles,
2 for 33
Kt. Elmo, S1.BO edition. . -25
Tost Card Albums, padded,
$1.60, kinds for.. f)8
Gold Tram., Ix20-ln. with
ninr" or oval openings. .69o
old Prames, 8x10 Inch, with
glum, special BOo
Gold Frames, oval shape, 6x8, 15o
Aasorted rramea, all elien and
colors 10c to 35o
Brown rramaa, 6x8 and $xl0.
with glae 3 00
(Art lrpt. 2d Floor.)
J 1
The Winter Quarterly Style Book, with any ISo
Ladles' Horn Journal Pattern for SOo
HI 1
10,000 large, handsomo, full
bloom Chrysanthemums In all
colors, worth $4.60 a dozen.
Get one before you
go to foot ball gamo,
Lowest Prices on Amer
ican Beauty Roses and
riupooni in nm aept.
New child songs aro
popular. There's a sen- I
tlinent in the fad that , I
appeal, to- young Hnrt r
old alike. s Here are two I
new ones. ISO, . : . J
If more convenient order by telephone.
Telephone In the dept. (baloony, main floor.)
New child songs nro "DOUBLE DOUBLE DABB
TOO' Hetter ami tngger
than "School Iiays."
Another big hit and Just
"Castles I Have In
Dreams" liugene
Cowles' New York
song hit.
"The Time Will Come
When You'll He-
"You'll Ho Sorry Just
Too l,ate."
"And a Little Bit
Hits from The Alaskan,
"Somebody I, led."
"Long , Ago."
"Komnlsy, Sweet
heart." "Nnpance."
Now waltMs. new
two-steps, new rev
eries, all at
Three Twins and Top
o' the" World.
A "Bombshell" from the Glovo Department
Two-Clasp Kid
Gloves, all sizes In
black, tan, brown
and white, worth
$9.60 a dozen, to
Jmpoj't, on sale, at,
8-Button Mosque
talrcs. French Kid
In black,: tan and
brown, best $1.75
glove, on sale In
U. S., pair
31. 1G
2,500 pairs of gloves in a gigantic sale again Satur
day. Bennett's ready cash secures the biggest glove
bargains in years. Competing hduses completely non
plused over such unexpected and seemingly impossible
glove prices. Long gloves and short gloves, all perfect
goods too, at less than other stores are paying at whole
sale. Countermand order from N. Y. importer on sale
Saturday at these extraordinarily low prices. Double
stamps with every purchase.
Cap Guantlets,
Imported capes with
soft cuff, best $2.00
quality, on sale Sat
urday, pair
16 and 13 Bntton
Capo Gloves Best
$4 and $4.60 Import
ed capes spear point
back, tana only
every sire, pair
10-Button French
Kid, very finest
quality imported
identical gloves re
tailing usually at
$3.75, pair
Saturday SaJes Underwear, Hosiery, Etc,
Women's underwear priced to create intense Interest and many Hales.
'versally good. Quality and low prices are inseparably linked toirother.
At no time are values so uni-
Women's fleeced gray or cream 35c vests
and pants, each 21
Women's fleeced and medium weight 50c
vests and pants 39J
Women's fine combed 65c veBts and pants,
finely finished 49
Children's wool plaited 50c union suits,
at 390
Women's fleeced union suits, always 75c,
at 490
Women's medium weight union suits, the
$1.00 kind, at 79
AVomen's extra or out-size fleeced $1.25
suits, for , . . -89c
Women's fast black mercerized, seamless,
20c hose, pair. 1210
Women's Imported cotton, full-fashioned
29c hose 190
Women's Imported lisle hose, double sole,
35c quality 250
Geneva Silk Hose, In black; look and feel
like all silk, wear better; 50c values. 3
pairs for $1.00
Boys' heavy 20c bicycle stockings, all sizes,
at 12 HO
Women's fine Swiss Handkerchiefs, cross
bar design, 8c value 5
Women's pure linen embroidered Handker
chiefs. 25c kind. 3 for 60c: each 170
Women's 20c embroidered Swiss Handkerchiefs,
special at li0
Men's pure linen Initial Handkerchiefs, fine
ISc values for lOo
We gl
I on all pi
ve double 8. tt II. green stamps
purchases In these depta. Saturday.
. t
Boundless Variety New Suits for Saturday
600 new and distinctive suits made to our or
women demand are in again for Saturday.
Where In all the west Is there another sue
a big saving to you on them, couldn't
. wasn't A more representative line of lat
Hard finished worsteds, rich broadcloth an
tuously tailored and trimmed in great pro
ers who know styles and values have mad
unparalleled In Omaha retailing, savings o
every suit, $29.50 and
der after Ideas proven to be the kinds Omaha
Just think of It! Suits at $25 and $29.60.
h representative showing? Of course, there's
waste Rood money advertising them if there
e styles Is simply impossible.
d novelty cloth suits, sump-
fusion. Spot cash and buy
e this a Saturday Suit Sale
f $6.00, $7.50 and $10.00 on
The New Coats
Of course you want something out of the
ordinary and here's Just the place to find
It. We show Saturday a tremendous coat
stock and every garment an exclusive
model. The new mouse colored and brown
shades In heavy diagonal and dark, all wool
1 plaids are stunning. Made in Empire and
.tight-fitted backs and full circular skirts,
with large lapels, buttons and
pockets. Some are piped with
velvet. Extremely atyllsh. .. .
A Skirt Sa.Ie
350 fine skirts in an Immense sale Saturday. '
Our buyer has closed a deal In which he
bought a maker's stock on hand of voiles
and panamas in the piece. He bought the
goods at a low price and had the skirts
made to his special order. Handsomely
gored and side pleated styles, trimmed with
silk folds, all the new browns $
navy and black. Every garment
positively $7.60 value, for
e mm in mm a & i
Saturday is the Children's Day
Our great children's wear department is replete with more neat, dressy, beroni
Ing coata for all ages than were ever shown In town before. Of very special
Interest is our line of Melton, Cheviot, Kersey and Scotch Mixture Coats In
6 to 14 year sixes. Military and full length, double breasted $ f-qq
styles, trimmed with gold braid and buttons, silk velvets and C-''
contrasting shades of cloth; red, navy, green, brown, etc
Misses' Coat, full
navy, green
length, all wool,
heavy diagonal storm coats with em
pire back, and buttoned vents from
waist to bottom on each side; colors,
brown,- green, navy and cadet, in 14,
16 and 18 year sizes $15
Bearskin Coats In 2 to 6 year sizes, In
tan, blue and brown $2.95
Fur Sets for little children. Thibet, Er
mine Chinchilla, Krlmmer, Mink,
Coney and Gray Fox, muff and collar,
$1.95 $2.95 $3.95 $4.95 P
silk velvets and
brown, etc
Junior Suits for misses of 13, 15 and
17 years. Stylish semi-fitted 33-inch
box coats and side pleated, gored
skirts. Materials are handsome
worsteds, as finely tailored as any
woman's suit, all colors $15
Girls' DressesLot wool dresses, odd
ments of sold-out lines, sailors and
French blouse styles, checks and
plaids and mixtures sizes to 14,
were $3.00, clearing, at 950
Infanta' Caps French shapes and
poke bonnets In white, red, brown,
navy, trimmed with ribbons, showing
beads and ostrich, $1, $1.95, $2.95
to $5.95
Jap Mink
Fur Sets
These populeij furs are shown In all the
new styles for 1908-09 throws, scarfs,
" small neck pieoes, shawl scarfs, with
heads and1 tails, and ruga or pillow muffs.
915.00, 930.00, 123.00, $30.00 to 940.00.
Black Furs, now so extremely fashion
able, shown In great profusion,
waster Coate for women. In high military
collar or regulation coat style, with
pockets gray, navy, red, white, etc.. on
sale at 93.60, 93.00, 93.93 to 97.53
Black Waists of the gloria open front or
back yokes of tiny tucks, for business
wear: also white and percale tailored
' styles 91.35
riannelette Gowns A new shipment for
Saturday, white and fancy striped, heavy
fleeced materials, cut generously large
and full, all aizes 91.00
Fleeced Wrappers and two-piece houf'e
dresses, sixes 34 to 46, all colors, on sale
at 91-38, 9160 ana 91.69
Big Sale S3 Shoes for Men
1500 Pairs on Sale SATURDAY
One of the great shoe Jobbing houses of the west
closed out to us all the floor stork of several lines of
fine shoes at less than cost to make. Every size, every
style. A wonderful bargain event, choice of I
in , 1 a - - v I
m mu (wcra or cungieBo;
Gunmetal Calf, (laced, blucher and
Velour Calf
Patent Colt (laced)
Tan Storm Calf (laced)
Wm, Ij. Douglas Shoes, patent colt laced shoes only;
sizes 6 to 8 4 ; best' $3.60 union made
shoes, our third shipment on sale,
Boys' Shoes The best line
of good honestly made
all solid leather shoes
for boys ever shown In
Omaha. The kind of shoes
that stand the hard
knocks, 91-60. 93 and 93.50
Misses' and Child's black Jersey Laggings, sizes to 13, worth 60c, at '39o
Fine new line women's gray, blue and brown top shoes; also all gray.
and all black suedes, in all sixes.
Saturday Morning Speolal
8 to 11 o'clocK we will
sell misses' and children's
laced and button, solid
leather, vlcl kid shoes,
with pat. top, worth $1.60
and 91.75. sixes up to
for 980
69c for Men s Shirts Worth $2.00
130 Dozen on Sale SATURDAY
A big lot of 1,560 shirts from a maker, anxious to clean up the lot, pur
chased at practically our own figures. The styles are right in every par
ticular, negligee pleated and stiff bosoms, values to $2.00. Arranged in two
lots, this way:
73 dozen in large assortment, ui imo
shirtings, plain or pleated, cuffs on
or off, nearly all coat
styles, excellent pat
terns, $1.60 and $2.00
shirts, for
Electro Peninsular Ranges
67 dozen madras and percale shirts
with plain or pleated fronts;
either light or dark
patterns, worth up to
75c and $1.00,
I 11 VU l ,
Hats that are fashionably correct both in shape and shade. Our expert
hatmen can "hat" you with a becoming head piece, no matter how modest
your expenditure.
New Greens In Alpine, Telescope and
rounders. All the new, green shades
values to $4 for $2.50 and.'. $3
j uenneu opetiai , own,
y . for $3
Crofut and Knapp Hata, blacks and
new browns, In stiff hats, $2.50
and $3
Stetson Hats, greatest assortment,
plain soft or stiff styles, $3.50
to '. $7.50
"Best on Karth", 11.35 Sad Irons.
per set 9o
tbc Flour t'anH, 50 lb., Ja panned. 590
htc Bread Llux, extra Urge. . . .430
, 60c Mall Boxes, castlron 390
91.25 Mall lioxes. steel, loek and
keys .860
SOo Fire Shovels, long handles.lBo
16c Fire Shovela. long handles.lOo
$1.10 Pott's Pat. Sad Irons, set.79o
As fine a $40 stove as Ib built,
attractive In design and orna
mentation; opens entirely from
the front; has four 8-inch holes
and two 6-lnch holes; burns
coal or wood. This high grade
range on sale Saturday
at $31.50
Peninsular Base ISurner with all
steel base, most powerful heater
made, regular $4 4.00 stoves,
tor $38.00
Peninsular Home Oak 1 1 eater
with 13-lnch fire pot, a $11.00
stove. Saturday $8.85
Other heaters from $3.50 up
ward. Stove Upe Beet quality Iron pipe,
with 10 stumps 13o
45c 1'lanlnhed Iron Pipe for ....30)
Coal Hulls All sizes and styles.
Including ZD ktamp.n, up from. SOo
Waffle Irons Including 40 wlampu.
at 980 and bSo
Itove Boards All sizes, Including
40 stamps, up fiotn SOo
Wilson Bread Toaster for 350 and
20 stamps.
Jap China Cups and Saucers
2.350 Highly Decorated Styles
' In a Great Sale Saturday
n i.t. 1 4 -v nloo im SI
big overstock. Line consists of coffees, teas, nior.s.
after dinners, chocolatea and moustache cupa, plain ana
5r. 30c and 35c
Cupa and Saucers.
3-9c, 50c and 69c
Cups and Baucers,
98c. $1.10. $1.50
Cups and Sauoers,
Fruits aixd Vegetables
All strictly new and freh supplies for Saturday
at lowest market prices. .
Grape Fruit. 10c. 3 for JTic
yulnees, dozen. 25c and 40o
I ulif. Tomatoes, lb 10c
50c. Uaxket.
Fine Tokay Orapes, 3 'ha.
for 25c
Bananas, doz.. 10c and lie
Uen Davis Apples, pk..25c
Celery. 3 heada for.... 10c
Cranberries, quart e
Irish Potatoes, pk 200
75c Bushel.
Cabbage, head, 6c nd 10c
Caulltlower. lb 12Ho
Sweet Florida Oranges, per
dozen, 80c, 40c and....ooe
Saturday's Grocery Specials
Bennett's Capitol Flour, sack 91.50 and 50 stamps
Bennett's Beat Coffee, pound 36o and '30 stamps
Teaa, aasorted, pound 680 and 0 stamps
Honey, new and pure, glass 1BV40 and 10 stamps
Shredded Codfish, 3 pkgs. for 36 and 10 stamps
Bennett's Capitol Baking Powder,, lb. .94 and 10 stamps
Bennett's Capitol, Pancake Flour, pkg. lie and 10 stamps
btrlnglesa Beans,' "Beat We Hvo," 26c kind for ISO
Two cans for 36o
J. M. Early June Peas, 3 cans for &5o
Capitol Mince Meat, three pkgs 95o and 10 stamps
Capitol Extract, bottle ISo and 10 stamps
Beauty Asparagus, can 38o and 20 stamps
Allen's Brown Bread Flour, pkg 16o end 10 stamps
Full Cream Cheese, pound SOo and 10 stamps
Lomestlc Swiss Cheeao, pound
Premium Butterlne, two lbs. .
A. B. C. Catsup, bottle
Ilex Lye, three cans
Rub-No-Mora Washing Powder,
Helns Sweet Onions, pint
Pure Pepper, per can ....
Crackers, large assortment
85o and 10 stamps
....47o and 10 stamps
. ...93o and 10 stamps
....ISo and 10 stamps
for So and 10 stamps
. ...s5o and 10 stamps
. ...lOo and 5 stamps
. ...lOo and 10 stamps
Mixed Candy, lb.
Chocolate Creams
Salted Peanuts, lb..
New Dates, lb..
California Figs, pkg.
Pkg. .
rmxa demobstbatxow
Peanut Salad Oil
Small bottle B5o 10 stamps
Med. bottle 40o 20 stamps
Large bottle eoo 30 stamps
A Great Saturday Sale
Mens Suits
1,000 garments, strictly new
fall and winter models, in every
late shade and fabric, tailored
in very latest fashion. In every
particular these are the best
$20 Suits, Overcoats or Rain
coats on sale in any
store. We offer them
Saturday at a bona fide
saving to you of $5
f $15
Suits and Overcoats I Children's Suits
The materials In the suits are
-, blue serge, black thlbet and
fancy cloths In new Bhades. The
overcoats are heavy, correct in
style and In a variety of excel
lent cloths. Every suit or over
coat big $10,00 value, $cn
sizes 14 to 20 years.
for st
and Overcoats
There 1b not a single Btyle of note
that lb not represented In this
collection, good, well-made sty
lish suits In double breasted,
Russian and blouse suits, with
knlcker pants, every new fabric
and shade, also heavy,
warm overcoats in
greatest variety
v iaui u;
Fresh Dressed Spring Ducks, lb., 12ic
Fresh x.e&f Lard, 10 lbs for. .91.00
Pig Pork Shoulder Boast, lb.. 70
Pig Pork Spare Bibs, lb TViO
Bib Boast, all bones out lOo
Choloe Pot Boast, lb 7c and 60
HAMS Morrell's Iowa Pride. to 10 lbs., all niHriint.Ar1 IK
BACOIT Morrell's Iowa Pride, narrow trimmed strips, per'lb. .'
And 30 stamps t strip.
BACON Calumet bacon, sugar rurud, 6 to 7 lb. strlpa Der lb
T.amnTn in.ih n.n. ,hni,. . l: ... 1 .. -1 1 . , .. .
- , -i -- -"-i'i" uci, Armours shield or
Cudahy's Rex brand, per pall ii 3s
And 30 stamps.
Pap X,amb x,ega, lb 10Ve
Lamb Shoulder Boast, 4 lbs. for. 35c
Veal Shoulder Boast ....So and 7o
Mutton Stew. 7 lbs. fur as
Veal Stew, 6 lbs. for 36j
, .13io
Ftbnloni Sums Go Into Railroad Ex
tension with Taft Elected.
Ice Presldeat Brown ot New York
Central Lines Makes Tht-4 State
uira ta ('. A, l.yale of
1'lnrlada, la.
' The railroads cf tiirf United fixates have
released orders fur equipment and supplies
material and rolling nock aggregating In
ciwl $310,000,1111 since Taft's election as
vresldenL Theae orders had Seea placed
prior to election day contingent upon the
outcome of the campaign.
This slat, ment la made by as high au
thority as First Vice President Brown of
the New York Central lines, the operating
head of Ihat great system of railroads.
Mr. Brown sal J that the day after election
he himself, for his allied roads, leleased
$31,000,000 of such orders.
Mr. Brown made this statement while In
Clarlndu, la., Wednesday. He was in
Clurlndd, his birth place, on a matter of
busli eaa and pltasurc. He Is the' heaviest
stockholder In the I.yale Manufacturing
coinp.iny of- Clarinda, a large concern that
manufactures creamery and other sup
plies. C. A. Lysle la president ot this com
pany and It was to Mr. I. yule that Mr.
Brown made this statement.
"Mr. Brown came Into my office early
the morning after election to look Into our
business," said Mr. lle. "lie was much
gratified at the result of the election, and
said to me. 'I huve sent out over 1X tele
grams already todav, releasing orders for
railroad supplies and . enu pinent for the
New York Cential aggregating In cost $31.
OOu.oOO. I placed these orders some time
ago and made each one contingent for Its
fulfillment upon the election of T"ft, sim
ply because our rompui.y, in common with
all large business concerns, felt that should
the election go against Taft the money
and commercial murk-Ms of the country
would be too seriously disturbed to warrant
us In entering upon any thing so extensive,
but that with Tuft elected all interests
would have reason to fee' safe." "
All Koads the Kaiur.
"I asked Mr. Brown if other railroad
had made similar orders and he replied, '1
can say positively Hint the railroads cf
this country have dono so or will In a
few daya, release ordeis like these of ours
that will aggregate $-'. Ojo. GO for equipment
and material that will g iut railroad
building, extensions and Improvement of
rolling stock. I can tell you alio that
enough orders have been placed with the
gigantic steel Industries of this country to
keep them working for a whole year at
their maximum capacity If they should
not receive another order."
"Mr. Brown told me that all this meant
Just one thing, namely th: greatest period
of railroad extent-Ion work we have ycl had.
He, reflecting the mood and sentiment of
railroad men generally, among whom lie
la one of the most prominent, asserted that
this country. In every department of com
mercial and InduBlilul activity, waa sure to
progress over and. beyond the point it had
attained In the fall of 1907, when temporary
lack of confidence and the nppruach of the
national camptiign, conspired to check busi
ness and nut only that, but that i wit)
entering upon a petlud of even greater
prosperity thau huve yet kuuwu."
Man Offered by Twelfth Ward as
Member of tha City
Friends of Alfred E. Llndell are circu
lating a petition to he presented to the
t-lty council asking for his appointment as
city councilman from the Twlefth ward, to
take the seat to be vacated when Jeff W.
Bedford la sworn in as county commissioner
from the Fifth district. Mr. Llndell, who
Is a salesman In the Klng-8wanson cloth
ing store, was one of the democratic can
didates for membership on the Omaha
Board of Kducatlon and was defeated by
a amall margin.
The IJndell petition has not as yet come
to the notlc of Mr. Bedford, but that of
ficial says he will claim the right of
tiK liis Muwcwssur la Ilia council. Mr. Bed
ford says he will probably resign from the
council about the first of the year, but
not until he has named his successor.
Measare Will Be get Forth la Detail
by Commercial flub
A circular will he issued In a few days
by the Commercial ;lub setting forth In
detail Information regarding the new uni
form bill of lading which has been recom
mended to all railroads by the Interstate
Commerce commission. There is, of course,
to rullroad men and shippers a great
amount of Interest In the matter, and
amuiig the shippers at least some uncer
tainty as to tlit si' nation.
It may lie statcO .it a meeting of
wcbU-iti railroad truffle tig-nt Just held It.
Chicago it was ordered that shippers may
use tha old forms until the first of De
cember, provided that these are made sub
ject to the provisions of the new bill of
lading through the medium of a rubber
stamp mark to that effect. This Involves
among other things the assumption of .
common carrier's risk by the shipper, and
If he refuses to ship on these terms, an In
crease of It) per rent In tariff is ordeicd.
The circular which Commlsslor;r Guild
is preparing will set forth all the regula
tions and,, conditions in detail and will
be thoroughly read by the many business
men Interested, for the recipient of freight
as well as the shipper, Is, of course. In
volved in somo iimiaurc.
Aa American Klavv
Is the great king of cure., I'r King's New
Plscovery, the quick, safe, sure ciuali iiti-l
cold remedy. 6"c and Kor ulc by
Ikutor. Lttug Co.