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Ex-Attorney Oeneral Harmon, democrat,
claimed .to ha elected governor, but repub
llcana dispute. Democratic gains In legis
lature. " . .-.. .
West Virginia Latest returns favor
Taft. Bennett, democrat - for governor, la
In the lead, but the republicans claim all
, five congressmen admitting only two dis
tricts In doubt. The pluralities of Taft
and Hughes m' New York state are aome
what modified by returns received lale to-
. day, though the result was not materially
changed. With 80 out -of 66 dlstrt ts miss
ing, and two estimated, tats today Taft'a
plurality has been raised to 199.G66, an In
crease of about 2,000 from the earlier esti
mate, and with ninety-seven districts
missing anO. tnJrty.livs estimates, Hughes;
plurality or governor hatrbeen reduced to
f,81, , , ,
Today's returns leave no doubt upon the
election of the full republican state ticket
by substantial pluralities all along the
Willie Taft carried New York by a plur
ality of .over 15,000, Chanter carried the city
by about 60,000, and Tammany hall put In
office all of Its Important local candidates.
BALTIMORE,' Md.. Nov. 4.-The latest re
turns from yesterday's election show thai
the result In Maryland on the presidency
Is tlcse. According to the latest figures,
Taft had polled 97,690, whle Bryan had
polled 97,433. it plurality for Taft of 1B3. In
four of the counties the pluralities ar
estimated,.. In some other counties a few
precincts are missing, so the state really
la In .doubt:' Congressman Pearre, of Iht
Sixth district, about irhoae election there
has been doubt, Is. safe with a plurality
of 680. The Congressional delegation from
this state still", remains, .three republicans
and three democrats, but with a slight
change In the personnel. Covington, dem
ocrat, defeated Jackson,, the present In
cumbent. In .the glrst district, and Kron
mlller, republican, won . over Wolf, the
preaent .democratic , representative In the
Third district. . ... .
BALTIMORE. Md., Nov. 4. Fuller re
turns received up to 19:30 o'clock Indicste
that the slight Taft plurality haa been
wiped out and that Maryland has gone for
Bryan. . ,, ' .
According to these figures ' Bryan leada
by about 1.000, with the totals: Bryan, 101,
402; Taft. 100,839. .
In four, counties th returns are Incom
plete. These are St. Mary's, Calvert, 'Dor
chester .and Predrlck,. but In each only a
few precincts remain to he heard from.
OUTIlRIE. Okla., Nov. 4-Republlcan
gains Itava been general, but not large
nough to effect the result on the national
ticket, congressmen and legislature. Bryan's
plurality lstlmuted at 25,000, the congres
ional delegation, four detnocrata and one
republican 4a re-elected, and the legislature
la overwhelming democratic and will re
elect United States Senator Thomas P.
Gore. No official - figures were available
at 7 o'clock this morning.
810UX FALLS. S. D., Nov. 4.-Late- re
turns Indicate that the republicans havo
elected nobles than 108 out of 148 members
of the legislature, assuring the election to
the United Statea Senate of Governor Coe
I. Crawfofd. republican primary: nominee,
as successor to Senator Kittredge.
Charles H. Burke and Eben W. Martin,
republican are elected to congreas by ma
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Bee ll-4-'08 , I
from that given Taft In South Dakota.
Late reports make It certain that Taft'a
plurality In the state will not be under
23,000 and may reach 80,000 or more.
Vessy, republican, for governor, will have
a majority of not less than 15,000 over le,
democrat. . .
ST. LOUIS. Nov. 4. Indications at I p.
m. are that the democrats will control the
next Missouri legislature on Joint ballot by
four" votes, .assuring the re-election of
United States Senator Stone If all the dem
ocrats In the legislature . abide by the. ad
visory vote of the senatorial primary. The
state Is extremely" douTJtful as to its elec
toral vote, v .r. '.. : . '
There la little doubt but that Attorney
General Herbert S. Had ley has defeated hU
democratic opponent. Congressman William
Cowherd for the governorship. With ninety
six counties heard from, more or less com
pleetly, Hadley had a plurality of close to
18,000, the ' vote In the state having failed
to disturb the margin of 16,500 with which
he left St. Louis. This, too, despite the fact
that Kansas City gave Cowherd a plurality
In exceas of 8,000.
At noon the democratic state chairman,
Harry Rubey, said:
"It looks bad, but In the absence of def
inite figures, we refuse to concede, any
thing." ...
The minor parties cut no figures In the
St. Louis vote. Hlsgen, according to. latest
returns, failed to receive a single vote In
the ctty. Debs was given about 6,000;
Chafln about 200, and Watson about 180.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 4,-Thls morn
ing It looks as If William 8. Cowherd,
democrat, would have to depend upon his
plurality in Jackson county(wblch Includes
Ksnsas City), to gain a lead over Herbert
8. Hadley, republican, for governor. . Cow
herd's plurality In Jackson county Is esti
mated at from 1,800 to 2,500. but this may
not be sufficient to give him the state.
TOPEKA, Kaiy.. Nov. 4. Returns from
sixty-nine countes complete and Incomplete
have been received. These give Taft 22,021
and Bryan 18,417. Later returns are re
duclng the estimated plurality of Taft and
of Stubba, for governor. Stubbs' plurality
Is placed at 20,000 to 26.000 and Taft'a about
8,000 more.
The election of Joseph L. Bristow- to the
United Statea senate la . assured. Returns
received up to tonight show the election of
thirty-nine democratic representatives and
five democratic senators, seventy republi
can representatives and thirty republican
senators. This leaves sixteen representa
tives and five aenatora stHI In the doubt
ful column. '
The republicans have a majority In the
legislature of fifty-six, not counting the
tloubtful members and of thirty-five, count
ing all the doubtful ones In the democratic
CINCINNATI. O., Nov. 4 A plurality
of about 60,000 for Judge Taft, the repub
lican candidate for president, was the
election-day expression of the voters of
Ohio, who, however at the same time
chose the head of the opposition state
ticket by a plurality iof probably 20,000.
More than half the precincts of the state
are Included in the figures that show
these results, no- estimates being consid
ered, and any. difference will be simply
as to the slse of the plurality, there be
ing no question as to the certainty of the
result. The slow count delayed knowledge
Is to love children, end no
home can be happy without
them, yet the ordeal through
which the expectant mother
must pass usually is so full
suffering and dread that
iapprehension. Mother's Friend,
j I j 1
rf the doclnlon as to the legislature and
both parties claim to have the majority
that wilt se4Me the Cnlted States senator-ship.-
The same alow count delayed de
clalon ts to the balace of ths state tick at.
, INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.J Nov. .-The dem
oorati of Indiana yesterday elected . their
candidate for governor, Thomas R. Mar
ahall. and probably the entire state demo
cratla ticket Eight democratic congress
men have been elected, a gain of four. C.
B. Iandla, republican representative from
the Ninth district, has been defeated and
Jesse Overstreet.'. republican, of the Sev
enth district, also has been defeated by a
small margin. The democrats, are alsa
claiming the legislature, - which will have
the election of la United fetates senator.
CHICAGO, Nov. 4.Earty morning re
turna did not materially change the figures
sent our last night. Taft carried Cook
county by 7 J. 400 and the city of Chicago
by M.400. Toft's plurality In the state. In
cluding Chicago and Cook county, 1a esti
mated tt from 170.000 to 175,000. The entire
republican state ticket was elected, Charles
8. Deneen for governor, receiving a plur
ality of about 40,000. The congressional
delegation from thla state will oonlst of
nineteen republican and six democrats,
the democrats gaining one 1n the Eighth
district, where Thomas Oallagher, demo
crat, . aucceeded Charles' McOsvln. ' a re
publican. The proposition to Issue bonds
to the amount of $20,000,000 for the purpose
of aiding In the construction of a deep
waterway for the lakea to the gulf was
carried by an overwhelming majority.
DES -MOINES, la., Nov. 4. Incomplete
returns from evsry congressional district
In Iowa Indicate the election of republican
congressmen. In the Sixth district the
fight Is close. KendaH haa wen by a mar
gin of probably 600 to 1,000. In the First,
Second, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth, where
It was conceded by the republican man
agers the fight would be close, the re
publican candidates won by good majori
ties. Hepburn, In the Eighth, and Hull, in
the Seventh, were elected. Hull's major
ity In the Seventh will be 8.000. The en
tire republican state ticket Is elected by
pluralities ranging from ' 50,000 to 80.000.
Tarts plurality in the state will total
57,000. Governor Cummins, for United
States senator, has won by an overwhelm
ing majority. Incomplete returns from
nearly overy county in the state Indicate
his election over Lacey by at least 25,000.
The complexion of the next Iowa legtsla-
ture will be progressive republican.
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Nov. 4. Complete re-
turns from eight out of thirteen counties
In Wyoming give Taft a plurality of 2,760.
Democratic State Chairman Stickney con
cedes the state to Tat by 6,000. Congress
man Frank W. Mondell, republican. Is re
elected by about the same majority.
Albert T. Twsme, the primary nominee.
Twesme's plurality , is estimated at about
cnairman Fdmunds of the republican
state .central committee,' says Taft will
have at least 60,000 plurality in the state
while Chairman Manson of the democratic
state committee will not concede his elec
tion by more than 26.000 from the returns
received by him.
.i MAINE-, .
PORTLAND,- Me., Nov.- 1-Malne today
gave Taft an estimated plurality of 81;600.
John P. Swasey and Frank El Guernsey.
republicans, wero chosen in the Second
and Fourth congressional districts, respec
tively, to fill short term vacancies.
BOSTON, Mass., Nov. J.-The republican
aiionai ana sine canaiaaioa carried the
state today and all eleven republican con-1
gressmen were re-elected. Both branches
of the legislature will be republican by
ncavy margins. Early returns indicate
plurality for Taft of 120,000.
The plurality of Lieutenant Governor
Eben 8. Draper, republican, for governor.
Is estimated at 80.000.
ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 4. It was con
ceded by all parties at 11 o'clock today
that Governor Johnson had been re-elected
governor to aerve his third term. Governor
Johnson himself says that his Indicated
majority will be over 25,000.
DALLA8, Tex., Nov. 4. Practically com
plete returns from yesterday's election sho
the usual overwhelming majorities In favor
of the democratic ticket, both state and na
tional. A resolution adopted by the demo
crat!: atite convention Instructs the legis
lature to submit to a vote of the people at
a future election a consltutlonal amendment
.... . . . . . .
providing ior siaiewiae proniDition.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4.-Californla
probably will give Taft a plurality of over
60.000 votea and In addition has re-elected
eight republican congressmen and a repub
lican legislature. Of the numerous con-1
atitutlonal amendments the proposal to re
move the atate capital from Sacramento to I
Berkeley has undoubtedly be n defeated.
Judge Frank H. Dunno waa the only demo
cratic Judge elected In San Francisco and
he waa victorious In spite of a vigorous I
campaign against him by those who ob-1
Jected to his rulings while trying the Rusf I
and Schmlfk graft cases.
DENVER. Nov. 4. Estimates of plurality
by counties based upon Incomplete returns
show that Bryan and the entire democratic
atate ticket, head' d by John F. Shafroth
for governor, carried Colorado with plu
raUtles hi the neighborhood of 6,000. '
The democrats probably will control the
legislature by a narrow margin. Insuring
the election' of Charles J. Hjghes, Jr.. as
United States senator to ' succeed Teller
Hughes having been endoraed for the post
tlon by the state convention.
Resulta of the congressional elections are
not positively known, but Indications favor
Edward it. Taylor, democrat. In the state
at large: Robert W. Bonynge, ' republican.
In the First d'strlct, and John A. Martin,
democrat, in ' the Second.
At a late hour this afternoon complete
returns hsd been received from only fifty
five out or 146 precincts In Denver and theae
showed the following results:
President: Bryan, 11.711; Taft, 1.415.
Governor: Shafroch, 11,624; McDonald,
Typaola at Asim,
BOONB, la., Nov. 4. (Special Telagram.)
Iowa State college at Ames la threatened
with a.tieup on account of typhoid fever.
The sanitary conditions of the college
grounds are bad and many b'.g houses
housing up to thirty students are In bad
condition. Already there are many cases of
typhokt on account of poor aewsgs and the
cases continue to Increase.'
D. . Thompson ii Honor Guest at the
Omaha Club.
Loaa- Mat of Prominent Men of
Omaha Are Kate rtalned with
lalted States Represent
ilTe to Meatco.
t. K. Thompson. Vnlted States ambassa
dor to Mexico, was the guest of honor at
a luncheon given by J. E. Baum at the
Orraha club .Wednesday afurnoop. Ihose
present Included leading cTlisens of Omaha,
representing all of jts , larger. Interests.
Brief addresses were made by Oeneral
Charles T. Manderson, Dr. George t,. Miller
and H. II. Baldrlge.
Mr. Thompson, delivered a short talk upon
Mexican affairs, reviewing th general
business, commercial, political and social
conditions of that republic, that was list
ened to with the most Interested attention.
It was a symposium of Mexican affairs
told by an observant business man more
comprehensive than any written article
could possibly be.
These were the guests:
C. H. Pickens.
T. C. Byrne
I. W, Camenter
C. F. Wcller .
C. N. Diets . .
O. P. Diets
Dr. Palmer Flndlay
W.-M. Burgess
A. C. Smith
H. D. Neely
C. J. Green
William Stull
V. B. Caldwell
Dr. C. A. Hull
A. I, Lcve
F. W, Judson
W. .A. DeBord
M T. Barlow
N. fr ijnomla
Frank Colpetser
W. A. Redlck
J. R. I ,e timer
I. B. Conadon
G. F. Bldwell
William waunc .
C. J. Lane ..
W. L. Park
A. I Reed
E. P. Peck
Clement Cbase .
F. M. Hamilton
E. K. Bruce
W. 8. Wright c
V. T. Kountse
W. D. McHugh
C. F. Manderson '
J. C. Cowln
8. Hall
Luther Drake
8. t. Barkalow
C C. Rose water- t.
F.-lA. Nash
J. C. Wharton
J. E. Kelby
H. W. Yates
D. A. Baum . ,
D. Baum, Jr.
A. L. Bchants
I.' B. Thompson
J. JK. Baum
John 'R. Webster
W. Farnam Smith
I. ee Snratlen
Ross Curtice
Ed .Blgnell
Euclid Martin
J S. Brady i
O. W. Holdrego
C. K Tost
H. H. BHldrlee
J H. Millard
C. IX Mullen
Dr. Qeorfre L. Miller
F. P. Klrkendall
E. A. Cudfthy
J. M. Cudahy .
J. L. Kennedy
F. H. Davis
Has Tm Years . More.
Mr. Thompson said to a reporter for The
"There seems to be a misapprehension
regarding President Dlas' candidacy for re
election to the presidency of ihe Mexican
republic. He still has two years to serve
On his nresent term and he haa reneatAtllv
Indicated his Intention of retiring at the
end of his term. The friendly feeling be-
tween the citizens, .of Mexico and the
Vnlted States Is constantly growing. Mexlcj
welcomes American Industry and capital
American capital is heavily Interested In
all kinds of Mexican enterprises, mining
ind mercantile, as well as commercial.
There Is approximately rTOO.OOO.OOO of
American capital Invested In various Mexi
can enterprises. In the City of Mexico alone
there Is a large number of" Americans en
gaged In the various industries. '
"Ed Dickinson's Orient railroad Is pro
greasing raploly and will be completed
within the not very distant future, and Is
going to be a big pacing proposition when
once In operation." " '
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namev,Lpok tr aignaturti K. W. drove. aSc,
(Continued from 'Flfs't Page.)
. 1.837
. 2.3f3
'. V655
. 2.078
. 1.651
. 1,045
Cedar, majority.
r Burt
Totals t.
- Hlnshaw. Gilbert
Saline ,
2,1 L5
. 1.9"
. i,m
, 1,707
Thayer ,
i ' Norris. Ashton.
Haves, majority 90
Gosper 528 619
Kearney r,C3 1,224
Red Willow 1.374 1.21
Dundy 616 380
Frontier 626 629
Webster : 1,39 1,440
Franklin 1.073 ' 1.350
muckoiis i,mo 1,6:
Adams 1,922 -. 2.4
Clay 1.908 1,910
Totals 11.9S7 13.708
Box Butte..
Sheridan t..
41 IS
I 'Howard
I Kimball
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(round. But eiaajr times woman call cu
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tration, another with pain here and there,
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patient gets no betterJyJr?aA4!tbe)
wrong treatment, but probably worseTA
. line jir t-iprce. a r avnn
retted to
'! lo inn muse wouu
he disease, tliere-
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tkree a do Easy to take aa candy.
, 115
Thomas , .-.
Buffalo , :
FREMONT, Neh.. Nov. 4 -(Ppeclal )
Full retnrns from the county on legislative
ticket elect McVlcker and Iawrence, both
democrats, to the legislature. Fred volj.
democrat, has 700 plurality over Haller,
republican, for state senator from the
Tenth district and !s elected. 3. C. Cook,
republican, Is elected county attorney and
Ole Oleson, Jorgen Larson and A. Forman,
republicans, and M. O'Hara democrat,
upervlsors, the Istter without opposition.
Voto. In Dooclaa Coanty.
Returns from every precinct In the
county except Florence gives this vote for
Shallenberger tf.M
Bheldoft i 13,841
Majority 1.489
With Florence and Jefferson missing, the
returns showed the following results:
Lieutenant Governor-
Garret t 14,974
Hopewell v 14,021
Berretaiy of Btate
Gatewood 15,'JOl
unkln 4..' 13. ST..
Auditor t
Price U.Otii
Barton H,VH
Mackey 14,93:
Brian 14,087
Abbott 15.003
Bishop 14,1
Attorney General
Floharty 14,717
Thompson lS.eas
Commissioner fubllc Landa and BiagK.
East ham
Cowlea 13.W0
Railway Commissioner
Cowglll 16.247
Winiams 13.S5J
HI'chcock 15.S38
efferls 13.3'S
State Senator-
Ransom 14.RX
Howell 14.7X8
Tanner 14.691
Adklns 14.402
8 wan son 18. WB
McGllton 4 13,3oO
Boland 15W
Connolly ..
. 14 923
, 14,878
. 14.!fi2
, 13.517
. 1S.820
, 13.60
, 13,002
, 14,M3
, 12.ST2
Holmes ...
Howsrd ...
Stoeckrtr ..
Thomas ...
Barnes -
Best ......
Foster ....
Harvey ....
Koutsky ..
Leeder .....
Wapp'ch 13.739
County Attorney
Enjrlish 16,194
Coroner -
Hen fey , 14.500
iBewer 13,854
Comm ssloner
Plckard 16.17S
Walsh 13.356
Bedford 14.
Ure , 13.38'
Benson precinct also running from at
torney general down.
Stat "enate.
Following Is a partial list of newly
elected members of the state aenate:
Three S. H. Buck, (dem.)
Four W. B. Banning, (dem.)
Six Frank T. Ranson, (dem.)
E. E. Howell, (dem.)
John M. Tanner, (dem.)
Seven O. R. Thompson, (rep!)
Nlne-J. D. Hatfield, (dem.)
Ten Fred Volpp, (dem.)
C. A. Randall, (rep.) . .
Blxteeiir-C, F. Bodlnaon. -TTwenty-One-s-Jacob-
Klein, (dem.) ',
" Twenty-Two F, W. Bartoos, (dem.)
Twenty-Three Smith Ketchum, (dem.)
Twenty-Five J. M. Cox, (rep.)
Twenty-Six C. R. Besse, (dem.)
Twenty-Seven George W. Ttbbets, (dem.)
Twenty-Eight A. G. Warren, (rep.)
Twenty-NineJohn C. Gammll, (rep.)
The Hour,
A list of newly elected members of the
house of representatives follows, Including
those whose election has been Indicated by
S Fred Hector (dem.)
B. T. Skeen (dem-)
6 G. W. Leldlgh (dm.)
E. J. Stedman (dem.(
8 Marshall Harrison (rep.)
9 J. M. Gates (dem.)
11 H. D. Schoettger (dem.)
12 Nels Johnson (rep.)
13 B. F. Griffin (rep.)
, 14 W. J. McVlcker (dem.)
Frank P. Lawrence (dem.)
18 8. Sabeeerscn (rep.)
1-John Kuhl (dem.)
21 G. W. Fannon (rep.)
22 1. S. Bygland (dem.)
23 Lew Young (dem.)
24 .lames Grelg (dem )
25 J. H. Weems (dem.)
28 J. Dostal (
Joseph Lux (dem.)
31 John Chalb (dem.)
J. H. Hospodsky (dem.)
32 B. H. Begole (rep.)
D. J. Klllen (rep.)
C. J. McColl (rep.)
33 Louie Werner (dem.)
86 William Grueber (dem.)
41 R, W. Boyd (dem.)
1 J. Evar.a (dem.)
42 D. M. Nettleton (rep.)
J. F. Broderlck (dem.)
43 A. II. Bowman (dem.
44 Dr. R. F. Raines (rep.)
45 T.'J. Cooperrlder (dem.).
46 Erlck Johnson (rep.)
66 W. J. Taylor (dem.)
K. Miller (dem.)
68 Armatrong (rep.)
G. W. Barrett (rep.)
69 H. T. Worthing (dem.)
&h-3. H. Marlott (dem.)
65 Frank Moore (rep.)
66 Dr. K. S. Case (ilem.)
Frleads Claim Blar Majority for Hlin
for Beaator.
HURON, 3. D.. Nov. 4. (Special Tele
gram.) Chairman mcnards or the slate
republican league says Taft's majority will
be about 16,000, and Vessey, republican, for
governor from 8.000 to 12,000 over Lee, demo
cratic. He estimates that 75 per cent of
the IIS members of the legislature will sup
port of Governor Crswford for United
States senator.
Mlu Virciala Joaes.
Miss Virginia Jones, a sister of Dr. Ger
trude Cuscaden of Omaha, died at her home
near Chllllcothe, O., Wednesday morning
as the result of severe burns received In the
explosion of a coal oil lmp on October 1.
Till recently encouraging reports of her
condition had been received by her friends
in Omaha, where sho visited her sister on
two occasions, but weakening strength and
arterial hemorrhage from the deeper Injur
ies hastened her ultimate collapse. The
burns caused by the explosion covered al
most three-fourth of her1 body and she
bravely suffered for a month before the
final release came. Funeral services will
be help at Chllllcothe on Friday of this
week and the- body will be burled In the
family lot at that city.
M re. Emaaa Thoaspaoa.
The body of Mrs. Emma Thomson, wife
of J. C. Thomson, an Omaha printer, will
arrlva Iq Omaha. Wednesday and fureral
services are to be held, Thursday. Mra.
Thomson died at Loveland, Colo., from
which place the body is being brought.
The Thomsons live at 36 north Twenty,
fourth street, Omaha- Mrs. Thomson wss
43 years old.
Mrs. Carrlo Waldroa.
Mra. Carrie Waldron. aged tl, died at a
hospital, Tueaday afternoon. Her home
was at SSlf Burt street and she Is sur
vived by a son. The body will be taken ts
Schuyler, Neb, Thursday, for urlal.1
Our Letter Box
Contributions on timely loptcs Invited.
Writs lerlbly on one side of the paper
only, with name and address appended.
Unused contributions will not be re
turned, letters exceeding 200 words will
be subject to being cut down at ths
discretion of the editor. Publication ot ;
views of correspondents does not Com
mit Ths Bet to their endorsement.
" netting; on Klectlon. J
OMAHA. Nov. 4. To the Editor of The j
Dally Bee: From the report In the morn- I
Ing edition of the Dally Bee. entitled "Much
Betting Has Been Din" nnd front other ;
recent reports In t lie dully press, on the
question of btetlng on the result ot the
election, It would seem that-some of our i
cltisens have overlooked, as well as over
stepped the provisions of Beotlon 223 of the
Criminal code, which makes It a crime to
bet, or wagef upon the vlertlon of any per
son to any office, post, or situation which
by the constitution, or laws of this state,
IS mado elective, or shall make any bet or
Wager upon the election of Ihe. president or
vice president of the I'nlted Slaves or, upon
the election of elcctora of president or vlco
president of the t'nlted Slates. The penalty
being a fine of from five, to one hundred
This section being a part of the Criminal
code. Is not like the "antl-treatlng" law,
nor enforclble, and yet some of the dlgnl- j
taries and "high-up" cltisens, ind In a
few Instances officers of this city 'and
state, have, on the last election, atepped
high enough to coma within the provisions
ot this section of the Criminal code.l Re
spectfully, 1
Boys Have Accident.
BOONE. Ia., Nov. 4. (Special Telegram
"I guesa .I'll have to ahoot you," were
the words used by Ernest Taylor as he
pointed a rlflo at Willie Miles. The ham
mer wss snapped and the ball passed
through the boy's left wrist, Rearing his
glove and coat. The lad escaped other In-
ury. Had the rifle been turned a fraction
of an Inch death would have resultech The
boy's were out hunting and the remark
was made In mere fun.
as an Art
PRACTICAL and competent tailors,
and they are not aa plentiful as
one might imagine make it a point
to look closely after the proper draping
of the garment, rather than to simply
fit the form of the wearer.
No two rSen are exactly alike. There
is an individuality In each case, that re
quires the expert ability of the tailor to
produce the proper and desired effect.
Our tailors are "onto" that.
To Even Up Our Medium Priced
Lines we have reduce J the price
on many of our highest grade fab
ric. You'll find a liberal assort
ment of $50 and $45 atyleson the
$40 (ablea-$42 and $40 styles on
the $35 tables $5 and $55 fab
rics at $SO.
Treuiirt JG to $12 Suits $25 to $50
SO O-ll fcouUi loth St. 1
Delicate enough for the softest
kin, and yet efficacious in re-noving
tny stain. Keeps the skin in perfect
condition. In the bath gives all tht
desirable after-effects of a Turkish
Tath. It should be oo every wash
town DAVIS8
Baler Bros. Engraving Co.,
Barker Block
Both Tbonss: D. 8638, Ind. 8538
Prompt Berrioe. Best Work.
What's Your Guess
Bvsry peraoa who takes a meal at
tolf Kaasoa's bsssmeat testaoraat
anay gasss the numbs who visit
tasre aurlag- ths day.
Ths asarsst gasss wins a meal
(Every 4Lay this weak.)
Toll Ijanson's Lunch Room
The icoat attractive, brightest,
airiest and most economical lunch
room In Omaha.
The Schlitz Cafes
6-20 South 16th Street.
Noon Day
1 1 'at lh Beat
Grill Room -
lOtti and
. For e:
After bring on vcfgr feVi
afl dny, what paol of youi .'
body Ih It that nds the moat
rest? Your. fett, of conf.?'
One-half of the fallgJe-ltt.
standing orv walking how- - .
ever, comes . fronv- wrongly
constructed shoes.' V
. c ' '
We havo a lino ofvioea
that are made for the com
fort requirement of the man
with tired' feet, u s "v Vni
Theae nhoo8,eome instrong,
durable leathers- kid. Jr Qit
made In fasts (o(. insure
comfort. N v ' '"
Try A pair of tfteuo comfott
bringers and your fo(Hachs
and jyalnB wilt disappear.'
I'ltirK 54,00.
Sizes 6 to 12.
Drexel Shoe Co.
1419 Fanam Street.
Many,' ..v.
Misjudged . Mistakes are the foundation "6f tlie
popular opinion that is known' by some
as ill luck. Neglecting your teeth" is a
mistake that will cause tfre' severest
kind of ill luck. A bridge will -"make-good"
for teeth that have been lost by
decay, thus avoiding the necessity of
a plate.
Prices are Btich that do not pake you
think of unfair profit. ; ." !
Crowns $U.OOm
Bridge Teeth, per tooth JS5.00,
Taft's Dental Rooms
For the return of articles taken from
the residence of A. Martin Sunday, Nov
ember 1st. No prosecution or questions
asked. Address
A. B. GROTTE, 2204 Howartf St.
Boyd's Xticntiif i
The Alaskan
With Sdwla Martiadel and SO asso
olate artists. 1 ' .
Thursday, Srtday. Batardav mmti.
Tim MurpHy
In Oharlss Jsffrsya, Oom '
Comlngv Xilsblor ft Co.'s prodaotlon
xnj5 jylan FROM HOME
Afternoon and Evening"
Fine Muaic and Vaudeville
Admission! Adults aso; OUldrta 5.
Special commutation tickets at all
lirin r. -.... ,J. ...... " J
vww.n. mill. AUVIICI.
Vkeaa, Xadspsadsat A-la4. '
Kat- svsry day, BilS; every Bight. n..
Wilfred Olarks ft Co., Johnny Mo V.iLi
and his College OUla, BlalvtuS aS filfl ":
f ins, tos Balvaggla, Badle Uwuh mh
Ue and Carr, the JoaaslU Trt?Eid th
jb.amasvuj. -
ric9m, 10o, aHp AOe.
loo, aso, SOo, To
Aiusrlca's Greatest riay T
Nebraska vs. Ames
msssrvsd Beats oa sale at ' ' "
MVKItS-DILLON ,IIU:a tXTu rj ' i
Btardy, Bov. T. Diets Park, 8:30 . V. .
I rhoaesi Song. 1806 1 Zno, A.1W.
laoei tea, a.1604.
David Bslasoo'a Vantons 'Plaj
ci ldlN w:8T
Bpeotal JPsatorei Elk's Quartet
Bun Ths mftni tov
I'urtsln at 8:15 and 215 sharp.
Lunch. ..50c
Lunott In Omaha . . rK
Jackson Sts.