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    Fhe Omaha' Daily Bee.
' P4LLS Oft AT A. M.
Word Sent from Headquarter! to Cast
Ballots for Shallenberger
Prosperity Spell'
Candidate Cloiei Campaign with
Great Meeting- at Youngtlown.
Taeorfar. Nevember S, 1oa.
Final Estimates Made by Leaden of
Both Parties.
Judge Taft Says He it Sore He Will
Be Elected.
190S qvembers 1908
4 5 6 Z
8 t ' O 1 12 IS 14
15 It 18 19 20 2
22 23 ' 25 26 2Z 28
Railway Commissioner Williams Also
oa the Rr.tlread Bad 1. 1st and
Cowarlll Recommended for
. annanus
e is Alio Sure that Governor ughei
Will 'Be Ee-elected.
In Telephone Converautlon Chairman
Assure J ad Ha Will Reeelv
v Thre Hundred Twenty
Five Electoral Vote.
NEW YORK, Nov. . Within a few
hours the extraordinary national and
elite political campaign of 1901 will
be history. In all the mates but alx
(Oregon. Maine. Vermont, Arkanaaa, Ken
tucky and Georgia) atata officer are to be
elected; In neaily all new delegation to
congress ara to be choaen, ana in many
states, legislatures which will select United
States aanatora will be elected tomorrow.
Judge Taft predicted today a great and
decisive victory In New York for the re
publican ticket. i
"I have lust coma out of New York
atate with the conviction that tomorrow
will bring with It a republican majority
which Will not only give the electoral vote
to hie, but will elect Governor Hugliea by
a round majority," aald Judge Taft.
"W all of ua recognise New York aa a
pivotal atale, and I apeak advisedly when
I aay that the republican ticket will pre
vail there.
"The democratic plurality In New York
City will not be aufflclent to overcome
the tremendous republican vota which will
be rolled up In the rural district.
"Tha Madison Square Garden meeting
was regarded aa the climax of the cam
paign, but In the meeting which I have
held lnc there has been the same en-
thuslaam, the same huge crowds and the
tame firmly Implanted conviction that New
fork will again go republican.
"I am satisfied with the sltuat'on and 1
iwalt with confidence the election tomor
tfw, for I am aa certain of victory aa a
wan may well be of anything here below,
There was bo change today In the
announced 1 estimate of the oppos
ing national chairman, Mr. Hitchcock of
the republican committee holding stead'
lastly to his forecast of FJ6 votes for Taft,
and Mr. Mack of the democratic commit
tee announcing himself as equally certain
that Mr, Bryan will receive 333 of tb 483
vote In the electoral college.
Hoth Chairman at Helm.
The last dsy of the campaign found Mr.
Hitchcock early a I, his office In the Metro
politan lower and h remslned there un
til 13 o'clock tonight, when he left for
West Newton, Mass., to cist hi vote. He
will return Tuesday afternoon. -Mr.-JlLcIi-oock
seal out ltvjlal night for delivery
early today a aeries of telegram to na
tional committeeman and to state chair
men, giving them their last Instructions.
Not a single state was omitted. Today
the republican national chairman was In
telegraphic and telephonic communication
with lvaC.-ra of the party In all sections of
the country. ,
National Chairman Mack of the demo
cratic party alao sent out his final Instruc
tions to slat chairmen last night and at
democratic headquarter In the Hoffman
house today the same rule as to tele
graphic and telephonic communication pre
vailed. Claim la New York.
The republican organisation of New York
slat I making It final bid for vote "be
low tli Brgnx" today. Governor Hughe
delivered ten apeclies . In this city
before midnight The local republlcin
leader are working upon the belief that
they Will hold the Bryan majority In
k greater New York td the neighborhood of
'o,w ana mat Mr, -rare wiu come down to
' the Bronx with a plurality from the up
state counties sufficient to overcome the
democratic vota In the city and leave a
margin of 100,000 in his favor.
Ths democrat claim that Mr. Bryan will
. have a sufficient majority in greater New
Work more than to offset even an unusu
. Lily heavy republican vote from upstate.
Titty claim that p-trty unity prevails in
every Motion of the state for the first time
In a decade and are depending upon the
labor Vote, they declare, to turn the tide
In their direction.
The result a to the SLate tlckeU remain
In the balanc and the confident claims of
success put forth by both side are ap
parently based mors upon bop than upon
definite Information. Political obaervera
her declare that thre haa never been a
state election more difficult to forecaat.
Hanhe and Taft. .
Leader of both parties agree that Gov
ernor Hughes will run behind Mr. Taft.
but the republicans say that the difference
will nut be so great to Imperil the gov
ernor chance for rt-electlon. They base
this claim partly upon the opposition to
Governor Hughe which developed prior to
hi nomination, to the unity of the demo
cratic party, to the personal .popularity
claimed for the democratic candidate up
state, and to the historic fact that New
York governor running for a second term
usually receive a greatly reduced vote.
There r so many different phases and
so many varying elementa entering Into the
tat campaign this year that pjrty line
cem bound to be broken on both aides
and the usual political means of forecast.
(Continued on Socoud Page.)
' I -X
From 8 a. m.
to 6 p. tn.
Polls will open
Tuesday at 8 a. m.
arid close at 6 p.
m. in every voting
precinct in city
itnd country alike.
29 SO
1 .EATHE. -
For Omaha v-ouncil Bluffs and Vicinity
Fair Tuesday. Slowly rising temperature.
For Nebraska Fair Tuesday. Slowly
rising temperature.
For Iowa Fair Tuesday. Slowly rising
6 . m....
a. m....
7 a. nr....
8 a. m....
9 a. m....
10 a. m....
11 a. m....
12 m
1 p. m....
3 p. m....
3 p. m....
4 p. m....
A p. m....
6 p. m....
7 p. m....
: 8 p. m.'...
.... 35
.... 33
.... 34
9 p. m....
Judge Taft spent last day of the cam
pal an In northwestern Ohio, making
speeches at Cleveland,
Toungstown and I
other points. Par 1
W. J. Bryan made last political speech
of campaign at Marysvllle, Kan.
Leader of both parties are making
claims for the election of their tickets;
National Chairman Hitchcock of the re
publican committee adheres to his first
estimates, while Chairman Mack of the
democratic committee Insists there will
be a landslide to Bryan. Fags 1
Mr. Claudia Halns alleges that her
huaband Is making charges derogatory
to her character In the murder case to
save hi life. Far 1
Aji outlaw chief was killed In a battle
with constabulary on Mindanao Island.
Far I
The hunt for the murderer of Officer
Ralston of Weeping Water continue!
throughout southeastern Nebraska yester
day. Two suspects were traced to I'apll
lion. Far 3
World-Herald fake regarding Barton
and the A. O. U. W. Is nailed. Far 10
Bee will display election returns on
th Seventeenth street side of the New
York Life building. Fag
Omaha detectives pick up a man for
whom reward Is offered. Far 10
" Electric display at the Corn show will
be a great atght. Far
Live stock markets. Far T
'Grain market. Far 7
Stock and bonds. Far T
Port Arrlr.a. Billed.
NEW YORK Due dl Oanava.
... Ib-Tian.
LIVERPOOL........- ,
sov'tham rroM rbu4ihi.
.- Lancaatarttn.
MONTREAL.... Grampian..
H 1 L A D K LPH I A Meat n . . . .
MOV1LLB Columbia...
Hepabliean Beta Three Thousand to
Six Hundred on the General
Thirty-six hundred dollars In cash was
deposited In a certain natloral bank In
Omaha yesterday afternoon, representing
a bet of 33,000 to $600 that Tuft would be
. Thla Information was given to The Bee
by an official of the bank whure the de
posit was made.
"I thought you would be Interested to
know how some reftl betting was going
on," said the banker. "We have heard so
much of this talk about Bryan money and
democratic confidence. I do not care to
give you the names of the men who mada
the bet."
The fact la that Taft money went bogging
all day yesterday. Down at the Merchants
hotel In the afternoon a democrat was
making a talk nbout how much he would
bet on the Peerless leader and when half
a doxon "takers" Jumped to the front at
once this man got clear out of the place.
Mrs. Elisabeth Linton Saya Transfers
Have Been Mada to Avoid
The long drawn out ' litigation over the
property of, Phoebe Elizabeth Elwlns, Lin
ton broke out in a new pluce Monday,
when suit was filed In the district court by
Mary A. R. Howell to clear the title to
a lot In Benson which formerly belonged
to Mss. Linton. She bought It from John
T. Cathers, who secured It at a sheriff
ale to cover hto claim for attorney fee
for representing Mr. Linton. The petition
filed yesterday says an error was made in
distributing the property, th description
placing It In-Benson's audition. Instead of
The petition also asks that deeds cover
ing th property given by Mrs. Linton to
Kate Rrmnant. a maid In the Linton house
hold, and by Mias Remnant to Adolphu
Frederick .Linton, be set usldc. It Is as
serted they were given to defraud creditor
and not In good faith. '
Th polls will open at 8 a. m.
Tuesday. Here re the voting places
City of Omaha.
1st r'.t-ia s. h.
td Dtsl l Pacific.
Id Dlst 17o3 S. loth,
tin Last tn Mam-roft.
1st Dial S. Mn.
id Wsl aCJ Vinton.
Id Itl loiS Vinnm
4th IMst lTot Vinton.
5th Dlat-fjm B. lath.
1st Dtst-IMH Welmler.
Jd Dlst-S1s 9. hh.
fci L'lat-f .i N. 16th.
4th Dlst 410 S. Utti
ilh Dial to 8. 1.1 1 h.
1st ntl mi Davonport.
!d Dial 4? K. Id! h.
J.1 Dial 718 B. lUi.
4i h Dlvt-3lt 8. '.inn.
th Dist l-Xl Davenport. .
1st list i-4 Ave.
3d 1 11
4th Dlst -
2.1 ltl A Sherman Axe.
-'t Dlst-lalil
3d DUt :uil ibaruj bUiiu n Av 3d DWit-2Ul
The Nebraska railroads have shown their
hands and are out against Sheldon.
Two years ago It was known that the
railroad favored 8hallenberger. The letter
of Tom Allen, atate chairman, then na
now, , begging the democratic press of the
state to publish editorials favoring the
railroad side of the fight for terminal tax
atlon proved the tie-up. Governor Sheldon
I wae then, as now, openly fighting for re-
35 moval of the affairs of the state from rail
i road domination. ' He signed nil the reform
45 ' bills passed by the last legislature, none
bo ; of which were especially relished by the
i railroads and several very obnoxious to the
5 1 bosses. Among these were the law giving
67 ' life "to the. railway .commission; requiring
, railroads to psy their taxes and at the
El same time and In the same manner as
' other citizens; reducing freight rates; re
ducing the rates charged by express com
panies; the 2-cent fare law; the terminal
tax4aw and other similar bills. It Is to
laKe vengeance or trovernor eneioon ror
these measures that the railroads are now
fighting him.
Monday a general alarm was aent to
every. Burlington and Union Pacific station
agent In Nebraska, ordering them to do ail
that can be done for Shallenberger. Just
how far this order will affect the result
is not known.- The Railway Employes?
association was already lined up for Shal
lenberger, and It may not be that the
general order will have much effect out
side the employes.
Railway Commissioner William 1 also
Included In the denunciation, and the In
structions from Omaha railway head
quarters are to vote for Cowglll. -
This Is Way President Roosevelt
' Soma lp Campaign.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. President
Roosevelt started out for Oyster Bay
where he will exercise his right of fran
chise tomorrow, tie was accompanied
by Secretary Loeb and a party of the ex
ecutive office staff and a few newspaper
men. The president will reach Washing
ton on his return tomorrow evening and
will receive the election returns at the
White House.
Final reports on the exact condition of
the political situation which reached the
White House today from all quarter of
the country Indicate that President Roose
velt maintains, the highly optimistic feel
ing he has held throughout the campaign
regarding the ultimate sUct tss of the can
didacy of William H. Taft for the presi
dency. In a single sentence this feeling of ex
treme confidence I expressed by President
Roosevelt, who In speaking of tbs hotly
contested campaign of th republican
against the democrats, declared:
"We've got them beaten to a frarile."
In administration circles there Is an
equally strong feeling of. confidence for
the success of the republican ticket.
The probable weather throughout the
country electlcn day was predicted today
by Forecaster Carrot o . of the weather
bureau : .
"It looks like fair weather over the en
tire country Tuesday, except In the gulf
states, where local rains are likely to
occur, and the northern Pacific section,
where storm warnlnga are already dis
played. Cattlemen Lease Bis Tract.
WINNIPEG, Man., Nov. I.-A ayndlcat
of Minnesota, Montana and Oregon cattle
men have' leased 10,000 acres of graxlng land
near ChlJtco lake, some distance from the
head of Butte Inlet, British Columbia, and
thousands of yearlings will be shipped In.
The arrangementa are In the hands of J.
A. Stetson of Duluth. In this locality ther
Is no snowfall and young cattl atay out
the year round.
Bee Election Returns
Always the earliest and
most reliable figures on
the vote, city, county,
state arid nation are fur
nished by The Bee.
Flash Out Tuesday Night
Bulletins from all over
the country; comic and
cartoon pictures of pub
lic men. Accurate infor
mation and enjoyable en
Hours and Places to Vote
and close at 6 p. m. in every voting
in Omaha and South Omaha:
4h D!st-ltl Sherman Ave.
Mil Dist 11 J& N. Ulh.
1st Dlst 2.M N. 4th.
2d Dlst-IM. N. i4th.
3d Dlat-lluot N. hth.
4th Diat-i:. Military Ave.
1st Dist-271 leaven woith.
2d Dlst-lS.7 Park An.
4th Dlst 1430 8. 161 h.
Mil Dil-14S S. 13th.
1st Dial Hamilton.
Id Dlst 3 Farnam.
M Dial 440 Leavenworth.
4th Dist 7u$ 8. 27th.
1st Dlst 4418 N. 34th.
M Dlsl-3524 Ames Ave.
1M.S Purk Ave.
M Dlst 315 Corby
JK 8. 23d. (barn r.r 4ln Dlst-jac N. 34! h
lsl Dim-1. N. S4ih.
2d Disl-1! Cuming.
3d Dibi Chss.
4th Dist-415 Cuming.
1st Dist 257 Cuming
id Dlsi 3SS1 Cuming.
3d Dlst 3,4 Davenport (barn).
4th Dlst 211 H. 3(h bru.
fith Diet Sal Faruam.
1st IMst lull 8. loth.
City of aeath
1st DJst 543 N. 2oth.
3d Disl-tttft N. 34th.
1st Plst m 8. 2Ath.
td Dlst-10 N. t4lh.
1st Dlst Broadwell & Rich
Coal Yd., Washington St.
and R. R. Ave.
Id Dit- side M. K. Sun
day school. 34th A I' Sts.
let Dist S12 N. Ulu.
td DUt-17 y
From the Philadelphia Press
Wife of Murderer of Annia Make
Charge Against Hatband.
Halaa' Lawyer Offer Lara; Sam
If Woman Will Swear to Her
Allagmtlona Case Grow
BOSTON, Ma., Nov. i.-The publication
In New Tork of extract from letter pur
porting to have been written by Mr.
Claudia pain U farf -band. Captain
Peter C. Ualna, 'jr. who Is waiting trial
for killing William E. Annla, haa ellcted a
declaration from Mrs. Halns that Captain
Halns and his brother, T. Halns,
are seeking to blacken her chare oter "in
their attempt t save their own lives."
Mr. Haln In her statement published to-
day. asserts that the obvlou reaon for the
attack on ber character la that they were
the only way In which the Haln brothers
could Justify themselves before the public
and "manufacture public-sympathy in Qie
community from which th Jury before
whom they are to be tried la to be drawn."
Mr. Halna alluded to the lettera as hav
ing been forged and garbled and declared
that the charges against her suggested by
the letters are false. She affirms that she
has endeavored to keep silent under pro
vocation because her replies "must neces
sarily take away the only chance my hua
band has for his life." but that many of
her frlenda are urging her. to become a
witness at th murder trial and whether
or not she does so will depend upon her
ability to althstand "this torrent of abuse."
Attorneya Take Up Charge.
NEW TORK. Nov. l-Joaeph A. -Shay,
counael for Peter C Halna, Jr.. aald today
that If Mrs. Claudia L. Halna would come
to New York and make an affidavit that
th lettera and diary which have been
published are false, Halns' counsel will
pay her 11.000 and then take her case to
the courts for determination of the truth
of her affidavit. Mr. Shay declared that
he wa anxious ho have Mrs. Hains go. on the
stand In th murder trial In order to show
the Influence, that hav been at work in
captain nam mina.
N amber of Appal Intents Mada In the
Inspection Department of Bureau '
of Aalmal Indnstry.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 2.-(Special Tele
gram.) David F. Stauffer of Schuyler.
Neb.; Lt B.' Dunlap and D. W. Hurst of
Ames, Jam W. Nelson and A. R. Zum
walt, both of Ames, la., have been ap
pointed veterinary Inapectors In connection
with the bureau of animal Industry. Tim
othy J. Sullivan, Peter Devany, Thomas F.
Flood. John Sherry, all of South Omaha,
and Arthur C. Brenneman of SIjux City.
Ia., have been appointed meut Inspectors
In the same department.
In the cities and country
1st Dist S10 N. -Till.
:d Dlst c N. Si'.ili St.
1st Dlst 114 N. L'tth.
Id Dlst-415 N. 28lh.
t oantr .
Benson Town hall.
Chicago Precinct Elkhorn.
loan hall.
'loruarf 1211 Blaine St.
DougUs Fred It j dwcHIng, W.
L Hi.
Dundee City hall, 60th and fn-
derwood Ave.
East Omaha t School Dlst. No.
4i Anunion'i dwelling house
Flkhorn Elk City hall.
Florence Clly hall.
Jefferson Mangold's lumber
yard. Bennington.
McArdle W. o. W. hall
Millard School house. District
No. 17.
I'latte Valley Town hall. Val
ley. Vnion Modern Woodmen hall,
Waterloo Town hall, Waterloo
(barn, rear)
Former Becre-tary of United Civic
League Had Stationery Printed
for Latter.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Nov. 2. (Special Telegram.)
Dr. E. Arthur Carr, deposed secretary of
the United Civic league of Lincoln, who
sent out the slanderous letter about Judge
Taft on the letter head of the league, ha
not only been branded by the league offi
cers for the outrage, but It ha been proven
true that he had th letterhead printed
after having been fired from hi Job.
The original letterhead upon which his
name appeared aa secretary of th league
did not contain th union label and the
letterhead: - he sent out doe contain th
label. A comparison of th two letterheads
shaw jthat. different ouiamerrt .want need
and tn some case different type. Dr. Carr
today Is busy driving over Lincoln tacking
up Bryan pictures. He Is one of the head
leaders of th Bryan blowout scheduled for
Following la the official statement Issued
by the president of the league:
l ,rre uwic: ine united civic league
has noticed that political letter have been
sent over the state, signed by E. A. Carr
as secretary, and printed on what pro ports
to be the letter heads of this league. The
league brands this letter and the use of the
league name In thla connection as an out
rage. E. A. Carr, is not the secretary or
an officer of the United Civic league. The
letter paper used by him In which the
league name la used. Is a printed forgery.
Last February, In the midst of the city
campaign, chargea from many directions
were brought .against E. A. Carr as an
officer of the league. These chargea were
too grave to be Ignored, and the league
found It necesasry to reorganise and drop
Mr. Carr.
"The printing and us of letter paper
carrying the name of the league by Mr.
Carr, Is. a serious matter, which will be
taken up by the directors of the organisa
tion at the earliest possible moment.
President United Civic league."
Force of Constabulary Overtake
Member of Tribe Who Have
Been Making- Trouble.
MANILA, Nov, I. A force of constabu
lary from the town of Ilolgan, ?nt in pur
suit of a band of Moros which haa been
raiding plantations and causing other dep
redations In the province of Mlsamis.on
Mindanao island, overtook the outlaws,
killed the leader and Is following the rest
of th band, according to a dispatch re
ceived here today. This band has caused
much trouble In the province and with Ita
capture It is believed that quiet will be re
stored In that part of Mindanao Island.
Coart Throw Oat Another Count in
Cnse Aualnat Kew Tork
NEW YORK. Nov. 2.-One of the most
Important allegations In connection with
I the charge of misappropriation In the In
dictment ugainst Charles W. Morse and
I A. H. Curtis, was thrown out of court
! today. The misappropriation allegation waa
made in connection with a $100,000 not
given by Calvin Austin. It Is understood
that the charge waa thrown out on the
ground that the National bank of North
America was not damaged by the trans
First Sqaadrou nt Manila la Secare
Coal and. Prepare tor
MANILA. Nov. '.'.The flagship Connec
ticut mid the Vermont, Nebraska, Georgia
and Kansas of t lie first squadron of the
Atlantic battleship fleet came to Manila
today from Olongapo for coal and stores.
The Vermont returned to Oljng.tpo ton'ght.
The calibration of the guns on the ships
Is about complete and the squadron will
Soon begin target practice.
The chi leru. situation here, it is said, ia
liuw under complete control.
Plna Blaff Threatened.
FINE BLCFF. Ark.. Nov. t.-OwIng to
sudden rise In the Arkanaaa rlvsr the nigh
hanks in front of this clly are raving in
tepidly and the eastern section of the busi
ness section Is llucutenvd with dcsli ucllun.
Officers and Clerks All Going Home to
Cast Their Ballots.
United State Marshal Start Oat U
Serve n Summon and Discover -th
Man Died During;
Previous Night.
(From a Staff ,Correpondent.rr
LINCOLTJ, Nov. 2. (Special.) The state
house waa practically deserted today by
the outgoing of officers and clerks, who
went home to cnat'tKelr oto. - Those wlla
did not leave today will go In the morning.
Treasurer Brian went to Albion, -where he
speaks tonight; Attorney General Thompson
went to Aurora to speak tonight and to
morrow he votes at Central City; Grant
Martin, deputy attorney general; Land
Commissioner Eaton and J. M. .Shlvely,
deputy, vote at Fremont; Secretary of
State Junkln at Smlthflekl; Walker Smith
at Kim wood;, Addison Walt at Syracuse,
W. R. Mellor at Loup City, Harry Lindsay
at Pawnee City, Ed Royse at Broken Bow,
E. M. Searle at Ogalalla, Governor Sheldon
at Nehawka, Martin Dimery at Beaver
Straight Vote on Weddlaaj Day.
Till Is a day of unusual Interest to Frank
E. Helvey, who has done such good work
at the republican state headquarters, as
the head of the publicity bureau. Mr.
Helvey left for Nebraska City this after
noon, where he Will vote tomorrow. In
casting a straight republican ticket tomor
row Mr. Helvey duplicates a performance
of Mis twenty-two yeara ago to the day,
which also was the day he lead to the
altar Miss Duff, who became his bride.
The marralge occurred In the morning at 8
o'clock. The bride and groom started far
the station to board the train for a wedding
trip. En route there the carriage vaa
atopped and Mr. Helvey caat his vote. He
voted It straight then and he Is going to
do II tomorrow. He and Mrs. Helvey will
celebrate their anniversary together at Ne
braska Clly and tomorrow evening Mr.
Helvey will return to the headquarters
Tarbera Are Coming.
Tli boards of education at Geneva, Fair
mont, Ohlowa. Strang. Shlckley. MUllgan,
Grafton and Exeter have given their teach
ers leave of abaenc to attend the State
association meeting at Lincoln this week.
Grefet Interest la also manifest In the
State Teachers' association in the north
eastern part of the state. A letter from
Superintendent F. L. McNown. dated Oc
tober Id, reads: "The Board of Education
of Wlnslde ha given the teachers Wednes
day, Thursday and rFlday of next week to
attend the state meeting. We'll be tn Lin
coln on Wednesday."
There I likewise great Interest In the
association In the western part of the state.
Superintendent William Ebrlght of North
Platte visited th state superintendent's
office last week and made arrangements
for thirty teachers from North Platte and
Lincoln county. Deputy E. C, Bishop has
Just returned from Harlan and Rod Willow
counties and he mporls that great delega
tions will attend from the souihwestern
part of the state.
Mammons for Dead Man.
To serve the papers in a 130,000 damage
suit commenced in the Lincoln division -of
the federal court this morning tlio member
of the United States marshal' office to
whom that mission Is entrusted fear he
will find It necessary to cross the River
Ptjx. One of the defendants named in the
proceeding is Prof. George R. Burnett, late
commandant at the Nebiaska Ml It iry acad
emy, who died IpHt nlglit. The petition
was not presented by locul attorneys, but
reached the federal clerq's office by mall,
having been sent prior to Burnett demise.
As the preliminaries hud all been uttendrd
(Continued on Third Page.)
Th republican county eomnUtU
will pay a reward of 9100 for vt
tfsao resulting in th arrest and
eoavtoUoa of any psrsoa guilty of
Illegal voting apoa eUotioa aay, go.
vsmber 3. TBAIS CaiWroao,
Parade of Uniformed Marchers Sev
eral Milei Long;.
Further Discussion of Misrepresenta
tion of Labor Decisions.'
Day Renins with Address at Daaklrk,
N. Y Jndce Taft Left for Cln
rlnnatl Late at lht to
Vote Today.
YOCNGSTOWN. O., Nov. t-The last
word of his campaign has been spoken by
William Howard Taft and he la now speed
ing to Cincinnati to cast his vote tomorrow.
"Vote the republican ticket and preserve
prosperity, protection ' to American Indus
tries, business industry and the rights of
labor." This was the message with which
Mr. Taft finished his fight.
The close of the campaign In this city
tonight was, In magnitude and enthusiasm,
a fitting climax to all that ha gone "before.
The six and one-half hour Judge Taft
spent In Youngstown werfj crowded with
political events, resplendent with the pomp
and show of party organisations and a
carnival of hilarity, nols and general
abandon by the populace to the occasion.
Three speeches were required of the can
didate at the Purk theater, the Grand
Opera house and in the . public square.
Preceding these he reviewed the parade,
miles In length, composed of thousand of
uniformed marchers. He was then the
guest of the prominent republicans of the
city at th Youngstown club, for a dinner.
which wa served before the evening
speech-making began.
- Crowd and Enthusiasm Grow.
The last day of the campaign of the
candidate was remarkable In that there
was an Increase, rather than a diminishing
of the crowds and enthusiasm wherever
he went. Beginning his work at Dunkirk,
N. Y., this morning, he made addresses
at Westfield. N. Y.; Erie, Pa.; Ashtabula,
Garrettsville, Cleveland nd Youngstown.
The Cleveland meeting was a monster af
fair and was preceded by a parade which
was reviewed by the candidate, who passed
through the lines In an automobile with
Mr. Taft.
The meeting in the Cleveland armory
wa presided over by A. L. Faulkner,
president of the National Ordor of
Window Glas Maker. . Judge Taft'
speech here wa a repetition of hi argu
ments to show why ther should be no
change in the policies of government us
applied by th present admlntstratloa, hi
addition to which he took advantage' of
the opportunity to -emphasise, a) nc lia.4
done throughout the day, that notwith
standing opposition to mm and the re
publican party by Samuel Gompers, he
will. If elected, maintain his great sym
pathy for and Interest In the welfare of
organised and Unorganised labor, which
he maintain hi previous record sustain.
Stand by ' Decision.
"I want to sty," he declared, "that it
doe not make any difference how inucu
Mr. Gompers may misrepresent my posi
tion. It does not make any difference how
much he misrepresents the position of tha
supreme court of the United States I
suppose I ought nut to feel hurt becauue
I am running for office. If these gentle
men had the putlence and Justice to read
my decisions when I waa on the benoli
and when I had not the slightest idea
of ever yielding to the weakness of run
ning for the presidency, they would have
found that I hav not changed from the
principles I stated then. I have not turned
an lota from the principle I then estab
lished and those principle and those
principles alone are the bast upon whi-h
trades unionism can flourish in this
"The question of today," he added, "Is
how far Mr. Gompers la able by deed of
grant executed to transfer what he hat
not got. Every attempt mad by inlsrep
rt4fentatlon and otherwise a to the atti
tude of the republican party ha been
made to prejudice the wage earner of
thla country against the party and Its
Mitchell Telegram Garbled.
In this connection It wa made known
that Representative Burton had informa
tion from Danl'il Keofe, prtsldent of
Longshoremen's union, that the tel -gram
published this morning from John Mitchell
to Samuel Gompers, In which Mr. Mitchell
declares hlmoclf In sympathy and accord
with the policy of the American Federa
tion of Luhor Is garbled, Inasmuch a
It leave out two Important words, thei
words being "nonpartisan political." The
text of, the telegram, as it should have
been published, was read a follow;
CHICAGO. Oct. Sl.-Sumuel Gompers.
Wastilugton, 1. C. : Teh gram quotlns
what purorta to be an extract from
speech delivered . by Taft at Buf
falo last night received. His statement
so far as it refers to rti conveys a Wrung
impression. I urn In full sympathy and
accord with the nonpartiaun politlial pulley
of the American Federation of Ijirxr a
it haa been outlined and promulgated by
the executive council.
This city was ulive with political ac
tivity throughout the day, meetings being
in progress long before the Taft special
arrived at 4 o'clock. -
Among the prominent speakers at the
several meetings were United Btatos Sena
tor IjuFuilett of Wisconsin, Secretnry
Garfield and Representative, burke of
Judge Taft's throe speeches her to
night dwelt largely with the labor ques
tion and again lie emphasised hi denial
of churges against him of unfalrneas an I
asserted .his friendliness to labor. Hi
special train left liortly before II o'clock
for Cincinnati, where It wll arrive early
tomorrow morning.
Speeches at Labor tenters.
DUNKIRK, N. Y., Nov. i.-Wht Juds
Taft talked about In the speeches he is
U miike today, all of which were at labor
centers, was outlined in what he aald t i
an audience numbering thousands which
listened I', him hero this morning. Judge
Taft Indicated that he could not empha
sise too strongly that Ilia friendly feeling
for the Interesta of organised and unor
ganized labor will not bu affected in the
event of hla election by the fight that
has been mado on him by Mr. Gompers.
Standing on the rear platform of his
car, with Mrs. Taft hy his side, he bald
"I don't know whether you are a (lad