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J ( -i
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Lincoln Business Men Talk over thej
Project at a Banquet.
(Mr Atlerney feirard Want Another
Assistant to Handle Police tonrt
HmlnrM, bat Coanell la
cliaed to Ralk.
it'inn a Staff Correspondent.!
LI.'tLN. Oct. . 27. (Special.) Lincoln la
mill h Impleaded with the proposition of
having a city government by commission
and tonight an enthusiastic meeting ot
business men m held at the IJncnln ho
tel to discuss the matter.
Several delegations have been to les
Molnea and other places and brought bark
report favorable to the commission plan.
A member of the Des Moines commission
government aa the gurst of honor at
the dinner at the Lincoln hotel tonight and
told of the sstisfactory working of the plan
Lincoln own its own electric light and
water plants and It la argued by the busi
ness men that It would be better for tlie
city and the taxpayers If the commission
plan were adopted.
rollard's I'roMpecta Bright.
Reports lielng received at the headquar
ters of Congressman Pollard Indicate that
he will surpass hit majority of 2.8TO next
Tuesday. Congressman Rollard atandtalxth
In the agricultural committee In congress
and thit being strictly an agricultural dis
trict he will get a tremendous vote. Sec
retary Wilson arid Congressman Routt,
chairman of the committee on agriculture,
both have been in the district and have
nttcstod to the worth of Mr. Pollard In
congress. Tito First district congreasman
Is also on the sub-commtttee which gets up
the appropriation Mil and aa a member of
such committee he Is of great benefit to
the district.
City Attorney Wants Help.
City Attorney Stewsrt is anxious for the
city council to give him another assistant
whose sola duties will be to look after the
police court business. It was expected the
matter would be decided by the council
last night, but It wasn't. In fact, the prop
osition Is being generously opposed.
The city attorney lias the same number
of assistants as the county attorney, and
yet Mr. Tyrrell Is not asking for help. The
county attorney spends mure than five days
In tlin courts lo one spent by the city at
torney In his city court business. It has
been figured that the police court business
could be dona on an avemgn In one hour a
day. The county attorney not only looks
aiter all the business of bis office, but
still finds time to do a big law business
on the side. Some have suggested that If
the city attorney would devote Just a little
less time to his own law business he would
have no difficulty In loolAng after the city
business, or If he prefers not to do that, he
could, under the ruling of the supreme
court, resign his offlre. As long aa the
oounty attorney geta along with one an
tistant It la believed the city attorney will
be forced to do the same. The city at
torney receives $l,00 a year and his as
sistant ;m. The work csn he done In
rjollco court 1n one hour a day.
Ontlook Good in Boone.
ALBION, Neb., Oct. r. Sperlal-A great
republican ully was held at the opera
house here last ntght. which was addressed
by Norris Brown and Mr. Bressler. candi
date for state senator. Congressman Boyd
was to have been here, but went home
fem St. Kdward ill. There was a crowded
house to listen to the discourse ot Senator
Brown and the republicans" feel that he
did a lot of good here far their cause. The
conditions here look as If Taft would poll
about the same vote that Ro.seveJt did
four years ago and the bets are easy that
Ttift will carry Nebraska.
l ii ion Pacific Brakenian Hart.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Oct. 27. (Speclsl Tel
egram ) Orover Craig, a brakenian on the
I'nlon Pacific, was severely cut about the
head at Cortland while switching in the
yards there. He was brought to Beatrice
this evening and placed In a hopltal.
Itr pnbllcan Club at Svotla.
SCOTIA, Neb., Oct. :7.-(8pelo;.) Sf otU
hat a strong Republican club, full of en
thusiasm for stat' ard national tickets
Many senslbls men of other parties, having
wholesome fear of Bryan and hie pollelea,
have united with the republicans and le-
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m n
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rlp.rrfl for Taft and continued goad timet.
Good speakerg will h secured and a final
arand rally will cine tha campaign at this
place Saturday night.
namer ew r arch a sera Will Eitend
Line to Omaha. ,
BEATRICE, Neb., Oct. 17. (Special Tel
rgram. Smith Brothers of this city today
confirmed the report ser.t out from Topcka,
Kan., that they had sold the Kansas,
Southern ft Oulf railroad, running from
Blaine to Westmoreland, Kan., a distance
of ten miles to W. C. Ross, J. A. Detcher
and a syndicate of capitalists at Crilcsxo.
It Is reported the road will be extended to
Wichita and Mai.battan, Knn., and thenco
northwest to OmaHa.
Bepabllean Meeting at Leigh.
LEIGH. Neb.. Oct. 27. (Special. Wilder
the auspices of thf. Taft club of Rtanton
precinct bl? republican meeting will be
pulled off here next Thursday evening,
October ?!. The principal orators of the
evening will be Congressman John F. Boyd,
P. F-nverson -Taylor, a rising young attor
ney of Taylor, and Judge W. V. Warner
of Omaha. The Ijoigh Concert band has
been engaged to furnish music for the oc
casion and the rally Is being looked for
wsrd to with much enthusiasm. The Taft
club at this place Is constantly growing
In memliersl tp.
Foal Piny Saspeeted.
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb., Oct. I". i Spe
cial.) I 'oroner C. N. Ksrstens has besun
holding an inquest over the body of Flltt
King, whose dead body was found up in
the Missouri Pacific track In the southern
part of the city on last Thursday morning.
It 1s thought h met with foul play and
his .body was placed upon the track to
divert suspicion. A host of wltneses have
been called and It will tnka several days
to hear the case and arrive at a yerdict.
Scaffold Falls with Workmen.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Oct. (Special Tel
egram.) Abe Horner had bla ankle broken
nxA was badly bruised about the body
caused by a scaffold giving away at the
(Ireen block. Horner fell nearly twenty
feet. Four other men who went down with
him escaped Injury.
Degree for .Nebraska Men.
MADISON, Wis., Oct. 27.-Speeial Tele
gram.) The University of Wisconsin has
granted the following degreeg to Nebraska
graduate students: Master of art. Leon E.
Aylsworth, Lincoln, and Thomas Goodrich,
Table Rock,
Aebraeka Vesi JNotes.
PA PILLION Married, In Papllllon, today,
by Rev. Braden of Itellevue. Mr. Frank, E.
Colwell and Mrs. J. I). Patterson.
PKRU-R. L. Metcalfe, author ot the
sute reading circle book "Of Such is the
Kingdom," spoke In Peru this evening.
EDGAR A democratic meeting vn held
in the opera house last evening. Hon. W,
H. Thompson was the principal speaker.
PERC- Prof. E. L. Rousa will be In Lin
coln next Saturday in session with the com
mittee on arlthmetlo for normal training
In high schools.
OSCEOLA Rev. John W. Morgan, at the
parsonage of tha Presbyterian church,
married Samuel J. Caldwell and Miss
Minnie M. Clubaer.
LEIGH L. C. Walling and James Mi
Monies were elected delegates to the grand
council of Red Men lodges and have gone
to Lincoln to attend the convention.
LEIGH . H. Wurdemsn and Henry
1 1 i 1 If n have gone to Chicago to attend a
reunion of Germban soldiers who lielonged
to the same regiment over in Germany,
fg? LEIGH The second number of the
High school lecture course will be given
her on October 31, when Thomas Mc
Clary will lecture here for the second
BEATRICE The marriage of E. W. Reel
and Miss Cora Collett. both of this city,
were married yestxrday at the United
Brethren partor.age, Rev. J. R. Mouer of
ficiating. BEATRICE Frit a I.iedtke. an employe
of - the Ixunpster factory, had h's right
hand so badly crushed yesterday by getting
the member caught in the gearing of a ma
chine that two fingers were amputated.
NEBRASKA CITY-E. B. Toms, the Bap
tist minister who was airetHed at Larned,
Kan., whs a resident of this city for sev
eral years and did his first ministerial
work here. He is charged with bigamy.
NEBRASKA CITY The case of the slate
against George W. Leidlgh. charged with
assaulting Henry Huckins of the Lincoln
liciald, which was eet for trial yesterday.
has been continued until Friday. Novem
ber 13.
PERI' An addition 26x10 feet la being
planned for t lie Masonic building of this
place. Senator E. B. Good is planning to
build an addition of like dimensions to his
bank building. The Chat lain, block Is al
most ready fyr occupancy.
BEATRICE C. O. Wlieedon addressed a
large and enthusiastic audience at Wy
mote last evening on the national and
state issues or the campaign, rle wag fol
lowed by Lloyd Crocker. J. McColl and
other republican county candidates.
PERU Mr. C. B. Moore, president of the
senior class, scored a nit the otner day in
a political speech by speaking of the demo
cratic party aa a "model" party and then
giving Webster's definition of model, I. e.,
a "small" representation of the real thing.
PERU Manager Lowe of the Peru can
ning factory la working his forca extra
hours to dispose of the large pear crop of
tun vicinity, tin is crating t lie cannwt
peara In boxes manufactured by the Peru
box factory, thereby making an extra say
BEATRICE James W. Shelly, a resident
of Gsge county since 161'. died Sundav st
his home one mile west of Holrnesville of
cancer. He was a native of Kng'and an.',
was 8 years of age. A widow and eight
jiildreu. five sons and three daughters,
survive him.
OSCEOLA Mre. Elizabeth Hnsner, who
had lived here many years and was the
oldest pioneer widow, died lsst Friday. Her
funeral was held Sunday from the home
of her son, Fted Hoener. and was con
ducted by Rev. F. H. Schulta. the German
.Methodist Episcopal church pastor.
NEBRASKA CITY Mrs. George Harth
of Lorton was using a gasoline Iron with
which to Iron her clothes yesterday and
the same exploded and she wss seriously,
if not fatally burned. It was with great
effort that the fire was extinguished in
her clothing and the home saved.
BEATRICE Word wss received here .
terday announcing the marringe of William
Parker, formerly of this citv, and Miss
Mable Bailey of Pryor Creek. Okl.. which
occurred at the bride's home In thst city
last week. Mr. and Mrs. Parker arrived in
th city today to spend part of their honey,
PERU After an address on "Orators and
Oratory' by Prof. C. V. Williams last Sat
urday evening the Ciceronian Debating club
held an Interesting discussion of the ques
tion. "Resolved. That (Jovernment Guar
anty of Hank Deposits Is Practicable." The
nuestlon was s 'firmed bv Mears. Smith.
Kuennlng and Swenson. It was negativ.'d
by Messrs. Petti1., Adams and Coale.
PERU Mr. C. B. Moore, president of the
senior class, says thst about Lo of I lie
ITU members of tha class will attend the
State Teachera' association at Lincoln next
week. Never before has an large a number
from the senior class attended the associa
tion. Mr. Moore lui been invited bv the
class of l$og to be the guest of honor at
their reunion banquet at ihe association.
PERU The recent snow and sleet liss
been very hand on Hie Isle fall fruit. Iargn
quantities nf fine red apples can be seen
scattered about under the tress where they
have been caused to fall by the storm,
such of these as cannot be utilised by tue
owners of the orcharda for other purposes
will be told to the vinegar factory, winch Is
already overcrowded with work.
NEBRASKA CITY-Mrs. Elisabeth Hon
roth, aged U died at the home of her
daughter in Oklahoma and ber body wss
brought to this city for burial. She was
one of the early settlers of this county,
and after the death of her husband went
to Oklahoma to make her home with her
daughter. Bhe is survived by a number of
J li own children who attended the funeral
tere today.
REATRR""K Articles of Incorporation of
tha Nebraska Com Products cnmpar.v were
filed yesterday with the county clerk. The
company is capital sed at ll'.om and tits
Incorporator ere H. T. and R. A. Weston
end Fulton Jack, all residents of this e'ty.
Of the capital stock Sn.ou ia common and
, il.i pr-'-rred The company w1H manu
, fact ure all kinds ef cereal and other klrsls
of food seed products and buy and sell
grain. A modern milling plant le now In
1, "HI r. v,v I ' v r w uuil kit
the city by the company
course of construction In the south part ef
Hastings Holds the Biggest Rally so
Par in Fifth District.
Congressman Pollard Waking Things
tp In Ilia nistrlrtmher Portions
nf State Show Itepnhllenn
HASTINGS. Neb., Oct. '7. tri erlal Tele
gram.) Republican activity In the Fifth
district reached a climax tonight In a spon
taneous demonstration that eclipsed any
former event of the campaign. The mani
festation was brought about in a rally for
the congressional candidate. Congt etstnan
Norris. but it grew to a, general celebration
for all the part- ticket. The feature of the
demonstration was the pertlcipar.lon of
EcO visitors from points west along the Burl
ington, most of whom came on a special
train that left McCook at ;no ttils morning.
The train arrived here at 3:30 In the after
noon and unloaded! passengers, all
wearing Taft buttons and Nonia ribbons.
The delegation was headed by. the McCook
band, one ot the finest musical organiza
"tions 1n the state. Many persona from
the west came on a regular train, arriving
here about noon. -
An Impromptu parade was formed at the
depot following the arrival of the special,
with fjlly 500 out-of-town persons In line.
Tonight there wat a much longer proces
sion, the visitors being augmented by hun
dreds of local republicans. There was a
plethora of fireworks and red fire and
an abundance of music. Tlie rally crowded
the opera house to Its limit. President
J. N. Clarke of the Taft club presided and
Introduced Judge Norrlg with brief form
ality. Judge Norris emphasized' the necessity of
electing a republican house If republican
policies are to be continued and also de
clared that with a republican congress there
should be a republican president. He waa
warmly cheered throughout bis address.
The Fifth district congressional commit
tee met this afternoon for the considera
tion of reports from the various counties.
These reports reflected a favorable con
dition. The committeemen reported that
within the laat two weeks there has been
an awakening throughout the district that
indicate the re-election of Norris by a
large mnpority. They also united In de
claring that the Fifth district w-Hl do Its
full share in carrying Nehrvrt for Taft,
Sheldon and the .republican ticket gener
ally. FToni a democratic source a report
was circulated this afternoon that the Mc
Cook special train waa furnished gratia by
the Burlington. Tha falsity of this wss
easily proven, for all the rsssengers paid
regular fare. Conductors were aboard and
collected tickets . and fares in the usual
M'COOK, Neb., Oct. !7.-(Sirclal Tele
gram.) One hundred and fifty enthusiastic
MeCookltes, together with their Teerless
band, took the Norris chartered train to
Hastings this morning to hesr Congress
man Norris speak In the Hastings opera
house tonight. This number was augmented
along the way between here and Hastings
to over 400.
SILVER CREEK. Neb.. Oct. 27. (Special
Telegram.) In a signed statement put out
today Hon. Charles Wooster siys: "I shall
not vote for James P. atta, democratic
candidate for congress In the Third dis
trict, chiefly because during the primary
campaign he secured a poll of his district
under the false pretense that It wes for
Bryan, when as a matter of fact It was for
himself, and because he did not Include the
coat of that poll In his swern statement of
expenses to the secretary at state. I will
not vote for a deceiver If I know it."
- Pollard at Talraatie.
TALMAGE,'Neb Oct. 27. (Speclal.)-Con-gressman
Pollard spoke here last evening
to a large and appreciative auditnee. The
hall waa completely filled and many were
compelled to stand.
Mr. Pollard said that the charge of the
democrats that the republicans have stolen
their railroad and trust regulation policies
from the democrats Is false because the
original act creating the Intertstate Com
merce commission wss passed by the re
publicans in 1RS7 and the law passed In
1006 waa simply an amendment restoring to
the commission the power to fix a reason
able rate and enforce It. It was thought
that the commission had this power when
It was created and the power was exercised
for ten years until the supreme court de
cided otherwise In 1897. After the problems
growing out of the Spanish wsr were set
tled and Mr. Roosevelt became president
the republicans took the matter up and
passed the Hepburn act. which gave the
commission full power In fixing rates. The
law waa also strengthened In many ways.
Passes on interstate roada were abolished
and the commission hsa been given power
to compel the railroads to keep their books
In a tystematio way so that there csn be
complete publicity of their affairs. The
last session of congress appropriated t.moriO
to hire expert occauntants to examine the
books of the railroads In order to find out
.h.hi. th enmnantea are living UP to the
! law. If there is any relating going on this
will expose it and they can be proseeiitea
under the anti-trust act of 13)3. Mr. Pol
lard said that strong laws are on the stat
utes and complete machinery for enforcing
them exists and that tlie administration Is
doing so In an energetic manner
Mr. Pollard pointed out thaf the Sherman
anti-trust act wat passed in 1890. He tald
that President Cleveland's attorney general
Mr. Olney, gave it at hit opinion that this
law was unconstitutional and that during
the whole administration nothing was done
to enforce it. Since the republicans came
back into power the law hat been tested In
the courts and held valid and that illegal
agreements between separate corporations
In restraint of trade have been broken up.
individual corporations have been consoll-
' dated into one greet corporation and the
law Is now gotten around In tins way. i lie
law needs amending in many ways and
strengthening as was the interstate com
merce act.
OXFORD. Neb., Oct. 7.-(8peclal Tele
gram.) Congressman Norris' special train
enioute from McCook to Hastings, where
Mr. Norris is billed to speak, reached this
clly at 11:56 today. A large crowd had
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gathered at tlie depot, supposing that Mr.
Norris himself waa on the train. A atop
of fifteen minutes waa made here, the time
being taken up by the MoCook band, which
render-d some pleasing selections. Two
hundred people wearing badges "Norris
for Congress" were on the trsln and en
thusiasm for their cmdldate was Intense.
Mr. Norris will get a good vote here In
Oxford, where ha ia deservedly popular.
TJL.TSSES. Neb., Oct. a7.-Speclal.)-The
large opera house wns filled to the doors
with Butler and Seward county voters to
hear Hon. Charles H. Sloan discuss repub
lican politics. Hon. H. A. Groff of Sew
ard, candidate for state senator, made a
brief speech, which showed his straight
forward, clear-headed, business-like views
ot the political situation He made friends
by his speech. Mr. Sloan had spoken here
before and thst helped to call together the
large crowd which for two houra listened
lo the diecusslon of the issues of tha caJtv
paign. Bank guaranty received a clear ex
position and the republican plert aa opposed
to the Oklahoma-Haskell scheme received
high favor. Tlie crowd was appreciative
throughout and at the close Mr. Sloan wag
given a great ovation.
EDGAR, Neb., Oct. 17. (Special.) Hon.
G. W. Norris spent the day In this city
yesterday, He spoke In Nelson Monday
evening and had nearly all day to wait
here and Improved the time" by talking over
the situation with his conHtituents.
Convention In ew York Invites
Omaha Commercial Club and
It Accents.
The Commercial club of Omaha liaa ac
cepted an Invitation from the New York
Business Men's association to participate in
a National Currency Reform convention,
should one be called after a preliminary
meeting in New York, November 2n.
The Commercial club will not participate
in the meeting In November, which Is to
determine whether tuch a convention should
be called, but tlie executive committee has
sent word to the New York business men
that the Omaha organization will partici
pate In tuch a convention should it be
called. It Is understood the convention Is
to reflect the sentiment of the business In
terests of the country rather than the fi
nancial interests, and should the convention
bo called the needs of currency reform will
he discussed from the standpoint of the
business men rather than frum that of the
Robert R. Lewis, Asiatic association com
niisHioner In China for American business,
will be In Omaha November 10. and has
been Invited by the Commercial club to
speak before Its members on the subject of
"Business Conditions In the Far East."
W. B. Tagg and G. J. Ingweisen of the
South Omaha Live Stock exchange were
elected to membership In the Commercial
club at the meeting of the executive rom
inittee of that organization Tuesday noon.
Takes Ret If Hran Win Banks Will
(lose Four Months After
I ua ug oral Ion.
Here is a bet actually made and taken
down at the Merchants' hotel:
Republican I'll bet that If Bryan Is
elected S6 per cent of tlie national banks
of the United States will lie closed four
mouths to the day after Bryan lakes th
oath of office.
Democrat I'll take the bet.
And tlO was put up by each man.
Tlie sflair created much amusement and
t he urdent Bryan man hud left the hotel
apparently in blissful forgetf ulnees that
tlie Fourth of July always comes Just four
months to the day after the 4th of March
and that, despite Mr. Bryan's hallucina
tions during his antl-lmpertalism campaign
eight years ago, nrieendence day ia still
celebrated as a holiday.
Advertise In The Bee, the paper that goes
Into the homes of the best people.
Murderer Kscapes from Jail.
VRF.KA, Cal.. Oct. n.-Denny Hazel,
who waa to have b'-en sentenced on Thurs
day for the murder of Joseph 8ilva. last
night effected his escape from the count v
Jail, leaving E. 1. Dudley, the Jailor, locked
in liis cell. For half an hour Dudley at
tempted to make known his plight and in
the meantiuiH the convicted murderer was
fast making ills way Into the hills.
Wh Hat ore Witness Disappears.
JERSEY CITY. N. 3 . Oct. ;7.-Before tlie
trial of Theodore 8. Whltmore. the Brook -lvn
motorm.n who Is accused of the mui
dnr of lils wife, Helena, last Christmas,
was resumed today a report was circulated
thst Frederick W. Elliott of Aubuindsle,
Mass., one of tlie stste s Important wit
nesses, was missing.
i2IiWW 111
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all shades
National Young Women's Christian
Association Visit Omaha.
College President Objects to Intro
daclng; Domestic Arts Into Car
rie a lam of Institutions for
Higher Education.
The delegation from the local Young
Women's Christian association to tho con
vention of the state association held at
Grand Island FTiday, Saturday and Sun
day returnod last evening. It Is expected
that one and possibly another of the na
tional secretaries in attendance at the con.
vcitlon will visit tho Omaha association
Tuesday and a luncheon will be served for
them In the association looms by the
Board of Directors.
The house committee hag announced a
bazar to be given November 20 and 21,
the proceeds tn go to furnishing the new
building. The committee, which Includes
representatives from all the churches,
hopes to make this one of the big fairs
of the winter. Orchard & WUhelm have
granted space on their main floor for tie?
sale and friends of the association arc
contributing the articlea to be sold.
National Suffrage Meeting.
Speaking of the convention of the Na
tional Woman Suffrage association held re
cently at Buffalo the Woman's Journal
The event that spread more Joy among
the delegatea than any other oiie thing
took place on the afternoon devoted to
raising the money for the coming year's
work. After Miss Shaw had explained the
needs of the association and Mrs. Upton,
with her genial end Jovial appeals, had
lured the last dollar out of the pv-kets
of the state delegations, and we were still
short of the mark, Mrs. George Howard
Iewis came to the rescue with a. munifi
cent rheck for SIO.OOO, which fairly took the
convention's breath away and filled every
body with rejoicing.
Domestic Arts In College.
The growing tendency to incorporate do
mestic science and arts Into the curriculum
of colleges and universities for women
seems likely to suffer a temporary backaet
or at least to encounter some opposition
from members of the faculty of several ed
ucational institutions who tielleve that these
subjects have no place In Institutions for
higher education. They point out that there
la not time for them and that their teach
ing Is not consistent. Miss Mary Carey
Thomas, president of Bryn Mawr, said re
cently: I
The tendency nowadays Is t throw the
entire responsibility on teachers, instead of
mothers. -Colleges are not tie places in
which to train a girl In every detail of her
home duties and to specialize as sociologists
A a no an cements.
Under tlie auspices of the Omaha
Women's Christian Temperance union the
Demurest club will give a musical and lit
erary entertainment Thursday evening, Oc
tober 9 at Emanuel Baptlat church. Twenty-fourth
and Finkney streets. Harold
Thorn will speak on "The Court of Lsst
Appeals" and E. E. Thoniat on "Reforms
of the Day.''
The Presbyterltn women't quarterly union
missionary meeting will be held Wednes
day. October i8, at the Presbyterian church
In Florence. Devotional service will be
held at 11 o'clock and luncheon will be
served at noon. A program will be given
In the afternoon and Miss Glenn, formerly
of Jspan, will be the principal speaker.
nlastcal Department.
The musical department of the Woman's
club will hold its first meeting of the fail
Thursdsy afternoon at S o'clock In the
club rooms. A miscellaneous program will
be given under the direction of the de
partment leader. Miss Blanche Sorcnson.
The department will continue Its plan fol
lowed laat year of admitting members upon
tha payment of fc! for the season. Tills Is
a special membership and adniHs its hold
ers to no other privileges of the Woman's
Married Man, la Ireable,
A married man who permits any mem
ber of the family to take anything except
Foley's Honey and Tar for cougiia. colds
and lung trouble la guilty ot neglect. Noth
ing else is as good fur all pulmontr
troubles. The genuine Foley's Honey and
Tar contains no opiates and la la a yellow
package. Sold by all drugguv-a.
I'olage dee toarnets.
Vny strong chicken stock, 'clarified u',i
chopped beef, redjeed, thickened very
slightly with arrowroot, gsiaianed with
calf's head and fresh mushrooms en
Juli'ime. and chicken quenelles; add very
little sherry.
Omaha Man rassea Array at Da? ton,
O., Afte.r Years of
After spells of sickness covering- a period
of several years John A. ftchenk, -brother-in-law
of the late Count Creighton and
one of the executors of his will, died st.
Dayton, O., Tuesday. News of hie pre
carious condition caused his daughter, Mrs.
A. V. Klnsler, Mr. Kinsler and Miss Maty
Cotter, who for many years wss Count
Ctvlghton's housekeeper, to hasten to Day
ton, where .Mr. Schenk went after spend
ing a number of weeks In it sanitarium at
Battle Creek, Mich., hut death had already
claimed its victim beforo the party arrived.
Mr. ficht-nk had been more oi- less of an
Invalid for some time and before going tn
Battle Creek he had been In Florida for
the winter, and later In Omaha for a
A Inach Married C'oapte.
KANSAS CITY. Mo., Oct. 27. -Tha Rev.
John Smith. 71 years old, pastor of tho
Christian church in Edwardsvllle, Ken.,
and Mis. Emma Dawson, 66 years old. who
lives at Enimett. Kan., secured a marriage
license in Kansas City, Kan., yeaterda,
and will marry In Edwardsvllle today.
The groom's first wife died about a year
ago and Is a greatgrandfather. Tha
bride Is a grandmother.
52d Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. J. Arnilt, of Warn, III.,
have celebrated their S2rl wedding
anniversary, and built say
they feel as strong and
active as they did
t w e n t y f h
years ago.
Mr. Arndt, In a recent Interview
said: "I am seventy-six years old.
have been married 62 years and have
used Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey for
many years. It bag done me a great
deal of good, and I know if I use it
regularly I will prolong ray life many
yeara. I take it morning and night.
It Is truly a great tonlc-niedlclne. I
know It Is a pure malt whiskey and
will help old and young."
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey Is an
absolutely pure distillation of malted
grain; thus all germs at destroyed
and the product is a predlgetted, liquid
food and is Invaluable In all rases of
low fever, such as typhoid, malaria,
etc. It Is also Invaluable for over
worked men, delicate women and sick
ly children. It brings Into action all
the vital forces and builds up new tis
sues. It strengthens and sustains (be
system; l promotoreof health and
longevity and keeps in normal, healtby
condition body, brain and nerve. It is
the greatest family medicine known to
science and la used by leading doctors
of all schools throughout the world.
If weak and run down, take a tea
spoonful four times a day in hslf a
glass of milk or water. It will ward
off disease.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey is sold
throughout the world by druggists,
grocers and dealers, or shipped direct
for $1.00 a large bottle.
If in need of advice, write Consult
ing Physician, Duffy Malt Whiskey
Company, UocbcKter, New York, atat
lng your case fully. Our dot-tors will
send you advic free, to?ether with a
handaome illustrated medical booklet
containing some of the many thousands
of gratifying letters received from men
snd women in all walks of life, both
old and youne. who have T.ecn cured
and benefited by the ue of. Uie world s
greatest medlritr -
0 1