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Decline in Cablet and Immense In
crease in World'! Vliible Supply.
' ' (
Rn-lt 'Are Liberal and Mow !-
laad for AH CtU tmmmmm Llt-
He- Privapeet ! MtlwUI
" OMAHA. Oct. . 10
Willi further declines rn cable and the
Immense mere In the worKl'n visible
supply wheat values slumped anln today.
Th situation hss remained practically tn
mm, with receipts liberal and alow oemand
for all cereals, and t.iere iwmi very little
prospect of any material change.
VhMt mlmrl A evrutk mnr lower nn Wesk
cables and continued heavy receipt. 1ater
th. wArM'i vtaiHI. .nniUv Increase caused
Malar feeltnv mil values were gold Off
stead lly. fjocumlw wheat opened at r,c
Com aold lower with wheat and lark of
burlna- oower. Re 1 nar was genersi ana 01
ferlnas xnl.tanlnf (lash stuff WSN a
Arnm nn lV,m mirkM and wtl only taken
1n small lots. December corn opened at
W4o and closed at ,914c.
Primary wheat receive were J.OW.O") bu.
and shipments were, l,!,nro bu., against re
relpts fast year of L868.000 bu. and ship
ments of WB.fro bu. , ..
r-nra Mlnla ura fUi OHO hll. and Ship-
Tn.nt. VaiWI hll awftinSt receipts lBSt
vaar nf til nn hai. and shloments of 864,000
bu ' -----
rl. r. nrsa m-ra in hll of COrn. 8.000 bU
of oau and wheat and flour equal to 63.000
bu. . .
Liverpool rlosed Hftid lower on wheat
and unchanged tf) a lower on cum.
Local range of opttona:
Artlclea. Open. Hlgh.l Low. ) Close. Tesy.
Wheat-I , I . I I I
Dec... , a?, T 2 JB1 T
May... 98', 9t4 9fSI K'l
Com I ' - I I
Dee... 6! 69V f4 6!"4
May...! 69 69H 69, 69l 69,
Dec... "47 47, 48V. 4K4j 47
Way...) ' 49 . Wkl MI 49
No. 3
No. 4
Omaha CMk Frleea,
WHEAT No. 2 hard. S4oj No. hard,
SlHWVec; No. nard, W(fwci
spring. 92$D4c; no grade, KkfiSoc.
CORN-No. J. 70c; No. 4, 70V4c;
yellow. 70Hc; No.. 3 yellow, 70Vc;
white. 71Vc; No. I white, 71V4c.
OATS No. 2 mixed. 46'.15ir :
mixed, 4Ma46',c; Nor 8 white, Vg-snVkc; No.
4 white, Vfl4Mo; standard, 4Vc.
RYE No. . 71V,c; No. 1, 70V.C.
' Cfu-lot Hecelfta.
' ' Wheat. Corn. Oats
Chicago ..!,.... 7 167 413
Minneapolis 484
Omaha ..i .'. 48 10 . 30
Duluth 612
shorts. $11 26: clear ribs. 111. 15 short clesrs,
$11 2.V bacon sieady; boxed extra short.
$i:.lllH; clear rlha, I12.V0; ahort cleats,
IKM'-'H . .
I'liKNMKAIr-Mwcr; i ").
HIHN- l'nihaned; caet track,
IAY i ncnsngea; imoiny,
prtiirle, .....
IKON I II I J u . ns,o-.'l'.
B AfM3lNO 8c; , 1
IIKMP TWlXRi-i'c. "
. roi'I.TRY Steady: ..chickens. 1flVc;
prlnas, I3vnl4; turkeys, lc; a ticks, wi
$. ; ee. be.
Hi TTER MiRnr; creamery.. .)vji'.ilc
KUOS Steady; JSVic, '-ss count.
Rmielpte. Shipment a.'
Flour, bbis 7.ono -
Wheat, liu m.ii v.m
Corn, bu S2."no .
Oats, bu 74,000 k.itjo
Kea tares of the Trading and Closing
Prlcaa oa Board of Trad. '
CHICAGO. Oct. 6. A record-breaking in
crease in the world's available supply of
whest wss sn important factor in causing-
slump In wheat advices here today. Final
uitoiatlnns showed a net loss for the day
of Ha to lifi'IStc. Corn, oats and provisions
were also weak. . . .
The wheat market wa n'rvons the entire
session and trade was-of" only moderate
volume. There was considerable aelllnit at
the start -of the wheat bought on yester
day's war scare, when early cables dis
closed the fact that the foreign a-raln mar.
kets apparently reflected no excitement In
Kurope over the prospect of the beginning
oi nostiiities oetween Turkey and Hulftaria.
Continued- liberal recelDta In the northwest
alao Induced moderate selling- early la the
day. As a result of the. proflt-taklnr prices
declined nearly lc on the tlocal exchange
during the first half hour.-- A aharp rally
occurred later In the saasidn o wins' to an
unconfirmed report that, war had actually
nroaen oyi in ins uamans. . 1 ne strength
however, 'was soon dlsslBated bv Brad.
afreet's report of tho world's vislbla supply
of wheat, which showed an Increase- of. U.
472.000 bu,' for world, again. exceeding- last
weex a recora-Drsexiss; Aacrtu. -The at
sence of export buslneas Jiera and at north
western center also contributed to the late
weakness, notwithstanding . that the sea.
board reported ' fcirty boatloads takes for
export. 'Jhe tnmrk.t,rJtwi,-&it- wbaas-J-tw.
waa firm, and at south western markets
prices were up He. Th market closed
weak at almost the- lowest point. Clesr
snses of whest and flmir were equal to 63.
omr bushels. Primary reelpta were 2,038. two
bu., compared with l.,0n0 bu. on the cor
responding day-one year ago. " Minneapolis.
Duluth. and Chicago reported receipts of
1.063 cars, against 1.371 cars last week and
1)74 csrs a year ago.
Profit-taking by local longs on a liberal
scale cauaed weakness In tha.corn market.
Much of the selling was duetto numerous
reports received today- which seemad to In
dicate that the new crop had not been seri
ously Injured by the- recent frost. Prices
at tho close were almost at the bottom.
Docal receipts were 167 cars, with 38 cars
of contract grade.
Oats were dull and weak, the bearish
sentiment being largely due to the weak
ness of wheal, although a slow demand for
the cash garln was partlv responsible for
the heavy tone. Prices for the cash grain
were Wifte lower. lcal receipts were 413
Renewed selling of provisions by local
packers caused a fresh slump In the price
of the hog products, following the steady
ileclln of the last few days. Receipts of
hogs at western packing centers were much
laiger than for the corresponding day a
y ?y. i? ni '" Price of hogs hero waa
ofr Kliic as a result of the heavy move
T u k how1 ha greatest weakness
i.. , prices were txuwc lower.
ror tomorrow: Whest.
n. , lOO . i. '
;koii ... ' "
Qnotatlons of the Day on Varloas
NEW YORK. Oct. .-FL01'R-Ri'elpts,
64.b8 bbls ; exports, 6.807 Dois. Market quiet
and lower to sell; Mlnnesois paienie.
$5.4ffit.SO: winter strslght". tl.-'olt 4; mm--
neenla bskers, I4..W4.60; winter extras. -.w
4i3.S0; winter Mtents. $4.4o'j4 hi: winter low
arades. $.1 30S .70. Rve flour, steady: fair
to good. $4 3r,i4.40: rholce to fancy, $4.3nii
4i. Buckwheat flour, steady at la.wit
3. jr..
CORNMF,AI-43ti(et; rin whit and
vellnw 11 m- coarse. $1.6501.70:
kiln dried. $4.1. , ' t
RYE Dull; No. 3 western, k'-,c, i. o. ,o..
New York.
BARNEY Steady: malting, S(nj65c. c. 1. r..
Buffalo; feeding, 63V&tiH.c, c. 1. f.. New
WHEAT Receipts, lnO.OOO Ml.; exports,
1S.86 bu.; No. 2 red, tl.04.j ..CV elevator:
No. 3 rvl ll.0A4k. f. o. b.. afloat; No. I-
northern Duluth. tl.lVU, f. o. b.. afloat; No.
2 hard winter. $1.074. f. o. b., afloat. Open
ing lower on easy caoies. wnesi coniinuea
to decline under the big Increase In world's
stocks, but was rallied sharply at noon by
war talk. Getting no confirmation ths
market again sold off and with only light
export closed easy at tn"c nee jobs. May,
ll.OS 6-191 0W( closed at $1.0S4.
CORN Receipts, $.676 bu.; spot, ey; No.
2. MV. nominal, In elevator, and Hfic,
nominal, f. o. b., to arrive. Option market
was decidedly more active and closed lc
higher for May, against hie lower for' De
cember. OATS Receipts, W.COfl bu.; exports. 26.EOO
bu.: spot market steady: natural white, 24
to 31 pounds, MVS-56c; clipped white, ti to
40 pnunds, E6Hf61c.
KEED Steady ; spring bran, $24.36; mid
dlings. $24.60: city. $24.CO.
HAY Firm; shipping, 66c; - good to
choice. 76H'SOc.
HIDEB-Dull; Bogota, 1919c; Central
American. 194iC.
LBATHRR Quiet ; acid. 23H29c.
PROVISIONS Beef, steady; family, $16.76
17.fi0; mess, $l.1.5W14flO; beef hams. t.0m
3100; packet. tlB.lK"rfTit.0O; city extre India
mess. $J4. Wu2,"i.0. Cut meats, quiet; pick
led bellies. HHW-ll-V: pickled hams. 114
fil2c. l.ard, weak, western, $10.356)ia45; re
fined, easv; continent, $11.20; South Amer
ica. $11.76: compound'. t7.62W68.00. Pork,
easy: family, $2I.O0$i2l.6O; short clears, tiO.OO
22.ti0; mess, $16.5 17.00.
TAI.TjOW Quiet; city ($3 per pkf.),
country (pkgs. free), 6-')46!4c
RICFBleady; domestic, fair to extra,
24tr,c: Japan, nominal.
POUDTRY Dressed firm; western spring
chickens. lulKc; fowls, ll16o; spring tur
keys, i'ia'2oc.
Bl;TTEH Firm; western factory firsts,
CHEE8B Quiet; state, full cream spe
clala, VmbWAc; state, small colored or
white fancy, 13c; state, large colored or
white fancy, 12c; state, good to prima, 129
12Vc; state, common to fair, 1049114c;
skims. 3Cyl0ic.'
EGGS -Quiet : state, Pennsylvania and
nearby selected, white fancy, 36027c; same,
fair to choice, 28&34c; brown and mixed,
fancy, 30tt.12o; same, fair to choice, 2629c;
western firsts, 23c; seconds, 2122c.
Fair and Cooler the Ovtlook for
OMAHA. Oct. f, 190H.
The high pressure over the eastern por
tion Is gradually moving off the. Atlantic
c ast. 'Hie weather continues fair through
out the east .and south,- but increased
cloudiness Is thown In the Ohio valley and
lako region. Dight rains are filling In
the upper Mississippi valley this morning
and showers occurred In th Missouri val
ley and throughout the northwest within
the last twenty-four" hours. ' Temperatures
have risen slightly everywhere east of tha
Missouri riyer since the preceding report.
They are lower im tho' Missouri vallev.
mountain districts and northwest. An area
Of -hllir--.prflaus-..wirn. aajaltyhMnr
weather, 1b moving in over the west and
will move over . the central valleys within
ths next twenty-four hours, and will cftusa
fair and cooler weather in this vicinity
tonight and Wednesday, .
Omana record of temoeraturs and nra-
clpltatlon compared with the corresponding
aay ui me last mree years:
108. 1907. 1906. 1905.
Mimmiim temperature.... 64 56 44 63
Precipitation 01 . .00 .00
JSormal temperature for today, 69 degrees.
Detlcleiicy tu precloUatlotv since March 1,
2.97 Inches.
Deficiency corresponding period In 1907,
V. f.i T-Iir-B,
Deficiency correSDondlna- nerlod in 19ns
3 18 Inches.
L. A. WBtvaif, Local Forecaster.
Estimated reoslpts fo
24 cars; corn, S3 cars;
-'ROTH hmmM
tarn leading futures ranged as follows:
Article. Opan. High. Lw. aosa. Tas'y,
July .
Dec. .
Dec. Mav
July l
Pu i ic
on. Jan.
' I I
1(5 S iSWi 9a9Rt,
I 1 01 1 (:v, 1 wu
WSia, 987,,9)1
IMii 1 ol.:
l tWl DStl Wt,
i64SA 64T.I 64H;64V(RH6441iT:
4Vv.l 4HI 64 Mt .(BlUfl.
I af u. i ill,. iMI a . . - "
1 I I I
49 I '49 4SHWs.' aA
! 6 4H
15 90 1 4 00 13 70
16 10 16 12H 16 76
16 90 16 96 It 66
6 10 05 . 9 95
6 9 60 9 60
6-" 9 6 42
60 82 f 40
4 SM S S7W
67H 145
46sl 46M
14 10
13 70
16 77V, 16 26
15 63H! 16 00
9 97V,
9 -'!
9 45 '
8 37V
8 45
10 06
9 671,
8 6
8 57V4
I white.
fair to
Kansas City Grain and PrnTlalons.
DnchanKed; December. B6Hc; May, 95ic;
July, 81W.C: cash. No. 2 hard. 94(at6'Ac: No.
i nara, i'o(c; jo. rea, ll.OJ'tfl.O'i; No
3 red, 97&r1.02.
CORNGenerally unchanged: December.
oic; May. UV; July, bc; caah, No. !
mixed, llritrac: No. mixed. 714f71iAc: No.
3 whits, 7214c; No. 3 white, T14.7Sc.
OATS-l'nehana-ed: No. 2 white. 4Sfifi0c:
csn. a mixen, fMQtvc.
R Y B 73t'76o.
HAY-Steady; choice timothy. t9.5(yai0.00:
cnoic prairie, ss.u)S.j5.
BlTTTER 4'1Vic higher: creamery. rVic
packing stock. 17o.
EGGS-Vio higher; fresh extras. 24c: cur
rent receipts, 19Vc.
W heat, bu 112.000 115.000
Corn, bu 4.000 20.0UO
Oats, bu 6,000 4,000
Philadelphia Produce Market.
Finn; extra creamery, 29c; nearby prints,
EGOS Firm; Penneylvcnla and, other
nearby firsts, 2u at mark; current re-
ceipta in returiiHhle cases, 24c, at mark;
western firsts, free casea, 25c, at mark;
current receipts, fres cases. 24c, at mark.
CHEESE Firm; New York full creams,
iiiuico ioc, itur 10 gooa, 1'tfiac.
Liverpool Grain Market.
irung, io. j rea western winter, lino, tu
1 urea, quiet: eceinoer, vs Tfra; March, 7s
'4i: iay. hdh.
iw.-poi, quiet; American mixed. 7s
sn. hutures. quiet; October, 6a lod; De
ccmber. 6s 8V4d.
HOPS (At Ixmdon). Taclflo coast, new
crop, steaay, i.1 ioux3 a.
Fitful and Irregular Flnetuations Fol
low Each Other All Day.
Adjearnmeat of .Vorthern Pat-lMc 1)1
reetors AVIthnat Declartag Cash
Dividend Caasrs Slasnn
In Price.. ... .
NEW YORK. Oct. 6 Whether on ac
count of thi Bslkan war cloud or for some
other reason, there was much nervousness
manifest In todny's stork market. Fitful
and irregular fluctuations of prices fol
lowed each other all day.
A vigorous show of resistance to the pre
vailing depression of foreign markets was
made at the opening, when, heavy buying
orders forced prices upwards with some
violence. The sggressive operations In
Union Pacific led to a supposition thst the
leadership of the market was being reas
serted by th forres long supposed to b
In control. Buying to cover by the short
Interest which sold freely In the final
break yesterday was sn element In the
epuit. The news arriving from abroad
by that time was alao of a reassuring
character and the report of the Turkish
sultan's Intention to appeal to, a conference
of the powers rather than to' declare war
agalnat Bulgaria was regarded as offering
a means of peaceful solution of th compli
cation. Th alignment of the powers on the
new situation presented Is watched with
manifest snxlety and sll Indications that
serve to define their attitude are welcomed
on the financial markets. As much signifi
cance was sttached to the action of the
foreign exchanges and the grain markets
as to that of the stock market, as the in
fluence of other forces was manifest In the
stock market. .The adjournment of the
Northern Pacific directors, for Instance,
without declaring that large extra cash
dividend which was confidently predicted
yesterday, proved disconcerting; to a con
siderable! speculative element which has
been operating confidently on the strength
of these predictions. Northern Pacific
weakened materially after th adjournment
of the dlrectora' meeting and carried the
list with It to a level below last night.
This was In spite of the favorable showing
mad by the outline of the annual report,
n wnicii tne depression of the Inst fiscal
year was reen to have made but moderate
Impression. The failure of the Northern
Pacific rumors to come true cast ana.
plclon on a number of other rumors which
were effective In vestenlav'a anemia t Inn
and awakened a fear that they had been
prompted simply by a speculative manip
ulation. The afternoon weakness was
traceable. In part, to the news of the em
barrassment of an important bond house,
having connections both In New York and
fiosion. ana to the knowledge of the meas
ures which had to be taken to conserve
the large resources Involved. The decided
strength developed by the foreign exchangs
nan ratnr an impressive effect, as Implying
an- elffecaAve foreign demand for tilth.
drawal of funds from New York. The de
mand was associated with tho war news
and was the occasion of some misgivings
as to the accuracy of the more superficial
Indications. The wheat market, also,
strengthened In th latter part of th day
trcm ine more serious consideration of the
war prospects abroad. From this Interim
of weakness the market waa lifted again
by the buoyant advance In Rock Island
prererred, which rose to fifty oh transit
ions n, very large Individual blocks. The
rJss In that stock was explained by news
concerning the property and was regarded
as most Important In Its Indication of the
speculative opinion of th financial group
controlling th property. The market ended
strong under the Influence of the animated
dealings In Rock Island preferred.
Honas were irregular. Total sales, oar
value, $3,290,000. United States bonds were
unchanged on call.
Following were th sales and ranee, of
prices on the Stock exchange today:
HalM. HUB. IjOW. CInM.
joo to
No. 2.
r','.q.ucttl0.n follows:
W-i t'.'l'trKitnb.kC
apV..;VoPrT're K '
wSSSSI0- 1 MW4i fellow
oath No. 8 white, 50i,c; N0
R Y E No. J. 75c.
BARLEY Good feeding, 644166c
choice malting. 67Pi9c.
SEEDS Flax. No. 1 northwestern $1 "4U
Timothy, prime. 13.40. Clover, contract
r-rujvt&iu.xtj snort ribs, s .1ea fin,....
$.1.75,1, iai2i ..Mess pork, per bbl.. $13.K7y,S
m.wj. uirq, per iw 10s.. lu oofl 10.0,. Short
-'r mr. iwunjl. I1U.MM1I.U
v Following were ths receipts and shipments
tf flour and grain:
. 1 Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu 7H.O1O 4;i f
orn. .D 14S.6UI t6 .im
lt, Pv 2l.s" S15.JXI
' bu, lO.rtM .3u)
Barley, bu 211 w
On the Produce exchangs todav the but
ter market was strong; creameries. 2oVn
27.,c; dalrlea. l8Hfr'J4c. Egga. steady; at
nark, cases Included, li-; firata 'c
prlmo firsts. 23c. Cheeae. strady; UVjfjTie!
t. Lanls General BlarUeC
ST. LOUIS. Oct. 8- WHEAT Lower:
. track. No. 8 ra. cash, tuayl.M; m
hard, 96o$tl.AVu December. taVtl9sAc: May
fl .01 V T.ia.
CORN Liowar: track. No esh 74'h':ic
No. . white, H.b'mc; December. .
.May. Wf3Se. '
OATS lower: track. No t cash. 4Sc; No
2 whits, tic; December, 7Hc; May, t
FLOUR Dull; red winter patents. H.&ff
4 90; extra fancy and straight, t164i4 6J
cleara. $J M
eKfcl-TlTnothy. tt 262.25.
PKoVI8loN-Pmk. kiweri Jobbing.
tl4.7f. lrd. lower; prime stejjn. t'""d
U.Oul suit mats stead j buxed extra
Mlnnrapolla Grain Market.
cember, tl "; May, $1.04;. cash No.
northern, tl.oi'; No. 2, northern. tl.OWii
j. ui; .-no. j nwrtnern, Dtrtjjswc; Io. 1 hard
BRAN In bulk, tl7. 7518.26.
FIjOUR Firm: first Datents. S5.65fM 80
aecond patents, $5.6t46.fi5; first clears, $4.40, seconu clears. 4J.oOtri.txJ.
Psorla Market.
PEORIA. 111., Oct. 6. CORN Higher; No
I yellow, sc; io. 3 yellow, 78c; No.
78c; No. 2. 78c.
OATS Higher: No. 2 white. 4914c; No.
whit. 4sc: No. 4 white, 46'4tr46c.
Mllwankea Grata Market.
No. 1 northern. tl.OfiSfi'1.0tit: Ko. i. north
em. $1 ,034ii'i'.04H: December. Ssl, ftMSc bid
lOKN-DUIl: IH-c-emtwr. 64Vti64Hc bid.
BARL1SY Sieady; sample. bifyHAc.
Dalath (.rain Market.
DULUTH. Oct. . WHKAT-No. 1 north
em, 81.014; No. 2 northern. 9:c: Deceiiilx-r
tl.U'1.: May, $1.04; October, tl.(.W; No.
4, 1.II.
OA To 47c.
Metal Market.
waa a slight decline tn tho London tin mar
ket today, with spot quoted at 133 15a and
futures at L.S 6a. The local market waa
quiet at ijm JJitcw.&o. I opprr advanced
acts lis mi iur simji aou aou is sd tur tu
lures tn the London market. The local
market waa nun ana unchanged. Lake '
quoted at tlt!T7U4u 13.61'1, electrnlvtio a
$12-12.37V, and casting at $12.8712. L.
was lower at a'li 8s 9d in London.
The local market waa easy and a shade
lower at $4 i4 45. Bpelter waa unchanged
in London, locally dull at $4.7tM 77H
Iron waa lower 111 ins s-ngusn market, wit
standard foundry quotea at td an
Cleveland warrants at &oa 10Vd. No chang
was reported tn the local market. No
foundry. $!6.uO'1t.7a: No. 1 southern an
No. 1 aoiithern. soft, tl 7V917 26.
ST. I a'M l. 0 t. 6 METAIJs-lxad
HJlet, t4.3;'5'j4 .35, Sillier, quiet; t65.
Amaliamated Copper ,.
Am. O. A r.,..,
Am. C. r T. p.v.,.
Am. Cotton Oil.'.
Am. H. L. pM ,
Am. re serurltles
Am. i'lnaaed OII..N..,..
Am. L comotiva ........
Am. Locamotlvs ptd....
Am. 8. A R
Am. I. R. pfd
Am. Busar turinlm ..,
Am. Tobaooo pfd
Araarican;, Woolea
AicniBon .
Atchttoa pfd
Atlantk Coast Lin
Bslllmor 4 Ohio
B.I. lc Ohio pfd
Brooklyn Kmpla Tr
Canadian Tai-Mlo
Central leather
Central ijaths pfd
Central of New Jaraejr
haaapeake Ohio
Chloaso at. W
Chicago N. W
C, M. A 81. P
C, C. C. A St. L
Colorado P. I...,
Colorado A So
Colo. aV 80. 1st pfd
Colo. & So. 3d pfd
Couaohdaied Gas
Corn Products
Ilelawara A Hudson
Denver a Rio Uranda
D. A R. 0. pfd
Dlitlllers' Securities
Kris lt pfd
Erie td pfd
(icnsral Klecti-lo
Ot. Northara pfd
tit. Northern Ura rtfa
Ilinola Central
uterborouah Met
Int. Met. pfd
International Paper
Int. Paper pfd
international rump
iiwa Cantral
Kaniaa CILx Bo
k. C. So. vti
Louisville A N
Minn. St. L
M . St. P. A g. a. M
Missouri Parlflc
M , K. T
M . K. A T. pfd
National Lead
New York Central
N. Y.. o. A W
Norfolk A W
North American
Northern Paclflo
Pacific Mall
Ponn.ylvania .'
People's Oaa
P., c C. a- Bt. L
Preesod B. C
Pullman Palaca Car
Railway let eel Spring
Republic Btael
Republic gtael pfd.....
Rocs lelaud Co
Rmk lelaud Ca pfd..
8U L. a B. T. td pfd
St. U B. W
St. L. B. W. pfd....
Sloes-Sheffield B. A
Bout hem Pacific .
80. Pacific pfd....
Southern Rallaar
80. Railway pfd..
Tennessee Copper
Tens a Pacific. ..
T.. Bt. L. a W....
T., St. LAW. pfd, ax-dlr
I nloa Pacific
I'nlou Psclflo pfd
U, 8. Rubber
t . 8. Rubber 1st pfd
V. 8. Steel
I'. 8. Steel pfd
rub Copper
Va. -Caroline Chemical ..
V. cnera. pfd
Wabash pfd
Wratlnxhouae Electric ...
Western t'nlon
Wheeling L K
Wisconsin Centrsl
Total ealea for the day
56,110 . 7H
... 10 104
v.. -8 -jsg
to .
2.6U0 4u;
4.4'JU 14714
1 244
110 167 l7i
' too
14,400 IMS.
A. 000
son iuf
eoo 14
l.mto 1H
l.Mn 64 4
1.6tW SO'4
'b.o 'ma,
1,0 104.
4 41
400 73
iii.fttn) uz
3"0 6
. .149,1' )0 124
li 23
.. 10,00
.. i. two
1 "'.
: .-
13., A,
43 v,
7. K4
1110 sov, :
, 34,W Vi4H ll2' i"l
100 118 11AV, II .
, 1, 21V, 21 214,
, 3.204 41 4 41V
&00 27K, 17 i,
r bl Si. tio.
.160,700 ltc4 .143 1"5
, ' 7(i0 32 31 3i"4
y) 11'4 101 !4 !!-.
.27. "0 4SS f 464
, 1.0H) J(i Jism lMt
. l.tSU 41 , 4"Vj
, 8,100 31 Si 33 3S
3lO 12V, 13', yj
N J.VA. :-H
73 72 7.'
41.0 S (. MV,
lilo ' HI4 S
liW 27 i; 27
841. 100 .hires.
250,000 : Acres Choice Virgin Prairie Wheat Lands
in Saskatchewan to be Offered For Sale by the
Sashatopn '& Westere
Land Co., Lid.
at the City of Regina on
October 12-13-14-15-16-17
Free Oaiiroad Fares to Buyers!
I - T ' 1
!!!!1I1!!X,3 .....-..,..(.....? easy trip
t i w:0A(w v ? 1
",VtatiXi; tjouTH Voakot A c J (
o rvr -J X? I 4
ia" WEBst ASK A If llH0l T
Here ass 1 aerie rhsa ari sssssr rastfeawafs. nssrly sll wtba raw
nil ss en 09-eo 4ar.)r-oaV to be eTerea at aactlaa. They
hava been rwalfnc A HO t $15 per sere, bat there ars saaay
tracts that wooM be bargalas at I3t. Th Ss.kaeooa A Western
Land Ce.XerJ. pretwr to asAoeWawls 230.000 acres at Its haldiar is)
Ikm fceart eJesoeaaei.aiid will therefore c4fer lor sals Ibis
mam bar ol acres at this iaiportant sale. Get ready t g sis.
1 Who knows bat that boss at thsss rich, fertile acres nay hs
yswr. as a saw bid! Yow do not have ts live oa thi, laod to get
the big bargain varea. Toe tear ket Is rising. These lands ars
a big paytng Investment lor lb city ansa as wall as th faraier.
M at roar plaas to ro naas. Arrange year bnsioese so yoa
eaa be hi Regina October 12th. when The Saakataen A Western
Land Co.'s Bal starts. Or go ts Regina aod ct so the laad a
rWa efapw pi lane rn OceVeeWr fA. s sa ts get soanslated
with ths great tract and determine whet location yon mfwr.
So lar asTa poestols. w wtil accocamodstshnver by patting nv
at aay Mom any spscsal quarter, halt ar whel section. We
aeufMfji rssaaanans seaiip aen) as aesa im A Aeerf r 5a
A4cAiai. U yon dsnhs ram oomalst adranta InlaroiaHon,
aend toonr (Uglaa oj&o,(or
' '. - . : f. .
Lare Map and 90-Paje Dsok Free .
I Owr mmm shows aaea and every section we own. It ghres
oa a rraa ablnrs el par boldinrs. It shows fast how we se
looted the ssaat rerfre mJ free scarasf acru available hi tbs
entire Prssrhaos ot Raakatcbewao. It shows how Ideally the
tsnda are shnate bow sear Aagiaa, how Convenient t sfrs
mtmt hod th grain and stock markets, and th excellent rail
road (soil Mm. Free. Writ for the map to The Saskatoon A
1 Westers Land Co., Ltd., Rgios. Saskatchewan, Canada.
1 Oarr taili Is a storehouse ot Information on Western Canada
grata lands. Contains ninety pages, and many falthlnl photo
graph of lan, crews. As and features ( Interest in th
heart of Saskatchewan. It list all onr property by quarter
. sections. Pre. Wn want to eend It to yon. Writs for it to
.The Saskatoon A Wsatera Laod Cs.'t Boa la Regina. Sss
Aatcbewaa, Canada. ,
The Sakal445UWe8terTi Lsnsf Cw.'s Lantl
U Extra Choice Graia Laad. Text Get Title
From tae .Crowa.Aa Iatlispoiable Title
Ths ftaskateon A Wsstarn Land Co.' snctioa will h ImM
at g.rise, 5eArrA,SM.e, Canasta. AWAar ml mm. It wfll
he held In Tha Saskatchewan Western Lsad Ca.'s em nnviV
la nswhar els. It will h bM Or tabes It 13, 14. LV M. 17.
ftssnter Ikmmm afwfea. Dos t get them late. Be aa bss
early. Onn't 6wy. aaaW an oiesniwsfaneaa. mf mmymmm mfU
las araettan U mm mm mmttmr asaat ymm kmmr. The Snkstee,
A Western Laod Co.', laad Is axira ohatoe. Don't taaa
toady elae's nrotd that tbay hsv laad "inst as d "
This laad was especially sassrtsd-lt title is from ma
Craws. Th terras ml payment witlheth fairest. Yon will be
dealing wkh a wealthy oanaaaay that erfll always stand behind
cyary praatisa aad glv ya tbs nsast lthsral treatment yan
can ask.
The oanapsat r 1 am ftgnt to sraisaraw aay at tha
lasda trass sal.
8 Years to Ptvyl Only 4 Per Cent
Interest! Read Our Liberal Terms!
10 mf thm s,iien prfe at raw mf sal, tnfamca mf rga
far tint saj ai.w mf $3. M swr mmrrn im tmm afar, rmmmiivdmr
m want mmmmt annaaf isMsfaOiaamsa, aseta taewrasT at mmr
caat. Smrwmy fmmm mf 10 rent mmr ascro, mmjmmim sverA fast
Mrtasnsasaf aaaf se?Ant Mmrmmi.
Upon a nnroet heina knocked deal, the bidder shad Icarnedl-
stsly niske tbe deposit at 18 par seal ( th aorcbas price with
the Clark of hat. 43rhorw4a ths psroei may hs pat ua again ar
withdraws from sal. i
One Crop Will More tkaa Pay f r the Land
Pirnr k eat yewreelf. Ths avaragf Saskatchawaa yield Is:
Whest, from 20 to 23 hushels par acre; Oats, (rasa 38 I 43 bash
la per acrs; Baday, tram 28 1 38 basbaht par nor -sad a a :
tUEHBEl TRIC Svsry pnrahaaar of a pares
of onr land at this auction sals wvll hs glTsm his rail,
way far front any point la Canada or tha Vattea '
States to and from angina. That la avry frarchaaa
of 180 aors or mora will bar his round trip fata
rsfnadsd, upon showlnr Ms Wokrt and surrndclA(
th rclp of th ticket scant from whom b par
chased th ticket. This wUl ha arranged a tha tint
of making th first paymsnt of 10 of th parehna
prlc. B surs and so'nr rstrolar railway form rn.
clpt showing particulars of faro o that thsr caa
h no question as to th yalu of tha ttokst.
Railroad Rates to Regina
Following -are th schedules and single trip rate
to tleglua of the
Chlcafo a aorthwasrbsrn From Ohl oatr, $37 88;
trains. 9:00 s. nv. 8:30 p. m., 10:80 p. m. JfUJwan
kee, t26.60; trsins, 9:60 a. m . T:4S p. m. Omaha,
t46; trains. 7:45 a. m.. 8 20 p m Jea Motnaa,
t24 .86; trains. 8:26 a, m. Council Bin f is, $J40;.
trains, 8:05 a. in.. 8:40 p. in. SlotUI City, t21-46;
trains, 11:06 a. m., 11:30 p. ni.
Chlcaa-o. Milwaukee a ntt Paul From ChleaAo,
$27 00; trains 9:00 a m., 8:80 p. in. 10:S0 p. m.
afUwaok, $'.'R 60; trains 12:46 a m.. 11:18 a. m.,
8:55 p. m. DUbuau. tiiS.96; trains 7:20 a, ni.,
1 01 p. m., 11:X5 p. in. avsnport, $26.60; trains,
8:15 p. m., 10:10 p. m.
Wisconsin Cantral From Chlcags, tI7.00;. KUwan-
loo!paclfio-From Chicago. tJ7.00; Bt. Paul, tl00.
Chicago, Bdrlinrton a CjtilnoT From Chicago, $27. 00;
ht. Louis, $.10 .60. Psorla, $27.16; BarUngton, $25 96..
Hock Island, t26.50. Xaokuk, t26.60. Baanibal, t8.
B on hand at Regina for the Great Land Auction, and remember, those who buy receive refund of their fare paid both to and from Rerpoa,
no matter whether they hold bomeseekers' excursion ticket or reralar first-cUss return tickets. For further information. Hotels, etc.,
. . write, only to Tho Saskatoon & Western Land Co., Ltd., Refina. Saskatchewan. Canada. Make our office there your beadouartars.
The Saslta toon cS:V7es tern Land Co.Ltd.City of Reina, Province of Saskatchewan.Canada
eral fund, exclusive of'lba $150,000,000 gold
reserve, . shows: AvailS-ble cash . balance,
tl78.709.183; gold coin 'and bullion, $37,092,997;
gold certificates. fX.fylfi"- t .
New Tork Money. Market.
TIKhi PA PBK 4i4l'4 per cent.
8TKRUKU . E1X.C11ANGE Stiontr, with
actual business In bankers' bills 11 1 $1.H'C(t)
4.S510 for sixty-day bills and at $4.8t5 for
demand; commercial bills, $4.lVi'&4.84i.
SILVKR Bar, 614c; . Mexican dollars,
BONDS Government, steady; railroad,
MONKV Cm call, eaay; 10T4 per cent;
ruling rate, 4 per cent; cloaing bid, 1 pei
cent; offered at 1 per cent. Time loans,
steady; sixty days. 2 per cent; ninety
days, 3 per cent; six months, S1 per cent.
Closing quotations- (m New York bonds
were as follows: -V.
8. ref. xs. Kg MSlnt. Afsf. 4t,i i
do ctmpen 101 I.c tt-'if. unl. 4s 4
V. 8. Is. res lii!4 Man. . K.. 4a 1,
do coupon ..........101 .'Mai. Central. 4s si
TJ.'B. 4e, rvn. ........ lil So tai Inc 14
do coupon '. ...122 M. A BU -L.-4s ik
Am. Tobsoco 4....... 7!H M- K. A T.-4s "4
do As'...'..; ...'.JO (Jo hn..' rt. "A
Atgftlson gsa. 4 , VS, H, ft, of! M. a. 4s r
do adj. ts ,...4sJ -XrlXaVratfenS,:.... 9t"4
Atchison nrvi- 4s..... M N. -j). -(). i: (s.. !Af4
-.yanio o, .4; 4. s i . s -.;ysjbwii
Bsl. & Ohio .;vfc'4 air- 4..,.-.
do ass
Brk'. R. T. cv. 4s..
Centrsl of Ua. 6a..
do 1st Inc
do 2d Inc
do 3d Inc
Che. A Ohio 4s.
Chicago A A. 3,a.
('., 14.- U. n. 4s..
C. R. I. A P. 4a.
do col. 6s
do rfdg. 4s
.. N. Ii W. p. 4s VI ;
i. 74VaA.' A (U'-'ffng. 4.A.... J4'
. .KU Penaesi 31915.... I'd.
1 m 4a can. 4s.. .iv 10,
.. 41 Resdlas gen. 4s, 934.
.. 40 Cubs 6s KS
. 1"lSt. IKA t. M. o. U .ll'.H,
.. 71 St. U A 8. K. fg. 4s. 7'4
.. M'.St. U S. W. C 4s.... 74S
.. 7414 Seakosrd A. I 4s.. W
.. 7A eso. Psclflc 4s
A7M, do 1st 4s.
COQ. A St. L,. .'! W14S0. Railway Aa.
Colo. Ind. As....v 7t'4Tsa & P. ts
l iiln. Mid. 4s
Colo. A 80. 4,
Del. H. cv. 4s
O. 11. () 4a....
Kris p. I. 4s
do g(n. 4s
Hoik. Val. 4,s...
Jspsn 4s
do 4s
L. A W. 4s. 77
...44 T.. SI
... X4lnlon Paclflo 4a
do cv. 4s
. .. l 1. S. Bteel 2d As
. . . A'j W'sbssb Is
... U Western d. 4s. . ..
...1116 W. L. B. 4s..
. .. A04 Wis. Central 4s. .
... m U. S. deb. 4s 1U
... S-.,
... 7'.
... 77
... i4;
London t'loalnar stocks.
LONDON, Ck-t. 8. American bccurlilos
were irregular during the curly trading
today. Pennsylvania and Baltimore .fc
Ohio declined H, while the Pacific stocks
gained as much. At noon the market was
steady with pricea ranging frou. below
to , above yceterday'e New York closing.
London closing biock quotations;
Cansols. money . .44 14-14 M., K. A T
Sd l-if .-veer iotk 1 entrai
.. i Norfolk W
.. JiS do ptd.
.. 'i Ontsrio a w
. .IO0A4 Penn.ylvsnla ...
..Ultftand Minos
. . 4i4 Reading
iHBouthetn ny
St. P...1W4 4a pfd
1 Soul htm Psclflc.
. rn. Lb iba Pacific
. do pfd
. 1lHt. S. Steel
. 44 do prd
, 4 Wabash
. :1 do p(d
.144 Bosnian 4s
.lug Aaisl. Coouer
tSII.VKR Mar, quiet. ai-ii-a per uuncs. .
MONEY A per rent.
The rat of discount In ths open market
for short bills la lV'Tl1 P' cent;. for three
months' bills. lSlV per cent.
Bank Clearlags. '
today were ti.0A
Bpondlng date last year . 115.) to
Trraiarr Btatastcat.
WA8H1N41TOX. Oct. .- Today's
ment uf the treasury balam es in iho v-n-
do account
do pfd
Baltimore (wto.
t ansdiaa Pacific.
Chesapssse It O...
Chicaso U. W
( hi.. Mil.
Ie Beers
Denver A Xlo U
do pfd
do let pfd
do 2d ptd
Grand Trunk
Illinois laalral..
Lonlevllle a N
.. l'.e
. ii .
.. K
.. 4144
.. 4.
.. 7
. J aVi
.. a."4
.. )
.. 4'H
.. 1 1
. 21
.. .i
. TiA
Boaton Stock and Bonds,
BOSTON. Oct. 6-Maney, call loans. 2
per cent; time loans, 3tfMA4 per cent
Quotations on stocks and -bonds were tu
. ?2 Adventure
. Dx Allouer.
. I"' Amslganiated .
. 4-H lc
. M4 Blsgham
.218 C.I. & Heel...
.UP, Centennial ....
.111 Copper Range .
U1 Paly West ....
.141',, Franklin
.ISA Or.nbr
. Hie Royale ....
. II Mass. Mining .
t'4 Mlchlgsu
.ISA Mohawk
.US'. Mont. C. A C.
. 127old Dominion .
. .'1 Os'sola
. So Parrot
. 144Qulncy
2"0 Bhannon
.141 Tsmsrsck
. M Trinity
. hi t'nlted Copper
. -' V. S. Mining...
.12'. V. 8. Oil
. ,Vi"4 t'lsh
, 2H Victoria
. 4'A Winona ,
.104-4 Wolverine
Atchison adj. 4s
do 4
Mei. Central 4s
Atrhltnn R. R
do pfd
Roatnn 4 Albany...
Boston A Alaitie ...
Boston Klevsted ...
r'tti-hburg pfd
N. Y., N. H. A H..
t nlon Psclflc
Am. Arse, t'hem
do pfd
Am..Fneu. Tube
Amer. Sugsr
do pfd
Am. T. a T
Am. Woolen
do pfd
Dominion I. A 8...
Kdlson Else. lllu. ..
(loners) Klectrio ...
Msns. Klectrtc
do pfd
Mass. Oss
I nurd Fruit
I nked 8. M
do pfd
U. 8. Bteel
do pfd
.. 17
.. it
.. 1
. . VI
.. 4
.. 71
.. B
.. 12
. . A
. . ld4
.. 1.
.. t'4'j
.. "4
.. l'Ai
.. 70
.. 17 4
.. Ill,
.. 44 4
.. -
.. 4!'i
.. A,
. .137
Large Receipts of Cattle Make Slow
and Lower Market.
Fat Sheep and Lamb Very Active and
Twenty-Five Higher at Least
Feeders Shew Little
Change Tuesday.
SOUTH OMAHA, Oct. 6, 1908.
Receipts were:
Official Monday ,.
Estimate Tuesday
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Two days this week. ...20,436 8.478 90.901
Same daya laat week.... 14.620 8.161 62,808
Same daya 2 weeks ago.. 13.053 7.667 72,729
Same d.iys I weeks ago..2t.075 7,062 44,8o2
Same days 4 weeks ago..l2.9 7,461 . 6.1,W
Sam days laat year. .. .19.206 - 8.149 40.1U7
The following table shows the receipts of
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha for
the year to date, compared with last year:
191 18. 1907. Inc. Dm.
Cattle 749,303 886.9S8 137,575
Hogs 1,960.651 1.9Z7.W6 22.9
Sheep 1,607.166 1,479.215 7,941
The following table shows the average
price of hogs at South Omaha for the last
several days, with comparisons:
Sept. 27..
Sept. 28..
Sept. 29..
Sept. 30..
Oct. 1...
Oct, 2...
Oct. 8...
Oct. 4...
Oct. 6...
Oct. 8...
I 1908. 119VI7.11&06. 11906. 11304. i903-l1902'
8 201 5 191 5 871 I 7 84
6 87
8 64
6 68i
8 60
6 624
6 31
6 971
6 96
8 03
6 01
6 92
5 81
6 84
6 84
6 18
6 13
6 25
6 27
6 29
6 29
6 81
6 lft
6 19
5 69
e 1
6 181
5 10
6 06
6 06!
6 74 6 89
6 661 6 72!
7 71 7 941
5 74 6 62
a ni
5 Mi
grass cow and heifers. $3. 2Mi 3 TS : fair to
good grass cows and h-ifers, l2.7ofrC.A; com
mon to fair grass cows ana neirers,
t.75; good to choice feeders. J4.yitH.60; fair
to rood Blockers and feeders. 3.6tVgl.l&;
common to fair stockers and feeders, W.T&'S?
i.5; stock heifers, t2.50ij3.00.
Representative sales:
No. Av.Pr. " No. Av. Pr.
14 ."1110 AS
20 feeders.. ffH
8 cows 723
21 feeders.. 925
14 feeders. .1063
22 feeders.. 7m
13 cows 971
S3 cows f8
11 cows 823
17 calves... 300
3 65
2 00
S 66
3 35
8 16
3 16
2 450
8 26
23 cows A21
11 cows iftVt
2 feeders.. 925
28 feeders.. 7sR
15 feeders.. Si)
30 feeders.. 928
15 cows 874
2S cows 930
S bulls 10J8
2 40
8 Of.
8 IS)
t 00
8 10
2 76
8 10
2 66
& 72
6 74
6 76!
6 67
7 21
6 69
7 14
7 20
1 80
7 81
& 031 6 l 5 651 7 42
Ner York Mlnloa Stocks.
KKW YORK. Oct. 6. Closing quotations
rn New iork alining stocks
Brunswick Con. ...
Com. Tunnel stock. .
Com. Tun. bonds
Con. C.I. A Vs
Horn Bilver
Iron Silver
L.sdvllle Cos.
Utile Chief ..
rilsndsrd .
Ysllow Jacket .
... 4
... I
... ft
. . .1 A
... 44
Foreign Financial.
BERLIN, Oct. 6. Trading on the Bourse
today waa quiet and featureless.
PARIS, Oct. 6. Trading on the Bourse
today opened better. France, Turkish and
Russian rentes were well sustained and the
market closed steady.
11 10
8 19
'.3 4
'2 '.!
n 3a
The official number of cars stock brought
In by each read was;
Cattle. Hog" Sheep.
C. M. & St. P 10
Mo. Pac 6
Union Pacific 6 106
C. A N. W. (east) 8
C. A N. W. (west) 108
C. St. P., M. A- O l'
C, B. A . (east) 1
C. B. & Q. (west) 102
C, R. I. & P. (east- 1
C. R. 1. & P. (west) 4
Illinois Central 1
C, O. W S
Total receipts
The disposition of Un
as follows, each buyer p
ber of head indicated
Omaha Pkg. Co 902
Swift and Compar.y 2 0.11
Cudahy Pkg. Co 1.717
Armour & Co 1,318
Cudahy Pkg. Co., K. C.
Vansant ft Co 2s
Carey A Benton 21S
Ibman & Rothchlld.... 176
W. 1. Stephen !M
Hill A Son 24X
K. P. Lewis 2
Huaton & Co 13
J. B. Root A Co 3ii
I F. Hubs "2
I. Wolf f'7
McCreaiy A Carey 318
Kam Werthimer 27s
ii. F. Hamilton JOS
M. Hagerty A Co 3
Sullivan Bros 68
Neison, Morris A Co.. 21 1'
St. IjouIs Ind. Pkg. Co
Smith A B 110
Other buyers 93
day's receipts was
uivhasing the mini-
Cuttle. Hogs-Sheep.
MOOS-Conditions In the hog market re
mained about the eame as noted yesterday.
The downward movement in prices which
set In some time ago still continues and
buyers are decidedly hearten In their views.
The market this morning sufteted another
decline ot about 16c, or, aa some would put
It, Km20c. While the trade was at no tbno
sctlve the more desirable of the offerings
kept selling and the greater part, changed
hands In pretty fair season.' A good many
ot the hogs sold around 86.26ft6.35 and nil
up to i.4) It -will be remembered that
there waa a top of $1.65 yesterday, wliilo
the most of the hogs brought 6.4Oo!.60.
SH'EfciP Receipts were again very light
today, the. total run for yesterday and to
day not being any more than enojgn 10
make one day's ord nary it elpts. The mir
ket on fat snet-p anu lambs was akaui
wihlly higher, prices being at least i'6c
higher than yesterday and in acme cases
more than that. Pretty decent Wyoming
lamba sold up to 16 SO, with yearlings at
$4.40, old wethers at $4.75 and ewes at J4.50.
Everything that would do for killers was
snapped up In very short order by packer.
The trade on feeder sheep and iambs waa
not very active, the movement beng a
little dull, due perhapa tn large part to thu
fact that sellers were all trying to force thu
market up to keep It in iina with killers,
while feeder buyera seemed to think that
prices were already hltih enough and Were
not Incline! to pay any more than yesterday.
The result was that the feeder maiket was
at no time very active and prices would not
show very much change. As lece pis were
light pretty much everything change! hands
in pn-lly ialr season In the morning. Homo
pretty good feeder lambs sold up as high
as 15.16.
In order to fully realize the advance that
nus taken place in the market, ii la neces
sary to look back aeveral days. As com
pared with the low time laat week, the
market today on fat sheep and lamba is
safely tl.wij 1.25 higher, and some cases
could be pointed out where the advenes
might be even greater than that. Feeding
sheep and lambs have not shown as much
advance as have killers, but they are
safely CooOc higher, and, in some cases
more too.
(Quotations on range or grass sheep and
lamoa: uoou to choice lambs. J6.9iKa4J.2l
fair to good lambs, t5.4txa6.76; feeding
lambs, t4.oo6.16; good to choice light year
lings, tt .SOffit. 90; good to choU:e heavy ycur
Ungs, J4.4(K&'4.7o; feeding yearlings, ICMi
4.0U; good to choice wethers, 84.25a4.75;
fair to good wethers, H00j.i-t.2o; feeding
wethers. iS.4iT3.65; good to choice ewes,
t4.0orai.50; fair to good ewes. J3.6n4i4.ui;
feeding ewes, $2.003.00; culls and bucks,
Evaporated Apple and Dried Frails.
APPLES Market rules ateady. Early new
crop, in cass, 6VU6c. . Choice to fancy fruit
of 19o7 is quoted at Vq'Mi, lower grades at
DRIED FRCiTS-There has bsen a rather
more active demand for Oregon prunes re
cently, but California remain dull. Apri
cota are quietr but ateady, with choice
quoted at fcV.'6Vtc. extra choice at 'SiiUSc
and fancy at lorrjlOtfec. Peachea are dull,
with choice quoted at 7'a71to, extra choice
at 7Vax- and fancy at 8V!'9c. It is said
that raisins are being offered on a lower
basis from the coast, but the local market
holds pretty steady, l-oose muscatel are
quoted at 4lti',4C, choice to fancy seeded
at 6W74C seedless at VTHq and I.ondon
layers at $1.6041 1.65.
Oct. . tnk clearings for
6. $76 89 id for the rons-
TotTee Market.
NEW YORK. Oct. ie-TOFFER-Market
for coffee futures opened steady at un
changed prices to an advance of five points,
on support from leading bulls. Offerings
were scattered, and lacking In aggreaaive
nets. The close waa quiet, net unchanged
to five pointa higher. Kales were reported
of 8.750 bags. Including October at 6.60c.
December at 6.56c. March! May, August and
September at 6.45c. Rio. .quiet; Santos No.
4. fcSc Mild coffee, dull; Cordova, 9V?
fills and Rosla.
OIL. CITY. Fa.. Oct. 6.-01LCredit bal
ances, $1.7a. Runa 110.761 bbls.; average,
l:.3& bbls. Shipments, 22.150 bbls.; average,
168.81 l.hls
SAVANNAH. Oct. 8, ROSIN Market
firm. Sales. 2.660 casks: ' rripts, 8.043
casks; shipments 66 casks; stock. 1J0
t-ssks. Quote: W. -'": 1).; K, K 7
pH-: F. $2 76: a, $J.(3 87A; H. t3r
3.82V,; I. $( 50h 574: K. $4.50; M, $186; N,
$i.5M; WO. i.90, W W. to Of
Total 9,863 4,748 11,670
CATTLE While there were not us many
cars of rattle here yesterday as there
were on the big day, September 14, the
official recount showed that ther were
12.U6 head, which exceeded tiie number
received on the big day laat month by 174
head. In other words, the receipts of cat
tle yesterday were the largest fur the year
to date; in fact, they were the largest of
any time since October 20 of laat year,
wru-n 12,871 head were received.
On top of yesterday'a big run there was
another large run today. To make the ait
uatlon still worse for the selling Interests
other market pointa were reporting large
receipts for Tuesday, with pricea every
where quoted considerably lower. Under
such circumstances it waa not surprising
that buyera here were inclined to hold off
waiting for newa from other pr.iiita before
attempting to do very much buainesa. The
result waa that the market was late In
opening, the ssine as yesterday, with the
trade dull and the feeling weak right from
tile outset.
When buyers and aellers finally got down
to business the best kinds of range beeves
did not show much change, prices looking
about on a par with yesterday. On th
other hand, the common to medium kinds
were slow to 'a little lower all round.
Cowa and heifers were In very fair de
mand and the market waa generally ateady
on that kind uf cattle. A peculiarity of
the trade was that the common to medium
kinds seemed to be In Just about as good
demsnd a the better grades and sold Just
as freely st the prevailing prices.
Strlrtly good feeders were sought after
and the market on that kind did not show
much change. There aeemed tn be a very
fair demand for the kinds rsrrylng flesh.
On the other hand, the msrket was very
slow and dull on the common to medium
kinds and prices were again a little lower.
Quotations on cattle: Good to choice
corn-fed steers, $6 .50(740; common to fair
corn-fed steers. $4 i6.60; good to choice
rangs steers. $4 6(An6 fcS; fair to rood range
steers, 84 0itP4.60; common to fair, range
sieers, $3 2b'a4uo, good to ehoir corn-fed
ovws and heifers, fj 4j4.30; good to choice
Cattle Steady Hogs Loner Sheep
nnd Lambs Higher.
CHICAGO, Oct. 6. CATTLE Receipt s
about 11,000 head; steers, weak to 10c lower;
butcher cattle, steady and calves strong.
Calves, t3.5tu:.6u; steers, $4.4oij7.50; cows.
J3.2C(6 26; heifers, $3.U4.25; bulls, t-'.5ixrf
4.60; stockers and feeders, $2.0tKj4.i;5.
HOGS Receipts about 17.000 heat; market
10 to 15c lower; choice heavy shipping.; butchers, t6.7os.86; light mixed
t5.900i6.35; choice light, t6.5uvj4j.75; acking,
K20yt6.4o; pigs, tj.Mkito.50; bulk of sales,
$H. Soft 6. 40.
SHEEP and LAMBS Receipts about
34,0iu; market steady to 10c higher; sheep.
t4.254.50; Iambs, $4.756.40; yearlings, $3.S6U
25c lower; pigs and lights, $3 .268.15; pack
ers. $.J66.50; butchers and best heavy,'
SHblEP AMD LAMBS-neorioii, a. 11.1
heari- market. SEc hlcher: native muttons.
tt'TN.SO; lambs, t6.0tyiid.2R; culls and bucks,
$3.6t34.26; stockers, t2.264j4.0a
It. Joseph Live Stock 'Market.
ST. JOSEPH, Oct. 6. CATTLiB Receipts,
4.000 head; market alow, weak to 100 lower;
steers, 84.00(07.00: cows and heifers, t2.00$
6.86: calves. $.L4Xri.60.
HOGS Receipts, 8,000 head; market alow
tn 10c lower; top, $8.60; bulk e( sales, to.zi
&4J 40.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipt. 1,609
head; market I6&&&0 higher; lambs,' 84.08
Slonx City Live Stook Market.
SIOT'X CITY, la., Oct. (.-(Special Tele
gram.) HOGS Receipts. 2.600 head, market
1Vci15c lower, rang, t6.00t&.5o; bulk, 86.20
fee 26.
CATTLE Receipts. 2,7000 bead; msrket
lower; beeves tl.60700; grass cows tl.60(
8.76; feeders. t-2.764J4.26; calves and year
lings, t2.363.25.
Wool Market.
- BOSTON, Oct. . WOOD The situation
In the local wool market Is betur than for
manv months. Large contracts have been
closed, shipments ar heavy, and prices,
although firm, show no hardening ten
dency. Domestic price: Ohio and Pennsyl
vanla fleeces, X 224730 : No. 1 washed,
84aaf.c; fine unwashed, HiR22c; ftn un
merchantable, gift 25c; half blood combings,.
26c; three-eighths blood combing, 28c: comb
ing, 26c; quarter blood combing. 26c; de
laine washed, 34g3Sc: delaine unwashed, 8
tf.27c. Michigan, Wisconsin, Nw Tork
fleeces, fine unwashed, 20i&21e: delaine un
washed, iitfjic; half blood uu washed. 26(9
2c; three-eighths unwashed, 26c; quarter
blood, unwashed, 231j.J4c. Kentucky, Indiana
and Missouri; three-elghthe blood, 2rVS2-;
quarter blood, 284fS4c. Bcoured values,
Texas line, twelve mrnths, 50ji2c! from
six to eight months, 454p47c; flno tall, 42
ST. LOC18. Oct. 6. WOOl-Stsady ;
Medium grad"s. combing and clothing, 16
j'20c; light fine, JtifrtlSVic; heavy fine, 11
(&12c; tub washed, 20Y27c .
LONDON, Oct. 8. WOOt-A good aelec.
tlon of 14,045 bales cauaed keen competi
tion at the wool aales today. Prices were
firm. A large supply of merit aold readily
to home spinners and scon reds wer In de
mand for France. Half-bred sllpes and
coarse-breds were taken freely by th home
trade. Americans bought greasy, half -bred
combings and light greaey cross-brsiis.-Following
are the sales: New South Wales,
3.200 bales; scoured. V,d$fl td; greasy.
9s Id. Queensland. 2.200 bales; scoured, 11 d
ii'lsSVid; greasy, 64d(fJ'llV4d. Victoria, l.Usi
hales; scoured, 7V,d1ls 7Vkd; greasy. d'.
llVfed. South Australia. 400 bales: grassy.
"d&ls ld. West Australia, SCO bales;
greasy, 6ttdift9Hd. New Zealand, 8.800 bales;
scoured, ttd'4'ls 8V4d; greasy, . tVtdClOs Id.
Cape of Good Hope and Natal. Z.0UO bale;
scoured. Is IVid&lS dl greasy, 4VtdtJd
River Platte, ,400 baicej greasy, tdtpi.,
Visible Snpply of Grain.
NEW YORK, Oct. 8 Special oabl and.
telegraphic communications received by
Bradst reefs show the following changes In
available supplies, as compared with the.
previous scuount:
Wheat. Cnlied Stales east of the Rock
ies, increased 4.691.(00 bu.; Canada, Increased
I, 1,(.i bu; total, I'nlted States and Can
ada, Increased 8,872.000 bu. Afloat for and.
in Europe. Increased 4,8oO,iO bu; ' Total
American and European supply, Increased
II. 472,0(4) bu.
Corn. Lulled 8tatea and Canada, Increased
81. Ua) bu.
Outs. I'nlted States and Canada, Increased
l.& bu.
The leading Increaasa and deereaaes re
ported this week follow:
Increases Manitoba, 1.518.000 bu. t Chicago.
Crlvate elevators, 811,000 bu.; Omaha, 847,000
u.; Sioux City, 69.000 bu.; Milwaukee, pr
vale elevatois, 63 Out) bu.; Minneapolis, pri
vate elevators, 50,000 bu.
Decreases Fort Worth, 145,000 bu.; King
ston, 1b,0m bu. .
Kansas City Live stock Market.
ceipts 27,000 head. Including 2.000 southerns.
Market, steers, slow, steady to weak; cows,
slow and 10c lower; choice export and
dressed beef steers. tA.OWa'i.'M: fair to
good, $4,7615.90: weatern ateers. $3.6tKq5.S6,
stockers and feeders. J2.5oy4.7u; southern
steers, 12.904 16; southern cows, $I.Kko3.&0;
native cows, $1.94i4.26; native heifers. t2.75
j4.50; bulls. $.'.363 40; calves, t3.6X(n.7S.
HOGS Receipts 20,000 head: market 6(ft
15c lower; Up. t.65; bulk, $C.7&d6.50; huavy,
8n.5(Kit6u5; packera and butchers, $A.10f)6.t5;
Ugiit. f.75tf4i.25; pigs. 14 005.60.
SHEEP and . LAMBS Receipts 19.00i)
head; market strong and active: 1'tah
lambs, 84.5K(t6.15; ewes and yearlings. $3 SO
b4.26; western yearlings, t4fMi4 40: western
sheep, $3.60f4.!5; shockers and feeders, fl.iA)
Stock In Slabt.
Receipts of live stork at the six principal
western markets yesterday:
( at tit) Hogs Sheep
South Omaha 8.3o 4i 8.9(A)
Sioux City..
St. Joseph ..
Kansas City
St. lui ....
Chicago ....
. 2.700 2.5)
. .4jl 8.O11O
.27.KM1 2o.uu
. 8.0MO 14 0(
.11.0(0 17.IS.I0
.81.000 60. 100 67,100
8t. I.onI Live fttovis Market.
ST. IifJL'lS. Oct. 6. CATTLE Receipts,
8,000 tiead.- including !.w hesd Texans;
market sieady to hie? lower: native ship
pi ug and 1 port steers, ti rj'7 40; dressed
beef and butcher sreers, $2.75Hvl 00; steers
under l.OiiO lbs , t3.(j0j.00; stockers snd
feeders, teWpt OO: cows and heifers.' t-' 60
436.;- csnners, t2 0fl2 25: bulls. $2.7,V'n4 26,
calve, H.Qjgl Texss snd Indian steers.
t3.76(pA26; eows and heifers. tl.5oQ-4.00.
UlXi-tKecella, 14.uu0 head; market, ljg
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 8.-COTTON Futures
opened steady; October. 8ASc; December.
AIvic; January, H2rk'; March, 8.2To; May,
8 26c; July, 8. .'84.3oc.
Spot cotton cosed quiet: middling up
lands, 8.051'; middling gulf, 80c. gales.
Futures closed steady; October, t70o: Ne-:
vemtur. 8.5;c; December. 868c; January,
R.lttx;; February. t.S8c; March, .t3o; May,
8.?7c: .Tulv. 8c.
GALVBS1X5N. Tex., Oct., 8.-COTTON-Steady
at '4C.
ST. IAriS. Oct. 8.-COTTON-Dull; mid
dling. 9c; no salea; raceipls. 1,267 bales;
shipments. K.14 bales; stock. 90.014 bale.
Dead Bodies Barn..
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn, Oct.. 8. Thirty
human bodies sre believed to have been
burned laal night Im a fire which destroyed
Analomy hall of the Hrat university. The
clashes for dlseectlng purposes. Th fire,
which supposedly was caused by electric
wires resulted in a Ipss of pbout 1 1 4.000.
4th Floor, 35 Congress St. , SocTod, Km
Commisnton ord for atosks and Beads
ta oil atarhota. .; ," t , ;.
- "1 .
aad other Curb tRosko ought aad tteld.