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Uf i. t. arch In hsttl 1 1 ii r through Ih
founds end I'xik at Ilia Country Ctrru.
thl mi tli ran I and f"0 pesnuts to the
i.'Tliruit. .
Fsgies fly on Balitriis). ami John
f i tli 111 will tell Imw he did It ut at
Seattle, New winxa hav been rleteO
fcr the llitla and Ultra will be sm
mighty high soaring.
Carnival Chief Dumpsry and liia force
of forty policemen hava maintained good
older on tbe carnival grounds. Saturday
night Is usually a had night on the
grounds; I-t, Saturday . night. v.owver.
hilarious celebrator . wer pl h.l up ax
f.'t in their enthusiasm gut the liettar
i.f l heir good Judgment and they were sn
orted out of the ground Several parties
I; id to be taken oit the turnstiles, and
ih penalty will ha a close watch on them
when they return. This means there will
le l!ttle danger of an.tftne getting hurt
r anyone annoyed by rude conduct. Onrn
ll Chief Detnpscy wfll nut aland for It.
'I lia police ara ao numerous on the ground
It la practically Impossible" for a disturber
to g-t away wltll the good.
Hut this clone surveillance by the pjllce
ill not In the Imst interfere with the
vnjojiix nt or riot of fun usual at H c urni
val. It permits f un ' without any rough
ly s or unseemly conduct.
Everything Reata (annaf.
Sunday wa a quiet day of reat on the
carnival ground. The. Indiana with the
California Jack show paraded up and down
the grounds, covered with tiietr blankets,
ii nd prepared and ate a feast In the open
'uteide their tent. They spent the balance
uf I lie day Walking around town gaging
nt the wonders wrought by tha hand of the
white man.
At the 1 la! I Country Circus the animals
wre given a rest and the big alx ton ele
) linn t was allow 4 to lie down in the dust
and disport himself like n kitten. He will
not he curried until this morning.
Some of the exhibitors put the finishing
tnuc'urs on thi lr booths and prepared for a
tin week. While the restaurant did a fair
Vusinesa hy selling to the. exhibitor and
l.j'i'i employes.
ai (JsIt Tlmne lie Met Van I leas e
Latter Didn't Want to Shake
WASHINGTON, Sept. 2T.-Presldent Qoni
pera of the American Federation of Labor
tolay closed his testimony before Examiner
Harper In the labor contempt proceedings
with tha denial of a statement attributed
to Broughton Brandenburg of New York
to the effect that he ((jumpers) had at
tempted to bribe Brandenburg rather than
that ha (Brandenburg) had attempted to
bribe Gompera. Mr. Oompers also Identi
fied Mr. Brandenburg aa the nan who he
said had been charged with manufacturing
a letter from the late U rover Cleveland
xtolllng Judge Taft as a presidential can
liriate. Attorney Davenport, for the prosecution,
questioned Mr. Oompers concerning his
personal feeling toward James W. Van
Cleave of the National Association of Man
ufacturers which Mr. Oompers declared to
be devoid of malice. He had met Mr. Van
Cleave only once, and that while he spoke
to him with cordiality. Mr. Van Cleave
had appeared very reluctant to shake hands
with htm. Mr. Oompers Insisted upon giv
leg the details of his meeting In opposition
to Mr. Iavenport's protest, who pro
lonnced the proceeding as "unseemly."
"Anything within the bounds of reason
would he considered 'unseemly' by you,"
retorted Mr. Oompers shortly.
Joke Played hy Voanar Woman Lands
Towngc Mas) In Haada
of Polio.
A new stunt 1 not Interesting the po
lks, t least the carnival force. Instead
uf bodily removing some noble specimen of
the equine tribe, the "horse thief" who
was a: reiied on the carnival grounds Sat
urday night merely carried away the vie
ihle portion of a merry-go-round pony's
spinal column.
Sergeant ..Haye of the police force took
a young man to the police atatlon from
the King's highway last evening on com
plaint of the proprietor of the nierry-go-round.
who said the man had put the tall
uf a "horse'" In hi pocket and walked
II franftnlr. thfet th AM.-.c Af IVim Ipmililn I
was found In the young man's pocket, but !
l.u ' UJ a 1 1 lnrtm.lA,1A It , 1 1 I
The oung woman whom he was escorting
cleared up matters somewhat by explain
ing that she discovered the wooden beast's
tail was loose, and put It In hi pocket a
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MacIMarmld'a Case for Trial.
MARSHALLTOWN.'t.. Sept. 27. (Spe
cial. ) In' the assignment., of .'the first
criminal rase 'of thb 'term 'la tbe dis
trict i-ouTt fod,sy. the';us'agalnit Dr.
Htuart B.'MacTHarmlil and ponalj A. John
son, both-of Omaha, for-alleged infrac
tion of, the' savings ba,rik,laa were set J
for this and next week. MacDtarmld's
case ' Is; fixed to be;tn my Saturday nd j
.lohnsofi'vN-aoe la scheduled Tor Octobe
3. Both 'were arrested Snd'ttidl. ted for
their ctUweeftlsa with th failure of the
Green Mountain Having bank ' last ' Win
ter, (it whtrh MacDIarmld wM president,
snd Johuofl csshler. . '
MacDiasinld " was Indicted on four counts,
which i-Kn4rrrJury and intseonduct in
operating a. avln laak. Johnson was
Indicted on three count. Their cases'
wilt attract arid .attention here.' Both
havr beta put on- bond for several
mouth ; r ,i . k '
( ,,Hlll TO K.VT.
ill tarring- ea XU-SUtd rood.
"Pvera)?year ago 1 waa actually
starving rlt a Me girl, "yet dared
not eat for fear of consequences.
"I hd., suffered from Indlgeatlon from
overwork,' trNigulsr meal and Improper
food. untiVvgf lost my stomach became
so weak- icou)d tat Scarcely any food
without great dlstreoa.
"Many kinds of food were tried. U with
th aamo discouraging effects. I steadily
lust health and strength until I was but
a wreck f my former aelf.
"Having heard of Grape-Nuts and its
great merit. 1 purchased a package, but
with little hop that It would help me
1 was discouraged.
'I found It not only appetising but that
1 could et It aa I liked and that it satis
fied th graving for food without causing
dlitrea. and If 1 may use the expression
"it filled th bill."
"For months Grspo-Nuta wa my princi
pal arttel of diet I felt from th very
first that 1 had found th right way to
health arul happiness, and my anticipa
tions wer fully real teed.
"With Ita continued use 1 regained my
usukl hsjtn fcd atrangth. Today I am
well and caa oat anything 1 Ilka, yet
Orape-Nuts food forma a part of my bin
of far." "There a fteaaon."
Niui given by Postum Co, Battle
Cre.k. Mich., Bead "Th Bond tu Well
UU," In pkgs.
Kier reil tbe abovo loiter? A aew
une appear from time) to tint. Ttiey
are g-nutn, trie, nd full of buuiaa
Gorernment May Tnrn Over Property
of Indian School at Genoa.
ftperaletlna as la I e thai
(an Be Mania of tha Balldl
las ainal Graaada hr
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Sept. :;.(8ptclal. In thla
day of fast multiplying stale institutions
Ooernor Sheldon may have another to he
disposed of by the next Icglslatuie. In hla
message to the legislature he may include
a recommendation for the disposal of the
Oenoa Indian school, building and grounds
by the slate. In oil probability the govern
ment will turn the property over to the
atute free of charge. Then the qutstiou of
its use hy the state will come before the
legislature. The government I giving up
Its tndlsn school property throughout the
country and the only one of the kind In
Nebraska, that at Genoa, Nance county,
may be turned over to the slate without
Tho Increase In state Institutions and Stat
departments has been somewhat rapid dur
ing" the last ten years, but thus far there
appear to be room for more. What shall
he legislature do with the Genoa Indian
school property? At the last session of the
legislature there was a hill for the creation
of an Institute for dipsomaniac and epilep
tics. P itue talk of a division of the Home
for the Friendless snd the hospital for
crippled children, now maintained at t.ln-col-i.
and a new deal for the Industrial
School for Women was discussed, but no
change was made. The dipsomaniacs which
the atate has assumed control over, not
withstanding the opposition of many mem
bers' of tho legislature, are cared for only
at the LhioMln hospital for ti e Insane. It
has been argued that the epileptic patients
at all of the Insane hospitals of the elate
should he scsregated. There has been talk
of a ststo hospital for consumptive wards
of the Mate, but no action ha been taken.
The farm land and the buildings at the
government school t Genoa can be ued
to good advantage by the atate If the legis
lature will only decide what purpose the
property Is best suited for. There appear
to be plenty of Normal school property at
Peru and Kearney and plenty of room for
soldiers snd sailors at Grand Tsland and
Milford. Towa has assumed rontrol of Its
dipsomaniacs and Nebraska lias followed
this example, and if tiie plan la tT he con
tinued the Geno school property may be
made useful for this purpose. Governor
Sheldon ha received word from the general
government that If the state hae any ue
of the Genoa property It may have the same
providing congress will pass a b'U making
the donation. Governor Sheldon favors ad
dltlonnl experiment stations of the staff
farm, but Oenoa is considered to be too
far east for thla purpose.
Farmers Keek to Kade Flood.
HI'MBOLIJT, Neb.. Sept. IT. (Speclal.)
Farmers along the Nemaha valley ad
jacent to thla city have started a move
ment to straighten the channel of the Ne
maha lietween Dawson and the Pawnee
county line, following the example of their
neighbor toward the east end of the
county, who have auecesafully paseed
through the miration period and are now
letting the contract for the actual work.
The numeroua flood of the spring and
summer stimulated the sentiment here
abouts and it only needed some one to
make the start, and the promoters say they
are getting the signature from the farmers
as fast as they cn be Interviewed, no
one showing opposition. It Is a most unusual
condition, as ordinarily some have ob
jection. The valley farmer gree that the
crop losses this season would hve gone
far toward putting in the ditch.
Haaaboldt Hotel Changes.
HI'M'BOIjDT, Neb., Sept. 27. (Special.)
The Central hotel, Humboldt' second ho
tlery, today passed under the control of
Mrs. Fva J. Davison, who come from
Falls City. Both the Central and the Park
are owned by Dr. J. K Candy, who la
ualng every effort to keep both running In
grod shape. Mrs. Davison ha had many
years experience In the boarding house
West aide Location Wlas.
DAVID CITT. Neb., Sept. 27.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Tha popular vote on location
of the new gymnasium and library In
David Cty resulted In a victory for the
west side of the square. Out of 3,100 vote
cast S.T44 wer for this location.
Nebraska Mens .totes.
M'COOK The first examination of ap
plicants for carriers for the McCook pout
office waa held here today, aixteen person
appealing to take -the same. Individuals
coming trom Iowa and Colorado for the
purpose. City delivery will toe established
In this city November 15 with three carrier.
M'COOK 1'nlted State Senator Norri
Brown delivered an able and eloquent po
litical address In this city laat night be
fore a large Slid appreciative audience. It
was a brilliant and masterful effort, the
first of the campaign In this city, and waa
received with much satisfaction by re
publican, who were greatly pleased with
our Junior senator's presentation of re
publican doctrine and recital of republican
RKPl'BLICAN CITY Thl section of the
country waa visited laat night and thla
morning by a big rain.
. NKHHASKA CITT-Waiter C. Rockwell
and Mias Laura Alber of ' Avoca. wi
united in marriage today In' th German
Lutheran church in North Branch precinct,
in the presence of a Urge number of
friends. The contracting partlea are lead
era uf society In that part of th county
and well-io-do. They will lake trip couth
and return heme next month.
NFBRASKA CITV-Mary Carlon ha
filed a suit in the district court against
iter husband. Carl Carlson, charging de
Cvrlioii and nonaupport. 8h sets up . in
ner petition that ttiey were marrieu on
May 10. 1WJ, snd that the defendant re
luted to pay the marrlkg licenee fee and
kit her shortly after the marriage.
, NKBIIASKA CITY Hairy Frayer. an
employe of the Morton-Grrgaon Packing
company, had hie right leg broken, Satur
day, by the kick of a horse. A son of
lOmK'h Rue l ell last evening and broke
botl) arms.
NEBRASKA CITY-The members of Klin
Camp, No. . Woodmen of th World, held
unveiling ceremonies at Wyuka cemetery
today. Die ceremony was very Imposing
and a number of monuments were unveiled
snd seversl prominent speakers were pres
ent and delivered addresses.
NEBRASKA CITY-Thia city Is suffer
ing from an ice famine and the he men
have given notice that they will be a.ble
to supply Ice. but a short time longer, be
esuse they cannot purchase it anywhere.
They have been shipping In Ice for some
time. The crop which they harvested last
winter waa small.
NKHRA8KA CITY The Chrlatlan Scien
tist are laving a foundation for their new
church at ti e corner of Twelfth etreet and
First avenue. It will be one of the finest
church edifices in the city when completed.
HI'MBOlJT Mr. Etta CUrk. who died
st her new home in Corvallis. Ore., was
brought back to thla city for burial. In
terment being at the cemetery near Kalem.
She wa a daughter of Mr. Ann Baoon
of Nlma City, o member of one of the
pioneer families of southeastern Nebracka
and left but a few years ago for the weal
ern home. She left a husband and several
small children. Death vaine suddenlv, shs
being found dead In bed when lh family
roue for 1 1 . morning.
GIBBON Over an inch of rain fell here
yesterday afternoon snd last n'ght, break
ing the lung dry aped snd putting every
body In good spirits once more.
GIBBON The old Normal college bci I ki
ln ia a thing of the past. Tha last of (lie
ffia!i.m waa rmotd- Vri,tw
l oi l lurubvr Is Uetng d(n-'rj ut i, nyoo
desiring It. The ground la now teadv for
excavating for the. new modern awhool
building. Bhl will he opened. October ,
and work commenced as soon mm possible.
The old Presbyterian church Is alau being
torn liown and wilt he replaced by a fine
cement block church, modern In every way.
C. A. Merct-r Is making the blocks.
At the Theaters
aadellle at the Orphean.
King Ak-far-Bcn XIV. Samson, hi
chamberlain, all his subject nd those who
com to trd the King's highway, could
visit the Oipheuiu theater this week and
feel well repaid for their trouble. A special
Ak-Sar-Ben bill has been prepared for Or
pheum patrons for the week and there Is
not a poor number In it, all of the per
formers being "stars" in their lino.
Th bill opens Willi a novelty act of a
new sort. J.i k Connelly and Miss Mar
garet Wehh furnishing entertainment for
half an hour. Mr. Connelly personates
famous composer of music. Illustrates on
the piano dime novel tsle. accompanies
Mis Webb In n variety of fun, and close
by throwing all -the stsge effects in dire
confusion by the use of unseen threads.
Closely following this act, William II.
Thompson, in old favorite in Omaha, ap
pears In an act entitled ' For love's Sweet
Pake." Mr. Thompuon wa last seen in
Omaha with Anne Russell In "A lioyal
Family," anj when he made hla first ap
pearance at the Orpheum Sunday was
greeted with a round of applause. A depth
of pathos Is shown In "For Love Sweet
Sake." a play In which Thomas It. Ince Is
associated Willi Mr. Thompson.
Leon T. Roger, "the human orchestra."
furnishes another novilly act. By whist
ling or humming he imitates the music of
the 'cello, the trombone, the piccolo and a
number of other instrument. Another mu
sical number is furnihed by Alf Grant
and Kthel Iloag. Mr. Grant, however, fur
nishing more monologue than music, and
funny monologue at that
Itallen mid Hayes tire (he clog dancers
for the week and they present some new
steps and seem never to tire, their act he.
ing long. Trick bicycle riding by the
Baader-Lavelle trio makes the spectators
hold Ihclr breath while witnessing some
of their startling feats, as I also the case
wltli the Patty Frank troupe of Vienna
gymnasia, who do some rxp-rt tumbling.
ner. Conler Say Obedience to Law
Will Be 1 alversal In Heaven.
"The Coming of the Kingdom of God on
Karth" was the theme of the Sunday
morning sermon by Rev. J. XV. Conley at
the First Baptist church. "Thy kingdom
come, Thy will he done in earth os it Is
in heaven" was taken as the text of a
sermon In which Dr. Conley analyaed the
various theories of the coming of the
kingdom of God on earth.
"I fear the Lord prayer Is too often
repeated without thought of its mean
ing," said Dr. Conley. "Some think they
have outgrown the Lord s prayer, but the
real trouble with them is that they have
not grown up to It. The coming of the
kingdom ia seen by faith for It Is the
work of faith to have visions. Faith is
the evidence of things not seen. The
prophets of old were not visionary men,
but were men who had visions.
"Thy kingdom come In earth Is not a
vision of something in the future, but
something which will happen on this
erth, when the will of the Lord will be
done voluntarily on earth. We Insist th
need of the hour In America today is an
enforcement of the law. The present
campaign centers around the need of law
enforcement. Law have to be enforced,
for there are law breakers and moral de
geneates on all side. The moral laws
In heaven operate as smoothly as the
physical law, because there all Is har
mony. v
"When heaven la reached on earth there
will be universal obedience of law and
there will be no dark places of paganism.
When heaven comes to earth the swords
will then In truth be beaten Into plow-
hares. Can our great cities exist with
out slums of iniquity? Can the selfish
ness of man be ao eradicated that the
kingdom of God will be here In town, or
must w elook for an endless growth of
"We believe faith is the substance of
things hoped for and we believe It be
cause of the life of Jesus Christ and be
cause of the love and power of Ood and
the present power of the Holy Gmwt. If
we did not believe these things our live
would be those of desolation."
Her. V. T. Boas S.y. Thl. ,.
In Evident Evorr Day.
"When I was a boy I got the Impreaslon
that rllglon was a kind of artificial sen.
timent that might or might not have a
Place In a man'a life according to hla
deatre. I believed In the law of gravity
the law of the tides., the law of tho
winus, me lawa of nature; but I did not
eee any law or order la religion. 1
thought It was a sentiment. It was only
in later year that I realised that there
wa law and order and necessity In re
ligious thing really a in material
Thla was the opening sentence of an
addres by Rev. Frederick T. Rouse, D. D
at the Young Men Christian association
on 8unday pn the subject of "Love" the
love that cornea with religious teachings
and rellgloua life.
"There i one principle, one word, one
law I wish to apeak of tht will apply
to the many aides of human relationship
and that I love," said the apeaker. "Thla
I true to uch n extent that It has been
well said: 'Love is the fulfilling of the
law.1" The speaker then briefly showed
tha value of love and courteay In busl
neaa, social, domestic and public life.
"So In all departments of life we ar
finding that lov 1 th beat policy. It
ia better to have the good will of China
commercially than to have Its hate. It
would hay been cheaper to have bought
all the alavea than ,to have fought the
south. Our courta are finding that mercy
I better than Judgment. Turkey ha
found tht liberty and fraternity la bet
ter than hate, suspicion and tyranny."
Two llaadred and Klarht Horace
Stolen In Two Week I
Ml'SKOGEE. Okl.. Bept. IT.-Hors
thieve hav carried on their depredations
In all part of Oklahoma recently to an
extent not equalled since the frontier day,
according to a statement Issued here to
day by B. B. Ramsey, sheriff of Muskogee
county. Sheriff Ramsey says that within
th last two weeks he ha received reports
of 3 horses stolen In different part of
the date. "It la evident," said hs."tha
organised gang of thieve, tempted by the
prevailing lilgli price of horse, ar com
mitting th depredation, but ao far we
have been unable to run the thieve down. '
HealOv klaney filter the Impurttlaa frost
th blood, and unl they do thl. gocl
health ia Impossible. Foley' kidney cur
make ound kidney and will poaltlvely
cure all form of kidney and bladder dis
eases. It (trtnathens th whol system.
Ail druggists
. By ualng tha various department of Th
Be Want Ad Pe you get the boat re-
J suits at th least expense.
Man Charred with Murder of John
Sanderson Acquitted.
Jadae Hosteller, In DUcharglnai Jory,
Has a ftrlevona Mistake Has Been
Made Stain on White Robe
of Jostlce.
BROKEN BOW. Neb., Sept. i',. (Spe
cial Telegram.) A most unusual ond
dramatic seen took place In dlstilct
court here last night when the Jury in
the case Of .lames Carland, charged witli
the murder of John Sanderson March :'S.
brought In a verdict of acquittal after
being out thirty-six hours. Judge Hos
teller whs almost dumbfounded with sur
prise and in a voice of surpreabcd emo
tion addressed the Jury, In part, fol
lows: "Gentlemen, you arc dlscnarge.i
from the further consideration of tlili
case. Goodbye; I bellev. however, that
as Judge of this court and as a con
servator of the law It is my solemn duty
to say that I believe a ino-t grievous
mistake has been made. ' I "believe tha
evidence In this case Justified beyond a
doubt the conviction of the defendnnt of
murder Ih the first degree. I believe the
evidence of onie fifteen reputable
of Broken Bow who were eye.-witnest s
to the sceno Instead of the unccrroborar d
evidence of the defendant himself. A
the crime remains unpunished, th.? white
robe of Justice has the blood stains of a
victim upon Its folds. God pity Koclety
when trembling men refuse to do their
duty and enforce the law." Here the
Judge, overcome with indignation, com
pletely broke down. The verdict is a
startling .-ui prise to the people of Broken
(Continued from First Page.)
ltlr, In schools. In business and other
wise, to a subordinate government of the
I'nltcd tats. In whlcii, under our system,
the church must be entirely separate from
the stnte. It seemed Impossible to find any
one with sufficient authority In the Islands
to effect a proper settlement of these mat
ters and It was proposed to send an agent
cf tho government to the head of the
Roman Catholic church to secure some au
thoritative action and agency by which
the result desired could be obtained. The
president and Mr. Root were anxious to
bring this about, but they hesitated, reluc
tant to arouse any sectional feelings
against a course which seemed to recog
nize the head of the Roman Catholic church
ns one with whom we could have diplomatic
relutlons, something contrary to the
precedents In our government since Ha be
ginning. Accordingly they ' consulted the
ministers of meat of the leading Protestant
churches, explained the difficulties arising
and the necessity for the action proposed
and procured from them assurances that
they would stand by the government In tak
ing the very common sense course the
American course of dealing with the man
who had the authority to act. and I was
designated as the agent of the government.
I went to Rome and effected a general
understanding a to what wa to be done
and waa prepared when the apotollc dele
gate came to the Philippines to close with
him, after a great deal of negotiation, tho
contracts of the etthmcnt which, I do not
think it too much (TV say, brought about
a result which ws Just both to the church
and to the people of tho Islands and the
government of the United States. I venturo
to think that but for the spirit of tolerance,
both on the part Of the Protectant denomi
natlnna and the Roman Catholic church
that now prevail in this country, uch a
result could not have been obtained. It Is
due to the spirit of Christian tolerance and
it Is a condition In which we should all
'Now the Young Men's Christian as
sociation, with no denomination distinc
tion, has done much to contribute to the
spread of thl spirit of tolerance and It
Is to be commended, becaus It ha done
Good Work In Panama.
Referring to his experience on the Isth
mus of Pnam-. Mr. Tft said: "There
we hd to Introduce 35,000 people into a
trip, fifty mile long and ten mllea wide.
In a series of seventeen towns, or these
33.0UO, perhaps lo.OCO were Americana and
Ht.000 tropical negroes and Spaniard and
Greeks, a community In which vice would
be triumphant in a month unless some
thing radical was used to stop It. We or
ganised club and put In charge graduate
of Young Men' Christian association.
Four of these are very large and are doing
most excellent work on the Isthmus, and
will now have to be fcdded to by three or
four more. I have .been In them and
have seen their work; and I cannot speak
too highly of the real' good they are doing.
They are a full Justification for the ex
penditures which' thl secretary of war and
the commission have ; authorised In build
ing the bulldlnga .anA , paying the young
men . who are carylnf on thl work. In
addition to that we jay and employ a
many a ten or a don minister of var
ious denominations end furnlah them
churches, because we:ffnd that the Incul
cation of a moral, religious tone among
the people and the maintenance of higher
standard of living by . the presence of
churches and auch Younug Men's Chris
tian club aa hava been established, make
men ateadler, make them more effective
tn their work for the government, and a
a mere business proposition. Justifies th
expenditure of the money devoted to the
construction of the Canal for the purpose
of farthering and making more certain that
Jadge'a Voter Improve.
At the conclusion of his speech, Judge
Taft . held a reception, meeting, among
other, about eighty St. Paul ministers of
all denominations. Quentln Roosevelt,
the president's son, wss In the audience.
He is Just getting back from a hunting
trip In the northwest. Mr. Taft took him
In hi automobile over4 to the West hotel
In thl city. I
Mr. Taft apeech at the Fowler Metho
ilist Episcopal church Was on foreign mis
sions. Judge Taft will leave here at I o'clock
tomorrow for North Dakota. His princi
pal meeting In that atate will be at Fargo,
tomorrow night. Hi voice is considerably
nlcld Follows llenroof.
.MARPHALLTOWN, Ia.. Sept. 27. (Bn.
clal.) Frank Canders. aged ii. of Rock
Rapids. Ia., committed suicide lam night
by drinking carbolic add at hi home
five mile northeast of Rock Rapids. It
la said that the young man had been in a
poker gam In Rock Rapida and had loat
all of hla money. Hla mother unit to
town and found him In th game and
took hint home with her. reprimanding
him on th way for his misconduct. He
grew sullen and morose, and on arriving
horn he left hi mother to car for th
team and went into tips granary, whr
he drank the acid that killed him a abort
tlm later. Hla acreama of pain at
tracted tha family, but he waa dead b
fr a physician rould arrtv.
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Nebraskan Makes Further Defense of
Governor Haskell.
tiorrrnor lliighm la nrfrrrcd to as
Crltlf anil Sot a lonstrnctlre
Ptaieantan as Trust
Are Against Him.
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Sent. ZT.-Defendln;
hls knowirdge of UOvernor Haskell against
the charges which have been brought
against him, until the charge can be ex
amined in tome court where partisanship
does not bias, William Jennings Bryan,
democratic candidate for president, on his
way from Madison to thl city today gave
out fur publication hi reply to President
Roosevelt's recent letter In response to his
telegram on the subject. Mr. Bryan
speaks of the election of Mr. Haskell as
the governor of Oklahoma and says: "The
constitution wss adopted and Governor
Haskell was elected In spite of the efforts
of your administration and In spite of the
speech made in Oklahoma by Mr. Taft."
Mr. Bryan charge among other things
that the 8leel trust, "with your express
consent," purchased one of the largest
rivals and thus obtained control of more
than 60 per cent of the total output. He
asks the president If he will Insist "that
In permitting this, you showed less favor
to the monopolistic corporation than I do
In opposing It."
Mr. Brynn abruptly charges that Gov
ernor Hughes, quoted hy President Roose
velt as having - "riddled the democratic
trust remedy," was himself the bene
ficiary of the trusts and cites the cam
paign contribution to the Hughe election
fund two years ago. Among these are J. p.
Morgan, John P. Rockefeller. Andrew Car
negie and William Kelson Cromwell. Mr.
Bryan ssys that a th president quotes
Governor Hughes he takes It for granted
thst Judge Taft has not expressed himself
Satisfactorily on the trust question.
Text of Brxaa's Letter.
Tht letter of Mr. Bryan is In part as
MILWAUKEE, Sept. 26, I9r.-Hon. Theo
dore Roosevelt. President of the 1'nlted
States, Washington, U. C Dear Blr: While
I have not yet received your letter and
shall not until 1 reach home next week I
have read a copy of It In the press, and beg
lenve to submit the following reply:
Mr. Haskell, having voluntarily resigned
from the committee that he might bo mora
free to" prosecute those who have brought
charge against him. I, need not discuss the
question of his guilt or innocence further
thn to sy that the public service he has
rendered snd the vote of confidence he has
received from the people of his state ought
to protect him from condemnation until th
charge can be examined In some court
where partisanship does not bias and where
campaign exigencies do not compel pre
judgment. I would not deem It necessary to
address you further, but for the fact that
vou selxe upon the charges and attempt to
make political capital out of them. Tou
even charge that my connection with Mr.
Haskell's selection s member of the
resolutions committee and aa treasurer of
the commute raises a Question as to my
sincerity a an opponent of trusts and
monopolies. As in individual bnd as the
candidate of my party. I resent the charge
and renel th Insinuation. I have been In
nubile l'fe for eighteen years and I have
been sufficiently conspicuous to make my
conduct a matter of public Interest. I have
psssed through ' wo political campaigns In
which party feeling rsn high and eDithet
wa exchanged. I hav no hesitstlon In
saylna that vou cannot find sn act. a word
or a hoiisht of mine to Justify your psrtl
pmr rhsrae.
I hsd never been Informed of any charge
that had been made against Mr. Haskell
connecting him with the standard Oil cora-
fiany or with any other trut. I hsd known
1 1 m' as a leader In the constitutional con
vention of Oklahoma hnd had known him
as one of tha men principally responsible
for that excellent const Union since adapted
by a majority of over lOO.ofiO. 70.000 of which
wits furnished by the republicans. I hsd
known of his election to the governshlp of
that great young state by a majority of
some ),000. I had known that the constitu
tion wa adopted and that Oavernor Haskell
wa elected In spite of th effort of your
administration. In spite of the pcha
tnd In Oklahoma by Mr. Taft.
Kaiaw Xotklaax of Salt.
I could hav no knowledge of th suit
to which you refer when he was appointed
chairman of th resolutions commute of
th democratic national convention, be
cause the suit was begun while he wa
at Denver and a a matter of fact I did
not know anything of the nature of the
suit until after he wa made treasurer of
the national committee.
You present an Indictment against our
platform declaration on the trust qu.-etlon,
but you do not refer to all th planks and
do not deal Justly witli two, to which you
do refer. Our piatfurm declares In favor of
the vigoroua enforcement of the criminal
law against "guilty trust magnates snd of
ficials." Your platform does not contain
any auch demand. Will you say that your
platform la betier than ours In that re
spect? Our platform demands that corpora
tions beyond a certain sis be coniielled
to sell at th same price in all parts of
th oountry, due allowance being made for
th cost of transportation. Will you deny
that this I In the interest of th consumer
and 1n the Interest of the smaller competi
tors? W present a plan under which no
corporation will be permitted to control
more thau half of the total product. It
haa been stated that the Hteel company,
with your express consent, purchased one
of Its largest rival and obtained control
of mora than 6v per rent of tha total out-
fut. Will you insisct that in permitting
hi, yon howed less fsvor to th monopo
listic corporations than i do In opposing
ays Traats Ar Atpaiasl Hla.
Tou aay: "Let ua rpt that no law-ds-fylcg
corporation haa any other reason to
fear from you eave what It will Buffer in
th roral pralyis of business, etc."
Referring to the last part of tha seutenc
first. I might queatlnn your ability to act
aa an expert on panic preventative, sine
you nsw Lav on ua your hauls, but aa u
your charge that do law -defying corpora
tion ha reason to fear the direct effect of
the anti-trust remedies which I favor, per
mit m to auggest that your testimony on
this subject is not conclusive. Tou ar a
witness, to be sure, but your interest In
the result of the election must b taken
Into consideration in weighing your testi
mony. There is better evidence. The trust
tnsgnstes know their own interests and
they are supporting Judge Taft. Not one
of the trust magnates helped to secure my
nomination, while it Is a matter of "com
mon notoriety ' that they ivere. conspicuous
In the republican convention and it is
equally a mutter of "common notoriety"
thst they are supporting your party In this
csmpaign. If you will name a single of
ficial connected with "a lw-dcfylng cor
porsiloii," mnnnpnly or trust, wha has de
clared or will declare" that he Is supporting
me. I will publicly warn hltn that 1 will en.
force Hgalnst him tbe present criminal
law and will enwirco against i:m also the
laws demanded In the democratic plstform
as soon ns these laws can be enacted.
-Moral lollft of a(loa.
In conclusion you say you ask support for
Mr. Taft "because he stands for the moral
uplift of the nation, because hla deeds have
made good his words and because the poli
cies to which he ts committed are of tm
measureable consequence alike to the honor
id the Interests of tin whole American
I dare tn compare my efforts for the
moral uplift of the nation with his. my
deeds with his deeds and the policies to
which I am commit led with the policies
which he Is committed and more than that
1 msy sssume that he will follow In your
footsteps, I dare to compare my Ideal of the
presidenccy with his. I do not regard It as
proper for the president to use his prestige
his Influence or his patronage to aid one
member of his party as against another
who aspire to office and I regard it as it
violation of the obligation that the presi
dent owe to the" whole people to use an
office that belongs to the whole people as a
party asset fur thp advancement of a per
sonal friend and a political protege. Be
lieving that the president should not he
tempted to use that power for his own ad
vantageand It is equally repugant to the
spirit nt our Institutions that he should use
it for any one else's advantage 1 tried to
secure an amendment to the constitution
limiting the president to a single term and
I have announced In three campaigns that
If elected I would not be a candidate for
renominstlon. I believe that the occupant
of so high an office, with such enormous
power at hi commsnd should le absolutely
frre to' devote himself unselfishly to his
country's welfare and I am sanguine
enough to believe that if entrusted with
power I would be able to make my admin
istration SJ successful that the members of
my , party could, without intereference from
rue select the one most worthy to carry on
the work "begun by me-so successful tha'
the administration would speak for Itself
and that It would not be necessary for me
to defend It hi bulletin or pronunclamentos.
I think I could In this wsy give to the
members of the opposite party, as well a
to the members of my own party a "square
deal." Very truly yours,
Three Honored Thoasand rersoas
l'rotest Against Passage of
Licensing Bill.
I)N1XN. Sept. 27.-Of the gret demon
atrationa held In Hyde Fark in recent years,
that of today, to protest against the licens
ing bill, was by far the largest, but It
lacked the enthusiasm which was mani
fested at the other gatherings, particu
larly that of the suffragettes.
Th crowd today wa estimated at 300,000,
filling the open space, which stretched
from Hyde Park corner to the marble
arch. They came to thla section In four
teen processions and In counties small
groups, from all the nearby counties and
all parts of the rnetroplls. Close to 200
special trains brought in those from the
outside districts, who numbered fully
60,000, and who joined In the various pro
cessions, which ware accompanied by 100
Ninety speakers declaimed against the
bill at different central points for an hour
or more, and at a bugle call a resolution
condemning the bill was proposed arttl car
ried with a great outburst of cheering.
Nebraska Power Promoters File
Articles of Incorporation la
A certificate of Incorporation was
granted to the Nebraska Power company
by the atate of Delaware, Saturday. The
capitalisation of the company Is fixed
at 112,000.000. The purpose ate to con
struct, acquire, own and operate hydro,
electric power plants, together with every
thing whatsoever pertaining there to. Tha
Incorporators of the company are H. B.
Babcock. Columbus, Neb.; W. J. Mc
Kachron, Omaha; and Harry W. Davis.
Wilmington. Del. Tha Corporation Trust
company of America I named aa th
agent in charge of the principal office of
the company In Delaware.
Marsballtowo Bowling; Association.
MAR8HA1.LTOWN. la., Sept. 27. (Spe
cial.) The second annual aeason of the
Marshalltown Howling association will
open on October 1. Either eight or ten
teams will make up th aaaoclatlon,
which haa elected th following officers:
President, t'harlea Ullck; vie president.
Dr. C. A. Colllson: aecretary and treas
urer, J. F. Tailett. The schedule of
gamea will be Issued In a day or two.
Country Club
Tkrae !
Kicasr I
""ataa. . CollOfS 2-25c
Rstaia Their Stylo i
Boccos fully Combat Laundry Strain
At Best furnisher
Senator Burkett Drawing Good
Crowds in First District.
rolnts Oot Part Taft Ho Had In
Work of ItnoseTelt Administra
tion ana III Fitness to
Contlnaa It.
TECL'MSEH, " Nb Sept. r.-(SpeclA
Telegram.) A large crowd greeted United
States Senator Burkett here Saturday
notwithstanding the rainstorm. Th ena
tor spoke on both national and atate Issues
and paid glowing tribute to Judge Taft and
Governor Sheldon. In speaking of what
might seem an apathetic condition In poli
tic he aald It waa more Imaginary than
real. Senator Burkett discussed at sormi
length tho new legislation that congress has
enacted and the great work of President
Roosevelt and th Important part that Sec
retary Taft ha played In it all. ' Ie said
that the fundamental Idea of thla pro
gressive legislation had been thoroughly es
tablished by President Roosevelt, but that
It needed th5 hand of Secretary Taft to
tarry' it to successful and effective ends.
The speaker was loudly and frequently ap
plauded and his address elicited many com
pliments. Taft t'lob at Beatrice Meet.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Sept. 37.-(Specil.)
A meeting of the Taft club was held last
evening. W. H. Kllpatrick tendered his
resignation a president for th reason that
he is away from tha city a good share of
the time, but the club would not accept hla
resignation. Upon motion of Fulton Jack
three new vice president wer elected to
assist the president at the meeting.' They
are 8. C. Smith, Fulton Jack and t. S.
The officer and the executive oommJttee
of the Taft club will meet Monday at 10
o'clock, when arrangement will be made
for the meeting of Judge Tft, who will r
rlve In Beatrice at :!) Thursday morning.
It I planned to erect a platform near the
Burlington depot and to decorate the city
with national color in honor of the distin
guished visitor. An effort will be made to
have tho factories, business houses ami
achools dose during the brief tay of the
presidential party In order that all may be
able to hear the speaker.
By using th various departmenta of Th-.-Bee
Want Ad Pagas you get the beat re
sult at th least expense.
Battleships In Wireless Commoalca
tloa with 7.amhonasa Monday . '
MANILA, Sept. 88. The Zaboanga wire
less ststlon was in touch with the At
lantic battleship fleet at t o'clock (Mon
day) morning. The location of the fleet
waa not revealed.
APIA. Samoa. 8ept. 21. Via Auckland,
New Zealand, Sept. 27. Several vesaela of
the American Pacific fleet. Including the
crulaer Tennessee, the flagship oC the ec
and division, In command of Rear Admiral
Sebree and the Washington, the Whipple
and the Hopkins, have arrived here, tho
residents of Apia giving the Americana a
hearty greeting. i
I.Jf glass
upon aruinjj
in tbe morning
and enjoy good
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T. Kog. Jack Connelly. aa4 Margaret
Webb, and Kinndrome.
rmicxa los, uc, to.