Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 27, 1908, EDITORIAL SECTION, Image 9

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    unday Bee
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Best tl". West
PACES 1 TO 11.
" i
Ak-Sar-Ben, Festival of the Golden West
The - Omaha
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- m M7 . . 11 TV - 1, Abf .Ala. ft . TsV -'
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To thousands of strangers within our gate; to the thousand more who are to come; greetings. The big IWnnett Store wants you aa it gueMa. We want to meet you
and to extrnd the hand of welcome. . Want you to know this store aa Omahans know It, aa thousands throughout the great middle went hart- learned to know It,
Mere are 56 complete stores under one roof selling everything you wear, eat, use In your home or In your business and at lowest prices in the entire western country. As
a tribute to the thousands of visitors In the city we announce week of tremendous bargains in every section, beginning Monday. Fall and winter merchandise of quality was
never known to be offered at more reasonable prices. We want yon to go home carrying with you pleaaant memories of the IWnnett store, and feeling that they have done yon
good. That you can say aa did king Ak-Sar-Ben and his followers in days of old in search of a new realm, when they discovered this vast rolling plain and set up tlteir kingdom.
"This Is indeed the land of gold, why should we Journey further."
Dress Goods and Silks
From the leading looms of American and
Europe. New weaves and new shades
Greatest assemblage of fashionable fall fabrics, a comprehensive
variety, surpassing even our own former triumphs. Bennett's
prices, always a source of wonderment to Omahans, are again
creating much favorable comment. Visitors in the city will find
it to their advantage to shop here. Monday we show unlimited
variety of new dress materials
at...... ,
f2.50 BROADCLOTHS SI. 4ft Fine
chiffon . finish, 60 pieces, every new
color. These- are- Mill lengths with
slight Imperfections scarcely notice
able. For this reason alone we can
offer $2.50 goods, at
. .yard........,,
bought a New York tailor's stock of
Men's suitings; 200 patterns, choice,
all, wool stripes and mixtures; 66
Inches wide; all worth $2.25 and
$2.50 a yard. O
our price UUw
Mill Ends Broadcloths Mills accumulate short lengths; these we
buy often times less than half. This lot of lengths run 3Ju to 10
yards and come in every good .shade. Quality same as flCll
bells at $2.50, at, yard .1 .0.C .
Monday's Great Silk Sales
Do not go home without a visit, to our silk counters. Always some extra
ordinary bargains every day.
Monday you can buy a handsome 27-inch chiffon black Taffeta, rich and
lustrous in finish; colored edge; best $1.00 value on any couHterj f
" Our' Price .-..U.C
a-lnch BLACK TAFFKTA Want you FANCY SILKS Two special lots on
to compare, this with, any $1.60 taf- sale Monday; Included are light and
feta In town. Our regular price Is dark styles for fall dresses, waists
$1.39, Monday and for Ak-Sar-Ben and jumpers; checks and . stripes
.w.eek buy It for a full third under mostly, and worth. In regular way
value; fine for suits, , IC ta to 11.00, -
, . walgta,' pet,Uooats,; y.urd if J C at, yard 6JC'JC
I - -- . .. v iiTAZ- i
IN -i ?17' t
IJ S arm
New Tailored Suits in a Great Sale Monday
Positively Greatest Suit Values Known .
to Omaha Retailing are Offered
Carnival week bargains are specially prepared to make a record
breaking business and to spread the name and fame of Bennett's as the
best trading place in the great middle west. Out-of-town people, this is
an opportunity of momentous importance to you! Home folks will find
it equally to their interests. . .
Every Suit a Marvel of Tailored Elegance
The styles reveal more pleasing effects than you'll see in a whole
day's shopping about town. The new directoire influence is ever pres
ent. The beautiful slashed and scalloped coats, the refined empire modes,
the smart clinging skirts are characteristics that stamp them as distinct
ly high class. The materials are broadcloths and novelty weaves. All
priced as one seldom sees them, and representing savings of from $5.00
to $15.00 on every suit.
50 $
00 $
50 S
Evening Gowns for the Ak-Sar-Ben
Ball A display notable for its
beautiful and practical styles,
daintiest of ribbon, silk inessaline
and lace costumes, wonderfully
wraught by cleverest designs in all
delicate pastel and street $ A A
shades, $19.50 upward to. . .UU
Extraordinary Sale' 54-inch Black
Coats New 54-inch fitted black
broadcloth coats of superior qual
ity; lined throughout with satin.
Made with velvet collar and tail
ored in high class style. Destinct
ly a $25.00 value, 15
Hosiery and Gloves
'Appropriate for the Oornation and Cinderella Balls.
Women's Geneva 611k Hom, double
' soles, - pair 60a
Women's Black, all silk. Hose, per
pair 91.60 and 2.00
Women's Colored Silk Hose, all
shades, per pair $8.00
Women's Hand Embroidered Bilk
Hone, per pair. .. .$2.60 to $6.00
Children's pink, blue, white, and
rid Stockings, all alaos, pair A Bo
Gloves i
12-button Real Kid Glove, all
shades, pair 93.86
16-hutton. Real Kid Gloves, all
shades, per pair $3.76
11-button, English Tan Capo
Gloves, per pair $3.00
It-button, English Tan Cape
Gloves, per pair $3.60
Flexible Cuff Gauntlets, pair $1.75
Short Gloves, to match anv gown,
per pair $1.00, $1.85, $1.60, $3.00
Monday - Great Sale Cotton Comforters
- One thousand comforters in" a -gigantic sale Monday. The-immense lot the entire
surplus of a prominent manufactures who was clearing up' his stock was purchased at a
third less than market values.
Every one of these comforters Is filled with the purest, whitest of cotton, and almost as light and fluffy aa
down. The coverings are of floral Bllkolines or sateens on both sides and are hand-knotted with. yarn. Not
a single cheap shoddy filled comforter In the entire lot. The seasonableness of this offer coupled with" these
extraordinary low prices makes this the most Important sale ever announced in this city. Every one of these
prices represents a saving of a full third to you
98c, 1.19, 1.69, 2.19, 2.89
COTTON BLANKETS Monday we offer two notable
. specials that! ought to Interest every woman who
reads this. .Better blanket values are unknown:
Extra large and heavy blankets, worlh $1.89. at 89
Large $1.69 quality blankets, Monday for . . . .$1,19
UNBLEACHED SHEETING As a Monday flyer we
put on sale a big lot unbleached sheeting at a sensa
tional price; comes 214, 2 Vs. 2 yards wide and
worth to 35c a yard; our special price 17Vi
Best 25c Art Ticking and Denims, new patterns, at,
yard lVa
Evening Ties arid Pumps
For the Coronation Ball
We believe our showing of dainty satin and kid even
ing footwear lb the most complete in town. Special
preparations and good assortments made for the
Ak-Sar-Ben Ball. Satin pumps In white, . ff
light blue, pink, red, etc., In all sizes, III 1
in each shade e W
Dainty Sailor Ties of kid or calfskin In pink, light
blue, white and lavender; also brown and black
suedes, In all sizes.... $4 and $5
Patent Leather Pumps, beaded kid
and patent leather Theo Ties with
Cuban or French neels, per
pair . $3.00
Patent leather and kid three
strap French heel slip
pers; band turned
soles; all sizes, pair
t $2.50
Yery tow prloes on tabu damasks, napkins, towels aaA
72-lnch bleached, all linen, double satin damask, worth
$1.75, Monday, yard $1.25
22-Inch napkins, worth $3.75, to match, dozen. $3.00
72-lnch stiver bleached, double satin damask, worth
$1.50. Monday, yard $1.15
22-inch napkins, worth $3.75, to match, dos.$2.00
70-Inch bleached all linen damask, worth $1.26, (uo
napkins), at, yard 98
22 Inch bleached, all linen dinner napkins, our $3.25
quality, Monday $2.25
Roller TowvttBft -All linen, 18-lnch, red border, regu
lar 12Vsc quality, yard 104?
limit Towels Heavy quality, size 20x40, our usual
22 hk c kinds, at, each V7t
Curtains and Rugs
Oar Annual October Bala la Soma rurnUhlnfs la al
ways fall of avlnf possibilities. W start th sals 'Mon
day foe the bam of oar visitors from a distance. Beet
bargains of tbe year are ready I
500 pairs Irish Point, Cable Net. and Nottingham Cur
tains; 25 new fall patterns, all big $3.00 values, at,
P- $l.GO
Extra fine two tone Nottinghams newest novelties.
Ideal curtains for living rooms; values to $4.00, at,
Iilr $2.80
Irish Point Curtains In beautiful parlor effects, made
on extra French Nets; every pair $5.00 quality. Mon
day $3.39
0H SAMPLE KI GS OS SALE No mismatched rugs,
but absolutely desirable, bought very cheap and now
on sale at a full third under value..
Brussels Rugs, room sizes, floral and Oriental pat
terns, strictly all wool pile.
$12.59 Rugs, 9x11 tl MouJay. . . .g 89
$18.00 Rugs, 9x12 fiet, Monday . .$ll89
Ajunlneter Bnfs, rich parlor designs, ev.ry rug new and
absolutely lift. M0 tu ) 300.1 valurs, full xlj feet; over
a humlrl: choice
Body Brussels Kara, alxe ft. most serviceable floor
cuverluas iuuhrv can buy. Persian and Medallion de
signs: like u.uelity always retails at I2.0. Monday
at. each fl
Corsets at Half
Our big three days' sale last week of our
great purchase $2.50 corsets was the suc
cess of our history in corset selling. Finest
corsets ever sold at the price brought the
crowds. We still have enough for another
big day's business. '
Absolutely new style models of fine
batiste, extreme long hip and high
bust, trimmed with Bonnaz embroid
ery, two pairs hose support- i 2
ers, best $2.50 corsets made; j!
Monday again at
Silk Brocade Corsets in the new direc
toire models for the coronation ball.
at $3.50 upward to $8.00
The freatest book store la the west, l'hese late books
are tne bit sellers ox ue -rear.
The Man From Brodney'a
The Uttle Brown Jug at KUdartl
1 lie h iring Ulne.
Holy Orders
A Uttle Brother of the Rich..
The Lure of the Mahk
The Voyage of Honna Ipahel...
The Testln Diana Mallory..
All 1.60 Editions for
Many other new publications are in. These are all fey
wiu Hon auuiors.
Bennett's Big Grocery
Greatest Grocery Went of Chicago. Visit It.
We ship goods everywhere. LoweMt prices in
America on goods of quality.
S20 Sewing Machine 13 69
"Bennett's Special" With 10-Year Guarantee.
Greatest sewing machine value
ever offered, case is of fine white
oak latest drop-head model
fitted with full set nickel steel at
tachments, full instructions with
each machine. Monday this $20
model at lowest price
good machines were
ever sold for
China Cut Glass
Monday's great bargains. Finest stocks of China
and Cut Glass In Omaha. See display. Second Floor.
Fancy shaped Cups and Saucers, regular 25c to 30c values
plaln-whlte China, for oo
worth 40c to Mbc,
Fancy Shaped Sugars and Creamers,
plain white China, at, pair
Fancy Shaped Plates, I, S or 7-Inch rim or coupe shapes
and cake plates; plain white China; 6Uc values, tor. .MM
""TTHP fl S CQ Slx Grtt
LU1 VxLxTlOO Bargains..
rarls Cut, all perfect entttng, brilliant finish, high class
Deep cut, 1-Inch bowls, full slse, worth $8.60, for.... 94-75
6-inch Handled Bon Bona or Nappies, $3.60 values . .98.83
Large Sugars and Creamers, fancy handles, $9.60 values 95
8-lnch flat shape Nappies, 16.00 values, for i.a5
Footed Compotes, 6Vi-!nches high, $8.00 value, for ....95.00
Footed Comforters, 7-lnches high, $10.00 values for ..97-00
JABDUnXBEg New line, handsome burnt wood efforts,
Juki unneii, at .....76c np to 95-00
Bennett's Golden Coffee, lb. ao and
Teas, assorted, per pound . .3e and
Tea Sittings, per pound . ..16o and
Bennett's Capitol Coooa. can Ha nd
Queen Olives, large; pint ..BOo and
Franco-American Soups, qt. 86o and
Cooking Raisins, large slse, lb
C'rackeia, assorted, pkg lOo end
Batavla Glues Htarch. S ll. S3o and
llonheur Sardines, large can tn simI
Dr. Price's Breakfast Food. I
packages fur 95o and
Japan Kloe, I pounds for . ...14o and
Best We Have Pineapple,
large cr.n far COc- atd
Bennetts Capitol Pancake
Flour, for
Worcester Sauce . ...100 I 2ia Orape
Bennett's Capitol Baking
Powder, per pound I4o aad
Oyster Shells lor Chickens, per pound
Chicken Feed, per pound
80 stamps
30 sUunps
10 stamps
BO stamps
10 stamps
40 stsjngs
10 stamps
10 stamps
9 stamps
SO stamps
10 stamps
10 stamps
Ho sad 10 stem;
J ulce 150
90 stamps
100 S. & H. Green
Stamps with . ach
Ton Sold . . . .
at any price the last three days of September,
Our low summer prices are still in force
but will surely advance soon. Buy durin,;
this sale, save the difference and get the
extra stamps. Cold weather is just around
the corner. Prepare now.
100 Green Trading Stamps
with Each Ton Sold . . .
Peninsular Steel Ranges
Are made of finest polished char
coal steel which prevents warp
ing. Three bottoms below oven
. and all fitted with
to burn any kind
Monday the Fleet
Peninsular ttangt
Sale Galvanized Tubs
Ith duplex gratoa &
, . .380
Uslvanlztd 6So Wash Tubs,
day, at
Galvanized 79c Wash Tubs,
day, at
Oalvanjaed 88c Wash Tuba, Mon
day, at 5SO
Wash Boilers, all prices. 560 np
And 40 Green Stamps.
t'nlversul Food Choppers, Mc, 91.08, 91-38 -and iV Stamps
6-6-4 Stove Luster, can 95o and ao. (Stamps
Stove Pipe, extra quality. Joint ...... 19o and 10 I tamps
Suit Hangers, will hold a full suit, Mon
day t for 8So and 20 SU.nips
iIZ2 . y