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    r?IK n AHA D.MIjY HKK: TUESDAY. .ItTXK ."0. ll'OS,
Kara Koot Mnl It.
Tbomti W. Slaokbnra tor conire.
Ask your froc for. Alamlto buifr.
Kndolph T. wooa, Acoountant-Audlt'T.
Bowman, 17 N. 1. DourlM "' s 50
Fa Krorta for Quality clgara. li 8. Ulh-
Blnahart, photographer, lith A Karnaro
Sqnltaate Ufa, Paul Morton. r resident,
rollcles sight drafts at maturity. H. D.
Neel,' manag. Omthi.
EniTMt-Oruidii Co., now In -ie quar.
ten, U Howard. Uas, electric natures
and wiring.
The Omah" Iuhd of Frees Clipping a,
stahlhed many year, haa frown to bo
the Urgent and moiit complfta In the Went.
Thousands of papers read for ltms. Good
mrviua gaarantefd. Nnte address, 2-;a:-ZM
He Tlldg.
H. T. Clarke Will Praaant Utm Flank
Hinrj. X Clarke will " to Denver on the
Jack train and endeavor to get the demo
rrst to Incorporate In their platform a
plank approving of making the Missouri
rlvr a, navigable stream.
Colored. T to fit at Bannlnftos The
Omaha Glee club, a colored organization,
liave an exruralon and picnic at Benning
ton Monday. Five special coachea on the
Northweatrrn took 360 porsons to Bennlng
ti,n. Jack Bloomfleld was master of cere
niniile. .' ..
Bit Oiaz the Head with a Broom Upon
-oniplalht of Anna Dauternean. 3MS North
Twtnty.rlghth avenue, who aaserted that
he was struck over the head with a broom
n the, hands of Mary Greene, 2077 Blnney
tref.-t, a warrant waa Issued In police court
t onday! charging the latter with assault
tixl battery.
Home Wanted for Boy Juvenile court
( flclala., following their custom of plac
ing boyt on farms wherever possible, are
looking for a home Tor a 16-year-old youth,
vho wants to get, away from the city. The
vy Is In charge of Hev. Frank 1 Love
und of the 1ret Methodist church, who
s trying to get a place for him.
Second Trip to Industrial School Edgar
ISlassman will have to return for the sec
ond time to the Industrial school at
Kearney under orders of Judge Estelle of
'.ho Juvenile court. Ulassman was recently
released from the school. He was brought
before the court again Monday on the
charge of taking a pocket book and $64
from Mrs. John Livingstone.
Old John Keith ta Married John Keith
f Sunderland, Neb., a heavy real estate
i ner In Omaha and a, bachelor of many
'.ars standing, has written from Portland
ii Herman B. Peter of the Merchants
lotol that he has married and Is taking In
til the sights of the Pacific northwest,
rl" writes that he and Mrs. Keith will pro-;i-eil
liesurely to Loa Angeles, where they
till build a winter home.
H. B. Peters Become a Chauffeur Her
mnn H. Peters, proprietor of the Merchants
hotel, received his large Thomas flyer Mon
day. This car is a duplicate of the Amer-
f Uan car In the New York-to-Paris road
race, six cylinders wun seveniy-norse
power. It Is a beautiful napier green and
cost 10. 500. Mr. Peters has had the car
rigged with all the latest devices for pleas
urable touring,'- Including patent wheels
with demountable tires and an extra aide
icat for the mechanician.
Suit to Recover Money Wasted C. C.
Louden, who spent M.OfO of the fU.OnO In
heritance he received a few month ago
in riotous living, haa been placed umior
the guardlanuhip of his brother, Robert
11. Louden, by Courty Judge Leslie. Suit
has already been started to get back about
KVkxi of the money, which Louden gave
in Mrs. Lula Mitchell and an effort will
he made to secure some of the rest.
Louden consented to the appointment of
.ha VuaiMMw,--' " -
Mo Damages for Fall Louis Sandusky
m employe of the Omaha Packing com
ai y, who wns Injured by a fall down a
.'light of key stairs at the hog casing
house of the Omaha plant failed to recover
dan-age from the company in district
court. The. Jury returned a verdict for the
Jefendant in his suit for "1,9ji5. Sandusky
averted the company was negligent In not
having a. railing to guard the stairway,
In falling to provide a proper light and In
allowing the snow and Ice to accumulate.
Judgment Ordered Reduced $3,000 A
mandate haa hern nielved from the t'nlted
Htato circuit court of appeals reducing
the Judgment awarded to Robert Gray, as
plaintiff, against the Northwestern Na
tional Insurance company from P.l.r)7 and
costs to 11,057 and coals. Suit was brought
In tho t'nlted States circuit court for the
Nebraska district for amount due on a
i policy and in April. 19u7, Judgment was
awarded the plaintiffs . in the Sum of
13,157, The cuse waa appealed and the
namlate reducing the amount of Judgment
la the result. Tho plaintiffs live at
Columbus, Neh.
Storm Doss Mot Affect Hirer The Mis
souri is slowly full. ni; and Stood Monday
morning ut u 'r of l.-.ii feet, a fall of
three-tenths of a fool since Sunday morn,
ng. A (all of fuur-u nth of a foot Is re
lorted from Blair bridge and a fall of one
.'cot at Sioux '".!... t-'I'RIit rises are re
ported at Flatisiuooili and Kansas City.
1'iie storm ( f Sal; i day evening had no
tierccptlbi effect on IV- river at Omaha.
Hie amount of ramf.i'1 during the storm
wsb 1.S4 Inches. The minimum wind veloc
ity during the stumi vh forty-two miles
am! the maximum fifty ir.t n r hour at
T:J0 that evening.
Suos r:n who Bold Eer the Lets
(".aim in. tin property in ll.inso in place
s! t i a trtrte for h r fjr .1 In Merrick
c .U!''' " ii nt up to representations,
M . :.i M. Prcshi r of Portland,
.'H ' j- ' .";un ault in district court
anal. i i "'s .i 3;. 1'ecker and Thoni
Piet" n:i ! r $if'03i damages. Miss
I':f.slu'i tvk tlu lot waa represented by
Becker to lie worth $Uirt and tiiat it had
Ven leased fr 1S f'T t' When she
Uiok It nho deeded Becker her farm and
fave him a mortgage for (1,700 on the lot.
tn return lor this she got the lot subject
to piortgage for tl.ThO and 3,7M and $.39.1!
Tl cash.
Women Warn th Frlsat Four queer-
How to Get Wei!
for 50 cents in a Month
Thli is th troublo with dIdo people, in
tea who don't (eel well:
The liver Is torpid because ot abuse.
Because of wrong food and too little
Tb bowel bar frown Inactive. The
waste of the system loads the blood
with imparities.
Thea one takes harsh physic salts sad
. pills la trying to correct the wrong.
Thus th stomach and bowels become
tnfiamed. The whole digestive iys
. ten Is upset.
All these remits end quickly by th
use of Csscarets.
One candy tablet, once or twice a day.
Ia a month, or less, on knows what
it is to be well.
Caacarets aid digestion. Harsh physic
' destroys It.
lonking snd mysterious sirang.rf. wlii con
formed to no part of the s. rvh e at Pt
Johns Catholic church Sunday. rued
much excitement end Father Broncaees'
wsa warned of their presence by several
women worshipper who' feared the strang
er were anarchist and. remembering the
Denver assassination, took occasion to
mention the action of the visitors to the
priest. The four men attended the
11 o'clock mas at St. John s. One of them
had the appearance of an Intelligent for
eigner from one of the southern countries
The other three showed plainly that they
had not attended many devotions In tho
Catholto church.
Mature Study Claa Tuesday rmf. F. D.
Barker of the Vnlverslty of Nebraska will
arrive In Omaha Tueeday morning to open
hi class In nature study at the Young
Men Chrls-tlan association. The class will
be part of the Junior department work and
will take up bugs, birds, plants and rorks.
This Is the first attempt to Include this
class of work with the Young Men's Chris
tian association, and Secretary Wade Is
most enthusiastic over the interest the boys
are taking. The plan Is to study Indoors
In the forenoon and to take a trip Into the
fields each afternoon. Friday evening a
icreontlron lecture will be given to the
men, and 8aturday afternoons the young
men of the association will bo Invited to
Join In the excursion. The work will,
continued for four weeks.
beta Contract for F.rectln; Four
BallillnKa for the RnUton
R. N. Towl, 432 Bee building, has been
awarded the contracts for the erection of
four buildings for the Howard Stove works
at Ralston.
Mr. Towl will do the excavating for the
factory, but will sublet other work, such as
brick and stone and all wood work. He
has called for bids for this work and plan
and specifications may be seen at his office
In the Bee building.
President L. Howard will remain In the
city until the sub contracts are let by Mr.
Through the Commercial club the Ralston
Townslte company will take up at once the
matter of rates for Ralston, Including the
switching charges. The townslte Is on the
Missouri Pacific and the Burlington lines,
but there are switching charges which
work to some disadvantage, but which the
railroad will probably adjust In a satis
factory manner when the necessity for
them I presented by the transportation
committee of the Commercial club.
The Howard Stove company will secure
raw material In both Birmingham and
Pittsburg and the Omaha rate will doubt
lea be made from both point to Ralston.
The townslte company Is advertising a
Fourth of July celebration and formal
opening, and by way of entertainment has
engaged Green' band and will give a free
barbecue to visitors.
Catches Vt with (Jrrnun Once and ta
Close on Ita Heels
Dispatches from Irkutsk. Siberia, the lat
ter part of last week, announced that the
American Thomas car had nearly caught
the German Froto at that point. In fact,
the American did catch the leader on the
eastern shore of Lake Baikal, but had only
four minute to load the American car on
the freight train which wn to carry the
Germans to the steamer on which they
crossed Lake Baikal, and they had to stand
and see the train pull out with the Ger
mans aboard, leaving them behind.
Lieutenant Koeppen promised to await
the arrival of the Americans at Irkutsk,
but when they arrived there they found he
had been gone for two hours. The Thomas
people were then compelled to wait seven
hours for gasolene and thl gave the Ger
man a start of about nine hours.
The run to Paris from Irkutsk was made
by the Itala car In the Peking to Pari
race In forty days' actual running, at an
average speed of 175 miles a day. The road
condition are generally good. Jf the same
speed Is maintained by the New York to
Par s racers it is expected they will arrive
In the French capital before August 1.
Only Bine-Faced Baboon.
The Carl Hagenbeck and Great Wallace
shows combined, which exhibit at Omaha
Thursday. July 2, (performance afternoon
and evening), have the only great blue
faced, rlbbed-noed baboon In captivity.
He l, a giant In size and possessed of
strength of many men. He represents a
grotesque appearance, with his mixture
of fantlstio embellishments and repulsive
ferocity as he grins at the startled thous
andsa degenerate man or a redeemed
bru'e, which It he?
He is at once a wonder and a mystery.
The colors of the rainbow are emblaxoned
on the creature' form, but always In the
very spots where o:ie would least expect
to see them.
The general color of tho fur is an olive
brown tint, fading into gray on the under
side of his limbs, and the chin Is deco
rated with a small yellow beard. The ear
ate small, devoid of fur and of a black
color, with a tinge of blue.
Twentieth and Paul streets will be the
J Flll'ff (IIIUIIUD.
Trio of Presbyterian Preacher Will
.o to New Fields Wlthl
(ho Week.
Three Presbyterian ministers will leave
Omaha within a week for new fields. Rev.
Guy W. Wadsworlh. D. D., late preeident
of Belle"ue college, goes to Pueblo Friday
to become pastor of the First Presbyterian
church, one of the largest and most In
fluential In th entlr west. Rev. Newman
Hall Burdlck. for five years pastor of the
Second Presbyterian church, leaves July
for Helena, Mont.; where he will be
pastor of the First Presbyterian churoh,
the largest and most prominent of that
demnomlnatlon in the state of Montana,
Rev. R. L. Purdy, for three year pastor
of Clifton Hill church, goes to Culhcrtson.
Neb., as pastor of the Presbyterian church
of that (lace.
Cascsrets gently stimulate th liver.
Cathartics whip it to action.
Cascarets heal th bowels. Pills, salts
and castor oil merely irritate.
If you tramped th woods for a month,
at coarse food, fruit and green vege
tables, the result would be the same
as a month with Cascarets.
Bat most people can't do that. For
them, Cascarets bring the same re
sults, just as naturally, just as
Casraret are car tablets. They are soM
by all dntirfisls, but btw Id hoik. B are I
gat tb (MUioa. with CCC oa ever? tablet
1 n do is ssarasa lux Ibus
The veit-pockel bos is 10 cents.
The reutith-treataieiit be SO oaat.
UpM,W bae 4S eaMr.
Issue Order for Operations in West
to Start Again.
Development nf the Country Along
the t.lne nf the I nlna Tarlnc
Will More Forward
Once More.
K. IX. Harriman ha set July 1 for the
date to resume his building operations in
the west. This announcement, which was
made by A. L Mohler. grneral manager
and vice president of the Cnlon Pacific,
will he received bv the west with great
satisfaction, for It practically means that
the financial flurry Is all over and that
the railroads will begin to spend their
money in the development of the weM.
When the flnptujlal depression struck the
country last f.'tl Harrlmsn ordered all
new work In V.i" west to cease at once,
and thousands of men were thrown out of
Large fortes of men are bring shipped
out to North Tlatte and Cheyenne, where
the first moves will he made. The North
Platte extension from North Platte to
Northport will be built at once and the
Athol Borle cut-off will be finished ai
oon as possible.
.The Athol-Morie cut-off connects Carr on
the Ienver-Cheyenne line with Boiii? on
the main line west of Cheyenne. Woik on
this line was nearly 80 per cent completed
when it was stopped hy the orders fnm
Harriman. The new line will permit the
Denver traffic to get Into Cheyenne with
out climbing the Athol hill. The work has
suffered considerable . from erosion dining
the rains of tho spring, making quite an
additional expense, because of the knock
ing off of the work.
Motor Car In Demand.
The motor car service, which was In
augurated Sunday between Valley and
Omaha, has proven highly successful and
popular, the cars being well filled Sunday
and again Monday morning. The cars run
over the old track of the Union Pacific
through the towns of Millard, Paplllion and
Avery, taking care of the passenger traffic
which was left out because of the change
to the new Lane cut-off. All the through
trains now run over this new road. The
principal morning train from the west for
local service was No. 4, so that when thl
was changed to the new line, the interme
diate points were left without service to
Omaha. The forty-first car 1 now In the
course of construction at the shops and a
large force of mechanic is turning out
these cars as fast as possible. Thre
motor car trains now run Into Denver from
th north, two doing local service and the
third stopping at the larger stations.
McKeen Will Have the Engines,
W. R. McKeen, superintendent of motive
power and machinery for the Union Pacific,
has assured the passenger department that
he will be able to furnish all the large en
gines needed for the Immense traffic which
the Union Pacific will be palled upon to
haul to the democratic national convention.
Extra cars will be added to all the regular
trains, ample to handle all who desire to
go from Omaha. The through business
from the east will be handled on special
trains and will not Interfere with the regu
lar buslnes.
Machinery for the Shops.
Machinery is being installed as fast as
possible in the new Union Pacific shop in
Omaha and It will not be long before these
magnificent shops will be ready to put In
full operation. Most of the machinery wa
bought for the new shops last fall and a
considerable portion of it has already been
delivered. The huge traveling crane In the
wheel shop was Installed Saturday.
Two secret society conventions are to be
held in Denver thl week to which there is
a considerable movement from the east.
For the Kappa Sigma convention the Union
Pacific will have four extra cars, three
from Chicago and one from New York with
100 persons on Union Pacific No. 11 which
leaves Omaha at midnight Monday. The
Burlington will have a large party through
Omaha Monday night to the Phi Kappa F
Lake Draw and Rntertalna Many
Pleasure fteekera on
A very large patronage visited Lake Man
awa Sunday afternoon. A fair patronage
again visited the park in the evening after
the storm subsided.
The afternoon attendance at the Kursaal
was unusually large, and the many youths
and dainty maid in pretty bathing cos
tumes caused much flattering comment. The
launches did capacity business all after
noon, many picnickers taking their lunches
at Manhattan beach. The theater proved
a great drawing card and the pleasing
variety show and motion pictures scored
a great hit. All attractions, especially the
big roller coaster, received a large pa
tronage. The Manawa management wishes to an
nounce that the biggest Fourth of July
celebration ever held at the park will be
given Saturday. The fireworks display
will far surpass anything of It kind ever
before attempted at any western resort and
second only to the exposition exhibitions.
The pyrotechnic have been ordered direct
from the Pln Company, Chicago. Other
special feature will be on the program,
and few will care to miss seeing the grand
celebration of America's greatest holiday.
The Manawa concert band will render a
special musical program, which will be ap
propoa to the occasion.
Taken to Barllaaton by Officer, Who
Want Them on Several
Chief of Police Brhiltx of Burlington, la.,
arrived In the city Monday afternoon for
the purpose of taking F. V. Mape and
hi former wife. Mr. Nell Crowell-Mapes-Crowell
alias Dwyer back to Burlington,
where they are wanted on numerous In
dictments for forgery and embezzlement
The arrest of the couple Friday was af
fected through the Jealousy of Mapes, the
woman having left him and returned to her
former husband, Crowell, who reported to
the police a long list of Crimea and embez
zlements committed by him and the woman
while they lived together. It has since de
veloped that the couple are wanted In Chi
cago and other cities, similar Indictment
having been returned against them.
Arm- Officer In Omaha for
Die of Heat In De
troit. Years
Brigadier General Albert Hartauff, sta
tioned at Omaha from I'M to ISM. la dead
in Detroit, Mich. He ws one of the vic
tim of the heat of Ust week. A. L. Reed
received word of the general death Mon
dayv General Hartauff had many friend
in Omaha. He entered the army when the
first gun waa fired at Fort Sumter In 1W2
and wa retired after Jong and honorable
service in 1900. He was a brother to Major
General George Hartauff and of General
William Hartauff, both of whom have re
markable army recur d
At the Theaters
"Mrs. Dane' Defense" at the Boyd.
Henry Arthur Jones is not only a :ick- j
ler for the verletles, Insisting relentlessly
on having his dramas bristle with logic .
and at no time presuming to even approach
an Impossibility, hut he is also a master j
of dramatic construction, and thoroughly
understands the effect of sequential accu
mulation of events In the building up of a
rllmsx. In none of his writings are these (
nuslitles more jpparent than In "Mrs. I
Dsne's Defense," which la not only a fine
example of the modern play, but Is typical
of its author In every way, and In some
way Is his best endeavor. And It Is being
given a worthy presentation at the Boyd
this werk by the Woodward Stock com
pany. The characters so plainly drawn by
Mr. Jones re being Intelligently outlined
by the actors, and the points in the author's
argument are being driven home with force.
Miss Fleming Is quite nt home In the
role of Mrs. Danj In its lighter moments,
but doesn't quite convince In the more
trenuous scene with Sir Daniel In the third
act. While the sympathy of all goes out
to her In her predicament, It Is rather be
cause of her combat with Mrs. Bulsom
Porter and the desire to see that lady con
founded than from the fact that Mrs. Dane
has convinced any that she Is thoroughly
deserving of human sympathy and assist
ance. But at the very lust minute, Just
as she is leaving the stage. Miss Fleming
sounds a note that quite redeems the sit
uation. Her appeal to Lady Estney Is that
of a heart-broken woman, who really needs
a womnn'a help. She has surrendered all
her hope, her love, her life, apparently, and
in the poignancy of her sorrow her slmule
word Is most expressive. If Miss Fleming
missed anything of the proper effect while
undergoing the stern questioning of Sir
Daniel, she compensates for It by this
Mr. Morrison is good a Sir Daniel. He
Tlays the part as if he liked it, and nil
the way through does his work with a
sincerity that Is rnost pleasing. The
gradual change that comes over his men
tal attitude, as he questions Mrs. Dnne
and Involves her deeper and deeper in
a tissue of falsehood, until he finally ie
convinced that she Is not telling him the
truth, and then, certain of his ground,
accuse her of lying, is splendidly por
trayed. This is one of tho best things
Mr. Morrison has ever done In Omaha.
Miss Spencer spoils hi r generally good
work as Mrs. Bulsom-Porter by occasion
ally overacting. A tittle repression here
and there would help her. Mr. Poulter
I doing very well as Canon Bonsey, and
Mr. Beamish Is good as Mr. Bulsom'-ror-ter,
while Mr. Dudley and Mr. Kirk, who
are makinsr their first nnnearanee with
I the company, are dolntr very well. Miss
j Power, as Iady Estey, is doing credit
to a fine part, and MIfs Duke Is charm
ingly girlish in the little part of Janet
Colquhoun. Mr. Wallock, Mr. Schrode
and Mr. Kloti are alto in the cast. The
piece I well staged, and was much en
Joyed by two large audiences yesterday,
the house being packed in the evening.
It wlM run all week, with the usual
matinees on Tuesday, Thursday and Sat
urday. 'In California" at he Air Dome.
Attesting to the popularity of the HlU
man 8tock company, a large slxcd audi
ence witnessed the opening performance of
the wholesome drama of . the mountains
"In California," presented hy that ca
pable troupe at the Air Dome Sunday
night. The production, which Is In four
acts, the scenes of which are set in the
Mount Shasta hills, teHn the story of the
love of two partner for theam girl, by
one of whom she Is wronged. He is mur
dered and suspicion falTs upon the other
partner, who is tried""?lVd convicted,' but
eventually Is proven Mnnbcent and marries
the girl. An Interesting feature of the
entertainment ia a singing and dancing
specialty Introduced by Miss Mali; Snow
den. "In California" wilt he produced the bal
ance of the week, with the exception of
Tuesday night, when "Dr. Jekyl and Mr.
Hyde" will be the attraction.
Death from Blood Poison
was prevented by G. W. Cloyd, Plunk, Mo.,
who healed his dangerous wound with
Bucklen's Arnica Salve. 23c. Fur sale by
Beaton Drug company.
Woman Remits Half of Alimony Ont
of Sympathy for Former
Sympathy for her divorced l.usbind
caused Mrs. Andrew R. Johnson to r- mit
half of the alimony awarded her by the
court. Johnson was required to pay sro
a month Into the office of the district clerk
every month. When the second payment
came due, Mrs. Johnson and her divorced
husband appeared together.
"I want to remit half of the money,"
she said. "He is so hard up I don't want
to take it all."
She was told the clerk had no authority
to take any amount less than that namtd In
the decree. Johnson was required to piiy
the full $S0 and It wa turned over to Mrs.
Johnson. She Immediately drew her chck
for 126 and gave It to her former husband
as a rebate.
No doubt of it, if you
are wearing the old
tyle tight fatting under
frail hUrt. Mdiiiund t . & funt Oftu
Coat Cut Undershirts
Knee Length Drawers
are cool because they allow perfect free
dom of tnotioa, and permit iieth cooling
ail lo reach the pore.
60c, 75c, SI. 00 and $1.50 a Carmen!.
Every B. V. D. garment is identified by
th B. V. D. Red Woved Label which
guarantiees you a correctly cut, well made,
perfect fitting undergarment. Don't accept
aa imitation. Get the B. V. D. Red
Woven Label
Worth and Church Streets,
Mew York.
k M.UJB.V.D Utisa Suiaw (Ptuaud I
4.K)-07). aa B. V. D. SUM Suut.
Criticised by Board of Education (or
Slot Machine Defense.
OHIce of Attorney for the Board of
K.d neat Inn Mar Pass Oat of
Hands that Held It
F.lght Yesn.
Criticised for appearing for the owner
of slot machines In the recent city cases
and for certain other interests before the
lust legislature, Carl E. Herring, attorney
for the Board of Education, may not be
reappointed. Edgar Batrd la a candidate
for the position and several members of
the board announce that they will vote for
him. Mr. Herring will not say anything
about his candidacy and will nut even say
he Is or Is not a candidate. The election
of an attorney will come up In the fit at
meeting of the board In July.
Carl K. Herring has been the attorney
for the Roard of Education for elRht years.
No member of the board has anything to
say against hi actions In the board or
the advice he has given its members, but,
as one memiier puts tne case, -tnero is
some objection to the way he carries him
self outside the board and his choice of
"Mr. Herring appeared for the slot
machine people In the cases a few month
ago and It is claimed that he should
not have done so. especially as he Is the
authorized attorney nf the Board of Edu
cation, which is unalterably opposed to
slot machines and any gambling device
"Many of us, however, do not think
that Mr. Herring should be censured in
the ground of the cares he takes outside.
He can not choose his clients and must,
of mcofsity. take the case that come to
him. Just because a lawyer defends a
murder, that dot not make him a mur
derer. And Just because our attorney de
fends the slot machine people does not
make him a friend of them."
Edgar Balrd wa a member of the hoard
thiee years, retiring from that body one
year ago. While on the board he was a
member of the Judiciary committee.
Will Succeed Dr. Christie as One of
tho Tension Ksamlner
Dr. J. B. Ralph ha received word from
I'nited States Senator Norri Brown that
hi recommendation for appointment to
the pension medical examining board of
Omaha lce Dr. Christie, who recently died,
have been received and favorably consid
ered by the pension department. The ap
puintimnt of Dr. Ralph will be made before
long. Dr. Ralph ia one of the best known
phys'c ans of Omaha, was a veteran of the
civil war and waa for a number of years
health commissioner for the city of Omaha.
Rich or poor alike are habit
ually constipated. It slays its
victims by thousands, although
some other name goes into the
death certificate. Drugs will not
cure. Eat daily.
which is of a laxative nature.
For sale by all Grocers
National Convention
union pacific
Millions have been spent
in the improvement of the
Union Pacific and all human
ingenuity exhausted to pre
vent accidents. The
Automatic Block Signal System
now in operation reduce?
to a minimum the possibil
ity of accidents on the Union
Electric Lighted Trains.
Inquire at
1324 Faraam St.
Pbonasi Douglas 1638 aa4 la(L A-3231.
Men's Cool Outing
V-VA-i'v Ls
mm ij)
This is an unusual opportunity. You cannot afford
to overlook it.
Men's Straw Hats
This Means & Lot to You!
$1.00 and $1.25 Straw Hats...75
$2.00 Straw HaU $1.35
$3.00 and $2.50 Straw Hats. $1.85
$5.00 and $4.00 Straw Hats. $2.85
$4.00 Genuine Panamas $12.50
Omaha's Leading Clothiers
No man has
lenown the full
ure of hot weather comfort
and health until he's worn the
genuine "PoroskmY' underwear. A
peculiar open
that makes the
once you
know no
Round Trip
Cleveland, Ohio, and return, June 30 $30.13
San Fiamlwo, Los Angeles, I'ortlantl, Taooma, Seattle, dally $60.0C
To Include California and l'uget Sound .$75.00
To Yellowstone Taik, rail, stage and hotel for five and one-half days'
tour via Gardiner, daily $84.50
Gardiner (entrance) and return, daily $32.0(i
Rail, stage and hotel for four and on-half days' tour, ia
Bcenis Colorado and Yellowstone, dally $78.20
Through Park, one way, via Gardiner, other way via Yellowstone,
daily, rates quoted on application.
Denver, Colorado Springs and l'uoblo, dally $17.50
Salt Lake City and Ogden, daily $30.30
Glenwood Springs, Colo., daily $27.S0
Cody, Wyo., diverging and outfitting point for tourists and campers
entering Yellowstone Park via Cody-Sylvan Pass scenis way.
daily $30.73
Sheridan, Wyo., dally $23.75
Dcadwood and Lead, S. 1)., dally $18.75
Hot Springs, S. 1., daily $15.73
Tliermopolis (Hot Springs), Wyo., dally $34.25
UOMKSKEKEHS HATES: To the Big Horn Basin, Billings, Mont., (Y'ellow
Bton Valley), to North Platte Valley, Eastern Colorado, first and third
Tuesdays low excursion rates to assist landseekers.
Tho Burlington main lines to Colorado and Montana are desirable factors
In any tour of the weBl. Through trains to Denver, Seattle and Portland;
through standard and tourist sleepers to California via Scenic Colorado and
Salt Lake City.
To the East
Boston, Mass., and return, dally $10.33
rtuffalo, N. Y'.,-and return, dally $31.00
Toronto, Ont., and return, daily $28.00
Quebec, Que., and return, daily $30.00
Hates to Hundreds of Other Eastern Destinations on Request.
Highest grade passenger trains to Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis.
Let mo help you plan your trip the most attractive way at the least cost.
mnta of
and cur. ,u
We Cure
ou ehaau
.Dutat n i.
reputation a
i a Kin ler
V KJ;!-A: aaaa. avu ayectat Juiseaaea aad
y&&Hit3lMVZv FREE .Examination ' and con.ulta
H a4' "'"
ur. oetuics octuics, o. xnn, uor. i4tn and Douglas, Omahsu
Bee Want Ads
Produce Results
r 'w
Suits, Special
for July 4th
An assorted lot of 2-picco
Suit, embracing a va
riety of seasonable fab
rics and including some
splendid blue serges.
Have been selling at $10
and $12.
Special at
Those are well made, attractive par
mrnts, especially adapted to the hot
reason now coming: on. They are Jnst
the thing for your Fourth ot July outing.
"w,rw!ff' 1 1 ry -""""" ' " '"' T t'j
knit, throughout the garment .
garment stronger more elas
tic and so thoroughly comfortable to the wearer that
kni.w "J'crcsktttt," you re content to
other. Insist upon tho " Foroskntt
label. If vou can't find it write tin,
rum uro vsimiin rn imt.n4im V
unninibiiij .nil iiiiv ww. tiin.i w"i ..
ummer Kates
i. jj., fiij t-assenger Agent,
1502 Farnam Street. Omaha, Neb.
Telephone Douglas 3580.
91.4 Reliable Dr- Searles & Searles.
aiida of case? rT,,?V0r " ye,r- Th thou
lanced tii.c n. .? sa
mn n " I " ... Olaeaaea and
(,wu uuw 'u" " ra y
You, Then You Pay Us Our Fee.
uori ,r . or atatementa. or offer
orihJ.a treatment. Our reuutaMon and
'V'01."' Kl'u: '"ry case a treat our
at make, your health: life and har.nin.iA
oi m h i i t ... . , " . . T r --w
,UrMStBJtaJS9L''orM of. ability
ii-kiM.. Cir- ST.. .iJ BiisiHisti. J(.roiis
u VecUl JUiaeasea ami AUmenta of
(ton. Writ.