Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 30, 1908, Page 5, Image 5

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Opv ll
May 30th
Men's Furnishings for Saturday
Men's rnloii Suits All th beet
makes In complete assortment
largest line shown In Omaha
tt S5.00 down to 2.00. l.fto
and 31.00
Mea'a Combination Suit A spe
cial cash purchase of 100 floeen.
regular fl.SO values; on sale
Saturday, choice T5
Men's Faorjr Half Hose Import-
- era' samples, finest lisles and
Maco cottons, plain or fancies,
values to 50c, at 23c. lc 13
Men's Silk Ties A complete line
of new spring styles and patterns,
values to 75c on sale Saturday
t 15 25e " 49
Men's Balbrifrgan I nderwear
Worth to 75c garment, rein
forced drawers, best values any
where, at. .25 30 and 50
8 Till 9 A. M. Men's Laundered
Shirts, worth to 11.00. all sires;
choice 29
0 Till 10 A. M. Men's Balhrlggan
Shlrta and Drawers, values to
50c; on sale at 19
10 Till 11 A. M. Men's, Women's
and Children's Hose, values to
J5c; go at, pair . .' 5
11 A. M. Till 12 M. Ladles' Gauze
Vests, 15c values, at 5
Many ertreinely Interesting bar.
Ifains in dependable and seasonable
Men's Dm Shirts Worth to
12.00, several hundred dozen in
the lot Griffon. Monarch. Elgin
and other well-known brands
. newest materials, colors and pat-
. terns, on sale at 50 and 08
Soft Summer SbirU Worth to
13.00, silk and linens, mohairs,
etc.. in tans", white and fancies
at 08 and 81.50
Hosiery Specials at Hay den's
Ladies' 75c Lisle Hose, plain
gauze, fancies, embroidered
or lace lisles, all colors, per
OrAir 49c
, Ladies' Lisle Hose, values to
69c, embroidered, allover or
' lace boot lisles, biff sample
line, on sale at. .35c, 25c
Ladies', Embroidered and Lac
,-jHoae Regular or out sizes,
4wel! worth 15c. at, choice 12 He
r-r,nir Softool Mo- Fine or
heavy ribbed, double knee and
6ole, J5c quality, at 19c
Children's 19c quality Hoe, 12He
Sald'y Specials in Cut Price Drug Depi
, s . Oar new pert ion jcive ns room for many new goods, and yonr
wants may be fully supplied In this department.
1 5c Hydrogen Peroxide 12c
50c size Hydrogen Peroxide. . 80c
1.00 size Llsterlne 75c
J 5c Fletcher's Castorla 25e
50c Cal. Syrup of Figs 42c
$1 Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, at.. 83c
25e Seidlltx Powdera 14c
1 pint best Witch Hazel.... 15c
25c Darts' Tasteless Castor Oil.,
at lc
1 lb. box (Granular) Sodium
Phosphate 19c
Pears' Unscented Soap, today
only, per bar.......... 11c
50c or E. L. Graves' Tooth Pow
der '. 15c
. J5c Tetlow's Swandown 12c
60c Carmen's Face Powder... 29c
50c Poizoni's Face Powder. . 29c
2 5c Tetlam's Swansdown. . . . 12c
50c Java Rice Powder 80c
$1.00 Pompelan Massage Cream,
at 69c
50c Pompelan Massage Cream 29c
75c Pompelan Massage Cream 49c
25c Pompelan Soap 15c
Box Virgin Violet Soap,". 25c
3 cakes Palm Olive Soap. . . . 25c
75c Robber Gloves, best qua.
ity, today . 33c
c Hubert's Ultra Violet Totiet
Water 36c
lie Eutmu'i Bensoln and Almond
Cmm at 14c
He Eastman's Benzoin and Almond
Cream, at 20c
eOe Madame Ioobeil'a Face PowdVr
at 40c
TVUk each box of face powder a hand
some band-painted plato, value 11 .
1 6c Borax o 14o
40c Birk Bicker' Cold Cream... 39c
60c Richard Hudnut'a Marvelous
Cold Cream 6o
JSe Fanltol Cold Cream lc
Sfce Violelss Facial Cream lc
5e Theatrical Cold Cream 60c
60c Consuelo Creme tdieappeaiinir
at ao
1 5c Colgate's Shaving Stick 18c
Rousing Furniture Specials Saturday
A big line of Sample Iron Beds, secured at a big dis
count, on sale Saturday to close.
$5 Enameled Iron Bed $3.95
$2.75 Enam. Iron Bed. .$1.95
$6.50 Enam. Iron Bed. .$4.75
$11.00 Enam. Iron Bed. $7.75
$13.50 Enam. Iron Bed. $9.75
200 Ciair Bargains First
quality, cane and wood Beat
dining chairs, .worth up to
$2.00, at 95c
Woven Wire Cots Strongly
constructed, great values
at 9Sc
Many others at proportion
ate prices.
Grand Clearance Women's Tailor Suits Saturday
Choice of over 400 handsome costumes that sold regularly up to
$75.00, JUST HALF PEICE. Exclusive novelties and imported styles,
most surprising' bargains at Saturday's special sale prices.
$75.00 Tailor Suits $37.50
$50.00 Tailor Suits ...... $25.00
$40.00 Tailor Suits $20.00
$35.00 Tailor Suits $17.50
$30.00 Tailor Suits $15.00
$25.00 Tailor Suits $12.50
Dainty Lingerie Dresses That Pretty Silk Suits and Dresses
would 6ell regularly to $10.00
pinks, blues, helios, white lace
trimmed, choice Saturday each,
at $4.98
Giecks, strips and plaids, extra
full pleated skirt?, good assort
ment of colors, 450 in the lot, val
ues to $20.00, at $9.90
A Beautiful Line of Summer Suits All newest styles and materials,
all colors, most attractive values shown in Omaha ai--$5.00,
$7.50. $10.00. $12.50, $15.00. $20.00 and $25.00
Children's Jackets "Worth to I Covert Jackets, values up to
$5.00, all colors, snap at $2.98 $12.50, on sale, choice. .$6.95
Children's Dresses Splendid as- Women's Lawn Waists "Worth
sortment and matchless value,
in Saturday's sale at $1.98,
$1.45 and 98c
$2.50 Wash Skirts at. . . .$1.45
Infants' Long Slips, 35c values,
at 19c
Infants' Sacques, knit and flan-
up to $5.00, on sale at $1.95,; nelette, 50c values, at 19c
10c Bibs, big assortment, on sale
at 5c
Wash Bonnets at Half Price.
$1.50 and '. 95c
$1,50 Percale Wrappers at 98c
$1.50 Long Kimonos at 79c
More complete assortment or better values in spring and summer outer garments were never
shown in Omaha. See the nobby new suit styles.
Entire Millinery Stock of Duncan Meyer 8r Company
Witch Sunday papers for
particulars and pricts.
228 Broadway, Council Bluffs, ttcartd for cash Ml a grttt sacrif.ct. all aew, dttn goods will bt plactd
On Sale Monday, June 1st.
Walch Sunday papers for
particulars and prices
Dainty Undermuslins Specially
Values you'll find cannot be duplicated
elsewhere at these wonderful bargain
Fine Underskirts, elegantly trimmed,
values to $3.50, sal price, 98c, $1.50
Ladies' Night Robes, the new and popu
lar Merry "Widow styles, embroidery
and lace trimmed, values up to $2.00,
at 49c, 75c and 98c
Corset Covers and Drawers, regular $1.00
values, all sizes, in two lots, 39c, 49c ft
ainook Combination SUits Worth to 3.JU -
corset cover and drawers or ccrset cover and
skirt tailor cut, handsomely trimmed on
ale at 98 and S1.50
Children's Muslin rants, 25c, 19c, 12 He. lOe
Children's Undervests All sizes, worth double
on sale at. IOC
Ladies' BOc Union Suits Jersey knit, at.-25?
Ladle' Gauze Vests Values to 50c on sale at,
choice 25c, 15c and 10
WliirTrji 1 WVJ-
Big Stationery
50c fancy box Superfine Pape-
trie on sale Saturday 29c
35c fancy box Papetries . . . 17Vc
25c Post Card Albums 10c
10c quality fine Envelopes. 3 Vic
Carter's Ink, per bottle 3c
$1.50 Copyright Books 98c
$1.00 Copyright Books : .43c
25c Paper Novels, at 70
The greatest line shown in Om
aha, values to 75c yd., on sale
Saturday 3c to 19c
Most complete line and lowest
prices shown in Omaha.
Prepare t Summer Vacation
lib v;i
Suit Cases, Trunks and Grips at sweeping
price reductions in Saturday's special sales.
Alligator Suit cases, worth $30.00, at.'.
Cowhide Suit Cases, worth $20.00, at...
Cowhide Suit Cases, worth $1600, at..,
Cowhide Suit Cases, worth $14.00, at..,
Cowhide Suit Cases, worth $10.00, at..,
Cowhide Suit Cases, worth $ 9.00. at..
Bridle Leather Suit Cases, worth $7.50, at $ 4.98
Trunks and Grips at correspondingly low prices.
6e our complete line of Spring Hat styles. Best
assortjnenta, lowest prices.
S 7.00
S 5.05
Adusto and Dowager
The Eoyal "Worcester
Adjusto and Dowager cor
sets meet every need of
the plump or overly stout
figure, give perfect sup
port and comfort, are prac
tically unbreakable, being
double boned, have med
ium bust with long hip and
back, mould unsightlvj
fleshiness into stylish lines
without discomfort to the
wearer. Prices $1.00 to
$2.50 French Batiste Cor.
sets Medium ,bust, long
hip and back models, non-
rustable boning, trimmed St0Dt VVomei
with fine Swiss embroidery, heavy hose sup
porters attached; snap at $1.19
0$) "rice
Ifcwt for
mmM m
Candy Department Specials
AXter-Dinner Oram Patties, lb 19
Fresh Toasted Marshmallowa, lb 19
Cocoanut Oram Bon-Bons, lb 15C
Pure Vanilla Fudge, lb 9
Burnt Peanuts, lb jjk
Pure Sugar Stick Candy, lb 18e?
1 ry one oi our iamous -Merry Widow" Sunda
the Soda Fountain.
j3 j3 lBliDTF
Open all day
May 30th
Extra Specials in Shoes Saturday
Men's $3.00 and $3.50 Shoes
and Oxfords, in all leathers,
in both Goodyear and Mc
Kay sewed soles, and in all
sixes; tan or black, $1.9S
A big lot of the Queen Quality Tan
Oxfords Just in. See them
t.'. $3.00 $2.50
Women's $2.5U and $3.00 patent
colt, gun metal and vlcl kid
shoes and Oxfords. In tan or
Mark, each pair a dtiIed lar-
Oxfords and one-strap Slippers for
the mises and children, worth up
to $1.75, at SI .25, fl.OO. 75c
nd 50
Boys' youths' and little gents' satin
and kangaroo calf shoe, bluchers
and bala. worth up to $1."5
t . . $1.19 nd OSC
Cb lids' red, tan or black shoes,
worth up to $1.00
t 75t? nJ 49C
$2.50 Ladies' Neckwear We
Saturday A. M. we will place on sale the finest sample
line of Ladies' Fancy Neck
wear ever shown in Omaha.
Stock Collars, Chemisettes, Coat
Silks, Yokes! Sailor Collars, etc.,
in black, white and ru. $1.50 to
$2.50 value, at one price.. 4Sc
Fancy Embroidered Collars, 12 He
Fine Lace Stocks and Tabs, values
to 60c, choice 15c
Fine Silk and Satin Bows... 10c
6 piece Boa Rurhlngs . . , 10c
50c Hair Roll. ech 89c
fl.OO Elastic Belts, (silk).... 49c
60c Elaetic Belts .......... 25c
Saturday's Big Sale in the Busy Hardware Dept.
Mlspes' and childs' $1.50 lac
school shoos . . . i OSC
What about your feet?
Are they bothering yon?
Buy Grover shoes and get that
foot comfort you have been look
for and only to be found In Grover
Shoes, for they are especially made
for tender feet.
Grover and Queen Quality shoes
for women and Stetson and Cros
sett shoes for men.
( f)
Oak brand House Paint, worth
$1.65. Saturday $1.25
Noxall brand House Paint, war
ranted, only 9SC
Perfeeto Floor Paint, H gallon
cans best made 49
The Wonder Cobbler Outfit, Sat
urday 39C
$1.00 Hose Reels, on sale for 49C
White Willow Clothes Baskets
only 39C
Large Enameled Water Pails
only 25C
Heavy Galvanised Water Pails
for 12Hc
One-gallon Covered Tin Buckets
only 8C
15c Flour Sifters Saturday. . . .JC
$3.50 Solid Copper wash Boiler
Saturday $1.98
$4.50 Lawn Mowers Saturday only
for $239
S9e Grass Catchers Saturday Hf)0
6-foot solid braced Step Ladders,
every step braced, worth $2.00,
on Saturday 98C
6-foot Common Step Ladders )
Heavy Galvanised Wash Tubs at
only s 39
1,000 remnant Fly Screen Wire,
on sale for. each. . . -5C t0 15C
Poultry Wire, on sale Saturday
t 60C
$6.95 Rotary Watb Machine. Sat-
riy $3.95
Please remember this is only
for Saturday.-
Don't Fail to Come in and See What
You Can Buy in Our Crockery Dept.
for 12ic Friday and Saturday
( Water Glasses for 1234c
2 Mantles for 124c
3 Sherbets for ' 12 He
1 Covered Dish for 12 He
1 Chamber for 12 He
Remember this sale Is for Fri
day and Saturday only.
1 fancv decorated Cake or Bread
Plate 12 He
1 2-qt. Stone Pitcher 12 He
2 6-lDch Jardinieres for....l2Hc
$ Cups and Saucers for... 12Hc
5 Dinner Plates fr 12 He
6 Frulu for 12 He
Extra Specials for Saturday at Omaha's
Greatest Groctry, Butter, Chtest, Cracker, Fnsh Veg., Fruit Depts.
Toe beat pure cane Granulated Sugar
at leaa than jobber's coat.
18 bars t-et brands Laundry Soap ft So
10 lh. aacka beat Granulated W tru
er Yellow Corn Meal lb.
t lbs. choice Japan Rice 85e
4 lba. beat Pearl Tapioca or Sao SSo
The beat dotneatic Macaroni, per pkg..
at atie
Tall cans fancy Blood Red Salmon,
at 1.8 v,o
011 or Mustard Sardines, per can a-c
Bromangeion. Jeliycon or Jell-O. pr
4 cans fancy Sveet Sugar Corn, Sac
The beat large Queen Olives. pr
quart ao
Teaat Foam or On Time Yeaat, per
pf e
The beat bulk Laundry Starch, per
lb o
Quaker Oat Co s. Toaated Corn Flake.
per pkg. . 6o
The beat Soda Cracker, per lb... 6o
The beat cnep pretzels, per lb. So
The best crisp Ginger Snapa. per lb..
at M
Fancy Golden Santoa Corfee. jer lb-,
at XSo
Fancy Maracalbo Blend Coffee, per
ib . leo
Fancy Porto Rico Coffee, per
lb e.. 80s
Fancy M. and J. Blend Coffee. r-r
Ib 8 So
The beat Ankola Blend Coffee. pr
lb 83e
The best Tea Plf tings, per lb... 16c
Fancy Basket Fired or Uncolon-d
Japan Tea, per lb , 3 be
UTliaSAT. -
Fancy Dairy Butler, caeellent for
family uw. per lb 19e
Choic Dairy Butter, per lb 17e
Fancy Country Creamery Butler, per
lh tie
Fancy full cream, white, colored or
brick Cheese, per lh 15o
Neufchatel. Cheese, each So
Sap Sago Cheese, each f Ho
run teoctabli paucza rom
t bunches' fresh, Kadishe for,... b.
t buncnes fresh Onions for...... 6o
2 bunches fresh Asraraua for., be
Fresh Spinach, per peck ee
i heada fre.h Lieaf Hothouae Lettuce
for So
I Isnre Cucumbers for So
I large heada Lettuce for........ So
4 bunches fresh Plepiant for .... bo
New Cabhage. per lb. f-10
New Potatoes, per peck 85o
I bunches fresh Parsley for so
J bunchea fresh Carrots or Turnips
for 10c
Fresh Roasted Peanuta. per quart o
Large juicy Lraor.i. per toa ISO
Fancy Cooking or Eating; Apples, p- r
peck 30a
rarxavrruBB rmxmm
Each Sc. iSc Sc. 10c. l!He
, dc. 11.10, i. ii
Per dosen ic.
Tteyt "Wjll ai Large SMpptri, Will
Patronize Omaha,
H. Klaar Htlrca tkat Ho Has
Luarl Two Mrm Cars at Bit
skoal am BHIe Tfcess
far OmU.
wool growers, as well as large
shippers, are getting In touch with the
Omaha Wool and Storage company- Fri
day the secretary of the company received
word from a farmer at Cook. Neb., who
aai4 that be had thre sacks of wool, and
another grower sad hla output would be
r- ii fnr 'i i If was
a salo for It la Omaha. Arrangements are
b4ng made to bsnd'e this small business
and tle growera wUl bo flven tho top of
the tasxket at all tlmra.
A railroad otttcmd rcrfved tho following
letter from a sleep man In tbo Big Horn
Basin country, sbowir.g that that section
of Wyoming is wakir.g up to the advan
tages of the Omaha mool market, fie also
said ho was ready to ship hia wool to
Omaha as soon, aa aitangements could be
triads. He wrote:
If Omaha can store and sell wool It will
bo a big thing for Oinal.a merensnts. You
know wnst the wool growers hsve fcpent in
Billings at sales during thfe last years I
know there were ten men from the Big
Hora country wtio sold in billings last
year, snd rxt one of iht-m spent le.a thsu
Uai each In expense and supplies. 1 seems
to mo that wo. J ales in Omaha conducted
as they snould be mould be worth to
Omaha merchants tl'"Ji' worth of bust
ness they do not get now (annually). I
have recurved lettera from tne First Na
tional. United " Scales National. Omaha
Merchants National barjis of Oiutt tell
ing me they would make loni against
uol stored in Omaha, so tt looks as if tn
financfal end was going to be all r.ght.
This la taken aa shoo ing that the banks
are not only willing to loan mor-ey on wool,
but ore going after tao business- It also
shows to what extent the Omaha merchants
may expect to be benefited by the new
wool market, which will bring the growers
of Wyomtcar and the entire west to Omaha.
C. H. King, president of the Omaha
Wool and Storage company wired Friday
morning that ho had loaded two cars of
If your doctor f uiiy cndtrcs year
taking Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral for
your bard couch, then buy it and
use fa. If be docs not, then do not
mZZT W. or. p,d iW tt s kaaa J this t.ecdij medicine
h,r i. .- s ser, m eou8hs aod colds. iAn-
Hard Coughs
wool at Shoshonl, and that the wool would
soon be started for Omaha. J. A Defelder.
vice president of the company, has already
sheared 200.OU6 pounds of wool from his
own sheep, and that will ooon bo onrouts
to Omaha.
The large force of workmen at the new
warehouse will be kept at work Saturday
and Sunday and it la now expected that
most of the roof will be on tho huge struc
ture by Monday night.
la Reply to Salt Xlrkolau Ltewer
Says Ho Sever Eseeateol lack
4 a Proviso.
Nickolaus Ltewer, a farmer of Emerson.
Dixon county, has filed hla answer to a
suit brought against him In the United
States circuit court to recover on a ncte
for li-S'l The suit is brought by the First
National bank cf Shenandoah. la., the
nresent owner of the note, which cams to
the bank through James J. Doty, manager
ot the Wonder Stock Powder company of
In his answer Mr. Liewer says hs aever
executed amh a note, nor did bo over au
thorise the execution of such a note. Tho
transaction. Mr. Liewer alleges, grew out
of tils bring persuaded to buy luo pounds
of so-called stock food, in SepUmbor. JS07,
from one W. E. Lewis, alleged to represent
tiio Wonder Stock Powder corn pan f, and
that ho was to pay but I cents par aoua4
!or tho staff. Mr. Liewer st steal farther
in his answer that ths word "aaasdrod'
has been Inserted in tho dorumaat attar
tho words 'twenty-four.' The note has
boen much blurred and blotted and is al
leged to bo partly illegible. Ho atatea also
that the First National bank of Bhenacdoah
la not the real party at interest in this
cauae and that there is no consideration
named or pretended in ths transfer of the
note to ths bank.
Tho alleged note la claimed to have be
come duo January 1,
Caaapaay Defeadaat la
Brssgkt ay Sherldaa Coaaaai
a Coa tract.
Tho Sheridan Coal company has brought
suit In tho United States circuit court
against tho Omaha Packing company on
a contract for coal delivery amount. ng t-
S3M7.K. Tho petition alleges that the
Sheridan Coal company , had. a contract
with tho packing" company to deliver coal
to it la quantities of not lees than ninety
tons per day and that such delivery was
made during tho montha of April and May,
1m, and far some reason the defecdams
decline to pay. Suit la therefore brought
to recover on the contract, with interest.
A Life Seateaeo
of suffertrg with throat and lung trouble
la quickly commuted by Dr. King's New
Discovery. (Ce and H 06. For aalo by
Beaton Drug Co.
BalldtasT Poraolta.
Elisabeth Elsasser, OX South Twenty
fourth atreet. brick dwelling. UMO. M. l.
McHugb. o St- Mary a avenue, brick
garae., Lima Wundruff. Pratt
street, frame, dwelling, H. M. Hig-
nns. Thirty-seventh and Cass streets
f rams dwelling. St.auO. Aalonio 271?
Boulevard street, frame dwelling. tl.0,
Antonio Jbrs.uA, S19 Boulsvard tuttt, t.7&g.
ne Business Oav Saved
By the Burlington's new schedule to the North raeific Coast,
effective June 1st. FOR INSTANCE:
Leave Omaha - - - - 4:10 p. m. r.londay
Arrive Seattle - - - - 8:50 a. m. Thursday
Correspondingly fast time to Butte, Helena and Spokane.
High grade trains carrying modern, up-to-date equipment.
To Seattle. Tacoma and Portland
and Return Daily After June 1st,
For Return via California $15 More.
J. D. REYNOLDS, City Passenger .Agent, w
1502 Farnam Street, OMAHA, HER.