Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 19, 1908, HALF-TONE SECTION, Page 4, Image 20

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Hiqh Grade VJash Goods Dept.
in n i
I l WW"
Easter Spgeia
i riii i ..ji I
Surpassing nil previous efforts at bargain giving.
Wise buyers will take advantage ol these prices.
' W - a-s . sMSBSsB
Afer Easier Sale of Sfs
Owing to the need of ready mpney to make up fall
lines our buyer found several manufacturers willing to take
a loss on spring silks to clean up their stocks, the result is
the greatest lot of silk values of the season here for your
selection Monday.
Ssc yd. for Black and Color Taffe
ter; regular f 1.00 quality; manu
facturer's coat 70c Splendid Una
bf shades, at 50
100 piece Id th lot.
49c yd. for 19x27 in. noyeltles;
all latest shades and weaves;
fancy rough pongees, fancy
stripe, check, plaid, dot and fig
ured silks. Regular 75c and
11.00 yd. ralues; mfg. cost 65
to 72 c; Monday, yd 49
Io yd-for choir f nearly .00O yds. of plain and fancy silks, nearly
very wears and coloring imaginable; all lengths from t yds. to 80
yds. in a piece. Regular Talues to $1.00 yd. AU in one great lot,
at, choics yd ........ .39
Three Splendid Black TaffeU Specials.
A saying of 88 per cent on every yard of this silk Monday.
8-in. Black TarfeU. , Jo-ln. Black Taffeta; , 86-in. Black Taffeta;
special, at yd.. 79 special, at yd . ,05 special at ydSl.lO
All mall orders received up till Wednesday noon will be filled at
this special sale price.
Veritable Carnival of Bargains
Values you'll certainly not find duplicated elsewhere.
Delightful opportunities for the economically inclined. Real
Hand Made Irish Laces at Half. An immense importation
direct from Ireland here. Lace Stocks, Coat Sets, Collars
and Cuffs, Bands and Edges. Import direct, thus saving
middle man's profits, paying no commission to agents to
introduce these laces, we are in a position to save you the
50. See our beautiful display Monday,
The Lending Dress Goods House
of. ihe iyes7T7
i iii as I
One more of these great sales to wind up our
spring stock. Never miss this or you will regret
TISED. All fl.OO Black and Colored Dress Goods. ....... .. 57
All $1.25 Black and Colored Dress Goods.... ..... 07
All 11.60 Black and Colored Drew Goods.; ' 87c
All $2.00 Black and Colored Dress Goods. ....... 97
All $2.60 Black and Colored Dress Goods..' 81.19
All $3.00 Black and Colored Dress Oooda. ... . . . .$1.37
AU $4.00 Black and Colored Dress Goods.. $1.97
AU $6,00 Black and Colored Dress Goods $2.47
All Priestley's genuine Cravenettes, all Rain
proof, and all Automobile Cloth' for Monday
only at . HALF PRICE
Sale lasts Monday and Tuesday. Mail orders
filled until Friday. .
High Grade White Goods Dept.
A glance into this department will readily
convince you that for quantity, quality, style
and price we lead all. Read this:
25c Woven Domestic Swisses lfC
39o hand embroidered Scotch Swiss -.. 23
60c hand embroidered St. Gall Swiss .........
59o hand embroidered St. Gall Swiss
76c hand embroidered St. Gall Swiss
$1.00 kaad embroidered St Gall Swiss -
$1.25 hand embroidered St. Gall Swiss
$1.60 hand embroidered St. Gall Swiss
$1.00 pure Irish Dress Linen
86c cure Irish Dress Linen
76c pure Irish Dress Linen 39c
65c pure Irish Dress Linen 33
69c pure Irish Dress Linen ...... Uo
All Jacquard Fancies cut in two.
12ttc India Linon..7Ht
French Lawns, yard, from
$2.00 down to.... 1Q$
Persian Lawns, 85c down
to . . 10
25c India Llnon.... 15
19c India Llnon.. 12
15c India Llnon .... 10
Long Cloth, 25k, 19c, 15o.
12 4 c and 10
60o quality an sUk taffeta ribbon,
extra wide and heavy, ea sale, at,
yard .............. ... 25
80c all silk TaffeU Ribbons, wide
and heavy, on sale, yard.. 15
All the latest stock and tab col
lars, fancy lace bows, silk, satin
and embroidered mull ties, regu
lar 35c to 60s values 19
Our complete stock of fancy ru ch
in ga, all colors and designs,
worth from S0 t 75o yard, en
sale, at, yard.... 10 to 43
The best aad most complete line
shewn la Omaha. AU silk elas
tic belts om sale.
60c Elastic Belts at 25
76c Elastic Belts at 49
$2.00 Elastic Belts at 98
$3.00 Elastic Belts at.. $1.50
$1.50 Ladles' Handbags. .. .85
$1.00 Ladles' Variety Bags.. 49
Why net make this saving?
$1.60 Oopyrigkt Socks at.. 93
$1.00 Copyright Books at. 43
All the 2 60 Novels, choice. . 7tt
Bring this list with you Monday.
Dont niiss them. .
Furniture Bargains Monday
It you care for a saving, Monday Is certainly your time. If
yon desira- complete assortments for selection, you could find no
better place. Look over, our spring 11 nee; you'll find them su
perior In quality and variety at the price.
100 Nobby Tailor Suits, in the popular
Prince Chap styles, nice assortment
of plain and fancy, mixed fabrics, reg
ular values to $18.50, choice, Monday
at ,. $9.90
250 Tailor Suits, in chiffon panamas,
rajah silks, etc, splendid assortment
of new styles and colors, regular
values up to $25.00, choice, $14.90
$8.50 Covert Jackets Just 50 in the
lot, all sizes, at, choice $4.95
Hundreds pf New Suits, in the popular
Merry "Widow, Prince Chap, Butter-,
fly and other styles, fine materials,
in all the wanted shades, such as
Copenhagens, ' blondines, the new
leather shades, etc., shown at and
well worth $30.00; sale price Mon
clfiy( . ! . t. 2000
Record Breaking Values In Oar
High Grade Linen Section
Which Appeal to Every Thrifty Housewife
in Omaha
Ten pieces Scotch Table Damask, pure linen. 72 inches
wide, sold regularly at $1.25 yd; Monday only, per
yard .. . 59
Five pieces high grade Belfast dew bleached double Da
mask, 2 yards wide; best linen value ever shown; well
worth $2.00 yd.; Monday only, yd 9S
Tweaty dozens pure Irish linen napkins, 22 inches square
put in half dozen lots; worth $3.00 per doz.; . Monday
only for -95
$50 dozens restaurant napkins, checked patterns, hem
med, ready for use; sold everywhere at 60c dos.; Mea
day only, per dos -35
Fifty dozens, the best klgh grade towel value ever of
fered, including hemmed aad kenutitched huoks and
satin daatasks; wertb up to 3 do ea.; Monday only,
each 10
One case of that heavy double woven table padding, 64
inches wide; 80c value. Preserve yeur poilahed table
top; Monday enly, yard 25
Replenish your spring aeeds here in Bed Spreads,
Sheet and Pillow Slips, where you get the best possible
material la genuine standard brands at leas than mill
coBtf production.
Atlantlo Mill Sheets, size $1x90, each 75
Fruit of Loom Sheets, size 81x90, each. . .,. ...... .75
Moaaw Valley Sheets, size 81x90, each' 59
Pepperell Sheets, size 81x90, each -59
Linen FiniBh Sheets, size 81x90, each 40
k Read these Grocery Prices Ur Monday. We save yon 25 per cent to 50 perct. on yur Housefurnlshing expenses
$17.60 Dining" Table solid oak
pedestal bane with patent lock,
46-lnch round top. 6-foot exten
sion, finely finished, a beauty at,
sale price Sia0
aa.OO Oak Stain Tails A-foot ex
tendon, apeulaX at J1S Oak Plains; TaMs I foot ex
tension, special, at... "4.TS
$7.50 Oak liag labia fr-foot ex
tension, special, at ,S6-6G
Ereriwo chads asraoxaxa
Mo Oaelrs, each ...TSo
U Chairs, each. .atto
(1.SS Chairs, each. .Sl-00
S1.6S Chairs, each fl.85
Cfo-Osjrta aad Carriages The moat
complete line you'll find oa dis
play In Omaha. Every Imagin
able style far the largest, most
roerAy carriage to the smallest,
roost compact, folding carta.
.You'll find the quality superior
here at prices
SUB, $a.SO, S3.88, f&OO, fTJSO
to $ 2a oo.
Sanitary Steel Coach Some
thing no home should be with
out, makes neat couch when
closed; full bed opened has three
rows ooU supports, special. S3.B0
Investigate nr Crodit System, Rend foe Oat 140-page ruratture
Toa'U rind 1 rt Most CeaTenient. i Catalogues,
.mi 1 i p-i.rn.iTn ... 1mm lmi
Manufacturer's Stock sSfe Women's Spring Rpparel
SkOMO Purchase On Sale Jt About Half
The manufacturers needed the money and our New York buyers, with plenty of cash at their
disposal secured stocks of high class Suits, Coats, Waists and Skirts to the amount of over $40,000
at an average of 50c on the dollar. Saturday, the first day of this sale, was the most successful sale
day of our experience, but Monday, Tuesday and every day this week will be fully as rich in bar
train offerings. Only a portion of this great stock can be shown in any one day, and new bargains will
be continuously brought forward. MONDAY WILL BE SUIT DAY.
Beautiful Silk Shirtwaist Suits Over
150 in the lot, made of SimonTs best
taffetas, in the newest spring shades
and styles, matchless bargains Mon
day at $12.50
Braided Jackets, in Copenhagens,
browns, navy blues and black, splen
did bargains at $12.50
See the new designs in the popular
Crown Jewel Suits, at $25.00
Women's $6.00 Silk Underskirts Mon
day at $3.95
Women's $2.00, long Kimonos, Mon
day at 98c
Women's $2.50 Heatherbloom Under
skirts Monday $1.45
Infants' 50c Long Slips Monday. 19c
( Watch daily papers for further an
nouncements. Ceme early.
An Elaborate Display of
Hew Styles
Curtains and Draperies
Scores of handsome new lines just received,
very richest effects, most complete assortment
and best values shown anywhere in Omaha.
Brussels BTei Curtains 5-
lnck wide with very elab
orate herders, five different
daulsaa. at pair SS.S8
Brussels 1st Curtains 8 Mi
yards long, 11-4 wide, score
, ef different designs, plain
centers with fancy borders,
pair 7.SO, S.SS, B.9S and 4.8
Beverclsle Carded Arabian
Curtalr s -splendid values,
' beautiful styles at pair,
S.S8, 4.SS, 3.SS aad
Oluay Curtains) the eorrect
. thing for the dining room,
all styles shown la- white
and ecru, at . pair,
1330, $1S, 8L6 down to tM
ftfi.VB Irish rolat, Wovelty aad
v, Brussels Bet, Cable Bet,
. Oluay aad Madras) Ourtalas
speolal, at pair. .4-83
Klsn City Cable Bet Curtains
made from sea island cot
ten strangest and most dur
able curtain ea the market,
'big ranee of patterns, pair
. 4.S8, 3.SS, S.BS and 1.98
Bew Curtain Materials 4 6-
lnoa celored Madras, In toe
new stained glass effects,
one ef tke rlokeat, new drap
ery fartos. at. yd So
42-tnok Madras fleral and
erteatal dealgns, at yd. tic
aa-iaoa Ms n res ill oolors,
yard 3So
Ss-taok Madras la cream and
greeus; yard Boo
M-lnoh Ourtalm Bwteses
dots, stripes and figures,
at. yard 16e
Se-Uoh Treaok Muslin la
colonial designs for bed
room drapes and bed covers,
yard BSe
60-iaoa Fillet Bet roinaa
lace design. Ivory white or
Arabian, at yard 1J14, Bl.SO
and a&o
BO-Inch ranoy Bet white or
Ivory, splendid values, S9o,
Me and S9o
Beavy Oeuon Covers 60-In.
wide, bagdad stripe, each,
at 8.88
Bops Bortlarea plain colors
or fancies. 4-SB, eVSO, down
to v8o
Vethlnsr te
of everything that you oaa find any.
as te equal this department
west of Chicago. Unmense snantltlea
where else, and thousands of up-to.
date geeds that are not found any
where In this town outside of this
I.nnranter's PreF GlnRliam 840
Bates' 8nrrlor Prese Olnhms.lSH0
The Celrbrated Toll du Nord-.-lS'tO
The CVIebrateil Amnskeag Ctlllty.lOo
The Engllah Hlgh-Orade Frn'les .18o
Wm. Anlrson's Genuine Scotch. 88o
Oally and Lord's Silk Warp 3!o
Printed Rllk Warp Foulnrds 39o
Printed French Organdies 39o
Printed French Organdies
Silk Warp Voiles 3o
P I Ik Wnrp Velles. Silk Strips. .. .39o
Domestlo Voile, fine mesh and
colors 18o
Bradford Fancies, yard tl B0L
11.25. fl.OO. 6o and TM
Linoleum Sate
A cash purchase of over 6,500 square yards of high grade
Linoleum, direct from the mills Half and. Less Regular
Some short lengths but i" A "7Tl Qualities that would
nearly all full bolts M J f "ell regularly up to
among the short 0 fw 75c sq. yd.; the most
lengths; many pieces CnZflPF VHPH delightful bargain op
to match; two lota at. t3WUrtnt ' fnu portunlty ever offered
Six Rousing Rug Specials for Monday
$15.00 Tapestry Hniswls Rugs
9x12 size; splendid assortment.
Bpwslal $10.50
$30.00 Axmtnster Rugs, bettt qual
ity, 9x12 size; 20 patterns to
select from; floral and oriental
doslgns. Special $21.08
ftS.OO Extra Armlnstor IIukb
Size 36x72. Sale price. . .$3.49
It will be impossible to fil
$18.00 Tarx-Mry Brussels Rugs
8-3x10-6 size; good range, 8 pat
terns. Special, at $12.08
$30.00 Royal Wilton Rugs 9x11
size; beautiful colorings; big
range of patterns, on sale, each,
at $35.00
$8.00 Kasmir Rugs 6x9 sire; no
wroag side. Special . . .$5.75
mail orders on linoleums, but
all orders for rug items will be given prompt and careful
Muslins, Sheetings, Domestics
In Our Famous Domestic RoomWe Have no Competition
Brown Sheetings, Da las, exactly
same count and weight as pepperal.
7- 4 yards lOo
8- 4 yards IS He
9- 4 yards 14o
10- 4 yards ISO
Tard wide. Bleached Muslin, first
call Ko
Woolward Bo
Extra Ho
Lonsdale o
Fruit 7o
Pepperal R '...SHo
Bed Spreads, full stss, tSo 89c, 60c,
76o and 91.00.
Lion Brand Long Cloths Bo
India Llnon . .
India Llnon ....
India Llnon
40-lnoh Lawns ,
16o White Goods
White Goods ..
White Goods
Apron Checks
Apron Checks ......
Standard Prints ....
Pine Dress Gtnghaaa
Best Dress Gingham
Bath Towels, Ittc. Stto, to, 7 Vie. IHa
and lOo
ri.00 Turkish Red Table Cloths.. BSo
$1.00 White Table Cloths 69o
$3.00 & $3 JO
" Try It Once
m carl mrmmJL yur wrist. 7t too tt,tJjust so
you ft J m ftnth frttsur. In Mf an koww you will
faint from tkmt ftntlt fires sur. So witk th resur
of ituOy-fttmf skoetl That's why you ftet so tirtJ
when night comes. But "Queen Quality" Shoes will
quickly relieve that trrti feeling. All shafts and leathers.
4S-lb. Sacks Best . Fancy, Highest
patent Fleur, for this sale.)l-S
10 Bars Best Brands Laundry
Soap 26o
10-lbs. Best White or Yellow Corn-
meal "o
The Best Somestio Macaroni
package V0
I -lb. cans Solid Packed Tomatoes,
for 'ia
5 tor .o
f cans Fancy Sweet Sugar Corn.
for v 5
Fancy Wax. String or Lima Beans
per can 7H
1 -lb. cans Golden Pumpkin, Horn
L lay. CMiuash. or Baked Beans. 7
The best Corn Starch, per pit g.. 4c
Brled Prult Vrloea For This Bale
Choice California Prunes, per
pound 4c
Fancy Santa Clara Prunes, per
pound 7fto
Fancy California Prunes, per
pound tMo
Fancy Muscatel Raisins, per
pound 7 Ho
Fancy California Seediest Rainlns.
per pound ......70
Fancy Imported Sultana Ralslna,
per pound ltVso
Fancy California Nectarines, per
pound l6o
Fancy California Grapes, lb..7VsO
Fancy California Pitted Plums, per
pound .j .....loo
Fancy New Tern JBvape Apples,
per pound a"'0
Fancy Sliver Prunes'. sr U...1&0
Fancy Seeded Raisins, per
pkWtti'jul 'neioo' Prices
Choice Hairy Butter, per lb...J0o
Fancy Dairy Butter, per lb... 24a
Fancy Country, Creamery Butter,
per pound o
Fanny Full Crosrni Wisconsin
Cheexe. per pound 15o
Tresb Tegetable Prloea for Monday
2 heads fresh Leaf Lettuce. .. .oo
4 bunches Fresh Radishes. .60
Large Cucumbers, each 60
1 bunches Fresh Onlens 60
t bunches Fresh Parsley 60
VTax or Green Beans per lb.,10o
Fresh Peas, per quart 60
Fresh Beets, Carrots or Turnips,
per bunch 40
Quart boxes fancy ripe Straw
berries 12 Ho
Fancy Freeh Dates, per lb...8Vo
Fancy Imported 7-Crown Figs.
per pound 12V0
Large Juicy Lemons, per dos.liio
Fresh Roasted Peanuts, per qt.60
Watch and wait for the Big
Annual Kese Bus and Harubbery
Monday for Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Rubber Hose, Etc.
Monday we wiu give away free
the best Hose Reel made with
every Garden Hose sold.
Best Rubber Hose, fully guaran
teed, 80, So, 10, 12 H We do not
hi'indle the cheap quality ruober
hose, because we cannot guarantee
Beit Bteel Garden Rakes, ISO, 19o
and 7 ,...S8o
Double Garden Hoe, best steel,
only lOo
tSc Garden Hoe, Monday ISo
11.00 Bteel Spading Fork, 4 tine
. at BSo
4-e.t Zlno Rose Sprinkler, oaly.lSo
Garden Weeders or Trowels, Mon
day : so
Children's Z6a Garden Sets, Rake,
hoe kndjfcpade, all complete for.Uo
Step Ladders, Monday, per foot.lOo
Heavy Braided Clothes Ltne..lo
If you want the best quality Gal
vanised Poultry Wire, ,why not
get It Monday for 90, la full
rolls, only 0o
To our out-of-town customers,
send for a color card of Our paint,
then order It by mall and stop
paying Sto and per gallon
when we sell the best for that,
.foot Collins- Busters, worth 40a,
at lo
Union made Parlor Brooms. .WHO
Extra heavy Rug or Carpet Beat
era, for ISo
Strong Willow Clothes Baskets. 49o
Studded nog Collars, all aises.S6o
Small Dg Collars, studded .... t o
Heavy Dust Pans, Monday.... 60
The Q. K. Waah Machine, Monday
for S4.76
The Western Washer - Monday,
for Si-75
m TXata to pautt.
we will sell odd slsus of
Paints, Enamels and Varnishes for
furniture, Iron beds, woodwork,
floors, etc., for Be and lOo per oan.
We sell more paint than any other
paint department in Omaha, be
cause we guarantee our paint or
money back. You can pay tl-IS
or J1.68 per gallon If you want to,
but why net get the best guaran
teed pain made (all colors) for
11.89 gallon. Good. Ready Mixed
faint only 9 So gallon, guaranteed I
years. We have sold this paint 10
years this Is guarantee enough.
Ordr here by mail, you'll find it
both convenient and profitable.'
Out f'town customers shou 14 send their
rders promptly t assure best satisfaction.'
"Trade, Excursions"
(Continued from Pago One.)
aenltn. of the cltys prosperity. One of
tho members of the party said, after the
first trade excursion:
' "I changed traveling companions on my
trip through the warehouses and factories
of 11. E. Smith Co. no leas than flvo
times and each tlmo I met a man whom
I knew by name, but about whose busi
ness I knew little. As we watched the
machinery In tho factory and saw the
piles of goods on the floors In the ware
house wo naturally talked over our own
business affairs. I learned something
from every one arid wo both learned some
thing from M. K. Smith Co. I don't
know when 1 have enjoyed two hours as
much1 since I have been trv business in
Omaha and that is twenty years."
Others went to the factory with tho be
lief that at most they would see overalls
In belts of blue cloth being sewed and
finished by some girls and men. But
after the trip they bad reen everything,
from heavy . storm coats to tho finest of
silk shirts; from a oufr to a salesman's
trunk and from a wooden box to a oup
of good coffee which Is supplied to fin
tloyae. All the things were qiade voder
one roof and have been for a long time,
&h4 until tiis local trade excursion tho
warehouse and factory walls kept their
secret well from the business men of
Omaha. And there are many industries
which have their secrets, but which tho
"Commercial Travelogues" expect to
Her Reason for Waiting
A reporter, Interviewing Thomas A, Edi
son about his remarkable U.000 eement
house a house that will bo molded and
ready for occupancy In a few days polnuj,
out certain objections to tho structure.
These objections caused Mr. Edison to
. smile.
"You have not yet seen my house," ho
said, "and you find fault with rt. Isn't that
rather previous? You, my young friend,
are more previous than a girl my assistants
have been telling me about.
"The first day of let us say, 1908-New
Year's day a man proposed to this girl and
was accepted. -
" 'But.' she said, 'I must insist that our
enx&gement be kept secret for a twelve
month.' '
" Whyr said the man, In dismay. He
had looked forward to a speedy marriage.
" 'Because, dear.' she answered. 'It's leap
year now, and people mtglit think I have
done Uie proposing.' "
Father of Prize Tamily v
T1 clerks of the Investigating commit
tee were sent to Virginia by the legislature
of West Virginia to look Into records and
other data concerning the debt question
involving tho two states. One passed In
1827 reads: '
"Whereas. It is represented to the gen
eral assembly that William Lynch, sr., of
the county of Brunswick is the father of
thirty-four legitimate children, of whom
twenty-seven are now living, that he has
been the husband of four wives, the last
of whom is now young and healthy and
gives him every assurance of an Increase
of his numerous progeny, thst he was a
soldier in the war of the Rebellion, and
has been thljugh life an urrlght and use
ful" cltiien. and that ase.ani the support
of his numerous family have at length
rendered him Infirm and poor;
"Do H enacted r-y the general assnmbly
that William Lynch of the county of
Brunswick shall be hereafter exempt from
the payment of any public or county tag,
tat levy, charge or contribution whatever,
and It shall not be lawful for any court,
sheriff, deputy, coroner or other publlo
officer within this commonwealth to de
mand or receive of said Lynch any
tax, levy, change or contribution."