Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 12, 1907, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 2, Image 10

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XVh'oDVi Fa, in tni? Week w th
Vart7 of flairs.
Katlvaal Vigilance loiumltlee Aetlv
1b taiuimluH for 1'rotecflon ul
Voanii Wotneu Outline of
UriaalMllua't Wsrk,
Lave Blladoeas.
tlii' vuhl I had derictlve Sight
tin lliai Kuiiiim r uu ,
I cuu.ii noi a-e ner nat s white
Or tn.ii uii iuu was aiay.
Thjnk: Gray and whiti-. for lover's eyes
Vi. tvrrylhing I viewed
biusinug iihc lue inuiiiing skits
Ail. uii wag roerme huU!
i h Luvebllnd.
The Social Calendar.
MOM MY-Mr. nnd Mrs. diaries Voorhees.
WgOm club; lr. Howard iieidrige, lou
dy ferldgii ciub; Mrs. K Vwi, ioikU
c1-jU; Mr. Harold iieynulds, umucr lor
lira. Jack Moore of Bioux. city.
TLKSDAY child having Inmuutc, annual
rliiHn; beta- soviet)-, box parly ul Hm-
WKDJSESDAY-Mra. D. W. Dickinson. K.
K. K, club; C. K. Wel.rr, KounUe i'lace
lu ii (iron club; Mrs. lierger, Le Veta
eluh, in Y. Y. club dance ai ireigntou
In.tlru'a ball.
THUKSDAl-Mrs. F. E. Young, West Far-
' nam Kensington club; Miss Kvelyn Berg
man. A. O. T. Howling club; Young
Woven i Harmony club, dunce at Cham
bers; Mrs Norman itothtKilx and Mrs. H.
Xojibld. card party for Mrs. Sum bchiank
of k ail well, okl.
SATUiiPAV-Mla Gold Murphy, after
noon rarty for Miss Lillian Bushman.
Spring In all lta glory la here at last
and every one seems bent on spending just
ts much time In the country as possible.
LJfe at the clubs stems to have blossomed
out Uke the trees and a delightful In
formality Is In the very atmosphere. It
is a most alluring time with the fields of
wild flowers that one finds Just outside
the city limits and Is suggestive of fresh
ness, warmth and a wholesome newness.
So It Is that society welcomes the' Jolly
hand that slaps the winter formality In
chaos- and gives spring its Inning. The
past week socially has been far from dull.
The most memorable events were the wed
ding of Miss Marlon Hughes and Mr.
George Redlck, the buffet luncheon given
by Mrs.' Harry Burkley on Tuesday end
Wednesday and the debutante luncheon
given by Mrs. Harry P. Whltmore for Miss
Franeea Wessels. The arrival of Mr. and
Mrs. ' Jenness and Miss Jenness of De
troit, Mich., to be the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. C. K. Yost brought forth dlnn-rs,
luncheons and theater Invitations which
will be continued this week. The arrival
of Mrs. Jacobs Friday to be the guest of
Colonel and Mrs. S. S Curtis for a week
will greatly aid In keeping things lively,
and then, the clubs with all of tholr at
tractions make a dull time impossible.
The Country club was not crowded Sat
urday evening either at the dinner or the
dance that followed. In honor of Captain
and Mrs. Leonard Wlldman, Mr. A. B.
Warren entertained the following ut Hin.
ner: Captain and Mrs. Wlldman, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Btuart of Council Bluffs. Miss
Daisy Donne, Miss Belle Dewey and Cap
tain Donne.
With Mr. and Mrs. William Sears Fop
pletoci were Mlsa Flora Webster, Miss
Ella Mae Brown, Mr. Stockton Heth and
Mr. Earl Gannett,
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Kennedy enter
tained In honor of their guest, Mr. Logan
f New Zealand. Covers were laid for
Mr. Logan, Mr. and Mra. George Prltchctt,
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Learned. Mr. and
Mrs. John L. Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
W Tatss, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Cowln and
Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy.
Mlsa Louise Peck had as her guests
Miss Elsie Funkhouser, Miss Bess Cong
don, Miss Bishop, Mr. Paul Gallagher, Mr.
Frank Tollard and Mr. Robert Dinning.
Mr. and Mra F. H. Davis and Mr. nnd
Mrs. Edward Porter Peck. Mr. and Mrs.
John French, Mr. and Mrs. John 8. Brady,
Mr. and Mra. 'Victor Caldwell and Mr. and
Mrs. Barkalow.
Mr. and Mrs. M. T Barlow had Mr.
and Mrs. Charlie Dewel. Mr and Mrs.
John Wilbur and Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Smaller dinners were given by Mr. Harry
Tukey, Mr. A. McClure, Mr. and Mrs
A. P. Oulou and Mr. Hosford.
The dance at the Field club was largely
attended Saturday evening, but the din
ner that preceded It was but scantily at
tended. With Mr. and Mrs. B. T. White
were Mr. J. B. Bhean, and Mr Roberts of
Bt. Taul, Minn., and Miss Gwendoline
Mr. and Mra Julius Kessler hsd Mrs
N. J. Kessier.
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Lane had a family
Mr C W. Partrlge had four guests, and
Mr. Will Chambers, four guests. ' -
aortal Chlt-Cliat.
Mr. and Mra Morris McKay have taken
A house at 57 South Twenty-eighth street.
Mc and Mrs. William I. Klerstead hsve
moved to their new home at 4802 Florence
Mrs. Philip Dodge has takfn the resi
dence of Mrs. George Patterson until Oc
tober, whlls Mrs. Patterson Is In Europe.
The wedding of Miss Whitney and Mr.
Philip Dodge will be solemnltsd Tuesday!
June It at high noon at Brookline, Mrss.
Mr. and Mra Charles F. Shaw announce
the angagement of their daughter, Miss
Leila, to Mr. Richard J. Skankcy. The
wedding will take place In June
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Burns are antl-l-
Ice Cream
Filled With Three
Flavors of Ice Cream
lf you fiy
"'e of Un.
Huff's little
nairela of i,e
!U-V4ii:j vrian you wi i
s- 'j now why
. ' ! .i..f-.". ' : tj
r e r r v n n d
rnoi'oiate. ini-h
froien when you jurchaso It at th
The lltrla h.,nl. . . . ... .
that It will keep the lw rem l irdj)
luHff iium t.n a nav. m I
nereseary to put It on IVo, vou en
take It to your home or oini-e. Icen
and eat It later at your convenience.
Quart slae, sufficient for six or ilrt
persons 40 j
Pint slse, sufrU-ioat for three or four
persons 8jj
1518 Farnam
Table 4'Hote Blaaei Today. Served
from 11 K. to g:3o r. M. rlo lOz.
'i iiair
rntlng a very delightful European trip.
Tliy expert to sail from New Tnrk on
June S fur Cherbourg, Franc, and latr
Will so to Dublin; Ireland, to attend ttwe
wed. lire; of a relative. Later th"V will JHn
a pnrty nrd mako a conrhlng tour through
En-.rhmd. Mr. Burns will return home In
AtKuet, but Mra. Bums will remain until
romlasr Events.
Mrs. iserger will be hostvss Wednesday
at the meeting of the Le Veta club.
The Child Saving institute will hold Its
nnual reception Tuesday afternoon.
The K. IC K. club will meet Wednesday
afternoon with Mrs. D. W. Dickinson.
Mr. and Mis Charles Voorhees will en
tertain tl.e Wghum club Monday evening.
Mrs. L. Veat will be hostess Monday aft-
ern on at the meeting of the Floroda club.
The Monday bridge club will be enter -
tn:n d this week by Mrs. Howard H.
The Kountsa Flace Luncheon club will
be cnUrtalBed Wednesday evening by Mrs.
C. K. teller.
Mrs. F. E. Young will be hostess Thurs
day at the meeting of the West Farnam
Kensington club.
Mts. Harold Reynolds will ehtertsln Mon
day evening at dinner In honor of Mrs.
Jack Moore of Sioux City.
The A. O. T. Bowling club will be en
tertained Thursday afternoon by Miss Eve
lyn Bergman at the Metropolitan club.
The Y. Y. club will give a May party
xvAnaMA( v vnlnr nt PrIxhtnn Inatitut
hall. This will be their last dance for this
The 8. T. N. club will meet with Mr..
Carl 8. Griffith, 2318 Spencer street. Sat-
urdsy afternoon to enjoy an afternoon at
ki.h .
f The honorary members of the Beta so
; ciety will give a box party Tuesday even
j :g at the Burwood to the members,
j chnporonrd by Mrs. Howard Colon.
Miss Golda Murphy will entertain Satur
j day afternoon In honor of Miss Lillian
Buslimsn, whose marriage to Mr. Alex
ander Stuart will take place In June.
Mrs. Norman Rothhols and Mrs. R. Ko
pald have issued Invitations for a large
! card party to bo given Thursday afternoon
In honor of Mrs. Sam Schlank of Black
well, Okl.
Pleasures Past.
In honor of Mrs Krlr.g of Yankton, 8. D,
Mr. and Mrs. ArthUr Gross gave an
J Orpheum party Saturday evening. They
I had eight guests.
! ' Dr. and Mra. H. N. McClanahan and MIhs
'Katheilne McClanahan gave a delightful
I card party Saturday evening in honor of
the senior class of the Omaha Medical
college. The house was decorated with
apple blossoms. High five was the game
played at twelve tables.
Mr. C. E. 8pens, Mr. Alex Jeffrey and
Mr. A. H. Merchant entertained at dinner
Wednesday evening at the Omaha club in
honor of a number of friends. Those pres
ent were Mr. Harry Cartan, Cdlonel 6 harp,
Mr. F. A. Nash. Mr. C. E. Yost, Mr. Ed
ward Porter Peck, Mr. Dickinson, Mr. N.
B. Updike, Mr. H. L. Cummlngs. Mr. E. M.
Fairfield, Mr. Dickinson, Mr. M. C. Peters
and Mr. Luther Drake.
Mrs. George H. Kelly ; entertained the
Saturday night club last week. Four tables
j were placed for the game and those prenent
were Mr. and Mrs. J. Foster, Mr. and airs.
F. E. Peurce, Mr. and Mrs. John Eyler,
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Robldoux, Mr. and Mrs.
Evert Smith, Mr. and Mra. W. II. Murray,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Palmatler, Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Ochiltree and Mr. and Mrs. Kelly.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Murray will entertain
the next meeting of the club, which will
be held In two weeks and will be the last
for ths season.
The women of the German coffee were
entertained Thursday afternoon by Mrs,
Elizabeth RJtter. The afternoon was spent
In playing games, after which a luncheon
waa served. The prises for the games were
won by Mrs. Store and Mrs. Specht,
Those present were: Mrs. Anna Btoecker,
Mrs. Tennle Schnitx, Mrs. Hattle Epeneter,
Mrs. Sophie Baumer. Mrs. Lena Bpecht,
Mrs. Dora Tepke, Mrs. Lang, Mrs. Emma
Jobst, Mrs. B. Richards, Mrs. Nettle Beck
man, Mrs. Anna Brhafer. Mrs. Minnie Btors,
Mrs. Anna Fruehauf and Mrs. Annie Teb
blns. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Scrtbner entertained
the lost meeting of the Harmony club Sat
urday evening, when seven tables were
placed for tho card game. Those rresent
were Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Pollard, Mr. and
Mrs. F. A. Ewlng, Mr. and Mra. Robert
Dinning, Mr. and Mrs. McCoy, Mr. and
Mrs. John Robblns, Mr. and Mrs. W. I
Belby, Mr. and Mrs. F. Baker, Mr. and
Mrs. E. A. Benson, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Dale. Judge and Mrs. W H. Munfer, Mr.
and Mrs. D. V. Bholesk Mr. and Mrs. E. D.
Van Court. Mr. and Mrs. Ben White Mr.
and Mrs. H. N. Wood. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. E.
Bates and Mr. and Mrs. Scrlbner.
The women of the German Coffee club
celebrated their twenty-fourth anniversary
Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. John
Baumer. The parlor and reception hall
were fragrant with carnations an Ameri
can beauties, the same flowers making a
pretty centerpiece for the refreshment
table. The afternoon wa spent Informally.
Those present were Mrs. Bealcr, Mra.
Turtle. Mrs. Baumer, Mrs. Reekman, Mra.
Fruehauf, Mrs. Epeneter, Mrs. Jobst, Mrs.
Lang, Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Rltter. Mrs Sohafer,
Mrs. Stori. Mra Anna Btoecker, Mrs.
Sennits, Mrs. Stebbene, Mra. Tepke and
Mrs. Bpecht.
Come and Oo Gossip.
Mrs. F. B. Southard Is visiting friends In
Denver, Colo.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. C. Keoyon returned
home Friday from an eastern trip.
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Barr have as their
gucat Mr. Leicester Barr of Chicago.
.ars. H. T. Leinist is expected home Mon
duy from a week s visit In St. Louis.
Mrs. Don J. Adams and baby have re-
tumed from a visit in Superior, Neb.
Mrs. Bainuei bt-niana or uiacaweii. um, i
. n . . . .... . A. f
is visiting ner moiner, airs. . ropuia.
. Mr. Harry Cartan and Mr. John 8. Brady
I will ;.ave today for a trip to California.
Mrs. A. L. Mohler has returma honu !
! afiur spending the winter In the south
Mrs. t. B. Preston has retuined from
'ruse Christian, where she spent the winter.
I Mia. W. A. PixU-y is in Chicago, the
! Ki t of Jill Blanche Van Cjurt Schneider.
! M.: Gertrude' lllckey of Chicago Is the
i ku' st of Mls Su lla Murphy for a few
Tho Missis Bennett of Toronto, Car. a da, (
are the gjtets of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Mar.
Mis. Kltln cf Pittsburg, who was the
iit of Mrs. J. Luhrasn, has reiuruoj
Miss MilUrd ar-
! Senator MIHarJ and
I rived heme Saturday from an exlendei
trip ahr.'Rd. :
I Mrs. V. H. Munger retu-ned Tuesday .
j from a stay of several weeks at Kacel-
J s'or t-prlngi. i
j Mrs. Ruymond C. Helm of Duluth Is
I visiting her parents. Mr. anl Mrs. John,
B iwamit-y.
Mr. and Mrs. CharUs T. Kountse are
expected home the early part of the week
from New York.
Mrs. :c;.iinioc. ua. jraDfr ,n1 j rank j jt la persistently rumored that ths Oer
Fabr of Canton. O.. are the guests of 1 msn contractors Intend to negotiate dl
Mrs. Milton Barlow. j rK.tly with the niaghsen for the construe-
Mre. M. D. BaKr and son Frederick are j tlon at Tangier of a large breakwater,
the guests of Mrs. Baker's parents. Mr. ( wnlch woul(1 i contrary to tha Alerlraa
and Mrs. F. O. Vriau. ;
.Captain D. F. Keller, formerly stationed '
I at Fort Crook, spent several days of last j
I week wltu Omaha, friends. Ue has ra-
signed his position In the army and Intends
to engage in the sheep business In Idaho.
Dr. H. N. McClanahan leaves May 28 for
the meeting of the American Medical aaso
elation at Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. Royal D. Miller and email
son are spending a few days in Des Moines,
the guests of Mr. Miller's parents.
Mrs. Charles D. Rich of Oreen Bsy, Wis.,
is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Brnd.
bury and Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Uich.
Mr. Elmer Redlok, who came home to
attend the wedding of his brother, re
turned Friday to his school at Faribault,
Mra. Robert Dosler baa returned from a
two weeks' visit In Dunlap, la., where she
wus called by the serious Illness of her
Mr. nrd Mrs. E A. Cudahy and Josenii
Cudahy have returned from Chlcaso where
! they were rnl'ed by the serious illness of
John Cudahy.
Captain and Mrs. Robert Hamilton are
In San Francisco, where Captain Hamilton
has rejoined Us regiment, the Twenty
S"cond Infantry.
Dr. and Mrs. 11. N. McClanahan and
daughter. Miss Katherlne McClnmhan, ex
pect to sail June 15 for Europe where they
will spend six months.
Mrs. J. Percy Flolshcl and small son,
Wellor Flelshel, left Saturday evening for
Tyler, Tex.; where they will spend six
weeks visiting friends.
Mlsa Elisabeth Congdon will leave Mon
day for Sterling, 111., where she will be
present at the wedding of her cousin, after
wh,ch ,he wl11 vl,lt veral places In the
and Mrs. Frank Templeton of Seattle,
wh" Lav be'n h quests of Mr.
mr'' t"v" ' ,rolon"a
their visit owing to the Illness of their
small daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Dwlght Swobe of San
FYanclsco arrived today and will be with
Mr. and Mrs T. J. Rogers. They will
only spend one day In Omaha as Mr.
Bwobo's business calls him to Chicago, but
they may make a longer visit on their
way home.
Provisions of Measure Passed by the
Late Nebraska Legla
latnre. Piotably no measure paased by the last
legivlutuie is of more Interest to the wo
mon of Nebraska' than the decedent bill,
or the woman's property rights bill as It
was more generally called. The bill was
pasiicd at the Instance of the club women,
but owing to some amendments tn the
legislature the provisions of the new law
are not generally understood and the fol
loiv.n summary has been prepared by D.
L. Johnson of Omaha, who drafted the
bill, for the benefit of the tnanv women
who have made Inquiry:
The main purpose of the bill was to give
the surviving husband or wife a fee In
terest In the real estate of the other In
stead of a life estate aa under the old
law. Section I of Senate File 73, which"
passed both houses of the lecrlslature end
was signed by the governor, provides aa follows-
(Descent where husband or wife survive)
whon any person shall die, leaving a hus
band or wife surviving, all the real estate
of wblcl. the deceased was Beised of an
estate of Inheritance at any time during
the marriage, or In which the deceased
was possessed of an Interest elthar legal
or equitable at the time of his or her death,
which has not been lawfully conveyed, by
the husband and wife while residents of
this state, or by the deceased while the
husband or wife was a non-reaident of
this state, which has not been sold under
execution or judicial sale, and which has
not been lawfully devised, shall descend
eubjeut to his or her debts and the rlghU
of homestead. In the manner following:
First. One-fourth part to the husband or
wife if the survivor is not the parent of
all the children of the deceased and there
be on or more children, or the Issue of
one or more dec-en od children, surviving.
Second One-third part to the husband
or wile If the survivor Is the parent of all
the children of the deceased and there be
two or more children, or one child and
the issue of one or more deceased chil
dren, surviving.
Third. Ons-half to the husband or wife
if thj aurvlvor Is the parent of all the chil
dren of the deceased and there be only
one child, or the Issue of a deceased child,
Fourth. One-half to the husband or -wife
If there be no child, nor the issue of any
deceased child nor children, surviving.
Fifth. If the deceased leave relatives of
his or her blood, the residue of the real
estate of which ha or she shall die seised.
In the cases above named, when not law
fully devised, shall descend subject to the
rights of homestead, in the same manner
and to the same persons as hereinafter
provided for the descent of real estate of
deceased persons leaving no husband or
wife surviving; and in the event the de
ceased loave no relatives of his or her
blood, the residue of the real estate herein
provided for. shall also descend to the
surviving husband or wife.
Section 2. Provides for the descent of the
real estate where no husband or wife sur
vive and the same Is not necessary for t ie
Fayment of debts and has not een law
ully devised. Ths provisions oj this tac
tion are the same as tho present law. ex
cept that where there Is no Issue the estate
descends to the father and mother equally,
or to the survivor of them, and !iot to the
father first and mothe afterward, as un
der the present law.
Section 1. Provides for the distribution
of the personal property and Is practically
the same aa the present law, except that
the residue of the personal property after
the allowances and debts have been paid,
shall be distributed in the same propor
tions and to the same persons as take the
real estate.
Section . Abolishes dower and curtesy.
By section 6 It is provided how a mar
ried man or woman may bar his or her
Interest in the real estate of the other, and
Is as follows:
(Right to Inherit; how barred.) The right
of a married man or woman to Inherit a
part or all of the real estate of which his
or hr spouse was seised of an estate of
Inheritance at any time during the mar
riage, mav be barred bv a conveyance ex
ecuted by such husband -and wife while i
residents of this Hate. and. if either such :
husband or wife be not a resident of this
state, by a deed of conveyance executed I
either by both of snld parties or bv the
one seized at the time of such conveyance;
nnd arh rlxht to inhf r!t may also he
barred by the sale of suc' real eu - - ;
oer execution or other Judicial sale during
the ilietlnie of the owner of the title.
Section t. Provides for ante-nuptial con- I
trort" ard is procllCftliy me same aa mo i
present law. ... .
i . m . . n u.. r. action lo t.iK? under
I the ln.:t "will rrd tramment of the de-
ranpn. i r it ium ij
nd di,,,.,,,!,,,,. the Interest in the estate
tr, .me as It mere nna nei-n no win. ;
S;;..on V rrvHe then.e andhe ,
gi,a'n he within one year after the- la-nance j
of le'er tent im.-nt.iry. and ""H be In
wiltlr.R nnd lil a in me i nu-e oi mc cuuinjr
Gerruona Sail t Yl-ilnle Alweclrau Art
In FrTort to Secure
C.-"frnrt. I
TANGIER. May 11. (Sneelsl I Sid Mo-
hammed el Torres has contracted (rir tho
drainage woiks and the construction of a
boulevard with the firm of Reisrh-nh iui.
whos" est!me amounts to f;-5.000. The!
dlnloTrstic bodv hod adoDted the view thV
these works could only be undertaken by
adjudication. This also is relieved to be!
,, drly Indicated in the text of the!
Algeclras act. In the French-German j
agreement of September. IDOj. It a ss pro-
vld(i that the contracts given to French!
and Oerman firms should te of eiual !
lvalue. The Increase In the estimate of the'
j l.arlche works destroys the balance to
: tha advantage of Germany to the eatent
uf nearly 60 per cent. .
,ct The ,ttltun-e or Dr. Rosen has caused!
aatonl.hment and rearet la nr. ..i h.,l
the Algeclras act has been put lo question I
by German pretension ;
Sailor Hats
We are the First to Show Sailor
Hats This Season
Knowing that they are to be extensively worn
wo arc prepared to meet the demand.
Black sailors will be very much in vogue,
white ones will also lie worn. We offer you
splendid -values in either kind at
69c 98c $1.48
Woman's Christian Temprano Union Con
duct Irititite at Cou.b, Cmaha,
Omaha CInb Also Scene of Much
Festivity Visitors, Brides and
Debutantes Feted aael
The Susan B. Anthony memorial fund of
100,000 haa been completely subscribed. The
money is to be used for the promotion of
the cause of woman suffrage, to which
Miss Anthony gave her life. The movement
was started a year ago last February,
when the National Suffrage association met
In Washington, D. C. At that time it was
stated by officers of the association that
If $12,000 annually for five years could be
placed at their disposal over and above
the present Income, more could be ac
complished for woman suffrage than haa
been gained In the last twenty years. The
establishment of this fund was later de
termined upon as a memorial to Miss
Anthony, Miss Mary Carey Thomas, presi
dent of Bryn Mawr college, and Miss Gar
rett being among the most active In rais
ing it.
All subscriptions to the fund were made
contingent to the raising of tha whole
amount, ri0,000, on or before MayL 1907,
and with the exception of the subscriptions
of members of the committee and - two
other persons, the entire fund was sub
scribed during the first two months. The
following subscription list arranged in. order
of date will be of interest to many: '
Miss Garrett, Baltimore I t.BOO
Mrs. Henry Villard, New York J.WO
A Friend, New Ifork t.WO
Mra. Kuseell Sage, New York 1.600
Mrs. tjulncy A. Shaw, Boston I. WO
Mrs. Cooiiley Ward, Chicago 16"0
Mra. Henry M. Wilmarth, Chicago.... 1.600
Mrs. David P. Kimball, Boston t,60
Mrs. Russell Sage, New York (second
im commit J Raxtol Philadelphia....
I. DO)
Mrs. Mary A. Burnham. Philadelphia 100
Mr. and Mrs. isaao iiouuer, j-ima-
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Henssey,
Miss Emily Howland, Sherwood, N. Y.
Mrs. Robert Abbe, New York
Mrs. Frederick Nathan, New York...
A Friend, Providence. R. I
Miss Blla Mench, Philadelphia
Dr. Anna P. Bharpless. Philadelphia..
Mrs. Elisabeth Smith Miller, Geneva
N. Y
Miss Anne Fitahugh Miller, Geneva,
N. Y
Mrs. William M. Ivlns, New York
Mrs. I.ucretta L. Blankenburg, Phila
A Friend
Total tSO.OOO
By the conditions of the gift this SO,000
was to be paid over by the chairman and
treasurer of the committee to the officers
of the National American Woman Suffrage
association on the first day of May, In
five equal annual payments beginning May
1. 1907, for the next five years with In
struction that $4,600 or about one-third
of the amount shall be used each year to
pay salaries to the devoted women who
are giving their whole time to the equal
suffrage cause, and that the remaining
7.600 shall be used at the discretion of
the officers of the National American
Woman Suffrage association to promote
the cause of equal suffrage by every means
In their power.
Tempereace Institute.
The Women's Christian Temperance
union of Douglas county will eonduot
temperance Institute at South Omaha Mon
day and Tuesday of this week under the
direction of Mrs. S. K Daily of Univer
sity Place. The meetings will be held
at the First Methodist church, the Insti
tute to open Monday morning at I o'clock
with devotional exercises. A Demorest
medal contest will be a feature of Mon
day's session. Tuesday's session will open
at 9:45 a. m , the following program having
been arranged:
Devotional exercises, Mrs. D. Banner;
"Local and Special Conditions of Work and
What We Expect to Accomplish by this
Institute," Mrs 8. K. Dolly: 10:16, "Tem
perance In the Sunday School." Mrs. Cora
Fellers: 10:45. general discussion. "How
to Add to Membership and Activity of
I.ocal I'nlons." Mrs. Adelaide Rood; noon
tide hour of prsyer. Miss Lottie Schroeder;
1 p. m. devotional exercises, Mrs. N. Mc-
KlttrKk; :30 P m.. ine loy anu ma
Cigarette," E. K. Dennlson; 8 p. m., free
parliament, "How May Christians Make
AKgresK've Wiirfure Against the Saloon?"
Dr Wheeler. Mrs. E B. Towle, W. R.
Patrick, A G. Young; 8 p. m., devotional
exercises. Rev. Kurl G. W. Hiller; address.
Mrs. 6. K. Dally; offering; benediction.
i i.e woi K of the national v g. lance com
mittee, organised a few inunihs ago to
l,ivk up the white slave tiarTlc In this, is already beginning to be felt,
although the organisation Is still Imper
fect. Working together In this committee
aru n.en and women of national prominence
In philanthropic and Christian work.
Among them are M:ss Grace Dodge of
New Yo k, president of the Young Women's
Christian Association f the United States;
Cardinal UiLbons. Bishop W.jN. McVickar
of ITovldence, R. I., Rev. Anna Garlln
Spencer and many others equally well
known. Deialls concerning the methods of
work to be conducted by the committee will
not be made public, but the publlo Is as
sured that they will be carried out Intelli
gently and energetically as the personnel
of tho committee suggests. It may be said
in general, however, that the endeavor will
be to search out the sources of the traffic
and ascertain facts, with the hope that
when tl.e data la In hand an effective rem
edy may be found. On the other hand, the
work will be largely preventive. The
committee baa announced the following line
of work: !
L To break up Uit Lntaroatlonai while j
! June the Month of Brides
Let us furnish your Invitations. We have a large and varied stock and
our facilities are of the best. We are competent to Judge of the excellence of
every detail, because we have bad a practical training.
Monograms and Initial Work Spciolty. High Class Cor
respondence Papnra. Wedding Invitations. Announcements.
Reception, At Home and Address Cards. Samples and Prices
' Bent on Request.
Big Drug Sale Monday !Sn
Monday, May 13, will be one of these very busy days at our store, but all
will be promptly waited upon for our clerical force now numbers 83. If you
live at a distance from our store use the telephone and we will do the rest
Rubber Goods
Cut Prices Monday
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8-qt. Water Bottle 60c
Rubber Gloves, per pair 39c
Atomizers, Monday 35c to 11.50
Bath Cabinets, $3.60 to $5.00
We are agents In Omaha for the famous REXALL Remedies, the most
meritorious line of family medicines. Write for our Drug and Rubber Goods
Catalogue. It will tell you more.
Sherman (Si McConnell Drug Co.
Corner 16th and Dodge Streets.
Going to have another good drug store soon, corner 16th and Ilamey
Gold Plates
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In fitting Gold Plates. I use pure
gold, no alloy, and fit them per
fectly, so you see I take no risk
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Painless Silver Fillings, 75c.
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Douglas Sts.
'Phone Douglas 6711. Open Even
ings until 9. 8undays, io to 3.
,IfTV'amo bjr attacking Its sources.
c,:,-: . 1 " ui"ry to the United
States government, and as an ally to sim
ilar associations In foreign countries thus
completing the organisation of the civilised
i. To Stimulate tha foi-mtlnn r.t i.
tlons In all our cities to warn and protect
glr Is and women, and to Improve local con-
4. To co-operate with all associations
whose work Is In harmony with ours, and
conatltute for them a centar of Inform. n..
suggeailoa and assistance.
6. To Investigate lnatanrpa nt wi.nH..l.
to girls snd women, to care for them and to i
see that tha offanders are punished.
Mra. Peuttle at Oakaloosu.
Among the much anticipated numbers on I
the program of the Iowa Federation blen. I
nlal to be held st Oskaloosa thas week, will
be a talk on "Club Study," by Mrs. Ella
V. Peattle. former president of the Omaha
Woman's club. Since leaving Omaha Mrs.
Peattle has been on the staff of the Chicago
Tribune and hss also completed several
books, chiefly of shoit stories that have!
aDDeared from time to time In various1
magaslnes. Mrs. Peattle Is an enthusiastic!
club woman, being a member of the Fort
nitrlitlv club of Chicago, tha I.vraum r.t
London, the Chicago Woman's club and an:
honorary member of the Omaha Woman's
The decision of Mrs. Emma Y. Byers to'
decline the offer of the St. Louis Young
Women's Christian association snd -retain
th general secretaryship of the local asso-1
elation ! heartily appreciated by all fa
miliar with Mra. Byers work among the
young women of Omaha.
The Mothers' Circle of Lathrop arbool will,
meet in the kindergarten room of the
school Tuseday afternoon. May 14, at I
o'clock. Superintendent Davidson will sd-;
dress the women and an invitation has
been extended to ail mothers Interested in
the ' '
I-N - -)
w v t V
CO. 1616 Farnam St.
Patent Medicine
And Toilet Goods Prices
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Studio B48 rtimti Bnlldlna".
Talaphone, Harasy aa7.
'roivneil (Jail
.. in full th. entrant "Vu "ot
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lor year of advance coui.e. t'artlUcata Jn
coll. preparatory courie adm !2
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Exceptional n.lvantases In Music Art Ji
Ijomestlo Hvltucm Well .quired Jfmuf
slum and outdoor sports. Htudent,"
red sympath.tlcaliy by wo.uen of j.r'i':
prictlcal xperlenc with arirla In .i
Fl.hly Important formative L"t
fourteen ud teniy-oi.a yeara of aaLr
ud for Ulusualed Xj Uvvk.
f IP
161 1 HnwKitl SlrtH l.
Is a thoroughly American Cafe, with a
diilnty Jupaneae nanio pronounced Koeko
Fan a as In father and means "Little
I Chrysanthemum."
j It is the home of the exquisite, where
tea and coffee of the best hrards tire pro
perly brewed; whore sandwiches, salads,
pastries and cakes arc speclully prepared
all food being home cooked. It Is not
only a quiet retreat for the nmtlnee put
ron; a rest rc.m for the weary shopper,
but a refuge for the busy business people
who want their noon day luncheon as near
like "Home" as It can be made. Every
thing Is done under Mrs. Van Brunt's per
sonal supervision and she's lust
anxious as you are that It shall he "Just
Table d'Hoie Dinner
Ine ru i. n t
11:30 a. m. to 8:00 p. m.
1508-10 Howard Street
Music by Moullon's Orchestra.
New Bixr and Chili
VBXICAH cam COW oasbtx and
Special Attention la Olven to Orders
Sent Oat
xjtb ramos
Bl B. 14th St. Donglaa 4449
Ziaoles' Chili arlor Upstairs
1516 Dodge St
Table d'Hotc Dinner,
40c and 50c, Sunday
Why bother about setting up a sunder
dinner at home. Get on the car and come
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iwi iuv U.J.
The PaxtonCafe
Will Berre
Table d'Hotc Sunday
After May 15th, 1907, wo discontinue'
business at our present location 1511
Farnam St. Our entire stock of restau
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ll-ln. 11.60
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ls Alaiilcure Supplies.
Hair Dressing-, Marcel
5F ' Wavlnj
.fj HChfro;
iff, Facial in d
IrnnnHv . ,.l
4Stttl." eurlna for both Ladles'
i.n !' and a-ntlemfln.
Appointments by phone, !us;lis 233
mua ULixa, avis rsrnuu uirwi
Don't Blame
the Doctor
If you had your prescriptions tilled
with drugs that are not fresh. Al
ways get the best when getting a
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self on accurucy and purity of drugs,
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Beaton Drug Co.
15th and Farnam
Lovers of Music
Are cordially invited to attend a n
cltal given by Dr. and Mrg. jiarto.,,
and their pupils ou next Monday own
ing. May 13th, at 8:15, at the lp.,-,1.
ler & Mueller Auditorium, 1313. Fur
nam street. Admission Free.
Mrs. M.S. Pierce
Shampooing", Halrdresslag and Massag-lag.
atanlcurtag for both ladla and aronUoueo.
Make appointment hy phone. lo jj
i r. i r