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lows Court Lars Dowo Sals in Parr-are
Suit from Carroll.
Employe of JRallroaa Company At
tack ea by Tramps ana Beaten
So Severely He May Die
Tramps I'ader Arrest.
by the officers of the club agreeing to give
pesa permits to the parties complaining to
use the road to the lake. The fence waa
Offlrr, IS Scott t. Tel. 4a.
erected by the club to keep undesirable
persona off the club grounds.
Dunn, drugs.
Dtockert Delia carpets.
Ed Roger' Tony Faust beer.
Fine engrvlnee at LefTert.
See Bchmldt'e elerant new photos.
Lewis Cutler, fun -ral director, 'phona 17.
Woodrlns; Undertaking company. Tel. 588.
I. Murcl, the Ire cream man. Wholesale.
.All flavors. Thnnes 364.
Talk, to lefkert about it.
New mahogany and roHewood photo
frames. Alexander's. 333 Ftroadway.
Wadding and engagement rlnga at tha
right price. O. Mauthe, Z West Broad
way. Tho district court grnnd Jury Is expected
to report this mrrnlng and will then ad
iim far the term.
Lrftwn mowers sharpened and parasols
repaired. Fetereo., the reliable mechanic,
101 West Broadway.
J. F. Ollein out iRsued a building permit
yesterday for a two-atory frame residence
on Kraiiit street, to coat M.0O0.
Mrs. DeVol, 332 Willow avenue, has re
ported to the police the theft of a gold
watch and Sh In money from her houm.
A supposed burglar attempted to enter
tha house of Kay Hickman at 612 Curtis
street Tuesday isght. but wm frightened
PRIETORS. A. H. Wllklns, having resigned, has been
succeeded by C. L. Whipple as tmlnmantcr
for the Milwaukee road on the Chicago
Council II luffs division.
The Board of Education la asking bids
for the wrecking of the old high school
building, It having been found Impracti
cable lu use the building for a ward school.
A marriage license was Issued yesterday
to Arthur Anderson of David City, Neb.,
aged 23, and I .aura James of this city, ageu
iu. They were married by Rev. Henry Ue
Long. The city council has ordered an extension
of the water main on North hJghtn street
from Avenue K to Avenue O, the pipe to be
laid ahead of the paving ordtreu on that
Articles of association of the Tabernacle
Baptist church were tiled for record yes
terday. The trustees are R. M. i'atterson,
Paul Giles and Nathan Turner. Lulu Hen
tlrlck la the clerk.
Dr. W. W. Mngarrell, optometrist, now
open for business. 10 Pearl street. Council
bluffs, la. Business 'phone 523, residence
'phone Cedar 15 A I. The only exclusive
optical store In southwestern Iowa.
KJlsabeth, the Infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. K. Ty,n, 63o South First street,
died at a late hour Tuesday night. Ihe
funeral waa held yesterday afternoon,
burial being in Wulmit Hill cemetery.
The tlrst moetlnir of the creditors of W.
. B. Hewetson, adjudged a bankrupt Tues
day, will be held lu the offlce of Referee
Mayne, Saturday, May 18 at 10 a. m. At
this meeting the creditors will select a
George B. Thelps and Myron Van Brunt
have composed a comic opera, entitled
"Yucatan," which they plan staging before
long. They wre assisted In the music by
Mrs. Jane Beno of thia city and they ex
pect to have Miss Lillian Pitch lake cnarge
of the staging of the opera.
Contracts for the curbing on the streets
ordered paved this year have been awarded
as follows. To the Council Bluffs Hydraulic
Htone company, for the combination curb
ing and guttering on Lower Broadway; to
fci. A. Wickham, for all other combination
curbing and guttering, and to Pete Nelson,
for the straight curbing.
Graduation Time
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old mattresses made over, feather beds ren
ovated, feather mattresses made and all
kinds of upholstertng a specialty. George
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black. 19 South Main street
Give us your order for that spring car
pet. We do the rest sew, lay and fit It
right to your room. D. W. Keller. 108 a
Meade Comes to lllnrh School.
Prof. F. L. Meade of the Iowa City High
echool probably will be elected a member of
the Council Bluffs High school faculty to
succeed Prof. Robert Bwaine. Prof. Meade
has resigned his position at Iowa City and
was In the city recently In consultation
with Superintendent Clifford and members
of the Board of Education. It Is under
stood he will be elected at the meeting of
the board on May 21.
Learn Your Baby to Walk.
We have just received a shipment of
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Lace curtains. Btockert Carpet Co.
Citv Scavenger
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Garbage, ashes, manure and all rub
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Tmporar Order Tuned Beitralnln Com
mission from Onstinc Kim,
Law Creatine the Board of Fir sail
Police Commissioners Is Attacked
on Constitutional Uroands
by HI Attorneys.
The charges filed by O. P. McKesson
against Chief Jones of the Are department
were not heard by the newly created Fire
and Police commission yesterday morning,
and R. W. Jones Is still chief of the fire
department of Council Bluffs, despite the
determination of certain parties to oust
him from that position la order that the
former chief. Charles M. Nicholson, may
be Installed in his place. The members of
the Fire and Police commission received
another setback yesterday morning when
Deputy Sheriff McCaffrey served notice on
them of the temporary restraining order
granted by Judge Wheeler late Tuesday
The hearing on the application for a
restraining order against the commission
has been set by Judge Wheeler for Satur
day morning, and In the meanlma Hubert
Tlnley, B. M. Sargent and Louis Zur
mtielilen are enjoined from assuming or
attempting to net as a Board of Fire and
Police commissioners, so as to In any way
Interfere with Jones In the discharge of
his duties as chief of the fire department,
or from enforcing an order restraining
Chief Jones, or from requiring him to de
liver property of the city to the control of
another, or to require him to cease to
wear the uniform as chief of the deport
ment. Judge Wheeler's order clearly reinstates
Jones as chief of the fire department and
annuls the order of the commission last
Saturday night suspending him pending the
hearing of the charges filed by McKesson.
Life of Commission at Stake.
This temporary restraining order waa
issued by Judge Wheeler for the reason
that State Senator Saunders, as counsel
for Chief Jones, commenced quo warranto
proceedings yesterday morning in the dis
trict court attacking the constitutionality
of the law creating the Fire and Police
In attacking the constitutionality of the
law the following charges are made: That
the provisions of the act are In contraven
tion of section 8 of article 1 of the con
stitution of the state of Iowa as follows:
"All laws of a general nature shall have a
uniform operation; the general assembly
shall not grant to any cltlsen or class of
citizen privileges or immunities which
upon the same terms shall not equally be
long to all cltlrens."
That It Is contravention of the constlut
tion of the state of Iowa in that it requires
a political test aa a right to hold the office
of member of the Board of Fire and Police
commissioners, and denies to all persons
excepting those holding certain political
beliefs, and having certain . political af
filiations, the right to hold and enjoy the
office referred to.
Another contravention of the state con
stitution charged Is that the law limits
the selection of members of the commission
to citizens of the state who shall have
been residents of the city In which they are
appointed for more than five years next
preceding their appointment and thereby
denies to such citizens who have not been
residents that long the right to hold such
offlce. Further, It Is charged that the law
Is In contravention of the state constitution
in that It limits the selection of the mem
bers of the commission from the two lead
ing political parties and denies the right
to all persons not members of such political
The final result of the proceedings here
will be watched with interest by seven other
cities in the state In which the fire and
police departments are now under control
of a commission. They are Sioux City,
Des Moines, Davenport, Clinton, Cedar
IRaplds, Burlington and Dubuque, tntll
the law waa amended by the last legis
lature Des Moines was the only city having
a fire and police commission.
Bee OIHee Moved.
The Council Bluffs offles of The Omaha
Bee has been moved from No, 10 Pearl
street, where It has been for the last
ten years, to No. IS Scott street. The new
office Is directly north of the Sapp block
and opposite the Nebraska Telephone com
pany's building.
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 250. Night, L-691
Bee office removed to 15 Scott street op
posite Nebraska Telephone building.
Gun CInb Settles Complaint.
Councilmen Maloney, Hendrig and Smith
went to Cut-Off yesterday to Investigate the
complaint of certain residents of that sec
tion of Council Bluffs that the Omaha Rod
and Oun club had fenced off a part of
Eighth street so as to shut off access to
the lake front The difficulty was settled
the joy of the household, for without
no happiness can be complete. How
sweet the picture of mother and babe,
angels smile at and commend the
thoughts and aspirations of the mother
bending over the cradle. The ordeal through
which the expectant mother must pass, how
ever, is so full of danger and suffering that
she looks forward to the hour when she shall
ii.oo per rarsnnnnrx
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fitting and our methods. We only aak an
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409 Broadway.
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Machine Balks and Furnishes gome
Fnn for the Cnnuellmen.
Mayor Macrae has joined the ranks of
the auto enthusiasts and a few dnvs ago
acquired ownership of a first-class ma
chine. He rode to the meeting' of the
city council Tuesday night In It and he
rode home In It, but h? did not reach homo
as early as he had planned or anticipated.
While the meeting Tuesday night was not
aa prolonged aa that of the previous night.
It was past 11 o'clock when Mayor Macrae
got aboard his auto and started to "crank"
the machine up, while Manager Hart of
the water works company, who was to be
driven home by the chief executive, stood
on the sidewalk.
The mayor commenced to "crank" and
the machine commenced to wheeze as If
It had the Influenza, but nothing more.
Nothing daunted the mayor kept on crank
ing until the perspiration streamed down
his face. Then he doffed his overcoat
and went at the cranking once more. The
machine persisted in doing nothing more
than wheeze. By this time the eight mem
bers of the city council and a few other
sympathetic friends had gathered around
and tendered their advice gratis to the
chief executive of the municipality.
Councilman Wallace suggested that the
patrol wagon horses could be used to ad
vantage, while Councilman Maloney gave
It aa his opinion that the machine was
suffering from appendicitis and should be
sent to the mayor's private operating room
In the Bdmundbon hospital. Another sug
gested that the mayor let Manager Hart
take a turn at the cranking. Now Mr.
Hart Is a chauffeur of wide renown, and
the way he went at the crank showed this
to be the case. The machine, however,
remained obstinate and did nothing but
cough, and badly at that Relief appeared
at hand, however, when former .Councilman
Metcalf drove up In his big touring car.
"Got a little gasoline?" asked the mayor.
"Sure," replied the former councilman
from the Fourth ward. While the ex-councilman
was hunting for the gasoline, with
the assistance of a patrolman's electric
searchlight. Manager Hart was vigorously at
work "cranking" and occasionally repeat
ing something which Councilman Wallace
declared did not sound like the Lord's
Just as Mr. Metcalf unearthed the gaso
line, the mayor's auto responded to the
cranking of the manager of the water
works comDany. and. boarding his machine
with the agility of a circus performer the
chief executive and the head of the water
works system were soon lost to sight down
Washington avenue, wholly regardless of
the speed limit which Chief of Police Rich
mond recently announced he Intended en
forcing. No substituting when you buy from us.
We carry $150,000 stock of building ma
terials. You will find our prices In line,
our grades up to your expectation. Give us
a chance. C. Hafer Lumber Co., Council
Bluffs, la.
Be offlc removed to 15 Scott street op
posite Nebraska Telephone building.
Fire Destroys Stable of the Hoaaland
Lnmber Company.
Four draft horses were burned to death
In a fire which destroyed the barn of the
Hoagland Lumber company at Eighth
avenue and Main street about 4 o'clock
Wednesday morning. Prompt work on the
part of the fire department alone prevented
the fire from spreading to the lumber sheds
and adjoining buildings.
The origin of the Are I unknown and
the department was unable to discover who
turned In the alarm. It Is thought likely
that the blaze waa accidentally started by
tramps who .were using the bam as a
sleeping place, as a couple of tramps were
seen loafing about the place late In the
When the fire department reached the
barn, which la wltht.t the enclosure of
the lumber yard, the four horses were al
ready down and the whole Interior waa
afire and the flames pouring through the
roof and Into the shed adjoining. By hard
work the firemen succeeded In saving the
greater part of the stock, consisting of
cement and plaster, stored In the shed ad
joining, and prevented the flames from
spreading to tha nearby lumber sheds.
F. A. Fox, local manager for the Hoag
land company, estimated the damage at
about 12.600, Including the value of the
four horses, which he placed at $3,000. The
loss Is fully covered by Insurance.
"Bourlclus" Is the western headquarters
for the Victor talking machines, the Edison
phonographs, the Columbia graphophone
and all kinds of records. 336 Broadway,
Council Bluffs, la.
When th weather gets warm the people
want Ice, so call the Council Bluffs Ccal
and Ice Oo. Tel. Tl
Bee office removed to IS Scott street op
posite Nebraska Telephone building.
tenter Gets His Damages.
The Missouri state court of appeals has
confirmed the verdict of the lower court In
the suit of Thomas R. Senter against E. H.
and F, C, Louses of this city. Several
years ago Senter was arrested, charged
with securing a large sum of money from
Lou see & Lougee on a forged deed. He
was indicted and on trial acquitted. He was
taken to Blue Earth, Minn., to answer a
similar charge, and there was convicted,
and after serving four years in the peni
tentiary was pardoned.
Louses A Lougee had. In the meantime,
attached a herd of sheep belonging to
Senter In Missouri, and Senter retaliated
by bringing suit for damages for unlawful
attachment and false Imprisonment. He
secured a verdict for 1700 on the unlawful
attachment suit, and this has now been
confirmed by the Missouri supreme court.
The suit In which Senter claims large dam
ages r false Imprisonment Is still pend
ing. Gasoline Steves.
Two-born ex, full cabinet frame, brass
tandplp stove, S3, warranted satisfactory.
J. Zoller Virr. Co., 100-103-104-lot Broadway.
Both 'phones S20.
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buy better come In and see us. We want
to surprise you In price and quality. D.
W. Keller. 101 & Main.
Bee office removed to IS Scott street op
posite Nebraska TelepUoo buildUuj.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, May 8. Special. ) A man
riding on a paan, who brings suit for dam
ages, cannot collect for his passenger fare.
according to a decision of the supreme oourt
Ben Im SallJnger of Carroll county was In
Milwaukee and telegraphed to a Carroll
friend asking how soon he had to be back In
Carroll to attend oourt. The friend wired him
to be back by Wednesday noon, but the
Western Union failed to deliver the mes
sage. Falling to get a message Balllnger
claims to have come home two days earlier
than necessary, thus leaving business unr
completed in Milwaukee and Chicago, and
he brought suit against the Western Union
to recover damages. Including his expenses
of travel. In the district court trial he
was asked If he dtd not. In fact, ride on a
pass, and the lower oourt held that he dtd
not have to answer the question. The su
preme court says that he must answer
the question, and a man Is entitled to col
lect what expenses he Incurred and not
what expense he might have Incurred.
The court In its opinion says: "If plain
tiff rode on a pass and paid nothing what
ever for railroad transportation, he is not
entitled to recover from this defendant
what another person would have had to
pay who was not so fortunate as to have a
railroad pass. In short, plaintiff was not
entitled to speculate on the defendant and
charge up expenses which he did not In
fact Incur. A fundamental rule as to the
recovery of compensatory damages Is that
such recovery Is limited to reimbursement
for actual expenses."
The court further holds that If a man
chooses to ride In a day coach all night
he cannot collect for sleeping car berth.
Draft Money Preferred.
In a case Involving the failure of the
Bank of Olln the supreme court today hold
that money paid to a bank for a draft and
money paid on a note Is preferred and must
be paid In full.' In the case decided Frank
W. Whlteomb bought a $190 draft on a
Chicago bank when the Bank of Olln had
no fund on deposit there and the payment
of the draft wa refused. He also paid S17B
on a note to the bank that the bank had
sold to a third party. The bank failed to
turn the money over to the third party,
however. A few day later the Bank of
Olln failed and went Into the hand of an
assignee. Whlteomb brought suit to hare
hi claim declared preferred and paid In
full. The lower court decided against him
and the supreme court reverse this.
Valuables In Baggsge,
The supreme court In the case of W.
Bergstrom against the Rock Island railway
today held that when a' railroad receives
through Its baggage agent a trunk conJ
talnlng other than clothing and the agent
Is so Informed It Is liable for the damages
If the trunk 1 lost. ' Bergstrom bought a
ticket from Cedar Rapids to St. Paul and
checked his baggage, paying excess. One
trunk containing an oriental seal 4.000 years
old, some art embroidery of the fourteenth
and fifteenth centuries and other valuables
of a total value of r early It. 000. The dis
trict court allowed damages for about one
tenth. The railroad appealed on the ground
that It was not legitimate clothing. The
supreme court holds that there Is no law
against a railroad receiving baggage other
than clothing and that If it did receive it
the road Is liable.
Memorial VnlvemHy Objects.
Memorial university at Mason City has
objected to being merged Into the new
Baptist college that It Is proposed to form
out of the Des Moines college of this city.
Central university of Pella and such others
as can be induced to Join. The efforts of
the Baptist denomination of the state Is to
secure the formation of one strong Baptist
college In the state. A committee of the
state association Is now working on the
problem of selecting a suitable location.
Assurances from the east of support has
decided Memorial university to have noth
ing to do with the merger.
Fort Dodge eta Vladnct.
By an agreement between the city and
the railroads a viaduct Is to be built In
Fort Dodge over the Illinois Central and
Minneapolis St. Louis track.
Rate Hearlasr Postponed.
The railroad commission today convened
for the purpose of taking up the question
of arranging a Joint rate schedule. Quite
a number of railroad men and shipper
were present The commission briefly out
lined its plan for beginning the work and
then adjourned till May 22, at which time
It will begin the hearing of witnesses on the
Des Moines Wants Rates.
Traffic men of the railroads crossing
Iowa are today In conference with business
men and members of the booster commit
tee of Des Moines in an endeavor on the
part of the booster committee to Induce
the railroads to change some of their In
terstate freight schedules.
Railroad Mnn Is Attacked.
Jerry Llbby, a car Inspector In the em
ploy of the Rock Island railroad at Valley
Junction, may die as the result of an as
sault of tramps in the yards at Valley
Junction. Llbby, In company with other
railroad men, ordered a gang of tramps
to leave the yards. Instead of leaving they
attacked the railroad men and Llbby was
quite severely injured, and there are fears
that he may not recover. Railroad meu
boarded a switch engine and gave chase
to the tramps and captured them and
brought them baok to Valley Junction,
where they were lodged in Jail.
Not to Hear McMillan.
Lie ton McMillan of Oskaloosa will not
be given a hearing before the Grant club.
McMillan has started a boom for Forakor
In Iowa and he requested an Invitation
to appear before the Orant club at Its
monthly meeting. The club officials state
that It Is not In the business of hearing
advocates of any candidate. It may Invite
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lives with nervousness than any
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Sbrlnera' Temple for Slons City.
SIOCX CITT, la.. May g.-(8peclal Tele
gram.) Sioux City Shrtners this evening
received word from Los Angeles that the
National Shrlnera' convention had given
Sioux City Shriners the right to establish
the Abu Bekr temple here.
Petersen & Schoenlng sell matting.
Iowa News Notes.
PELLA The eleventh annual reunion of
the Thirty-third Iowa volunteer infantry
will be held here September 10-12.
ON AW A The first Installment of about
$.150,000 drainage bonds on the big Monona-
Harrison dltcn were sola toaay to me
Trowbrldge-Nevens company of Chicago for
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This valuable remedy
under tne name of oyrup or
wide acceptance as tne most excellent tarruly laxative. As its pure
laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well known to physicians
and the Well Informed of the world to be the best we have
adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna as
:VA but doubtless it will
name or oyrup
of Jf? Af.f&f try J-on a pecla' mas snort
a premium of $8,725. The bonds run fifteen
years and draw 6 per cent Interest.
REINBECK -: Because Miss Lillian
Smith, a plucky l-year-old teacher- in the
Vodhls school, had the nerve to drive
William M. Albright father of one of her
pupils, out of the school with a stove
poker. - The citizens of the town have
raised here salary from S30 to $50 a month
and givn her a $100 diamond ring. Al
bright went to the school In response to
the teacher's note concerning the conduct
of his boy, and It is said became abusive,
whereupon Miss Smith routed him with the
ONAWA The Joint board of supervisors
of Moivona and Harrison counties. In ses
sion here, appointed P. 8. Hoi brook of
Centervllle, la., permanent engineer on the
big Monona-Harrison drainage ditch, and
wiTk Is expected to proceed aa fast aa pos
sible. This ditch, or canal, la one of the
largest drainage propoaitlnnn ever at
tempted in the west, and with branrhes,
laterals and cutoffs of the Little Sioux
river already In slsht will cost over $l,ftiu,
0110, and Is expected to drain and reclaim
about "ti.OOO acres of Missouri bottom land
now subject to overflow and too wet for
cultivation some years.
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Previous Week. I
. " ;
CINCINNATI, May S.-f8peclal Teley
gram.) Price Current says: The supply rK
hos-a has been well maintained. Total west'
ern packing was 510,000, compared wltrr
$36,000 the preceding week and 4fi0,000 Inst
year. Since March 1 the total la 4,645,000,'
against 4,310,000 a year ago. Prominent
places compare. as follows:
1907. 190B.
Chicago 1.046.1100 900.00
Kansas City ),I0 Bart.oW
nomn vmiHiia v),xh' -,waj
St. Louis 3' 82a. WO
St. Joseph 3fi?,fiM 342,000
Indianapolis 249.0)0 177,000
Milwaukee lwt.ono fS.ono
Cincinnati 112.0H0 104,0
Ottumwa lno.Oi 81,00
Cedar Rapids M.0"i0 K7.01O
Bloux City Ufi.ow 17Z0
St. Paul 1H5.0K) imi.Ona
Cleveland 115.0"0 llt.OVO
Robbers Not Captured
BUTTE, Mont, May 8 Inquiry at the
Great Northern offices last night elicited
denial of the report from Helena of ths
capture of the train robber at Basin,
north of here.
contests of
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are mad
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