Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 01, 1907, Page 11, Image 11

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f A M Rwt' Tr- Tuend ae-e-t-rv wrttr..
f ljit B a.' !
. B K. I'Ut Are.
fthzw4 H"-": tLH whi afusr 1 p. m. 111
(TJCE Tntrtoo fyy-B-iTter. Nn. tn P"
r- rlirvjri. far mle clM-ap. Can Be
office... Clfi-!
7, .. . rat an t1Ilara Table.
FOR ALli- rV w and e--r-I-tuua MT1kud
,aiJ pnnl table; wo lead the worM in
cVap bar fixtnrea; warpMiwiiti;. Bruna-wk-aHalke-Cuaendar,
8PI & kAh .
--'r- ' ' I, .
lMlallasMe-s-a, 1
KATJ-A few fln-t rina ifmw ease
very cheap; nearly' new.
Kennard Glass and Faint Co, 1Mb and
Ddj-e 81 G8-Xb
i, 3 MMf, new,' Id-hand. 1X13 Fwmm
fl 4)48
3r:NT aa your iBflfl order for flr-figs;
f riit poM on 8 iota, atyers-L-iiioii
.I)nw Co- omana usr-e-.
rOR MAI.K-Oim aond Garlaod cook stove.
with wmtr. 17CB N. 24th. 'PTwme
WehiftT 20. ' - : "C1)-MK0 Mix
' ywW bantahiB-In M-rmnd sor" fouirr-ihi:
HKmibry payments Deri--; nr. uus rwwm.
J .It-
inrmnN wiJJAMfi co.. bee mixed
. paintv giier-man A McConnell Iniir Ox
-' as-w
VOR 8AT..I-Two Natlonnl . enxh register.
arwt-tnt-U adder: also nlre line of store
-.-. O'nbo Land and Investment ' o..
P-meracn Illtwk. , 0
frTOLAR.HIP and books In Boyle Bufd-
riese colee- -fT aala at reduction: party
Mfce-n 111:, hooka entirely, new, Art-irea
H 747. TKWJ. (IS) tn M4X
' mfcERStrifP tn He Omaha Grain ex
rhai-i- frr anle cheap. ftr dish: no trade!
Address A 2FJ,
ere fire.
(1 M133 5x
dF-TrW CAST'S snd Nntlonm? cash rnnter
4tcTiieap. -pm "JN. ruin i. ".idi mwi mi
ItfT5T'ATT'ft ' TTlntnrr nf WorM ET-pyrlo-
pedln, Tliftannlca, cheap. Ml Paxton
ty.'O. HARNKTIa ratent attorney and m
ehine designer. Pnxton Blk. Trl. Red TI1T.
()7-Mn Mil
WACHlNE'fle!flmlnB find Benoral drnuuht-
IP? at re&ennabie rates, w. f. iwrner,
8i.viiath St. fl7 Nrw Mil
KTENTfl.' tr-wTe marks, rn-trantwl or no
ew National Investment Co.. lmii;lH PUt.
fV- ' (17 MV3 M13
.fjaraoa A' Co.,
book free, Boe Rldtr.
p"': ..y V PERSONAL .
I tn-.
CITT BTEA.M I,At'NnR V-fihirts prespd,
.jrt.Jrpned,. 701 8. 11th St.. Tel. Douqr, 2M.
'', . f AO )7U
BEWINO machines rented, any mnh. 7Ro
er week or $2.00 per month. Second-
Vtiaha machines for sale, 5IC and np.
fi?n. ,wn wT.. mm ana jnarnev
'"' V1S)-"j3
JTi i -X-Z . 1 , . '
KJASCIt'E ceslumes. Uebcn. Tel. 411S. Oytm
fevetilnBS. .. ' (IX) 9.4
jU-i I,, . .
BTTIINOE8. rubber noodn, by mall: cut
prices; send -for free catalogue. Mvorx
' I'lTWon "Drar Co., Omaha. ' (1H) 9G
t t.mrVilKB-S B. 26th. Stick. Tel. .Red 7073.
. P L E AT I N G ' Butt"n' Rhin'B,
Dyaino; and cleaning, trponglng wud. shrink-in.-
only 6o per yard, fiend (or price list
aa. i samples i- . r '
40 Doufelas Ulock. Tel. DouRlns 1A36.
,,Jir. King. fUi N. 2lst 8t. Tel. Doug. r5.
. "j, (UJ-IKS
OlJAllA Slaimmerers" .. Institute. Ramxe,
,. r-- , j r-. .
"TjOri?! CANE 18 IN TOWN!
.lhe.tlnie to trim trees, trelllocs and.
fiZ. vims; also landscuue gurduntng.
T. Red u46u.' lies. 11U1 8. Zoth Ave. .
'. . ; . . . , (lA)-tvXr Mil
VTC VOOEVS private home for ladles be.
f nr n nii rlui'In tr nunAnaiAAiil ttaar a- r,A
Vl cheapeot In the city. MID 8. 13th tit.
. tr"" "' . . 18-9J0
rtrK SALVATION ARMY solicits casUff
. clutntng; in ruet. anyinitig you do n.)t
nt'ci; we Collect, repair and sell, at 114 N.
"Uth St., for. cnet of culluctlng. to the
worthy poor.' Calt"l'hone Doug. 41K and
wagon xalL-a , is u '
r riKRTT fi trtmnt and bath. Mine.
f.V- .V S"-Itn- ns N. lfjlh.'id flour.
j ' ' ' ! L (1S)1
f ASRAflFi "Swedish movement. 410 N.
jauvoovarj Kytl) r00m KKCond nool.
ETG defects corrected by glasses, fitted
tin your ' lioirte if desired; reasonable
4rt6s.' Smith, Oraduute Optician, fciol
JhlO.' 'Phone Webster 4337.
' r'' (IS) M600 t9x
vimwiHU maemne supplies lor all makes
tol machine; mnchinea repaired; machines
for rent. Hayden Bros., sewing Machine
Ix-pL DouEluk St. entrance. Tel. Doui.
8810. (18)-713 M10
EFFA. ELLIS, muslo by mall. Adults'
evening class Mondays. 1611 Farnam.
Douglas 7ul. tiSj It M4
SCHULTZE 4 BLATTERT, 111 8. lBth St.
Complete line of leading pericxilcaltt; Oer
hMUi and foreign publications a specialty,
. (1 370 M17
ONE knowing the whereabouts . of
, Kl,and Oiaf Olsen will confer a faver
Upon them by showing them this ad. or
y wnung 10 biibs .arrie uieen. Rock
.4, lU UO th BU
(ll)-M789 M12x
TOR murtt.t In the sewing machine line
go to P. Ei Flodman & Co., 1514 Cap. Ave.
J ' . i a M736 Mil
rR, n.
SOMMER, homeopath. Bee Bldg.
en.. . (18)-9ija
PAlNrt'L burns, any sore or skin hurt
uigiuky xirfMcu vr numn cam creain.
RTTTtTlM CTTREP-IS0: no knifes Quick
Jire Rupture Co., Woodmes of the World
.llldltig. .. ... , (ID-MiM M31
Beautiful residence lot SOx
rn? fct terraped and sodded.
i t aaphait pavement, an. specials
t,' paid,' The location Is the swell,
est In the rity, No fancy price
Is asked. Tills won't be en the
market long at the low -price
asked.' . ' - , .
".: . Awrtg
qNTON fi.briggs
. '" - IS FARNAM BTH ' : '.
' ' ': e-RQOM house and IVi hta.
otal frontage l26lo, IqI
' cuted ((Jn Albright, about
- v oi iroin car line.
kinds hf fruit trees on br
l'nliluu in tea .data
dftle tit alA
T owner.
4 . JnqMlre of OtMrga at Cum- .
Huk aruau btre.1, .
US' Ml
f i,:OR 8A!JC-.T'j modernhouau J l.r..
til tarn, one block i.orih of liMiiacoin park;
1 t J I'tveq '"!, tst rroi.l, lt il.w. East.
I V oaj; T'1' "eir ..t a baiYiin. '
"' "1
$800 & $950
Lots in
4 ' .
Kountze 'Place
on Emmet and Bpeneer Bta. are by far tha
beat barajalna In lanra, dealrabla lots ever
ofTnrad In tha city of Omaha. AH ara on
pTed streets and In moat casna all pavlna;
la paid for. hare permanent walks, water,
war and kms. Kacl) lot la 60x134 feet.
There are not many left at theae prices, so
don't put off buying; before tha advance In
price. W also have soma on tha follow
ing atreeta:
Plnkney between 18th and Mth, 6U to
Lthrop between 16th and Mth. STSO to
Wirt St. between 16th and Mth, fUtfc .
Blnney BU between 16th and 24th, (1.060.
Locust 8U between 16th and 24th. ia
If you can't pay cash wa will make terms
of one-fourth down, balance one, two and
three years. Don't forget that Kountse
Place la the largest and moat uniform resi
dence district in the city, convenient to
three car lines and close to the business
center. Ask for our new booklet ' of
Kountxe Place homes and plat.
Hastings & Heyden
1704 Farnam 8u
Bee Bldg.
i 181 -H
, $250 TO $550
' One of thoxe finest of all sub- f
urban building sites, over '40 '
choice lots from which to
select; only t blocks south of
. Benson business center and
Military Ave. car .line. We'
' can make terms to suit. Call , ,
or phone Douglas 807 and We
will meet you -on the ground..
Russell & McKitrick Co.f
Bole Agents,
432-4 Ramie Building.
, Fifteenth and Harney Streets.
'.' . ' , i - (i'b-io4 a
corner, only three blocks from ' union
oepin, oBianiisiupu urivue. ouren jeison.
Fromont, Neb.
This property Is 112x132 ft.
Dear the corner of 20th 8L
It . lays . to grade and la la
' every way . desirable. Finely
located for row of flats. It
( Won't be long before (his will
be' business property. - No
fancy price Mked. , ' t'
' " Apply ......
1001 Farham Street.' ; 'Phone pouglas 7,18.
, Dundee
All modern 7-room : house,
on Davenport street, near
49th, quarter-rawed hard pine
flnlh throughout. modern
i.H-m'blpg snd good furnace, '
T)' ;' In 1905.
1. .cheap corner lots, Jront
ago 200xl3&, $160.00 cash, '
balance on . time. Price. .
" North Sid-
$300.00 for two lots in
Pruyn Park,. 8. front on
Fowler Ave., between 4 2d and
43d, each lot 60x128. Owner
aays submit offer. - .
' $500.00, each for two lots In
Lowe's suhdlvtson, E. front
on 31st street, near Decatur,
level and on grade. Submit
offer., 1) Mitt 2
Corner, 60x132, south and east
frontage, with excellent track
' age facilities. The present
buildings are yielding an In
come of 1100 month. An ex
cellent Income or . trackage
proposition. $10,500.
Douglas lut4.
091-148 28
$550 for five-acre lot, S6th
and Kansas Ave. small house '
. and barn, cistern, small fruit
trees and grapes; lies fine.
(iy-110 2Sg
A beautiful corner, I choice east-front lots.
Paving aud permanent sidewalk on both
streets; lirst-class neighborhood. PtIos.
$4,1U0. -
' 96x125
Corner JTUi Ave. 'and Indiana Ava. r-room,
i-mory house'; opeu plumbing; barn.
iPlice. 22,8m
The Byron Reed Co.,
"Phone D, m.
iJ South 14th.
U 17 1
LANDSCAPE architect. B. C. Poster,
pliwne Inug. 7. in Paxtoa lUk.
(U M7 0
with lot 60rlSn. near ttth and Burt, for
x3,o; win take good t or 6-room coccage
as part psvment.
, (H 10S a
Near tlie Meroer Home
rooms, all modern, hot
water beat, new house, corner
lot, on ear line, fine location.
; Price $6,800.
O'Keefe Real Estate Co.,
1001 N. T. Life Bldg.
Phone Douglas 21SX.
(19) MISS 1
Southwest corner of 49th and California
St., 135 ft east front on 49th Bt by 100 ft
on California. This Is one of the choicest
corners left In Dundee today. The owner
wants to realise on this oorner at once, and
has instructed us to sell same for $l.too.
This corner would subdivide Into three lota.
Don't fail to see this property at once.
Payne, Bostwick & Co.,
' Sixth Floor N. T. Life Bldg. '
"Phone Doug. 1016. - (1-144 21
BUY from owner and save commission;
6-room, new, modern cottage, 110 8. 17th.
t IS) MfKl Ml
rooms, modern exoept
- furnace; room in attic for
. 2 more rooms. Corner lot
60x132, with lots of fruit and
' shade, 8 blocks from oar line.
An Ideal home . for some
one. : ,
. . t
206-6 N. Y. Life Bldg.
For sale, over one hundred '
(100) lots In "Brlggs Place."
Farnam 8t extends through
' the middle of this addition.
These lota will be sold dirt ,
cheap, aa I wish to close them
. out at. once. They ore to be
sold In a bunch. They must
be sold altogether. . '
. '
(room partly modern cottage, lot 20x100
leet, 7,th ana Patrick Ave. l,iu.
i-rooin cottage, modern except furnace, ce
mented cellar, permanent walks, zist,
near Grant 8t.-i-41.G00.
4-room cottage, partly modern, south front.
smi ana parser price only tsuu.
1 W. S. FRANK,
$21 Neville BJock. . Tel. Douglas 3600.
(lit 106 IA
i . Canada.
On Crop Payments
Every .dollar or purchase uioney to be
made out of the property. No s.eepleas
nights. Purchaser cau not lose his -home
through failing to meet a payment, as pay
ments never come due until the money is
made out of the farm to meet them. None
Of the buildings on these places are over
4 years old. Everything in the best of
condition. Land nrat-claus. wheat now in
crop la turkey red (Alberta hard.)
by cropping two-thirds of any of these
farms for 4 to b years your home would
easily be paid for, besides making you a
living in the meantime.
Any of this land will advance $20 per aore
In a very few years. No cash payment
Is required on the unimproved lands. Only
a small cash payment Is asked for on the
improved placea.
470 acres two miles from Crosxfield. nrlca
$22 per acre; 160 acres 6 miles Olds, $20; 3J)
acres between Dldsbury and Olds, $17; 320
acres Detween .(Janttairs and Noeiton, $18;
$30 acres one mile from Carstalrs, $6.
No cash payments on the above olaces:
every dollar of purchase money made out
oi iana.
1.540 acres seven miles from ttlzh River.
$30 per acre; , 176 acres In fall wheat, ti
acres piowea.
Two houses pn this farm, one 25xr$
kitchen. 13x24. One 16x24: kitchen. lixa
two stuMea, ltxl8 and 2x38. Building stone
ready for barn, 30x60. Granary. 20x32.. Two
poultry houses, 20x20 and 10xl. Two wells,
pump houses, etc All fenced. Could be
aivtdea suitsme ror two ramllles.
Cash, about $6,000, balance half of pro
ceeds of crop each year untlKthe place la
paid iur.
313 acres four miles from High River.
price, $35 per acre, house, stable, chicken
nounc, etc., an fenced, 33 acres In wheat,
20 acres plowed.
One thousand dollars cash, balance in
crop payments.
The above are all good farms, close to
good towns.
The conditions of sale are that the pur-
rnasrr snan Dress: up, as soon as possible,
two-thirds of the land snd croo the moat
of It every year until . the place Is paid
Tlils property will not he on the market
leng on these terms. Five or sIt rmna
should pay for any of these farms. Also
1 have good building lots inside the mile
nmii m tne city or Medicine Hat for sale
at 100 each, which are splendid invest
ment, easy terms, one-third cash.
Write direct to the owner and save trou
ble and expense.
P. O. Box 258,
High River, Alberta, Canada.
'Plione 85.
IIOMESEEKERS! Be careful. Locate right
Investigate .our famous artesian valley.
Dure cropa, maicniess climate, LAtl us
write you. Miller Jaioos, Meade, KanT
v. tao) um ale
SOUTHERN Kansas farm lands,' Kingman
and Southern Reno counties offer greatest
inducements. More natural advantagts
for agriculture, fruit, live stock and poul
try raising of any location In the sist.
Mild climate, fertile Bull, Innumerable
Streams and aprlnus of pure water, rail,
roads, schools, church and progressive
vittsens. Land purchased at present prices
will soon double in value. For dreorlptlve
lists and complete Information write or
call on Brown Temple, Kingman. Kan
sas. - (20-M- Mix
FARM FOR BALE 80 acres, half section
flue hay land, 1J acres farming and the
. other in pasture and meadow fur cattle, I
want to sell all or wtll sell half section
or euarter section. All good land. Price,
$J0 pir acre. Joaepn Tllayher, Deloit, Holt
County Neb, (20) Mlbs $x
FARM lands for sale In Neoraska and
South Dakota, improved and unlirpreved,
lark and small tracts.' Ala some good
traJing proposition. Address . P, Fal
ter, Pla'.tsmouth. Kca. (20 tt4 M3
WHEN you write to atiwrtiaura, remem
ber H tk,oB but a few strokes of the pen
to tea that you saw the "ad." tn Tjio Bee.
Sehr-askn Tnittlnaed.
We have 1580 aorea of the flnnnt soil till
this county, only seven miles frnra Alil-
ne,' the connty sent, nn,l s city of 1.000
people, which we are selling at $10 per
acre, half down: 20 acres disposed of
last week.
We run excursion every first and third
lueanaya of tne month, write, cau or
Stewart-Leavenworth Co.
TeL Douglas 63E0. 619 N. Y. Life Bldg.
Omaha, Neb.
(Joy-MZlt 1
Central Nebiaska
H- A L. The beat 480 acre farm In cen
tral Nebraska, Is only three-fourths mile
from court house, and has f0 acre of aa
One valley land as Ilea la Nebraska. Good
set of frame bulldlnga complete, large grove
9 years old, orchard, etc., 180 a ores to
pasture. Plica $38 per acre.
C. 1,200 acre farm, fenced only 4fc miles
from Bar gent, has 200 acre of fine land lq
cultivation, balance fenced In two pastures,
good set of buildings, windmill, well, eta,
a bargain at $16 an acre
Hartle7 & Lundy
Box 23.
Sargent, Neb.
(20-M2uS M2X
MONEY In Nebraska land. Write us for
list of some good forms In Clay county,
Nebraska. Dept L Eller St Johnson,
Harvard. Neb. (20) M81 Mix
180 acres -ot good bottom land In Madison
oounty, Nebraska, one mile from town, $46
per acre; $1,000 cash, $600 per year. Inter
est 6 per cent. This will make one of the
best dairy farms In the state. For sale by
522 Bee Bldg., Omaha, or Meadow Grove
State Bank, Meadow Grove, Neb.
(20) 141 28
oatb Dakota.
SOo acres prairie farm land, one rolls from
Gettysburg, Potter oounty. South Dakota.
No Improvements; price $J5 per acre, pay
able $5 per acre cash, balance eight yearly
payments, 6 per cent interest. Also have
quarter and half sections at $12 per acre
up. Writs for free map to A. G.,
owner, Gettysburg, Potter county, South
Dakota. (l-2t7 Marl
SOON to be opened in Tripp oounty. South
Dakota; new and authentlo map lust out;
price, 60 cents, postpaid. Fred nelch
niann. Bonestcel, 8. D. (201 M3S6 M18 .
Texas. ;.
farmer make 200 per cent in the
brazos valley,
our land has manv advantages
over any other section of
It has 45 Inches of rainfall.
It has more productive soil.
It has no brush to grub out
It don't have to be Irrigated.
It has pure water at sixty feot.
It costs less to improve.
It grows best cotton In Texas.
It Is a natural clover country
It Ik best sugar cane lund. ,
It Is a good alfalfa country.
It Is a splendid hog country.' -It
has a ten months' growing season.
It has lowest shipping rates.
It eella at $12.00 to $18 per ucre.
Illustrated list free. ' - '
.nlonio, Tex.
(20) M511 MS
Corn and Wheat Lands
In fertile northwest Texas. We own and
control several thousand acres of the best
land in the Panhandle. Join one of our
big excursions. V
. $03-5 S. 13ih St., First Not'l Bank Bldg.
. ' (20 M541 Ml
DALHART, TEXAS, tha hub of a million
acres or tne choicest land in the pan
hundle. Come with us , on March 6th.
Join our special car: either nt Omaha.
Neb.; Clarion, la.; Waterloo. Ia.; Cedar
Rapids, la.; Plymouth, Ind.-, or Bloom-
lngton, in. bee looul agents. W. P,
So ash Land Co., Waterloo, la.
C0 118 Mar6
Tuesday, March 5 1907.
t We will run a through car to
Dalhart, Tex., on the above
FOR 8LEEPKR If you wish
to see this land that Is being
purchased so rapidly make ar
rangements to go with our
party. For full particular ad-'
dress GUmore Real Estate Co..
1419 Douglas St., OmaJia,
(20)-M160 1
land $15 to $36 per acre. Also Irrigation
project for Investment Address Box 98,
Thennopolls, Wyo. (20) MS38 M6x
RANCH for sale; 2.080 acre deeded, two
sections leased school land, all fenced;
located central Neb. Write for full descrip
tion. J. V. Anderson, Grand Island, Neb.
, (20) tU Mix
will be opened soon. It contains 5n0.Un0
acres cnoice wneat, trult and timber land.
Do you want 160 acres?
. Rooms 17-18 Exchange Bank BMg., Spo
kane, Wash. (SO) 3t M8
WE WANT at once 600 live real estate men
to help us dispose of 100.AOO acres of the
choicest agricultural lands near Dalhart,
Tex., only three to ten miles from town.
' Special Inducements to live real estate
men. Writ or wire us at once. W. P.
Soash Land ' Co., Waterloo, Ia.
(80) 117 Mart
Excursion to Kan?asv
Tuesday, March 5, to Goodland, Kan!,
where we have 42 quarter sections of the
world's best wheat, corn and alfalfa land
for sale. Just the same soli and climate
as were found around Hastings. Neb., 20
years a so. ana Ooodland is now
about one-tenth the price of that. Some
Improved places there for sals. Prices rea
sonable and easy terms.
ROUND TRIP TICKET $10.4-Les than
one fare If you go with our Mr. Patsmsn
In our private car. Write for lists snd
price a. Legal numbers given.
dato, leas than one fre to vartcue points
mhere we have land for aale. President of
company goes with private car. Dcn't fail
te see us if you want to go.
19th, on which date we will announce a
very low rate for the round trip. Watch
for It.
tl-$2-3e V. B. Nations! Bank Bldg., Omaha.
201 B. Uth St., Urns In, Neb.
711 Security Bank Bldg. Sioux City, Ia.
612 Edmond St., 8t Joseph, Mo.
- West th St., Kansas City. Mo.
; ISU M J04 1
Fares sad Baaek Vm.mK
10 ACRES, with house and barn. Ill &
ItitU Bt (ID-774
FINE ranch to rent on crop plan In famed
Hlg Horn Basin. Write W. M. Harvard,
No Wood, Wyo. 2D U4 Mx
1 ACRES farm land, 8 miles west of
Hvua Pajk, pn Center St paved read.
Apply C. E. WUkliia, Dewey ll.iel, .
tU-417 '
MONEY TO LOAN Payne Investment Ce,
GARVIN BROR. 18M Farnam. and H
per cent loam as real esiaiss n delay.
. , , . taj tut.
LOWEST RATES Bemls. Pax torn Bloek.
(22) eU
n.OtC.000 TO I-OA.N on bvsmnas and resi
dence property In Omaha: kwt rates;
no delay.. Thomas Brennsn. &. I. N- T.
Ufa mt-ta
WANTED City roans and warrant. W.
Fan-am Smith & Co. U30 Farnam 8t
LOANS on Improved city property. W. li.
Thomas. iis First Natiuoal Bank Bfelg.
WANTED City loans, R. C Peters Co.
PRIVATE MONEY F. D. Wead. 1S5 Dong
WANTED To buy, seoond-hand furniture,
cook and heating stoves, carpets, Unole-
. urns, ottloe furniture, ofa dotbea and
shoes, pianos, feather, bed pillows, quilts,
and all kinds of tools; or will buy tbs fur
niture of your house oompletei Will buy
antique or mahogany furniture. The high
est prices n-Ud. Ceil tha right man, TeL
Doug. 8071. Oky-mxi 2434
TOP prices for 2d-hand books, nereis, all
kinds. Stacey, 216 & lllh. TeL Harn? y 13&
. . () MJ97 Mix
DON'T give your second-bsnd furniture
away; I pay the highest price; big prloee
Raid for oieVe furniture. Joe Levloe, 301
I. 16th. Tel. Douglas 771.
C25)-M251 Ml
WANT to buy. one or two sections ' In
western Neb.; prefer Cheyenne, Kim
ball or Banner oounty. Give section,
township and ran go, also price, in firut
letter. Address E 816, care Ree.
(25) M199 7
CASH paid for old books. Crane-Foy Co
212 B. 14th. 'Phone Douglas-lid
(26 442
WANTED to buy, second-hand typewrit
ers, all makes. 818H N. 16th St, flat 8.
(25)-680 M21
TWO or three work horses, also one
driver. Telephone Douglas 6069.
(26)-M8D8 M2
TYPEWRITERS We pay thi highest oash
. price tor typewriters. Call at once or
Tel- Doug. 6477. Kendls, Paxton block.
. (26) 174 Ml
TWO nicely furnished rooms for light
housekeeping; must be close in; would be
permanent roomers. Address P 809, Bee.
(26) 188 8
ROOM and board for lady In modern house,
.convenient to car line. Address W 811,
care Bee. (26) M207 8x'
WANTED Board and room In private
family, dose In, South Omaha, by young
man with A No. 1 references; reasonable';
Catholic family preferred. Address H 819,
Bee. , (26) M221 2x
ROOM and board by man and wife In pri
vate family. Permanent if satisfactory.
Walking distance preferred. Address B
813, care of Bee. (26) M205 3x
DAY women furnished free of charge.
Telephone Douglas 1112. (27 M800
UNIVERSITY" man, with years' experi
ence as manager of grain, coal and live
stock business, wants good paying posi
tion, has small capital; will Invest If re
quired. Address H 7b5, Bee, i
(27) M630 MUx
SITUATION wanted by young man, as
stenographer; best references. Address
M-806, care Bee. (27) 111S9 1
WANTED Position as clerk and book
keeper In hardware and Implement busi
ness In country town, capable of man
aging same; experienced. Address. P. O.
Box 307. VaJl. Ia, , (27) 111 Martx
bal Lands of ths Standing Rock Reserva
tion, North Dakota, for Graiing Purposes.
Department of the Interior, Office of Indian
Affairs, Washington, D. C, February 6,
1907. Sealed proposals for leasing the sur
plus tribal pastures on ths Standing Rock
reservation. North Dakota, for graxlng
purposon. will be received at thla office
until 2 o clock, p. lu., on Thursday, March
28, 1907, and will be Immediately thereafter
opened la the presence of such bidders as
may attend. The lands will be leased for
a period of five years from June 1, 1907,
and tio bid for a different period will be
considered. The proposals must be ad
druesed to "The Commissioner of Indian
Affairs. Washington, D. C," and must be
plainly endorsed on the outsldo of the en
velope, "Proposals for Leasing Standing
Rock Lands." The lands offered fur lease
have been divided Into four pastures. Pas
ture No. 1 contains 98.0UO acres; pasture
No. 2 contains 660,00 acres; pasture No. 2
contains 31a,2u0 acres; pasture No. 4 con
tains 116,480 acres. Maps showing the loca
tion of the pastures and posters giving ul
rections for the submission of bids, and all
other necessary Information, may be
obtained on application to the United
States Indian Agent, Fort Yates, North
Dakota. Proposals not conforming to the
requirements mentioned in the posters may
be rejected, if such action shall be deemed
advisable. C. F. LARRABEE, Acting
Commissioner. F$dl8tM
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween Waldo Anderson and Aaron Chad
wick, under the firm name of Anderson
Chadwlck Co., wholesale flour, la this day
dissolves' by mutual consent. Mr. Ander
son will continue the business and collect
all company accounts and pay all unsettled
Omaha, February 28, 1907.
Notice la hereby given that the regular
annual, meeting of 'he stockholder of lb
South Platte Land company will be held
l the ottlce ot laid company at -Lincoln,
Neb., at 11 o'clock a. m. on the 8th day of
March, A. D., 19U7. By order ot the Board
ot directors. C. H. MORK1LL, President;
A. B. MINOR, Secretary.
Lincoln, Neb., February 4, 1907.
The annual meeting of stockholders ot
The. Bee Publishing company Is hereby
called to meet in the office of The Be
building. In the city of Omaha, Neb., on
the 4th dy of March, 1907, at 4 o'clock
f. m. By o-oer of the president H. A.
1A8KELL, Secretary. d 12 m-e
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Millard Exporting Company or
""Nebraska will be held at 10 o'clock a, in..
Thursday, March 14, 1W07, at the office of
the company, ii.3 First National Hank build
ing. F. B. HADLEY., Secretary.
I'Blea Parlac
Overland Limited a 9:68 am
ft 8:18 (MB
ft 5:10 pi it
a 9:80 pm
ft 6:10 pio
al0:46 pia
a 6:u0 pm
a 7:44 aia
a 4.60 pm
bl2:46 pio
ft t06 pm
alO:i pin
all 16 pn
a 1:46 pm
a 9:6 am
ft :fai am
a $ 46 pm
a 1:30 am
a 2:00 pm
a 8 Su am
a 7:( am
a 9:31 am
all -61 am
al:i am
aio se am
a i :ib pm
a 6:06 pm
bit pm
bl2:40 pra
ft 8:30 Sin
ftM:80 pra
The China aud Japan
East Mail
4:15 pra
Colo. A Cullf. Ex
California at Ore. Ex..
Iais Angeles Limited..
Fast Mali
Colorado Special
North Platte Local....
Beatrice Local ,.
a 4:15 pra
.a 4:25 pm
,al2:0 put
a 1:66 am
a 7:46 fin
a 1:10 am
ib 2:00 pin
Chicago A Northwestern
Cedar Rapids Pass ft 7.-06 am
Twin City Express,
,..a 7:60 am
...a 8:00 am
...all:t0 am
...a i.iA) pm
...ft 4 82 pm
i. .ft 1:50 pin
i, .ft 1:25 pm
..a $:tf pm
...a $ is pm
Chicago Daylight ....
Chicago Local
Sioux City Local
Carroll Ixioai
Sioux City Local....,,
Chicago Express .....
Fast Mall
Fast Mail ,.
Twin t'ltjr-Limited...
Overland Limited ....
Chicago Limited ........ all W pin
NorfuTs-Boiieaterl ,.,.,.a 7:40 am
Llncoln-Chadron b 7:40 am
Dead wood-Lincoln .' a I 00 pm
Casper-Shonahonl a $ u0 pm
Hastlngs-nupertor b $:V0 pm
Fremont-Albion ...... ...b 8:02 m
St. Louis Express .....a 1:20 pm
St. Louis Local (from
Council Bluffs) ...... ..ft :t8 am
Stanberry Local (from
Cvuucll Blurts) ........ b trOO pra.
bll:30 am
Arrodnitiit Xxiiirvttac CbJ-ault List from
ProrUiiorjg of Act it IVe-aleA '
Mr. Bird sal . Bays Nebraska le
Marked far Dvfee-t Iteeas-s He lie-
fesed to Are! Cwatrlbaitfetm
tress SHIpwiaaT Imterests.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. Oenersl debate
on the ship subsidy bill In the house ter
minated at 2.15 p. m. today, whereupon the
bill was read under the flve-mln-ita rule for
amendments. From that time until the re
cess at o'clock amendments were offered
te tha bill and the discussion proceed -d
thereon. The leader on both aide were
drawn Into the debate. By vote of 112
to 127 the bouse defeated an amendment
excepting the Sierra, the Sonoma and the
Ventura of the Oceanto line from the oper
ation of the bill, empowering the postmsa.
ter general to make contracts with cltl
sens of the United State for carrying
mail on steamships.
Mr. Bird sail of Iowa closed the general
debate for the opponents of the bill and
Mr. Grosvenor of Ohio, for Us advocates.
During the morning the house agreed to
conference report on the military academy
A joint resolution was adopted creating
a commission of Ave senators and Ave
representatives to revise and report to the
Sixtieth congress on th work of tha com-
( mission to codify the laws of the United
The conference report on the Wit relating
to the expatriation of cltlaens was agreed
to. By a vote of 241 ayes to no nays the
house further Insisted on Its disagreement
to the provision In the army appropriation
bill relating' to the retirement ot paymas
ters' clerks.
Ship Bnbaldy nil! Taken Vs.
General deate on the ship subsidy till
closed today and the bill wag read for
amendment under the five-minute rule.
Mr. Smith of Iowa presented an amend
ment requiring -that every -contract under
the bill shall be awarded to the responsible
bMder who will contract under penalties
prescribed by the postmaster general, for
th . highest running speed between . the
points named In contract. Thle amendment
was adopted.
Representative Bird sail of. Iowa In op
posing the bill, criticised Mr. Grosvenor for
his methods In reporting the measure.
During his address Mr. Birdsatl, speaking
of President Roosevelt said:
""The present occupant of th White
House I V , only really great , man who
waa actuai , brn In the great city of New
Hlnshaw Opposed n Subsidy.
Mr. Blrdsall also asserted that Mr. Hln
shaw of Nebraska had been tendered a
liberal donation by the ship subsidy men
for his campaign, but that he had Indig
nantly spurned It. "Ajid now," he added,
"they propose to follow him up In hi dis
trict' and defeat him for renomlnatlon. or
at the poIIs.'V
The first amendment to the Wll was of
fered by Mr. IJttauer of New York, pro
viding for a line of steamships of sixteen
knot from the Gulf Of- Mexico to Brestl
at a maximum compensation not exceeding
2300,000 for a monthly service, or 2000,000
for g fortnightly service.
tTh .amendment was advocated In
pcechea by Mr. Littauer, Mr. Pollard of
Nebraska and Mr. Sherley of Kentucky,
The amendment was adopted. '
By a vote of 112 aye to 127 nay an
amendment offered by Mr. Ltttaner except
ing the Sierra, Sonoma and Ventura of the
Oceanic line from the operation of the bill
was defeated. This was regarded as- a
test vote aa far as the Pacific. line Is
An amendment offered by Mr. Humphrey
! of Washington, that no money appropii-
cited by the. bill shall be paid for any
.' vessel directly or Indirectly connected with
I any railroad company, wa defeated, on
the theory that the bill sufficiently safe
guarded In that direction.
Subsidy Versus Tariff.
Mr. Fordney of Michigan offered a sub
stitute for the bill under consideration, pro
viding for a naval reserve and Increasing
ocean mall facilities, to which Mr, Burton
of Ohio addressed himself, Incidentally re-
Chicago Great Western.
St. Paul A Minneapolis.. 1:30 pm' 7:10 am
St. Paul tt Minneapolis. 7:46 am v 11 :60 pm
Chicago Llmltrd 5:40 pm 9:J am
Chlcage Express 7:40 am 11 -AO pra
Chicago Express ti. 3:30 pm $.30 pm
Mtssonrt Paclfle. . .
K. C. St St L. Express.. -no am 8:20 ara
K. C. A St L. Expresaall:16 pm ft 5-2S pro
Nebraska Local at 2-00 pm all:40 am
Des Moines Local...... a 4:14 pra
Illinois Central.
Chicago Express -a 2:00 am a 2r4E pm
Minn. A St. Paul Ex..b 8:00 am a 8:15 pm
Chicago Limited A 8:00 pro ft 7 JO am
Minn. A St Paul Ltda I JO pm -a 7 J era
Chicago, Rock Island A Pactfle.'-'
Chicago Limited a 3:18 am 7:10 am
Iowa Local a 7 :00 am a 4:30 pm
Chicago. Mail ' a 8:46 pin
Iowa Local bl2:06 pm b 9:56 pin
Chicago (Eastern Ex.).. a 6:06 pin a 1.35 pra
Chicago (Iowa Lmtd.l. a 6:36 pm al2:26 pra
Rocky Mountain Limit. 7:20 am ft $-05 am
Colo. A Cel. Etpreaa.' 1.-60 pm a 4:60 pm
Okl. A Texas Express.. 4:40 pra al2:tj pm
Lincoln Falrbury and
Believtie ft 8:50 pm a 2:20 km
Chlengo, Milwaukee Jt tt. Pnnl.
ChL and Colo. Special. .ft 7:63 am a 7:30 am
California and Or. Ex-m 1:46 pm 1:10 pra
Overland Limited a 8:36 pm a 9:30 am
Des Moines A Cedar
Rapid Local b 8:46 am bU:00 pm
.ft 4 no pm
,a 4:10 pm
.a 4:10 pra
.11:10 pm
.a 9:10 am
.a 8:00 am
a 8:80 pm
a 1:80 pm
ft $ .30 pm
ft 7:10 am
ft 7:46 pm
.ft 7:46 pm
a 2-06 ara
a 12:01 pm
ft 7:30 pm
b 10:26 am
a 8:10 am
ft 710 am
a 1 :60 pm
ft 7 15 am
ft 166 put
ft 7 -Ji p.-n
al0:63 pm
all :30 am
ft 8 46 am
ft 110 pm
Denver A California.
Black Hills
Northwest Special .
Northwest Express .
Nebraska Express ..
Nebraska Local
Lincoln Looal
Lincoln Fasb. Mall ...
I Jnmln Toa1 ...
b 2:50 pm
ft 7 :60 pm.
Ft. Crook A Plattsm'th.
Plattsmoutn .
rtilMr Limited
Bellevue A Pae. Juno. .a
1:S0 m
Chicago Special
Chicago Express
.a 7:25 am.
.a 2:4o pm
a 6 .06 pm
.a t at am
Chicago Flyer
T.. 1 AP.I
St. Louis ' Ex press
Kansas City-bl. Joe..,.,
I ts pm
,al0:4i pin
Kansas Clty-st Joe..
Kansas Cily-St. Joe...
.a 13 am
a 4:45 pm
Chicago, St. Pnnl. Minneapolis A
Twin City Passenger.. -b am b t't am
Sioux City Passenger.. .a 2 M pm all :80 am
P.mraon Local b 6:46 pm b t 10 am
Ernerso Lcl Oe?:4e ara i 1:50 pm
Mlsnarl Pacta.
Local via Weeping
Water 28 ftm a 60 pra
Falls City Local ',..... ..a 2 80 pin all .20 pm
a Daily, b Dully except Sunday, d Daily
except Saturday, e Bunday only. Dally
exoept Monday.
"kMPRlll" Un of tho AtUnilo
Th Eropr ef Britain and Eraprees of
Ireland make the voyage from gjnbac to
Liverpool in six days, two being spent on
the majestic St Lawrence.
Book now for summer sntrrnga. "
viewing the. whole euhject of subsidy leg!.
"The, argument for this class of mens
nree." said Mr. Rurton, "rests upon th
fallacy that a. subsidy to ships Is akin to
ft prott-ctlv tariff. It Is not so, because
In the relation of the treasury to those
receiving aid a tariff brings money Into th
exchequer, while a subsidy pays It out.'
'The argument for a tariff would not b
accepted If It wn contemplated that fof
II time there would be a difference ta
cost ot production between this and othor
countries," h Mid.
Mr.. Fordney did not rress hi amend
ment and no action waa taken on It
Mr. Townsend of Michigan Introduced an
amendment striking out th subsidies for
the two linee from the Pacific ooast to
China and Japan, which wa opposed by
Mr. Steven ot Minnesota.
The bill was temporarily laid aside for
other business.
Je ()- nt night.
At tonight' session of the house Mr.
Mahon ot Pennsylvania, smarting over hi
treatment when bill from th commute
on . war claim wa under consideration,
made the point ot "no quorum.
Speaker Cannon, In View ef th brondnesg
of the rule permitting the consideration
of bills on the private calendar,, ordered
the door closed and directed the sergeant
at -arm to bring in absentee, "
One by one th members cam Into the,
chamber. Bom had been found at dln
ner, clubs, etc., and as each answered
to the call there was srplause from th
member and the galleries.
During th long wait there were songs
without number and whistling solo and
duets by Mr. Forney and Mr. Fulkerson ot
Messrs. Hepburn of Iowa and Gaines ot
Tennessee, added to the amusement by ft
colloquy over " Wll to dock members for
A quorum wa secured at 10-.4S p. m. and
bill on the private .calendar were taken"
up, the session continuing until midnight
Several Hours "pent In Dleetusstng !
ns tared Alcohol Rill.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. The senate to
day passed th bill extending government
aid to the Alaska-Tukon-Paclflc exposition
to be held In Seattle In 1902 and debated for
several .hours the denatured alcohol bill,
reaching no conclusion on th latter mess,
ure. The conference report on the army I
appropriation bill wa presented and by
the senate receding on the point In con
troversy Its provision for the retirement
of paymasters' clerk ft complete agree,
ment between the two bouses resulted.
The denatured alcohol bill waa taken up
by the sensts today on motion of Mr.
Hansbrough and he and Mr. Carter opposed
the amendment suggested by the enatft
committee on finance requiring ft govern
ment storekeeper to be stationed wherever
alcohol Is manufactured. Senator Aldrich
declared that the Distillers trust was pro
moting the present bill. Senator Hans
brough said the Distillers' trust controlled
only 20 per cent of th -output of spirits In
the country and that tha Independent dis
tiller producing the remaining 80 per cent
were opposed to the measure.
Senators - Aldrich, Allison, Hanebrough
and Heybura supported the amendment re
quiting th presence of a government agent
during the operation of th stills, and Sen
ator Carter and McCurrtber spoke against
th amendment.
The debate had not been concluded when .
the . senate adjourned, shortly ' after I
o'clock. "
The senate today confirmed the nomina
tions of all the Isthmian canal commis
sioners sent to the senats-on the 15th Inst,
Including Chairman Bhont and Chief En-
glneer Steven. . " ' '
Conference Committee Make Change)
In. Railway Employee Measure.
WASHINGTON. ' Feb. 28. Conferee on
the LaFollette bill to promote the safety
of employe and travelers on railroads by
limiting th hours of ervtc of employe
reached an agreement on the measure to
day and their report wtll be made to
morrow. The bill wa amended In several
particular. The provision relating to em
ploye who have been on-duty tor sixteen
hour out of twenty-four wa amended so
that the required eight hour ot duty shall
be consecutive.
Tlie provision of the bill a It came from
the house relating to the number of hour
of work for operators or other employe
having to do with order connected with
the operation ot train was materially'
changed. Aa agreed upon such men shall '
not be "required or permitted to remain
on duty for ft longer period thas twelv
consecutive hours in any twenty-tour-hour
period. ,
Thla I an Increase tn ' the hoar from
nine hour. The, provision fixing one rule
for day and another for night service was
eliminated. ' The' claoa In regard to prose
cut! cms was amended so as to read: - "In
all prosecutions under this act th comrrvm
carrier shall be deemed to have had kaowV
edge of all acts of Its officer and agents
who have direction and -control of era
CoBg-re-Bsaaea Asked to Visit Island
and Learn Their Need.
WABH1NOTON, Feb.' 28. Mr. K'alanl
anacle has Invited ft number of representa
tives and senators to visit the Sandwlqh -Islands
thla summer as th guests of th :
resident of the Island and the congres
sional party wtll noil from Ban Frandaoo .
In June. They will study tha need ot th
Islands. Representative Hamfltan, chair
man of .th house committee on territories i .
Representative Hepburn, chairman ot th
house committee on interstate and foreign
commerce; Representative Lloyd of Mis.
sourt, the demo ratio whip, and a number
of other member of these two committees,
a wall other committee who deal with
Insular affairs, will be in the party- -
Ths Hawaiian legislature authorise th
delegation In Washington to tssu Invite
( tlona to the lawmaker who have to do
with the affair of th Islands, and ex tan.
lye plan ax being mad o give the via.
ttors an opportunity to go to all th dtJ
ferent Islands and study their needs.
Conference Cemitlee Drags Pre visa
Ion for Dates an Canned Meats.
WASHINGTON. Feb. &-Th coofereeg
on the agricultural appropriation bill today
reported aa agreement on practically all
acisndinent and It I conceded that all will
be agreed npon except that .providing fog
an (ner. of 28,000 ft year for four con.
secuttve year In th appropriation for stat
agricultural and scientlnc college. Th
Beverldge amendment providing that meat
packer jnuat date their cans Of meat pro.
duct waa dropped.
On amendment over which there waa con
troversy wa that which prohibit th crea
tion of ftddltlunsJ fort reserves In Idaho,
Montana, ' Wyoming, CxitoredOt Utah and
Oregon, ft waa ratalnwd, by tha comarenco
Nomfnatto-ae by Pre I den.
WASHINGTON. Fb. 28. -Nomination by
th president:
"To Be Rsevtver of Public Money at
Boise, Idaho Fred V Tinker.
Postmasters Iowa; J. B. Morgan, th.
bugoe. i - Missouri:: J. H. Tor ner, W Baton.
Nebraska;. Danft McNeil. Cbadron. South
Dakota Peril-, Axteeiani i D. Chuaav