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Office, 10 Pearl
DhtIs, drugs.
Btockert sella carpets.
Fine engravings at LetTerta.
Ed Roc-era' Tony Faust beer.
Be Schmidt's elegant new photos.
Plumbing and heating-, Blxbjr Bon.
Iew1s Cutler, funeral director; 'phone ft.
Wood ring Undertaking company. Tel. S39.
Watoh repairing, O. Mauthe, 228 West
Sheridan (Wyo.) coat In atock; also all
other grades. Fenlon Wlckham Coal com
pany, I(7 Fearl atreet. Both 'phones 22&
LANDS. Tha Switchmen's Union of North Amer
ica will give a ball tonight at the Armory.
Whaler's double orchestra will furnish
tha tnusio.
Illinois nut coal, delivered- IR.80 per toot
pedra grate, 8.W per ton. William Welsh.
It North Main street. TeL 128. Tard Eighth
street and Eleventh avenue. Tel. ST7.
D. 8. Kerr has farms of different slses
to rent, either cash or crop rent. Houses
for sale on monthly payments. Tela. 417 and
40s Red. 6M Broadway, Council Bluffs, la.
Warren J. Johnson, aged 6ft years, died
I'esterday at his home, 2718 Avenue A. He
eaves a wife. The funeral will be held
thla afternoon at 2:80 o'clock from the
Uethel Methodist church.
Are you paying two prices for mantles
and gas burners? If you are, we can cut
the price In two for you. We handle Lind
ey self-lighting and Inverted mantles, also
all other connections. W. A. Maurer.
A marriage licence was Issued yenterday
to Walter W. Scott, aged 28, and Victoria I
(M&slouka, aged 25, both of Columbus, Neb.
They were married by Rev. Henry DeLong
at his office In the county courthouse.
Julia Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
August Carlson, 3:3 Harrison street, died
yesterday morning from membraneous
croup .aged nearly t years. The funeral
will be held this afternoon and burial will
be in Falrvlew cemetery.
Constable Joe Palmer of Justice Greene's
court Is critically 111 and his recovery Is
said to be doubtful. Bert Ward, a former
member of the police force, who has been
commissioned as a deputy sheriff. Is acting
constable fur Justice Greene.
Arguments of counsel in the 126,000 per
gonal Injury damage suit of Levi Hunt
against the Burlington railroad were con
cluded yesterday afternoon and, aa the hour
was late. Judge Thornell deferred giving
his Instructions to the Jury until this morn
ing. -
Men's four-buckle -arctics (Hood's) $2;
men's pure gum arctics (Bostons) tt60;
men's all rubber arctics (old colony) 11.35;
ladles' two-buckle arctics (Bostons) $1.26;
ladies' A lank as 80c. Greut reduction on
aU kinds of rubbers. Duncan & Deans,
23 Main ntrset.
Simon Bolan, aged 77, died yesterday aft
ernoon at his home, 13U4 Avenue B, after a
short illness, from the Infirmities of old age.
Besides his wife he is survived by five
daughters and one son. Deceased was a
native of County Clare, Ireland, and came
to the United States In 1804.
Frederick H. Hill, secretary of the Emp-kle-Shugart-Hill
company, who has been
seriously 111 for several days, was removed
yesterday from his home at 823 Third ave
nue to the Jennie Ertmundnon Memorial
honpltal, where It Is tli ought probable he
will have to undergo an operation.
The funeral of the late Thomas Toplls
will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock from Woodrlng's undertaking par
lors and will be under the auspices of
Hawkeye ledge, Independent Order of Odd
Fellows, of which deceased was a member.
Interment will be In the Odd Fellows' bury
ground In Falrvlew cemetery.
Charles, alias " Dutch" Stevenson,- who
was rocently paroled from the county Jail,
where he was serving a year's sentence for
larceny from a building, on account of ill
health and 'on his promise to keep out of
the city, was In police court yesterday
'tnornlng charged with vagrancy. Judge
Snyder, despite the protest of Stevenson's
attorney that Stevenson .. was virtually In
the custody of the' sheriff, sentenced him to
thirty day.
JuLui lTS, 1A.
Ceasing la All the Time.
Things move hereabouts no dead stock
of wall paper to remind you of your grand
mother's "best room." New designs, new
colors or rather new combinations of
colors are to be seen here every day. The
only trouble with our stock Is that the
variety Is so large you'll be almost be
wildered will want to buy nearly every
thing you see. Jensen & Nlcolalsen, 23S
Broadway. Phone L618. .
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 250. Night. 001
Bait Against Gnardlaa.
In accordance with the order Issued by
Judge Green, of the district court. D. W.
Otis, guardian of Harry Dye, insane, yes
terday brought two suits against ' Mrs.
Mary A. Haynes of this city, former guar
dian of Dye. Mrs. Haynes, on December
10, was alleged to be short tl.908.08 In her
accounts as guardian of Dye, who Is her
nephew. At first Mrs. Haynes had been
bonded by the American Bonding A Trust
company and later by the United Stales
Fidelity and Guaranty company.
Under the Instructions of the court one
suit Is brought against Mary A. Haynes,
the American Bonding and Trust company
and the United States Fidelity and Guaranty
company. In the second suit Mrs. Haynes
also appears as defendant as do the two
bonding companies, only that their order
Is reversed. The sum of $1,966.06 Is sought
to be. recovered In both actions. The court
decided that two separate actions were
necessary, aa there was a question as to
which bonding company waa liable, and If
both, for what proportion of the amount
- claimed to be due the estate by Mrs.
for the Certain Relietot
Coughs and Colds
The formula as printed hsre waa
glvea on by a prominent doetor who
haa Bade a national repatatloa for
his wonderful skill la the ear of
thioat aad long disease. To this
purpose he uses almost exclusively
the asw form of pins product kaowa
to physlolana aad druggists as Oon
oeatrated oil of piss. The formula
is as follows i Half euaoe Concen
trated oil of piss, two ounoes of gly
cerine, half plat of good whiskey
tola these by snaking them thorough
ly aad use In tablespoon doses every
four hours.
The only oar aeoeasary is to be
sure to get the Oonosntratsd oil of
pine beeauae recently there have been
numerous patent medicine imitations
put eat under the asms, "Oil of gla.H
These, oa aoooaat of aot being sola.
Die, are aaagwreas, Besides presuo-
real "Concentrated" ell of
pine eaa he obtained of any good
presorlptlOB drugrt and eomea nut
no for medical use only la half-ounce
vials securely sealed in round air
tight screw top oases, which protect
it from light, aad retain all the orlg.
laal soa.
BU Tel. 43.
Kaoa?sr Hart sf Water Works Oompaiy
Denies Story to that Effect
Com pa ay Caa Do Nothing- Toward
Raisin Paads to Improve Plant
I'ntU Present Difflealtles with
City Are Settled.
"The Council Bluffs Water Works com
pany Is not now and has not recently made
any effort to effect a new bond Issue,
neither has it defaulted on the Interest on
Its bonds. All Interest due on the com
pany's bonds have been paid. The report
that some of the holders of the company's
bonds have become alarmed Is without the
slightest foundation and made up entirely
of whole oloth. The value of the present
water works plant Is, according to the ex
pert's estimate, ample security for the
company's bonds. The statement that
some of the bond holders had come here
to personally Investigate the situation Is
also without foundation."
This statement was made yesterday by
Manager E. W. Hart of the Council Bluff
Water Works company, when his attention
was called to an article published In the
columns of an Omaha paper.
Mr. Hart stated further, that nothing
could be done or would be done towards
raising funds for the extension and Im
provement of the system until the city
council reached some determination In the
matters now under consideration relative
to the water works situation.
A. N. Wlldman of Danbury, Conn., who
Is a holder of the water works company's
bonds, was In the city Inst week to attend
the wedding of his son. Captain Wlldman
of Fort Omaha, and Miss Stewart. His
visit here was not for the purpose of mak
ing any Investigation Into the situation, but
as stated, was merely to attend the wed
ding of his son. While In the city he
paid a visit to Mnnager Hart at the
offices of the company, but the visit was
purely a social one.
This week the handy fruit and vegetable
sllcer for 25c, for cutting plain (lutings and
shoestrings. See It In our window. Swalne
Maurer, 330-338 West Broadway.
Leernl Determination of Right of
Clerk of Conrt to Clerk Allowance.
The controversy between the Board of
County Supervisors and H. V. Battey, clerk
of the district court, over the latter's
allowance for extra clerk hire during 1905
and 1906 la to be arbitrated by the district
court. At the Instigation of Mr. Battey.
suit was commenced yesterday In the name
of Pottawattamie county, J. W. Mitchell,
treasurer, to recover ISOO which Mr. Battey
had drawn during the two years for extra
clerk hire.
In his answer died yesterday with the
petition Mr. Battey asks Judgement for
$190 against Pottawattamie county, as be
ing the amount of the allowance for extra
clerk hire for the months of September,
October, November and December, 1906,
Which he had failed to draw.
In his petition Is recited the resolution of
the board of supervisors of January 7,
1905, ' fixing tho compensation of ' the clerk
of . the district court. In ' addition to the
$2,200 salary provided by statute, the reso
lution provides that the clerk shall retain
$300 from the probate fees and be allowed
"$40 per month clerk hire." It Is shown
that Mr. Battey drew up to and Including
the month of August, 1906, In all $800 for
"clerk hire." but It Is contended In the
petition, so as to bring the controversy to
an Issue, that there was toothing to show,
that Mr. Battey had employed extra cleri
cal help or paid for same out of this allow
ance, and the recovery Into the county
treasury of the $800 Is asked.
The answer filed by Mr. Battey sets forth
that the action la brought at the request
of defendant to obtain a Judicial determina
tion of defendant's legal rights, because of
some dispute that had arisen In respect
Last August, during the campaign for
county offices, there waa not the best of
feeling between certain members of the
Board of Supervisors and Mr. Battey, and
some of the supervisors questioned the
right of Mr. Battey to draw the $40 a
month allowance for clerk hire on the
alleged grounds that he did not employ
extra help all the year around.
When this
question was raised Mr. Battey ceased
drawing the $40 a month allowance, al
though maintaining that he had a perfect
right to.
Rather than have his claim for the last
four months of 1906, amounting to $160
turned down by the Board of Supervisors,
If he presented It. Mr. Battey decided to
appeal to the court and have the matter
settled there. In his answer Mr. Battey
asserts that the allowance of $40 a month
waa no more that sufficient to pay the
extra help employed by him, and he calls
attention to the fact that a like allowance
has been made for several years to his
predecessors In office.
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers - were reported to The
Bee February IS by the Fttti.wattamlo
County Abstract company of Council
J. D. Ronk and wife to L. Sheets,
lot 5. block S. Carson. Ia.. w. d... 11 Ion
Sarah Jane White to James D. Fel-
ton part ne nw "i lk-17-41. w. d. 1.8911
Orissa Henry and Frances J. Lake
ana husband to Peter Kief, part
lot 1, Douglass' subdivision se hk
sw U 1-74-44. w. d S00
N. P. Dodge and wife to Orissa
Henry end Frances J. Lake, part
lot 1, Douglass subdivision seV
sw 1-74-44; lot 17. block k;
lots 43 and 44. block IS; lots 21
and 22, bWck IS, and lota 11 and
12, block 17, Wright's add. to
Council Bluffs. Ia.. w. d i
Charles Nielsen and wife to John
Madsen, part se 2V-77-42, w. d..
John Madsen and wife to Charles
Nielsen, part se 4 2H-77-4. w. d.
Zoe M. Ross to C. D. Dlllln. lot
S. block IS. Ferry add. V Council
Bluffs, Ia., q. c. d
Seven transfers, total.
A. Metirsr Jt Co.
New Location of Wholesale Bakery,
611 Mynster Street. Council Bluffs, Ia.
Home-Made Bread a Specialty.
Visitors Welcome.
Wedding- May Be Delayed.
"And I was to have been married to
morrow," remarked Louis Watson, as be
waa taken Into custody yesterday after
noon by Constable Baker under a warrant
Issued from the court of Justice Cooper.
An Information bad ben filed before Jus
tice Cooper by Miss Annie Brown charg
ing Watson with betraying her under
promise of marriage. The knowledge that
Watson was about to lead another woman
to the altar, It la supposed, preeipltcted
the filing of the charge. Watson declared
the charge waa apitework. In default of
ball placed st $fW0 he was committed to
the county Jail pending his preliminary,
which has been set for this afternon.
New York Maa Will Bay Officer A
Poser Claim.
Receivers Bereshelm and lurphy of
the Officer & Pussey bank have an oppor
tunity to dispose of the Walter Scott
mining property, which forms part of tha
assets of the defunct banking firm. Jules
V. Barnd of New Yprk City has an option
on the property to purchase It for $3,000
and Is said to be still willing to buy at
this price.
This option was secured In July of
190 by Mr. Barnd and was later extended
to June I, 1907, In order to give the pros
pective purchaser an opportunity to In
vestlgate the property. The repprt of
the expert who made the examination be
ing satisfactory, Mr. Barnd, the receivers
say, la willing to consummate the purchase
and yesterday Judge Thornell granted
authority to the receivers to expend the
needed amount for an abstract of the
At. the time of the suspension of the
bank and the appointment of the receivers
the Walter Scott Mining property was
listed among the assets at $26,633. In
January, 1901, It was stated that a com
pany of Colorado promoters hold a $75
000 option on this mining property but
the option expired In March of that year
and the deal fell through. The promoters
who obtained the option were negotiating
for the sale of the mine to eastern cap
italists who had acquired a number of
other mining properties In the same lo
cality and through the same promoters.
Clock repairing.
O. Mauthe, 228 West
John Westfall, Who Came to Iowa In
'glxtr-Ela-ht Prefers a Woo-on.
ATLANTIC, la., Feb. 13. (Special.)-Cass
county has perhaps the oldest man In the
world who has never ridden on a railroad.
Tho old man Is John Westfall, who came to
Cass county In 1868, locating In Noble town
ship on the farm he now occupies. He
came from Ohio, to which place the family
had emigrated from Pennsylvania. Most
of the Journey to Cincinnati was made by
water and the remainder to Iowa by wagon,
and this Is the only means of travel the
old man has used since. He Is 93 years of
age and has held many places of trust in
his township. He says he has gone so
long without riding on a train now that he
does not care to and will probably die
without having ridden on a train.
Knocked Down aa He Steps from
Moving; Train and Bark Broken.
CORNING, la., Feb. 13.-(SpeclaI.) Wil
liam Sales, about 27 years of age, a brake, was Instantly killed at Prescott
yesterday evening. He stepped off the ca
toose of a moving freight train and waa
kaocked down. His back was probably
broken. The coroner decided death was
accidental. He was a new brakeman on his
first trip.
Will Honor Prof. Carrier.
IOWA CITY, la., Feb. 13.-(Special.)
Preparations for ' the celeoratlon of the
fortieth anniversary of the connection of
Prof. Amos Currier with the State Uni
versity of Iowa are progressing rapidly.
Governor Cummins has Just appointed a
committee to devise plans for the celebra
tion to consist of Hon. Alonzo Abernethy
of the Board of Regents of the university,
Prof. W. C. Wllrox of the faculty of the
college of liberal arts and O. H. Brainard
of the Alumni association. The general
plan will be announced sometime this
spring after the members of the commit
tee have an opportunity to meet.
Iowa News Notes.
IDA GROVE John Clenblel, a resident of
Correctlonville, was killed there by a fall
from the top of n windmill tower, where
he was making some repairs. The tower
is 100 feet high.
IDA GROVE While visiting her snn, H.
S. Lynn, at Battle Creek, Mrs. M. Lynn of
Mapleton was bitten by a pet cat. Blood
poisoning developed and at the end of a
week the woman dli-d.
SIDNEY There was a mad dog scare
In the Brlghtslde neighborhood, west of
Sidney, yesterday. A tramp bird dog show
ing evident Bigns of hydrophobia passed
through the county and bit a number of
other dogs before being killed.
ATLANTIC John W. Davidson was sen
tenced to twenty months In the peniten
tiary by Judge Macey for entering a school
house near Lewis, after having pleadeu
guilty to the charge. He tried to talk the
Judge into making the sentence lighter.
SIDNEY While Dan Buxsard and Henrv
Blank were out hunting near ImoKene the i
latter attempted to scare a rabbit from ;
a brush pile by using the stock of his
shotgun when the weapon was discharged ;
and the contents entered his hand and arm,
mulcting serious wounds.
AMES Misses Ixmise Peters of Mame
nd Ingebrog Lomlnen of Lanesboro, Minn.,
. . n a uvcu em im lu nviuuiil un mo iiiuubi II i
language faculty at the Iowa State college
studied at Heidelberg and Berlin.
AMES Mrs. Ella W. Knowlton of Orin
ncl) has been secured to act as matron of
Margaret hall at the Iowa State college
during the absence of Mrs. Marlon H.
KUbourne, who has been granted leave of
absence and leaves soon on a trip abroad.
Over 2U0 girls come under the supervision
of this matron.
TABOR The officers and vice president
of the Mills County Independent Order of
Odd Fellows association met yesterday at
Malvern and decided to hold the anni
versary celebration April 26 at Hastings,
and later, the annual picnic at Pacific Junc
tion. Olllcers elected are: J. H. Graham of
Hustings, president; W. C. McCllntock of
Tabor, secretary; J. W. Miller of Glen
wood, treasurer.
ATLANTIC The 1-vear-old duuihtrr of
Mr. and Mrs. Phares was badly
scalded bv a bowl of hot so no snllllnir ovar
! her throat and chest. The mother had set
a bowl of soup on the table and the little
one, in her curiosity to see what was in
the bowl, pulled the edge over until the
contents were spilled over her body. All
the skin peeled off the places where the
soup touched, but the child will recover.
ATLANTIC Clerk of the Courts Clovls
is engaged In the work of tabulating and
getting in shape all the estates that have
tn-eu lying In the clerk's office for years,
not entirely closed up. There are over iuO
of these caaes and some have been running
for more thun fifteen years with no final
, ; action taken. He expects to get them in
1 i shape by the April term of court, when ho
will present them to the Judge for tlnal ac
tion. SIDNEY George Vaughan, convicted last
year In Nemaha county, Nebraska, of as
saulting Miss C. Holly, will be given an
other trial, the cose having been reversed
and remanded by the supreme court. The
testimony given at the former trial was to
the effect that Vaughan and a companion
named Taylor took Mis Holly and another
young woman to the Taylor home under
pretense of taking tnem to a dance ana
kept them there all night. The parties
live near Hamburg and the scene of the
altered crime was near that city In a lo
cality known as "The Island." which la
under the Jurisdiction of Nebraska.
Merchants for Municipal Ownership.
PEORIA. III., Feb. 13. The retail mer
chants of Peoria signified their almost
unanimous favorable attitude toward legis
lation for municipal control and regulation,
of gas and electric service and rates by a
resolution submitted at this morning's ses
sion of the state convention. The conven
tion a iso voted unanimously against pre
mium merchandise and In favor of com
modities that are offered upon their merits
without resorting to premium achauiea,
L'otise Panel Bill Put ting Down th Lid on
that Day.
Mrs. Fred West, Proprietor of a Baby
Farm, Held Wlthoit Ball on the
Charge of Marderlna- Babe
Left la Her Charge.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
DES MOINES. Feb. 13. (Speclal.)-McAl-llster's
bill making horse racing, base ball
and other sports a desecration of Memorial
day and punishable by a fine and Imprison
ment was debated for an hour this morn
ing In the house, amended several times
and then the house adjourned tilt this
afternoon at 1:30 to continue the discus
slon. The question before the house when
it adjourned at noon was on an amend
ment offered by Miller of Bremer that
the enacting clause be stricken out. This
was defeated this afternoon and the bill
finally passed..
Several covert efforts were made to
kill the bill before Miller of Bremer came
Into the open with his amendment to strike
out the enacting clause. An effort was
made to send It to the Judiciary commit
tee on the ground that It was Imperfectly
drawn. Leo of Emmet called attention to
the fact that there was no limit to the
term of Imprisonment that a Judge might
fix and offered an amendment limiting
It to thirty days In Jail which carted. The
law as finally passed prohibits sports or
anything that Interferes with the orderly
observance' of the day and the penalty
is a fine of $5 to $100 or Imprisonment in
the county Jail not exceeding thirty days.
House Proceedings.
In the house today the bill providing
for the assessment of rural and farm tele
phone lines was reported for passage.
House Bills Introduced By Marston, a
hunter's license law; by Mason, fixing the
compensation of assistant county attor
neys In counties where court is held In
more than one city; by Fox; a legalising
set: by Blxby. appropriating Si.uw to the
Agricultural college to be used for the
benefit of the Corn Growers' association;
by Clary, amending the law as to new
trials on newly discovered evidence; by
Sullivan, providing for teachers retirement
fund associations; by Swift, amending the
law in appeals In civil cases.
Send Back Bills.
The Teter bill prohibiting national banks
offsetting the assessment of their capital
stock with their debts, after being debated,
was sent back to the Judiciary committee
from which a minority report favoring Its
passage was made In the first Instance and
Schoenenberger's bill relating to road
taxes was also sent back to the committee
to be corrected.
Want Constitutional Convention.
The senate passed, 40 to 6, the Smith
resolution calling upon congress to arrange
for a convention to revise the constitution
of the United States with special reference
to popular election of senators. The six
who went on record as opposed to the
change In method of electing senators were
Dunham, Glllllland, Stookey, Jones, Jami
son of Clark and Bleakley. v
There was no argument on the resolu
tion, the standpatters having exhausted
themselves on the subject a year ago; but
Dunham filed a protest with his vote in
which he declared himself opposed to the
proposition of changing the method of
electing, that It Is bad 'policy to risk a con
vention In a time of unrest, and because
Iowa has always had honorable men In the
Senate bills: By Belley, appropriation
for agricultural extension; by Do Wolf, on
adulteration of drugs; by Stookey, defining
a bona fide subscriber.
Cheek to Divorces.
The senate passed the Jones bill to for
bid the guilty party In a divorce proceed
ing from marrying for a year after a decree
of divorce has been Issued.
The Hughes bill to make possession of a
railroad pass by a Juror In a case Involv
ing corporations a cause for peremptory
challenge, was passed.
The house bill fixing a greater penalty
for turning In a false fire alarm was
More Farm Schools.
Senator Seeley introduced a bill In the
senate to appropriate $25,000 for agricultural
extension work under the college at Ames.
The bill makes special arrangements for
$2,000 a year for the farm school at Mt.
Pleasant and also the same for similar
schools In northern Iowa at two points.
Mrs. West Bonnd Over.
Mrs. Fred West, whose trial In Juatice
court on an Information charging her with
murdering an Infant born at her hospital
has been going on for a week, was today
bound over to await the action of tho
grand Jury without ball.
Her attorneys
Krin n action in hahess cormis to
' , . , .
ct her release on the ground that there Is
no grand Jury In Polk county, and as there
can be none till -the legislature acts to
relieve the county. They will allege that
she cannot be given a speedy trial, as re-
---"- ,
quired by law. This afternoon Miss Anna
he-d nur"e l th Wot hogpltal.
waa arrested on a charge of murder also.
It ia charged that she gave the first dose
of laudanum to the Infant and that Mrs.
West gave two or three otner doses later
that ended the child's life.
Lumbermen End Session.
The southeastern Iowa lumbermen ended
their session at the Elk's club last evening
In a banquet at which about 200 people
were present, followed with an address by
Governor Cummins.
Officers for the year were elected as fol
lows: President, C. D. Streeter of Keokuk; vice
president. L. H. Wallace of Washington;
secretary and treasurer, C M. Porter of
Rule Aa-alaat Red Autos.
The automobile was painted a bright
rad and made a puffing noise, such as waa
calculated to frighten horses." Bo said the
supreme court in considering an automobile
damage case from Plymouth county, A
pair of bronchos became frightened In the
streets of LeMars and Fred Raber got a
Judgment of $5 against O. H. Hinds be
cause thereof. The only question was
of ths suffering and danger in itoro for her, robs the expectant mother
of all pleasant anticipation of the coining event, and casts over her a
shadow of gloom which cannot be shaken off. Thousands of women
have found that the use of Mother's Friend during pregnancy robs
confinement of all pain and danger, and insures safety to life of mother
and child. This scientific liniment ia a god-send to all women at the
time of their most critical trial. Not only does Mother's Friend
carry women safely through the perils of child-birth, but its use
gently prepares the system for the coming event, prevents "morning
sickness," and other dis-
afjsye-i PJ3(SJTIH1EIRPB
fi.oo per bottle. Book
containing valuable information fra.
Yste ftrH,U RaaUtor Co Atlanta 0a.
whether the man who operated the auto
mobile was negligent. The court would
not decide that he did all he should have
done by merely stopping after the bronchos
ran away.
Court decisions:
L. P. Whltcomb against Smith Collier, ap
pellant, from Clarke county; modified and
affirmed. Ware ft Inland against A. W.
Helss. appellant, from Dallas county; re
versed. Fred Raber agslnst O. H. Hinds,
appellant, from Plymouth county; af
firmed. L. Bobbins nvninst Iloserman
Hros., appellants, from Clark county; af
tlrmed. E. lierner ngnlnst Hlgman &
Skinner Company, appellant; from Wood
bury county; stflrtned. Wheelock ft Wheel
ock. appellants, against G. C. Countryman,
rrom I'iymoutn county: smrmea. jonn
Morgan, appellant, against Anna L. Strand
et al., from Osceola county; affirmed. Isaac
Perry, appellant, against Clnrke County,
from Clarke county; affirmed. W. W.
Walker against J. L. Kennedy, Judge,
certiorari; annulled. James Brock way
against Louisa County, and H. L. l.etts,
appellant, against District of Olive Branch,
from Louisa county; afllrmed.
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ley of the Rosebud reservation, who are In
Washington, will be prepared to make their
report and present the treaty arranged with
the Indians to the Indian affairs committee
of the house tomorrow.
Auburn Man with Pollard.
A member of the Auburn resolutions
committee which prepared the resolution
for Congressman Pollard when he was
nominated last fall has writen the mem
ber from the First district stating: "No
candidate dared go before the perpl 1"V
fall without promising to stand by th
president, yet we see our legislature re
solving squarely against him and thla
on a protective principle. I am amased
at the tendency of tho State Journal and
rolltlclans towards the populist democ
racy and am expecting our legislature to
fall In line with other similar bodies in
republican states to Invite Colonel Bryan
to address and teach It how best to run
this government. They seem to be sow
ing now for the whirlwind in 1908. Tho
subject Is hardly an Issue here and is
not debated except occasionally by frcn
ried factions who are suffering with holy
horrors at the wicked corporations and
devilish octopl. I think it high time re
publican Journals take their bearings and
defend their principles, If they have faith
In them, and stand by the president and
the prosperity of the country, and you
need not send me any garden seeds'
Minor Matters at Capital.
Representatives McCarthy today intro
duced a bill which authorizes the OmaHa
tribe of Indians to submit any claim
they may have against the government
of the United States to the court of
claims for adjudication.
Tha secretary of the treasury has se
lected a site for a public building at
Kearney, Neb., located at the southeast
corner of Central avenue and Twenty
fourth street, owned by J. O. Lowe. Tho
price paid was $5,000.
Postmasters appointed:' Nebraska:
Lconle, Holt county, Ernest M. Beaver,
vice J. Beaver, resigned. South Dakota:
Camp Crook, Butte county, Daisy T.
Baur, vice H. F. Baur, dead; Hooker,
Turner county, Elsie M. Sage, vice E. J.
Satter, resigned.
A postofflce has been established at
Rosevale, Garfield county. Neb., wlrt
Lottie Woods, postmaster.
Senator Burkett today Introduced blll3
to Increase the pensions of the following
residents of Nebraska: W. Ij. Ireland
and Renal Dye of Craig, to $30 per month
each, and Adelaide Hitchcock of Gresham,
to $20 per month.
Senate today passed a bill creating a
new division of tho southern judicial dis
trict of Iowa and to provide lor terms of
court at Ottumwa.
The senate has confirmed the nomina
tion of W. H. H. Woodhurst and J. E.
Evans to bs register and receiver, re
spectively, at the North Platte land office.
Senator Burkett today presented to the
senate the resolutions passed by the
house of representatives of Nebraska
favoring legislation by congress allowing
the. Inspection of sheep and cattle In
farmers' and shippers' yards and per
mission to ship after such Inspection for
a period of thirty days.
Pens Where Stock Is Unloaded for
Rest Must Be Properly Equipped.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 13. Secretary Wil
son today gave the Department of Justice
data on sixteen violations of the twenty
eight hour law an act providing that live
stock shipped on railroads may not be kept
In cars without food and water longer than
twenty-eight hours without consent of the
shipper, and then only thirty-six hours. The
coses are against the Rock Island road.
The records show the stock was kept In the
cars an average of about forty-five hours.
In a circular sent today by Secretary Wil
son to the heads of all railroad lines in the
country he said:
This department has to this date received
evidence of something over 600 violations
of this law and about sixty of these cases
have been reported to the Department of
Justice In order that suit may be insti
tuted in each case for the maximum pen-1
any or mju. nearly imi cases will be trans
mitted to the Department of Justice in a
few days. In all of these cases the offense
consisted of con lining the live stock beyond
me statutory time and in none or them has
the question been raised aa to whether tha
cattle, when they were unloaded, were
placed In properly equipped pens fur rest.
water ana reeaing.
The purpose of this letter Is to call tha
attention of your corporation to the fact
that hereafter the Inspectors of the depart
ment win examine me pens in wnich the
various railroads engaged In Interstate
commerce unload live stock for rest, feed
and water. And when the cattle are un
loaded In pens not properly equipped suits
will be brought for the recovery of Den-
altles. The department is In receipt of
numerous reports and complaints from
stock men and others that atock is un
loaded Into pens. In some cases belly deep
In mud, In others the water supply Is In
sufficient or so arranged that the stock is
unable to drink. In other cases the feed
is so placed that most of the cattle cannot
reach It
Senate Committee Increases Forestry
Appropriation to Million Dollars.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 13. The agricul
tural appropriation bill waa reported to
the senate today and notice was given by
Senator Proctor that the bill will be called
for action tomorrow.
As reported from the commutes on ag-
It an ordeal which all
women approach with
indescribable fear, for
nothing com pare with
the pain and horror of
child-birth. Thethousrht
grlculture, the hill carries an Ine.reare over
that allowed by the house In the appropria
tions for the agricultural department
proper of $IM,lSf. and of SMO.OOO In the ap
propriation for the forestry service, bring
ing the totsl forestry appropriation up to
fl.ono.ono and the grand total of the bill ti
$8, 302,190.
The principal Items of Increase outside
of the forestry service are $35,000 for exper
iment stations; $31.00 for grain grading In
vestigations; $30,0(0 for soil Investigations
and $26,000 for experiments In animal feed
ing. The appropriation for the maintenance
of the forestry service Is regarded by the
committee In the light of a loan, as It Is
promised by the forestry officials that the
money shall be refunded from the receipts
of the bureau.
Tho Tawney amendment, providing that
no salaries shall be paid to state employes
In the administration of the pure food law,
was altered to provide that "any part of
the appropriation used for compensation or
expenses to any officer employed by any
state, county or municipal government
shall be reported to congress In detail.'
The house appropriation of $338,000 for
free seeds was not disturbed.
The provision for the leasing of grating
lands In the public domain was not changed
from the form In which It was agreed on
yesterday. .
Slight Falling: Off In tho Marketing
of Hobs as Compared with
Prevlons Week.
CINCINNATI, O., Feb. 13. Price Current
says: There has been a fairly liberal mar
keting of hogs the past week. Total west
ern packing was 606,000, compared with
656,000 the preceding week and R70.000 last
year. Since November 1 the total Is S.S30,
000, against 9,235,000 a year ago.- Prominent
places compared as follows:
' 1906-7 1906-a
Chicago 2,090,000 ISnu.iWO
Kansas City 9-.ono 1,070.0"0
South Omaha 670.noo 6f0,noo
St. Louis fvSfi.OOO 850.000
St. Joseph 6S3.000 M6,0n0
Indianapolis 4X6.000 (60.000
Milwaukee 3X3.000 427,000
Cincinnati i5,(i0 130,000
Ottumwa 210.000 246,nno
Cedar Rapids 190,n.y) 2f7.on0
Sioux City 333,000 346.0110
St. Paul 310.000 84O.0O0
Cleveland 206,000 210.000
Rnmor on French Hoarse Cannot Be
Continued, bnt Act Is
PARIS, Feb. IS. There was rumor on ths
bourse today that Premier Clemenceau had
resigned. The report could not be con
firmed, but In well Informed circles the
premier's retirement under the present cir
cumstances, without awaiting an adverse
vote In the Chamber of Deputies, would not
cause any surprise.
Adams' Lawyers Challenge Sheriff.
WALLACE, Idaho, Feb. IS. The struggle
of Steve Adams' attorney to save him from
conviction for the murder of Fred Tyler
was centered In the efforts of the defense
to disqualify the sheriff when court opened
today. The defense contend' 1 that Sheriff
Bailey and his deputies should not be per
mitted to handle the srecial venire of
jurors, because of animosity to the prisoner.
Why Be Deaf When This Remark
able Invention of Mr. Creo. P. ' 1
Way Can Surely Help You,
No ' one appreciates the lonesome
miserable existence of the deaf more
than Mr. George P. Way, the well
Jtnown inventor of the Way Ear Drum,
who Is now In this city.
Mr. Way, whose home office Is in ths
Majestic building, Detroit, Mich., waa
deaf for over 26 years, and during all
this time felt his lonesome position ex
tremely. He was cut off almost entirely
from enjoying the society of his fellow
men. He could nrt attend public meet
ings, lectures or concerts. He could not
enjoy a social conversation with his
friends. He waa handicapped In busi
ness, and saw far less able men forging
ahead of him, because of his unfortunate
Infirmity. He could not even talk to his
own family freely and easily as he would
like to.
No one but those who are afflicted with
deafness themselves can appreciate what
Mr. Way suffered.
Mr. Way will be In
Omaha. At the Her
Grand Hotel, all this
week, until Feb. 16th in
clusive. All who are
deaf should be sure to
call on him. as It will
cost nothing to learn
whetherhe can help you
or not.
Take the elevator and the attendant will
ehoui you to Mr. H'dj's parlrm.
irWhen in Chicago"
Stop at The
Stratlord Hotel
European Plan
KeBoed, Elegant, Quiet. Located cor
ner oi city's two ooest boulevsrds.
convenient to entire business center.
Close to best theatres and shopping
district. 225 rooms, 150 private bathes
luxurious writing and reception rooms)
woodwork mahogany throughout; brass
beds snd all modern comforts: teicohon
In every room; brauillul dining room.-
the best oi everything at moderate prices, I
stkhlgaa sad Jacksoa Birds. Chicago h
rraotloally fireproof. During the past
summer entirely refitted and docorated;
hot and cold running water In every ropoa,
American and rJuropean plan.
i. ft. BAYS. Lasses aad Maaagsg.
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ozomulsion Laboratories
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