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Telephone Douglas 6 Iff.
Bee, January 28, 1907
tlhie ICod
Of Our Greatest January Clearing Sale
Truly! this 1ms been tho greatest sale in the history of our business. The (Treat
crowds that have gathered in our store every day; the heart interest that all have taken
has demonstrated that we are Omaha's foTemost store for "Genuine Bargains."
These last days of the Great January Salo will witness some lively price cutting.
It will pay you to give our ads your closest attention. They always match our goods.
There Are Many Bargains Not Advertised
Only Three More Days
Of our Great Clearing Sale of
mussed and soiled Table Cloths
and Napkins at just half price.
- TaMe Cloths at Just Half Price.
'apklna at Just Half Prire.
Half Dozen Napkins at Just Half
Cloths, In all sices, from 2 yards
up to 6 yards long.
. Main Floor.
The Great January Clearing
Sale of Cloaks Still Goes On
-: The assortment rets smaller and
smaller every day. Still there are
many choice garments to be had
for little money. There Is not a
Fall Salt In the house. Wc closed
them all out in about 10 minutes
last Saturday. -'
All the Coats now half price.
All the Fur Coats now half price.
All the Dainty House Gowns now
half price.
Second Floor.
Wait for the Great January
Clearing Sale of Colored
Dress- Goods Remnants
Wednesday, January SO,
8 A.M.
Every remnant In ..' the Great
January Clearing Sale is a beauty,
and at prices you will say at once:
"No sales like Thompson, Belden
& Co.'s when it comes to quality
and price." But this does not tell
half the story. See remnants dis
played in our Sixteenth St. win
dow. Then come Wednesday,
you'll not be dlsapppolnted.
Our January Muslin Sale
Now nearlng an end. Have you
shared T A few' more days and the
opportunity to buy Sheetings, Mus
lins, Redy-Made Sheets and Pillow
Cases at away below values will
have passed. You know by this
time that it Is not idle talk when
we advise you to" buy now for the
coming year. -
Our, 30c 81-inch wide Sheeting
at 25c yard. ,
Our 18 c 45-inch wide Pillow
Casing at 14c yard.
Our 95c 'size 81x90 Sheets at 73c
Our 32c size 45x36 hemstitched
Pillow Cases now 26c each.
Our 12c Bleached Muslins at
9Ho yard.
Our 7Vc unbleached Muslins at
6c yard.
Our 18 4c half Bleached Mus
lins, 10c yard. . . ,
All fine Cambrics at greatly re
duced prices.
Reduced prices still prevail on
all of oar fine Blankets and Com
Basement. ...
Howard Cor.. Sixteenth Street
board may require. Freight companies
must report the value of their cars, the
number owned, the business done and other
Information desired by the board.
In case any railroad, depot or freight
company shall refuse to furnish any in
formation . to the local assessor or the
state board, the assessing authorities are
given authority to assess the property tn
their discretion and the companies af
fected are estopped to question or Impeach
. the action of the assessor or the board
upon any grounds not affecting the sub
stantial justice of any tax which may be
levied. Any officer of any company mak
ing a false return shall be guilty of per
jury. Connty aad City Clerks.
The several county and city clerks shall
prepare separate assessment rolls for the
companies mentioned In this act and shall
deliver the same on or before the first day
of April of each year to the proper assessor
for each city and village of his county.
Between April 1 and June 1 the assessor
shall value and assess alt the property of
each company mentioned In each city and
village within his jurisdiction, all property
being treated as personal property. The
assessor shall forward to the state board
on or before June 1 a statement of all the
property assessed by him under the pro
visions of this act. He .may at bis option
append to the assessment roll an Itemised
Hat of all the tangible property aesersed
by Mm In each city and village, as well
fcs a statement showing how ,he reached his
The state board shall act as a board of
equalisation and any company shall have
the right to appear, and be heard on Its
assessment In any city or village, and the
city or village shall also have the right
to appear. At such meetings the attorney
general shall represent the board. The
board shall have the power to raise or.
lower any assessment of any city or village
for the purpose cf giving the property of
each company full and fair valuation In the,
several cities and villages. It shall be the
duty of the board to fix the value of the
various proportles returned, that the com
panies assessed shall stand as near as may
be upon a basis of equality with other tax
payers In the same cities and villages re
spectively. Cone Misses Fir Asrnln.
Btate Journal company to Recover forfeits free postage stamps to the senators voted
for the failure of the Company to deliver
back to the senate printed bills three days
after receiving the copy was rescinded. ;
The original resolution called forth a state
ment from the Btate Journal, calling at
tention to the fact that it had had - the
qpntract most of the time for thirty years
and bad no been required to live up to Its
terms. It declared under present circum
stances It was Impossible to carry out the
terms of the contract.
In his resolution today Senator Epperson
says the senate has other remedies to pro
tect the state so far as the present session
Is concerned. The receipts showing when
copy was delivered and when the bills
were returned at former sessions, which
would be material evidence for the state,
have been destroyed, according to the res
olution, and It would be difficult to main
tain a suit tn court.
Just what method will be taken. If any.
Is not Indicated In the resolution. It has
been suggested the amount due could be
withheld from the payments made to the
Journal company for printing done during
ths session. As the state could not be
sued, the action of the legislature would
be final.
Jto Stamp Craft
The senate, by action taken today, has
declared, while It la willing the house of
representatives should Indulge In the so-
down. The only serious ODnoeitlon to any
bill was to the one Introduced by Burns
making county, district and supreme judges
ineligible to any except judicial offices.
At the beginning of the session Burns
of Lancaster Introduced a resolution re
questing the Nebraska delegation In con
gress to oppose the ship subsidy bill on
the ground it favors certain Interests and
is not In the Interests of the people. The
resolution went over a day.
Epperson of Clay offered a memorial from
10 of his constituents favoring his bill to
place telephone companies under the control
of the Railway commission. The attempt
of the judiciary committee to ' have In
deftntely postponed S. F. 140, by Ald
rlch, providing for a commission to pro
pose amendments to the constitution, failed
at leaet for the present, and the senate at
the request of Aldri'ch recommitted the bill
tor further action.
Epperson's motion to rescind the former
action directing the attorney general to be
gin suit against the State Journal to re
cover penalties for the late delivery of
printed bills carried without opposition.
Ths senate then went into the considera
tion of bills on final passage. The follow
ing bills were passed:
H. R. 52 Providing for the appropriation
of $20,000 to pay the expenses ol the legislature.
8. r . 8 By Root. Abolishing the tE.onn
called stamp "graft," It Is not Willing to J limit to the amount which may be reeov-
accept any of the tainted stamps Itself..
Randall of Madison Introduced a resolu
tion authorising the secretary of the senate
to furnish each senator dally with ten 3
cent stamps or the equivalent In other de
nominations, twice the amount the members
ered for. death due to negligence,
8. F. 27-By Root. Proviumg civil cases
I shall not be reversed by the supreme court
; where it is shown substantial Justice hus
; been done the litigants.
I 8. V. O-By Root. To authorize the
; county judge to receive costs, lees and uu
; claimed legacy and to pay them to tho
or the house allowed themselves. He de- : proper persons and requiring an accounting
dared this was necessary because so many " "f "!?
applications for nrtnted hill, were received ' . F ' aj-By Root- Abolishing the hearing
applications ior Printed oilia were race yen , of charges against superintendents of state
by the members. Gibson, King and Wilson . institutions by the Board of Public Lands
opposed the resolution and It was killed
by a vote of U to 17.
Constitutional Convention BUI
and Buildings,
S. F. 61 By Wilson. Permitting clttsa of
me secona-ciass ana villages to sell elec
incuy, steam, neat, light or other prod
Senator Aldrlch's bill providing for a com- j u f iByffohV
mission to propose amendments to the state , ployment at the Milford Home for the
constitution Is to have another chance for ' Friendless of either a male or female phy-
Its life. When the Judiciary committee re- 1 .... . A
tion to any but Judicial offices during their
Gibson. Providing for tne
payment of election boards at Joint election
..... . ... i o. n oar Burns.
poneo. u ior inaenniie postponement loaay trict and supreme Judges ineligible for eloc-
Aiancn movea it w reoommittea ror runner i non to any ou
consideration and this was done by unanl- I term"i
tnmia vnt. M. AMrltk malA h. AiA . ' ' . . f
r, a A.m .ia . ik. i : payment or election ooarus at joint eieeu
omu""r' " t know there was any opposition to the bill, oy the city, county and school districts In
memoers oi me nouse inio u irum . ne oonMnted t( hav6
rauroaacomimiise an mc uiua rcrauns iu i -onni... ui - -
S-cent passenger rates and placing them !
on gegeral me, snooting mem over mo
heads of the Joint committees which are
preparing all railroad measures, but he
heard by the ' Oniatyi or zz by each division.
The committee.
S. F. 6 Hy Root. Keuulrinar the words
"Intoxicating liquors" to be placed on ex
press packages containing the same and
prohibiting the consigning of same to fic
titious persons or the bringing of it Into
1 . I .. 1 .. J t .V. . ; . I 1-"-" . ...,..
'ir.ui utth ui,iuuui;m tutu luv W1..110. . sale.
It turned cut, was against it and he now
asks for an opportunity to be heard.
An unusually large number of bills have
. -" j - wiiijr jii juiy pardons.
Dins nad been introduced.
railed miseraoiy. rusionisis ana . ToUy wg tne ,ighteenth. day of the. 8. F. 7-By Root. Making the place of
alike recognising m his resolution merely 9alon tnA th. b1, waa off,,,..,,. Cn ! delivery of liquor the place of sale,
a move to maka a little campaign than-! .,k..k a.. , , 8. F. 14-By Root. Abolishing Fourth of
der. In fact, the ruslonlsU failed to vote
with him. there being only eleven votes
recorded for ths resolution and seventy
one against It.
Cone told the house It waa only neces
sary to change the figure I In the present
S. F. 18 By Thomas. Giving the state
the same number of peremptory challenges
as the defense when two or more de
fendants are on trial.
8. F. 4ft By McKesson. Providing for
fees to be charged life Insurance com-
At . the last
Ion the total number cf bills Introduced
waa about BK, only sixty more than are
already In at the present session.
Senator Thomas has offered another enm-
.j, .,, k.ii ,v. ,vi. v- panles by the state Insurance department.
Us and Insert the figure t to enact a 2- : L .-trnAnrmA . .. ,w. : . J?" .v,.?'n r
cent pasaepger rate am be told me nousa etherg ,xcept the provision requiring the surance companies by the state Insurance
also that : all. the parties wre In favor Btt,ndanc, cf tne b:,n, Bd fleaf the oenartment. ... ... .
of it i ' Ji L.. . , .i. 8. F. 9i By Thomas. Providing for a
t'a . ;, ni.,.. .."J L. ... th first Ut8te ln,tUuUon sllrrvlnated. together COroner's physician In Douglas county.
l.v thynUeman !r1,h BOm' mulrements Burn,. blll pronlbmng Jua8e. from run
. r l. Z . n' in ntl' ot ro Th mr. contl nlng for , but Jualclal offlce(l aurln(r
from Saunders waa not sincere In a mo-.,, .v. .... ,., - thjl -ttnn .w, .. " ; . .
- - ineir terms aeveiopea conioeraoie opposi
Din, wnicn, togetner wuri. tne secona sec
tion, Is cut out. .
tlon, but he felt sure his object was merely
to make political capital. Harrison ' of
Otoe, who Is chairmen of . the- railroad
committee, said his committee' desired to
treat everyone falny nrid had dona so
and expected to do so..)' He aald H. R. I
waa still In the hands, of the committee
and ao were several republican bills re
lating to 2-cent rates ' and therefore the
fusion floor leader had- little cause for
complaint Hamer of Buffalo said he be
lieved Cone waa sincere, but he doubted
the expediency of su?b a resolution at this
time. Walsh cf -Douglas opposed the reso
lution and went 'farther and said the re
publican r nu .pledged to a t-cent
far. TheT resolution waa tabled.
McMAillen of Gage Introduced his pri
mary eleetlon bit this afternoon.' and un
like the. Dodge bill, It provides for th
nomination of all . officer ' except state
officers. It provide also for a -state con
vention to nominate- stst officer and
Legislative. Gossip.
Jones of Cass county had an experience
during th civil war arhlch Illustrates the
sterling character of the late John M.
Thayer. Jones and General Thayer were
members of th same regiment and having
received word while at' Leavenworth that
three men were to be hanged at Lexing
ton for stealing negroes, Thayer, who was
In command, called for volunteers to go to
their relief. " . 1. . " .' .. i
"It was a sixty mile ride, but there were
plenty of volunteers and we got to Lex
ington about day light. General , Thayer
rode up to the Jail door and getting off
of his horse hammered on th door with
his saber.
'What do you want there?" Inquired
someone within. "
i ''You open that door and do It d a
promulgate a sut- platform. Any on I quick," answered General Thayer.
can file under hi bill by paying th filing j v After a little parley the door was
fee, which, Is practically th am as under t opened and th three men were taken out
tlon, though there waa no d!scusslon. Tha
vote stood 19 to S. The only other bills
to receive negative votes were No. 6 and
No. T. by Root, relatttrg to the regulation
of liquor sales. Ashton and Thomas voted
against No. S, and Ashton, Thomas ami
Saunders against No. T.
'Senator Patrick's bill relating to voiding
Judgments after five years, after a hard
fight, waa again committed to the Judiciary
committee for specific amendment on mo
tion of Root of Cass. An unfavorable re
port by the committee a-veral days ago
was voted down by the senate and the
bill placed on general file. Most of the
lawyers opposed the- measure.
The senate received a specific message
from the governor notifying It of the re
ceipt of $790 17 from the United States
government for the forest reserve fund.
Randall of Madison moved the secretary
of the senate furnish ten 1-cent stamps or
their equivalent In other postage to the
senators each day during the session. The
the Dodg bill, though It la hot necessary
for th candidal to secure a petition before
filing. ' . v ; r
Epperson Relents Prlallair.
At bis own, request' -the action taken laat
week on Vppersnq'a resolution directing
th attorney general to' proceed against the
r N-Dy$p?ft'a and Live
"Troubles have wh'n
is used in place of coffee.
"There's tv Reason".
and their lives saved.
"I considered General Thayer one of the
strongest governors Nebraska ever had,"
concluded Mr. Jones.
The committee on other asylums will
visit the Deaf and Dumb Institute In
Omaha Tuesday and on Wednesday the
committee on public lands and buildings
will Inspect the Institutions. Tu mem
bers of to first named committee will re
main In Omaha to the McKtnley club
banquet tomorrow plgbt -
Fifteen Bills Passed , la Two Hnar'
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. i ( Special. )Ts aeriat
put tn a busy afternoon today and as a re
sult of two and a half hour' solid work
fifteen blll wer passed, a resolution
adopted ' rescinding the action taken last
week directing the attorney general to
bring suit against the Btate Journal to
rexver forfeits for failure to deUver bills
on time, and a - resolution providing for
this wank at
Chambers' Academy
2 P. M. to 10 P. M.
Dally Lncturn
5 and a P.M.
Baautlful Lantrn Slidna. Now
Moving Picture)
th asking. at any Kadak Dealer.
motion waa voted down by si vote of 11 to 17.
The senate then adjourned.
The following bills were Introduced:
S. P. tXiHr Thomas of -Douglas. To
regulate the name ot fotelgrt corporations.
H. F. 221 By Thoma. A compulsory edu
cation law. .
8. F. K Py Randall of Madison. Tn In
crease the salary llml. of deputy county
omc-ers in counuea having a popuiauon oi
over 15,010 and less tban 25,i" inhabitantn.
H. F. saHy . F.rtwrson of i'lay. lo
authorise boards of eounty commissioners
ana city councils to provide ior in ais
covery of personal property withheld from
taxation and lo provide a system for list
ing the same and collecting tajes thereon.
. t. liAtiy rnlllpa. fermimng aiiacn-
ment to Issue to cover debt contracted
asaer sf Bills Reported Back from
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
I LINCOLN, Jan. B.MBpeclal.) Speaker
Nettleton called- the. house to order at t
o'clock. Standing committees reported as
follows: .
H. R. M and It R. RT Appropriating tha
money In the library (fusds of the Kearney
and Peru Normal schools to the use of
the library; to be engrossed for a third
reading. ' '
It. H. S3 To prohibit the importation oi
amicted children to become a care on the
state; indefinitely postponed.
it. n. oo to prevent juogee irom umni
candidates for any other ottlc except for
re-election; general tile. 4
ti. K. 71 Allowing Interuroan companies
to do a heating and power business; re
ferred to the railroad committee.
H. R. 77 Defining burglary; general nie.
rl. H. SO Providing county juages in
counties of over lo.oiiO must, be lawyers;
general file.
H. K. So Repealing th dipsomaniac law;
indefinitely postponed..
11. 'it. MM Th bulk sales law, proviuing
a merchant selling out must notuy nia
creditors beforehand or the sale is void;
general file.
Cone Introduced a resolution to hav all
the 2-cent fare bills in the hands of the
railroad committee reported for general file.
The resolution was tabled by a vote of 71 to
11. only that many fuslonists voting with
their leader.
Governor Sheldon today sent bis first
special message to the legislature. It la as
follows: v -
Gentlemen: You are doubtless aware that
within recent years the federal government
has given much attention to the conserva
tion of natural forests and also has sought
to stimulate tree growth In prairlo regions
bv the establishments of forest reset ves.
Three of these reserves have been .located
In Nebraska and are known as the Dismal
river, the Niobrara and the Nrth Platte
reserves, respectively. My Information Is
that they are situated in the counties of
Jilalne, Grant, Cherry, Thomas and Mc
pherson. The act making appropriations for the na
tional Department of Agriculture, approved
June 40, liMi. (34 U. S. Statutes, 884) contains
the following provision:
"That 10 per centum of all money received
from each forest reserve within any fiscal
year, including the- year ending June 3,
lWti, shall be paid at the end thereof by the
secretary of the treasury to the estate or
territory in which rld reserve Is situated,
to be expended as the state or terrltortil
legislature may prescribe for the benefit of
the nubile schools and roads or the county
or counties In which the forest reserve Is
situated; Provided, That when any forest
resorve is In more., than one state or terri
tory tho distributive share to eich from the
proceeds of said reFerve shall be propor
tional to Its area therein: And. prcvlded
further. That there shall not be paid to
any state or territory for any county an
amount equal to more than per centum or
the total Income of such county from all
other sources,".
in harmony with tha provisions quoted
I have received frOm thexn'udltor of the
Treasury department Warrant for $790.37.
being Nebraska's proportionate share - of
the Income from the, forest reserves within
the state for the fiscal year.. 1906, which I
have paid Into the state treasury to the
credit of the forest- reserve fund. The
federal statute referred to makes It plain
that this money is to be expended for tho
"benefit of the public schools and public
roads of the eounty .or counties rn which
the forest reserve. Is situated," to be dis
bursed as the legislature may prescribe.
Refore these funds ' can be available for
the several counties participating It will be
necessary for your honorable body to pre
scribe the details of expenditure, and It Is
for that purpose thav I call your attention
to the matter.' 'understand that the state's
revenue .Xrom . the-.(area -resorvfs .is oou-
iinuous sna win increase wnn eacn year. .
The following bills wete Introduced in the
H. R. 187-By McMullen of Gage. Pro
viding for th nomination by direct pri
mary of all oftwers except state oltlcers. .
H. R. 188 By E. W... Brown of Lancaster.
Provide for' change of mutual fire or
windstorm Insurance company Into com
pany doing business on stipulated premium
f lan when it has 750,000 of insurance In
orce and when it establishes a guaranty
fund as members may direct.
H. R. 1S9 By Blystone of Lancaster.
Provides that no railroad In state shall be
required to make a ' minimum charge of
less than B cents for- any passenger any
distance, carried. ,.; .
II. R. 110 By Dodge of Douglaa Directing
the Construction and furnishing of a brick
and stone- gymnasium, library, dormitory
and school building and their equipment at
the Institute for the Deaf and Dumb at
Omaha and appropriating the sum of $30,000.
H. R. 191 By Hart of York. Authorising
the organization of trust companies and
authorising Judges, courts and competent
persons or authority to appoint such com
panies to be executorsadministrators, trus
tees, guardians, receivers, assignees, agents
and attorneys-in-fact,
H. H. 193 By Clarke of Douglas. To pro
vide for the taxation of railroad companies.
union station ana aepot companies, car
companies and freight line companies by
cities and villages and for th collection of
such taxes.
H. R. 193 By Messrs: Glleni, Green, Logs
don, Henry, Snyder and Wilson. Provide
not lee than five nor more than seven
Junior normal schools shall be held, fixes
three schools at aame places now provided
by statute, gives state superintendent right
to select other places, provides igatltute
shall be held at time of school, shortens
term to eight weeks, provides for ele
mentary teuchers, certificate to sttendanta.
H. R. 194 By Killen lof Gage. To provide
four years of free public hlRh school edu
cation for all the youth of this state whose
Sarents or guardians live In public school
1st r lets which maintain less than four
year high school course of study. School
district of pupils' residence shall pay dis
trict where Instruction Is given To cents
for each week's attendance.
H. R. 196 By Knowles of Dodge (by re
quest). Giving small cities light to remove
snow from sidewalk and charge to prop
erty owners. ,
H. R. 196 By Byram of Burt. To punish
for nng stealing and to punish persons re
ceiving or buying stolen hogs.
1 H. R. 197 By Fletcher of Antelope by
request). To authorise the Incorporation
of accident Insurance companies.
II. R. IMS By Kuhl of Cedar. Providing
for the conveyance of real estate by guar
dians of Insane persons, in completion of
contract entered Into by such person be
fore disability.
H. R. It By Dodge of Douglas. Pro
viding for the change of name for th
Institute for the Ieaf and Duinb, and also
for the Institute for the Blind, to Nebraska
School for Deaf and Nebraska School for
H. R. 100 By Culdle of Saline. Permit
ting spearing of carp and buffalo fish dur
ing open season.
H. R. 1 By E. P. Brown of Lancaster,
Making granting or refusal of a new trial
a final order,
ll u Si Rv E. P. Brown of Lancaster.
Taxpayer may appeal from a levy made
by county board, whether he appeared be
fore noa'd or not. '
H. R- 203 By 1C. P, Brown pf Lancaster.
Tit nrovide fur anrjeals to the supreme court
' In all esse except crlsnlnsl cases.
H. R- io By E. P. Brawn of Lancaster.
' To provide for review-upon error In the
I district court of Judgments rendered or
final orders made by, a county court, a
I Justice ef the pace. of any other tribunal,
! hoard or officer exercising judicial func
tions and inferior In Jurisdiction to the
district court.
H. R- 2C5 By E. P. Brown of Lancsster.
To provide for preserving and making a
part of the record In the district court
proofs and testimony taken' orally upan
the trial or hearing of causes.
L.ra'tLLgssaaLur v2 jJt
May Mtnton
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colors and fancy weaves. Kx
.trft futt worth up to 75c spe
cial Tuesday ...... 39
Clearing Sale of Hos
iery and Underwear
Every hosiery and underwear
table tells a strong tale of slaugh
tered prices. . ( .
Big Sale of Ladles' an(j children's
Stockings af 5 pair worth
IllK Sule Ladies' and Children's
Vnderwear from 150 to 39S
Our Great House
Furnishing Dept.
Filled with useful, household
articles Should command your at
tention at thtB season of special
sales and enormous markdowns.
What 9 will do Tuesday in
the basement.
Of A Mnmmoth Sah? J)
Nickel plated Bath Room Fix
tures v 90
Tumbler Holders 9
Cuspidors 90
Toilet Paper Holders .' 9
Soap Dishes to fasten on wall.9
Soap Dishes to hang on tub. . 9
18-lnch Towel Bars 9
13-lncu round . nickel plated
Trays 90
Wooden Knife Boxes for Silver9
15c Steel Fry Pans -9
9 Granite Enamelware Q
15c Adjustable Mop Sticks . . -9
15c Butcher Knives 9
2,000-Sheet Toilet Paper Rolls. 90
Gas Maiitelsvcnp. and dduble wire,
20 values 9
One table of 15c values of fancy
China, at ........... 9
Pudding Pans . ;
Milk Pans . .
Wash Pans .
Stew Kettles
Dippers .'. .i.
Pie Plates '.
These are mostly 25c values,.
' V .- ill'.:..
Glassware, Sugar Bowls, Butter
Dishes, Celery, Trays, Water
Pitchers, values tov25c, Tues
day, each nvA .Of
See Howard St. Window.
Dependable Bargains,
Have made our linen department
famous and here are a few more
for Tn pad a v. . t
Heavy Weliitit Silver lUeacned '
Scotch Satin Damattk Very du
rable and pretty patterns, cheap
at 50c, for Tuesday, yard. .330
A Oood Size Turkey lied Fringed
Table Cloth Medallion and,
floral designs worth 75c for
Tuesday, per yard 500
A Large Oat Meal Fringed Towel''
Size 17x42, heavy and absorbent
regular 12 c value for
Tuesdays selling, each g
CO Pieces White Good A mixed
lot including mercerized madras-
sheer wastings, striped dimities,
' etc. Some 30c values all on
one table for Tuesday's selling,
per yard 12 HO
Clearing Sate Price
Closing Sale Prices
on Lace Curtains
.Closing Prices on
Flannelettes and
Outing Percales
Closing Prices on
Ribbons, Cheap
Collars and Em
broideries prices
1c, 2c and 3c ,
29c WelV"S!! , 29c
Tlie commotion round our shirt department was something m
fierce and from the number that were sold. there's no question but what people know a
good thing when they see it. Out of 1,200 shirts we have about 200 left. We want to sell
them all, and as long as they last Tuesday, they are yours at the same low price 29.
'$1.00 and $1.50 shirts, 29.
In the woman and had charge of the op
eration, being- asalnted by other ductom.
T) .. 1 1 i .nnri.rf in havA blamed Dr. Town-
end for Ins wife's death.
To Care Cold In One Da
. . . ..i... . n rknlnln T9hl.fL
Druggists refund money if It falla to eura.
JC. w. urova signaiura im un
Allegation That Country Waa Wltta
ont an Interstate Commerce
I.arr for Slty Days.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., ' Jan. 28. -In at
tempting to aecure the quushlns of two
Indictments containing- alxty-elg-ht counts
against tha Santa Fe Railway company,
recently returned by the federal grand
Jury, attorneys for the railroad company
today set up a claim, which, if it should
be sustained by the court, would . prove
of far-reaching- consequence. They as
serted that for sixty days lasf year, be
tween June Wand August SO, the country
was without any Interstate commerce law
whatever. They argued that by the pass
age of the Hepburn law all existing laws
were annulled, and by the suspension of
the operation of the former act for sixty
days the country was deprived of any
Interstate 'commerce law for that period.
Judge Welborn took the matter under ad
visement for one week.
Owned by V. . OorernmeM.
The Hot Springs of Arkansas, the na
tion's cure and pleasure resort. Fine win
ter climate; JOO hotels at all prices. Write
Bureau ot Information for book.
seven years and had owned valuable min
ing property at Klrwln. ' The loss of his
property caused despondency and he took
to drinking heavily, which led to suicide.
German Specialist for lllaalna.
OLEAN, N. Y.. Jan. S8. Prof. Schatt. a
noted heart . specialist of Nauhelm, Ger
many, whoa has been lecturing In this
country, la with former Governor tilgglns,
having been brought here on a special train
from Oil City this morning. Mr. Higglns'
condition Is said to be about the Mini,
CttttCYVON PrloXc
Svry Bight Matinees Thai., Bat, Boa.
Julias Rtegsr k Co., Dillon Bros., Clara
Bsascy'a Cats, Musical Avolos, llilMnt
ssr, Knight Bros. SawteUe, OUle Young
aad Bro. aad the Xlnodrome.
. Trices I0c-25e-60c
Loss of Property Leads to Snlclde.
MEETEETSEK. Wyo., Jan. tL (Special
Telegram.) John W. Joyce committed sui
cide Sunday night by shooting hlmstlf
through the head. He had been here for
Piles Core la tn 14' Days.
Paso Olntmenr U giiRnnteed to cure any
ease of Itching. Blind. Bleeding or Protrud
ing Piles la to U flays or money refunded
-Mc. . , .
DIAMONDS Frenaer. 15th and Drdge.
Harder Isiseel Taken.
NEW YORK. Jan. t Suspected ' of
knowing something about the death of Dr.
Charles W. Townwnii of gtaten Island,
who was myslerluusly murdered In his
home last Friday niht, the police l&nt
night arrested John Bell, a firmer street
rur conductor, at his home In Bro .kl.n.
1 The suspicions of the polite were directed
I Inward Bell by dlnenve-y tSat h'a wf
I died atMUt a year ago after aa eperat.oa dur
1 lug child blrta. lr. Tanaaeud waa nl'-ii I-
baa been used ror ever BlXTlf TEAKH by
C URES WIND COLIC, and la ths best
remedy for DIARRHOEA. Sold by Drug.
gists In every part of the world. Be aura
By Boyd's Theater Orchestra- .
Ernest Nordln, Conductor.
Toaignt, SilS. Matinee 'Wednesday
The Great - Melodramatic Srnsatlu-.i,
..Roller Rink..
Thursday Ladl Day.
Wednesday Mat. and Night Return
r me Musical success,
Land of Nod
Thursday Tha Bvent of b taaea,
Mme. Schum&nn-Heink
V COBCBBT. Prices, (o tl.SO. '
Friday, Saturday Matinee and Wight
fLoaiagi suiisTB, in
Coming Next Bun-Mon-Tues-Wedi
BUR.W00D ,cs
Professional Mat. Today Tunlght
Mats. Tues-Thnr-Sat-flun. .-,
rmorxsBiOBAXi mat. tubs bat.
Next Week X.OBT 84 KOOBB. , ,
Championship I
Charlss Hacksnschmldt
Wednesday Evening, Jan. 30
Beserved Seats 'soo, TSe and 91.00
Oeneral Admlasloa to Balooay ........ Boa
Seats go on sale at the Audltrlurd Tues
day morning, January 2tth.
lartsooinni -Pairllt
Take Hanscom Park Line (East Oldo) Cara to
Hickory Street i
V i
Evenings from i lo 8 F, II.