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Our annual December
pale now going on.
Ke-ad these prices, com
pare them with others,
and then let us show
you the pieces they
represent. Each is a
rare gem. We've a
tremendous assortment
all sizes, hut call at
tention to our smaller
rugs, bought especially
for Christmas selling,
Their exquisite beauty tisCL AVWwf YtrtHK r
and life-long durabil- t .:7?V V i J 1' rfr j
ity make of them an Iji VJ ( i $..' J
ideal gift
A few prices
5x3 Kazack .
2-3x4-6 Kazack
4-0x3-4 Kazack . $18.00
3-2x4-9 Kazack .$20.00
3-7x4-7 Kazack
3-4x5 Kazack
3-3x5-2 Kazack
3-9x 6-10 Kazack
3-2x4 (Janja....
3x4-1 Ganja . .
3-8x4-8 (Janja $12.50
3x6-2 Ganja $16.00
3-9x5-2 (Janja $18.50
3-7x5-8 Ganja $29.00
3-10x4-7 Belouchistaii.$9.00
ofxh r
rchard & Wilhclm Carpet Co.
4I4-I6I8 ScMth SixtMath StrMt.
if i -- 1 1 1 iii
Every day seems like a
holiday to the man who
They are so easy, stylish and
flood. Your Husband. Son or
Brother will appreciate a pair
Christmas. TKY ITI
Olbers at
- $5 and $6
.... $4
$2.50 and $3.50
Men's Slippers for Christmas
Comprising Cavaliers in red and tan,
also Faust. Romeos, Operas, etc. Large
lines, splendid values. 11.50 to t2.i.
About a Suitable Present
Sea Our Line of
We klT them In all style
kaadlra silver, sold. Ivory la
fact artrftalag-
ths eoaatry sella an ambrella
for 9S.OO that eqaala oars.
Remember, bo one caa bare too
many ambrellas.
Brown & Borshcim,
222 Sooth 16th SL
Nicoll's System
WE ATM to place our tailoring busi
ness above the evils of high, fancy
prices for credit nd Inferior garments
su deceptive cheapness.
Nicoll's immense tailoring business was
built up on the plan of moderata cash
prices for nrst-clss tailoring and ws mean
to continue along ths iusi lines.
Jrmirt 55 to J 12. Salts $20 tc 550
k too-u bo. ISO. at
I mm
2- 7x5-6 BelouchLstan .$10.00
4-1x3 Belouchistan ..$12.00
3- 8x4-8 Belouchistan $16.00
2- 11x3-10 Belouchistan. $17
3- 5x4-4 Belouchistan. 18.00
2-Ix4-8 Belouchistan $19.00
2-6x4 Belouchistan ..$21.00
Captain 8uffen for Refusing to Eslp Taki
Chaich IoTentorj.
Farther Proaeentlon of Pariah Priests
Will be Saapended Pending
I'aaaaae of Amendment to
Present La nr.
LILLE, France. Dec. 19. A court-martial
here today tried and degraded Captain Mag
niese for refusing to obey orders In con
nection with taking the inventory of the
chapel of St. John. Magnlese before the
court said:
"I am a Christian and I prefer to he
shot rather than commit a sacrilege. No
one has the right to make me renounce
the vows I took at my first communion."
NANTES. France. Dec. '19. Considerable
rioting attended the evacuation of the
Episcopal palace and seminary here today.
Crowds of Catholics overcame the poHc.
who were compelled to draw their re
volvers and under threats of opening fire
kept back the mob until rescued by troops.
Several women were arrested for striking
or biting soldiers.
Proaeentlona Anaprnded.
PARIS. Dec. 19. The reports received by
the minister of the interior show that
thirty-four ecclesiastical residences occu
pied by archbishops or bishops and forty
larKe and thirteen small seminaries have
thus been evacuated under the pro
visions of the church and state separation
Having established the attitude of the
parish priests the government has ordered
the discontinuance of any further prosecu
tions for illegal services In the churches,
pending the passage of the new law amend
ing the law of 1W5. provldtng for the sep
aration of church and state.
Cardinal Richard has Issued Instructions
suppressing the usual Christmas masses.
Attttnde of Vatican.
ROME, Dec. 19. No steps have been
taken by the Vatican to entrust any power
with the protection of the archives of the
papal nunciature of Part The reports to
the effect that some of the European coun
tries were approsched on the subject sre
The attitude of the Vatican toward the
new French government bill covering the
conduct of public worship is defined by
the papal authorities at bclnr; "distrust
ful." the latter being convinced of the ne
cessity of continuing in the way they have
already taken In order to obtain at least
tolerable conditions for the church in
RINGS Frenxer, ISth and Dodge.
Bay Marderer Sentenced.
CHICAGO. Dec. l.-Robert Gordon. 15
years of axe. was today sentenced to the
reformat. ry for life, after pleading guilty
to the charge of murdering Jorepn Reed,
s years of age. Gordon pulled the Hwd
ioy under a sidewalk, pounded him on the
head with a brick until he was uncon
scious and then dug a hole in the earth In
which lie placed young Reed. Gordon
then heaped the earth over Reed and al
lowed him to suffoiale.
Diamonds Copley, Jeweler, US S. 16th.
iMC 9
mv -,m i its. i-.? l. i.
1513 OOOQI ST.
Big Special Sale Dolls
All ot our own Importation, bought direct from
the makers for city trade, on sale at half asual prices.
AT 2.V- EACH Kid Body Dolls. Jointed at the hips,
with bUque head, curly wigs, moving eyes, 50c and
75c values.
AT lOc Ijrge size Imitation kid body, bisque head,
with curly wig, 39c value.
AT 4Pc Kid body dolls, Jointed, bisque head, long
curls, moving eyet f 1.00 value.
AT 08c Kid dolls, worth up to $2.50, special value
In Kestner and Florodora make.
Don't fail to see our dolls before purchasing.
Stock is all new, clean and freh at rock bottom
Got. Mickey FxpmtM Opinion Univertitj
Shou'd Chance Iti M.thodi.
l.larola rrople "-tart to Draft m
Primary Ijit ! PIrerf r
TTjer Httf Kaottr
From a Staff Correspondent.)
" - . , ;
cent of the state money should be ac-
counted for accurately and the public j
should know where every cent Is spent. I
Any deception practiced In this matter by ,
the head of any institution will bring I
down destruction on that institution.'1
The above declaration was made by Oov-
ernor Mickey in discussing the figure Jug- practiced in the report or tne eiaie ,
Board of Regenta of money needed to main
tain the State university and In estimating
the resources.
"Ecry dollar spent of the taxpayers
money should be checked up and should be
paid out on vouchers filed with the state
auditor,'" said the governor. "The money
expended for the maintenance of the Ptate
university should be paid out exactly as
nuiiey Is paid out for other institutions."
The governor expressed the opinion that
he next legislature would certainly change
he present manner of conducting the unl
ersity and he also expressed the opinion
hat the legislature would conduct a thor
ough Investigation of the management of
the Institution.
The mattT of printing for the university ,
will also be called to the attention of the
legislatjre. The printing for the university
is not let through the State Printing board.
During the last few years the Printing
i.oi h r.cnrt ahow. has saved the ,
Btate many thousands of dollars In printing. !
and it is likely an effort will be made to !
have the university printing done through
this rlmnn'l
v-r. i aa in th. rva-t n o-pt
rJIUHB lldtr urrn .
n a business j
nve failed be-1
the university conducted on
basis, but these efforts ha
cause of the presence of a powerful uni
versity lobby, which has had the assist
ance of the Lincoln fake reform sheets.
h i . . f . Ln w- r . , n r-m c! i i nt niiinv
o' .
when anything Is said about the university
it is a knock on Lincoln, and it is
If anvone ever had any suspicion mat
the large sums of money paid for the
university printing each year has anything
to do with this loyalty to "higher edu
cation." Drafting; Primary Lair.
A numtjer oi uncoin tanen awssed H.OOO on a paternity charge, which
night to discuss the provisions of a siate . he ,jPne(, He haa gpen, aImost tnre
primary law in conformity with the pledge , ypars , Ja nthf.r than admlt a crlme of
in the republican state platform. Primary I which he claims to be Innocent After
laws of other states have been secured and belng M out of Ja by thp Kovernor Cam.
from these a bill will be prepared. Consid- I j,lon wag arreRted on a charge of deser
rable difference of opinion was developed , tion. judge Good ha-, written Governor
though no one present doubted the proper
bill would be prepared satisfactory to all. A
section which stumped the commit' ee was
one to compel voters to vote for candidates
of the party to which they belong, or In
other words to keep one party from making
nominations in another. Some of those at
the meeting suggested that the party names
be left oft of the ballots and the men
selected without regard to part" politics.
Supreme 1'onrt Still in Session.
Supreme court is still in session and will
not adjourn probubly before tomorrow
nlghii The court has given no intimation
in w4iat cases a decision will be handed
I.ealalators Are Independent.
Lincoln politicians have about come to
the conclusion the legislature is going to
be organized by the members without very
great assistance from outside influences.
Those who are candidates for places admit
.i l .. .1 . 1 -,lA,lMa hut In efT-v
' , . , ' . ., , k
Instance almost the legislator addressed has
written back that he Is for a man who will
carry out the platform pledges. Inasmuch
as there are few legislator, pledged It is
taken to mean the matter Is up In the air
snd nothing will be settled before ths caucus.
fu, i. i, .Mid. the race for sneaker and
president pro tem of the senate is perfectly
friendly and no matter who Is chosen for
the places there will be few sore spots.
Some of the members of the Lancaster
delegation visited the asylum for the Insane
at Lincoln this morning and looked It over
thoroughly to see what Is needed there In
the way of Improvements. Reports received
here sre to the effect many of the legislators-
elect have been spending some time look
ing over state Institutions and will come to
Lincoln pretty well posfd on their needs.
Representative Harrison from Otoe and
Cass counties visited the Institute for the
Blind at Nebraska City before coming to
Lincoln and familiarized himself with Its
needs. Mr. Harrison has decided to be a
candidate for speaker.
Date of Senatorial Election.
Contrary U ths general impression the
United States senator will be elected
Tuesday. January 15, Instead of January
2!. That Is, the senate and house will
vote separately on that day and on the day
following In Joint session the Journals of
the two houses will be read and the result
formally declared.
The date of the election is fixed by the
national statute, which reads as follows:
Section 14. The legislature of each
state which Is chosen next preceding the
expiration of the term for which any sen
ator was elected to represent such state
In congress shall on the second Tuesday
after the meeting and organization
thereof proceed to elect a senator In con
gress. The section following then provides for
the vote to be taken In each house on that
date and the day following the Journals
to be read In Joint session.
This legislature will meet on Tuesday,
January 1, consequently the secmnd Tues
day after the meeting and organization
will be January 15.
However. Attorney General Brown will
not be present when the legislature votes,
provldtng the supreme court of the I'nlted
States agrees to the stipulation of (he
attorneys in the railroad tax suit. The
tit. ulatlon. which was sent U the clerk
of the court today by the attorney gen-
n arcivs EVENINGS
rl. not January 14 as Ihr tim for ar
a:utnt lh ran- ShouM thla l BKre
iMf to th court Mr. Hronn will not be
her to adilre the lrjrulature. though
thin can he lone later.
Haattaaa Aarlam Report.
W. It. Kern, uperlr.tenilent of the Hos
pital for the Incurable lnanne at Hasting.
sis la his biennial report to tin overiiui
that the Institution Is much In need of an
otlur bulMIng fcr the care of female pt
ttent anl In ndilitlon ( this n modern
Isolation coitase of the capac ity of seventy
to ls) beds for the care of tubercular and I . . , .. . .1
other contalous and Infectlou. ,
Additional coal bins are (rreatly ne.-d"l !
land for the purpose of erecting such build-
ilng an appropriation of t'.O") Is asked. The
offices in the administration building are
mauequate and It Is recommended that a
,utHh) coUage erectd to M
R ITMd,.nr, by thp gu,)erlntei.dent and his
famiy am, ,he roomg a( pwMlt uj for
thls pllrp),e converted Into offices. A
detached building of suitable sixe to be
used as a night-watch cottage Is also rec-
At thf. beginning of this biennial period.
December 1. VH. tl
there were 97 patients In
the institution, of whom 607 were men and
era. - r,.,-!.,., , v,. k,.,, ,uo
j ... j . " . .u.
were admitted, of whom 1S3 were men and
thlrty-five were women. Of these six were
discharged as recovered, seventeen Im
proved, two unimproved, thirty-three pa
roled and 171 died. During this period two
patients have been transferred to the Lin
coln asylum. v
The per capita cost for the biennial period
was or an average dally per capita
of 39 cents.
Capital Rrlefa.
Henry Seymour of the auditor's office Is
er.dlng out blanks to be used by th
county treasurers to make their annual re
ports to the auditor. These reports will be
sent back to Lincoln by February 1. the
yeir closing January 1.
Attorney General Brown Is wrestling with
a severe cold, which this morning became
strong enough to compel him to give up
anl g home. This afternoon, however, he
' sluing along mi right and expects to
"way from his ofilce only a short time.
"eorge n. Hennett. secretary to the Ftate
woard or Fxiualixation, has returned from
iveamfy, wnere ne attended the lavin of
i . . " .
,he cornerstone of the Kearney Military
ao',cmy. under the auspices of the Tand
i lodge of Ma-sons.
J. J. Thomas, who ran Rg-iinst Congress
i man Hlnshnw this fall, was married this
afternoon to Miss Gertrude Kerrihand of
. o . , ....
I - '"J " occurrea at tne rest-
j ot h - 8eton. formerly of
Seward, but now Of 1 Jnr,. n
J. J. Thomas and Judge Holland of
Seward called upon Governor Mickey this
afternoon to protest against a pardon to
j William Campion, who was some time ago
j pardoned by the governor and later sent
back to Jail by Judge Good. Campion was
Mickey that he has not yet passed upon
the executive's right 'to pardon in such
cases. It la also said .the lawyers for
the woman have a claim of J500 against
the tl.ono Judgment. The woman In the
case married after Camnlon wus con-
, victed.
C1, Attomey Strode has declared the
Mellck livery barn a nuisance, and steps
make be taken to have it removed from
Its present locatloti on N street. The
owner of the barn. Prank Rawlins, was
arrested because the odor from the barn
operated to the detriment of numerous
stores on O street, but when it was dis
covered that Rawlins did. not occupy the
building the case went over.
Wears of Nebraska.
mott and Mrs. Mary M. McGuire, both of
Somerset precinct, were united in mar.
rlage by Judge Elder last evening.
McCOOL Yesterdav. for th first t(m
linw year, it snowed. Snow commenced
s fttnjn(f n the morning, but soon quit. Very
little snpw now remains on the ground,
BEATRICE The funeral service for the
,Vonf eTomTo'f
mi..s south of Beatrice, conducted by Rev.
T. L.. Swan of the I'nlted Brethren church.
1 ''rmeru was in evergreen Home ceme
BEATRICE Motor car No. 8 failed to
make the regular trip between Beatrice
and Lincoln yesterday lecause of a break
down at Lincoln Monday afternoon. The
car is still at Lincoln, undergoing repairs.
Bnri win be put into commission as soon'
as possible.
NORTH PLATTE Rev. John K. Seibert.
on S'inday evening, announced that he had
decided to withdraw his res.'iiauon, which
he had previously submitted to the coun
cil. Tins announcement caused much Joy
among the congregation and it is equally
pleasing to the citizens of North Platte.
BLl'E HILL Last night at s o'clock the
dam went out ut Sweezy lake, on the Blue,
and it is now doubtful whether it will be
possible to put up ice to supply the people
of Blue Hill. The Ice put up here wag
ulso shipped to different towns near by.
Men were put to work at once to repair
the dam.
BEEMER Beemer Is to have a rare treat
In a blue rock contest Januaiy 1. between
ten men from town and ten men from the
country north of town. The farmer boys
are good shots and will no doubt give
the Beemerttes a little more than tney
bargained fur. Prizes will also be given In
other events.
BEEMER Mr. Earl Kirk and Miss Lena
Hubenthal. two of Beemer s most popular
young people, were united in marriage at
the home of the bride, at 7 p. m. Tuesday
evening. Mr. and Mrs. Kirk will make
their home, after January 1, near Plain
view, Neb., on a farm recently purchased
by Mr. Kirk.
BEATRICE Ths Beatrice Commercial
club visited the postottice yesterday to in
spect the matter of additional room to re.
Ileve the present cramped Quarters. An
appeal will be made to Congressman Hin-
snaw at once tor me purpose ot securing
an appropriation for the erection of an ad
dition to the government building.
BENEDICT The report Is. that the elec
tric railway from Omaha, to run in a
southwesterly direction to Arborville, has
the right-of-way purchaser out and has
purchased considerable right-of-way. It
looks very much as if the electric railway
will be built. York, on the south, hopes
to have the company build to York.
BEATRICE Rev. J. R. Lewis, pastor of
I "; ","v".r 7., i ,
nounclng the death of his brother. A. R
Lewis, which occurred at Chihuahua. Mex.
ico, of tphold fever. Ieceased was a
former resident of Beatrice and worked
as stenographer for the Burlington at
coin for several years before I'M-atlng In
Mexico. He leaves a widow, together with
his father, three brothers and three sis
ters The remains will be Interred at
Sallna. Kan.
BEATRICE Prof. E. F. Fulmer. brother
of Superintendent Fulmer of this city and
state ciiemiet of the state of Washington,
Kave an instructive talk yesterd.iy to the
high si hoo on ;he subject. "How Chem
istry Has Revolutionized the Industries. "
The speaker dwelt upon the newness of the
m ience of chemistry and the advance which
haa been made in late years. Mr. Fulmei
is or.e of the five members of the pure
food commission appointed by the presi
dent to Investigate th food offered for
sale In this country.
YORK The Nebraska-Iowa Grain com
pany compromised Its suit In district court
here against the Lushton Farmers UralrrT
and block company of this county and Nel
son Bros., grain dealers of York. At the
time the Lushton Farmers Grain company
was organized and purchased the Lunhton
elevator building of the Nebraska-low
Grain company, it la claimed that should
the company ever wish to dispose of the
elevator purchased that the agreement was
that they should sell back to the Nebraska
Iowa Grain company. When Ih Lushton
Farmers Or In company sold this elevator
to Nelson Bros, of York, suit was com
menced and ths defendants paid the
pialiitirf f-MU In settlement of same.
NORTH PLATTE A rather serious col
lision occurred In the Sidney yards a few
days l; eleven trainmen were more or
less severely injured and five rabteises
damaged. Ths cabots were occupied fcy
the trainmen and were being switched In
ths weal end of the yard. The air on train
No. refused to work and the train ran
past the depot and tit the cabooses on the
side cauaiLa- lita of tfccia u tiro vcr.
and iamarlriK the ohcrs Thoe jTured
re ton pi K Wllll.ims and Arch
M ward and lirakcmcn 1-e Itot. Morrl.
NHnn. Harm. I.ciih Mur".' Kit no
'e. Alilrl. h and ;rrion William and
Howard were the nvst everely in)ure1.
hut will ! able to report fr w.rk acaln
NORTH PLATTK A hmiw WlontrinK
Mr. Hr..ks on West Pluth street was al
most totally destroyed liy tire on Saturdiiy
morning. Will Kwipirl. the harlwr. ocu.
r'd tile houe. Tl.o fire wjis canscd by
the explosion of a lamp, which Mr Swi
irnrt hud refilled, and sftrr ll(thtin it.
, M'pp-d Into another rnnm for n nir of
scissor with whic h to trim the wick. Im
' 'urnln. he found the oil In the lump
had caciKl.t fire and a few seconds Inter
r,,H.,. ,tir,e firp t rntirf. H,m
Mr. Swidart's wife and children were still
,n ,H'', an,l Mr. PwigArt had Just time
enounh to (ret ihem out of the houe when
the Whrilo tntrlitr mam In . V . 1 ma ami n.inm
j of their clothing or furniture could be
REATRICR The Peatrlce Hoard of Edu
cation, by Its attorney, I,. M. Pemherton,
hag filed a claim with the county clerk for
the sum of l.n. this sum being the In
terest on delinquent school taxes alleged
to have leen erroneously apportioned by
former County Treasurer Wright, with In.
terest from the date of collection. The.
matter was presented to the Board of Sir
pervlsors and argued at length, and the
lonrd will examine Into the merits of the
case bfore allowing or dillow1ng the
I r,'n" of the district. The village board of
' Adams nied a petition with the t
petition with the board ask
K lhat thf. eighty acres loinlng that vll-
las:e on the south be annexed to the vll-
ig' The petition was reoelved and placed
on file.
Get your Pure Sugar Candles at Court
Fair Today aad Tomorrow In Xe.
braaka. South Dakota, Kaaaaa
and Wyomlaa.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 19 Forecast of the
weather for Thursday and Friday:
For Nebraska, Colorado, Montana. North
and South Dakjta. Wyoming and Kansas
Fair Thursday and Friday.
For Iowa and Missouri Partly cloudy
Thursday and Friday.
Loral Hecord.
OMAHA. Iwc. 1 S Official record of temper-
; ature and iceoipitation compared with the
correpDondirn day of the laxt three years:
1 K.-i 1U.U l(-rt
Maximum temperature.... 37 40 to 3
Minimum temperature. ... vt 3 12
Mt&n temperature So Lii 31
Piei ipltaii..n m .lift (O .Oft
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March i.
and comparison with the last two years:
Normal temperature 25
Excess for the day I I
Total excess since March 1
Normal preexcitation 01 Inch
Deficiency for the day 03 Inch
Total rainfall sinoe March 1 26 2" Inches
IieHclency since March 1 4 65 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, lS't 146 inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1!sj4 5 i Inches
Reports front Stations at 7 I". M.
Station and State Temp. Max. P-aln-
of Weather. at 7 p. m. Temp, fall
Bismarck, clear 36
C heyenne, clear
Chicago, clear 30
Davenport, ciear 2H
Denver, ciear 38
Havre, part cloudy 30
Helena, cloudy 34
Huron, clear X
i Ka.nsas City, cloudy"'."!! 3
North Platte, cloudy 40
Omaha, cloudy 3
Rapid City, cloudy SS
St. Louis, clear 30
St. Paul, cloudy 32
Salt Lake City, cloudy 40
valentine, cloudy 3s
Wllliston. clear 20
"T" Indicates trace of precipitation.
L. A. WELSH Local Forecaster,
Charcoal Kills
Bad Drcath
Disagreeable Odor Arising From Indi
gestion or Front Any Habit or In
dulgence, Cm Re Instantly
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Send us your name and address today and
we will at once send you by mail a sample
package, free. Address F. A. 8tuaxt Co.,
U Stuart Bldg., Marshall. Mich.
Oni el thf Ritsons Why
Has Become so Popular. It Break up
Coldi and Prevent! "Grip" Quickly,
Safely Leaving no Bad After-Effect
In the Orange Colored Bo. All Dm j
Storei 25 cent!. Or by Mail.
ROHO CHCMIOAL 00 01.1000
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Ante-Christmas Sale
A $50,(K0 slock of 'stylish now merchandise placet! on
sale below cost, in an effort to reduce our stock as much
as possible before Christmas.
Selling Regardless of Cost
$5.00 Ladies' Fur Neck Scarfs 9St
$6.50 Ladies' Fur Neck Scarfs $1.98
$10.00 Value Sable Fox Boas $3.98
$30.00 Value Sable Coney Fur Jackets $14.9S
$5.00 Silk Waists, special values $1.50
$6.50 Silk Waists tailored effects $2.98
$8.00 Silk Waists, plaids, the latest $3.98
$8.00 Silk Petticoats, all shades $3.98
$8.00 Dress Skirts, all materials and colors $3.98
$12.50 and $15.00 Ladies' Coats, 2EnlM $3.98
$20.00 Ladies' Coats, special values $9.98
$20.00 Ladies' Suits, all styles $8.98
$30.00 Ladies' Suits, tailored $14.98
1517 Farnam St.
Authorities on Style
All customers buying SEWING MACHINES on Our Special
Club Sale Plan this week may have second payment deferred un
til UtweekJnJanuary.
Stock contains the most acceptable Christmas
gifts Gold Bracelets, Brooches, Beads, Neck
Chain and Lockets, Ringi, Manicure Pieces, Ster
ling Silver Table Ware, Silk Umbrellas, Hand
Painted China, Watches and Diamonds. Spend
a fe minutes In our store. Look for the name.
S. W. LINDSAY. Jeweler.
1516 Douglas Street.
To all Points on ROCK ISLAND LINES:
On sale December 20 to 25, 29 to 31 and Jan
uary 1. Return limit January 7, 1907.
To Eastern points including Detroit, Toronto,
Buffalo and Pittsburg.
On sale December 20, 21, 22. Return limit
thirty days.
Rate: Fare and one-third round trip
For further particulars Inquire at
1323 Farnam St.. or Union Station.
Coats at Half
Fine Crushed Velvets, Plain and
Curly Bear Skins, Broadcloths and
Fancy Mixed materials.
In all about 5,000 garments, now on
sale at Half Regular Prices.
You'll never have a better opportu
nity to Bave on high class garments.
Come early.
335 Discount on
Fine Furs