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18, 1906.
Christmas! Christmas!
Just Six Days to Do Your Holiday Shopping
Nearer and nearer ve are approaching that great day, arid busier and busier we continue to
grow. There were many inroads made into our holiday stocks, but these have all been strength
ened by the addition of new goods for this last week of Christmas shopping. There is splendid
choosing now.
Furs and Waists for Xmas.
Our Clonk Department suggests Itself at
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are pondering over the perplexing question
of what to give, we suggest two' things
that would be moat welcome and apprecia
tive at gifts:
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Gifts for Men.
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Fresident Sends Wosasa to Conajreii Urg
ing Nw personnel Bill.
Alaioat to tlie Retiring Ace When
They Heach Kliiit Hank Inder
Existluir Law tirade of Vice
I - .. Admiral Unattested.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 17. The president
sent to congress today the following mes
sage, accompanying a draft of u new
naval personnel bill;
To the Senate and House of Representa
' tives:
In my last three annual messages I have
invited the attention of the congress to
lots urgent, necessity of sueu ligimaliun as
will came ultiteis of the line ui the navy
to reach the grades or captain and rear
admiral at less advanced ages and will
give them more experience and training in
me Important uutie of muse giades. Under
the picfcent urcnaic svsie.r of itromuiio.i,
wuhuui pa raj, I in the navy of any other
lirnl-cws power, captains are commis
sioned ai the average age of oti and rear
admirals at the average of bO. This sys
tem la the result ol a long continued in favor ol a method of promo
tion oy which all lieutenants. In order of
seniority, puss through the several grades
als, a method whicti sacrifices the good oi
, the service to the Interest of Individual
mHllinriP.IV Ah i. Himii.I luiliua.niitnoa ...
Hi existing method naval officers obtain
more than ample service In subordinate
positions, but have a limited und Inade
quate experience us captains In command
ut Oattl, und us (lag utticers In charge
of fleets anu squadrons that is. In the very
positions ot greatest responsibility, where
txpcrlence. skill and initiative are essvn-
I tin! to etticlency. Moreover, they attain tha
position of a nag utiicer but a few months
before they reach the retiring age and have
. no opportunity to perfect themselves to
the important duties of high commands
pertaining to such rank.
, ftyateiu Invites Disaster.
History, modem and ancient, has Invaria
bly shown that an efficient personnel is
tne greatest factor toward un effective
navy. No matter how well equipped in
other respects a navy may be, thuugh Its
heel may be composed of powerful, high
speed battleships, manoeuvtred by compli
cated tactics baked on the lutest develop
f tnent of naval science, yet It Is grirvousiy
" hiuidlcapped if directed by admirals and
csplalns who lack experience in their un
tie and are hampered by long deprivation
of Indi pendent action and re.spoi.ew-j.
To oppose such a fleet to one equally good,
led by officers more active and mora ex
perienced In their duties, la to invite dls
utr. '' The following table gives the figes of the
youngest captains ai.d Hag ofheers with
the average years In grade. In the navies of
Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan ami
the United States.
Ave. years
' Captains. Age. in grade.
Qrsat Britain Si 11.2
I'rauce .. 47 .i
Oetmuny 4J B.2
Jnyan 38 8 0
United States &.i 4.3
Sea-going Flag Officers:
Great rtriialu 45 1.0
France 63 14.2
tiermany 61 ,0
Japan 44 11 0
I ' lilted Slates 6a 1.6
The facta shown In this tabic are startling
snd earnest attention Is Invited to them.
The seeret.iry of the navy several months
ago convened a board of six represcntittve
line officers, with the assistant secretary of
the navy as president, to cunsiilt-r und rec
ommend such changes existing law rela
tive to the commissioned personnel of the
line of the navy as would tend to promote
efficiency and economy. The essential lec
ommeiidutlons of the board have been cor
dially approved by the secretary.
Kstabllahes tn Hank.
The bill herewith transmitted to the con
gress baa been formulated by the secre
tary and Is based, except m a few de-
tuiis. upon tne recommendation of the
i.oaru i esrnpuy revomiueuu lis eai ly coi.
(deration. Should It be enacted Into law
It will cause mm errs oil the seagoing list
to reach the grade of cautuln at 43 and rPJr
admirals at 63 and will assure their serving
rvrn years in um gr:iue or captain and
eveu years In the grade of rear admiral
thm enabling them to become thoroughly
skillful and etllcl.nt In these grades. The
iiCcompa.ii) In bill also establishes the
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grade of vice admiral. This grade has long
existed In all other principal navies of the
world In order to obtain a selected gradi
of skilled commanders-in-chief. The coin-mander-ln-chlef
of a fleet, with one or
more rear admirals serving under him, In
logically entitled to a higher rank than his
subordinates because of his greater author
ity and responsibility. On occasions of of
ficial importance, of International council
or of combined naval action (as, for In
stance, the Boxer troubles In China) the
Interests of this great nation demand that
our naval representatives shall rank as the
equal of the naval representatives of other
powers. Moreover, under the accompany
ing bill, which Is the result of recommen
dations made by a board principally com
posed of nival officers, a large percentage
of the officers are eliminated from the
seagoing list and never reach the grade of
rear admiral. When It Is considered that
the naval officers themselves recommend,
in order to Increase the efficiency of their
service, that many be denied their existing
privilege of reaching flag rank, it Is only
just to them that we should place their
highest officers on a plane of equal rank
with their colleagues of other nations, with
whom they are so frequently brought in
official contact.
If the proposed plan of promotion Is car
ried out It will, as compared with existing
law, make a saving of more than $5.0oo,0o0
during the next seven years. The principal
part of this saving Is made by stopping
the voluntary retirement of young lieuten
ant commanders with the rank and pay of
commanders on the retired list. I am
firmly of the opinion that unless the pres
ent condition of the higher commissioned
personnel is rectified the future of our
navy will be gravely compromised.
I forward herewith a letter of the secre
tary of the navy enclosing duplicate drafts
of the proposed bill. I also forward a copy
of the report of the personnel board of
The White House, December 17, 1906.
To Core a Cold In One IJny.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
uruggists rerunG money If It falls to cure.
B. W. Grove's signature Is on each box. 26c.
(Continued from First Page)
Falls, 8. D. ; an appropriation of $:'6,0tW for
the establishment of a fish culture sta
tion at Dell Rapids, S. I).; to pay $1,0C0 to
Rathbun, Beachery & Co., W bBter, S. D.,
In full compensation for loss In the sale of
cattle Illegally placed In quarantine by the
government Inspector at the stock yards
tit Chicago In 1!X)5; to Increase the pension
of George W. Cook of Huron, 8. D., to
$30 per month.
Senator Gamble today Introduced bills t
increase the pensions of Justus B. Coomu
of Beadle county, to $30 per month, am.
the pension of Jessie Sharp Pettlt, wldo
of Lieutenant Colonel James S. Pettlt. to
$50 per month.
Governor Cummins la Washington.
Governor Albert B. Cummins of lowa,
who arrived In Washington tonight, tuys
that he will rend a special message to the
lowa lcgiiluture In January recommending
an appropriation for a suitable exhibit at
the Jamestown exposition next year.
Minor Mutters at Cupltal.
Representative HjII today Introduced u
bjll authorizing the secretary of the treas
ury to accept from the park commissioners
of Des Moines, a strip of ground lying
between the Lies Moines river and the
site purchased by the government for the
United States postoltlce building, said piece
of ground being bounded on the west by
First street, on the north by Walnut and
on the south by Court avenue, on he east
by the Ds Moines river.
The secretary of the treasury has selecte 1
a site for the public building at Sheridan,
Wyo., located at the northwest corner of
Lrucka and Gould streets, own.d by H. C.
Glllctt. ut $9.uUG.
The postmaster general has awarded the
contract for carrying mall In screen wagons
In the following Iowa cities for four years,
from July 1, 1W7, to June 30. 1911, as fol
lows: Council Bluffs, J. A. Mlnnlck an 1
Klmer Mlnnlck,' $3.s00; Dubuque, Q. J
SehalThouser, $3,120; Fort Dodge, E. J
Siedman. $1,594; Keokuk, James Cameron,
$1,437; Mason City. H. D. Howell. $l,51'.t
Oskaloosa, M. W. Cadwallader, $1,716; Ot
j tumwa. I.. W. Candlff, $1,500.
Dr. J. 11. Smith has been appointed pen-
mas Eiyers
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Bee, Dec. 17. '08
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lined with silk velvet. On? of these would
make a beautiful Xmas gift.
Buy the Xmas Umbrella now.
Main floor, left of main entrance.
slon examining surgeon at Albion, Neb.,
on the recommendation of Congressman
McCarthy, vice Dr. V. L. Manchester, re
Rural carriers appointed for Nebraska
routes: Alda, route 1, John R. Brown,
carrier; Isabell Brown, substitute. Grand
Island, route 3, William Schwartz, carrier;
John Hussinger, substitute.
Rural route No. 2 has been ordered es
tablished Fcbrunry 16, at Wheatland, Lara
mie county, Wyoming, serving 437 people
and 11C families.
Sebastian B. Hamand has been ap
pointed postmaster at Kast Peru, Madison
county, Iowa, vice F. M. Greene, resigned.
The application of C. C. Maryott, D.
Mathewson, Harry L. Keefe, C. P. Mathew-
son and C. M. Mathewson to organize the
First National bank of Walthlll, Neb., with
a $:5,000 capital, has been approved by the
comptroller of the currency.
The corporate existence of the South
Omaha National bank of South Omaha has
been extended twenty years.
(Continued from First Fagc)
too much fuel In a very short time and In
part to an Increase In the consumption
of fuel that Is greater thun the Increase
In facilities for hauling, the handling, mov
ing and storing; also to a general increase
In the movement of miscellaneous com
modities which cannot be ignored without
subjecting ourselves to a charge of dis
crimination. For a month particular at
tention has been given to the movement
of coal and that commodity 1b being given
preference both us to cars- and service.
We know of only one case on our line In
North Dakota where there has been serious
difficulty and believe that has been re
lieved. Tho very serious blizzard of the
last few days In North Dakota has caused
delays because of snow blockades, and It
Is difficult to move freight promptly for
that taction. I will be glud if you will ninie
(n detail complaints In territory served by
our lines so that we may take up each
one and do the best we can to furnish
relief. We have In a number of cases
turned over company coal to protect local
demands and we are doing everything we
can to take care of the situation und will
continue to do so.
Shortage at I.lnton.
LINTON, N. D., Dec. 17. No bituminous
coal nor lignite has been received here for
weeks. There is plenty of lignite at Bis
marck, but It cunnot be gotten here. There
Is some anthracite coal here, but It cannot
e used In most of the cook stoves nor In
nany of the heating stoves. There are
no signs of a better condition.
GRAND FORKS, N. D., Dec. 17. The
fuel situation today presents the most criti
cal condition that has existed in the his
tory of the state. Careful Inquiry In every
portion of the northern half of the state
shows that there Is not a town In which
coul can be had except In small quantities
and to supply Immediate needs, and In
dozens of places there is not a pound to be
bought, the dealers having been out of
fuel for days, and In some cases for a
week or more. In some towns schools and
lighting and manufacturing plants have
closed and individuals are sharing their
small fuel supplies with neighbors.
In Line with the Tare Food Law.
The National Food and Drug act which
takes effect January 1, 1907, does not af
fect Chamberlain's Cough Remedy In any
manner. No special labels are required on
this remedy under that Act, as It Is free
from opiates and narcotics of every char
acter, making It a safe remedy for mothers
to use with their children. This remedy
has been In use for so many years, and
Its good qualities are so well known, that
no one need hesitate to use It when
troubled with a cough pr cold.
Thirty Thousand Persona Given
Hlaher Wastes In the Mills
of Sew England.
i:OSTON, Pec. 17. Cotton mill operatives,
numbering about $o,0nO, employed In dif
ferent sections of New Enirlund, reclved
an advance In wages tndav. or a promlfe
of on advance at fin early date In Ixiw ll
about 17. "00 operatives received an Increase
of S per cent. About l.X) hands employed
by the Dwlght Manufacturing company at
Chlcopee received an advanco today, the
amount of which was not announced. The
Arlington mills In I-awrenre announced an
Increase of 7H per cent In the wnscs of Its
6.000 employes, beginning December 24.
At Nashua. N. H.. the m ils of the Jack
son company posted a notice of an Inciease
of S per cent, affecting several hundred
men. Beginning the first of the year, the
.wages of the several hundred employes at
the Salmon Falls' Manufacturing company's
mills will be increased.
It Is estimated that by January 1. 15O.O0
cotton mill operatives In various sections
of New England will receive an adv ince
la wages ranging from t to 10 per cent.
Plambera, Notice.
Meet at Labor Temple at 1 o'clock p. m.
Tuesday, December 18. rS. to atjend t!iu
funeral of Brother 11. M. liuutall.
D. P. CLIFTON. 1'real.lent.
Thaw Case Postponed.
NEW YORK. Dee. 17. Arguments on t! e
motion of Harry K. Tliw'a attorney a
penly trial or a diHiivssul of the Indict
ment charging him with tho murd.-r of
Stanford While, were pohipoiit-d today until
CUT GLAS3- rt.u.r, 16th aud DcJge.
President (a'li Attention of Cooemito
Much Needed Legislation.
Laws at Present on Statute Hooks In
Many Instances Uprn the Door
to Fraud and Waste
of Resources.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 17. The president
today sent to congress the following mes
sage dealing with public land questions:
To the Senate and House of Hepresenta
tives: The developments of the last year
emphasise with Increasing force the need
of vigorous and Immediate u tlon to recast
the public land lns und ndipt tnein to
the actual situation. The timber and sione
art has demon! rated conclusively that Its
effect Is to turn over the public timber
lands to ciirporutiuns. It has done
enormous harm, it is no longer needed and
It siiiiiiiU be repraied.
The desert hind act results so frequently
In fraud and so comparatively seldom in
funking homes on the land that it demands
radical amendment. That provision winch
penults us.ilgnmvnt before' patent should
ue repealed and the should he to live for not less than two years
ut home on tiie land In fore patent Issues.
Otherwise the desert land law will continue
to assist speculators and other largo nolu
ets to t'et control of land and water oti
tho public domain by Indefensible means.
The commutation clause of the homestead
act serves, in a majority of cases, to de
feat the puipose of ihe homestead act Itself,
which Is to 1'ae. Unite settlement and crea'e
homt s. In theoi y the commutation clause
should assist the honest settler and doubt,
less In some cases it does. Far more often
It supplies the means by which speculators
anil loan and mortgage companies secure
posfPsBion of the hind. Actual not con
structive living at home on the land for
three years should be required before com
mutation, unlets It should appear wiser
to repeal the commutation clause alto
gether. These mutters are more fully discussed
In the report of the Public Iinds commls.
sion, to which I again call your attention.
I,n Tin Iteaonnlltle for Frauds.
I am gravely concerned at the extremely
unsatisfactory condition of the public land
laws and at the prevalence of fraud under
their present provisions. For much of tills
fraud the present laws are chiefly respon.
slhle. There Is but one way by which the
fraudulent acquisition of these lands can
be definitely stopped, and therefore 1 have
directed the secretary of the Interior to
allow tio patent to be issued to public lands
under any law until, by an examination on
the ground, actual compliance with that
law has been found to exist. For this pur.
pose an 'Increase of special ngents In the
general bind otllce Is urgently required; un
less It is given, bona tide, would-be settlera
will be put to grave Inconvenience, or else
the fraud will In large pnrt go on.
Further, the secretary of the Interior
should be enabled to employ enough min
ing experts to examine the validity of all
mineral land-claims and to undertake the
supervision and control of the use of the
mineral fuels still belonging to the United
States. Tile present coal law, limiting the
Individual entry to 160 kciph. puts a pre
mlum on fraud by making It impossible
to develop certain types of coal fields and
vet comply with the law. It is a scandal
to maintain laws which sound well, but
which make fraud the key without which
great natural must remain closed.
The law should give Individuals and cor.
porations under proper government regula
tion and control (the details of which 1
shall not at present discuss) the right to
work bodies of . coal land large enough
for profitable development. My own belief
is that there should be provision for leas.
Ing coal, oil and gas rights under proper
restrictions. If the additional force of spe
c'al agents and mining experts I recom
mend is provided and well used, the result
will be not only to stop the land frauiln,
hut to prevent delays In patenting linrt
claims and to conserve the Indispensable
fuel resources of the nation.
BlKhtn-ol-Wsy and Privileges.
Many of the existing laws affecting
rights-of-way and privileges on public
lands and reservations are Illogical and un
fair. Some work injustice by granting val
uable rights in perpetuity without return.
Others fail to protect the 'grantee jn his
possession of permanent ttnprovenn nis
made at largo expense. In fairness to the
government, to the holders of rights and
privileges on the public lai ds and to the
people whom the latter Bere, I urge the
rvli?lon and reenactment of these laws In
one comprehensive act providing that tho
regulations and the charge now in force
In many cases may be extended to all to
the end that unregulated or monopolistic
control of great natural resource may not
be acquired or misused for private ends.
The boundaries of the national forest re.
serves unavoidably Include certain valuable
timber lands not owned by the govern
ment. Important among them are the
land grants of various railroads. For more
than two years negotiations with the lund
f;rant railroads have been in progress look
ug toward an arrangement by which the
forest on railroad lands within national
forest reserves may be preserved by the
removal of the present crop of timber un
der rules prescribed by the forest service
and Its perpetuation may ne assureu ujr
the transfer of the land to tha government
without cost. The advantage cf such an
arrangement to the government lies In the
acquisition of lands whose protection Is
necessary to the general welfare. The ad
vantage to the railroads Is found In the
proposal to allow them to consolidate their
holdings of timber within forest reserves
by exchange, after deeding their lands to
the government, and thus to cut within a
limited time solid bodies of timber Instead
of alternate sections, although the amount
of timber In each case would be the same.
It Is possible that legislation will be re
quired to authorize this or a similar ar
rangement with tho railroads and other
owners. If so, I recommend that It be en
auted. Working Capital for National Forests
The money value of the national forests
now reserved fur the use and benefit of
the people exceeds considerably the sum of
il.Oou.ouu.uoo. The sluhifiage value of the
standing timber approaches ilHWHJ.OOO, and,
together With the range and timber lands,
the water for irrigation and power and the
subsidiary values, reached an amount equal
to that of the national property now under
the immediate control of the army and
the navy together. But this vast domain
Is withheld from serving the tiatlon as
freely and fully as It might by the lack
of capital to develop It. The yearly run
ning expenses are sufficiently met by the
annual appropriation and the proceeds of
the torests. Under the care of the forest
service the latter are Increasing at the
lute of more than $.jOe,0uu a year; the esti
mate of an appropriation for the present
year Is less than for last year and It Is
confidently expected that by 1910 the forest
service will be entirely self-supporting.' In
II. e meantime there is the most urgent need
for trails, fences, cabins for the rangers,
bridges, telephone lines and the other Items
of equipment, without which the rtserves
cannot be handled to advantage, cannot be
protected properly and cannot contribute
as they should to the general welfare. Ex.
pomiilures for such permanent Improve
ments are properly chargeable to capital
account. The lack of reasonable working
equipment weakens the protection of the
national forests and greatly limits their
production. Tills want cannot be supplied
from the appropriation fur running ex
pense. The need Is urgent. A'cm .IIiikI y I
rnuiiii ii uiiii me seerriary or ine treas.
' ury be authorized to advance o thp forest
Iseivice, upon the security of the standing
I timber, an amount, say. $5.0",i) i, suftle ent
I to provide a reis'uiuble working cipitt
for the national forests, to bear interest
jai.d to be repaid In annual Installments
I beg uiling In ten years.
j The national pinks of the west are for
est, h! and they He, without exception
within or adlaeent to nit ninl rnm.i
serves. Two sears n;o the latter were
transferred to the care of the scretary of
agrlculfire with the most satisfactory" re
sults. The same reasons which led to this
transfer make advisable a similar transfer
ef the national parks, now In charge of the
neretMry of the interior, aud I recommend
! glsl it on to that end.
Indlnn Lands.
Within or adjoining national forests are
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able values, ranging from $7.50
to 81.95
Real Duchess and Rose Point Lace
Berthas, from $G7.50 to $5.00
considerable arena of Indian lands of more
value under forest than for any other pur-
rose. It would aid greatly In puttinK these
nds to their best use If the power to
crente nnMnnul forests by proclamation
wero extended to cover them. The Indians
should be paid the full value of any lund
thus taken for such purposes from the
firoceeds of the lands themselves, but such
and should revert to the Indians if It Is
excluded from national forest use before
full payment has been made.
GovernmeBt Control of Grsilng.
The control of grazing In the national
forests is an assured success. The condi
tion of the ranges Is Improving rapidly,
water Is being developed, much feed for
merly wasted Is now aaved and used, range
controversies are settled, opposition to the
grazing fee is practically at an end ana
the stockmen are earnestly supporting th
forest service and co-operating with It
effectively for the Improvement of the
The situation on the open government
range Is strlklrgly different. Its carrying
capacity has probably been reduced one.
half by overgrazing, and Is still falling.
Range controversies In many places are
active and bitter, end life and property
are often In danger. The Interests both
of the live stock Industry and of the gov
ernment are needlessly Impaired. The
present situation is indefensible from any
point of view and It should be ended.
I recommend that a bill be enacted which
will provide for government control of the
public range through the Department of
Agriculture, which alone Is equipped for
that work. Such a bill should Insure tr
each locality rules for grazing specially
adapted to its needs and should authorizo
! the collection of a reasonable grazing fee.
Above all, the rights of the settler and
hnmemaker should be absolutely guar
anteed. .
Much of the public land can. only be
used to advantage for grazing when fenced.
Much fencing has been done for that reason
and also to prevent other stock owner
from using land to which they have an
equal right under the law. Keasnnable
fenclng. which promotes the use of the
range and yet Interferes neither with set
tlement nor with other range rights, would
be thoroughly desirable If It wr legal,
yet the law forbids It, and the law must
and will be enforced. I will see to It that
the Illegal fences are removed, unless con
gress, at the present session, takes steps to
legalize proper fencing by government con.
trol of the ranges.
At the request of Senator Heyburn the
message on public land laws was ordered
to bo printed and to lie on the table of the
senate for the present. The Idaho sen
ator has conferred with th president on
the ' subject of the recommendations con
tained therein and Intends to address the
senate concerning them.
Fifteen rages of Indian Appropria
tion Bill Finished.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 17. The house be
gan the laat week before the Christmas
holidays with a determination to dispose
of am much legislation as possible for the
more active work which will devolve on it
i when congress again convenes. To this
end several small bills were passed under
suspension of the rules.
The Indian appropriation bill wm taken
up and fifteen of the fifty-seven pages com
pleted, when It was laid aside for the
president's message concerning the Panama
canal, which consumed more than an hour
tn Its reading,. being listened to by a large
number of..-.A?mber.
The iil'ctorial feature of the message af
forded an opportunity for good-natured
comment, the Innovation of cuts in a state
paper being looked on with favor. Mes
sages from the president on public lands
an it the naval personnel were read.
The house at 4:30 adjourned until noon
! tomorrow.
(Continued from First' Page)
fraud the government out of title to the
land, and it was to these defendants that
the title would ultimately rest when the
conspiracy was completed. It wa by false,
fraudulent practices that this title was
to be secured by any one or all of the par
ties to the conspiracy. Every movement
' of the defendants in this conspiracy looked
forward to final proof and every condition j
to ttyit end was provided for. One of the j
vital conditions of the homesteaa law is
that actual residence Is precedent to the
accomplishment of final proof."
I The name of some fifteen or twenty
j entrymen appearing in certain counts of
! the Indictment, who had not been sum
moned re witnesses, were stricken from the
Indictment on motion of the government
During the discussion of Judge Crites'
demurrer the Jury was excused until 9:30
o'clock Tuesday morning.
Upon the conclusion of the arguments on
the demurrer an adjournment was taken
until :30 o'clock this morning, when Judge
Munger will give his decision upon the
questions In controversy.
The trial was resumed Monday morning
from the adjournment of Saturday morning
occasioned by the death of the Infant
daughter of Will O. Comstoek. The first
witness examined was Mrs. Lydla Green
of Alliance, who testified to hsvlng been
given to understand by Aquilla Trll.lett
that she would be paid 5o0 for her claim
on Una! proof If she was disposed to sell
Ontllnea of Hanrhes.
The next witness was E. H- Ntxn. a
sp,clal agent of the lund department, who
testified as to the outlines of the tpuiic
ranch. Overton ranch and C-Br ranch en
clusuree, aa well as those of what
known th Bpade rane. In h' er0""
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examination Mr. Hall, for the defense,
asked the witness:
"Den t you know that the Nebraska Land
and Feeding company does not own a foot
of land In Sheridan and Cherry counties?"
"They claim It."
"What Is the difference between the
Spade ranch and the Spade rangeT"
"It Is all the same, I suppose."
The witness was further examined as to
his knowledge of the cattle on what Is
known as the Spade range.
"I had with me a certified copy of the
brands of cattle on those ranges, furnished
me by the secretsry of state."
The motion of counsel for the defense to
strike the testimony of this witness from
the record was overruled by the court.
Some More Letters.
Joseph A. Walker of the secret service
department testified to procuring certain
letters from Ami B. Todd In Denver In
November, 1905. These letters were signed
by C. C. Jameson and Bartlett Richards
and related to numerous filing transactions
within the Spade range secured through
the agency of Todd. All of the letters were
written on the letter heads of the Nebraska
Land and Feeding company. Notwithstand
ing the objections of counsel for the de
fense, the letters were admitted In evi
dence. The letters were read to the Jury
by Mr. Rush and all were of a generally
Incriminating character, pertaining to fil
ings made by old soldiers at Mllford and
one or two parties from Plattsmouth. One
letter, written In May, 1805, and signed by
Jameson, said:
"The Mllford men need some manager to
look after them. I would sooner have you
come with them and .have them file south."
In July of the same year Jameson again
wrote to Todd: "Better leave the Mllford
men until Mr. Richards comes. I hope
arrangements will be made to have Fergu
son take the Mllford men out."
Want Widows Also.
A letter from Mr. Richards to Todd said:
"We want the Milford men to come up
In October and have the widows come at
the same time. We will have everything
In readiness to take them out."
Another letter by Mr. Richards said:
"If Thresher comes up with his wife he
can prove up in a couple of months. We
will make It as comfortable for them as
possible. Ills land Is right near the Spade
ranch house. His house was struck by
lightning, but not burned, Just crushed in."
Another letter by Richards said:
"I note you went east to see If any In
timidation had been made against tha
widows to persuade them not to prove up.
Do not quote me In this matter."
The letters were then handed to th Jury
for examination. Following the examina
tion of the letters by the Jury,' the govern
ment at 11:57 a. m. announced that It rested
Its. case and a"h adjournment was taken to
2 o'clock.
The frequent reference to the "Spade"
ranch, range and brand during the trial
has been the subject of considerable eon
fusion among the witnesses. The Spade
brand Is an ace of spades, and by this
brand are all the cattle of the Nebraska
Land and Feeding company known In that
section. This confusion of the Spade
nomenclature brought forth the following
from a court room bard Monday morning:
To call a spade a spade depends
Upon the lawyer who defends.
And tries a witness to confuse.
By questions strangely weird, obtuse.
A spade may mean an Implement,
For agriculture work Intent;
Or It may be needed In a place
To take a "pot" a single ace.
So when you "rail" a spade a spade.
Depends when and how the "call" Is madje;
It may be needed for a "full.
Or pasture for a Shorthorn bull.
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large hole through the outer wall of the
Jail, the negroes being released from their
tells by Hilltnan, who was allowed the
freedom of the corridor. Hillman was em
ployed In one of the large clothing stores
here and was arrested yesterday on the
charge of selling clothing and never turn
ing In the money.
RINGS Frenser, 16th and Dodge.
Bnrnham Gets Two Years.
NEW TORK, Dec. 17. OVorge Hurnham,
Jr., general counsel for the Mutual Reserve
Life Insurance company, reoently convicted
of larceny, today was sentenced to seive
two years In state prison.
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