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i 1
Open Evenings
All WtJk
3 czi mza era t 13
D GREAT $50,000 SAL
n 7
Cfficr of Transport Thomas GiTe Cut
Startling Information at Honolulu.
(ioitrnor nnd Land (nmmlnlnnff Arc
Knjolned from Selling lalnnd
of Lnnnl to Allesred J
n( Syndicate
Our entire stock of new and up-to-date ladies' gar-
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. Authorities on Style
ff ' W "'"-j
Ilium nni J if tal
pec. 15.-The Ex
follosvlng dispatch
e royal visitor consists or dinner at i
new palace nt Potsdam tonight and to
morrow a iuncn at me Norwegian legation i
and a gnla performance nt the opera
which t lif visitors will leave for Norway.
The Imperial anil royal parties will at
tend church "Tvlce nt Potsdam tngether
Fund:! y morning.
I'rfnrhmrii Tnklnsr hnrrh Inrra
tnrlre Are Held Prlftoners hy
People of Parish.
y The New Cloak Shop.
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Men's Furnisher tad Shirt Maker
nmlner publishes the
from Honolulu today:
The officers of the transport Thnraas
have announced that two regiments are to
be rushed immediately to the Island In
anticipation of trouble with Japanese. They
absolutely refuse to give out any of the
details bearing- on the call for troops, or
the reason why the government feel that
the soldiers of the United States arrny are
necessary In the Islands, which are at this
lime overrun by the little brown men. It
Is understood that the mikado was ex
tremely anxious to secure possession of the
Island of I.anal, which Is private property.
This Island IS fifty miles from Honolulu
and could be used as an excellent naval
base against the United States by any for
eign power. It has two splendid harbors, of
sufficient depth to accommodate a large
fleet of war vessels.
Last night Attorney George D. Gear se
cured an Injunction against Governor Car
ter and Land Commissioner Pratt to pre
vent their selling the Island to a syndicate.
It Is understood that the syndicate repre
sents the Japanese government or people
who ultimately expect to dispose of the
island to Japan.
Interest In Germany.
BERLIN, Dec. 15. The relations between
the United States and Japan excite ex
traordinary Interest both In government
and diplomatic circles here. Kmperor Wil
liam discussed the question with several
persons recently and Is thoroughly in
formed regarding President Roosevelt's per
sonal views on the subject. It Is believed
that Russia's more resolute attack against
Japan's requests for trade and colonization
rights on the Amur river and In seal and
fishery privileges on the adjacent Russian
coasts Is partly due to the discussion of
the California school question between the
United States and Japan. The Russian for
eign office has been subjected to steady
diplomatic pressure on the part of the
Japanese In the effort to obtain these far-
reaching rights. The result Is that the
Idea has been created at the Russian for
eign office that Japan might make its
ambitions the occasion for a renewal of the
war with Russia. This Idea pervaded the
conversations which the Russian Foreign
minister, M. Iswolsky, had with the gov
ernment officials and others whom he met
here on the occasion of his visit to Berlin
six weeks ago. M. Iswolsky met many
prominent people here and talked with
ordinary freedom.
War a Possibility.
Among German military and naval offi
cers the possibility of a conflict between
the United States and Japan has been fre
quently discussed and the professional
views appear to agree that Japan would
take the Philippine Islands and place upon
the United States the necessity of con
aucting across tne Pacific prolonged sea
and land campaigns which would call forth
Immense expeditions against great natural
obstacles. It was known herein June that
the British Admiralty had considered
theoretically the possibility of war between
Japan and the United States as likely to
occur within twenty-five years, and some
of the British naval men are reported to
have expressed the belief that the contest
would occur within five years. In any case
It is certain that several European' foreign
omces are at present making Inquiries re
garding the temper of the Japanese people
ana tne government of Japan.
Simply Routine Matter.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 14. It Is stated at
the War department that no order has been
Issued for the dispatch of additional troops
to the Hawaiian Islands nor is any such
order contemplated. The permanent garrl
son In Hawaii consists of four companies
of regular troops. Two of these were last
summer ordered to the mainland for target
practice, the facilities for which are lacking
in tne islands. They have now returned to
their posts and no Immediate chanres In the
force or additions thereto are contemplated
TARASeON. France. Dec. 13. Two
squadrons of hussars have been dispatched
from here to BarbenUinne. where the In
habitants have Imprisoned the officials sent
to take over the church property under the
church and state separation law.
ARRAS. France, Dec. 15. When the
bishop of Arras was expelled from his
residence under the church and state sep
aration law gendarmes were several times
compelled to charge manifestants, who bar
ricaded the doors of the seminary. Eventu
ally the doors were broken open with trees
used as battering rams.
PARIS, Dec. IS. The cabinet today com
pleted the amendments to the church and
state separation law, which will probably
be Introduced In Parliament this afternoon.
In order to avoid the appearance of prose
cution it has been definitely decided not to
press the question of treating recalcitrant
priests as subjects of a foreign power until
It Is clearly demonstrated that the church
s systematically resisting the law.
As Cardinal Richard, archbishop of Paris,
claims to be ill, it also has born decided
to allow him to depart at his own pleasure.
Nevertheless, formal notice was served on
the archbishop this afternoon as he was
surrounded by his vicars and other clergy
After reading the summons the arch
bishop announced that he would not yield
except to force, whereupon the officer who
served the summons retired, saying that he
would report to his superiors.
In the meantime a rumor spread that the
archbishop was being expelled from the
palace and about SCO Catholics, including
many priests, hurried to the court yard of
the palace to defend the prelate.
When the Intention of making a big
demonstration word was dispatched In all
directions and by 3 o'clock an Immense
crowd had gathered. Among those present
were several senators and deputies includ
ing M. Denis Cochin and Count Bonl do
Castellane, several members of the old
French nobility, the majority of the Paris
clergy and the entire body of theological
students, the "defenders" of the archbishop.
who Tor two hours vainly awaited an at
tack on the part of the police, when, see
ing there was no Intention of expelling the
venerable prelate by force,, the gradually
Cardinal Richard today formally denied
that he had authorized parlsonhers to make
applications to hold religious meetings
under the lawof 1881, and announced such
applications are contrary to the orders of
the Holy See. Thus far forty-three
residences of prelates and seminaries have
been evacuated.
German Scientist Perfects Device for
Sending; Pictures by fee of
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BERLIN, Dec. IS. (Special. ) Prof. Korn
of the Munich university has greatly Im
proved his apparatus for transmitting- pho
tographs over telegraph wires.
He has succeeded In sending photographs
and sketches six or seven Inches square In
this manner from Munich to Nuremberg,
a distance of 100 mllog. In from ton to fif
teen minutes. The professor says that pre
cisely the same results would be obtained
If the photographs were transmitted over a
telegraph line of any length.
The photograph which has to be trans
mitted Is placed on a transparent glans
cylinder, which revolves slowly and at the
sajne time moves from, right to left. A ray
of light ts thrown upon the cylinder by
meal. a of an electric lamp and lens, and
when the ray of light reaches the Interior
of the cylinder It Is brighter or darker
according to the coloring of that particular
part of ths photograph over which It
Inside the cylinder la some selenium,
which transmits electrical current In pro
portion to the Intensity of the light brought
to bear on It. The selenium transmits cur
rent more rapidly In bright light and less
rapidly as the light decreases. The selen
ium Is connected with the wire over which
the photograph has to be transmitted.
The receiving apparatus consists of an
electrical Nernst lamp placed lnalde a glass
cylinder covered with sensitised paper. The
lamp burns brightly, more or lesa, accord
ing to the sensitized current transmitted
through the selenium at the other end of
the wire. It thus reproduces the exact
chad of the original photograph, provided
that the cylinders at each end of the wire 1
revolve at exactly the same speed. Prof
Korn has Invented a means of regulating
the revolution of the cylinders so that the
speed Is identical at both ends.
It is expected that further Improvements
to the apparatus will shortly enable a pho
tograph to be transmitted within two minutes.
Soldiers Go Hnnsry Because Official
Refuses to Follow Example
of Kopenlck.
GENEVA. Dec. 15. (Special.) Peo
ple have not yet done laughing over the
queer performances of the hero of Kope
nlck and his daring raid, at the head of the
regulars, on the treasure chest of the
mayor, but a story now being circulated
here shows that the moral pointed by It
may have rather disagreeable results. At
the present time a battalion of Swiss re
servists. Is going through a course of train
ing in the neighborhood of Bale, and a
few days ago It started on a long march,
which necessitated It being put up for the
night at one or two villages on the way.
One morning an officer was sent on by
the commander to secure quarters, and on
his arrival at the place Indicated that he
would be there at 6 o'clock that evening,
and the request that he would provide
suitable lodgings, as well as sufficient ra
tions for the men. The mayor eyed his
visitor for awhile and then he exclaimed
that he was not such a greenhorn as the
officer seemed to Imagine. Much surprised,
the latter inquired what the mayor mennt
by this extraordinary remark and was told
to use his talent for practlcul Joking else
where, as It would not go down In that
particular village. In vain did the officer
try argument, persuasion, and as a last
resource threats. "Look here," replied the
mayor, "we are not at Kopenlck. I havrt
no lncllnai in to be made the laughing
stock of the whole of Europe, and If you
do not clenr out Immediately I shall have
you arrested."
That evening, promptly at the hour men
tioned, the battalion marched Into the town
to find that not the slightest preparations
had been made to receive them. The men
had to be lodged the best way they could,
and many of them went supperless to bed.
Bulletin by Physicians of Swedish
Klnar Khona Patient la
Ite.tlna- Well.
STOCKHOLM, Dec. 15.-Thls morning's
bulletin bore out the more favornble un
official news from the palace and showed
that King Oscar's temperature was near
lng normal and that the other unsatisfac
tory symptoms were yielding to treatment.
The bullcttn read as follows:
The king had altogether seven hours'
sleep dining the nisht. His temperature
tl..i morning is There Is still an ln-
signiflVunt secretion of mucus in t lie
tlirachae. His heart's action has continued
to somewhat Improve, his pulse Is still
irregular and his strength Is somewhat Im
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Kin and Queen of Norway Reach
Germany on Way Home
from Enitland.
BERLIN. Dec. 15. King Haakon. Queen
Maud and Crown Prince Olaf of Norway,
arrived at Potsdam t.U morning from
England and were received at the station
by Emperor William, the emprets, the
corwn prince ai:d crown princess, the other
sons of the emperor, Trlncess Victoria and
a large number of military and naval of
ficers and courtiers. As the special train
drew up at the platform the emperor ad
vanced and warmly welcomed King
Haekon, kl.-slng him on both cheeks. The
emperor then k!sed the hand of Queen
Maud and both the emperor and empress
kled Prince Olaf.
The program for the entertainment for
r.RUSSELS, Dec. 15. (Special.) M. Hen
ryk Arctowskl, a prominent Belgian polar
explorer, who Joined the recent Antarctic
expedition of the Btlglco, has Just Invented
a type of motor car which he thinks will
figure to a largo extent In polar explora
tions of tho future.
It Is anticipated that It will enable ex
plorers to dispense entirely with sledges.
Two of M. Arctowskl's cars are now being
built In Liege.
Growth of Business in Other Lands Gives
Canse for Harm.
Prospect of Bonntlee In United States
on Top of Other Mlsfortnnea la
Not at All Pleasln to
GLASGOW, Dec. 15 (Special.)-The heav
ily capitalized Scotch ship building indus
try is experiencing the truth of the saying
that misfortunes never come singly. Fol
lowing the labor troubles on the Clyde and
Tees comes the shadow of foreign com
petition and the greatest fear Is being ex
pressed in the Scotch local newspapers lest
the Sulzer ship bounty or subsidy bill pass
the American congress In some form
thereby raising up another powerful com
petitor. This country has made a practice of
building ships fdr every maritime nation
In the world, the secret of the Scotch suc
cess being. It Is said, excellence of work
manship and cheapness of production.
Time was when every stage of the manu
facture, from the raw ore to the finished
product, was carried out within the bound
aries of England and Scotland. Then the
foreigners, Germany more particularly,
organized capital and laid down plants for
thn maniifnrriirn nt rtln.te nnd ca8tlngS.
j which, under the "dumping" principle, were
sold at rates cheaper than It was possible
for the local manufacturers to produce. As
a result of the hold secured by Germany
on' the ship plate market many of the local
manufacturers have been compelled to close
down their works. The advantage which
lay in the supply of cheap plates, however,
has enabled Scotch builders to keep the
lead in the building output.
Korelsnrra' Prices Lower.
Now has come the inevitable rise In the
price of plates and castings, which of neces
sity rests upon the quotations for the
building of complete vessels. This has
been anticipated by continental builders,
who during the last few years have been
Investing largely In ship building plants
of the most modern types. One foreign
yard alone at the present time holds con
tracts for at least ten large ships, some
of which are well advanced toward com
pletion. All the orders were secured In
competition with local manufacturers,
whose tenders were far higher than those
of their foreign competitors.
The manager of a large Scotch yard
whose specialty Is the large cargo steamrr
said only the other day that this growth
of the foreign ship building is causing the
gravest concern among the local builders
and everywhere the hope Is being expressed
that the Sulzer ship building bill will not
be passed by the American congress and
a new rlvr.l thus created In a year or two.
"Of course, orders for new vessels are
being placed right along to a limited de
gree," he said during the course of an
Interview, "but so far as I can hear these
ttnders are limited to local builders, the
customers being so well satisfied with the
execution of previous orders that they are
preps-red to pay a high figure for Scotch
built vessols. But It Is needless to add that
this Is hardly an economic proposition and
that we cannot long exist In competition
with others simply on the strength of our
"The foreign builder has simply got to
be considered. In contracts open to firms
on both sides of the water the foreign
tenders have averaged fully 10 per cent
below our figures. Advices from the conti
nent are to the effect that the yards there
are full of work."
with all Its millionaires, would 'be hard
put to It to find the value" which such as
sociations would be, If only It were pos
sible to make them organically connected
with the life of the people.
Toilet Sets. Copley, Jeweler, 215 S. ISth.
villages with more wealth than could bs
acquired by hard toll In a lifetime In India.
In British Columbia they are often mis
taken for Japanese, and on this particular
account their movements to and fro have
seldom been noted.
East Africa and Canada Are Biddina
for Settlers from Aslatle
CALCUTTA, Dec. 15. (Special.) Although
Indian colonization In South Africa has
given rise to troublesome problems. It is
announced here that the government of
Eart Africa feels that within their borders
there Is room for all Indian settlers, parts
of their territory which are not healthy
for Europeans being perfectly suitable for
Asiatics. The government of East Africa
has sent a representative, Mr. Waller, to
Simla to discuss matters. The tracts for
which emigrants are wanted are those
which He between the coast and the table
land and the country In the neighborhood
of Victoria lake. Here the climatic condi
tions are tropical and cultivation on Indian
methods should yield excellent results. A
nunvber of Gujeratls have already settled
on the land and It is believed that addi
tional emigrants can easily be obtained.
Another colonization scheme of great In
terest Is that In which Canada Is the field
of Indian venture. Sikhs, as police and as
watchmen and In other capacities, are
common features of life In Hong Kong and
other cities of the far east. Some of these
were the pioneers of thVr race, It Is said,
in British Columbia. some route or
other, at all events, a numb-r seem to
have reached Vancouver, seem to have
found ready employment inland, and thus
to have sent word to their villages In thn
Punjab that wages were high, the climate
good and that fair treatment was assured.
The result has been that parties of true
Sikhs, ranging In number as high as fifty,
have gone eastward In reply to their kins
man's invitations. There has been no sys
tematic recruiting and yet some time ago
It was reported that upwards of 2,000 Sikhs
were at work In Columbia and more than
holding their own In competition with the
scanty white labor available locally. Parties
of these emigrants have been met at Indian
railway stations on their way to Calcutta,
each man having from 200 to 10 rupees to
cover his expenses. They were without
women and children, their idea being to
engage themselves for a limited period of
time and then to return to their native
BTERLINQ SILVER Frenzer, 15 ft Dodgi
Aliens' Immigration Board Will Learn
Effect of Chinese I mm Is ra
tion to America.
IiONDON, Dec. 15. (Special.) The aliens'
Immigration board has under consideration
an unusually Important and Interesting caaa
and It has been decided that no matter
what disposition may be mode of the
Chinamen In question that an effort is to
be made to find out from the United States
authorities Just what the American laws
are upon the subject, and what disposition
Is usually made of similar cases. The idea
is to try to arrive at a definite under
standing as to the possibilities of 'danger
in connection with Chinese emigration to
Great Britain by studying the history of tha
subject of the emigration of the Chinese
to the Pacific coast ports.
The particular case before the aliens'
Immigration board related to thirty-two
Chinamen who had come from Hong Kong
and had been rejected by the Immigration
authorities at Gravese.nd on account of a
lack of means. The commissioners were
so puzzled by the various aspects of the
case that thev could not come to a de
cision nid they adjourned for lack of Information.
These particular Chinamen with twelve
others arrived on tho steamer Machaon.
Twelve were allowed to land, as they had
In their possession $15 or SltO each, but the
money was so evenly distributed among the
dozen alle-.s that the suspicions of the au
thorities were arousid that the steamship
authorities might have had a hand In this
particular matter. However, they were al
lowed to land and It has since been an
nounced that four of them went to Brazil,
though even this Is not definitely known,
while the others remained In London.
The remainder of the orlentuls had only
about 10 shillings between them, and they
stated they wore going to Liverpool
some to a grocer's shop and others to Chi
nese laundries.
Mr. Nattrlck of the Stranger's Rest at
Liverpool stated that of the rejected men
one was a brother and eighteen were cous
ins of Quong Sing Ling, who kept a gro
cer's store in Liverpool.
ilah, Africans nnd Americans Are
to Co-operate In l ine Alonsj
VIENNA, Dec. 15. (8pecial.) The Span
ish ambassador In Vienna Is authority for
the statement that a project Is being con
sidered for the construction of a Spanlsh-Afrlcan-American
railway from Tangier to
Dakar, connecting at the latter point with
steamsh.p line to America.
shah's Condition I nchanaed.
TEREHAN, Dec. 15. :35 p. m. The shah
today remained In about the mma condition
as yesterday, as when a slight Improve
ment In his health was noted. There hai
been no further gain In strength, however,
or other noticeable advance towards
permanent impi oveuienL
American Educator In PJna-land Sas
Schools Snffrr from Lack of
LONDON. Dee. 15. (Special.) Prof.
Barnes, an American educator, is delivering
lectures throughout the United Kingdom
In connection with the recently aroused
public Interest In Parliament upon education-it
topics. He recently spoke at the
Harrow school. While claiming that the
American system had substantial points of
advantage, especially in the production of
wplerdld mediocrity, he regretted that It
had no historic associations.
Looking around at the oak paneled walls
deeply graven with the names of men who
had made their mark in history, he could
not help feeling, he said, that his country,
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