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9. lfV.. 3
Iota E. kUmt Hist Itpart far
lepublican Etate CctsmiUe.
Ckasiee-ller Aimrt Swspf-t. Meve
Ikr fiat I lirrallr flam
Tw U( Delay e.
LINCOLN. Ier.. I (flpectaLV The report
of Charles E. Mwgwn. treesurer of the
republican la?e centrsl committee, a
DM :ih P-cretary of State Galuslia thin
morning. It shows that the hard tlriiei
campaign of the republican party in Ne
braska last fall was a stem reality. Mr,
Morgana detailed abatement shows that
he received on taking the office to succeed
A. H. Hennlngi a balance of H.U3L.M. and
that there was paid In ta him during the
progress of the campaign I7,W!i.3a, milking
a total of S'.45fi.M tr pay the expenses of
tbe state" during the campaign.
The total expenditures were JVUtiiO, leav
lng a balance In the hands of Treaaurer
Morgan of (;
A aurrey ol the nguree Mioti that aome
of the office holders were lrr.preawd with
the "dollar" Idea, AS . 1. Wmbw, a bo
gave up the to take the po
sition of 1 tilted State marshal, rave 150
to the campaign fund. George B. Thum
melL who holds the offloe of clerk of the
federal court for Nebraska, cave KA, and
Elmer B. Stephenson, who la collector of
Interna.) revenue for Nebraska, gave giiti
3. H. Millard, whose election to the office
cif senator of the Vnjted State from Ne
braska didn't cost him a penny, rive lift,
and J. H. Mickey, who 1 Just finishing his
seormd term aa governor of the ftate, rave
E, B Mlckrr. who la a clerk In the
tiffice of the governor, rave t-5 Penutor
Hurkett contributed flOu. The largm cn
trlbutlon listed la from TV'. B. Kern of
Hasting, who rave SWKi. George L, Bhel
6 on, who was elected governor, pave Ks.
and the other candidates on the state ticket
gave from 0 to ridfa Ed Church, oil In
spector. u the hceviest contr.butor
among the Ftate house fore, glvir.g $60
A. D. Beemer. warden yf the penitentiary,
la credited with a donation of TJ.
W. E. Andrews, aud;tnr of the treasury
at Washington, gave JT-ti. and Alexander
Bxhlcgel. another of the Nebraska colony
at Washington, rave tr.a. Othera of the
force at Washington contributed smaller
nmi The name of Ij. E. Thompson,
Charles E. Maroon and Tom Cook are
missing from the roll, but they have prob
ably rotten bo far away from Nebraska
that they cannot hear the call of the cam
jialrn committee for subscriptions A cm
ber of federal officers alao ruled to heir
the call of the committee for funds, among
them some of the highest salaried men on
the government payroll in Nebrarka.
Senator F.everidge la credited With a dona
tion tf tlTMii. It came about through hlr
refusing to accem a check from the com
mittee In payment of hia expenses when
tie came to LJn.-o'.n to deliver an addres
iurlug the campaign-
Iabi4 PMtulflBrr Rrvaaaaeada.
Iaod Comtrif-aiuner H M Eaton has filed
a report wiih the governor which oontaln
many reconimendauona. The rejiort will be
withheld by the aovemor a office until It
can be acrullniaed The report contalua
a recommendation for a wder Held for the
toiveatnetit of the permanent school fund.
Mr. Eatoa l willing to leave the matter
with the legislature I'eraonally he favors
Investments In school district b(nd and in
landK. He repeats his recommendation for
the selection of a state accountant to in
vestigate the management and boon. a of
the rtate InFtltutlona and to act as clerk
of the Board of Purchase and Supplies, and
to check vouchers drawn upon funua In
lytnetit li r state supplies.
He tticommends that the interest tate on
sal contracts for stat land te r5djced
from i to t per cent. lecause holders of
b aff ctn lorrow money, at a les rate
and pay off their Indebtedness to the stats.
He calls attention to the fact that the legis
lature pas He d an act uppropi ia'.:rg nioney
received by the Kearney Industrial sch:o!
for farm pnducts and other supplies s:ild
rM during the last tw6 Tears and the
ourt of money paid earn, contractor.
R H. 'ioulding of Kearney has announced
his candidacy for the s 1 1 star) ship of the
ser.ate. Ftur years agw be was cler of
the corrmJttee of the whole and two years
aro he was assistant secretary of the sen
ate. He Is a newspaper roan, has had a
at deal of clerical experience and Is a
member of the Grand Army Mr. Wheeler
of Clay county, who was secretary two
years ago. Is sud to be a candidate for re
election. OfBrLal lfcss File.
State Lsvnd CornTnlssloner H. M. Eaton
ard Ms deputy, 3. M Phlvely, are the first
offlclals to flie their bonds wltk the gow
ernnr for the coming two years Botr
Instruments are s'.a-ned by the American
Surety company of Baltimore. Mr. Eaton
being for gab.ono and Mr. Shlvely's ffr no.ons.
The bonding concern agreee t wait on a
leglslsMve a pproprtatio for the two prem
iums, which are 14 and t. respectively.
The tnds as made out run for tbe full
Rock lslaad Makes Rate.
The fight of tbe Commercial club to Se
cure lower rates on shipments from the
south is bearing fruit. Secretary Writ
ten received a letter today from H. H,
Emhry. manager west of the river for the
Rock Island, In which he said that the
Rotk Island irple looked favorably upon
the requests of LJncoln sh!pi-ers. and that
means were being taken to bring about an
amicable adjustment of tariff ratea that
would be satlafactory. At the Chicago
meeting, some time ago. no agreement
could e reached tea.use of lack of unan
imity, but If the Rock Island starts some
thing tbe others are quite pertain to fol
low. Str4e Re pert s ea C-oavestlew.
Judge J B. Strode, chairman of the !
Moines emiferenoe on popular election of
t'nlted S-ates senators, psld a visit to
Governor Mickey's office this forenoon and
Informally reported the proceedings of the
session. He held a commission from Gor
ernor Mickey as s delegate from Nebraska,
and at a later time be will submit a report
in writing. It Is expected that Ocn-ernor
Mickey will embody suggestions relative to
this subject In tils messug to lbs legislature.
rwaatceller Ifefe4a eg re aw tlB.
Notices circulated at the State univer
sity bearing the forged aignature of the
dean of women, and the publication of
an editorial in the dally paper at the big
school, has caused a somewhat bitter feel
ing on the part of leading atudenta and
members of the T. M. C. A to exist
against the faculty. Mra. Edna Barkley,
dean of women, has become unpopular
with some students, both males and co
eds. Tbe trouble existing between the stu
dents and the faculty, more especially
Mrs. Barkley. came as the result of the
attempted enforcement of the rule provid
ing for the segregation of sexes, and the
methods adopted by the dean of women to
carry out her work, that of perfecting a
better moral etandard at the unlveralty.
Chancellor Andrews discussed the situ
ation today. The head of the big school
hegajt by peaking of the editorial that
appeared in today's issue of tbe univer
sity paper. He said:
"I read with interest the editorial under
the beading. Time to Stop.' that appeared
In the university paper today. The wnter'a
oint was well taken. True, this agnation
must stop. Mrs. Earkley Is doing now
whst should have been done In the univer
sity years ago. The chancellor, as well
as the Board of Regents. Is in sympathy
with the work of the dean of women.
"Charges made against Mrs. Barkley
should be put Into writing and the writer
or writers must sign their names If Mrs.
Barkley has not been doing her work as
it shoald be done; If she has taken the
wrong step la matters, or Is guilty of any
of the charges made against bar, tbe
proper authorities should know r If
there Is reason for an investigation, auch
investigation will be made."
A few of the minor charges have been
puhllfhed in the daily n-pera. The most
serious of thi lot, however, has not been
given publicity.
Kapre-aae (srt Call.
Following is a list of cases which will be
sralnt renter. Hall . rodsor.
lies, by. Saline.
Tbe following IB a proposed assign me Tit
of cases for bearing Tuesday. January 1:
Rnlow Cattle Crnrmny aaraJrut Oanow.
Cterry; Chicago. Curling-ton vumrT
Ksilr'sd 'rm. party sga-nm HeaJy. Iati
cwter, Flint asw.iTit ' ha km pea. Saline:
State ex rl Collins axatnat Ojrtwr re
argumpnt bfore the court i. original; fiarhle
against State. iage . Stalling agxlnst r!
duord Fwr.klln. Vaugrn ajrninei State,
Nemaha; Cttiey against Rs. Kmx; Ruck
eft Her agilost lrirk Frarklln; I'1s'-h
against L"e;tBch. Futier: Riblee agfiln't
ljtkhrwit, Lxmp; ranJesn against Hwl.
iMiwson; State araiost l-forn. lancast
Rwwland wt'tisi Standford. Merrick;
Lucaa against State. Harlan; Babbitt
against 1'nlon r'acihe Railroad C"mi atiy. '
Iticmf; Hayward sgainst F.sher. lewee;
F ml more sjralnst 'hue. Ouster; Nehrawka ,0
Hay snd Grain Company against First Na-
trmal Bank. Richardson; Ne.s n iO
Mod'm Britherh'ir of Ame-ica. iKnirias; I
lagamf Siocum. Gag. Hans-n sgsinst l
s i . . t t i . . . . . t . O
Salter aga'nst Nebraska Telephone om- A
pany. MadiS'Wi; Klose against w o TT. Tim- j V
tng. ftate against lams. Mfwara. Kney J.
aralnst Chicago. Burlincton A Quinry Rail- t y
way Comjany. Lancasier; Ltson agurst A
Chicago. Purlingttm Quinry Rnilwsy;Y
Comt.ny. F'lielpa; Smith axuinst Aulla. j s
welifter; Tiffany against Wright, Keya T
Paha. ; ft
li 0
i '
Cwaasaere-lal C1 Elects Dtstlaarlske
Dllauit flaarary ISeisSer.
AUBURN, Neb, Dec I i Special. )
Major Church Howe, consul reneral at J
Montreal. Canada, rave a banquet Friday q
! ,
evening to the Auburn Commercial club
Major Howe and thirty-nine lnvfted
ruests sat down to the festive board. Q
E. H. Iwt, president of the Commercial f
club, was toastmnster. Major Church f
Howe at tbe ooncluslon of the repast I O
arose and drank to Jt'.s friends and i
Auuuru. n r uirn niftur a i "ai . . . . .
address, filled with wit and humor. He
hirhly complimented Auburn on its
growth and push. At the conclusion of i
the address Fostmaster Freeman moved i O
that Major Howe te elected an honorary
member of the club, and the motion was
irompUy and heartily adopted. Mr. Howe
thanked the club and Mayor Gillian. J. W.
Barnhart, editor of the Herald, J. H.
Iiundaa, editor of the Granger, and J. H.
Kearnea, editor of the Republican, each
made abort addresses. After this there
was an old-fashioned camp meeting love
least, and each guest present a as called
upon and responded. Before adjourning .
Mujor Howe in a neat address pointed out y
to the Commercial club the most pressing j ft
needs of Auburn In the way of water- j
works, sewerage, mills and factories.
Majority Is Sal Staad far Aeejalttal
f lrrr.
HASTINGS,' Neb., Lec. I (Special Tele
gram. ) The trial, of Barney Pearson on I q
the charge of murdering 'Walter McCulla
on the night of July 2s, was concluded ; O
thie afternooo. The Jury, which has been ! q
balloting since i o dock, stands seven for
ac.yulttal. four for oonvicucin of man- j O
slaughter and one lor guilty in the second Q
oegree. Fearson Is a wealthy horse buyer.
McCulla, also a horse buyer, was killed i
with a shotgun In the Pearson home. Fear- ! Q
cm and MoCulla had had frequent trouble
over the latter s attentions to Mrs. Pear- f
son. and onoe McCulla, after being ar- j Q
reeled on complaint of the husband, chtl- :
Uh,u .i-n t , a 4 1 li.) -ith nl,l..l. Th ! V
defense In tlx. murder trial was based on
the double plea of emotional insanity and
unwritten law. There Is but little prospect
of tbe Jury reaching an agreement.
i called lor hearing Lecen:ile.- IS:
by that Institution. A siruiinr a j propria- i Bt James Asylum agaltist Mo
tion bill was pi-.s.-ed the H tit fot t'ie I Ioi.ald. lKiugUs. uuiikin agaiiiKt Rocoe-
FrlendlesB. Tbe pi-uceeds are placed in
cash fund and such funds are uru:il at all
ar-unitr.; infore ttmii-.ii,al:in No. z on mo
ti'iii for rehearina i. ButitT: L,incoin Trana-
late Institutions. Mr. Ealuii recommends M.-r t mnpun; against County Board of
that such funds be sbolh'hed and that ' I,ji.ul aiion re-arguront fore the
cuurli, italics ater; beeiey again si ttncney.
laxf. Krmaevs against hbd Hal.;
County of toe asiinst O-unty of
cawer. Ijiniaster; Ml.ier against Farmers'
M:ll ai,il Klevutrr Compary, Madia n:
He calls attention to the fact that the , ,.,,..,, ki.u,,. Louclas: Markhain against
iiio-; :;dei t order ol Forefclers. Jefleis in;
trnier ftove t'omjiany aga.nai Haas
Jadge Graves AJors Csnrt.
PONCA. Neh., Iec. i. (SjiedaL ) Sick
neas caused Judge Guy T. Graves to ad
Joum the Dooember term of court for tixou
county last night after a brief term en
three days. Judge Graves was unable to
be present the Urst day of the term or.
account of his health. The case of the
State against Samuel IHiugiaa. charged
with assault with Intent to kill, resulted
In a conviction and a five years' sentence.
This crime was committed in April, lMn,
when Douglas slashed the neck of John :
Rush from -ar to chin. He was arrestee ,
at once, but broke Jail tmic. The first :
time he waa raptured and returned to Jail I
here. The second time be was more sue- !
cessful and remained at large until he was i
arrested and lodged In Jail at Onawa. Ia., I
for a similar offense. He again escaped !
and crossed over into Nebraska, where be ,
as recaptured by Sheriff Maskell of this :
uperintendents cf the lnst'tjtions le re- i
iuired to turn into the g lie. al futd of
the state treasury sll money from wcatever
source received.
tale school tx has teen less Klnce the
passage of the reverue law thun tiefore
and that the interest on school lands hat
decreased, but that the rental revenue from
school lands has Increased. The pa :wut
of the principal on sclio.ii lands under imle
aoctract haa Increased the it terrst "n the
Investments of the bcIkkiI fund, but not lr.
projortlon to the rate f Interest formerly
tate frlatlaa Bwsrd.
Borretary Frat-r (rf the State Printing
Board is compl! report which will show
that the board spent 1 71 for laws snd
journals during ibe last two years, leaving
a balAitce In that fvnd of T-I K- Oi-
standing contra-ts amount to KlITS
revenue bKkB and blanks there was a
deficiency two years ago. During the last
two years the board has spent T-.W.'. .
roti trai ts outstanding amount to The
tport will contain a list of ountracts
Hurdsiire and Furniture Company. Kear
nej . Mailers aganiKt Ylilagt in Eaetrr.
F.hntore: 1'alme.- against BUies. Hltchouck;
Mir.inapolis Thresiilng Machine Cnipany
itgaiiiet Otis isirtimitied on brief si. Madls-n;
Stale Several Parcels of VjLtyi (Gan
rieiii. iHUgius, Sands sgainst Chicago.
Buiiinfion juinry Rallsay . Company,
llaii. Uixon against City of Wayne Wayne;
Itishop sgaitist Fuller, Gage, Fltageraid
against Slate, Chase.
Oral arguments In tbe following cases will
not 1 beard before Wednesday, December
trwssslfara: mum Aorldestslly Killed.
STROM?BCRG, Neb, Dec. I. (Special.) i
Peter Hedman waa accidentally allied
near here Monday. Mr. Hedman waa 1
hauling manure to the dump at the creek
bank. Just south of town, and while driv- ,
lng close to the edge to get near enough
to unload the wagon wheel dropped Into
a bole concealed by rubbish and the wagon
was evidently suddenly overturned, throw-
lng Mr. Hedman In such a way that he
was pinned fast under the edge of the
I box. Henry Randall, who happened o be
i driving past the place, discovered the
i body and rendered w hat assistance he
! could, but life was extinct, and It was
apparent that death had resulted ln
i stantly. It was only a few minutes be
I fore that he was seen by several persons.
which roLkes it ItVtly thai the latter
I supposition is correct.
IS Attorneys desirtr.g oral argument I
srx uld make It known to the clerk on or ! ' Hsre Cwsses Hesse tar-visa
before Tuesday
morning. lH-ceu:ber Is:
Bell agalr.s Rocheford. iKiug us: Peier-
Pnr son again! Ramsey, Custer: Keller against
i I Mfairu. j?urimfTion vuincy mmitr
i Ci.nipany. Bufalo; T:tte lngton aguinst
State lJncom. utile iga;nst iiiil. lco. n ;
Vbn W anning agninst Twter. Jeffers ,n .
State against Boone Conty. Bo-ine: Patter-
FREMONT. Neb.. Dec . iSiiecial
The horse stolen from the barn of John
Hrbebrand. near Hooper, last Saturday :
mghi returned yesterday morning. H '
found It near the litre, wearing a part of 1
tbe hameaa. badly emaciated and eagerly j
A pie-e or rojie :
rchard Wilhelm (Barpet o.
414-15-18 South Sixteenth Street.
A growing habit x::::
nishings nr qifts. They add so muchtothe a pp;arancoftn? hom? and ara appreciated
and enjoved bsr the entire family besides being UAelul and of lasting remembrance.
Christmas Gifts
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Oriental and domestic rups;
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line of CoraJ and oriental
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use between doors and In
small halls.
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Our superb toy display is attracting the at
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for the part eleven years we've made a special fea
ture 9ft9y- Each succeeding year, irwrea-inj our dis
play and business over the previous year. We couM not
do this without shore in j a fetter assortment echytar
and giving special attention to gathering together toys
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novelties, interesting to old and young alike. A con
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Sec fee Basement dijpftr of miniature fornffure, pe-carft, aripsnt and ggfomog-ifes
Worth Giving
In our Drapery Depart
ment yon will fed niaay
jiseful gifts: Pillows, pil
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Combination Bockeaae (l:ke
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tllv Ctil.'A i lugi'l
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both In the regular Davenport
and Sofa Bed. over 300 patterns
$24, $30. $35, $40. $45 and
Leather Coach (Like cut), guaranteed
quarter-sawed oak. upholstered la genu
ine leather, diamond tufted top, large,
full site, and a bargain at 28.00
eating everything in sight.
t .n I was attached to tbe head stall and had
boidu KlcAardsun;
4 '4
liLf ill
evidently been gnaed off The horse had
the appearance of havltig been without
food or water for days and bad evidently Jihla fail.
str.,.p-d her arm was broken and other
wiaenangied The acc-koent as very
painful, though not serious.
Ki-Twr.F.LANI-Few wild gese have
win.. i.v ti.r hunters in lias vlcltniv
l It wmw -- -
Did you, sleepless one. ever try & dish of
GRAPE-NUTS and CREAM lust before bed-time?
Surely you never did or you wouldn't train
with the "sleepless squad.'
been tied up in aoro secluded place. Bush,
who Is now In Jail awa:ting trial for tha
af stealing the horse, denies hi
any knowledge of where It has been.
to the huttitiiui ne.u
regular feeding i-aoee
IT'S A B.I rRACnCIC to load np the stomach with a promiscuous vari
ety ot rlct. intigesUMe'food at tight because It 'tastes" good.
STRKXGTH WITHOUT Ul'IJi is a requirement ot an Ideal food for the
lat 'jl'.e bt-ftre gofer, to lx-d The food that is concentrated so tnat a suffi
cient smornt for all rnrposes will not distend tbe stomach; the food that Is
radically pred'.gt-sted so the organs can, without undue effort, absorb It
wholly: the twi ihct contains the Ussse-repalrlng and energy-making ele
ments frosa clean fir-Id grains that contains the Phophate tf Potaah which
combine., by vital procert. with Albumen to repair the gray matter la brain
and nerve centers that's
Grape -Muts
fi mt aehrwaksu
Pl-ATTBMC'l"TH-Ttie Missouri river
covered with it at this piilnu
r'AVlD C1TT-W. O. Neis.n is now loraj
agrt for tbe Son r. western, taking the
, ,ice heid by K K. Hicka.
SEWARD A few ste!l bridge is In proe-
, s of coiisirui-tion hoar Heaver Crt ssir g are up to cluee the old wooden
: brldgw.
8KVVARI) Judg Ga discharged the
grail Jury for the preasr.t. but It is subject
I to call later, five Indictments were lound
i by this Jury.
I HEA TRICE C F Shaffer, who has ben
' In the drug buslneas here for the last re."
! Bi)d hia busnx-as to Lan M:-Curry wf Muuu
i tain View. Ark.
' EEATRlCE-Tiie 14-year-old tx'V who es
catd from the Feeblemlndejl Insutute
". T',.:. 7 iVn.uiti
southe ol jiaruMir
i bai k to the Institute.
! i AVID t lTV The fire defsrtment
I culled out Thursday to the residence
of k.
R Jones. t'Ut the nursel urn
ceeoed tn putut.g the oui uelore its si
nvaL No serious loss was suntmed.
H'THKKLANI-Nearly ali of tbe sjgs:
bens ba been taken from the grouuo
and tbe ct.atice of loss trom the crop freei
li,g up in the sm is renioie. t iuie
0ui,, we.i mnh Uieir tets this year.
l'AVILt CITY A p-ution aas circulated
by some t'f toe prarhers of tins city, aaa
li'g business men to c-iose tlieir places ol
business at p m. alier January A. ii
was signed by nearly til of toe men hair.s
l-.jr TRICE The Gage county Bar assu
c.ktion hs eited tt.e fu.iosmg officers:
H J rotoa. jireaiderit. A H. kild secre
ts r ; E tt. Kieisii-ger. trt-asurei . The as-
I 8 ITHERUAN'IV Residents along Bird- i sot-istion Hill hold us kr.nuai banquet next
Wiod creea. a few miles north of Suter- ' month.
! kuid. Lave t.hacrlkd moiM-y to buud a i LEiiiH Many farmers will finish huk-
church for their neighborhood- i ltg corn this eea. but a tea. who nave
I SITU ERlk K r Carpen : ers and plaster- n extra iaige acreage. U1 have work in
'era hate mm work r.j.fl ,.f ,, iu held ul,u, . h rial mas 'I tit ytf.l kk
COBtsina the tiBse-rep.irlng and energy-Baking ele- ,Lr7 e" result of tt.e general 1 fr l" 'arm-rs at feeatig juu.iaru
sriaiitsiuii awwMi iai tvuutj b SU1U IVWU. , v a s,"w "
DAVID CITT-Anton Ptacek baa re-! PL-ATTSMol TH George M Porter has
reived news from Cleveland, o.. announrai.g ! rtnl word that his father, A. J For
th, oeaih of his mother. Hs hss gone to I l"r- w lv" fcl u,e f"n "f deatr, at his
Cleveland to be present st the funeral home in i our-Mi.e I ord. t a . after re-
f KATRJCE Great Interest 1. manifesto . Jg n bounty " "'"' VUrtl S"
In toe evajgelisiic tnung heia at , , T w
in. rrestytTnan church by Rev Jordaa I. HEA 1 lL V"1 LT,horobu,r '
Inere n IS im coinwrstoos .day nJZt : n l'lkrt at the Rina
t ir i -rwi,-v Th. M . , , i Is ind siation. has g .li. lu Lincoln to isae
".IS i..tM L ? bet ween . u ln ltr of fcM,m -e
U''a .r LJTIT U'renry c..r,, He is sual by
scrduied lor IeoinUer a at iun. .1,.,,., i.,. i Sii.tu w
poatsoned until after the buki- 1 . . .
NORTH f LATTL- The (oiregatloa
.the iiaousl il.unli teilerea a reception
property the 1 .. ".L.. . vt.... ... ..t
! ol th aie Jacob -V atava. h L. 1 , u. -..a bT. J s Ur
beUan who was muroered n-ar MiJura. -ni'i i,irn . i-r. f
t public aai Tnursda ai.d ' .. . ... ..... . . ..
a little sr-gar if desired, eaten alow!y before retiring. If yos're hungry, and not I vo tiL KORTH ylJin ojreita, "r'aui-
LUuh-mik Uora ileilniann. a young , In. " wtli tr i.irset.ted at the oi-ra buju
SEWARD Tlie persona
istat of
thout four heaping teaspoonfula with cream or milk, aad ' id
Low well yt-u aire? snd how freah lot feel ln (he mora teg.
"There's a Reason
wutiiaa i-vu.g a niiie t,irf-m of 1-elga. be- i TuesXv eveuinc by .nm.lert of tn Ki.i
caatM nia:4(ied lu the naci.lnery of a ! copai t Iair ssns'.ed by others under the
eora e-. iK.r yesierday evening sad rs- ! direction of hri f. ciarucha The pr.nci'
r - . .i.i.i sim p.r-1. Mil wwn r'J wnimL Vle ILUTUMU K'ale Ulilersj
wMgiu um vrior uk n-acMi,. cwa be weu Hi a4 iuuuUiia s'M" -'ti-a xm I if l"t of
to th cos', umea. There are about twenty
five in ti.e viiorua. and the play promises
to b 'itie of the tert jet fireeerited by local
is lent.
REATR1CE T. G. Hurt, far several rears
Rim k lfciand agtM at i'.y ni'-yiti. Neb., will
succeed O. R. Lision aa SLation agent fol
tbe company at this plat ou Idonuay. Mr
Limor, at recently trarist erred lo htuouit.
as agent for the coii;)iany there.
BhA'J'hK iZ The case against John
-'park.-. Uie tiridge oontractor, as railed
n the district court Saturday. The at-
orneys lor eijiarks fllea a plea In abals
nerit. s hii-ti Judge Ke.iigar quashed Tbe
-a- st M-t tor bearing January 14,
PUATT&Mtil'TH-Mar.y of the cltiaens of
this vicinity have attended me tr. Tor
rey njei-titigs in tmatia this week and
t.any rnnie contemplate attendliig them
r.ex'. aeek They iugrily appreciate tiie
nboraliiy of The Bee in giving so much
rpaoe lu the wnteup of th nit-eTliiga.
isEATRlCE The breaalrg of a crai.k
siiait on ii I moc Racine motor car. tnre north of rii krt-ll. caused the car to
abandon the trip to Lincoln, The car ainl
pasaengers were brougia back to Beatrice
oy tiie switch eiigint. '1 he )aaaer.gers were
transierred to Uie northbound buriHigtoii
SEWARD A team driven t-y Mr Bailey
of Rieuatit liaie ran away an he. with
Tom Clark, etarted in another buggy to
oapiure iheru. 'i he second team nisu ian
ktii. U.rC'Sli both mtn out of the buggy,
breast;. Mr. uviivy s rlsl and giving Mr.
tiara a bail scaup sound ana tumsif severe
,.i.MOVT The committee on earn and
oockuig have aaarded U. following prises,
torn. r.Jl Kieeinan, f.rel. SJi, cash, -ii
rid. W alter Rie Iii. gu,d watch, value
tooth of e-rilrier. Among the girls Aiut
L-fiar.d. i:nia Heiuie. Mall McHaAey
aiiii k it-ida beiiruooft won first prises In
tt-ir repKine eniriea.
EEATR1CE The Fourth Ward Hoe com
pany lias e-irried the fuiiowit.g oRmers
E Inane, pr-rwideni: J uoe W allace vtc
presid-Jit. N. BV oui.u a . sucretary . Alb. rt
W isely, treasurer. Vv, alter Kora. foretnan,
. 'Henry fc:efler. steward. Frank Wenn.k..
Of . I -..1 . , P. A I' Unill.
scorid assistant foreman
f-LA'l TtMi'l'TH T..e Cau County Far.i
ers' Instil ule. neid in Hi euuri noun
Friday ana battirdsy. was large. atlend1
and mu b benefit aa dnrived from tne abi
lecturea x'rof. F. W. ("hut of Raw:-e
ttty gave an instructive talk on -'Growirig
(-iorn. advisiiig the farmers to secure in
bt seed and to cultivate the growing
ert sumr-ieiiii.'y rrt'i L, rtruner of tfi
snike eniertaiT.ii g!y aioi.g
ff." Alwbi tSj tan.-
Jiies tf corn, of twejve ears each, were
on exhibition, w hick prof, farur er derlareJ
sa aa gKKKl as any grown ln Nebraska.
ftWAkb- At tbe regular nn-et lrjr of
6eward camp No 444. Mitiem Woodn.en of
Amerloa.. the following oftic-era ere elected
U avonk right. V. C. Morns Lever, v . a ;
D. C. oaarinry. clerk; L. F. Sthu It,
banker; Arthur Ackeia. esca-rt; E. L.. Cars
nianager. it a as decided to have the R
N-eighbors present ai the Modem Woodmen
bf Amerioa installation and have a eui -per.
Langaon received nouoe announcing tt.
ajp..intmeni of J. Keliner u. tn
f-M.i-.ion of generai loieman ai Nor ih llstl-
no sui-ceexi jorui it. hir.glrtnft, ,fi
insnea Mr. Kehner as born and raise h im
m rnut b a manner as to sustain a frweture
lead and body. As tt between the
piatform and the to very n.rTow
a alnurat . miracle thai he , J. .V hurled
to death or dragged beneath the wheeS
to his home and Dr. MrCene lunirrwnel
B E W A lUr- William r,n,ni. .. .
.o Nellie Utuirw, after a trial f
crnja Ut-vemifl- Mickey had pardoned Caiw
iP.on out of jail unoer the etiarge of betti
itt father .f tn cti,. i..:! . . .
in North Fiatte and served his aw,rentw- I ,W "L '"n. . Tne
snip in the ,o-al efior.. He win pe wet- lll.r .,o - 7. - . TL m"x"S. ." P"l-
FKEMO.VT-N. J. Run,,,., dispersal Mle
of tnorougbbred trotung Block was well
attended and lair prk-ea wci obtained.
Narka Htar. a fc-year-oid mare, by om
Iieune. was sold to H. Smith of Da rid
City for smKj. avne got a mark of
last season. Tiionia. Bran nag an of ( o
lumbus gut severai promising X-ya.r-udi
i o avrrag. price ouiair.ed ss
bead. Arrndaie was not nut un
BKATRJOK At tt- annual metlr of
Raslins post Na. Ifc, Grand arar it the
Republic, toes ofl.'. ra rr ei ted: b.
Bull, ocnimander, J. ti tVrnahan. seti.o:
vice wn.manaer. W. uotiei.klrk Jumor
vloe cocinianaer; J. R. t raig. Quartermas
ter. Dr. Ferd Broth surgeon: A H. Fox,
chapiats; W . M Whltlo' a. ofTioee of tti.
oay. George L. Feaae. ofheer ol the ruard;
W. at. Tl.tou. delegate to the depaitnMnit
encampnirtit ; Janies M. Sanaera, alternate
BEATRJCE Beatrice lodge No.
Knights trf Fythiaa. has elected thee,
oers. Chris Miller, chanoeiior: K- b A
v -, i . . . w w r if . v, , .
t i e w. H. Kotipins. master-at-arms; Ji,n
Ternune. inaster of tbe work. J-4J-dicott.
niutcr of nna.n; T. H Burke.
uuLfsrr of vatbeguer. J. H lnniaa. s.ei-f
or records and wa, D R smiui iriaiae
guard: C W. Wauen. oinsioe guara, R B
Appieget. U. B. W atkins and M B Dav,
N U:TH PLATTE Jot n Tighe. se-ttch-man
at the iue houses was seriously iii-3-i
red in ue yards He was stanoing on
tbe south td. ol the pisiform along tne
bouses, and bearing an approaching train,
sunt b tnuugr.t as psknenger tram No
11 on ttie maiii line, be crasied unoer tne
platform lo order to reach ttie o;en yard
As be enrged from unoer the platform be
as siruia by the pnot uf aa uxxnulng
ireia oa tu K- atuuae trauk ai4 nuri
man proiesta his iiiihk.,.,. , . ' "
tall rn-.,lv . " iB
NUniH t.-A TTK Tbe tiwsaurar ,f Un
oin county sent lo a constable at WeU
leet a notice lo t M rv od on the BurUn-D
- ,.i iu i eervea on the BurUng-.on
agent al tnat plane demanfi,,.-
agent turn .ver aU tbe money on band arid
mat n.t,h. com. t, his hand" in
amount not exceeding the 1W tag due fre-S
com pat, y to Lwnnom oountr. A slniW
noU.w jircibabiy be served oa ttl
tne Burlington had nm ben gfanled ml
njutuun restra.rng the county ireasur"
lrum taking sox-n ac inic "
LElijH-Laynjin Bowman, the t-year-oM
son of Mr. and Mra. Frio. Bowman bad
a narrow frorr. drowniiig VVorkmen
were rtfainn Pipe, m a cistern and bad
tbe lop open. 7 he lad. not gnewln- tnat
u.e i.o m.s off. le, into ti.e cistern which
ocmtained ai-ven feet ef w.t.r f.r,. .
w"r"n'n '' spiash and looked
.lo,.tb "" just as im child cams
up th. first time, .nfl u tl, w.l,r J
near the top a u bo. u Ult m'r,
one tlM boy wu.d have tn dead.
t lAMOND-Frenser.
1Mb and ftdgw.
striker mssIIi Matter.
OOIA MFt e. O. I-. 1-PraeutnaMy be
cause of the stem measure, taaea by
Mayor Baager to rt-pw ess u,e laoirt- rvils
growing oui of tf. strife of the Iron moia
ers here several months agn th. anayur
was aesau.'ted lodak in lb court nous, by
Chants Milter, of tlw airike oom
n it lee. Mnyor waa tiadly, thouga
not serious. j . Injured. Mi.ier was arrested.
Full !! bull, sis IS. suaAs 'a sail leg
fTa. al Bennett a ClotMlng- Dejl, Sta,