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Of fire. 10 rear!
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Woman to Fact a Chare of Murder
. -r :: ,", '..sin'thd firrt Dotm;.
Nineteen Indictment Hrtnrnrd by ihr
' J-.! rnd Jary,' bat Dnlr Eight of
. Thwn Made I'abllc at Ihr
r ,v rrnl Time.
Among-Mlf- indictments returned by the
tlftiit court grand Jury, which concluded
,it deliberations yesterday and adjourned,
- waston against Emma Rtpke, the young
rn-ontan beld for the killing: of Frank Krlth
. .Potts on ttra night 'of October IS last In a
.jxrfuJruE ' figiiFe tin West . Broadway. ' The
'indictment clvargoj. murder In, the first de
ree.'.. ' ;
AVhrn Informed of the action of the grand
. jury,'ljF Kl'pke did' not appear the
, -tiighteit disturbed, "I -have a clear coif
clcrtce." . she." satrt,' "and I am glad the
xrasif Jury did what It has aa I will now
jlie able to.-provo my Innocence to the
world.;. ,
. j The: grand Jury In aaid to have returned
nineteen Indictments, but only eight were
made public yesterday, aa the defendants
named In, the .others are not under arrest.
Two Indictments were returned against
' Jamen' Russell, accused of passing toiged
hecks In this "city on October 18 last. One
indictment charges forgery In connection
with a check "for JW7.75 on the National
Stock Yards bank of .South .Omaha, to
which the signature of H. E. Cox. mem
...Tier of a. commission Ann of that city, was
signed, which he attempted to pass on the
;-h-caJ bra net" store of A. Hospe & Co. The
wow! Indic.inent charges cheating 'by
false pretent." -In that he passed a torgod
. cheeK fnt rtt.So " on' 'A. " Gillnsk-y and ro-
lyed tll.ap good money In purt exchange.
, Jt''i', bond under each Indictment is
"jrlaced-.a't tV)
.?Ob indictment Is against Peter' Nelch,
t one of th Hungarian railroad laborers
V ' I.' ihat eed . nh breAklnc lmn un.l toaln.n n
'quantlty-or- shoes from V freight car In
.''the I'nlWn Paclftcr yards On Noveniber 7
', of ttjl yeax.. Ills bond is placedat Pt.
Otv.- Indictment Is against Claude
. .Bridges, op the. .charge, . qf. Ja.rc;ny from
u building. He Is accused of stealing a
borsM valued at $150 front the promises
of IlanWlHusen of Cut-Off, on October
J 7. last. His bond is placed at $S00.
A Joint Indictment. Is against Grant
Pootnn aftfl Jack Shields, on the charge of
breaking and entering freight cars in the
arfla of, the . Illinois' Central on' October j uon to the per cent on moneys handled
J2, last.Th. defendants, It. Is' alleged,, they recefve $2 per diem for attendlrtg meet
were seen hy i the officers to break the .ngs. of . the township boai'd and this prbb
seals of the cars, but were friglitene.l ftbly brings them In from $10 to $12 more.
iRWajr before aecurlng anything. They . Tj,e aapacvlaora adjourned to meet Mon-
wefk captured "In the. yards. T;heir bond j day as a drainage board to take up matters
Iwero plaeedt., M0.0-,ach;:r" '' !.in connection with the Pigeon creek ditch.
" W.- M. gfevena is irifllcted on the chargo j Tuesday ,thy wl'.l ntMrt In joint session
it; breaking and entering Into a dining
ar Ho the locAl yards, of: the Milwaukee
rni"ju Birnninf iuiuiic in in. connection, wltn tne uarrieon-rouawai-
hetlds llrware. The.offeijse Is allege tatiila county drainage ditches and Wednes
to hv,been comhittted on' November 4. j'day.wlll miit W regllar ad.toufned session
last. Tls bond was; fixed at toO. j
An fndlctDient wis return uralnst L.
A. MrXVnM-4n the charj.'" rf tucest with
sWp-dauglit,er, . liM!
4 wns ef Wt;r.iMH
Carrie. . JHIs
The reports, of thn gi:.jtnl . lury showed ''onable -prices; tho best of goodsv trim
the count'y,land V:lty-Jall' to he In go,id nV-ngs and '.workmftnxhlp.'' -,1a rgat'dJ to
condition. .. v ,r . - , . ; . . ! yotu; dress suit don't forget that there will
.... . - , , '. . . . , ' be a - great , many social functional you
Tlie exacting man in dress ix tlie man
we sr looking for. because we can please
hlhf'lti style, nV and material W-ith one of
inir sweli' Hirt. SViiaffer & Mai x overcoats,
Vrlf.!,lia. to $fiS. 'Other good makes at
IT.Sn, TWt and $12. The Johh Beno company. I
. ' . ;
Utl Fnoernl Todai.
Tho remains of E. H. Ott arrived j-i.ter-
$ay. at'tocnoon from Texas and tho funeral
will be held (his afternoon ut I:3f o'clock
from tlie residence of his mother. Mrs. H.
Ott, 34? Lincoln avenue, and at 3 o'clock
from the First Christian church.
There will be a special communication of
Excelsior Masonic lodge at 2 o'clock this
1 . it. M;
1 "lUlH
Makes old
gs New
rr ALSO kte p them new. There
will be no old, dull looking furni
ture or dingy woodwork in homei
where thii wonder-worker is used.
Mo reftnlshlne of revxrnishing necrt
ary. Liquid Veneer ii not rarnislt,
but a surface food and cleaner that
buildl' up the original finish and
' makes it brighter than ever. -
It initantly restores the brilliant hew
neu and finish of Pianos, Furniture,
Picture Frames, Interior Woodwork,
- Hardwood Floors and all polihed, var
nished or enameled surfaces. Removes
scratches, suins, dirt and dullness.
A child can apply it. Nothing but
- piece of cheese cloth is needed and
. there is no drying to wait for.
' 4-OUNCt Bottlk - 29c
12-Ouncc Bottlk SOc
P. S3LD y
If. noRWICK.
211 8. Main.
Our tmslarss was established nearly SO years ao (ISAM).
rs) loan' on (torsos, rattle, household t uralture and other chatl-els. ,
Our reputalli n and ths business w snjoy Is the result sf fslr sad 1 bersl tresU
meat sf our j.alrons during thise . y-r cv rates r 4' -m v I w than
other offices. Our loans sr mads In "ur. swn mm and rv atold or b tit sV
fiwrtsmbre. pur sow oitlcss ars orp sits slue bt ins uil'Ho. o.d tu s . s
ronvenlintly arrwnged Hh private coiwulllng rooms. We wish to vsrn ths p;b Is
that w have no conneetlin with ths firm doing business under the nsms ef the
Cars. Uurtfage Co,, sow oocupying 1 ur old office., tt Is a romsllment we sppre
ctste siting our nsrne to their buslnsss, but It Is cgnf uslna .to the public.
Our 'Phone la 217 Don't confuse It W 1th the Tel. of Clark Mt. Co.
St. Tr-1. 43.
afternoon to attend the funeral of the late
H. If. Ott.
Members of Jewel ooutt. Tribe of Ben
Hur, are requested to attend the funeral
of their late brother. R. H. Ott. In n body
this afternoon.
To get a nice, even Joint in framing a pic
ture Is an art. We understand how to do
that. Ilring In your picture and we will
show you how neat we can frame It. If
you haven't got a picture, come In and se
lect one from Our large sample line and we
will frame It up In first class style. Prices
always reasonable. Council Bluffs Patnt,
Oil and Glass company, Merrlam block.
It doesn't matter what shape, alze or
kind of a man you are. If you. are an
overcoat seeker you'll find your kind of an
overcoat here.. Prices, $7.50 to $35. The
John Beno company.
CENTRAL FLOCR-H 15. Every sack
warranted. Central Grocery and Meat Mar
ket. Both 'phones. 24.
Conaty Board Fixes It at Qnarter of a
Million. ,
In fixing the bonds of the newly elected
county officers the Board of Supervisors
vtritriv ft ApMprl in rnlflp thut ftf the
county treasurer from $.W,oon to ISO.ftrt.
The reason given Is that the county treas-
urcr probably will handle next year ap-
proximately ilOe.OOl of dralnaa-e ditch funds.
in'additlon to the regular tax collections,
-t-i V. , .1.:.- t . I. . . . t -. ,
i iiv I' ui hi i iicm tin mi nnr iiffmi
from ll.oiio to $l.ftK although the board
hesitated for some time before deciding
on this, tearing that there might be some
dlfliCLilty in securing men to serve. The
Kbnnds of the other principal county officers
were left as before, namely: Auditor, $10,- tlty of bras engine fixtures, believed to
ort); attorney, $o,(i0o; clerk of district court, be the property of the Northwestern rall
tCO.OW; recorder. $10.npo; sheriff, ,$10,0iX); sur- , road and valued at over $100.
veyor, $2,000. - ' Revere refused to give an account of
For some time there has been a question ' hfmself when questioned at police head
as to what compensation township clerks quarters. He Is, however, known to the
wera entitled to.-- The twentieth general police, having been arrested several times
assembly enacted a law providing that they In the last few years. His companion
receive 2 per cent' of nil. moneys which succeeded In making his escape after turn
passed through their hands. In 1S97 the r- Ing on a man who had taken up tho pur-
vised code provided they should receive 5
per cent on all moneys coming Into their
hands "not otherwise, provided for." .The
supervisors held that thw law already pro
vided for 1 per cent, and the clerks' failed
to receive any more. Now the last general
assembly repealed the art of the twentieth
assembly and In an opinion County Attor
ney Hess yesterday held that the clerks
were entitled to 5 per cent ajid tho board
so ruled. .
As but few of the clerks handle more than
M.i(0 road money a year. It will be seen
ihRt thrlr compensation. Is limited. In addl-
wuh tho surxrvlsors of Harrison county
1 a8 dratnuge bbard to consider matters in
to opep bids ftr the. cunty. bridge, work
for next" year.: . '
Doh't 'forget thst K, 8. Hicks hi etiH at
Ttho old jitand. nukrng fine clothe jit rea
want to attend and need a dress suit,
your old dresa stilt may ho out of date and
you may need a new one. And your winter
overcoat. How is that? Sec E.' S. Hicks
for anything In tailoring. - 13 Ptrt St.
We can do wonders in fixing you out
with good, warm underwear for the winter
at .iu."t the price you would like to pay.
We're sole agents,, for the famous Staley,
wewtern made, and Munsing unde.rweaj-.
The John Beno company.
Ralldlnir Permit".
j -The following building permits wtte i-
sued yerterdny to-, the 'Consolidated ton-
structlon compuny of tlUs city: '
GreoKlilehls Everest, t, n frame
cottages in Home place addition....! !'J
Ci yuJ?1?:':-...l"t,,
Wi'lilsm Fallor, frame cottage, lot 4,
block ?3. CentrRl sub VM
' ocVnta?:.!0? . 750
Paul I. Van Order, frame cottage, lot
11, block 3n. C'eotril sub... v V&i
I- U. frame cottage, lot 14, block
J. j. Hughfsframe'dweiil'nR:. lot 1,
bloek l. Turiey : wnite s soamon.. i."
A. ftpiekermnn.. frame dwelling, lot i,,
block 10, Beer's sub '...1.25ft
L. H. "ItKims, residence and stable,
near Wtft and E (unplatted. '. 2,000
O. IjwiiU. frame residence and store,
lot 1, block 2, Mrs. Perry's addition.;-2,100
Hurry (lover, frame collage, lot t.
' i
block 7, rerry s aanuion
L. M. Coowr. frame cottage, lot 4.
block ID. Ferry's addition 1,100
William Hayijiiod. frumu -cottage, lot
1. block 3, Doniphan' addition OX)
If you wiish to select your gloves or utlt
tens from among the season's very lest,
we're at your service, perrin, Dent, North
rup and other good makes. Lined or un
llned at 75c, $1. $1.50, $3 and .13. The John
Beno company.
Our 10-yt nt catalogues of sheet music con
tain some of the finest classical compost
tlons. "Bourietus." 3.15 Broadway, Cor.netl
Bluffs; where the organ stands upon the
building. .
Marriage Licenses.
' Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday
to tho following:
Name and Residence.
Charles tl Gregory, Council Bluffs.
Lottie B. Garrett. Council Bluffs...
Alonr.o K. Stickler, Omaha..,
Carrie Welsh. Omaha
.'cp Davis, Omaha
Thel McCoruite, Omaha
. .ii.l
. .IK
. .26
. .20
. .26
. .20
A Mrtmr A Co.
New Location of Wholesale Bakery,
51! Mynster Street, Council Bluffs, Is.
Home-made Bread a Specialty.
Visitors Welcome.
lllaalns IMnnder Identified.
Part of- tho goods found with James
Hlgglne, alias McGulre. arrested In fnls
city and taken to Omaha to answer for
robbing- tlie CUrk store at Valley, Neb.,
were Identified yesterday ty A. O. Carlson
of the Carlson Hardware and Implement
company and C. Austenburg of the Auste.t-
burg general merchandise store, both of
Mead, Neb. These two stores were robbed
October 13. The goods thus IdcnttfUl
were part of the stuff found by the ollt
irs In Omaha and brought to this
city by Detective ' Callahan From hern
Messrs: Carlson and Austenburg wont to
Omaha to consult with the authorities
Hello! Hellot Hollo: Yes, we've every
thing for clothing men. women and chil
dren correctly at moderate prices. We've
Hellol Hello! Hello-o-o-o'. Don't leave the
'phone yet. We've the best of everything
In our line and we guarantee you satisfac
tion for every dollar you leave with us.
Hello! Hello! You say you'll be In for a
look? All right, we're at your service any
day. The John Beno company.
Combination gas and electric chandeliers
and the celebrated Welsbach Incandescent
gaa burners. Why.- not see us before you
buy. We can certainly please you on price
and quality of goods. Bhephan Bros., 529
West Broadway.
Owner of Gan
I liable
to iet
It to
Go Off.
Armed with a shotgun, Mark Williams,
living at 83 North Eighth street, at tempted
to halt two suspicious looking strangers as
they were crossing the rear of his lot early
yesterday morning. - The men were each
carrying a sack, evidently containing some-
thtnir rit rnnlftrnt,lf ttplffhr nvrr tl-iolr
shoulders, and Mr. Williams Jumped to the
conclusion they were thieves. Mr. Williams
intended to shoot over their heads, but the
trlsrter failed to work. Tho men. however.
after running a short distance, droppedl
i V. n l I , .. Y it,. A w ,
nidi nm'ia. ah mo nioiiii luiio uiiw vi jii,
Williams neighbors had telephoned for
the police and Detective Weir soon had onu
of the men located In a railroad lodging
house. He gave the name of Charles
Revere. In the sacks was found a quan-
suit from the Williams place and threaten,
Ing to cut his heart out with a big dirk,
i which he flourished dangerously near his
A Side Door Hot Blast.
The only perfect hot blast on tho market; decorative paper If you have the slight
does fiot fill the house with smoke when eat notion of keeping In touch with the
putting in fuel; burn-s. anything; a good- latest and best Interior decorations. This
sited ash pan. You do not need to scat-
ler the ashes all over the floor. You can
take them out clean: all at one time. Come
and see it. It will cost you nothing . to
Inspect It. We. are glad to show It to you.
it noins nre loriyeigm nours. The boss
Hot Blast. D. W.. Keller, 108 South Main.
For Imported wines and liquors and Bud
welser beer, go to ti. Rosenfeld, wholesale
liquor dealer, 519 South Main street. .
Bandar serrlees.
Bt. Paul's Episcopal Church, Rev. H. W.
Starr, Rector Twonty-second Sunday after
Trinity, Holy communion at $ a., m.; morn
ing prayer and sermon ut 10 ?0; Sundny
school at noon; evening prayer and sermm
t 7-30. Morning subject of sermon, "The
Use of Time, the Body and Education";
evening subject. "Tlie Christian's Attitude
Tbwardtho World." . . .
First Christian Church'. Rev. W. B.
Clemmcr, Faster Preaching services aA 11
a. m., when the paslor will t;ike as the
theme of his address "The Christian Church
In Iowa."' In the evening at 7:W o'clock
will be ah evangelistic meeting, at which
,ho ",or ,1!,,tak " the xPie "f hls.":r'
mon "The Bible, or Seven Wonders of the
World." Biblo school will be at S:45 a. m.
and meeting of Christian 'Endeavor society
at t:Sn p. in.
At the First Presbyteiian church preach
ing services will be held at 10:30 a. m. and
7:W p. m. . In the morning Pr. Henry J:
Coker will occupy the pulpit and in the
evening' Rev. Robert S. Cnlder. Sunday
school will he at noon and your.g people's
meeting at 6 p. m.
At the Second Presbyterian church Rev.
S. Alexander will conduct services at 10:30
p. m. There will he no evening services,
Sunday schcol will be at noon.
' First Congregational- Church. Dr. Otter-'
Ueln O. Smith, Pastor-Morning pervlce: at
evening ropers at 5 o'clock; Sund.v
school at noon; prayer meeting Wednesday
evening at 7:t5; Young Men's Fortnlirhtlv
The Sermon at Noiaieth." Tho vesers
will ba a .musical service, when- the follow-
. Jng program will be rendered:
n'f,ln Prelude-invocation
..No. 122
s""," j;
Scripture reading
(Jii (i.-i-in .iij( of. Love
Misses Baker and Pine and
Smflcld and Wlkoff.
Solo nn I'nto Him ..,
Miks Baker.
'"Tertory Abendlied
"irt VlJovrty Peacry? H.nd4et
iu.t-o lively .-Handel
Aothem-O l.rdwManlfold:...ltHr,:bv
"The Angels' Trio-l.Kt Thine Eves
Misses Baker. Pine, and Smith.
The S-jng of Simeon Prof. Proper Svnions
Mr. Sinfleld, male quintet and chorus.
Hvmn--God of Mercy, God of Grace. .No. 017
PoHtlude To Our Great Ood Handel
There will be preaching services at St.
John's English Lutheran church at 11 a.
m. and 7:3o p. m. Morning subject of
sermon. 'What Think Ye of Christ?"'
Evening subject. "Enemies of the Cross."
Sunday school will be at 9:45 a. m. and
young people's meeting at 7 p. m.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, will
hold services in Temple Emmanuel at 11
a. m.. when th sublect will tw. "Smil and
Body." Sunday school will be at 12:16 p.
m. and the regular midweek testimony
meeting Wednesday evening at 8 .o'clock.
Second Church of Christ, Scientist, will
hold services in Woodman hall In the Mr
liam block at 10:45 a. m., when the sub
ject will be "Soul and Body." Sunday
school will be at 11:45 a, m. and the usual
midweek testimony meeting Wednesday
evening at 7:45 o'clock.
Swedish Lutheran church. Rev. B. N.
Glim, pastor. Services at 10:30 a. m. and
45 p. m. Sunday school at noon and
Bible class at 7 p. m. Rev. Glim will
preach In the afternoon at Missouri Valley. The Knights of Columbus gave a dan
Broadway Methodist Episcopal church. parly In their hall in the Brown
.v,i,. h- d... i t- , a .'bunding Monday evening. A large crowd
preaching by Rev. A. E. Griffith at 10:30, maB pr. Kef rrshments were served
class meeting at 10, Sunday school at i ouring the evening. Itim was the second
noon, Epworth league at 8:S0. Preaching
by the pastor. Rev. James O'May st T:30,
topic, "The Lord Hath I-ald His Hands
On Thee."
Do you want your coal quick? Just give
us your order and let vis send you a ton
ot cooj thst will be better than you ex
pected. Ws know if you get one ton you
. will order again. Tel. 72. Council Bluffs
CoaJ and Ice company.
Baralar Was Iadostrlaas.
The burglar who visited ths aparimen i
of Attorney George S.. Wright Thursday
night. Is believed to. ha-ve first entered
ths residence of Gnrge H. Hayn. which
j adjoins the Wright home. The spots of
I candle grease found about Mr. Wright's
' room were red. und yesterday. It was no
ticed that one of several randies in s
candelabra In the parlor of the Mayne
I residence was niUsing. sirs. Mayne Is
111 and It Is Supposed tho burglar wvt
frightened away by the movements of
the nurse attending her before ho
time to search the house.
The residences of E. .Kretchmer at 509
South Flxth street, and J. M. Hatch at
R07 South Sixth street, were visited '.iy
a burglar Thursday night. At the Kretch
mer home the telltale marks of red candle
grease were found, but as far aa Is known
nothing of value was taken. At tho Hatch
residence, an effort had been mado to
pry open a side door with a Jimmy, but
the burglar was evidently frightened
away before he had time to complete the
Finest I.tne of Pianos
From which to make a selection. In the
purchase of a piano a person should use
uhusual care. The name on a piano counts
a great deal. Our stock Includes five of
the leading miikes, Conover, Cable, Schu
bert, Kingsbury and Wellington. Every one
strictly high grade Instruments. We offer
no premiums or commissions, every ad
vantage Is given the buyer. Anyone can
purchase a piano now on our easy payment
plan. Come In and let us show you. Pianos
tuned, repaired and stored. Swanson Mu
sic company, 407 West Broadway.
See Stephan Bros, for the latest and best
Inverted burners. 69 West Broadway.
Heal Fstate Transfers.
These transfora were reported to The
Bee November 17 by . the Pottawattamie
J""1? Ah",rac,t comy of Council
Mary A. Haynos and husband to John
Collins, lot 7 and 12 feet strip ad-
! tnlnlnrr on wst In hlock 7. In Tjiri
'llor subdivision in Council Bluffs,
Ifl,, W. U.
i M',rj?arct Iawson to Frederick
, William Frolmnlt. lot 1. in suhdi
vision of bit 3Vi. in original plat of
Council Bluffs. la., w. d
C. E. larson and wife to Stelln Lit
tle, lots 1 and 2, In block 6, in Ferry
addition to Council Bluffs, la., w. d.
J. W. Michael and wife to J. R.
Schuyler, lot 3. In block 1!. In How
ard addition to Council Bluffs, la.,
w. d
Charles T. Officer and wife to Chris
topher Jensen, lots 14 and 15, In
block 15, in Highland Place ad
dition to Council Bluffs, la., w. d...
M.irgaret Ij. McGce and husband to
Monroe Van Scoy. lots 1 and 2 and
n of lot 3, in block 3. In B.iyllss'
third addition to Council Bluffs, la.,
w. d
Agnes Folsom to M. Van Scoy, lot
i, In block 3, in Burn's addition to
Council Bluffs. Ia., w. d
3. SCO
Seven transfers, totiil
$ 5,508
Von Mast Look
At our superb stock of wall and eeillna
in tt model store In that line and you mlss
much if vou keep away from here. Jen-
BPI1 & Nicholson, 238 West Broadway.
' -
I pvrrrnrhv outfits and supplier C. E.
Alexander, 333 Broadway.
N.. T. Plumbing Co.. Tel. 25 Night, "J.
. . ''!
Event of Sprelal Importance to
Miss Allie lA'ons has ns her guest Mis.
a r.mi,hcll of Boulder. Colo. .
Mrs e. II. Walters has left ror an ex
tended trip through the east.
Mr. Arthur .Colburn of Chicago, is vis
iting friends In this city for a few days.
Mr. atid Mrs. C. A.. Lacey -win leave to.
pVVowr California. toW.bsent -ti.
Miss Morene Pnlh will 1-ave today for
Denver, where she will visit relatives for
some time.
Mr. R. A. Whitman and family of Den
ver, Colo., ar visiting in tii, city for a
few days. . - ? " ' ' ' .
The University olub was entertained
W ednesday afternoon, by : Mtsi . ' George
Hulett", 407 Park avenue.
Mr f W IJooit ot Kliralioth. Colo.. IS
In the city for a short visit with his I
rousJn, Mr. J. J. Mewart.
Mr. . naries ianuiug oi i-es muiufs is
the guest at tho home of his sister, Mrs.
Williams of Madison avenue.
Mrs. Harrison F. Gleason and Mrs. Ned
Shepard, both of Kansas City, are tho
guests of relatives In this city.
The Oakland Avenue club was entertained
Friday afiernoou by Mrs. F. C. Lougie
at her home, too Oakland avenue..
The Misses Myrtle' and Mabel Uasson of
Stranton, la., are guests at the home of
their brother, 'Dr. J. H. Gasson of this
city. .
ihe Indies' auxiliary No. 314, of 1Ctttr
Curriers, will give a dancing party Wednes-
oa evening, iuveuiuer ui me masonic a. id tracing. t ino monumental wum a
ball- j Mpeclail). bheeley A Lane, 21? East Broad-
. Mr. and. Mrs. J. C. Mcl'herson of Halgler. 1 way. . .
Neb., are visiting with the former's unci", The pupils of Miss Relle Hoon gave a
Mr. J. R. Mcl'nerson on East Pierce I piano recMal lost evening nt the home of
street. (Mr. nd Mrs. M. A. Livingston. T-i First
Mr. and Mrs. William .Walling ha ve gone , avenue. The pupila played without notes
for a visit to Ienvr. Colo., where they and gave a very creditable performance,
will be the guests of Mrs. Waiting's par- Just received, a largo shipment at-saif-ents
. for several weeks. I basting Savory roasters, which we are go-
Mrs. Charles Johnson and daughter.
Frances, of Fort Ixidge, are the guests
st the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Daniels.- 1$24 Avenue F.
The household economics department of
the Council Bluffs Women's club met last
fci'Kiuy nutiianiii wan Airs. Lewis Mc
Daniels, (i.'o Fifth avenue.
' Harmony chapter No. 25. Orfler of the
Eastern Star, gave a d.incir.? njvty :n the
Masonic auditorium Thursday ., cver.l lg.
1 ' and Mr8' Ueor """.er." Jr., ;71 Glen
... ellU:l-tnlllea lllc Kive H-...,.iM,i club
I Miss Maude Wllllums left Frifi-.y -veii-
I ln t"' lr Monies, when: t.ho will Li
the. guest at tlie Lome of her brother,
ir. chaiies Williams, for get e: hi weeks.
The Proto club was entertained Jit sjay
afternoon at the home of Mje. L Ur-r-en.
V Lincoln avenue. t'arJs wi- ji'e.i
ourtng the sfternoon, after which a dainty
luncheou was served.
The old Lucnre ciub held its firs', meet
ing of this year Friday afternoon at tiie
home of Mrs. Wiilianv Pyper, 2M Franklin
ateiius. Five hunured was decided oil. as
ti,e game for the winter.
One of the leading social events of the
week was the buuei lunch given yesterday
alleitxim bv Mrs. M. F. Rohrer ami
daughter. Mrs. Robert E. Thelnhardt "and
.Mrs. Fred Johnson at the Rohrer home on
ne Slieel
Tiiu v omen's club met Wednesday after
noon at the home of Mrs. ". D. Parmelee,
ll Second avenue. Tho topic of discussion
was "William i'hackery. ' The club will
bo entertained Wednesday by Mrs. A. P.
Hanciiett, Iju South Mini eueui.
Mtss Gertrude Hulette,of 407 1'a.k
avenue, will leave tomorrow tor Loi
Angeles, Cal., where she, will SDend the
winier. While there Miss Hulette will
continue her study of the violin under
the direction of Mrs. Frank Wiiscek.
Mr. Mrs. Emmet Tinley. entertained
the Seven O clock Bridge club Wednesday
evehlng. The game was won hy Mr. Da
vis ami Mrs. C. E. Price. The club will
be entertained this Wick by Mrs. Prico
at hur hone, 21!) South Seventh street.
Pr'y of the scries scheduled for the win
Miss Ora Fulmer. who has been spend
ing a few days with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Fulmer of this city, has re
turned to Fremont. Neb., where she is at
tending college. She was accompanied oil
her visit her by Miss LUlis Malcomb of
Tha Klatter Klub was entertained Fri
day afternoon by Mrs. Henry Cutler al
her home, 1 W Turiey avenue. Three tablet
Were used at cards. Min Eleanor Brown
..n 1 I.e. lust 1 1 lie an.i Mrs. Robert Wal
lace the second. After the game a dainty
luncheon was served.. . .
'Ihe regular monthly kensington and
business meeting of Ins ! lower iitiHaion
was held Wednesday afternoon at the home
of Miss Eleanor iirown, Hi First avenue.
Tnree new members were tuk n Into the
cliib. They were Miss Helen lllxby, Mn.i
Heien Robinson and Mirs Cecelia, WuK
haia. Th Jolly Sixteen Card rlub was enter
tained Thursday evening by Min Pllo-be
Jiiil-uil, UJ Sixth avenue. The nrst gen
ileinan's pi Ise was won by Mr. Worth
and th unit women's jiiae by Uiss Maud
S11.50 Kk
fjolld Gold, 2 roil
pearls, eiiHm 'led Hi
colors, Horn in gold
finish, cha elnlnc attachment.
854.00 l 4k
Solid Gold, bright
signet, rose finish.
1111 IA, MWRIaT aTHHIff'MrYa irTnnni',i ii'it" i
Davis. The consolation priics were won I the two men pawned a number of ovcr
by Mr. Walter l.uix and Aflss Bessie (coats In Omaha before coming to tills side
liach. 1 of the river.
1'hnnksul vln Male
On all our hl8l grade dining room furniture.
So to "0 per cent discount on our entire line
of buffets, sideboards, china cabinets, din
ing tables and chairs from now till Thanks
giving. Kellcr-Farnsworth Furniture Co.
Davis, dmg3
Clark's, uodaa.
Stockert sells carpet. " .
Fine engruvlngs at 1effert s.
EJ Rogers' Tony Faust beer.
Get tliosj new photos at Schmidt e.
I'iumbing and heating, Hixby & Son.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director, 'phone 997.
Woodrtng I'ndertaklng company. Tel. 3.
For good picture framing go to Alexand
er a Alt htore, S.i3 I'.romlway.
A life-size portrait, given free with a
dozen cablivt photos. No high prices, at
Uil.lmiiH' studio.
Nownere will you lind clothes and toggery
more picasing to the e e and purse than at
I 1 he Jotin Beno Company.
beautitul aim oriidinenlul gas burner.
i th elgt,acn chicK lamp, complete, $1.J6.
! biephan Bros., iJJ W. Broadway.
i WANTED A man to wort, tfeu iouse
land barn. Apply at ottice ut Leonard
bverott, IS I'earl St.. Council Blufls.
We m.ike a specialty of children's shoes,
and also fitting children s feet. Largest
siock In the state. Sargent's Family bnoo
i 1 1 c c 1 1 1 .
lh. A f .jt.)OiJ V AjES. F. A. SfENCEJt,
'li.SiNEK A.U PLLi.lBER. Iva Utol
Take a look in our window at Flek'a
granite solf-basiing roisters; four 8V,
1.Vd, $J,0h, -.2;,, ..M. Swulne & Alaucr, o-
. l.rouuway.
The woman s guild of t. Paul's Episco
pal churcn will nux t Monoay aiteruonn at
, lho ,t.l,lut,m.(. vt Mis. fj. it. Dooltltle,
botitli Seventh street.
1 pay 1J per ton for cast Iron; mixed,
He; stove, ras.. Hc per lb; rubber,
i-c;' copper, 14c per lb. J. Kateiman, SoJ
Main, bom 'plionts ti."0.
l.Clt. .viAN OK COl'NCIL BLUFFS. 12
You can enroll any aay or evening at
Western Iowa college. Students ure aa
kisiea to positions. Bend tor catalogue.
TiKine for information. Loth phones.
High grade granlie work, trom the best
Bane Imported granites, lettering, carving,
"HJ to make a leader ot: w roahirr irn-
VI. lino week only, remember, bit our
windows for oilier bargains, reiersen at
fc.h.iening Co.
What makes that sewing machine run
so hard? It netds cleaning. Call up Wil
liamson. 17 South Main street. 'Phone Red
11.7. He will clean it up for you. Don't
drag along and worry aliout tho price, lie
only charges w hat Is reasonable.
A man progresses just as long as he Is
wHlltiK to learn.
wneu ycu learn mat my
watch repairing Is the best In the city, I
'f, get your trade. Bring In your watches
:-'i t hit . 1 -ran convince you that 1 can
(II) ' IIW I1&III. KJ. DIUUllir, V. j
l:rfilii' vun v. I
Hot drinks served with whipped cream
nod vi.ifers at Clark s this week: Oyster
roikt.i'l loc, hot sherryed chocolate be.
hot If f tea liic, macaroni muise 15c, hot
lemonade lor. clam broth 10c, hot tomato
boiilllirn 10c, Clark's sundae 10c and hot
chocolate loc.
A. Murphy and John Haley, arrested
several days sgo while trying to pawn two
.-. vercoats In this city, are still being held
oy the police for Investigation and their
1 their
d, t.MBt
hearing has been continued until Mon
The police have learned. It Is said
Civ " " W V . - ' Us
P. C. DeVol .Hdw. Co.,
504 Broadway. ' 10 North Main.
Are llio Vitalities Nt'rawary 4o .Ithi.-tt Sneers in Tliis Slrt imns Age.
The forward pare In buslnoss Is mndc more r.tsy iitrd quick by adllng
the rleht kind of poods poods that are sntlsfylni; In quality and value.
. We offer you Roods thnt have th requisites neccpsnry to pleaso you and
ire better values than can be obtained elsewhere.
' Out" name on the box la a stamp of reliability and assures you of first
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Our stock this year Is the larpcFt ever, and contains the most artistic pat
terns of the. gold and silversmith's ni t.
We Want Your Xmas Business
Our prices are Irresistible; in faot, they. spell economy In the truest form.
Richness, elegance, servlceahleness, characterises every article sold here,
no matter what the price.
310.50 hk
Solid Gold, fine
cut diamond; a
blazing; gem.
SG.00 14k
Solid Gold, rose
and Roman c;old
3 Reliable Jeweler
u u u
rii fJi " 1
:: :: Mail
Chimes t-ckland. a farmhand who has
been working in tho vicinity of Under
wood, Pottawallamie county, nas oeeti
brought to the General iio-pital In this
City, sufle.rlng from internal Injuries re
ceived m a fall trom a hay mow. Ills
home Is in Republic, Mich.
Every woman should know that men's
shirts made to measure are always more
HJie to please and weir belter, especial.
wnen presented as a gift. No Is ine time
to oroer him two or a half dozen; We've
muny preity samples for selection. The
Joun Beno Company.
F. fci. Keuei, ine republican candidal.,
for Justice ol I no peace wuo was omy ie
lealed by hity-une votes, announces in.,,
ne lias no iiuciiuou to vomest tlie elec
tion, HltiioUgii it was ret'oiieil tnat u.
was tiguiiiit, on uoingi so. tie Males tie I.-,
wining to uccept tno result as nna.1. -
lan you auoid to tliruA' uwd mat la..
winters suit nen you can have it cieaneu
to pvriectiun. Give ns h trial on iiiopc
lancy aisis and dresses, we can maivt
tnem nice una nw. e dye mm ilea., council Bluns cleaning com
pany mm Hug 1-aciory, 34 Nulla Main o.
tul. biH.
Fred W. Robinson of Avoca, la., was
yesterday comiiuiteti bv juoe Greeno ic
three years In the State Hospital loi
Inebriates at Knoxvllle on complaint o.
hi broiner. Hooinson Is the man who a.
soon time ago created somewhat of a
sensation In Omaha by feeding fo billu to
stray dogs on the public streets.
For Sa'e or Exchsnge Kighty-flve acres
twelve miles north ot Council Bluffs. Al.
level land. Fair improvements. Nice, dee,
black soil. Forty acres In cultivation,
twenty acres of timothy and clover hay,
twenty acres In pasture. Price $.V pe.
acre. $800 Incumbrance; per rent will ex
change. AddieKS D. S. Kerr. to Broadway,
phones 417 and 4c Red, Council Bluffs, la.
City Auditor iVicAnenKy a connneu to n.t,
home as tlie result of injuries rwrivwl o.
a fall In his omce at lire city building
Friday evening. Smutty alter o ii'cim'h, a.
which time toe orticce in the city hail
olose, Mr. McAneney was tounn lyniK
81 retched upon the floor, bleeuing pro
fusely from a gash on his furenead ami
omy partly conscious. It developed thai
he mid been Hcizeo: with a mzay-spell una
In failing had struck his head aguinst the
edge ot the adding machine w men wa
stundlng near his desk. Mr. MoAneney,
It Is said, has been overworking himst u
lately and this Is believed to have brougnl
on the tainting .pell. lxs than two yens
Ujto Mr. AicAiieuey lost an arm In a rftil-
1 road accident.
Illinois Coal.
We've got the Inside price on all Illinois
toal. Come down and tlgure with us for
your winter's supply. Both 'phones 1S2.
Brldensieln &. Sniitn, 14th Ave una olh St.
V Switchmen's overshoes at Sargent's Fam
ily onoe piore win umw-oi j....,
ordinary overshoes.
Ned Jenaraa Proposes Ktrlngscnt Lan
. Against Inflnenrlnsr Voters.
SIOUX CITY. la., Nov. 17. (Special Tele
gram.) Ned Jenness, republican chairman
of Woodbury county. Is drafting a bill to
be presented at the next session of the
legislature which will mako It a crime for
any candidate for office, state, county or
township, to give to a voter a cigar or
money; buy him liquor, or Influence his vote
directly or Indirectly.
The recipient of the campaign gift would
also be liable to punishment.
Mr. Jenness" bill also limits the expendi
ture of candidates In the preconventlon und
,.ioctlon campaign, on
a sliding scale. A
mndldate for a state office would be allowed
" t Tenrt W- for a congressional office $);
i fur a county oftlco $-i), and for a lovuiMlnp
office $K,g. Each candidate must tlie. a
sworn statement of his expenditures.
To get out the vote by legitimate means,
the hill fixes a
havv nnll tux. nuit of
which would be remitted to those who
i Thl
I , .
The last day of registration is fixed thirty
befoto election. Candidates would be
Hot Blast HI eater
Has an Ash Pan.
The Vortex Hot Blast is a decided improvement over the old
style Hot Blast Heater. The Vortex has two top drafts that dis
charge highly heated air directly into the comlmstion chamber,
with a rotary motion, giving better combustion than is possible
with a single tube. The large ash pan enables the user to remove
ashes in a cleanly manner without the dust and dirt so common
with stoves where it is necessary to use a shovel and coal hod.
Vortex ia clean, safe
and economical price,
Mtvke tv Small Payment
Down (hen & Dollar or Tw
bl Week WiJ Do. . .'.
and Progression
$3.75 14k Solid
Gold, penulno Bo
hemian garnet, rose
i;o1d finish.
Orders Promptly Filled
prohlbltnd from provHing conveyanceg for
able-bodied voters. Old and infirm voters
would be taken to the polla at public ex
Politics Cause Advrrse Vlf on Tr
Propositions Submitted.
ATLANTIC, la.. Nov.. 17.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) The council refused to consider the
amendment to tho electric light plant and
electric roud ordinances and a special elec
tion held today resulted In the defeat of
both propositions.- The salo of the city
electric plant was beaten by a vote of 207
for and 421 against, and the electric road
franchise by a vote of 223 for and -40!
asalm-t. This Is not a victory for municipal
ownership, nor an expression opposed, to
tho electric road, othe. conslieratljns enter
ing Into the cumpaiin for the sale and the
Medical Society Elects.
MISSOURI VALLEY, la., Nov. 17. (Spe
cial.) The Harrison County Medical asso
ciation held Its semi-annual meeting here
.yesterday with Dr. McFarland presiding.
The following officers were elected for . the
coming year; President, Dr. J. Knowies
of logan; vice president, Dr. R. A. West .u
of Little Sioux; secretary, Dr. Hans Han
sen of Ixigan. The memters of tho society
are: Dr. Knowlcs and Dr. Hansen of jo
ian, Dr. Caldwell and Dr. Weston of Uttlr
Sioux, Dr. McFarland of Mondamln, Dt.
Cooper of Modale and Dr. Broughton and
Dr. J. L. Tamlslea of Missouri Valley.
Mil Iowa Voter.
ON'AWA, la.. Nov. 17. (Special.) Mr.
Samuel G. Irish of Whiting, who cast his
ballot at the polls In Whiting Tuesday, is
probubly one of the oldest voters In tin
county, if not In western Iowa. Mr. Irish
has passed his ninety-fifth birthday and
cast his llrst vote In 132. He was carried
to the polls Tuesday In an automobile, it
being his first ride in one, and he Buys
transportation facilities have greatly Im
proved since he was a young man, when
tix teams were In general use. Mr. Irish
has lived In Monona county since lil and
enjoys fairly gubd heulth.
Fifty Vcnrs for Criminal Assault.
(JNAH'A, It., N iv. 17. (Kpecl il Telegram.)
Cluudo Fisher, the Maploton man who
was Indicted by the Monona county grand
Jury for an assuull on a young woman
there, and who pleaded guilly to the charge,
was sentenced by Judge Oliver this after
noon to fccrve fifty years in the penitentiary
at hard labor. The, appeal bond was fixed
at $15,fA). Tho sentence is one of the most
severe ever pronounced in the Mononn
rounty district court.
Ions Sirsi Notes.
WOODRIN K A. C. Deupree tins sold his
stock of general merchandise here to E. r
Freeman ol Creston. who is invoicing and
Will soon be open tor bus.ness.
AMES Ray Broece, a laborer In Ames,
attempted suicide ut his father-lnta w's
home Friday night by shooting. Trouble
between him and his wlte was the cause.
He wus in a demented condition Saturday
and Sheriff Rleketta of Story county took,
him to the asylum at Clarinda.
ONAW A The corn of Levi McNeil), south
of town Is uveraglng seventy-two bushels
per acre 'by weight, eighty pounds to. the
bushel, und "Lee, " who is the late defeated
demift ratle candidate for auditor or ' Mo
Winn r-iniiitv. savs there Is no. King like i
(.rn held to take a man's mind away from
J KI1)NKYwlM(am MumB f .. Norman,
i ,-, k j d from an overdose of calomel
which caused salivation and an attack ot
1 ....II.I..U
I ntccotigns wnn n -n.n.ui .,c.
slon fnr seventeen diys He took the drug
himself wlihout consulting a physician.
Sir. Home was raised mar Sidney, where
bis father and many, other relatives still
live, lie wa. ears of ago and leaves sj
wife and family1. j
We are the
Hot Blast