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and look in the
You can't help
. to think of tasting it
By the use of so called cheap Baking
Powders vou take this Duckcrinr injurious Alum
right into
ruin your stomach.
I'.- i
l ':'
Royal is made
than Alum but
'. : l-'mai Esfuies to Sien Bsiolntioii D
mi'udinc SsUlement f Lee Grisr.
. .. - -
i nun-it Itecfinclle O. K. of Comptroller
unil Sadden JMacovery of Short-
He and, XI till, Jnslsts u
Kiirtt Accountant. '
Mayor Dahlman Tuesday morning ' re
iirnrd to the city council with his veto two
'i iiirent resolution referring to the Loe
Jrkr alleged shortage and an audit of the
, il y oMW cs. .'.'"' '"" ', ' ' .
Oie of the resgiutUms wss a direction
'rum the council -that '"the mayor make a,
i.-nMiid on Lee Ciller, former clerk of the
. i,.lc court, turr an alleged alienage of
2.4l$ discovered '"by the city comptroller;
I he olh r'resolutloii, was to. take" .steps to
nivo the various surety companies) check
jp the comptroller's aS 'treasurer's ofllees
iml report to' the counc.ll and mayor on the j
Mitt'cuncy of tho system of .bookkeeping in
In these offices. On these nutters
mayor and council are not of one
i 'ir Dahlman still '.contends that no
,1 Khguld be made on l.te Urier'or
liondxmen for the alleged shortage on
the Ktreneth gf the report made by Comp
trollri Ixilieck 'Octuhrr 6. the mayor hold
iiiK that the) romptroller'a previous checks
(A .
of "O. K." on. Cirler's books ate hard to
0J, reconcile with the sudden . discovery of
. T inrtnge a few months ko. The mayor
xlnlii ves an expert accountant should con
V Ann th cvmi'troller's -Teport and chccK
"i s aocoiijyts to the beginning, as Mr.
heck's report covered Only the last three
i T'. fivnr rlcht . nlontr snd still think.
1 f Tne expert n1
i plete Ji t y'-i
nreounthnt should make. a com
plete Jo4 tyihieck!nR.,iPvthe whole munici
pal counting hnue.
A majonty of . the . council has been of
. W
f ' ;vocoa beans grow in
upland limbs ol a dII
i fiV Pte tropica! tree.
Kltliey contiUi' six
1 i .... j
lime more uou vm
ufe than beef; v
We use the highest
cost beans that are
grown and there Is
nothing In our cocoa
but cocoa.
A .'That Is Is
the -wost-dellclous of
ai au.Tia a. is win cs.
r t j
m m 1 w n
t .'' it A AV v
glass you will see
puckering it malses
l O' j
your system you injure
from pure, refineil
you have the profit of
the opinion that no export accountant is
needed. Inasmuch as the city comptroller
Is under bond to keep the city's books
In order.
It Is' not likely the mayor's Vetoes will
be sustained.
For Sore Throat and Told In Chest
Use Omega Oil. Trial bottle 10c.
Bnlldlnnr l'ertnlts.
Huildlnsr permit Issued: W. T. Graham,
2S10 Laird. $1.00 dwelling: Oeoriw
Spraniie, Forty-fifth and Seward, $1,6d0
dwelling; i. la. Cook, Forty-llrst unl
r.mlle, JI.OOO dwelling.
' t " Unrrlsite Licenses.
The. following marriage " licenses
bfen Issued:
Name and Reslflenee. "
AiiKust V. Iloos. South Omaha
Ctllve M. Miles, South Omaha
Joseph Krenek. South Omaha
Mary Iilalia, South Omaha
Otto J. Beltz. Omaha
Helen A. McGovern, Chicago, 111
.... 3'i
.... 3D
.... 21
.... 21
.... 21
.... 10
22-k Vedding Rings. Edholm, Jewelcf.
The styles of summer have trespassed
upon tlio hitherto forbidden gruund ot
winter mill with so muck success1thu.t even
fabrics of light weight are now being
fashioned into shirt wsint dretes and
separate blouses fur general wear. n
attraclive'costume of this. kind Is shown
and will perhaps be a happy suggestion for
the home s-.-wt-r. TJie shirt waist has a
nam ir. the ceutrr of Urn back which Is
very binart when the waist is cut on the
bias of tlie material. Whether tiiu waUt
shall bo cut bias or straight, s well a
the length of the ,fh-e'e, remain for the
maker to decide. The shorter siee've has
a fancy cuff which renders It especially
fetching. The skirt ia one of the new
seven-gored skirts, one of the best models
for walking length. The trimming bauus
need not Lj used unices desired, but tliey
assist the flare and prove a snmrt adorn
ment. The costume Is oiiu easily made and
requires but yards ot 44-lncli goods, iu
the medium size.
No. f-.Vi-Sltts, .32 to. 42 Indies, bust
No. S774 Plzts, M to !2 Inches, waist.
The prise of these patterns Is cents
bm either will be sent uikiii rte.lpt of 10 I
For the accommodation of The Oni.ih
Bee readers these patterns, which usually
retail at from S to W cents, will be fur
nished at a nominal price (1U cents), nhlcli
covers all txpenkes. In order to get a pat-
tern encloft 10 cents, giving number uud
name of pattern wanted and bust measuro
as the patterns aro nm-led ilueer from
publishers at New York, it will re.iuliu
about a wek's tune lo fill the order. Ad
dress latiern Department,
Omaha, JU
Omaha Uee.
the effect
you puckc
Grape Cream of Tartar
quality, the profit of
City Couicil Unablt to Knsttr a Qtitrum
Monday Bicbt
Board of Kduratlon In the Same Boat
and Both Bodies Take an
Adjournment to av
Later Date.
The meeting of tha city council was ad
journed Monday on account of the, cam
paign closing. There were not enough
members presant for a quorum. Adjourn
ment was taken until Thursday night.
There was also no meeting of the Board
of Kducatlon from the fact that two mem
bers, LAverty and Corrlgan, were out of
the city. The board will meet at the cull
of the president after his return.
The police will put on all forces to take
charge of the election. The men had or
ders from the cheIC last night to take It
as easy us possible after 'i p. m. and to
rtpoit at the station for duty this morn
ing. Instructions to I nreslnlrrrd Voters.
City Clerk Glllin has Issued the follow
ing to guide unregistered voters:
We lind that the law governing the swear
ing In of votes has been thoroughly gone
into. In the ease of Unltt against Miller,
and also In tho case of Crocker agalnNt
Iewal. and hence, after b. careful analysis
of these cases we think the correct rule
as laid down therein, la as follows:
1. Tho voter desiring to swear In hla
vote on election day as being unregistered
must appear before the city clerk and be
2. His affidavit must also be signed and
sworn to by two freeholders residing u
thn nrerinet in which he desires to vote,
who have been residents' of the precinct
for one year. The fact that they are rest
dents of the ward in which he desires to
vole Is not sufficient. "They must be real
dents of the same voting precinct."
3. Tho atlidavit made by the voter In or
der to entiled him to vote need not be con
fined to "sickness." "absence from the
city," but may include "at work and did
nut have time to register.
If any one of these reasons shall be as-
signed they will be deemed uiclent, ntl
the voter so applying to this office Novem -
her 6. will be given a certificate show-
in K nis fiuaiinraiinn to voie on mas aay.
The above rule as to valid excuses nece-
The two freeholders
should accompany the
mentioned above
applicant to this
A careful observance of these rules will
ive much time and trouble to all con
Polls In each precinct open at 8 a.
and close at 6 p. in.
Call 'phone 1C4 for city clerk.
Call 'phone 4oJ7 for city attorney.
Magic Tit)' f.o.ll.
lT;,tvy 'lxon was up from IJncoln
vNlt. his p-trcnts Sunday.
(5. K. OafTord, moving aud transfer.
The funeral of S. O. Rirnard took placfl
yesterday niori'ing at lf a. m.
free life-sized portrait with one dozen
pltotos till Christinas. Peterson's Studio.
lleinz t'relUrf spent Kiturday and Sun-
If you are looking for a dentist who
works carefully and well, gives little
or no paiu, uud whose charges are
reasonable, I most heartily recommend
111) He f.
I never permit work to leave my
office unless 1 know that it 1b well
done; therefore a business RetU-i .
1 feive less pain than any dentist au
where because I've given the closest
attention to this feature of painlessness
in dentistry; a somewhat .uiiexpluie.i
field" r assure you.
My prices are reasonable In both
1 directions; it Is fully aa great an In
justice to charge ait amount insuffl
cient to cover the cost of time a.m fcu,J
L,. aL rial as to overcharge.
Examination costs uui Ling whatever.
UK. Fll'KKS, 1KTIST, XIH lk-tj Hid.
'J bo lie, Douglas 5 3 7,
f. I. hi IB
Costs more
good health.
day wfth his parents,
He has returned to
the State university.
Q. M. Hamill spent Saturday and Sunday
with his parents at Atlantic, la.
Chattel and salary loans, 2tW4 N St. All
business confidential. Quick ruervloe.
William Nath, Thirteenth . and Y street,
has a son. George F. Spetir, 3116 K, also
reports the birth of a boy. '
Mrs. C Ilahn and her daughter. Miss
Zelma Ilahn, of Audubon,- la., are the
guests of V. J. I'reitag and family.
Jetter'B Gold Top Heer delivered to all
parts of the city. Telephone No. 8.
Albert Marcnn underwent fl successful
operation for hernia yesterday morning.
He la reported to be doing very nicely.
The saloons of pat Jlannlgan, John
Iturke, Kred Heffllnger and William Ifrod-
erick wera all TuldecT "niT"foiind to bd
open. - , M ,
Superior lodge of the Depres of Honor
will meet with I'pchurch lodce Wednesday
evening for a Joint social und entertain
ment. '
Joe Turner was fned opl ssstiult In the
police court yesterday morning. J. Kang
ley was also sentenced to liluch days for
Intoxication. Io was taken to the county
monthly dance at the Ancient OrdiT of
I'nlted Workmen temple . November S.
There will be a business meeting of the
club at A. C. Pancoast's office Tuesday
evening. -
Harry Thiel, who formerly was with C.
K. ticarr but who Is now in Alliance, Is
visiting a number of his former friends.
He has a flourishing business of his own
in Alliance.
Mrs. J. A. Fitzpatrick,- thirty-six and Q,
gave a party in honor of her birthday.
A good time was enjoyed by her many
friends. It waa passed In playing cards
and games.
The women of St. Acnes' parish will set
an election dinner today from 11 a. m. to
'i p.- m. and a supper from ib p. rn. to 7:)
p. m. The meals will be. served at tho
Lewis block at Twenty-fourth and M
Make an onVr on the northwest corner of
18th and. Missouri Ave. a. nearly new
house, east front, and neat cottage, south
front; two new lots. Room for two more
houses. Will nell on easy terms. Price,
:,'M. N. P. Dodge & Co., 1714 Karnam St.
Arthur K Searle and wife are the guests
of 11, IS. Kleharty. Mrs. Searle la a sister
to Mrs. Flvharty. Mrs. Klehnrty and her
guests left yesterday ufternoon for Ogallala
to a: lend the majnaga ceremopy of ainKlier
sister. The ceremony is celeMrated today.
Bensm of Freqnent Colds.
A succession of colds or a protracted
cold is almost certain to end In chronio
catarrh, from which few persons ever
wholly recover. Give every cold the at
tentlon it deserves and you may avoid this
disagreeable disease. How can you cure a
, ... . . . , , . ur"
cold? Why not try Chamberlains Cough
Memeay n is nigniy recommenuea as a
; , ir f Vhit f u.,,i
Tenn., says: "Several years ago I was
bothered with my throat and lungs. Boms
one told ma ot Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy. I began using It and it relieved me
at once. 1 used it for some time and it
cured me. Now my throat and lungs are
sound and well."
Announcements of the Theaters.
Robert Kdeson will play at the Boyd
this afternoon and evening, lie will ap
pear In "Strongheart," a four-act comedy
drama by William C. De MUle. While the
dramatic interest is serious, as it concerns
the problem of the educated Indian and
his love for a woman not of his race, theie
is abundant comedy to relieve the emo
tional tension. Much amusement has been
derived by the picturing of episodes in
colli go life.
Mr. Kdeson's company has been carefully
selected by Mr. HarrU Willi a view to
presenting college men as they are and
the Barnard contingent is represented by
an unusually attractive set of femininity.
The Burwood is having large audiences
this week. Thursday afternoon a souvenir
matinee will be given. Kuch person hold
ing a lower floor ticket will be presented
with a photograph of Grant Simpson.
Next week the Burwood will present "By
Right of Bword."
Hon. George R. Wendllng of Washing
ton, D. C, will lecture at Lyric theater on
Thursday evening, subject, "Mlrubeau and
tho French Revolution." Tickets on sale
at Brown & Borsheim'a Jewelry store and
at box office at the Lyric, where they may
be reserved this afternoon and tomorrow.
It Is expected that the wests will be sold
before the evening of the dale of lecture.
It Is the Intention of the promoters to bring
other attractions of national Interest to
the city this winter, If the result of the
WetiUling lecture are sufficient. Mr. Wend
llng's lecture n placed upon its merits, ami
is guaranteed to please the audience. The
subject is great and, as delivered by a
inast.rr oiator, will captivate Ins nettieis
J to the gitaUel J.'-t albk txlvut.
Jtmfi ?. White tf Omaha and Job a
EchmiUof Uianeiota Ira CTercoma. .
Both Cases Heitardrd aa Accidental,
as There is n Kvldence In Kit her
to Suggest Thoaght et
.Tames P. While. 1723 South Twenty
ninth street, sgent for the raclflo Kx press
company and John Schmitt of Winona,
Minn., were overcome by gas Monday night
and the latter may die, while White's re
covery Is regardtd as reasonably certain.
Both cases are believed to have been ac
cidental. Mr. White was found In a semi-conscious
condition about 10:15 Tuesday morning in
a room In the Murray hotel with one of
tha gas jets turned fully on. The room
was filled with gas as the windows were
tightly closed and the transom was only
open about one Inch. It Is believed that
Mr. White inadvertently turned on the gas
upon retiring.
One of the guests In the hotel reported
to tho cleric that there was a strong odor
of gas on the fourth floor and O. F. Allrcd,
a bell boy, waa sent to Investigate. He
traced the odor to the room occupied by
Mr. White and summoned help. The door
waa broken open and Mr. White was found
lying on the tied partly dressed. One of
the gas Jets was burning a low flame, but
the other Jet was turned on but not lighted.
Tho pollca were notified and Police Bur
geon Harris responded. He had the patient
removed to tha Omaha General hospital.
It Is believed Mr. Wlilta will recover, al
though he had a narrow escape from death
by asphyxiation.
Mr. Whlta went to the hotel shortly be
fore midnight. He said he left one of tho
gas Jeta burning, but had no knowledge of
the other being turned on, although he said
ho had Intended to light both. He had been
exceedingly overworked for the last few
months and after working so late Mondfty
night, "went to the hotel In preference to
going to his home, 1723 Park avenue, whera
he r cat nes with his wife and two children.
After being taken to tha hospital he com
pletely recovered consciousness and his
chances ot recovery are considered ex
cellent. Minnesota, Mil May Die.
Within an hour after Mr. White was
found unconscious In a room filled with gas
a second message was received at the po
lice station that a man had been found in
a room at 1120 Farnam street with the gas
Jets turned on. Police Surgeon Harris was
again pressed into service and found John
Bchmltt of Winona, Minn., lying uncon
scious in the rear room on the second floor
of the premises on Farnam street.
Schmitt came to Omaha Monday after
noon from Millard, where he had been
working on the Union Pacific cut-oft as a
laborer, and obtained a room from the pro
prietor, W. 8. Harrle. He retired about
11 p. in. and his disappearance was not
noted until about 10:30 Tuesday morning.
when the colored porter smelled gas Issuing
from the room and entered It from one ad
Dr. Harris worked over Schmitt for some
time, using artificial respiration and admin
istering hypodermic injections of strych
nine, which seemed to relieve Schmitt con
siderably, but his ultimate recovery Is ex
ceedingly doubtful. He was removed to St.
Joseph's hospital for further treatment,
where he now lies in a precarious condition.
Among Schmitt's effects were found let
ters from Miss Mary Bess of 164 West
Broadway, Winona, Minn., who Is evidently
a sweetheart of the man. A lodge card
also was found showing that Schmitt was a
member of Ancient Order of Druids.
It is not believed that Schmitt Intended to
commit suicide, but that after turning oft
the gas he carelessly turned it on again. '
He is about 24 years of age and had worked
in a grading camp at Rapid City, S. D,
Hair and Kiebrnna Singed by
Kxnloslon of Stove from
While preparing the fire for breakfast
Monday morning Mrs. J. W. Dibble, wife
of Officer Dibble, 931 Twenty-seventh ave
nue, had her hair and eyebrows badly
singed by the explosion of the stove. She
had lighted the Are, but It was slow In
starting, so she attempted to expedite mat
ters by throwing a cup full of kerosene
on the partly Ignited coal and kindling.
After placing the lid on the stove the
combination of coal and kerosene formed
a gas, and when Mrs. Dibble threw a
lighted match into the stove there was
an explosion, but no jamage was done
beyond the scorching of Mrs. Dibble's
Road Establishes Service for the ftah.
bath Day on Its South :
Dakota Lines.
The Milwaukee railroad has established
a Sunday train service in South Dakota
for the first time. Sunday trains will be
run from Sioux City to Aberdeen and from
Sioux City to Sioux Falls. This will be
quite a help to people desiring to go from
Omaha, as heretofore the service did not
permit a man to leave umalia Saturday
night and reach any point In South Dukota
on Sunday, as he had to lay over until
would be
than we are
would be no
Clothes fliat Arc Built for the
"American Gentleman."
AT $15.00, AT $20.00, AT $25.00.
"As gootl as the Nebraska polls at such ami
pucli a price" is the stamlartl of value and mfcrit'
which guitlo the purchaser and seller alike. Our
clothing is built primarily for the American gentle
man. It is not made by every Tom, Dick or Harry,
but by the most reputable manufacturers on the con
tinent. "Where other stores show you a tossed and
tumbled assortment of a dozen patterns or so, wo
show you a well regulated, thoroughly complete
stock, representing hundreds of styles. Our prices
are based on a fair profit over the cost of manufac
ture. AVe are glad to assure you that you always
get fullest value for your money here.
We are showing an exhaustive array in Men's
Suits' and Overcoats at 15-$20-$25
.af '" " - -
The niembere of the Harmony Card club
were delightfully entertained Saturday
evening at dinner by Mr. and Mrs. D. V.
Sholes, who recently moved Into their now
home at 3301 Woolworth avenue. Following
the dinner, high-live waa played, the prizes
being won by Mrs. E. A. Benson, Mrs. K. L.
McCoy, Mr. E. A. Benson and Judge Munger.
Dinner was served at several small tables,
which were adorned with roses, while
American Beauty roses were used to trim
the other rooms. Those present were Mr.
nnd Mrs. H. N. Wood, Judge and Mrs.
Munger, Mr, and Mrs. J. I .Baker, Mr.
Lsnd Mrs. W. D. Selby, Mr. and Mrs. R. J.
Dinning, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. McCoy, Mr.
and Mra. J. F. Dale, Mr. and Mrs. E. A.
Benson, Mr. and Mrs. John Robblns, Mr.
and Mrs. R. D. Pollard, Mr. and Mrs. R. W.
Breckenrldge, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Ewmg.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. VanCourt, Mr. and Mrs.
B. T. White, Mr. and Mrs. A. Scrlbner, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Bates and Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Harry Wilklns gave a pretty
luncheon of twelve covers Saturday, large
yellow chrysanthemums furnishing the
decorations, Mrs. W. J. Foye was the win
ner of the prize. Those present were: Mrs.
C. T. Kountzn, Mrs. W. S. Poppleton, Mrs..
Ward Buraess. Mrs. T. F. Kennedy, Mrs.
W. T. Burns, Mrs. W. J. Foye. Mrs. Her
bert Wheeler. Mrs. Sam Burns, Jr.. Miss
Webster, Miss Domax and Miss Roe of
Kansas City.'
The regular monthly whist party of
Temple Israel Sisterhood was given Mon
day afternoon In the parlors of the temple.
The game was played at eleven tables, the
prizes being Won by Mrs. Carl Brandeis,
Mrs. I. Rosenthal and Mrs. Carrie Good
man, llght refreshments were served late
In the ufternoon. The Sisterhood Is plan
ing to give a play and ball at Metropolitan
club, December 4.
Mr. Leonard E. Millet and Miss Antoinette
Kellner were quietly married Tuesday at
high noon at tha residence of the bride's
parents. Mr and Mrs. Morris Kellner, 668
South Twenty-eighth street. Only about
twenty guests witnessed the ceremony,
which was performed by Rahbl Frederick
Colin. The wedding march was played by
Miss Mildred Kellner, violinist and Mrs.
Frances Baetens, pianist, s the bridal
couple, entered. The rooms were prettily
decorated with pink roses and smllax. The
brldn wore a pretty gown of white batiste,
end carried bride's roses. Mr. and Mrs.
Miller left in the afternoon for their future
home In Bellingham, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Ixive have moved
from their country home at Benson to the
residence on Thirty-eighth and Farnam
streets, which they have taken for the
Mrs. W. g. Ilea ton will entertain the
Comis club Thursday afternoon, November
8, In her new home. 3507 Hamilton street.
Mrs. F.dson Rich will give a reception
Wednesday afternoon In compliment to
Mrs. D. W. Bushnell of Council Bluffs, the
vice president general of the National So
If we undertook:
to supply every per
son in the United States
who had lost their appetites, with
a package 'of, Toasted Corn Flakes,
very much further behind our
now. But one thing is certain, there
such thing as lost
Toasted Corn Flakes have a dis
tinctive flavor, the very thought of
which makes you anxious for break
fast. We have never heard of a
person who did not like them who did
by eating them. I ry tnem tomorrow
for breakfast and eat heartily
cents at all grocers.
BtttU CrMk Tettlid Corn FUki C.
ciety of the Daughters of the American
Revolution. All the members of the
Omaha chnpter of tho Daughters of the
American Revolution are invited.
The Visiting Nurses will give one of their
enjoyablo dances at Chambers' this even
ing. Captain and Mrs. David J.. Stone arrived
Saturday and are with Mr. and Mrs.
George A. Hoagland.
Miss Anna Covell has returned from a
visit In St. Joseph, Mo.
Mrs. W. F. Conyne ot Warren, 111., la
tho guest of Mrs. F, II. Cole. ...
Miss Ethel Byford of Lincoln, Neb., is
the guest of Mrs. A. 1 Sheetz. '
Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Stoddard left
Wednesday fur southern California, whera
they will spend the winter.
Trleber of Eastern Division' Will
Assist Manger In Conrt sit
November Term. ' '
Judge Walter II. Sanborn of the United
States circuit court of appeals , for tha
Eighth district has Just issued an order
assigning United States District Judge
Jacob Trleber of the eastern district of
Arkansas to assist Judge Munger In hold- '
ing the November term of the United
States circuit and district courts for tha
federal district of Nebraska. Judge Trle
ber's assignment begins November 3 and
will continue until March 1, 1907. '
Low Hates to Virginia Point
. Via tha v
On November 8th and 10th. (in" rars plus
12.00 for round trip to Norfolk, Richmond.
Lynchburg r.nd many other polnta In Vir
ginia, return limit thirty days. For folders
and Information call at City Ticket Ofllos
1524 Farnam 8t., or write to
F. A. NASH. General Western Agent
Omaha, Nab.
Winter Visitors Week End Excur
sion. On Saturdays and Sundays durlag the
winter the Chicago Great Western railway
will sell tickets to points In lewa at half
tariff rates. The rates alno aVply in oppo
site direction, enabling your friends to re
turn your visit. Ask J. A. Ellis, General
Agent, 151S Farnam St., for Information.
Charles W. Pearsall f onfind to' his
home on Park avenue with a severe attack
of tonsilltis.
A. V. Whiting of Lincoln and Mr. and
Mrs. D. M. Kenzle of Uroton, 6. D are at
the Her Grand
E. E. Lo of Cody, Wyo.: Ida Kroft of
Stuart and H. E. Teachout of Dixon are
at the Merchants.
AV. A. Miner of Greeley. Colo.; Mrs. Reed
of Lincoln and W. S. McCune of Denver
are at the Murray.
O. E. McClutehron :tnd Mr. ami Airs. C.
C. Evans of IJncoln nnd E. M. K. Lefiang
of Leylngton are st the Millard
E. P. (irlndel of Tucson, Ariz ; R, I.
Mever of llanns, S. B. Turner, Robbie
Turner, C. W. Graves. Darnley Fork, N.
D. ; '. J. Hale ot Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs.
O. H. Wertz of Creighton, O. Bailey of
Kullerton, W. If. Morten and family of
Bpokai and R. E. McConaghy oC Sail
Lake City are at the Paxton. '
ajlTn w cr,. I f
'ni'LU Hr M
y i