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litcbcock Gi?i Orde:i to' laerific Whol
Ticket for Him if Jecemrj,
mrrl illir Hem ex-rat Caiiaot See
I'romlif or irorr I" Re.l
trail, Which Shore Tk.n
tKMar Ihrnmaittl Hehlnel.
Wnlh'r for K.leellna Ua.
Probably fair, with no Important change
t the temperature.
Vlltciicock must be elected If every other
.ui onittw Kmtoe.-r.-Utc .yt ket la defeated."
This la' the word which antl-Hitchcork
rTemo.-rsts declare has lieern pwM around
ley th satraps of the elnuble-cnrier dictator.
Oet the vote:" la the Dick Crocker edict
hat la sent forth. Miey. affirm, ami If it i.
necensary to l at Ar. trad every other can
didate on the democratic ticket thia edict
must be carried out. Th breach la widen
ing and Indftiehdent ehinex-rat who 1iav
refused 1o rook tho knee to th Hitchcock
throne assert that the' rap will develop
Into a.aulf, that, will ewillow up the dic
, tator a.. he will never again be a candidate
for oflftye. ". - a '
Hitchcock la reported a having- "aid that
uiilsa nflo. '-skillful trading In done be
I ween tat .an Tn?sday iilaht he la a almt;r.
Thla sort of thin- la not pleasing to demo,
ejrat who think other men on the ticket
sir entitled, to coualderatlon as well an
Hitchcock: thai tho nth. . .-.ii.i. i-.
rv tli support of their party Juet as
; much as the editor-dictator; that other can
didates have done as much. If not more,
fir the party In season and erut of season'
and asked lets than Hitchcock. The dic
tatorial nisiiner . In. w hich the editor-autocrat
Is ssld to have Issued his orders has
created'1 a - greater revulsion of feeling
amnna; tientfli-raJa than" anything which this
wily porltleisn rms done for many a day.
After all the noise which the tom-tom
e-hnnis Is making nbot.t democratic proa,
peots'ln' JouelAx county, and especially In
Omaha, as rivaled hy the registration,
consen-atlve democrats are not deceiving
IhemselVes. They admit th situation is
( not s ro?ate as a certain candidal
newspapec Is pret ending. "While on, t
'nee of 'the ret urns' from registration
miRha.,'The d'erpocrata have apparently
, smnll TiV ksln, Jt"ls as one democrat
not as rotate as a certain candldate'a
ntly a
iirr rns4n than Words pointed ottt: 'Wa
iro slrnply 'getting; hick on the registration
Irts some of our prodigal sons. Home of
fhe Krank Moo res deinocrats, who used to
V-glst(r republican Ji'ixt to help him tut.
We ahntild not deceive oursclvea or try tn
ecef've the voters wl';h the iclous atgu
nent .that' wlist appears 'to be an Increase
n registration Is anything more than this.
"At any rate, the registration shows us
Hill over 4.000 behind the republicans In
UmaJia alone. AVhe're are we golrff to
' hangs 4,000 votes jrrom republican to demo
cratic?' Wliatls the issue that will do this?
I don'f want my friends to be deceived and
Tor that reason ' J. am pointing out thesa
facts now. The. republicans are harmonious
nd united and a big lead. look
Tha atatement in Candidate Hitchcock'
circular of personal, biography that ia ex
pected to get. all the lawyers to vota for
hip reads: "Abandoned the law In 1SSE."
Independent of political Influence, guided
only by a 'desire td, work for the interest
of Orriaha In particular and thos? of .Ne
braaka In general, the Omaha Commercial
club" appeals to all voters to cat . their
ballot at the election Tuesday for Robert
OowU for railroad commissioner. The
club ha seat Out thla letter to Its members:
OMAHA, Nov.. 5. .ISXti.r-Meniberst 4lv
Commercial club, recognising the fact that
Omaha, Nebraska'a metropolis. . should be
represented on the proposed Hoard of Rail
way Commissioners, has . endorsed, Robert
Cowell, candidate for the office of atate
railway commissioner.
Thla action has been taken hy the ex
ecutive committee and 1 abanlutely inde
pendent of political significance, being t in
set, of . Omaha business Interests,
irrespective of party. .
It ia therefore hoped that the business
men of Omaha generally will support Mr.
. owu, regaroi'sn or party affiliation
The mtst intense fight of the campaign
appears to be on the ' telephone proposi
tion. Both the. Nebraska i-ompany and
and are ma!
( I vota. The
1 a franchlsa '
I called in as
In the stata
the poll Tt
printer' Ins
features, of
tho- Independents are thoroughly organised
making a strenuous canvass for
Independent who are seeking
to do- business In Omaha have
as many of their men . from out
In the stata a they could get to help at
the poll Tuesday. Both sides are using
printer' Ink liberally,. One of the queer
features. of the fight Is the union printer
have com out for Hitchcock and. against
the nw franchise, while Hitchcock has
fm- 'he nw fran
' '' . t been doing hit
the new fran
charged by the
pany a being
fi movement, to,
hi utmost In hi paper for
nchise and ' haa even been
the Nebraska Telephone com-
a party' to the Independent
vemerit, to, ecu,r a footing In Omaha
Monday mornmg Mayor Dahlman ap
pointed John ,. Wilson Battln and Edward
F. Leary to assist City Clerk Butler Tues
day In the work of fa-earing In electors
who failed to register but who are entitled
to vote. -
Mayor thlman'and Chief of Police Don
ahue transformed fifty-four civilians Into
special policemen Monday morning. The
men 'will rve Tuesday at the various
election district throughout the city and
preserve order while the electors are ex
enlsiifg' their eleetKe ftinchlse.
s , ,
i n n
XJf N, t
horse visits city jail I
I ntnnir.l Rrnnrho Joins I he I ronil f
lleehlrs Hurt at Vol Ice
Ilea el quarter.
An unt.inio.l broncho stirred ip thinas In
the city lull Sunday evening-, nearly causing
severnl eases of heart failure among the
assembled officeis ns wll as conxii'.erii'iH
Two hovs found the horse irxir ctt-nih
ntnl Webster strcei and Hfter conllembl
difficulty xiice-ei iled In leading tho nninvil
to the station and tied It In the back yard.
Sergeant Whalen appears! on the seen hi
tills time and Informed the boy that the
proper procedute was to tnke the horse
the station and hnve It "booked" by leU
Peraennt McCarthy.
The boys acted on the. acHice and loil the
horse through the halls and ne.trly Into
Ithe sacred precincts 'of the b.illwlck of Offi
cer McCarthy, where the procession was
stopped, nd after an exhibition of great
strategy on the pai t-.of "Mb?, Mike," the
equine w as ftiducod to return to the ste.blcs,
where It was comfortably houed until the
arrival of the owner. . . ,.
The case against J. favans, who wns
arrested Saturelay evening on the clirfjre of
fast and reckless dtlvinff. preferred by Offi
cer Van Ieupcn, tens dismissed" In police
court Monday morning. ' as Judge Craw
ford believed the evidence submitted did
not sustain the chnrgc. The officer testified
that Evans recklesslv drove Into (mother
htiggy at Sixteenth and Douglas streets,
completely overturning It and throwing a
small boy, who wiij seated In the buggy.
beneath the vehicle, tendering hlc.i unco-,-clous
for a few minutes. Kvans denied the
charge, however, amt saw that he drove
on after a slight collision, which did not
do any damgae. . '.
Tim Cornell, a constant offender In po
lice circles, was again arrested Sunday
night on the charge of drunkenness and
sleeping In a hallway and when haled be
fore Judge Crawford Monday morning
pleaded guilty to the charge. Cdrbett said
he was Just going, upstairs to retire, but
Was so sleepy he decided not to go to the
exertion of ascending the stairs. The case
was dismissed on the promise that he would
leave Omaha Immediately and he was In
such haste to leave the court room that a
game of checkers could have been played
on his coat tall.
t) Weston, a traveling laborer, was
fined II and costs In police court Monday
morhlng for Imbibing too freely last Sat
urday night and breaking the glass door of
the store of Samuel Zalkovitrh, 209 North
Twelfth street in his mad career.
Charged with being drunk and disorderly
and Insulting women on the streets last
Saturday night, Frank M. Wlnehlp, 3003
Franklin street,' was fined $5 and costs in
police court Monday morning.
O'Doaahoe, Redmoaa and Norm lie's
1'alatlal Gmperlsm la Formally
Dedicated to Pwbllc.
Another palatial emporium was thrown
open to Omaha shoppera Monday morning
with the formal opening of the nw de
partment store of O'Donahoe, Redmond &
Normlle at Sixteenth and Howard streeta.
While It haa been several weeks since thla
enterprising firm opened Its doors, tho un-
j finished condition of Its handsome new
building- ha made a formal opanlng of Its
complete stock Impossible until thla week.
Three floors and a basement are occupied
by a complete stock of high class dry
! goods, clothing for women and children,
men' furnishings, general household fur
hlshlngs" and toys. - The name. "The Day
Light Store," 'I no misnomer, for there
la not a' department where the shopper
may not hare bright daylight In which to
Inspect goods.
In point of equipment the store Is un
surpassed. A score of wrapping booths
makes It possible to return bundles and
change in one minute, thus saving the
time of the ehopper. On the second floor
are private sitting rooms, 'equipped with
mirrors and every convenience for altera
tion of suits, skirts or the costumes, of
which a complete stock Is carried. The
elevator and tha stairways are large. The
millinery, suit and Juvenile department on
the second floor are among the most at
tractive. In addition to the equipment to
meet the demands of trade, admirable
provision has been made for the comfort
of employes. On the fourth floor Is a
lunch room, where coffee and light refresh
ment are served free to the clerks, while
toilet roopis, with ITS lockers each, , are
provided, on the third floor for the women,
anl in the basement for the men help.
The show window are among the hand
somest In the city and during the opening
the first floor I handsomely decorated
with rut. flower and green and an or
chestra .will play during the day.
President Harris. Perkins, , Wtllar-e
and Holarege on Trip Over
Western Division.
C. E. Perkins, former president of the
Burlington and at present chairman of the
board of director of that road; O. B. Har
ris, president of the Burlington: Daniel
Wlllard. second vice president, and Goneal
Manager Holdrege are making a tourj' of
Inspection of the lines' west of the M!tourl
river.- They left Lincoln for the wesx Sat
urday afternoon.
that knows, and knows that
knows is wisev follow him.
. . . j .Arabin Pr,
' Hc'thit knows
and knows that he knows
Wsa , t-zs w ir
Well fed. Dine with him.
' ' ' U.I.
Gnerl Eiebtie of Fnlpi'.i Fext Suidaj
in ETtncelictl Churches,
Congregation Will Sot Knew Vntll
Arrltlag Who Will Prearh
Pnrpoae to Mela Torrey
Oliver Mission.
A genera', exchange of ministers In the
pulpits of the city next Sunday as a moans
of developing interest In the revival mevl
lug beginning late this month was ar
ranged at the meeting of the Omaha Min
isterial association Monday morning. A
few of the minister are unwilling to leave
their own pulpits, for good reason! and
these will not be Included In the plan. Tho
schedule will not be made public and people
win go to church next Sunday not knowing
what preacher they will hear.
Kepoits were brought In by the various
committees having to do wjth preparation
for the revival. Rev. L. O. Balrd of the
committee on music reported that 1.W0
singers would be enrolled, each of which
would agree to be present on specified
nights to the extent of one-third of tho
entire time of the revival, making certair.
a choir of WO at each meeting. For each
church a minimum number of singera ha
been named, and it may furnish mora if
Rev. Newman Hall Burdlck. chairman ot
the committee on publicity, said four means
of advertising had been adopted. Banners
calling attention to the meeting have
been placed on the churches, contracts have
been made for thirty bill boards In many
parts of the city and on them colored hand
painted bills, seventeen by thirty feet wilt
be placed this week: a few days before the
beginning of the meetings banners will ap
pear on the fenders of the street cars and
will remain there through the revivals.
Mr. Rurdlck said he had been courteously
received by the press and It 1 offering It
service for publicity.
City Divided Into Districts.
The visitation committee reported It had
divided the city into fifteen districts, had
appointed captains and would see to it
that every house, store and shop In the
city received a personal visit, with an In
vitation to attend the meetings. Rev. R.
B. A. McBrlde said he wanted a personal
workers' committee of 400 and that he had
already begun io enroll it. Rev. J. W.
Conley reported on arrangements for union
prayer meetings next Friday night.
Rev. John Randolph Smith addressed the
ministers on tho subject of the revival,
which needs above all things, he said, the
enthusiasm of the preachers. . "Ood Is not
a water-soaked log or a piece of punk, but
tire," he declared.
Two humorous features relieved the serl.
ousness of the session. One was a state.
mont. by Dr. Burdlck as to the havoc made
by small boys Halloween night by tearing
down the banners which had been placed
on the churches. Rev. L. Oroh caused
much laughter when he arose to explain
his vote after he had expressed himself
against the exchanging of pulpits as far
as his Individual case was concerned.
"I thought there was to be an exchange
last Sunday," he said, "and I announced It
the previous Sabbath. I found last Sunday
that a great many people stayed away from
church, thinking I would not be there."
Annnal Anctlnn Begins with Brisk
Bidding, Indicating Cleaa
Sweep of Lots,
City and County Treasurer Fink tegnn
thanuuai tax sale Monday morning tinder
circumstances that would Indicate an early
clearing up of alt tax lots. Tha bidding
was more keen than noted for a long time.
The salo Includes property on which there
are any delinquent taxes. Mr. Fink wll!
continue the sale from day to day until
all haa been cleared up. In connection
wltri the sale Treasurer Fink Is being
rushed taking In taxes from many who
have been urged to pay up on account of
tne sale. .
Berrnro of Frequent Colds.
A succession of cold or a protracted
cold Is almost certain to end in chronio
catarrh, from which few persons ever
wholly recover. Give every cold the at
tentlon it deserve and you may avoid this
disagreeable dlaease. How can you cure a
cold? Why not try Chamberlain Cough
Remedy? It la highly recommended a a
cure for cold. Mr. M. While of Butlar
icnii., ocmmi years ago I waa
bothered with my throat and lung. Some
one told me ot Chamberlain' Cough Rem
edy. I began, using It and it relieved me
at once. I used It tor om time and It
cured me. Now my throat and lung arj
sound and well.
J2-k Weeding Rings. Edholm, Jeweler.
Marriage Menses.
Tlv following marriage license have been
Name and Address.
Michael Schuster, Omaha
.... 31
Catherine Mollner, Omana
Jneeph A. Plnnault, Omaha ,
Nellie Almendinger, Omaha
j Jvee Samson, Millard, Neb
Dnuun, miiaiu, icu ,
James K. Smith, Omaha ,
Ie Turner, Omaha ,
Walter O. Spain, Omaha
Byrd Purdy, Omaha , ,
John Koss. Omaha
Mary Myendowskl, Omaha
Ieonard K. Miller, Belllnsham, Waoh
Antoinette Keliner, Omaha
v va
Style is ralucless without quality
PUm lemembcr that McKlDBIN
garments ars alt maeia from pelt per
sonally seleeSed hy a member of out firm
al the primary fuf markets of th world.
Not every dealer stilt the best
McKibbin furs
J If the ejealef wottt show jroej writ to
ut and we will direct you to on who will.
McKibbiiv, Driscoll 2l Dorsey
Book for November Term of Feelornl
Conrt Is Not Tet
Made I p.
The trial docket for the November term
of the Vntted States courts, which will be
opened Monday, November 12, has not yet
been made up, though It Is practically
ready. The delay Is Caused lmtil it Is defi
nitely determined whsther two ludges will
preside during the term. The principal In
terest of the term centers aboi't, the district
court. In which the mnd fencing and land
conspiracy cases will be tried, Incluellng the
Richards Comstock, Chicago Ranch and
other like cases, which will be the leading
feature. No trials will he had of a cer
tain class of lootlegfftng cases from tho Tn
dlan reservation until tha Simon Hallowell
case, now pending in the United States
court of appeals. Is decided.
Bootlegging cases or rm the docket and
also a number of minor postninco cases.
It ia probable the minor cases will be dis
posed of flrt In order to give ample time
for the trial of the land ensvs.
The twenty-8ven Indictments found by
he federal grand Jury-at Lincoln in Octo
ber will be among the first tried. No grand
jury will be empanelled for the November
term of the courts. Th-petit jury, which
comprises on f the largest panel yet
drawn for the trial of federal cases in
Omaha, will report Monday, November 19,
when tho Jury trials will begin. The first
week of the term will b devoted to equity
and law cases.
Barllnston Superintendent Make
Peraonnl Canvass for Vote
for Shallenberarer Ticket.
County Commissioner - J. 8. Gillen
beck of Mllford called up The Bee by tele
phone yesterday to aay that Ed Blg-
nell, superintendent of th Burlington, was
circulating around-in Seward county Mon
day In the Interest of the democratlo ticket.
You can say for me," said Mr. Gillen-
beck, "that Ed Blgnell approached a man
who ia well known to me and asked him to
vota tho democratic ticket, and if he
couldn't vote it all to begin at the top
with the name of Shallenberger and vote
down the Hat for as many of the nomi
nee a he could. This waa at Glendale
this morning. This Is no fairy story and
the democrat cannot dispose of It by
merely calling It a roorback or canard. It
a fact and If the man to whom I refer
did not object to having bis name dis
closed In this connection with Ed Blgnell I
would tell you who hs Is."
t nlon Parlfla Files Salt to Get Ont
ot Meeting; City Assess- x
The Union Pacific has begun Injunction
proceedings in district court to prevent th
collection by City Treasurer Fink of taxea
on four lots in the Omaha railroad yards
and a small strip of land In South Omaha,
asserting it ha been assessed twice. Tha
petition states the property was lilted by
th Stat Board of Equalisation as right-of-way
and waa assessed by that body for
1904 and lSuS. The tax commissioners of
Omaha and South Omaha also assessed It
for local taxation. The railroad assert th
assessment by the local officer I illegal
and want It set aside. Judge Troup Issued
a restraining order and th hearing will
be held November 10.
Announcements of tbo Theater.
Arrangements have been made at th Or
pheum to receive report ot the (lection
Just a faat as the return come In and
they will b read from th stage tonight
between th acts of th excellent bill that
I on at th popular vaudeville house thla
Robert Edeaon will be seen afternoon and
night at Boyd Wednesday in hi latest
success, "Strongheart," a new play of col
leg life by William C. De Mill. Mr.
Edeson, with a carefully selected com
pany and an elaborate scenic equipment.
wilt present sirongueari precisely as
given at the Hudson and Savoy theaters In
New York and in ex her large eastern
Th first of th souvenir matinees will be
given Thursday afternoon at the Burwood.
Photos of Grant Slnipsem will be given lu
all holding lower floor tickets. Next week
"By Right of Sword." Ralph Stuart great
uccess, will be produced.
The hotel clerks noi-Ut1i.n will tutet
Monday evening at i',s nmni! in tlie M
block n Fourteenth street. ( 'oneiilrrible
j; 'i
V f
biinmes is to be t -t nsAi te.i sn-l ;
hr ars -M.iiifl.Ly L
ElcTtUr AlUwaits it Ftrpleiiir Isttr-
tUt Commtre Mil, Eji Qriin.
Bnrllngton onnael Itetorr from
Kaat Impressed rtlth Indications ,
of a Landslide for Mngtie
In rr York.
Charles J. Greene, cousel for the Burling
ton and C. S. Spen general freight agent
have returned from Washington, where Mr.
Greene for the Burlington, Mr. Seversnce
for the Great Western, John N. Baldwin
for the t'nlon PaclAo and Mr. Lathrop tor
th Sante Fe have been arguing the caae
against the Union Parlfla for granting
elevation allowances under the Peavy con
tract before the Interstate Commerca com
mission. The Union Pacific haa been
granted ten day In which to file a brief
In the case and ten days after that will
be given to the opposition to file a counter
brief, after which the commission will con
sider the case and a decision may be ex
pected In anywhere from thirty to sixty
It is obvious the e-onienlsslon Is perplexed
on t lie general proposition of elevation al
lowances," said Mr. Greene Monday. "That
hi as to what rule it mill esiabllxh or what
regulation It will make on grain allow
ances to elevators generally In the countty.
can't, of course, predict what It will do
lib reference to the case under the
Peavey contract, but am satisfied It will
give It most thorough consideration and
endeavor to make a ruling in accord with
th general proposition to the best Inter
est of all concerned.
One of Moat Altai Isaaes.
The commission regards this as one ot
the most Important matter ever brought
before it, not only because of the practice
on the Union Pacific, but on all grain-carry
lug railroads. The personnel of the com
mission is well made up and It Is a strong
body and at present Is overwhelmed with
questions brought before It under the new
act. The powers of the commission ara
more extensive and far-reaching than were
ever possessed by any administrative body
In this country or elsewhere. Practically
the commissioners have now the power to
regulate the railroads delegated to them
and this power affects not only tho rail
roaels, but every other Interest, social. In
dustrial and commercial. In the entire
country, and It is this circumstance which
w-elghs heavily on the conscience of the
member of the commission.
"After we finished the arguments in
Washington I took a run to New York and
there tho sensation of the hour was Secre
tary Root's speech. In which he arraigned
W. R. Hearst. So. far as I could gather
from conversation with prominent people
the speech Itself Is going to have a decided
effect on the result In New York. People
are looking for a landslide for Hughe. It
seemed to be In the very lr. We heard It
around the hotels, at the Board of Trade
and all over from democrat and repub
licans alike."
Cards of Thank.
We wish to express our heartfelt thanks
for the kindness and sympathy shown us
In the death of our beloved husband, son
and brother, especially to Rev. Dean
Beecher and choir and the Independent Or
der of Odd Fellows, the Switchmen's union
and Missouri Pacific employes and the
many friends and neighbors, and also for
the beautiful floral offerings.
Wo wish especially to mention the kind
ness of Mr. and Mrs. Rye and the other
members of their household and express
our heartfelt thank for their kind assist
ance. MRS. J. P. MURPHY.
Births aid Deaths.
The followir birth and deaths were re
ported to thr Board Health during the
forty-eight hours t.i.'.'ng Monday noon:
Births R. A. Brayton, 40S Bar '.roft boy;
Ralph Brooks, 1114 North Twenty-second,
boy; George Bosanee, 1213 South Four
teenth, girl; J. J. Jensen. Sixty-eighth and
Center, boy; William Barton, 2214 North
Twenty-eighth avenue, girl; M. Cohen, 311
North Eleventh, girl; Otto Ebert, IT?)
South Eighth, boy.
Deaths Esther Bogus. 1420 Brown, Id
days; Mildred Evans, 1014 South Eleventh, 6
months; J. P. Murphy. 134 North Four
teenth, 23; Tom Ruby, Thirteenth and
Corby, 14; Harry Spels, Rogers, Neb., 8;
Cionld Diets ioes Abroad.
Gould Dletx will sail from New York
about the middle of January for a three
months' cruiBM on the Mediterranean. He
will meet Mr. and Mra. C. N. Diets on the
other side of the water and will also be
Joined by a party of young folk from
Grandfather's Cure for
REAT medicine,- the Sawbuck.
Two hours a day sawing wood
VV TT will keep ny one's Bowels
v Jl l regular.
No need of pills. Cathartics, Castor Oil,
nor "Physic," if you'll only work th Saw
buck regularly.
Exercise Is Nature's Curo for Constipa
tion and, a Ten-Mile walk will do, If you
haven't got a wood-pile.
But. If you will take your Exercise in an
Easy Chair, there's only one way to do that,
because, there's only one kind of Artificial
Exercise for tha Bowels and its nam Is
'"'C ASCARETS. ' '
Cascarets are the only means to exercise
tho Bowel Muscles without work.
They don't Purge, Gripe, nor "upset
your Stomach," because they don't act like
They don't flush out your Bowel and
Intestines with a costly waste of Digestive
Juice, as Salts, Castor Oil. Calomel, Jalap,
or Aperient Waters always do.
No Cascarets strengthen and stimulate
th Bowel Musclea, that line the Food
passages and that tighten up when food
touches them, thus driving th food to Its
A Cascaret acts on your Bowel Muscles
ss if you had just sawed a cord of wood, or
walked ten miles.
Cascarets move the Food Naturally,
digesting It without wast cf tomorrow's
Castrlc Juice.
The thin, f!al. Ten-Cent Boi is mad
to fit your Vest pocket, or "My Lady's"
Purse. Druggists 10 Cents a Box.
Carry It constantly with you and tak a
Cascaret whenever you suspect you need
B very careful to get th genuine
made only by th Sterling Remedy Com
pany, and never sold tn bulk. Ever Ua-
let I'-unpci "CCQ." n
Clothes for Men
Our clot hen fr men are poseeJ vf so muck
frace and style atul eleyance so fecie 11 j ' ' di f
ferent and better' thtl customers are amazed
and delighted that it possible to ware ttuch gar
ments read ij for service. The explanation i sim
ple other stores buy what the malirs show them.
As a consequence theie is a sameness and a lack of
individuality about tliese clothes that tend to pre
judice fashionable dressers against ordinary
"ready-made"1 garments. With us "it's different .
Our buyer is a man o f ideas he does nt take
what is offered. He is alive to the hourhs
orders aur clothes according io his own ideas.
Idea's formed by keeping ahead of date, by notic
ing the trend of fashion by keeping in touch
with the leading style centers. We see t it that
nobody (els the models and patterns we have.
The result is delusiveness, and if 8 noticeable"
that's why our clothts are "different and better"1
that's why we get styles and patterns impossible
to duplicate in this city.
Office Economy
There are many things to be considered in renting
an office. The location of the Building, the facilities
it has in caring for the tenants and the associations sur
rounding and, last, but not feast,' the price you have to
The Bee Building
Is in the heart of the large growing city of Omaha,
has the best of janitor and elevator seivict-, has its own
plant for heat and light, all of which is furnished free.
You only need to look over our directory to determine
for yourself the high class of business and professional
men who are off iced here.
"We have a few vacant offices at a low rental, which'
afford all the comforts of the higher priced ones:
KoomNo.520is8Vox22,'a good small office.. 15.00.
Room No. 007 is 15x15, faces on court . .15.00
Two Large Offices. x
Koom No. 428 is located in the NE. coniei-Aif the
building, has 668 square feet floor space and good vault.
Was formerly used as court room for Douglas county.
Room No.- 548 is paxHitioned in two offices, has good
south and east fronts and plenty of light. This is with
out question one of the best offices in Omaha for rent
today. ' . '
The Bee Building Co.
See R. W. Baker, Superintendent.
0TKS for rEW
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: r -
The Reliable Specialists
Men! Take Heed of Competent Advice
We have been tlie nieana of restoring- thousands of affllrteil sufferers te
romplele and perfen-t health. Will you (ilai-e ynur e-oiifldeni-e in tlie rare of
honest, skillful and sue-e-e-sHf ul specialists? Years of prartlral experlene-e,
thousands tf dullarM s,i-nt tn rcs'-m cnea iirnl ik-tf mirier luveMie. lion. .- u,e
mented by an immense .ra the, have enabled lis to evolve a spec ial system of
treatment that Is a safV and prompt cure for elise-iises and weaknesses of men.
The change in thousands of cases is marvelous. Blighted lives, blasted hopes,
weakened systems, and nervous wrecks have been safely and firomptly cured
by our method. We have evolved a system of trealme-nt that is a powerful
and determined niedlcsl e-orrecttve where man's energies have be-coine Weak"
ned and debilitated eithe-r through neglect or Improper treatment.
We cure safely and thoroughly Nervous Debility. Rectal and Kidney dis
ease and all diseases and weaknesses of men due to neglect, iglioranc or
Inheritance, or the result of specific or private diseases.
fui Consultation ml Elimination-;;- m. 'u UuLrcr'l:
1303 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Neb.
Write V and We Will Explain Everything About Your Condition.
Dr. Searles & Searles. 119 S. 14th.
A ; ... X
i , ,' "
T ' -i -
YfiA I
By the Old Reliable Dr. Searles & Searles
Kmabllshed in Omaha for 2 1 years. The many thou
sands of cases cured by us makes us thn most ex
perienced specialists in th West, In all diseases an.t
allmruta of men. W know just what will cure you anil
cure quic kly.
We Cure You, Then You Pay Us Our Fee
We inuke no misleading eir false Statements, or uff'r
you cheap, worthier, treatment. Our 'reputation ami
tiame arti too favorably known, eveiy iund b treat,
our reputation is at slake. Ynur health, life and happi
ness is too serious a matter to place lu the hands of a
"NAM Kl.fcSh" 1HH"I UK. Honest doctors e-f ability
use their OWN NAMK IN' 'I 1 1 1. 1 R HI ' s . We
tan effect for everyone a life-long e'l'Ri;.
examination and oiiKUliatlou. W rite ful
s C W fii, nip loin b ank for homo 11 e itmetii.
Cor. 14th & Ooug.Sts..Omaht