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Telephone,, Dotiglat .! . .
Welcome lo Omaha's Modern Dry Goods Store.
Thovsauds of enthusiastic visitors have thmrtgpd thin gnat-Rtore during those first fair
lay, ! "Praise and comment wen demnnstrntetl in numerous ways. Some were heard to say
f'My, isn't it grand.' Uthera were heard to say, "And their stocks are so fresh ami clean."
Those and many other .words of praisewere heard on all hands. We have exerted every effort
nd have secured the Kest and most complete stock of fall and winter merchandise ever placed on
view in Omaha.
Our prices are always the lowest, our qualities are always the'best. Come Friday and let
us prove this -Assertion. Always glad to show goods. ' ;
We check hand baggage and packages free of charge. .
i - New Flannela . i
Our Flannel lcpnrtmnl tn vr- complete
wjth tp latt and rholct materia In. i
sre,me. .t .v. ,2V i
Imported K1niiliPt(e nt and 85c- yd. j
. Outing Flannel at 7V'. S'sc. and 12V? :
4 yard.-' . ' ' " j
; 8IIK nibroll'red crrnm FlnnnH at Mo-
per Jrnrd. . " !', .
Hcotrh'Hannela for waietg at 3' inc. tiAo '
and TV. per yard. '-'
Wool eiderdown FJanneK (f, Indies wide,
iVr Iter rd,'V". V ' ' i -V" .
Klnkledown. all shades, at 5f rr yard.
' Blanket Department
If voi' are looking for reliable blankets
trial "are gVn1 "t pnly- on the surface, but
good 'thruKti and through, we ran supply
you at the same low price. We buy direct
from tho mills.
.Aroma Poclety Blanket at H.50 a pair.
Bt. Mary's Plankcts at "!o a pair.
.North Star Blankets aj $f.2T. a pair.
New Brerrltn Blankets at $5.(10 a pair.'
..Oreon Tllanketa at, $2.75 a pair.
Totton Blankets, white, grey or fancies,
all grade, all prlc,-. ; g ; (.
Attention, Men
' Are you prepased for the great event, the
k-8ar-Bcn hm.?ftfave you looked up
your evening clolhei to see If yen have all
the proper essential shirts, gloves, collar,
hids. etc.?.- " v ...
You will find , all' llies necessary tssen
tlals at oxl'r 'Merl'a, department. If you
ean't oome; down .yourself. Just 'phone
ftougla BIS and 'ask, ff.. the Men' depart
ment and we '.rtll" fln''yiHi out.
The acknowledge! shirt for evening; wear.
Comfort mean .a. reat deal In evening
clothes, and -itnlew ;yur. htrt fits correelly
you will not r bo cortitcktable. When you
wear a Mad j(Urrtl .your collar will fit right
and your. Mart twfilVlB riot bulge like on
so manyi, SWH.( .WHtiprrt ourTs, $1.M; at
Uched fHffs', fl,H teti.l-.?:,V ..
Whit. Jtld 'fllovea, liirt, pec pair. .
.Light gray jfrndriw!!, tyd Olwee, button
clasp. W.'nr twrl pair: '$ v.j . '
' Full dree bow Tle, lie and 25c each.
The "Oood Form" evening Tic. 26c each.
'Tokely,''he potr dollar -for evening
vr, Me, or-.two for JBe.'
' H, - .-: .
i - , - '
fern. Mrs., Nejson waa her own driver and
Miss ., Margaret JSVood rode with her. '
Fred Hamilton wouldn't' trust himself in
his automobile for fear-he would detract
from its beauty, so he let the chauffeur
do the work and had Kim dressed like a
red devil. JwL' JniaeWaa-Waa coverod
with red popples.
American Beauly"rosea were used by
Mrs. N. B. Updike, an 5,000- of theth made
the big touring; car a gorgeous mass of red. I
The machine waa driven by Mrs. E. 8. )
Weatbrook,' while the Other occupanta were
Mra. .Updike, Ml"; Madallne Merrlam, Miss
Marlon Hughes , and . Miss . Gwendoline
A m.-tgnlflcerlt ' whIU rose, with a beautiful
young designer as the. centerpiece, was the
beautiful offering of Miss Ruth Brandels,
The body' of the machine was of yellow
roses, and It ' waa upon thla the beautiful
whlte;, rose; rested.' Miss Brandeis waa
dressed Jn'a filmy gown of white and be
came a part of the' rose aa natural, and
beautiful aa the petals themselves.
Red and white poppies, chrysanthemums
and ferns were used by Charles Beaton to
.makf a pretty float.' . The body of the ma
chine was of red, trimmed with white. Paul
Beaton' droVea and he Was accompanied by
Miss . Maria m'.Connell. Miss Wakefield and
Mlsa Edith Locke.
,Wtermelea and Plekaalaar.
A great big watermelon, with the head of
a llt-tle pickaninny popping out at appro
priate times for , the amusement' of the
crowd, was the unique contribution of Mogy
Bernstein to the' parade. The watermelon
rested u pea a body-of white roses. In the
center of which to the rear of the machine
waa, the, initial of the owner In red.- The
driver was hlddea In the melon.
Mia .Ella Brown' Rambler contributed
on of the effective features of the parade.
The machine waa covered with black pop
plea, . with yellow centers, and - hovering
ahead were butterflies driven by 'ribbon.
Th, occupants of. the machine were gowned
In black, with black picture hats. They
were i Mis Ella Brown. Mis Ruth Dahl
maot Mis Mabel Christie, Mis Phlloniena
Gentleman- and C E. Holt, driver.
Joyous spring . wa depleted In Vane
Lane's float, and .even In the most minute
datalia the Idea wa carried out. Water
lllle wer .used .for decorations, - while
three swans tn spike fashion drew the float,
, Tr?T vV-V
A whole vast stock o! every
thing Boys and Girls ever wear.
Special Values in Underwear Department..
Boy' and Ctrl' vests. panU or
drawer. . la natural gray or
nti or
ray or
white, Jersey fleeced
" cotton, per garment.
'.Boys' shirts and pants or drawers,
; In fine, Egyptian cotton, Jersey
ribbed and .fleeced, color silver
, irajr, per, , .
jartueat . .,.tlJi
Boys' and girls' vests or pants, to
... Coa Australian wool, good me
dium weight, per Cfli
garment , 3UC
Boys' or girls' union suits, fine
Jersey ribbed fleeced cotton, all
sise per -
..'- y
Fnri r,lflr '""" 5,10 pr ,r-
Main Floor.
Notable Black Silks at a Great
SAviiig in Price
Haokrl!' Silk. arolntfIy the hext black
IIHi In the world. It not only pays you to
buy a reliable allk. It pay us to sell good
rtlk and no other. No trash, no rubbish
' ,10w 'ou OTe.. These special prices are
to will further advertise Inskril'a silks.
Make it a point to pee them, look them
over curefully
before you buy any black
Our Showing of New Autumn
Dress Goods the Event of
.the Season
The result of many months examining
and comparing la now to be seen In entire
completeness, new spot proof Broadcloth,
now stripes, etc. I-nstly, lakr a good look
at the goods you think you want In a good.
l mrnnr llsht. In comparison with a hundred
or m other styles sold elsewhere at the
same price. Pon't be fooled Into bcllevinB
"Job lots" are as good as good, clean, crisp
dress goods. '.
Note Visit our basement Dress Goods I
department for medium priced dress gootla.
Fine value, good styles at smalt cost.
Silk Plaiting for Trimming
811k Knife Plaiting, one Inch wide, a very
popular fall trimming. In black, white,
cream, navy. Alice blue, baby blue, brown
and green, at 25c a yard.
Brown, navy and Myrtle may be bad with
plaid finish at top and full string.
Our line of fall Trimmings Is complete,
lookers equally as welcome as buyers.
Come Friday and see the new lines Main
Floor. . .
Ostrich Feather Boas
These Boas are shown In all the latest
color combinations white, while and black,
sky. pink, brown, gray, brown and white,
also blark good large, fluffy shapes, made
only from the finest selected stock. Ask
to see them Main Floor.
1 Open Saturday Evenings.
Howard - Street ..Corner Sixteenth.
being driven -by ribbon reins. The wheel
were solid water lilies, as was the body-of
the., maciilne. The occupanta were Mlsa
(Catherine Beeson, Miss Alice Carter, Mlas
Hasen Evans, Mlsa Greta Lane and Miss
Lillian Lane,, driver. All wore white. .
Mrs. H.. E,- Fredrtcksun was out In .her
Thomas, flyer covered with Easter lilies,
while she ant) her companions were dressed
In white and carried white parasols. Benu-
tiful white butterflies rested gracefully on
th lilies, the whole effect being a reminder
of spring. Mr. Fredrickson drove the ma
chine and Mrs. J. C. Cohen of Honolulu,
Miss Grace Wheeling of Omaha, Mrs. K.
R. Smith of Duluth, Miss Margaret Rittvs
of Omaha, Mr. Fisher of Denver and Mrs.
Fredrickson occupied the auto.
D. C. Bradford. In his efforts to please
the judges, sent to California for pampas
grass, which waa mixed with p!rk and
white chrysanthemums with decidedly
beautiful effect. The occupants wero
dressed In white and wore large white Ht
hat covered with long pink automobile
veils and carried parasols of white dec
orated with tampaa grass. A square of
pink against a background of white formed
the back of the machine. Plumea of pampas
shot up in the front and back. Miss Flor
ence Lewis waa the driver and her com
panions were Mr. Charles Crary. Mies
Ethel Robertson, Miss Mattie Robertson
and Mrs. J. A. C. Kennedy, each adding
beauty to th picture.
Fred Davis exhibited pumpkin blossoms,
gorgeous and tasty. The fenders were cov
ered with solid white blossoms, with the
yellow center, while the occupants carried
parasols covered with pumpkin blossoms.
Those who rode In this automobile were:
Mtsa Mellora Davla, who drove; Misses
Helen Davis, Isabel French and Elisabeth
Congdon and Mr. Davis.
Mrs. Ella Nash decorated her electric 1
runabout ' with lavender and purple, the I
blanket being broken at Interval by bow
Of purple ribbon. The wheel were of white
rose trimmed with purple, while beneath
the body waa pure white. Mrs. Nash drqvc
her own machine and Mra Ben Cotton rode
with her.
White and green chrysanthemums were
chosen by E. I. Cudahy to decorate his ma
chine and the combination made a beautiful
eight. Th rowers wer arranged In blanket
form, with alternate aqu.trea of tbe two
Boys' or girls' union suits, part
wool, silk finished and taped,
Jersey rib, according to 7fl
slse, garment $1 to..;... UC
Boys' or girls' union suits of fine
Australian wool, silk taped, Jer
sey ribbed, according to
size, garment 11. SO to.
MENT. Boys' and gtrU" "Pony" and
"Onyx" brands, .brilliant fast
black, full fashioned feet, rein
forced heel and knee. In medium
or heavy weight, per
pair '.
Bee. October 4;
Women's Gloves
Eight-Inch Glauc or fluede. In all the pop
ular shades and blnck or white, $1.?iO tp
$J.0fl per pair.
Eight-inch Glace Glmes, with new Taney
tops, white with tan or . gray trimming,
black with white trimming, per pair $2.3'.
Twelve-inch black Glace Gloves, $3.W per
pair. ,
Slxteen-lmh Suede,, black, white, mode,
tans, browns, rreen. navy and evening
shades, per pair $3.00. .....
BlJiteeti-lnch Olate, black, white, tans,
browns, pink and light blue, per pair f.1.9W
Main Floor. .. .
Great Special Remnant Sale of
Fall Wash Goods
Lengths from one to twelve yards of
choice Wash Materials for fall and winter.
loe Outing Flannels, in remnants, at Sc
per yard.
64c best Standard Prints, In remnanti.
dark blue and white, cadet blue and white,
gray and white, on sale at Stye per yard.
7Vic Apron Gingham, in blue and -white
checks, remnants, at "Sc per yard.
10c Flannelettes In dark )yles, remnants,
at Sc per yard.
124c Dress Ginghams, remnants, on sale
at c per yard.
124c and 15c Percales, '.'A Inches wide, rem
nants, on sale at "4c per yard.
No false or exaggerated , values quoted
here; every one a genuine bargain In base
ment. y Women's Knitted Underwear
Goodness, coupled with economy. Is the
feature of every item mentioned for Fri
day's selling.
Women's Swiss Ribbed Cotton Vests for
fall wear. Drawers to match, ankle length,
30c each.
Women'a Fleeced Cotton Vests, high neck,
long sleeves, merode make. Drawers made
with French band or tape top, ankle length,
slies 4. S and 6, 50v each; extra largo sIeos
75c each.
Women's Fleeced Cotton t'nlon Suits, high
neck, long sleeves, ankla length, merode
make, $1.00 each.
These three lines on display In our How
ard street window Main Floor.
colors. Miss Helen Cudahy was the driver.
Mis . Ruth Hitchcock drove a machln?
decorated a pure white, with no coloring.
Miss Hitchcock was accompanied by
Ruth ( Hammer and both were dressed In
pure white.. . ' y
Dlmick's comic German band graced the
Balduff float, which' Was a unique feature,
i . Creation f nllt , YeH.vr. r "':
Louis Nash turned out a creation of solid
yellow, In which Mrs. Ed Bwobe and
Charles Smith rode, with a handsotno boy
blacked to represent a colored footman In
the rear. Both the occuparts were dressed
In black and the colors mnde a harmonious
The McKeen motor car was beautiful in
Its magnificent covering of many colored
flowers, only the windows being visible,
through which many occupants looked out
upon the multitude. The top was covered
with a blanket of white roses, while pifple
flowers were used to cover the eaves of the
car. The windows were encased in whits.
The effect was a mountain of flowers, a
most pleasing sight.
A perfect Niagara of rainhow-h:iet pupr
streamers greeted the appearance rf Miss
Ruth Brandela at Sixteenth and Douglas
streets, where the employes at 3. U
Brandels & Sons filled the windows of th?
Boston store, accompanied by hearty cbor.
Ing and hand clapping. Miss Brandels re
sponded with a pleased smile and wave of
the hand, and not until her automobile had
passed on up the street did the young men
and women cease their ovation.
Beside Miss Helen Cudahy In her auto
w-ere Miss Louis Brlnker. Mis li. - I.
Cudahy and Miss Spike Kennedy. That
these three were the happiest und tho moBt
entertaining people in the . parade, should
go without saying. It should also go with
out saying they were "Miss" only for the
afternoon, but their graceful forms wero
adorned In the' most beautiful costume of
alfalfa paper, and paper money, and other
things to match. They scattered smile
and threw kisses to the Joy of the crowd,
many people believing them to be the real
Hard to Keep Ham. Rate.
The difficulty of maintaining the. same
rat of speed along the whole line of au;o
mobiles resulted In a drawing away of the
forward sections In the parade, causing at
timea gapa In the line, often two or more
blocks In length. These gaps were always
the signal for much craning of neck to see
If there was more to conle and a disposi
tion on the part of the crowd to encroarn
on the free space in Its efforts to look down
the line. The occasional policemen wci
powerless In some Instances to prevent tha
treet from filling up and, . only fur tlio
I perfect arrangement made for aecuring re
inforcement for uch emergencies, the pa
rade would have found Itself swamped In
masses of humanity at several points. '
At Sixteenth and Douglas streets the peo
ple swept over th. open space with a rush
when there wa an apparent end of the
parade, there being no automobiles In sight
to the south. Th. four policemrn on the
corner were unheeded and there was
pandemonium for some distance. How
ever. It wa near th. end of the line of
parade and many officer had been re
lieved from duty at their assigned posts.
A half dosen of these went to the scene
of the disturbance, and under Sergeant
Cook and Rentfrow succeeded In opening
a way so that when the Royal Italian band
cam up at the head of the balance of the
parade It wa able to pass through without
DaklaiaS'Jllisppelatr at
Mistake Made Wtiirilt) Klckf
Th failure of King Ak-Sar-Ben's float to
top In front of the mayor' stand Wednes
day evening, per cuctoni of former years
and tn accordance with plans made for this
year's ceremonies, was the. chief topic of
conversation about the. city hall'Thursdoy'
morning.' Some of the mayor's friends were
Inclined to think th Incident wa the work
of some one who wanted to slight the
mayor, while others charged the aff.ilr to
carelessness on the part of the Ak-Sar-Ben
par ad comiuittva, After bavins bn
urtrd by tbe Ak-Snr-Ben officials to do the
honors In the name r-f the city on the re
viewing stand, and then to be turned down,
stung the mayor to the quirk. ' .
There la no question about arrangement
having been made for the float to stop In
front of the mayor and for the king to
receive the official kk.y. but how such a
small and yet o Important detail of the
ceremonies should have gone by default
Is something many find hard to reconcile.
The key was sent to the mayor's office by
the Ak-Sar-Bcn officials at o'clock
Wednesday -afterrmorh wfth the under
standing that the mayor make the usual
presentation." A week ago II. J, Penfold
and the mayor had an Understanding on
this point while at dinner. The mayor said i
the Incident was particularly embnirasslnn,
as he had his family and a number of his
personal friends from other towns sitting ,
with him. -j
John C. Drexr-l, who Impersonated the
king Wednesday evening. - called on. the
mayor Thursday morning aud said he fully
expect'-d ,tne float to atop Wednesday even
ing and' was finable tiT explain the Incident.
Mr. Drcxel snkt he called to the horsemen
to stop, but -his Importunities wore un
heeded.'- ' '
One of the" reports current at the city hall
Thurexlay : Wai thnt the Mien engaged to
draw the k big's hnraff were drivers of lc
wagons and had been "fixed" to get even
with the- Tnayor for his attrtude In the re
cent lest controversy. That report was
given little credence by those In touch with
the situation. -" .-. - '
e - . " . " '
Brief Xlinnrra. Him little Kffert on
. Those Who Visit -Hlahnsr.
For a wJlile ,lst night it- looked as
thoiiRh . rain would - spoil the. fun at the
carnival, but after, a sprinkle of ten or
fifteen .minute the heavens ceased their
weeping and thousands of people spent tho
evening n festivity along the King's High
way. The ground was damp, but. the mM-ry
crowds didn't mind that.- What cared thry
for a little dampness: the, dust on the
highway was -laid. .The. air was rather
cool, but tliey laughed the harder and
danced the merrier. and kept warm.
A third accident" . happened, on the leap
the gap in the North America show last
night. The Red Demon, who came In
response to a, telegram .from Manager
Raver, axklug him to take the place of
the crippled Stanley, -did not get a right
start down the Incline and rode so un
steadily that his bicycle left the track. He
managed to keep it upright when It struck
the ground, but could not stop It before
he had crashed into, the rear of a booth
and . was knocked breathless. There was
great confusion ' among the spectators and
one woman fainted. The Red Demon waa
given ready assistance and was taken from
the enclosure. He 1s badly bruised and
may not be able ro 'ride again this week,
but If he cannot Manager Raver, promises
to have another mah In bis place by to
night. The Red Demon had Just come out
of ihc hospital on his recovery from the
effects of a-fall he 'bad' In the spring.
Reckless Standley ha had two falls this
week and is now unable' to ride On ac
count of a broken nose. '
Will L. Tetter. 'one of the governors of
Ak-Sar-Ben. was ene'of the prominent fig
ures on the King'- Highway. Big and
handsome, be made -a great 'hit with tbe
girls and when he wasn't chewing the
taffy they gave him b-waa busy spitting
out confetti they'- tfrreW In' his smiling
mouth. ' '
With a bevy" of ' girts he strolled over
to the Douglas county 1 agricultural ex
hibit to look at fit Vegetables. '
"Say, didn't the'm ptinklns grow on your
farm," snid a . happy . street urchin whd
bobbed up front nowhere In particular.
;."Nope,. they rtw .In the king's gard?n
patch." aald Mr. VTntter. ' ''tgtald therMy.v"!. thought you Wa
tho king. You, logic awful . swelled up
with ' your wh.fte Jiat and your pretty
Kiria.:- ;;. . ;.:
The big airship chafed at its ropes aa'lf
very anxious to .soar into .the sky again.
It did hot sail 'Thursday afternppn be
cause of the strong Weexe, but Mr. Ham
ilton holds himself; ready to make . the
flight this afternoon If the weather, per
mlts. 'Many of the visitors. In the city
have arrived since the flight of Wednes
day afternoon and."ar,e eager to aeethe
wonderful ship of the air.
"This IS the first chance I've had to
breathe this week," said one of Hi po
licemen who guard the King's Highway. .
That' right," .replied, a comrade,
"there's always a lull after a storm, and
there' usually a storm after a lull. We
had a big night Wednesday, tonight if
light, but rest while you can, for we'll
get It again Friday' and Saturday."
Store Surpass Maslmam of Trade
Sever Such an Inflax.
Merchants are unanimous In saying; this
has been the banner week for them for
many a day. Every Una of business ha
had an enormous trade and all the auto
mobiles of the city hav been sold. The
opening of the giant new store ha had
a tendency to hold the people a day or two
longer than heretofore. The electrical
parade has been given Thursday night
heretofore and people, have left in hordes
Immediately after the parade.
The added attraction of the floral parade
Thursday lias bad the effect of helping
to hold the people a day longer and the
street's Thursday morning presented a
crowded an appearance a on the day be
fore. The estimate of tlie ralrroad that' a third
more people would 'visit Omaha this fall
than last year has been made good.- Sev
eral thlnga show this. The attendance at
the carnival grounds 1s on Indication. A
year ago Wednesday was children' day
with thousanda of children In attendance
and still there were b.000 more people on
the grounds this year. The day before
showed an Increase of 8,0a over the cor
responding day, last year.
(uneral Manager Smith of the street
railway company estimates the crowds at
many thousands greater than ever viewed
King Ak-Sar-Btn pass before hia sub
jects: "I rode over the city and it seemed to
me the congested district extended two
blocks In each 'direction farther tbn ever
before," said Mr. 8mith. "The people
were jammed farther north .than ever,
farther south than ever, and farther east
than ever." .
Many spot where people have atood in
comfort In former years were Jammed and
packed last night. And the beauty of It
was everything went off on time and th
large concourse had plenty of time to hie
to the carnival grounds and finish th
evening lit a whir! of revelry.-
FALLS CITY. Neb.. Oct. 4. (Special.)
Mlsa Beas Thorn Heacock and Mr. Victor
Raymond Gould were piarrled last night
at the borne of the bride's parent. Mr. and
Mrs. p. 8. , Hearsck. About forty guest
wer. present at the ceremony. : Among
those from qui of town being Mr. and
Mrs. Gould and two daughter of Omaha,
parent and Bisters of the groom, N. F.
Horn of Syracuse, Neb.; Clifford LeRoy.of
Lincoln.. O. A. Cooper and daughter or
Humboldt and Mrs. F. A. Smiley and two
duughters of Kansas City, Ma.; Mr. and
Mrs. G0 Id will make their home in Omaha.
CLINTON. la.. Oct. 4.-8peclal.) The
marriage of 'Miss Peiler to ll-igh Waddell
C'&afoid, division freight sgcut fur Chf-
esgo. Burlington ft Qulncy railway, wss
celebrated here today at S o'clock In the
afternoon by Rev. Allen Judd of t. John's ,
episcopal church. The affair has a tinge j
of romance. Miss Poller was the steno- I
grspher In the office of Agent Rodman of '
the Chicago, BurlinRtnn ft Qulncy here and j
In the course of events met Mr. Crawford, j
whose burtnrss visits to this cltv eventually'
assumed a different aspect. The weddln
came as a surprise to bis friends outside
of the city.
At the home of Mr. snd Mrs. George
Braurh, 2R7 South Thirteenth street, at 2
o'clock Wednesday their daughter. Hasel, i
waa united lit marriage to Hans P. Skow. I
The Presbyterian service was read by Rev.
Walter H. Reynolds, pastor of j
Ptreet church. The bridal pair stood un- !
der the wedding bell. The house was ap
propriately decorated throughout. Little
Nellie Pickett bore the ring and Miss
Mninie Stephen played the piano. Rav ;
Braurh. brother of the bride, and Mi; Bes
sie Wharton of Montrose. In., were grooms
man and maid of honor. The gucM were
relatives and near friends. A wedding sup
per was partaken of. Mr. and Mrs. Skow
will reside at Thirteenth and Bancroft
I.n aa f el tner-Wheeler.
Mis Florence Wheeler, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Wheeler, 1802 Van Ciimp
avenue, and Jotph C. Lanttfellner of
Omaha were united In marriage at the
homo of the bride's parent. Wednesday
evening, at 8 o'clock by Rev. Walter It.
Reynolds, pastor of the Castelliir Street
Presbyterian church. Tho homo was beau
tifully decorated.' Many gnents were pres
ent and lieaiitiful presents received. Mr.
and Mrs. Ijingfellnfr will reside In their
own house on the north side of the city.
Miss Dagmar Hansen of Omaha ntterded
the bride and D. W. McRne of Schuyler
was bcrt man. Little Miss Miller or Oris
wold, la... a cousin of th bride, was a
charming ring bearer.
(Continued from First Page.)
rebels. Three pugnr plantations destroyed.
Foregoing all resolved In palace. Present
the President, Secretary of State. Secretary
of War, and STEIN HART.
Consul General.
HAVANA. September 14. l!i. 2:41 p. in
Secretary of Stale, Washington: President
Pnlma has resolved not to continue at the
head of the government and Is ready to
present his resignation even though the
present disturbance should cease at once.
The vice president has resolved not to ac
cept the office. Cabinet minister hnvs
declared that they will previously resign.
1'nder these conditions it is Impossible
that congress1 will meet for the lack of
proper person to convoke same to designate
a new president. The consequences will he
absence of legnl power and therefore the
prevailing state of anarchy will continue
unless the government of the I'nlted States
will .1 .1 .P. , Ka r.. ...a ..-.. nAMi.wirw , II 1 ' . 1 1 1
, V, I .1 r. n BTVlTilUlDT !
.an a.?,,, . ....
Consul General.
' Job. a Boss.
John Boss, aged S8. a patient of long
standing at the county hospital, ' died at
that Institution Thursday morning. He had
been at the hospital since February 13,
l!lon.. suffering with kidney trouble, which
was the cause of his death. He was of
German parentage and it Is believed had
relatives, Jn Indiana.
'' Milton fMellman.
Milton, the 8-year-old son of Morris Stell
man,' who resides at 3019 Burt street, died
Wednesday night after an Illness -of but a
few hours from croup. The funeral will
be held Friday at i p. m. from the family
home, when the body will be taken to Holy
Sepulchre Cemetery for interment.-
A Reasonable Plea ' "!
For The Stomach
If Vour Htomach is Lacking in Diges
tive Power, hy Not Help the Htom- .
. ach Do Its Work-Kspecially
When It Coats Nothing To Try?
Not with drugs,, but with a reinforce
ment of digestive -agents, such a are nat
urally at work In tne stomach? Scientific
analysis show that digestion require pep.
sin, nitrogenous ferment and the secre
tin ot hydrochloric acid. When your food
falls to digest It, Is proof, positive that
some of these agnts ure lacalng" in your
digestive apparatus. ...
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets contain noth
ing but these natural elomenta necessary
to digestion and when placed at work in
tho weak stomach and small Intestine' sup
ply what these organs need. They stimu
late the gastric, glands aud gradually bring
the .digestive organ back to their normal
Stuart Dyspepsia Tablets have been
subjected to critical chemical tests at home
und abroad and are found to contain noth
ing but natural digestive.
Chemical Laboratory: Telegraphic ad
dress, "DifBndo," London. , Telephone No.
Central. 20 Cullum St., Fenchurch St.,
E. C.
. LONDON, lh Aug., 19u6.
I have analysed moat carefully a box of
Stuart's Dysiiepsla Tablets (which 1 bought
myself at. a. city chemist's Bhop fur the
purpose), manufactured by the F. A. Stu
art Co., Temple Chambers. London, E. C,
and hav. to report that 1 cannot tlnd any
true, of vegetable or mineral poison.
Knowing the Ingredient of the tablets, 1
am of opinion that they are admirably
adaptable for the purpose for which they
are intended.
(Signed) John R. Brooke, F. I. C, F. C. 8.
There Is no secret in the preparation of
Stuart Dyspepsia Tablets. Their compo
sition is commonly known among physi
cians, aa is shown by the recommendation
of 40,0.0 licensed physicians in the. United
States and Canada.' They are (he moat
I popular of all remedies for Indigestion, dys
pepsia, water brash, insomnia, loss of ap
petite, melancholia, constipation, dysentery
and kindred diseases originating from im
proper dissolution and assimilation of
foods, because they are thoroughly reliable
and harmless to man or child.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are at once a
safe and a powerful remedy, one grain of
these tablets being strong enough (by test)
lo digest 3.UW grains of steak, eggs and
other foods. . Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
will digest your food for you when yeur
stomach can't.
Ask your druggist for a 60-cent package
or send to u. direct for a free trial sam
ple package and you wit be surprised at
the result. F. A. 8tuai't Co., M Stuart
Bldg., Marshall. Mich.
WE Make
k3& 3pectaeles and
Eyeglasses ill ffi SM Up
Columbian Optical Co.
211 South 16th Street
Cant CoU biOMDcy, Grfta 2 t)
box. 254
J 16 lh HOWARD 1
Jp 'W ""
Stop it 0
' Don't stir a stop townnl homo until you take advan
tage of the great inducements we are offering at our spe
cial' sale ' ,' , - '.v
Wou ean't afford to go
gains. . .. -.'-''..".';' " ,.' -
The Greatest EmoVS;aDsng"'n::
25,000 yard of very, fine Swiss aiul'NainptVok Kin
broidories and Insertions in matched seta, also eoret cov
ers and allover embroideries. In this great assortment
there are values worth tip to 75o a yard. Friday they will
will go on sale at vard V,
39c, 29c, 19c 15c, 10c a tid ..... I sC
DbN'T miss them. .
Here's Another Dig Friday BargainTable
Napkins. -
100 dozen manufacturer's sample Table Napkins, big sizes
and worth $1.50 a dozen we wi 11 sell them Friday in.
one-half dozen bundles at per ' L.ftt'
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Big new lot of .Fresh Water Pearl Buttons, Shirt Pearls,
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Two groa of- fine bristle, polished hardwood back Hand
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Single Wool Shawls, in gray and brown, from $1.95 to
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KRUG Ik, 2 5c 50c, 75c
..Tonight.- r
VrB UbmU J. Oartar'a Xat.t
Mm of BMliim
N.w Vara
ta. Orrt Auto-Traia Bac.
Sunday The Volunteer Organist
1.. and Mra. . Moraiid'i clasaea for
Dancing and Physical Culture will re
open in their uew Academy, 210 8.
18th St., near Farnam, for children,
on Saturday, October th. Ileginner.
10 a. m.; advance, 2 p. ui.; matinee
claaa, 3:SO p. ui. Parent are cor
dially Invited to visit thla achool and
examine the advantage offered to our
pupil. You will nd It to your in
tereat to do ao. Ixnafion. clientel and
M-ltool chamber unecelled. For
.i iiiiculara telephone Itwugla 1041. ,
tHii-i"Yii "infirmary. JSth und Mason Bn.
CMAtiA. isbU. TlThun Haroty 3-
innr iso
or Store
without ;one' qt lliese Big Bar
each. i . ... . . .
i . .
BOYD'S w'?.r Mfl"-
Tonight, Hat. Mat and Night,
Jeo. Cohan' Munlc Play
Commencing Sunday Night
. Five Performance
' I I . I . I ' . I ,
This Afternoon, Tonight, Saturday
Afternoon and Night
Next Week "THE WIFE."
PRICES-NlghU. 10c-26c.
'Phon. Doagia 4M.
Wilifred Clarke A Co., Lillian A pel,
Billy Van, The Camllle Comedy Trio,
Hickman Bros., Mr. and Mr. Edward
II. Kemp, The Lucanla Trio and The
Klnodrome. , .
Price 10c, 2Sc, 10c. '
8424 TAUNAM. '
Monday and Wednesdays.
CHILDltEN. -Weduesdays
and Saturday.
Juvenile Advanced Saturdays and
Private Lessous.
Term reasonable, commensurate
with advantages and benefit derives
in our school.-" . .
Telepboo Douglas 1871.