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Wheat PrioM Opn Firm, Gradually Firm
lag. Throurh Season. .; r
Talk et Da nana; Bnla Poor
Reality la Herth west Corn Ala
Higher, with Slight Re
aetloa a Close.
OMAHA, Sept. 14, .ltO.
.!51th,," flPln feeling, the wheat
Tfl? LEiu,u,J1 trengthenef until prices
ZV? k abov Saturday. Sentiment
VwJuJ''n. and .tradej waa very II frit.
Ht! ,n P" of heavy world
hipBwnU and fairly large receipt! In the
H?r . J1' T,u,t " from the north
WJL? . pa,r uaUty of wheat and dam-
?-U "'r,Un ,n bc or rain.
i?!1? WM.'iron tod7 ln "P't of gn-ir-.b,rlh
new- tem-
at the opening, but thl
.to atrength which continued
throughout the aetsion. Closing price
!r J 0 above Saturday. The maricet
snowed a firm undertone, though tred-t
waa extremely light. The beet buyer
were commission nouses. A bis run of
b-S Pcted this week to apply on
September contracts. Kecelpta today
overran estimates.
. - wuwai receipts were l.x,ouo
bushels and shipments 692,000 bushels,
aairit receipts last year of 1.876,000 bush
eia and shipments of euO.OOO bushels. Corn
If?1?1".. wf? 730000 b"shel and shipments
l'WJ bushels, against receipts last year of
6U4.W0 bushels and shipment of 681.000
bushels of wheat. 64.O0O barrels of Hour,
l,0u bushels of coi n and &f2,0U0 bushels of
wJh risible supply Inct-essed 920,-
wo bushels, corn Increased 8ut,0U bushels
and oats Increased 916,000 bushels.
. ii p2o1 c'"e SHd higher on wheat
and unchanged to Wd higher on corn.
i.Jr1kln w'rdl "J on t think you need
'"Vr xoeeslv receipts, aa railroad poo.
J Zn 1 ot. th Power to move moss
ar doln now. I am told they
li.W.0r.lUnf th"r ,ar ei to the
limit and after about four trips they have
' 5 to h? ahop for repairs. Notwith
I i.nF 'aJrlr Kxl receipts our stocks
are still decreasing."
Local range of options:
Aitlclea. Open. Hlgb. Low, j Close.l Baty.
Wheat I
Corn .
Oats .
65 B
71 . 7SV 7lS 7a 7lS
'"jjj ""iz ""'T "
I7H rt, k i si
...... ........ ........ . SOU, 80
'Omaha Cash Bales;
hard. I n, 8c.
OATS No. I white. 1 car, tlUc.
, . . . Omaha . Cast Prices. .
WHBAT-No. hard TJc: No. I hard.
W$iio. mo; No. I spring,
n&Sf-l0- A. No. yellow.
41o; No. I white, 43280.
OATB No. I mixed, aoHMOfie: No. I
white, JiaaHio; No. 4 white, 4oy&30c.
TB-No. 1 63c; No. t, 61 Uc
Q. . 4, Carlot Beeetpta. ,
Wheat Corn. Oats.
Chicago ,
Kansas City ...
Bt. Louis
.... n v
...J37 '
.... 7
Featares mt tha Trading sad Cloalmar
Prices oa Board of Trade.
CHICAGO, Bept. 14.-8mall receipts of
. Wheat at Minneapolis formed the basis for
a strong market for wheat here today.
.At the close wheat for December delivery
wm up 7u. orn was up WOio. Oats
showed a gain of He Provisions were
. H66o to Kx(02o higher. . . ..
' llfl Bnttmn In Ik. aK.. nit ... V.. . 11
Ish all day. Despite favorable weather
In the spring wheat country for the move
. men t of the crott, arilVal toflr t ; Mln
aall were rCfttriparsrtlTlf" hC -The
.' total arrivals there being reported at 416
cars against 8S1 care for the corresponding
day one yes'' ago. This small movement
eaused an otlve demand here for wheat
. and with only moderate offerings, the mar
ket developed considerable strength. - The
flrmnece was accentuated by an advance
In lh Jrice of wheat at Liverpool. Trad
ing during tb'jajMt hour was active. To
ward midday e marked reacted on sell
ing by local longs, but became strong and
held nrm for the remainder of tha uulnn.
The visible supply showed a smaller In
. oresse than was expected, a gain of 930,000
. bushels being recorded In the 'United
States and Canada during last week. The
market olosed strong. December wheat
opened H'&'Hc higher at U to 1&c, sold
up' to 76Vic, and closed at 76o. Clear-
w.779 buehels. Primary rcelpts were 1,289,
000 bushels, sgalnst 1,975.000 bushels for
the corresponding day last year. Min
"iv. v. it iiv. , n ii u iiuui will r,uni iu
neapolis, uuiuin ana cnicago reported re
ceipts of 833 cars, against 838 cars last
week and 1.332 cars one year ago.
The feature of the trading in the corn
pit was selling of the September delivery
by a leading local long. This caused a
decline of lc a bushel In the price of that
option and brought about a moderate de
cline in all other deliveries. ..The market
was also beariahly affected by liberal local
receipts, arrivals today being about MO cars
In excess o.' the expected number. During
the last halt of the day the market became
more Arm on buying brought out by the
sirengtn oi wneat. tne volume or trad
ing was small. The market closed firm.
December opened He lower at 42He. sold
off to 424J'42Hc. and then advanced to 43Hc,
The close was at 42H3o. Local receipts
were 642 care, with 375 cars of contract
grade. - ,
Liberal local receipts and the weakness
of corn depressed the oats market esrly
, In the day. Later, however, tbs -market
sion houses supposed to be acting for
; northwestern Interest The close was
, Arm. December oata opened HHo lower
- at Kc. advanced fo S3vtf34c, and closed
at tlVtf3374c. LocsA receipts were 411 cars.
Provisions were firm all day on a good
general demand. Shipments of lard and
meat were large and the price of live hogs
advanced tfloc. At the close January
pork was up lOUHo at 113.1313.35. Laid
was up !&Sa at tf HWjfl.iS. Ribs were
twate hlgh.r at 87.12H-
F.etlma-ted receipts for tomorrow: Wheat,
84 cars; rorn, 67 cars; oats, 314 cars; hogs,
3,000 head.
me leading futures ranged as follows:
Artlcles. Open.) High.! Low. I Close. Sat'y.
Sept ,
Outs '
' Doc. -'
May '
' Jan.
' Sept.
- Sept.
Oct. -
Jsn. '
i -78 :
. 75HI
7 CH
. 70H
. 47HI
' 4fi4
43 4
3SHfr, XT-i
3SH1 84
16 r i
16 90
U 32H
M 95
13 85
16 m
U 37H' U 40
8 96
8 80
8 60
T 86
8 98
8 98
3 55
8 9?HI 8 9?4l 8
8 90 I 8 9?4l 87H
f I 8 62'il 8 47H
t 87i,,
( ai 1 ao
7 80
t 15
9 08 I 10
8 65
S 47,1 I &&
6 67H
7 12HI
T 17HI T 12HI T 12,l T 10
v 'No. t " '
"nnh nuotstlons were aa follows:
FLOtTlt Steady : winter patents. 88.2"t)
140; winter straights. 13 00453:30; spring pat
ents, 8S.7033 SO; spring straights, Ukxfa9.40;
b. Iters. 8.' 2.B0. ' . .
WHRAT-No. erring TfHc; No. t spring,
rrfe: No. 1 red. 73H ti73Hc
CORN No. 2. 47c; No. 2 yellow, 4Tc.
OATS No. ?. SV; No. I white, J4'C06Hci
No. I white. rmc
RYE No. 3. 2c.
. BARMCY-Fatr to choice malting. 44?e.
HKBD8 Nr.. I flax. 8104H; No. 1 north
western. 81 10. Prime timothy, i.O0iSt.8O.
C!tver. contract grade, $1175.
PROVISIONS Short rlls Sides (loose),
89.00r . Mfm porti. per hbl., 3U1.96. Lard,
per 100 lbs., 8 00. 61-ort clear side (boxed),
- Following were the receipts and ship
ments of flour and grain: -
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls.,
Wheat, bu..
('unit ,m
Oata. tu,..
Ra bu.i..3
......... 8t loo
........... 6v4
A lli.?j
tlariry. bu.
On ths Produce exchange tedsy the but
er market was sted" creameries. litMc;
dairies. 17tTHo. Kvas, strsdy; at mark.
cases ijjl"dey 14a4;; firm a, priiae
firsts. 21c; extras, J4o.
Cheese, strong.
ew Torn;
ntalea ef the De t oa Tartoas
NBW YDRK. Bopt 24.-nJbVR Re
ceipts. W.914 hbls.: exports, 12,8 hbl.; sales,
1.7-0 pkgs. Market Arm. with light trade.
Minnesota patents. 84 10r54.1; Minnesota
bakers, 13 0; winter patents, 83 7rVj
4.10; winter straight, 8! .Stuff SO; winter
etra. 8t8rv?r.!&; winter low grades, 82"."'i?
8.20. Rye flour. Arm; fair to good, 12.300
8.6R; rholce to fancy. SXTlXHOO.
CORHMEAL Steadjri Ane ahlte and
yellow, fl.289130; coarse, 8l.llOl.lii
kiln dried, 13.781.15.
RYE steady; No. western, 84 Ho, o. L
f.. New Tork.
BARLEY Firm; feeding. 340Ho e, t f.
Buffalo; matting. 4ffi67e c. I. f. Buffalo.
WHEAT Receipts, lOH.TOO buehels; ex
forts, 66,7KS bushels; sals i,S00,O)0 bushtls
futures. Spot market Arm: No. I red,
78fc elevator; No. I red. 8rtc f. o. b.
s float; No. 1 northern Duluth, RHc f. o. b.
s float; No. 9 hard winter. 1IH0 o. b.
afloat. Bullish northwest news gave wheat
another strong Impulse today. Shares and
commission houses were good buyers and
rirlces closed Ho net higher. Additional bull
nfluences were the big clearances, small
nortbwest receipts and higher cables. May,
84 18-16i84 15-ltlc, cloaed at 8&HP; September
closed at 80c; December, 82H4t3ot closed at
M7sJ. . "
CORN Receipts. 107.500 bushels; exports,
110.666 bushels. Spot market easy; No. 8,
87Hc elevator and 66H0 f. o. b. aAoat; No, 8
yeflow, 87Hc; No. 3 white, 68Hc- Option
market was without transactions, closing
partly Ho net lower; May closed at 60c:
September closed at 66H; December cloeed
at B2Hc.
OATS Receipts, 174,000 bushels: exports.
80,178 bushels. Spot market steady; mixed
oats, 96 to 82 pounds, 87c; natural white,
80 to 83 pounds. 8SHt40c; clipped white, 86
to 40 pounds, $mHhic.
FBKD Firm; spring bran. 819.76: Septem
ber shipment middling, 8.K; September
shipment, city, 820.60r3'J6.00. ' .
HAY Steady; shipping, 66g7Bc; good to
choice, no it 5c . . ,
HOPS Steady; state, common to choice,
1906, a24c; 1906, 11&17c; 1904, nominal; Pa
cific coaat. 1M6. 1318o; 1904. 12c; olds, nom-
HIDES steady; uaivesion, it i
Sounds, 20c; California, 21 to 86 pounds,
lc; Texas dry, 34 to 80 pounds. 19a
LEATHER Steady; acid, 2iSia7Ho.
PROVISIONS Beef. steady; family,
81 LOOS' 11.60; mess, $8 0000; beef
hams, 821.00023.60; packet, 810.00 910.60;
city extra India mess, 1 00 16.60 Cut
meats, steady; pickled bellies, 81? .60
12.60; ipickled shoulders, nominal; pickled
ho mm iiikiiiioo. l.ard. Arm: western
prime, 3.OR9.16; reAned, Arm; continent,
19.60; South Amerloa, 810.26; compound.
37.12H7-87H0. Pork, steady; family, 8 2 Zf$
19.26; short clear, 81G.&W8.60; mess, $l.6(hrf
19.08. ... ...
TALLOW Firm; city tis J",
5 He; country (packages free). 6HW
(He -
RICE Steady; domestic, fair to extra,
3H?6Hc; Japan, nominal.
BUTTER Bteady to Arm. Street price,
vtra creamer. 7&Si2&ic.'m Official prices:
Creamery, common to extra, 1926c; state
dairy, common to fancy, 1824c; renovated,
nnmmnn to extra. lbMAiHc: western factory.
common to firsts, 164i(!l9c; western Imitstlon
creamery, extras, uwaac, nrsts, ismwsio.
CHEE1SB Firm; state ruu cream, smau
fancvj 13c: state fair to good. 12312Hc:
state large fancy, Uo; state fair to good,
12Ha12Hc; state inferibr, 10HllHc; skims.
hAHio etrong; state, r-ennyivni ana
nearby fancy selected white. 8-k082c; choice,
88429c; western Arsts. MHU03C. Official
price western firsts, 2ZHi'23g; seconds, 80
rvuLTRl-Alive not quoted, uressea.
Irregular; western spring chickens, firsts,
12fy-lc; spring turkeys, lff22c; (fowls, 13
14Hc. . ,
St. iVotils Oeaeral Market.
ST. LOUIS, MO., Sept. 24. WHEAT
Higher: track No. i red cash. WHfl74H:
No. 2 hard, 71HA'4cf December, 73H873!4c;
May, 77Ho.
CORN-Steady; track No. S cash, 46
47r; December, 40H&407o; No. t white, 48H
OATS Higher; track. No. I cash. 33c;
December, 330; May, 36c; No. 2 white,
FLOUR Steady; red winter patents.
83.40370; extra fancy and straight, 33.10
.26; clear. 82.20a.7O.
SEEDS Timothy, steady; 81-60 O4.00.
CORN MEAL Steady, 82.6A. .
BRAN Firm; sacked, east track, 78 0
81c. 1
HAY Firm! timothy, 318.00015.00;
prairie, IS.OO'fj'll.OO.
. BAOOINO t16c. i t
v HEMPTWINE-7J4a J ' , (
' PROVISION Pork! higher J Jobbing, $16. 40.
Lard,' Steady; prime steam. 88.56. Dry
salt meats, .steady; boxed, extra- shorts,
89.86; clear ribs, 89.68; Short clears, 89.75.
Beoon, steady; boxed, extra short, 810.16;
clear ribs, 810.30; short clears, 810.46.
POULTRY Firm; chickens, 10c; springs,
11c; turkeys. 13c; ducks, 8Hc; geese, 6c.
BUTTER Firm ; creamery, 2fj.c; dairy,
EGGS Higher; 17Hc, case fcount.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls....
Wheat, bu....
Corn, bu.
Oats, bu
... 73,000
... 69,000
Minneapolis Grain Market.
First Detents. ti.iMhA.ttn Mmnil rtita
clears, 82.40a2.60.
BRAN In bulk, 318. 003 11.25. '
(Superior Board ef Ttkqs guotanons for
Minneapolis and Chicago delivery). The
range of prices, as reported by F. D. Day
Co.. 110-111 Board of Trade, was:
Articles ! Open. High.j Low. Close., Sat'y.
' ;Nov..,
74fjT74H 75H 74 76H
7374 74 . 734 74H
7878V 78H 78 ' 7H
1 12H 1 12H 1 11H 1 UH
1 o 1 10H 1 09H 1 10
1 10 1 10 1 09 1 10
1 08H 1 09 1 08H 1 0SH
Minneapolis Cash Closer Wheat: No. 1
hard, 78Hc; No. 1 northern, 78Hc: to
arrive, 76Ho; No. 3 northern. IHo;
to arrive. 7434c; No. 8, 74Hc; to arrive,
75c; No. 1 durum, 64 Ho; to arrive,
6SHc; No. t durum, 62Vo; to arrive, 61o.
Corn; No. 3 yellow, 43c; No. 8, 42 Ho.
OaU: No. 3 white, 31c; No. 3, 29Ho.
Barley; 36 47c. Rye: 66456He.
Flax: Cash, 81.08. '
: Kansas City Grata and Provisions. '
September, 60Hc; December, 6c; May,
72H Cash: No. I hard, 6970c; No, 8.
nb'.tSSHc: No. 2 red. 69Hc; No. 3. 68c.
C'oHN September, 42V,c; December, 88c;
May, 38c; May-. SHc. Cash: No. i mixed.
4Sfr43'c; No. 8 white, 45&45HC-
OATS No. I white. StHc; No. 8 mixed.
4343io; No. 8 white, 46i&46Ho.
RYE-664)67o. .
-HAY Steady; choice timothy, $11.5omj.0O;
Choice prairie. 89.009.26.
EaOU Bteady; extrae, o; firsts, 20c;
sei-onds, 13Vfcc.
BL'TTLMi Creamery, 24e; packing, 16H.
Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu.., ,.,.,.....307.000 , 101,0X0
Corn, bu 20,000 62.000
Oats, bus. 13,000 .ll.OuO
' ' Llvereol Grain and Provisions.
LIVERPOOL. Sept. 24. WHEAT Spot,
dull: No. 2 red western winter, 6a 9d. Fu
ture, steady; September, 6s 3d; December.
6a 4Sd. - .
CORN Spot, firm: ' American mixed.
6a ld. Futures, steady; September, nom
inal: December, 4a6Hi: January, nominal,
HOPS (At London), Paclflo coast, 1906
crop, firm at 4 16c. - -
Vlalkle gapply of Grain.
NEW YORK. Sept. 24. The visible supply
of grain, as compiled by the New York
Produce exchange, Saturday, September 22,
waa as follows:
Wheat, 32.118.000 bu., an Increase of 939.000.
Com, 3.741,1)00 bu., an Increase of 8UD.000.
Data, 8,ti78.i)iiu bu., an Inoreaae of 916.000.
Bye. 1.618.oo bu., an Increase of 67.0UO.
Barley, 1.M77.O0O bu., an Increase of 649,000.
gfllwaakee Grain Market.
Higher; No. 1 northern. 7&jjh0c; No. 2
northern. T'tf79c; Decemberv 7lHc, asked.
CORN Lower; No. 8 cash, 466-4t,Vo;
December, 42c, bid.
RYE Higher; No. 1. 82H368c.
B A RLE V Firm; No. i 66c; sample,
Dalai Grata Market.'
DVLUTH. Minn.. Sept 24. WHEAT No.
1 hard on track. 77Hp; to arrive. No. 1
northern, 7fHc ; No. 3 - northern, 75c; on
track. No. 1 northern, 764o; No. I northern,
7vc; September, 1He; October, 76Hc: May,
OATS To arrive, 82Ho September, 83Ho.
BARLEY 8747e.
i ... v
Pvorta Grain Market. ' '
PEORIA, Sept. 24.-OORN Lower! No. I
yellow and No. 3. 47c; No. 4. 40c; no
grade, 4!c.
OATS Steady; No. I white, Wrr No. (
Hl"-Viu; No. i, fitfu,
wrtlir, k.'iv-'-. No. 4 white, aliiaiVsO.
'. ' ,
Early Mtrkat it . Ltwer 0wi ti Alarm
Ore? IfoBtj Situation. - "
Prteee Alrasee Vader ' Raaee
te This Kdeet as! the
Close le Fires aad
v Streag.
NEW YORK. Bept. 24.-Dleturbed aentl
tnent over the money outlook induced con
siderable selling pleasure 00 the stock mar
ket today and It waa not untM accumulated
selling orders had been worked oS to some
extent that a recovery set In. . The rally
had about wiped out the early losses by
the middle of the afternoon.
The early selling was reinforced to a con
siderable extent by short selling for ac
count of professional bear traders. Their
operation were encouraged by a misread
ing of the significance of the sub-treasury
figures, which showed on their fsce a with
drawal of !, 412,000 from the banks since the
bank statement. The inference that the
banks were poorer In rash to the amount
than shown In the bank statement was.
however, unwarranted. The false Impres
sion Is dus to the extraordinary amount
of confusion ln accounting caused, by the
operation of the treesury's methods of
assistance to Importing of gold. The ap
parent loss by the banks on sub-treasury
operations Is due to repayments of advances
made to them by ' the government against
engagements of gold for import In accord
ance with tha agreement of the bsnks when
they should receive their consignments of
gold shipped. But the repayments sre made
with the newly arrived gold and are not
withdrawn from the present cash reserves
of the banks, ss the sub-treasury account
of operations seems to indicate. Some of
the professional selling Induoed by mis
calculation of this Item iwas covered later
ln the day and helped to the rally.
There waa not much change In the money
situation or rather In the procession of
events which Is drawlngHlghter the money
market. The weekly arrival I of South
African gold In London furnished material
for New York's demand, which yielded an
additional engagement of about 3L0OO.0OO.
There were no withdrawals from the Bank
of England for New York account and no
further supply was secured In Paris. Tha
bidding for the gold In London advanced
the open market rates another fraction.
Discounts hardened also ln Paris and
Berlin and expectation was reported of
another rise In the official rats of the Im
perial Bank of Germany this week. Whllo
the official rate at the Bank of England
remains at 4 per cent that institution de
mands 4H per cent tm American bills and
I per cent for money. The prospect, there
fore, is fdr much smaller engagements of
gold this week than Inst. Routine sub
treasury, operations, also, are making a
drain on' the banks, although not in. the
proportion suggested by the wrong inclu
sion of the repayments on gold Imports.
The government institution wss a creditor
at the clearings house this morning to the
extent of 38,923. The principal factor In
this showing was large transfers of de
posits due at Interior points, banks of the
interior drawing on their New York corre
spondents to pay obligations to the govern
ment. A deposit of 816O.O0O at the sub
treasury waa for the purpose of telegraphic
transfer to St. Louis. The scarcity of
funds In the time loan market continued.
In view of these conditions the conviction
grew that treasury relief for the money
market was essential to enable It to meet
the Ootober 1 demands upon It. The confi
dent belief that such measures were Immi
nent was general late in the day and con
tributed .largely to the Improved tone of
the stock market, ' '
The late recovery became decidedly
strong, hut the only stocks to yield any
considerable net gains were the Harrlrhan
Pacifies, Atchison, Reading and Amalga.
mated Copper. , ' ' . ,
Bonds were easy. Total sales; par Value,
81.86O.O0O. United States bonds were un
changed on call.
The following was the range of prices on
the New York Stock exchange:
V saiM. Hlh. lo. cioea.
... ' 1 tf
Aalsnau Copper ...... M.900 IU UH JH
Amer. Car sad foundry.... M00 t j JJi
tfs plH 100 10014 100ii W
Amor. Cotton Oil..,.
do pfd .... ..i
Amar. Eipnaa .............
Amaa. Hlda a Laatbtr Std
00 84 U (4Vb
100 KSH H tM
10 27 37 M
Amar. Ico Saoniitlad ..... Il.0t
.... It
.... MH
i?4 ,3 -
1UH 14H
.... 1US4
Amar. Unaoad OH .. .
dO' pfd I.......''
Amar. LaeoaUea, , -H
do pld i ,..""v.'
Amar. BowltlDg dk RonlD 14.700 V '
do pfd ..' '-
Amar. usar Raflnlnf ...
Amar. Tobaoos ptd- ctfa.
Anaconda Mining Co-,...
Atchlaoa ,.........
de pld
Atlantic Coaat Una .....
Baltimore A Ohio
do pld .. ,
Brooklyn Rapid ,Tranalt,
Canadian PaclAo
, l.see 1MH MiH ut
. , TOt Mt4 " Mi4
. S.(0 Itl M4 ill
. 41,400' 107H loeuj join
, . 10 10H4 J01V4 301
0 141V4 141 H 141 H
. t4,ot m 111 1MS4
.... .
. 13,ot tH Tl WH
i tot n HtH ith
. tl
. 1.700 44 ' 3t4
. 10 17 1744 7H
. 1.40 210 tl
. 87,400 17714 171 177
..... .... 11
.. .. 17
104 SH , !H ' tSH
. 6.700 4M4 M
, tot MS- Nti H
to C7V4 47H ri
, too - ao4 te - 40S4
; 1700 1UH 11JV4 1
. to o4 to . to.
to 74 .7 7
. 'i.tuo la 1a 1 tst
.. .... , ...... .... 4zt
od . 4S 4144 , H
too trH tt
. t.tO 714 71 7H4
rContral of Naw Joraay..,
Cnasapeaka, Orrto ,
Chicago Oraat Waatara . .
Chicago A Northwaaura
C, M. A St. Paul
Chicago Term. l Trans.,
' do pfd
C, C, C. A St. Loola..
Colorado Fvol and Iron.,
Colorado it iovtharn....
do lat pfd
do Id pfd 1
Conaolldatad Oaa .......
Corn Product rfg
do pfd rfg ,
Dalawara A Hudaoa
Dal., Lack. aV U'aatars...
Danror A RIO Brand....
do pfd
DUtlllara" iacnrltto ....
. U.WO 47
. . UN 77
47H . 47-
do lat pfd
71 . T
.... . ttMi
do Id pfd
Oanaral Electrl .,
Hocking Valley
Illinois Central
Intar. Papor a..,
a fd ,
. 100 14H 144' 1M
.... OIJ
o in :m 171
70O 17 17 . 7
804 II II li
..... , ' 47
.... It
80 to at to
1"0 to, to o
too n ' 87 tt
to ' tt M M
6,40 14t 147 14t
70 81 M 0
.... .... .... II
Inter. Pump
do pfd
Iowa Contra!
do pfd
K. C gout ham ,
do pfd
Loulavlll A NaahTlll.
llaxlcaa Cantrnl
Minn. A St. Loula ....
li., St. P. A saalt 8u. It
da pfd
Mlaaourt Paella 10,101
Mlaaourl, aUaaas A T !.. 1,100
do pfd l.too
National Land 1.10
National R. R. of Max. pfd !.
M tt l
! M 16
Ttl . 10 70
aa W14 7
46 46 4b
Maw York Cantrml I.t0 14S J 40 J42
N. T.. Out. A Waatara.... 1.100 41 4S 4
Norfolk A Waatara 3.401 13 N tl
do pfd - , f. .... to
North Amarloaa tt
Pacia Mali ' 10 tt - II W
Pannaylranla 44.10 1U 140 141
Poople'a Oa lot It t tt
Pitta, C C. a- su lioal .... 14
Praaaad gteel Car ,. 1.000 84 44
do pfd
Pullmaa Palace Car Z.40 Mt lit Mt
Raadlng 81,70 lit 147 14t
do lat pfd .'. .... it
do Id pfd SO0 1M
Rapubllc Bll 8,000 Id
do pfd 100 M14
Rock lalaad Co I. an l
de pfd 70 46
II. U I lu Pres. M pfd
St. Louie lout waatara.... 1.10 84
do pfd 70 tt
Southaro Pacific 104.404 ' II
do pfd
Soatiiara Railway I. tot
do pfd 10
M 17
7 tt
U7 lit
Taaaaaaa Coal and' Iron..
Taaaa A Paclso
Tol.. St. L. 4V Waatara...
00 IM
14.P94 8
II "
14 14
14 14
lot - 14
10 44
do pfd
Gnlaa Pulsa
da std
.U4.I0 117 U4 1117
V. 8. Ripraas
V. 8. Raalty ,
VJ. 8. Rubber 4.
do pfd
V. 8. Staol
da pfd
Virginia-Carolina Chemical.
do ptd
da pld
Walla-rargo Kipraoe
Weatlnghouae Elaotrl ....
Waatara Lrnloa
Wkaallas A Lake Erie
Wlaconala Ceairal
do pfd
Northern Paella
Caotral Laalbar
do pfd .. .l
Oraat Nortbara pfd
Intorborougk Matropoluaa..
do pfd
. Ill
to te t4
tot no no no
14. to ui 4444 4f
1.40 10t 10 lot
.... 110
It 1
9 aa
.... IM
.... 141
to M
too ita
lag is4
.... U
4. TOO 114 til 314
- aa i
.... .... .... 74
. t4 in tut.
aa IT
17 It M
Total aalaa tor the day. tls.804 aaaraa
Kew York Mlalast ttoeks.
NEW YORK, Bept. 84 Closing quotations
a uuniua twe.s wvre
Adams Cos 8
Alia 10
Braaawtck Cos ,, II
Coaaatock Teauel .... II
Con. taL and Va... N
Horn Sllrar 171
Iroe 81 iw let
Laadrill Cea 8
lUttlo Cklef t
Ontario tat
Opblr ....tot
Potoai i
PvS ...,.,.to
Slarre MaA. j
Small Maoae H
adrd .8u
. 84a a k rieartngra.
OMAHA. Sept. 24. Bank clearings for to
day ware 11.67,344.06 and for the eorre-
t ponding oats last year 81.512,649.8V.
Trensary Katantal. '
WASHINOTON, Sept. 24 Today's
staierueut oi me treasury beuancea la Uie
generil fund, exclusive of the 150,000,
giild r"rfi utinws; Ato.iam- .
balance, 1217.471.038; gold coin and bul
lion. 8U6,9tt.660; tola certificates, $..-734,810.
Sev Vera Money Market.
NEW YORK, Sept. 24. MONET On
call, firm; 36H 1'er rent; ruling rete,
4H per cent; closing bid, 8 rer cent. Time
loans, firm; sixty days, ninety days end
six months, 4H7 per rent.
per cent. ,
actual burineas In bankers' bill a'. 84.8888
6 4.8390 for demand dand 3i.79404..97
for sixty day bills; posted rales. 4.e
4 81 and 34.64H; commercial bills, 64.79H
SILVER Bar, 68 He; . Mexican dollars,
BONDS Government, steady; railroad,
Quotations on New York bonds todsy
were as follows:
O a. rr. 8s. ri....iMH Japaa . M wrln....lMH
do coupon ......... 1" I an 4. rtta H
I), a. I, r ...l',3H i Iri aerlaa
to eaupoa I"H do el fa
V. a. old 4a. rg....ni1 L. N. nnl. 4a loo
de aoepoa .'...lM MaahaS' . sold't
t?. 1. f 4a, -rag lit Ji. Central, 4a f7
de enopon Ill ! dn lat Inc.. tlH
An. Too. 4a 1IH Mina. aV 91. L. 4a....
do la .lilt, if,, k. 4k T. 4a 1H-
Atrhlaon son. 4a HIS 1 do tda M
do a a J 4a. ..... N. R. II. of M. e. 4a. M
Atlantic C. L- 4..,.. BVN. T. C. aan. ma.... tl
B. A O. 4
N .J. C. ran. 4a....li1T4
do I .........
Brk. Jt. T. er. 4a
Caotral of On. I. r
No PaclBo 4a 104
do la 75 v
N. W. con. 4a.. ..ion
Or. R. U rfg. 4.... II
Ponn. ev. le........loo
Reading gen. 4a.... It
Bt. U A 1. M. e. i,H4ie
St. U P. fg. 4a. 12
.. do lat loc tl
do td loo tt
do Id Inc 7
Chea. at Ohio 4.. ..'.
Chicago A. la.... 7
v.-, H. a 1). l
C, R. I . P
4a.. !iat. U 8. W. eon. 4a. la
la... 7 I Baa board A. I. 4a....
do cel. t. .v. .....'" iftouthero Pacific 4a... 1114
CCC. 4 Ct U i, Hn lrt 4a, rtfa.... tl
Colo. Ind. 4a, arr. A. 7! Southern Rr la lit
" i am. .....;., Tt Texas a Facinc
Colo. 4V sav 4a Ilu T... 8. L a vr. 4m.. 12
Cuba 4a ir.lM Union Pacific 4a....
D. A R. O. 4a... ....10 If. 8. Steal Id la..
Diet. Sara. Bi ,. 11 Waheah lata
Brla prior lien 4s.... tl do dab. B . . . .
do sen. 4a i to Waatarn Md. 4 ...
Hock. Val. 4a Ill W. A L. E. 4e
Japan la ,.,., Wl. Central 4.,
OSarad. .1
. .1 , ,, i
Boston Stoeks and Bonds.
BOSTON. Sent. 24 -Call loans. Gs rr
cent; time loans, 407 per cent, closing
?uotat!on on stocks and bonds were as
Atrhlaon adj. 4a...... PS i Amalgamated
do 4a , .,..100!Atlanllc
Me.. Central 4 ... 71 Bingham
... 11
... 14
... 71
... 17
... 11
... 80
... 4
... 14
... 13
... J
... M
... 17
... II -...
... II
... 11
... II
... II
... II
... 45
... 4
Atcbleon .......107V. CaU Jt Hocla
d pfd 101! Centennial
Boaton A Albany... .11 Copper Rang
Boat on aV Main 144 Daly Wast ....
Boaton (derated lPranklla ......
Pllchburg pfd 134 ' Ornobr
Max, Central :I.le Rorala ....
N. T., N. H. A H..1I1 Mam. Mining .
Pare Marquette ..... M Michigan
union raciOc ...,.c.liriMhawk
Am. Arge. Cham.... M
Mont. Coal A C.
de pfd 13
Old Dominion ....
Aa. Sugar lt
Am. TaL A Tel IPS
Am. Woolaq It
.e pro 104
Bdlaon Blae. Ill m
Maaa. Blectri ...... II
Tamarack ,
do Bfd 11
United Copper
V. a. Mining ,
Maaa. On 41
United Bho Mush..,. I
U. s. oil
I' tab ,
Victoria ,
Winona ......,,
WolTorlae .t.
do pfd It 4k
V. 8. Heel 45
do pfd ..10(41
Adventure I
Allow . 49
' London Closing gtoekav-
LONDON. Sept: 24. Cloning quotations On
the Stock exchange were
Con tola, money.
M.. K. A T..
do acoeuat ....
...84 4-1
.... 44
N. T. Central...
Norfolk A W..i
do pfd ...rr..
Onl. dk Waatara
Pannartvanl .i
Rand Mine ...
Heading ,
Southern Ry ..,
do pfd ,.
so. Pscloe .....
do ptd
B. Ohio
Canadian Paclflo
...... ij
- 44
Chea. Ohio....
Chicago O. w..
c, m. 4V at. p,
O. A R. 0
Union Paolfle
d pfd ....
v. a. stMi .
do pfd
do pfd
Brt .............
v 41
.. 71
flo let pra
do Id pfd
Illlnola Cantrnl
do pfd
U - A Kathrlll.
..lM'.ISpaaleh 4 14 u
nii-.v bit ear, steaay; na per, ounce..
MONEY SWSH per cent. - , -
DISCOUNTttThe rate of discount In th
open market fot rshort - bills Is 4V4 per
cent; tor three months' bills, 4H Pr cent.
.Boston Copner Market.. ""
Cloalnc Quotations on Boston cocrjer mar
ket, reported by Logan A Bryan, 2 Board
of Trade building, Oroaha: , ,., .
Adventure , 1. Michigan 14
Allooa 1 'Mohawk 41
Atlantic ,.,.'.11'' Nevada CoaaolldeUd. II
Bingham ..85 North Butt te
Black Mountain ..... ' I Old Dominion ,,.... IS
Boetoa Conaolldatad.;' It Oeceela Ill
Butt Coalition ..... 1 Poeu. Bervto ....... 14
Calumet A Arlaeaa..llV Pnau. Service, pfd... to
Calumet A Hecla....77t " Qulney v.. 14
Centennial 14- Shannon tl
Copper Range 1 TunTaraek ...nil
Dally weet 11 Trinity ...l.i. 11
Beat Butt 10 Unltd Prult lift
Pramklla ..' 16 United Stelae, com.. 40
Oraon Cepr 17 Unlud Btatea, ppfd... 47 ,
Oranby , 11 t'Uh CooaolldaUd..., at
Helvetia tuth Copper tl
laia Roral 80 Victoria I
U S. A Ptttaburg.. It Winona I
MaaaachuaatLi ....... . Weivorln ,..,......,.147
Forelaja Plnanclal. :'
LONDON. Scot. 24. Money was much
wanted ln the market today and supplies
were not plentiful..- The discount business
was restricted, but. rates were firm. The
volume of business on the Stock exchange
was insignificant, operators being ocoupled
with the mining carry ovea The monetary
situation still caused a drooping tendency
In gilt-edged securities. Home rails further
sagged, - the Scotoh lines being affected by
labor troubles in tne t-iyae. Foreigners
were heavy, owing to the Ioor Paris ad
vices. Americans .started weak on Satur
day's decline In Wall street, which checked
speculative ventures . here. The market
ruled dull In the torenoon, with prices be
lowtarlty. The New York advices rr
celvdd later did not assist the market, and
after a small advance prices eased and
trading closed dull. Copper shares were
strong In sympathy with the advano In
prices of the metal. Imperial Japanese 6s
of 19114 closed at 103H.
PARIS, Sept. 24. Prices on the Bourse
opened Arm, then receded sharply owing
to anxiety regarding ths monetary situation
and closed wttn an improvement. . Kussian
Imperial 4s cloaed at 68.83 and the Russian
bonds of 1904 at 469.00. . . ,
. . Coffee- Market.
tures opened steady at an advance -of tftlO
points in response to higher cables and
reports of a better spot demand. Prices
worked up to a net gain of about 100)18
points, but weakened Inter on the record
breaking report of Sao Paulo receipts, and
the market was unaettled In the late trad
ing. The cloee was steady at unchsnged
prices to a dacllne of 8 points. Sales for
the day were reported of 66.750 hags, In
cluding October at 6.17.20e: December.
6.30(841. 45c; March, 6.6Cg.70o; May, 6.6&&6.75C;
July, wa-90c. opot mo, quiet; no. 7 in
voice, 80.
Cot eon Market. .
NEW YORK. Sept. 24.-COTTONSpot
closed quiet, 10 points down; middling up
lands, 9. Wo; middling gulf. 9.85c. Sales,
99 bales. i - 1
LIVERPOOL. Sept. 34. COTTON Cotton
eiulet; prices 8 points lower; American
middling, 7.wa; good miaanng, 6.710:
middling, 6.47d; low middling, 6.27d; good
ordinary, 8.03d; ordinary, 4.79d. The sales
of the day were 6.OU0 bales, of which 600 wer
for speculation and export, and Included
6,400 Americana Receipts, 6,200 bales; all
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Sept. 24.-COTTON
Steady; middling. 9Ho; aales, 16 bales; re
ceipts. 20 bales; shipments, 11 bales; stock,
10,848 bales. S
low ordinary, i !5-liU nominal;
ordinary, 6 7-16c, nominal; good ordinary,
7c; low middling, 9 Mic; middling, 9 3-16c;
good middling, 9 7-16c; middling fair,
13-lhC, nominal; fair, 10 T-Mc, nominal; re
ceipt, (.691 bales; stock. 48,033 bales.
Oils and Rosin.
NEW YORK. Sept. 24. OIL-Cottonseed
oil, firm; prime crude, f. o. h., mills. 243
27c; yellow, t38Hc. v Petroleum, steady;
refined, New York. 8750; Philadelphia and
Baltimore. 87.46:- Philadelphia and Balti
more, in bulk. 84.85. Turpentine, easy, 6JH
ROSIN Steady; strained, common to
good, 34 004.10.
OIL CITY, Pa.. Sept 24. OIL-Crdlt bal
ances, 31.68; runs, 198,167 bbls.; average,
91,491 bhla.; shipments, 267,336 bbls,; aver
age, 136.5U3.
Philadelphia Pr4r Market.
Firm; extra western creamery, official
price. 26c: street price, Cc.
EOOB Firm; western freah, 24c at mark.
CHEE8B-8teady; New York full creams,
fair to fancy. 12ai3'iic.
Wool Market.
BT. LOUIS. Mo.. 8ept. 84. WOOL Bteady.
Medium grades combing and clothing. Mil
Ac; light One. 1'Jlc; heavy fine, litfl.c;
tub-washed," 340 34C. ...
Elsrln Batt Market.
EUjlN. III.. Sept. 84.-rBUTTER-r-Ruled
steady doday at Uo. Output for the week,
4Xi,UuO pyuoda. .. ,
Laree Becaipta of Cattle, Prices Steady to
Tei Lower.
mmw e
targe Recelpta of ""beep nad Lantba,
with Prices eely to Lowe
on Acr-oaat of ' Lower
. Kastern Markets. '
SOITH OMAHA. Sept. 54. 1908.
Receipts ere
Cnttis riii. Sheep.
.. S.Sffl 8."0 29.1W
Official Monday
Same last week
Same two weeks ago..
.. S.rT5
.. 8f91
nams tnree weeks a so
Hume four weeks ago... 7.4M
Harne Hnv laaf vur . . . fi L,
ine following table snows tne receipts 01
entile. ho ami sheep st South Omaha for
the year to date, compared with last year:
108. lnn. Iec.
Cattle 706,818 657.442 89.07
linn 1S7R 410 1.789.779 1R5.641
8heep 1,813,733 1.194,701 Ii9.0tl4
The foiiufting win !' price paid
tor the different kinds o( rattle oa tt
"- uiii iimnna marki : -
Good to choice corn-fed steer...
Fair to good corn-ted steers.....
Oood to choice corn-fed steera....
Fair to good corn-fed steers......
Common to fair rorn. rod steers..
.. i.l04J6.70
,. 6 tolfi o
.. 4.60416. 6
.. 4'o.2
., a.vwrrt
flood choice range steers
1 . , .,..u .. .-.r.-l
Common to fair range steera....
0001 r,, m . n .1 h.l f.r.
B.8hi3 TO
rair to good cows and heifers J.1?1
Common to fair c and heifers . l.6"42.S
Good to choice stockers A feeders. 4.CO84.60
fair tu gc.oo stuckeis auU iteaeis . m.r.
tt.mmn to fair sleeker .,6itj1.
Bull, stages, etc I.60W 65
Veal calvea , 4.00X.(
The following tal.le shows the average
price 01 nog at t4outh Omaha tar toe xtsi
sevsral days, with comparisons:
Pate. I 190S. 1808. 11804. 11803. (1808. 1801. 108.
Bept li..
Kept, 16..
08 I1457S62TC8
639 46466s76o
6 11 1 6 44 4 7 U
08 6 82 (64 7 43
OIH 8 13 6 74 6 71 7 87
08 689840 T 88
11V 3o 6 81 8 SI
13 6 32 S 75 6 80 7 49
6 t 5 75 8 7hi i 60
6 78 7 74 T 67
6 08
61 6 IS
6 7i I 14
$ 19
77 8 If
86 I 23
6 21
6 S4 I 14
Bept. U..
Bep 18..
Bept. 18..
Bept. 80..
Sept, 21..
Sept. n..
Sept. 23..
Sept, 84.'.
Sunday. ' ,
- t'alllo. - Hhrl
Omaha ...31.604316.86 8t.806ii4.3E
Chicago I.6041&.90 b.lOruH.UH
Kansas City L7oi4j.40 lOOm 6i"
Bt. Louis 3.ori2n ainrndmu
Sioux City 2.60too.OO 6.854,6.2
The official number of cars -of stock
brought ln today by each road was:
t'o.tM linn Kha'n M ' r' a
C, M. A Bt. P 8
wabash , , 1 ..
Union Pacific ......... 86 ' I 66 ' 19
O. A N. W. (east).... J ;
C. A N. W. (west). ...164. 14 86 10
C.. Bt, P., M. A O.... ,11 ... ..
C., B. A Q. (east).... 1 . 1 ' .. ..
C, B. A Q. (went).... 80
C. R. I. A P. (west.. 8 ,. ' 7
Illinois Central ' 1 .3 .. . 1
Chi. Ureal Western.. ..( .. .. i
Total receipts i... 842 86 107 80
The disposition of the day's reeelnts waa
as follows, each buyer, purchasing the cum-
oor 01 nu inaicetea:
Cattle. Hog. Sheep.
.40 .Tm a,..
Omaha Packinr Co...
Bwlft and Company...,
Cudahy Packing Co....,
Armour A Co...
Swift and Co.. f'm c'n'y
Vanaant A Co
Carey A Benton .1,,...
Lobman A Co.... ,
MoCreary A Carey
W. I. Stephen
Hill A Ban..,
F. P. Lewis.
Huston A Co
N. . Mtorrls '.
Hamilton A Rothschild.. 285
L. F. Hus 178
Wolf 49
J. H. Bulla 1U9
Mike Haggerty .......... 62
J. ft Boot A Co......,; 227
T. B. Inghram .......... , 9
Sullivan Bros 21
V. A. Brltton ...,....... 10
Lehmer . Bron,.......'w-89
Armour A Co., for D'veP' M
Other buyer ...... LH
' .t..
Total :7,4' t.m u,n
CATTLE The receipts ' of cattle this
morning were large, bring considerably In
exoeas of previous Monday. In fact,
counting the cars, the receipts this morn
ing were about as heavy as they have
beenr on any Monday since the opening of
the range season. .The arrival consisted
largely of feeders and cow stuff, with only
a comparatively small sprinkling of good
. The market on beef steer waa slow and
dull, largely for the want of really good
fat cattle to buy. While there were some
very . decent westerns, there wss prac
tically nothing choice, either westerns or
corn-feds. The desirable kinds sold at
prloes that looked about steady with last
week's cloae, and atlll the feeling wa
lower. In fact, aome sellers thought they
had to take a little less money than last
week. To call the market slow to 10c lower
would probably about cover the situation.
Not far from fifty cars of cows and
heifer were on sale thl morning. Under
the Influence of the large receipts and the
further fact that prices last 'week were
quite high, buyers started out this morn
ing taking 10c lower right from the start.
As conditions were all In their favor, they
suoceeded In securing a substantial con
cession. The trade wa slow at the de
cline and It waa midday or after before
anything like a clearance wa effected.
There were a good many feeders on sale,
but there wa also a good demand. Right
desirable kinds of cattle did not show very
much change aa compared with the cloae
of last - week.- Buyers seemed to go
through the yards and wherever they
could find anything -that they especially
liked they paid steady prices. On the
other hand, the receipts were o liberal that
buyer were able to force a reduction on
other kinds, so that the general market
might be described as steady to 10c lower,
sccordlng to the kinds of cattle In ques
tion. -
Representative sales.
. Pr. K. Av. rr. .
110- It. 80..... 114 3 4
441 4 0 14..
1141 4 00 It..
, 1140 4 4 ' 1..
lKrT I 44
till I M
1144 I 84
114 1 48
..I.-, no in
4 I tt
117 IN
Ml I 10
10M I It
1074 I 44
IltO I 44
140 I tt
148 1 o 84 :..
M 1 0 : 4 1
IltO 1 Tl 1
774 2 0 I
Hi IM 17
Hi IM i.
tn I II . 1
Iltt 8 14 1
1 tt I
10M I K
, 174 I 4 1..-
40 I tg I
, 417 8 46 1
, 170t I 40 1.....
lite 3 4 1
....... 41 I 84 I
lot I 75 I
.. tit I 44
.. 744 I Tl
.. CI IM
,,in ltd
..1470 I it
.. IM I Tt
.. IM I 04
., 171 I 44
140 I 71 8
tOO t M
44 I 4
4M I 14
lilt I 74
1014 I m
48 I t
1111 I M
t44 11
. Ill ill
,.441 14
. 44 I 44
.11 I 44
.134 I 44
.1041 I 44
41 I t
7r1 I 84
14 464 I 44
17 1171 4 M -
8 cows. ,
6 cows.,
1 cow..
I cow..
.. 9m 3 In 84 caw 948 I 86
..1034 2 65
14 feeders.. 1( 4 14
24 cow 1007 2 W
1 cow...... wM t Ss
1 cows VJM t 76
10 cows 9i t 70
2 heifer... 710 t 48
10 feeder.. 834 3 70
4 feeders.. fUO 3 76
1 heifer... 847 3 60
2 cow 4 1 m
.. :sa 2 60
..lftM 1 36
. irao 1 34
7 cow. ....1037 2 60 '
I heifer... 7S0 2 0
4 heifer... 676 I 46
7 feeder. .11(11 3 76
28 feeder. .Uiti6 4 86
6 cow ineo 2 86
3 cow lli3 2 60
8 'jowa ,iA 3 80
15 cow MI IK
14 cow !
1 cow, 720
1 76
2 66
tatocker. 486 00 1 bull.
.1170 2 60
3 cow 916 lid 4 stockers. 4J6 I 7
3 reeoers.. IM t uo
HOOS There was not enough hog , here
this morning to make much of a market,
the receipts being very light, even for a
Monday. All told there ware only forty
two cars on sale. As to prloes, there wa
considerable Improvement, the market be
ing unevenly higher, ealee ranging any
where from Bteady to 10c higher. It would
be sufficient, however, to figure the general
market as about 6c higher than last week.
The trad waa not very active at the ad
vance, and, In aplte of the light receipt,
eonalderubl time wa consumed In effect
ing a oieerane. - - - , '
Representative sale. ' '
Wa. Aa. , Pr. Na Am. 44. Px '
I 4 .M I M M 114 IM I 14
6.;...:..86-..V I M ' Ml M 111
tf. 44 1ST'. N,U...M'1M'IM
44 ..tvt . 4 44 v 41-...... .tali U 4 M.
,.m w 4 m
.Xm ... 44
.411 HIM
.lit Mil
,.t7 IM 1
rvi !4t 14
.tn ... I in
,.!! 4 I 1
rt IK I in
in m I i
.i4 let it
71 ti rt I M
77 M M M
74 le, N tH
M 144 II I IV
M (..') ... IS
.1 HI 4 t 1
It 14 ... 4 14
74 1)4 10 I tt
tt 4 : 4 14
74 Mt 4 M
K lil 4 8
41 40 4 M
4. I 111 IM
71 lat 4 IN
U .. 4U 4 SI
4 IM ... I It
te ... 4 14
w lit
.. t 11
M I 14
44 I U
bHCKf 1 here) wa a liberal run here
till iiii-rnlng, over 114) carl being rt-iortel,
which Waa none too many lor thttt mat
Jet under ordinary cucu.nstances. Ln-
iwnunaieiy, t nioago naa ixige 1 un, mmi,
as usual under auch condition. price
broke bauly at that point. Onlcago auvices
began arriving early, Indira. In sharp
decline, Which ntui.l a discount
ing effect upon the market at tnis point,
especially so In view 01 the fact tuat pr.cea
were alieady too. high aa c-iaipareu wun
In si1te of the dlnrournglng reports from
Chicago, the market heie opened about
steaiiy, Packers went 1 11 rough the barn
Picking out here and there buncoes i-I
stuff tat enough for kllleta, tor wnich they
aid fully steady price, as It nappenro,
here were not very many good r.ilieis.
either sheep or lambs, among tne recelpta.
so mat it might te said mat tne aesirauie
stuff pretty much all sold steady.
The great big bulk of the receipts con
sleted of feeding sheep and lambs. -While
quite a god many of the more desirable,
loads ' sold at about last week' cloning
figure, the a-enersl market had a lower
tendency and the feeling right at the start
was that the market wouul close consmT
ably lower. 'There -was a fair attendance
of buyers, and, while thoaa who were ea
neclRllv particular about seourlng some
certain kind, paid about steady price. The
general markat on feeder was lower in
some casea 10916o lower. '
Quotaiiona on kt.iers: Good lo choice
lambs. 87.0oQ7.26; fair to good lambs, 8764?
7.00; good to choice yearlings, 8j.oMT6.00;
good to choice wethers, 16.lWi6.36; good to
choice ewes, J4.7bU6.0O; fair to good ewss,
24.60 4.78.
Quotations 01 foeders: Lambs, IS.TMf
.7b; yearlings, 36.adio.80j wethers, 34.f
iflfcic; (,, 4B.ttfc4.fe; oreeatug ewe.
KepreseBtatlve sate:
No. - - Av. Pr.
15 Nebraska ewe cull feeder.,. 82 t 60
67 Nebraska ewe feeder , 90 4 00
16 Nebraska ewe feeder 86 4 65
30 Nebraska ewe feeders Ill 4 76.
lit! So. Dakota wether feeders. 92 6 10
103 Nebraska lambs 66 86
4 Nebraska lambs 76 7 00
28 Wyoming bucks 119 2 0
49 Wyoming ewes 98 4 80
843 Wyoming ewes 98 4 90
2 Wyoming bucks 70 6 60
860 Montana wether ., 94 6 2
80 Montana wethers 95 6 28
ice T v. --. oa a ja
in, .M&iiv wniixm ................ rp m . ,
619 Wyoming lambs, feeders -f6 90
81 Wyoming iambs, feeders ei w
Cattle Bteady to Lower Hoes Five to
Tea Cent Higher "-beep Steady.
ceipt about 68,000 head; market for bee,
steady; other 10c lower. Common to
prime steers, S.7596.93; cows, 32.70
4.75; heifers, 32.6065.36;
4.60; calves, 13.00 W 8.00;
feeders, 11.60 4.60.
HOOS Receipts about
bulls, 82.409
28,000 head;
market 60 10c higher. Choice to pr m
heavy, I4.6604.65; medium to good heavy,
36.3506.46; butcher weights. 46.66W6.I1;
good to choice mixed, 86.4096.60; pack
ing, 15.75 6.40; pigs, 16.80106.60.
8HEEP AND LAMBS Receipts about
85.000 head; market for. beat, st":
others dull and lower. Sheep, 84.60496.76;
yearlings, 36.758PI.14; lambs, 3-00Vi..
New York Live Stock Market.
NEW TORK. Bept. 24. BEF7VE8 Re
ceipts, 6,860 head; choice steers steady;
eond -to nrlme. nhnde lower: others 10&16C
off; light bulls lOtil&c off; medium and good
cows l'W&c lower; common steaay; steers,
84.OWB6.90: one car choice. 16.16; oxen and
etagS, 3.1.900-4.15; bulla, 82.401(5.90: cows. 81.16
613.50. Liverpool ana i-onaon caoies steady.
Exports tomorrow, 960 cattle and 2,w0
quarters of beef.
CALVES Receipts, 1,816 head; veal 16
OfiOo higher; grarsers and westerns 60c
higher; veals, 85.0Ord9.2B; culls. 34.5rf?6.00:
grassers, 83.6O43i4.O0; westerns. 84.G0; drersed
calves strong; city dressed veals, 9314c per
pound; country dressed, H-OOifTHc.
HOQ8 Receipts, 10.139 head; nrmer; state
and Pennsylvania hdgs. 86.0Ogi.10.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 8.106
head; cheep steady; good, to prime lambs,
lfVSSo higher: state stock steady: sheep,
fi.i0tS6.50; culls, 32.60aa.40; .. lambs, 86.00(9
12: culls, 14.006.60; Canada lamb. 38.00.
' ''Kansas City Uv toek Market.
' KANSAS CITT, Sept. 4.-CATTLE-Re-celpts,
80,000 head. Including 2,000 southerns;
Bteady to strong; choice export and dressed
beef, steers, 35.60.00; fair to good. 84-00(9
6.40; fed steers, 83.6O43.0O; stockers ami
feeders, I2.6txjl4.40: southern steers, 82.75(9
4.00; southern cows. 12 OOJfS.OO; rratlvs cows,
32.00f?400; naUve helfera 82.76(.00; bulr.
82.00i3.26; carves, 83.3fxfJ .
HOOS Receipt. 6,400 head; 67He higher;
ton. 8666; bulk of anles, 86 3M9.oO; heavy,
36.20j6.37tt: packers. 86.80.62Vt; pls and
light. 6.26iT.o5.
hesd; steady to-lOe higher lamb. 36 00"r
7.60; . fed ewes and yearliiia-s, 4.7b$5.60;
western fed yearlings, 86.26((i0.R6: western
sheep, 84.6006.25; stockers and feeders, 83.60
66-60. , -
St. Lovl Live Stock Market. -
' ST. LOUIS, Mo.. Bept. 24. CATTLE
Receipts, 7,500 head. Including 4.000 Texan;
natives lower; Texans wesk; natlvs shipping
and export steers. 14.4("Kn.25; drensed beef
and butcher steers, 83.66S4.95: steer under
1.000 pound, 83 5004.35: stockers and feeders.
12.60(34.60; cows and heifers, 83.605 50;
canners, 31.50(2.00; bulls. f.Jf54.(T calven,
13.0CS1.60; Texas and Indian steers, 830
6 00; cow and heifers. 82.00tf3.26.
HOOS Receipts. 8.000 head: market
higher! pigs and lights, 86.16irfK.66: peckers.
86.104(6.65; butchers and best heavy, 86.469
head: market strong; native mutton. $3 Ooa
6.75; lamb, 12.007. S'r rilla and bucks, 82.60
433.60;. stockers, 84.2fyg6.00. .
St. Joseph Live atoek Market. "
BT. JOSEPH. , Mo., Sept, 24. CATTLE
Reoelpts, . 4.607 head; market steady;
natives, 34.5044.2S; cows and heifers, 11.600
6.10: stockers and feeders. 33.8&$4.60.
HOOS Receipts, 2.716 head; market Be
higher; light, 6.3666.(6; bulk of aales. 86.20
SHEET AND LAMBS Receipts, 6.757
head: teady to weak; lambs, 87.40;
yearljngs 16.86. - -
tons City live Stork Market,
SIOUX CITY. la.. Sept. 24.-(8peclal Tele,
gram.) CATTLE Receipts, 4 400 head;
market weak; stockers, !0Qi5c higher;
beeves, 84.0Oifr6.00; cows, bulls and mixed,
82.60(34.50; stockers and feeders, 83.0Ot4.26;
calvea and yearlings, 82.6Ofj3.60.
HOOS-Recelpts. 2,100 head: market' 60
higher, selling at 35.969t.26; bulk of sales,
86.0udja.15. . .-v -
' f toek In Sight.
Receipts of live stock at the six prin
cipal western markets yierday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sh. ep.
South 'Omaha 9,800 2,400 29.UU0
Sioux City 4,400 2.200
Kansas City 80,000 6.4O0 11.800
St Joseph........ 4.507 2.741 6.1.17
St. Louis... 7,660 6.000 2,50ft
Chicago 60.000 28.000 16.000
96.707 44.841 13.767
' Metal Market.
NEW TORK, Sept.; 24. METALS The
London tin market was higher, with spot
closing at 145 6s and futures at aU84 us.
Locally the market waa firm and higher,
with spot, Quoted at 140.32 40.60. Cop
per was much higher ln the London mar
ket, with spot and future both closing at
89 16s. Locally the market was strong,
with Lake quoted at 319 874 019.82 H ;
electrolytic, tl8.12HG18.87H; catting. 25. Lead was a little higher
at a" 18 le In I-ondon. Locally the market
was firm. with, quotations ra"sing from
36.75 to II OIVs- Spelter waa higher also
in .the Loudon market, clo'mng u. ." (.
locally spalter was a rhade lower a' 86.26
476.36. Iron was higher In the English
market, with standard foundry quoted at
64s 3d and Cleveland warrant at 64a 9d.
Locally Iron was Arm. No. 1 foundry
northern Is quoted at 820.26 0 21.00; No. 1
foundry northern at 114.76 tf 10.60; No. 1
foundry southern at 1 10.60 31.00; No. 2
foundry southern at 120.00320 60.
ST. LOUIS, Bept, 24. METALS Lead,
steady; 36.60 S.90; j titer, steady; 86.2.
aaar and Molaasea.
NBW ' YORK. ' Bept M.-BUQAR-Ra w.
steady; fair reAnlng, So; t-entrif ugal, 8
test. 4Hc- Molases sua nr. 3c- Reflne.1,
steady; No. 6. 4.60e; No. 7. 4.46e; No. 8,
4 40c: No. 9, 4 86c; No. 10. 4 No. 71, 4.80c:
No. 11. 416c: No. It, 4.10c: No. 14. 4.06c; eon-fet-tionera'
A. 4 V; mould A. t.36c; cut loaf,
6.7oc: cruahad 6.70c; powdered, 6.10c; granu.
la ted. b.Ouc: cub, t.Stc.
MOLASSES Steady ; New Orlean open
ketrl. good to choirs. 804Y38C.
Steady: centrifugal, yelUiW, 4t4 7-l4Cj aC
onda, tH6t3sd'''
' n3i.4iiA wtioi.esAtt: 84 an. KPT.
Condition of Trad nod UntHatlon oa
laple anal Kaaey Prodeee.
ECtQS-I-er doa, lii9c.
LlVh. Pui-Ltiiy Hens, 10c: rooslrrt,
6c; tuiaeys, 10c; rucks, cj, spring rhivacna,
I'L'TTKR - Packing stack. lc; cliolol
fancy dairy, ISi.Vc; ireaineiy, Wv!4c.
H AY--1 1 1 unto ty , ii, h e'.-e, fn.
panyi Choice Uplaixl. $860; medium. 18.01
Comae. 04iS.Vu. Rye etraW. liyi.OO.
URAN-J'er ton, 115,00.
BWEET POTAl'Olilei' bbl.. .,e!..
TOMA'l fKS Hqm r..n. ...e4t e
30 lr. . 2Mo . , .
WAX P.JTANi Per met net basket of 16 lbs., 86c. '
Bu 76c.
LnAr LRVTVCE-Hothouse, per dot,
hear?". fOc,
CKLEKT Per do. S740.
C I t L MViKhs-Hora giewh. - per o
ONIONS Home grown. 16 per bu.
Briinlnli. 41.78 per era I. "
GREEN ONIONS Per do, bunehea 16A
ItAL'lHHV H-Frr dos. buiiclies. 16 a 20c u
NAVY PKANS Per :o. . tl.7k
LIMA BEA NP Ter lb.. IVfrt '
QREKN PEPPUKS-Per market, rrnakeb
PARSLEY Hothouse, per do. ounch,
CABBAGE Home grown, per lb, IV4O.
Liiti PL .-iS'l 1 or dot.. 'So.
POTATOES-Per bu.. Soci ,.
ORANGh.6 Vulom:. according to !.
LEMON? Llmonlera, - ex-e fancy. 149
alxe. 86.60; 800 else, 88.00; 300 sice, te.OO, other
l'ii:(K li.CHi lea..
BANANAS Per inedlum-ld . bunca,
1176452.: J.imlma, IS 5043.0. . '.
DAT KS Per lb., W0.
PEACHES-Coloroda. evcetl.00; Mlaaourl,
per 6-basket rtate, ll.iwjl.14). California al
ways, ber box, 12.00.
I LUilH California, - 31.l.r .'Oregoa
Italian prune, 11.10. 1
PEAR6-Barllett. per box, 82-60.
OltAi l.ri-Woin gioTtTU 4-er t-lb- basket.
.It?; Tokay 81.76...
APPLES-Per ebl., t2.0Or6O. -,
CRANBURK1EH per buU 8o.0a
WATERMEIjONS Per 4lo, of
about 'J'v'Hir. each.
CANTELOUPKB Colorado and Arisen,
per crate (aUhdard), tl-76aa.00i pouiea, UM;
Hockytord standard!. 13.60. '
rvunu, IV, lu. ivuuu, V71A- .v. m
lc; No. 8 plate, 8H0: No. 1 plate, to.
"6UOAR Granulated carte, in Ck, 86.41;
gTsnulatel beet. In sacks, 46.81.
CHKKSW Swiss, nsw, 16o; Wisconsin
brick, l4Hc; Wisconsin llmberger, Uu(
twins, I4c; young .Americans, .UHO.
COKKKtl Roasted. No. 80, Ho per lb J
No. . 20V4O t er lb.: No. Ii. MHc lr lb. ; No.
to. 160 per 'b.; No. TO, JJHo per lb.
NU'lS Pecans, large, per jb.. Hot amall,
per lb., Uo. XI morula, soft shells,. per lb.,
lie; hard shells, per lb.. 13tfl4e, Cooua
nut. 84-00 per sack, of 100.
BYRUPlb bblsn 37o per gal.; In eat,
I 10-lb. cana, 11.70; caaes, II 6-1 b. Cana, 31.40;
Cases. U 2U-lb; cant, 81.86. e
HONEY Per 24 fraaaK 83-80. '
CANNED tl'JODe Corn, standard wtt
rn. 66t0c: Maine, 11. 1. Tomatoes, 3-lb.
cans, tl-00; -2-lb.. 37HcUOO, . . Pineap
pfe. gmt-il ?-'b., 62 064it.8u; sliced. il.eVJ
120; gallon PPle. fancy, 32.66; California
apricots, 3l 90'i.26; pear, 1.76-'2J0; peache, ,
fanoy. tl.754jli.40; H.C. pi'acnes, U.vxQi.xt.
null ulmm. red. 81.86: raoev Chinook.
I! 10; fancy sockeye, r" tl.taV; .rdin, 14
oil, 81.76; musts rd, 83.00. - Bweet po
Intoes, 1 .1 "Liu. saurkiaut). 81.00; pump,
kins, 80o1.00:,''W-a : beans, 8-lb. &ftHue;
lima bean. Mb., 76c(94l.l6; splnsohrli .86;
rheap pea. 2-lb., 40c; extra,' idtuc; fancy,
ti.34Tl 75-
CURED trisn Family whlteflsh, per
euartr bbl.. 100 ls.. 14.00: Norway mack
rU No. 1. tai-OOi No. 2, tSo-OO; No. t, 1.00;
lvlali. No 2, 316 00: herring, in bbls., 208 ba
each, Norway. 4k. 812.00; Norway, 3k. tlt.0
Holland, mixed, 111.00; Holland, herring. I
kegs, milker. 80c: kega. miKerl. 70a.
FISH Buffalo, :arg dremted,' 8c; trout,
maillum or large, pressed. 12c: nllta Arena,,.
Jlo: halibut, tine stock, lie; catfish, dressed!
15c; bullheads, oressed ' and skinned, Uo:
whit perch,, dressed, 6c; crapnles, large,
12c; suiitiah, pan siss, 6c; whit biiea, ex tie
choice, 12c; pickerel, 9c; salmon. Chinook,
lie; whits fish (frocea), l2o; mackerel
(Spanish) ,16c;. native, per fWtv 1826c:
codfish, fresh frocen, 12c; rloundor, frean,
froten, lie: blueflsh, fresh tfrosen, I60;
haddock, fresh froien, . 10c 1 ired snapper,
dressed, Uo; smelts. No. L per lb., 12c 1
lobsters, (boiled), per lb., 40c;- green, J7c
eel, per lb.. 18c; frog legs, per dos., 36c;
roe shsd, tl each; shad roe, pair, 40.
HIDES AND TALLOW Green salted.
No. 1, isHer'No. t;;mor'buil hides,
10Hc; gTeen hides. No. f, l2Uc:' No. 2, TlVo;
horse. 11.601.75; sheep pIts, Ocitl-25- Tal
low, No. L 4Vo; No. 5, 8H0, I
WOOL Pi in.. 144A. --., .,,
Fanny P. Milne to Charle E. Svard
and wife, lot 20, block 1, Monmouth
park 3 Loft
Peter H. McOoldrlck and wife to
Kilsabeth rt. Usher, lot X block 8,
Corngan place, bouth Omaha 1,804
Vera r. Ktnstrom and husband lo
Melissa Webster,, part lot. 7 and s,
blook 18, WUcox s 2d CT..... 89t
Standard Distilling and Distributing
cvnipany to city of Ornatia, weat 13
feet lot J, block 244, Omaha..., . 1
Henry Rica to .City of Omaha, north
38 leet south Vt southeast ii-sec- .
tlon 6-15-1. ,
August Klabunde to James R. Har
11s, north H northwest hi section
16 and east 60 acres southeast
section 8-16-11 '...J.... 2.50C
Catherine rilianahan to Terance' and
, Susan Bhleias, norm 60 (eet lots
and 10, block 3, Drexel' Sub 1,600
Abraham L.- Reed et al. to Amelia
. Fink, lots 13 and 14, block 1 iteed'a
ilfth 204
Omalia Safe Jjeposlt and Trust -company
to Hastings A rieyden, lot 18,
biocic 4, HUlsldo.- ..... 1
Rosa Nash and iiusbsnd . to WUIlam
N. Hill and -wit, lot 6. bloya .L -Wilcox
Add 1.00C
Orace Heaton and husband td Wm.
N. Hill and wife, lot L block U,
Brigg piac 2,600
Minnie W. km. Byferth and husband
10 diaries K. Kubbins, lot Hum-
' bold 1 place .....' 150
Philadelphia Manufacturing anil
Trust company to Joshua Cham
berlain, nortn H lota ill and A,
block 1, Brigg place 1.300
August Dlckman et al. to Anna Dick
man, lot 7, McClure' Sub. ttouth
Omaha 1.400
Oak Chatham Redlok to Charley R.
Nor din, part southeast nortoeaat
section 9-16-13 , 30
L. P. Crofoot and wife to Maty E.
Dlehl. lots 7 and t, block 10,. Hal
cyon height 809
Morris C. Roller to Samuel H. -Cro- .
gan, lot 4, block 2, Pope place.:..... 100
Mary Knright and huaoand td' Bal
tha Jetter, lot 18 and 19, blook 4,
Harri A Patterson' Ahneg 30f)
First Christian churofi of Omaha to
Andrew Thompson, lot 9, block 11,
Patrick' 2d 460
Frank A. Smith and wlf to Conti
nental 'front company, lot 17, block
124. Dundee place v.. ' IS
Highland Realty company to John C.
peteraon, lot 4,i block 4nl, Grand
View v JL v.... n
Emily M. Dora to Augusta Olsen,
lot 3. block "P," Lowe t
John W. McDonald to W. Ellery
Hesse, lot 8, DiocK 0.' roppieiou
park .'
Carl A. Anderson and wife to George
H. Schnell et al., lots 1 to 24, block
I, West Lawn park
Andrew Miles, trustee, to Charles
Ladd Thomas, lot, 8. block 1. Lincoln
place, and other lots
Anna L. Csrlow to Wilson T. Wilson,
south V lots 59 and 60 and south ,68
feet lot 6K McEntee'a
Mary li. McCulloch to Lrwlgkl Will
lams, part southeast section
- Securilies
. 8) '
'. 4f ' ' "4, . 7 .'.-
A. B. LEACH & CO.,
No. 1 ribs, 43c; No. 3 riba, 9c; No. I rib.
6Hc; No, 1 loin, 15Vc; No. i loin, 13c; No. t
loin, 8c; No. I chuck. 6c; No. 8 chuck, 4e:
No. I chuck, 2ic; No. 1 round, '3c: No. t