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IlatatOTt Hot Only Work Lt by tb Board
DlecUne Authority.
Pobattaa; League Compose of , FW
1,adla- Weatorn I'alversMles,
laeladlac Nebraska, la
(From a iUlt Correeponderi.
LITfCOLN, Sept. (Special.) ElPlce th
publication of (acta regarding the letting
of the eontraot to construct food elyatora
W at tha asylum at Hastings, Chairman1 Eaton
jjpf tha State Board of Public Land and
"iailldlnn hoa waked np to tha fact that
( It ha tha duty of the board to let theaa con-
tJkcts and not to turn them ever to Iho
superintendent. This morning Mr.' Eaton
telephoned to Tr. Kern, the asylum super
intendent, td atop -the work of constructing
porchea at the Institution. This la another
contract wnicn, it is sail, wa oeiegatea
V to DrKsrn.
" The food elerator contract la still under
rf Investigation and though Chairman Eaton i
said he knew nothing of the matter. It
hna developed that he knew all about It 1
Secretary of State Galusha went to Hast
ings thla morning and ha could not be seon
to deny 'the statement, of Eaton that he
had not been authorised to tell Dr. Kern
to let tha contract to 'Earl. Wescott. Eaton
denied positively that the board, had au
thorised Oalusha to write the letter, but
from the letter Itaelf and information re
ceived, from other sources,- It Is believed
Chairman Eaton knew every detail of the
matter. 'rr"
It Is understood If the food elevators are
paid for out of the Appropriation for main
tenance the asylum will report a deficiency
to the next legislature. Should a deficiency
be reported Governor Mickey will. In all
probability, ask for a legislative Investiga
tion Into soma of the contracts let by the
board. .'.
Colored Boy Gets Wild.
J. O. Barnes, colored, got wild and wooly
thla afternoon and landed In the police
station. He la. an elevator operator and
during the afternoon, business being slack,
he went to a pawnshop and bought a re
volver. Then, when the clerk refused to
sell htm oartrldges, he-pulled one-out of
his pocket and threatened tha clerk after
putting tha cartridge in the weapon,, but
did no shooting there. He then struck out
on tha street yelling and brandishing his
pistol, . which finally ha fired off. Elmer
Sides, a policeman, gave chase and hustled
tha colored lad to Jail. Tha boy la thought
to have become suddenly Insane. Ha la 1
years old.
Celiac Debating; Lengae.
Arrangements for tha Five-College De
bating association, of which ' Nebraska
forms a part,' .have been practically com
pleted, according to the reports received
by Secretary Fogg of tha State university.
The universities represented in this are
Nebraska, Minnesota, - Wisconsin, Iowa
and Illinois. Tha schedule has been ar
ranged for debate this winter so far aa
place la concerned, but the data has not
yet been determined. Most of the unlvar-
i - bum lavor reoruary is, pui aa uus xaus
on charter day at Nebraska, there would
V be little opportunity for such a data her.
v--S, Member of the faculty from each of the
"lb 11 ges have been working on the oonstl
C" tutlon and bylaw of the association dur-
plated. Each, university will have two
teams, one of which will stay at noma to
meat its opponent and on will go abroad.
Tha debate between the team will be
held on the same night and all will dis
cuss tha ma jnaeauon. Wisconsin wlU
visit Nebraska' M ' '5 : :
Nine successive victorias In the last four
years have forced recognition from the
greater ooUega In the middle wtsL Ne
braska has triumphed over Colorado, Kan
sas, Missouri. Iowa and Washington uni
versity. These ' victories now. entitle the
. university to an opportunity to try conclu
sions with larger institutions and this op
portunity comes this . winter. . Kansas was
defeated three time and Nebraska' took
on Missouri after It waa satisfactorily
shown that Kanaa waa outclaaeed. After
Missouri Washington university waa
tackled in 1901 and met with the earn re
sults that- the other colleges had experi
enced. Prof. M. M. Fogg has been largely
Instrumental . In bringing the debating
More Beer; Less
Positive Proof That Beer.l a Mean
j To Temperance
An interesting, and practical temperance
lesson may be drawn by our readers from
th Increased consumption of beer 1n this
country and a corresponding decrease in
drunkenness. Really sincere temperance
worker are learning to differentiate
between malt liquor and spirit If w may
take some public utterance of celebrated
publlo leader "as an example. They urge
th substitution of beer for stronger liquors
aa th real mean to temperance and sobri
ety. V.i ' , 1 y i . .. ..'.- .
In same of th state where th practical.
progressiva temperance worker are strong
est we And th people giving consideration
to a law that make th license. -touch less
for selling beer than spirits.
This shows th tendency of th time is
favorable to beer. The recent report of the
Internal Revenue department ahowa 1600,-
000 mora gallons of beer drank than in any
previous year and statistics are quoted
showing a decrease In drunkenness In th
state that I very satisfactory to those who
are not only earnest but -practical in their
labors for temperate habits In our people
As a distinct aid to temperance as well
as a wholesome, refreshing beverage Pabst
Blue Ribbon Beer lead all others. One
reason tor Its great popularity I the fact'
that doctors recommend It because of its
absolute cUanneasv' ' purity. age and
trengtb. It Is the most nutritious beer
brewed bettauae made from Papst exclusive
eight day -tnalt ' which retains In greatest
degree the food value of the barley. Thla
Pabst . exclusive eight-day process malt
double the cost but It make Pabst Blue
Ribbon Beer th superior of all American
beers and accounts for Its great popu
larity. PABST BREWING CO. Paeae Deag.T
1307 Leavenworth Stseet, Omaha, Ken.
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
Visiting; Druggists
and Doctors 1
All PHral"'.ans and Pharmacists visiting
Omaha d iritur the . Ak-8sr-Ben festivities
are corulslly Invited le visit our store and
avail themselves of every courtesy at our
, iominvnd. On any article purchased we
- shall of couiee be glad la extend the cus
toms rr discount.
-I Sherman & UcConnsIl Drug Co.
fl Dealer In Rare Druaa and Chenilcala
Physiclsn and Iioi"tal Suprlirs.
Corner fiuateeata aaa podge, Osaka.
the shoes for men
the shoes
for women
teams of the university In' touch with the
larger colleges and Nebraska hopes to con
tinue Its string of unbroken victories.
Scavena-er Law I'sder Fire,
'The supreme court has another wrestling
match coming with the scavenger act en
acted by the legislature of 1903, having for
Ita Intent to clean up back city and county
taxes. The case this time comes from
Flattsmouth, In Caaa county, and the man
who Is objecting to the decision dt tha
district court, which held In favor of the
scavenger act. Is Herman B. Burgess. He
haa appealed to the supreme court. Bur
gens, aa did many other people during the
hard times, (ailed to pay taxes on his
city lots from 1894 for several years and
therefore be waa one against whom tha
scavenger law operated.
Sheldon After Material.
Oeorge 1 Sheldon, republican candidate
for governor, spent Sunday night and Mon
day in Lincoln looking over the state rec
ords and getting more material for his
campaign. Mr. Sheldon said the meeting
at Crete Saturday night was very gratify
ing, the opera house In which It was held
being entirely "filled. The next governor
has a number of speaking dates and will
continue touring the state up to the time
of election.
The prohibition state committee haa Is
sued a challenge to the democratio com'
mittee for a Joint debate between the can
didate for governor of tha two parties, on
the Issues of the present campaign.
Appointment Made of Pastor for
Ensuing; Year,
KEENE, Nteb., Sept 14. (Special.)
Chancellor Huntington of th Nebraska
Wealeyan university delivered an eloquent
address op education to a large and appro,
datlv congregation of the Swedish
Methdlst Episcopal conference, as did Dr.
C O. Nelson of Chicago.
.The conference received three brilliant
young men as members, who graduated
from ' its theological seminary last J una
J. W. Peterson of Keokuk, la., was elected
trustee of the theological seminary at Ev
anston. 111. Revs. C. P. Etcklund, John P.
Seaberg were elected to represent th con
ference at the annual meeting of the
Methodist Book Concern. Rev. T. J. Swan
son was appointed conference visitor.
. Burlington, la. Was selected for th
next Conference session. , , ..
Bishop Luther Wilson Sunday morning
at 10:30, delivered on of tha strongest'
and most .eloquent sermon aver . given
at th conference session. Th subject
was "Endurance and the Secret." Three
young men. Revs. K. J. Nuberg. Theodora
J. Adrian and Guataf Freeman were or
dained as deacons.
The conferenoe session was very pros
perous, showing a great Increase in all
benevolent collection
Following is a partial list of tha ap
Central District C. J. MtUberg. presid
ing elder: Axtell, O. J. Bwann; Bui-dick,
to be supplied; Clay Center, First church.
Hugo Peterson; Clay Center, Second
church, Oscar Ltndberg; Davey, Jona P.
Johnston; Holdrege and Prairie, H. A.
Stromberg; Keene, O. L. Stromberg; Lin
coln, O. L. Sandberg; Lindsborg, A. O.
Engstrom; Looking Glass, Frederick ;
Stromberg; Omaha, Peter Munson; Ong
and Shlckley, N. O. B. Barton; Randolph,
to be supplied; St Paul, to be supplied;
Baronvtlle, C. O. Sherman: Brand la, J. E.
Johnston; Stromsburr, A. F. Wlrraell;
Swede Platna. K. O. Norberg; Topeka, to
be supplied; Wayne, to be supplied; west
Hill and Genoa, Carl Fromen; A. O. Engs
trom agent for Immanuel Home. -.
Eastern District C. - A. Anderson, pre
siding elder, Des Moines, ra.: Boxholm,
C. O. Freeman; Burlington, C. P. Eklund;
Buxton, to be supplied; Concord, to be
supplied; Dayton. Emll Malmstrom: Day
ton, Theodore J. Adrian; Essex, Frank
Edwarda; Globe and Springfield, L. M.
Lindstrom; Harcourt. P. J. Uerg; Kansas
City, John A. Johnson; Keokuk and Mol
roae, John P. Seaberg; New Sweden and
Lockrtdge, J. O. Borgeson; Oakland, John
A, Gabrlelson; Ottumwa and Httema-rt,
Carl Nord; Bt Louis, Hugo Aim; Sheldahl.
White Oak and Oskaloosa, Olof Oranbt :
Sioux City, Nels Pearson; Stanford and
South Marlon, Oscar R. Ralra.
Western District F. J. Swanson, pre
siding elder: Denver, C. E. Schlldt
Fatal Aectdent at Letgrn.
' LEIOH, Neb., Sept. U. (Special.) Ray
mond Carleton, the IS-year-old son of Mr.
and Mra W. H. Carleton, Is dead a a re
sult of a gunpowder explosion. The boy
had a miniature cannon, constructed from
an old gun barrel, and waa attempting to
Br it. Besides the loaded cannon he had
a can of powder. In attempting to set a
match to the cannon both the cannon and
can of powder were explodnd. No one will
ever know Just how it happened, but the
explosion caused something to strike the
boy in the abdomen with terrific force. No
one waa with the lad at the time of the
explosion, but a neighbor who heard tha
report went down where It occurred and
assisted the boy home.- Four physicians
were sailed, two from Leigh and two front
Columbua - The operation showed that the
muscles and lining of the abdomen was
completely .riddled. He died in twenty-nv
hours after the accident.) This is th sec
ond' sudden death in this family. Inside of
a year and a half. Another son. a young
man, was taken 111 of appendicitis and la
twenty-four houra was dead.. This , hap
pened only a little more than a year ago.
Held for Tnreatealaa; Wife.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Sept. J4.-(Specil Tel
egramsCharged with attempting to shoot
his wife. Mabel Force, and her brother,
Henry Treedl., following a drunk n spree
of a wee. Cliet Korea was bound over to
the district court today by Jaclge lnman
in the sum of 11.(00. Yesterday t'orct en
tered his home, whipped out revolver .i d
pointed it st Mra. Force and her brother,
but before he had time to pull the trigger
6Haa Burcham. a milkman, grabbed the
weapon and wrenched l away Irom hint.
son ov wrrt tbass.
t ma. wuiuwi oTsiLaa mnv
mcs aw f mwte BiXK tlui ky anxious
M OT HltKt lr tklr IMlLDBaN WHILB Titltf.
CMiLI). sorTK.s Iks bJU! axxats su raiai
tlRfc WIND COUC u ta the Mi
til ahm N USA M kr bnsstau la vntg wt
tb w.irlS S Mr aa M (mt
tins, wixsixnvs ooTuixa syrcp
t a seuie
$4 mw
The? vry best JjmjJ
dealers show fi&ry (C
- , them
He .was promptly lodged In Jail. ttra.
Force recently instituted divorce proceed
ings egilnst her husband, which is said
to be the cause of the trouble.
F.llle, Byerly Wiles Takea an
rtiarere af Aseaalt at ,aylom.
NORFOLK, Neb., Sept. 14 (Special
Telegram.) Forest Ellis, William Byerly
and Jo Wllea, former attendants at the
Norfolk Insane asylum, were today ar
rested by Sheriff Clementa on charge of
assault with Intent to do great bodily in
jury. Indictments were found against them ty
the grand Jury. They all secured bail of
1 1.000 each.
The three men have retained Attorneys
Robertson, Tyler end Mapea to defend
them. The cases come up In district. court
November It Byerly and Wiles are now
attendants at the hospital and Ellis Is
conducting a restaurant at Pender.
Dr. Alden, superintendent at the hospi
tal, who has been 111 since Friday, Is Im
proving. It Is said that ne has suffered a
stroke of apoplexy, but Dr. Singer, as
sistant, merely says "Dr. Alden Is Indis
posed. He is much better." '
'Norfolk- Mea Are Lasers.
NORFOLK, Neb., Sept. 14. (Special Tele
gram.) A special from New York to the
New today says that sums amounting to
(2,000 were lost by Norfolk men in th
bucket shop of Oage & Company, New
York, which Is being Investigated. Names
are not given.
Trala Service Renewed.
NORFOLK. Neb., Sept. 14. (8peclal
Telegram.) Trains on the Omaha Una ara
running between Sioux City and Norfolk,
service having been resumed today.
l Kewa of Nebraska.
YORK David Tewell, an old resident snd
well known In northwest York county, was
found dead In his bed at Arborvlllo.
YORK The auditing committee is pub
lishing notice to the public that the York
Chautauqua association, a corporation, l:aa
no indebtedness.
YORK At the Congregational parson eg
Mr. Clarence E. Sawyer and Anna Elia
were married last evening by Rev. W. H.
Medlar In the presence of a few relatives
and friends.
BEATRICE Union Pacific motor car No.
S waa InssHlled on the branch line between
here and Lincoln today. About twenty
Beatrice people christened the car In mak
nlg the round trip.
FA1RMOUNT Fire waa discovered In the
coal house of Wright Spans yesterday.
Prompt measures saved the building. Spon
taneous combustion waa the cause. Th
coal was put In wet
WEST POINT The democratio senatorial
convention of the Seventh senatorial dis
trict hss been called to meet In Oakland,
October 1. Twenty-two delegates compose
the convention, fifteen from Cuming and
seven from Burt ,
WEST POINT New has been received in
the city of the death of William Osselke,
a well known resident of Cuming county,
which occurred in Bt. Joseph's hospital,
Omaha. The cause of death was an acute
attack of appendicitis. -
WEST POINT The republican float rep
resentative convention for Cuming, .Thurs
ton and Dakota counties has been called
to meet at Pender on October a, The rep
resentation will be Cuming county, ; Da
kota, C and Thurston, 5.
FAIRMOUNT Yesterday mornmg an en
gine ran into the hand car of Section Boes
Hawkins, smashing the car, but fortunately
the men got off before the car waa struck.
The fog waa so dense that they "ouhl rot
see the engine, which was aa extra that
bad run here for coal. ,
BEATRICE The tenth and thirtieth bat
teries, comprising the Seventh battalion
of field artillery, which camped here
over Sunday left the city en route north
thia morning. In , making a check roll
two men were found to bav deserted th
battalion at thla point
PAPILLION The criminal docket was
taken up this mornmg before Judge Day
and a Jury of Sarpy county farmers. John
Curran, the man the sheriff bad to shoot
to arrest him, plead guilty, and waa sen
tenced to two years In the Mnltentiary.
John Patterson, who waa held to the dis
trict court for taking a team belonging to
Fred Buhl, was sentenced to seventy-three
days In the oounty Jail. The trial of the
Clements family for the shooting - . Lewis
Ooldbi will be taken up tomorrow, , ,
Annonaeomentn of the Theaters.
Th true western spirit' that permeate
"Told In th Hills" Is a delight to th men
and women of th west ' who know th
country and the peopl dealt with by th
author and th actors. Th play will be
repeated this evening, at a matinee on
Wednesday and will close Its engagement
Wednesday evening.
-Viola Gillette, who was chosen by Frank
Parley for th leading role In "Th Girl
and th Bandit" thla season. Is a beautiful
young woman, with a wonderful contralto
voice. The company and the piece will be
gin an engagement at the Boyd Thursday
evening, to last until after Saturday night,
with a matinee on Saturday.
Th Belmont race track Paddock, New
York's very newest . sporting success, as
scientifically shown in A. H. Woods' great
melodrama, "Chinatown Charlie," ought to
be regarded with no small Interest by the
racing fraternity all over th country, as
It furnishes an exact view of the prodigious
betting center, where 'fortunes are mad
and lost and where the beginning of th
end of many a money-mad career la re
corded. Krug theater for two days, start
ing tonight
"The Lady of Lyons" at the Burwood Is
proving a very successful card, th Inter
est In the old classic having been revived
by th Woodward Stock company's pro
duction. The regular professional matinee
will be given today. -.
fair ' In Nebraska Today, Coaler la
Weet Portion Pnlr Tomorrow,
Cooler la. Eaat Portion.
WASHINGTON,. Sept. 14. Forecast of
the weather-for Tuesday and Wednesday;
For Nebraska and South Dakota Fair
Tuesday, cooler In west portion; Wednes
day fair, cooler in eaat portion.
For Iowa and Missouri Fair Tuesday
and Wednesday. i , -
- For Kansas Fair Tuesday and Wednes
day; cooler Wednesday.
For Colorado and Wyoming Fair in
west, showers and coler In oeast portions
Tuesday; Wednesday fair.
For Montana Showers Tuesday, cooler
in east portion; Wednesday fair.
Lexnsl Reeora.
OMAHA, Sept. M. Official record of temi
prrature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
yore: li. not. mo.
Maximum temperature..,. 77 ss 71 6V
Min.num temperature M Z 6 44
Meal temperature ti 76 S5 56
frecli nation 00 .00 .00 .00
temt'eraiuro ana precipitation departures
iiwiw in, iiurmu i muni since March 1
sad comparison with the last two years;
Normal temperature 63
Excess for the day. " j
total ae-nciency etnee March 1 : u
"iii yivciyiiauun .us Inch
tendency for the day ( ncn
l-recimtatlon lnce March 1 J? 4 Inches
trnciency sine starch 1 trt Inchne
Dcltrlency for cor, period, 106.... ..; Inc'iee
Deficiency for cor. period, lftH.... 1.21 Inches
Reports (rasa Stations nt T P. M.
Station and State Temp. Max. Rain
hi 1 p. 111. Teinn.
Bismarck, clear 71 gg
Cheyenne, part cloudy 70 80
Chicago, clear (
Davun(Nrt, clear 7a fc)
Denver, clear 74 ' U3
Havre, clear u nt
Helvna, clear , M
Huron, clear 7j
Kanaa City, clear.. , . . J
North Platta clear... ft
Omaha, clear n
Rapid City, clear n
St. Ixul. part cloudy 7
SS.lui- "r'-
F, 1 nr. ciear to
Valentige. clear. , : 7J
WllUston. clear 64
- .00
U A. WELSli;' Local Forecasts."
cannot caue biliousness. ; j
v Tell him that every bottle is Pasteurized
after it is sealed. He will say that such beer
must' be germless. s
Ask your doctor what these virtues mean
Ask for the Brewery Bottling. ' ' l? YOU'
Common beer is sometimes substituted for Schlitz.
To avoid being imposed upon, see hat tlte cork or crown is branded-
' - . -. a -
Spsni ss s . ' m 1 sn
.,,.. ......
...... -w . rr
Bth Finals Drawn for, OttoUr Term of
" Itdsral 'Cturt. "
sittings' !y ILL BE at sjate capital
Long; List ' of Case Will Be
. Heard This . Session . .
Whlck Uneoln Haa to '
' Itself.'
United State District Cour Clerk R, C.
Hoyt and Jury Commissioner Dr. Tllden
drdjr the pahels for the federal grand and
petit Juries Monday afternoon for the' term
of the United States circuit and district
court, to meet at Lincoln, October 1. Both
Juries are directed to report for duty at
1:10 a. m. Tuesday, October 1.
Orhaha la represented on th grand Jury
panel by Charlea I Thomas, real estate
dealer, with office In The Be building,
residence 1012 Georgia avenue; F. D. Wcad,
real estate and Insurance, 1624 Douglas; S.
D. Barkalow of Barkalow Brothers, news
dealers. South Sixteenth street. South
Omaha Is represented on the petit Jury by
B. L. Howe, formerly city treasurer of that
city; T. B. Scott, blacksmith. Twenty-first
and O streetsA Omaha haa but one repre
sentative on the petit Jury, In the person
of H. Clay Batrd of Dundee. South Omaha
Is not represented on th grand Jury at
alU ' '
Personnel of Jnrle.
Following Is ' a full list of the grand
Jury: ' -
S. D. Barkalow, Omaha; A. E. Bell. He-
Cook; U K- Chancy, Stella; Ferdinand
4 r
11 1
- -- 'r""""' il'"-ijm m"r"" 7'''-,""7rgrTv ''"''''''"'
. 1 ' ' ...... .
. About Schlitz . beer. He knows the
importance of purity.
j Tell him that Schlitz beer isvaged for
months before it is .marketed aged in glass
enameled steel tanks. lie will savthat it
hi? f1(M!T
M i I
Chick, Hastings) W. W. Duncan, Beatrice;.
Crawford Galloway, Fremont; Henry Har
ney, Ponoa; War Hutchlna, Falls . City;
John Hemphill, Valparaiso; Chris E. Jen
sen. Nelson: John Kuhn, Pender; Fred
Leffert, West Point; J. J. McCarthy. Key
stone; John F. Piper. Lyons; James H.
Paul, Ashland: Harry H. Pugh, Lincoln;
Wm. J. Pryor, Stanton; Oeorge Stringer,
Wayne: Oeorge Schwab, sr.. Clay Center;
W. W. Scam mon. Auburn; Charles
Thomas, Omaha: F. D. Wead. Omaha; B.
C. Tont, Brock. Alternates Oscar R.
Thompson, Wlsner; Charlea Nesbit, Tcka
mah; J. P. Lamberaon. Fremont; Arthur
Blackstone, Craig: William Downing,
David City;' John W. Helmann, Hastings;
C. C. Lyon, Grant.-
The petit Jury Is as follows: Bert An
drew, Crete; F. O. Aaron, Tecumeeh; W.
M. Alden, Hyannls; Wilson T. Brltton,
Bloomlngton; Oscar Bring, Thurston; Jacob
Brown, Pawnee; Peter Burger, Jullen;
Frank B. Buckwalter, Homer; Clay Balrd,
Dundee; Henry Bryan, Decatur; ' V. W.
Chapman, Bellevue; Wm. M. Clay. Spring
view; Leon Crandall, Lincoln; Samuel Dod
den. Loup 'City; J. E. C. Fisher, Beatrice;
A. J. Furgeson, Wayne; Harry E. Grout,
Bart let t; B. F. Orlffln, Tekamah; E. L.
Howe. South Omaha. Twenty-fourth and H
streets; W. H. Hober, Fulierton; L. C.
Johnson, Seward; James W. Johnson, Loup
City; Adolph Kork. West Point; C. T. Mar
qulm, Peru; W. J. Marsh, Bloomlngton; J.
L. Marshall, Douglas James Mllliken, Fre
mont; Lott C. Morris,' Berwyn; George W,
Medium, Nebraska City; Grant Oyler,
Wilbur; J. W. Porter, Central City; C. H.
Rudge, Lincoln; Lewis Stells, sr., Scrlb
ner: John Sawyer, Pawnee City; Simon
Baylor, Falls City; William P. Severs, Pal
myra; T. B. Scott, South Omaha, .Twenty
first and O streets; R. M. Trumbull, Hll
dredth: Orssmus F. Turner, Fremont; Ed
ward WUdy, Hemingiora.
Case for Trial at Uneoln.
Following 1 th list of cases noticed for
trial at the October term of the federal
court to begin at Lincoln, Tuesday, Oc
tober . 1908: ,
Circuit Court Cases-J. Wlllard Smith
against Gustavo H. Dietrich; law. Adel
bert D. Little against The Advance
Thresher Company; damagea. Watklns G.
Powell et al against Gould A Mil-
ler et . al; law. Welkin U. Powell ef
Why ,
5ymp of fis
the- b est family laxative
It Is pore. , '
It is gentle.
It is pleasant. v
It Is efficacious.
It is not expensive.
It is good for children.
It is excellent for ladies.
It is convenient for business men. '
It is perfectly safe tinder all circumstances.
It is used by millions of families the world over.
It stands highest, as a laxative, with physicians. '
If you use it you have the best laxative the
world produces.
Phone 918
Jos. Schiltj Brewing- Co.
719 So. 9th St., Omaha
wau tee Fa
al against S. D. Gould; law. - John L.
Webster and .Josephine L. Webster
against Mutual Reserve Life Insuranoe
company; law. ' Ferdinand ' Belberman
against Northwestern State Bank; law.
Ike Schlank against William J. Lcmp
Brewing Company; damages. Annie V.
Metcalf against Mutual Reserve Life In
surance Company: suit on Insurance policy.
Annie V. Metcalf, executrix, against Mu
tual Reserve Life Insurance Company; suit
on Insurance policy. Addle J. Baker
against Herman F. Bchaden; damugea.
Pearl A- Welshans against Aetna LWe In
surance Company; suit on Insurance pol
icy. Plattsmouth Water Company against
City of Plattsmouth; Injunction; Union Pa
cific Railroad Company against County of
Lincoln, Neb.; Injunction. Commercial In
vestment Company against Michael H. Mc
Carthy et al.; suit to quirt title. James 8.
Morrison against William McClelland et
al.; foreclosure. James S. Morrison against
R. D. Anderson; suit for specific per
formance. District Court The MacMIIIan Company
et al. against H. W. Brown Drug and
Book Company: suit in bankruptcy. Oage
Bros. A Co. et al. against Mrs. Lillian
Chapman-Anderson; suit In bankruptcy.
Tries, to Hold l YOaasr Woman
Passenger for Fear
. Dollars.
Early Sunday morning Mabel Kennedy,
a school teacher from Oklahoma, on her
way (o Chamberlain. 8. D., where she Is
a teacher In an Indian school, arrived fn
Omaha, and as the cars were not running,
called a carriage driven by Fred Moore of
1111 Pacific street to convey her to a hotel
a few blocks away. Upon arriving at the
hotel Moor charged bar 14 for the trip
and when she refused to pay the exorbi
tant charge a quarrel ensued and Moore
was locked up by Officer Hall. Monday
morning in polio court he waa discharged
after being given a sound lecture by Judge
Crawford, as Mis Kennedy could not re
main n Omaha to appear against him.
Its component parts are all wholesome.
It acts gently without unpleasant after-effects.
It is wholly free from objectionable substances.
. It contains the laxative principles of plants.
It contains the carminative principles of plants.
It contains wholesome aromatic liquids which ara
agreeable and refreshing to the taste.
All are pure. '
All are delicately blended.
All are skillfully and scientifically compounded.
Its value is due to our method of manufacture
and to the originality and simplicity of the
To get its beneficial effects -buy the genuine.
Manufactured by
(aufqrnia Bq Syrvp(9
LsijUvllle, Ky. Maw York. ti. T.
roB MM BT All It AVISO DMuoeun
County Attorney Applies for CffloorU Eit
la Coal Trait Hearintv '.
If Plea Is Granted Evidene Will
Begin a. Boo. a. Possible,
Criminal Cae Coa
In- an Two.
The appointment of a referee to take
testimony and report on conclusions of
fact and law in the coal trust injunction
case is asksd In 4 'motion filed Monday
morning by County Attorney Slabaugh.
The defendants In th caae will be glv.n
an opportunity to file any objeotlon thsy
may hav. to the appointment of a referee
and th hearing on th motion will 6
held before Judgt Troup Saturday 'morn
ing. ' " :,. .
If th motion ia'graiM,!) th hearing ot
evidence will begin aa umiii -as possible
and It Is probabi th UJtli g of testimony
In th criminal ease before; the grand Jury
and In the equity can. rvll be conducted
at the sama time, though th two hear
ings cannot be held together. After wit
nesses have been before the grand. Jury
they will be sent 10 thf jeferee to 'retail
their evidence.
Unlley PewUs Stale-meat.
DALLAS "ex.. Sr-pt. 24. United States
Senator Joseph W. Bailey, who Is expect.d
In Dallas tonight or Tuesday morning, haa
promtetd to give out a statement recardlna
hi alleged connection with th Water
Pierce Oli company.