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THE Oil All A DAILY DEE: MONDAY, AU0U8T 27, 1900.
returning, saying ther mtf be wounded
persona in there. The premier's fs v. a
bespattered with Ink. thrown there by the
fore of the explosion."
M. Stolypta la greatly grieved at the death
of th old bail porter, who had eerved th
ministry of tbo Intarlor for forty 'year.
In the evening Madam Stdlypln went tn
St. Petersburg aboirrd small government
It appear ht tha assassins were well
supplied with funda. They paid 1128 In
advanoe for th room a they engaged- B
for leading them they disguised them
selves ud mad th house porter drunk.
EiIiUii a TerrlE One.
Th extraordinary power of th xploslon
may be Judged by th fact that house on
th opposite aloe of th rivet Neva, wer
shaken and window broken.
A painful Mature of the tragedy waa th
delay in eurln; medical atd for th In
Jured. Over an hour elapsed befor an
mbulanc arrived.
M. Btolypln on thought was for his
daughter, and h kept exclaiming: "For
Ood'a sake fetch doctor for my popr
It waa fully half an hour before ft be
ginning was made, systematically, to clear
th wreckage, during which th Injured
suffered agon tee. At dusk torch were
lighted, and by th Aitful light from the
th work . was continued and th wafls
were eupporud up with strong beams.
Many tree in the avenue were blown
'down by the force of th explosion and
th aspect of the house's grounds waa one
of complete desolation. Parts of human
bodies wer thrown 4 great distance. An
officer chanced to. .knock against a small
tree and a bloody, duet-covered hand that
had lodged among the branches fell at his
Inquiry at the Calmyer hospital today
elicited th Statement that Premier Btoty-
' pin's daughter waa still alive, but that her
oondltion was critical, and It waa reared
gangrene would set In. She Is under the
oaf of the famous surgeon. Dr. PavlofT.
M. Btolypln ha received touching tele
grams Of sympathy from the grand dukea,
grand duchesses, former Premier Wltte
nd other personage.
Mil, Btoylpla .1 On f seven daughter
Of tKe irml TliA mrmtaAmA Raw la fcla
only eon. Mm. Btolypln, who waa driving
t th tire of the explosion, la constantly
' at th bedside of her daughter.
M. Itolypln removed last night to his
town restdenoe in Morefcala street, which
Is almost heat door to th house where the
assassins had their lodgings. The premier
. frequently visits th latter house, which Is
th property at Princess Meatohersky, and
la devoted to' furnished rooms of th hlgti
at oless. , . '
Th AsstTclatsd Press representative re
visited th wrecked villa, today and found
firanila tearing away th shattered walls.
An imposing tore - of police kept alt
corner, vn high officer, at a distance
from th rllla. .i7-i i
Dlerracfml Seeae st Hospital.
At th hospital of St Peter and St. Paul
ther waa a disgraceful scramble of thou
sands of eurloslty seekers around the man
gled remain of twenty-elx of the victims of
th explosltlon, which-had lain exposed on
th In th hospital yard th whole of
last night and today and which were still
there at I o'olook this evening. Society
x women fought and Jostled street laborer
and peasant for a chano tfl view th
children of tender years.
i nougn uosens oi suspctea revolutionists
were gathered tn today tn the hospital, no
Important arrests have ' been chronicled.
. The polio hav been unsuccessful tn get-
vi vii rw irev vi aw conspiracy,
beyond etablUhlng. from the test of the
death Matene found on th body of on
of th ad assassins' that Xhe band be
longed to th Maxlmlats, better known as
the "Flytagf Group" of to social revolu.
, tlonlate. This group la thua designated be
cause It operat on an unfixed base. It
' bas been responsible for most of the recent
assassinations, not having accepted the die
turn of th larger 'fighting organisation" of
the aolctal revolutionists to discontinue ac
tivity during" the session of parliament.
Among Us members, who do not exceed a
few hundreds, were Mil. Spirldonovo, who
' shot at Chief of th Secret Police Lushen-
; offsky at Tambov;. Mil. Barbara Prints,
who committed suicld after the prematura
explosion of a bomb intended for Governor
nnrl Kaulbars; .th slayer of General
Koslov, of th headquarters staff, who wa
murdered In the park at Peterhof July It,
and BelenaolT, the principal of the great
Moscow hank robbery. . The group la
financed , largely with the proceeds of the
Credit Mutual bank robbery. A peculiarity
of Its working la that It decrees are never
executed by residents of the same city In
which the victim lives, but are drafted
from other localities, which diminishes the
chance of police detection. -
Talk of Dictatorship. ,
Talk of a military dictatorship la again In
th air. According to a report current a
meeting of the camarilla discussed the
uettoa tonight at ' Peterhof and a ma
jority waa tn favor of such a step. Grand
Duke Nicholas Ntcholalevttch, who had
' juot returned from calling on Premier
Btolypln, waa especially in favor of the
plan. It la said that after th meeting
Grand Duke Nicholas and others of the
grand dukee went to the emperor to do
.' mend hi authorisation, but up to the pres
ent moment thla has not been receelved.
.adea jConasaeat.
Petersburg to the newspapers this morning
Supply .some further details concerning the
attempt oa the Itf or th Russian premier
M. Btolypln. ilt is stated that the men
- who threw or dropped the bomb wa
- named Moroaoff, and that he waa a native
of ftyasan province. Among th killed
i were nearly all the agent of the secret
polio In the, house. Including four women
; detective. Several person wer warned
. beforehand that an attempt on the life of
, the premier would be made. Mm. Davtd-
off, wif of th court chamberlain
who waa killed, aay that her husband
; not go where, you intend going." Another
., official' named Weensky received a aimtlar
: warning. He feigned Illness and thua
i escaped. '
, Bom of. .th aoaount suggest that th
explosion waa prematura and that there
' fore ye esrap of the premier was dut to
tha fact that the assassins were partly In
toxicated. All th newspaper comment upon ths
apparent Indifference of th Russian pub
lic now with regard to saoh outrage, say.
'Ing that It la either because their fro
'ftuency eagtadert oAlousnees or because of
sympathy with th revolutionist.
An Interesting story of told of M. Stoly.
fn. When he wa govsrnor of Qarato
-th aupertntendent polio thor waa b-
Used by
Ing attaoked by a mob for carrying out j
order that aroused their resentment.
Btolypln, seeing what waa happening,
rushed up between th superintendent and
the angry crowd, exclaiming: "If you
Want to kill th responsible official It la I.
Tha superintendent I but doing bla duty
by executing my ordera. Ha had no
choice but to carry them out. It wan I
alone who lea tied them, and her I am."
Th crowd aurprieed. at Stolypln'a cour
age, silently slunk away.
Th Dally Telegraph' St. Petersburg cor.
renpondent, commenting on th outrage,
"No political reforms can hal the pres
ent moral gangren which I eating away
th aoul of the nation. Political motive
play hardly any part In th epidemic of
loathsome crimes. The Ideas of right and
wrong are wholly perferted. Bestiality
and humanity are now struggling for th
upper hand and th chancen ar on the
aid of bestiality. If the constitutional
democrat wer in power tomorrow, th
epidemic bf crime would continue, tor the
atruggle 1 not between thla party or that.
but between rascaldom and men of law
and prder."
Ofrl Drop flssnb. '
ODESSA, Aug. St. Lt Saturday vn-
Ing a girl dropped a bomb in th Nicholas
boulevard, fifty pace from th palac of
Governor Laulbar. There wa a deafening
detonation and a wild stampede of the
promenader. " No on waa injured except
th gtrt, who dropped th bomb. Her hand
wag shattered.
It Is supposed th bomb accidentally fell
from her hand befor ah had reached the
entrance of th pala. Sh and another
girl and a university student who was ac
companying them, were arrested.
Explosives la Roeaa. '
HAMBURG. Aug. M.A search of th
room occupied by a young Russian, who
Wa arrested her, today, disclosed quanti
ties of explosives, a number of revolvers
and bills of lading for shipment of a mu
nition and explosive to Russian Baltlo
Deplore Bomb Outrage.
PARIS, Aug. 28. Most of th newspaper
today deplor and criticise In the severest
term th bomb outrage at tha residence of
the Russian premier, M. Btolypln, last
Saturday and agree that it will act only
a a setback to th causs of reform. The
aociallatio organs, however, aeek to palliate
(he offense by oontendlng that the govern
ment had exasperated the revolutionists by
constant bad faith, trickery and brutal act.
. Th Tamps In an editorial aay:
Th universal reprobation which thee po
litical crime arouse Is increased by th
fact that Premier Stoylpin cannot be called
either an uncompromising reactionary or a
bloodthirsty bureaucrat. We always con
sidered that It was with remarkable good
faith that he devoted himself to what he
believed was for the good of Russia,
though he may hav been mistaken In the
means he chose. It Is to be feared that a
military dictatorship pure and simple will
follow Stolypln's timid liberalism, but If
that statesman wishes a fine lesson from
the misfortune path before him let him
work out, as qulokly as possible, a system
of constitutional legality, thus replying by
a noble geature to the odloua act of which
he la the victim and spare the country fur
ther of these reprehensible deed and use
less cruelties.
- TTJDOOKA. Russia, Aug. ' k.-After a
meeting or workmen today whloh was ad
dressed by' Ex-member ' bf Parliament
Mlchalchenko, shots wer Brad. Thla re
sulted In an encounter between the work
men and Cossacks and polio, th latter
firing nine volley, whloh killed eight per
son and wounded thirty-three.
(Continued from First Page.)
but h not only had a perfect right, but It
was hi duty to vet if that waa hi Judg
ment. No aelf respecting mfn would con
sent to hold a seat la congress if h could
not so vote; but I mention It to show that
If w endorse th party and what congress
has 'done as we must and then apply hi
rule, h win hsv to be endorsed less cordi
ally' than hi party.
"And so I might go on Indefinitely asking
and answering many other similar Ques
tions, but I forbear until the convention
when. If I have the opportunity, I will be
glad to go fully Into the subject for th
benefit of all who may be sufficiently con
cerned to listen,' if there are any such."
Flcares Branch Back to Hick Plae
by Week's Werlt oa Diamond.
Th Omaha batters and fielders set
brake last week, sanded the rail and
stopped the slide In a most effectual way.
The figures for ths season ware pushed
back to a most respectable showing, and
ths prospect Is that they will stay about
where they are for the rest of the year.
It Is a etneh that the Rourke family will
capture the only honor there I left In the
Weatern league race, that of second place.
The feature of the week waa th work of
Autrey, the new right fielder, who boosted
his hitting up among the high boys and
who still persists In taking evory chanc
that cornea hla way. He Is surely th
goods. Joe Dolan' name Is still aft th top
of th batting- list, but Welch, Perrfng and
Autrey are not so fur away, and all of
ths rest of th bunch ar clouting the ball
t a rate that I good to ee. The record
for the season, including : th Saturday
game, is:
Gms. AR. R. H. At LW
rolan ....
Welch ....
Perrlng ..
Bsssey ...
Bender, ..
Runkl ...
Howard . .
Gor.dlng .
Autrey ...
Bander ,,
S7 MS 44 . 110
... a
... ti
... S4
... 17
... 13
... U
... It
... IB
T7 12
81 11
.21 .
78 111
i,i4i 47 174 .re
' .366
O. A. EL T. C. Av. L.W.
. It 6 0 24 1.000 1.000
,, It T 1 . 1 . .tm
. t7T is ii tit .s7 .an
, 6 H II M .Ml ....
t a I t .9d7 .
, 131 II. W i ,& .S84
4 W t 67 .47 .tot
. tlO . U 14 4T .HI M
, im sti n m .11 .m
, txl lit 17 m . ' .
, XVI .lit IT 4M .14 J
6 K U .M Ml
. 127 104 11 2U .114 .lit
iw uiot ta Tag JKt 7t
Gooding ...
Bender ....
MoNeeley .
Basaey .....
Perrlng ...
Runkle ....
Howard 1 ...
Corns ......
Total ...
Iowa Leagse Recall.
MARSHALI.TOWN, la., Aug. 2.-Spa-clai.)
Following are the result la Lbs
Iowa league:
Msrshalltown, I; Waterloo, 1. '
Oskaloosa,. 1; Keekuk, 0. Ten Innings,
Fort Dodg. ti CUbton, 0; Port Dodg. Ill
Clinton, t.
Burlington. 16; Ottamwa, 11; tea innings.
Heaar Bvea at Clarke.
CLARK S. Neb.. Aug. M. (BpeotsJ Tat
gram -Clark and Central City clayed a
aeubl header on the noma grounds break
ing eveck Moore, first gam: It to I la
favor Clerks; second game, f t I In favor
Cantral City. Batteries: Clarke, Boyd
ston and Smith; Central City, FaloiMisr.
Koaibriuk aad Hera. -
Bsurttaar aa flrssi Islaasl'a Last.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. Aug. HOraiid
Island woa lu alitb auooeaalv gam frum
Hasting today. Soor;
R H. F-.
Grand Island. I 1 0 0 0 0 0 10 I
Hastliig 0 0 0 0 0 t 0 0 I I 4
Batteries: Wslsh aad Tewaaend; Raagg
aad Potest.
Tfcraa t tee awe.
At Cedar Rapid Cedar Rapids, t; Peoria
L Cadar RaiJda 14. Proria. A
At (tpiingfleld 8prlnaleld-Deeatur gam
ptp-nd; wet grounds
At Kock Island iiioomlngtoa, I: Rock
Island. A Second gam. Bloomlngton. 4;
Rook Ialaad. 1
Starilac SUvsr Freaaar, SKA aad Dadg.
Boki Tati Doublehaarlet from EaWl
Indians Without Trouble.
Geta raws Hit la the Basse,
Two of Whisk Ar Daables
Today ts far the
Archie Btlmmell and Clarenc Minor got
their' at Vinton street park yesterday
afternoon before a crowd of about I. too
fans who enjoyed th cool August hreeses
while Omaha took two game from th
Pueblo Indiana, th first by th cor of
I to I and th aecond T to t. Both gamra
war characterised by plenty of hitting on
both aide and furnished lota of Ufa and
fun for all. Lnch wa on hand with hi
Imbeclllc dedalona, but then Omaha haa
become need to such kings and 'twae much
as ever th fans took th trouble to rale a
Tennsman, th Omaha lad who I playing
flrst for Selee, mad hi professional debut
in Omaha In th first irimt, tsklng all the
f' llng chance whir' nm hi way, but
f ng down with the lck. Hill, another
r'crult of Selee'. played first for th Pueb
hv the second gam. ' H mad an error
and also failed to get a hit. '
Autrey wa th whdl work In th second
gam. He made three of Omaha' seven
run and connected with four safe hits,
two of which being two-ackera. That boy
I making himself th hit Of th year. H
la exceptionally fast on hi, feet, throw
well and connects with the ball. What
mor 1 wanted? In th absence of Bender
Long aent him to bat first In each game.
H failed to reach tint for an opener of
th first game, but mad a two-ackr In
th second, after being given a llf on a
dropped foul.
Paebs tltart Oat Fast.
Th Pueb Started th first . gam a
though they Intended to do thing to Mr.
McNeeley, scoring one In th Aral Inning
on two hit and another In th third on a
hit and fielder' choice,, togsthsr with a
serine. Btlmmell had the Colt going
some until the fourth Inning when th soor
wa evened up and gone on better. After
Perrlng had flown out to Meloholr, Weloh
walked, a did alio Baasey. Runkle hit a
'safe on to right which scored Welch and
Gondlng beat out a bunt which aoored
Baasey, Long wa Johnny-on-the-epot
with another alngle whloh aoored Runkle.
making three runa en three htta and two
passes, in the alxth Gondlng hit a high one
to Melcholr, too high for him to see and
Gondlng went to second, to be brought
home by Long' second hit of th gam.
. Omaha mad another In th eighth just
for good measure. Runkle reached first
when Bader Juggled his grounder and was
Cut Off at second when Gondlng fried to
Sacrifice. Gondlng rsached second on a
passed ball and came home on McNeeley'
second safe hit. McNeeley he-ld the Pucba
saf and no more than on hit was mad
in an Inning after the first.
Heavy Hlttta la leeea Oasaa
Th second gam wa characterised by
heavy hitting on both sides, Omaha mak
Ing eleven and Pueblo nine. . Omaha had
a comfortable lead until the ninth, when
two hit and a couple of errors put th
gam In danger, but Corn refused to soar
high enough for th Pueb to gat under,
and two game ware won by th Colts,
Selee' men mad three run la th first
Inning and many a fan thought It waa all
day with th second gam.. Cook walked,
wa sacrificed to second and cams horn
oh Bader' single.. Bader' was taught at
second on .Melcholr' grounder Ana Elwert
brought him homo with homer over th
light field fence
Autrey started things right - for the
Rourke family with a double, and after
Howard and Perrlng were out Welch ont
him horn by a alngle to left. Welch la
getting so he hit In other part of the
field than right. Mr. Baasey sent Welch
on homo with a ntc three-sacker on which
he copped a pair of shoes, but hs died on
third as Runkle flew out to Melcholr.
Omaha forged one to the for In th sec
ond. Gondlng singled and- Long walked.
Corn tried to aacrlflca aad Gondlng was
eaught at third. Long cored on Autrey"
two-aacker, and Corn waa nipped at th
plate when Howard hit to the pitcher. Au
trey and Howard negotiated 'a double ateal
on which th miner from Webb City
Osiaks Oae 4 Froat
Omaha went nloely to th front In th
sixth Inning by a swatfest. Runkl doubled
and Gondlng popped out to Fisk. Long
went down from Flsk to Hill and Coma
walked. Her again waa Autrey the right
man In the right place for he hit a- nice
alngle which scored Runkl. Howard waa
passed and Psrrlng's double scored Autrey.
That waa all tor Omaha, but th Pub
began to' get treublesom In th eighth
Inning and did not stop until th last man
Wa out In th ninth.
Meloholr singled In th tghth, want t
aecond on Elwert'a out and acored when
Howard let Hill' grounder through him.
In the ninth Rennlker led off with a alngle
and died at aecond whan Minor tried to
aacrlfloe. Cook hit aafe and Minor want
to third when Welch let th ball roll on
by him. MoGUvray hit to Howard, who let
Minor acor and caught th lengthy fielder
at first Badsr hit en which - Rinnan
long lld net handle, letting Ck rom
horns and making th Pueb' alt, w.hil
Omaha had seven.. Melcholr hit an easy
on to Howard and Omaha had won a
Today will be ladle' day, and a tha aea
aon I drawing to a eloa th woman proba
bly will turn out la full foroo t Pa'
Colt cavort.
Th aeeret
First gams i
AB . R. - H. POt i A.
Autrey, rf
Howard, 2b
Perrln SK .
! i
Welch, ef
Hassey, If
huukle, lb
Gondlng, .,,..
Ins, es
MoNeeley, p...
::::::: 1
Total 6 10 u t
AB. R. TL PO.' A. E.
cok. if , t i i i o i
If 4 1 1 o g
ray. of 1 1 0 1 . I I
,::::r::::S i M;?-l
, 4 0 11 V
aan, lb 4 0 7 10
Mcuuvrar, pi ka ., i
Flake, sa 4 0 1 1,4 . 0
Rsnnlcker, cf 4 0 1 4 I 0
ciTimmeii, p
... I 0 0 0 0 1
Miner .
Totals 14 1 1 M U "
Ratted for sTtlmmell la the ninth.
V."'.".v.'.'.":'.4 o ! . 1 J 1 iiJ
Run. . 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-1
Hlta I 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 0-i
Two-bass hits: Goading. Cook. Three
be ee hit! MoGUvray. Pasaed ball: Ren
nluker. Struck out: By McNeeley. I; by
Stimmei, 1. Flrat bae oa ball: Off gtlm
mel, L Stolen besea: Badsr, 1 Double
playa: Bader to Flak to Tonneman: lie.
OUvray to Rennlcker. Left on bases:
Omaha, I: Pueblo, T. Saerlfic hit: Mo
GUvray, Bader, Autrey.. Time: 1:M. At.
tendance: Isuo. Usaptre: Lynch.
Second gam: 4
AB. R.' H. PO. A. E.
Autrey. rf 6 1 4 0 0 0
Howard, fb... 4 0 t t J
Perrlng. lb 6 0 1110
Welch, ef I 1 1 0 1
Baseey. If .............. 10 110 0
Runkle, lb........ 4 1 1 11 0 0
Csoadlaat, ... 4 - i '-
Long, aa
Corn, p
Totals M 1 11 II U 4
an sl H. PO. A. K.
Cook. If 4 I I I 0
MoUlivray, of i i
Hader, lb 4 1 1 1
Melcholr, rf alls
k;iwert, lb i I 1 1 I f
Kill. rlb f f
risks, e 4 I I
nennloker, e 4 1 I i ?
Minor, p 4ift4i
Total V..'.. .. 1 1 i U 1
Hill out on Infield hit.
Rune ..........I I I M M I -I
Hits - 1 0 1 0 I t-U
Runs 10 001 -4
Hits 1 I 1 I I I 1 1 t-l
Twtf-bas hits: Autrey (2), Perrlng, Run
kle. Three-base hit: Bassey. Home run:
Klwert. First base on bails: Oil Corns, t;
ort Minor, I. Struck dut: By Corns, 6 by
HI no a l. Lett on bases: Omaha, li
i'ueoio, 7. attoien bases: Elwert, Autrey,
Howard. Sacrifice bits: Bnsser, Mc
Unvray, Melcholr. Time: 1:40. Umpire;
neailt'e He Haa wiaa.
SIOUX CITT. la.. Aua-. M-Slouz City
won from Lincoln today In a fast snappy
gam, by a score of 4 to I. In the last halt
Of th eighth with the acor a tl. Nobllt
walts4 up to bat, smashed out a hum
run and won th gam. By using two
pitcher against Corbett, Lincoln managed
to keep the boa honor about evenly divided.
AH. R. H. P.O. A. &
rmthn. if k t i o i
Bheehaa, lb.. ...... .1 ..4 t I I J
Nobllt, cf Xl 1 I X 5
Weed, tb i It 1
Newton, a i 10 110
William, lb M.. 1 i I 0 0
CVeeu. ih ...1 0 0 0
Hess, 0 , .4 0 I t 1
Heater, rf I 11 0 6 0
Corbett, p I 6 10 4 1
Total tl I 11 17 11
AB. R. H. P.6. A. B.
Vetchem. 4 1 1 0 0
Collin, rf ..I 0 0 0 1 0
Holme :....l 0 0 0 0
Qulllln, tb ......i.l 1 10 I 0
Fenlon. If x I a
Thomas, If ... 4 0 16 10
Oagnler, ss.. ......I 1 t 1
Barton, lb...., 4 1 1 I I 0
nt :::::::::;:::;::! I I !
ill I I
Total tl I 10 M I 4
Batted for Collin In ninth.
sioux city 1S5!!?J
Uncoln 0 IHMW
Darned Run: Sioux City, t; Ltnooln, t
Horn run: Nobllt. Two-baa hltai Shee-
7 In'four innlnga, off Eyler, 4 in five Inninga.
tft nn hues. Sinus City. 101 Lincoln. 10.
Stolen baaes: Campbell, weea. aacnnos
hits: Bheehan, Nobllt, cwnins. eases on
balls: Off Corbett, 4; off McKay. I: off
Eyler, V Hit 'by pitched ball: Corbett.
Struck out: By Corbett. 4; by McKay, I;
Time: 1:40. Umpire: Davis. Attendance: MOO.
. Ckasaps Take Two.
nm moiniu. is.. Aus-. 2. Ths Dee
Moinea Champs took both game of a
double-header from Denver today. The
first was a shut-out until tn sixtn inning",
when both team scored one. In the eighth
an erme nut dentte on first. ' H went to
third on Bchlpke single and scored on a
long fly to right, winning the game, I to L
In the aecond game both teama scored
one In the firsthand a pair of singles, a
stolen bas and Qlllen's error gave Denver
one more In the second. In the first naif
of the fifth Denver batted In two more,
rA the rhlmn nmi back With three.
tying the score. Denver was unable to
ecore aeraln. but a calr of boots and
Wolfe's three-sacker scored three more for
the. Champs In the eighth, ucotte anowea
but three lilts, one of them, a scratch In
the first game. It was announced today
that be had been soia to ueirou.
'.-' . . AB. R. H. PO. A. B,
Schlpke. tb 4 1 11
n'tenrv. 1 0 0 I 1 I
Welday, ct 4 J 1 0 0
Andreas, lb. I ' 0 , 0 II I I
Hoirriever, rf 10 1 t 0 0
Glllen, If 1 0 0 0 0 1
Magoon. lb t 0 I I I I
Wolfe, e ...k.....w..u.i. t 0 I I
CloottvP t ' 1 0
Totals.. ......i..J.-. t 7..rr-i7 -4
- . - DENVER.
. . AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
McHale. lb I 0 1 6 0 4
R. Smith, M......V.... 4 0 1111
Randall. rf, v.. i 1 6 0 0
Russell, cf t 0 0 I .0 0
Zalusky, c ' i i f
Reddlok, lb - 4.0 0 I t
rinnuhue. 3b 4 0 0 II
Belden. If 4 v0 ' 0 ' I 1 0
Wright, p i i I 0 0 0 1 0
Total .....a 1 i i i
De Moinea, .;,...0 0001901 I
Denver 0 0000100 0-1
Stolen bases: McHale (1). Two-baa
bit: Wolf. Double play: O Leary to Ma
goon to Andreas. First bas on ball: Off
Uiooue, a eiruuA vui. ,w.v, ,
Wrlaht. t. Paseed ball: Wolfe. Timel
1:40. "Umpire: Edinger. Attendance: t,M.
Score, aecond game:
AR:- R. H. PO. A. B.
Bhlpke. lb ..
O'Leary. a
Welday, cf .
Andreas, lb .
Hogrieveri rf
Gllleti, If ....
VletfTtAn. lb .
. i t o t l l
4 1 1 0 i 0
4 0 1110
4 1 1 It .0 0
...77... i i i i t o
,-.-. o o i . o i
4 1.114 1
a i i a t l
' woue, o ....
(Illler, p ....
1110 I
7 M n '14
A B. R. H. PO. A.
McHal.' ib...r..... I J f
T. Smith, sa ' 4 0 1 II
Randall, rf
Russell, ct .
Zalueky, e .
Rauldlrk. Ib
bonahu. lib
Belden, II .
Btecker, p ..
weigart ...
Total 16 4 I 14 11 I
TimttmA far Rtarkar In ninth.
Los seoinrs ........4 ; I I I I I Z . i
Denver ......1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 04
Stolen bases: Donahue, Magoon, Wolfe.
Three-base hita: 'Welday. .Wolfe. Flrat
ba wi ball; C Stvkr, 2;. C3, 1.
Struck out: By MUler. 6; by Btecker, .
Wild pltchce:- Sleeker, 1; Miller, L Time:.
1:46. Umpire: Edinger. Attendance: 4.4U).
Itaadlac at tha Tsasss.
De Molne 116
rw,hi Ill
ti U .711
M M .ill
14 40 .474
M 41 .491
62 , 41 .41)
41 Tl .14
Liocoln H4
lnver '
aimnc (Tit-r Ill
Pu.kln 114
Game today: Pueblo at Omaha, Denver
at De Molne, Uncoln at Bioua City.
tseit Wkal Her Haibasl WasU Say.
A MicrtT woman tried Poetum Pood Coffee
bees use ordinary coffee disagreed with her
and her husband. . She writes:
, "My husbsnd was sick for three years
with eatsrrh of ths bladdsr. aad pal pit a
tinn of the heart, caused by coffee. Wa
unable to work at all and l; bed part ef
the time.
"I had stomach troubls, was weak and
fretful aa I could not attend to my house
work both of be using ooffee all th time
aad aot realising It was harmful.
"One morning th grocer's wife said ah
believed eotTe waa th cause f our
trouble and advised Poetum. I took It
hama .rather dubious about what mr hus
bsnd wuld ssy h wa fond of ooffa.
' "But t took ooffe right eft th table and
we haven't used a cup of it since. Tou
Should have aeon th Chang In us and now
my husband never complain of heart pal
pitation any mor. My stomach trouble
went awar la twa weeks after I began
Postum. My children love it aad It do
them good, whloh oaa't be aald ef coffee.
"A lady visited us who wa always half
sick. I told her r mak her a eup ef Poe
tum. She said It wa last el ess stuff, but
she watched me make It, bolting It thoro
ughly for It minutes, aad when dans she
said It was splendid. Lang boiling brings
out ths flavor and food aaaUtr." Name
given by Poetum Co., Battle, Creek. Mlon.
Read the little book. "The Road to
WenvUla.", u pttga Thar' a reesoa." .
Tajlof lllowt tbo Tailondn Only Font
Eita, All of Them fiiaglea,
Bad Wla tha Last Gasaa wtk Oaly
Oaa Hit OsT Asses, aa Error
Oeartac tk Oaly Raa
at tka Caatest.
CHICAGO, Aug. . -Chicago shut Boston
out, T to 0, today by batting Toung safely
eleven time. Taylor allowed Only four
singles, only two of th visitor reaching
second has. Bcor:
itnd.i t 6. a a.
Ule. ef.... I rin. tb.... 4 till
hekirt. It.. 4 11 Needhenh .. 4 1 f
eraaite, ft... t II t nt. ef.... I site
II .tee. ef.... I
Cheeoe. li .. 4 til I I H.r4, St., I 1 I 4 I
St.lnl.ut, Ik 4 4 1 aarnvs. Ib... I 4 I
Hormsa. ts... 4 I I i spencer, rf.. 114
kTen. lb.... I III aO'Nelll. lb... I I I 4
Mnrss. e 4 11
. e 4 1 I I S
Ooeee. If.... 1111
Tsrler, p.... 4 I I tteans. till
Teul M 11 IT 11 Tstels It 4 tt 14 I
Chicago 0 000101 1
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Left on bases: Chlcas-n. T: Boston. 1.
Three-base hit: Hofman. Home run:
Kvera Saorlfloe hlta: Shckard, Brown.
Stolen baa: Even, Dolan, Double playa:
Dolan to Howard to O'Neill: Moran to
Hofman. Struck out: By Taylor, 4. Flrat
baae on balls: Off Young, I. Wild pKchea:
Young, 1 Tim: 1:16. Umpire: Emilia
Red aad Olaata Divide.
CINCINNATI, Aug. M-Clneinnatl and
New York eeon won a game In the double,
header thla afternoon, slow fielding by
th local and th New York' timely hit
ting gave th first game to the visitors.
In the seoond game,, which waa limited to
aeven Innlnga, Amea held down the. Reds
to one hit. An error waa responsible for
the lone run scored by the locale. Out
fielder Shannon of the New York was
dangerously ill last night from something
hs ate. He left for the east tonight In
charge of the club physician. Score, first
Brows, rf... I I lltnoet. ef.... 4 114 1
lermear, at. 4 I 4 HumIos, Ik. I I 4 I 4
ItaTllS. Ik... I 111 Keller. It..,. I till
McOtns, lk.. 4. I 11 4 t Ji4e, rf 4 I 4
Dthlea, as... I 1 4 Letwrt, St.... I I I I I
uans. lb.... 4 114 4 Mowrr. Ik... 4 1111
feoeermaa. a 4 I I I 1 lokleV. I I I I I
Wllte. If.... I 1 tDeel. lb 4 4 4 4 4
MoQIsaltr,' S 4 1 1 t Hell, s 4 4 111
Tstsls It in 141 totals ..!..H "l it U 1
Nsw York 0 0040100 17
Cincinnati 0 I 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-6
Earned runa: Cincinnati, 1; New York,
4. Two-baee hlta: Schlel, Devlin, Strang.
Three-baee hit: McGann. Stolen baaasi
Kelley, Seymour, Strang, Wlltae, Lobert.
Saarttlo hit: Bchlel, McGann. Struck out:
By Hall, 6; by McGinnlty, I. Flret baae
on balla: Off Hall, . Hit by pitched
balla: By Hall, I; by MoGlnnlty, 1. Passed
ball: Schlel, Bowerman. Tim: 1:60.
Umpires: Carpenter and O'Day.
Score, seoond gam:
HugrlM, Ik.. I 4 4 4 Browm, rf... 114
Keller, If.... I 4 4 a.rmoar, ef.. I 114
Js4. rf I tit eDe-lln, tb... I 114
Snoot, ef.... It 4 I MrOena. lk., I 4 T 4 I
Lobert. M... 1 41 I Dthlea, as... I 1 I I 1
Mowrr,. as... 14 4 1 4 Strang, tb... 1111
L.lTtnston, . 1 I I 1 4Bonnn. e. I 1 I 1 I
Peal, lk I 4 14 a Wllte, It.... I I I II
Welster, ... I 1st Aaa s I 1 1
Totale .....It 111 I t Totals 1111111
Cincinnati 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
New York 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Ba orifice hltai Lobert, Strang. Btruck
out: By Welmer, I: by Amea, 1. First
base on balla: Off Welmer, 1; off Amea,
1. Timet 1:10. Umplree: O Day and Car
penter. Postpeaesl dasse.
At Bt. Loula-8t. Lbuls-Brooklyii (Na
tional league) gams postponed on account
of wet grounds.
Staadlaa af the Tearas.
Played. Won. Loat. pet.
Chicago ........... 118 17 tl .737
Nsw York 114 .71 41 .041
Plttsbura 114 78 41 .Ml
Philadelphia 116 , U 43 . .4M
Ptnnlnnetl 11
ol 7. .tilt
Brooklyn Ill U . .tl
St. Loul ....i....-Uj ( 44. ' 71 .171
Boston, .,w. ......... ill, ... - H .-$31
Gm today: Boston at Chicago. Brook
lyn at St. Ioula, New York at Cincinnati,
Philadelphia at Pittsburg.
Kansas City Only Able ta Cat One
Hit ana Loses. ,
KANSAS CITY. Mo., Aug. M.-The home
team could make but one hit oft Berger
and Columbus won, 7 to 1. Score:
AB.H.O.A.E. A B. HO. A. E.
Hleehaiaa, rf 1 1 4 tweldren, rf., I I I I
Coulter, If... f I 1 I MeBrlee. e.. 4 4 4 1
Flokertas. it. I I I I 4 P.rrla., lb.. I 1 I 1 I
Prlel, Ik..... I 4 I I I Hill, ef...... 4 4 114
KtbM. Ik.... I III IBwke. Ik.... I I I 4 I
Halrwltt, . 4 1 I 1 rrantt, lb., I I 14 I I
Wrljl.r. Ik., f 111 tCuoeay, If.. 4 141
Bran. 4 I I I Leebr, e II I I
Berfor. .... 4 11 Uiu, a I Mil
Totals ..:..W ll' I I Tetala M 1M 14 4
Berger out, hit by batted ball.
McBrida out, hit by batted ball.
Kansas City 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01
Columbus 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 t-f
Two-base hit: Ryan, Coulter. Base on
ball; Off Berger, (."Struck outi ' B?
Berger, 10; by Egan, 4. Left on bases:
Calumbus, t; Kansas City, I. Passed bail:
Leahy. Hit by pitched ball: Hinchman.
Wild pitch: Ean. Sacrifice hit: Hulawltt
Time: 1:06, Umpire: Kan.
Bvea Break at Mllwaakea.
MILWAUKEE, Wla., Aug. W.-ToledO and
Milwaukee broke even In a double-header
her thla afternoon, the local winning
th flrat by a aoora of t to I and loaing
the aecond, t to A Oberlln, after winning
the first, went into the boa for the second,
but was hit bard and retired In the llf th.
Pitcher Goodwin was sold to Washington
last night for 61,600. Score, first gams:
, AB.H.O.A.E. AB H O A.E.
Roklasoa. as. 4 I 4 I ! Cllsanaa, at 4 I I 1
Oram. rf.... 1 4 I IJ. CItrka If. 4 1 4 4
peusherty, It! I I 4 04w.ll, ef... 4 111
Btteuta, lb.. I I I I lOeauMt, rf... I I I I I
Both, e 14 11 tnriMser, -. I s I l
Clerk, Ik.... I 111 IKa.b., tk... I 4114
Hemphill. St. 4 t 1 IW. Clerks, lb 4 I I I I
MeCkeeser. HI I I I M'jkou, ... 4 111
Merer Ick. Ib 4 1 4 I e i henf,. f I I 4 1 1
(ibilia. ... 4 lit .ti. ... i 4114
Naae 1 I I
Totals H 14 17 14 I
Total .... M Mill I
Batted for Farrell In' ninth.
Toledo llliHHM
Milwaukse 1101001 -l
Hits: Off Chech In on Inning. I; oft
Farrell In seven Innings, 7. Two-base hit:
OdwelL Three-base hit: Abbott. Stolen
base: Kruegar, Odwell, Hemphill jl). First
bas on balls: Off Oberlln. t; off Ferrell, 1
Hit by pitched ball: Hemphill, MeCor
mlok, Kiueger. Struck out: By" Oberlln,
7; by Ferreil. 1. Doubl play: Ddwell to
Abbott- Saerlfic hit: MoCheeney. Left
oa bases: Milwaukee, 10; Toleuo, U. Time:
M. Umpires: Egan and Sullivan.
Score, seoond gams:
Cllaawea as I I I 4 4 Boblnsoa, ss. I I 1 I I
i. Cluhe, Villi B4iH, lk.. I 111
04 well, jot... I I 1 SBetemas. tl., I I I M
Pemesv rf... t I 1 1 SRotk. e 4 1114
aruosw. Ik. 4 1 1 I 4 Clerk. Ik.... 4 4 14
ksaoa Ib... I I I I 1 H.eiphlll. el. i 4 4 4
W. Clersa lb I 4 II 4 I Mockear. if 4 I t 4 4
Last, e 4 4 11 4 aeOorick. Ill I I H
Clieeh. t 141 looorlls. 1111
&eol. r.l I I I I
TeUla II 11 nut
Toula U I IT 14 I
Toledo 1 0 I 1 t 0 1-4
Milwaukee I IIIMllH
Hlta: Off Oberlln in flv Innlnga, t; off
Ooodwlh in four Inning, L Two-oas hit.'
Demont. Stolen bases: Damont, awruegef.
First baa on balls: Oft Oberlln. I; oil
Goodwin, I; off Chech, I. Hit by pitched
ball: Hemphill, Bevllle. Wild plush: Obel
tin. Btruok out: By Oberlln, I; by Checl,
1 Double piays: CUngma unassiated,
McCormlok to Robinson to Bevllle. lev
riflce hits: OdwelL Kaabe, W. Clarks.
Lett oa bases: Mllweuke. t; Toledo. 6.
Tim: l:4v. Umpire; Egan and Sullivan,
neaara Krea al Mlaaeapelle.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.. Aua. H. Honor
wer divided in a double-header todsy be
tween Loulsvtlls and Minneapolis. The vis
itors won the first by bunching hits and
lost ths second by poor work of the la
held. Score: First game:
la, rf... 4 111 IDsrla, ef I I I I
u, If . 4 I i 4 4 D. lull'ta. rf I 4 I I 4
,'tu, Ik 4 4 4 4 tOresileaer. Ill I I I
i, . i I I I I Hut, U 4 4 114
a. a
weor(, ef. i a a a a rmiui, la. 4 a i i i
SievelL lk... I 14 4 Itnlua. as., 4 114 1
new. s I I I 1 I res. tk 4 1 I 1 4
Qulnlaa, as. , I t I 4 I 1mi, a.... I 411
Pwunaaa. . I 1 I I ICAel'er, I 4 4 4 I
Teuls M I ITU 1 Touts .....111 ITU 4
Mlnneapolla 0 IO00000 O-1
Louiavilie 1 I 1 0 0 0 1 0-4
Twa-baae aitai gTbaw, Puttmaaa,
Aa airtight package of purity,
cornea In a Tetlrjr package. If rbu
win. 'Baerlflc hltk: Hallman. S. Bulllvan,
Qulnlsn, Puttmsnn. Stolen basee: Wood
ruff, Hallman. Base on ball: Off Putt
mann, 1; oft Cadwallader, 6. Struck out:
By Puttmann, T; by Cadwallader, 1. DoubU
plays: Brashear. Qulnlan to Btovall; Free
man, Graham to Freeman Left on bases:
Minneapolis, T: Louisville. 10. Time: 1:00.
L'mplre: Warden.. Boore, second game:
. . AB.H.O.A.E, ABHO Ak.
Parte, ef I I 1 4 Kerwln. rf... I 1114
t. tarves. Ill I M SHellus. If. I I 1
Omnlnin, Mill 1 4. iro. Ik 4 1111
Han. ii a i a a nnuir, ib. i i
rreeme. lk. I 4 II I I Wee4rafl. il. I I I I I
Orskam. ss.. t 4 t 4 I t an 1 1, lb... I ll I I
ret, IB 414 IBtener. e I I I I I
teaser, a till IQuinUn, aa... 4 1 1 t 1
KtlrrwS...t I 114 Elliott. .... 114 1
- Kens I I , I I
Totals N rail I -
Teull .....M 4 H IT 4
Batted for Elliott In th ninth.
Minneapolis I 0 0 t 0 0 0 4
Loulsvill , 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 t
Two-bse hit: Hallman. Stolen baaes:
Hallman, Stoner, Qulnlan. Sacrifice hlte: S.
Bulllvan (S), Elliott. Double plays: Foa to
Freemen: B. Sullivan to Btovall. Baaee on
ball: Oft Kllroy, 4; off. Elliott. 1 Struck
out: By Kllroy, ; by Elliott, I Wild
S Itches; Kllroy. Elliott. ' Hit by pitcher:
toner. 'Left on bases:" Minneapolis, 4;
Louisville, 7. Time: 1:60. Umpire: Warden,
. Bvea Break at St. Paal.
BT. PAUL. Minn.. Aug. at-at, Paul and
Indianapolis brok even on a double-header
today, the vlaltora taking th flrat after ten
Inning by a oor of I to l Bt. Paul mad
a Garrlaon finish In the eighth and ninth
Innlnga of the second game, winning out
by a soor of I to t. Scor first game:
Dunteavr. rt. 4 I I 1 oeter. ss I I I I
Atherton. lb.. 161 liusdn, lb... I 1 14 1 I
nimee. .... e 1 a IVmUnll, ef. I I 14
Carr, lb I I 11 I I Cor. If I 11-
Wllllssta as. 4 I I 4 4 Wheeler, lb . 4 114 4
rrr. If 4 111 tkterera, Ti... I 111
Meroen. Ib... 4 14 1 1 P44ea. Ik... I I I I I
Holme. e... I I I I 1 Drill, a I 144
Thlelsias, a.. I 1 1 I laoaebaagh, y I I I 4 1
total 14 t 49 14 I Totals ....' 11 14 11 I
St. Paul ....0 0 10001000-1
Indn polls ....... 0 0100 0 000 1-t
Two-base hit: Marcan, Drill. Stolen
bnsea: Paddsn, Geier, Holmea Doubl
a: Geler to Padden to Sugden. Bases on
: Off Rodebaugn, 4; off Thtelman, 4.
Hit by pitched ball: Van Zandt. Bugdftn,
Thlelman. Struck out: By Rodeoaugn. I;
by Thlelman, t. Bacrifloe hits: Drill, Bug.
den, Rodebaugh. - Left on bases: St. Paul,
10; Inllanapoila. 7. Tims: 1:16. Umpire:
Score second gams:
Oeter, sa I I 1 4 Dunlsery. if, I 1 I I I
lu(4B, lb... I 1 14 1 lAthortoa, tb. 4 1 4 I 1
VanZendu tl, 4 I 4 I 4 Hteies. el ... 4 114
Oor. If i 1 1 1 40. it. lb I I f I I
Wheeler, lb.. 4 I I IWIIIIama. ae. 4 I I I 1, rf... 1 II IPerrr. If..... 4 I 1 I
Pae4ea. tb... i 111 iMercaa, Ib... I 1111
Drill, ....... 4 I I I IHoIdms, ... I I T 1 I
Prsltt. p.,,.. 4. 1 I I lkellsei, 111
Tetsla II 11 T toula .....14 14I 11
One out when winning run scored.
Bt Paul 1 0 0 0000 4-0
IndianapolU ..........1 0004100 1-4
Two-bass hit: Coy. Home runs: Carr,
Vsn Zandt. Stolen bases: Dunleavy, Wil
liams. ' Bases oh balls: Off Kellum, I; off
AVruttt, I. Hlt by .pitched balir htarcan,
Atherton. Struck out: By Prultt, I; by
Kellum. t. Wild pitch: Ksllum. Sacrifice
hits;- Van Zandt -Wheeler, Left on bases;.
St. Paul, I; Indianapolis, I. Time: 1:00.
Umpire: Owens.
StAadtagr at Ike Teama.
Played. Won. Lot- Pet.
Columbu 1 71 61 .
Milwaukee UO 71 17 .62
Toledo m 48 U .641
MlnneApoll ........ 120 04 61" .612
Kansas City 128 64 64 .too
LOulsville J2 , S2 7 . .411
St. Paul Ill 17 70 .441
Indianapolis ........ 120 46 64 .148
Game tod: Oolumbua at Kansas City,
Toledo at Milwaukee, Indianapolis at 8U
Paul, Loulsvtlls at Minneapolis.
Iadlaa Las at Oleaweed.
OLENWOOD, la., Aug. (Special.)
The Haskell Indiana lost to Glenwood her
yesterday. Score:
Glenwood 6 0 0 0 1 4 0 1 t
Haskell Indians .... 100001010-4
Batteries: ' Glenwood, ' Connor and Mas
ter; Haskell Indiana, Hill and Baird. Um
pire: Deardorf. Attendance. 7U0.
' Cleats Slaja Seaaadl Baaesiaa.
CINCINNATI, ' Ohio, Aug. M -Ths New
York Nationals todsy signed Second Base
man Mullin of Uie Baltimore club. Mullln
will not report until next season.
In the 'American Uaaae,
' Games today: Chicago at Philadelphia,
St, Loula at New York, Cleveland at Boa
ton, Detroit at Washington. , . '
Nebraska Nates.
BEATRICE The W.' V. A. Dodds' farm
of 1A0 sere, located southwest of th city,
wa sold yeaterday to Mlsaourl parties for
146 per acre.
WTMORE-Leat evening a belt In th
lectrlc light plant at Blue Springs brok
and that oltv and this will be in darkness
until the necessary repairs ars made.
BEATRICE The Skldoos and Butterflies,
two ball teams from the Dempster factory,
played a game of ball Saturday evening
which was won by ths latter Score, 9
to 6. ,
NORTH PLATTE The Millard Clgsr
company has leaaed rooms In this city
and will open up a elgar factory here next
week. Thla will be two olgar factories for
North PlaUa ...,. . -.
' BEATRICE The Hoag Farmers' elevator
has been completed and will open for busi
ness .Monday. August IT, with William
Keefer as . manager, Ths elevator cost
4,OO0 and I of Ki.OuO bushels capacity.
BEATRICE Miss Mine Crangl of this
city died t Atlantic. Ia., following an
operation for appendrrllla. She was 16
year of ajr and th daughter of W, F.
Crangte. The remains were Interred here
WEST POINT Today rl-drdlcatory
ervlce were held In the Bt. Paul'x Ger
man Lutheran church. An organ recital
was given by Prof. Haas, of Seward. Tha
Interior decoration of the church I now
oomplete. .
GRANT) ISLAND Chairman Prince, ef
the republican central committee, haa
called a meeting of the committee for the
tlat lnat.. at which time the time for the
county convention for the aelectlon of can
didates (or tha legialature will be fixed.
CHADRON Cropa are so immense here
thle year It Is doubted If ail the streets of
Chadron will be large enough to abow earn,
plea. It having been decided to enow ibe
vegetable kingdom in the shsps of a street
fair to be held September 16 to H. Inclu
sive. t
BEATRICE Wlds Lash was assaulted
gnd quite badly Injured Saturday night by
Pearl Bates at ths close of a dance in the
Le Polderln block. Jealousy over a young
Woman with whom Bates has been keeping
company ia said ta have ' caused the
trouble. . ...
CHADRON A telegraphic dispatch re
ceived here announoe the death of Mar
Jorle Harmon of appendloltla at a hoaplial
at West Superior, Wis. Marjnrle was the
only child of Superintendent Frank A- Her
man, of th Chicago A Northweetera Kail
road Company.
BEATRICE Black Brother hav let th
contract (or enlarging tbelr elevator. The
capacity will be Increased from tO.OOt to
4I.U0U bushels. A new flums is also to be
constructed at thair flouring mill la this
city, and tb contract ha been let to Mr.
Burchard, of Iaacoln.
FULLERTON Th Fullerton Chautau
qua assembly opened last evening, with a
word of prayer offered by Rev. Cooper,
pastor of thjf First Presbyterian church
of this city. The opening concert was given
by tb Chautauqua oroneatra. after whloh
a grand eon sen wa given by the Haw
thorne M sal cat club of Boston.
TBCUMBIH Thla wa th last day ef
tb Nemaha Baptist association, which had
been ' la eeaalaa sine Thursday. Ia the
mnralng the pceaohara preseat wer -igoed
pulpits at tb dliXerent
bouquet flavor, economy. That' what
want th beat you mutt hT Trtlry't.
Wholesale Agents, Omaha,' '
and tonight a anion ervice wa held st
which the sermon was by Rev. H. Wil
liam. D. D.. of De Moinea, la., a general
NORTH PLATTE Th construction of
th North River line of tb Union PaclMo
railroad has been delayed for a coupl of
week on account of th Inability to get
ties snd the fact that a large aumbar of
foreign laborers have quit. The steel has
been laid on ths North Platte, river to a
point weat of Ogallala, or about to the
Lonergran creek.
WEST POINT-Bteuben lodge, No. 40, Sons
of Hermsn. .thla city, Installed the follow
ing officers last Friday svenlng: Past presi
dent, Peter Poelott; president Hermsn
Koch; vice president, Jean Psoherer: sec
retary, Hans Nlndsl; treasurer, EnMI Von
SAggern; conductor, Bernard Herman; In
side guard, Theodore Bchwartsi trustee,
three years, William Krekeel.
ST. PAUL A peculiar and fatal accident
occurred on the farm of Louie Buntyoh,
two mllea west of Far well, laat Sunday.
Joseph, the 16-year-old son, was found
dead, head flrat In tha water tank. It la
supposed that the boy went to drink out
of the supply pipe leading from the pump
to the tsnk, snd that, while In this -act,
the hest overpowered him. throwing him
upon hi head Into th water. In which
position he would quickly drown.
BEATRICE The Beatrice Com mills peo-
fle hsve let contracts for the building of
our elevators In this state, from which
they propose to obtain grain to be used
for the mills at this point. The exact loca
tion of tbe new elevators hss not been de
cided upon, but It Is the Intention -of the
men behind the move to have them built
In the best corn grewng sections In the
Mate. A Lincoln contractor will have
charge of the construction of the plants.
Namara, one of the most prominent women
of this oltv, the wife of the president of
the First Nstlonsl bank of North Platte,
died at Lincoln, at Bailey's Institute, from
valvular heart trouble last Tuesday and
the funeral rite war held at Fremont,
her former home, on Wednesdays A large
number of North Platte frlenda went from
here to Fremont ' to attend the funeral.
She left a husband and a 1-year-old daugh
ter. TECUMBEH Another aale of tloO per acre
land Is reported In Johnson county. Albert
VanlnnlngHam hs sold hi 140-scr farm,
flv miles east of Tecumseh, to Mrs, L. A.
Graf of Graf for 114.000. The land 1 situ
ated on the old Brownvllle trail In the very
richest part of the county and the Improve
ments are first class. But one farm In this
county ever brought a higher price, a place
nesr Cook having brought tl06 per acre.
However, there hav been other les as
HUMBOLDT Henry Albert. ' a well
known pioneer retired farmer residing In
the esst part of th city, went out to tha
barn to hitch up hla driving horae and In
some manner unknown was thrown down
while harnessing th animal and tramped
upon until he Decern e unconscious. Hla
wlfs discovered his condition and neighbors
were summoned. He Is suffsring from In
juries shout th chest, several ribs being
loose and evidently thrust Into th lung
WEST POINT'-Th next regular term of
the Cuming county district court Is sched
uled to take place on September 17, with
Judge Guy T. Gravea of Pender en tha
bench. At this term only matter of nat
uralisation will be taken up. Owing to the
nearness of the taking effect of the nsw
naturalisation law a large number of for-elan-born
residents are taking advantage of
th old method of obtaining cltissnshlp.
which Is much cheaper and less embarrass
ing than th procedure -will be under th
Tiew law, . i ' . . -
TECUMSEH The story comes to T-ium.
seh through a reliable channel that F. L.
Bea.tty.-now of Apache. Ok!., but formerly
of this cltv, was brought Into ths United
State court at Lawton on day recently
charged , with ualng a cancelled t-eent
stamp as postage on a certain letter. Mr.
Beady gave bond In the sum of 6500 for
appearance later for trial. The accused msn
waa In the real estate business In Tecumseh,
for a great many yesrs and later followed
thia occupation In Oklahoma, until, it Is
aald. at one time he waa worth a considera
ble sum. Just how he Is fixed st this time
and' the particular of the etfse la question
I not known to Tecumseh people.
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