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t 1
Orkt Crowi Eeas Bciinirn of Crucial
fer ii in Rational Learns Eaes.
Itrnair, Who ftefased to Play
Friday. Gets Back lata thm
t;arae Reealls la Other
NEW YORK, Auf. 4.-Thlrty trroueand
people crowded tha atands and overran tha
outfield at the Polo grounds today, ahen
tha New Tork and Chicago teama met In
tha flrat same of the moat Interesting
and perhips crucial series of the season.
Police reserves had to be twice called for
and then ground rulea limiting any hit to
tha value of two baaea were enforced. Al
though the visitors were behind at the close
of the alxth Inning. Mathewaon waa re
lieved by Wlltse In the seventh, and during
the remainder of the game Chicago only
made one aafe bit off the newcomer. Sey
mour, who refused to play yesterday, got
back Into the game today and was conspicu
ous In tha playa which won for the home
club. Bcora:
H 0 A B
B H.O.A.B.
Rreanahsa. c. I I 4
l KIfla. ff ... I 1 I 0 0
trtmm. rf... I 4 4
Snenaen. If. ..Ill
GevpAesx. of.. 4 1 I
M-Oann, lb.. 4 1 II
Povhn, lb ... 4 4 I
Danlen, aa ... 114
Ollbart. tk.... 14 1
Vathewwm, pill
wlltee, a 14 1
4 ahwanl. If . t t 4
4 grbulta. rf.... 1114 4
4 cbanna. lb... 4 J 11 4 1
I 4 ateinfalnt. lb 4 ! I t I
1 4 Tinkar, as.... I 4 0 I 9
4 4Rrara. Jb 1114 4
I 4 Klltif a 114 14
4 4 Taylor, a 1 4 I 4
4 Moras. 1 4 4 4 0
Tttala 40 I It 14 Totala 10 I 14 II I
Batted for Taylor In ninth.
New Tork 0 0 1 0 4 0 1 1 7
Chicago 0 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 04
Two-base hlta: Stelnfeldt, Chance ii).
Dahlen, Fresnahan. Sacrifice hlta: Tinker,
Sherkard, Kilng, Gilbert (2). Slagle. Flrat
base on balls: Off Taylor, 4; off Mathew
aon, 1. Struck out: Ry Taylor. 6; by
Mathewaon, 2; by W'lltae, 1. Hlta: On"
Mathewaon, 8 In six and one-third Innings.
Passed ball: Rresnahan. Wild pitch: Tay
lor. Left on bases; Chicago, 6; New York.
(. Double play: Devlin and McGinn.
Time: 2:06. Umpires: Emslle and John
atone. Philadelphia Bunches Hlta.
PHILADELPHIA. Aug. 4.-The home
team easily defeated St. Lou la by sequen
tial hitting. Score:
B H OA g
Thomas, cf . . . I I 1
4 Barry, rf 4 1 4 0 4
1 1 Burrh. cf 4 1 I 4 0
Olaaaoa. lb... 4 0 1
Branetelil, lb 1 14
Tltua, rf I 0 4
Maiee. If 4 11
Poolln. aa. ... 4 I I
Courtney, lb. 4 I I
Donovan, e... I I I
1 4 Martaa, It.... 4 10 0 0
4 0 Bennett, lb... I I I I I)
I OOrady, lb.... I 0 7 u 1
I 4 Phyla, lb I 1 1 1 0
4 OMarahall. c... I t 4 1 1
1 0 Crawford, aa. I 4 1 I 0
4 OKaraer, p I 0 1 I 0
Sparta, p 4 4 1
Rhoaee, p.... 4 4 0 1 0
41 U 17 17 1 Noonaa 1 0 0 4 4
Totala M 7 14 II I
Batted for Rhoadea In ninth.
Philadelphia 01021300 -?
St. Louis 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Left on bases: St. Louis, 2; Philadelphia,
5. Karned runs: Philadelphia, 2. Tu
baae hlta' Bennett, Mageu, Doolln ii),
Branetteld, Mertes. Double plays: Urans
fteid to Gieason, Sparka to Douiln. btruck
out: By Sparka, 1; by Karger, 2; by
Rhoadea, 2. First base on balls: Oft
Sparks, i; off Karger, X. Hits: uri Karger
In alx Innings, 11. Wild pitch: Karger.
Time: 1:66. Lniplre: Conway.
Hvon Break In Brooklya.
BROOKLYN, N. Y., Aug. 4 Tha Brook
lyn and Cincinnati teams broke even in
a double-header here today. The locals
won the first and the visitors took tha
aecond. Score, flrat game:
B.H.O.A C. B.H.O.A.B.
Malaney. cf.. I I 1 4 Hugftna. lb.. 4 1 I 4
Casey, lb.... I I t 4 4 Rally. II I 4 I 4 4
Luralry, r(... 4 4 4 0 1 Juda, rf 4 1140
Jordan, lb.... I 114 ischial, lb.... I 1 10 I t
ALoarroan, lb. I I 4 I II Dalahanty, lb I 1 0 I 0
McCarthy. If. a 1 1 0 4 siagla. c( I 4 4 0 0
Lawta, aa 4 1 I 4 4 Corcoran, as.. 1 0 4 0 0
Bar(n. e I 1 I I 4 LMnsaton. c. I 0 1 14
Ourlcklatt, p.. I I 4 I 4 Fraaar, p I 0 I I V
- Totals I 17 11 1 Totala..!... 24 4 21 17 i
Brooklyn Oliooilo 1
Cincinnati 0000000 0 00
Earned runs: Brooklyn, 4. Two-base
hlta: Jordan, Alperman, Bergen, Strlck
lett. Threa-baee bit: Casey. Sacrifice hits:
Aiperman, Kraaer, Maloney. Stolen bants:
Jordan, Muggins, Casey. Double play:
Caaey to Aiperman to Jordan. Left on
baaea: Brooklyn, 7; Cincinnati, L Fliat
base on balls: On Stricklett. it; off Fraar,
1. First base on errora: Brooklyn. 1; Cin
cinnati, 1. Struck out: By BtrlcKlett, 6;
by Fraaer, 2. Time: 1:43. Umpire; Car
penter. Score, aecond game:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A C
Vsulna, lb.. I 114 OMalonay. ct.. I
tally. II 4 1 I 4 0 Caaey . lb 4
Juda. rf I
Brblsl, ' lb.... I
Dalahanty, lb 4
(lasle. cf 4
Corcoran, aa.. I
LWinsaion. c. I
1 I
1 11
v lAimiry, n . .. a
UJordao. lb. ... a
1 Hummal. lb.. I
0 Aliartnan, lb. I
0 McCarthy, if. I
4 Lawta, aa I
twins. P 4
4 Rlttar, e I
P.. I
Totala 11 .117 14 1
. , Totals 24 4 17 14
'Cincinnati 0 0200000 0-3
Brooklyn 0 1000000 0-1
Earned run: Brooklyn, 1. Two-base hits:
Bitter, Delehanty. Sacrifice hits: Paatorius,
Casey, Jude, Livingston. Double plays:
Hugglns to Schlel (2; Lewis to Aiperman
to Jordan. Left on bases: Brooklyn, 2;
Cincinnati, 7. First base on balls: Oft
Paatorius, 3: off Ewlng, 1. First base on
rrora: Brooklyn. 1; Cincinnati. 2. Struck
out: By Paatorius, 3; by Ewlng, 1. Time:
1:41. Umpire: Carpenter.
' Boaton Shuts Oat Plttsbors;.
' BOSTON. Aug. 4. Boaton defeated Pitta
burg for the first time this year In a
ell played contest, i 10 u. pcore
Brldwall, as.. I
Tenner, lb... 4
Brain. Ib 4
Bates, ct I
Haward. It. . . I
palan, rt I
tteeoiiam. e.. I
gtrebel, lb... 1
loung. p I
1 I
OLaach, lb
0 Beaumont, cf.
0 Clarke. II
4 Wagner, aa...
1 Nealon. lb...
40anley, rf....
OKiirhey. lb...
1 Gtbeon. c
0 Willie, p
I It
I 0
Totala 9 I 17 14 1 Totala U I 24 14 1
Boaton ...1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -l
Pittsburg ..:. 0 0. 0 0 0 0 0 0 04
Two-baae hit: Clarke Sacrifice hlta:
Bain, Bridweli. Double play: Wagner to
Kltchey to Nealon. First base on balls:
1. Struck out:
t. Time: 1:15.
on. Lost. Pet.
68 30 .6:3
61 32 .iix
69 34 .634
44 63 .454
43 56 .4.14
40 66 .4-1
36 63 . 3i.4
84 62 .364
fey Ybun,;. 4; 1
Uroplra: Klem.
-r-- ' Played.
CThlcago 98
New York W
Pittsburg 93
Philadelphia 97
aiaolnnati ..t 99
Brooklyn 9
t. Louis 9
Boaton 96
No games today.
, 1 WO uawiri m uirn rare,
"The Joe Duffy team from South Omaha
and tne Peterson-Shoenlng team , from
Council Bluffs will play with the Diets
Athletic at Diets park this afternoon.
Thla ia tha first visit of the Duffys at
Dirts park and being one of the fastest
eluba In thla locality a hard fight la looked
for. They will work their crack battery.
Bmlth and Bohner. while the Athletics will
probably have "Smiling Cy Young do the
mnging, wun jnaoaman nriiinu ina ruuuer.
I'-iilh.wing is tne 11
ne-up for the first gunie
IMKTii A. A.
Positions. PETEKSON-S.
Edson ....
Inmsn ...
Plainer ,.
Goddard .
. Catch Cottln
. First Utterback
, Third Brown
Second ....Berrvmnn
. 8hort Nlcoll
, Left Uoff
Right . White
.Center Burnt here
Pitch Moaner
IJne-UD second game:
TIKTZ A. A. Poeitlons.
, Bunker
. ... Beciina
...Catch .
... First ...
... Short ..
... Right .
....Third ..
.... IWt ..
(amp ....
Knight ..
Hunter ..
Xracy ....
Young Pitch
Ulce Pitch
, Games la Three-I I.eaga.
At Dubuque Bloomlngton. 4: Dubuque. I
" 'At Ieoauur Pwcatur, I: Rook Ixiand, 5.
At Springfield Cedar Rapids. 6; Spring
field. I
At Davenport Peoria, t; Davenport, 1.
Carroll Wlna Twlee la Oae Day.
CARROLL. Neb. Aug 4 -1 Special Tele
gram. Carroll defemted-Wayne-college in
a double-header StiurJuy at Carioll. win-
tJuiM both gatuaa. First gaaie, U to 4; second
1 . .
I game. 4 to I. Btruck out: Py F
nv !. a. tin: i in r.vsns, o: on rue, i.
r-ittrr1e: Evans snd Tift for Cm roll. Pile
snd Matttson for Wayne. Second gsm:
Tift and McVsy, bstteiy for t'srroll: Ktni:
and 1'owers. Inr Wayne. Struck out: By
McVay. 6; by Pofr, I.
o.Kttf.n ii the: amf.hica lkagik,
thlraao Wlna a Pretty fnateat from
Bnaton Out to Clothing.
CHICAGO. Ann 4 Chicago won a pretty
mmf from Fnston. 1 to 0, In the ninth 'fi
ning today With no on out, Donohue hit
nvfr renter field for thre basea. Iougherty
tarred the first ball pitched him for a
single, ending the name. Score:
B H O. A . E. B H OA E.
Hhn. rt 1
Jnnee. cf .... I
4 ttaTilen. rf... 4
e i
0 Parent, M. ... I
4 S'ahl, ct 4
4 Ferrla. Jb 4
Hoot. If 4
4 Freeman, lb.. I
9 Marfan, lb. . . 8
4 Armbrueter, o I
ODIneen, p I
ih.n. :t a l i
Pavn. 4 3 f
pnnnhue. lb.. I
Imutherte, If.
Sullivan, a. .. I
Tannehlll, lb. 1
Pailereon, p.. I
t 1)
1 t
4 t
0 1
0 0
Totala 14 I 17 IS 4 Totala W 414 II I
Winning run made with none out.
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-1
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Earned run: Chicago. 1. Ieft on bas:
Chicago. B; Boston, . Two-base hit:
Davis Three-base hit: Donohue. Sncrl
(lcn hits: Donohue, Patterson, Frcemnn.
Stolen base: lahell. Double plays: Davis
to Donohue; Stahl to Parent. Struck out:
Bv Patterson, 1. First baae on balls: OfT
Patterson, 2; off Dlneen, 6. Time: 1:21
Umpire: O'Loughlln.
Waahloaton hnta Oat St. I.onls.
ST. LOVIS, Aug. 4. Patten waa In great
form, although wild, and shut out the lo
cale 2 to 0. Score:
B.H.O A . H O A E
Kill, sa 4
ONIIaa. lb I
C. Jonaa, cf . . 4
IT. Jones, lb. I
OB'nna. If I
a Hemphill, rf . 4
OWallara, aa... 1
SO Brlen, 2b. .. I
0 Knehler. cf. . I
ORIrkey. c 4
0 Powell, p.... 4
Altlaar, rt.... 4
Crnaa. 3b I
Anderson. If. 4
Eiahl. lb 4
SrhaiflT, 2b.. I
Wakefield, c. I
Patten, p I
Totala It 7 17 4 Totala M 4 17 II I
Washington 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 t
St. I-aiuls 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Sacrifice hlts O'Brien, Cross. Double
play: Wallace to O'Brien to T. Jones. 8iolen
bases: Stone. Niles, Patten. Wallace. Alt
Ixer. Hit with pitched ball: By Patten.
Koehler. Wild pilch: Powell. Bases on
balls: Off ratten, 7. Struck out: By Pow
ell, f; by Pattn. 6. Left on bases: St.
Louis, 11; Washington, 4. Time: 1:40. Um
pire: Hurst
Cleveland Easy for Philadelphia.
CLEVELAND, Aug. 4 Hess received mis
erable support today and Philadelphia won,
8 to 1. DyRert was hit as hard as Hess, but
was effective with men on bases. Score:
U.H.O.A E.
Hartael. If... I
0 10 OPllek. rf
I 1
0 1
1 I
Armbme'r, rf 1
Davis, lb 4
Lord, cf 4
Murphy, lb... 4
Schreck. e.... 4
Croaa. aa 4
Knlsht, lb... I
1 I 0 Ojarkaon, If..,
Ill lTurnar, aa....
.4110 OLaJote, lb ...
.4141 ORoaeman, lb..
.4111 OCnntalton, rf.
0 I
1 11
,4 0 4 1 OBarbaaa. lb.. 4
,1110 0 Ktttredie, c. I
Drsart, p
.110 1 mini, p
14 I 17 II 1
Totala 13 I 27 II I
Batted for Klttredge In ninth inning.
Philadelphia 0 1 0 1 3 0 3 0 08
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 01
First base on errors: Cleveland. 1: Phila
delphia, 1. Two-base hits: Murphy, Lord,
Schreck. Sacrifice hlta: Jackson, Congal
ton, Schreck, Lord, Murphy, Dygert. Double
plays: Murphy to Davis; Schreck to Kn ght.
Stolen base: Davis. First base on bulls:
Off Hess, 3; off Dygert, 2. Left on bases:
Cleveland, 9; Philadelphia, 6. Struck out:
By Hess, 6; by Dygert, 8. Passed ball:
Klttredge. Time: 1:61. Umpire: Connolly.
Sew York Wlna from Detroit.
DETROIT. Aug. 4. New York won 2 to
1 In a game In which each side made a run
without a hit, while the deciding tally re
sulted from a batter hk and an outfield
muff. Owing to cripples, Detroit had five
men playing out of positions. Score:
B H O A K. B.H.O.A.B.
Conroy, cf.... I
0 ODonoran. cf..4 0 1 4 1
Kteler. rf. ... I 1 1
Elherfeld, aa. I 0 I
Chasa, lb 4 1 14
0 4 SVhaeJer, aa. . I 1 I I 0
C o Mclntyra. II.. I 0 1 4 4
0 4 Crawford, lb. I 1 11 0 0
1 0 Payne, rt I I I 1 0
I 0 Couihlln, lb. 4 1111
4 0 Llndaay, 2b... 4 4 I I 4
1 o Schmidt, c... I I 4 1 1
0 o Mullln, p I 1 0 I o
2 0 '
Totals n a n it a
Laporta, 8b... Ill
winiama. lb. I
Delahanty, If 4
MrGulre. c. . . I
Newton, p.... 1
Hogg, p
1 I
0 0
1 4
0 0
1 0
Totala 24 414 It a
Mullln out, hit by batted ball.
New York 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 02
Itrolt o 1000000 0-1
Two-baas hits: Crawford, Chase. Sacri
fice hits: Keeler, Williams. Stolen bases:
Schaefer (2), Crawford, Keeler. Elberfeld,
Mclntyre. Bases on bails: Off Mullln, 3; oft
Newton, 8: off Hogg, 3. Hit with Ditched
ball: By Mullln, 1. Left on basea: Detroit,
8; New York. 6. Struck out: By Mullln, 5;
by Hogg, 3. Double plays: Payne to Craw
ford; Schmidt (unasKislecn; Eloerfeld to
Williams to McQulre. Passed ball: Schmidt.
Wild pitch: Newton. Time: 3:00. Umpires:
Evans and Sheridan.
landing of the Teams.
Philadelphia 3
New York M
Cleveland 93
Chicago 9d
Detroit 94
St. Louis 94
Washington 93
Boston 97
Won. Lost. Pet.
69 34 .634
87 84 .613
62 41 .559
63 43 .552
4 4 .511
47 47 .5K
34 69 .384
: 7i .2i$
Games today: Philadelphia at Chicago,
New York at St. Louis.
Milavaakee Wlna Both Gamea of
Doable-Header from LonlaTlile.
LOUISVILLE, Ky.. Aug. 4. Milwaukee
won both gamea of a double-header here
today. In the first game the locals could
not hit Oberlln with men on basea. Putt
mann waa batted at opportune times. The
second game was a slugging match, both
Henna and Curtlaa being batted all over
the lot. Bateman relieved Curtlss In the
eighth. Score, first game:
Roblnaon, aa. I
Oreen. rf I
Hallman, If.. I 0 I 0
0 Woodruff, lb. I 0 1 I
0 a Braehear, 2b. 4 4 I 4
0 4 Bulllean. lb.. 4 I II 4
1 0 Stovall, ct... I 1 1 0
0 0 Kerwln. rf... 1 0 1 0
4 1 Shaw, e I 1 I
1 Ivumlen. as... toil
0 1 Puttanann. a.. 1 0 A a
BeTtiia. lb... 4 1 14
Bateman. If. . 4 I I
Rnih. c I
Hemphill, cf. I
M'Chaan'y, lb I
Mccorm'k. lb 4
0 4
4 4
4 1
I 0
Oberlln. p.... 4
'Keaaa 1 0 0
.11 inn 1
Totala M 4 17 II s
Batted for Puttmann In ninth.
Milwaukee 00201100 0 I
Ixuisvllle 00000100 01
Two-base hits: Beville, Oberlln, Sulli
van. Three-baae hits: McCormlck, Bate
man. Stolen bases: Hallman, Stovail,
Kerwln. Bateman. Sacrifice hit: Roth.
First base on balls. Off Puttmann, 4; off
OUrlln. 8. Struck out: By Puttmann. i;
by obeiltn, 2. Hit by pitcher: Shaw. lou-
Die plays: Met orniU K to itobinson to I
tfeviite, noDinson to Mccormick to beville.
Left on bases: Ixnilsvllle, 9; Milwaukee, .
Time: 2. no. Umpire: Warden.
S'ore, second faint:
B H O A.B.
Knbinaoa. aa. I 1 I 1 4 Hallman
Oraen, rf 4
Hynea. It I
Batrm'n. tb-p I
Beellla. e-lb. I
Hemphill, cf. 1
M'Chean'y, 2b I
Mel onn'k, 2b 6
0 4 Woodruff. 3b.
1 4 Braehear, 2b.
1 c Smllvan. lb..
4 4Stovall. ct...
1 OKerwin. rf....
1 uStoner, e
I nShaw. c
Cortlaa, p. . . . 4 .
1 OQuinlan, aa...
Koth a I
10 0a Kenna, p
Totals tt 14 17 4 4 Totala 17 14 27 14 I
Milwaukee A 0 2 I 2 1 0 1-ln
Louisville 0 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 0 a
Two-bate hlta: lilnea. Greed. Three.
base hitr: Roblnaon. Woodruff. Hallman.
Hemphill, McCormlck. Stolen baee: Hemp-
ma. o.ici iiius 1111: nenna. r irsi Daae on
balls: Off Kenna. 3; off Curtles, 3; off
Bateman, 3. fciruck out: By Kenna, 2;
by Curtiss. s. Hit ty pitched twill: doner.
Wild pilch: Kenna. Passed ball: Beville
Double playa Stovall to Brashear, Quin
lan to tfraahear to Sullivan. Hemphill to
McCormlck. Hlta: (Jff Curtiss in seven
and one-third Innings, 12; off Bateman In
one and two-thirds innings. . Time; l:2u.
Umpires: Elliott and Dougherty.
Toledo Makes It Three Straight.
TOLEDO. Aug. 4 Toledo batted hard
and made it thrt-e atralxlu from the Saints.
Cum nit 1 pitched great ball. Score:
B.H.O. A K.
B H O A e.
4 4 I I I
4 111 lOier. aa.
i. clarka. It. I 1 1
Odwell. ct ... I I I
Deanont. Ib. .. I 1 I
Kruasar, ab.. 4 1 1
Nance, rf 4 1 1
Vbusden, lb.,
e at; ere. cl...
a rnee. rf
OWaaeier, lb
tcoy. p
IPeddea. lb..
4 Drill, a
4fla(le. p....
I 11
a 1
W. Clark, lb I 1 II
lamnlta. p
Toledo .
St. Paul
.11 11 21 II 1 Totals II I 14 U 1
3 1 1 0 0 0 1 ,4
0 0 0 t 0 0 0 0 02
? bits: J. Clarke. Krueger. Cam
lilts, Nance. Odwell, Wheeler. Abbott
Siolen bases: J. Clarke. Abbott, F lk Ba-aij
imji; uaiiioii. i . ia 1.1 jr. a. einir 1 cj cripples tisve rounded Into shape and
i.ul: By Cemnitt. . by Coy. t. Hit Miliar back In the game. Joe Dolan has re
yiWlii4 bail; W, Clarka. Sacrifice bits: I covered from hla bum leg. wbiuta louii ea-
Time: 1:46. t'm-
plre: Egan.
Millers Take Final (lame.
COLUMBUS, Aug. 4. -Minneapolis took
the final game of the series by mixing their
hits with Columbus' errors. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A E
Da via. of 4 4 14 aFllh-rty. rf..4 0 0 0 0
Sulllean. rf . .. I
iiremlna'r, lb I
Hart. If I
Freeman, lb.. I
Oraham c... 4
tlylar. as 4
Pea. lb 4
Oahrlng. p... 4
I 4
1 I
2 e
t n
4 1
1 4
1 4
1 I
1 coulter, it
4 Pit kennf. cf. 4
4 Frlel. ab I
0 Kihm. lb I
IHuUwttt. sa.. 4
4 Wrislay, lb.. I
4 Blue, c I
1 Vail, p I
Totala M II 17 14 1 Totala II 4 27 14 4
Minneapolis 2 t 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Columbua 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 02
Sacrltlce hit: Gremlnnrer. Two-base hit:
rickerlpg. Double plays: Hulswltt to W'rlg-
ley to Kihm (2). Fox to Freeman: Oyler to
Fox to Freeman; Oyler to Fret-man. Struck
out: Bv Veil. 1; by ijeliring, 1. nases on
balls: tiff Veil, 2; off Gehring, 2. Time: 1:40.
Umpires: Owen and Sullivan.
Kres Break In Indianapolis.
INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 4. Indianapolis
and Kansas City split even In a double
header here today. Both g.-imes were fea
tureless. Score, first game:
B.H.O A. E. B H O A E
Dunlearr, rf. 4
0 0 Waldrnn, rf.. I
1 4 Mi Hnee, aa. . 4
1 oPerrlne. 2b... 4
0 0 Hill, cf 4
1 1 llurke, b 4
4 4 Kranta. lb 4
I OCaeeady, If... 3
0 4 Leahy, c I
1 0 Bohannon, p. I
0 o
Alherton, lb. 4
Hlmes, cf 4
I arr. lb 4
Williams, aa. 4
Parry. It 4
Marran. 2b... I
Holmee, c. . . . I
Thlalman, p.. I
Totals IS 7 27 II 1 Totala II I 24 12 I
Indianapolis 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 S
Kansas City 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01
Basea on balls: Off Thlelman, 3; off Bo
hannon, 1. Struck out: By ihlelman, 7; by
Bohannon, 1. Three-base hlta: Carr. Hill.
Home run: Hlmes. Double play: Williams
to Marcaji to Carr. Left on baaea: Indian
apolis, 8; Kansas City, 6. Time: 1:50. Um
pire: Kane.
Score, second game:
B.H.O.A.B. B H O A K.
Waldrnn, rf.. 4 I I 0 0 Dunlaavy, rf, 4 0 I 0 0
MrBrlde, aa.. 4 111 SAiherton. 2b.. 4 110 0
Perrlna, lb... I 111 CHImaa, rl 4 1000
Hill, cf 4 114 OCarr, lb I 4 14 0 0
Burks, lb I 1 1 4 a W illiams, aa. I 0 0 4 1
Pranti. Ib.... 4 114 OPerry. If 4 4 10 0
CaaeadT. if... I 0 0 0 OMarcan. 2b... 4 0 14 0
Sullivan, o... 4 14 1 OHolmea, C.... 4 4 4 1 0
Sw&nn, p I 0 1 1 OHIrkay. p.... I 10 11
Flaher, p I 1 2 0 0
Totala II I 27 11 0
Totala U I 27 11
Kansas City 0 1110 110 0-6
Indianapolis 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 02
Hits: Oft Hlckey, 4 In five Innings; off
Fisher, 5 in four innings. First base on
balls: Off Hlckey, 4; off Fisher, 1; off
Swann, 3. Struck out: By Hlckey, 2; by
Fisher, 2; by Swann. 4. Hit by pitched
ball: Perrlne. Three-base hits: Ather
ton, Himea, Burke. Sacrifice hit: McBrlde.
Double plays: Williams to Marcan to
Carr (2). Passed ball: Sullivan. Left on
basea: Kansaa Clt, 1, Indianapolis, 4.
Umpire: Kane. Time: 1:62.
Standing;' of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost,
M 11 waukee
Minneapolis ....
Kansas City ...
St. Paul
Indianapolis ...
107 87 40 .627
..106 60 .bf
..M 57 47 .648
. .106 63 63 .500
..107 64 63 . 6i6
..lli 60 Cxi .472
,.H4 45 , 69 . 483
..106 37 69 . 349
Milwaukee at Indianan-
Games today:
olls, Kansas City at Louisville, St. Paul
at Columbua, Minneapolis at Toledo.
Poeblo Hammers Ont a Game from
the Slonx.
PUEBIX5, Aug. 4. The locals celebrated
their home-coming this afternoon by out
playing the Sioux In every department and
winning by a score of 11 to 4. Stlmmell
and Jackson were both hit hard, but the
former was given the better support and
was steady at critical stages. In the fifth
Inning, with two men on bases and only one
out. Stlmmell struck out Williams and Hess.
The locals started to clout the ball In the
Initial Inning, scoring three runs, and they
maintained the lead throughout. A running
catch of Camphell'B hard drive by Cook
and Bader'a fielding at second were the
features. Tonneman, the Omaha boy whom
Sclee signed on the trip east, made his
Initial appearance at first. He accepted ail
his fielding chances, made two hits in four
times up and scored twice. Score:
Cook, if 4
McGilvray, cf 6
Bader. 2b t
Melcholr, rf 6
Elwert, 3b 3
Tonneman, lb.
Flske, as
Rennlcker, c.
Stlmmell, p....
11 13 27 11
AB. R.
Campbell, If 5
Sheehan, rf 2
Nobllt. cf 6
Weed, 2b 6
2 0
2 1
Frost, 3b
Williams, lb.
Hess, c ,
Jackson, p....
Pueblo ,
.... 4
.... 4
.... 4
.... 4
..8 0
..0 1
12 24
10 3
0 0 0
2 11
0 04
Sioux City
Stolen bases: Frost, McOilvray,
Melcholr. Rennlcker. Sacrifice hits
Rennlcker, Newton, Frost. Two-base hits:
Tonneman, McGilvray, Cook, Newton, Wil
liams. Three-base hits: Bader, Melcholr,
Nobllt. Bases on balls: Off Stlmmell, 2; off
Jackson, 6. Struck out: By Stlmmell, 3.
Passed ball: Hess. Time: 1:60. Umpire:
Davis. Attendance: 500.
Denver Wins l.latleaa Game.
DENVER. Aug. 4 -Dee Moines threw
away a raw looking game to Denver this
afternoon, giving the Grixxlles a start of
alat runa In the first Inning and playing
wretchedly throughout. The champions are
credited with four errora, but deserve ten.
Adams deserves credit for his work. Score:
AB. R. H. PO. A.
Mcllale, lb 6 1 2 14 0
Smith, ss 6 12 0 4
Randall, rf 6 2 2 4 0
Russell, cf 4 12 10
.alusky, c 3 1110
Reddick. 3b 4 12 12
Donahue, 2b 4 113 6
Belden, If 2 10 4 0
Adams, p 3 0 10 1
Totala ,...35 9 13 27 12
AB. R. H. PO
Caffyn, If ....
O'Leary, ss ..
Welday, cf ..
Dexter, c ....
Andreas, lb .
Hogriever. 3b
Gilien, rf ....
Magi on, 2b ..
Clcotte, p ....
Totals S3 1 6 24
Denver 60001011 9
Den Moines 00001O00 01
Stolen base: Smith. Sacrifice hits: Za-
lusky, Adama; Clcotte. 1 wu-lmse lilt : Rus
sell. Thive-base nits: Kusseii, ttetmicK.
First base on balls: Off Adams, 1; off
Clcotte, 2. Btruck out: By Adams, 1; by
Clcotte, 1. Wild pitch: Clcotte. Hit by
pitched ball: Bunnell. Double plays: Dona
hue to McHale, Clcotte to O'Leary to An
dreas. Clcotte to O leary. f irst Oaso on
errors: Denver, 3: Des Moines, 3. Ixft
on bases: Denver. 6; Des Moines. 7. Time:
1:35. Umpire: McCarthy. Attendance, i.zuu.
Staadlna of Ike Teama.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Des Moinea 91 66 26 .711
Omaha 88 49 39 .557
filuux City 93 44 4V .473
Denver 93 44 49 .413
Lincoln 92 39 53 t.l
Pueblo 93 34 69 .366
Gamea today: Lincoln at Omaha, Des
Moines at Denver, Sioux City at Pueblo.
Pa aad the Wen-Footed Hoy a Play
Twlee Today.
Omaha fana think the rain coat the
Rourkn family a game yesterday afternoon,
hut they hope to have the team n.ake up
for It thla afternoon, when a double Header
will be played with the Ducklings, the first
gsme to start at 2:30. Holmes and his
bunch of Mirkeyltes are popular In Omaha
and the fana turn out aa well to aee this
team play aa for any other team. St. Louis
Jack la playing the game of his life and
tne fans like to watch him Just to see
how much better he will play for Lincoln
than he would play for Omaha
The Lincoln team has been strengthened
In several places since Ita last apjx-arajice
in Omaha and some cloae gamea may be
expected. The team will also be here Mon
day and Turaday, Monday being Indies'
day. The tribe of Rourke haa been playing
in hard luck during the last week and have
been shut out of two games by rain, and
as no game waa acneauieo tor rriaay,
,n, tMn, haa had quit a rest. All of the
Abbott. Demont. Odwell
thtisWist rsn a spike Into, ami Herman
1ong Is bsrk ready for work sfter his
short Indisposition. The pitchers have
gotten 'nto the habit of pitching clear
llirmiah a g"ame without making a balloon
e?'-enlon. so this feature may be mlsssyf
this afternoon. Sanders, who has not been
irel nn during the Isst twenty-one
innings he has pitched, will occupy the box
during one of the gamea.
Both Baltlaar aad Fleldlna how 1 a
oteh lllither as Ttesalt of Week.
Omaha stlil makes a fine showing In the
way of batting and fielding. The lowest
fielding average today la nicely over the
! per cent mark, and the hlttra are
keeping up their good work. It Is a record
that anyone connected with the team
ought to be proud of. and further em
phaslxes the fsct that, aside from the
Weakness In the box. Omaha now has ns
rood a team as ever wore sn Omaha uni
form. A year ago the team was batting i
.B and . fielding .966. Just to snow wnai
sort of a third baseman Perring Is aa
compared with Bill Schlpke, of whom we
were so proud: i
names. AR. R. H. Ave. Week.
93 34K 40 W .25 .25
K9 SSO 68 109 .811 .-He
O. A. B. TC. Ave Week.
W K9 30 212 V1 .900
184 207 2H 857 . 927 .927
In four games fewer Perring has made
thirty-one more put-outs, eighteen more
assists and four fewer errors than Schlpke.
Perring has twenty more hits and twenty
eight more runs for four fewer games
than Schipka. and still we thought Schlp
was a wonder Think of Ted Sullivan try
ing to buy Perring for $1,500 and that all
hedged around by conditions. Why, ac
cording to the way they are tossing play
ers around In the big leagues Just now,
Perring Is worth $10,0c0. And. during the
week Harry Welch slipped on George and
knocked him out of his position aa premier
run-getter. The average for the season
Gamea. AB. R. H. Ave.Week.
Welch R9
Dolsn SI
Perring M
Bassey ....
Oondlng ..
Runkle ...
Howard ..
Rogers . . ,
Sanders .,
Dorl ge . . . .
Lawler ...
Bawyer ..
89 2.744 428 743
Ml 69 104 .834 .334
SI 41 92 .311 .315
3V rW ln .311 .3"
. .R9 353 6H 95 .2W .Wl
..64 229 25 61 ,2to .2
..67 14 60 .2.M .258
..24 S3 10 21 .263 .2r.O
..62 243 43 80 . 247 . 200
..II 42 8 10 .23$ .237
..2S 9H 9 23 .235 .235
.. 7 34 4 8 .2?6 .!
..RO 25 63 64 .217 .215
..20 76 6 15 .197 .197
..20 69 6 9 .130 .121
. 9 84 1 2 .059 .056
. 1 2 0, 0
270 .269
C.Ave. Week.
60 l.oio l.ono
51 1.000 1.000
Sanders ..
Rogers ...
Sawyer . .
Tolan ....
Carter ..,
Bassey ..
Welch ...
Lawler ..
Dodge ....
Prrring ..
Howard .
Runkle ...
Corns ....
2 l.ono l.ono
.978 .977
Team 2.167 979 1X3 3,3:9 . 945 . 944
Council BInffs ( larks Defeated In
Fast, nappy Game.
The Kountze Additions beat the Council
Bluffs ('larks yesterday by a score of 7 to 6.
The game was almost lost In the fourth,
when a base on balls and three hits netted
three runs, but Wherry took, McCague'a
place and allowed hut three hlta In four
Innings. Lewis' homer in the fifth with
two on bases, and the fielding of Chrlsten
sen and Yeoman were the features. Score:
A.B. R. II. A. P.O. E.
Mills. 2b
Newton. If
Lewis, ss
Yeoman, cf ....
Rogers, rf
Swertly, 3b
Chriatensen, lb
Jullen, e
McCague, p ....
Wherry, p .....
6 112 2
Totala 34 8 9 18 27 2
A.B. R. H. A. P.O. E.
Hofer. er 6
Reynolds, sa 3
Berger, e 4
Weller, 3b 4
Anderson, rf 5
Porter, 20 3
West, lb 3
l.omax, p 2
Young. If 3
Totala 32
O. A. E.
11 49 0
46 6 0
0 2 0
3H5 95 9
7-'4 87 27
1.12 17 8
7 48 8
174 20 12
19 11 15
18 22 S
2 37 3
124 307 26
11 182 30
78 59 12
193 153 31
3 36 4
12 110
0 0 4 8 1
110 2 0
0 12 3 0
0 2 0 1 0
10 12 1
13 18 0
0 0 2 4 0
110 2 0
6 9 11 27 2
Kountxe Additions.. 0 2 0 3 0 1 0 1 17
Clarka 0 1 0 1 2 0 0 1 0-6
Basea on balls: Off Lomax, 2; off Mc
Cague, 3. Struck out: By Wherry, 6; by
Lomax, 3. Home run: Lewis. Two-base
hits: Wherry. Christensen. Stolen bases:
Yeoman, West 12.) Time: 1:46. Umpire:
I luce.
Family Name Faniona In the Baae
Ball World.
When It comes to a question of family
base hall, the name of Delahanty stands
foremost In the public eye. No other fam
ily in the niatory or tne national game nan
had so many representatives on the dia
mond, and no other family In America
today haa five of its members playing the
game, two being in the major organisa
tions and three in the minor leagues, says
the Philadelphia Enquirer. These Dela
hanty boys were all born In a frame house
at 42 Phelps street, Cleveland, and every
fall when ihe season haa ended the five
who survive return to their home and spend
the winter with their parents.
Naturally, the chief distinction achieved
by the Delahanty family In base ball was
due to the noteworthy performances of the
eldest son, Edward, who aa a batsman was
at once the Joy of Ills club manager and
the dismav of the opposing pitchers. Even
at the time of the unfortunate occurrence
that resulted in his death (he falling off
the bridge over the Nlugara river near
Buffalo) he still was hitting the ball with
great force and frequency.
Ed Delahanty batted well over .300 season
after Season, and he will go down In base
ball history as one of the world's greatest
batsmen. He easily ranked with Anson,
Brouthers. Lajnle and hitters of their class.
While Delahanty. like almost all hard hit
ters, was not an expert fielder, still he could
cover first base or the outfield In an ac
ceptable manner. But his batting made up
for any deficiencies In the matter of field
ing, and he always was regarded as one of
the most valuable players In trie country.
He was one of the giants of the game,
standing over six feet a,nd weighing close
to 2iw pounds In good condition. For the
major portion of his career he was with the
Philadelphia National league club, and was
conxpicuous in that great cluster of hitters,
which included Lajole, 6am Thompson,
Flick. Cooley and others. Despite the
heHvy stick work of that superb combina
tion they never were ante to land the flag
for the Quakertown club.
The records of the boys of this remark
able family form an Interesting chapter In
the national game.
Tom is 31 years old and has been playing
ball twelve years, starting with the Peoria,
team of the Western league in 1894 and
going to Atlanta In 1895. The following year
he was sold to Cleveland and played there
about half the season, when he waa trans
ferred to Pittsburg. Then he waa "farmed"
to Toronto, where lie played In ls36 and
1SS7. Next he went to Allentown, of the
old Atlantic league where he played In
lsirt, 1hH9 and 19U". He waa manager of the
Allentown team In the last year of its ex
istence. In 1904 he played with Seattle, and
In baio was with Pueblo of the Western
league. Tom is five feet nine inches tall
and weighs 180 pounds. During the winter
months he is a machinist. Second base Is
his position.
Joe Is 28 years old and Is five feet eight
inches tall and weighs liO pounds. He '
a lithographer by trade. He has ben
playing ball nine years, starting with th
Fall River team of the New England
league. He waa with Paterson, N. J . in
198. and went to Allentown In the middle
of that season, staying there through
1699 and part of 1900. In July, 1900. he
was sold to Montreal, finished the aa-asuu
there and played mlth the team through
out 1901. In the following winter he waa
sold to Worcester, remaining there m
1902 and 1903. During the latter cam
paign he was sold, wltn five other players,
to the New Orleans team of the Southern
league. In a few weeks he waa trans
ferred to Memphis, of the aame league.
In tills league he ranke.i aecond iu bat
ting, with an average of .ST-'. Hn waa
with Buffalo In 19(14 and 1905. Last year
his hailing average waa .313. He has
played on two pennant winning teams
Memphis In 1903 and Buffalo In 1901.
While In Allentowu he made nineteen
three-baggera la aa maoy. samaa. Joe J-
wavs playa the outfield, generally rlgnt
Jim la 18 year old. Is five feet tent
Inches tall and weighs 170 pounds. lie
has been playing base ball for eight years,
starting with Montgomery In IM'S. That
club hroke up In mideeason. He then
to Allentown. stsying there till 1900. That
league went to smash and he was sent to
Worcester, of the Eastern league. In
the fall cf 1900 he was sold to Clilcsgo.
Early In the sesson of 1901 he broke his
knee and was released. He started tho
campaign In 190' with the New York
Giants, but bis knee went wrong and he
rouldn t do himself or the team Justice.
He then went to Little Rock. of the
Southern league, in the middle of the
aeason. He led that league at tho bat in
1903 with an average of .382.
He then wss sold to the Boston Na
tionals, with which team he played In
1904 and 1905. Recently he was trans
ferred to Cincinnati In exchange for Hinl
well. When Jim led the Southern league
In batting. In 19n3. nls brother. Joe. wits
second. That year was the only one thst
the brothers ever stood first and second
In any league. Jim alwaya played third
base until last season, when he went to
the outfield for Boston.
Frank is an outfielder. He Is 12 years
old. la five feet eight Inches tall an.l
weighs 160 pounds. He has been playing
ball for four years and never algned a
reserve clause until last season. He
stnrted In 1902 with the Ashtabula. O.,
Independent team. He went to Birming
ham, of the Southern league. In the mid
dle of that year and In 190.1 was with
Syracuse, of the New York State league.
In 1904 he was In Montgomery nnd Mi ll
found him back In Montgomery. Toward
the close of last season, when he was sn'd
to the New York Americana, he led the
Southern league at the bat. with an aver
age of .331. W hile playing with the High
landers In Detroit on Auguat 80 last he
waa hurt and waa laid up for the rest of
the season.
Willie 1s 20 vears old, is five feet seven
Inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. He
plaved with the Niles. O.. Independent
team last year and has algned with Mont
gomery for 1906. He playa In the lnlleld,
generally third baae. Ex.
Old Vet Looke Like He Might Re
All in at Last.
Jlmmle Ryan has severed his connection
with the Evansvllle team, of which he
haa been manager since 1904. And one
sporting writer. In speaking of the affair,
unconsciously srives vent to a fine bit of
humor. He says, "It now looks aa if hia
playing daya were over."
Bill Nye, In one of hia lectures upon the
wonderful of medical acience, la
mented the fact that discoveries which had
led to the prolongation of life In these
latter daya could not have been made ear
lier in the history of the human race and
thus permitted many of the most promis
ing youths of the time to come to the
fruition of their yeare and not be cut off
In the bloom of their fragrant young life.
"There waa Methusala," moaned the
Inimitable Edgar Wilson, "he gave every
promise of making his mark in the world,
but one day he fell elck. His father and
mother called in the doctor, but the doctor
waa not like our Intelligent, progressive
physicians of today, and he could not help
hia young patient, who waa ruthlessly cut
down In the bloom of young manhood."
Well, maybe Ryan s playing days are
numbered; maybe they are over, but If
they are this old veteran will carry back
Into obscurity with him the pleasing conso
lation of knowing that he quit the game
only after some of his old compatriots
have been forgotten, except as memory
exerts Itself, and are so long gone that
the majority of the present generation
never knew them. If Ryan's days are
over, what of the rest of that great ag
gregation of White Sox with whom he
made his advent? Where are Dalrymple,
Gore. Kelly, Anson, Pfeffer, Williamson,
Burns. Clarkson, Corcorran. Flynn. Flint,
and even the fleet-footed lillly Sunday?
Where are these men with whom Ryan
played? Not one Is on the diamond, or haa
been for many years Several are dead,
and onlv Anson, who Is In politics in Chi
cago, and Sunday, who Is In the ministry,
stand far enough under tho limelight to
be seen with the naked eye.
And Ryan's days are numbered.
Few ball playera have kept up the lick
that Jlmmie Ryan has. He has played In
nearly every professional league of any
consequence In the country, haa managed
several teams and haa done consistent
work, though several years ago losing his
great National league gait.
One day in the summer of 1901 an offl
cloue fan walked over to a young man of
diminutive atature sitting in the grand
stand at the old University avenue ball
grounds in St- Paul. w
"Why ain't you I playing today. Miller;
can't hit em out, eh?"
The am a II, young man turned, looked at
the speaker and returned his gaze to the
diamond, without speaking.
"Say, Miller. I Bay. why ain't you in
the game? Can t you atlck m out?"
The young man still said nothing, but It
waa plain he did not enjoy the fellow's
rude sense of humor.
Jlmmle Rvan wss managing and playing
left field for George Lennon'a Western
league team that year, and he and Lennon
had almost come to the conclusion that Mil
ler Hugglns, a whirlwind at second, would
never be able to bat good enough to en
title him to a permanent berth aa a pro
feaslonal ball player. He waa laid off re
peatedly, and Holly, now captain for the
New Orleana Southern league team, played
In his place, not because he could cover
second better, but he could hit.
"This thing Is getting mighty tiresome
to me," Hugglns remarked one evening to
Dick Cogan, the Pattersoai alderman, then
with Charley Chech, sUir pitcher for St.
Paul. "I'm going to fliow them that I
can bat and I'll bat ao hard one of these
daya that George Lennon can't touch me
with a minor league Job."
Today Miller Hugglns is hitting the ball
over .300, and by Cincinnati, at least, la
regarded aa king of second basemen.
Diets Athletic Aaaoclatlon Plana for
Baae Ball Tournament.
The Diets Athletls association Is making
arrangements for a big base ball tourna
ment at Its park In September, which will
bring together the best teama In Omaha.
Omaha can boast of having at least seven
of the fastest amateur clubs In the country
and could at a moment's notice furnish
anv minor league club with a finished bull
player. The clubs figured to play In the
tournament are tho Dietx Athletics, the
Victor club. Nonpareils, Coronas, Ie Glaaa
Andreesen, Originals nnd the Neumayers,
nil Ideal Hustlers of Council Bluffs, and
the Joe Duffv's of South Omaha. The re
sults of this tournament would open the
eyes of the lovers ot proiessionat Daso
This la the first move In the way of
forming: a city league, aa suggested a
week ago In The Bee.
! Doable-Header for Ramblers.
The Ramblera of South Omaha will play
a double-header Sunday afternoon at
Duffy'a park. Fortieth and Q streets. The
first game will be with the Hanscom
Parks, a strong amateur team of Omaha,
and the second game will be against the
fast Coronas, who need no introduction.
All three teama are playing fast ball and
two good games are expected. The lineup:
Ramblera. Poaition. Coronaa.
in..h ITlrnt ..If Lenlnskv
Corriaan. Second Ferster
T.iiimnn.t Third Rhine
O'Neill Short Handrj
...ltt Biuitn
...Center English
. ..Riarht L. Leptiixky
.Catch Mokry
Uhumhlln Catch
Cavanaugh-Ryan. Pitch. . .
Doable Header at Jettera.
The Gold Todb will meet the Walter (1
Clarka at Jettera park thla afternoon. The
Ould Tone have been playing good bull
and aa the Clarka promise to take this
one a stood came can be expected. The game
will atari at 2:30 sharp, as Immediately
after this game the South Omaha Eagles
and Red men win pisy. following is the
line-up for flrat game:
Wirth ....
Wright ..
Harned .
Cremer ...
Conroy ..
Mi Uan .
Smith ....
Brisbane .
Second. . .
. First ....
. Ie-ft
, Center ..
. Catch ...
.Third ..
..Short ..
..Right ..
. Pitch ...
Pitch ....
van Cleave
M. Collier
Analey Wlna Pennant
MERNA. Neb.. Aug. 4 (Special Tele.
gram.) A heavy rain last night brought tha
people In from far and near, about 1,2(0 be
ing in attendance at the last day of the base
ball tournament. Although the day was
cloudy fast ball was played.
This forenoon Arnold defeated Broken
Bow bv the score of 4 to 3 Flatteries: Ar
nold. Fleming and Townaend; Broken Bow,
Kerr and Gadd. Umpire: Schaeffer.
Thla afternoon there waa a hard fought
game between An'ley and Calloway, re
aultlng Ansley, 4: Calloway. 1 F.atterlis:
Lewln and Freerer. Umpire: Schaeffer.
A game between Arnold and Merna re
sulted: Arnold. 7: Merna. S. Batteries: Ar
nold. Fleming and Townend: Merna, Welsh
and McCarty. Umpire: Schaeffer.
Thla game tied Ansley and Arnold for
top percentage and the nnant.
A fiva-loalnf gam waa then played. Ana-
lev, 2: Arnold, 1. Batteries: Ansley, Iw1n
snd Freerer; Arnold. Firming and Town
send. Umpire; Graham.
This closed the second, annual base hall
tournament, with Ansley wresting Ihe pen
bant away from Arnold.
James ft. Brady's Arenantant Wlna
Ihe Rrlantnn Derby.
NEW YORK, Aug. 4 Jamea B. Brady's
Accountant, with l-H pounds up. won the
llo.ono Brighton derby, at a mile and a half,
at Bilahton Beach today. The Brady colt
so overwhelmingly outclassed his field that
he was held st the prohibitive price of 1 to
6 At no time of the tourney was he In
danger of defeat. The Brighton midsummer
meeting came to a close today. Silvldere.
played down from even money to 7 to 10,
nn the Wlngedfont handicap by two
lengths. War Paint finished second 1n the
ateeplechase, but Was disqualified for a
foul. Results:
First race, five and s half fiirlonse: Frank
(1111 won. Snmnus rec nd. Cave Adsum ihlrd.
Time: 1 :.
Second race, steeplechase, about two
miles: Tom Cogan won. New Amsterdam
second. Come In third. Time: tfl.
Third nice, handicap, six furlongs: Sal
vldere won, Ixird Lovat second, Penarrls
third. Time: 1:15.
Fourth race, the Brighton derby, $15.ono.
one mile and a half: Accountant won, Sim
son second, Albert F third. Time: 2:37H
Fifth race, one mile and a sixteenth: Klri
Cole won. Red Leaf second, Wrenne third.
Time: 1:47.
Sixth race, six furlongs: Jncquln won. Bn.
hernia second. Cold Sifter third. Time: 1:14.
Seventh race, six furlonsrs: Alston won.
Cedarstrom second. Varieties third. Time:
CINCINNATI. Aug. 4. Results at I-a-tonla:
First race, six furlongs: Collnnade won.
Airship second, Belle Toone third. Time:
Second race five furlongs: T.ady Vlmont
won, Helmuth second, Frank Flesher third.
Time: 11
Third race, one mile: Oldstone won. Miss
Dovle, second. The Minks third. Time:
Fourth race, seven furlongs, handicap:
Major T. J. Carson won, Colonel Jim Doug
las second. Alcor third. Time: 1 :2v
Fifth race, five and half furlongs: Lens
won. Bud Hill second, Zrango third. Time:
1 :07V
Sixth race, six furlongs: Revolt won. Mar
tins second, Mlllsong third. Time: 1:14V
Seventh race, one mile- Mandstnr won.
Shining Star second. Bullfinch third. Time:
Ray C. Ewrry. World's Champion, j
Raises His Own Mnrk. j
vrtr TURK A nar. 4. Athletic enthusi
asts In considerable numbers gathered Rt
the New York American League base ball
club field today to see Ihe carnival of
sports arranged for the benefit of the non
sectarian Sen Francisco Orphans' Asylum
'"itay C. Ewry. of the New York Athletic
club, champion standing broad Jumper of
the world and a member of the American
Olympian team at Athens carried off the
honors of the day by breaking the world's
record held by himself. He cleared 11
feet 6 Inches, the former record being 11
feet 4T Inches. It waa thought at first
that the new record might not. stand on
account of the ground over which Ihe
leap was made, but after careful measure
ment had been made it waa given of
ficial authorization.
James L. Sullivan, chairman of the
games committee, said that the crnlval
was a decided financial success, many
thousands of tickets having been Bold.
H. Chandler Reran Makes Sew A ma
te n r Reeord for Floeemor Coarse.
CHICAGO, Aug. 4. Homewood's quintet
of golfers today won the Homewood team
cup In their own club's open team 36-hnle
medal play competition at Flosnmor. The
Homewood team finished with a total of
817 for the morning and afternoon play.
H. Chandler Egan of Exmoor broke the
amateur record for the course, finishing
the two rounds In 161, two points better
than the previous record mark. The play
era composing the winning team were W.
K. Wood. G. F. Cllngman. Jr.. Charles Mc
Arthur, Douglass Stuart and Raymond
The other teams competing finished as
follows: Midlothian. 837; Exmoor, 843;
Auburn Park, 8M; Calumet, 893.
Golf at Field CI oh.
Golf at the Field club Saturday after
noon waa a double headed affair, as the
scores went both for tne Beaton cup anq
for the Trschuck trophy. The Beaton
cup for the month was to go to the low
medal score with handicaps and Clarke
Colt and I. J. Dunn tied for . thla e.t 86.
For the TzscnucK tropny me eigni low
scores qualified and these will play off
at some future date. Those qualifying
for the Txschuck tropny were:
tirosa. ti ac p. iiei
3. C. Colt)
I. J. Dunn
B. Clark
J. W. Hill
P. C. Davison ..
G. D. Thoinaa ..
W. E. Palmetier
Heavy Rains Scare Baaa.
The heavy ralna of the last week or
two have interfered aomewhat with the
anglers at Cut-Off lake and have made tho
festive bass a little harder to get on ac
count of the quantity of food washed Into
the lake. Still a numDer or large caicnes
have been reported and with two or three
dayf of dry weather fly fishing ought to
be at Its best. Many veteran fishermen
have had their lendere or their roda broken
by big bass, showing that the large fellows
are atill gamey and worth going after.
I ':'l ref j
; V " f I
l :
The Reliable Specialists
a visit will tell.
Perhaoa you are Buffering In silence; perhaps you have bean naootraaBfiiny
treated; perhaps you anticipate that
but more likely you consider your
erv :
nnl v
to temporary relle' i.on t c-espatr. even Va" y- ""7 ,
Tnern7 v ncani.n
otnee win ten. ruriy u wunu iU. -
and paramount to almost anything a human being can poaseae.
Come to our office and we will make a thorough, aaavrotiln aod arfjmtrfa
examination of your aliment a free of charge; an examination that wtU 4lt
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Rctaa Tor SpXllat sh"1d VreaTVou. We want ail alUng ni to that W
!.nim.tiir offloa freely tor aa examination and explanation of their -omo?
without liVn? bS?uS & any obligation to take treatment unleaa tbey
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cowers of manhood unto ripe old age.
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Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-SeroAl Debility.
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Kidney and Urinary DiseastM,
.d all dleaeaaea and weakraeeaaa rf men. due ta evil habtta. eetf-armae, tm
ceeeee or the reeult of iclno or private dlaaaaaa.
1308 Farnam Bt., Bctwetm 13th and 14th Ct, Omaha, Ecb.
Mama, Be Warned! Pro
tect the Little Ones I
AMAI Don't be frlrhtened
but be warned I
Every Mother knows, or
should knew that th terrible
Mortality among children Is eauied by
Stomach and Bowel troubles. Colic, Sour
Curd, Cholera Infantum, Summer Com
plaint, Measles, Rashes,- Scarlet Fever
even Mumps have their first causa In
The Delicate Tissues of a Baby's
Bowels will not stand rough treatment.
Salts are too violent, and Castor Oil
will only pease the passages, but will
not make and keep them Clean, Healthy
nd Strong.
There Is no other medicine ss safe for
child as Cascarets, the fragrant little Candy
Tablet, that has saved thousands of families
from unhappiness.
The Nursing Mother should always keep
her Milk Mildly Purgative by taking s Cas
caret at night before going to oed.
No other medicine has this remarkable
and valuable quality. Mama takes tha
Caacsret, Baby gets the Benefit.
Cascarets act like stretgthenlng Exercise
cn the weak little bowels of the growing
babe, and make them able to get all tha
Nourishment out of Baby's Natural Food.
Larger children cannot always be watched,
and will eat unreasonably. The Ready
Remedy should ever be at hand Cascarets
to take care of the trouble when It comes.
No need to Force or Bribe children to
take Cascarets. They are always
more than ready to eat the sweet little bit
of Candy.
Home Is not complete without the ever
ready Box of Cascarets. Ten cents buys a
small one at the Corner Drug Store.
Be very careful to get the genuine,
made only by the Sterling Remedy Com
pany and never sold in bulk. Every tablet
stamped "CCC." - - ' 1tt
Flies are the favorite lure and soma of thi
best etrlnes have been taken on hues
tnils. Throe and the darker colored
fenther Pics serin to be the favorites Jus!
now. The Rod an.l Oun club resort Ii
thronged almost every evening with fisher
men and Is proving a popular place during
the hot weather.
Knln gtnpa Tennis.
The rain Interfered with the tennis tour
nament which was to stsrt at the Omaha
Field club yesterday afternoon and the
tennis men were, as a consequence, much
put out, as they hnd figured on this tour
nament as a menns of getting In some
good practice before the opening of the
Middle West. August 20. The tournament
was to he a handicap affair for the Ham
ilton trophy open only to members of
the Field club. A start will be made In
the tournament Monday night and It will
be played off as fast as possible.
Rain Stops Fremont Races.
FREMONT, Neb.. Aug. 4 (Special On
account of the heavy rain of this morn
ing which lasted until noon, the races at
the driving park were declared off. It
was a disappointment because of the In
terest taken In the 2:10 pace In which great
things were expected.
The fining of three drlvera yesterday
afternoon meets with the general ap
proval of all friends of honest sport and
will do much to help raclnir here.
Iowa State I.eaane.
M IthTT ALI.TOWN, la.. Aug. 4.-(Spec,IH
Trlegrnm.) Iowa State league results to
day were:
Marshalltown, 8; Burlington, 8.
Osksloosa. 20; Clinton, 8.
Keokuk, 1; Waterloo, 0.
Ottumwa, J; Ft. Dodge. C. , .v. ..
porting Brevities.
New Tork had to play without Seymour
Friday, but waa ahle to win anyway, .
The rain haa stirred up the waters of
Cut Off, but the fishermen fish Just tha
You can't keep a good man down. Hughes
won hia own game agalnat St. Louis by a
homer In the tenth inning.
Niles la looked upon aa the regular third
baseman of the St. Louis Browns, which
throws Roy Hartzell on the shelf.
Phyla made his start with 8t Louie
against the Glanta. He took all the field
ing chances offered, but did not register
a aafe hit. ...
Chicago lumped back Into its atrlde Fri
day and copped two gamea from Hugh
Duffy. The team is ready for the siege In
Gotham with the Gianta.
The week of Auguat 20 will be a busy
one in thla city, with the Field club enter
taining the Middle West tennis men and
the Country club the State Golf associa
tion. ej. 4 I
Ill,1 i
S'.USr. ,a
relief can be secured only uu-ongn
caae nopeieee, or at eei
-' 1 1 -ZA n.caalt
I '
", T