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Office, 10 Tear! St. ' Tel. 43.
Clark's s6as.
Davis sells dmr.
Btockert sen carjwr).
Fine engraving at Leffert's.
Fd Rogers' Tony, Faust beer.
New location, so Prarl BLVMaloney.
J'lumblng and heating.'. Blxby Bon.
Woodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. SW.
Jjewla Cutler, funeral director. Thona 97.
Mrs. Robert Mutlla In visiting In Chicago.
r'lomonds a an lnvestmebt. Talk to
Leffert about It.
Fireworks' of all kinds. Purity Candy
Kitchen, fctf W. Broadway.
Position la waiting for you after taking
a, course In the Wertern. Iowa college.
8e Stephen Bros, for fire brick and fire
clay, aewer pipe, fittings and garden hnee.
Hafer will tak meaaurementa for yntir
screens and quote yJM a low figure free of
Miss CaOierlne, Roddy of Nebraska City,
Neb., la the guest of Iriri George Ixupree.
14 Fifth- avenue.
Picture frames made 4o order. Hundreda
cf patterns to choose -from. C. K. Alex
ander. 333 Broadway. ,
If you have tender, feet and want a
rood, comfortable she aee Duncan A
tean. U Main street.
B. M. Williamson rente and repalre eew
lnn marblneH, also 'repalra all klnda of
blcyclea. 17 Bouth Main atreet.
The Mlrsea Hazel anil Genevieve Reed of
flhehon. Neb., are guests of Mr. and Mra.
C. C. McKnlKht. LZ South Sixth atreet.
C. N. Mammel and family and Mra.
Thomaa Maloney and two daughters will
leave today for an, outing at Jefferaon Lake,
The MJsses Ad anf Anna Fagenstecker,
8Y7 East Plerco atreet. have gone to iJay
ton. (.,-9 visit- 'relatives for aeveral
montha. . ; , . i
For Sale Will sacrifice on my fine piano.
Payments If desired. Can be seen at
Bchmoller A Mueller', tOk Broadway,
Council Bluffs,' la, ; .
John Melhop, secretary of the Iowa and
Nebraska Wholesale Urocers' assocl atlon,
left last evrnltig for Chicago on business
connected with the organization.
Juat received a fine lot of new atylea
In pianos. fttouJ and scarfs. . Bourlciua
l'iai'o House, &i5 1 ' Uroadwwv. where the
organ stands upon th-building.
We wholesale lc cream. Shipped to
any part of -liio state. Special prices to
the retail trade. 1. Muccl, Hi "meat Broad
Way, Coupell Bluffs. la.. Tel. 364.
YVn havrf th Bnst line of sample raonu.
ments to select from in the west, ttheely
Lane '-Marble and (Jraulte work a, 217
Jiaai Broadway, Council, Bluffs, la.
John Bayers has 'been arrested by the po
lice and la being held for investigation. He
la suspected of knowing something about
the several burglaries on Sixteenth avenue
Friday nigtili i
O. P. Hamilton, an employe of Keys
Bros., waa prostrated, by the heat Saturday
afternoon and had. 1.0 ,be removed to Mercy
hospital. i )le Wns reported yesterday to be
fully recovered. ,
Mra. Julia .A. iMyrtue, wife of John J.
Myrtiie, died at a late hour Saturday night
at her home, 89 Harrison atreet, aged 30
years. Be1de her'lrusbaad she Is survived
by two young daughters.
Walter Reller. son of Tr. W. E. Reller, 830
First avenup. left his bicycle by the curb
of the postotflce yesterday morning while he
went itiaute ror tne mall, wnen ne re
turned he found the whel had been stolen.
Winner court of the Tribe of Ben Hur
will hereafter meet In the Modern Wood
men of America hall In the M err! am block
instead of In tl Maccabees' hall. The court
will hereafter also meet every Monday
night. .
If you need new broom come and eee
the Hendee wire aweepers. Rug sweepera,
11.75; floor brush, $1.60; warehouse brush,
11.60; street broom, 7k centa. Complete line,
come and sea. Paddock Y Handachy Hard
ware company.
Do not overlook that "Van Brunt" carries
a fine, high grade line of harness especially
made for. this trade. Anyone buying a
"Van Brunt" vehicle will be entitled to a
cpecial proposition on a aet of harness.
Investigate this. '
The quarterly meeting of the Woman's
Christian association will be held this aft
ernoon at & o'clock at the residence of Mrs.
H. A. Qulnn on Oakland avenue. All mem
bers and friends of the organization are
cordially invited to attend.
The following extracts will be served this
week at our soda fountain: Carmacia Kiss,
Maple Leaf, Canteloupe Sundaes, Hartford
Eat, Frozen phosphate. Grape Juice Lem
onade',' Maraschino Punch, Horlick'a Egg
Phosphate, Maple Nog. Clark Drug Co.
Rw. A. K. Griffith, D. D., presiding elder
of the Council Bluffs district of the Meth
odist church, and wife will celebrate their
twenty-fifth wedding anniversary Wednes
day bv entertaining the pastors of the
Mi thodist churches in the district and their
The ministers who are members of the
Pastors' association of this city, and their
families, will picnic Tuesday at Lake Man
awa, providing the weather la favorable.
They have been tendered the accommoda
tlou of the clubhouse of the Council Bluffs
Rowing association.
Cheap fruit Jars are high priced this sea
son. Why not buy good ones at a very
little more? We have the "Globe" glass
top, patent self-sealing fruit Jars. Pints,
SI per dosen; quarts. (1.10. Also extra heavy
rubbers, tin top Jelly glasses and root beer
buttles. W. A. Maurer.
Rev. H. W. Starr, rector of St. Paul's
Kpiscopal church, who, with his wife and
baby, will leave Thursday for Lake Oko-
bojl, expects to visit several missions la
this deanery at the request of Bishop Mor
rison and to deliver a number of lectures
on Sunday school work In six parishes In
the eastern part of the stale before return
ing. W. A. Larson and James Manson have
been cited to appear In police court this
morning and explain why they violated the
saloon closing order as charged by selling
liquor after midnight Saturday, it Is said
the police 'found patrons of the establish
ment drinking beer after 13 o'clock Satur
day night In xhe restaurant attached to the
Detective Dan Weir, received an ugly blow
on the head last evening from Dan O'Con
nell. whom he had placed under arrest for
being drunk. O'Connell fought the officer
and had to be handcuffed. While getting
out of the patrol wagon O'Connell lifted his
,.ianQrl.H hanria Uriel brought them down
on the top of the officer's head, Inflicting an
ugly wound on weir roreneaa.
Rev. James O'May ot the Broadway Meth
odist church has been elected a member of
the Honorary Society of I'nlverslty Repre
sentatives of Northwestern university. This
society la composed of all men who have
represented the university in an interuiu
verslty oratorical conteat. Rev. Mr. O'May
waa captain of the team which represented
Kortwestern university In the debating con
test against the University of Michigan.
James Mitchell, republican nominee for
County treasurer, has resigned his position
as city salesman for the Stewart Bros, com
pany of Omaha and will leave In a few days
for a visit with hla brother In Colorado be
fore entering on the campaign. Robert II.
Huntington, secretary of the Council Bluffs
Retail Grocers' and Butchers' association,
will succeed Mr. Mitchell as city salesman
for the Stewart Broa. company in Council
Here we are at the end of the season,
and for the text thirty days I will make
fine clothes regardless of cost. 1 have a
very tine line of Scotch suitings, both light
and heavy weights, from H0 to 146. that
will go at 2b. Your choice of all In tho
store, black thibets, undress worsteds,
black and Hue serges, gray worsterds, will
go In July regardlt-ss of cost. US overciat
at t-. It you want to save $10 on a suit
or overcoat drop In and aee Hicka. Perfect
satisfaction guaranteed with every thing.
. S. Hicka
St. John's English Lutheran church la
taking elepa towards the organisation of a
mixed chorus choir of thirty voices under
the direction of Carl F. Stough, an experi
enced director and soloist. Thla will give
a number of the young people of Council
Bluffa an opportunity to secure thorough
Instruction In choral work. Those desir
ing to become members of the choir should
communicate with the director or with tne
pastor. Rev G. W. Suyrter. HI South Sev
mh street. Tim first meeting of the chorus
will be 1h Id Friday evening at t o'clock in
the basement of the church.
A. Metsgar A C.
New Location of Wholesale Bakery,
61 Mynater'St., Co. Bluffs. Is.
Hume-made Bread a Specialty.
Treasurer Erii, Elected Ltet March, Take
Office Under Hew Law,
Law Exeete to Work to Alvaalags
of Tearhers la Cooatrr Districts,
MalUas; Their Teaaro If or
The Board of Education will hold Its
annual meeting tonight, as provided by
the new law enacted by the last legislature.
The new law provides that all school boards
throughout the state shall hold their annual
meetings on July 1 or the day following
when July 1 happena to fall on a 8undn.y.
Heretofore the Board of Education held
Its annual meeting on the third Monday In
Although Dillon Ross was elected secre
tary of the board at the annual meeting
last Beptember, the board, under the pro
visions of the new law, will be required to
elect a secretary at Its meeting tonight.
There being no opposition, Mr. Ross will
be unanimously re-elerted. At the school
election In March George 8. Davis, the
democratic candidate, was elected treasurer
of the school district of Council Bluffs.
Unlike the two new members of the Board
of Education elected at the same .time, Mr.
Davis did not assume hla office at the
March meeting, but will do so tonight,
when H. G. McQee, who held over as
treasurer, will retire In hla favor. Treas
urer Davis filed hla bond shortly after hla
election and the same was approved by
the board, so that he la prepared to taaums
the responsibilities of his office tonight.
The new law also makes a change In the
time of taking the cliool census. Hereto
fore the census had to be taken end com
pleted between September 1 and -the third
Monday in that month. Now It has to be
completed by July L and Secretary Rcas,
under whose direction th? census has been
taken, will be required ti make his report
of the same at the mat'l,ig tonight. Mr,
Rosa stated last evening that he had not
quite completed the tabulation and that
possibly he would be unable to make a
report tonight, although ae hoped to.
The new law affects the dlrriors In the
rural school districts somewlrai differently
to those In the city llstrlcis and will prove
a material benefit '.o th tencliern In the
country schools. While tns school directors
In the rural districts nre elected in March,
unlike the directors in Mty district, they
do not take their seats until the annual
meeting In July. Herstofore It lias been
the practice of school boards In flat rural
districts to elect their teacher for six
months only, from September , to March,
and then when the new board convened In
March it, as a rule, elected another set
of teachers for the rest nf the echool year.
Now that the new direct irs do rot trke
their seats until July 1 the teachers. It Is
expected, will be elected for the entire
school rear.
Yachting shoes In white, made especially
for the purpose. Sargent a Family Shoe
Tou know a picture and a frame with
out harmony means a poor picture. We
have for years made picture, framing a
specialty and a study.. We know what
points It takes to make a picture valuable
and prized. Tou will be satisfied with
our price if you come to us. H. Berwick,
211 a Main.
We show the largest stock of high-grade
furniture In the west and offer the moat
liberal credit terms . to all. Peterson &
BchoerUng Co,
Something entirely new and just oak
Beautiful new photos at a special offer for
short time only at Schmidt's studio.
Position Is waiting for you after taking
a course In the Western Iowa college.
Doa't Go to Omaha
Until you try at home. Tou have stocks
of shoes In Council Bluffs equal to any city.
Try Sargent's and the whole bunch. Tou
will find what you want somewhere. Sar
gent's Family Shoe Store. Look for the
Fight Not Allowed la Iowa.
There was no prize fight at Courtland
beach yesterday afternoon, although all
preparations had been made. The pro
moters of the affair and the principals In
the proposed fistic encounter were on the
ground, but Major George H. Richmond,
chief of police, with Detective Weir and
Sergeant O'Nell were also there. When
Chief Richmond and the two officers
reached Courtland beach they found every
thing In readiness for the fight. The ring
had been pitched on the old dancing pa
vilion and the ropes were strung and the
canvas spread. When Clarence English,
the promoter of the fight, and Guy Buckles
and "Kid" Jensen, the principals, appeared
on the scene Major Richmond entered the
ring and Informed them that the fight
could not be pulled off on Iowa soil. Real
ising that Council Bluffs' chief of police
fully meant what he said, English and his
assistants at once proceeded to dismantle
the ring and remove themselves from the
Jurisdiction of the city of Council Bluffs
and the state of Iowa.
Superiority of Quality
is the Test.
TWTOST BEER, no matter by whom
brewed, is clean, pure and sterilized.
Cleanliness is accepted as a rule of self
preservation in every reputable brewery.
Purity signifies nothing more than the
absence of foreign matter.
An experienced brewer would no more
boast of the purity and cleanliness of his beer
than a gentleman would brag of having
washed his face.
Many pure, clean beers, however, are not 1
good beers.
A really first-class beer must not only
be free from self-evident defects, but it must
combine all the positive excellencies known to
the science of brewing.
For these reasons brewers who do not
dare to test the substantial merits of beer
harp on purity.
The true test is QUALITY which cannot
be had without superior materials, perfect
treatment and ample storing capacity.
Upon this issue of positive SUPER
IORITY of QUALITY we challenge all
Of materials we ise only the most excel
lent, regardless of cost Corn, the one
important substitute, which, on account of its
cheapness, has been extensively adopted by
many brewers, never enters our brewery.
Our facilities for brewing beer are un
equaled. Our storing capacity of 600,000 barrels
doubles any other brewery in the United Statesf
and enables us to store our beer from four to
five months.
Facts speak louder than words.
Publicity is the demand of the day.
The consumer is entitled to the truth.
b '. nLiji,''T'-i
ii , .ill, 'ii;- :lUi;;M
- - ? ' '; -lis i, itf t
-vif' 'iis MlWii 1 -'i -r
war MS ' ymrMrn:
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
St. Louis, U. S. A.
Largest Brewers in the World
GEO. KRUG, Manager,
Anheuser-Busch Branch,
li st -V: ...
m IL ...ji!
secured several drinks of whisky, was
taken Into custody and locked up at the
city jail, from which he had but recently
been released, on a charge of being drunk
and disturbing the peace.
Many of the newsdealers and drug stores
which handle the Chicago and 8L Louts
papers broke over the agreement made
with the newsboys. Their customers de
manded the papers and they decided they
had to handle them.
Special Sale.
Lawn swings, 15.95: Ice cream freezers,
SI. 46; hammocks, up from 75c; lawn mow
er, $2.75; garden hose, per foot, 6c; gaso
line stove ovens, fl&O. J. Zoller Merc. Co.,
100-02-06 Broadway. 'Phone XX.
Picture framing is a profession and re
quires natural taieni to obtain good re
sults. We've got the talent and guaran
tee to do the work right. Handling wall
paper and doing the work Is one of our
One arts and when It comes to figuring on
painting you can do no better than to fig
ure with us. because we can do the work
right and always make the right price.
Council Bluffs Paint. OH and Glass Co.
New location. Merrlam block.
All Klads ef Flrewerke,
See the "8on-of-a-Gun" torpedoes and
shooting match. Roman randlea and lady
flrecrackera. Purity Candy Kitchen, Ht
West Broadway. Both phones 674.
Investigate our cheap land proposition in
eastern Colorado; tS per acre for raising all
kinds of crops; good soli; best of water;
delightful climate. Excursions first and
third Tuesdays of each month. Bend for
printed matter. F. C. Lougee. 124 Mala
street. Council Bluffs, la.
For imported wines, liquors and Budwelser
beer go to Roaenfeld, wholesale liquor
dealer, Bl Bouth Main street.
I haul 'dead animals.')! .00 per head.
r,rU. vsne. nunur. and all rub
bish; clean vaults anu cesspools. All
wf.rli dono Is sua ran teed.
cji'.-i promptly atienaea ia
'Phone. Red U71
' . J. ii. SHERLOCK
Boycott Chicago Papera.
The boycott of the newsboys against the
Chicago and Bt. Iouls papers Is still on.
although it was stated yesterday that one
of the Chicago papers had conceded the
boys' demands. The agent for one of the
Chicago papers attempted to buck the boy
cott and hired Tom Carter, a man who has
had frequent trouble with the police, to sell
his paper at the corner of Broadway and
Pearl street.
Carter's appearance on the street corner
almost led to an Incipient riot, as the news.
boys resented his Intrusion. The police had
to be summoned to Interfere and the final
upshot was that Carter, who had. despite
the early hour of the morning and the faet
that all saloons are supposed to be ciostd.
Why are McAfee's bakery goods better
than any made or sold In the city? Simply
because all of the Ingredients that go Into
their composition are absolutely pure and
of the highest grade produced, and will
conform to and pasa Inspection under any
pure food law on earth. No compounds or
Imitations used.
The Title Guaranty ana Truat company.
abatracters of tiUea. Books date back to
1853. Books are all up to date. Work ac
curately and promptly done at lowest
prices. Office opposite court house, 2J6 Pearl
street. Council Bluffs, la.
High grade pianos sold on easy payments,
HO down and S5 per month. Swanson
Mualo Co., 407 Broadway. Pianos tuned and
his guests this afternoon and personally
inspect the many and various Improve
ments which he hss recfnOy completed.
Ice Cream Freesere.
White Mountain, Arctic and Wonder
freezers (none better) just before the Fourth
of July. Get our prices. BwaJne ft Maurer,
33$-338 Broadway.
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 150. Night L6B1
Special 20 per cent dlacount on all of the
following: Dinner sets, music cabinets,
dinner chairs, porch furniture, parlor lamps,
center tables, buffets, sideboards, kitchen
cabinets, go-carts, refrigerators, portieres,
lace curtains, oil cloth, linoleum, carpets
and mattings. D. W. Keller, 103 So. Main.
We can't put the shoe stock In the win
dow. If you don't see what you want, go
Inside. Sargent's Family Shoe Store. Look
for the bear.
White canvas Oxfords, all kinds. Prices,
(1 to $2. Duncan & Dean, 23 Main street.
CENTRAL, FLOUR 1. 16. Every sack
warranted. Central Grocery and Meat Mar
ket. Both Phones 24.
FlreworVst Fireworks!
Fireworks of all kinds. Purity Candy
Kitchen, 646 West Broadway.
house with gas, city water and sewerage.
also a 6-room cottage with city water and
sewerage; both well rented. Never vacant
Must be sold at once. Will make a good
Investment or a good home. Please call
and let me show them to you. Have houses
to rent on monthly payments. Call me up.
'Phones 417 and 406 Red. D. S. Kerr L4A
Broadway, Council Bluffa, la.
Quality usssti
More with paint than with anything else.
Tou may think you save a few dollars
on first cost, but you'll lose a year or more
on the wear. We don't offer bargain
counter prlcea for paint, but we paint so
It stays painted. Jensen Is Nicholson.
Outside and Inside House Deooratlona
Interarban from.Masoa City to Clear
I .eke' Affected.
MASON CITT, la., July l.-A general
strike of all employes of the Mason City
street car company and the Mason City &
Clear Lake Interurban lines took place to
day. The employes demanded an Increase
of wages.
Prof. Holdon Expeot to Add Fie Million,
Bushels to the Crop,
Many of Oplaloa It Will Uncover Dis
crimination la Favor of the Llae
Elevators Condition of
Fralt Crop. '
The best pianos on earth are to be found
at A. Hospe Co., 33 South Main St., Council
Bluffs. They do not charge more than you
pay elsewhere for unknown and Indifferent
We pay $11.00 per ton for cast Iron: mixed,
39.00 per ton; stoves, 37.60: rags, lc a lb.;
rubber, 7c; copper, 14c per lb. J. Kattle
man, 303 South Main. Both ,'Phones 66a
Ostersnoer Mattress.
Oatermpor Cotton Felt Mattresses are
guaranteed not to lump or pack. Price,
115.00. We are exclusive agents. Keller
Farnsworth Furniture Co.
We employ nothing but first-class tin
ners and plumbers and guarantee all of
our work. Spencer Furnace and Sheet
Metal Works. 163 West Broadway.
Flao Farm.
Two hundred-acre farm five miles from
Missouri VaUsy. Good Improvements and
orchard. Cheap at 37 per acre. Wallace
Benjamin, room 1, First National bank
building. Office telephone 303.
Showers and Cooler Monday Twesday
Fair and Warmer la Eastera
WASHINGTON. July l.-Forecast of the
weather for Monday and Tuesday:
For Nebraska Showers and cooler 'Mon
day; Tuesday, fair and warmer In west
For Iowa Partly cloudy Monday; showers
and cooler In west portion and by night
in east portion; Tuesday, fair.
For Illinois Partly cloudy and cooler
Monday; showers at night or Tuesday;
fresh northwest to north winds.
For Wyoming Generally fair Monday and
For South Dakota Partly cloudy Mon
day; aliowera and cooler In central and
east portions; Tuesday, fair and warmer
In west portion.
Loral Record.
OMAHA, July 1. Offlcisl rerord of tem
perature and precipitation, compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
years: liOfl. 1906 1904. 1M.
Maximum temperature.... M 70 7 80
Minimum temperature K t2 M 71
Mean temperature 74 70 da SO
rreolpitation 66 .01 .00 .01
Temperature and precipitation dparturea
frnm the normal at mnaha aince March 1,
and comparison with the last two years
TV- , I . -
Nul ma I temperatur
Heparture for the day
Total d Mcirnry aince March 1...
Normal precipitation
Kxoens for the day
Precipitation sinre March 1
Deficiency since March 1
Deficiency for cor. period in V$.
Deficiency for cor. period in int.
Reports from Stations at
Station and State
.IS inch
4 Inch
13.22 Inches
1 63 Inches
6 61 Inches
2 36 Inches
T P. M.
Max. Ruin
Hater Invites His FcJeads.
C. Hefer has Issued Invitations to the
members of the Commercial club ad busi
ness and professional men of the city to bt
of Weather. 7 p. m. Temp. fall.
Bismarck, cloudy SO K4 .18
Cheyenne, clear 6S 72 .00
Chicago, clear 76 76 .06
Davenport, clear 76 R2 ,(0
Denver, part cloudy 73 2 T
Hsvre. part cloudy 70 70 .04
Helena, clear 74 76 .00
Huron, part cloudy 71 78 .01
Kansas City, clear 32 86 . 00
North Platte, part cloudy.. 71 84 .74
Omaha, raining 78 6 T
Rapid City, part cloudy.... 64 76 T
St. Louis, part cloudy 34 .00
Bt. Paul, clear 71 T .00
Salt Lake City, clear 32 M .00
Valentine, clear 74 SO .00
"T" Indicates trace ef precipitation.
. L a, WEXtiU. Leel Fo'ecaaua.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES DOINE8. July 1. (Special.) Prof. P.
G. Holden of the State Agricultural col
lege will start out this month to increase
the yield of corn In Iowa by 6,000,000 bush
els. His efforts will be made under the
college extension department, for which the
last legislature appropriated 335,000. Prof.
Holden was the originator of the gospel
seed corn train that toured Iowa last win
ter and the winter before, spreading In
formation among the farmers as to the
selection and care of their seed corn. Last
year there was about 3,000,000 acres of corn
In Iowa and the average yield waa thirty
six bushels. The year before lb was thirty
two bushels. This average yield means
but two stalks of corn to the hill. Prof.
Holden believes that by proper selection
of the seed corn so that every grain will
grow, a stand of corn can be secured that
will grow three good stalks to the hill,
which would add one-third to the yield
of the state. Since the lectures of Prof.
Holden and the gospel seed corn trains the
yield of corn has steadily increased. Be
ginning this month, Prof. Holden leaves the
agronomy department of the State Agri
cultural college and will devote his entire
time to the college extension work, which
means that he Is to change from teaching
farmer boys In the college to teaching the
farmer and his boy direct on the farm.
He believes that a great deal can be added
to the increase of the yield of corn next
year by the dissemination of Information
this year, as to how to select seed corn.
and believes that It Is only a question of
time till a perfect stsnd of corn of three
stalks to the hill with three full-slsed ears
will be secured. The acreage of corn this
ear la 3.433,960 acres, and to add the 5.000,-
000 bushels which he has set for the in
crease next year It will be necessary to
add only a trifle over half a bushel to the
acre. To make an Increase from the
present average of two stalks to the hill to
a perfect stsnd of three stalks to the hill
would mean an Increase of about
bushels. Prof. Holden, therefore, thinks
that his proposed increase of 6.000,000 Is a
very conservative figure. To accomplish
this he has planned to go Into every sec
tion of the state of Iowa to reach the
farmer with his theory as to the selection
of seed corn.
v Will A Beet Iowa Grala.
Grain dealers of this atale are In conflict
as to whether or not lows win oe aneciea
by the investigation of the grain business
and line elevators and discriminations
called for by the LeFollette resolution.
E. D. Hamlin of this city, who operates
along the Iowa Central, believes that the
investigation wilt effect only the big
terminal elevators, and their dealings with
the railroads. At different times In th
last few years It haa been discovered In
this state that there are secret agreements
as to rates and shipments of gTaln. The
farmers have had offered in the legislature
a number of times bills Intended to cor
rect evils which, however, have always
failed to pass. A little over a year ago
members of the Iowa Grain Dealers aeso
elation fell out among themselves as to
prices ef grain and also as to Una elevators
which were favored as compared, to the
Independent shipper. A number of grain
dealers have expressed themselves the last
few days to the effec( that the LaFollette
Investigation will disclose discrimination in
favor of the line elevators. They further
more, claim that the same conditions which
operate to give Peavey oV Co. at Council
Bluffs an allowance of 1'4 cents a 100
welght and free switching between Omaha
and Council Bluffs, also operate In other
parts of this state to the advantage of
large shippers, and they anticipate aome
disclosures under the LaFollette Investiga
tion. May Cartall Base Ball.
The supreme court has been called upon
to decide a case that may affect the whole
future of the national game In Iowa. An
appeal has been taken from Lucas county
In an Injunction proceeding that was
started to prohibit small boys playing base
ball on a vacant piece of ground In the
olty of Charlton. The Injunction was
granted by the district court of Lucas
county on the ground that the balls being
batted about were -liable to go onto the
ground of the complainant, " which would
require the players to Invade the com
plainant's yard, which might lead to dam
age to complainant's property. As there
Is always adjoining property to every base
ball grounds the same ruling will apply
everywhere In the state, nnleas the supreme
court reverses the case. The vacant land
In Charlton la owned by W. A. Elken
berry. The land has been used as a sort
of public commons and small and large
boys alike have for years gathered there
for their base ball games. The owner re
ceived no rental for the ground, though
at times admission was charged to see
some of the games. Suit was started by
J. F, Splker for an Injunction, which was
granted for the reasons given, and he was
given damages to the amount of 31 and
costs, amounting to 148.30.
Rlnsi for Nebraska Brother,
Miss Ada C. Davis, the wealthy woman
who was discovered dead at her home near
Berwick a few days ago, left In her will
a bequest of 310 for her brother, William,
In Saundtrs county, Nebraska, with the
request that he buy a ring with the money
and have It engraved, "From Ada." The
rest of the property is willed to nieces and
other relatives.
Conditio of Fralt.
State Horticulturist Wesley Greene to
day reported that the condition of the fruit
of the etate June 30 was as follows: Ap
ples, 30; pears, 36; American plums, 67;
domestic plums, 45; Japan plums, 43;
peaches, 77; cherries, 79; grapes, 81; red
raspberries, 68; currants, 67; gooseberries,
68. In each case, except peaches, cherries
and red raspberries, the condition of fruit
is now as good as it was June 1. Red
raspberries are in the same condition.
Cherries have Improved from 76 to 79, and
peaches from 67 to 77. The figures given
are the per cent of the average condition
of the fruit.
Statue of Genernl Porter Dedicated.
PORTSMOUTH, N. H., July 1 The
statue to Major General Kltijohn Por'er,
erected through the efforts of the Orand
Army, and presented to the city, wna dedi
cated In Haven park today, this being tda
anniversary of the battle of Malvern Hill.
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