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Office 10 Pewl
Iiavli sell dn:i.
fltockert sell cerpets.
Kin engraving at LefTert's.
, Ed Rogeia' Tony Faust beer.
New location, 3T Pearl St.. Maloney.
plumbing and heating. Bixby Son.
Wondrlng Undertaking cumpany. Tel. S3.
Lewie Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 97.
For rent, unfurnished rooms. 131 Main St.
Diamond, ax an Investment, talk 10
A.efferl about It.
Huy your Edison records from William
son, 17 Ho, Main Si.
All sixes in barefoot sandals for children
at Sargent's family shoe alore.
Special courses for public school pupil
given at Western Iowa College.
For rent, dwelllne. Ninth Ave.: new;
tJl. Chsrh.. T. Officer. 419 Hroadway. 1
The Hoard f Supervisors completed II s ;
work yesterday and adjourned until August. ;
rtee Stepher tiros, for f I re brick and lire !
i la. -sewer pipe, fittings and- garden hone.
All our goods are marked In plain fia-nn-i
This makes, buying easy. Peterson k :
Hi lnH iiing Co. I
Picture frames made to order. Hundreds ,
o. pattern to chouse from. C. L. Alex-,
Hiider. 313 Broadway. I
If you have tender feet and want a :
good, comfortable show aea Duncan Sc ,
Dean. 1 Main street, j
.Sheriff Caunlug will take A K. Cnrlcli .
and VV. W. Iangclon to the Male hospital
for Inebriates nt. Ivnoxville today. (
Cool and refreshing Ice cream and soda :
water t J'urlty Candy Klmhen. L'lei trie
funs. Ice f-rcuiii delivered. Tel. 574. !
!o- not wait linlll you get soaked. Buy ;
your shingle now. Il.ifer has a large I
alack Of all grades at bottom prices.
U'Ih ii huting a piano jou run no chances
on price or yiialuy Ml A. llospe Co., 'J3
Mouth Main Mreet. Council liluffa. In. ,
You run rind the latest and best framed :
pictures at any (.ilea you want ut the .
Council. Hluffs Faint, Oil ind tilass Co.
Just arrived, a full line of yuick Meal
'ia Stovrs. from Ilii.OO up. None better,
bwalne & Maurr, 33t-3. West Broadway, i
Kdwnrd Hockley, a member of the news
paper fraternity In Des in the
city. It la likely i bat he may locate here, i
Star chapter: Hoyal Arch Misons. will 1
meet ti special ronviwation . this evening
for wmrk In the most excellent master's I
degree-. N .
Mr. and Mrs.. Tytidall Palmer, formerly I
ot v asliltigton, la, are stopping at the
tirand hotel. They registered Irotn New
V ork- ,Cty.
Detective Tom CalluKhan and bride are
home from thetr wedding trip and "the,
former resumed Ms work on the police
f rce ewterday.
For Sale Will sacrifice on my fine, piano,
raiments f desired. Can be aeen at
Hchmoflcr & Mueller's, Ml Broadway,
Council muffs, la.
Judge: Wheelec yesterday overruled the
motion of the plaintiff for a new trial in
the suit of. Talmnge Sheldon against the
Ureat-W(iio:ern, railroad.
We'- 'wholesale Ice cream. Shipped to
any pari -of iho state. Special price to
the retail trade. I. Jiluccl, 21 West Broad
way. Council Bluffs, la. Tel. 864.
We have the finest line of sample monu
ments to select from in the west. Sheely
Lane. Marble and Oraulte works, 217
Ksst Broadway, Council Bluffs, la.
Just received, sixty different stylea In
wall paper for our summer trade. The
. best time In the year to paper Is In the
--summer. Bortvick. zu Kouth Main.
a The park commissioners complained yes
terday to the police that tramps ordered
oulof the city get no farther than Fair
mount park,, where they spend days at a
A marriage license was Issued yesterday
to Hans Jorgensen. aged 4, and Julia A.
Jones, aged 6o. both from Omaha. They
were married by Kev. Henry DeLong In the
court house,- .
I.uthera Griffin, who has boen working aa
a domestic In this city, was placed In St.
Bernard's hospital yesterday. Ill health. It
is said, has made her mentally deficient and
the commissioners on Insanity will examine
lnto'TieY-ease today.
The motion of the plaintiff for a new trial
In the 'personal injury damage suit of C.
C Cooper pf. Portsmoulh, la., against the
street rsflw'H.v company was submitted to
Judge Wheeler In district court yesterday
and taken under advisement.
The will of the late Mrs. B. I.. Bhugart
waa filed for probata In the district court
yesterday. It was executed November 17,
lAM., and bequeaths to her husband all the
real and personal property which waa con
veyed by him to her since the date of tuair
marriage., Mr. Shugart la named as ex
ecutor of the will.
The. following new Ice drinks. Ice creams
phosphates and troxen Ices will be served
tills week, all made from the best ex
tracts, fruits, nuts and Ice creams: Kemll
Ice, Grape A la-I. Cantaloupe Sundae,
Hartford Ent. Krosen Phosphate, Grape
Juice, Maraschlnp 1'uneh and Cuban Astor.
Clark Drug Co., Broadway and Main.
Mrs. Suing: arrived last evening . from
Spokane. Wash., to attend the funeral of
her mother, Mrs. Henry Paschcl, which will
be held at 9 o'clock this morning from Si.
Peter s German Catholic church, burial be
ing In St. Joseph'a cemetery. The services
will be conducted by Hev. Father Her
man, pastor of the thurch, assisted by Rv.
Father Smyth, pastor of St. Francis
Aavler's church.
A called meeting of the stockholders of
the Canton Mining company was held last
evening at the Neumayer hotel to confer
with A: Anderson of Hill City. 8. D., gen
eral superintendent and manager of the
oompany'e property.' Among the members
of the board of dlreclora of tbe company
are O. 8. Davis, Councilman Vounkermnn
and J. J. TWks of this city and P. W;
Kuhus and P. Nelson of Omaha. .
Jesse Palmer, a youth of It), waa fined
Jlo and costs In Justice Gardiner court
yesterday on the charge of carrying con
cealed weapona. Palmer went to Lake
Manawa Wednesday evening and while en
joying a ride on the coaster punctured the
atmosphere with several shots from a re
volver. Not iHiBsevNlug $10, Palmer will
remain the guest of Jailer Gallup at tbe
county has' lie for the next few days until
he boards the fine out.
Why are McAfee's bakery goods better
than any -made or sold In the city? Simply
because all of the Ingredients that go Into
their composition are absolutely pure and
of . the highest grade produced. and will
conform to and pass inspection under any
pure food law on earth. ' No compounds or
Imitations ustd. ,,'
For the fruit season we have provided a
liberal Quantity of lvl-quart preserving
.kettles In first quality purple enameled
ware at 33 centa rac.h:"" Don't fall to get
one of these; worth double the money,
paddock' Handschey Hardware company.
Ice cream at Purity Candy Kitchen,
wholesale and retail." Special prices to par
ties, lodges and churches. Tel. 5t.
High grade pianos sold on easy payments,
$10 .down .and $6 per mouth. Jswanswn
Music Co., 407 Broadway. Pianos tuned and
stored. . .
Osrerauoor Mattress.
(lalrniiour Cotton Felt Millie, u:u
guaranteed not to lump or pack. Price.
$15 00 . ; We are exclusive agents. Keller
Farnsworth Furniture Co.
I haul dead animals, $100 per head.
Garbage. " manure and all rub
bish; clen vaults and cesspools. AM
work done Is guaranteed.
Calls ' promptly attended to.
. 'Phone, Red U71
anchor UNI v. m. nan. rraAMtiHrpg.
Ksw- v a. U)HltonvmHx amp okaauoir.
, MkW 10H. f Alga SMI NO MAJ-LBa. ,
Suerir sscwouboaaUtM, Uat ivmu. Tk
lsln iiumki'I (uvfuiir nwiiMi gtaaK
c mua-trt tiaSM a" Vers m
ol.. gitfi.uh. Irtsk s4 il rriMil MUlasmaJ
tiaa at sunvcttra ru, let smm at ta
r li.c Mni lnUM-iia svely te
hxai t Acr -. i fcaaDKHauai
gKoS . o. I asmUl ikMaaa, !
81 Tel. 48.
EleTen Student Complete the Coarse at !
the Institution.
Senator C. .. tnunders llellvers
the Principal tdilrrii, oinpll
urntlna the t lass and Its
The ii.agninVMit new administration build
ing at the Iowa School for the Deaf,
elected at a cost of nearly $Ji,ts, was
dedicated jeslertlay afternoon In conjunc
tion with the commencement exercises of
the graduating class before a large and
Interested audience, to many of which the
wmk at the Institute was a revelation.
The exercises were held In the commodi
ous chapel, which forms part of the new
administration building snd which was
prettily decorated for the occasion. To
Htate Senator C. !. Saunders of this city
was assigned the honor and pleasure of
making the dedicatory address, in which
lie took the opportunity to congratulate
the eleven young men and women for
whom tha slate of Iowa had done ao much
In equipping them that they might be pre
pared on leaving the school to fight the
bailie of life outside. Ills address natu
rally also dealt at length with the history of
the. institution. He said. In part:
"nnnilera Talks to ".indents.
In the lives of Institutions and nations,
as in men. there are red letter days
ds when the cares and responsibilities
of existence are placed aside and the hours
devoted to felicitation and rejoicing be
cause of present blessings and promises
of a splendid future. Such days are filled
with Jov, and the sunshine of life seems
to illumine the dark corners and make
glad the hours of all. We are assembled
here, student and teacher, officer and
friend, to celebrate such a day and to re
lolce. not only over the fact that this
splendid class of young people has reached
the consummation of Its toll Bud Is to go
out Into life prepared for Its struggles,
hut also to dedicate for all time this beau
tiful building to the cause of education.
I congratulate you young people that upon
the conclusion of your courses of study
you are to Inaugurate your advent into
the world under such -favorable auspices.
Kind parent and teachers have led you
along the pathway of childhood and have
prepared the wav so that you enter upon
vour life work fully equipped for tne strug
gle. The state of Iowa has made you its
special wards, prepared a school suited to
vour peculiar needs and has retained a
corps of skilled Instructors that your edu
cation mav be complete and that you may
he fully equipped, not only to the end
that you mav lead happy and useful lives,
hut also that you In turn may discharge
all the duties of American cltlsens with
credit to yourselves and with honor .lo yoir
parents and the state that hag done, so
much for you.
The commencement exercises proved most
Interesting, especially to those among the
audience who had not had the pleasure
of witnessing them on the former occasion.
Hon. J. T. Hamilton, chairman of the State
Board of Control, In presenting the di
plomas to the graduates, made an eloquent
address, during which he paid Superintend
ent Rothert and his corps of assistants a
high tribute.
Program of Kxerclses.
The following 'program waa carried out:
Invocation ...Rev. James O'May
Salutatory and Kssay Courage...........
r , Itagrnhilda Ie
School 'Vork (Oral)....i Beginning
Nancy B. Reed, Teacher.
School Work (manual) . Fifth Grade
Margaret H. Watklns. Teacher.
Kssa-v Door Knobs .....Llxzte Rhoades
School Work (oral) Fourth Grade
Responsive Exercises Florence Wilcoxen.
Sing Song Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
Ragnhllda Lee
Dedicatory Address
.' Senator C. O. Saunders
Dedication Ode Graduates
Kssay and Valedictory....... Luverne Byrne
Address and Presentation of Diplomas
Hon. J. T. Hamilton, Chairman State
Board of Control.
1,1st of Graduates.
The eleven graduates who received di
plomas were:
L.uverna Stephen Byrne, Sheffield, Frnnk
lln county, entered school 1897.; Melvln Leln,
Marshalltown. Marshall county, entered
school mi; Ranson Henry Arch, Council
Bluffs, Pottawattamie county, entered
school 1W6; Henry Carl Buttenhoff. Dows,
Wright county, entered school 1; Ragn
hllda Knudtdatter Iee, Osslan, Winneshiek
county, entered 'school 1901; Amy F.thel
Gough, Rockwell. Cerro Oordo county, en
tered school IMS; Effle Stell.i Gilford, St.
Ansgnr, Mitchell county, entered school
1K9fi; Uzzic Rebecca Rhoades. Shenandoah,
Page county, entered school 1X36; IJla
Hthel Dorothy Purkhlser. Nevada, Story
county, entered school 1S!6; Kdlth- Olive
Hastings, Grand Junction, Green county,
entered school 1S95.
The. dedication ode, recited by the grad
uating class, w-a. composed by J. Schuyler
Dong, the head academic teacher of the
Institute. . . '. . '
Last evening the graduates were tendered
a reception and dance by the undergrad
uates. Arrangement of Building.
The building dedicated'-yesterday takes
the place of the one destroyed by fire three
yeur ago. It Is three atovles and basement
high,' constructed of pressed brick and
stone, and standing on an eminence as it
does, It presents an tmjxiaing appearance.
One wing la to be occupied by the boys
and. the other .by the .girls. .On. the top
floor of the main structure are the rooms
of the help, on the second floor the quar
ters of the teachers and on the mttln floor
the rooms of the superintendent, the re
ception room, Jlbrary, chapel and dining
In the former building the hospital waa
on the top floor, but an entirely new and
separate hospital has since the fire been
erected at a cost of .about $35,000.
The portion of the old building which has
been used as a dining hall since the fire
is to be taken down.
Colored oxfords, whin, gray, blue, red,
lavender, pink; any color Jou want; any
price, at Sargent's family shoe stoe.
. Something entirely new and Just out.
Beautiful new photos at a special offer for
short time only at Schmidt's studio.
Go to Hicks' for your money s worth la
tailoring. No bluff, eltber.
Quality (uats
More with paint than with anything else.
You may think you aave a few dollars
on first cost, but you'll lose a year or more
on the wear. We don't offer bargain
counter pricea for paint, but we paint so
It stays painted. Jensen . aV Nicholson.
Outside and Inside House. Decorations.
N Y. Plumbing Co. . Tel. 26o. -Nig lit Lea
West Cad Wants Representation.
The West Council Bluffs Improvement
club is nothing If not progressive, and It
never permits au opportunity to pass to
let Itself be known. The' club has ' re
quested Mayor Macrae when' nantlrig the
three new members of the library board
not to forget the western section of Che
city President Keller of the West Coun
cil Bluffs club, in his request to the mayor
yesterday. Intimated that the west end
was entitled to two out of the: three new
members. Mr. Keller made no suggestion
as lo who should be named, but it is undrr-
stood that he and President M. D. Reed
of the West Bud club, the other Improve
ment organisation In that section of the
city, would be willing to serve their con
stituents on the library board if the po
sition should he tendered them.
To date Mayor Macrae has given no In
timation as to his nomination.
Three llandred Delegates
from Outside (It.
With an attendance of delegates from
out of town the Iowa State Sabbath School
association convention assumed considerable
proportions yesterday. sMuch interest was
dlsplaxed In the proceedings and the result '
was, as one of the leading workers said,
there were three rousing meetings.
At the morning session the reports of
General Secretary B. F. Mitchell and Treas
urer J. F. Hardin showed that the asso
ciation had enjoyed a most prosperous year.
During the last year ninety-one county
conventions, seventy-four township con
ventions and ten denominational meetings
were held under the auspices of the asso
ciation. The treasurer's report showed that
all debts had been paid and that there was
a balance of $so0 on hand.
An interesting feature of the morning
program was an address by Prof. W. R.
Manning, who has recently entered the
work In Iowa as Held training secretary.
His topic waa "A Canadian In Iowa." He
said he was especially Inmpressed' "with the
fertility of Iowa and the intelligence of Its
Part of the morning was devoted to sec
tional meetings, which were held In the
several churches and were well attended.
The parade of Sunday school children In
the afternoon was a novel feature and the
long column of children, carrying the con
vention pennants, presented a pretty sight.
The parade was headed by F. C. Rlker and
I'astor F. A. Case of the First Baptist
church, followed by Prof. Nordln'a band
from Lake Manawa. Major McFadde.n's
drum and fife corps also furnished music
for the parade. The children of the pri
mary departments headed each school In
a wagon gaily decorated with bunting and
convention streamers.
During the afternoon session the follow
ing greeting from the Nebraska association
In convention at work was received In a
telegram from President I P. Albright:
Over 500 delegates of Nebraska Sabbath
School asoclatlon. In session, send greet Inttf
and our prayers for your continued success
and Inspiring example. See Isaiah 56, 10
to 12.
In addition to the regular apportionment
on each county, about $W additional was
raised at the afternoon session for the pur
pose of promoting the field work of the
Committees on resolutions and nomina
tions were named as follows by the several
Resolutions District No. 1, Aldwln Ahk
tron: 8, 8. B. Nichols: 5. W. T. Shafer; t,
H. W. Richards: 7. Rev. D. A. Shelter: 9,
Mrs. I. F. Smith; 10, Mrs. H. T. Fisher;
11, Fred Hermann: 12. C. F. Engleklng; 13.
C. H. T. Bohstedt: 15. W. E. Stocklev; 1.
Robert Mulr; 17, A. A. Hart; IS, Rev.'S. S.
White; 19, Rev. Jackson; 20. O. II. Colton;
21. K. A. Anderson; 22. Clark Terrell; 23,
C. I Marmon; 24, J. R. Vance.
Nominations I (Istrlcl No. 1. H. Pi l.-uid-rage;
3, 8. B. Nichols: R. D. C. McCarger;
ft, George F.isentraut: 7. Rev. H. 8. Condlt;
!. J. F. Hardin: 10, Lillian Ijirkln: 11. R. J.
Blxhy; 12, M. R. Sawyer; 1. A. J. Gregg:
15, K. J. lennard: IS, Alice Faucett: 17,
M. B. Chrleman: IS, T. A. Hougaa; 19, O.
W. S. Mills; 20, Rev. W. G. Hohnshelt; ?1,
K. H. Scales; 22, W. H. Lucas; 28, Mrs. T.
B. Short; 24. J. R. Vance.
At the close of the afternoon session the
members of the field workers' section were
served supper at the First Christian church.
The features of the evening session were
the addresses by President A. B. Storms
of the Iowa Agricultural college a,t Ames
and Dr. Joseph Clark of Columbus, O.
President Storms took as his topic
Great Teacher," as exemplified in the life
of Christ.
Dr. Joseph Clark, who Is general secre
tary of the Ohio State association, which
he declared one of the .best organised
states In Sunday school work, spoke on
"Self Tralnlug of the Teacher," his ad
dress being most Interesting.
Officers for the ensuing year will be
elected this afternoon and the place for
next year's convention will be chosen. It
looks as If Davenport will get It. as, so
far. It appears to have no opposition.
This Is the program for today:
8 :lo Sectional Meetings Teacher training,
Broadway Methodist church, R. William
Muichle, Red Oak. leader; home depart
ment. Broadway Methodist church, Mrs. T.
B. Short, Fairfield, leader: missionary de
partment. English Lutheran church. Miss
Lucy Leavltt, Waterloo,- leader; primary
Junior department. First Baptist . church,
Miss Grace Wood, Traer, leader: temper
ance department, English Lutheran church.
Miss Ellena Yeater. Des Moines, leader;
house to house visitation department,
Broadway Methodist church. Rev. H. J.
Wllklns. Mar son, leader.
9:15 Music. . Prof. D. B. Towner; report
of statistical secretary: recognition of ban
ner counties, President C. J. Kephart. D.
D.. chairman state executive committee.
: Recognition of teacher training grad
uates; presentation of diplomas. Rev.
William Murchie: address. "The Teacher
Improving." President H. H. Thoren. D. D..
LcMars: "The Graded School and Supple
mental Leasons," Mrs. Mary Foster Bryner.
11:15 Bible study, "The Message for
Worldwide Kvangelliatlon," Tltua 2.
12:15 Luncheon, teacher training .ulumni
1-80 Opening prayer: reports of commit
tees and election of officers.
:I0 Demonstration of Sunday school
music. Prof. D. B. Towner.
2 8" "The Adolescent Period." Prof. W.
O. Allen. Tabor.
3:1)0 "Hints on Lesson Building," Mrs.
Mary Foster Bryner.
8:45 "Training for Worldwide Evangeli
sation." I Thessalonians, 2, Dr. James
Closing services'.
Fine Farm. .
Two . hundred-acre farm five miles from
Missouri Valle-. Good Improvements and
orchard. Cheap at $72 per acre. Wallace
Benjamin, room 1. First National bank
building. Office telephone 203.
Special for convention people: 2u per cent
discount on all of the following: Dinner
sets, music cabinets, dinner chairs, porch
furniture, parlor lamps, center tables, buf
fets, sideboards, kitchen cabinets, go-carts,
refrigerators, portieres, lace curtains, oil
cloth, linoleum, carpets and mattings. D.
W. Keller. Iu3 South Main.
We pay $11.00 per ton for cast Iron; mixed,
$9.00 per ton; stoves, $7.50; rags, lc a lb.;
rubber. 7c; copper, 14c per lb. J. Kattle
man. a"3 South Main.
Fancy sugar cured Rex breakfast bacon,
Uic, per pound. Central Grocery and Meat
Market. Both ' Phones 24.
A. Metigar Co.
New Location of Wholesale Bakery,
51 Mynster St., Co. Bluffs. la.
" Home-made Bread a Specialty.
White canvas Oxfords, all kinds. Prices.
$1 to $-'. Duncan at Dean, 23 Main atreet.
Special courses for public school pupils
given at Western Iowa College.
Trouble for a Bridegroom.
Nicholas Spencer and Ella Campbell, a
young couple from I.oveland. Ia.. were
married In this city June 13. Rev. Henry
DeLong performing the ceremony In his
office In the county court house. Thetr
honeymoon was ruthlessly Interrupted yes
terday when Spencer was arrested and
brought to this city to answer a charge
preferred against . him by Maggie Fore
man, a young woman living in (lasel Deli
township. Miss Foreman accuses Spencer
of betraying her under promise of mar
riage. The warrant for Spencer's arrest
was Issued from the superior court.
Masoa ( It) loans !" liases Arrest
jl His Klanrre.
Charged with obtaining W under false i
pretenses from her second cousin, to whom)
she was engaged to be married. Miss Kdilli f
Fltsloff, a good looking young woman fioni
Mason City, la., was taken Into custiMiy
Jin this cltv esterday afternoon and taki n
Irnck to Mason City last evening by SheniT
W. A. Hnldren of Cerro Gordo county. L..
B. Youngs, a travelittg salesman from lis
Moines, in whose company the young
woman was, was also taken Into custouy,
but later released.
The arrest was made at the Neumayer
hotel, where Youngs and Miss Fltsloff hud
registered as man and Wife two days ago
and where they occupied the same apart
ment. From Sheriff Holdren It was learned that
the young woman was engaged to be mar
ried to her second cousin and the latter
three days ago' secured the marriage li
cense. Miss FltxlofT, however, wanted a
day or so to prepare for the wedding and
Incidentally she needed a trousseau. To
secure the needed outfit the young woman
suggested to her fiance that he give her
$100. Now It happened that the young
man had only $45 In ready cash, but he
managed to borrow $50 more and he turned
the full amount of $!6 over to Miss Filxloff.
When the young man learned that his
intended had suddenly left Mason City for
Des Moines he became suspicious and con
fided hla suspicions to the authorities. In
quiry at Des Moines elicited the informa
tion that Miss FltxlofT had left there for
Council Bluffs iri company with D. B.
Youngs, a traveling man. When he learned
this the young man promptly decided that
he had been played for a sucker and filed
an information against Miss FitzlolT,
charging her with obtaining his under
false pretenses.
Investigate Our cheap land proposition in
eastern Colorado; $5 per acre for raising all
kinds of crops; good soil; best of water;
delightful climate. Kxcnrslons first and
third Tuesdays of each month. Send for
printed matter. F. C. ' Lougee, 124 Main
street, Council Bluffs, la.
We employ nothing but first-class tin
ners and plumbers and guarantee all of
our work.' Spencer . Furnace and Sheet
Metal Works, ICS West Broadway.
Dld It ever occur to you that you will
find Wheels on "Van Brunt vehicles" that
cost $5.00 more than the average manufac
facturers use on their vehicles? This Is a
fact. The life of a vehicle depends almost
entirely upon the quality of the wheels
used. I have them. Remember to call on
"Van Brunt" when you want a buggy.
Real Eetate Transfera.
These transfers were reported to The
Bee June 21 lie' the Title Guaranty and
Trust company of Council 'Bluffs:
Fremont Benjamin and wife to A. V.
Turpen. lot :t, block 31. Ferry ad, '
Council Bluffs, w d $ 65
Council Bluffs Real Estate and Improve
ment company to Francis A. Burke,
lots 18 and 19. block 3 Morningside ad,
Council Bluffs, w d... So
Mary A. Waynlck and husband to Addle
L. Hesse, lot 7, diock i. Tuney s aa
Council Bluffs, q c d, ,
Total, three transfers...
For Imported wines, liquors and Budwelser
beer go to L. Rosenfetd, wholesale liquor
dealer, 619 Soijth Matg street.
The Title Guaranty and Trust company,
abstracters of titles." pbokd date back to
1x53. Books are all up (o date. Work ac
curately and promptly' done st lowest
' Pri """ omce opposite rourt house, 2.T6 Pearl
street, Council Bluffs, la.
Rubber soled outing shoes for ladies. Just
the thing for the lake, at 8argenfs Family
Shoe Store. Look for the bear.
The best' dressed people In town are buy
ing their shoes at Hamilton's.
Don't forget that I have fine spring and
summer suits from $-"0 to $25. E S. Hicks.
CENTRAL FLOt'R-41.16. Every sack
warranted. Central Grocery and Meat Mar
ket. Both Thones 24. ...
Contest May Follow. Close Vote, as
"long City Man Haa One Majority.
. DES MOINES, June 21.-I Special Tele
gram.) Complete returns from the cau
cuses which were held In Audubon county
yesterday give the county to Perkins by
the narrow margin ot one vote in the
county convention to , be hel Saturday.
Full returns from every precinct show that
Mr. Perkins will have. sixty-eight and Gov
ernor Cummins sixty-seven delegates In the
convention, while the vote of three pre
cincts which apparently gave Qovernor
Cummins forty-twe delegates will be con
tested on the ground that large numbers
of democrats voted.. A most . determined
fight was made in Uhcoln. which la one of
the contested townships, against Hon.
Asmus Boysen, who- resides there. The
Cummins people claim to have carried the
township by four votes, but Mr. Boysen's
friends understand It will be contested, as
many democrats voted and their names
were enrolled. In the town of Audubon a
large number of democrats voted, as they
have In nearly every town In the state.
The Perkins people hav the oi sanita
tion of the county convention and W. C.
Elliott, a staunch Perkins man. has been
selected by the county committee as tem
porary chairman of the convention. The
result being ao close It Is anticipated that
there will be contesting delegations to the
stale convention.
LANS I NO, la.. June 21 (Special. )-At the
primaries here Governor Cummins received
112 vote to Perkins twenty-five, which
gives Cummins a total of six precincts and
thirty delegates to the Allamakee county
convention to seventeen for Perkins. The
fate of the county is yet In be determined
by the other precinct primaries
KNOXVILI.E. Ia.. June 21. (Special. I
Caucuses In Marion county for selecting
delegates to the county convention, which
will be held I ere July 11, have been called
for June 30 and July 8. About half will be
held on each date.
K EOKl'K, la., June IL (Special Tele
gram.) Five out of six wards In Fort Madi
son were tarried for Hon. George D. Per
kins and Major Rathbun last night, which
gives the stand-patters practically a solid
delegation to the Iee county convention,
which will be held at Donnelsnn tomorrow.
This assures the twenty-four delegates from
lee county to the state convention to the
stand-patters. Major Rathbun, It ia under
stood, has friends on the Des Moines and
Henry county delegations aa well as other
counties In this congressional district.
Injuries Prove Fatal.
WEBSTER CITY. la.. June 21. -(Special
Telegram.) J. E. Homer of State Center,
who fell between the cars at Weolstock
yekterday afternoon, losing both lower
limbs.' died this morning. Horner was rid
ing upon the passenger train and when It
stopped at (he station got off As (he
train started he attempted to board again
and. - missing lus bold, fell between the
cars. i
DIAMONDS Fran zr, uih and Dodge si
Board of Enperyiiori Refund to Allow
Bills of Outride Jmtioei. ,
Results Mould seem to Indicate
Soldiers' Preference Ian Must
Re Intended Hrlnre It (an
Re Made K.ltrct 1 1 e.
iKium a Stall Correspondent.;
DES MOINES. June 21. (Special- A
check was put in lite crusade against
gambling in this city, started by Justlie
Saylor of Livingston tovtnslilp. today hen
the Board of Supervisors Indicated strongly
that It would not allow the costs for (ho
iraiiMiipl of any case where the Baylor
ville Justice meddled in other than his
own township affairs. The city of Des
Moines is all located til Iae and Des
Molucs townsuips, each of which has (wo
Justices. Siiylorvllle Is an adjoining town
ship. At the meeting of (he Bo-ird of Su
pervisors today Livingston had sexeral
hills for tiRiiscrlpts which were for ar
rests made In Des Moines, though listed
as In Saylor township. The transcript ha
been approved by tbe attorney of the
boards, otherwise It would have been re
fused, according to the statements of til?
supervisors, the approval of the attorney
making It possible for the Justice to use
and. collect the amount. The supervisor
Instructed the attorney not to approve
quite so readily In the future, anil there
ate strong Indications that the supervisors
by holding the string to the purse of the
county with authority to hold back the
fees to the Justice may put a check to
Livingston's crusade of reform.
College Presidents Against Pool.
President Osborn of Des Moines college.
President Imgwrll of Highland Park col
lege and President Bell of Drake uni
versity held a conference with City At
torney Bremnier on the subject of pool
halls In the hope of inducing the city coun
cil o pass an ordinance prohibiting pool
halls within a specified distance, probably
half a mile, of any college or school. The
agitation for such an ordinance arose first
over the objection of President Longwcll
to the establishment of a pool hall In High
land park.
Equitable May Be First.
I'nder the new law. which permits Iowa
Insurance companies to erect home offices,
the Equitable Life Insurance company of
Iowa may be the first to build. The com
pany Is now Investigating the Essex build
ing on Sixth avenue with a view to en
tirely, rebuilding it for a home office.
Wanted a "Real" .lodge.
Miss Hazel Ford of Redfield, la., spoiled
a double wedding yesterday by refusing to
be married by anything but a real Judge.
Miss Ford was to marry W. P. Johnson,
also ot Redfield, and Miss Lois Sloan was
to be married to J. E. Harper, both of
Redfield. They reached the court house
after the district Judges had gone and there
was nothing about but a Justice of the
peace. The other three parties were will
ing to substitute the Justice, but Miss
Ford demanded a "real. Judge or no nini
rlage. The real Judge couldn't he had till
this morning and their marriage wns there
fore postponed till today, when Judge Mc
Henry performed the service. Miss Sloan
and Harper were married yesterday after
noon by the Justice.
Inrreasea Capital Stock.
The Interurhan railway has Increased Its
capita) stock to $1,200,000, the increase to
be used to complete the line to Perry and
the promotion of a line to Carlisle.
Most Change the,
That change In the soldier's, preference
law is necessary before , the law will be
come effective is becoming every day more
apparent in this state. , The law has been
held to be constitutional by the supreme
court and the law gives the right of man
damus to old soldiers to force city coun
cils and public officials In giving them
employment when It is shown that they
are capable of filling the position sought.
Y'et In the case of Shaw against the City
of Marshalltown, which was the original
test case, Shaw has not yet secured Ihe
position and does not seem likely to, and
In the two cases from this city, one for
street commissioner and the other for city
clerk, they have neither secured the po
sition nor been able to collect the dam
ages which the law allows. Councils and
officials are Ignoring the law, and refusing
to obey the orders of the courts.
Money "till In Rank.
There is $ii,0co In the Mechanics' Savings
hank o( this city that was contributed by
the people of Iowa for the relief or the
sufferers of California. Because of some
conflict between the California cities as to
which city should have the money It was
held here and Is still awaiting orders. The
committee appointed by the governor will
meet this- week to try and decide what to
do with the money.
Indian Marries White Cilrl.
ON'AWA. la. June 21. (Special.) Jes.e
H. Cox. aged 20 years, a full-blooded In
dian, was married here today to Sarah E.
Scott, aged Is years, who had her mother's
consent to the marriage. The groom was
dressed In broadcloth and was a fine look
ing specimen of his race, while the bride
was pretty good looMng herself and seemed
deeply enamored of her Indian husband.
The parties live In Cuming county, Ne
braska, and came over to Iowa for the
purpose of gelling married.
Woodmen to Celebrate.
SIDNEY. la.. June 21. i Special. )-Thc
Modern Woodmen of America of Sidney
will have charge of the celebration here
on July 4. The speakers are Colonel c. Q.
Launders, Hon. William Eaton. Judge A. B.
Thornell and Attorney J. S. Estes. There
will be sports of various klnda and many
prizes are offered.
Legislative Candidate Withdraws.
BEDFORD, Ia.. June 21. (Special. ) Den
nis Hamblin, republican nominee for repre
sentative in Taylor county, has withdrawn
because of bis wife's health, which Is such
that he cannot make the campaign.
Paaaeuaer Robbed In lovra.
CEDAR RAPIDS, la., June 21-(5eorge A.
Wharton, a payseuger on the westbound
Colorado special, waa robbed near here last
uUhl of st.isio in checks and drafts. "
Woman Admits Murder.
8T. IoriS. June 21 In the office of Chief
of Detectives Desmond this afternoon Mrs.
W. C. Arnold broke duwn and confessed
that she killed Frank L. Phelps yesteiday
at her house because she thought he was
going to make her carry out a compact be
tween them to commit suicide. I nttl the
confession it was believed Phelps had com
mitted suicide by shooting himself through
the heart because of love for her. Phelps
was a boarder at the Arnold home.
Cotton Operatives Ciet Increase.
FALL RIVER. Mas. June 21. The cot
ton manufacture! s of this city have granted
Ihe operatives a 14 per cent increttse In
wages. About ii.imo hands are benefited.
The new ei-ale. which will take eff.-ct July
.'. is practically the same as that prevailing
previous to July 1. lot. As other New Eng
land cotton manufacturing cenlera follow
the lead of Fall Hiver a a rule (he change
Is expected ultimately to affect all cotton
mill workers in this section
Educator I uuer Knife.
ST. PACE, June 21. Dr. J. William
While, pud'enaor of surgery at the liuvei-
itv of I'emiFV Iv ania. waa oix rated upon In
the Mayo hospital at Rochester. Minn . tn
dav for Intestinal cancer. Dr. While, who
I is one of Hie best suigeons in Ills Luilc-d
Stales, diagnosed his un ..
ir ,r
. I.. C. Page A Co. enjoy a well deserved
reputation for setting out well-made hook.
"Siegfiled" b 8. ltsrlng Gould Is one such.
The author has w on en matcrtn! eelerie.l
from Wagner's "Rlielngol " "Siegfried"
Snd "Got terdan.iuei uhk" Into a iuot hai
lnonlous Icgcnilatv romance. Heroes and
gods ate made very real to the reader. The
Mle Is easy and graceful. Scattered
llii.nigli Ine story are bits of extremel)
graceful verse
In "'The Edge of llax.ird " (leoige Hoi ton
has given us a sort of composite picture
of Russian intrigue and Japanese courage,
with an Imtilnent war between the tw
countries for background. The hero Is
an American of the V kind, who Iihs
lost his money and his lady-love Hut bu
gains courage of the kind which makes
It so delightful to read about Americans
In foreign countries. There Is a duel, n
skirmish, a riot an Imprisonment and a
major and minor love affair. There pre
some very good descriptions, both of hu
man and natural life. Most readei s will
like the book because there Is much In It
that is human. (Published b Bobbs-Mer-i
He who is looking for reading that con
tains much Information and Is at the same
time most entertaining should certainly
rend "Parisians Out of Doors.'' by F.
Berkelv Smith. The style Is simple and
captivating. The author evidently knew
his Paris, both as an artist and as a trav
eler. The book teems with French vivacity.
It were no great stretch of the linaglm
tlon to Ivelleve one's self In France while
reading this hook. And It is Illustrated
almost as well as it Is written, which Is
saving much. (Published by Funk & Wag.
nail's Co.)
The July Century Is well named a fiction
number because of the remarkable variety
of fiction; but there are other features
which make the number notable, among
them two articles of timely value and Im
ixirtance. a discussion of "Why Do the
Hoys t.eave the Farm." by L. II. Bailey,
director of the school of agriculture, Cor
nell university, and a full account of "Dry
Farming the West's Hope." by John L.
Cowan. Prof. Bailey's article Is not
based upon speculation, but Is a summary
of the facts and figures given him by a
number of Cornell university students In
their replies o sperifV questions as to the
reasons Influencing them to choose a life
work other than farming. Reading of ab
sorbing and vital Interest Is John L.
Cowan's story of the marvelous result
possible from scientific soil culture in arid
regions, without irrigation, lie gives In de.
tall the Tarts on which he bases his claim
that this new soil culture makes possible
the reclamation of Sni.flrKi.tmn acres of land
hitherto held worthless.
Bcribner's magazine ror July, in the se
ries on the Railways of the Future, de
scribes a great Canadian railway project.
The Grand Trunk Pacific is an all-Canadian
line from the Atlantic lo the Pacific and
far north of existing railways. It will
penetrate new territory In Athabasca and
northern British Cotumbla. Experts say
that It will open up the greatest wheat
growing region In North America. Hugh
D. Lumsden, chief engineer of the govern
ment section, describes the work so far
done on this part of the road and outlines
the engineering problems of the remainder.
Cy Warmnn gives a graphic account of the
varied regions through which - the - road
will pass and the tremendous resources
which It will make available. The whole
project Is as romantic and far reaching
ns ajiy . railroad scheme since the I'nllcd
States backed the I nlon Pacific.
As Indicated by Its name. Elliot Flower s i
"The Best Policy" Is a story, or rather-a j
ferles of storls, of life Insurance. Agents I
might read the IsVok with profit. ' This, i
however, does not mean that others would I
not enjoy it. In fact, most of the series
make very clever entertaining reading. Mr.
Flower'a wit Is subtle. His description of
A woman's inconsistency Is very amusing.
Published by the Bobbs-Merrlll Co.
Patriotism is the keynote of the July St.
Nicholas, and the spirit of the midsummer
holiday enters Into pictures, verse, stories
and sketches. Captain Harold Hammond,
author of the Pinkey Perkins stories and
a West Point instructor, writes with au
thority of "Honors to the Flag." Thomas
W. Lloyd describes "The Oreat Seal of the
Cnlled States." Mary Caroline Crawford
tells of "The Signers and Their Auto
graphs' a reduced far-simile of the Decla
ration 'of Independence adding to the In
terest. And the story of Pinkey Perkins'
adventures continues with some mirthful
Fourth of July pranks. Among other short
illinium , siijuniisiiiiiiiussai
THE Reliable Specialists
Weakness Is a malady that robs a man of his spirit, ambition and force.
The nerve, self-assertion and stamina are killed by It. The courage that leads
manly men to smile at fate and continue to fight Is destroyed, 'i housaiid of
young, middle-aged and old man can look back to their boyhood days ot early'
manhood with a sigh of remorse. The Ignorance of early youth or later on
a inls-spen life as "one of the boys." has sown the seeds of f uture suffering.
Nature passes no act without affixing the penalty (or Its violation. When
she Is outraged she will hsve her penalty, although It takes a life. When
through violation of her immutable laws In early life or later excesses, msn
wastes away his nerve and bodily vigor, he is tiien compelled to struggle under
the disadvantages which Impede his progress and defeat his ends. He can
scarcely hope lo compete with those of bis fellows, who. possessing equal op
portunities, have all their faculties unimpaired and bodily energies at their best.
When the vital organs are In a weakened and undeveloped state, which Is In
consistent with health, strength and vigor, and which lenders them unfit for
the active dudes and pleasures of life, they are neanng (he danger point, and
should sveute Immediate attention.
Millions of men have been wrecked on the rock of secret vice. The trouble
la not so much (hat they have digressed from Nature's Immutable law. but that
(hey have permitted the trouble to Insidiously progress and become more ag
gravated. They allow It to terminate, aa uncured private diseases Invariably
jo. In the horrors of lost msnhood ulth Its many depressing complications
This fact Is usually responsible for about nine-tenths of the suffering. You
should remember that private diseases are progressive In thetr nature. Tbey '
must be conquered by proper treatment or they will devastate your system and
blight your future career and prospects.
We cure safely and thoroughly:
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
Kidney and Urinary Diseases,
and all diseases and weaknesses of men due to evil habits, self-abuse, exeesees,
or the resuli of specific or private d lessees
1308 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14th Sts, Omaha, Neb.
Help for Women Parsing Through
Chang of Llf
Vroviilcnee ims nllntteit ti" each at
lest seventy tears in which to fulfill
oiirniision in. life, ami it is cfenerallj'
our own fgult if we die prematurely.
(( Airj MaryKoehnc )V
Nervous exhaustion invito disease.
This statement i the positive truth
When everything" becomes a burden
and yon cannot walk s few blocks with
out exoe(iive fatifrtie, abd you break
out into perspiration easily, and your
face flushes, and you jrrow excited and
shaky at the leant provocation, and
you cannot bear to bp crossed in any
thing:, you are in danger; your nerves
hnve given out : yon need bnild,ing- up
t once ! To build up woman's nerv
ous Rystem and during the period of
chang-e of life we know of no better
medicine tbon Lydia E. Pinkbsm'sVeg"
etable Compound. Here is an illus
tration. Mrs. Mary L. Koehne. 371
Garfield Avenue. Ch'icHg-o. 111., writes:
' 1 have used I.ydin E. rinkhamVegeali!s
Compound for years tn mv family and It
never disappoints; so when I felt that I waa
nearing the change of lifel commenced treat
ment with it. I took In all glout six bottle
and it did me a great deal of good. Itstomied
my'diw.v spells, pains in my back rA the
headaches with which I had sufferei for
months before taking the Compound. I feel
that if it had not been for this great medlcins
for women that 1 should not have been alivg
to-day. Itlssplendid for women.old or young,
snd will surelv cure all female disorders "
Mrs. I'inkham. dBtiphter-in-lav
Lydia E. Pinkham, of Lynn, Mass , in
vites all sick and ailing women to write
her for advice. Her great experlesoa
ia at their service, free of cost.
stories of the number are a hlithday tale,
"Barbara's 'Bp,' "by Eleanor Porter; a
Chltifse fairy story, "The Magic Teapot,"
by Florence Peltier, and "The Stone of
Success." a legend of the ruby, by Mary
E. Mitchell.
David (Irahain Philips ' has written a
story called "The Fortune Hunter." which
Is not In his best vein. Still It Is falrir
Interesting and extremely' light, which i
makes It suitalae for summer reading. Hilda
Br.'iuuer is a romantic maiden, led astrjy
by imagined love for a deadbeat actor. Th.'
latter, who has one wife, rejected by the
tegular stage, practices his art'O on the
unsophisticated daughters of rich middle
class people. When his perfidy Is disclose !
he commits suicide, and Hilda Is arrested
for murder after being denounced by '
Sophie I.lebcrs. The latter Is in love Willi
Otto Heillg, a sensible young man, who U
In love with Hilda and has the support of
her parents for tils suit. Hilda Is finally
cleared and marries Otto, after he has Inst
his money In a fire which burns up his
store and Insurance policy. All ends well,
as It should in a story of this sort. The
publishers, who have given the book an
attractive cover and nice larre print, are
the Bobbs-Merrlll Co. of Indianapolis.
' The Wire Tappers," by Arthur Stringer,
Is n surprising story. The hero, an rlec
trlcal Inventor, and the heroine, a beauti
ful English girl, by sheer force of circum
stances become associated with a man who
attempts by wire-lapping to beat a. pool
room In New Y'ork city. The iff oris of the
girl to uplift the man she loves and to
extricate him and herself from evil asso
ciations, together with some absorbing ad
ventures Which they share, make an un
usually entertaining glory. Mr. Stringer is
one of the most careful craftsmen tfinong
American authors, and ho is at his vory '
best In this novel.' Published by Little,
Brown & CO.
The above books' at lowest' retail prices;
Matthews, 122 South Fifteenth street.
Office Hours: la m. to I p. m.
iiundays, 10 to I only.
' :tt 1 1 s.-fc '
' -Ik