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PASS SYSTEM AT CITY HALLi Lutheran league meeting
Evil that is 80 Dwply Entrenched u toEi
Hard to Uproot
ays Railroads Shoald Khat OsT It,
. far Constituents Will Sot
Cease DrMiaJl Amr
Other War.
"Tha psss evil no far as city councilman
and other city c.fllrrrs are concerned cannot
ba exargrrated." said one of th outgoing
rouncllmen. "It wvmi to me that during
mjr term when I was not talking municipal
business with people In their presence or
over the telephone I have been talcing ap
plications for railroad parses from con
stituents. It lias been the custom for city
nfllrcra to use their Influence with the ra.ll-
. ways to obtain these passes and the custom
lias been worked to death. Some of the
councllmen have asked railroad ofllcers to
hut off on the deal, so hard has the prac
tice been worked.
"During the last administration the
charge has been miule repeatedly that
least one councilman not only procured lots
of transportation for his friends and him
(elf, but actually got passes and sold them
to scalpers, netting a clear profit for him
self by every transaction of the kind.
Baaad to HrlaaT Resalts.
"Bay what you will, this pass business
means that the councllmen can't help but
treat the railroads with more or less
grarlousness and leniency every time they
' ant anything from the city. The prac
tice Is tnot confined to the council. It ex
tends to other departments aa well, and I
know of one In particular that is actually
stuffed with blank transportation that can
he used any old way the department sees
fit. I doubt If there Is n department, of
ficer or employe of the city who has not
received free transportation from the rail
roads. It does net take much discernment
or reasoning to figure out what It means,
for the railroads do not give away free
rides without expecting something in re
turn. "The talk about the anti-pass question
being Injected Into the new administration
as a leading Issue started aa a Joke, but It
has developed Into something more seri
ous. Several of the councllmen who will
take their seats Monday say they are go
ing to uproot the practice. They may suc
C4. but if they do they are going to
' have, "mighty hard sledding. The city hall
has been a mecca for the pass fiends for
o long that it will take resolution and
effort to educate the public to a new view,
(letting a pass for a constituent Is an
awfully nice way to make a firm friend
and booster out of him."
Tntal of Seven Ilnndred Miles of
Trark Will Ba l.ald
This Year.
Tn addition to the new work already
mapped out, the Union Pacific, during the
year 1906, will relay 337 mile of main line
between Council Bluffs and Green River
with ninety-pound steel rails. It will lay
In addition to this, on new lines and
branches, 344 miles, or a total of 701 miles.
The magnitude of this work Is best ex
plained by stating that If in a straight line
it would build a track from Chicago to a
point nearly fifty miles west of Grand
This is In addition to the double track
work which Is being done In Wyoming.
Th work on the Lane Cut Off Is progress-
a n . v- v niiu 1 11T7 1 1 11 1 at
am being cut away and placed In the heavy
fills, which the work requires.
A. la rga force of men is at work on the
line from North Platte to Northport and
this work is being pushed as fust as pos
sible. The Burlington la said to have aban
doned its work on the line between North
riatle and Bridgeport.
The contractors also are pushing the work
on the Una from .Central City to Stroma
burg, and as no heavy grades will be met,
this work should soon be finished. General
Manager Mohler drove over this new route
lust week and reported the work pro
gressing nicely.
Klithtlaar the Flames.
Talbot's "Fighting the Flames" is the
rather unique title given to the big show
thst conies to Omaha for four day's en
saginent, c ommencing Wednesday night,
May 33 .
'flic; lociil Kir and Police board will ben
efit by the' sale of tickets. The huge tents
and enclosures will be located at Twentieth
and Paul streets. "Fighting the Flames"
is an entirely new era In the amusement
world. It requires two special trains of
forty cars each to transport the show over
the road. In its presentation nearly a
thousand people, horses, ponies, etc., are
used. A force of fifty mechanics, carpen
ters, electricians, etc.. will arrive In Omaha
Monday to place In poaitlon the huge
auperstructure upon which the corrugated
Iron scenery Is hung, The picture, when
In place, represents an entire city block 36rt
feet in length. A portable grand stand,
which seats lO.noo people, each and every
one occupying a separate reserved opera
chair. Is also carried with this Immense
enterprise. The action or scene of Talbot's
Fighting the Flames'' takes place in the
thickly settled tenement district of the
East Bide, New York City. There is a
atory and plot to the show. During the
action of the story nearly a hundred of the
best circus features obtainable are intro
duced. Including the original and only
tlentry Dog and Pony show. The first ex
hibition will be given in Omaha Wednesday
night. May 33 and for the balance of the
engagement two performances will be given
dally. A grand free street parade of all
the show proper features, augmented by
the local fire and police forces, will be
given Wednesday, May 23.
T Boston aad Retarta.
v-la the Michigan Central, the "Niagara
Fall Route." For complete Information
call on or address Mr. C. C. Merrill, travel
ing panacnger agent. Tenth and Walnut
streets, Kansas City, Mo.
Passenger traffic manager, Chicago.
91S.SO t. Paal umm Mla.e.,i.
an Retara
From Omaha, via Chicago Great Western
Railway. Tickets on sale daily after May
11 to September SO. Final return limit,
October O. Equally low rates to other
points la Minnesota, North Dakota, Wiscon
sin and lower Michigan. For further in
formation apply to H. H. Churchill, general
agent, 1411 Farnam stre-'t, Omaha.
Low Kales Taesday.
Every Tuesday, balance of the year, ths
Chicago Great Western railroad will asll
homeaeckers' tickets to Minnesota. North
Dakota and Canadian northwest at about
aalf rata; to other territory first and third
Tuesdays. Write li. H. Churchill, o.
UU Farnam slra'st. State cumber in party
and when going.
Lw rates to Boston and New Haven,
Conn., and return, via the ERIK RAIL
ROAD Picturesque trunk line of America.
Apply U ticket agents, or J. A. Dolan.
T. K A, Caloago.
Officers Are Fleeted, with John F.
Helgrea af Amafca aa
The Omaha District lutheran league of
the Swedish church hss been In session at
Emmsnuel Lutheran church, ' Cass and
Nineteenth streets, since Thursday, with
a large attendance. The district comprises
the cities of Omaha. South Omaha, Oak
land, Fremont and .nbut(t. This is Hie
first meeting of the league and is for the
purpose of organising the district lesgue
of the cities and towns named.
Friday afternoon officers were elected:
John F. Holirren, Omaha, president; Fred
Miller, Omaha, vice president; Miss Daisy
Johnson, Oakland, secretary; Mrs. A. 8.
Wlckstrom. Oakland: Harry Larson, Fre
mont; Edward -Anderson, Omaha, and
Louis Wllg, Omaha, additional vice presi
dents; Rev. C. F. Sandahl, Omaha, treas
urer. A committee of three was appointed
to prepare a constitution and bylaws, to
report at Saturday afternoon's meeting.
Friday evening Rev. Elof Peterson deliv
ered an Interesting lecture, which was fol
lowed by an elaborate musical and literary
program of twenty-six numbers.
Saturday afternoon's session was de
voted to completing the details of the or
ganisation and hearing the report of the
committee on constitution and bylaws,
which was adopted.
A special program of services will be ob
served Sunday, which will conclude the
meeting. These services will take place at
10 a. m., to lie presided over by Rev. F. N.
Swanberg and will be devotional in char
acter. A conference meeting will be held
at 3 p. m., presided over by Rev. C. E.
Elwving, and a special service at 8 p. m.,
at which Rev. C. F. Sandahl will deliver
an address on "What Can the Christian
Toung People do to Promote the Cause of
Christ st Home and Abroad?"
The district league has under contempla
tion a plan to organise a conference Luth
eran league which will embrace the states
of Wyoming and Nebraska.
A a 1 n T5tT-jf rt stli
Congregation Xhnrey Zlon and
Swedish l.ntheran Plan on
Siw Building.
Application has been made to the city
building department for a permit for a
new $12,000 brick veneered church for the
Swedish Zlon Lutheran congregation at
Thirty-sixth street and Lafayette avenue.
Permits Just issued by the city include
one to W. H. Burnham for the J70.O00 six
story United States Supply company build
ing at Ninth and Farnam streets; George
Reif. two ll.Sno frame dwellings at 1814-lti
Spring street; C. A. Hempel, two $1,000
frame dwellings at Seventeenth and Pratt
streets; Graham Ure, two' $2,000 frame
dwellings at Twentieth and Spruce streets;
R. II. Landeryou, $1,00 frame dwelling at
Twenty-eighth and Ruggles streets.
Congregation Sharey Zlon will have plans
drawn at once for a $12,000 to $15,000 syna
gogue. It will be built this summer on the
east side of Nineteenth street between Hurt
and Cuming on a part of lot 4, block 2131$,
bought recently from A. Goldstein at a cost
of $2,300. The home of the congregation has
been for the last ten or twelve years In the
modest little hrlck church at 1117 Dodge
street, and for years the church haa been
raising money to build a more pretentious
John F. Meyer the last week bought lot
, In block IS, Kountze Place.- The lot has a
south front on Wirt street and will be Im
mediately Improved with a modern resi
dence, to be occupied by the owner.
Hw Boston Commissioner.
The appointment of James Taylor Weth
erald has just been announced as sinking
fund commissioner of Boston.
Twenty-two years ago Mr. Wetherald
adopted Boston as his permanent home
and entered the field of newspaper and
magaslne advertising. Having met with
remarkable succoaa he Is now sole owner
of the largest newspaper advertising agency
In New England, which bears his name.
He has developed the accounts of some
of the largest advertisers in the country
and his progressive methods,-rare business
ability and experience have contributed to
the success of a number of notable adver
tising campaigns. Beside the newspaper
and magaslne advertising business which
he owns, Mr. Wetherald Is president of
Chester, Kent & company, manufacturing
chemists, whose products are sold in both
this and foreign countries.
Wetherald undoubtedly has a wider per
sonal acquaintance with the retail drug
gists and newspaper publishers of the
United States than any other one man In
the country.
WATCHES Frenser, lBtn and Dodge sta.
Omaha to Have Visit from Royalty.
Thursday next. Victoria dav. Peter Kerr
of Boston, royal secretary. Order of Scot
tish Clans, will honor Omaha, with a visit.
He will be the guest of Clan Gordon and
its chief. A Victoria day social will be
given In Edward Crelghton Institute, 210
South Eighteenth street (next building to
Nebraska Telephone company) that even
ing at S o'clock prompt.
Splendid talent musical and oratorical
will be produced. The royal visitor wll be
the principal speaker. Little Gladys Chand
ler will sing: so will Mrs. Donovan, Mrs.
Fltt. Hall Fink, W. H. Chandler and others
and there'll be a dance.
The following evening in Jim O Brien's
cafe, 1415 Farnam street,' royalty will be
entertained to a public "dinner. Mayor Jas.
C. Dahlman will make his first appearance
as mayor In public social functions by be
ing chairman. Chief William Kennedy of
the Gordons will act as toastmaster.
Among the "toast aponsortals" will be
Williamson S. Summers, Gilbert M. Hitch
cook, Matt aring. Robert Cowell and
royalty itself. Tickets for the social Thurs
day evening. cents; banquet, $1.50' a
plate. Tickets for either can be had of
Jamea C. IJndsay, secretary Clan Gordon,
160 Howard street.
In May anal Jane
Boston. New Haven. Louisville. St. Paul,
Chicago, Milwaukee and others.
The only double track line to Chicago.
Electric lighted trains to Chicago and Bt.
Full Information at city ticket Office.
1401-03 Farnam street.
"Phyalology" is the topic for discussion
at the meeting of the Omaha Philosophical
society Sunday afternoon. May 30. The
opening address will be made by Mr. C. B.
Atsen. The society meets at 3 o'clock p.
m. tn Patterson block. Seventeenth and
Farnam streets.
Mortality Statistics.
The following births and deaths have
been reported to the Hoard of Health dur
ing the twenty-four hours ending at noon
tUlurday :
liirths B. Carmello. 1531 South Eleventh
boy; Fred Dahlmrom, Kiwt Omaha girl"
Carl Gagtno, fell Marcy, boy; Herman e'
Gregory, VI Harney, girl; Lena Johnson.'
Fifty-fourth and Harney, girl; John Pol
lard. nls Raes. boy. v
Deaths-Catherine V. Harris. IJtehfleld.
Mich., 4: Mrs. M. Llmanek. U0 tfc.uih
Fourteenth Susie P. Ballou, Madison
hotel. s4; Barbara Krlst. 1414 South Thir
teenth, 48.
Havo Root print IL
Werta. Dentist. - Paxton hl,.ck.
Sterling Bttvsr-Frenser, Utn and Dodge
Charming New Waists
We announce the arrival of beautiful
new Waists, distinctive new styles, pos
sessing features which, will immediately
win favor. The dainty yoke and allover em
broidered effects are extremely effective
designed mostly of embroidered medal
lions, tuckings, lacs and English eyelet
TEnM?. $2.50 10 $10.00
Linen Waists, J2.9S
Beautiful Waists, made of pure linen, with
either long or short sleeves, handsomely
embroidered fronts, with deep plaited
fronts and back specially tf a Ar
priced at 72efD
Special Waist Values at $1.25 and $1 .95
Over a dozen different styles in Lawn and
Mull Waists, with long or short sleeves,
some elaborately trimmed with valen
tiennes lace and Insertion, others with
tuckings and paneled fronts verv
:r.'.'",.r..$1.2S and $1.95
1 1 'i 1 ""in",; gagi fl
mmmmammimt iiiiiiini'MaiiaiMMil i a jj
... '". mi. M i TtiC JJaV MaJi'jiyr?." XZA
Finding our old quarters at 13th
and Jackson streets, which we had oc
cupied for s, QUARTER OF A CEN
Tl'RY, entirely too small for the
needs of our steadily increasing busi
ness, we beg to announce that we
have REMOVED to our New Five
Btory Building Opposite THE UN
ION STATION, where we will be
pleased to supply your wanta.
Call In person or telephone Doug
las 1431.
Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealers,
814 South 10th St.,
. Opposite Union Station.
high class specialty .salesmen.
Must have experience, A 1 refer
ences and ability to sell best
people. Exclusive local terri
tory; splendid opportunity for
right party. Address at once
Mlssonrl Pacine, It is Bald, Will Baild
on the .'Old Mercer
Rumors are being persistently-circulated.
which purport to come from authoritative
sources, that the Missouri Pacific Railroad
company is In possession of the Mercer
pond lots at Forty-third and Isard streets
and will build shops there. Dr. Mercer dis
poned of. the property .several months ago
to V. V. Sholes. Mr. ,8ho!s will not say
what the purchase was for and declines to
name the man for whom he secured It.
It la regarded 'as entirely probable that
the . Missouri Pacific, will build shops In
Omaha, on account of the removal cf di
vision headquarters from Atchison to' this
city, increasing the Importance of Omaha
aa & Missouri Pacific point. The Belt IJne
skirts the pond lots on the west and the
property would make a good place for the
shops. It Is very low and woum have to
be filled in. At present it is an eyesore to
the neighborhood and the sldewalka along
Its borders are In an execrable condltlyn.
DIAMONDS Frenser. Uth and Dadge sta.
Card of Ttneaka.
We -wish to thank our nany friends and
nelghbora for their kindnessand sympathy
shown us during the slcknes and death of
our beloved father.
Comprised of the best malted
tMrlrr, the chnwst im
ported Hof, parklir.e Arte
ian Water, and brewed in one
of the moit tcientificalljr man
aged plant! in the U. S.,
STORZ BEER ii pre-eminently
the bat. None of the
renowned foreign been turpan
k in ' flavor and frw, if any,
quel k in purity and nutritive
value. Order Storm Betr Jow-a
town or for your home, A J
i--M- s-v3
Jewish l.ertare on Hoaela.
Mr. Bernstein of Chicago- will speak on
"Past and Present Conditions In Russia."
In the Jewish language, Crounse hall. 117
North Sixteenth street, opposite pom office,
at T p. ni , sharp Sunday. The public Is
Via Chlrao Great Writers Railway.
For parties of 14 or more one fare and
one-third for the round trip, good for 10
days. Ticket on tale daily until Septem
ber SO. For further. Information apply to
any Great Western agent or J. P. Elmer,
a. P. A., Bt. Paul. Minn.
DIAMON OS JLdnoln,. lata a Harney st
Men's, boys', children's, clothing, hat,
ladles' j'Hts. skirts, millinery, etc.. cash or
ct edit. People a Store. lih and Farnam.
Engraved Wedding Invitations A. I.
Root, One), LX10 Howard St., Omaha. .
One tableKponnful Paris Gren S.-W.
Co.. one large, sprlnklerful water: mix
and sprinkle, over potato tope or vines.
The above constitutes a death warrant
for both Mr., and Mrs. Potato Bug and
all - their" little bugles.' But be sure you
get the pure' Paris Green the Bherwln
Wll llama Brand.
-pound Paris Green for loo
H-pound Paris -Green for 18o
l-pound Paris Green for '. .30o
100 pounds Paris Green, at. pound 86o
Sherman & McConnsIl Drug Co.
Comer 10th and Dodge, Omaha, Web.
Does Not Burn or Explode
Kills tho F.gga, Too. he thr Point?
"GREEN POISON" Is easily applied
with brush or feather. A 25-cent bot
tle of "GREEN POISON" from your
druggist will kill a million hugs.
w I i la flistfenRutcura,
hum wuni fmotiau rar rau
Vha Ma KniiHnpM ,-r csv,
CatMms toriaaa, km.
Tan Footwear
The proper shoe for a man's summer
comfort Is a "TAN."
Tans are the coolest and tltp easiest
to care for and we're glad that they
will be so popular.
We've All The Choice
Handsome Ties and Bluchers, ex
treme styles In narrow toes, and the
broad and comfortably proposition for
the more conservative man.
$3.50, $4.00, to $5.00.
Iftft and Douqlai 5fj
mini Li4f vi
he Great.
C SI v
I J?
Third Day otx
the Cmt V
Don't Go
if Blind!
Common Sense and Every
Other Sense U ill Convjnce You
Are the Best
Made of thejcholcest materials, by
the most skillful workmen and dirert'
from the factory to feet. Of course
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Is for men who want the best Com
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Prices 4 00 to $8.00.
The $3.50 Onlmod Rives splendid
satisfaction. No other $3.60 shoe
equals It.
We guarantee a perfect fit by mail.
Writs for Style Book B-8.
eoent 20s
9EnnSanHnnan8nnfl annSlSinQnnnXBnasb
Women's Gray
Canvas Oxfords
We have just received by ex
press Women's (Jray Canvas Ox
ford. We have been expecting
these for a long time, but they
are here , now and we enn fit you
in the very popular summer shoe.
PRICE $3.00
We also have a full line In
white, pink and blue colors.
Drexel Shoe Co.
1419 Farnam Street.
Art in
That's the Mang-am style.
It roHts no more.
Good stationery requires not
only good materials, but good
Imitated perfectly. We print
from a ribbon the same as
your typewriter does, and you
can use thn same ribbon on
your typewriter to insert
name and address. roes it
inatth? Ask
109 S. 13th St.
Tal. Dauslaa 1865
Great Clothing Sale Continues
The prices nrc very attractive,
tiie quality and styles even more so.
Such values as you would expect to
see only at the end of the season;
Better values than elsewhere! IVe'
believe so, but suppose yon put it
to the test. Look elsewhere, then
come here before you buy, we're
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Men's Suits, Worth Up To $20
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serges, Thibets, unfinished wor
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values, at..' 1
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breasted styjes, perfect in tit,
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Men's Outing SuitsOver 60 different patterns to select from,
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Hock Island Excursions
Boston, Mass., and return.
On sale May 31st to June 9th.
New Haven, Conn., and return.
On sale June 1, 2, 3 and 4.
'Louisville, Ky., and return.
On sale June 11, 12 and 13.
Springfield, 111., and return. .
On sale May 31 and June 1 and 2.
Chicago and return.
On sale daily after June 1st.
Buffalo or Niagara Falls and return.
On sale daily after June 1st.
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On sale daily after June 1st.
Colorado arid return.
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On sale June 5th and 19th. "
These are only a few of the excursion
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Special HomeseelierV Excursion
Jane 5th and 19th,
July 3rd and 17tb.
"'Iron Mountain
To Certain Points in the West and Southwest
STOP-OYKRS wni b allowed both going and returning nfter flrat
HonieserkerH' iKtint enroule.
I'nusual opportunities rxit along the line of the Missouri Parlflc
Iron .Mountain Itoute. The rit-h, alluvial, delta landa and river bot
tom lands of KoutbenM Minsourl, KaMern Arkansas, Ijouisiana and
Texass, capable of producing fiO bushela of corn, a bale of cotton, 4 to
6 tons of alfalfa, I5U bushels of potato, and o there graJns, vege
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I'plandM more rolling, lighter noil, adapted to fruit growing peaches,
pears, plums, grapes, berries, also melons, tomatoes and other vege.
tahlek can be bought for .1 to $10 per acre in unimproved Mate.
Many places with small clearings and some Improvements ran be
iKiught very cheap.
This Is a flue slock country. So long winter feeding. Free range, pure
water, mild climate. A healthy, growing country, Mith a great
r'or Further Information, Manx, Folders,, Address
T. F. GODFREY Passengerand Ticket Agt, Omaha, Neb.
H. C TOWNSEND, Gen. Pa. and Tkt. Agt., St. Louis, Mo.
4 i