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I WANT to borrow H.ono i on Improved
residence proper! v; wtnOi t:'"; lo
ra!d In one of the l t part of Onahn;
rate must bo low, with privilege or pav
ing pan each vear. Address H M. Hce
office. . 41 V M122
JOHNSON Institute, 418 N. T. U Tel. bmi.
104. v
DR. WEU.S, Neville Blk. Tel. Doug. SD77.
4t MS
No. IMS. ,
At Omaha, In the Btate of Nobranka, at
the Close of Business April t, lfriti.
I.sana and discounts, f t,369,64 41
Overdrafts, secured
and unsecured tKiS.frj
U. 8. bonds to se
cure circulation 6o0.u00uo
U. B. bonda to se
cure U. 8. deposits 4".ti0.
Premiums on L". 8.
bonda 4o.non.nn
Bond, securities, etc. 660,B. W
Banking house, fur
niture and flstures. 2W.00u.04
I'ue from national
banka (not reserve
agents) I (72,120 2
Due from atate banka
and banker J8.V447.34
Due from approved
reserve agents l,04O,2117 2.07.7 4)
Checks and other
cash Itema 18.471. 1J
Exchanges for clear
ing house 273. ill. 46
Notes of other na
tional banka la,470OO
Fractional paper cur
rency, nlckila and
centa J64.91
Lawful money re
aerve In bank, via; .
specie, ..$A38,6S.OO
legal ten-
der notea 123,620.00 S3,988.00 l.Z72. 43
Redemption fund
with 1'. 8. treas
urer (5 of circu
lation) 30.000 00
Total 111,660,622.11
Capital atorlc paid In $
Surplus fund !iO,CjO.0
U ndivided profits, less
expenses and taxes
Pld K2.1SH.4S
National bank notea
outstanding SOO.OOO.OO
Ptie to other national
banka t3,361,6S.7
Due to state banka
and bankers 2,141,627.27
Due to trust com
panies and savings
banks i 36,178.43
individual deposits
subject to check... :.D45,476.!W
Time, certificates of
deposit 6W.781.S2
Cerlllied checks .4N8.1a
Cashier's checks out
standing 232.4310"
T'nlted States deposits 4i,Xi.u2
Deposlta of 4!. 8. dis
bursing officer 863,SS3.2 9,898,833.72
Total j '
Etate of Nebraska. County of Douglas s:
1, Charles K. Walte, cashier or tho tibove
named bank, do solemnly swear that II. e
above statement Is true fo the bent of my
knowledge and belief. 1
Subscribed and sworn to before me tills
tu, day of April, 39.
. Notary Public.
Correct Attest!
-ti9.T c, F- M'URKW
Department of the Interior, Office of In
dian Affairs. Washington, D. C, March
24, 1M.-Sealed proposals, plainly marked
on. the outside of the envelope: "Proposal
for rubber good, boots and shoos," etc.,
us the caae may be. and addressed to the
"Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washing
ton, D. C,.' will be received nt the Indian
ollice until I o'clock p. m. of Thursduy,
April it, 190, and then opened, for fur
nishing the Indian service with rubber
f roods;-boors and shots, hardware and mod
cal supplies. Sealed proposal, plainly
marked on the outside of the envelope:
"Proposal for crockery, furniture," etc., as
the case may be, and addressed to the
'Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washing
ton, p. C," will be received at the Indian
tfllce until I o'clock p. rn. of Tuesday, May
1, 10, and then opened, fur furnishing the
lndlaq service with crockery, agricultural
Implements, paints, oils, glass, tinware,
wagons, harness, leather, shoe findings,
saddlery, etc, school supplies and a long
list of miscellaneous articles. Bids must
be made out on government blanks.
Schedules giving all necessary information
for bidders will be furnished on applica
tion to the Indian office, Washington, D.
C; the IT. B. Indian Warehouses at New
York, City; Chicago, 111.; Bt. luls. Mo.,
and Omaha, Nub. The department re
serves the light to reject any and all bids,
or aoy part of any bid. F. E. LEl'PP,
A4to28 Commissioner.
PnStofflc. flllUhB K'nh HalA.l r.t.r.
I'iihhii win ne received hi tins nuiioing
until i o ciock p. m., April Ju, 1!, for
ftirnlxhlng fuel, lights, water. l-e, mia
cellaneouM supplies, washing towels, haul
ing ashes and sprinkling streets for thie
building during the fiscal year ending
June ), 1S07, or such portion of the vear
as may be deemed advisable. The right
to -reject any and all bids reserved by
the Treasury Department.
B. 11. HARROWS. Custodian.
A-1? 14
Compagnlo Generate
- . F Ml Rutm tm Ihm Omntlnitt
Mmll Stmt
VitaMref In auiaf Cagmnoa
Now York - Par 6Y Day
LA PROVENCE, newest ef fast leviathans,
having passenger elevator, roof cafe, and many
ether innovations, fleet toi modern, gigantic
Twin-Screw and H x press "htesmers; naval offi
cers1 man-of-war discipline. Company's vesuV
buled trsins lls-'re-Paia, j!a hom.
LA BRETAQNB, Bat'y., Apr. 21. 10A.M.
LA PA VOI K April 2
LA OASCOGNK, Sat y.. May 12. 10 A. M.
SPEClAt-Extra departures. Use of en
lire steamer at cheap second class rates.
for plans, resorvatlons and full Infurma
tn call mi. telephone, or write to
. Haref r. AVesrea, fSOf Fmnmm B1rmt
loatta Unit, mmr F Irmf Mat Ion ml Bank
J. B. Omymmldm. 1SO Farmwm Sir
Agents for Omaha
Find a
Ererjr thing 70a hat
to Mil ! wanted bj
gomebodT If price and
quality are right k
Want Ad will
- find tb custom.
Charles A. Potter
(tKNEHAlt Sl tl.MlCK.AJ'Utlit.
I'rpoat lull, CwrrcsiK'iiuVni r, llrlrl
flora apo pcial KeporGog 0a Short
Nutica. &OTAHY 11 "BMC.
get, !!. Ai maa Beilalaak
Michigan Conerewman Introduces Bill to
Beviaa the Exclusion Ltwi.
siler Proposed Regulation Harden
of Proof Will Be mu I silted
States la Walt to Deport
WASHINGTON. April 11.-K pi escntatlv
Dcnby (Mich.) Introduced a bill today mak
ing extensive lrvl.lon of the Chinese ex
clusion act. It extenda the operation of
this act ten years and Incorporates the
recommendations of Commissioner General
B.irgent for American inspectors In China
under the supervision of the immigration
service and for the re-registratlon of
Chinese now In this country. The- bill Is
not Intended to modify the basic policy of
excluding Chinese laborers but. according
to Mr. Denby. Is an attempt to find a com
promise which shall harmonise differences
with Chins. It permlta Chinese residents
of this country to go and come at will
under proper regulation In order to return
certificates, etc. It repeals the provision of
existing law permitting Chinese laborers to
leave the Ciiited 8tates and subsequently
return only In case they have wives or
families or debts due to them In the 1'nlted
States and which limits their right of re
turn to one year. It admits Chinese appli
cants for the writ of habeas corpus to ball,
a privilege now denied them. It provides
that any ( hlnaman resident In the United
States and wishing to go buck to China
and then return to the United States may
receive a return certificate on exhibition
of his certificate of registration or original
certificate of entry and proof of his
It repeals the provision of existing law
placing the burden of proof upon Chinese
arrested for being unlawfully In the United
States to show his right to be here. It re
peals spci Ideally the provision In the law
of 192, already held unconstitutional, that
Chinese found unlawfully In the United
States shall be imprisoned at hard labor
for one year and then deported.
It enlarges the exempt classes beyond
those mentioned In the treaty of 1880 to in
clude accountants, bookkeepers, hankers,
members of the learned professions, editors
or members of other classes not falling
within the category of laborers from enter
ing the United States. But it also pro
vides that It shall be unlawful fur any
Chinese person entering the United States
as a member of an exempt class to work
for gain as a lu borer.
There is at present no standard by which
persons claiming to be "students" are to
he Judged. The bill explicitly defines the
term student. It also provides that Chi
nese coming to this country from China or
the islands adjacent thereto shall depart
only from certain ports to be designated by
the United States.
Haling In Te.iaa.
EL PASO. Texas, Apt II 11. Federal Judge
Maxey today held that the secretary of the
Department of Commerce and Labor has
no authority to order the deportation of a
Chinaman who has once gained admission
to the United States, but that the China
man must have a court trial. The ruling
was made In the case of Chin Tun who
was arrested here and sent back to Mexico
by the secretary becsuse the Immigration
officers hud seen him in Mexico.
Chin Tun returned after deportation, was
re-arrested and got out a writ of habeas
Train Wreckers Fall.
PITTSBURG. Kan., 'April 11: Ah unsuc
cessful attempt to wreck the southbound
St. Louis & San Francisco passenger train,
Known as the "Meteor, was made last
night lielwcen Turck and Scammon, dyna
mite having been placed on the track.
Three feet of tracks were torn out, but
the fact that the train was running nearly
sixty miles an hour curried it safely over
the break.
Sirs. Haymwnrt liny HeroTer.
AH ANGELES. Cal.. April 11. -Mrs. Kata
B. Raymond, wife of a clerk In the Interior
lalvn facia.
Leave. Arrive.
Overland Limited a .40 am a :1B ant
Tl.e China and Japan
r'aat Mail 4:18 pin a 6:10 p.a
Colo. U Calif. Ex a 4:1b um a :J am
California at Ore. Lx..a 4:& in a 6:10 pin
Los Aufceles Limited.... all :Ju am am. 46 pia
Fast Mall a l oo pin a K:IM pin
Colorado Special a 7:4u urn a 7:44 am
North Pkitte Local a :U am a 4:60 poi
Beatrice Local ' b:U ui t ii.ou piu
tulingu Ureal Wtrnia,
Leave. Arrive.
St. Paul A Minn a :w pm a 7:16 am
St. Paul dt Minn a 7:46 am a 7.66 nm
Chicago Limited a :w pin a!0.o am
Cnicago l.xpresa a 6:ub am
Minn. 4t St. i-aui tx...o s:uu aui
Minn. 4V St. Paul Ltd... a :ao mm
bt; pm
tuicusu, atovaw Islaatl dk favotAa.
Chicago LI 1 ni ten a J.26 am a 7:1ft am Kxprcsa a 3 .ot' am a t:at pin ixpivHa, LocaLbU:la am a 4:u pm
Lea Moiuco Lureas....a i.Mi put am
Chicago l-'aal Ji.pieaa..a : vu a Li um
Rocky Mountain Liu. .a 7:) am a 1. it am
Colorado Kxpresa a tM pui a 4:64 pm
Oklahoma ivxaa h.x.a .u um .t.i
luU'UMU at Norlttwaatvrak.
UL i'aui Layiigni a 7:j0 am
lidiaao uajiaol a uu u
Ciucaao Limited a pui
Cairoii Local ....a 4.44 cm
fcl. Paul tool Mali a . put
bloua U. at- P. LooaLb ttu
Is 00 pm
U.oU pin
.i am
mi am
;ua am am
X:u Dm
r am Mall
Chicago Kipieaa
Norfolk at ttoneateel..
,.a 6 60 pm a am
..a J.w am am
Lincoln at Lou Pino. ..a :, tm
CakJ.e at vu.iuoa i:w iui
Ltadwood Lincoln.. ii-M put
ilatiiu k Aluion b M pi
Cuicaiio Loo ail: n;
Chicsao Limited ali-u piu
pu Louis XpreM a f 40 pm am
;m pm
.iu pm
s:ia put
. pm
L.ia ait.
a t:4 i
bi. L.UUH i-Kiuai uruia
Couucil Blufia a 1:1 am alv:K pr
Biauocrry Local Irroia
council Blutts) b f :00 pm bil: ata
buaiiu taltL
Chicago Kprca a l:u am v LU put
Ciucago Uuulea a e.u p. a i -v aia
4. uiuu, wiHikM a. SI. i'aal.
Cbicago a, Colo, apoe L.a au a i.K u
Lalilurrua at Ore. k...a k.a vi a l.iu pia
Ovsiiaud Liiultad pm a ata
aiarlun At Ceaar it. e.ti aiu bU.W pui
4.i..uurl raullib.
Bt. Louia kxpreaa a 1:0V am a : pm
kw U. at tit. U ftirasa..a, .ua pm a i.uu ta
PlRLlaurUBi sTAilOa-iOTM at AIU 1
I ...
A California.... a pm
a .Ju pta
a hm
V. I.. .. U ill.
ciiaca ........
Noiuist bpeciai
Nor III eat Lioies
Nebtaaaa Local ,.
Jsuiua mi""'
Llm-oiu Local .....
.a s.av um
.a 4.1U pui pm
.a .u) am
. a iu
a 1.10 aia
a i.M pia
a .i pm
a Lit; pn
a U:t4 am
i-iucoln raov .
i.M pm
I M pill
s.iv am
?.a a.n
i.Ut piu
s:ua p.u
Iris uin
i f ii.ii pm
tiiu.ti am
a .u am
a J.lM am
a am
a .:v3 pm
a J. aifl
i pui
a i aw
aW:i p,
all jo am
a . aiN
a t.lii pui
Jj'l. Ciook
L:.ll.vnal .
& i'.aUJUl u.
I'luU.iu it..
. I ...u.. l.lnwLeti
Ocusvue st - -iscUevuu
a, lac. Juu...a
Cuicagu bp' a
UiKo L-prcse a
Linco r'ljer a
Iowa Local .
... 1 ..,n. kiui'cae a
ivausae CU-&1. Jos h..
..I. M pm
j-h am
41 pu
fcjmiaa Clt)-bl. Jo ll..
Pa at. Hlaneapelle
Twin city Passenger. ,.b 4:30 am b 1 10 r,,.
cioux City Pasengr...a 1 im pin all.iDani
uaaiutiu i-ocai
r.:itiiou Iah'sJ .....
ttli.uirl Paella.
.0 t.4j pia b .lu a
.0 j am c .u pm
KehraKka Local, via
Weeping Water b 1-jc bL Ju pm
a Lally. b Daily except S I -.4. jr. 4 Tall
except outuidaiy. c buuday tiuly. Lalil
except alenday.
department at Washington, who yesterday
caused the death of her son by gs
aphyxlBtlon and all hut took her own
life In the same manner, was Improved to
day and no doubt is now entertained of
her recovery. If she continues to gain
strengtn It Is likely that she will be re
moveii to the county Jail today. .
Untsiat for Mnrrh earl . Fle Per
tent Greater Than Rest
Prevlnne Month.
NKW YuRK. April II. -The lion Age will
say tomorrow: The monthly pig Iron statis
tics show that March has been a record
breaker. The production, exclusive of
charcoal iron, amounted to 2,K,I32 tons,
s compared with the best previous month,
2.("!S.r:! tons in January. Estimating the
charcoal iron product the total was close
to 2.2i.(iO to:is. The steel companies in
March made 1,4ii.3i5 tons and the mer
chant furnaces 7'.237 tons. That this
enormous amount of metal has gone into
consumption is shown by the fact that the
stock of the steel corporation Is down to the
lowest figure In Its history, lin.noo. and that
some of the other steel companies have re
cently bought outside metal, or are in
the market now. Active furnace capacity
Increased from 47.7:!7 tons per week on
March 1 lo 4M.240 tons nn April 1. There
was considerable heavy Inlying during the
past week, the majority of the large tran.
nctiins. however, h.ilng been made at con
cessions. The cast Iron pipe Interests, which had
the best month In their history, during
March, have been large purchasers. They
have taken from Hft.000 tons to 7i.0oo tons of
pig Iron, the greater part In the smith,
although the furnaces In the cast and in
the central weal have come In for a share.
The steel corporation bought 11.000 tons
of Bessemer Iron for shipment to Cleveland
and Chicago and also a 2. WO ton lot t
basic pig. The Cambria company took tons and another Interest is in the
market for about iflOnn tuns.
The Lake Superior corporation has se
cured the second tons of steel rails
for the Grand Trunk Pacillc. the Amerl-
' " " -" "name 10 tourn .on
nusiness. rue it ill interest is now ne
gotiating with Canadian mills for tonnage
for the new lines In Canada.
In structural material, among the con
tracts placed were orders of (',.300 tons for
St. Louis. 4.800 tons for Los Angeles, 3.50O
tons for Chicago. 2.4) tons for New Orleans
and 6. ooo tons for the power house of the
Hudson company. Among the bridge or
ders are 7.WD tons for the Lehigh Valley
and 55,0(10 tons for the Cincinnati. New Or
leans & Texas Pacific. The Manhattan
bridge, for which bids are to go In. calls
for 42.000 net tons of material.
Good orders have been placed for mer
chant pipe, among them one for 232 miles
of line pipe for a newjsansaa enterprise.
On account of the phenomenal rise in
the price of tin. the makers of tin plate
have advanced their prices from t3.60 base,
Pittsburg, per box. to t3.tW.
March was a record breaking month in
shipments by the 1'nlted States Steel cor
poration to consumers. las total being
SSS.ono tons. .
Battleship Louisiana Will Be Ready
for Active Service Before
the Connecticut.
WASHINGTON, April ll.-The present
prospects are, according to the view now
obtaining at the Navy department, that
the battleship Connecticut being con
structed by the government at the New
York navy yard will not only cost approx-,
Imately 1 400. 000 more than its sister' ship,!
the Louisiana, being built by private con
tractors, but that the government will lose
the race which has been on . since the
building of the two big ships was begun.
Just how much longer it may take to com.
plete the Connecticut than the Louisiana
depends upon the action of congress.
According to the latest figures at the
Nava- department showing the progress be
ing made on ships under construction, the
percentage of completion reached oh the
Louisiana la 87.S2 and the Connecticut 97.11.
When congress provided for the construc
tion of one of these battleships at a navy
yard it mas with a view of obtaining com
parative figures to show whether the gov
ernment could build ships more economic
ally at the navy yards than by private con
tract. The race between the two ships has
been watched with keen Interest by naval
authorities and those Interested in ship
construction, because of the future policy
which It might bring about.
Another factor In retarding the work on
the Connecticut has been the curtailment
In the working force at the New York
yard made necessary by the lack of funds.
The force there was cut down from 3,000
to ROft. thus materially reducing the force
that could be utilized nn the construction
work on the Connecticut. I'nless congress
shall liave made provision for the Increased
cost of the Connecticut by June 1, the work
on the battleship will necessarily be sus
pended. It was stated at the navy yird
today, but It Is anticipated that the naval
appropriation bill will be passed before that
time. Increasing the limit of cost by about
ttOn.Ooft. If this expectation is realised
work mill he commenced on the Connecti
cut with a' view to placing It tn commis
sion at the earliest possible moment.
It Is estimated at the department that
the Louisiana will be ready for delivery to
the government in from four to six weeks.
statistics far Last tear Shan
elderalile tie 1 11 Over
Work In 11MHI.
WASHINGTON. April ll.-The director
of the census today announced the result
of (he tabulation of the statistics of
slaughtering and packing, and slaughter-
I.. V. ..... 1 . V. ,. ..,.. .....
I tut. iiuid. 1.-, i j 1 uir ia, uuai ) rr
The figurea Indicate that there has been
' a normal increase In the t-aughtrrlng and
meat packing industry in the United States
ias compared with the statistics of iwo.
The number of establishments Is shown
to have been !fJ5. as compared with 21 In
19 0 Total value of products as given, was
The following decreases are shown in
tho amount of business done in the pro
ducts named: ' Canned beef. 1? per cent;
altrd or cured beef. Is per cent; hania,
smoked bacon, etc., 11 per cent; neutral
lard. 1 per cent; oleomargarine oil, :i
rtr cent; other oils. 26 per cent.
tlaatrr for Allege Trust.
COLUMBUS. O.. April 11. -The Oldo
Grocers' sssocimion company loiiuy per
mitted Judgment of ouster to lie takcti
against l and the Franklin county court
Tooth Powder
to discolored teeth. It bright
ens and whitens them, hardens
the gums, makes the breath
sweet and the health good;"
that's a dentist's advice.
la haadf 'natal sa-aa ar boatlea. If
D' Graves' Tcctb Powdsr Co.
appolnted J It. Sster and Gilbert
ftewsrt of Columbus trustees to wind
the company.
Wsosnlng I tsbur Hli!,( hesslral
Which Will Rrmiir All Trnrea
of. Rrands wn slock.
MEB'I fcETSE. Wyo., April II. -(Special )
IOcal stoi kmen are greatly exercised over
the alleged discovery of Ben Harmer, a
cowpuncher of this place. Harmcr Is
known among the boys of the outfit ss "the
Professor," because of his having gradu
ated In an eastern university. He has
always dabbled In chwmlsiry and quite
accidentally discovered, he says, a process
whereby he can remove nil traces of a
brand on either cattle or hornets, lie stated
he stumbled onto the discovery when doc
toring a sore shoulder on a workhorse, and
now avers he hns the treatment reduced to
a science. He says any one can apply his
"dope," as he calls It. and that the treat
ment requires but Ave weeks to effectually
remove all traces of the branding Iron. In
proof of this he exhibited here this week a
well known saddle horse he purchased
from the M outfit. This animal Is known
to have been branded with an M and also
a number on the Jaw. No trace of these
brands can now be seen.
Harmer Is trying to nuance his discovery
among local cattle and horsemen. He
wants to manufacture this "dope" and sell
It to horsemen. It is well known that
many flue animals shipped from the range
countries are sold at a comparatively low
fleure because of the brands they carry,
and HaniiT'i idea Is to buy this sort of
stock, remove the brands, and then market i
the stuff at fancy prices. Falling In this,
he will go to the big horse markets of the
east and endeavor to finance the scheme or
sell his secret.
Men of experience on the range are very
t slow to believe In Harnier s discovery, and
are exceedingly dubious ss to Its value
to the stock industry. In the hands of
stock rustlers It would prove a dangerous
and costly discovery, as thep operators
would have ample time during the summer
1 montn, to dofdc )rnds from hundreds of
head of both cattle and horses. laical
horsemen see a chance to realize larger
prices for their best stuff. If Harniers
"dope" will remove the brands as he says,
but are with the cattlemen in the matter
of being fearful of results should the
rustlers commence Its use.
SHIFT BOSS JS FOUND DEAD Tate Apparently SnfTocnted hy
Fumes of Blast In Golden
TERRY. S. P.. April 11 -(Special Tele
gram. ) This niornit.g when the day shift,
which is working In the Dertha drainage
tunnel of the Golden Reward Mining com
pany went lo work tho dead body of I,ee
Tate, night shift boss, was found lying a
short distance from the face of the drift.
He hud evidently gone Into the drift
shortly after the holes, which hud been
drilled for the night shift, hud been fired
and was sufTocated by the funics1 of the
powder before he could make his way out
of the drift. He was a married man.
Watertovtn. Mitchell and Miller Take
Honors In Fraternal Order.
HURON. 8. D.. April 11. The Grand
lodge Ancient Order of United Workmen.
Jurisdiction of South Dakota, last Novem
ber Inaugurated a prlie banner contest
which has Just been completed. The
lodges of the order throughout the state
were dlvided'into three! classes,, the first
class including all lodges with a member
ship, on November' 1,' itrt, of 250 or mdre;
class two, Including sII-Ioujhs with a mem
bership of seventy-live, and not more than
iu; class three, Including all lodges with a
membership of seventy-five and under.
The contest closed on April 1, and the
committee has Just concluded its work of
awarding the three prires, which are three
handsome silk banuers. These banners
are all alike except in the names of the I
lodges and their locations the slie, value
and pattern are the same.
Grand Master T. M.' Simmons of this
city, will visit the three successful lodges
In person and present the banners, nt
which time reunions will be held and spe
cial programs presented.. The successful
lodges are, class one, lodge No. 3, Water
town; class two, lodge No. 69, Mitchell;
class three, lodge No. 19, 'Miller. Gran J
master Simmons says the contest was very
spirited and was carried on with much
enthusiasm, resulting in the very best of
humor and aside adding largely to the
membership of the order, was of grest
benefit socially.
ntllnK Out Middlemen.
MF.KTBK.8E, Wyo., April 11. (Speclsl.)
Members of the West Rig Horn Stock as
sociation in session here decided by a unan
imous vote to hereafter market all hlde3
direct to the tanners and cut out all mid
dlemen. This la said to be the first move
of its kind in the west and stockmen else
where will be Interested In the outcome. It
waa represented to the, association that
flint and green salted hides would bring
from 110 to 113 at the tanneries, whereas
they are now being sold to local buyers at.
from t4 to PI. The association's secretary
I was Instructed to arrange for the sale of
the hides to tanners and lo arrange for the
storing and care of tills product until they
could be shipped In car lots.
ratting- Ice on Dry l.nud.
BASIN. Wyo.. April ll.-Sperlal.)-A
large force of men engaged In sawing ice
thirty-eight inches in thickness, located on
dry land nearly a mile from the nearest
water, is one of the peculiar sights wit
nessed by cltlxens of this community here
this week. The receding water from the
recent Ice gorge In the Big Horn river left
the congealed water on a ranch adJ6lning
(own. almost completely covering the entire
ltKi acres. To reach a lime kiln from which
Raisin draw its entire building supply it
wsb necessary to cut a roadway through
the Ice nearly half a mile, the demand for
lime for time building contracts making
the immediate delivery essential.
Omaha Boy Bona Over.
CHEYENNE. Wyo.. April 11. (Special. )
H. G. Kirwin. the Omaha newsboy em
ployed by Barkalow Blathers, arrested
yesterday charged with short changing
a passenger on the Union Pacific, was
given a preliminary hearing this morning
before Judge Trump and bound over to the
district court. Klrwin'a Omaha friends
will come to Ills aid in A few days.
Kbandi An,ee.
Thomas N. Sliandy. Pmtleth and Wright
streets, and Miss Edith A gee were married
Wednesday at high noon at Diets Memorial
church by Rev. D. W. McGregor. The cere
mony was a pretty one and was witnessed
1 by several relatives and friends. Mrs. 8 11.
Smith played the wedding march. Mr.
Shandy, who is a machinist at the Union
Pacific shops, will take his bride on a
trip to California. They will make their
hon e in Omaha. ,
Prsb terlans at Ptttanara.
PITTSBURG. April 11 The committee on
union with oilier denominations of the
United Presbyterian church, in session here,
has formulated a basis for union with, the
i Associate Reformed church of the south,
i and will at once submit It ta the commit tie
i wa union wf the sou UK) ro chuicU.
wpnu auu xbuosin aKttlU aillll&Klv 101 vvu- 1
cession! in Mauchuria.
America Is Watching Affair to See
that Terms of Treaty Are Ob
served h Maaatory
WASHINGTON. April 11. Reports of
friction between the Russian and Chinese
troops in Manchuria have attracted the at
tention of the State department. No of
ficial Information has been received 011 the
Mibject. It was anticipated that the divi
sion In the peace treaty of the responsi
bility for the policing of Manchuria for
even a limited term between three nations
would result in Just such friction as hus
been reported. At a point on the railroad
conncctlngSiiie Siberian road with Port Ar
thur and Dalny. a little distance below
Harbin, the Japanese troops arc In charge
of the line. Above that point the rosd
is under the double protection of Russian
and Chinese troops or railroad guards.
As it Is understood here both the Rus
sians mid the Japanese are looking forward
with apprehension to the time when they
must evacuate Manchuria proper and In
each case there Is n strong desire to In
sure ns large a holding as possible of the
material resources of this rich country
after the military forres are withdrawn,
struuulr for t one -salons.
One way ol accomplishing this has been
to secure concessions for the exploitation
of timber lands, of mines and for the de
velopment of the agricultural lands and
then to require the Chinese government
to recognize these holdings when they re
Rain possession of the country. Hut the
Chinese government bs shown a surpris
ing degree of self-assertion and Inde
pendence In dealing with these claims, and
it is believed here that the friction Is now
said to have arisen In Manchuria results
from the attempts being made to induce the
Chinese to change their attitude.
The only concern of the American gov
ernment Is tlmt the undertaking of the
treaty that Manchuria shall be evacuated
hy both Russia and Japan shall be lived up
to, but this. It is pointed out by officials'.
Is not the time to raise that Issue. A
period of eighteen months was allowed for
the evacuation and when that time shall
have pnascd. If the evacuation Is not an
accomplished fact, the State department
will renew Its Interest In the subject.
Chairman of Corporation Snys Prices
Are F.iinal nt Home and
WASHINGTON. April 11. -Chairman K.
K. Gary of the United States Steel cor
poration addressed the house committee
on merchant marine and fisheries today.
In four years, he said, the Steel corpora
tion had sold steel enough abroad for one
ship and the entire foreign business of the
trust amounts to only about one-twelfth
of its output.
He denied a statement made by James
C. Walsh, vice president of the American
Shipbuilding company, that the steel com
pany sold steel' abroad for ships at t'-'4,
charging the American consumer H- for the
same products. There is little difference,
he snld, between the domestic and foreign
prices of such material.
Man Who Jumps from Williamsburg
Bridge Is Hescned by
Hoat Crew.
NKW YORK, April 11. Nathan Isaacs of
6 Ravingtun street, this city, today jumped
from the middle of the center spun of the
new Williamsburg bridge Into the Last
I river, 135 feet below and was quickly taken
out of the water by the crew or a ferry
boat. His clothing wos torn to ribbons,
his shoes were torn from his feet and he
was terribly bruised by the impact of
his body upon the water. He was un
conscious when rescued, but soon revived
and may recover.
Isaacs made the leap at nn hour when
the morning rusli of Brooklyn people to
the stores and offices of Manhattan was
at Its height and scores of persons wit
nessed his drop Into the river.
Faneral of John Prhwarta.
BLAIR. Neb., April 11 (Special.) The
body of John Bchwarli. who died In Kmer
son last Saturday, was brought to Blair
today for Interment and the funeral serv
ices were In charge of the Knight Templara
of Jordan Commandery, No, 15. of thie
city, assisted by Brother Knights of Em
erson and Tekamah. Mr. Schwartz was
superintendent of building and bridges on
the Omaha railroad and had his lta? rut
off last August at Degoto station, while
boarding his work train, which, with
Pright'a disease, caused his death. A
special enr waa furnished for the funeral
party and the Kuigh) Templars from Em
erson, by the railroad officials. Mr.
Schwartx waa a resident of Blair for many
years and an active member of the differ
ent branches of the Masonic order of this
city. Judge B. C. Jackson, grand prelate
of the grand commandery of Nebraska,
officiuted at the funeral services today.
Faneral of W. C. ( 00U.
BLAIR, Neb., April 11. (Special. ) The
funeral of Wilbur C. Cook, manager of .the
Haywood shoe store ut Fremont, who shot
himself accidentally last Saturday evening
In that city, was held here yesterday after
noon from the home of Mrs. Harry Hlgley,
Mrs. Cook'a father. The body was accom
panied here by a large delegation of mem
bers of the Fremont Elk lodge, under
whose auspices the funeral services were
Mrs. Mary A. Morris.
Mrs. M. A. Morris, aged 63 years, died at
t a. m. Wednesday at her home, 4&40 North
Thirty-ninth street. She will be burled
Thursday at Mount Hope cemetery. She
leaves a son and daughter.
Bad Blase la Kansas.
BELLE PLAIN. Kan.. April ll.-The tire
that started here last night waa not placed
under control until early today. The total
loss is LHUX". Four of the principal build
ings of Belle Plain were destroyed and
several others were damaged. 8. C. Crom
well, owner of one block, was dangerously
hurt by a falling roof. Mary Huffman,
a girl, also waa Injured.
Maa Haratd Planting; I-Ire.
Frank W. Allwlne waa severely burned
about the hands rally Wedueaday morning
while trying to rziingultih a tire at h,s
residence. 818 South Twenty-fifth avenue.
The Are started in a basket of clothes at
tins, vimows
I m btw m4 by M Uil on of Hott-? for thalr
AUUdia1 wUiU 1M. ttgJi; for eTT Fifty Ysrt. 4
It luOlMi Hi OU4, fturivtisl 1
Wit) fUUlft. aVi.MV (
aYAUl 1 LMa kaammt i
IMOii, Mra wira aie
ujU fur lltrrbj4w
touaf fur llt-rrbj4w J
.MI.ll.thl CBHTt A sMOTT.UK. 2
the hesd of a stairway, hot bv prompt ac
tion f-oni the firemen the loss did not ex
ceed ". Assistant Chief Simpson of (he
tire department rendered hist aid to the
Injured and alleviated Mr. Allwmes suffering.
Meeting; of Real Estate
Aid to (he Civic Improvement league In
starting a fund for caiilng on the wmk
of this season was promised by the Real
Kstate exchange at Its meeting Wednes
day. Action was taken after addresses
by W. W. Plabatigh, Mrs. Diaper Smith,
Miss McCartney and Stephen Morris, who
appeared before the exchange tn the Inter
ests of the lesgue.
J. F. Flack, G. T. Morton and Phillip
Reed were appointed a committee to co
operate with the officers of the league in
raising the nrsl $Jj(i. K. A. Renson ex
pressed the opinion, t-.ii ought to be sub
cribed Tor the work this year hy the
oitliens of Omaha. Ioist year the expenses
were tt. of which t(40 was given as prize
noney to children, and 1160 siwnt In the
distribution of the prizes. MissMcCartney
expressed the opinion that tne experience
of the year would lessen the expense of
distribution this year.
Resolutions of regret at the death of J. 8
Gibson and John I Redick. both of whom
have been active In the Ouuihu real istale
world, were passed by the exchange. The
committee on Young Women's Christian
association's building fund was continued.
Pnlillc llath latest t 1 1 1 1 1 Miauenicd
for the Municipal Monument
on Capitol tirmir,
Secretary Morris of the Associated Cha-i-
ties has a plan for converting the market '
house Into a public lint It for the use of I
the people. j
"If It Is decided to let the market house 4
stand I am going 10 ask thnt It he con- 1
verted Into a plunge hath for the public."
he said. "This could he done without much
expense by using the pteseni cement floor
and building up the sides to form a basin.
It could be divided into two purls, one for
men and the other for boys. It would
provide something Omaha stands in great
need of during the hot months."
Jndee Speer Occupies Klaht Honrs
In lleliverina Ills I
Charge. j
SAVANNAH, thi., Apill Jl.-Judge Emery
Speer at 2 o'clock tonight concluded his
charge to the Greene and Gayuor Jury, and
the fate of the contractors charged by tin:
(Tovernincnt with frauds amounting
more than f1..j00,tino now rests with the Jur
who for th--e months have listened
y. '
evidence and arguments.
The charge of Judge Speer was of such
length that he required eight hours for Its
delivery and throughout the closest atten
tion was paid by the audience.
Ijlle Nnprrnie Jaallce of Nelirnska
Enters Partnership at
Cards received from Seattle, Wash., an
nounce the fact that Hon. Silas A. Hol
comb has entered a law partnership In
that city, and will follow the general prac
tice of law. He becomes the senior mem
ber of, the firm of Holcomb & Klrkpatridt,
his partner being Mr. lister Klrkpatrick,
late of the firm of Klrkpatrick & Price.
Mr. Price has retired to become president
of the Northern Securities and Banking
company. The officers 0 Holcomb & Klrk
patrlck are in the New York block, Seattle.
Department store Kmployea Arrested.
SIOUX CITY. Ia., April 11. Mrs. Eliza
beth Monell. C. C. Waud and J. A. Shields,
clerks In the Pelletler department store,
were arrested today on a charge of con
spiracy to commit larceny. In the satin
connection E. C. Bender, an employe o.
a commission firm, was arrested nn a
charge of receiving stolen goods. All wert
released on bond. A considerable quantity
of dry goods alleged to have been stolei.
waa recovered. The accused department
store employes are prominently connected
socially. Shields was taken to a hosplttii
suffering from nervous prostration as a i".
suit of his arrest.
Two Years and a Half.
Ed King, alia. Ed Kwanson, was sen
tenced to two und a half years in the peni
tentiary Wednesday afternoon by Judgi
Sutton on 11 (ilea of guilty to the charge of
grand larceny. He rolilied a room In the
house at 2227 Hodge street, where he was
staying and secured a suit of clothes and
some Jewelry.
High Water Dora IJauinge.
Commissioners Bruiting and Ivennard
were out In the country Wednesday look
ing after a number of bridges damaged by
high water. One bridge Just west of Ben
son waa reported to have gone out. Con
siderable minor damage to roads by high
water has been reported to the commis
sioner's. Fatal Wreck In Wisconsin.
SUPERIOR. Wis.. April II. A Great
Northern passenger, easlbound, was de.
railed at Cass I-ke last night. Euginer
O' Flaherty of Superior was killed. The
fireman Jumped, was severely Injured, but
will recover. Passengers suffered nothing
more than a shaking up.
Miss Sadie P.ernslein Is home from the
university to spend the spring vacation
with her parents.
APRIL 17, 1906.
MAY 1, 1906.
I will personally conduct the above homegeekeri' excursions,
leaving Omaha at 11:10 p. m. on above nemad aatea, for the par
poee of assisting homeseekers to locate ant) file on sections of free
Klnkgld lands under the homestead liv. I will have with ma, for
each excursion, township plats showing the location by section,
township and range of all the arguable homestead lands in those
RATES -Very low round trip homeeeekeri' eseuxslon rates
will be In effect on the above dates to those destinations.
!!Mc-' t
Soak a -McKlbblr- th. dye
Will "stay put."
Test aMoKlbbln" the stitching
and hnlsli will stand it.
Compare a "McKlbbln" it's
msde of the finest grades of fully guar
anteed fur felt.
Wear a "McKlbbln" the styles
are standard. Hundreds of them
soft and stiff to ehooee from. S3.QD)
Best dealers in the land sell them.
Hoard of Control lo Take I n 1,-ocn-tlwn
of Tnbercnlosls
(From u Staff Correspondent.)
I IKS MOINES, April 11. (Spatial. -One
of the tirst thlnus that the State Board of
Control will do as soon as John T. Hamil
ton takes his position on the board the
middle of this mouth will be the selec
tion of the site for the tuberculosis ssnl-
taiiuin, the beginning for which was made
hy the legislature In tho t'AOfl appropria
tion. There are now six locations In view
for the institution and Iowa City seems
to have the lead. The legislature (Jele
giiled tliu State Board of Control to select
th.c site and erect the buildings, as the
institution will bo under its control after
opened. The board hus laid down certain
requirements for the site. It must have
at least hm acres of land and more If
possible. The land must be in easy access
to some city, on an iuterurban railroad If
IHissible, and must have some timber oa
the land and must have an abundance of
good water. Iowa City ia making an ef
fort to get the institution located near that
place In order that the medical student
may have the advantages from studying
the treatment of patients.
lion. John Cownle of the State Board of
Control and United States crop reporter
for Iowa today Invited in all the news
per men In the city to the State Board
of Control rooms to see the test of seed
corn of the thirteen state Institutions. Mr.
Cownle severely criticised the college meth
ods of testing seed, corn, and In his let
ter of invitation to the newspapers and In
Is talk said there had been written by
icwspapers and agricultural Journals many
articles about seed corn, "the gresler part
of them not only misleading and erroneoua,
but pernicious tn the extreme. These ar
ticles have been written by people aliso
lutely Ignorant of the subject and have
done and are still doing incalculable dam
age to the agricultural interests of ilr
state, as there are many farmers giving
heed to these erroneous teaching." Today
Mr. Cownle showed the refults of his test,
there having been planted fifty- grains
In each of thirteen boxes and fifty stalki
were the result in each case. Mr. Cownls
declares that the ulutcment. of the Stats
college at Ames that of Mx) tests of seed
corn sent in by farmers of the rlale but
67 per cent was acceptable seed Is evidence
that the teaching of the State college Ii
wrong as to the selection of seed. H
then shows his own results of l'XI pel
cent growth and said today that there wat
not the slightest reason why every farinei
should not have a perfect stand of corn
every year If he would follow the propel
methods of selecting' his corn in ttie fall
ind preserving It in a room artificially
heated during the winter.
Stop Your Pain
Without Opium, Morphine, Cocaine, Alcohol
or other habit-forming drugs. Tba Tsrrlbl
l'aint and Soreness of Rheumatism, Sciatica,
Cramps, Lumbago, I.a(rippe, Neuralgic
Headaches, Painful Periods, Laments and
Stiffness are caused Lv Uric Acid Poison
which settle out of the Blood and form
crystals like splintered glass in the parts
WW It thl 'iCt m'nl avpriniblai way ta
W I III Stop Pain and relieve horenesa Is ta
redissolve these irritating crystals and causa
them to be thrown out of the system. Dr.
1'.. C. Scott originated K Ur.i i na tum for
this express purpose.
E-IIsn-l-na-t uri Kinge ry,t&
so they can be excreted without irritating
the Kidneys and Bladder. People who think
will use it because it cures by removing the
cause and leaves no bad after affects. They
will not use habit-forming drugs to deaden
the sensibilities, and leave the poison in the
system to make the case chronic, to require
operations, or to develop enlargements and
other deformities.
A Free Book of 64 pages bv Dr. E. C.
Scott with every bottle, or sent by mail eel
request. Ask your Druggist for E-Hm-in-a-tum.
1 2-0. bottle 1 1 . Accept nothing else.
Klimino Medici Ng Co., Des Moines, la.
For Further Information, call on or writ
Horn ear liars' Informations Huraaa,
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