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It r ward for the IHirorr of n ore or
Preventive of Catarrhal
Penitentiary Sentence Promptly Imposed on
One of Two Captives.
Mr. Hearr llrni' I'.mlnmte of
, I'rleeleaa lalne of neh
a niarotrry.
Tii tun Januaiv "Cupmopolitan" Mr..
Hnry Cli", thf famous financier. Is
looted ait imying that "Tuberculosis and
catarrhal dl!sies are responsible for the.
!"ifrrlng and drnth of a lnrge minority of
thn population 'of this country. M" w"0
could discover a positive cure or irrvn
lion of these two scourscs would confer a
Iwnrflt which would well Ik- worth Ova
hundred riKlione."
Ma Hhlik) Done II."
Ilacklry lu Judge Gallon
F.itrnnation of Ilia
mm yiJM
iif;nv ru:'. "
Thcie Is no question that Mv. (.'lows Is
right. That Tuberculosis and Catarrhal
diseases are responsible for nearly 50 per
rent of the-sickness and sulTerlng and
rarly death of the people "of this country
l well substantiated without resort to
rtatlstlcs. In fact, it would be sale to so
farther and-state that a large majority of
the population of this coutnry is suffering
from some, form of these trrlble scourges.
And that Catarrh Is generally thn fore
runner of Consumption and kindred dis
ease's Is equally well known. ' There Is no
ijuostlon but that proper attention to u
catarrhal attack in Its Im'plrncy would
not only be a sure preventive of Pulmon
ary Tuberculosis, but would r.lso he a sure
preventive of such distressing diseases as
Asthma, Bronchitis. Catarrhal Pcnfnesg
mid many forms of 8toniach, Liver and
Kidney troubles.
There are two kinds of Catarrh. Moist
or hypertrophic nnd dry or atrophic Moist
Catarrh produces a accretion which ex
tends from one organ to another, causing
(hem to become, diseased until the entire
sjstem is affected. Catarrh of the nose
and throat gradually extends to the bron
chial tubes, producing Itronchills and
Asthma; then into . the lungs, causing
acute lung trouble and Consumption and
death. Tho eyes become weak and In
flamed and the eustachian tubes become
closed, causing deafness and head noises.
In dry catarrh there are no secretions.
ThS nose and throat become dry and sciily.
' Some" phys'.cluns maintain that Catarrh
cannot be cured, ' but there is . a positive
cure for Catarrh and preventive of Asthma
nnd Consumption. ' That is the vapor
treatment and elect ro-ntassn go used by
Pr. O. M. Branaman, which penetrates
every cavity of the head, throat, ears,
bronchial tubes hid rUn'if. 'Soothing and
restoring the membranes trr a healthy con
dition, it reaches every sore spot froru
the orifice of the note to the deepest part
of the lungs and to the. innermost re
fssea of the middle ear, Mopping the
progress of tho disease and curing the dis
eased membrane. '
Hut Vr. Hranunian does not ask nor wish
for any such munificent reward. Knowing
that the ravages of these scourges is
especially severe among the poorer people
because of their inabili'y to pay the high
fees charged' by the general practitioner
and the druggists' charges for filling their
prescription, and consequently neglect
themselves, until very often It la too late
to obtain cure. Dr Branaman has gen
erously offered his service and treatment
entirely free of charge to nil who need
treatment' for any form of catarrhal dis
ease, the only exix-nsc to the patient being
for tins medicines required. This gives
everyone, beginning treatment before Marc!)
15th the opportunity to. secure the best treat
ment known to- medical science practically
free of charge. Many will bo cured for 13,
and the most stubborn and complicated
eaKes will not exceed IS for one whole
month. This offer is not made us an ex
periment,: Tills treatment hus cured hun
dreds of rases of catarrh, deafness and
haul noises that had been pronounced in
surable by other specialists.
Free Trial Treat mnt to Ail in oflloe.
had received any help from the outside. He
said the only tool or weapon they had was
a case knife. They bad no revolvers, he
said, and he did not hear any shots tired
after they had escaped. He was the second
one out he said.
Sheriff McDonald took no chances with
him. . lie was see u redly handcuffed and
gjarded by Ieputy Sheriff Hair and Jailer
8tryker on the way to and from the jail
and In the court room was watched by
these two and Sheriff McDonald.
Sheriff McDonuld is anxious to get rid of
him and will take him to the penitentiary
early Wednesday morning. County At-
torney EMabaugh does not know yet when
" ' I he mill be able to try Berry, who is alleged
J.iines J. Buckle) and John Kerry, two I to be an accomplice of Mike Knrlght in a
of the four prisoners who escaped from H,h rimul.n saloon holdun. Enrlaht was
tlie county Jail Thursday night, were ar- acquitted.
rested at Louisville Mjnday and after they sheriff McDonald lias never had much
of I. on v Ularaaea uml Deafness.
For ' satrerul years I have been nick nnd
ut-iimpa arum iuiik uinetiae. iiuti ouo hem
'jriuugts mr. wiiuwity.- i uiwaya nan a
cold. Constantly cougnln and spilling
blood. My. lungn would luttlu unu jaici
me all tno time. Dicuned dump weaioer,
as the pains were so severe It seemed liu
possiblu to bear it a moment longer. Hud
no appetite and nothing taed i.nxl. Ixtst
nn ana oeouiua so weaa tnitt even waik
ing was painiiu. awiui night sweats wure
me otit. I went to Dr. Branaman because
ne nsa resiorea iny iium urutlior hearing
Brother - had leen deaf for thi
ills ears and tue wnole stile ot his head
uum bwcii u i unu ine piiin was something
nun, ouuiu TAivuu inii mi, urain, Ullll
fur If'un uu wuu.u w oiii u Ills lleutl, rav
ing, tnsMng aim screaming wan the terrible
suiirriiig. row nia neuring is restored and
his terrible piiolis of ?fin.'iiiii.' ..
Since treating with lr. Bianaiiian I !:
k I ned flevh and atrcngth. My night sweats
nave entirety uisappearcd. it neems
nuraculoua to feel so well ug.iin. Both my
leoher nnd 1 have to thank Dr. Bianamuii
and bis treatment for our present happiness
and health. W both rccuin mend him and
bis treatment to ail who euncr.
SliS tlKhtn .North Denver.
Mra.'R. I). Ilatchtsiun. iunt . in,
t saya: 'Nl had catarrh and deafness for
year. nois In my head, my kidney,
flum.-tch and lunxs iUiud me. 1 tried many
good doelora without relief. I H dm-i-ouinged.
Dr. t.ranuman i-uretl me In u
abort lime. I am now eu.toylng the besi i.f
. Mra. LUsle llalgea. SI.HJ . i.m,
Kays: "I bad asthma so bad I could not
walk upstairs. I would wbeese. cough and
gasp for breath day and night. loctci.i i
told me asthma could not be cured. Dr.
Branaman cured me I am now free from
all the above symptoms and feel line."
Mr. ti. H. Uarrieoa, He molds. rlt.,
aaya: "l was deaf for 21 years. Specta,;- (
lsls told mc 1 was lncuratle. I treat, ri i
with a dosen. who failed to even benetu ,
me. Dr. Hranamau uured me, by honvi 1
tiralnient. I cau hear splendid." I
air. Wewcll Kraata. ZXJT . mB '
says: I had head nolsea und was getting
i deaf ; was troubled with catarrh of no.'!
and throat; eaia stopped up; could not hour
distinctly. Pr. Branaman cured my ca
tarrh, stopped the head noises and restored
my hoarlng. - I am now erfeety well and J
revoraniend the doetor to all who are deaf."
II infrri 111 mini, i iici r in iiupe lor
llaa Trralnteat KCratira aa Uf
ra TratBt. M rite for Home
Treatment Syra plant Ulaajka mm4 Hook
f VcallMoBkiala. '-j ..'
G. II Branaman. M. D.,
IO rw York Lite Hldg. Uotaka eh.
(ffli-a HMirs a. lit. to S p m : evening, '
VuAiuti . IVMliitidjvt aad BLi I untu vm a ,a
p. a4i eundsya. W tu. to u iu, '
liud made two desperate attempts to escape
from Jai' they ire brought to Omaha in
shackles by Deputy Sheriff Haze and
Jailer Btryker. Buckle), who had been
convicted of holding up an Albright saloon,
was hustled over to Judge Sutton's court
room as soon as they arrived and sen
tenced to fifteen years In the penitentiary
after making a long plen for clemency.
The fact the men were finally delivered
over to the Omaha ollbeis may be at
tributed to good luck or Kior Judgment on
the part of the prisoners. They were first
arretted at Louisville Monday morning for
being drunk, but nftet being held until
early alternooii were released. They were
rearrested after Marshal Johnson had dis
covered they had tried to break out of the
jail and it was after their second arrest
tho Louisville offictnl began to think he
bnd captured big game.
At 1 o'clock Tuesday morning Berry
made an attempt to escape and was
stopped only by 'the bullets from the gun
of .an assistant In the Jail. He requested
Marshal Johnson to let him go to a closet
uml the marhnl let him out of the cell.
Berry watched his chance ami dealt the
marshal a blow on the side of the Jaw
that felled htm to the floor. The marshal
drew his gun. but It caught In his pocket
and threw the cylinder of the frame out.
A young man he had assisting him In the
jail came to his rescue and fired three
shots after Berry, who was making a run
for liberty. One of the shots went wtthln
n few inches' of Berry's head and he sur
rendered. Omaha Officers (,et Word.
The Omaha authorities were notified of
the arrrst about midnight Monday night
and from tho description it was decided the
men were Buckley and Berry and the two
men from here were sent to Louisville on a
freight train.
Tho men were first arrested by Marshal
Johnson. They w re in a saloon and had
been drinking heavily. He locked them up,
but let them go about 3 o'clock. After
they had gone ho found they had almost
suceeded in prying loose the Iron frame of
the Jail window. The two men took a train
for Plattsmouth, but as the train passed
the gravel pit near town they changed their
minds and Jumped off. They went back to
the saloon they were arrested in in the
morning and Johnson nabbed them again.
They were kept all night and then turned
over to the sheriff s assistants and brought
back to Omaha on a Burlington train,
reaching Omaha about 10:30.
Reporters were not allowed to talk to
them, but they made a short statement to
Captain Haie on the way back to the city.
They said after tho escape they went to
Sheely, where they bought some liquor.
They then went to South Omaha, bought
pme ' more liquor, and spent the night
there. At this point In their statements
they stopped talking. It was rumored they
had given a tip as to the-whereabouts of
O'Brien, the only one of the quartet now at
liberty, but this was denied by Captain
Hase. 'At the Jail Berry waa given' his blue
suit .again and Buekley was held In the
office until Judge Sutton was ready for him.
Buckley Denies Guilt.
Attorney Cooper appeured before Judye
button for Buckley and made a motion for
a new trial, which was promptly overruled
by Judge Sutton. When the judge asked
Buckley If he had anything to say why
sentence should not be pronounced upon
him, the prisoner stood up in front of the
Judge's bench and made a long plea. He
denied having anything to do with the
holdup and said the story of Healey, tho
victim, was a "pack of Ilea." While he
was talking he shifted about uneasily,
standing first on one foot and then on an
other, keeping his head down nearly all
the time.
'It was whisky that done It, Judge." he
said at the close of his plea. "I can't keep
from drinking and when I drink I can't
tll what I am doing."
Mr Cooper told the court Buckley be
longed to a good family In the east and
nau a mot tier ana sister living who were
highly respectable people. As Buckley la
bS years old he urged leniency.
"I have made a careful Inquiry as to
your past life," said Judge Sutton in an
nouncing the sentence, "and I have been
informed that you are one of the most
dangerous criminals ever tried In this state.
I may have been misinformed, but I have
been told you have been confined in a num
ber of penitentiaries In different states and
that you hold life of very little value. If
everyone were like you this country would
be a howling wilderness of crime."
Xo Help from Outside.
Judge Sutton asked Buckley ubout the
Jull delivery and the latter denied they
doubt about recapturing Buckley as he is
heavy drinker and seems unablo to leave
liquor alone. His personal appearance is
such he could he picked out of a crowd
by anyone who had seen him. He would
lie taken by an experienced officer as a
criminal at first sight.
The Iioulsvllle marshal stands to get
Ji, ns Sheriff McDonald offered a reward
of Ym for the capture of each fugitive.
County Attorney Slabaugh has b gun
garnishment proceedings against Jumes J.
Buckley for the costs in the criminal case.
Buckley gave $L'0O to Ex-Sheriff Power to
keep for him when he was arrested and
his money has been attached by the
county. The costs of the case amount
to tlsS.
Twice Arrested at Loalevllle.
LOUISVILLE, Neb., March 6 (Special
Telegram.) Two strangers appeared in
own yesterday morning and in a short
time became Intoxicated. They were placed
In jnil by City Marshal Johnson, but about
p. m. the marshal released them with the
understanding that they leave town. They
went a short distance from town, when
hey chnnged their minds and returned.
They were not discovered by the marshal
until after supper, when he again placed
them in Jail and guarded them all night.
About 4 o'clock this morning the sheriff
and the Jailer from Omaha came to town.
having beer, notified last evening by the
marshal, and w?nt to the Jail, where the
prisoners were identified by the Jailer as
John Berry and J. J. Buckley, two of the
prisoners who broke Jail at Omaha a few
days ago. Sheriff McDonald and the jailer
took the prisoners to Omaha on the Bur
lington, which left at. 8:55.
P-L I M-I-N O 7
3 -I I M-l-N PTR
fca-LI M-I-N A-TUM
These remarkslilr irmtdlri are use mil tokened
by tne net people in tliUeliy.
K-l,l!-l-0 nven-ninr, Weakneaa ens te.
vrfulttn wltliuut sliH)bollr or fetrieliniu Miami
tln. K-l Imi-1-uo act b i-leaulng lUe potwonous
te pp'tlm-ta irum the blooa sail taut restores
llie clremauon.
t 111 IA FTM lurr CkroRlr roost I na
tlon without the coDtuiued use iff physic. Tliey
aie dellulit lo all ttaiu smtri4.
K.LIt IDtTI M hioiw rain la the vnrat
wruiiui Moeomallem. neoralala sue ajelat
lea without th use of Opium. MurDulne, Corim.
ur Nerrottea la soy form. K-llio.l-na-toae sett hy
4l,nlvlug the polione that are aetttluc In the JolaU
sua tieaura am' cau, lug pain. Atit uur Pruggtat.
an organisation for the purpose of defeat
ing the proposed meatire against Sunday
base ball. The men will represent the thir
teen laigest cities In the state, being Des
Moines and Sioux City of the Western
league. Cellar Bepld.s, Davenport and Du
buque of the Thiee-I league and nil the
teams of Ibe Iowa league.
Western tasoclatlon rlects I'laees
for i haraplonahlp Contests..
CHiCAtiO. Mnreh fi The western ama
teur goh chnmplonshlp tournament for
I'M; w i-4 awarded to the Olen Kcho Coun
try c!ul of St. Lou), at the annual meeting
here tonight of the Western Oolf associa
tion. The western championship tourna
ment went to the Homewood Country club
of Chicago and th t-am competition for
the .Marshall Kiold trophy to Onwentsta.
The dates for the tournament will lie set
tled by the executive committee t a fu
ture meeting.
Officers for the cunning year were elected
ns follows: President, Fhclpe Hoyt of
ilenvlew; ice president. George 8 Mo
drew or the tllen Kchu Country club. St.
Louis: treasurer. Murray Nelon. Jr.. of
Onwentsla; secretary. Al'b-rt tiates of the
Coluniet Country club. Chicago.
The meeting was one of the largest ever
held in fsilnt of attendance, forty-eight
eluhs lielng represented. Slnee the last an
nual meeting fifteen clubs have Joined the
assoelutlon, the total rriemherahlp now
being eighty-seven. The treasurer s report
si. owed tin- organization to be flourishing
HlKh School Team Beaten.
SClll-YI.KH. Ni It.. March r,.-(Hj c iiil
Telegram.) The Schuyler basket bull team
ileal tint high school team hero liy a score
of 1H to 14. The game was close arid well
contested from lieginuing to end.
IoaaaaaHBr twmm u M aaaaaBia 1 fff aaataaaMBaasaav i
Telegrapher's Improved Performance
Causes Snrprlse at Osklsits.
HOT STRINOS. Ark., March Telg-
ranher wns the surprise and Bullfinch the
disappointment at Oiklawn today. The lm-
roved race ot leiegrapner causou jiok"
Bryan to call Owner W. H. Msllory Into
he stand for an investigation. No Hctlon
was taken today, as one of the principal
witnesses needed could not be located.
Duchess Ollle. Convolo and Bitter Hand
were the winning favorites. W. O. Wil
liams was played by all the wls bettors
and his victory caused the books to bo
hard hit. Jockey Dennison carried off the
honors of the day. Results:
First race, five and a half furlongs:
Duchess Ollle won. Dresden second. Young
Safer third. Time: 1:H.
Second race, six furlongs: Convolo won.
H. L. Frank second, Black Pnt third. Tlm:
Third race, one mile: Telegrapher won.
Kittle Flatt second. King Kllswoith third.
Time: P41S.
Fourth rsce. seven furlongs: Bitter Hand
won. Tomoehlchi second. Vagabond third.
Time: PIS.
Fifth race, five and .1 hnlf furlongs: w.
O. Williams won. Dusky second. Scalplnck
third. Time: pnS.
Sixth race, one and an eighth mile: Do-
Ilnda won. George Vivian second, Aggie
Lwis third. Time: 1:53.
A."v kkam-idcu, Aiaren . Kesuits:
First race, three and a half furlongs:
Silver Line won, Metidnn second, Keba
third. Time: 0:42',,.
8econd race, one mile and a sixteenth:
l.lberto won. Expedient second. Blackthorn
third. Time: 1:S0V.
Third race. Futurity course: Prince Mag
net won. Bear Hunter second, Mncgregor
third. Time: 1:12.
Fourth race, the Favorite handicao. Fu
turity course: Haibert won, Tocolaw sec
ond. Saint George Junior third. Time:
Fifth race, one mile: Lucia won. Wen-
rick second, May Holliday third. Time:
Sixth race. Futurity course: Blumenthal
won. Tarn O Bhanter second. Sad Sam
third. Time: 1:12.
NEW ORLEANS. March 6. (Results at
City park:
First race, three and a half furlonars:
Little Boot won, Irene A second. Black
Flag third. Time: 0:lit5.
Second race, one mile and three-six
teenths: Sis lje won. Benvollo second.
Small Talk third. Time: 2:1.
Third race, one mile and one-sixteenth.
handicap: Snllor Boy won, Tarp second.
Garnish third. Time: P4TH.
Fourth rare, five and a half furlongs:
Prince Brutus won. Robin Hood second,
Astarlta third. Time: 1:US4.
Fifth race, one mile and a sixteenth, sell
ing: Trenola won, Wogclebug second, Gen
clate third. Time: 1:4M-
Sixth race, one mile: Bon Mot won.
Arthur Cummer second, Brushton third.
Time: 1:40V
Seventh race, five and a half furlongs.
selling: Meadow Breeze won. Doctor Mack
second. Oratorlan third. Time: 1:08,
Results at fair grounds:
First race, one-half mile: Judge Dovey
won, Dorothy M second, Gold Circle third.
Time: ft:49j.
Second race, six furlongs, selling: Elec
tric' Spark won, Arabo second, Verandah
third. Time: 1:14V
Third race, six furlongs: Tom Mankins
won. Invincible second. Roue third. Time;
Fourth race, six furlongs, handicap r
Guiding Star won. Disobedient second,
Cousin Kate tlflrd. Time: 1:14.
Fifth race, one mile and a sixteenth:
Pncle Henry won. Lemon Girl second,
Lena J third. Time: l:4iV.
Sixth race, one mile: Rolla won. Request
secona, namiicar imru. lime: 1:4:1.
J.OS ANGKLKS, March . Results at
Ascot :
First race, six fu'longs: Belvolr won.
Conde second. Macumber third. Time:
1 :i::4.
Second race, rive furlongs: Silver Wed
ding won. J'lnlu weron'J, Mazapau third
Time: 1:01.
Third race, one miie and a furlniis-
Needful won. Fie. aia second. Ding Dong II
iniru. I line . J
Fourth mce. one mile, handicap: Kiubar
rassment won. Morita second. Good Luck
mini, -lime: i :..
Fifth race, one mile and a sixteenth
George P. McNeur won, Dewey second
Mis May Bowdlsh third. Time: P47t4.
Bixin race, six ruriougx: Koxliall won.
r.velyn Urimn second. An Lara thud. Time:
pnrllnay Irrevltles.
Jack Chesbro has signed his contract
with the New York Americans. He had a
bad year last season.
The high school basket ball team will go
to Hioux City, Friday for a return game
with the high school team at that place.
Brooklyn has been promised surplus
pitchers by other National League clubs,
provided they are not needed by the clubs
that have the twirlers.
A wrestling bout has been arranged to
take place in the quiet village of Benson,
Friday night. Langton will he opposed by
the pride of the South Omaha stock yards.
None of the members of the New York
American League club will escape sprlu
practice this year. No colleges have en
gaged any of the players to coach their
base bull nines.
The Chicago Cubs left Chicago March
6 for the southern trip and will not include
umuiia on the return trip as in former
years. Much reliance Is placed on Sheckard
and Steinfeldt and it is thought Sehring
may not report.
Manager McGraw, of the New York
Giants, is Ju hi Pint over the showing made
with the stick by Sammy Strang, his
utility player of last season. "out ot
twelc times I sent him to bat the latter
part of a game," said "Mugsy," "he made
good ten times. I guess that conies very
near to .the record for an emergency man.'"
Listen to that yell from the Record
Herald: "Piltfhuig released Pfeistr onco
and that Is no boost." Yes and Pittsburg
let go of Del Howard once, and that is no
boost for Pittsburg's Judgment of a first
class ball player. What's the use bickering
over the possibility of the wisdom of Pitts
burg's releasing Jack, when you have a
couple of reasons of as tine work as any
pitcher ever did In the Western league to
draw conclusions from?
Oh Joy. what good thing is Providence
going to send next? Just to think Western
league fans will not be oppressed with
Mike Cantillon this season as a manager.
That's almost too good to believe. Caruthcrs
last year made the assertion he would not
umpire in a league where such a character
as Cuntillon could be manager. It Is con
soling to think that even If Bobby Is not
going to umpire in this circuit this season,
neither will the other person be a manager.
The Record Herald has this to say con
cerning Jack Pfelstor: "Manager Chance
is pinning his faith to Pitcher Pfelster, the
Western league recruit. He is a "south
paw" and the club management seems to
think there Is no doubt at all that he will
bo as good a pitcher right from the Jump
as Welmer was, who went to Cincinnati
In the trade for Sebring and Steinfeldt.
Certain Western league people say Pfeistcr
has been touted too highly here. His work
with the Omaha team was good, but
nothing wonderful, say those who pretend to
know. Pittsburg released Pfelster once,
which Is no "boost."' . Dodge, Beebe, Knolls
and Mueller, the otner pitchers signed, are
doubtful proposltjoiv. Knolls Is the best
of the lot, but is,au -erratic and unreliable
that his chances ofmaklna; good In the
big league look daffi, '
Like Bursting.
When your head , feel like bursting, Dr.
King's New Life Pills quickly cure the
cause, constipation. 25c. For sale by Sher
man & McConnell Drug Co.
Montana Stockman Dlea.
CHICAGO. March, Frank Kramer, a
stockman from Miles City, Mont., dropped
dead of heart disease here today while in
the wultlng room, of the Grand Central
depot. '
DEEDS filed for record Mareh ft. lo. as
furnished by the j. Fred Kerr company,
bonded abstracters, 1008 New York Life
Van B. Iady and wife to Joseph
Frenxer and wife, lot ft, Isaacs &
Griffen's add and part of Burt street
adjoining on south I '
D. V. Sholes company to Arthur C.
Flua. lot s. block 4. Vassar place J
George W. Jenks, trustee, to William I
H. Kussell, lot 26, diock s. iJaaer
Dlace It
Harry A. Tukey to James A. Howard.
lots iu. Ci, a. 2) ana mj, diock
Mystic trk 1.
Ida Iebovit to Harry A. Tukey.
same It
James Aherne et al to Frank D. Rob-
bins, lots 6, 7 and 8. Muraette court
Katie Ragan to James A. Bingham,
lot 4 hlnck 1. Sixteenth street add.. 30C
Same to same, lot 3, block 1, Sixteenth
street add a""
Marv Olsen to Joseph Kubik and
wife, lot lb, block K Brown park.... S40
A. R. Davla and wife to Karl Llnin-
ger. wf-4 sW-i s-15-13 z.oou
Jacob Slosburg, sr., et al to Mary
Uiikp. n V lot 4, block 19, Omaha,
and other land 7.M0
Christian Sekler to Elizabeth C. Gra
ham, part lots 1 and 2. Buell's sub
div .
Daniel H. Smith to Robert S. Callyer,
sH 1 t it.' block 4, Horbach's 2d add.. 1
Anders M. Anderson to Nellie M. An
trim, purt lot 10, block 16. College
place 5,300
Luther Maupln and wife to Nick
Fenger, lots 1 and t. block 10, Omaha,
View 1
Elizabeth C. Graham to Minnie Shra
der, w 4u feet lot e, block 2, Parker's
add i- MOO
Harry A. Tukey to Edward T. Rouse,
lots 1. in. il. 22. Zi and if, block 9.
Halcyon Heights
W Furnani Smith, trustee, to Wirents
Anderson, Igl 9, block 3, Denises
add .-
Porter Ptckelt to Cora A. Rector, lot
1.1. block 3. Orchard Hill 1
Rebecca. A. Cottle to William Power,
wU fc-lC-10 MOC
Ida I.ebovits to W. F. Pitt, lots 54
and Jo. block 2. Mystic park K
Local Financiers Say The Cannot Afford to
Meet Woodmen'a Oblie&tious.
Matties and Drake Car l'ament ot
Tax on Iteserve Fund tVonhl
He More Than Fair I n -terest
on Deposits.
It was whispered around Tuesday morn
ing thai Sovereign Commander Root of Hie
Woodmen of the World was awaiting in
offer on the part of the Omuha banks,
which hold that organization's reserve fund
as deioslt to pay a share of the taxes which
will be nsi-eesed on the fund in April. It
the blinks would make such an offer. It
was said, the Woodman would agree to do
nothing this spring with regard to moving
the headquarters, but would await the
action of the supreme court. In spite of
Mr Root's statement that he had advance
Information to the effect that the decision
or the court would be adverse to the Wood
men, the fiankers say It is absurd that any
thing could have leaked from the supreme
court commission, and ihut Mr. Root's
Information cannot be reliable.
Mr. Root numliereil among the Induce
ments held out to his order from Port
Worth and DaJlas, Tex., assurances of the
national banks there that no tax would
encumber the reserve fund.
Although the banks will suffer from the
withdrawal of the Woodmen to another
state, it Is likely Mr. Root will be disap
pointed if he expects advances from the
bankers. They agree they cannot afford to
pay the taxes on the reserve this year.
Ranks Cannot See It thai Way.
"If the taxes are to be I75,nni) as Mr.
Root expects." said Luther Iriike. presi
dent of the Merchants National bank, "that
would mean JlI,nno for each one of the
banks which carry the Woodmen's money.
It would be big interest on the deposits.
The banks cannot afford to do It. If the
decision should be adverse, then our money
would be gone and we would have no de
posits. On the other hand, I think the
organization can well afford to await the
final action of the supreme court. The
move to another state would cost money
and the sacrifice on real estate the Wood
men probably would be compelled to make
would cause a loss of more. If the decision
relieves them of taxes they will be glad to
stay, and they will be saved the expense
of moving."
"I do not see that the banks can do
anything for the order," said Gurdon W.
Wattles, vice, president of the Pnited
States National bank. "Together with all
other people cf the city, we will rrgret It
exceedingly if the Woodmen are compelled
to leave, for the organization is a big
tiling for Omaha, Still, I do not see what
we can do; the matter is up to the supreme
C'ominerrial tlab May Art.
President Judson of the Commercial club,
after conferring with some of the bankers
and other business men, said a meeting
might be called Wednesday of men rep
resenting Omaha's commercial Interests,
in a final effort to evolve some plan for
keeping the Woodmen here.
Whatever may be the decision of the
committee Wednesday with regard to mov
ing, it Is known the order has been making
arrangements preparatory to a removal if
it should prove necessary Tho real estate
agents of the Woodmen have been ex
tremely active in looking up prospective
purchasers for property owned by the
order, and they are said to have secured
bids on part of it.
Members of Council.
Some members of the executive council
of the Woodmen of the World, which will
hold a meeting In Omaha Wednesday to
decide upon matters In connection with
the proposed movement of the headquar
ters of the order, are in the city. Those
already present are W. A. Fraser of DaJ
las, Tex.; C. C. Farmer of Mt. Carroll, 111.;
and J. E. Fitzgerald of Kansas City. The
members of the executive council are:
Sovereign Commander Joseph Cullen
Root. Omaha, Neb.; Sovereign Adviser W.
A. Fraser, Dallas, Tex.; Sovereign Clerk
John Thomas Yates, Omaha, Neb.; Sover
eign Banker Morris Shcppard, Tcxarkana,
i'ex. ; Sovereign Escort II. F. Slmrall, Co
lumbus, Miss.; Sovereign Watchman Col
orel B. W. Jewell, Omaha, Neb.; Sover
eign Sentry De E. Bradshaw, Little Rock,
Ark. Sovereign managers N. B. Maxey,
chairman, Muskogee, I. T.; C. C. Fanner.
Mt. Carroll, 111.; C. K. Erwin. Milwaukee,
Wis.; J. E. Fitzgerald, Kansas City, Mo.;
F. W. Lewis. Kineton, N. C; L. Q. Raw
son, Cleveland, O.; T. E. Patterson, Chat
tanooga, Tenn.
"This taxation matter has been In the
hands of the state board, and I understand
Mr. Mortensen has been most active
against us," said Commander Root, Tues
day, "for the last two or three years. The
governor's name appears on the suit, but 1
do not think he has been pushing the mat
ter." When asked what his preference for a
new location was, C. C. Farmer of Mt
Carroll. 111., replied: "Mt. Carroll, of
J. A. Todd of Fort Worth, Tex., Is in the
city to present the arguments in favor ot
that city for the location of the Woodmen
headquarters there. When asked If he
rcprebented the Commercial club of Fort
Worth, he replied he represented the whole
city, the business men and even the chil
dren, all of whom were clamoring for the
"The four national banks of Fort Worth
have offered to guarantee the order against
taxation," sa.ld Mr. Todd, "and I am here
to present the claims of the city for the
headquarters. We of Texas think that be
cause of our 88,000 members In that state
we are entitled to have the headquarters,."
Leave Omaha - 6:00 P. M.
Arrive Chicago 7:30 A. M.
Steamship tickets to all Europ
ao points.
1402 Farnam St., Omaha. Nek.
The Armours won three straight games
from the Stors Blue Ribbons last night.
Sprague rolled on.' of his corking gaJiies
and pulled the packers out of the second
ound with A 2M score. He wa also high
on totals with iLHi. Scores: .
1st. S.I. :M. Tolul.
Neale :'l:l 14 lsl S8
Tonneman 1 htf 51
, Ojerde 1M 1:17 h 517
! Hartley 1!M 158 14i C
I Spiague , Ins 1y.' !t
! Totals
BU'E sua
Kri lather
Forscutt .
Hunter ...
Weber ....
841 K i'.til
Tennis tOafrlra Close.
LONDON. March 6 The entries for the
Dwight K. Davis international lawn tennis
cup closed today with only three chal
lengers. America. Auatralaala and Austria.
The drawing for the preliminary heats to
decide which team will play the British
holders of the trophy is expected to t ka
pla :e tomorrow. ,
Meeting- of Baao Ball Men.
FORT DODGE. la., March . tSprUa!
A i...,im. n t all V. (111, nil IPTI tit ht tkBH
' I hall trams of tb state lisa been called tor
Dee Mylnee Wednesday, MrcU 7, to stall
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It makes the bands white and smooth, and should
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iiiK the skin, or
tlisc-oloriiiB the
nails. Tim Ideal
tleiinser for jmI
islii Bf in e t n I -work,
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klt'hen utensils.
Complies with th
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ft LU Htl tiflcallv prepared that
ttie neutralisation of
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ll and Examlnstlon Office Hours 8 a. m. to I p. m.; Sundays. 1m to 1 only, i ..: i
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ft s
Number 12
It leaves Omaha
It arrives Chicago. . .
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