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Telephone, Douglas 6il.
Row located in th net?
retail center, Howard
' And 81itpei.Hl
AVc are specially equipped with modern fitting rooms; our showing of corsets erinits of
the Adjusting of jnst the proper corset for your individual form. Miss McCauley is trained Vy
the designers ?of ."Redfeni" Corsets in all the details of corset fitting and will see that you are
properly corseted in the "new fashion." Visit this department Thursday.
Gray Is the Tone for Spring in
Dress Goods and Silks.
France. Kngland, 0rnuiny and America
r.gv submitted. eholr gray Muff for
spring, mostly with dull, Indistinct checks
nil inmt with threads of color. The re
sult I soft, artistic coloring thiit will
give dlstftiet' atvle.. tat Suits mudu from
these Mr to 12.50 per yard.
Special Value in Economy Base
ment Dress Goods Depart-.
ment Thursday.
Come surly to the dress goods department
In basement Thursdays ,,Do.jrour other
shopping afterwards. .W will not show
you last season's styles, hut rood, clean,
crisp dress roods nt our Economy Base
ment special Jow prices. I)o not overlook
t he remnant counter. . . . .
, In Our Economy Basement
Cloak Department. .
We are showing soma bargains In waists,
skirts, petticoats, indies' and children's
roils, spring suits, in' silks, ranam and
fancy mixtures, which for prices and values
cannot be equaled In the city,
, Ask to see our newsprint cravenettes
at .. , '
TeIn!I?iIFJo IeLM $81
. Howard and Sixteenth Streets
Pittsbursj Conference Calls a Geneife' Con
vention at Indianapolis March ID.
Indiana and Ohio Men Oppose Any
lacrras While .Illinois and
Pennsylvania Are Badly
1'lTTBBUKti. Feb. tK Before the confer
ence of bituminous coal operators of Penn
sylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois opened
v. today It was generally conceded that the
proposition to grant the miners a 6.55 per
ent advance would meet with opposition
from some of the Independent operators,
who freely expressed themselves as against
grnntlng any. Increase In Wages nt this
The conference opened shortly before,
noon and all -but members- of .the suite
committees were excluded. Those prtment
were: l'cnnsyh'niilii, F. I... Itohblns, John
Jones, rjoi t A. MllgjMjl2f Opto, Ml II.
Wlnil r. II. J.. Chnpmaii, F. M. Osborn, T.
K. t,-.ui .j, . Vnd linn, J.. C Koleeni, A.'. SL
ogh, ... ... '.r'.'ilh, Hugh Shirkle, J.
tJotli . ...... . n!lnoiM, H. M. Taylor, Colo-
ii- 1 . ..... im: ' '' ' -'
T..:- i .i.ti .uilJournd. about 1 o'clock'
ami . n,.V ..ieiiinnt -was made that It
luc . .. Ji-'.;. i-J to Issue a call for a gen
ii:i. . j : KT,. l, held,. In Indiunapolls
or. . ' ; iUich 79.
.'- M -v iii-.'f xiMicd by the Joint commit
tee I- i .. (kv.-tllon of the action taken
"' .-,.-( r -
In I si '.nf request for a conference of
the r u oi-rtainrH of tho States of Ohio,
Ind'anu and western Pensylvanla at In
diana e In on March 14, It is positively
stated by all the operators Joining In this
call that sulci meeting has been called en
tirely in deference to the wishes of the
president of the Colled SUtes and that
no action has been taken or agreement of
any kind has been made by any operator
up to this date regarding a settlement of
i.he existing difficulties. No settlement Is
possible on anv terms until after such
meeting Is held and the Individual views of
all of the operators of tho sild states have
been obtained,., ... , ' . w
Operators Badly Divided.
Neither Chairman F. L. Robblns of tho
Pittsburg Coal company, who presided at
the meeting. ' nor any of the operators
present would say unythtng after the meet
ing or tonight, beyond the statements given
out during the day.- It was learned from
a reliable source, howuver,' that tho meet
ing was most tumultous and thut several
of the operators present expressed them
selves In ImiHissloned speeches. Indiana
and Ohio stood a u body against grunting
tho 5Vt per feats' adrggce, while Illinois
operators and'iPiltsbuig district operators
ware divided. -Th indeptindeht operators
of the Plttsburir dtHtrM-llrnily opposed the
suggestion for the udvance. ' Mr. Robblns
EniBtst Doctors friisi its In.ria......
Ws rotar to thaf boon to weak, i.errou
tnfferliia; women known at lr. l'ier.-'
Kavorlu Frescription.
Ir. John Yjto:v of the F.iiter'gl bi9
f Thb EtxtcTto Mr.DicAi. Rrvicw isyi
of Unteorii root (HeUnila OUric) whirb
Is on of the chief lug-redjrnu of ths "Fa
Torlu Prtiscriptlon" : .,
A remedy which bivarisoly acts as a uter
ine inMfotaur makes for uonnal c
tlrliy of. the entire reproductive tm
Be continues "ui Mekmlas have n.Kit s
aent whW h mora fully afikwere tLs a)ore
purposes Uvfcti any tdittr drwv irOA teAicA f am
eouuwt4d. lu tiia treatment of dlsetses pe
culiar to womfii it is seldom that a esse Is
scan wliU-b does not present sovte ludti-silou
fur this remedial again,' I r. I'yfe further
Bsrs: ."The following are among the leading
Indications for Uelonlas (I'uicorn net). I'a'a
mt aching In the tiack. with leucorrheea;
atonic (eak conditions of the repri'ductlra
vtcsiii of women, mental depressiuu ami tr
rusblllty. associated with chronic diseases e(
the reproductive prgana of women, constant
saussuoo of best lu the region of the kid
neys: nienorrhsgla tfloodingi. due to a weak
ensd coiidltlou of the reproductive ststem; .
amsn-rrtiua (suppressed or absent aiontkly
periods 1, arising from or accompanying sa
aboonnal coudittun of the digestive organs
and ausMute (thin blood) habit; drsacing
sensattuis to a exlsema lower part of be
If mora or lesaot the gbovs STtoptomi
ara present, uo invalid woman tta do
belter than lake Or. P'eroe's favori's
rreacrlpvioii, one of the leading ingredi
ent of which Is Unionrn root,orlieitnias,
nd the niadlcal properties of which it
most faithfully represents.
Of Golden .eal met, suother prnmineul
Ingredient of favorite Prescription,
Prof, riniey EIllngwooA, M. I)., of ben
Bett Medical Collaea, Chicago, sajt:
" It Is an Important remedy la disorders of
the womb. In all caiarrbal oondluona
gad gstieral ofeebiemenU it is useful."
Prof. John M. ficudder, M. D , lite of
Cincinnati, nays of Golden 8eal mt :
la ralatiuo to Its gwnersj effects oa the
srswm, aw a we madUn um etaait wAva
VMrs it imrh aenerol anansstgy u'eptnimt. It
is wnfeersuJig regarded as tk4 toale useful la
aU dabaitatad slates.
Prof. Barthotow, it. IX, f, Jefferson
Vedteal Oillege, says of tiuldeu Seal :
Valaabes lu uterine hetoorrbag. aienor
thagla (flooding) and eoogottve dysfaenor
Mnaa ijtsiuful MaevueUoal."
Dr. Pierce's Favrlte Preecrlptlo:. faitt
fully reprwseiiu ai) the above c aired il
EradteaU aod cure thedlsssisa for whirs
is art recvm metaled.
We Announce
A sjhn'ihI engagemi'iit or the export corset i ere, Miss Adelaide
McCauley, who rill give free fittings of the eelehrnted "Ketlfern"
Corsets, beginning Thursday, March first, for a short period.
Our Cloak Department Is the
Fashion Center bf Omaha.
For pretty suite, for dainty waists, for
stylish coats and handsome skirts, Indies
will find our clonk department the expo
nent of till that Hs bcuutiful and new. Do
not buy a .ready-to-wear garment until you
see hut wc arc showing.
Foreign Wash Goods.
This grenl wash goods department t the
main floor Is "en fete" with newest Impor
tations from the foremost Europeun weaves
und designers. Our increased selling space
of these goods gives us more room to main
tain every new and correct fabric and color.
A visit to this section and you will know
just what Dame Fashion will give her
stamp of approval to for spring wear.
Embroidered French Linen Suiting, 48 In.
wide. $1.75 and t-'.Oi) per yard.
English Eyelet Embroidered Linen Suit
ing. 39 in. wide, fl.on, $1.50 and $1.75 per yard.
Embroidered Handkerchief Linen Walst
Ings, W In., $1.50, $1.75. $2.25. $2.50 and $U."0
per yard.
Embroidered French ' Mull 48 in. wide,
$1.26 and $1.50 per yard; SO In. wide, 75c, b5c
and $1.00 per yard.
Embroidered Voiles. . In', wide. $J,.2j per
French I'biue 3ti In. wide, 85c per yard;
took occasion to deny In an emphatic
manner thut he had any understanding
with President John Mitchell of the t'nlted
Mine Workers to restore the scule of two
years ago. H. N. Taylor, the Illinois oper
ator, who Is said to havo been it party to
the alleged understanding, refused after
tho conference to discuss tha matter.
O. ly. Garrison, former president of Ihc
Illinois operators, led the Illinois contingent
In the light against any concessions being
nuide, and J. C. Kolsem, president of the
Indiana operators, led his contingent along
the same lines. President John II. Winder
of the Sunday Creek company of Columbus,
which is the largest producer In Ohio and
holds n huge operating interest In West
Virginia, hotly contcsti-d tho suggestion of
any advuncn being made.
Mr. Winder Is recognized as the head of
the J. Plerpont Morgan interests In "the
bituminous coul trade.- It. F. Jlush, gen
eral manager of the Consolidated Coal
company, of Illinois and utwochttcd - with
the Gould Interests In the southwest, also
opposed the .granting of the advaitcc.
Lnlon Miners Discharged,
JK ANNETTE. Pa.,. VI. 28.-Thlrty.flve
miners were discharged toduy from the
Westmorland Coal . company of Pennsyl
vania. The action Is said to be due to the
wen having jrnid a miners' union about
"thirty days' ago. Other trouble Is brewing
and,, u gencriil. strike . redloacd, fur K-
mdlTQW... Y :-( y - 5- Vrw
Foil Time fur NhamoUIn IMiicm.
' 8HAMOKIN, Pa., Feb. ' 2S.-AI i... col
lleiles controlled by the, i'ejni'yL.;.uii. i.ll
roufl compuny nptii-ea. were posted tiskiy
annoiinclng thut heix-atter. utitil furt-l.i'r or
ders, all collieries would be worked, full
time ph Saturdays. Heretofore .the ii)Jnes
closed at noon Saturdays. Many of , the
workmen threaten to go on strike If .the
order is enforced. .
Close of Winter Season Hhoni alight
Decrease as Compared with
Last Vasir.
CINCINNATI. O., Feb. LS.-(Speclal Tele
grain.) Price Current says: There has been
a fair moveaient of hogs Into market chan
nels the last week for this time of the
year. Total western packing was t&VOOO
head, compared with. 356.O00 head the pre
ceding week and 580,000 head last year. .The
period of four months' designated 'as the
winter packing season la now brought" to a
close and the running comparison of pack
ing operations indicate n total of lO.Stio.Cttf)
head, but it la not unlikely thut llnul re
turns may change the result so as to bring
the total up to the record of a year ago,
which was lC,45tf,0rj0 head. Prominent places
compare as follows;
- - - lfiOil-rt
Chicago J,.i'
Kuiihim City i .'..,'.. I.liS.iKiu
South Onmha TTO.imi
St. Louis (Mfi.eo-l
j St. Joseph -. T.i
I InibanaiMiliK Wl.eHi
Milwaukee , 4.i
Clncinniill ,' :V.5.('u
Otlumwa " n
Cedar Rapids ii.m
Hlotix City- , ),ii
St. Paul ,,, , 3o.uo
Cleveland .: ;T4.J
2, SI 2. (Iik)
.'bi il i
;B4. i
Sll ,.n
Jlli.fH I
.. eo.iii
-. SSt.OlSI
Third Heel Ion of Dlualey Act uw
(Itvrrai Importations lo
Called States.
WASHINGTON. Feb. Is. ITesideru
Iti.oHevelt today issued a proclamation Im
posing ww raies or uuiica provuiea uy
section 3 o( tlic plngluy art upon lni
ports from Germany in return for Ger
many's concession of minimum tariff rates
up rnited Slates products.
A. Hrundnge. ' i
TECCMSEH. Neb., Feb. 2. ispucial Tel
egram.) A. Br und age died at his home in
this city at T:'JU o'clock this evening after
an illness of long duration He was a na
tive of Orange, N. J., and waa born August
t, l&lu. He waa a hut maker by trade ar.d
served an apprenticeship at the I line John
B. Stetson did and woiked for that gentle
man In after years. Mr. Bundago came to
Tcvumsch twenty-wevep years ago and here
he had since resided. His wile and five
children survive him. -tha children being
Mrs. . Belle Conrad Of New Jersey, Mrs.
Demon Swan. P. A. Hruudage and T. L.
Bundage of Tecumseb and Charles 8. Brun
dage of Washington. D. C. The deceased
was a good ritlsen and had many friends.
Funeral arrangements not yet made. '
John a. t'mme.
URAKD ISLAND. Neh.. Feb. Jg.-(Sne-riul.)
John 8. Crume died at ithe Soldiers'
Home here yesterday at the age of 79
years. He served in the civil war as a
member of the Seoond Nebraska Vavalry,
Company C. and was admitted from
Omaha in Jxxl. Interment mat tu the Sol
diers' Home cemetery.
LOGAN. Ia.. Fob. JR. (Special ) Robert
Harvey has bought out his partner in the
Flliolt a: Harvey drug store at Fifth gud
Erie streets ia Missouri Valley, and ;u
1W, Fell. US. 11XK5.
32 in. wide. 5'K T."c. Cc and $1.W per srd.
Panama While Suiting. '3 in. wide, U',c
per yard.
White Mercerised Suiting-: in. wide, 25c.
c and ,S5c per yard; 32 in. wide, 35c and
50c per yard.
White Embroidered Swiss 2S in. wide. i.".c
per yard: 30 In. wide, Sic, 35c and 45c per
yard: 32 In. wide, 3.V. 45c, 3c. 75c. 85c and
$1.00 per yard.
Wash Materials.
All Indications point to an early spring
and it is time to think of spring and sum
mer fabrics. Many people have done so
and are nil through buying their summer
dresses. They are wise. They get the
choice styles which you will admire so
much, but cannot get Inter on.
Jacquard Silk. . and 'c a yard.
Itunsul Silk. 5:c a yard.
Plaid Silk Chiffon, 6Cc a yard.
Silk. Spot Eolllenne, 60e a yard.
Shadow Silk Check, 25c a yard.
Chameleon Silk, 25c a yard.
Sole Juponalse. 50c a yard.
Opaline Silk. 40c a yard..
Silk Chiffon Checks. 30c and 40c a yard.
Wash Chiffons. 2.V. 30e. 40c and 45c a yard.
Corded Silk Chiffon. 25c a yard.
Mercerised Checked Mull. 20c a yard.
Quadillle Silk Organdie. 30c a yard.
Printed Silk Organdies, 25c, 30c, 4c. 50c
and fine a yard.
editinue the business. S. S. ICIIiott re
tires und will be secretary of the Huiie
Haus Drug company In Council BlufTo.
O. K. Kvnns of Logan has purchased tl'
lively buHiness of the Itoundy-Bennett
ccmpuny at Woodbine, who operated two
livery stables at that place.
Foil nd llend In His Home.
WEH8TKR CITV, In., Feb. -JX. (Special
Telegram.) Clinton Wyckoff, one of tho
most prominent' citixens of the city, was
found dead tills afternoon In his home.
Qrlef over the death of his wife six weeks
ago brought on an aggravated attack of
heart disease. Neighbors failing to see
him ubnut Investigated and found the body.
It lay stretched upon a rug In front of the
lire grate, where he had lay down to rend
lust night.
Tramp Killed by Cars.
FORT DODGE, lit.. Feb. 2S. (Hpeclul.)
The mangled corpse of a man was foun l
at T o'clock this morning. lying across
the track In the Illinois Central yards her-
His name has been learned to be Martin
Murphy. He la suposed to have been :
tramp, who wandered lulu the yards in
a drunken condition and wus struck by
an Incoming passenger train;
Swnrtny ttphnol tnmtltute Itate.
I.O(l,N. Ja . Feb, .i8.rr(SH-tiuUi-Th
: Uni i ison' ' County Sunday School, nsHocla-t
tion has decided to hold a Sunday school
ipsdtute this year Instead of u convention.
This will be held at Logan on Monday,
Match 1-'. Prof. V. R. Vanning, field
secretary of the teachers' training de
partment of the Iowa Sunday School ass9-
ciutlon will be in charge.
Inlernrltan Franchise Defeated. ,
WINTER8FT. Ia.. Feb. SS. (Special.)
The most exciting election in years was
held yesterday on the proposition to grant
E. A. Park and his associates an exclusive
franchise for his proposed, interuiban mil
way. Practically every vote In town was
polled at the election und the franchise was
tie ."ea ted.
tireat Northern Takes Possession.
SIOUX CITV, la., Feb. 28.-(8lecial Tl.
gram.) H. 8. Josselyn. general manager of
the I'nlon Terminal railway, has arrived In
Sioux City to turn the company's proper
ties over to the Great Northern road to
morrow. Worth Knowing
thst Allcock's are the original and genuln
porous plasters: all others are Imitations.
Tralnlusr Track at Mct'ook.
M COOK, Neb.. Feb. 2H -(Speclul.)-The
McCook Driving Park association has or
l led with the following nflleers and board
or directcrs: A. Kurnett, president; W R
Sturr. vice president; C K Gruv, seere
r.Y,': K' f treasurer; J. ri. Kelley,
illlum Iwis, R J. Ounn and 8. D. Mc
Ciain. directors. W. V. Jolinson is superin
tendent of trui k und t it. Giac is Huperin
tenilellt of lullillllKX. Over tl. huye been
subserliied and almost all of ibis sum was
paid lino Hie tressiiry hi the organizing
meet Inn. The buildings and track are now
licing built, and the association will be in
ehaie lu the early spring for those who
wish to train on the new track, and for
tile races of the seison in due time, it
will be the Iwst track In soul li western Ne
braska and will attract horsemen from all
all over this section of Nebraska und Iroiu
eastern Colorado, together willi noitli
wesifiin Kansas.
I'eru teta Decision.
YRK. Neb.. Feb. 2. (Special. I-The girls
basket ball team of the York High school
was defeuted by the girls of tin- Peru Nor.
mul In their gymnasium, according to the
referee's derision, which was heartily
opiMiM'd by the spectators. The score was
il to 18. Line tip:
Peru. Position. York.
Williams forward Myers
Adams forward ('oonoliy
McDowell center ............ .Baedeker
Marshall (C.) guard C. Hall
Hoadley guard Bchiitt-liel
f -mm rrM m
W. F. Gurlej, W. H. Eeynoldg and 0. H
Cornell Present Their Areumentg,
t waeh ( ha nee for Ireaeral Hill, hnt
Some Hopes for Ost Which W ill
He Aanllrahle to Ijinds
In ehraska.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. Feb. iH. (Special Tele
gram.) The committee on public lands of
the house today gave consideration to the
four land leasing hills now before thst
committee. In behalf of er general land
leasing bill without regard to any psrtlcu
lar measure. William F. Gurley and W. II.
Reynolds addressed the committee. V. II.
Cornell of. Valentine also addressed the
committee In behalf of -his bill Introduced
by Judge Klnkaid on request, but the 'time
occupied by Gurley and ReynoMa In the
general presentation of the needs of a land
leasing bill for Nebraska occupied so much
of the committee's time that a special meet
ing of the committee waa arranged for Fri
day morning, when - Mr. - Cornell will be
heard In behalf of his measure. ,
Messrs. Gurley and Reynolds, In their ad
dresses to the- committee, stated they Wefe
present in the interest of the smaller cat
tle men, who demand relief In the: passage
of some leasing bllf. ' They' suggested that
if the Lacey bill be adopted as the commit
tee bill it should be amended to provide that
In addition to allowing: homesteaders to
lease 640 acres of land, or .whatever amount
Is given him In addition to a- homestead,
that the lessee bf echdol lands should lie al
lowed the siuiie. privilege.,
A further suggestion -Was made that trie
Lacey bill be modified sq as to allow larger
tracts of land to be leased by the home
steader than is provided In the bill of the
chairman of the committee, namely,' 3,2u0
acres. Mr. Ourly' bore down particularly
on this feature of the La Cry bill, believing
larger tracts should lie permitted to be
taken up than contemplated In that meas
ure. May He Hill for Nebraska.
From talks, had with tho delegation which
Is here representing the Stock Growers'
association of Nebraska, it Is learned that
there Is a decided sentiment in the public
lands committee for a land leasing measure,
but that the sentiment of the majority of
the committee is In favor of a bill lu the
Interest of Nebraska .alone and It is quite
possible that some sftch measure may be
reported out of the committee.
In addition- to the Nebraska delegation
Interested In presenting the views of the
cattle men to the committee, there were
present Congressnren . McCarthy. Klnkaid
and Hlnshaw.
Appeal for Pettier on Indian linds.
Judge Allied Haslett of Beatrice, Neb.,
attorney for some hundred cltlsens of that
stole who settled upon lands In the late
reservation of the Otoo Indians, was given
a hearing today before the Public Lands
committee of the ' house. ' These settlers
seek relief through a rebate of 25 per cent
from the government, iveauso they allege
they paid exorbitant, prices for their lands.
Judge Iluilett wa,accprded t href -quarters
of an hour ( whicl to state his
clients' side of iW cbs-mml he made the
most of It. The. .entire membership of the
committee was present and listened with
much attention. A further' hearing on' the
bill will occur nc,xt JTrirlay. .
Postal ! Matters. -" ' '
Rural route N6. rhai been ordered
established April "li t Fairfield, Clay
county. Neb., -Heh-fnKCT? people'amf eighty
one houses. iffr oii'-K "'
Rninl carriers .arprteynt'eit for- Iowa routes;
......... xt..' f wiiit.. n fin
J)il net ,- lUUilT a-vu. winmii ij. .niiier,
carrier; Charles DO Forsyth;. substitute.
Mltchellvllle. ' route '""'No. S, .Willhiin E.
Palmer, currier; Charges II. i'lillllps, sub
stitute. re " - - i
R. S. Wharton of Omaha Is In Washing
ton on business before the supreme f ourt.
Pensions for" Nehrnsknns.
Congressman Hlnshaw has secin'Od the
following pensions? ' 6 rah M. Archkl't,
David City, IS from June M. It 6. .and f'J
additlonaj for esrh of four minor children;
Kate M. Shedd, Ashland, 'widow of the late
Lieutenant Governor Shedd, '18 from Octo
ber, liioS, and accrued pension.
Iowa Midshipman Itealans.
Mldsl.ipmuii John ,11. frfiflund of Iowa,
and Karl W. Chaffee of Michigan, two of
the three midshipmen dlsm.ied from tha
naval academy for Juiilng and reinstated
by special act of congress lust year, hatu
tendered their resignations1 from the ser
vice.' That of Lolluud has been accepted
and tho otliur Is awaiting action by Sec
retary HonapurU".
Timber and atone Act to May.
The house committee on public lands
voted today to lay on the table the bill for
the repeal of the timber and the stone act.
I.lenteunnt Klrkmaa Convicted.
The record of the, court martini in the
rase of First Lieutenant Hugh Kirkman,
Eighth cavalry, triod In tho Philippines on
c harges of forgery and tlnanclal Irregulari
ties, bus been received at the War depart
ment from Manila. ni indication that the
couit has found the defendant guilty and
recommended dismissal. The case will be
submitted to' the president for iinul action.
Changes In .Compensation Dae to
Headjastmeat of Hoates.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 2S. A statement
has Iwen furnished the Associated Press
for transmission which says:
In the matter of rwiil curriers'- pay it
can le authoritatively slated that there Is
no disposition on thy-part of the Poetofflee
ilernutuient to cut i-xieting raterf Oil the
contrary, the iletiai i ineiu has strongly
riconiirieiideil the advisability of congres
sional i-onHide'-ation of the subject, looking
to more udeoualc inmpenaution.
In- the recent readjustnienu -to complete
county service the uuuilier of re
duced in "mileage havi exceeded the numls-r
incteaseil These eonditions huve resultod
In lowering the average puy of the carriers
t'litll the service Is completed throughout
the oouniry the average of curriers' sala
ries, Itasejl oa I he prusent legal allowances,
will naturally flnctiiHte from time to time
ns route are increased or decreased in
t'nder' the so-called "ne-" rural policy
of the. denartment out of a totul of 34. test
routes installed up to February 1 but
seventy-seven had buen discontinued. These
discontinuances were mostly due to rei
adjustmeius In order-to complete service
in counties. In the case o Kansas, for
Instance, ten routes were saved by a careful
readjustment of service, which In no way
discommoded the patrons.
The subcommittee of the house commit
tee on poetofncee and post roads, which
his been considering appropriations for the
Postofflce department, practically com
pitted a bill today fixing the appropriation
for the department at about l!4.(iuo,uou, or
llO.tA'.i-ni more than the last appropriation.
The bill provides for some sweeping
changes lit the department's methods and
contains a provision tu prevent the ship
ment of anything but actual mail matter
through the malls by the government.
The appropriation in the bill for rural
free delivery is about t28.9O.000, an Increase
of fVMi,. over that of last year.
osalaalloas or President.
i WASHINGTON, Feb. 2s.-Tbe following
nominations have been sent to the senate:
Attorney for the District of Montaua, Cart
postmasters: Arisona J. H. MeCllntock,
Phouidx. California W. R. RatlilT. Tulare.
t Kansas Lv I. Hr. fWeatraoreWnri: C. O.
' Klnne, Alma; B. A.' Rasenqurst, Osage City;
lU. f. iHuiuell. Wavtily. Miouii-J. W.
rnlth. Thaver. Nebraska W. K. Morgan.
Oreeler. liklahoma W. T Utile, Perry.
Wyoming W. F. RHttan. Sheridan.
cromwellTnd morgan spar
Wltneaa Hefore Senate Committee
Fills Hack en Rlahts as
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. Senator Mor
gan resumed his Investigation of W. N.
Cromwell today. The Inquiry was In rela
tion to the plun of the Amcrlcunisatlon of
the Panama canal.
Question after question were asked by
Mr. Morgan and the witness refused t
"The case of lockjaw seems lo be get
ting worse," Mr. Morgan said. "It Is the
most remarkable case I ever encountered."
Again declining to answer any questions
on the subject, the witness was told by Mr.
Morgan that he was not shutting out any
"Then why are you asking these ques
tions?" asked Senator Klttrege.
"I want to see If the witness can tell
the truth on any point." snld Mr. Morgan.
"Furthermore, if any senator cares to in
terrupt he should address the chair. I dd
not choose to be Interrupted in this way."
Continuing his Inquiry, Mr. Morgan asked:
"Did you assist Senators Manna and Klt
trege Id making the minority report from
this committee?" (The report referred to
was agnlnst the Nicaragua route and In
favor of the Panama route.)
"I decline to answer," said the witness.
Senator Taliaferro took up the examina
tion, and the witness said what Informa
tion he might have furnished was given as
counsel for the Panumu Canal company.
The succeeding questions were based on
the assumption that the witness hud ad
mitted that he had assisted the committee,
but Mr. Cromwell promptly Interposed that
he had made no stch admission.
Again Declines to Answer.
"I ask you again, did you glv them In
formation?" asked Mr. Morgan.
"I make the same reply," said the wit
ness. "What was that reply?" asked Mr. Mor
gan. '
, "That my actions were In the course of
iny professional duties and of a confiden
tial character," replied the witness.
Mr. Taliaferro asked the witness con
cerning the monetary agreement entered
Into between the secretary of war and the
republic of Panama, particularly the part
he played In the transactions.
"Is this not covered by your profes
sional reticence?" asked Mr. Morgan.
"No, sir," said the witness, "und 1 hope
I may say this filially."
"No, we will return to It again if I sec
fit," said Mr. Morgan.
"Very well, you seem to enjoy It, and It
Is the first vacation I have had In a lung
time." replied the witness, with Ill-concealed
Mr. Cromwell then explained In detail
the coinage system on tho isthmus, mid
for the. tlrst time since, he went on the
stand was permitted to proceed without
Interruption. In the meantime Mr. Morgan
was studying the records.
As to Monetary Agreement.
Mr. Cromwell said his activity In tills
mdnetary agreement was by reason of an
invitation from the secretary of war who
knew of his familiarity with an agree
ment the Panama Canal company had hud
with the republic of Colombia.
The witness declined to answer any hy
pothetical questions concerning Ills rela
tions with the railroad company prior to
the transfer of the road to the United
Mr. Morgan insisted upon a ruling as to
whether Hie witness should be compelled
to answer,-
, Mr.. Kitlredge demanded a roll call, the
setiiitorrrrrtlhgins. their nahies were Called.
Those who voted against the witness being
compelled to. answer any questions not
speclcully stated, . were: Klttredge, Dry
den. Ankeney and Millard. The vote to
support Mr. Morgan's position were:- Mor
gan and Taliaferro. Mr. Morgan told the
witness to resume and treated the subject
as if he had expected to be overruled. Mr.
Cromwell continued the discussion of the
monetary matter and great interest was
manifested In the subject after ho said he
had drawn the monetary' agreement.
Adjourns 1 ntll Tomorrow.
The monetary agreement, said Mr. Crom
well, was made for the benefit of the
Panama railroad and the Isthmian Canal
commission and the Interest of the Re
public of Panama was only nominal.
Senator Simmons asked Mr. Cromwell If
It lie true that he had received no salary
from the Republic of Panama, what had
Induced hlni- to servo the republlu as fiscal
"Recausc of my broad Instinct of. good
nature, which has prompted me to do so
much for this cause, and for the further
reason that I have more money than I
know what to do with, unfortunately," said
Mr. Cromwell.
At 12 o'clock Mr. Morgan asked fur an
adjournment until i p. m., but he was
overruled. He then went to the senate
chamber and other memlx-rs of tho com
mittee resumed the Inquiry concerning the
monetary arrangement.
At 12:60 o'clock the committee adjourned
until 10:3u o'clock tomorrow morning, when
Mr. Morgan will again examine Mr. Crom
strict Party Vote Sends Dormnent to
Senate from Foreign Bela.
tlons Committee.
WASHINGTON. Feb. i. The senate
committee on foreign relations today by a
party vote agreed to report favorably the
Santo Domingo treaty. A number of
amendments was made to the treaty iie
foro it was reported.
Two sections were added to the treaty
intended to more definitely protect the
1'nlted States in all monetary dealings with
the creditors of the Dominican republic.
They made it plain that the 1'nlted States
shall not be liable for any claims agclnsl
Santo Domingo or any awurd which re
sults from the adjudication of any claims.
The other amendments were verbal und
do not materially change the treaty.
Article vil was entirely rewritten end as
reported as materially shortened. It reads
as follows:
The rnitecf Btates, while this treaty Is le
Ing executed, may take such steps as it may
deem proper to preserve order und facilitate
Ike accomplishment of the purposes thereof.
The other amendments were verbal and
do not materially change the treaty.
The Santo Domingo treaty, which has
been so thoroughly discussed for more than
a year, provides for the adjustment of the
claims against the republic of Santo Do
mingo under the supervision of the 1'nlted
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States; the 1'nlted States tu take charge of
the Dominican customs house, collect the
revenues, pay 45 per cent to the Dominican
government and withhold Jo per cent; the
latter to I" used to liquidate claims against
Santo Domingo. The 1'nlted States Is auth
orised to preserve order him! Increase the
efficiency of the civil administration of the
ftenate Confirms oiulnallons.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 2S.-The senate In
executive session today continued the fol
lowing nominations:
Harry L. Paddock, California, consul at
Amoy, China.
Postmasters Kansas: Dunlel Stnugli.
Sedan; J. R. Kennedy, Troy. Missouri: G.
L. Miller. King City; Thomas Curry, Ore
gon. '"lriHktt : ( Robinson, Falt-mount.
South Dakota: .1.(1. hopes (i otou. Dull:
A. i.. i ..oinus, Salt Lake City.
Dates for Iowa Comiilnliits.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 18.-The Interstate
Comnierctv Commission has usslgned the
following Ouses for hcurlim: George D.
Henry, against the Chicago. Hock Island &
Pacillc Railway company at Davenport, la.,
March 14, and OhPinan & Effron against the
Chicago, Rock Island Pacific Hallway
company et ul, at Davenport, la., March 11.
Admiral Retire. fc
WASHINGTON. Feb. 2S.-Rear Adtniml
Colby M. Chester was placed on the re
tired list toduy. He will be retained oi
temporary active duty In the bureau of
navigation. Admiral Chester will be suc
ceeded In charge of the naval observatory
by Rear Admiral Asa Walker. The retire
ment of Admiral French K. Chadwick also
occured today.
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Henson Meeting.
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o'clock. Mr. K. A. Benson and others will
speak on loc al Issues. Everybialy come.
ften Stops Life Line, ;
CAPE HENlfY. Vn.. Feb. 2S -The jiaino
of the' schooner a shorn here is George M.
Giant of West Haven, lumber laden. At
tempts this morning to shoot a line to
tho vessel were unsuccessful. The sea la
too high for surf boats. The life savers
huve asked that a revenue -cuttvr come nut
and send a bout to the schooner from wind
ward. . .
Jeffries lion to the 'Frisco.-
KVAN8VILLE. Inch, Feb. 2R.-Frank P.
Jeffries, general manager of the Kvansvll:e
It Terre Haute railroad, resigned today -to
become geireral purchasing agent of tie
'Frisco system.
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t , I
The big metropolitan Journals of. Jan
uary T contain the following suctnte .
Press dispatch : , . - ......
Miss Idn Fuller Proves Urest Favorite
nt Florenee.- Italy " '
FLORENCE, Jan. 7. Miss Ida- FuW. '
the young Amerleuii serpentine. - luivct, t
Is drswliig huge crowds nightly to the
National theater. She Is u great favorite .'
Willi American resident:
"Miss Fuller Is pretty Well 'ktlOVu in .
Nevada. It Is remeipliefed that She oatiVe
here in a baggage ear, on n- etretfhrr"
in an utterly helpless, and whet' seemed
to Ik- a Iiii'mIm physical condition, und
arter haying tried every' other' mi'nns
lor relief, she was completely restored Id
health in n remarkahlv short time by Prof.
S. A. Weltiner. Alter her cure was effected '
she stayed In N vnrts . for sonic mouths
and maile many mends here.
"Wilting to Prof. Weltmer frCPi Naples,
Italy, Seplemlwr 21st. It.- Miss - Fuller,
said: 'I have lieoti very well and also very
successful since hiM I saw you and I
attribute my health and a gt-ent degree of
my success to the strength and knowledge
I gained while under your treatment. 1
started out into the world again, with a
greater degree of . self-nsHuronce and a '
better knowledge of how' to prvserve my c
health." . .
Prof. 8. A. Weltiner Is President of.
Wcltnicr Institute, Nevada. Mo. He will
send you his Journal FREE, upon request.
18 S3
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