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( old Wave Predic'.ioD tod Crsp Com
plaints Ccuc.'
urn anf Oat Show t a.aal Strength
for aatanlar Material titrnte
la Whil VLIbl eplr
Kiperted Moaila.
OMAHA, Feb. S. l!i.
i .1 . ......
! r wrainer tonight and tomorrow
riiftnt. complaint from Kanran and Ne
ntacka reppertin; the, winter wh'at crop
und the proppertp of a material decrease
In the visible rnpply for the wfck gave
th. wheat market a tront tone and dis-
oncrtd horta. MinnapoiiK markPt was
fully aa Ptrons aa the Chicago market and
an over-aold condition la prfiiim-d to exist
there. The bullish features In the domeettc
rltuutlon ofr?-t tho larae Auwtralian Bhin-int-nts
and raxler continental cables. Senti
ment underwent cnnalderable chanire. Flour
tor ka the tlret or the month were 5",nn0 ,
barrels ks than for the correcpondlnK I
ptwii a, )ar ago ana about the same
on the flrat of January. Clearances
were quite liberal at half a million.
f'orn waa firm throughout the aepion
with a continuation of purchases of May
xlnnt aalea of July, the May tw-llmif
1-Kc higher. The utrerajth. In provisions
and punhaees by packing Interests had
something to do with the strength In Corn.
It Is quite possible that the visible supply
will show 'meidrrable decrease on Monday.
Oats were very firm, advancing moder
ately on a light trade. The strength else
wh. r on. the floor had considerable Influ
nce In inducing short .to cover. Tliere
Wiis little of interest In the news.
May wheat i-lopwd at 8Vifto4c. July at
MsfcM'ic, and Scpumaer ai 83.4iijM-',c.
My corn olosed at 44Tc. July ut 449
44-r-, and September at 45Vj46i.4c.
May oats closed at 30aifti;c; July at
-".': . uuii September at 2&c.
I.ivei closed uncnanged on both
w.v-nt and corn.
h No. I northern, sold at Minneapolis
l'Jay .it "tiilo under Mnv, and No. 2
in ! II .-it under May.
Hrin'.PI i-eet's cleaninces show the Pacific
aet ehipiK-d ;;UMi bushels wheat and
.n. M limri'l Hour; the Atlantic coast
1.117,' bushels wheat and SiOfiO barrels
flMir.-. Tin- Henboard reported export sales
Msterday of rt.-mo bushels corn and 100,'jOO
bushf'ls oats.
A l.n-ge Clik-ago grain deiVr who has
been traveling In Iowa and Nebraska pre-ll-ts
a larger corn movement In those
Mutes f roads Improve.
World s shipments for Monday are esti
mated by Hrooml.all at ll.LfnuiuO bushels.
Hgnlnst lO.ljn.mjn bushels last week and
M.'ttiom bushels a year ago.
Australian wh at shipments were J,272,fi0
bushels, against .7(M. bushels last week
and fttiSi OfMI hnuKelM liiat
Petri -of St. Ixiuis says reports of dam
age to the crop do not come from one
point or to one Arm, but are getting gen
eral. A Chicago trader says: "The east prob
ably will be In the market for oats again
soon, particularly If the market here holdp
firm. Trie recent sudden increase In the
supply of cars east piled up a lot of oats
at Junction points through that section.
These hiive now disappeared, but new
buying has been checked by the weakness
shown In the' western markets.
Omaha lash Prlee.
WHF.AT No. 2 lmrd. "H-STKc: No. 3
bard. T.iTfic; No 4 hard. rVxijjTSV: No. 2
sprlnK. 7i''i;G4c; No. 3 spring. 72(T741je.
CORN-No. !. 37-(i:I7sc; No. 3 yellow, 374c;
No. 7, white, JIV, .
OATS No. : nvxed. iKrUSi.c; No. 3 white,
LTir; No. t while. 2S(fi2Mic.
. ItYK No. 2, WH: No. 3. fVi
Oniirhii Cash titles.
WHEAT NO. 3 l'rd. 1 car at 76c. 1 car at
74c, 1 car at I)c; Ko. 3 spring, 1 car at 71c;
No. 4 hard. 2 ciirs at 72c.
f'ORX-No. 3 yellow. 7 cars at 37Vc.
RYE-No. S, 1 car at lilc.
( arlnl Krrrlil.
. , Wheat. Ouru
t'liUsgu ,.
Kansas City
1'uluth .......
St. Louta ....
Features of the 'Trading; and Closing
-. Prices on Board of Trad
CHICA40r-Fva. -A Tlie fiiat -speclfio r
prts of fiarnaKv to lu" sown wheat whb:h
have' lieen received here caused unusual
and strength In the w hftat market! rranulated cane, in sacks, cs.Ol;
At the close heat for May delivery ! bcelt In sacks, 4.i'l
to. Corn was up V-Sc. Oats i BYRL'F i 'oonls, 2ic per
today. At
was tin
showed a yaln of V4C. Provisions were IWti
32Vo higher. . r
Strength In the market developed toward
the end of the first hour. At the Immedi
ate opening the market was somewhat weak
mid initial uiioiations on May were a shade,
to 'iV! lower at 84-'iM'c. Factors con
tributing' to the 'easier tone were liberal
shipments from Australia and mild weather :
in the winter wheat belt In the I nited j
States. As the session advanced trading in-
creased in volume, shorts, commission i
houses and cash Interests buying freely. I
The selling was chiefly by longs. Respond
ing' to the increased demand prices ad-'
vanced steadily. Late in the day a report I
was received from Kansas City to the ef- j
feet that the crop in Hurton county. Kan
sas, bad been damaged 20 per cent by the I
unseasonable weather In the last .month.
Other reports of damage enie from Mis- 1
sourl and southern Illinois. An official fore- ;
cast of much colder weather tomorrow and '
a report of a blizzard In North Dakota I
which might temporarily check the move-
inent of grain caused Increased anxiety
among the shorts. The market rlosed 1
strong with prices at the, highest point of
the day. Final quotations on May were at
KT.Sf'Sfc'tc. Clearances of wheat and flour
were equal to SAl.OM bu. Primary receipts
were 41.. "CO bu.. against 3M.i0 hu. a year
ago. Minneapolis, Imluth and Chicago re
ported receipts of i! cars, against 305 cars
last week and 239 ears a year ago.
lesplte heavy primary receipts, the corn
market was tirm lor the greater part of the
day in sympathy with wheat. Shorts were
active buyers and the sellinit was mainly
by longs. The market closed firm, with
prloea at the highest point of the day. May
opened a shade lower to
l Bimuti niKoer 111
and closed at the
444ut4Nc, sold up to 44V'
lop nKure. i.ucai receipts were a-4 cars, ern puteu cnerries. i,e; .-sew Turk evap
with 11 cars of contract grade. orated black raspberries. 35c; fancy pears,
fiats had a strong undertone, based prln- i 1m:: choice,- 15c; ' fancy nectarines. He;
clpally on the condition of ihe wheat mar- 1 fancy apricots, llc; choice royal. lOVc;
kit. Early in the day trading was quiet,
but later n good demand developed May
op4-nrd unchanged at 3'Vft-W'Sic, sold up 10
30' c and closed at SoVgSo'so. Local re
ceipts were 164 csrs.
Trading in provisions whs exceedingly ac
tivH and the market showed unusual
strengi h. A 56 10c advance In the price of live
hogs was the chief cause of the stron
market, but In addition to packers, com
mission bout-en were active buyers. At the
dose May pork- was op 31VO at $!4I7V
lrd wss up "V ' $7 7'.''t Ribs wort' 12V,e
higher st $7.9oi1.!2V
Estimated receipts for Monday are:
Wheat. 13 cars; corn, 3S cars; oats. 244 cars;
hogs. 4.otvi head.
Th leading futures ranged a follows:
Articles.) Open. ' High 1 Low. Close. ,Yes'y.
July C01 n
M a v
Ms v
poi K
May Juiy
R ibs
Mav July
I ' I I I 1
M Si'O S 85 -,'! , 4"'i S5", a , M V0 S
M'3.;i, S4-s3Vlli H'sWiiii
.44',, 5S 41V
tl'u S 44Vj '
45 45HHU
I ' 1
.StVJV , 'T
i. 2S, 2:
44U 4U
44', 4 l34 'i"
15 45', '.1 '.
II 4o
14 fl
t 14 74V,
: 14 sis
14 40
14 50
! 14 67V
: H 7.-,
It 35
14 47-
7 7?H
7 S2,
TW '
7 Ml,
71 '
7'!.-. ;
I ."IV
8 02",
7 :
8 02 t
No. a.
Cash y loiatious were as follows:
FTxUR-Sternly; winter patents. $3.mVo
!: straiglns. $3.jW3.K5: spring patents.
75-13 S5. straights, 8J.wfl3.7o; hakers,, $2.20
. WHEAT No. i spring. M'-j8.V; No. 3. TSti
M4i-; No. 3 red, 8.VSrs6V.
CORN No. 2. 4:i4.''jc; No. 2 yellow. 4-'c.
OATS -No. ;. : V; No. 2 w hite, 3ovi.Vi
No. 3 white, 3n'i31'e.
RYE No. 2. tic.
, BARLEY 4 iood feeding, wtjv ; fa(r xo
1 Imice. niultii.g. 435ta-.
SKKPS-No. 1 $l.l; No. 1 northwesl
ern. $1 16. Timothy, prime, $1 :i. Clover,
counsel graiie. lu.ii'
PROVISIONS Mess pork, per bbl., $14.55
4JM4" 1-ard. )er loo lbs. $. 6Vu7 65. Sluill j
iiim. mm ikmm-. i.ny,..B. Film i Clear Slot S
ll-'Xedl, $WOIVllV
Fo!lowlu were the receipts and ship
ments of flour and grain:
ReCelMS Slliptiian
Flour, bbl
Wheat, hu
corn, bu
I'.ttS. tu
Rye. bu
Barley, hu
' " ('
l- l- r.:!Mk"t ' f-
l.r.t'. 18 ;3V-
Js.7o i !
15 on
2: :i t
. -(.
5-'.. 6 0
14: ;
1.4 1 ,
" 1
mark. ,
Egg. lit 1.1, at
luded. IVi I'.Vjc-: firsts, 1c; prime
; extras, 1 Cheese, st sdy, 11
Coadltloa of Trade ajad qaotalioas a
taple aad Faaer Prednee.
ECU; 3 - Here I pus liberal; candied stock
Unsettled at l.'c.
LIVE FuULTRT Hens, Hc; old roost
ers. ic; turkeys, 16c: ducks. 10c; voung
roosters, 'iK;- geete. c.
DRfcSSJiiJ FOULTRr-Turkeys, liaise;
eld toms. M'rlV: chl kens. lOulle; old roost
ers, "c; ducks. U4il2c; geese, IS 10c
B F T T K R Farking stock, IV ; choice
to fancy dairy, lx'filfc.-; creamery. il'U21itc ;
HAY Prices qumed bv Omaha F'e d com.
pany; No. 1 upland, t Vi; medium, IS.w;
coare. 5.ilia6"0. Rve straw, KM
URAN per ton. II5.0O.
green hides. ,c; No. 2, t; No. 1 salted.
12c; No. i l;c; green bull bides, Mi'Jc;
cured, tv 10c; dry hides, 16u20c. Horse hides:
t.aige. J1.2.",; small, $2. jo. Sheep pelts, each
6x"o$1.2.i. Tallow: No. 1, 44c; No. , Zq;
rough, H,c.
t)ATES Per box of 30 -n. pes.. 12; Hal
lowe'en 'n 70-lb. b lies, pr 10., oc; Sayers.
per lb.. 4c; walnut-Ttniled, J-;b. pkga , 12
per dot.; s-lb. bxei. tl.
ORAXOES - California fam-v Redland
navels, all sizes, 2.704j3.OO; choice navels,
LEMONS Umoniert. extra fancy, 240 slse,
IS 25 : 300 to 360 sizes. t3;50.
FlGS--Callforni, per 10-lu carton. 7&5Kc:
Imported emjrca, three-trown. lie; six
crown, 13c.
BANANAS Fer rnedlumlsed bunch. 11.75
pi 25: Jumb, K.ZMiZ.Vm.
TANGERINES Florida, per bo of about
Lib. l'.
GRAPE FRUIT Florid . rr bog, 17 00;
California, per box. 5.00.
PEARS-Winter Nelis ai d Mount Vernon,
12.50. ,
APFLES-Callfornla Bel.flowera. 1.48 per
bu. box; Ren Davis. $1 7 jer bu. box; Wine
saps, 12.00 per bu box: ot ier varieties, liot
per bu.; New York apples 14.75 per bbl.
CRANRERR1ES Jersey,' ier bbl.
GRAPES imported Malagas. st.Sti6o.0u.
OLl VfcsJSTLfiB.
1 OTA1 Ok.a Hoine-ioun, per bu., Vii
foe; South Liakota, per bu., 76c.
OXIONS Home-grown, v"lluw and red,
per bu., S6c; bpan'-ta per crate, $; Colo
lucki, red and y,oie, jier tiu., tl.yo
NAVY BEANS Per bu.. 12 00.
LIMA BUAN8 Per lb.. JVic
CABBAUE Hume-grown and Wisconsio.
In crates, per lb., 2w
Per bu., &fi7Rc.
CELt.i; Y Kalamazoo, per do., 2.VjfL5c
SWEET POTATOES - Kansas, per 2-bo.
bbl.. $2.00.
TOMATOES California, per crate of 21
lbs., $2.0; 1'lorlda. H-basket crates, M.00.
WAX BEANS Per hamper t,, about 30
lbs. net, .uo.
eTKiNO BEANS Per hamper of about M
ibs. net, $3wi'g4.00.
r;Gt PLANT Florid i. per doi., $1.2.".ei 50
GREEN PEPPERS- Florida, per hamper
of abojt 10 doz., $3.50.
TURNIPS Louisiana, dox. bunches, 75c
BHALLOTTS Louisiana, per doz. bunches,
MKAD LETTUCE Louisiana, per bbl..
$8.iii l.i; per d.iz. head. Jl.iiKffl.75
LEAF LETTUCE Hothouse, per bo of
12 to 15 heads, 65c.
crcuMHEHS-Hothouse. per doz,, $2.00.
RADISHES Hothruse. tier dos.
MUSHROOMS Hothouse, per lb., 00c
CAULIFLOWER - California, about 24
heads to crate, Vino.
No. 1 rib, 13c; No. Z rlo, I'OVjc; No. t rib
7!c; No. 1 lound, 7!c: Wu. 2 rojnd, 6Vf
No. 3 round, 6c; No. 1 loin, itiVsc; No 3
loin, 12c; No. 3 loin. 9c; No. 1 piate 4W;
No. 2 plate, 4c; No. 3 plate. 3c, No. '
chucks, 5Vsc; No. 2 chucks, 4'ac; No. 3
chucks. 3Vc.
CIDER Per keg. Jj.Tb, per bbl., 6.7i.
llu.NiiY New, pc-r 24 lbs.. ta.JO.
CiitESE-Swlss. nev lie Wisconsin
brick, luc. Wisconsin llmbercr, 13c; twtn.
loc; 30U11K Amencas, LuWm.
N L La V alnuu. Nc. I soft shells, now
crop, per ib., :Vjc; hard jiiells, per lb.,
13tc. pvcuns. ite. Pfr l;., 14c; small, per
lb., 12c. fe inu'.?, tics- IS , 7c; toasted, per
ib., Sc. Chili walnuts, per lb.. 12il3fc. Al
monds, soft bhells, pel lb., l.c, ha id shells,
per lb., lie. Shellbark lilckor' nuts, per
bu., 12.25; large hickory nuik, per bu., tl.50.
Cht stnuls. per lb., lac. Cocua'iuis, J4 io per
ba !t ' loo.
FRESH FISH-Trouv, lie: halibut, 10c;
pickerel, dressed, 7c; white bass, lie; sun
linn, to '-' peicn SKinnod and dressed, sc;
pike. Hie; led snapper, 11c; smmon, 11c;
1 rappies, B'aSc; eels, ISc; black bass, 22c;
whlteflsh, 12c; frog legs, per ooz., 6ic: lob
sters, green, 33c; boiled lobsters. 31c; Diu.
rlsh, luc; herring, 4c; Spanish mackerel loc;
haddock, luc; -hrtrr.p, ll.wral.6o per gal.;
smi Its. 12c, cod, 12c; fresh standard oys
'lers, 1.40 per gal.: shelf oysters, fl.txrji
2,0n per V; little neck clams. J1.50 per 300
SUGARS uranuiateo. cane. i bbls., J5.O6;
4; ran uia led
gal.: rases
10-lb. cans. $160; cases. 1! 5-lb. cans.
$1.6"; cases, 24 2V,. cans, $1. n.
COFFEE Roasted: No. 35. 25Hc per lb.:
! No. 30, 2Vc per lb.; No. 26. lo per Ib ;
No. 20, l&Wc uer lb.; No. 215. 12'o per lb.
I FLOCK twholesaiej iel high grade Ne
I braska, per cwl., $2.10; best hlgb grade
patent Minnesota, per cwt., $2.4'. sliaignt
1 patent Nebraska, per twt., $2.00; second
j patent Nebraska. $1.1)0
C'L'KEr- riH rumtry whlteflsh, per
i bbl., bv lbs., $4.50; Norway mackerel, per
I bbl., 200 lbs.; aioaters, mo. 1, $2s.w.
No. 2, $26.00: No. 3. ?-'.v.w; Irish No. 2.
I $17.00. Herrlns. in bbls.. 200 lbs. each: Nor
I way. 4k. $3.u0; Norwa. 3k. $13.00; Hol
i land, mixed. $11 50. Hollanti berrmg. Id
kes: Milkers, mc; kegs, mixed, 7oc.
BROOMS No. I carpel. 3.2i; No. 1
Carpet, $2.40; No 3 plain. 82.25.
1 CANNED GOODS corn, standard west
; ern, batt&ic: Maine. U .2c. iimaioei, 3-ib
! cans, $l.2iryl so; 2-lw.. SVUoaji.uu; pme
I apples, grated, 2-ib., $2.05(S2.3u; sliced. $1,113
12.JO; gallon apples, fancy, 83.ra; fali
1 f'irnia apricots, $1.4ii2.oo; ears. $1.75
peaches. $2.JfruIoo: Alaska salmon, red!; pink. Sc; fancy Chinook. F., $2.10;
fancy eockeyo, F., $1.91; saraines. 4-oil
$2.50. S-mustards, tl.Wiii 3lr; "-v-x-et pota
toes, $i.1j"(1.25; sauei'Kiaut. $1.00; pump
kins. Oc(S$.100: wax beans. 2-lb., 7bi9.ic;
Uma beans. .-)b., 75(u-jc'u$i.35; .plnach,
Vl.ail'.oo; chesp peas, 2-lb.. 0c; extra,
iutnsic; fancy. 11 ai..a.
peaches, 12V:; choice Muir peaches, llWc
fancy yellow, 12lic; 00-60 prunes, 60-70,
7'jc; fancy New Tork ring apples, llc;
choice, lotc-. fancy 4-crown loose musca
tel rcislns. 7ic: 3-crown. Tc: 2-crown. Sue
1 jancv eeieu raisins in l-iu. carton, 7c:
I choice seeded. In 12-ux. cartons, 7'c; east-
n dates. teWc; glace citron. 17c:
lflc; lemon. V4Vc; orange, 14V;.
St. Loots (.rnrral Market.
ST. I.41IIS, Feb. 3 WH EAT Futures,
higher; cash, steady: Xo. 2 red cash, ele
vator, S!ft3o; track, emft9.iV; May, aSc;
July. 2c; No. 3 hard, usinSUc.
CORN Higher; No. 2 cash! 41V; track,
42c May. 41'7.c.
OATS Firm; No. 2 cash. 31V; track,
32V: May, 30e; No 2 white. 32V'.
FLOUR Quiet ; red w inter intents. $4.3541
4 5"; extra fancy and straight, 81. ! "04 .30;
clear. $;l.4il.
SEED Timothy, steady. $2,600
' i. .i r;.l steady, 13.20.
RRAN Firm; sacked, east track',
HAY Firm; timothy, $6.u"313.5";
$1inAj10 50.
, $4tfli
RAGGING 91, e.
HEMP T IN IE- "-.-.
PROVISIONS - Pork, higliei ; jobbing,
$14.50. Iard. higher: prime stemmed, $7. 47V
Dry sail meats, higher: boxed extra short,
8.': clear nbs, s.2; short clears. $vs7V
Bacon, higher; Ix.xed extra sluu-ts. $ To;
clear ribs. $:.i; nbort clear. fS.5o.
POULTRY Quiet ; t hickens. Pi-;
11V; turkeys. 14V; ducks, 12V
BUTTE R Q uie t ; c rea mery ,
dairy. Iwi21c.
; geese,
EGGS -Higher at 15c, case count.
The receipt and shipments of flour and
grain were: Receipts. Shipments.
r tour, nois b.n
Wheat, bu 36.000
Corn, bu l0.fli1l
Osts. bu i.0oo
53 .000
9.1.1" lO
Kaasas City 'iraln and Provlslwus.
Steady: May, . l,t-: July. 76Nc: Sepifmbcr.
75V". Cash: No. 2 hard. 7jV3,"C; No. 3,
T5i7!S'i N-. 2 led. WflW'-r; No. 3. 8Vfll'?t-c.
CORN-Stt-sOv : May. ec.- Julv. 4 v.
Cash: No. mixtd, 'c; No. 2 wUite. 4"'c;
No. 3. 'Ok
OATS-Stcady; X.i. 2 white. 31(u32c; No.
t mixed. 2sV.
HAY Sleauy: choice liutothy, $10.5n''3 11. 00;
choice prairie. $7 75'aS.i4.
RYE Steady at tije.
EGGS-Steady: Atissouri ami Kansas, new
No. 2 whiiewood cases included. IJc; case
count. 12c; cases relumed, xc less.
BI TTER Creameiy, 2."c.
Receipts. Shipment j.
Wheat, bu...
Core, bu ....
Oats, bu
. . . .
. . . .l'
.... 16,141-
Ilalulh (irain Market.
an iye.
No. 1 northern. (L'V; No. 2 northern. 8o',xc;
in track. No. 1 northern, 82V; No. ! norlu
trn. stVc; May. 84c; July, 85V-
Mlltinukee Oral Market,
lliur, No. 1 northern, tegHc, Nu. i lui tk-
crn, 81HTi4c. May. &," 1V.4C asked, puts,
.vc; chiIh. Vi"gc bid.
l i r.-fiiaj ; .no, i, w-1
sample. 4oS'a
OATS Dull: stumlanl,
CORN Slead ; May.
sskcu. calls. 44'c asked
31 '11 2.
Hantations nf the Day on arloas
NEW YORK. Feb :i -FIM R-Re.-eipts.
23,P5t bbls ; exports. 14 HI 9 bbls ; market dull
and Ftendv; .Minnesota iatents. $4 .Vi'?74.Si;
Minnesota bakers. :tSiiiJ i; winter patents,
Jt.l'i4 4i; w inter straights. t;.V"a H'; w in
ter xtras. Ii.7i--i3.25; winter low grades,
2'i5u3 J0. Re Hour, fiub-t: fair to good.
3.7'"i.'4.i'; ehoiee to fam-v. H.05.i4.3.'v Buck
wheat Mmir. dull. $2.1012.15; spot and to ar
rle. dull. 'sfi-, delivered New York.
CORNMEAL Steady ; fine white and jel
low. l.l.i, coarse. Mi: kiln dried. $2.70
RYK Nominal: No. 2 western. 53i
New York.
BARLEY-Firm; malting. 47'(i52c,
f. o. b.
c. I.
HEAT Receipts. 2.0"j bu.; exports. 51.
W bu. Spot market firm; No. 2 red.
elevator: No. 2 red. ?2'4C, f. o. b. afloat; No.
1 northern Duluth. !t5t4e, f. o. b. afloat. The
opening of wheat was lower in response to
h-.-irlsh foreign news, but the market Im
mediately rallied and for the balance of the
forenoon was strong, governed by unfavor
able rrop news from the west, closing v&
c net higher; Slav, X9 ll-lt:ftiV closed at
SN: July. n -c. closed at tlbc; Sep
tember. x7i7---, closed at S7Sc.
:oRN Receipts. M.flnO bit.: exports. 20S.S57
bn. S(ot. steady: No. 2, o2-, elevator, and
4'.-1-!e. f. (i. b. afloat; No. 2 yellow. 4!i:ic; No.
2 white, 4V. Options were without transac
tions, but closed firm at So net advance.
May closed at 50V: July closed at &0S0;
September closed at 5f'7c.
OATS-Receipts, 19,500 bu. : exports. S05
bu. Spot market stead v: mixed. 32 to :
lbs.. aitj-fCJoV". natural white. 30 to 33 lbs.,
&iH7c; etlpped w hite. ;w to 40 lbs., SMrffic.
HAY Dull; shipping. 50o65c; good to
choice. 77H'ftSOi'.
HOPS Steady; state, common to choice,
I'ioi. U-Fil7c: 1S4. S'nKlc; olds, oifiRc. Pacific
coast. i;in, 10ffil4c: 114. (iiillc: olds. Mi8c.
HIDES Firm; (Halvestnn, 33 to 26 lbs., 20c;
Texas dry. II to 30 lbs., inc.
PROVISIONS Reef, steady; family. $11.50 mess. $9.m'iio.0ft: beef hams. $20.0fvff
ll.fni. p'-ket. $"i1l.ti; city extra India
nie-s. Jin .'m'.il!.ii. Cut meats, dull: pickled
l.!lies. Js.ji', ph-kled shoulders. $'.. i
.ii; ruckled hams. $.(5jR.,Vi. lard. steady;
st-nni' ,1. $7 vfi7.fto: refined, steady; con
tinent. $V South America, $S.5d: compound.
J'"i.r.V'i;..'17,s. Fork, firm: family. $lij; short
clear. $15 'i'il7.i; mess. $
TALLOW Steady ; city. oHc; country.
11U L Steady: domestic, fair to extra, 34
fiii.': Japan, nominal.
BUTTER Steady : street price, extra
creamery, 2Ji28c. Offlcial prices: Creamery,
common, to extra, liiv.-giilc: creamery, held
extras. 2l'i22V-l state dairy, common to
extra. J.rri24c; renovated, common to extra.
1VoLk-; western factory, common to tirsts,
15617isc; western Imitation creamery, ex
tras. 2o-; western tirsts, lTValSSe.
CHEESE-Firm; state full cream, small
and latge, colored nnd white. September,
fancy, I4t-4c; October best. 14iiW13c; late
made, small, average best, 12V4c; slate
larce. UV; fair, lH212c.
EGGS Firmer: state, Pennsylvania and
nearby, fancy selected white, 25'it2(c: state
choke. 23ii24c; state mixed, extra. 21ii22c;
western firsts, lSWc; western seconds, 17
POULTRY" Live steady; western chl'k
ens. He; fowls, 13c; turkeys, 14c; dressed
irregular; western chickens, l(il7c; turkeys,
la-gi'Oc; fowls, lial34c.
Minneapolis l.rnln Market.
first imtenlb. $4."o 4.40: second patents. $4.20
SI4.3": first clears. $3.5yo3.t0; second cleats,
RRAN In bulk, $14.50-?i 14.75.
(Superior quotations for Minneapolis de
llV( ry. The range of prices, as reported bv
F. D. Day & Co., llo-lll Board of Trade
building, was:
Articles.! Open. I High. Low. Close. iY'est'y.
May.. July..
Peoria Market.
PEORIA, 111., Feb. 3.-ORN-Higher; No.
8 ellow, 41c; No. 3, 41c; No. 4. Koc; no
grade, 3tic.
OATS Strong; No. 3 white, SOigsO'sc; No.
4 white, 29U.C.
RY E Steady; No. 2. 67c.
YVHISK.Y on the basis of $1,29 for n
itly d goods.
Philadelphia Prodoee Market.
Steady; extra western creamery, 27'ac; ex-
tin nearby prints, 30c.
1 BUGS- Firm; nearby
fresh. ISo, st mark.
fresh and western
CHEESE-Steady: New York full crevnn,
I fancy, 14'4c; choice, I314c; New York,
Liverpool Grain Market.
nominal; futures, quiet; March, 6slod;
May, 6sS'd; July. 6s 7",d.
CORN SiHit, quiet; American mixed,
new, Isl'd; American mixed, old, 4s sd.
Futures, quiet; March, 4slSjd; May, Is 2"-d.
Toledo tired Market.
TOLEDO, Feb. 3.-SEED Clover,
and February, $i.25; March, $y3n;
8v20; timothy. $1.62; alslke. $7.85.
Forelitn Financial.
LONDON. Feb 3. Money was in keen
demand in the market t.xjay and the sup
plies were not plonftiul, owing to the Bank
of Englimd ubsurhiiig a iurse amount of
the floating supply. 'Discounts were fairly
steady, continental exenanges being favor
able. The supplies of gold bound lor Eng
land are steadily Increasing. Trading 011
the Stock exenange was idlel and dull,
is being the eve .,1 the hi t i.enieiu. ineie
were some weeK-ena realisations. Consols
were easy and home rails w. le dull. Deal-
ers are anxious regarding ihe results of
next week. Americans were dull and easier
I and mostly under parity
owing lo tne
support, except in the case of a
few specialties.
Canadian Pacific
ucuve unu uiana irunk was cheerful on
the traffic Increase. Foreigners were Jalily
firm and quiet. imperial im of
lis were, quoted at 103V
PARIS, Feb. 3. Trauirig on the Bourse
today was Inactive, but prices were firm
throughout. Russian imperial 4s wet
quoted ai S3.45 and Russian bonds of r.M
at iMi. The private rate of discount was
2 7-16 pi r cent.
BERLIN, Feb. 3 Trading on the Bourse
was quiet and prices Were steady. Cana
dian Pacific was higher.
toffee Market.
NEW YORK. Feb. 3.- COFFEE Mai ket
for coffee lii'ures opened hi umnang'-d
prices to a decline of o points in sympauiv
with lower European cai.lcs and under Eu
ropean selling. Wall strev a very
heavy buyer on the strengthening stuils
tioal position and the :narset ruled verv
active and generally flrmet with prices ai
one time about lisiilb point net higher
Just before the close theiv was realizing
and heavier European offerings, under
which the market eased oft slignily. the
close was barely steady, hut at a net ad
vance of 5'15 points. Sales were reported
of liags. -inoludlng February at 6.H5u
1 vac: -Marcn, ii,.i"c; Aprn, i.pc; aiav. ,.;v 1
r7.2: July. 7 4"c; September. 7.55o" 7lk'; I
lK-remrxr, 'a. si-c; January, 7.9Pc. 01 the
business reported only about 45,000 bug
wero swiictu-s.
Spot Rio. steady; No.
Invoice, k 7-16C-
tlearluar Honae Averaars.
NEW Y'ORK. Feb. 3. The statement of
tne clearing hoiibe banks for the week I
shows t'.at the bunks hoid il.ll,.i.2." over 1
the legal reserve le.juireineiiis. 'i Ins is a!
uecrease of $4,.U2.i2o over last week. The
statement follows:
Ians, l,.jf7,;v.j,iOO: increase, $16,251, x.
lH-poit. l.i)l,4"3.1ii; intrtase. IH.S'.sOO.
Circulation. i.,l,n7-i: decrease. 4ix,,'-. tenders, 8S3.w;,3.iO; decrease. $615,30".
Rpecie. l.w:,l'K decic-sse, $514,300.
Reserve, $.'7b.47S.s-, drrrvMse. tl,l.H,4uo.
Reserve required. -.j,775; in.'rease,
Surplus. $11.127 625; decrease, $1,702,215.
Ex-l'niled States deposists, $13,266,378; de. . $4 0S-2.550.
Haak ( tearing.
OMAHA. Feb. 3 Bank clearings lor to
day were $1 ,;' W 155 29. and for the corie
sp. nduig date last year $1,1!3.226.72.
The clearings for the week, compared
Willi the corresponding week of last year,
1M. 1905.
Monday 81.Ms.77."2 $1.357. 5ul. 02
Tuesday 1.355.573.66 1.333.7j3.t4
Wednesday 1.701 .60 45 1,18.746.8
Thursday 1.52.774 .85 , l.l6.7n2. 16
Friday 1.647,743.66 1,275.5. 65
Saturday 1.686.155.2SI 1.1KJ.225.72
Totals $'J. 560,528. 03
Increase over last year
Trraanry statement.
WASHINGTON. Feb 3. -Today state
lueni of the treasury balances In the gen
eral fund exclusive of the $150. ujt'.iuo gold
re.i rve. shows: Available cash balance.
$l!5.!5j.:i7: g .l.l ti ln i.nd ouUtttn. $;7,477,lu,
k '14 vet Ulicales, $Ju,766,S7ul
1 I I I I
83V M S3 I S4 I 834
M- Nu-Y 84 V S5Sj M-s
1 17',' 1 l''1 1 17" 1 1&Y 1 i"lis
1 ls-V 1 lHHi 1 liSi 1 194;
1 17V 1 18 I 1 17V 1 1V 1 17V.
Eeceip s of (ttle Larger :'or
Thaa t fear Ago.
tbe Wsek
Cattle and Hobs Miiht l.ala In aloes
for Week. 'While heep and
l.amhs Are Ten to Tnrnt).
Fle Cents Lower.
Feb. S. I!.
fteceipls rn
Official Monday ..
tni.-ial 1 11 -sday
Offlcial Wednesday
Official Thursday
Official Frtdav ....
Cfflclal Saturday ,
Cattle Sheep.
. D.1M
. 4.211
. 2.331
. 1.255
. 246
.12 423
13. MS
This week
Iast week
eek before
Three weeks ago .
Four weeks ago ...
Same week last year 14, 13
The following table shows the receipts ot
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha
for the year to date, compared with last
R5.525 77.747
2S2,&7 nt.719
135.SS2 134.675
Tbe following will show the price paid
for the different kinds ot cattle on tbe
South Omaha market:
Good to choice corn-fed steers $4.S55 "0
Fair to choice corn-fed steers 4.407 1 W
Common to fair ca rn-fed steers.... 3.5.t4.40
Good to choice cows and hellers.... 3.4043.10
Fair to good cows and heifers 2 4"i3.40
fanners and cutters 1.7;cr2.40
Good to choice stockers and feeders'j-i.a
Fair to good stockers and feeders.. 3.25'u3 &
Common to fair stockers 2.50-H3.23
Bulls, stags, etc 2.253.75
Good venl calves 6.0t"S 50
The following table shows the average
price of hogs at South Omaha tor the last
several days, with comparisons:
Dale. I 108. il.'l!!ib. '1902. 11S01. 11900.
i 35
5 374
5 32S:
6 14 Sj,
6 36 I
5 M .
5 43
5 41HI
S 48 I
1 4 Sfl' C 54' 021 0 131 4 64
4 K3' 4 s 591 6 03 ! 5 15! 4 5!i
4 66 ; I) 0b 6 0b S 22i 4 56
4 71! 89' I ( 1 1-!
4 73,' 4 E7 73' ! 8 1S 4 65
4 S3, 4 (tl! ! 12! I 4 62
4 Ml 4 79 6 57. 6 B K
23... I
20.. ,
4 7 4 6 18 j 6 2$ 4 hi
4 Ml
I 63l
4 SI, 6 ill b 00! h 4 C4
I 6 63; 5 97' 5 W 4 56
4 74 : 3 95 5 1-2; 4 ti7
4 i
4 70
4 73 6 S. 16 25 ! 4 0.8
4 72, 4 Sb, 6 7 5 93)
1 i 63
$2.25'ir6 55
. I.u6.25
& ln6.95
4. K. rt,-,. 75
5.0017 5.95
Kansas City
St. I,ouls
Sloug City
The following list
shows the number of
cars of stockers and feeders shipped
me country rrlday and their points
G. M. Brittoii, Prescott, la. y
A. KHenfeller, Conrad, la. N. W
Charles Smith, Ienox, la. Q
T. R. Orlup, Ohiowa Q
R. H. Mitchell, Lincoln Q
Crandall & H. Cj.. Buffalo. N. Y.-Q.
G. V. Strohl, Strahn, la. Wab
J. V. Odgen, Red Oak, la. Q
Hesley & T.. Mlnden. la. 1. W
A. E. Shelleck. Woodbine, la. I, C...
H. Mendt. Walnut. la R. I
YV. C. Davis. MC'leliabd, In. G. YV...
C. J. Reese. Dunlap. la. 1. C
S. C. Fletcher. Arlon. la. N. W
J. D. Sievera, Rockvllle 1". P
Stream Bros., Overton. la. Q
C. J. Ward. Cedoso, 111. R. I
George Flint. Manilla; la. Mil
The official number of cars
U ses
brought in today by each road
C M. &. St. P ,
Missouri Pacific 1
Union Pacific
C. & N. W.. east ..!.,..;..... 1
C. & N. ' west 4
C, St. P.. M. & O
C, B. & Q., east ,.1
C, B. & Q.. west
Illinois Central
Great Western ..
. int
Total receipts 9 126 5
The disposition of the day's receipts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber of head Indicated:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co
Swift and Company....
Cudahy Packing Co
Armour & Co
Swift, from country ..
Armour & Co.. Denver
Other buyers
2 1.701
12 2.071
4 3.M5 1
CATTLE A usual on a Saturday, there ,
was no market here today, the receipts
being extremely light and nothing of any
eonsequence doing. The total receipts this I
. 1. 1. n . I ..... n ellDh,!,, lu rsi.r l,an 1 tf 1
nmi imvr urrn v..i, v.
the previous week and larger than a year
ago by over 3,t"X head. In spile of this
large run the market has been In veiy
satisfactory condition.
Fat cattle begun the week with a steady
market and good kinds were steady on
Tuesday, with the common kinds slow and
easier. On Wednesday, under the influ
ences of moderate receipts and a goi.d.
active demand, values firmed up snd were
generally o,uoted a little better than tho
previous day. This upward movement was
continued on Thursday, when salesmen
pretty generally quoted their sales as
strong lo 10c. higher. With no material
charge In value during the last two days
of the week It follows that prices are
now Hist SDoiit joc nigner man a week
r ti e.t.iu r.i an ui-eraee hv n.
I been anv too rood in point of Quality, but
still there were a few good enough to
bring $5.50. showing thst really prime cat
tie will
bring high prices.
has been said regarding
the mar-
I j,P( ,, fat gieers would apply in the main
to the cow and heifer market. As was the
case with fat cattle, cows and heifers be
gan tbe week about steady, eased off a
little, only to strengthen up again later
011. so that at me close or tne week they
; showed an advance of about 10c, the same
as steers.
Blockers and feeder have also been very
good seller all the week and have been
in excellent demand for this season of the
year. Prices during the first half of the
week were very strong, but, as Is apt to
be the case with this kind of rattle,- es
pecially when receipts are running well
up with the demand, the market eased off
somewhat toward the latter part of the
week. At the close of the week it is diffi
cult to distinguish any very marked differ
ence In valuta between now and a week
Representatives sales:
A. Tr. Ko A. Fr.
p6 :o
I '. II t 75
1 t Si t i iss j or.
I 6 S tO 1 4n 3 2i
t 4(l I 1 1 J 7i
HOGS There was a fair run of hogs
here for a Saturday, although the receipts
were iy no means large, still thev were
scjnewhat in excess of previous Saturdays
1 of recent date. Under the infloence of en
I roursging reiiorts irom all selling points.
eoupleil with a good local demand, the
inurket opened about 5c higher. The early
sales were un the basis of $5 6l'S for rood
hogs. This price secured the bulk of the
receipts, with some of the better hoes sell
ing as high as $5.55 and on up to $5 57V for
choice loads. The early market was quite
active st the advance noted above and the
big bulk of the receipts changed bands in
good season. Some of the heaviest buyers,
however, were still following bear tactics,
so that after the more urgent orders were
filled tbe market became less brisk and
th feeling a little easier.
The course of value this week has I leen
aioiosi MC1U117 uinia. 1 ni w pea siartea
out with values a shade higher, with a
sllsht resction on Tuesdsv. followed by a
good stiff advance on Wednesday and a
slisht reaction the dsv after and the big
advance on Friday. The furtb"v dvance
today places the market at a oinf that is
lTie Oghe O-in tbe eose of last week
and the h'irhei of anv day so far this year.
Representative sales:
Nt, Sh Pr Sfi. Sr. Uli Pr
7t 144 lf I S-i T 2114 ... S svi..
1 171 ... $ 4'- t HI 40 SSV,
JOS 15 ... 47C, tH SI I ... SMI,
i ... s T ; to ( r,2i,
1 so :it ... I'M ti 4 ... Il'i,
' 7 tit i S 241 ... Ill
tl J"7 K'U 1 hu ki ... 3 m
i"i ... I is st v 4 I .-.
!"4 ... s" m tn ...
s t"J ... 1:4 :'4 ... IK
7 foil ..SI" IT, 871 is, 5 :r.
; 7 ' 4ii 5:.- ;rt ki ja
! l"t l-O II iM f J34 40 S 13
M 114 . . I os t tit in S iV"
7 :44 In S 2i, M i-?7 ... r.
rr -n 4 1 ;:u h y,t it i
7S t7 4 5 T.21, J 2H& ... i s-
4 t' ... I t 4 4f IV.
' 4 n:. Hu 40 ;
! Sis vi r. ;, t ... ! S'.
I 4T 271 ... : 71 i; . . ;. :t
' !r. 7 jv. . .
'71 til in i U'.t 17 :: ... , j
T'. .
J r- :::
... ( ', ! 27.
- . Tl S4t
. . i cs : t-.i
S ii ,:;?4
iMl ! -
... if,
... 5 ' 14, IT ! : i.
t s:1 j:
m i hi', it
. . ( Mv, . L-sn
to I ls ff. :
" S (!', 74 t
41 6 s 7: :i
l ' M', 7: I'll1
... .". :
... $ ms : ""
5 72 .' :'7
4" 4 M't 70 tM
4 c
4" i p:s "
L'O., 5 f.Jf r.
40 i :s 7 i
n i 7 ;
4n f s;u 91 ?7i
" t ifi 71 24S
" S M' M itS
S .". Mt, ;!
... us t;T
... p &-l
SO B its 71 Tl
0 6 r:s i s-.-
. . t.:s '-' i
: i Ms M :
... i sjs 3
40 o MS
As usual on the last
$ ;
t H
. .1 .1
r, 4:.
f, k:.
i .
: .
i. .
1 .
i K
i it,
i I
; 7'i
r. ms
of the
week, there was coninaralu elv little domic
on tho sheep market, not nougli In faci
to call It a market. This has been a week
of extremely light sheep receipts he total
being less than half what It was for the
previous week and a little n -"e than half
the receipts of a year ago. flits light run
has tieen due entirely to the efforts of coni-
mission men and newspapers to keep down 1
the receipts at this point on account of the
limited demand. Had all othr markets
followed the same policy prices for th
week would unquestionably have been
maintained, but In spite of the fact that
the eastern mutton market was badly de
moralised shipments of sheep and lambs
were encouraged at some points, with the
result that (hose markets broke and car
ried down with them the markets st other '
points. The decline for tbe week at South
Omahs amounts to lfKEr".r some kinds
showing more loss than others. In spit" of J
this seemingly heavy loss prices at this 1
point nave ranged higher comparatively
than at any other simply because the re
ceipts being light here Uie market has been
In a good, healthy condition.
Sheepmen do not anticipate any Improve
ment In the market so long us the demand
for mutton is so light In the large eastern
consuming centers. Cold weather would
have a tendency to stimulate the demand
for mutton and might be followed by a
radical Improvement in the sheep and lamb
market. This means that the market Just
at present Is largely under the Influence of
weather conditions, and so far as can be
seen there is no other apparent reason for
th" present weakness in values.
Qotations for fed sheep and lambs are
as follows: Good to choice lambs (Colo
rados). $9.KOfd7.10; good westerns. $6.75417.00:
good lightweight yearlinrs, $5.65f6.0o; good
heavy yearlings. $5 So'tS .75; good wethers,
$5.4("q5.65; ewes. .$4.75496.15.
Cattle Steady Hogs Ten Cents Higher
Sheep Steady.
CHICAGO, Feb. 3. CATTLE Receipts.
5o" bead; market steady; beeves. $3.5fi6.25;
cows. $1 4ia4.4"; heifers. 82..VMU4.80; calves.
$5 5'ft7. .0: good prime, $S.3ifi6.25: poor me
dium. $3.6'' o5. 1.5: stockers and feeders, $2.60
t4 50.
HOGS Receipts. 14,000 bead; estimated
Monday. uo.'JS? head: market 10c higher;
mixed and b:chers. $5.65fg6.9f : good heavy,
5 Mrti fiS; rough heavy, $5.655.75: liKht.
5 .fr''V pigs, $5.10(56.6(1; bulk of sales,
head: market steady; sheep'. $."; 506.70;
yearlings, $5.9cJj6.60; lambs, $5.507. 50.
Knn-ns City Live Stork Market.
Receipts, head; no southerns;
market unenanged; cnolce export and
dressed btef steers, $5.2ft3.00; fair to good,
$4.0ofi6.2B; westein fed steers, f3.7a"jo.90;
stocKers and feeders. $3.0041 4.1m; southern
steers, $3.25'u4.76; southern cows, $3.2.Vu3 wi;
native cows, 2.25(i4.oo; native heifers. $3.00
(fi4.W.i; bulls. $2.6o'n3.t; calves, H.Wyi.OO; re
ceipts for the week. 44, boo head.
HOGS Receipts, J,2o0 head; market 5-a
t 7jc nigher; top, kS.siH! buU of sao s. $a.t
.frio.70; heavy, $5.C5t5.iu; packers. $5.60?iu.70;
' pigs and lights. (5.;e5'a5.63; receipts tor the
1 week, 66,000 bead.
! SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 700
! lead; market steady; native lambs. $5.S0'a
; 7.11': western lambs. ti.tni4i7.0i; ewes and
yearlings, Jl.lfejiS.iS; western fed yearling,
ka.w i.o; western fed sheep, $1.25a5.75;
stockers and teeders, 4.25'; receipts lor
tne week, 33,700 head.
Sew York Lite Mock Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 3. BEEVES Receipts,
59o bead; none oh sale. Market feeling
nominally steady: dressed beef slow at 7--'i
eSfce per lb. for ordinary lo choice native
siues. Exports. 1.1W0 beeves, li-9 sneep and
5,14o quarters of beef.
CAL ES Receipts. M2 head; none on sale.
Market feeling uuchanged; city dressed
veals, fair active and steady at !'&14c per
lb.; country dressed, 8VPl2c.
HOGS Receipts, l.'ioi head; no sales re
ported. Market feeling firm.
SHEEP AND UnlHS- Receipts. l,t)2
I head: no sales of sheep. Market feeling
1 i weak: lambs In very poor demand and a,
fraction easier; good lo prime lambs sold
at $7.5"'(i7.N: dressed muiton, extremely
dull at Mi 10c l"-r lb.; dressud lam us, slow
and easier at ltol2c.
St. Loots Live Stoek Market.
LOUIS. Feb. J CATTLE Receipts,
2O0 head; no 1 exans. Market strong; na.
j tive shipping and export steers. $4i'ij it Ij;
dressed beef and butcher steers. $3 !(44.i"0;
steers tinder l.'XI lbs.. $3.i"'u4.15; sioci.ers
and feeders, 82.Mrit3.7a; cow and heifeis,
$2.jo4.2o; canncrs. $1.75''i 2.35; bulls, K.7o
3.55; calves, 2.2a'n r.Ou; Texas and Indian
steers, 3.ooi4i; cows and heifers, $i.oo;(i
3. so.
HOGS Receipts, head. Market was
higher; pigs and light. 5.vf43.!r'; packers,
e5.i'ij6.j)0; butchers and best heavv, $5.8o'ij
5 95.
SHEEP AND LAMPS Receipts, 300 head.
Market steady; nauve muttons. tn;(625;
lambs, $5 .Oco ."-'; cuils and bucks. $3.00'u4 00;
stockers, $3.noi3.50; Texans, 83.oO'J4.0n.
St. Joseph l.lvt
ST. JOSEPH. Feb. 3.
Stock Market.
BATTLE Receipt.
1.0J4 head. Markel steady
; nu lives, 43. .5ir
d.sO; cows and heifers, $1
75344.80; stockers
ana u ecu-is, ..,j'
HOGS-Receipts. 5,244 head. Market t'cWV
higher; light. $j.5o5.5; medium and heavy,
$5.o'ii5.71V bulk of sales. $5 6J6 u. V
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Receipts, none.
Market nominally steady.
Sioux City Live Stork Market.
SIOUX CITY. Feb. 3 iSperlal Telegram.)
CATTLE Receipts. 200 head; market
steady; beeves. $3.75i5.1o; cows, bulls and
mixed. $2.5Otj4.00; stockers and feeders, $ii.0o
4.i; caives and yearlings, 2.76'ij3.80.
HOGS Receipts. 4n head; market, a big
5e higher, at I5.404i6.5o; bulk of sales.
MorU In Sigh.
Receipts of live stock at the six
western markets yesierday
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. I
South Omaha 246 s.21! 1 i
Sioux City 20 4i
Kansas City I.000 3.100 700
St. Joseph 1.028 5.244
St. Louis 200 2.000
Chicago 5. 14.0ii0 !.0i10
Totals 3.274 3s.644 3,ooi
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK", Feb. 3. CoTTON-Spot
closed steady; middling uplands, li.45o;
middling gulf. 11.7"c; sales none.
NEW ORLEANS. Feb 3-4'OTTON-Bteady;
sales. 4.150 bales: ordinary. 8 l-16c;
good ordinary. 940: low- middling. KVc:
middling. IOV; good middling. UV; mid
dling fair. 11 9-16c; receipts, 8,556 bales;
siocg, 319.320 bales
Feb. . COTTON-Un-
changed; middling,
111,4c; sales none; re
shipments, 210 bales;
c lpis, 422 bales
stoik, 42.'.1 bales
LlVEKPfiOL. Feb. 3. COTTON Spot,
good business done; prices g points lower;
American middling tair. 6.43d; good mid
dling. 6.ood; ordinary, 5.43d. The sales of
the day were hales, of which Lino
I Knlea Here t ... cr.ftrnl t i, m mw9
ex'Nirt and
included .2oo bales American. Receipts.
32. OKI bales, Including 26.1ii bales Ameri
can. UII and Rosin.
NEW YORK. Feb. i -Oil J-Cottonseed.
firm; prime crude, f. o. b.. 241a2f'C. Petro
leum, steady: refined. New York. $7.M; Phil
adelphia and Baltimore. $7.55; Philadelphia,
and Baltimore, in bulk, $4.60. Turpentine,
steady; 6sVii6Hc asked.
ROSIN Steady; strained. common lo
good. $i.!
line, firm at 5bc.
, Feb. 3. OIL Turpen
B and C. $2 4o: E, $3.40
'03 45: F. f3.4.Vt$.80;
3 S5; I. $i.3yo4 40; IC.
O, 3.5-v.j35t; H. $iya
8V1; M. $5.35; N. $5.S5;
WtS. $5: WW, $6 15.
ilL CITY. Pa.. Feb. 3. Oil, Credit bal
ances, fl.&M; shipments. February 2, 5s,L'.n
bbls.: runs. Fetiruary 1. 62.7M bbls.; ship
ments. IJn.a. February 2, 51,311 bbls.: aver
age, 67.460 bbls.; runs, Lima, February 1.
:,,,S1 bids.
Metal Market.
metal na
gels we'e eiiiel W illi pi H-t s Ull-
I char.
-e or uli-n eab'-p
I Tin a tjotvu a l ; .'
: lt
and ,
! -le-trolytlc copper were nominal at $!'',
5o and cssflng st $l'"i l.ead was oinet
st $5 w -1,0 6. so and spelter at p ln-th..'". iron
: was reporteci steady.
i ST. LOUIS. Fob. 3.-METAIJ4
Lead. I
1 stesdy at $6 n Sts'lter. stead.- st ."
Kiapnrated Apples.
; APPLES The msrket Is quiet, the demand
I showlrg very little Improvement and st rhS j
! ere well held, how ever, and pi ices are lit m .
jWith choice nuoled st 7,.fiS. nearlv pi line
st S4",'. eholre st loi fancy st U'ollSc
, ( AI.IFOH.MA PRlBi FRI iTS--Ptline
j re In good demand on spot, w ith quotations
! firm st 4Vnc. according to ginde. Aprn ots
i s's.-i are In fair demand and firmly held.
Choice ar quoted at l'MoUc. extra ciioii-e
j at loSj'iilOtic and tam-y at llfilU I'eai ! vs
r unchanged, with extra choice quoted at
I KV. fancy u 10'tfjllc. ( xtru fsncv st HS f
- IV. Raisins are quiet; oise Muscutels are
quoted at iy4iic. s-ed.-ii raisins at .'', 11
j 7 v snd lxmdon layers at $l.w.
naar and Mo:naara.
NEW YORK. Feb. 3 SUUA U Raw .
fair refining, i 15-l';fi"c; i-t-nirtl'ugal. S6
st. :i 7-16ti.Is,c; molasses sugar. 2 U-l-r
refined, steady; No. fi 4.30c; No. 7.
line; No, S. 4 1'V-; No. 9, 4.ic- No. I. 4e;
No. 11, 3.95c; No. U 3"c; N'o. 14. HV;
confectioners "A." 4 55c; mould "A." 6.a?c;
cut lost. .40c: crushed. & 4V: ' powdered.
4 .: gianulatid. 4.7o: cubes. 4 95c
MOLASSES Hrm; New Orleans open
kettle, good to choice. .'kii3c.
open kettle. 2H2-Sc: open kettle centri
fugal. 3V?3V: tenttifugal whites. .IS '9 4c;
yellows. Kvo'S-'V; seconds. 2t?3 1-1
Wool Market.
ST. IJUIS. Mo.. Feb. H.-W'tK L Steady ;
medium grades combing and clothing. 263
30c; light fine. :25r2ic; heavy tine. l!"321c;
tub washed, JCC&41V'.
LONDON. Feb. 8.-W001-The arrivals
of wool for the second series of auction
sales amounted to S3.s.4 hales. Including
M.50O hales forwarded direct to spinners.
The Imports this week were: New South
Wales, 6
6.81S boles; uueensiund. 2.413 Dales;
1.S94 hales; New Zealand. 14.672
bales; elsewhere, 979 bales.
Merchandise and specie.
NEW TORK. Feb. X Total Imports
inerclisndlse and dry goods at the port
New York for the week ending today were
vtilued at $16.03.670. Total Imports of siweis
were $11,214 silver and $22.91 gold. Total
exports of specie were $1.S76.299 silver nnd
$17,875 gold.
The Amamliia- Pea not.
At the word we smell not only that good
food of man and child and beast, but the
sawdust of the circus. The lions roar. The
clown pours out bis pleasantries. The
fender crackling of shells Is heard all around.
Peanuts! Peanuts In the south, the west,
the north. In the United States, a nut
contemporary tells us. are 350,(0 acres of
peanut land and 170,000 peanutters. Three
hundred million pounds of peanuts, worth
We are rery fortunate la blug able to arranfre with tbe pobllrtera
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It is well known to ereryone In business that In fixing a selling
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C.n :n Order Ttftstav Yen cannot afford to nxfass tbis oo
tnfLnJLyS!rZ'' port unity. Pend romlttajioes aad A
dress all com-m-rplratirn to THE TWKKTXKZU CTV&Y FA KM KM,
in .moio. Hre produce here every j-eai.
and yet peopl-- tnlk of "peanut" poUtlolans
rontempiuously. There are whole rplc
poems In 'he pctinuu It is accomplished
1 tin- AdnilraHIr Crlchlon of nuts. Eer
part of It Is uycful. It heats pens and corn
as a fattrner of stx k and poultry. II en
riches the soil as well as tho farmer. Praise,
honor and ent tin pean'it! St. loHls Re
and When They 4. re
The age at which drunkenness is estab
lished whs Investigated by Dr. Charles U.
Dana snd his conclusions, belnjt baaed
upon some thousands of eases, are not only
of gieut scleiitidc value, but have a practl-c:-l
applicatkm as well, briefly It might
i be said that Inebriety usually begins be
fore 20 years of age and if a man ha net
Indulged to excess before he is 25 he Is not
likely to do so later. There are o few who
begin excessive drinking between 9f and 40
years of sge that ope who has reached the
age of 30 without excesses is almost surely
ssfc. Dana stated that no cases arte after
40 years of sge. There It a popular Idea,
no doubt, that numerous cases do arise
after 40. but It Is not at all unlikely that
Investigation Into their early histories wDJ
bring to light a long serins of occasional
overindulgence with some symptom dat
ing back to childhood. Dana evidently re
fers to resl inebriety In yotith and not to
the lapses which so many young men
wrongly assume to be a part of their edu
cation, nor does he assert that all youth
ful inebriates are Incurable, hut merely
thst old case began at an early age.' Wild
I oals must be reaped In sorrow and pain.
i but they do not necessarily chok the whole
t crop of good seed. These statistics are of
such profound significance that It Is quite
remarkable they have elicited so little com
ment and have not been made the basis of
practical measures for the prevention of
drunkenness. American Medicine.
F. D. Day & Co.
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