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Esu'h ( arslint Membtr Makes, Se.iationsl
Attack oa Preiidant
He Irin I pner House to Meu
to Prrtrrrr lt Prerogatives
Which, He Says, Arc In
WASHINGTON. Jun. IT The loccnt
forcible removal from the While House
of Mm. Minor Morrl was made Itie sub
ject of emphatic denunciation by Mr. tllll
'man In the senate today. His renvyks
called out remonstnlnci-s from Messrs'.
Hale, Hopkins and Daniel, and led to the
very abrupt eloping of the doors and the
Jif!dn adjournment of thu senate In the
mldd:n of the afternoon.
The Krh abounded In Mr. Tillman's
jiecullar expression unU was cbiirac(Mlx-d
by many and exceptionally personal t'nusts
nt the president and at tttms he wept ever
what ho irgnrdrd a the Indignities 10 tho
1 idr. and his olic and eyes wen lull of
toars when he declared in the. face tf pro
tests from his follow senators thut he
would d"niand an Investigation of the
White House incident.
, The reference to the treatment ft Mrs.
Mollis constituted the latter half of a
speech, based upon the senator's resolution
making Inquiry of the president concern
ing tFie status of our relations wi'.h the
republic of Santo l)omlngo, and was Ubcd
to--. Illustrate his theory that the pr-ent
administration Is tending towards imperial
turn., In the first part of the address he
characterized the course of the l.'.'iked
Stales in .Santo Domingo as . a great c:;ilii
slun of the Monroo doctrine and said that
tf . pursued the polioy would lead the coun
try' into many serious complications. He
accused the president of putting the treaty
Into- execution In the face of the senate's
refusal to act, denounced the scnite as
and ald that he would tomorrow f"
present a resolution for an investigation
of the entire Incident.
It was the introduction of this resolu
tion which called out the protest from Mr.
Daniel, while Mr. Hale objected '.o th
presentation of the matter at all, 'xcept
upon proof. Mr. Tillman declared hn
determination not to be guided their
advice and closed with the reiteration ef
his determination to bring in th rea.init:on
tomorrow. The announcement occasijned
a number of hurried conferences unJ It
Is understood that as u result of them Mr.
Tillman will be urged not to carry out
bis purpose. Prominent senators on belli
sides said that the resolution would com
mand few votes.
Handred and ltr-lx Measures Put
Thrnaah In Eleven Ml antes.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 17. In a session of
two and a hulf hours today the nouse look
hie action on 16 pension bills. L.nler
the rules the bills are considered the fttst the work of the association
Annual Maetiag of Farmara' Co-oparaWa
Grain and EleTatar Aasaciatioa.
Una Added Tno tent Per llnahel to
the farm A aloe ot All the 4; rain
Prudnerd In the State ot
iFruin a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 17. (Special Telegram.)
The Farmers' Co-operative Grain and Ele
vator association began Its meeting here
this afternoon and was addressed tonight
by Gurdon W. Wattles of Omaha and
Thomas A. Anderson of Kansas City. This
afternoon James T. Brady gave a history
Mr. Ander-
Ume In committee of the whole, a'.'.cr
which they are formally passed by the
house. The whole number was put tnrmigli
tlfr- latter course by Speaker Cann n In
Just eleven minutes. Forty-two. of the
lM'neflclarles are blind and sixty-eight are.
Thu house adjourned at 2:35 o'clock i.nill
Depositions Taken In Halt Brought
Aaralnst Buyer.
SIOCX FALI.8. S. D.. Jan. 17.-Speclal.)
Depositions have been taken In the
Bonesteel country In a suit 'which shows
that, notwithstanding that "Jack" Sully,
t lie so-called "King of the Cattle Rust
lers," was shot and killed some time ago
by United States deputy marshals while
resisting arrest, the outgrowth of depreda
tions committed by himself nnd members
of his 'gang-continue to occupy the atten
tion of the courts.
The depositions were taken by County
Attorney H. F. Barnhart of Pierce, Neb.
The defendant In the suit is H. Rickgauer
of Brlstow. The suit Is based on some-
willing to submit subserviently to nil that
Is asked of it and Implored senators to ' wnat ""U""8' grounds. About three years
show their Independence and thus teach the
executive a lesson and at the .same
serve the country. :
With reference lo the Morris occu rr?ncc
he declared that the president had b en
derelict In falling . to punish his ubo.-di-uatcs-for
their course and quoted suite
n.epta from persons said to have been wit
nesses to show that the proceeding lad
been Inhuman. He Informally presented
ago Rickgaurr purchased a bunch of cat
tle which were afterward ascertained to
have been "rustled" by Jack Sully and
his' gang.
The plaintiffs In the suit are ranchmen
who claim the cattle purchased by Rlck
gauer were stolen from them. Rickgauer
refused to peaceably surrender the animals
and now they seek to recover from him
the value of the cattle alleged to have been
stolen and sold to him.
son spoke on the evils affecting the c-
operatlve exchange. The principal address
was by Mr. Wattles, who talked on the
Omaha Grain exchange. He said in part:
When the proposition was made io estab
lish a home market for the grain produced
In Nebraska, It met Willi my most earnest
support, in Its establishment 1 saw the
opportunity to Increase the value of tlie
arsln tiroduced in Nebraska, and Incident-
i ally to Increase the commerce of the city
In which I live. It was the firm purpose
of tlie promoters of this exchangu to coiiiicl
the recognition of this market by tlie trans
portation companies and to get a readjust
ment of railroad rales on grain throughout
the state, so that shipments to Omaha and
from Omaha on to other markets could be
made for the same tariff hs the through
rate from place of origin to those markets.
We demanded that the sum of thu two
locals should not exceed the tlirougn rate.
This demand was refused by those roaiis
which had lines running to the east Hnd
west of Omaha, but on May 10. 1901. rates
were mllusied bv nil roads entering Omaha
In accordance with our demands. Briefly
stated, local rates on wheal from Omaha to
I Chiraao were reduced from -1 cents to 17
cents per hundred ond the proportional
from 21 cents to 12 cents per hundred. The
local rates on corn were reduced from 18
cents to Pi cents per hundred, and the pro
portional from 18 cents to 11 cents per hun
dred. A similar reduction was nmdo on
other grains to Chicago and on all grains
to other markets. At the same time local
rate from points tributary to Omaha were
reduced from stations and through rates
from 7i5 stations. I am safe In saying that
the advantages In railroad rates alone, se
cured bv the Omaha Grain exchange, have
during the last two years been equal to 2
cents per hushef on all the grain shipped
from Nebraska.
Value ef Elevators.
But this has not been tho only advantage
of thin exchange to the stat. No less than
ten terminal elevators have been built or
are In course of construction. These ele
vators ranee from l,ni0.""O bushels down to
fcO.nno bushels' capacity. The present
H!p5i Every
nnd wrapper of the renulae Or. Bed's Pine-Tar-Honey
N primed the above Ucshtn. H
1h Ivith trade-mar't and (ruarvntee a war
rait that the medicine conwlurcl in ine bot
tle will cure co'.mns, colds ond all lung,
throat and chest, troubles more quickly eftectuuliy tliuu uny oth"r remedy.
Dr. SeiS's
is sold by all druggists, V., Me. and
11.00 per bottle. Manufactured by
Hardware Dealers' Convention.
MITCHKLL. 8. V., Jan. 17. 'Special
Telegram.) The first annual conven'l in of
the Smith Dakota Retail Hardware Dealers
association met In this city this morning i sell to exporters or large
j.n the City hs.l auditorium and 150 rep- ; 1, tl.centfy
lurniitii c ui me iiaue were inc
attendance being much larger than was
anticipated. E. D. Hawkins of Vermilion
was made chairman and K. I. Grega.-y of
Fatally Trad
Supplied: by
H. May & Co.
Liquor Dealers
1303 Oauilaa St,
Omaha, Nab.
Talaphona slot
storage capacity of our terminal elevators ,h- .....i
Is about 5,(KK.OOo bushels, and this will soon i " cre th" 'P-H titmbl
he Increusert hv tne ye-ocnncioer ele
vator with l.dXJ.odO bushels' capacity. The
storage of large quantities of isenrnsKa.
grain near nt home makes It possible to
large ennsumcra in
fore we had u.
no Biich large
purehaeers came west of Chicago for grain.
Since the Omaha Uratn exchange waa
started manv such purchases have been
I made from our grain merchants and rates
direct from Omaha to iverpooi ana otner
sccurca. in
of the National Hardware, association. Is
here to assist in the organization. Thla
evening the dealers were entertained t a
smoker by the Commercial league in the
Mitchell club rooms.
Alexandria, seeretarv. Commit t vrm foreicn markets have been
appointed on drafting by-law. ond .oi.stl- ! 0-
tutlon and to nominate officers the i According to the government reports. Is
assoclatlon. The afternoon was 'f-pen!. In I sued by the Department of Agriculture, the
discussion of these propositions bef,re tuk- j NebnlskT ttiTim -J? M
I M rr a n i, .inn T II ...... 1. . . . ... .
...9 -v. w . -uicj, nrui-uiiy . nii!ne . winter ana spring wneai 01 cenis.
oats 27 cents. Comparing these values
with those in Kansas, a state similarly sit
uated, and we rind that the farm vilue of
corn for that year in Kansas vas 3R cents,
or 8 cents over Ncbrnska; winter and
sprins wheat W cents, or 5 cents over Ne
braska; oats 20 cents, or 3 cents over Ne-
hMilrn 1,m aAmn 1'aaru rnv.irliiia in
FORECAST OF THE WEATHER I similar discrepancy existed against Ne-
' " IIIL. HfcSI ntn I..J., i. .,... i irnni I'nnmarpH will,
Mr. Jolink Is silent, preferring to tell them
to the farmers only and get his organiza
tion perfected before springing ll on the
public. Mr. Johnlt was a member of the
cbinmlttee which framed the resolutions
adopted by the Wichita convention, and he
was otic of the leaders In calling that con
vention. He is against the railroads dis
criminating ftrainst shippers or giving re
batts nnd he believes the way to fight them
Is to organise and go after them.
Grnln Trust Not Dead.
"If we are not careful, the grain dealers
will continue to do business as a trust Just
tho same as we have charged them with
doing," said James T. Brady last night.
"The attorney general has done a great
work In his light against the Oraln trust,
but there Is yet much work to be done. We
will never get the trust clear out of busi
ness until we go after the foundation of the
evil. The foundation Is the railroads. There
n Is. They can give
le rebates and they can discriminate
sirainst shippers, and until we can stop the
railroads by some, legal process, probably
he anti-trust law, w-e will never get the
Oraln trust out of existence. I feci sure
that the grain men ore still doing business
a trust, though under a different plan
from the card system which was exposed."
Senator Brady delivered an address before
le independent elevator men tlis after
noon. In which he told of the work of the
Blood Poison
All aiau ot the disease disappear at once.
Fair and Somewhat Colder In . e
. braaka nnd "oath Dakota Today
Fair Tomorrow.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 17Forecast of the
weather for Thursday and Friday:
For Nebraska and South Dakota Fair
and somewhat colder Thursduy; Friday,
For Iowa Fair Thursday and Friday, pre
ceded by snow Thursday in east portion.
For Missouri Fair Thursday and Friday.
For Wyoming Fair Thursday; Bnow Fri
day. ,
Local Becord. .
OMAHA, Jan. 17. Official record of tem
perature and nreclnltatioii. comuarert with
ine corresponaing oay or tne last three i cimnge nan increaaea me larm value ot
years: 1906. 19nfi. 1904. 1903. i corn in Nebraska by 7 cents per hushel, we
Maximum temperature.... 4H 35 as 31 , can place to the credit of that institution
Minimgm temperature.... 24 11 24 23 ' the enormous sum of tls.nou.CMJU gained for
Mean temperature 35 ' 23 31 27 ' the farmers of Nebraska on the crop of 10
Precipitation 00 .00 .00 .00 .alone. It cannot be denied that tlie Omaha
- Temiierature and precipitation departures I Grain exchange has added at least 2 cents
from the normal at Omahc dines March 1. per hushel to all the grain produced in Nt-
other western states, we find the Nebraska,
producers did not receive, up to and in
cluding 1fl03. us much for their grain by
several cents per bushel as the producers
of other states, even after making a 'lib
eral allowance for dlstnnco from Chicago
ami eastern markets. Kansas has hud a
home market at Kansas City for several
years. Since the Omaha market was estab
lished the discrepancy in the farm value
of corn has almost disappeared, so that by
he government report for 1!6. Just printed,
we lind that the farm value of corn In
Nebraska for this year was only 1 cent per
bushel less than In Ksnsas. This only
amounts to about the difference in the cost
of transportation to the gulf ports.. While
the discrepancy against Nebraska 1 in- the
farm value of wheat and oats still exists,
it may be explained by the superior quality
of theBe cerenls last year In Kansas,
Adda to I'srm Valaea.
If it be true, as Indicated by the govern
ment reports, cnai ine umana urain x-
Treats All Forma of Disease of
i . MK OXLY.
Thirty Years' Experience.
Twenty Years in Omaha.
The 'doctor remarkable success bus
ntver been equalled. His resources and
facilities for treating this class of diseases
sis unlimited, and every day brings many
tli-.tering reports of .the good he Is doing o
the relief he has slven.
Varirnral ct'res ouarantef.d in
duar ?n nnn cases cured of Hydrocele,
CI OU.UUU Htrl.ture. Oleet, Nervous
Debility. Lo-s of SlreMgili and Vitality and
all forms of chronic diseases.
Tre-vfnent by mall, tv.ll or write. Box
7. Office, 215 Soutn Hth St.. Omaha. Neb.
Charges Les 1 ban ail ethers
nnd comparison with the lust two years
Normal temperature , ig
Excess for the day 17
Total excess since March 1 &s
Normal precipitation 02 Inch
Deficiency for the day 02 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 29. 99 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 2. S3 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 19"6.... S. 05 luetics
Excess for cor, period. 1904 1.80 inches
Reports fr.m Stations at T P. M.
Station and Stato Tern. Max. Raln-
01 weatner. 7 p. in.
Bismarck, clear 16
Cheyenne, partly Qloujy.... 28
Chicago, cloudy 40
Davenport, clear 3
Denver, partly cloudy 48
Havre, clear 14
Helena, partly cloudy 34
Huron, clear 38
Kansas City, clear 42
North Platte, cloudy 38
Omaha, clear 41
Rapid City, clear 38
St. Louts, clear 5t
St. Paul, snowing 26
Salt Lake City, cloudy 42
Valentine, clear 38
, Willlston. cloudy 8
"T" Indicates trace of precipitation.
Indicates lielow sero.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
Tern. fall. I
32 .02 ;
36 . .00
40 ' .04 '
40 .00 ;
64 T
20 T I
. M Hi
42 T
62 .00 '
62 .00
48 .00
42 .00
58 .00
28 .US
48 .00
44 . .OA
2 T I
A nonalcoholic medicinal bev'
erare. corrbininj th food
extract of malted (pre-4irtted)
Barley and the bittf ." tonic es
sence ot Imported Hop in the
I)iov pJjU'. lc l'.irm.
When jVc'G'-d by the jury of
expern it I.ew:i srd Clark Cen
tennial r.jpji;;un at Portland,
Ore, 190, SltJRZ MALT
EXTRACT s given H ghest
Award indGjld Mrdil tor pur
ity end excellence. Order a cue
( dos, bottla). A4
Pot-still Scotch
JTasrVa only aimtil.
lt supply tag whtMky f thm
I Everywhere
i The Scotch with the Pear.drop flavor.
1 Be at at Riley Bros. A Co.,
i sa4 at Class. Cafes. Hauls ss4 1 Dealers.
, The Cook & Bernheimer Co,,
WLK AURa-ia FOR I. S. A.
Pc&iSMv llai"cil sail thixila luw
l"ill! ...n. "': "'wvu.urful
V SSCr -tvS t'S d.eYiaarbvSt-iCit.
' is , , ir!!TTv!i 1'ur im.ui 1
ii im 'iin'.i.ui.ijj iae f rwr "s
SIAI4S.l.. OiH iio Tjr - V f-Jrl -
wtiwr. 1411 hmi ftiAntk fge yv f -
Illiwime4 b..k-.W ttstrw . '''
full llrttl&rend ,eretio. 4v M
'a m. ini.,itw 't" j
For gala by
CakB M4 M MMif.
W r 111, CaMMtaa
tlie Bi tot ularsl
ImiAlluM r eicraioM
f meeese s.sibra.
1 EveMCataau C. r
Ltl. 4 enl Is sUia n.HT,
I "T s. rid. fee
Vsl . rl ksttlnSi TS.
k t3Uwdf iwt ea raiueea
Taos sufleruis: iroiu week
nsate waieb nil the pleasures
ot life should take J urea Pills.
One boi will tell a stars of
mcrt.lou. rasulii. This medicine has score
rejurenatlna. TitsJItlna force than has STer
before beea offered. tent pott paid la plats'
paessite eois on receipt or tais aa. and Si.
Made lil ice originator C. 1. Hoed ro.. pro.
priewrs ttoe4's 6arsaarUla. LrslL liasa,
DrasKa py securing lower rates of trans
portatlon to eaatera and foreign markets
and by estabiistiliiK b'ttcr Kiad'.ng and
opening- better markets. This saving to
the farmers of this suite amounts to 17,500,
Onl per annum on a full crop. Even this
has Justified the existence of the Omahii
market. Two cents per hushel adds $1 per
acre to the income of land which will pro
duce fifty bushels of corn to the acre. One
dollar per acre additional income Is 5 per
cent on -' per acre auaiuonai value. Tun
claim therefore is not unreasonable that
the Omaha Oraln exchana-e has been one
of the Important Influences which has
caused the enormous Increase of the values
of our farm lands In this state during tho
last two years.
When I hear of projects to establish other
markets In Nebraska, 1 am reminded of the
advice clven by a father to his seven sous
He bound together a number of sticks and
offered a reward to the one who would
break them. They all tried and failed, but
when he unbound them, he broke them
one by one with ease. There are those in
Nebraska, who would he glad to see numer
ous grain markets established in order to
dissipate the central force of our powerful
organization, but those who favor this plan
are not workinsr In the Droducers' interests.
It matters little to the men who earn their
bread by the sweat of their faces, who
m'nrk In the eielrij. and who are the hone
and sinew of all our greatness, where lliey
sell the results of their toll. It matters
much to them and to us all that they shall
receive the highest possible reward fur
their labors. One great live stock market
In our state has been of Inestimable value
One great (Tain market will be of equal
Eatltled to Sqaare Deal.
On the shield of Nebraska is emblazoned
the motto. "Eouallty before tlie law.
This motto has Ix-en condensed by our able
and fearless president into three words,
which all westerners understand, "A square
deal." No citizen has a right to expect
more, no one can afford to uccept less. If
in the past the producers of Nebraxku have
been deprivca oi a pan or me. results of
their toll by unlawful combinations, formed
to prevent fair competition for their prod
ucts, such combinations should be forever
ended by all the lawful forces at our com
mand. If we have not surtlclent laws on
our statute hooks to insure every pro
ducer of this state "a square deal'' In the
marketing of his products,- such laws
should be speedily enacted. Every young
men. whether he lives on the farm or In
the city, must have an equal chance with
bis fellows In the battle of life. This is
the piinelple for which our forefathers
fought; against ll no combination nor cor
poration can successfully contend. The
railroads of this slate must lie compelled to
J grant the same rights and the same rates
iu me miiMii auippt-r ua iu ine large, secret
renates, wnicu destroy the weak and ln
creaae the strong, cannot be justlned either
In law or morals, and must be stopped.
The right to engage In the grain trade and
to erect elevators at all stations in tlie
state must be conceded. The right to main
tain a home market for the grain of Ne
braska, with equal privileges, equal rates
and "a square deul with other maatets,
Is a purpose which will appeal to the great
army of producers throughout the male,
and no corporation or individual, however
powerful, can afford to withhold or abridge
this lawful and just purpose. The Omaha
Urain exchange asks no charity nor unfair
concessions. It desires peice, but Is able
and willing and ready to tight for Us rights
and the lights of Us patrons. If necessary.
Farmers to Market Owa Grata.
To organize the farmers of Kansas, Ne
braska. Iowa and Missouri and to maintain
their own board of trade and to sell their
own grain la ths proposition J. U. Johnk of
Solomon, Kan., will make to tho tndepend
1 ent elevstos and grain then, In session here
this a sea. As to Ihe details of his plaa
Mnnev Un second. Susie Christian third.
Time: 1:16 v.
NEW OUi.KAXP. Jan. IT. Results nt
FHir Grounds:
First race, six fiirlons-s: Optional won.
Flnstlckrr second. Sea Voyage third. Time:
Pecond race, three and a half furlongs:
Mimic's Daughter won. Miss fusils second.
Jink Hardy third. Time: 0:4.iH-
Third nice, six furlong: The Cure won,
Hannibal Hey second. Pity third. Time:
Fourth race, one mile: North Wind won.
King Ellsworth second, Hell The Cat third
Ttni-: 1:45..
Hfth race. Ave and a half furlongs:
Guiding Star won, Third Alarm second.
High Clmncel third. Time: !:.
Sixth race, one and a sixteenth miles:
Decoration won. Sincerity lielle second.
Ixs Angelcno third. Time: 1:50V.
NEW OH LEAN P. Jun. IT. Hesults at
City park:
First race, Ave and a half furlongs:
Lyman Hay won Julia M. second. Clique
third. Time: 1:07V
Second race, live snd s half furlongs.
Ida Davis won. Follies Hergeres second,
Immortelle third. Time: l:",l,.
Third nice, live furlongs: Hegonia won,
Oliver second. Heart 01 Hyuclntli third.
Time: 1:02.
Fourth race, short course steeplechase:
Rip won. Ctianley second, Oliver Mack
third. Time; 3:23V
Fifth i-nce. one and n sixteenth miles.
Hi ushton won. Thora Lee second, Oddo
leita third. Time: 1:4SV
Sixth race, one and a sixteenth miles:
Trexel won. Thistle Do second. Amherlta
third. Time: 1:4&.
Seventh ruce, one mile: Orly II won.
(Since Wagner second. 8t. Tammany,
third. Time: 1:40. 1
BRKtK IS 11K BIN, IRll.E '
Several (Inns to Withdraw from
Class A Combination.
LOT'ISVILLE. Ky.. Jan. 1". A special
received late this afternoon from Cleve
land, O., says that Manager Grlllo of the
Toledo American association team will
withdraw his club from the "Class A"
combination now existing between mem
bers of the American association, the
Southern league, the Pacific league and
the Eastern league of base ball clubs. It
Is slated that seven teams will follow
the action of Manager Orlllo. According o
Manuger Walk ins of the Indianapolis
team, the Class A organization was for the
purpose of bettering tho condition of
minor league base ball and obtaining :in
Incrensed draft price and a one-man draft
rule. Tne major leagues have granted
these requests.
Mr. Watkins in discussing alliance af
fairs says:
"For some time Mr. Bryce, Mr. Rau
schaupt, Mr. Orlllo, Mr. Kelley nnd my
self of the American assoclotlon and sev
eral members of the Eastern and Paclllc
Coast leagues have felt that there is no
need of continuing this organization and,
so far as we are concerned, it Is extinct."
The matter here is believed to be an
outcome of the fight beta-en Han Johnson
of the American lengue and Oeorge Tebeau
of the American association.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 17. President
Kavanaugh of the Southern league said
tonight that the withdrawal of the Toledo
club from the Class A alliance waa what
he had expected. "The only suppose,;
reason for Its existence was to ohtalu
amendments lo the drafting rules," lie
said, "and these were finally adopted at
Cincinnati. January 11. Having secured
the amendments, the only tiling left for
the alliance to do was to dissolve."
r. . r
1 rum 11I , I
The Jettters Gold Tops last night, on
Lcntz & Williams' alleys, played In phe
nomenal form against the Armours No. 2
team, taking three games and the highest
scores in the league In total pins. Score:
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
2l 163 163 623
IHO 1X7 IDS 672
152 1SR 226 5fiS
1H2 229 1.13 55
165 202 217 685
Jake Sanders Wins Henry of ararre
Handicap at Oakland.
BAN FKANCIROO. Jan. 17. Jake Sanders
made every powe- winning one In the
Henry of Navarr handicap at Oakland to
day and won- hAmVlly. f.ol Ragon. the
favorite, ' finlSh'ttV second. Hnnnockbelle
nosed out show1 jnor.ey from the fast
coming Benighted; Considering the st irmy
weather, there v'us a good attendance.
The track was very sloppy. Results:
Mist race, mrec tui'longs: Tawasentha
won, Janice Marian second. Our Anna
third. Time: 0:36.
Second race, futurity course: Procrasti
nate won. Pickaway second, Marie H
third. Time: l;tf.
Third race, seven furlongs: Major Tenny
won, Distributor second. Cardinal Sarto
third. Time: 1:2ft1.
Fourth race, the Henry of Navarre
handicap, one and an eighth miles: Jake
Sanders won. Boh Hagon second. Bannock
belle third. Time: l:564.
fifth race, one and a sixteenth miles:
Fastoso won, Hooligan second. Cloche d'Or
third. Time: 1:60.
Sixth race, one mile nnd 100 yards:
Massa won, The Mighty second, Sals third.
Time: 1:48.
LOS ANGELES. Jan. 17. Results at
First race, one and a sixteenth miles:
Nine Spot won. Harbor second, Ethylene
third. Time: l:4Wj.
Second race, seven furlongs: Orllene
won. Silver WeiHling second. Sliver sue
third. Time:1 1:28.
Third race, one mile: orensn won.
Graphite second, Ralph Young third. Time:
Fourth race, one ana a sixteenin miles.
handicap. $1,000 added: Cutter won, Clyde
O. second. Galpin third. Time: l:4fi4.
Fifth race, futurity course; Fireball won.
Betsy second, Northvllle third. Time:
1 :liVis- '
Sixth race, six furlongs: liussrui won,
Prlmeau .
Groffe ....
White ....
Totals .
903 PTS
Collins .
Griffin ..
I Davis ..
144 .
, 150
. 134
. 154
. 221
26 2.804
3d. Totsl.
805 861 745 2,411
Wisconsin Wants Conference.
MADISON, Wis.. Jan. 17. t'pon recom
mendation of the state universities commit
tee on athletics the regents today endorsed
the recent action of the university faculty
In condemning the evils of Intercollegiate
foot ball and recommending that a confer
ence of nine universities of the middle
west, to meet at Chicago next Friday, de
clare In favor of suspending Intercollegiate
foot ball games for the next two years.
. Woman Skat for Pi-isee.
In the open half mile roller skating race
at the Auditorium Wednesday night Miss
Anne Kane carried on nrst nonors witn
Miss Belle Mustln a close second. Miss
Bessie Rellly was third. Miss Kane took
the lead from the start and held It ill
the way, although Miss Mustln crowded
her hard at each turn and was never more
than a yard behind. Tho raco was wit
nessed by one of the largest crowds of
the season and was full of excitement,
good time being made and the young
women took tne corners aoout as wen ns
do the men In their races.
Pei Moines Dost Makes Fine Race.
GRAND Jl'NCTION, Tenn., Jan. 17.
The all age stake, which began today, af
forded the best sport seen so far at the
present trial of the Cnlted States Field
Trial club. Weather conditions today were
almost perrect. Ten Braces, tne full entry
list of the first series, finished today and
left almost a toss up In the meeting of
dogs to be declared In for the second
series. One-halt of the held was declared
In to start tomorrow. Baby Ale, the prop
erty of W. M. Cooper of Dea Moines, la ,
ran the prettiest heat today.
WATCHES. J renzer, 16th and Dodga
The ever uniform quality of
Blatz Wiener means that un
deviating principles are prac
ticed at the brewery
f1 Aff tR
The most critical exactness is
exercised in every process.
That's why Blatz Beers are
always the same.
Omaha Branch
1412 Douflas Street TeL 1081
nmnsnaai Al wave tho Ssme Good Old "&la,ts
Every Saturday and Sunday
up to April 1st. 1906
yPLE Lev
. (DlLmf
Mlnden -Harlan
Manning -
Fort Dodge -
. 1.60
- 2.80
Eafl Crov
Clarion . -Hampton
Mason City
. 5 45
Coed returning loUawtnf Meaasy.
Wt In hrsvssarte tt
ti. H- Char aa. sTeajsral Ae. 111 see ess .
The confidence of the public is
the final proof of merit, '
Has stood the test
It is old and pure
jm Kose
toilet or
the skin
thoroughly and leaves it smooth, soft
and healthful. Odor of natural flowers, g
James S. Kirk
8i Company
Come lo our office and we will mte - tnorouKn. searching and scientific EX
AMINATION of your ailments FR KB OF CHAHOE, an examination that will
disclose vour true physical condition, without a knowledge of which you are
groping In the dark and without a thorough understanding of which no physi
cian or specialist should be allowed to treat you. If you have taken treatment
without success we will show you why It failed. We want all ailing men to
feet that they can come to our office freely for examination and explanation
of their condition without being bound by any obligation to take treatment
unless they ho desire. Every man. whether taking treatment or contemplating
same, should take advantage of this opportunity to learn his true condition,
as we will advise hlni how to best regain his health and strength and preserve
the powers or manhood unto ripe old age.
We are helping weak, nervous, bioken-down young ana middle-Aged men
back to ruddy health, Invariably without interfering with their usual business
pursuits They -come to us weakened and debilitated from specific or private
diseases and secret weaknesses. Many are discouraged, depressed, nervous,
tired languid full of regret, perhaps, for the errors of youth or later excesses
and indiscretions. Some are on the brink of nervous exhaustion, caused by
worn' overwork, neglect of the human system, dissipation, etc.
We wish that you could see theni change after commencing treatment
with us Everv day their condition Improves. You can see the depression
vsnih snd a new alertnecs In their face and bearing as the n-w rod blood of
health courses through their veins and they are Infiltrated with new vitality,
new hope and new energy. Tliey go away feeling all new-strong physically,
mentally and sexually. We admit a thoughtful, scientific. Intelligent method,
ra(.h patient needs different treatment as well as special advice and counsel.
Years of close studv. supplemented by sn extensive practice, enables us lo de
termine this and become thoroughly conversant with the Individual require
ments of each esse.
We Cur Quickly, Hafely and ThorouRhlj
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal, Kid
ney and Urinary Diseases
and all diseases and weaknesses of men duo to Inheritance, evil habits, -
cesses, self-abuse or me result 01 specuiu ui pi """-
Cansultstlon " yu cannot can wrue ior symptom Diana,
and nxsmlnstlon Office Hours- a. m. to p. m. Sundays, W to 1 only.
1308 Farnam St., Between i:lth and Utti Sis., OMAHA. NEB.
from excesses or victims to Nervous Debility or es
bsustlon. Wasting Weakness, with Early Decline lr
young and middle-as d; lack of vim. vigor and
strength, with organs impaired and weak. Our
treatment wlil correct all of llitM svtls snd restore
you to what nature Intended, a hale, healthy, happy
man with all powers vigorous and perfect,
us OlfftPCI r cured peifiiy and permanently for
I AKIlUUC.Lt ),(e by one treatment. No cutting, ns
nsln no danger. ' detention from work. No othet
Irestment will CURB as quick.
ni nnn DniCnil cured quicker than at Hot Sprlugs.
BLUUU rUIOUrl At once every trace of the dis
ease disappears. n sores come on body tsores In
mouth throat, tongue, hair falling out stop at once),
itr. . ln mr all contuslous or acquired diseases-.
ft? Hjdrocele, prostatic. Catarrh of Bladder, Kidney,
Sl all chronic aisemen or men sou wunmn.
H mrp examination and consultation. Write fof
u we . . . - i . -. . . .
KlWtHSVv' 'r1rr1 ' I Ilk fa BWllpIom Plana lur imnn inaiumu.
. . .... ii... la a Mtraets. Omaha. Xebraskaw