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J '8B.1HO 12 81,4,10
84.010 a R2,Nm
01.200 24 31, MO
10 81.000 16 32,40i
11 81.MHO 28 KU.II.V)
'2 IIO.BMI rt 81, (MO
13 81.200 28 si.nuo
h 31.3SO is 3i.r.ii
15 31.430 .....' 31.UM0
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We are once more at the putting of
I ho ways. (iood-bye, 1h)5.
That Boston copper brokerage firm
which failed evidently took Tom Law
sou seriously.
Governor Mickey Is not a caudldnte
for re-election, says the Lincoln Star,
and that should be taken for official and
Resumption of truffle by Russian rail
roMds may mean that a number of so
cialist leaden desire to move to n less
dangerous climate.
Attorney Jerome promises to be re
sponsible for much of the good work of
the mayor's subordinates in New York
for Hie next four years.
The German lieutenant who succeeded
lit capturing Miss Uusch of St. Louis ex
hibited n degree of strategy which would
have made Von Moltke proud.
Now that the lusuruucc investigation
Is about closed, numberless nostrums as
h sure cure of the insurance graft will
be patented and put upon the market.
Hryan Is studying the Filipinos and
Filipinos are studying Hryan at close
range. When they get acquainted with
each other they will know more about
each other.
The day may come when lawyers will
tm held as strictly accountable for their,
stfitfrincnts lu court as witnesses; and in
that day there will be fewer courts and
wider Justice.
No Tammany leaders have been ap
pointed by Mayor McClellau, but It Is
not difficult to foresee the result of the
election In Tiiimnany hull for the llsh
follow the food.
The Xew York insurance hearing has
closed aud It is now in order for the
members to discover the real value of
publicity in crystallizing public senti
ment Into adequate laws.
Federal grand Juries in Chicago seem
to be made of different stuff from fed
eral grand Juries in Nebraska. They
have no Jim Crows or .Toe Crows or
Tat Crowes as foremen.
If Nebraska Is to have a big man for
governor next time why not recall Gov
ernor Magoon from Panama, lie is a
six-footer aud weighed pounds be
fore he went to the isthmus.
Fx Governor Odell declares that his
successor. Governor lligglns, is inspired
by Roosevelt. If a few more governors
were afflicted with the same inspiration
the country would not suffer very much.
In spite of offers of .'si per cent am.1
men: for call money on several days,
Now York lank reserves show a decided
increase over last week. The money
chsnrers must have received a lip"
lron headquarters.
The fact of two strangers having beeu
choked 'to death at an Omaha hotel by
gas escaping 'from leaky gas burners
opens the way fr auother heated dis
cussion on the gas question at the uext
meeting of the council.
Senator Millard will meet with a
strenuous New Year's welcome from a
very large numtter of his constituents,
most of whom are applicant for the va-t-afiey
of the United States attorneyship
or friends of the men who want to AH
the vacancy. Such Is senatorial life
A most eventful year ends with to
daya year whose record constitutes one
of the most Interesting chapters in the
world's history and will for an Indefinite
time exert an Influence upou the rela
tions and the affairs of the nations.
l or the Fnited States l'.HXi bus been a
year of peace, progress aud unprece
dented prosperity. Great crops have re
warded the lalmr of the agricultural pro
ducers, their aggregate value exceeding
that of any previous year. The output
of the manufacturing Industries has
been greater than ever before in a
twelvemonth. There has been ft vast
Increase In Internal and foreign com
merce. Our exports and Imports for
the year run $13o.oi0,ono for ex
ports aud $i0,0iH,0(i0 for Imports over
hist year. Railroad gross earnings ore
some f 120,00,s0 over 1!h4 and net
earnings some $K.(miO,0im). Bank clear
ings are about $34,000,000,000 more than
In 1!HM, or a growth In overturn of a
third. Expenditures of steam railroads
for new rolling stock during the year
far surpass all previous records, amount
ing to above $200,000,000. Such are some
of the evidences of national prosperity,
to which must be added the large accu
mulations of the people as shown in the
savings bank deposits, representing
chiefly the gains of lubor. No approxi
mately accurate estimate can now be
made of the addition for the year to the
nation's wealth, but It amounts to thou
sands of millions of dollars. In another
respect, that of world Influence, the
1'nlted States has advanced. The dem
onstrated devotion of this republic to
the cause of peace among the nations,
magnificently exemplified In the action
of its chief executive in bringing about
the peace negotiations between Russia
and Japan, has led the nations to regard
this country as pre-eminently the power
capable of promoting International
peace. More than ever before in its his
tory the United States enjoys the re
spect and confidence of the nations.
When the year opened no one could
foresee the end of the mighty conflict In
the far east. Vast armies confronted
cacn other in preparation for what wiis
expected to be the greatest battle of
modern times. A formidable Russian
fleet was moving toward Asiatic waters
to challenge Japan's control of the sea.
With profoundest Interest the world
nwalted a meeting of the hostile forces.
The great naval battle in the Sea of
Japan decided the conflict. Russian
power in the far east was hopelessly
broken. The time for Intervention had
come and with a tact that commanded
the admiration of the world President
Roosevelt brought the belligerent na
tions together In peace negotiations. The
conclusion of the war placed Japan
among the world powers and gave to
China assurance that her territorial In
tegrity would be preserved. By the
treaty of Portsmouth Japan committed
herself to the "open door" for trade and
a treaty recently concluded with China,
under which sixteen ports and cities of
that empire are to be opened to the com
merce of the world, shows the sincerity
of Japan's purpose to give all the com
mercial nations a fair opportunity in the
Asiatic markets. Assured of the preser
vation of her territorial Integrity ami
"administrative entity," China is mani
festing a disposition to assert herself as
an independent nation. She is organiz
ing an army with a view to self-defense
and otherwise preparing to take n place
among the world powers. This gives as
surance of a radical change in the rela
tions of the western nations with those
of the east, which may produce future
conditions that cannot be foreseen.
"China for the Chinese" Is a present cry
that seems ominous, but may not prove
as significant as some apprehend, though
It should not be regarded too lightly. As
to the rise of Japan to a controlling posi
tion In the affairs of the far east, there Is
In It nothing to cause distrust or uppre
heuslon on the purt of western nations.
The course of that power has dispelled
the fear of the "yellow peril" and It is
not likely to reappear within a genera
tion, If ever.
Events In Europe during ttie year have
been of great interest and of large Im
port. Foremost in the stage of affairs
is the revolutionary movement in Rus
sia, the final outcome of which cannot
be predicted with confidence. It is a
protest of the people against despotic
rule aud bureaucratic oppression and
corruption which It is safe to say can
not fall to result in radical political, so
cial aud Industrial changes to the ma
terial benefit of the masses. The gov
ernment may not be overthrown, for the
great Istdy of the Russian people are
not now prepared for self-government,
but autocracy will be shorn of much of
Its power and the bureaucratic regime
will come to an end. The'revolutionary
movement may ls checked, for the mili
tary power of the government is still
strong, but the "spirit which Inspired the
movement cannot be destroyed. It has
become so widespread and deep-seated
that to uproot it Is impossible aud there
can be uu doubt that sooner or later it
will secure the concessions it demands.
The separation of Sweden aud Norway
and the creation thereby of a new mon
archy was an event chiefly of luterest
to the two countries immediately con
cerned. The issue betweeu Germany
and France regarding their respective
interests iu Morocco for a time threat
ened to become serious, but both na
tions agreed to submit the issue to an
international conference, which, as now
arranged will meet early uext mouth.
France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain,
Austria aud Great Britain will partici
pate iu the conference. The Mace
donian question, betweeu Turkey and
the lowers, involving the regulation of
the financial affairs of Macedonia,
threatened to become troublesome, but
the derided stand taken by the powers
appears to hare averted any danger of
erlous coufllct. The internal affairs
oVau stria-Hungary have leen much dis
turbed and are still unsettled. It seems
certain that the- must soou undergo
a radical change or modification, for
there has been developed among the
people a very strong democratic ten
dency. The most Important event iu
France during the year hns been the
separation of church and state, the union
of which had existed for more than a
century. The political effect of this Is
yet to be shown. An election for mem
bers of the Chamber of Deputies Is
soon to lm held and undoubtedly the
church and state separation will enter
Into the campaign, though it Is hardly
possible that there will ever be a re
versal of the action that has been taken.
Germany has had a peaceful year, with
out any yery notable happening, and
at its close Is enjoying a good degree
of prosperity. For Italy the year's rec
ord presents nothing of unusual Inter
est, and this is also the case with other
continental countries of which special
mention Is not made above.
Great Britain has during the year
been rather more than ordinarily ac
tive in international affairs and her in
fluence has been in the interest of peace.
Her treaties with Japan anil with
France, while of course prompted by
the desire to protect her own interests,
are yet, peace promoters. The change
in the ministry, by which the liberal
party has been restored to power, will
be followed by a dissolution of Parlia
ment and a general election which will
determine whether or not the existing
fiscal policy of the nation is to be main
tained. The campaign, with this ques
tion as the paramount issue, is now on.
According to recent figures, British
trade during 1003 has been good, yet
there Is a vast number of unemployed
In the I"nlted Kingdom and a great deal
of destitution nnd suffering. This Is
one of the most pressing matters with
which the new ministry will have to
Our northern nleghbor, Canada, has
had a year of prosperity, as also has
our southern neighbor, Mexico, which
during the year took steps to put her
currency on a gold basis. The south
and Central American countries, with
the exception of Venezuela, have ex
perienced no serious troubles during the
year, and there-is promise that Vene
zuela will reach an amicable settlement
of her difficulties. The southern repub
lics, notably Argentina, are making pro
gress. That the work of civilization and en
lightenment has gone forward during the
last year is unquestionable and so far
as our own country is concerned by no
means the least important of the year's
benefits is the awakening of the public
conscience against corrupt political boss
ism and the strengthening of the popu
lar determination to put a stop to cor
poration abuses and lawlessness.
The policy pursued by the Burlington
railroad ever since It obtained a foot
hold In Nebraska has been tc build up
local traffic by the encouragement of the
settlement of thrifty and industrious
farmers on the lands within Its land
grant, as well as the lands that aro
tributary to it
As a result of this policy the lands in
the South Platte country, traversed by
the Burlington lines, have been densely
settled by progressive nnd Industrious
farmers and villages nnd towns have
been built up at comparatively short dis
tances along Its entire route between
Plattsmouth and McCook. The same
policy that has been successfully pur
sued by the Burlington south of the
Platte Is being extended nlong its branch
lines north of the Platte.
In order to carry out this policy more
effectively the Burlington now proposes
to establish a bureau of information to
assist legitimate honieseekers to locate
lunds still available and utilize its re
sources with a view of settling up the
state. In selecting I). Clem Deaver as
manager of Its homeseekers' laud bureau
the Burlington has made an excellent
choice. As register of the O'Neill land
office during the past four years Mr.
Ieaver has had ample opportunity to
familiarize himself with the location and
character of tho unsettled public lands
and the railway laud grants, and has,
moreover, an enviable record for effi
ciency and square dealing. This was of
ficially acknowledged by the commis
sioner of the general land office aud the
inspectors, who have made a thorough
investigation of Nebraska land office of
ficials for the Interior department.
When the United States Steel corpora
tion entered its vast field of usefulness
it was given out cold by the promoters
of the trust that the object of the com
bination was not to Increase the price
of steel products, but merely to utilize
tho latest improved machinery In mod
ernized factories with a view to cheap
ening production and to effect great
economies by the consolidation of forces
employed at that time iu the various
steel making concerns.
In the face of the fact that the Steel
trust was capitalized at $l,r00,000,000,
it required great deal of credulity for
nuy intelligent person to take stock in
these assurances. It should have been
patent to all men that the steel corpora
tion would, In addition to paying the In
terest charges on Its bond issue -of $500,
(K,0o0, want to earn dividends on $1,
( 10,000,000 of stock, which represented
monopoly as its chief asset.
The fact that the Steel trust stocks
have been fluctuating and fluttering up
and down the scale for the past three
years afforded tangible proof that the
property bad b;en overvalued and could
not possibly earn the promised dividends
unless the price of steel products was
abnormally raised. This consummation
has, tinslly leen reached.
It is announced that from and after
tomorrow the price of structural steel
beams will be raised by $0 per ton over
the price that has prevailed during the
year This Increase of lo per cent
would not seem to be extravagant were
It not for the fact that structural steel
rails have for yenrs Iwcn selling at
double the price that steel railroad rails
have commanded In the American mar
ket. At least so per cent of the differ
ence between the two prices represents
the exaction which trust managers have
Imposed in order to be able to pay divi
dends on a billion dollars of water.
The problem of local self-government
touches a larger number of the Ameri
can people than almost any other Issue
with which they are confronted. The
tendency of rural imputations to gravi
tate toward population centers is mani
fested by the rapid growth of large
cities, and the greatest difficulty Amer
ican cities have encountered has been to
secure an efficient and honest municipal
The experience of nil the cities has
taught one lesson, namely, that dishon
esty in public office is not confined to
any particular party and that extrava
gance, wastefulness aud graft permeate
almost every city hall and court house
In the land to a greater or lesser degree,
regardless of political conditions. Ex
perience has ulso demonstrated that effi
ciency and integrity iu the various
branches of. municipal administration
cannot be guaranteed by following any
plan of reform. In some cities centrali
zation and the one-man-power have been
most effective In eradicating the worst
evils with which cities are afflicted. In
other cities management of muuiclpal af
fairs by various boards has been most
One of the most eminent political
economists, Prof. Taussig of Harvard,
advocates long terms of service for the
administrative officers, reduction In the
number of elective officers and the en
largement of the appointing power. In
other words. Prof. Taussig would center
responsibility on the executive of the
city rather than leave the selection of
public officials to political organizations
and irresponsible voters. A municipal
administration chosen on these lines
would doubtless afford greater protec
tion to the taxpayers, always providing
that the chief executive chosen by the
people is a man of high Ideals, superior
executive ability and sound Judgment.
On the other hand, If the head of the
municipal government should happen to
lack all of these qualifications, or any of
them, the centralization of power would
prove to be disastrous to efficient and
economic government.
The Irrepressible trend of public senti
ment Is In favor of divorcing municipal
government from all politics, but that
reform cannot be accomplished so long
as city charters are fabricated by legis
latures. In other words, politics cannot
successfully be eliminated from our mu
nicipal governnnts until the cities
make their owri charters. The Toledo
plan commends Itself as the most prac
tical measure for the election of mu
nicipal officers regardless of their polit
ical affiliations, but as yet it is confined
to the election of school boards.
Under the Toledo system of school
elections no party nominations are per
mitted. Each candidate must have his
name filed without political designation
and the pames are placed on the ballot,
in their alphabetical order, without party
designation. As a consequence the
candidates for the school board of To
ledo are not nominated at primary elec
tions, caucuses or conventions, but they
are simply voted for on their reputations
for capacity and Integrity.
Sooner or later the Toledo plan will be
adopted for all American cities, and.
when once adopted municipal officers
will be elected on their individual rec
ord nnd merit aud not as representa
tives of any political organization.
ir. R. KELLY-
With the closing of the year Mr. W. P..
Kelly, for many years head of the law
department of the Union Pacific railway,
severs his relatiou with the great trans
continental railway system. Mr. Kelly
has achieved a national reputation as
one of the foremost corporation lawyers I
in America aud mado an indelible im
pression upon the history of the Fuion
Pacific, which, during his Incumbency as
Its chief legal adviser, has bridged a
critical period of Insolvency and become
one of the best managed and best pay
ing railroad systems on the contiuent.
It required a legal mind of the highest
order to idiot the successive owners of
this property through the Intricate chan
nels and dangerous shoals of litigation,
and few nieu in the legal profession
con id have guided it through the ordcil
as safely and as successfully as did Mr.
Kelly. It is to Mr. Kelly's credit that
he has been strictly a law officer and
not a political manager or manipulator
of the Fnion Pacific railroad during its
various regimes. His retirement, owing
to declining health, will be universally
regretted by all classes of people who
have enjoyed his acquaintance or come
in contact with bim.
Representatives of the leading Trans
mississippl railroads have giveu positive
assurance to the Interstate Commerce
commission that they are determined to
stop the giving of rebates in any form
to large shippers and several railway
men have assured the commission that
the public conscience has beeu aroused
by rebate disclosures and that many
prominent shippers have announced that
they will accept no concession of any
sort which may cause them to be classed
with corporations which have profited
by special rates. This is a tus'-jestivo
revelation. We were led to believe all
long that all rebates and secret conces
sions bad been discontinued Immediately
after the passage of the Elklns bill, and
nolody has ever suspected or dreamed
that heavy shippers could be afflicted
with qualms of conscience that would
prevent thorn from accepting rebates
and drawbacks, even at the risk of
being classified with the Steel trust or
Standard nil Octopus; but. In this world
of perpetual change, all things are possible.
The next meeting of the national edu
cational convention has been set rr July
and President Jordan of Stanford uni
versity has been Invited to deliver an ad
dress on "Beautiful California." What
light President. Jordan's address will
shed on national education has not been
divulged, but if he run persuade the
overland railroads to'supply the neces
sary passports for the national educators
they will doubtless appreciate the Jor
dan lecture as a practical Illustration of
America's Eldorado.
The home of Iante, Italy's greatest
poet, which Is the center of attraction for
visitors In Florence, was recently robbed
of valuable relics by burglars, which re
minds us of Adellna Pattl's response
when she was told that burglars had en
tered a church and carried away the
Jewels of the Madonna; "Robbers have
no respect for Madonnas nor prima
donnas," exclaimed the grent singer. By
the same sign robbers have no fear of
the Iuferuo.
The Western Fruit Dealers' associa
tion has adopted a resolution demanding
legislation at the hands of congress that
will wipe out all of the private car lines
nnd point out the Insufficiency of pend
ing legislation before congress In this
respect. Manifestly members of the
Western Fruit Dealers' association have
not been able to enjoy the fruitful
sources of the refrigerator car graft, and
there are still others.
Germany has been stung Into issuing
n statement of its contention regarding
Morocco nnd another precedent of Bis
marck has been shattered, showing the
Increased power of public opinion in the
realm of the kaiser, probably not due so
much to the attitude of France as to the
social democracy.
It is now alleged that the Irish have
demonstrated ability to manage their
local affairs; but with their usiuil cau
tion English voters will probably Insist
tlrat they show ability to capture Parlia
ment before granting them the measure
of home rule they demand.
Looking backward over the past year
we reluctantly feel like bidding lfstf
good-bye, considering tliat it was the
most prosperous of years and has had
such an agreeable ending, thermomet
rlcally, barometrically nnd blg-stickly.
With the advent of the New Y'ear the
railroads are promising to be good, but
with money at 100 per cent on call even
the promises of railroad magnates do
not pass current in Wall street, much
less in the other parts of the country.
London unemployed are not pleased
because John Burns has accepted a place j
In the British cabinet. Envy seems to ,
be ready to mark the distinguished Brit
ish labor leader for the fate which has
trtet bis predecessors in every land.
Ripe for Barvnlns.
Baltimore American.
Mr. John V. Rockefeller has Just drawn
a dividend of $i),0uu,m No danger of his
not being able to buy what he wants in
the January reduction sales.
Take n Vote on !.
Chicago Record-Herald.
Can a government which Is unable to
prevent such disturbances as those which
are now making Russia a land of horrors
be fairly regarded as anything but a
failure? '
A Wise rrecatitlon.
Washington Post.
There may be something after all In this
reiKirt that Tom Law-son has been losing
heavily. One of his sons has Just become
engaged to a wealthy widow, possibly as a
precautionary meausre.
Superfluous Formalities.
Kansas City Journal.
It Is not necessary to go through tho
formality of swearing off in order to quit
a bad habit. A number of politicians are
going to quit riding on free railway passes
without making any resolutions about it.
Poor Kind of Majority Hole.
Cleveland Leader.
Do w reallitn how much and how ofteq
majority rule is mado a mockery a far-off'
marsh light flickering eluslvcly over the
bogs of corruption? For example, past,
present and prospective, tnke the question
of abolishing the systems of lees for
county ohlcluls. It has become so distorted
In Ohio that men may make Sfr.COO a year
by letting subordinates do the simple du
ties of public "snaps." It has long been a
scandal. It Is past open apology or defense.
Yet It will not be abolished without a hard
fight. Practical politicians are not sure
that it will be uprooted at all. Is this
majority rule?
Time for ItesoUlna lo Dw the Ileal
You tun,
Harper's Weekly.
New Year's Is upon us again. Let us
take up the line of march anil make the
best progress we can through another
year. Humanity does not .lhape an edify
ing course. Day after day. year after year.
It blunders along, as any day's history'
spelt out in the newspaper will attest. To
blunder aloi.g seems to be about the best
the best of us can do, either as Individ
uals or as a nation. It is not Ideal, but It
will answer. If so be we can keep pointed
In the right direction and proceed In a
sagacious spirit, sharing the road with tho
rest of the folks and not less compassion
ate of their deviation than of our own.
The greatet goals that men have reached
they have reached by being stronger than
their mistakes. So It was with Lincoln;
so with Washington. The great difference
between wayfarers, besides the disparity
in locomotive power, Is that some manure
to hold to the right direction and to main
tain Id spite of blunders the essential
spirit. That sort Invariably get some
where where It Is worth while to arrive.
For the others, speed Is nothing If the
direction Is not right. And to carry along
a great load of baggage is far less advan
tageous than it might be If our Job was a
permanent Job, and if every man of us
was not under contract to drop every
shred ha has and run whenever his hour
Music and the New Year
Many people believe that the natural expression of happiness is music,
and that the home without a Piano is a dreary place.
Time was when the prohibitive cost of Pianos made It possible for
only a few to have them. That time Is past. Modern methods of payments
make Pianos possible almost everywhere.
And time was when homes with Pianos, but no pianists, were without
music. But the Angi itis piano Player has made performers of ererybody.
Our methods make even the highest priced as well as the best of the
low priced Pianos obtainable by small regular payments, and you can
choose between a Knabe grand at $750 and a Grand Style A upright at
$190. and In between Is the most magnificent collection of Pianos ever seen
under one roof, from the most famous makers the Knabo, Kranlch &
Rach, Kimball, Bush & Lane, Halkt Davis, Krell, Hospe, Mathusek, Need
ham, Whitney, llelnze, Cable-Nelson, Cramer and others.
Or we will tune your old Piano, attaching n Angolus, and you or
your children can play as well as anybody.
Or we will ttike the old Piano in part payment for an Angelus Piano
Player at $500, $G50, $760, $800 or $1,000.
Special New Year Terms ray by the month or quarter if you wish.
Special appointments may be arranged for any evening for the con
venience of Piano buyers or Flayer buyers, .
1513 Douglas St.
You must hear the Angelus.
Good cheer chokes many a four.
You are never rich enoush to spurn love.
Sacrifice gives a heavenly grace to any
The slowing vision comes in lowly serv
ice. The salt of the earth will have no sour
True charity knows nothing of absent
Angels urn always singing; whore love Is
God has only one school for character,
that of daily life.
The happiness reaped today depends on
that sown yesterday.
Tbey hear best the angel's songs who
listen for earth's sighs.
There Is no hiding from the subpoenas
of the court of conscience.
There Is no liaDplness In all this world
If there Is none In the heart.
A man docs not make an owl of himself
by making a donkey of others.
Tears In tho eyes are often telescopes
that bring heaven near at hand.
The heart that burns with love is the
only thing that overcomes hatred.
Peace with God Is not a matter of patch
ing up a compromise with tho devil.
There Is something wrong with the heart
whes It hurts you to see others happy.
The outgoing of the heart to another
means Uia Incoming of heaven to your
self. You cannot tell much about the breadth
of a man's mind by the width of his mouth.
Some men think they can put cash In
one pocket and conscience In the other,
and by keeping the left hand Ignorant of
the deeds of the right live happy ever after.
Chicago Tribune.
The coming vehicle is the water wagon.
The new year will bring much relief to
New York insurance magnates Inquisi
tor Hughes has adjourned.
Miss Gil man petulantly declares she does
not care for the Steel trust magnate. But
the size of his pile Is beautiful.
Dr. Osier has returned to this country
In time to receive a vindication of his
theory from Prof. Fllzslmmons.
In Washington and vicinity the troubles
of Nicholas I are overshadowed by the
happiness of Nicholas Lungworth.
Now comes to the front the man who
deliberately puts away the pipe and the
cup iiml with equal deliberation tackles
both the next morning.
Old Hurry, the distinguished paving con
tractor, bus enlarged his yards to accom
modate, the bargain rush of paving ma
terial, commonly known as good resolu
tions. Admiral Togo's wuriilug against an epi
demic of swelled bead la delicately ex
pressed In Ills address to tho Japanese
navy, "Victors, tio your helmet strings
Baltimore will not achieve a reputation
by sending a carload of shingles to An
napolis. Husky leather straps with knots
on 'em would more effectively reach the
The Invention of u machine for smoking
cigars Is announced. It comes In time lo
absorb the Iragrance of thu Christmas
cisar aud may deserve to be classed as a
lite saving machine.
Prof, llemls. gas expert, says the article
piped In Chicago costs LI cents and a frac
tion per thousand. Consumers pay nearly
five times that sum, which shows the dif
ference between assertion and fact.
It is mighty bard for a Juryman to do
his duty as he sees it without somebody
knocking. In a recent trial In New York a
Juryman took a basketful of the neces
saries of life into the Jury room. Now
the contents of that basket enables the
defeated lawyers to throw a fit on appeal.
Browning, liing & Co
or;ginators and sole makrs or balp sues in clothing.
Store Closed All Day "Monday"; Open Tuesday Morning.
Fiitecnth and IrtM? OMAHA
Douglas Sts. W
Broadway t 2d Strt rVEW
The best place to buy a Piano,
I'HOVKnns for iooo.
A rolling stone makes a deal of fuss.
A Joyful wife is a match for any hus
band. If wishes were horses, beggars would
be run down by automobiles.
Much spending maketh lean the purse,
and much saving maketh lean the soul.
It Is better to be the husband of one
wife than the younger brother of many
Naturo knocked together the blocks and
chips of her workshop and turned out a
As is the Icy pavement under the foot of
man, so Is the politician's pre-election
promise; either may be trusted only when
accompanied by an abundance of sand.
Take heed, my son, and learn In tho
hard school of study and experience, if
what you wish to do cannot be done with
out knowledge, for all may not be the
Junior kin of Insurance magnates.
Whether It Is better to be the progenitor
of a numerous brood of squalid and hope
less children, or the contented father of
two or three who can be decently main
tained and respectably educated? People
who live In white houses ought not to throw
platitudes. Boston Transcript.
"What did your wife give you for Christ
mas?" "Hex of cigars."
"What you goin to do with 'em?"
"Have 'em boiled with corned beef for
dinner some day." Cleveland Leader.
The Count Ma foil I had a beautiful
dream last night."
The Faron What was se dream?
The Count I dream zat I was marrying
Into a life insurance family. Puck.
"First I tried to borrow money from the
"She refused to loan It."
"And then?
"And then I married her." Cleveland,
Plain Dealer.
"Mr. Spoonall, have I ever given you rea
son to think I looked upon you as a pos
sible lover?"
"No. Miss Gumwell. you never have
not Bince you looked me up In Brad
street's." Chicago Tribune.
A traveling man received the following
telegram from bis wife:
"Twins arrived tonight. More by mall."
"I leave for home tonight. If more come
by mail send to dead letter office." Llppln
cott's Magazine.
"Do you believe In marrying a girl for
her money?"
"Not as u general thing, but sometime
that's the only way you can get it away
from her." Cleveland Leader.
The magic of the whispered yes.
The tremulous embrace,
The stolen kiss that made the heart
Accelerate its pace.
The message of deep eyes that spoke
The soft, galvanic touch.
Pursed lips upturned, and all such truck
Have ceased to count for much.
Mere love, as such, Is out of date,
And Cupid is passe.
For marriage licenses all must bear
Bradstreet's O. K.
The books are closed, the last account
Are hied and finished now.
The Old Year takes his coat and hat
And makes his parting bow.
A brand new pen Is on the rack.
Fresh Ink Is In the stand,
And pads and blotters clean await
His young successor's hand.
He leaves the farmer well content
And monarch of the soil,
And hibor's burden lightly borne
By stalwart sons of toll.
He leaves the nation's credit good,
And counts from shore to shore
Ten thousand new and happy homes
Where one was seen before.
The New Year comes, by all the months
Appointed to his place;
He Hikes the oath of office with
A frank and smiling face.
And may he leave to Father Time,
Historical professor,
A book as full of noble deeds
As did his predecessor.
-Minna Irving In Leslie's Weekly.
W YORK rT. Cooper M W j