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    NovpmtKr iiu, isto.
For and About Women Folks
Work AM Woman' Ilr-Matr
kLLi th lotions of the beauty doc
tor cannot accomplish a fraction
of the good which work doe In
promoting health and beaut y."
Thl I the conclusion of Delia.
. short Jacket would
then?" she asked.
Austrian, who proclaims her discovery In
the Chicago Tribune In these words:
A visit to the factories In the United
Slates and abroad, and a careful study of
the girl found there, reveal th fact that
although many of these lack In bloom and
car enjoyed by girls of leisure, thl ab
sence Is compensated by strength of char
acter and an Intelligence of purpose. I
never bad any Idea how many pretty girls
are working In factories until I visited
several New England cotton mills and shoe
factories. In Italy, whenever I was In
search of a beautiful girl, I made a visit
. to th silk factories.
Girls who go Into domestio service and
, pas their time dusting, wanning and
making beds are even compiler. Many of
our best looking girls are found among the
parlor maids. A physician told a patient
who asked him how she could retain her
youth and beauty, "Dust and make every
bed In the house." They all believe that
houMwork offers the best kind of physical
culture. Th country lassie always Is
portrayed as being fair, but usually they
hav not the good looks belonging to the
girl of the factors-. This cannot be the
result of hard work, because the factory
girl has longer hours and Is more closely
confined. It must be because there Is a
lack of purpose and monotony In the life
of the country girl that makes her grow
old before her time. If Intelligence and
deflnltenets of purpose help to make
women more attractive, then beauty ought
not to be rare among those busied with
In vlsltlng business office I often have
bwn attracted by the good looking girls
employed as secretaries. Did I not know
that these positions entnll responsibilities
I should be led to believe that these women
were hired for their beauty more than for
their Intelligence.
Borne months ago I was at a summer
resort, where a crowd of women were
living and they held responsible positions
that took them to town every day. One
morning a well known man of affairs
grew Interested In them and said to his
friend: "There's nn attractlvo lot of
girls. They don't look as If they mndo
this trip every day and worked all sum
mer. They certainly are better looking
than most of the girls you see on the
beach and around the tennis courts. How
do you account for It?"
"It's pretty hard to explain," said the
other man. "That's what I asked my sec
retary, a splendid looking girl, last week.
She said that she did not know, unless It
was that she enjoyed her work and did
not find time to make mountains out of
mole hills. Her eyes really sparkle and
her smile well, It's better than a tonic."
We all know that many of the beautiful
and attractive girls In the great cities are
seen In the shops. They make an effort
to appear well, Btudy how to wear their
clothes and handling their goods helps to
Improve their figure. They wear the most
becoming smiles on their faces and If they
have any cares they guard them well. A
beautiful shop girl, speaking of her occu
pation, says: "Yes, I love my work; those
beautiful textures and wonderful shades
of color make me so happy. I never see
a handsome piece of goods but I fancy
I wore a gown made of the material. I
get the same pleasure from colors that a
musician gets from sound."
Many people In Europe, and In England
more especially, are engaged In floriculture;
they raise flowers and fruits; and It Is
hard to say whether they or the flowers
have the prettier coloring. One day I
noticed a girl carrying a heavy load of
apples across an orchard, and when I
Bsked her If they were not too heavy, she
"No, I love to carry heavy loads of fruit;
It makes m strong."
Even hard study, which until a few
years ago was supposed to be Injurious to
women, does not rob them of their beauty.
Outdoor sport and good times are splen
did countcractants for higher education.
Tralnlaa- School for Haabaats.
Recently in New York City a big
double brftwnstone house on one of the
upper streets has been resounding with
cheerful, manly voices. Passersby have
been uncertain as to the use of the build
ing. The establishment is an Innovation.
It was opened by one of the mothers'
clubs of the city and is a landmark In
the progress of the twentieth century. It
Is known as "The Husband' Preparatory
Housekeeping Institution," where men
study scientifically cooking, darning, baby
tending, etc. It is the outcome of the
recent remarks of N. W. Ferris, late dem
ocratic governor of the state of Michi
gan, In the course of which he told a gath
ering of teachers that no woman should
consent to marry unless she was able,
In case of necessity, to look after the finan
cial welfare of the family. "Do not marry,"
said Mr. Ferris, "unless you are able to construction of the great steel highways.
support your husband." She is in a class of one. i
She has made railroads, blasted rocks, '
Fetlte southern Beaaty. dug up primeval forests, cut through the '
When President Roosevelt was In At- foothills, filled in the valleys and reared
lanta on his recent southern tour, says bridge in something like half a score of :
th New York World, he shattered the states. She has directed men and mules
traditional standard upon which the most and steam and dynamite have been forced
beautiful women of the south have been to seve fier ends. She has figured on con- '
gauged. The tall, slender, vivacious, pink tract whose prices ran into the hundreds
rose girl with big hasel eyes and an abund- of thousands of dollars. Her intellect and
financial ability have been matched against
her shoulder.
"80 you don't think
be becoming to me
"Or a medium one?"
"I haven't given the subject much
thought," said he, speaking truthfully.
As she went on and on she looked fur
tively at the hats with their voluminous
and beautiful veils, at the rich, warm
gloves, at the shoes, but what good were
hat and gloves and shoes with old, old
By and by In their peregrinations they
passed a shop also filled with wax figure
with bright, glassy eyes, but thes were
differently dressed.
"You may have one of those if you like,"
aid he generously then, with ah answering
The wide, glassy eyes of the wax girl
stared at her and the eyes of the crowd
looked, too; but she put up her hands to
conceal her tears, for it was a pattern
shop before which they stood and the
gowns were made of pa per I
A Builder of Railroad.
Mrs. Thedosia Bcacham, tho builder of
railroads, Alls a unique place In the field
of woman's endeavor. She Is tho only 1
woman In America, perhaps In the world. 1
who ha engaged to a large extent in the
ance of soft brown hair, who was undis
puted queen, has been dethroned. The
petite blonds of the llly-of-the-vallty type
with eyes of finest blue and a crown of
buff gold hair has taken her place.
At the reception given to Mr. .Roosevelt
in Atlanta, Miss Selma Adelaide Allen was
some of the country's greatest railroad :
magnates and she has not suffered by such
encounters. She is a person of pluck and
energy, of finance and diplomacy. I
But Mrs. Beacham's life, strenuous though !
the latter half of It has been, has proved
one of the hundreds of lady guests who in to her liking and she has achieved some
line awaited their opportunity to be pre- fame as well as fortune. She is probably
seniea 10 me president. Aiier nnninn the wealthiest woman in her native state
nanas wun a large numoer ne was inter- of Michigan.
rupted by Secretary I.oeb, who told him
he was exceeding his time limit.
Mrs. Beacham's present contract In Vir
ginia is the building of five miles of road,
S PoSefls
To Be ' Considered When You
Buy a Face Cream.
1 That there is a Cream that is
purer than any other' cream.
2 That there is a Cream that is
cheaper than any other GOOD
3 That there is a Cream that is
BOTH purer ana cheaper than
the cream you prohahly now have
on your toilet table, moreover
it is delightfully refreshing.
Isn't that the Cream you want 7
Then the next time you buy, in
sist upon
Cream Charlotte
We are sending a large free sam
ple jar to those who request it.
Also an interesting little booklet
Her Highness The LadyFair
AVrite for them now.
De Jean Perfumery Co.,
Republic Buildlcg, Chicago.
"Oh, very well," said the president, "but from Kllby station westward. As lnren
I cau't go until I have been presented to this undertaking might seem to an average
that young lady over there," pointing to man, not to mention a woman's viewpoint
the graceful, shrinking figure of Miss Allen. jt is a relatively small Job to Mrs.
She was told of the president wish and Beacham. Tho road on which Mrs
was led blushing and smiling to where he Beacham Is working Is the Tidewater!
stood and was presented to him. which will connect the coal fields with the
"I am honored," said Mr. Roosevelt, 8ea, and the general contractors for the
while holding her hand, as is his custom nrgt 100 miles of which were Sands &
with those who particularly attract him. Oliver of Roanoke, Va. Because of other
"to meet the most beautiful woman I contracts which prevented their comple-
have seen In the south." tion of the roadbed on time the Rounoke
It was a moment of supreme happiness, nrm nas been reiloved of thn
as well as embarrassment, to the young mte8 between the sea and Kllby, where
lady, who managed to say, quite modestly: Mrs Beacham's section begins.
"Oh, I thank you, Mr. President; but I'm Though Mrs. Beacham declined to tell
afraid our southern hospitality has blinded exactly what her yearly earnings are, It
you somewhat to our defects." Then the was learned from other railroad source
band struck up, "The Prettiest Girl In that she makes WO.000 and upwards an-
Oeorgla." Men and women gathered con- nuany. LaHt year she cleared about $.,0 000
gratulatlng tho recipient of the president's and ths year may do beUer Mr, Beacham
favor, and quicker than It can be told a 8ayg her blgKest contract was wIth the
new standard had been set for th moBt Tennessee Central railroad in 1900. She
beautiful southern woman. made about STB.OOO or JSO.000 on that, and
Miss Allen is a remarkably lovely young ,t t(K)k nearly a year t0 ,j0 ,t
woman, one of tho fairest flowers In At- Mr8, Beacham expects to soon finish
lanta's rosebud garden of girls. Her blue hcf preacnt contracL Then she will
eyes, under dark lashes, complexion of g0 to Tcnne81)ee and uk(J t ,n
blended rose .and gardenia, well poised , work recen0y contractcd. by w.
head, crowned In vivid gold present what am j OHver wUn tne g,,,,,,,. raUway
Do Vela would term "a glorious color The prJce of OUver., mogt recent eontrac
scheme." wittt the Southern Is Jl.000,000. but he ha
Herotofacrlflce "n httnd other unfinished Job with the
A slight shower was falling! relates the me "J:"Un j1"? U been al:
Chlcago Tribune, and Mr. Ferguson dls- "h "ds & Oliver for years and
covered, when on the point of starting one of their most capable and dependa-
for church, that there wasn't an umbrella subcontractors. She is held In the
in the house fit for use. "Villi? k!T " "ciaU "d ,S
Cairo rrlarl rtw rifts a wa nlAi Aaa 1 a a
"You can borrow one from the Thomp- - ' " ue
sons, next door," suggested Mrs. Ferguson. of reBtct whlch "nt approaches rev-
...... . . ,, erence.
"They never go to church. . . ,
"No. Laura," he answered, with Iron ae ' railroad work was congenial,
firmness. "It Is wrong to borrow urn- " Beacham said she did not so particu-
brellas on Sunday. I should have bought dmlre calling, but that the
one yesterday. I shall punish myself for """0'a,.renM?ra"on as gao4 ftnd 8h
my carelessness by not going to church f ntn"PC' t0r b" a "tractor always,
this morning" expects to retire next summer to a
Thereupon he proceeded to punish him- S"? and abandon the
self still further by reclining In an easy ' . r V,"18'.,, " 8ys Kala"
chair and reading the morning papers. f V A ' v J f ' -
q She Is truly a remarkable woman. Some
The Bride and the Brnte. of ner mot prominent personal charac
She was a bride of two years' tanding, terUtlcs are her energy, vivacity, deep
and he was hcr husband. mental penetration, and her Judgment of
Her clothes were beginning to b dl- human nature. There I brightness and
graceful, but ' no money appeared to be rar Intelligence In her eye and a notice
forthcoming for their renewal. She had bl determination about her mouth,
turned and twisted her gowns, making Sh 18 versatile woman. After hearing
over the skirt and putting the leeve In her counsel a workman or reprimand a
upside down, right side up, and every "creant with searching eye and a voice
other way. but Inside out. until the only tnat compels obedience and silence one
thing to do seemed to b to buy some new fou,a nara,J' believe that she can change
I. n ov.-unu 10 a person so mild-mannered
You have only throe iiiorv days in which to secure these rare values in
rtlAins. At no time will your MOXKY come nearer doing double tervh-e. This AUTISTIC FI'IINITI KK purchased SPECIALLY fr
this OCCASIOX and the quantity we purchased procured for us SPECIAL ADVANTAGE in price, which enables us to glvo values to suit
the most careful buyers. We quote prices of a few only.
Extension Tables
les, six
Solid oak six-foot extension table
with fluted legs, for
Highly polished oak dining tables,
foot extension with five turned
legs, for
Solid oak extension table with 49-Inch
square top, & $20.00 design
table, for
Pedestal center table, 6 ft. exten
sion, highly polished oak, for
China Cabinets
Quarter sawed oak china cab
lnets, square design
Bent glass front china cabinet,
ror top, quarter sawed oak,
highly polished, for
Very highly polished quarter sawed
oak china cabinet, best glass ends
French legs, beautiful de
sign, for
Quarter sawed golden oak china cab
inet, bent glass door, bent glass
ends, one mirror above top shelf in
back for cut glass, quarter sawed
pilaster front, hand rubbed
and polished, "A snap", for
Dining Chairs
Cane seat, brace urm, embossed f f
back dining chair
Cane seat, brace arm, banister back, quar
ter sawed oak finish dining C A
chair, at 1 JU
Quarter sawed golden oak dining chair, all
all framed together with French 'y ff
legs and genuine leather Beat. . ,OU
Box seat weathered oak dining chair, made
of select oak, banister back, 1 fill
genuine leather seat, for
Finely polished quarter sawed, golden
oak buffet, fancy plate mirror back,
one drawer lined, French 01 7c
legs, for CLIO
Quarter sawed golden oak buffet, very
highly polished mirror back, small
shelf at top, silver drawer lined,
large lined drawer and two QQfX
cupboard doors, for VO
Weathered oak buffet, octagon shape
front, mirror top, small shelf each
side, silver drawer lined, large linen
drawer, oxidyzed copper COR
trimmings, for VO
Weathered oak buffet, very handsome
In design with large shaped plate
mirror, two small drawers, linen
drawer, two cupboard doors, sil
ver drawer lined, old brass
trimmings, for
Rug Sale
We take inventory of our Carpet and
Rug Department December 1st. Only
three more days before so doing, all
discontinued patterns in Room SUe
Rugs must be closed. There is no
deviation. This Store has a fixed pol
icy that must be lived up to and all
Dropped Pattern of this season must
be sold with its closo. Prices have had
their final reduction. Don't wait
thinking you are going to pot some
thing for less money, you will bo dis
appointed If you do, add besides where
the prices are at present you cannot
afford -to wait for the line will not
hold out any lngth of time.
$25.00 Wilton Vel- ClOtCfl
vtRug, ! 9x12 wlO.JU
$25.00 Ax'mlntr
Rug, alio 9x12...
$45.00 Wilton Rug, CQC flfl
Izo 9x12 SOJ.UU
$30.00 Aimlntttr
Rug, slzo 9x12 . ..
$18.00 Brussels
Rug, Size 9x12,
l?u3ilIeE Stewart & Beaton
1315-17-19 Farnam Street.
$40 Wilton Rug,
Size 9x12,
Her shoes matched her gown and so
did her hats.
This Is a thing- which frequently hap
pens to brides of two years' standing-.
It was about o'clock In the morning.
He had finished reading- his paper, and
was about to start down town.
"May I go with you," she asked timidly,
and of ' such convincing gentility. She
find time to read a great deal and keeps
up In a surprising degree with literary
doing a well a current event.
New Thin Im Jewelry.
Exquisite bracelet are shown in open
figures, as squares, diamonds or ovals.
"and look at the hat and thing In th forming a band and having a round pearl
window?" In the center of each figure, which is
"You may," granted he. "There' no manipulated In diamonds. Some fine gold
harm looking at them," he added car- flexible bracelet are et with diamond
lessly, as he lighted his cigar. Proll and sapphire and diamond clusters.
They went out together. Together they Watch bracelets hav a tiny watch set on
walked along the street of the beautiful fancy gold links.
plate glass window and the smiling wax Extra thin watches. In the latest models
figures, looking, sine there wa no harm bout as large a an ordinary watch and
in that. thin a the proverbial wafer are in per-
All at once she stopped transfixed at fctly plain finish of brlsrht or dull srold.
1 sight of a magnificent rob that wept ' A unique carfpln 1 a bird's head formed
the ground all round and left some silk or a haroque pearl, with the beak of gold
besiiles for the waist and the sleeve of na ruby ve Attractive pins show sap--
It. A gorgeous thing It was, variegated. Pbires or opals with plain or fancy border
"I don't need such vnwna now." ilrhH f diamonds.
- Msukkt m yl
ovr tkos three points upe
cially tb. first on.
Suppose you cut out tk picture of th
jar and put it in your purse. That
will help you to remember to go in and
aA. about it when you are down town,
far aaJa la Oat ana by Baataa Store,
88 aeats th Jar.
she, "slnco they've quit inviting me to
"I should think not," frowned her hus
band. "But aren't they lovely!" she sighed
"Come along," frowned her husband.
Again she stopped, this time before a
window filled with suit of brown, of
A striking bar pin is in the shape of a
pretty diamond key.
Of very yellow gold are some slender
chains for ladles' watches, composed of
long and short links in odd styles.
A cabochon emerald surrounded by flla
monds ornaments the center of a tiny plain
gold watch with diamond chatelaine pin.
In diamonds hatpins pave balls and cubes
silver over the covers of dark blue, green
or red leather.
Some new silver toilet sets are of per
fectly plain, bright finish; others have a
beaded edge, while others have plain cen
ters with elaborate borders beautifully en
graved. Large porcelain vases, with beautiful
floral decorations, are ornamented with
silver, deposited in such a manner as to
frame the groups of painted flower In the
most effective way.
An odd desk set Is a naif circie of fancy
wood, with curved railing of silver, holding
a calendar at the back, together with pen
rack inkstand and cup with pen brush
conveniently located.
Handsomely engraved glass dishes show
the tiger lily and the clover blossom and
leaf in enlarged form.
A silver pen rack formed of the figures
1006 Is now shown. Jewelers' Weekly.
Frills of Fashloa.
Elbow glove are important feature of
this winter wardrobe.
lilue seems to have clung to favor In
spite of the demand for purples and
Some of the new evening poplins resem
ble velvet, although much softer than
even chiffon velvet.
Smoked gray Is the epec-ial delight of the
auburn-haired girl. Kven she with the
fiery locks looks very well In this fashion
able color.
Authorities differ about the size of
sleeves. People are not very enthusiastic
about big, full sleeves. And they certainly
are anything but pretty.
The silver lace used on the season's
frocks must not be too new looking. It
must resemble antique silver, even to be a
little discolored to be exactly right.
Lace curtains are claiming attention now.
People are just beginning to put tnem up,
and a visit to the shops often results after
a glance at last year's stock in hand.
'ur trimmings are admirable for street
dresses and evening cloaks. They will bo
seen on many of tho handsomest garments
jL me winter, but it is exceedingly bad
form to weur fur on an indoor dress.
Short skirts for evening wear are still
popular among very young women. For
dancing there is no question about their
being practical and decidedly comfortable.
But a woman over 25 should not tnlnk of it.
A large assortment of belt buckles meets
tho season s demand for Jewelry in all it
manifestations. Especially popular is tho
new pin back buckle a belt fastener on
buckle line that pins on the bell like a
There are many styles and fads and no
tions about combs and pins for the hair;
but nothing will ever supersede for one
Instant the exquisite richness an propri
ety of real tortoise shell, carved or adorned
with gold.
The demand for things gilt has resulted
in the return of the gilt wall papers which
peopie were so glad to discard some years
ago. A dull gold ground, with a conven
tional design over it. is. however, very
effective in a den or library.
The extremely long veils for automobile
use are in white and pale -blue. Shorter
ones, to be worn on the street, are white,
pink and blue dotted with black, tan with
brown, navy blue with nuvy blue, and
brown with brown. The noted new color
is "mouse gray" "a tint that looks like
a trail of smoke in the air."
Some of the newest buckles of all are of
mother of pearl. Besides the iridescent
Ptany coloring, they are also found in one
tone shades in pink, purple, grav, green
and blue, i'ne one toned pearl buckles are
much sought after In this day of one color
tone costumes. Mother of pearl with
traced d'Blgn in gilt is also well Ukd
and goes prettily with the modish gilt
there Is no other occupation where a
woman can make so much money. She
pays her girls $18 and $19 a week, and their
tips bring their wages to $5, but they
work hard from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. and
half a day Sunday.
George Horton, American consul at
Athens, has sent to the state department
a warning to American women against
marrying Greeks without a surety that
the ceremony is performed by a reputable
Greek priest, as the desertion of American
wives and families by Greek husbands who
return to Greece and remarry without a
divorce, which Is permissible in Greece,
unless a priest In good standing officiated
at the first marriage Is a matter of com
mon occurrence.
Miss Olive Jones has established in the
heart of New York's swarming east side
a school for backward children,. The chil
dren In each class will be of practically
the same age and will have equal oppor
tunities to learn. Miss Jones hopes that
one of the great causes of truancy will
be remedied in her school; children who
have for any reason got behind their mates
and have to Join classes with the little
fellows are made fun of, and to avoid this
ridicule these backward big ones play
With all the books that have been writ
ten and will be written In which Admiral
Togo Is the central and heroic figure little
Is ever Introduced concerning Mrs. Togo.
According to one account received from
abroad she is a gentle, homely little lady,
who doe her own housework and employs
but one servant. The family keeps no
llnriklHha, but after the war began Mrs.
Togo bought a bicycle and gave it to ber
son. so that he might ride down to Yoko
hama to get her the latest news, since no
correspondence whatever passed between
herself and the admiral.
Religious Notes
Rev. Dr. Arthur S.'lJoyd of New York,
who has Just been elected bishop-coadjutor
for the diocese of southern Virginia, 1 44
years old. He was born In Virginia.
The pope Is a good economist. He ha
reduced the expenses of the Vatican sev
eral million francs a year, and has so much
the more to use In his charitable enter
prises. The Rev. W. C. 8wearer, who is on his
first furlough after seven years of service
In Corea, report a most remarkable move
ment toward Christianity among th
Corean people.
Dr. Cyrus Adler has resigned the presi
dency of the Jewish Theological Seminary
of America, for the reason that his duties
in connection with the Smithsonian insti
tution will take up all his time hereafter.
The pope' Swiss guard will celebrate
the fourth centenary of their Institute In
January next. Their history, which is
interesting, is to be told in a special vol
ume about to be published by Prof. Durrer.
The Presbyterians of Kansas have en
dowed a chair at the State university and
elected Dr. Francis Wllber to the posi
tion. His duties will be to give Instruc
tion In the Bible and related subjects
and to look after the spiritual welfare of
the 260 Presbyterian student attending the
Chat About Womeu.
blue, of gray. The waxy girl who wore ,r "n- al Pa', balls, with ornamental
them smiled self -sufficiently, looking down dlamo"l work at 'the base, and various
upon her out of eves that wer hlua onrt ncy designs.
glassy. Upon their head were hat to
match. On their hands were glove of
shades corresponding.
"These new suits with the long coats,"
smiled she, deprecatively, "aren't thev
Extremely odd are the effects shown In
opal matrix pendants or brooches set In
Irregular borders composed of diamonds
and round pearls.
Among dainty receptacles for Jewelry Is a
beautlful-but don't you think they would &'rao''ru' "ttle basket shape, with double
be becoming to me? Don't you thing they
are more becoming to tall women?"
He took a birdseye view of the abbre
viated height of her.
"I should say so," said he.
Nearby was another window. Her Eton
jackets prevailed, and shorter wraps alto
gether. "You can never tell what the styles are
going to be." remarked she, lightly.
"Some shops show long coals, some short,
some medium. I believe each shop has
a style of its own purposely, so it can
advertise Itself, so they can tell you to
buy your things there."
"80 who can tell?" he demanded to
They," answered she timidly.
"I never could understand," declared he
with some ferocity, "who that 'they
means." at the same time hurrying her
by the shop whose windows were filled
with suits with Eton Jackete better
adapted to her styl of figure.
tihe looked longingly bauk at th.ra over
lids, made of finely chased silver open
New designs In bridge boxes show ela
borate conventional patterns in pierced
A Skin of Ceauty i a Joy Forevor.
DR. T. Flix Oourtud't Oriental
Crm or Megloal Boauttflor.
Bmbotm Til Pirn!,
rc-CeUM, U Ah F.tcht.
tvea every l.euun
oi butT, nd U
t detUioa, It
h tu4 lit ttot
t 6? vewav tttd
U to bavrancM v
t:e U totxtti.tU
I properly mutl
Acetyl ttooounirr
fell f ua.iiju
iiumt. IV. L- A.
fe f ft4v.4 to ft
law!? f u hkut-
At you Udl
will um Una
1 .........i
GaT.r:VB Cfmmt m tha 1ut harmful of a'.l lb
muo trpvrfiioaa " r r aaia by all arik.u and FaacT
Otx4a P4uar m Ua Uai4 Ha, Ci.vda a4 Kutuf
HfilT.HOPLIS.Pm, 17 6fNt itm Strxt. Ira Ttt
,Mf"- .Jny Beckwlth Gray, who won
distinction as a writer of verse, died In
Oswego, N Y., recently at the age of lea.
Much of her published work was accom
plished after she had reached the century
mark. '
TiiMr'; Mae O. H. Russell of Bloomlngton,
III., Is the only woman oil operator in
Kentucky, and perhaps in the United
Mules. Bince the discovery of oil there
have been but one or two women who
ventured Into the business on a large scale,
and so far as is known, this young woman
of some L'8 years old Is today rated as
among the largest operators in the coun
try. Hlgnora Cousino of South Africa la now
said to be the richest woman in the world.
Iler silver and copper mines are now yield
ing 1.W0 a month: her coat mines yield
V.ou) a month. Her stock farms of
thoroughbred horses and cattle at present
bring in an Income which exceeds that of
all the mines put together. In addition
she has large landed interests and a Heel
of steamships.
Cornelia, countess of Craven, formerly
Miss Bradley Martin of New York, whose
marriage at the age of 1 was a sensation
some years ago, is regarded as one of the
best dressed women in E'igland. She cares
Utile for society, being fund of home life
and of her garden, and is an expert in
fancy poultry. It is said that her hair
was "put up' young lady fashion for the
first time on the day of ber wedding.
Mrs. Alxora Mullen of Chicago is one of
baa a don n women who have barber
shops. Mrs. Mullen studied tialrdressing
and manicuring, but advised there was
more money in bartering-, took that in also
and now outs hair and shaves men, whom
reports say she does not encourage to talk,
iiibeilng she txm.-iiders a purely business
operation, and she neither talks herself
nor allow her girls to enter Into conversa
tion. It is the opinion of Mis. Mullen that
Superfluous Hair
Removed by tb Mew Principle
s nmitlon to modern sHene. It Is the enlr
etenti&c ud practical war to daatroy hair
Iion't waata lima aiprimaniiBK with alactr!.!!
X ray and riapnalnnea. Tliea ara orlrrad to.
OU I ha BARK UIIKII nfll.. .
Uurri Da Mirarta i( nol. It li tha ouly
nialhod which lalndoiwd ly .hyiclana. ureaona.
oarmamli.guta niMlcal loumala and proimnant
luag4iac. Rnaklat fraa. m plain aaalati an
lopa. lx Miracia mailail, aeal.J la plug wrir..
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ark Atb. . Kaw Tork Your money back without
auanlinn no rod tai.) ll n 10 do all that la
cJiltnxl fur It. Fur aala by ail Crat-claaa drss
giaU, daparuusat iwraa and
Boston Store.
(MHeawaaawl aawaVMawawf' aww
fc m. .aa J
"Can cheerfully recommend
to any one who desires a hair
tonic possessing positive vir
tues." Anna Held.
"Cheerfu'ly recommend" MPo
tive virtues."
Of course peopls feel grateful
(or a scalp free from dandruff (or
hair with life and strength. So
will you Get the tonic you need
which hat "positive virtues."
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Hir Tonic for ihre appli
cation i enough eiquitite perfume for fc
limes, and famous ELIXIR DEN TIFRICE
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sod packing.
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The "Kantstoop"
Shoulder Drace
and Suspender
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much desired.
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