Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 18, 1904, PART 1, Page 10, Image 10

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wi amn HMD
TJte higfi grade of excellence
that characterized all the Terrill stock is
apparent in the magnificent showing.
ITiix stock offers a matchless array of fa
brics for horse show costumes--many beau
tiful patterns for evening andstreet gowns.
Also all ihe High Class Goods from the Dressmaking Stock of Mme. Monette, 556 5th Ave., N. Y.
The approach of the horse show
and its demand for smart apparel
makes this sale of elaborate dress fabrics
very timely. Part of the stock is now
on display in our show windows.
For Monday's selling: we offer you the most elegant and elaborate goods from the Terrill and Monette stocks. The most exclusive
goods, splendid dress and evening silks, real laces, lace skirtings, dress trimmings, medallions, etc.
Fine Dress Goods from ihe Terrill and Monette Stocks
In this assemblage of high class Roods are dross patterns of Illusion Voile, Crepe Ondula,
Crepe Eolienne, Chiffon Voile, etc., in the most fashionable shades in elegant
costumes also cloths of Broadcloth, Doe Skin, Scotch and English Worsted,
Cheriots, etc. a most unusual array of ultra swell goods some worth up to $4 a yard-
fat, yard
In this lot is a wide variety of the popular sheer silk and wool dress poods French
Voile, Chiffon Crepe, Crepe de Paris, Silk Voile, Sicilians, Mohairs,
Panamas, the neat and much favored mannish mixtures exclusive
I -patterns for dresses and skirts the very best styles for the fall seasonworth up to $2 a yard
: -at, a yard
Splendid $2 Dress
Goods at 69c Yard
Silks from the Dressmaking Stocks
All the elegant lining taffetas from the Terrill and Monette
stocks also fancy trimming silks, crepe de chines, shirt
waist silks, fancy velvets at, a yard
49c Ll
$1.50 and $2 Silks at 69c
27-inch silks for suits, imported printed Messalines,
Dresden Louisenes, warp print taffetas, coarse pongee,
plain and fancy weave silks for cos
tumes, exclusive patterns, all fash
ionable colorings worth up to ?2
yard at, a yard ,
Stunning Evening Brocades, Satins
Taffetas, Ombre Silks, Chameleons, in dark and light
shades, printed crepe de Paris and nilk voiles, new de
signs for evening wear, handsome Pom
padour silks, 45 inch mousseline d'Ar
monville, imported by Jiiss Terrill to
sell up to $4.00 a yard, at, yard
Dressmaking Stock
i-High grade novelty laces from the Terrill stock point Lierre,
' point d'Venice, point de Gene, point gauze, Irish crochet in
i 'l:"r Ka,009' ' 19c-39c-69c-98c
O B7
5 IA.U hand made laces, including real Brussels,
Duchesse, etc., worth up to $5 yard, at, yard.
. 5-inch black silk costume nets, also 45-inch Q- ftfir-l QQ
black Chantilla Skirtings, worth to $6.50 yd. U 7L" 70v"i. 70
$1 to 2.50
Millinery Opening Exhibit
JflLLIKEHY elegance is revealed as nicer before
in the great opening sale at lirandeis -Viz most
elegant display of fail mode from Viz greatest foreign
and American designers. Every sluipe and design
that is favored by fashitn.
A Stunning Dress Hat at $10
We oiler an array of fall dress hats at $10 that is a be
witching millinery display in itself. These hats are both
Imported hats and faithful copies-of the most exquisite
models Avrougut b y
experienced workmen
The stunning King
Charles shape, the
round French sailors,
French toques, etc.
'legance in every de
tail of trimming
Horse Show Hats
Designed by the greatest
millinery artists In Paris,
London and New York. Per
fect exponents of the most
authentic fashion. Designs
In the new Casrhon, Parsifal
blue, blended brown, coque
de roche, etc., trimmed with
the graceful cavalier plumes
the best artlstlo efforts In
fall millinery
The Brarvdeis Fall Hat at $5
nene liats
A varied showing embracing the latest and smartest of the
correct designs for autumn a large number of thene hats
were specially designed for horse show wear
every hat bears the graceful style and individual
ity that characterized Brandeis millinery, special.
A Beautiful Trimmed Hat at $7.?0 Dr-eas and carriage)
modes in profusion all the latest blended and contrasty
shadings that distinguish fall millinery every one 7 f
a stunning ht, at IJU
Dress and Street Hats at $2 and $3. 98 These hats are
some of the most meritorious designs from our own work
rooms both pretty trimmed hats and jaunty. TOR
smart street hats two special lots at a
Tapestry Portieres, Couch Covers, Silk Tapestries,
etc., from Philadelphia Manufacturer.
i The entire stock of a well known Philadelphia tapestry curtain manufacturer
was damaged by water by the breaking of the automatic sprinkler system.
Some of these goods became very wet, others are all sound and perfeat. ' . We bought
the entire stock on hand from the insurance company at about one-fourth itsTalue.
It invoiced $7,683.32, and all of these goods on sale tomorrow.
$10 Tapestry Curtains at $1.98 each
All the absolutely sound and perfect Tapestry
Portieres, heavy mercerized and plain colored
rep and brocade with wide velour border,
those beautiful drapery curtains that generally
sell at $10.00 per pair, these we offer tomorrow at $1.98
each. We sell them by the pair or singly, ach
$5 Odd and Single Curtains at 98c each
All the single curtains from the above lot, in many instances one
of them become' wet and the other is absolutely sound and per
fect, the perfect ones from this lot we will sell at 98c ach; they
are all beautiful goods and worth $10 per pair; just the thing for
single doors or couch covers
tl .98
All the damaged curtains, there are not many of these,
as long as they last, they will go at, each
French Striped Couch
. Covers 98c
All the beautiful French
Btriped, Roman striped, and Bag
dad striped
couch covers,
extra large
ize, all sound
and perfect,
go at
$5 Couch Covers
, each $1.50
All the extra heavy, large
sized couch covers, PA
this lot had be-lt-aJU
come slightly wet,
they go at
each.... .
$10 Tapestries at $1.50 Yard
All the beautiful all silk brocaded tapes
tries, and all silk .Brogatelles, f PA
they are worth $10 per yard, go jU
at per yd , ;
$5 Tapestries at 75c Yd.
All of the extra heavy silk faced tapestries
that generally sell at $5.00 per yard, beau
tiful rich coloring?, must be 7 f
seen to be appreciated, go in n urn
two lots, 75c and 98 per yd....'
$7.50 Couch Covers at
each $2.98
All the absolutely perfect
this lot, very
couch covers from
largo and extra
heavy, these should
really be seen to be
appreciated, they
are sound and per
fect and go at
X 1
$1.50 Tapestries at 25c Yd.
All of the cotton, wool, silk faced and
mercerized tapestries in stripes, floral
and Turkish effects, worth
up to $1.50 per yard, some of
them slightly damaged, go at
50c Velour Border 5c Yd.
All of the velour border and tapestry
border that has been displayed in our
front show window, it is worth
50o per yard, and goes tomorrow
at yard
Miss TerriU's Dress Trimmings
All sorts of plain and fancy silk braid, Fersian bands, appliques,
spangles hundreds of stunning styles many fancy trimmings
adapted for evening gowns bargain counters, at, yard
5c, 10c9 15c, 25c up to 98c yard
Thousands of all silk medallions in black, white and fancy colors,
butterflies, flowers, wheat effects, etc., worth J?' fA
up to 50c each, at, each JC"UC
Swellest Models for rail
Initial Showing1 Ladies' Tailored Suits.
a reuteto of authentic modes in tailored suits, coats
and skirts for ladies all the best and most pop
ular style features.
Highest Grade Suits $29 to $49
The most attractive ideas in
the ultra swell short and long
tourist coat, jaunty runabout
suits, blouse and military styles,
elegantly fashioned, perfectly
tailored and bearing all the at
tributes of absolute fall style
the newest fabrics at
$29 $49
Stunning Suit at $24.50
Ilere are about 35 styles in
, thi? Reason's newest and best
ideas, including many sample
suits all the latest OA 50
shades and mixtures. .ryt
A Fall Special at $14.85
?2The styles that will attain the
greatest popularity this fall
Parsifals, tourists, direc-
toires, etc. etc. a score
of becoming ' 1A OC
styles at ITiUJ
A i I r
I m Hm Suit at $8.98. 3af2''
A very special suit offer for Monday a dozen distinct and
favored styles in the new ideas the new belted backs, box
fronts, all round blouses, new shoulders, new Q Qfi
. sleeves, etc. all smart, up-to-date suits, at 0vJ
The New Dress Skirts for Fall
A splendid assemblage of dress, walkinjrand costume skirts every new
sU Is feature and the most attractive fabrics 4rt
elegant dress skirts, at TT.U IU vpi
5mart Walking Skirts-Correct fall weight 12.50
15.00 to 39.00
The Swell Tourist Coats for Fall
The most popular-coat of them all the reigning favorite for all sorts of
out-door wear a pructlcal and verv stylish coat ((
many goades, at $7.50, $9.98. $12.50 and up to JUU
irospeota for Future Business Considered
Setter Than for Many Months.
XT Gooda Urn Much Interested la
Cotnn Cri, bat Moat of Tbna
Plarvrlna; on Staple BeULag
(or Ten t esta or Better.
Pronpects for future bualnma are now
Ouvldvr4 Letter tlmn they tiuva been at
auy time In oiauy uiuiitha. A critical aU.
In the nurturing- of the corn crop waa
JxutarJ In tafuty laat waok ajid th warm
Wnather of ttia laat fnw daya haa helped
materially In puttlna; the crop out of (lun
ger front (root. The general lniuT8ion
ecma to be that tlte crop In .VLrtka In
particular will te a record hreakitr and a
, result merciianta are buyUif wltb more
confldnu In illclpatUm o( an enorrnoui
(all and wluter buMueM. Travelbig aalue
tun Imvo noticed the Innproveiunnt in tlte
lul ff w daya and buuae en.lamea for local
Jublx.iJi aptHilc of the gTfeater confidence In
future buxlMcea exhlullcd by lutrilianu
who have been In the rlty. fco fur ae can
be told now ererythlna- polnta to a better
traJe durtnir th next eever&i months then
u exijvrtctu-ed a yettr aao and If lbt la
tlu case iu the face of a reaMentlai cam
als"n the eft.-ct of good irti. upun buai
ine will be mure t(rtut tnaa ever.
The luarkxfa tu irar(lca.lly aJl arvple
Hum are tuUo iu a cixai ne.lthy cendl
tlun with so pros pec U at the present time
of any very radical change fur some time
to oume. There la, of courae, a aunerul
tendency to be cautloua until after election,
but at the earns time there la a food
bnalthy undertone to the trude which la
attracting much comment.
- Collection are fairly satisfactory and
aovr that live atock l moA-lnv more freely
it la thought there will be no further com
plain U ou that score.
Ilotb lain and t offee Very Firm.
Wholesale grocers report the demand for
their line of aooda as twins very brisk for
even this time of yexx ana say their Bales
are fully us good us a year ago and up
to their expouLutioiiS. , Blnue lust report
there has Ixteu 110 change in the sugar
market either on ruwn or refined. The
demand, however, still oontlnuee exception
ally heavy, and He a result retinera are
gutting farther and farther behind with
ihelr orders. Many Well pfsted opuratura
are still looking for a scarcity to develop
before the eud of the montfe. The coffee
market has also been very active for the
laat two or three days and prtoes have
steadily advanced with a t gain tor the
week on greens of 't t S cents. Indi
cations are considered favorable for suil
further advances.
Cheese Is quoud a full cent higher than
tt waa a week ago and the demand is still
exceptionally Urge. Thie la occasioned, no
doubt, by the fxxt that prices now Iu force
are lower than they were for the corresponding-
period of laat year. Higher prices,
though, are being freely predicted for the
Ho ir as CjUjtatluus are concerned, there
has not been rgucb change In caaned goods
during the wek umler review. According
to reports received from central and north
ern luwa the . curn crop waa somewhat
damaged, but to wka4 extent that la tfce
ctuB la not definitely known. It la thought,
however, tbat the tnfury la cotuined to
binited areas.
lonialiwra. both spots and (uiurea, are
holding their own, but reports of the un
satisfactory condition of the crop are re
ceived from the east, where It la claimed
much damage has been done by blight,
various estimates put the pack this year
In Maryland at from 60 to per cent of
lust year's pack.
Higher prices are quoted on Bockeye
salmon and also on Chi nooks, because of
light packs.
In the line of dried fruits the situation
has changed somewhat on two items,
peaches being marked up on all grades from
Ho to So. It is also reported that tbe
packers have gone into an agreement on
seeded raisins and advanced prices on fancy
one-pound packages. The price still re
mains low on seeded raisins of the 1903
The market on tobacco may be con
sidered good and firm, but local Jobber
say they are not figuring on any material
changes In the Immediate future. There
la undoubtedly a short crop, but it is not
thought that there will be any material
changes In ruling quotations.
Cotton Goods Good Property.
Dry goods men are all watching the cot
ton crop with much interest. The majority
of them however, admit that they scarcely
know what to expect, as the crop situation
Is still very uncertain. A crop of about
IS.olti.OuO bales Is being estimated by many,
while others think It will fall short of
that. Much, of courae, depends upon the
weather from this time on, as the yield
will be tncreuaed or decreased as conditions
are favorable or unfavorable. Those to a
position to know ay, however, that In no
event do they look for the price to go
below 1V, while It may be considerably
above that. FXen with a i,e0u,0u0 bale
crop they figure that there will be no more
than mourn to supplv the requirements
of the trude. They point to the fact that
practically no old cotton has been carried
over, and also to the small amount of staple
goods In the hands of both msntrfa'tiirera
and wholesalers. Jobbers say that ther find
U imjmaaHils le get preuiyt deliver! of
many of the moat ordinary staples, which
manufacturers generally have on hand in
large quantities, and they explain this by
saying that manufacturers have been mak
ing goods only as fast as they had a mar
ket for them, so aa to take no chances on
either the crop or the election. As soon us
both these questions are out of the wny
the general opinion la that there will be
the largest demand for cotton that hu
been seen In some time past.
80 far as the local trade situation Is con
cerned Jobbers have nu complaints what
ever to offer. More buyers were In the city
last week than expected and traveling
salesmen also met with better success than
usual. The favorable prospects for a good
corn crop undoubtedly helped out the trade
the latter part of the week. A good run
of buyers la looked for this week, but It
would occasion no surprise of there was
considerable falling oh Just before Ak-Bar-Men
week, and then during the festivities
they expect a rush even greater than they
had a year ago.
No important changes In the prices on
manufactured lines took place laat week
and no very sensational fluctuations are
being predicted for the Immediate future..
Hardware Very Hrl.t.
The hardware market Is also very active
and Jobbers say that the way things look
now they will go ahead of the record they
established last fall. The demand 1 gen
eral for all classes of seasonable and staple
foods and according to reports received
rora the country, retailers are enjoying a
very nioe trude, which of course makes
them liberal buyers. As a general thing
comparatively little stock waa carried over
from last year, which also forces them to
buy freely this fall.
Tbe market la In Just about the same
position It was a week ago, no Important
ctuuigae having taken place on any of the
leading lines. Jobber say the market is
In a good strong position, and so far as
tbey can see will remain taut way Indefi
nitely. Xbe leatber goods trad to also la good
shape, and Jobbers are well satisfied with
the amount of business they have done so
far this season, and with the prospect of
future trade. The few cool days of last
week started things to moving in the coun
try to some extent and brought In a num
ber of nice orders both direct and through
traveling salesmen. Merchants who have
been In the city recently all had a good
word to aay of the conditions in their re
spective sections and said they expected
to do a better trade this fall than they had
a year ago. There Is nothing new In the
market, as prices are firm all along the
line, with no indication of their being
otherwise during the present season.
Rubber footwear is still very quiet. Job
bers, though, are busy shipping out their
advance orders, .of which they have a large
assortment. They expect very little busi
ness until after cold weather sets in, but
they sold so much stock last spring before
the advances went Into effect that they are
content to wait for some' time -without
much business.
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Flood, Roman Cathollo
archbishop of Trinidad, Is In the United
States for quite a prolonged stay.
Miss Gertrude von Petzold. M. A., who
has accepted charge of a I'nltarlan church
In Leicester. Is said to be the first woman
appointed to a pastorate in Kngland.
The Rev. Reginald Bridge and the Rev.
James Gracem, Australian priests from
Sydney, are making a tour of the United
Htales, studying the educational and re
HkIous conditions here.
Portland, Ore., has a Japanese Methodist
Episcopal church. Rev. H. Suglhara is the
pastor. His people, who are mostly do
mestic servants or day laborers, have made
groat sucriflces to raise (3.000 tnward a
church building.
John O'Uonuell of Salt lke City has
put t-hirty-eu years of labor lute a piece
of wood-carving, which represents the life
of Christ from his birth to the ascension.
Mr O'Donnell has donated this unique
work to be sold for the benefit of the Bait
Lake cathedral.
C. V. Hlbbard, formerly secretary of
the College Young Men's Christian as
sociation of Chicago, has gone to Man
churia, where he will take charge of the
Young Men's Christian association work
In the Japanese army. He will make bis
headquarters at Antung.
The chapel of Columbia university, which
Is to be erected on Amsterdam avenue.
New York, Is to be a fireproof edifice,
shaped like a Greek cross In its ground
plan. It will be 114 feet high, crowned
with a large dome surmounted by a cupola.
The coat of the building Is estimated at
A pastoral from the Roman Cathollo
Archbishop Elder of Cincinnati was read
from the pulpit of that diocese on August
2k Anlitrln. nsrent who resnected his
authority to end their children only to
parochial schools, where such existed, "un
der pain of mortal sin." Confessors srs
forbidden to give absolution to parents
who disobey this mandate.
The river Rhine generally carries a larger
volume of-traffic than any single railway In
the world.
In llf American Immigration Into Ca
nada amounted to only forty-four psopls
and In 11M it amounted to 47.780 people.
An expedition sent by Amherst college to
the fossll-beurlng districts of Wyoming has
brought back specimens of monkeys, squir
rels and pig said to be fully 4,0u0,u00 year
A French authority had two thermome
tersone of ordinary glass, the other
painted black placed in the sun. In the
white glass the mercury rose to 144. Under
tbe black faint It went un fas uj n the
same position. The Inference Is that peo-
file who wear black coats are warmer In
he sunshine than those who dress in white.
Parker & Davis Is the name of a firm
which has a general store down In Osark
county, MlKsourl. Queer as It may seem,
both of tke members of the Arm are repub
licans. Of the large cltlee Now York covers 208,211
acres, Chicago 1:2,008 acres, Philadelphia
K,il3 acres, Boston 27,251 acres, St. luls
X).:i7 acres, Cleveland 22,422 acres and Cin
cinnati 2G.S80.
The oldest love letter In the world Is In
the Hrltlsh museum. It Is the proposal of
marriage for the hand or an rwtyptian prin
cess, and it was made 3,500 year ago. it la
in the form of un Inscribed brick.
The railway traveler In Japan buys a
first, second or third class ticket; or, If he
wishes to go ch-aper still, he ran get a
ticket entitling him simply to stand on the
piatform! Many of the cars can be en
tered either from the side or the end.
A hen has scratched up Mrs. William
Marion Bmathers' IAO00 diamond after It
had lain in the earth for ten years. The
stone was lost by Mrs. Hmalhera while
visiting relatives In Grat Partington. Mrs.
Bmathers was then Miss Rebecca Lorlng
Penouff and she was the guest of her aunt, .'
Mrs. Wright Crlppen. A diligent search for
the diamond a as liept up fur months after
ward. I.ouls Mollenen, known In Houghton,
Mich., at the Qulnry Hill giant, who hag
steadfastly refuted offrrs flora circus pro
prietors and others to place himself on pub
110 exhibition, ha reconsidered his decbrlon
to the extent that he has nccepted a propo
sition to boccme "floor walker In a leading
cafe and sample room there. As the pro-
Erletor of the place states, the young man
as been employed merely to stand around
and look wine, but that he will prove a '
drawing card Is not doubted. Mollenen'
height is 7 feet S Inches, and he la still
growing. His weight (s tfiO pouud. wtiUa
bis sUtugla la likened to that t a bull,